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2011.09.09 22:34 caamando Morristown

The official subreddit for Morristown, NJ! With so many amazing things to do, places to go, and events to attend, let this subreddit serve as the place for anything and everything Mo-town!

2023.03.15 15:10 Harley297 Downtown movie theaters

Took a trip down memory lane and now I'm hungry for more.
Had my 40th birthday this past weekend and wanted to revisit the classic elementary school birthday celebration of Movie Theater, Bowling and Pizza Party. It was amazing but something was a little off.
We went to an AMC theater attached to a mall, seats were comfy, sound was great, but it was missing the nostalgia I was looking for from a local downtown movie theater like the one I used to go to as a kid in Emerson, Bergenfield, Teaneck, Ramsey, etc etc.
This got me going down a rabbit hole about moving the movie theatres from downtowns to a Mall, pulling money from local business to corporate megaliths. Dinner before mall movie gives money to Ruby Tuesday or The Grand Luxe Cafe, cheesecake factory, shopping dollars go to Barnes and noble, instead of the local pizza joint, you get the idea.
I had a great time at Kevin Smiths Smodcastle recently in the highlands, went to Carton brewing beforehand, ate at On The Deck and strolled around town rather than a mall.
So I'm reaching out to you, reddit, where are your local downtown theatres? My goal is to avoid mega theatres and explore my lovely state.
Edit: I'll add drive-in movie theaters to the ask as well
Edit: would the NJ Subreddit be interested at all in a Movie/Bowling/Pizza meetup?
Edit: learned a lot from this thread and I'm so excited to visit all these places.
For anyone interested, I made an Instagram account if you want to follow along while I visit these spots and others @movielocalsnj
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2023.03.14 02:50 kplaker220 Sell or rent my first home?

Hi everyone, first-time poster and new to real estate so please forgive me if this is a dumb question. Thanks in advance for any tips.
My wife and I will be moving across the country this summer. We purchased our first home 3 years ago in central NJ. It is a 1850 sq ft, 3 bedroom and 2.5 bathroom townhouse that we purchased for $353,000 (about $270,000 remaining until paid off) with a mortgage interest rate of 3.25%.
I was initially set on keeping the property and renting due to our low interest rate, nice/safe area, and there is a ferry stop in construction nearby that will commute to NYC which will hopefully increase its value. Thinking I would keep the place I even invested $10k on a new HVAC last month but am now questioning if I should sell it instead.
Zillow states that it would sell for $426,000.
The monthly expense is about $2,183 (Mortgate+tax+HOA). Initially, I thought we could rent for at least $3,100 but looking at comparables and Zillow rental estimate, it is likely in the rage of $2850. Being across the country I will likely need to use a property manager.
I know it is well below the %1 rule so is it obvious that I should sell? I am new to investing/real estate and at this time only invest in total market index funds so wanted to expand my portfolio. I have a feeling this is not an ideal start in real estate. We will have enough money for our next down payment so I really don’t need the money at this time but want to make the right decision. Any recommendations from you wise investors would be appreciated. Thanks again!
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2023.03.13 23:39 Sophiethefloof Ramsey, NJ Location

Does anyone have an official grand opening date for this location? On the Wawa website it only states Spring 2023.
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2023.03.12 02:58 My_Clever_User_Name It's a mushroom! It's ancient Rome! It's beautiful! It's tacky! It's FULL of spider plants!

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2023.03.03 19:28 Head_Rate_6551 Anyone looking for work? I manage a Subaru dealership in Ramsey NJ.

I recently hired an ex JW and he is the best salesman I’ve ever met, even being brand new. I had no idea what folks who leave JW has to deal with, and it’s horrible. I asked him what his trick is and he said “I guess if you’re trained your whole life to sell people a whole new religion, then selling a car is easy!” It was awesome seeing this 19 year old kid who was shunned and left with nothing make 160k last year and find security and financial freedom, and I’d love to offer a lifeline…so If anyone is interested in a job that can earn you six figures in your first year with no advanced education required please contact me by PM. Thanks for your time and either way I’m proud of all of you for opening your minds and being true to yourselves in the face of losing your whole life as you know it and all family ties etc. you guys are so brave!
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2023.02.19 02:34 Main_Ad_7185 Place to rent between Ramsey and NYC.

Hi! I’m looking at a job in Ramsey, NJ (Bergen county). I’m a 26 year old single man. I like going out, music, climbing, etc and I’d want to meet new people, so I think being near the city would be nice. But, I also don’t want to have a commute greater than 40 minutes if possible. It seems like there are a lot great places between NYC and Ramsey, like Hoboken and Montclair. I’m pretty open to any ideas and would appreciate any help! I have a rental budget ~$2500 a month.
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2023.02.11 23:30 eragon157 First time playing, and playing with mods, and I crash whenever I get to whiterun

When I first started the game, I downloaded some mods through the in-game downloader, before I found Vortex and downloaded mods from there. After I got most of those mods working, I started playing, and found out that I crash whenever I go past a point near whiterun. Best as I can tell, that point is the weird star looking thing on the local map, west of the Honningdew Meadery. I tried searching the subreddit, and saw that it may be a cell issue, but I have no idea what those are, and most of the other technical terms mean. Here are my mods in the load order shown in game:
Crimes against Nature.esm
(ESM) Land of Rudra
Maxwell the cat
Watchers gear from the Elde....
Crimes against Nature, Hold Guards
TALotR Omega Races
Crab Ramsey.esp
Prancins CaN pony races.esp
Holy Hand Grenade.esp
Diamond sword.esp
SUPERSAFE Dwarven Rocket boots
Be a milk Drinker
Brhuce Hammar, The Train Thrower
Dwarven Motorcycle
Forbidden Sanctuary Anniversery Edition
Imperial Dragonknight Armor
Skyrim Pizza
Rubber Chicken.esp
A crabby problem
GOG home
Flying creatures in Rudra
TRex kingdom
Dovakiin dogs
Fat Idiot Son
super skyrim world
LV teddy bear
DBZ attacks as spells
Mr krabs npc
Dwermer shredder
bob tacocat
speeder bike
mexican jesus
chicken staff
pc head tracking
brave sir robin
Merchants 10x richer
elsa follower
Kratos race follower
Weapon Ulfrics Nuts
Monkey and Monkey
Bob ross moon
Cheese mod
Divine punishment for mentioning an arrow in the knee
Count Sexypance
Actor Magnet
Macho Man Randy Savage Dragon
Snippy the droid follower
Kylo ren mask
Tweaks invoke elsa
Lorax spriggan
Spiderman spiders
Danger Zone combat mod
MLG special edition
Skeleton Manniquens
Explosive chicken spellbook
Summon explosive chockens
chicken noodle soup
Dwarven mech infantry
cloud district steel
mudcrab loading screen
doom main menu screen
Mace of doom
Critical weapon mastery
Dread weapons
hrothmunds ax
god of war race
essential house cards
enhanced blood textures
brandons orc tank
communist manifesto
scaled horn armor
Pot Head
MLP races
Infinity sword
Darth vader armor
repulsor meme
Just Do It shout
Toilet paper armor
Balsac armor
Ditch the lute
Rich Warlock NJ
frying pan weapons
ion cannon
Satanism - A Christmas Adventure
Tweaks blackwood crossbow
Flintlock pistol
Debbies Sword of Death
Move b!tch shout
Blue eyes white dragon
adoptable skeleton child
Allstar door sound
Frost blade mountain king sword
Gog weapons pack
Barbie weapon pack
GOG bow
Snow elf playable races
Mars, natures wrath
Ederdovah race mod
Lohan the drunkard
Molag armor
Fluttershy and Pinkypie followers
SkyUI_SE.esp [I have to re-enable this every time I restart the game}

Its a lot of mods, but hopefully one of yall can help identify whats causing whiterun to crash my game.
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2023.02.11 06:03 EchoJobs 🦊 Feb 11 - 34 new Remote Software Engineer Jobs

Job Position @ company Salary Locations
Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer @ Unqork USD 117k - 184k
Senior Software Engineer @ Blind USD 160k - 190k Remote, US, Canada
Senior Site Reliability Engineer @ Drata USD 138k - 214k US
Senior Cloud Engineer @ Drata USD 115k - 178k Remote, US
Senior Analytics Engineer @ Stellar Health USD 140k - 190k Remote
Full Stack Engineer @ Grocery TV USD 127k - 179k Austin, TX
Lead Engineer @ Bubble USD 157k - 213k New York, NY
Machine Learning Engineer Remote @ HackerRank USD 150k - 185k Remote, US
Senior Software Engineer Full Stack @ BillionToOne USD 160k - 200k Remote
Senior Backend Engineer @ 15Five USD 142k - 154k Remote, US
Senior Software Engineer @ Roblox USD 267k - 331k US, San Mateo, CA
Senior Fullstack Engineer Remote @ Match Group USD 145k - 191k US, Remote
Senior Backend Developer @ Capital Rx USD 110k - 150k New York, NY
Full Stack Engineer @ iCapital Network USD 150k - 200k US
Staff Machine Learning Software Engineer @ Aurora USD 189k - 302k San Francisco, CA
Staff Machine Learning Software Engineer @ Aurora USD 189k - 302k Seattle, WA
Staff Machine Learning Software Engineer @ Aurora USD 189k - 302k Mountain View, CA
Senior Frontend Engineer @ Patreon USD 166k - 231k New York, NY
Staff Software Engineer @ Element Biosciences USD 144k - 178k San Diego, CA
Principal Engineer @ DriveWealth USD 220k - 235k US, Jersey City, NJ
Embedded Device Software Engineer @ FreeWire Technologies USD 150k - 172k Newark, CA
Senior Data Engineer @ Grocery TV USD 160k - 197k Austin, TX
Staff Software Engineer Performance @ BILL USD 167k - 200k San Jose, CA
Sr. Customer Solutions Engineer @ Ascend.io USD 90k - 160k Remote
Senior Automation Engineer @ Samsara USD 113k - 167k Remote, US
Senior Software Engineer II @ Cruise USD 146k - 215k San Francisco, CA
Senior Deep Learning Compiler Engineer II @ Cruise USD 163k - 240k San Francisco, CA
Senior Software Development Engineer @ Zillow USD 157k - 250k US, Remote
Software Engineer @ Zoox USD 160k - 225k Foster City, CA
Lead Business Intelligence Engineer @ Chewy USD 91k - 183k Bellevue, WA
Sr. Software Engineer Starship @ SpaceX USD 160k - 220k US, Brownsville, TX
Software Engineer Starship @ SpaceX USD 120k - 170k US, Hawthorne, CA
Security Software Engineer @ Datadog USD 130k - 300k Denver, CO, US
Security Software Engineer @ Datadog USD 130k - 300k New York, NY, US
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2023.02.08 00:34 MrNightOwl6 I'm seeing condos listed way cheaper than what I hear is the average. Am I missing something?

So I've been browsing Zillow and looking at various condos/townhomes in a couple of different cities. I often come across many condos well under 200k, which seems implausible considering the current state of the market. For example. In Philadelphia, I've seen:
$180k - 896 sq ft - 2bd - 1ba $110k - 1200 sq ft - 3bd - 2ba $157k - 1244 sq ft - 3bd - 1ba $155k - 1200 sq ft - 3bd - 2ba
They all look like decent properties. Surely these listings must be leaving something out? I've seen a decent number of condos/townhomes come up in a few cities listed at pretty low prices like this. So what exactly am I missing?
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2023.02.04 02:24 Traditional_Mud_2714 First Time Homebuyers! Closed!!!

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2023.01.30 19:24 IndividualBad9136 Is the house listing in a bad area - Too Good To be True scenario? 217 Cator Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07305

Hey Y’all,
We are looking to buy a place in Jersey City for an easier commute to Long Island City. Looking to stay 5 or so years. Can’t afford to purchase in Hoboken or high income areas of Jersey City.
Just curious if this is a dangerous area - have a wife (lesbian couple) and 10 month old daughter.
Edit: thanks for everyone’s feedback! I appreciate you taking time out of your day to respond!
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2023.01.27 05:37 megafone Cruising FB marketplace

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2023.01.20 20:25 amoiza1 Buy Condo or Rent an Apartment

I am young 28 year old with good income and credit score. My lease is ending this year in June and I am contemplating whether to keep renting by 1b1b at 2400/month or just buy a condo that is <500k. Assuming I have the down payment, isn't it worthwhile to just buy a condo and pay 3k-4k towards some equity. Or, having read rich dad poor dad, keep renting and invest in stocks.
Ofcourse, I haven't done any thorough calculations but based on my limited research on zillow, a condo with <500k, shouldn't cost more than 4k per month including all utilities, hoa and property taxes in NJ. Just not sure what's the best use of money here.
I don't plan to move anytime soon.
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2023.01.19 19:23 snarfydog If you have an extra $22mm sitting around, what a beauty!

So much symmetry, doesn't have the ubiquitous and pointless bridal staircase, nothing really overdone. Just classic.
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2023.01.18 05:07 Scary_Dragonfruit_87 post on instagram

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2023.01.11 02:03 ShaunSurgener How You're Conditioned To Be Poor

Worst Advice #2 - Avoiding Credit Cards
This is something that's gotten very popularized by financial gurus, such as Dave Ramsey.
Who suggests and advises that you should not have any credit cards and you should just never get them that you don't need them.
While I can understand why he may advise that because some people do have a spending problem and credit cards get them into a lot of trouble.
👉 Credit cards really are one of the best ways to begin building up your credit score and being able to use that credit score to leverage and build wealth for yourself.
If you ever want to buy a home in the future, you want to start creating rental properties and getting loans.
You're going to need a good credit score, and typically credit cards are one of the best ways of building that up.
So I would not advise avoiding credit cards.
👉 In fact I would say, get one as early as you can but make sure that you create strong spending habits and you do not spend money that you would not otherwise.
✅ Checkout my full video on How You're Conditioned To Be Poor Money Advice You Should Never Listen To That Keeps You Broke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UfY6vcbdDM
You can also find me at:
Website: https://www.shaunsurgener.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShaunSurgener
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shaun.surgene
FB Coaching Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/669121597222531
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Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ph/shaunsurgene
✓ Don't forget to subscribe to my channel https://www.youtube.com/c/ShaunSurgenevideos for more videos on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing
Let's build that dream!
#FinancialFreedom #FinancialIndependence #PersonalFinance #FinanceTips #Investment #PassiveIncome #Entrepreneurship #Stockmarket #Wealth #RealEstate #SuccessfulMindset #Goals
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2023.01.11 01:18 Jade_TheVirgin Leads, Leads, Leads...

Hey you guys!
I live in NJ. I'm new to this state. I got licensed as an MLO 3 months into 2022. Have yet to see a deal through to the finish. Have had multiple deals in the pipeline that fell through due to them not being able to qualify. I have one in the works now. Which is committed so It will be the first deal that I've ever seen to the finish. Which I got from a realtor phone call my company set me up with. A total fluke.
But...I am contemplating staying in the business or not. Just not sure if I even like it. I am a singing waiter in times square and I make 400$-600$ daily working 3 days a week. So it's hard to find something to replace that.
I've spent hours calling hundreds of buyer leads and have gotten nowhere. Granted I think the lead source that I was using was trash so I stopped paying for it. I got tons of hits, but 95% of them were very low-quality prospects who were not at all ready to purchase. For all of the other popular lead sources like Zillow, or Redfin I have to have a realtor go in with me. I have inquired with a dozen different realtors with no luck. I work for a small brokerage so I have to self-generate. Side note I am stellar on the phone. But I am burnt out from all of the dead ends that I got from the last lead source that I'd used.
So this is my last hurrah before I quit and try my luck in a different industry.
What lead sources do you guys use? And do you target buyers, current homeowners, or Realtors?
Any advice to help me out would be amazing.

Thank you!
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2023.01.10 03:07 LateCopy [Landlord-US-NJ] 0/2 on tenants. What am I doing wrong?

I bought a rental in 2019. I have had two tenants, and both have had nonpayment of rent and had to be eventually evicted for nonpayment. I am now listing my property for the third time and am terrified of having 3 tenancies in a row that are unsuccessful.
Currently, I list the property on Zillow, and my rental criteria are a 600+ credit score, 3x rent as income, no felonies, no bankruptcy, and a prior rental reference. This has been my same criteria for the past two tenants, and both went terribly. What am I doing wrong?
Context: The property is located in suburbia NJ and is listed for $2300.
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2023.01.10 01:36 Sausage_Pounder Should I purify this Pokémon?

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2023.01.09 22:53 ratalini [Landlord - NJ] Landlords who rent out garages, where do you advertise them? I use Zillow, apts.com, and their affiliates for home rentals. CL and FB marketplace has only ever been a waste of my time and sanity.

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2023.01.06 23:18 lincolncircuspeanut Relocating from San Diego and hoping for some inside information about Pottstown!

Hello! I hope this kind of post is allowed. (x-posted from Pennsylvania)
My husband, daughter and I are looking to relocate back to the east coast after a few years in the San Diego area to be closer to family. We are looking in the suburban Philadelphia area (an hour or so outside of the city) for a town that meets the following requirements:
In looking via Zillow and others, Pottstown seems to fit our initial requirements. Does anyone have any information about the above, or suggestions about elsewhere in PA? I'm curious to know about taxes as well and other idiosyncrasies about PA.
For reference, my husband went to East Stroudsburg University and grew up in Milford PA and I grew up in Maryland, so we are very familiar with the east coast and are excited to move back! We aren't interested in super rural areas.
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2023.01.06 23:17 lincolncircuspeanut Pottstown? Relocating from San Diego and hoping for some insight into Pottstown and other areas.

EDIT: Is Allentown any better?

Hello! I hope this kind of post is allowed.
My husband, daughter and I are looking to relocate back to the east coast after a few years in the San Diego area to be closer to family. We are looking in the suburban Philadelphia area (an hour or so outside of the city) for a town that meets the following requirements:
In looking via Zillow and others, Pottstown seems to fit our initial requirements. Does anyone have any information about the above, or suggestions about elsewhere in PA? I'm curious to know about taxes as well and other idiosyncrasies about PA.
For reference, my husband went to East Stroudsburg University and grew up in Milford PA and I grew up in Maryland, so we are very familiar with the east coast and are excited to move back! We aren't interested in super rural areas.
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