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2023.03.02 00:10 gleppp Haven’t gotten merit scholarships yet???

Out of state student from Texas here. I have some friends that have also gotten into LSU and have received merit already, but also some who haven’t. Does it come at a later date according to when you were accepted or am i getting no merit? For reference I have a 3.5 GPA and a 1240 SAT, not the greatest stats in the world but I would think i’d get some money? Or would I not get any merit at all? Right now in myLSU it only has loans for me to take out. It’s up there on my list of colleges but I can’t afford paying 52,000 in out of state fees💀
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2023.02.09 16:14 Nicholite46 How do I set a meal plan?

So I last week I just completed my fee bill. But for some reason I couldn't use meal swipes or pawpoints. I check, and appreciate I don't have any. I went to the tiger card office and the lady there said I didn't set a meal plan, and that it doesn't automatically set for students not freshman. She said I could set a meal plan in additional services in the registration tab on the mylsu page. The problem is that when I go there, it doesn't say anything. Like at all. No drop down menu, nothing to type in, nothing. All it said is current additional services: LSU mailbox. Which I can't interact with. Does anyone have any idea what I should do?
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2023.01.07 01:59 nixevans Potential incoming LSU student, need help understanding scholarships and finaid?

I'm an instate student, and my initial merit offer is just a little over 12k a year, which includes the highest TOPS (31 ACT, 4.17 GPA). My TOPS is about $8263, which means LSU offered me a little bit under 3k. I recently checked myLSU Financial Aid & Scholarships list and it says I've been offered the Academic Scholars Resident award (3k a year) and the President's Student Aid Job. As far as I'm aware, I have yet to receive my financial aid package. Is the ASR just a part of my merit offer, or is that a totally separate scholarship?
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2022.12.08 19:53 Ninjallammas Can graduate students access unofficial transcripts?

Research based grad students do not have degree audits at LSU. At least not in my department. Is there a way for me to see an unofficial transcript without being required to pay the bloodsuckers at Parchment for an official one? I just want to see my GPA.
EDIT: it's under "college record" on mylsu.
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2022.08.18 18:57 Away_Peak_5054 Are Training Seminars Free?

I was exploring myLSU and I saw training seminars under computing services. Some of them interested me and I enrolled in some. Are these just online lectures?
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2022.08.18 02:24 iknewiwouldsaythat Just got accepted today

I know it's last minute but I got accepted to transfer for Fall 2022 today.
I'm not sure where in my admissions portal I'm supposed to go to pay my admission fee? I registered for the transfer virtual orientation on august 31st. I have not gotten an email yet with MyLSU information to login, is that normal? I emailed UCAC because the website to schedule an advising appointment is down. I just want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to make this transition happen as quickly as possible.
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2022.08.11 17:58 Forsaken_Thought Grad school... if I applied for Spring 2023 and am accepted before Fall 22 semester starts... Can I start in Fall 2022?

Admission Decision Status:
Decision Updated - Please check your status update below.
Please allow for two business days for your myLSU information to appear.
I have "awaiting" next to official transcripts but I submitted official transcripts when I applied.
I'm guessing the answer to my question will be to contact the grad school or my department.
Do I contact my department OR do I contact the graduate school about attending in the fall?
Will the system allow me to schedule the Fall as long as I'm accepted (without regard to being accepted for Spring 2023).
Won't I need to meet with an advisor first before I can schedule classes?
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2022.08.02 00:46 polaraindrop_66 How much LSU owes me

I did the math on my scholarships and fee bill and have determined that LSU should be giving me an amount of money. Is there a place i can go in mylsu to see how much they owe me
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2022.05.10 18:06 kevinbevindevin Summer COVID Updates

Throughout the spring, we have continued to consult with our LSU Health & Medical Advisory Committee regarding the pandemic. As we wrap up the spring semester and prepare for our summer sessions, we are updating our COVID-19 guidelines:
We will continue to monitor the situation and consult with the Health & Medical Advisory Committee during the summer. We will provide any further updates prior to the fall semester, or if the situation changes before that. The most up-to-date information on LSU’s response to the pandemic can be found on the COVID-19 Roadmap website.
Thank you for your cooperation and all your efforts that have allowed us to reach this point. Have a safe and wonderful summer!
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2022.03.29 02:50 haydentheboy How does COVID vaccine exemption work

I was just wondering how the exemption process for a COVID vaccine at LSU works. I know that I need a MYLSU acct. but I am not enrolled yet and don't want to out a deposit down before I know I can get an exemption. Is it easy to get exemption? Does it take a long time? If I cant get an exemption, would I need the boosters as well? any info would be greatly appreciated
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2022.01.27 01:07 caitaycaaat Admitted student question

Hey! I’m a transfer student coming in from Texas starting in the Fall and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.
I’ve been admitted (since October), I did the enrollment waiver two weeks ago, but I still don’t have access to some things on myLSU. I can login and look around but I have no access to email (it says my info is correct but I don’t meet the requirements to access it), and my main concern is the housing portal. I know it’s not open but when I load it up it says I haven’t paid the enrollment deposit and committed to LSU.
I emailed Admissions and they say everything looks fine on their end, but with contracts opening up Feb. 1 I need to be able to get the apartment I want to live in. Does anyone remember how myLSU unlocked for you when you were admitted? My next step is to call them by Friday and actually speak to someone and see if that unlocks anything for me.
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.19 04:55 PotterheadZZ Professor Still Not Assigned

I have a class tomorrow morning that not only does not have a Moodle page, but navigate and mylsu say that the class has yet to be assigned a professor. I've received no email regarding it whether it be a cancellation of the class or the professor. Should I even bother going to class tomorrow?
Class is OCS 1005 section 2.
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2021.12.03 00:25 Agreeable_File_6035 Wifi/ mylsu

Whats going on with the wifi at lsu. Also is anyone’s mylsu working?
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2021.10.24 21:24 Eu-phor-ia Which midterm grade is accurate, the one on myLSU or the one on moodle?

My midterm grade for one of my classes is listed as a 44 F in moodle but a D + under myLSU - Student Services - Midterm Grades. Is the grade on myLSU the one after the curve? I'm so confused.
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2021.08.31 23:56 betodaviola MyLSU appears to be down

Anybody knows when it would be coming back? I didn't get anything about it on the email...
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2021.08.04 02:37 _toroko_ How long do credits take to transfer to LSU?

I'm going to be a sophomore in the fall, and over the summer, I took two classes at Delgado to get ahead on some classes. I sent the transcript to LSU admissions on Friday, and my degree audit on myLSU does not display the classes I took.
Btw, both classes, according to the tigertables, are transferable to LSU and fulfill all the hours for those classes
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2021.05.04 23:39 babyypalmtree mylsu

is anyone else’s mylsu website not working? it’s just a blank screen for me.
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2021.04.25 17:18 blueblanket44 For SPIN people, anyone else still haven't got their schedules yet?

I received an email saying they made it, but myLSU says there's no schedule found. I also can't login to the Navigate App.
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2021.03.18 17:36 availableusername16 When do I get my myLSU account login details?

Quoting from the myLSU: Overview Article, “Student myLSU accounts are automatically created when a student is admitted to LSU. Admitted students will receive their myLSU account information via email to the address provider on the application form.” I got admitted yesterday and haven’t gotten this email. Should I just give it a few more days before I call and ask the school?
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2021.01.28 19:30 kaikonic Moodle / MyLSU down

Why is Moodle working for some people and not others? MyLSU is down too :/
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2021.01.28 19:30 kaikonic Moodle / MyLSU down

Why is Moodle working for some people and not others? MyLSU is down too :/
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2021.01.26 03:48 cammbammam 1098-T

First semester at LSU. Will our 1098-T be uploaded to our mylsu? where can i find it?
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