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2023.06.03 13:30 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - June 3rd, 2023

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2023.06.03 13:03 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 3rd

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 3rd
1972 - "I Wanna Be Where You Are" by Michael enters the Billboard US Hot Soul Singles Chart, where it will make a 12 week run for the #2 poisiton.
1972 - "Got To Be There", the 1st solo album by Michael, enters the UK's Top 50 albums chart, where it will peak at #37 during a fiveweek run.
1973 - "Lookin' Through the Windows" by The Jackson 5 on the Motown label hits the Billboard music charts at #94, where it peaks at #7. It remains on the chart for 33 weeks.
1979 - The Jackson perform their Destiny tour at Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, South Carolina. They give a press interview at the Carolina Inn

1990- Michael collapses while dancing at his Westwood condo known as 'The Hideout'. He is taken to St John Hospital of Los Angeles around 9pm where he is treated for chest pains.
He gets visits from the whole Jackson family (except LaToya, who sends him a dozen black roses) .Elizabeth Taylor also visits him. She had been in the hospital undergoing treatment for a near fatal bout of pneumonia since mid April.
“According to his physician, he is in stable condition and appropriate tests are being conducted", nursing officials said in a prepared statement.
1992- At the Tavern On The Green in New York City, the One To One award is given to Michael by the Operation One to One organization in charge with creating better living standards for young people, for efforts committed to helping economically disadvantaged youth. Michael attends the Operation One To One Honors dinner with friends Elizabeth Taylor and Donald Trump.


1992 - Crystal Cartier filed a $40 million federal lawsuit against Michael Jackson, Sony Music Entertainment, MJJ Productions and Epic Records. She alleged that she originally wrote and recorded "Dangerous."
In February of 1994, a Denver Federal court jury ruled in Michael's favor
1995 - The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce rejects Michael's application to cover up the famous 'Hollywood' sign with the word 'HIStory' to promote his new compilation album
1997 - Michael Jackson plays the Mungersdorfer (now RheinEnergieStadionStadium) in Cologne, Germany, to an audience of 60,000 on the HIStory World Tour




2005 - Trial Day 67
Michael goes to court with Katherine, Joe, Janet and LaToya.

Michael was greeted outside court by hundreds of chanting fans. He arrived with his parents and his famous siblings - Janet, LaToya, Jermaine, Tito and Randy. They waved to the fans chants of “Michael is Innocent!”

Defense attorneys completed their closing arguments, labeling the Arvizo family liars and con artists trying to pull “the biggest con of their careers”.
"They are trying to take advantage of Michael Jackson," said impassioned defense attorney Thomas Mesereau. "They are trying to profit from Michael Jackson. They think they have pulled it off. They are just waiting for one thing - your verdict."
"What they are trying to do to Michael Jackson is so harmful, so brutal, so devastating if you have any reasonable doubt about the double-talk, the lies, its over. You must acquit Michael Jackson," he told the 12 jurors.
Mesereau spoke about the American system of justice and said, "We have the best system in the world and ladies and gentlemen I'm begging you to honor the system. You must acquit him."
He accused prosecutors of trying to "dirty up Michael" because they lack the evidence to prove their case.
"The witnesses are preposterous, the perjury is everywhere," Mesereau declared. "None of it works. The only thing they've had is to throw dirt all over the place and hope it sticks."
He added: "If you look in your hearts do you believe Michael Jackson is evil in that way? Is it even possible? It really is not."
Mesereau then played excerpts from a video in which Jackson denies any sexual impropriety and said that he had “never been betrayed or deceived by children.”
The defense attorney conceded that Jackson had been lax with his money and had let the wrong people into his circle. But, he said, the singer was not the “monster” the prosecution were trying to depict and that he was not guilty of any crime.
Afterwards, prosecutor Ron Zonen delivered a brief rebuttal. He sought to answer the question of Jackson’s motivation for the crime asking, "Why would Mr. Jackson do it? Because he could This child was in love with him. This child would do anything he said."
Zonen reminded jurors of the past allegations made against Jackson saying that this was necessary in order to “see the total picture”. He claimed that Jackson was “in love” with his 1993 accuser and added that the current accuser is a “clone” of the boy in that case.
After both sides rested for the last time, Judge Rodney Melville ordered the eight women and four men on the jury to begin their deliberations. He gave them a 98-page book of instructions.
The Judge told Jackson that he could stay at Neverland during the proceedings but requested that the attorneys remain within 10 minutes of the courthouse in case the jurors had any questions.
These deliberations are the final stage of an ordeal that began 14 weeks ago. During this time the jury has heard testimony from over 130 witnesses.
A verdict was expected early next week.
Court Transcript
While Jury deliberations take place, the whole Jackson family waits for the verdict at Neverland.

2008 - Michael has dinner with Thomas Barrack Jr, chairman and CEO of Colony Capital LLC, at the Las Vegas Hilton's Verona Sky Villa.
2009 - Michael goes to Culver Studios with Prince, Paris & Kenny Ortega, where he shoots “The Drill” 3D


He also, once again, goes to Dr Klein’s in Beverly Hills.
2013 - Jackson v AEG Trial Day 22
No Jackson family member was at the courthouse.
Paul Gongaware
AEG cross
Putnam asked Gongaware if MJ was comfortable with all the show dates. "Yes, I went through all of the dates with him," Gongaware said. Bugzee, the tour manager, had a big calendar on the walls, Gongaware explained, saying they changed the dates of the shows four times. The jury was shown an email in which Gongaware worked with a staffer to create a calendar to show Jackson. He wanted colors changed. He wanted the calendar to be changed so that it reflected Jackson's show dates and off days differently. Gongaware email:
Figure it out so it looks like he's not working so much
As to the email, Putnam asked if he was trying to fool Michael:
"No, I was trying to make it clear, trying to get it just the way I wanted it," Gongaware responded.
After changing 4 show dates Gongaware said Michael was comfortable with it. He would do 8 shows in July, 10 in August, 9 in September. There would be no shows in October, November and December, resuming with 10 shows in January, 10 in February and three in March. No back-to-back shows. Gongaware said the O2 Arena had a previous commitment in Oct-Dec of 2009 and they could not have the concerts.

Putnam: "Was this a rigorous schedule?"
Gongaware: "No, not at all"
Gongaware recalled that on the HIStory tour they did 10-12 shows per month, from country to country, but this one would stay in London only. Gongaware said he wasn't concerned with Michael's age. "He seemed great to me," he said, and this was stationary show, didn't have to travel.
The reason Michael wanted to delay the 1st show was he wanted more time to rehearse in the O2 Arena where the show would take place.
He said Michael and Kenny Ortega would decide the rehearsal schedule. Gongaware explained Michael didn't have to attend rehearsals, since it was not part of his deal. He said they never require an artist to rehearse. "I didn't have any expectation," Gongaware said regarding Michael rehearsing. He said he's never seen a requirement for a musicial artist to rehearse & that during the HIStory tour, Michael didn't rehearse but nailed it. "When it was game time, he would show up," Gongaware explained. For instance, Gongaware cited an outdoor concert in Bangkok in high heat, humidity.
As to the email Gongaware wrote about calling Michael lazy, he said he used unfortunate choices of words, Michael didn't like to rehearse.
Talking about the elements of the show, Gongaware described what they wanted to do for the opening of the show. He said Michael would be dressed up in a LED suit, like a television, flashing on him brief movie about things that happened in history. Michael would be lowered down onto the stage. He called the LED suit a "Moon man" suit, but Ortega called it "Light man." Putnam showed a presentation of how the LED suit idea would work. Footage is not on This Is It documentary because it was early stages of prep. Gongaware said the 1st idea was to make Michael float from the audience, but they couldn't make it work. So they decided to lower him down onto the stage. Gongaware said the big screen on the back of the stage was 3D capable. The audience would be given glasses when they entered the show. The 3D songs would be Thriller, Earth Song and Smooth Criminal. "He wanted to do biggest, best show ever, live show," Gongaware said
Putnam showed email chain from Ortega to Gongaware asking to make a deal with choreographer Travis Payne. Answer from Gongaware:
This is not AEG money, it's Michael's money so it takes a lot of time to get approvals
Defendants were trying to establish a pattern that all the money spent was actually Michael's money, not AEG's, just like with Dr. Murray
At one point Gongaware said he learned from Michael about a doctor named Murray. "He came to me and said he wanted his personal doctor on the tour". Gongaware said he suggested to Michael to get a licensed doctor in London who would know the lay of the land, in case of need. "This is the machine, we have to take care of the machine. I want Conrad," Gongaware said Michael responded. I think what he meant was his brain could create it but his body had to deliver the show every night

Putnam: "Were you surprised he wanted to take his doctor on tour?"
Gongaware: "No"
Putnam: "Why not?"
Gongaware: "He had doctors before"
Gongaware said other artists take doctors as well, so he was not the only one and it didn't surprise him. Gongaware said he's been on tour before where an artist had chiropractors, but couldn't remember being in one with a doctor
Putnam: "Did you worry Michael might have a health issue?"
Gongaware: "No"
Putnam: "Why not?"
Gongaware: "He seemed fine to me, had a physical and passed"
Gongaware said the suggestion for a London doctor was due to the cost; paying a doctor full time was much more expensive than hiring a local doctor. Gongaware said Dr. Murray treated Michael for about three years before 2009. He knew the doctor was from Las Vegas but said he was in LA. Gongaware said he then called Dr. Murray to work out a deal. Gongaware testified he didn't have Michael's direct phone number, would go through Michael Amir Williams, his personal assistant, to reach him. Gongaware called Murray on behalf of Michael saying the singer wanted to take him to London. "What do you want to be paid for that," Gongaware asked. Gongaware said he thought Dr. Murray was expecting his call and was aware of the desire to take him on tour. "He said he would need $5 million," Gongaware recalled. "He said he has 4 clinics to close, would lay off people, needs $5 million for that." Asked by Putnam if Murray's price was reasonable: "It was ridiculous," Gongaware said about the amount asked. "It was a lot of money for something like that and Michael could not afford it." Gongaware said he responded that it wasn't going to work" He said this was the first time he spoke with Dr. Murray. After that, Gongaware said he told Michael Amir and Randy Phillips what the doctor had asked. He also told Frank DiLeo. Gongaware said a lot of people who wanted to work for MJ asked for huge sums of money, thinking he had a lot.
Putnam: "Would you be doing this if Michael had not asked you?"
Gongaware: "No"
Putnam: "Did you contemplate bringing a doctor on tour?"
Gongaware: "I didn't think he needed one, we didn't have one in History, he was fine"
"He was Michael's doctor, Michael wanted him. That was it," Gongaware said.

Putnam:" Did you think about checking the doctor?"
Gongaware: "No"
Putnam: "Why not?"
Gongaware: "He was Michael's doctor"
" I'm not going to tell Michael Jackson who his doctor should be," Gongaware explained. "It wasn't my place to say who his doctor was going to be," Gongaware said. "It was his decision."
Gongaware said he doesn't think a doctor's financial situation has anything to do with being an ethical doctor. Gongaware said it never crossed his mind to either do a background check on Dr. Murray or to suggest to anyone to do it. "I just expect doctors to be ethical, the financial side of their lives shouldn't have an impact on their medical decision," Gongaware opined.
Gongaware said he never did a background check on anyone he hired and had he done one on Dr. Murray, it would've been out of the ordinary.
He also said he never considered performing background checks on Jackson's makeup artist, a choreographer who worked one-on-one with the singer or Kenny Ortega, the tour's director. "I didn't see the need for it," he said.
Dr. Finkelstein, a friend of Gongaware, said a doctor should charge $10,000 a month for the tour work. But Dr. Finkelstein would've done it for free, since he was on the Dangerous tour before and had a lot of fun
The second call about Dr. Murray came from Michael Amir Williams saying they were going to need to get a deal done for the doctor. Gongaware said he heard Michael in the car saying "offer 150, offer 150." Gongaware understood that to be $150k/month. Gongaware called Dr. Murray, said he was authorized to offer him $150k a month. He said Dr. Murray responded that he couldn't do it for that. Gongaware told him the offer came directly from the artist and Dr. Murray responded: "I'll take it" Gongaware said Michael approved the amount of compensation. "Michael told me offer 150," Gongaware recalled. "And that's what I did." Gongaware inquired from Dr. Murray how he would get a license in London and the doctor told him not to worry about it. They talked about Dr. Murray's request for a house in London, and the doctor said he would need a three bedroom house. Gongaware recalled Dr. Murray saying he would probably need an assistant and some equipment, but no details were given at this point. After the call, Gongaware said he let Michael Amir Williams know what the result was in a May 6th email: Done at 150k per month, per MJ. He needs about 10 days to wind down his practice then he will be full time
Asked why he had negotiated with Murray, the AEG executive replied that he was "instructed to by Michael Jackson." Gongaware said there was no other reason for him to deal with the doctor. Marvin Putnam asked Gongaware why he didn't tell Jackson he couldn't take Murray on tour with him."Because he could if he wanted," Gongaware said.
Gongaware said he passed Dr. Murray on to Timm Wooley, never had any other conversation with Dr. Murray about him possibly going to London.
Putnam: "Do you have any understanding as to whether a contract with Dr. Murray was executed?"
Gongaware: "One never was"
Putnam: "Did AEG pay Dr. Murray any kind of money?"
Gongaware: "No"
Gongaware said Michael was ultimately responsible for his own health:
"I think everyone is responsible for their own health and well being. He was a grown man with the capability to make decisions regarding his health and medical care"
Putnam showed Gongaware a frame from the This Is It film in which Jackson's manager, Frank Dileo, was sitting in on dancer auditions. Dancers auditions took place at the Nokia Theater on April 13, 14 & 15. Michael attended the last day and made the final decision, Gongaware said. He said Ortega wanted to film the audition to use fresh footage on michaeljacksonlive.com. The cost for crew to shoot the audition was very high, so Gongaware bought a couple of cameras and used his own crew to shoot the rehearsals. He said he wasn't sure what he would use the video for, but thought the website would be a good platform.
Gongaware said during the period at Center Staging, Michael was good, engaging, didn't think there were any health issues or was using drugs
Gongaware said the media in the UK was going wild with gossip about Michael Jackson. "They just lie about things." The Sun claimed Michael had skin cancer on his chest. "It was sport over in London," Gongaware said about stories on tabloids. Gongaware testified about emails in which UK press agents working on This Is It sent him tabloid reports on Michael's health. Gongaware said he urged the press agents not to respond. He wanted Jackson's performance to speak for itself & silence skeptics.
Gongaware on 5/27/09:
The Kid is healthy and rehearsing every day. He was still there at dance rehearsals at 9pm last night when I left. Our redemption will be when he does his shows, that makes all of this build up so damn sweet. We don't have to sell tickets, so we can just sit back and prove them wrong by just doing it.
Gongaware said he was not concerned
"If there was something going on, if he had cancer, we would've heard about it."
Michael Jackson rehearsal venues:
  • Mar 28- Center Staging
  • May 27- Forum June 23 - Staples Center
  • July 13 - O2 Arena
Putnam also asked Gongaware about an incident Karen Faye testified about, that she heard him yelling at Michael's assistant one day. The incident occurred while This Is It rehearsals were happening at The Forum in LA. Faye claimed she heard Gongaware yelling about Jackson being late to a rehearsal and told his assistant to get him there. "Never, never happened," Gongaware said, shaking his head.
Putnam went through a chain of emails about tabloid reports in the UK regarding Michael. In one, it said Michael had asked AEG to reduce the number of shows by half. Gongaware said that such a discussion never happened. Gongaware testified he woke up to one gossip headline pretty much every day. His idea was simply to ignore the tabloids. "An amazing show would be the answer", Gongaware said
Gongaware on 6/5/09 in response to Sunday Mirror Query:
"We can only make this work, of course, if MJ puts on the best show of his life. I'm here to tell you that be will. I have seen it for myself. Last night he ran 9 songs with full band, singers and dancers. Sang every one, he was amazing, captivating, riveting. And he's just getting started. Taking it one step further. When people realize that bulls**t the press has been, they will be in receptive mood for the truth Hey look. No skin cancer. He's just a good dad, loving raising his kids. His art and his craft are paramount. A gentle, loving man who does care about people
"The shows were going to be spectacular," Gongaware said. Putnam showed a clip of Michael in front of a green screen with 11 dancers, who would become 11,000. Gongaware said Michael was great at this point
Regarding email Phillips sent Gongaware directing to remove Michael's "skeletal" scenes Gongaware said he didn't take anything out of the movie.
Putnam: "Did you remove anything from the movie?"
Gongaware: "No"
Putnam showed a clip from This Is It with the making of "Thriller 3D" and Jackson wearing red jacket.
Putnam: "Did you try to alter in anyway how Mr. Jackson looked, appeared?"
Gongaware: "No"
Gongaware said he didn't remember any of the footage been removed because of how Michael looked. "We just let the footage speak for itself"
The mini-movie of "Earth Song" a bulldozer would come out from a ramp in center stage.
Putnam: "A real bulldozer?"
Gongaware: "I wish, it would've been cheaper, but it would have crushed our ramps"
Gongaware said they had to build the bulldozer like a prop. It would appear at the end of the song on stage. "I think the live audience would be just captivated by it," Gongaware said about the little girl running after the last plant on Earth song.
End of the show would be 3D animation. An airplane taxis up, door opens, Michael entered the plane. The airplane door closes, Michael would actually take an elevator down and out of the building, but the plane would take off over the audience
Gongaware said he didn't know if anyone was responsible for Michael's nourishment. Tour would be demanding and exhausting
Gongaware said he met Dr. Murray once at MJ's Carolwood house and ran into him at The Forum during rehearsal. There was a meeting scheduled to discuss Michael's nutrition with Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega, Dr. Murray, Michael, Gongaware and DiLeo.
Putnam: "Do you recall anyone in that meeting ever telling Dr. Murray how he should be treating Michael?"
Gongaware: "No"
Gongaware said he didn't have any medical training and wasn't qualified to tell Conrad Murray how to treat Jackson
Gongaware said neither Dr. Murray nor Michael talked about the treatment he was receiving. The meeting was about nutrition & vitamin therapy. Gongaware said he had no idea Dr. Murray was giving Michael Propofol and first heard of the anesthetic after Michael died. Gongaware said Dr. Murray was really engaged in the meeting, seemed like a very intelligent guy and wanted to take care of Michael very much. This was the first time Gongaware met with Dr. Murray. He said there were no signs of Michael being poorly treated by the doctor. "Michael was engaged in the meeting, attentive, seemed happy we were having this meeting," Gongaware opined. "He's a doctor, he'd know better than anybody how to treat his patient," Gongaware said about Dr. Murray.
As to Gongaware's email saying AEG, not Michael, paid Dr Murray he said he was mistaken. "We wouldn't pay his salary, we'd advance Michael's money". Gongaware said he didn't remember writing/receiving the email, but never denied he did it.
As to Michael being habitually late, Gongaware said the singer worked on his own schedule, did things his way
Gongaware said his understanding was that Michael hired a trainer of his choice, Louis (Lou) Ferrigno: "I made the deal with him (Ferrigno). He was supposed to be paid a certain amount of money per session" He didn't elaborate on fee, how many times he worked with Michael. Putnam showed an email from Travis Payne, he suggested a massage chair to be put in Michael's dressing room.
As to Bugzee's email saying MJ needed cheeseburgers, brats and beers, Gongaware said Bugzee was joking, Bugzee cared very much for Michael. Gongaware testified he didn't recall having any concern about Michael's health/using painkillers as of Monday 6/15/09, 10 days prior to his death
Gongaware was asked about several emails that have been shown before, including messages related to MJ missing rehearsal on June 19, 2009. The executive was on the East Coast for a family wedding, but responded to one message questioning why Murray wasn't at rehearsal. Gongaware email:
Take the doctor with you. Why wasn't he there last night?
He then explained his thinking to the jury. Gongaware:
If his patient is having a problem and he's sick, and he's his only patient, it seemed like he should be there
Gongaware said on 6/19/09, he was out of town. "This is the day Michael had chills at rehearsal and was apparently sick," Gongaware recalled. "If the meeting was going to be about what happened that night, the doctor should be there," Gongaware said.
Gongaware said he believed Michael wanted to go on tour. He said he doesn't remember anyone talking about pulling the plug on the shows.
Putnam: "Did anyone tell you at this point that Michael needed a drug addiction specialist?"
Gongaware: "No"
Putnam: "Did anyone tell you they were concerned with the care Dr. Murray was giving to Michael?"
Gongaware: "No"
Gongaware said that on 6/20/09 he did not think Michael's health was deteriorating.
With last questions of the day, Putnam asked Gongaware if he was concerned about Jackson's well-being. He said "Yes"
Court Transcript
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2023.06.03 02:55 JaneDi A response to the post "I do not believe that MJ is the bio father"

A response to the post
I wasn't going to respond but since this post is being reposted around in MJ spaces and it's filled with misinformation. I will respond to the incorrect statements.
But this is not a strong enough defense for PPB being MJ's, specifically Paris. Debby's eyes are blue and this is the most logical reason why Paris's eyes are also blue. People like to bring up that because Joe's eyes are green (they are not blue, they are green) and believe he carries the allele for blue eyes, hence why she has blue eyes. This is a weak defense because light eyes are caused by the lack of melanin being developed. All eyes are blue underneath. Green eyes are the rarest eye color in the world, even more rare than blue. Also, both green and brown eyes are dominant over blue eyes. I'm not discounting the possibility of the recessive gene taking over, but I find it highly unlikely that she would have blue eyes if Mj is her father. Katherine and Joe had 9 children together who all had dark brown eyes. (also in order for there to be a 50/50 chance of a child having blue eyes, one parent has to have two parents with blue eyes and the other has to have one parent with brown and the other with blue. Joe has green eyes, which reduces this chance even lower).
This entire passage is just.....clunky. But I will try my best to unpack it.
For starters. Paris, like Joe does not even have completely blue eyes. Her eyes can look blue or green depending on the lighting. Since her eyes can look green sometimes, but there are no pictures of her mother eyes looking green it's fair to say her eyes are probably in between, so a greenish blue.



Since OP's argument is built off of the faulty claim that Paris has strictly blue eyes, I will address that anyway. Joe has green eyes because his mother was half white and his father was mixed race as well. So it is not crazy or unreasonable to assume that Joe has blue eyed genes as well.
And even if Joe didn't have light colored eyes. And even if Paris had ice blue eyes, you can go on Instagram and find literally thousands of biracial kids with bright blue eyes. It is not rare nor is it impossible.
The blue eyes argument is a fallacy anyway because even if Paris had the same eye color as Michael, OP would still say she is not Michael's daughter just as she does with Prince and Bigi who both have the exact same eye color as Michael.
The goal post is forever moving.

PPB are tan
This is a common defense that I see used. The classification of being Caucasian goes far beyond having pale skin and blue eyes. There is a difference between what is widely seen as "white" and the racial classification of being Caucasian. The term Caucasian covers the phenotype and racial makeup of a group of people, regardless of their skin color. In anthropology, it is referred to "as some or all of the populations of Europe, the Caucasus (a region in Europe between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, which includes Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and parts of Russia, Turkey and Iran), Asia Minor, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Western Asia, Central Asia and South Asia." Even though we are all one "race" the human race, you can tell the racial identity of a person by their skull. I studied forensic anthropology in college, and scientists were able to tell the race and gender of the remains of skulls and bones. I went to predominantly white schools and saw girls and guys that were naturally Paris's complexion and Prince's as well.
This is a faulty argument because none of those people have anything to do with Prince and Paris. The only white person they should be compared with is their mother, who contributed 50% of their genes, and others of her background. Debbie Rowe is not from Turkey or North Africa. She is of Northwestern European stock. British to be exact and very likely she has significant Scandinavian ancestry like many English people do, due to the Vikings invading.
When you compare Prince and Paris to their mother or people of her background you can clearly see that they are not the same ethnicity.
Paris compared to mom Debbie,

Paris compared with her Aunt Latoya and Kathy Hilton

Paris compared with Mark Lester and his children, who are also of English descent.

Paris, Paris and Bigi compared to Jackie's white wife.

Prince Paris and blanket compared to Carrie Fisher (who isn't the pales person herself)

OP should realize that just because you can find some Caucasian people who look like Prince and Paris, it's not proof that Prince and Paris are not biracial. The same can be said for this girl, This girl is also biracial and as you can see she looks very similar to Prince in terms of hair texture, facial features, skin color. She and Prince could be twins. The black woman in the picture is her biological mother.


This is a logical fallacy called a red herring. A red herring is when irrelevant information is presented alongside relevant information, distracting attention from that relevant information. For those that are unaware, people often like to use other celebrities that are unrelated to Michael to try and prove their stance on his kids. These are often celebs that they deem as "passing" (some are others are not ). The most common celebrities used are Rashida Jones, Sophia Richie, Alphonso Roberio (his kids), and Derek Jeter. All are very weak defenses.
How is it irrelevant when the whole argument that Michael isn't the father is based on the claim that they don't look like other biracial people?
How is it a weak defense?
Rashida Jones looks like her father and has some of his features. Considering her "passing" is a stretch, she is noticeably tanner than PPB and looks like she has Hispanic ancestry (yes, i know that's not a race but i think people know what i mean by that).
This is not a valid argument. Looks are subjective. It's simply a matter of opinion and ones own perspective. Rashida was on a family roots show and she looks strikingly like her Maternal grandmother. I personally do not see much resemblance to Quincy. Rashida is also the same color as Michael's kids. Bigi is actually darker than her. Bigi is often assumed to be Hispanic as well. I have seen People comment that Prince looks hispanic as well, even people who don't believe Michael is the father.
And notice OP just went through a whole spiel about white people having tan skin and caucasians can be dark and then turned around and used Rashida's tan as evidence that she is biracial.
Goal post is just swaying in the breeze.

Alphonso Ribeiro's children are probably the "best" defense but still prove nothing in regard to PPB. His sons look like him, one of his sons does pass for sure but he does look like his father. His youngest daughter passes as well, and though she does not like much like him, she does have a few features around the mouth area.
Again this is subjective. I think Michael's kids have his features as well. OP will say otherwise. I see what I see and others see what they see.
And this does prove something, because again the whole argument against Michael's kids is that they "look white" and biracial people can't look white.
Derek Jeter does not look like he passes when he has hair. He also does resemble both his mother and his father.
From what I can see Derek Jeter has big wavy curly hair, Much like Prince and Paris. So im trying to figure out how he wouldn't pass. It's not like he has an Afro.
Jackie's Twins
This was the best place to put this. The only logical way to compare PPB to anyone's children is Jackie, since he is MJ's brother and the only one to have children with a white woman. One of Jackie's twins looks just like him, and he does not pass at all. The other twin does have green eyes and straighter hair, but he does resemble Jackie in the mouth and teeth area. I would not consider him passing either. His wife has a very similar phenotype to Debby as well. The second son (green eyes) looks more like her but to me, he does not pass.
This is also a silly argument to me. Because Full siblings and even twins can come out looking like 2 different races. So I don't see how this proves Michael isn't the father of his children.

Also Jackie's son has the same eye color as Paris. Why OP is trying to pretend like he doesn't is beyond me.

The only pictures that I see of Mike and Paris are those of MJ after plastic surgery and with lighter skin. There is only one or two that use any pictures of MJ before any alterations (the Jackson era). Paris looks nothing like MJ. People use photos mainly for the teeth. All I have to say is they looked nothing like his before she had braces. I will move on from this.
Prince also does not look like Mike at all. Prince does not look all that much like Samuel Jackson. I do not see it and I am not in "denial". I have seen other pictures of Joe's father and I do not see a resemblance.
Paris looks nothing like Latoya, I mean I can understand the Prince and Samuel one a little bit, but this one is just very far off.
More subjective opinions. I see Michael when Paris smiles. Prince looks identical to Samuel in my opinion. I also see a strong resemblance to Joe and some of his cousins on Joe's side of the family.
OP doesn't see it. I do. I am not "in denial" either. When Paris was a little girl I use to think she looked nothing like Michael. And I admitted that. Now I see the resemblance. It is what it is. I can't make OP see what I see and OP can't make me not see what I see.

This piggybacks on what I said earlier about differences in racial groups when it comes to features. Afro and Eurocentric features do exist. I have seen people try and call others "ignorant" for pointing this out when this is true. There are literally follicle differences between the makeup of Asian, Caucasian, and African hair. "Asian hair grows from a round hair follicle, while Afro hair sprouts from an oval one, and Caucasian hair follicles vary." The article also states, "Asian hair is usually bone straight, Afro grows in a spiral-like fashion, and Caucasian hair can be anything in between". Afro hair grows out from our scalps in a parallel manner and sits out like an afro. There is a difference between having curly hair and having an afro. African hair has a high sebum production which leads to a far more oily scalp than Caucasian and Asian hair. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7869811/
This information in irrelevant because biracial people can have hair anywhere in between their parents and even inherit a grandparents hair.
Not sure what this is supposed to prove.

People like to point out that Paris has "naturally curly hair", and I have evidence to debunk this exaggeration. I just shared facts on how Caucasian people can have naturally curly or straight hair. I have seen Caucasian women with their natural hair that was thick and "curly" like Paris (her hair is not even that curly). A great example is Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries. Her hair was very thick and curly. I am also not blind nor am I an idiot, I know Paris dies her hair blonde.
One of the main arguments always used against Paris and her brothers has always been "they don't even have curly hair"
But when it's pointed out that they DO have curly hair, the goal post is moved yet again.

OP said that other white passing biracial people are irrelevant to the discussion, but constantly uses certain white people as evidence for their argument. Interesting.
Anne Hathaway is not Paris mother, Debbie Rowe is and Debbie does not have curly hair. Debbie has straight hair.
Anne Hathway also has curlier hair than Rashida Jones who has bone Straight hair as a child and still does, unlike Paris.

I have also seen people use the photo of MJ in the late 70s when his hair was wet and curly. Idk why people use this, as my hair literally looks just like his when wet and I have slightly more African makeup than Mike due to me being two generations younger than him. I have very similar racial ancestry to him. This is irrelevant though, because all you have to do is go on youtube and look up black women washing their hair, many have the same curl pattern. Also, I have met African women (their ancestry is 90-100 percent African) that have the same curl pattern. I believe people use this to try to push the "not fully black" narrative on Mike, but they don't know that wavy or curly hair is not exclusive to non-black people.
I've never seen anyone use Michael's hair texture as proof for the kids paternity. Like ever. I have seen people use it when other claimed Michael has "4c" hair when he clearly didnt.
I use the kids curly hair as proof of their paternity, even though biracial people CAN have straight hair.

I already made a post on this and I debunked this myth as well. The average black American is only 77 percent black. The Jacksons are no less black than about 50 percent of black people their age. The Jacksons are probably between 65-70 percent African. That's slightly less than the average black American person of today.
And that means that Michael had European ancestry and "white" genes that could have easily matched up with their white mothers genes and gave them the appearance they have.

I have seen the photos with Prince and light marks. Until it comes out of his mouth that he has vitiligo, then this is still speculation. If he does have it, I'm not delusional, this would sway me towards Prince bc it's highly unlikely that he would have it if MJ were not his father. This also very well could be birthmarks.
TJ Jackson was Prince's legal guardian which means he was privy to what happened when Prince would visit the dermatologist as a teen (and he photographed by the paps at the dermatologists multiple times as a teen) and TJ says Prince has vitiligo. So no it's not speculation.
And lets just tell it like it is. If prince went live on his Instagram page right now and shouted "I have vitiligo" O would say he was lying.

This concludes my stance on this topic. Some people may ask "why do you care?" but that can be used against those same people on different topics concerning MJ's life. I don't dislike his children and I do not care about the race or color of the children that he had. I also know that even if it does come out that he is not the father, it changes nothing because he loved and raised them. This could pose an issue because at least as of 2023, you can not "identify" as a race. Paris told Willow Smith that she "identifies" as black. To me, if she were why didn't she just say that she was black? Biracial people do not "identify" as anything, they are considered biracial and they are part of two races. What inspired me to make this post was the bullying that I have witnessed on this subreddit in regard to people who have this belief. I will not be dismissed as "bitter", "hateful, "insecure" or all this other crap, just because I disagree with anyone on this topic. I feel that all voices should be able to be heard on this issue. Like I said I have no problem with anyone who disagrees with me, as long as you remain respectful.
She has. She's also stated that she is mixed.
This is just grasping at straws.
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2023.06.02 22:04 wellnesshap123 Passport to Health and Wellness EXPO

Passport to Health and Wellness EXPO
The 11th Bi-Annual Passport to Health & Wellness Expo will be held October 15, 2023 from 10am to 4pm, at The Bristol DoubleTree by Hilton. FREE GUEST PASSES: go to
The EXPO presented by the Holistic Community Professionals, will feature free lectures on the half hour and the Keynote speaker will be held at 2pm.With more than 75 vendors and readers, free raffles all day and a grand prize of a Hilton overnight stay with breakfast for two this is an event not to be missed! Also join our free sound healing event from 4pm-5pm in the Atrium with Fred Maerkle.
The Passport to Health & Wellness Expo is a free event, and door proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Health Defense New England Chapter.
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2023.06.02 22:03 wellnesshap123 Passport to Health and Wellness EXPO

Passport to Health and Wellness EXPO
The 11th Bi-Annual Passport to Health & Wellness Expo will be held October 15, 2023 from 10am to 4pm, at The Bristol DoubleTree by Hilton. FREE GUEST PASSES: go to
The EXPO presented by the Holistic Community Professionals, will feature free lectures on the half hour and the Keynote speaker will be held at 2pm.With more than 75 vendors and readers, free raffles all day and a grand prize of a Hilton overnight stay with breakfast for two this is an event not to be missed! Also join our free sound healing event from 4pm-5pm in the Atrium with Fred Maerkle.
The Passport to Health & Wellness Expo is a free event, and door proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Health Defense New England Chapter.
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2023.06.02 05:18 BrownAsianDude69 Math help: Which is better to use @ Costco: Citi Costco Anywhere VISA CC or Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Freedom Unlimited?

Costco (in store) takes Visa. Majority of our shopping is done at Costco for groceries and gas. My Mom also has Executive membership, this gives extra 2% (capped @ $1,000 per year) on Costco shopping (does not include gas or travel), we pay $120 for the exec membership/Costco Anywhere Visa.
https://www.costco.com/executive-rewards.html (mentions exclusions)
Spending total for 2022: $42K
Vehicle Services...4.5K
Other travel..........575.00
For 2022 we received $736.00 in cash back.
Citi Costco Anywhere Visa:
AF: $120 Exec membership
4% on gas at Costco (max $7k per year)
3% Restaurants and eligible travel ( NOT eligible are rain and commuter travel fares, bed and breakfasts, timeshares, campgrounds, and rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft)
2% on items purchased at Costco and online Costco
1% on all other purchases
NO FX fees
Chase Sapphire Preferred
AF: 95.00
Currently have 21K chase points
5x chase portal travel
2x travel (non-chase portal)
3x groceries (excludes Costco , walmart, target)
3x Dining
3x streaming (we have Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV, Hulu, HBO Max, and Starz)
1x on all other purchases
10% anniversary boost points on total previous year purchases
25% more travel points when purchased thru portal (I find the portal to be more $$ most of the time?)
No FX fees
What are your thoughts, better to use Citi or Chase Sapphire or Unlimited? I got back $736 in cash with Citi last year.
I'm guessing using Chase Saphirre...the points transferring to airline partners would be more valuable?
We travel (six of us) to India every 1.5 to 2 years. We usually go thru Europe or middle east.
We travel within USA every April (flying and hotel)
We take driving trips every june, july, aug, and sept and stay in hotel...(usually Marriott or Hilton) hyatts seems hard to come by.
I apologize for the long post, any help is appreciated.
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2023.06.02 00:07 BrownAsianDude69 Math help: Which is better to use @ Costco: Citi Costco Anywhere VISA CC or Chase Sapphire Preferred?

Costco (in store) takes Visa. Majority of our shopping is done at Costco for groceries and gas. My Mom also has Executive membership, this gives extra 2% (capped @ $1,000 per year) on Costco shopping (does not include gas or travel), we pay $120 for the exec membership/Costco Anywhere Visa.

https://www.costco.com/executive-rewards.html (mentions exclusions)
Spending total for 2022: $42K
Vehicle Services...4.5K
Other travel..........575.00
For 2022 we received $736.00 in cash back.
Citi Costco Anywhere Visa:
AF: $120
4% on gas at Costco (max $7k per year)
3% Restaurants and eligible travel ( NOT eligible are rain and commuter travel fares, bed and breakfasts, timeshares, campgrounds, and rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft)
2% on items purchased at Costco and online Costco
1% on all other purchases
NO FX fees
Chase Sapphire Preferred
AF: 95.00
Currently have 21K chase points
5x chase portal travel
2x travel (non-chase portal)
3x groceries (excludes Costco , walmart, target)
3x Dining
3x streaming (we have Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV, Hulu, HBO Max, and Starz)
1x on all other purchases
10% anniversary boost points on total previous year purchases
25% more travel points when purchased thru portal (I find the portal to be more $$ most of the time?)
No FX fees

What are your thoughts, better to use Citi or Chase? I got back $736 in cash with Citi last year.
We travel (six of us) to India every 1.5 to 2 years. We usually go thru Europe or middle east.
We travel within USA every April (flying and hotel)
We take driving trips every june, july, aug, and sept and stay in hotel...(usually Marriott or Hilton) hyatts seems hard to come by.
I apologize for the long post, any help is appreciated.
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2023.05.31 20:01 Eppleblam [WTS] Downsizing My Collection (Bottle)

Our family is going to be moving somewhat soon and we're looking to reduce our fragrance collection down to the ones that we love the most. I'm open to offers and possible discounts for bundling.
I use PayPal Goods and Services (I'll pay the fees), and I ship to the US only. Shipping is $5 flat-rate.
Everything comes with it's original box EXCEPT for Burberry Her EDT which will come in a Kenneth Cole Black box.
Photo Album!

Fragrance Size Price
Burberry Her EDT 3.4 Oz (90% remaining) $75
Burberry Weekend for Women 1.0 Oz (95% remaining) $12
Paris Hilton Gold Rush Man 3.4 Oz (85% remaining) $12
Polo Blue EDT (Add-on only) 0.67 Oz (60% remaining) $6
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Love Pour Homme 3.3 Oz (80% remaining) $60
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2023.05.31 13:02 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - May 31st

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - May 31st
1968 - The Jackson 5 perform a week long gig at the Capitol Theater (closed- 1985) in Chicago, Illinois
1977 - Michael visits Studio 54, where he parties with Steve Rubell, Steven Tyler & Cherrie Currie among others, after opening day of Beatlemania, a Broadway musical revue focused on the music of the Beatles as it related to the events of the 1960s, in New York City


1993 - The World Music Awards, which was filmed on May 12th, airs with Michael winning 3 awards
1997 - Michael Jackson begins the second leg of HIStory World Tour, with a show at Waserstadion in Bremen, Germany, to an audience of 85,000

2005 - Trial Day 63
Jurors in the Michael Jackson trial had the day off as lawyers wrangled over the instructions they were to be given for their deliberations.
Judge Melville announced that closing arguments would begin Thursday morning (in 2 days), while jurors would receive the instructions the afternoon before.
Jackson was not present in court as lawyers hammered out the jurors’ written instructions. Spokesperson Raymone Bain said he "is going through a lot of emotions right now -- relief that it's over, but very nervous. Because, of course you know, a very major decision is going to be made within the next several days."
In a move expected to favor prosecutors, Judge Melville said he would reduce the alcohol charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. The change in the charge came at the request of prosecutors and was met with objections from the singer’s defense.
Prosecutors allege that Jackson supplied alcohol to his accuser and younger brother. Legal experts say the misdemeanor charge will be easier to prove, but would carry a lesser sentence, most likely a fine or a short term in county jail. The felony charge alone would have carried a 2- 4 year sentence in state prison.
The Judge will also instruct the jury not to take the ‘Living with Michael Jackson’ documentary “for the truth of what is said except for certain identified passages.”
"The rest is considered hearsay and you can only consider that it aired and its impact if any on Mr. Jackson," said Judge Melville. He did not specify which passages were being referred to.
Lawyers also argued about how jurors should determine the credibility of witnesses and how they should consider the past allegations against Jackson.
The Judge said jurors would be told to consider the alleged past acts only if they "tend to show [Jackson’s] intent" with regard to the current charges against him.
The approved jury instructions read: "Evidence has been introduced for the purpose of showing the defendant committed crimes other than those for which he is on trial," the approved instructions read. "This evidence, if believed, may be considered by you only for the limited purpose of deciding if it tends to show a characteristic plan or scheme to commit acts."
Judge Melville will tell jurors that they are entitled to ignore the testimony of witnesses who lied purposefully, but said they were not required to do so if they felt the witnesses were truthful in other regards.
Today's arguments from lawyers went on for hours, prompting defense attorney Robert Sanger to say: "Your honor, if we had televised today's proceedings we could have deterred an entire generation of kids from going to law school."
Later, during a discussion of an instruction to jurors not to bring cell phones into deliberations, Sanger quipped, "That replaced the old one that had to do with bringing Ouija boards in."
The absence of both Mesereau and prosecutor Ron Zonen has led to speculation that the two attorneys are working on their closing arguments for Thursday.
Court Transcript


2006 - Michael Jackson makes a surprise appearance on the popular SMAPXSMAP variety show in Japan. He shocks everyone in the studio as they cannot believe it is really him

2013 - Jackson v AEG Trial Day 21
Court is a half day today between the hours of 9 AM - 1 PM.
Katherine and Rebbie Jackson are at court.
Paul Gongaware
AEG Cross
Putnam asked Gongaware if he had any understanding as to why Michael was taking painkillers. "Before the 3rd leg of the Dangerous tour started, he had scalp surgery, hit nerve or something it was very painful; was treated for that .When he did the Pepsi commercial, his hair was burn at the top," Gongaware explained, saying they did surgery so hair would look natural. "I didn't know it was an addiction"
Gongaware said & that he learned MJ had drug problems after Mexico City.
Gongaware did a Rod Stewart tour in North America after Dangerous tour. He next worked with Michael in the HIStory tour in 1996/97
Gongaware said he did not have a general concern with Michael having a drug addiction. After shows ended in Hawaii, Michael had lost $27 million, was in debt $11 million to lighting and sound, Gongaware testified. He switched managers to fix things in the second half of the tour, Gongaware explained. Gongaware said he had to cut lots of expenses. They wanted to give Michael the same show, but he said there was so much excess to be trimmed. Second half of the tour, Gongaware was the tour executive and he worked directly for Michael. It netted $14 million, $11 million paid vendors. We got the tour to break even, Gongaware testified, saying he worked closely with Jackson on the second half of the tour

Putnam: "Was there an ongoing concern Mr. Jackson was having problems with painkillers during the HIStory tour?"
Gongaware: "No, not at all"
Gongaware said he didn't see anything that would suggest Michael was addicted to painkillers. He testified that Michael didn't have a doctor traveling with him on the second half of the tour and there was no tour doctor with the tour.
Putnam: "How was Michael on the HIStory tour?"
Gongaware: "Great! He was sensational!"
Gongaware said MJ only missed one show on HIStory tour when Princess Diana died. "He went to bed, knew about the accident.". Michael was told Diana was going to be okay and next morning he learned she died, Gongaware described. "That affected him greatly." Gongaware said he missed shows in Dangerous tour but not in HIStory tour. Putnam asked if there were signs MJ was using painkillers during HIStory tour. "No indication at all. I didn't think he was," Gongaware said. He said he would certainly notice if there was any problem during that tour.
Gongaware said HIStory tour was pretty smooth. It ended in 1997. Right after, Gongaware said Michael called him and asked him to work for him. "He liked my work, he liked what I did," Gongaware said, adding that Michael wanted him to be his business manager. Gongaware said he didn't accept the offer and decided to go out on his own to promote concerts. He was tempted, Gongaware said, but he had lined up what he wanted to do. He worked with Yani next.
AEG defense attorney Marvin Putnam then asked Gongaware to describe the founding of his company, and its purchase by AEG. Gongaware had co-founded a new version of a company called Concerts West. Gongaware and his partner, John Meglen, created Concerts West in the late 90s. Concerts West started out with concerts of Andrea Bocceli, Mariah Carrey, Eagles and Millennium at Staples Center. AEG acquired the assets of Concerts West around 2000, Gongaware said, and Concerts West became AEG Live. Randy Phillips is AEG's CEO.Gongaware said he made a deal that requires him to work only half time starting this year
Putnam then asked Gongaware about plaintiff's contention that AEG was desperate for This Is It because it wanted to pass rival Live Nation. "It's so much bigger", AEG Live exec Paul Gongaware said of Live Nation. "It is so much more complicated"; He said that Live Nation has to find artists to fill the many venues it owns, and that AEG Live doesn't have that issue. Gongaware said AEG Live is the second largest concert promoter company. Live Nation is the first. "Our philosophy is different," Gongaware said, adding they choose what they want to do, whereas Live Nation has to meet their quota.
Putnam: "Would you like to be number 1?"
Gongaware: "No. It's so much bigger, it gets so much more complex. I'm happy being a good number 2"
Next time Gongaware worked with Michael was on the This Is It tour. Peter Lopez, Michael's attorney, called Gongaware's partner in 2007, asked to meet. From 1997 to 2009, MJ did not do any touring, only a couple of shows. Gongaware said he went to Vegas to meet with Michael in 2007. The meeting was to discuss how AEG did tours, didn't talk about him touring. They met again in 2008, also in Vegas. "Paul Gongaware! I knew that if you came, things were going to be ok," Michael said about him. Gongaware said Jackson remembered him and told him regarding the HIStory tour, "Whenever I saw you, I knew things were going to be OK"
Putnam asked about Gongaware's use of the term 'Mikey' to describe Jackson. Gongaware said he used it with Jackson. He described Jackson as getting in playful moods, and that's when he would call him Mikey; Said he wasn't mocking him. "Mikey was not meant as an insult", Gongaware said.

Putnam: "Did he seem thin in 07?"
Gongaware: "Yes, he was always thin"
Putnam: "Did he seem to have a problem with painkillers?"
Gongaware: "No"
Putnam:"Did he seem to be under the influence?"
Gongaware : "No"
Gongaware said Michael was alert, engaged, interested in what was going on in the meeting in 2007. He wanted to do a King Tut mini-movie. The next meeting with Michael was in NY. Gongaware didn't remember what they discussed. Sometime in 08, they began discussion of Michael going back on tour. Dr. Tohme, Michael's manager, approached AEG. Randy Phillips was primarily the one involved in the discussions with Dr. Tohme and Peter Lopez regarding the comeback tour. The meeting in 2008 began with discussion of a possible MJ exhibit at the Hilton in Las Vegas.
Colony Capital is an investment company that bought the note of Neverland, Gongaware said. By 'note' he meant the 'mortgage'. "They (Colony) were trying to figure out what to do with Neverland"
Gongaware talked about being at Michael's house at Carolwood when the singer signed the contract with AEG for the This Is It tour. "Michael read everything in the contract", Gongaware said. He remembered Michael being engaged, alert and paying attention. "He was good.I felt great about it," Gongaware said. "It was a Michael Jackson tour, it was a great thing." Gongaware said he watched Michael pretty carefully in the meetings, he knew Michael had went to rehab, but he didn't see any signs of drug problems.
Gongaware said he was aware of the physical exam done on Jackson after the signing for the tour.Email on 2/11/09 from Bob Taylor to Gongaware:
Thanks Paul. I now have the medical and blood reports. Looks good. I now need more info of what is available. This will help with the presentation to the insurers. I would like to offer insurers a medical update say every 21 days.
Response from Gongaware:
I'm not ready to put anything in writing.
Gongaware said it was because he didn't have the answers. Gongaware said he did not have concerns with Michael abusing prescription drugs. "It just confirmed what I believed, that he was fine. He wasn't doing any drugs," Gongaware said about the results of Michael's physical exam. A February 2009 email between him and the insurance broker showed that insurers wanted med checkups on Jackson every 21 days. The broker also wanted details on the concert set, dates, and other details that Gongaware said weren't decided on yet. "The back to back shows WILL be a problem", the broker wrote Gongaware. Suggested adding them in after Jackson started performing shows.
AEG produced/promoted the This Is It I tour. "We needed to front all the money," Gongaware said. "He didn't have the money, so he needed us to do it." Tohme, Michael's manager, told AEG about needing the money. Gongaware said Tohme emphasized several times that Michael needed to make money. Gongaware said Michael and Ortega figured out the creative elements they wanted and Gongaware had to figure out how to make them happen. Gongaware said the initial phase of rehearsal was done at Center Staging in Burbank, but venue didn't have room for production elements. They moved rehearsals to The Forum, which didn't have a high ceiling to hang the lights. Then they moved to Staples Center.
After the morning break, Gongaware said Michael chose This Is It as the name because it was going to be his last. Gongaware:
"You never know what kind of business a tour will do. We had no idea the demand, we wanted to make sure it was successful. Initially, they had 31 shows scheduled"
Gongaware said Prince had done 21 shows at the O2 arena, and Michael wanted to do 10 more. "You didn't know what the ticket sales would be," Gongaware said. So they announced only 10 shows to test the waters. "Demand was there obviously in the presale," Gongaware said. He talked to Tohme, asked for more than 50 shows. Tohme said Michael would do 50.
On March 5, 2009, Michael held a press conference in front of O2 arena and announced the comeback tour. Gongaware was present. Michael was not on time, late by a couple of hours. Gongaware said it didn't surprise him since Michael didn't like to do those things (press conferences) "His schedules don't always run like clockwork", said Gongaware, who was a little annoyed by it but not surprised. "Michael came up to me, gave me a big hug, whispered in my ear 'make sure the Teleprompter has big words, I don't have my glasses'" Gongaware said.
Putnam: "Did he seem inebriated?"
Gongaware: "No"
Putnam: "Drunk?"
Putnam: "Smelled like alcohol?"
Gongaware: "No"
Gongaware thought the press conference was great. "The reaction of the press was really good, I think people liked he was returning." Gongaware said they asked people to register on a website and only people registered could get into the presale to purchase tickets. He said that based on the response, they knew the tour was going to be a major success
"He was good," the AEG executive testified. "I think he was excited"
One day after that, Gongaware said Michael called him to discuss the tour. He said Michael chose Kenny Ortega to direct the show. "Michael liked special effects", Gongaware said. He put together a presentation for Michael with the latest effects and made him promise he would show up. Demonstration was on 3/16/09 at Sony Studios. It had 3D on LED that was never done before, pyro and new type of flame. Putnam showed a clip of the This Is It documentary where there are the pyro effects that were going to be used. "He loved it," Gongaware said, adding Michael didn't seem to be bothered with pyro usage. Gongaware said there was a pretty cool water fountain effect shown and not used. "It was messy," he described. "He was really engaged, as he saw all the effects he got really excited." Gongaware said he had no concern that Michael had drug problems, didn't seem slow or lethargic in March of 2009. A meeting was scheduled for March 17, 09. Gongaware emailed Michael's assistant that only Michael and Kenny Ortega should be in that meeting. "They were the creative forces and needed to find the show's path before including everyone else", Gongaware explained
Regarding Kenny Ortega watching out for Michael's health, Gongaware said no one at AEG asked him to do that. Gongaware thought Ortega watched out because they were friends and worked together.
Gongaware will join The Rolling Stones tour this weekend, but will return on Monday to resume testifying
Court Transcript
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2023.05.31 09:58 McGlone_Games 'In Vision' Commentary Notes - Gambling in Las Vegas

'In Vision' Commentary Notes - Gambling in Las Vegas
I was going through my DVDs and remembered that 'The Strange and the Dangerous' boxset included "In Vision" commentaries, where Louis sits with someone and they both talk about the episode. Since I'm guessing most people have never seen them, I figured I might as well take some notes and share them on here. I started with 'Gambling in Las Vegas' and, if anyone's interested, I'll do the others.

Theroux and Pace

For this one he's joined by Norman Pace, from UK comedy duo Hale and Pace, who is apparently a poker player.

  • Casinos are extremely difficult to get permits to film in, and it was Richard who arranged things with the Hilton
  • One of the reasons why Richard is comfortable in front of the camera is because he had already appeared on a reality TV show
  • Norman doesn't qualify for comps when he goes to Vegas
  • Louis is embarrassed by how the camera lens is dirty during the tour of Alan's room
  • Norman says that spending too much time in your comped room makes it less likely you'll get comps on your next visit
  • Louis went out gambling in the evenings
  • They spent around half an hour each day standing in the lifts asking people "Are you winning?"
  • Norman is impressed by floor manager Tommy Brown's magnificent mullet (Brown was a former pro baseball player and boxer)
  • Norman notes that Martha is unsure how to play poker while she's playing the poker game, so she's just throwing away money
  • Louis was worried they would be kicked out if he pushed too hard about whether Martha was mentally capable of playing
  • Norman states quite confidently that at least one machine out of 100 always has double the odds to encourage others to play
  • John and Tim were just two random blokes they met on the floor who Louis got on well with
  • Louis likes the "seedy and soiled" feeling he gets from Vegas
  • Norman goes on an interesting tangent about the percentages of winning Roulette and Blackjack
  • One of Alan's conditions to appear was that the doc couldn't be shown in Canada (possibly so his wife wouldn't see it)
  • Norman is not impressed by John yelling "Big! BIG!" at the card dealer, or the concept of a "streak"
  • Norman is amused by Tim's boozed-up celebrations
  • John was an Arab-American who was trying to act like an Italian (and isn't actually named John)
  • John speaks a little Arabic when he gets frustrated by how much he's losing
  • Louis is not a fan of Barry Manilow
  • Martha had worked as either a dentist or a GP, and got into gambling either after she retired, or her husband died
  • Norman took over as lead singer of The Comets after Bill Haley died
  • The female floor manager who speaks to Martha was a recovering gambling addict who had previously "lost everything" and gone bankrupt
  • Norman thinks that losing $4 million in 7 years on Slots is "good going, really"
  • Alan became more distant from the crew as the weekend went on and he kept losing money
  • Louis got on with Alan, but says Richard only saw him as an "English geek" and a "spare willy"
  • Louis thinks Richard was more concerned about the casino not looking glamorous than Alan looking like an addict
  • They both note how ridiculous it is that Alan casually loses $8,000 on one bet, then gets worked up about a $3,000 gift card
  • Martha was viewed as a difficult customer by the casino, as she just wanted to be left alone to gamble and wasn't interested in freebies
  • Alan managed to avoid them filming his worst losses
  • Louis notes that Richard dropped all the "he's my friend" stuff and became a "company man" as soon as Alan was leaving
  • Louis thinks that even if someone is putting up an act for the cameras, then their performance exposes who they are
  • BBC guidelines meant that Louis had to use his own money to gamble with Dan The Man
  • Louis spent enough money to receive invites and offers from the Hilton for years after filming
  • Norman: "There is no catch. Casinos do not need to catch you out. Because, they have the edge anyway."
  • Louis brings up that they had access to another casino, but doesn't say anything else about it
  • They made 3 trips to Las Vegas to film the doc and then edited all the footage to tell a story
  • Norman: "That was really good. You're quite good at this, aren't you?"
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2023.05.30 13:03 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - May 30th

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - May 30th
1970 - "The Love You Save" by the Jackson 5 enters the Billboard US Hot 100 singles chart at #45. In late June, will peak at #1 & stay there for 2 weeks
1971 - The Jackson 5 play at the Fairgrounds Arena (now Jim Norick Arena) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on their 2nd national tour
1977 - The Jacksons perform “Keep On Dancing” on Numéro Un Joe Dassin taped at the Buttes-Chaumont Studios in Paris, France while on their European tour. It would air on July 2nd


1979 - On their Destiny Tour, The Jacksons play the Jim Norick Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1987 - The Los Angeles Times reports that Michael has submitted an official bid, for an undisclosed sum, for the remains of the late John Merrick, known as the Elephant Man, from the London Hospital Medical College which has kept them since Merrick’s death in 1890.
Michael's manager, Frank DiLeo, commented “Jackson has no exploitative intentions whatsoever and cares about and is concerned with the Elephant Man as a dedicated and devoted collector of art and antiques"
Also adding that Michael "has a high degree of respect for the memory of Merrick"
1992 - "In The Closet" peaked at #6 during it's 5th week on the Billboard chart. It would stay in the Top 40 for 11 weeks
1997 - HIStory tour rehearsals in Bremen, Germany
2000 - Dangerous (album) is certified 7X platinum by the RIAA.


2000 - Michael announces that he has become a key partner & investor in HollywoodTicket.com, a promotional and marketing site that gives netizens the chance to win backstage passes to concerts & visits to film/tv show shoots. The amount he invested was not disclosed but it's understood to be in the millions
2003 - Michael attends a party at Robert Evan's house to celebrate Brett Ratner's Hillhaven Lodge: The Photo Book Pictures book launch. Brett Ratner is the director of Rush Hour. Later that same night, Michael shows up at a MTV Movie Awards post party at Ron Burkle's Beverly Hills Mansion where he meets Puff Daddy and Paris Hilton among others.



2005 - No court today due to the Memorial Day holiday
2006 - Michael Jackson takes his kids and his nanny Grace to Tokyo Disneyland.
2007 - A collection of almost 2000 Jackson family items dating from the mid-1960's to the early '90's goes to auction in the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.
These are items from a storage warehouse that Henry Vaccaro came in to possession of after a failed business venture ended up in bankruptcy court. Items include Michael's gold record for Thriller, handwritten "ABC" lyrics & a signed Victory tour program
2013 - Jackson v AEG Trial Day 20
Katherine and Rebbie Jackson are in court.
The court also heard an update on efforts to get emails and any other records from a computer used by Michael's former manager, Frank Dileo. Apparently an LA attorney has a copy of Dileo's computer hard drive. Attorneys are working to get a copy of the HD to both sides. The copy was revealed during a deposition of Dileo's widow earlier this week in Pennsylvania, plaintiff's attorney Brian Panish said
Paul Gongaware Testimony
Jackson direct
Gongaware said he met with his attorneys again yesterday to refresh his recollection
Panish asked if AEG was concerned about Mr. Jackson's health. "When he was sick we obviously had a concern," Gongaware responded. Gongaware said he understood Michael was sick from reading the chain of emails shown yesterday. But Gongaware told the jury he didn't have any particular concern about Michael Jackson other than on June 19th, no one told Gongaware about being concerned with his health. Gongaware testified that he disagreed with Houghdahl's opinion, saying he had no "particular concern" about Jackson's health and ability to perform
Talking about the email Hougdahl sent saying Michael was deteriorating quickly, Gongaware explained: "I didn't see it the way he saw."
Hougdahl, in response to concerns expressed by Travis Payne about Jackson's weight Email 6/15/09 from Hougdahl to Gongaware :
He needs some cheeseburgers with a bunch of Wisconsin cheesehead bowlers and a couple of brats and beers
"Was he joking around about this situation?" Panish asked Gongaware, referring to Hougdahl. "I think he was," Gongaware replied. "Did you think that was funny?" Panish asked. "I did," Gongaware admitted
Panish asked about indemnity in Gongaware's contract. The exec said indemnity means that someone else is taking on the responsibility. "I haven't read my contract in 12/13 years, I don't know what it says," Gongaware said. Gongaware said he does not know how many pages his employment agreement is. Panish asked if he AEG would cover for Gongaware should they be found guilty. Gongaware said it was his understanding that he wouldn't be personally responsible financially if the jury sided with Jackson family.
Panish: "That means if you did something wrong..."
Gongaware: "They would be responsible. I've been assuming that,"
Adding that depending upon the size of the judgment, AEG could go after him. Panish asked how much AEG would be able to afford, and Gongaware said he didn't know. Panish emphasized there are various ways for AEG to pay a judgment, and Gongaware mentioned they had some sort of cancellation insurance.
Panish went back to discuss the email from Randy Phillips where he wrote 'Dr. Murray didn't need the gig and was unbiased and ethical'
Panish: "Is Mr. Phillips unbiased and ethical, sir?"
Gongaware: "I think he is"
Panish asked if it was ethical for Phillips to represent to Ortega that the doctor is 'extremely successful' and 'we checked everyone out'. Gongaware responded that he didn't know what Phillips knew at the time.
Panish: "Is number one priority 'the show must go on'?"
Gongaware: "I don't know if that's number one"
Panish: "What's number one?"
Gongaware: "Getting it right"
Panish showed the email from John Branca, saying he had the right therapist for Michael and asked if substance abuse was involved. "This is referring to the meeting that was going to happen and I was waiting to see the results of it," Gongaware said. "I didn't believe there was a substance abuse issue," Gongaware testified. "In the entire time I was dealing with him in this tour, I saw it once when he came back from his doctor," Gongaware testified. Gongaware said that was the only time he saw Michael with slurred speech and under the influence of something. Gongaware said he didn't know what Dr. Klein was giving Michael Jackson. When Panish asked Gongaware if he checked Dr. Klein out, he replied: "No, he was Michael's doctor and it was none of my business."
Gongaware said he once observed Michael looking "slow" and possibly intoxicated after a visit to his dermatologist but he didn't believe he had any "serious health problems" even after Jackson appeared weak and disoriented at a June 19 rehearsal. "My observation of Michael Jackson was that he was healthy," Gongaware said. "They had a meeting to discuss (the June 19 incident), and he took a couple days off and he came back strong"
As to insurance issues, Gongaware said he was involved only peripherally. On June 25, Gongaware sent an email saying that if they didn't get sickness coverage in the insurance, they would be dropping the policy. Gongaware said he didn't know why he was pressing for sickness insurance on the day Michael died. Bob Taylor, the insurance broker, wrote back that it was always down to the medical issued from the word go. Regarding Randy Phillips asking for life insurance the day Michael died, Gongaware said he didn't pay much attention to insurance, didn't recall.
The day Michael died, Gongaware said Phillips called him and told him to get over to the house right away, there seems to be a problem. Randy followed the ambulance to UCLA. "The second call was that he informed me that he had died," Gongaware remembered. On June 25, Gongaware said he went to the rehearsal at the Staples Center and talked to Kenny Ortega.
Panish: "Were you sad Mr. Jackson died?"
Gongaware: "Very much so"
"He was a business associate", Gongaware said about Michael. They did not didn't hang out as friends
Panish asked about Phillips' email directing Gongaware to remove thin, skeletal footage of Michael in the red jacket from This Is It documentary. Gongaware testified that he remembered receiving the email. In his deposition played in court, Gongaware said he didn't recall the email.
Panish: "Did you change your testimony?"
Gongaware: "No. I saw the email as part of my preparation"
AEG Live president and co-chief executive Randy Phillips wrote in Aug. 9 email:
Make sure we take out the shots of Michael in that red leather jacket at the sound stage where the mini-movies were being filmed. He looks way too think (sic) and skeletal
Gongaware replied to Phillips, his boss:
ok will have a look when it comes on screen
Gongaware said he didn't try to control any of the messages about Michael after his death to reflect he was fully engaged in rehearsals. Panish asked about an email from Gongaware okay'ing the band, singers and dancer to give interviews but asked them to keep it positive
In another email July 9, 2009, email to music coordinator JoAnn Tominaga, Gongaware wrote:
We are ok with the band, singers and dancers doing interviews now. The only thing we ask is that they keep it positive and stress that Michael was active, engaged and not the emaciated person some want to paint him as being.
Answering questions from Jackson family attorney Brian Panish, Gongaware said he was not trying to control the film's message.
Panish: "You're telling them what not to say, aren't you sir?"
Gongaware. "I'm asking them to keep it positive and not say he was emaciated"
Panish: "So you were controlling the message as a producer of that documentary"
Gongaware: "I don't think so"
Gongaware's testimony again emphasized the contrast between the answers he gave during his deposition under oath in December 2012 and his responses in the courtroom. In testimony, he agreed that Phillips meant "thin" in his email, instead of the word he typed, 'think'. Asked during the deposition what Phillips meant, he replied, "I don't know what he meant"
Gongaware said nothing was taken out of the documentary, which included rehearsals for the scheduled 50 concerts in London. Gongaware promised in a follow-up email to Phillips that he'd "have a look," but he testified that he never dumped any footage. "We didn't keep anything out based on what Randy wrote," Gogaware told jurors. Gongaware testified that he did not know why Phillips would ask that.
Gongaware said there were 15,000 tickets per show, $1.5 million in tickets per show, $47 million for all 31 shows. Tickets were selling at lightening fast, Gongaware said. "As fast as the system can sell.". The tickets were sold in March, Gongaware said. It was held by the arena, AEG had control of the money. Gongaware said merchandising was another way of making money. The building, which is owned by AEG, would keep the revenue of beverage sold. Gongaware said the beverage money would offset the arena rent, which Michael would not have to pay.
Gongaware: "His (MJ) potential was great"
Panish: "Unlimited ceilings?"
Gongaware: "If he was willing to work that hard, he would've done well"
Before lunch, Panish asked Gongaware whether This Is It was intended to be a multi-city tour. Gongaware said no, it was just going to be the 50 shows at London's O2 arena. "The only thing we knew was 50 shows in London. Michael had not agreed to anything else," Gongaware explained
Panish asked Gongaware by the time the show was sold out, how many people were in the queue to buy tickets. "250,000 people were still in the queue, which would be enough to sell another 50 shows," Gongaware answered. During Murray's trial, Gongaware testified that 250k people still wanted tickets. He told that jury This Is It would be a multi-city tour.
Panish: "Did you tell the truth when you testified in this case, sir?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
Panish then concluded his questioning of Gongaware.
AEG cross
AEG's attorney, Marvin Putnam, did the questioning of Gongaware on behalf of the defendants.

Putnam: "Have you ever been sued personally for the wrongful death of anyone?"
Gongaware: "No"
Putnam: "How are you feeling?"
Gongaware: "It's difficult, it's very stressful"
Putnam: "Are you nervous?"
Gongaware: "Yes"
Putnam asked about Gongaware's memory and he said it's okay
Putnam asked Gongaware about some of the emails shown to jurors yesterday. Putnam was trying to show that not all the contents of the emails had been shown to jury. Some email addresses had been redacted. Attorney Brian Panish objected to the redactions, and got testy with the judge. It prompted another lengthy sidebar. When attorneys returned from the judge's chambers, Putnam resumed questioning Gongaware about emails sent to his private account
Putnam said Gongaware handed over more than 13,000 emails in discovery from the This Is It period
Putnam inquired about Gongaware's Kazoodi personal email account. On 6/20/09, the chain of emails with "Trouble at the Front" was sent there. Gongaware said he didn't remember receiving this email. Gongaware said he had more than one "Kazoodi" email account. He said he was not using the account the email was sent to on 6/20. "The account was closed at the time." Putnam presented Gongaware a document that indicated the private email account had been closed at the time. Gongaware said he never denied it was sent. Gongaware claimed yesterday was the first time he saw this chain of emails. Putnam used the closed email account to try to show Gongaware's testimony was truthful
Putnam: "Why could you not recall e-mails?"
Gongaware: "I had not reviewed them and had not seen them in years,"
Some of the e-mails were new to him because he was so busy putting Jackson's tour together that he never read them, he said. Gongaware said he was receiving hundreds of email a day at the height of 2008/09 tour preparation. "Mostly, it was just a time factor if it was something that didn't have to do with me"
Gongaware said he doesn't have an office at AEG, and that he works on his own projects. He has an office at his house. Gongaware is the Co-CEO of AEG Live Concerts West with John Meglen. He said he was the co-founder of the company. Phillips is AEG Live CEO
Gongaware explained be has been testifying about what he could recall. If he didn't remember, he said he told the jury he couldn't recall. Gongaware testified he looked at the emails after his deposition because he wanted to put everything together and see the bigger picture. Putnam: "Did you try to give your best testimony?" Gongaware: "Yes, I did"
Regarding the phone call between Gongaware and Dr. Murray where the doctor asked about $5 million, Gongaware said he remembers that call. The next call between the two, it was the $150,000 call, where Gongaware offered the doctor $150k. Gongaware said those were the only two calls he had with Dr. Murray
Gongaware said the 1st time he met Dr. Murray was a meeting at Michael's Carolwood house. He said MJ, Kenny, Randy, Frank & Dr Murray were present. Gongaware recalled the other meeting with Dr. Murray was an encounter with him at The Forum. He remembers saying hello to him. Gongaware said he's sure he didn't meet with Dr. Murray other than on those two occasions
Gongaware said he promoted couple of shows/dances in college. He graduated in '69 from Waynesboro College in Pennsylvania in Accounting. He worked for Arthur Andersen in NYC after college as auditor. He said one needed two years of experience in order to get CPA license.The company ended up shutting down after being involved in the Enron scandal, Gongaware explained. He said there's a continuing education requirement in order to maintain his CPA license, but he hasn't kept current. "I didn't like that work," Gongaware said about leaving the practice. "I wanted to do things and not just be an accountant." Gongaware said he ski bummed for a winter and would do bookkeeping to pay for his lodge.
His first big show was in Colorado -- he got The Grateful Dead to perform at Folsom Field in Boulder, Colo. He said he didn't know the band or any of its managers, but asked them to come to Colorado. They did, and the show was a hit. "The concert was sold out", Gongaware said, and he became an independent promoter. Around 1975, he met Terry Bassett who worked at Concerts West and Gongaware went to work for them in their Seattle office. He worked for them for about 10 years. Gongaware said he went to work for the company because the money was steady. At Concerts West, Gongaware worked with Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, Beach Boys, Chicago, Eric Clapton, among others. This Concerts West is not the same; he is the currently the co-CEO. Gongaware left Seattle and came to LA to work at Concerts West. He then went to Warner Miller Films. The company did primarily ski movies. Jerry Weintraub was Elvis' promoter and Concerts West assigned him to work with Colonel Parker, Elvis' manager.
Gongaware was in his 20s when he worked with Elvis. He said when they'd announce an Elvis concert, there would be lines at the box office for 4 days. Gongaware said Colonel would buy ads on every radio station and promote the show. When tickets went on sale, Gongaware was to report to Colonel every hour regarding the ticket sales.
Elvis Presley's death became a controversy at this trial as the man (Gongaware) who promoted both artists' last tours testified. He testified yesterday that Presley died of a drug overdose, but when his own lawyer questioned him today he changed his testimony to say Elvis died of a heart ailment. Presley collapsed in the bathroom of his Memphis, Tennessee, mansion, Graceland, on August 16, 1977, at the age of 42. While his death was ruled the result of an irregular heartbeat, the autopsy report was sealed amid accusations that abuse of prescription drugs caused the problem.How Presley died is relevant because Jackson lawyers argue Gongaware's experience as Elvis's promoter should have made him more aware of drug abuse by artists, including Michael Jackson.
Although he worked advance promotion on Elvis Presley's last tours -- under the direction of Presley manager Colonel Tom Parker -- Gongaware testified he never met Presley.
Putnam:"Did you understand he had a problem with drugs?"
Gongaware: "I understood that later. There was a period of time when we didn't work. I didn't understand at the time, but I learned that it was a drug problem and the Colonel said he couldn't work."
Around 1992, Gongaware went to work on the Dangerous tour with Michael. This was his first time working with Michael Jackson. He worked with the Jacksons in 2000 but he remembered working on a tour with the Jacksons prior to 92 and said Michael was part of the group. "I was the tour manager, handled the logistics and travel for the B party," Gongaware said, adding he worked for Michael but not for A party.
  • A party - artist
  • B party - band and administration
  • C party - crew
  • D party - documentary people.
    Gongaware said there were several legs on the Dangerous tour. It was a worldwide tour. He never met Michael on that tour, saw him on stage a few times
The first time Gongaware met Michael was in Las Vegas when he was visiting Colonel Parker. Steve Wynn's brother called and said Michael wanted to meet Colonel. Gongaware stayed and met him

Putnam: "Were there any doctors in that tour?"
Gongaware: "Yes, two"
Gongaware said Dr. Forecast was Michael's personal doctor. He didn't think Dr. Forecast treated anyone else, so they had Dr. Finkelstein also. Dr. Finkelstein, a general practitioner, was in the B party. They went to places where they didn't know the quality of local healthcare. Gongaware explained Dr. Finkelstein treated B, C and D parties. Gongaware said he did not see any doctor treat Michael. Dr. Finkelstein told Gongaware he treated Michael twice. Dr. Forecast wasn't in Bangkok yet, so Dr. Finkelstein treated him when he needed.
"The King of Thailand said Michael would have to do the second show because his friends were attending", Gongaware recalled.
Gongaware said the King put armed guards outside their doors to make sure they didn't leave

Putnam: "During the Dangerous tour, had you come to have an understating that Michael had a problem with drugs or painkillers?"
Gongaware: "No, he Dangerous tour in 93 was cut short in Mexico City"
Gongaware said. He learned it had to do with drug addiction because Michael announced it. Putnam played the audio with Michael's statement:
"My friends and doctors advised me to seek professional guidance immediately in order to eliminate what has become an addition. It is time for me to acknowledge my need for treatment"
On Jun 25, 2009 Gabriel Sutter (a tech guy) wrote Gongaware a condolences email. "It was such an incredible shock to go through that experience," Gongaware explained. Gongaware's response on July 5, 2009:
I was working on the Elvis tour when he died so I kind of knew what to expect
"You have all these people out of work," Gongaware explained. "With Elvis some were without jobs permanently." Under questioning from Putnam, Gongaware said he didn't mean that he expected Jackson to die like Elvis. He was referring to the trauma of people losing their jobs because a tour is canceled and the estate taking over the legacy, he said.
Putnam: "When you wrote the email, did you expect Michael to die?"
Gongaware: "No, not all"
Putnam: "Did you ever consider the idea Michael would die?"
Gongaware: "No"
Here's what Gongaware had to say about the role of the estate after Elvis died (and what he expected after Jackson's death.):
"Then the estate takes over, and everything's different. You have nothing to say about anything"
When one of his friends asked about his plans after Michael's death, Gongaware replied he was "trying to recover our losses from the show"
"Michael died of overdose of Propofol. He didn't die of being sick or malnutrition", Gongaware said. He said that he had no idea of what Propofol was. "I had no idea" Jackson was using propofol in the weeks before his death, Gongaware testified
Gongaware said he worked on Michael's memorial service. He was in charge of the tickets and worked closely with the family. He said he didn't charge for his work.
Putnam: "Why did you work at the memorial service?"
Gongaware: "It was the right thing to do"
Court Transcript
2017 - Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland, starring Navi as Michael, premieres on the Lifetime channel in the US
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2023.05.30 03:19 autobuzzfeedbot 32 Movie And TV Moments That Were Pure Fan Service

  1. The Mandalorian has recently been accused of this a lot, especially with all the celeb cameos. But one big one is the reference to the classic "It's a trap!" meme from the original Star Wars trilogy.
  2. Similarly, "Hello there" became a huge meme after Obi-Wan said it in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (though people tend to forget that it was actually also Obi-Wan's first line in A New Hope, too).
  3. The Star Wars sequels also have a bunch of moments that are clear references to the original trilogy. For example, "I got a bad feeling about this" is uttered a bunch of times in the series, including twice by Han in the original series — so when Han came back for The Force Awakens, of course the script had to have him say, "I got a bad feeling about this."
  4. Big franchises are especially guilty of bringing back old lines. Remember how "You know, I'm something of a scientist myself?" became a meme after Norman said the line in Spider-Man?
  5. No Way Home was basically just a big ball of fan service, as it brought back many famous characters from the Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man series, including their versions of Spider-Man.
  6. They also specifically made a reference to a popular meme from the 1967 cartoon: the famous "Spider-Man pointing" scene. (Quick note: The scene features only two Spider-Mans, but the meme often shows three.) When Ned tries to get his friend's attention in No Way Home, he addresses him as "Peter" and then "Peter Parker," leading to some confusion where the three Peter Parkers point at one another.
  7. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse even more explicitly re-creates this meme, and its sequel, Spider Man: Across the Spider-Verse, is set to do the same.
  8. When Gendry sailed off at the end of Season 3 of Game of Thrones and then was essentially forgotten about for multiple seasons, it became a meme in the fandom that he was still on the boat.
  9. Oftentimes, actors will improvise lines particularly for the fans. One example is in Catching Fire — after Effie's line about mahogany in the first film took off, Elizabeth Banks explicitly threw in another reference to mahogany in the second film.
  10. Similarly (though this movie isn't released yet), Rachel Zegler threw in her sarcastic bow in The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes as a direct reference to Katniss's famous bow in The Hunger Games.
  11. Another improvised moment thrown in for the fans? "Yeah, bitch" from El Camino. Fans loved quoting the line from Jesse, so Aaron Paul made sure to throw one final one into the follow-up movie for his character.
  12. Similarly, Tom Hiddleston improvised his "Another!" line in Loki as a reference to the hilarious beloved-by-fans moment from the first Thor film.
  13. Sometimes, fan service is making a reference to a common fan gripe or joke. One example is when Agatha points out that Wanda Maximoff's accent comes and goes in WandaVision. Wanda is from Sokovia, but Elizabeth Olsen's accent is wobbly at best and often changes.
  14. Some shows also like to address fan theories...like Gossip Girl, which referenced a popular fan theory that Eric was Gossip Girl (which was actually even the original plan from the writers).
  15. Pretty Little Liars also finally addressed an extremely popular fan theory that Aria was A by having her briefly work with A in Season 7, even donning the classic black hood.
  16. Some fan service moments directly reference plotlines from the books that didn't make it into the TV or movie adaptations. For example, also in Pretty Little Liars, they threw in a short storyline about Hanna once having kissed Mike as a reference to the strong Hanna-and-Mike relationship in the books.
  17. Gossip Girl also had Chuck adopt a dog named Monkey as a reference to the books, in which Chuck actually owns a monkey.
  18. Other times, fan service references things from real life. The Vampire Diaries had a funny nod to the real-life fan casting (and rumors of his actual casting) of star Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey by having Damon read the book in a Season 8 scene.
  19. Supernatural also made a reference to real life when Paris Hilton guest-starred. Given that Paris had starred with Supernatural star Jared Padalecki in House of Wax, they decided to make a funny reference to the film in a scene with Paris and Jared.
  20. In fact, Supernatural is FULL of nods to fans, especially when it comes to ships. The episode "Fanfiction" in particular actually portrayed fans and explicitly mentioned wildly popular fan ship Destiel.
  21. Supernatural also referenced the "Wincest" fan ship of Dean and Sam in a different episode.
  22. In fact, a lottttt of fan service has to do with teasing different fan ships, ESPECIALLY ones that are not ever going to become canon. Sherlock was basically a master class in this. They continued to tease the Sherlock-John relationship throughout the entire show, even having Mrs. Hudson explicitly believe that they're in a relationship.
  23. But the even more obvious fan service moments came in the rather fanfiction-y episode "The Empty Hearse," which provided fan explanations for how Sherlock survived jumping off a building. This included him crashing through a window to kiss Molly Hooper, as Molly-Sherlock was a popular ship...
  24. ...and even more egregiously, teasing crack ship Moriarty and Sherlock by having them appear to be about to kiss in a scene that hypothesized what might have actually happened on the roof.
  25. Another popular fan ship? Natasha and Steve from the MCU. Their kiss in The Winter Soldier felt like a pretty obvious example of fan service, as it was definitely not necessary for the plot.
  26. Sometimes it seems like the writers and/or directors themselves actually support these ships and include scenes specifically for other fans who are on the same page. One example: the Harry-Hermione dance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, which excited many Harry-Hermione fans but felt pretty out of place and random for everyone else.
  27. In some rare cases, two characters of a popular ship actually do get together...in a way that feels more focused on appeasing those fans than letting something happen naturally. The most blatant example to me is Arya and Gendry on Game of Thrones. Although Gendry had his own storyline, when he came back, the show pretty quickly eschewed that in favor of having him finally get with Arya in a kinda out-of-place scene.
  28. Similarly, I strongly feel that the Kylo-Ren kiss in The Rise of Skywalker was done as fan service for fans of the ship, because it felt SUPER inorganic for me...but I know that's a contentious opinion.
  29. Sometimes characters of a popular ship get together in the script even though this actively goes against canon. For example, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, Neville randomly admits he's in love with Luna, which never happens in the books but was popular in the fandom.
  30. Movies based on comics use a lot of fan service — this often means adding in catchphrases from the comics or cartoon adaptations of the comics, like Cyborg's "Booyah" in Justice League. This one was forced in, as actor Ray Fisher didn't even want to say it.
  31. Similarly, Bruce saying "Hulk smash!" in The Incredible Hulk felt like a pretty strong moment of fan service.
  32. Finally, let's end on one more Marvel example that wasn't exactly well received: When all the female Avengers randomly teamed up in Avengers: Endgame, it was considered pandering to a female fanbase in an extremely forced way.
Link to article
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2023.05.29 14:33 Defiance42 Japan Trip Report: Keeping Strictly Kosher in Japan & More!

Tokyo-Lake Kawaguchiko-Kyoto-Osaka

The trip was my wife and I (upper 20s/lower 30s) for 10 days (not including 2 flight days) in May just after the end of Golden Week. It was our first trip to Japan and we had an amazing time! We did a lot of the standard tourist activities, but our perspective as kosher-observant travelers is a bit more unique so I figured I'd start the post with it. Feel free to skip past that section if it doesn't interest you.
Keeping Kosher and Sabbath Observance in Japan
Tourist Tips and Cultural Observations
Hotel Reviews
Trip Highlights
Slight Disappointments
We enjoyed everything we did in Japan, but I'll just point out two things that didn't quite live up to expectations.
I struggled to list any disappointments whatsoever. We had a really amazing time overall. Not sure when we’ll have a chance to go back, but I hope we get to one day!
Edit: Added some tips related to takyubin. Can't believe I forgot!
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2023.05.27 20:19 Eppleblam [WTS] Downsizing My Collection (Montblanc, Armani, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Etc.) (Bottle)

I'm going to be moving somewhat soon and I'm looking to minimize my fragrance collection down to the ones that I love the most. I'm open to offers and possible discounts for bundling.
I use PayPal Goods and Services (I'll pay the fees), and I ship to the US only. Shipping is $5 flat-rate.
Everything comes with it's original box EXCEPT for Burberry Her EDT which will come in a Kenneth Cole Black box.
Photo Album!

Fragrance Size Price
Montblanc Explorer 3.4 Oz (90% remaining) $30
Montblanc Legend Spirit 1.7 Oz (80% remaining) $12
Burberry Her EDT 3.4 Oz (90% remaining) $75
Burberry Weekend for Women 1.0 Oz (95% remaining) $12
Paris Hilton Gold Rush Man 3.4 Oz (85% remaining) $12
Paco Rabanne Ultrared Man 3.4 Oz (70% remaining) $18
Givenchy Pour Homme 3.4 Oz (90% remaining?) $28
Nautica Voyage (Add-on only) 3.3 Oz (70% remaining) $8
Polo Blue EDT (Add-on only) 0.67 Oz (60% remaining) $6
Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Absolu Instinct 1.35 Oz (85% remaining) $45
Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Profondo 2.5 Oz (85% remaining) $60
Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Profondo Lights 2.5 Oz (90% remaining) $60
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Love Pour Homme 3.3 Oz (80% remaining) $60

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2023.05.27 19:04 theLuRkEr24 Communicating with Chinese Hotels

Hello, for my upcoming trip to China I will be arriving into Shanghai on a late flight. Arriving around 10:30 pm.
trying to book a hotel now. I see some nice Chinese brand hotels for good prices. I’ve tried to call a few to ask if they do late check in time. But I’ve had difficulty communicating, the help desks I’ve called only speak Chinese.
I tried a couple’s third parties like trip.com to see if they could help. but they typically say to “contact hotel directly for special requests”.
On the other end. Bigger international chains like Hilton said they could connect me with whatever hotel I choose and inform them of any special request.
So my question is for non-international chain hotels in China. Is there a good way to communicate with them prior to my trip? Like a certain booking website? Or go through an agency?
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2023.05.27 01:30 LumpyLaw9061 I know you

I know you, you are the left circle of famous big brother, open mouth must mention a certain someone, mention the group will be called your group, the group of theoretical level of concern to the extreme, Lacan Zizek Aldu Selangsier Badiou Agan Ben is your ideological guide, everything is used to criticize the post-Marx, look at many can not save the common interest you began to worry about the future of the left circle, think the post-modern revolution has been hopeless, so came to the nearest Michelin restaurant ordered a medium rare tomahawk steak, by the way open their own Huawei 13promax far peak blue with WeChat elegant fingertip rotation to their own resentful species of national male old dad sent a sentence: "I have no money" so your bureaucratic father fire to send you 5000, you accept the transfer, the Satisfied with the intention to continue to buy the next imported Vaseline ointment night to Hilton Garden to study the archaeological out of the birth control supplies during the Cultural Revolution. Only, that night you waited in the hotel for a night to see the express delay So you completely become a Machiavellian junior high school Annacchyonism Yuyu bureaucratic family self-harm + international school + Nietzschean philosophy chanting hanging people proficient in P society games + Wen Ai brain people + online love + TNO bewitched secondary Stalinist preference for Western horses post-modern psychoanalysis check components virtual country proficient in German Russian and tno super event pre-liberal identifier social democratic identifier + Kautsky + un Akiko fan + committee communism + structuralism Marx + Foucault + Baudrillard + Sartre Zizek + Trotskyist + proficient in the history of the Spanish Civil War + proficient in modern European history + homosexuality + word game enthusiast + love game enthusiast + fps game enthusiast + proficient in the history of the German Social Democratic Party + Lassalist + labor unionist + ace songbird filler covers + net left group management + key political fan group management + qq group rules advocates + qq group democratic elections + fan group cliques + virtual state management + three worlds cutting + light mania + broken medicine + breakfast pie + Comrade Xiao Wang + Aristotle advocates + consumerism criticism + Heidegger + Benjamin and Adorno's negative dialectic + Slavic neo-paganism + Wittgenstein + Debo landscape society + Saussure + cyber psychosis + identity politics identity + Linguistic enthusiasts + Phenomenological studies + Gramscian cultural hegemony + Reformation + Anglicanism + Neoplatonists + Shankara pedestrian identifiers + History of the Communist movement + Maoists + Dawai + Pantheism + Spinozaism + Critique of the state ideological apparatus + Multi-layered determinism + Cynicism + Dog-intellectualism + Anti-Semitism + Hitchcock + Panekuk + New Left + Camus + Existentialism + Plekhanov Socialism + Neo-Kantianism + Agamben + David Harvey + Negri + Marcuse + Lukács + Deconstructionism + Poststructuralism + Catholic Socialism + Skepticism + Anti-Logocentrism + Deleuze + Derrida + Rancière + Mascheret + Archaeology of Knowledge + Frem + Catholic Social-Democratic Reformed Christian Anarchism + Anarchist Individualism + Hammarske + Lefebvre + Levinas + Genealogy + Barth + Bourdieu + 68 years of spirit, but Leningrad is still in the middle of the white night + quitting addiction + Internet book club + Internet communism achieved + mastery of the game of chess + 15 years old first communist fighter with 20 people armed revolution + British natural theology + rational deduction + first principles advocated + the grave of the dead in Ukraine, but your uncle died in the factory
Finally, you were violently beaten offline by people wearing Marxian headgear because of the violent theory, and indignantly withdrew from the network to return to your family, but after a year, you couldn't resist again.
You are now a famous v in the forensic circle, into the group with its own traffic, go out with its own aura, can speak eloquently about all international politics, will play a full game of chess in foreign conflicts, will believe in the state every time, will think that democracy is not Coca-Cola, every country is the same, and then attract countless people flock, you are convinced that it must be the quality of many people is not in place to cause the people's wisdom is not yet open, although in you saw the city police smashed some old people The stall has a touch of surprise, but you think about it and understand that this is a necessary initiative to create a civilized city, you persistently fight in the bluebird and Ab and hate the country party, each time with a different expression bag to show your patriotic enthusiasm. But you return home to see your parents are packing their bags, saying that they lost the political struggle so the embezzlement of workers' severance pay years ago was exposed, the east window called you to go together, you only panicked to pack your bags ready to fly to San Francisco, but you drove to the airport to find more than a dozen people in your once the car came around, you just completely become an accelerationist postmodern deconstructionist structuralist post-structuralist post Marxism positive horse progressive egalitarianism to pseudo-motherly dictatorship Stella Seibei Ichikai into the customs study extreme militarism Cincinnatus spirit of the Finnish White Guard military government Franco's legacy of the Spanish National Labour Corpsism Sorrelite neo-paganism Aryan Nations Great Revival One Drop of Blood principle of human purification theory geocentric Nazi supporters (2 years old) Finally you are planning to withdraw from the network. Now full of mouth is to build political circle of black words, real life friends and family take you as imbecile, the most basic ideology morphological impulse The most basic awareness of the shape of the conflict can not be done. You originally thought that the construction of the political are similar to their own, did not expect to be the system of the noble school. Now you spend all day except reading scriptures to the book is in the group Bianjing, day and night qq group Zhihu b station back and forth high intensity Bianjing, home out of what big things do not care but care about the great cause of those Bianjing. Chatting with girls is not more than five sentences but reciting the scriptures endlessly. Dress up are not, usually go out are a dress, wallpaper song list all Kang Mi, every day in the posting bar NetEase cloud high intensity patrol to see who is "capitalist". You've gone off the deep end, and if you don't move towards "reality", you'll become the Mr. Tree in the eyes of your relatives and friends. Religious ideological fervor can indeed compensate for your absence, but not for long, you intend to alabaster, good death good death (14 years old)
You are reincarnated as a virtual Napoleon, conquering the four corners of Cyberspace, only for the truth of that impossible existence of the individual. You exhausted your mind, but fell into the dead end of agnosticism, self-proclaimed rationalist but is nothing more than a pan-dog of consumerism, sad and pathetic
After reading the philosophical brain upgrade, you become a cyber hippie, but feel less than in quantum capitalism to combat like in the premise of the dissolution of the grand narrative to discover micro-politics + post-Marxism + cultural Marx + feminist Marxism + Marx of development theory + late Lukács + Frankfurt School + Habermas + ecological Marxism + everyday critique of life in urban society + exclusion metaphysics + theistic Marxism + Gutierrez's liberation theology + the hippies of semitone Marxism + the emergence of the momentary consciousness of construalism + Eastern European neo-Marxism + structuralist Marxist methodology + post-Hegelian vulgar ideologists + the dissolution of subjectivity landscapeism consumerist culture finds itself in relations of reproduction irrationalism and a priori self and self and self as of being Marx and subjectivity and being is perceived left-wing ideology and culture of the young family thug with a girlfriend of the left man of the anti-Rogers centrism of the difference of the nothing of the being of the fickle little king ideologists born and your favorite girlfriend of the modern school of socialist eastern Marxism, you of course want to see the skyscrapers with your girlfriend, after all that is the holy writ of communism.
But so what, you surf the Internet, addicted to consumerism does not intervene, however you can still be a monk dictatorship military state Comey a mutual aid swarmism post-modern critical view of Lacan Zizek Sigma / positive horse researcher doubling as a Hoxhaism Stalinist supporters but endorsed the constant revolutionary theory of the Committee Communism doubling as anarchist warriors and support social democratic reformism fraternity humane free trade plus a degree of authoritarian The political fact is that we still feel that the imperial system of the bull and support the country as a whole great Miles of State Fascist supporters also serve as the authentic Hisodian national community racial purification theory Burgundian monism original sin theory pure Christianity Great Patriarch Lightning Return hopefuls secretly transmitted spicy imperial state religion faith ideas faithful believers.
The idea is not originally there, but you kneel down, the idea comes 
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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2023.05.24 18:46 homedepotstillsucks Bend, OR Golf Trip (recap)

Thanks to this sub for all the great info in response to my post about planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest. I’m posting this here so others with the same plan can use it for ideas. Crosspost to PNWgolf.
We were 8 golfers, handicaps from 8-28, ages 50+.
• stayed Hilton Doubletree. Nice hotel, centrally located in Downtown Bend. Breakfast not worth the $15.
• one miss in the planning was assuming we could do a replay round in the afternoon at the same course. We could not. So I had to scramble to find a place that could take us last minute.
• Wednesday PM: warm-up round on the day we arrived: Lost Tracks. Greens in really bad shape. Some good holes. Missable.
• Thursday AM: Tetherow. Gorgeous course, great vistas, super interesting layout. Was unfair in some spots where a good shot in the fairway results in a lost ball or bad lie since many fairway bunkers were hidden. Undulating greens meant for some circus putts or pitches that wouldn’t hold. Everyone loved it but not everyone would want to play it again. Pretty consistent with reviews here at golf.
• Thursday PM: Juniper Preserve. Good course. Of all the courses we played in bend, most like an east coast course. Nothing terrible but nothing terribly memorable.
• Friday AM: Widgi Creek. Really liked this one. Very different from Tetherow. Narrow, tree-lined fairways. Wish they had more water at tees or beverage carts. Instead they had vending machines selling $4 Dasani.
• Friday PM: River’s Edge.. Some cool holes, course in good shape. Was fun to play. Was not happy when we were asked to surrender our carts on the 16th since we paid for 18-holes with cart for a 3:40 tee time. Was told at 7:30 they needed them back (they wanted to go home).
• Saturday: Pronghorn-Nicklaus. My favorite of the six courses. Very challenging. Greens were in top shape. We were all exhausted from the previous days and nights but had no complaints about the resort, staff or course. Some stunning holes and views.
• This is a little hazy, but going by my credit card app…
• Wednesday: McMenamin’s. Good food, nice wine selection.
• Thursday: Hola. Huge margarita pitchers. Good Mexican/Peruvian food. D&D and Astro Bar (Karaoke) afterwards.
• Friday: River Pig
• Saturday: “Roam” for pre-game. Bend Brewing Company for nachos & beers. We were scouting bars afterwards but didn’t find much of a crowd anywhere. Guess we were too early as the crowds eventually came out at 11. Ended up at Astro Lounge and Casey’s.
• relied on UberXL the whole trip (or by foot in Bend at night). Availability was spotty and not at all available from Pronghorn so the resort hauled us back in two SUVees.
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2023.05.23 00:20 duckcooo #Monroe College, Student Experience

Source https://cptdog.com/blogs/monroe-college-student-experience


First, let me give you a brief introduction to my background. I am a Master's graduate in the humanities and, after using my OPT for a year, I chose to maintain my legal status as a student working in the US by using CPT. At that time, I sought help from GoElite for school selection and application and finally settled on the MBA program at Monroe College in New York. As is well known, an MBA is relevant to most professions because all fields involve some knowledge of management, which makes it easier to demonstrate the relevance of the degree to one's future career.

Academic Structure and Attendance 📅

The MBA program at Monroe College is accredited by ACBSP, making it relatively stable in terms of qualifications, which is why I chose this program. The entire program takes about two years to complete, with three semesters per year: fall, winter, and spring.
In addition to live and recorded online classes, the school has strict attendance requirements for onsite classes. However, this also means that, in the event of an H1B RFE in the future, having strict attendance records can be helpful.
One thing I'd like to mention is that, after completing three semesters of coursework at Monroe, students can apply for a one-semester leave by filling out a semester leave form. Moreover, during this break, students can still apply for CPT as usual and work, making it a good opportunity to increase the chances of obtaining an H1B visa. An additional semester may also cover the H1B lottery in March of the following year.
For course selection, I referred to GoElite's internal rating system for professors, which allowed me to choose the most suitable professor for my learning style.

Course Selection System📝

Academic Pressure: 🧐
In my opinion, the intensity of the program is moderate, and spending four or five hours per week on coursework is completely manageable.
In the first semester, several one-credit foundation courses are grouped together, which may be slightly more tiring because the assignments for the three courses combined can make the workload seem larger than a three-credit course. However, after overcoming this stage, the three-credit courses in subsequent semesters will be much easier.
Regarding assignment submissions, I certainly do not advocate passing the due date, but overall, the teachers are quite understanding. If an assignment is submitted late, just send an email to the teacher and explain the situation, and it should not be a problem.
Also, it's important to note that for online courses where there is no need to video chat with the teacher, the teacher will post the assignment on the school's Blackboard platform. So, students should remember to check for new assignments posted on Blackboard.

I-20 Application🎯

Schools prefer to have 1-2 weeks to process the I-20 application before the start of the semester, which is about 15 days. For example, if the start date is January 6th, your previous school should send the release form and SEVIS transfer date to Monroe on December 24th of the previous year. This way, the school has enough time to ensure that you can receive CPT on the first day of enrollment. Monroe can only start issuing CPT to students after your previous school has transferred your release form and the new school has received the document.
As a negative example, I procrastinated and missed the deadline for applying to a CPT program. I found Go to help me with an expedited application when I faced the desperate situation of my OPT soon expiring. Fortunately, I encountered a very professional and helpful education institution. GoElite cooperated with Monroe's admission process, so I received an offer within 4 working days, with the application fee waived, smoothly enrolled, activated CPT successfully, and maintained my work status.
In case anyone needs similar help, scan the QR code at the end of the article to consult with GoElite's professional consultant teacher.👇

CPT Application ⛳️

After completing enrollment, to apply for CPT, you only need to:
  1. register for the internship course
  2. fill out the application form, and
  3. sign the employer agreement.
  4. once you have prepared the above materials, submit them to a teacher named Diana for review
Her response is usually fast, and you can receive CPT one or two working days after the employer signs the agreement. By the way, there is no requirement that the agreement must be sent from the employer to the school. You can prepare it yourself and send it directly to the school. It is better to take the initiative than to passively wait for the employer.
Some students from large companies, such as Google, are not provided with an employer agreement. However, this issue can be solved easily. I have encountered classmates who asked for a separate offer from a Director with good relations, stating that they need it for CPT. This offer can look different from the official letter, and you can use it repeatedly when renewing CPT every semester by changing the date.
Many students complain that other schools allow CPT to be renewed once a year, so why can't Monroe do the same?
Personally, I think Monroe's approach is based on a serious and responsible attitude. Continuously renewing CPT also consumes the school's human resources and time, so why bother? Ultimately, it is to provide more legally compliant documents for H1B or green card applications in the future. When renewing each semester, the required documents and application process are the same as the first time. I believe that the smart reader who has read this far can handle the subsequent process smoothly.
In addition, if you do not want to interrupt your CPT, you can work normally during the one-month break between semesters, as long as you communicate with the school in advance.

Transportation 🚗

The Professional Experience Track campus provided by Monroe College is located at the New Rochelle Campus, which has very convenient transportation. The New Rochelle Campus is located in the center of New Rochelle, a city in the north of New York City.
The MBA program that I attended was located at the New Rochelle Campus, which is only about a 20-minute drive from the central station in Manhattan. The frequency of the schedule is also quite high, so if you live in Manhattan, commuting is very convenient. During non-class hours, you can also take the opportunity to explore Manhattan, combining learning and relaxation.
Students who live nearby can easily come and go on the same day. The parking problem is easily solved. There is a free ground parking lot on campus, and there are also garages around the school that require payment, but the price is not too expensive.

Vaccination 💉

According to the school's regulations, if you haven't received the MMR vaccine, you cannot register for classes normally.
I found that some of my classmates encountered this bottleneck during the same period and were in a rush to find out that they couldn't register for classes at the beginning of the semester. In fact, the solution is very simple.
I believe that everyone has received the MMR vaccine in their previous school. You can find the vaccination record issued by the previous school's hospital, upload the materials to Monroe, and then waive this hold!
Dining 🍗
For students who attend classes at the New Rochelle Campus, be sure not to miss the desserts handmade by culinary students and the restaurant The Dining Lab, which is completely operated by students. The restaurant's menu is updated twice a semester, aiming to provide diners with the freshest local seasonal ingredients. The average cost per person for dinner is only $29.95 before tax. If you take a look at the menu, you will know that what I said is not exaggerated. This set menu includes starters, main courses, and desserts.thedininglab.com/menu
Students who fly in to attend classes may also consider the issue of accommodation. I usually stay near the Grand Central Station.
Here are some hotels that I recommend for their low price (around $100), proximity, and value for money. You can consider them according to your personal preferences:
Hyatt Grand Central New York
Address: At Grand Central Terminal, 109 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017
Hilton Garden Inn New York/Midtown Park Ave
Address: 45 E 33rd St, New York, NY 10016
The Tuscany Hotel by LuxUrban
Address: 120 E 39th St, New York, NY 10016
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2023.05.20 15:23 Recent-Development10 [A Terran Space Story: Lieutenant Saga] - Chapter 114

We jump forward another year. Most of the old gang assembles for another milestone moment. I hope you enjoy.
The first chapter of the final arc of the Lieutenant starts on Tuesday!
Terran Space Story: The Lieutenant Saga
Academy Days First Previous Next

Chapter 114: Joyous News as Time Moves Forward

14 Months Later. February 16th, 2267. 14:15 Epsilon Eridani Prime
John was in good spirits despite being made to wear a suit on the weekend. He and Alice had traveled from Manchester to attend a wedding. Another one of their friends was getting hitched. It was good to mingle with and catch up with old friends. These kinds of events were scarce and the ability to see his friends was seemingly scarcer.
His attention span towards the service was questionable at best. Jessica and her fiancé, who he hadn’t had a chance to meet yet, were standing at the altar looking intently at one another. Kristin, Theresa, and Alice were bridesmaids sitting beneath and to the right of the bride. In the pews, John was sitting between Andern and Kevin. In truth, the combined attention span of the trio would not come close to approaching the attention span of any other adult in the church.
John then whispered to anyone that was paying attention, “Man, Alice looks awful in that shade of green.”
Andern snorted loudly right as the pastor paused for dramatic effect in their sermon. Kevin reacted as well but did make any noise, though his holding his hands over his mouth was a telling enough reaction. Both looked like children that had been caught doing something. Meanwhile, Thomas was sitting behind them, due to his arriving late, and grinned at the smart-ass comment while John stared ahead emotionlessly.
The benefit of a Lutheran wedding was that they were minutes away from wrapping up the church stuff. The downside was they were still literally in church. The terrible trio’s wives all looked at them. Kristin gave Andern a murderous glance. Theresa did as well. Alice saw John’s non-reaction and knew instantly he had been the cause of Andern’s outburst.
Less than ten minutes later the wedding was over. The bridal party was arranged to greet all the guests on their way out of the church. The ushers were directing each pew to leave. The trio waited impatiently for their turn to leave.
“You know, you got us into trouble,” Andern said.
“Yeah, our wives looked pissed,” Kevin added.
“I stated a fact. Those bridesmaids’ dresses looked hideous,” John remained unconvinced of his guilt, “A darker shade would work, but that pale green is just…”
“He’s not wrong. That color and to a lesser extent style were kind of affronts to fashion,” Thomas said from behind them.
“I mean, they did make Jessica look absolutely fabulous in her dress. Mission accomplished on that front. But damn, that green,” John grinned, “I’m gonna burn that dress if Alice doesn’t do so before I do.”
“Hey, when are you making Lieutenant-Commander?” Kevin asked, “You should be up for that soon.”
“After the next deployment, I have my early promotion review with Admiral Dufresne. I’ve already been tipped that it’s a green light provided I don’t fuck up properly in the next deployment.”
“We’ve still got what, another two years before we get up for early promotions?” Thomas asked.
“Yeah, they want commanders to be twenty-nine to thirty-one. Then spend another six to nine years and be a captain no later than forty,” Andern said, “Y’all going to make it a career or going to exit when our term is up?”
“Career,” Thomas said, “If we only had to commit for four years, I think I may have tried my hand in the civilian world by now. But keeping us in until we're thirty makes sticking in for the long haul more sensible.”
“Same,” Andern said to the surprise of the other guys, “The pension is damn nice once we hit twenty-five years of service.”
“And we get credit for the four years of academy too,” John stood up as the usher selected their pew, “Holy hell, now that is the most surprising thing I’ve heard all damn day.”
“Right? The laziest one amongst us wants to make it a career in the Navy,” Kevin grinned at Andern as they walked towards the exit.
Andern was about to speak but shut up. The crowd was making their way through the bridal party at an unexpectedly efficient rate. Kristin was the first one to greet them. And her greeting to Andern consisted of a look and a gut punch followed by a quick hug.
“I swear, when you guys get together you behave like children,” Kristin said to Andern before turning and reaching up to hug John, “So nice to see you again. What did you say to make my idiot husband make an ass out of himself?”
“The color of your dresses is a terrible shade of green,” John said plainly.
“Oh, my god. That’s it?” Theresa couldn’t help but chuckle.
“It sure was my dear,” Kevin said as he hugged Kristin.
“We married twelve-year-olds,” Alice said as she shook her head at John.
“Come on, we have the emotional maturity of at least fourteen-year-olds,” John said as he leaned down to kiss Alice on the cheek, “Collectively. Maybe…”
“Ok space pirate, enough of that. Go greet the bride and groom,” Alice was smiling as she gently shoved John off of her and pointed at the important pair.
Alice slapped John in the butt to get him moving. They were slowing things down. Most people that had attended the ceremony were heading to the reception and frankly were more interested in that than the wedding itself. John was certainly among that group, as were his friends.
John smiled as he extended him to shake the groom’s hand, “Congratulations! John Lief, I went to school with your lovely wife.”
Dallas grabbed John’s hand and shook it joyfully, “I’ve heard plenty of stories. I thought they were untrue until the bridesmaids all told similar stories.”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m sure they embellished a few things here and there,” John grinned.
Jessica then turned and looked at John, “If anything we made it sound more human.”
“Congratulations are due to you young lady!” John smiled as he hugged Jessica.
“Thank you so much. I was surprised you could come.”
“I am too. But the timing of it was basically perfect. My last deployment ended just at the right time.”
Andern then joked, “And he didn’t blow up a planet, pirates, or was in a life and death scenario for the first time in his career.”
“That was like the third or fourth deployment that was like that,” John squinted at Andern in response.
“Well, we have plenty of food, snacks, and drink at the reception. I presume you know how to get there?”
John shook his head, “Nope, but my ride service ought to be able to take us there. We’ll probably beat y’all there.”
“The open bar doesn’t open for another couple of hours. Hotel rules,” Dallas looked a bit sad.
“Don’t worry, the big guy can open a tab for us to keep us entertained,” Thomas said slapping John’s shoulders.
“And on that note, we’ll be seein’ ya at the reception hall,” Kevin said as he was gesturing to the group to go forward.
The quartet of trouble then walked out of the church. It was a quaint little place for the town they were getting married in. Nothing too ostentatious or luxurious. Small-town life was a rather beautiful thing to John. The speed that life would pass here was definitely preferable to the hustle and bustle that station and military life seemed to be.
He stopped and looked at the courtyard. Children were playing on the grass, being closely watched by their parents to ensure they didn’t get too dirty or ruin their nice church clothes. Groups of people milling about and talking to one another. The warm sunlight added to the jovial mood.
“John, hurry up, we’ll be late,” Andern said.
“Late for what?” John laughed, “The car ain’t even…”
John saw a football coming from his head out of the corner of his eye. His right hand reached up and caught the ball one-handed. He smiled when he saw a couple of kids look incredibly embarrassed about the bad throw. Then felt bad when one of their dads began to chew them out.
“It’s all good,” John smiled as he tossed the ball to the closest kid, “No harm done.”
“Ooh look at me,” Andern said mockingly, “All athletic and shit.”
Thomas chuckled, “Your jealous because you couldn’t do that.”
“Could too…”
Kevin shook his head, “Take the ball to the face? Yes, yes you would and could do that.”
The young men laughed at Andern. Kevin wasn’t wrong. While Andern was known to surprise the group with his question athleticism, he didn’t hold a candle to John. John, Kevin, and Thomas all knew that Andern’s reflexes weren’t sufficient to dodge or catch the ball.
Andern’s pleas to the contrary fell on deaf ears. Almost on cue, their ride to the reception arrived. John quickly stepped over to the car and opened the door. Kevin and Thomas also slid into the backseat with him. Andern trudged over to the front seat and jumped into the co-pilot’s seat. The first part of their fun day was now over, they were onto the next part, which was going to be way more fun.

15:45 Hilton Resort and Conference Suites
John handed the driver a credit chit and told him to keep the change before exiting the car. The driver hadn’t done anything to earn a tip, but John was thankful he was still alive and in one piece. A sentiment shared by the others. But survive they did, now they had had some time to kill before the reception officially started.
“They have two bars here,” Kevin said.
“Are you staying here?” Thomas asked.
John nodded, “Wedding party and all. Alice took care of all the booking stuff. Technically we didn’t know if I was even going to make this trip until like two weeks ago.”
“Which one do you guys want to go to?” Andern asked.
“How about the one near the reception halls? Less walking that way,” Kevin said plainly.
“Ahh laziness,” John said, “I can subscribe to that newsletter.”
“Nothing you do is ever fucking lazy,” Andern said, “Onward, this way!”
“Hey, is it true you really fought the Icarus?” Thomas asked, “My CO seems to think it was all smoke and mirrors.”
John looked back at Thomas and Kevin and grinned.
“Hold the fuck on,” Kevin said, “That wasn’t propaganda. You actually fought her?”
“Fought with her a couple of years ago when we were doing that pirate hunt. Last year I was on an operation to deliver some very important people, who were a fucking thorn in my side. Well, shit went down, and we threw fists.”
“When I read what ship was involved, I knew it was real,” Andern said, “Come on, really. It’s John we’re talking about.”
“Fair point. Guess I didn’t put two and two together there.”
“I didn’t pay any heed to what was said. How’d you pull that off?” Kevin’s curiosity had taken over his focus.
John held up a finger to pause the retelling of the saga. They had reached their destination. The quartet found an empty table. Just as John was about to restart his story their waiter arrived.
“Good afternoon gentlemen. I’m Karen, what would you like to drink?”
“Beer, whatever’s on tap,” Andern said.
“Make that two,” Kevin said.
“I’ll have an old-fashioned,” Thomas said.
“I’ll have a triple of that…” John was staring at the countertop behind the bar, “McKenna, ten-year-old. Neat, please. Also, is there a place to smoke some cigars?”
“I will get those drink orders in for you. There is, just out that door,” Karen was pointing at the exit that was a stone’s throw away, “We have our patio setup.”
“I see cornhole. We will take the drinks outside,” Andern stood up before he was done speaking.
The trio just stared for a moment at Andern as he got up and immediately left the table. John smiled knowing that the social graces that Andern was not known for remained consistent. Then again, who was he really to say anything about that? He was about as socially with it as Andern was.
“I mean he lacks grace and understanding of the conversation,” Thomas said as he stood up.
“But we’ll be out there. I’ll take the tab too, don’t listen to these troublemakers about paying this bill,” John winked at Karen.
“I will get that order in for you and bring it out to y’all.”
The trio then stepped aside and out of the bar area. They could see Andern had already taken off his suit coat. He was flipping some bags around in his hands. He was ready to throw down.
“So, how’d you pull that off?” Thomas asked, “I’m genuinely interested now that it’s not propaganda and bluster.”
“Yeah, those Waukesha-class assault cruisers,” Kevin paused, “Holy hell, you got the namesake. Anyways, your cruiser doesn’t have a heavy-hitting armament unless you count torpedoes.”
“They have a buttload of rail turrets though. Quantity is a quality upon itself,” John smiled as he tossed the first bag, “But we beat the hell out of the Icarus by luring it into a kill zone surrounded by our missiles and torpedoes that we launched into the planet’s inner ring.”
“Sure, it may be a modified Kelvin class, but that old ship should have had better close-in-combat weapons and systems,” Andern said as he was tossing a bag, “You shouldn’t have been able to…”
“You used the multi-missiles to overwhelm their tracking systems,” Thomas smiled, “Holy hell that is a brilliantly simple plan.”
“Got lucky that they hadn’t updated their systems. I didn’t think they had since the code and systems that control the new tracking systems are under tight wraps,” John said as he looked back and waved down their waitress.
“The wave of mini-missiles and rockets floods their scanners. The bigger missiles and torpedoes come in and hammer the ever-living fuck out of their armor and shields,” Kevin nodded, “Why couldn’t you get the killing blow?”
“The missiles were set up in two waves, I didn’t want to put all of our eggs in one basket. That quality of quantity in our rail guns didn’t have the ability to pierce her armor easily. Certainly not any virgin armor plates. They weren’t going to be stupid and give us her damaged broadside to shoot at,” John said as he took a drink and changed the topic, “How’d the pirate hunting go for all of y’all?”
“Fucking paperwork,” Andern shook his head.
Thomas grinned then looked at Andern, “Actually, what was that operation like on a station?”
Andern looked like he had seen a ghost for a moment, “I’m not joking, the amount of paperwork you guys generated was stunning. I was working two to three hours of overtime every bloody shift and we weren’t even making a dent in the backlog.”
“John, how much paperwork did you do as a captain?”
“Uhm, I mean, it’s excessive but primarily because of after-action reports. Those can get silly involved,” John tossed another bag, “But the paperwork to order new ordinance for the ship was surprisingly easy.”
“Please tell me it was a simple popup in the screens that had you enter in x number of items,” Kevin looked over at John.
“Basically, yes.”
Thomas took a drink and then shook his head, “You cannot be serious. It’s that easy to order more ammo?”
“There was a box for justification,” John then flashed a wicked grin, “I used the same excuse each time. ‘We used most of it up and need more.’”
“That isn’t at all surprising that was the justification you used,” Andern said, “And I wanted to reject such a bullshit justification.”
John started to laugh, “How is that bullshit? That literally is the reason why we needed more. We used the ordinance we had onboard.”
“I’m going to agree with John on this one,” Kevin said.
John turned and waved at the newly arrived bridesmaids. Alice, Kristin, and Theresa walked over in their ugly green dresses. Alice was the first to hug her man.
“What are you boys talking about?” Alice was all smiles as she looked at the other halves of her friends.
“The kind of bullshit your husband used on requisition requests,” Andern sounded entirely too defensive, “You didn’t put that in did you?”
John nodded, “You want proof.”
“I think we just got it,” Theresa said, “Good to see you again John. How are things?”
“Ah hell, can’t complain too much about stuff. But man, it’s good to see the old crew again. Well, most of it anyways.”
Kristin then looked over at Thomas, “When are you getting married? I hear you have been in a relationship for a while.”
“Oh, the relationship is still pretty fresh. I’ve known him for a bit over a year now,” Thomas said, “Probably two years away if all goes well.”
“Slow and steady wins the race,” John said.
“Says the guy that has never been slow nor steady,” Andern snapped back sarcastically.
“I disagree on the steady part. He’s been pretty forthright and focused on the mission at hand,” Thomas said, “Totally agree on the slow part.”
“I will drink to that,” Kevin laughed after he took a swig of beer.
Alice grinned as she looked at John, “You know, he’s going to dig you a hole one day that you can’t jump or talk your way out of it.”
“That’s true, but it wasn’t today,” John raised his glass in the air after taking a drink, “Where’s the bride?”
“Technically he was the one with the shovel this time,” Andern said.
The girls rolled their eyes almost in unison. Andern’s attempt to defer responsibility for his outburst was clearly rejected. Alice’s statement wasn’t entirely inaccurate, John’s mouth likely would do the digging for Andern and him. Andern’s inability to play the part of a straight man would always get them into trouble.
“Speaking of, we need to get back to the suite. There’s her car now. It’s time for her to get changed into the reception dress,” Kristin said as she pointed at the white limo rolling into the parking lot.
“We’ll be here, playing cornhole and drinking,” Andern said.
“And smoking these bloody good cigars,” Thomas said taking a long drag on his.
“It’s not what you know, but who you know,” Kevin grinned.
The girls shook their heads. All were thinking roughly the same thing. How did we get married to them? Despite having the combined emotional maturity of a twelve-year-old, the three married men of the group were reasonably good partners. They were trustworthy and loyal to a fault. Their personalities were a bit odd, some more than others, and their sense of humor could best be described as disturbingly pornographic.
But one more member of the group got married, though this time to an outsider. Jessica’s love life had been a bit of a rollercoaster. But every last one of them was happy that she had found what they had. And they wished for nothing but years of happiness for her in the future.
None among them could tell the future. But these were times to enjoy and live life to the fullest. Friends were moving forward in their lives, and another had reached a momentous life moment. It was a great time to be alive and to share that moment with them.
For John, the moments away from the military were precious and few. Each one he cherished in his own way. He was happy, even content, at the moment. There was no telling what the future would hold.
Though he was certain that in the coming months, his threat would be made manifest. The clock was ticking down toward that eventual confrontation with the Icarus. While he was confident in himself, his crew, and his ship; there was no way to tell if he could pull off his threat. But those were thoughts to dwell on later, for now, it was party time. And it was time to kill some brain cells at the open bar.
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2023.05.20 00:26 Euphoric_Pair3487 Hot take: LATE 2001 and 2002 were the absolute peak of 2000s culture

September 11th was the complete death of 90s culture and style. Literally no semblance of the 90s after that. Late 2001 was when the original 2000s culture went full blast. Britney Spears going mature, teen pop dying out, 6th Gen consoles fully taking over with the XBOX and GameCube release, followed by the PS2's popularity and no longer being rare to find. Games GTA III, Halo, Super Smash Bros. Melee killed the relevance of the 5th Gen consoles, and the Y2K console Dreamcast was dead by then too. Movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings came out. Michael Jordan came back on a new team. The WWF's Attitude Era was basically over post-9/11, after they got rid of "RAW IS WAR" and changed it to "RAW". Core 2000s genres like pop punk, butt rock (think Nickelback and Creed), bling rap, and even emo either took its roots from this period or took over as the main genre. This is just late 2001 by the way. Also, Bush's approval was at its ultimate peak here. Can't get anymore "Aughts" than that.
For 2002, you had the Euro making its debut as a currency, Tom Brady beginning the Patriots dynasty, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears breaking up followed by the former going solo in the summer (after NSYNC broke up), Backstreet Boys were on a hiatus. Groundbreaking movies like Spider-Man came out, which was very un-90s. Like Mike, Barbershop, and even Friday After Next were very 2000s movies. The War on Terror was in full motion and there were even talks of Iraq by then. The WWF was now the WWE. Everything just felt so fresh during this time. Fashion-wise, lowrise jeans were in style and you started to see white boys with the pop punk look and no longer wearing frosted tips, while the girls wore a sort of rugged haircut. The "Rachel cut" was dead on arrival by late 2001. Flip phones were also getting popular. DVDs were starting to become more popular than VHS. The iPod came out. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius released and Spongebob was starting to become relevant. Like pop culture fully settled into the new millennium and that was the main focus, in spite of being in the shadow the tragedy of 9/11. Eminem was at his peak with The Eminem Show and 8 Mile. When I think of the 2000s, I think more of Pharell, Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Carlton, J Lo, Ja Rule, and Ashanti, not 50 Cent, Kanye West, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Lil Jon. The post-Dot Com recession was the epitome of what was the real 2000s economy. The 2002 VMAs were the culmination of what the 2000s were "supposed to be", while the 2001 VMAs ushered us into this new exciting culture.
It doesn't get anymore 2000s than the "Remember 2001" and "Remember 2002" montage on YouTube.
Remember 2001: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJdELoiiAoU
Remember 2002: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bORRM0LNa6s
However, things started to change around late 2002-early 2003. One reason: 80s nostalgia. GTA Vice City came out and gave way to the explosion of 80s things being relevant again. Paid In Full also came out in the fall of 2002, which was a movie based on the 80s. Even George W. Bush and the USA in general were trying to go back to the 80s and try to bring back the "good ol' times". It really wasn't about the new decade anymore. It was about "bringing back the 80s status quo". McBling culture and consumerism/materialism being at an all-time high after the brief recession that went on in 2001-2002, really showed us that this new decade would just be a replay of the 80s and nothing original. Society was even trying to be conservative like the 80s, but failed miserably. It was a watered down version of it. The earliest sign of it was in early 2002 with That 80s Show, but that show was so bad that it didn't make a difference. It was a flop. Got cancelled within months. I'd say by late 2003, "reboot 80s" culture came back in full force. late 2002-mid 2003 was a transition. Late 2001-mid 2002 was the complete pure 2000s.
Core 2000s culture was somewhat relevant until 2008 or so when the recession hit and Obama became president, but it didn't feel the same, and it was barely relevant. Completely dead on arrival by mid 2009 as the new core 2010s culture went into full motion.
In recap, the core 2000s were from late 2001-2002. Late 2001-mid 2002 was the absolute peak of "Aughts" culture. Late 2002 was the beginning of "reboot 80s culture" that lasted until 2008 when the recession hit. 2000s culture wasn't at the centre of relevance anymore. 2000s culture hit its peak in that immediate post-9/11 period and it was started to decline by the end of 2002 as culture was starting to become a replay of the 80s. That's my two cents.
Tell me what you guys think in the comments.
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2023.05.19 23:37 wellnesshap123 Passport to Health and Wellness EXPO

Passport to Health and Wellness EXPO
The 11th Bi-Annual Passport to Health & Wellness Expo will be held October 15, 2023 from 10am to 4pm, at The Bristol DoubleTree by Hilton. FREE GUEST PASSES: go to

The EXPO presented by the Holistic Community Professionals, will feature free lectures on the half hour and the Keynote speaker will be held at 2pm.With more than 75 vendors and readers, free raffles all day and a grand prize of a Hilton overnight stay with breakfast for two this is an event not to be missed! Also join our free sound healing event from 4pm-5pm in the Atrium with Fred Maerkle.
The Passport to Health & Wellness Expo is a free event, and door proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Health Defense New England Chapter.
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