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2015.05.23 17:08 GGnerd Look good, Play good

Eyes up, Guardians! The fashion show has begun! A sub dedicated to the many looks of Destiny, a fantastic FPSRPGMMO from Bungie.

2022.07.05 20:34 Born-Revolution2373 destiny2Pvp1

Hey, we offer trial carries, survival carries, and we do 1 on 1 coaching in destiny 2!! Welcome!

2021.01.21 23:49 shatterdiver Destiny2PvP

This subreddit is for all topics Destiny 2 PvP. There are no restrictions as long as posts are relevant. Be toxic, talk about cheese, it doesn't matter, you will not be silenced. If your posts are garbage they will get downvoted and you may be insulted. This is how democracy works, no need for tyrant mods. Remember, it's just a game, and anything that someone says to you on the internet DOES NOT MATTER.

2023.06.04 17:08 RobrianTiriis Recruitment is open for Comply or Die (CODIE)

Comply Or Die corp opened in 2006 Discord Server : CEO- Tiberiusric
Recruitment - Robrian , Skallebank , Twitkne Evingod , Jon B Fletcher
Here is an opportunity to join one of the most prolific top PVP Alliances in eve. With years of history of being one of the best groups with almost 2 million kills, WHO ARE WE We are an experienced corp with players of up to 17 years, some have played since 2003 when eve first started we have been involved in major null wars, piracy and lowsec and faction warfare. Our ethos has stayed the same, bring in good people who want to be part of a close knit corp, have fun, make friendships and a few explosions on the way. We are PVP focused but we offer PVE and Industry gameplay also.
What we can offer Miners and Industrialists ✪ The ability to have access to a wide range of mining and industry capability to build what you want. ✪ Access to corp exclusive R64/R32/R16/R8 moons ✪ Corp owned exclusive -1.0 sec security system and rare AO Blue system ✪ Exclusive corp access to High end ores such as ABC ores and high levels of Mercoxit ✪ Corp owned Tatara and Azbel for reactions and capital building TAX FREE ✪ Corp owned POCOS and access to excellent PI to PI 4 Materials ✪ Access to Ice Mining ✪ Support from corp to expand our operations. ✪ Significant amount of Nullsec space across multiple regions, with an extensive infrastructure and jump bridge network ✪ Forums, Discord etc WHAT DO WE OFFER OUR PVP PLAYERS ✪ Be part of a well established corp and alliance thats has years of experience ✪ An amazing group of experienced supportive players, that help each other and fight with each other ✪ Be part of Pandemic Horde Alliance, one of the biggest and best in eve ✪ Be able to use those capital ships ✪ Access to corp exclusive R64 moons ✪ Great amount of PVP/PVE Content, small to large fleet fights ✪ Many different specialist interest groups (SiGs) like Pochven, Black Ops, Incursions Hunting, High Sec work etc etc ✪ Ship Replacement Program ✪ Significant amount of Nullsec space, with an extensive infrastructure and jump bridge network ✪ Forums, Discord etc
** Before you apply please note : MUST have had an active recent pvp activity and be pvp focused, unless you come with significant indy experience and capability ** WHAT PLAYERS ARE WE LOOKING FOR ✓ MUST have had a recent active killboard ✓ Experienced players welcome ✓ Active Players - MAINS MUST BE OMEGAS ONLY - Be Self sufficient ✓ No Drama Queens, Mature ✓ Chilled, likes to have some fun and banter! (edited)
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2023.06.04 17:08 Apoc_ellipsis Getting back into the hobby (10+ years)

So, I've been thinking about my DDR days, where I was playing somewhat seriously and I'm curious the best way to get back into the swing of things.
I've had a Red Octane Afterburner (3.0?) back from 2007 (I actually found the old receipt in gmail RIP RedOctane), which has been sitting in my garage collecting dust for the last 5 years :( , while it's 'control box' (DB9 to PS2 adapter) has sat in another box and I never seem to have had both at the same time, but I know I've got both at least
I remember setting up Stepmania way back in 2008 or so as an avenue to explore and remember using an old USB to PS2 controller adapter and playing some songs on there on my old laptop.
I've got a spare computer, some room in my office, and I'm honestly trying to figure out the best way to take what I've got and make a little homemade "Stepmania/DDR" machine from it. I want to get back into a healthy hobby.
I've looked online and I found a site and they seem to have a specialized USB control box which I think might be better than a PS2 controller to usb adapter, I'd assume this would probably be a good choice to be able to keep/use my current dance pad, but I also have no clue who to trust, and DDRFreak seems to be dead lol.
So I guess my questions break down as the following.
  1. Is my dance pad still going to be usable? Do any of the sensors degrade over time of non-use and should I buy a Stepmania USB control box and just 'have it work'?
  2. When setting up a computer (A small little micro computer with a 6th gen I7 & 8 gb of ram) would it be best to go Windows for driver support? Linux? Or what would you recommend? I have an AtGames mini arcade cabinet thing that has HDMI input, so I was debating using that as a screen, and MAY want to consider loading other types of games onto it, but really it's mostly a question of 'what OS works best for Stepmania"
  3. Have songs migrated away from more casual players? I was at the awkward point in DDR where Standard songs were too easy and I was full combo'ing them, but Heavy Songs were a bit much of a challenge. (vanilla 6-8 footers?). I'm out of shape, and would definitely need to ease back into things, and I'm a little worried that the scene has gone into the advanced options (GDQ showcase level)
  4. Any sites that I should buy stuff from or avoid?
  5. Any general advice as I look to configure all this stuff? I see it looks like there's 2 major versions Stepmania 3.9 & 5.0. If I just want a generic 'DDR Machine" style that has a bunch of songs for me to get back is there anything to worry about?
Fun Fact: Here's super old video from 2009 when I had it playing Extreme 2 on ps2: including said dance pad, and original control box.
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2023.06.04 17:08 Status-Paramedic4565 Modded Pvp SMP Realm, Arena Realm, Apocalypse Realm and Fantasy Realm

Our Apocalypse realm is new and has some fun mutant creatures and guns on as well as a giant city to explore
Apocalypse Realm Code: EdTiYLD4dFo
We have plenty of fun mods on our pvp realm explore some structures, stay alive and face enemies or team up
Pvp Realm code: i6-dWB9tj7w
We also have our Arena Realm that is currently hosting a hunger games style arena, gear yourself up and fight!
Arena Realm Code: P24yLgqjMsM
We have our new Fantasy Realm where you can obtain dragons, find cool structures, and find fantasy creatures
Fantasy Realm Code: oibDn47ryHE
and then we have our Community Realm that has the same mods as the pvp realm but a lot more rules and were on a world almost a year old, we work together and make some crazy builds. You must join a certain app to get into this one and the link can be found on the other realms :)
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2023.06.04 17:08 TheCheeseBurgerBand Error code beagle

Every time I try to play destiny, I get past the main menu and then it says "installing destiny 2, verifying content" and shows a little progress circle. After it finishes, I get an error code that says "A full reinstall is required," blah blah, "error code beagle." I have reinstalled, verified game files, and even changed the language, all of which had no effect. Help me please
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2023.06.04 17:08 No-Emotion-9827 After all those years? Always..

Hello you all
I feel like i need to finally vent about this because my own behaviour and thoughts are ruining me..
I am with my current partner for almost 10 years. No proposal, no kids, no pets, living together for just about last 2 years.
We started dating when I was around 17. And i feel like it was mainly initiated by me. Back then I had absolutely no problem with my trust, wasn't jealous at all. After 2 years he admitted (after I asked him) that once when we were out with friends i was outside the bar smoking ank talking with my friend and he went out with other girl from the group and because we were talking about personal stuff the went elsewhere,. Then, i found out (gosh even now my adrenaline lvl is rising up like crazy) that because it was raining he put his jacket above them and then he asked her if she wanted him to kiss her. By his words he didn't and he said he love me. I can't be sure of course but even that question, even that act caused me incredible, unimaginable amout of pain in my heart. He said he love me, he cried he said he didn't wanted to loose me. I forgave him. You may think this is stupid, you may think this is nothing, i know there are many of you guys that was betrayed and hurt with much more terrible way. But it still hurts me. It wasn't bad enough to leave him but it was enough to crunch my trust towards him. This was 8 years ago and i still cant forget that, it still haunts me that he might do this or worse to me again and that, also because he wasnt crazy about me when we met and as I said the relationship was initiated mostly from my side, i feel like there are girls that are much more his type maybe. He tells me he loves me, he tells me he wants to be with me and only me. Still tho, he never proposed, he said he is planning to but the fact that i was "forced" to ask him abou this actually ruined it for me (the future proposal) because, again, I feel like it won't be from his head.The problem for the last 8 years (after the incident)for me is my crazy insecurity and jealousy. He is doing a lot for me, he is kind, helpful, nice, ..... But still there is this crazy uncontrollable rage inside me every time he looks at some pretty woman, every time there is a pretty woman in the movie, every time someone talks about how beautiful some girl is in front of him...I can't help myself. I feel like I am cursed with jealousy. Later i found out he was watching gonewild on reddit and it crushed me even more.. I know some women are totally okay with things like those bud I cant be.. I am sorry. I can't. Again, i conronted him about that and he was so sorry and he said he will never ever go there again and he know it hurted me and he honestly seemed he regretted that. I never cheated, I never even look at other guys in that way, not because I force myself not to but because it dorsn't even cross my mind. Is it so much to want the same from a man nowadays? Is it impossible? Am I living on a cloud? ... Please help it's killing me . The other thing that doesn't help much is that he, on the other side is not jealous. Not even a tiny little bit and that doesn't add to my self esteem. I think I am above average looking, men are constantly telling me so it's not about me being ugly...I think he just knows I am not able to cheat si he is not afraid. But I am and it's ruining my relationship. I need advice . Thank you so much and sorry for long post.
Wish all the best for all faithful men and women out there .
And to all other people, please don't hurt people like this. It's one of the worst things you can do to a person. It's soul-crushing, believe me..
Also sorry for my grammar not my 1st language
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2023.06.04 17:07 AlwaysTired___ Compensation

I’m a 2 year PA. One year at my current job. When starting, there was a PA there who left a few months ago (retire). I didn’t know that I would be the solo PA at a busy hospital / surgical job. We don’t have residents so I literally do everything (first assist two patients and all inpatient duties). We recently hired a 10+ year “surgical” PA from a different specialty and my role has to be train her. Almost a month in and I noticed she lacks a lot of basic PA skills such as introducing herself to a patient, gathering a history, physical, documentation etc. even asked me if she should consult PT for an intubated patient. If she should change the order to NPO except for meds on again an intubated patient. The thing that bothers me is that she makes $40k more than me. I’ve tried to get a pay raise but the hospital is fixated on me needing a total of 3 years of experience. I can see there’s been a lack of motivation and energy to learn quickly and be independent because I’m there to pick up slack. Etc. Being super busy and turning over surgical cases while having to round in between and she told me she was going to eat breakfast etc…she’s still new, almost a month. But the large salary difference is really eating at me.
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2023.06.04 17:07 Soomal_ Looking for 1-2 moderators for a new SMP, based off of the "New Life SMP" (18+ experience with mc commands)

Hallu! My name is Styrofoam. I have been posting recently about a server which I am starting, that is (as the title says) based off of the "New Life SMP". We are currently about 12 members in the discord server, who are interested in joining the SMP. That means that I only need about 1-2 moderators who can be active on the server.
This is an UNPAID position.
What I am searching for =
- Someone who is 18+
- Someone who has experience with mc commands
- Preferably 1 person who is from the US and 1 person who is from Europe/EU region
Information you need will be in the discord server for the SMP. Comment below your discord, and I'll dm you.
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2023.06.04 17:07 AutoModerator [Download Course] Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind (

[Download Course] Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind (
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Niche selection and the brand of you
In module 1, you’re going to find the unique brand of you. We’ll also introduce you to the authority flywheel, which is a framework to scale your online authority and influence in any niche. Module 2
In module 2, we cover the mindset needed to start a blogging business, including dealing with imposter syndrome, fighting the devil on your shoulder, and how to forge ahead fearlessly with your online business. Module 3
Blogging Like a Startup
In the third module, we cover blogging like a startup principles. This includes lessons from The Lean Startup, going over the startup mentality, and then we’ll introduce you to the concepts of pivoting and the idea of feedback loops, showing you that a blogging business runs on data. Module 4
Decoding Search Intent
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Your Minimum Viable Website
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Keyword Monetization
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Blog Content Creation
Here, I show you the content assembly line method and how to assemble (not write) posts. You’ll also get the exact templates to start your posts from – how-to posts, affiliate list posts, reviews, comparisons – you’ll have the perfect framework for it all. Module 8
The Link Building Machine
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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.04 17:07 Log_Dogg [GEAR] Best Vox Amplug for a beginner

I've been learning to play electric guitar for around 2 months. I don't currently have an amp and was thinking about buying a headphone amp since I don't live alone and the headphone amp fits my needs. After doing some research, I really like the Vox Amplug 2 line - they're cheap, easy to use, and very affordable.
Now, the main genre I listen to and that I want to play on the guitar is metal. From the reviews I've seen the Vox Amplug 2 Metal sounds amazing for that, but I'm worried it will sound like shit if I try to play anything lighter, so maybe an AC30 or a Lead is a better option?
I apologize if I'm talking nonsense, as I've said I've never owned an amp and am pretty new in the world of guitars, so any and all help is appreciated!
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2023.06.04 17:06 oleWhiskey Which PayPal honey?

Which PayPal honey?
Ok I need help with this. I know PayPal bought honey. Great! I have used honey for the longest time but now this is annoying and I have tried searching for an answer but never could find a direct answer.
Which paypal honey do I use now? Picture below…
One is the actual honey app and the other is the paypal app with the honey built into it.
This is what I set up currently with the original honey app turned on and the paypal honey turned off. They both pop up with trying to apply the same discount codes. This is honestly stupid anymore. A company purchases an app but doesn’t think to fully integrate the parts that work now you deal with 2 apps
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2023.06.04 17:05 dos4g [QUESTION] Chicken Picking

Trying to get into it, but I have a few questions.
1.) Will I have a bad time with it if I don't have a Tele? Currently just have a Gretsch Electromatic.
2.) Are light strings a must?
3.) Thumb pick or regular pick? The former will take some getting used to, but if it's the preferable way, I can invest the effort.
4.) When palm muting, my fingers are at a terrible angle. I can't seem to "pop" strings, and my fingernails make an undesirable squeaking sound on the strings. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance, all.
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2023.06.04 17:05 abeaverwithalog W/l/F

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2023.06.04 17:05 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (

[Download Course] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer (
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🧠 Tax Strategy For Closers

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👉 Setter Crash Course
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👉 Closer Crash Course
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Free Bonus #1: Private Rolodex™

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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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• Our 5-step strategic formula for a high-converting script, ensuring your Movie-VSL outperforms your current funnel • Access to websites and spy tools for endless inspiration in designing the perfect Movie-VSL for your audience • Psychology-based techniques for transforming viewers into “True Believers” who become repeat customers • Our time-tested creative process for developing Movie-VSL ideas that consistently outshine competitors and enable you to sell products at scale
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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.04 17:05 Such-Ad-8405 Travel tips for foreigners in South Korea

I was born in Korea but am a Canadian citizen now. Since Korea does not allow dual citizenship I currently only hold Canadian citizenship. I thought I'd have no problem visiting home but because of my foreigner status I had a few challenges (ex. self verification, online purchases using overseas credit card) that I had to work around. I wanted to share my learnings/tips here for future travelers:

  1. Google Maps does not have full functionality in Korea. Use Naver map or Kakao map.
  2. Book KTX (express train that connects major cities in Korea) using app to use an overseas cc. Also, there are promotions that may save you some extra bucks. Reminder to book in advance as the seats seem to sell out quickly these days.
  3. For taxis, use Kakao taxi and just pay by cash after the ride. Kakao taxi app allows self-verification using non-korean number which was nice.
  4. (maybe this is common knowledge) To withdraw cash using overseas debit/cc, you can only use an atm that says something along the lines of "global atm". Woori bank (우리은행) atm was my go-to.
Feel free to add any other tips y'all have :)
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2023.06.04 17:05 BurnsMyBiscuits Increased heart rate after drinking alcohol, how high is TOO high?

I’ve read that increased heart rate is normal after drinking alcohol, by about 4-5 bpm per drink. My question is, if someone’s resting heart rate is already on the higher end of the normal range, and drinking puts it above 100 for hours at a time, is that bad?
I know a-fib is a fast heart rate for prolonged amounts of time but that seems to be when nothing triggers it. Alcohol is the known cause, I just don’t know what bpm number is unsafe to idle at.
Also worth noting, I have seen a cardiologist for heart palpitations (caused by anxiety) and have been told my heart is strong and healthy, but it does get pretty rapid after a night out with a few drinks, higher than anyone else drinking with me (I’ve checked theirs lol)
Age 39
Sex F
Height 5’2
Weight 150
Race White (Scandinavian)
Duration of complaint ongoing
Location Phoenix, Az, USA
Any existing relevant medical issues No
Current medications None
Include a photo if relevant
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2023.06.04 17:04 RIOTGarr [NA] [Raid] We Buy Raids [oRly] is recruiting for our Statics and Sell Team (Fill Positions)

We Buy Raids [oRly] is a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a dedication aimed at fast/efficient clears with ALL CMs, and clean sells. We are currently looking for fill members for our statics and sell team. All our full time members are people who used fill for us, this is the only way someone can get into one of our statics or sell team. We have scheduled raids on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 8pm EST (Daily Reset), and anydays we have a sell booked.
We do not allow any downtime during our raids. This means no gear sharing during raids or afking between bosses. While we do understand that real life comes before any game, please be prepared to set aside the time for raids if you are asked to fill.
We heavily organize our raid nights and strategies with spreadsheets. You will be assigned to your role/class before any raid so you will know what you will be playing the entire night.
With the changes to CMs ALL of our statics are incorporating CMs into our FCs, slowly the goal is to have all groups doing all CMs, currently most groups are doing 9-all CMs per week. With more being added each week.
As of now were primarily looking for a few Flex players who can play a mix of dps/support roles.
A good candidate for the team will be someone looking to play at a high-level, consistently perform and improve with the group as a whole. What we’re looking for:
-Good communication skills (should have a working mic)
-Strive to always improve
-Patience and understanding that not every run will be the good run.
-No drama. We will not put up with any drama. We are all adults here.
Support Roles:
Quickness - qHerald, cHarb, qSPB, qBSW and hHerald are the current quickness supports we use.
Alac- PAM, Staff Mirage, Power WB, CAM, Druid, and HAM are the current alac builds we run, this is likely to change during this patch.
Niche Supports- Superspeed Scrapper, Quickness/Heal Scrapper.
DPS Roles:
(Be able to at least hit 90% benchmark)
Minimum Requirements:
Power: at least 1 of the following: pVirt, pSLB, pMech, pDD, pBSW, pSPB, pweavecata.
Condi: at least 1 of the following: SpectecDD, cMech, cVirt. As well as a Staxe/Axe Mirage (or perplexity rune condi mech).
While we do not expect you to play everything, flexibility is a major bonus.
*All subject to change with the current meta as per balance patches.*
No matter what role you are playing, you must be willing to take constructive criticism and want to put in time/effort to improve. We’re here to work and improve as a team while having fun. It is important that you mesh well with the team and understand that, while the screening process may be long, you will be joining a hand-picked and well maintained team of players that are dedicated to playing at a high level.
*Having logs submitted with your application is required. Please expect to trial most of the classes/roles you select.
Here is a VOD of our all time PBs for each group:
Monday 05/23/2022 (1:52:12) Main oRly (W1-7)
Thursday 06/16/2022 (2:06) Budget oRly (W1-7) (updated PB of 2:01 not posted at this time)
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2023.06.04 17:04 Immediate_Turnover96 What are the risk/benefits of being added to my parent’s policy versus my own? Toronto, ON

Disclaimer: I will call the company and ask. I just want a rough idea as I’m sure they can provide specifics
Hi, so here is the situation:
I have my own car and policy. It has been this way since 18 because my parents said if we were added to their policy and got a ticket, it would cause their rates to rocket. I think they’re under the impression the rate hike would remain even if we were to leave their policy after such an event.
1). Is this true? Or will leaving cause their rates to be solely based on them so therefore any tickets or accidents won’t matter once we leave?
I am under the impression the rate would reflect the drivers who are insured. But maybe I’m wrong.
My brother and I are older now. My mom added him and his car to his policy which had me thinking maybe I should consider it too. I would see the benefit of multi vehicle and house insurance bundling. Id only make the switch if td insurance can match what I’m getting right now, because I have a lot of extra crap on my policy. No company has been able to beat my current company but the bundles might.
Provided my mom and brother tickets/accidents don’t affect me if I leave, I’m okay with it if the savings are there any.
2).So will they affect me?
Thanks for your help. Just looking to get an idea. I’ll call them tomorrow
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2023.06.04 17:03 Middle-Formal6156 ✨Use the Rewards Code: SKINBEE50 + GOLDEN23 to get Upto 20% off✨ New customers get 5% OFF their first purchase. Current customers get 2% OFF their purchase. Use the Rewards Code: SKINBEE50

✨Use the Rewards Code: SKINBEE50 + GOLDEN23 to get Upto 20% off✨ New customers get 5% OFF their first purchase. Current customers get 2% OFF their purchase. Use the Rewards Code: SKINBEE50 submitted by Middle-Formal6156 to YesStyleRewardsCode [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 17:03 bjanos The Hive tickets.

Just gonna throw it out here, any chance anyone is looking to get rid of 2 tickets for the Hive. Currently have A1's if anyone wants to trade.
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2023.06.04 17:03 sweeterthansweetums HCBM was in hospital, just venting…

Some quick backstory: I have dated my husband for 7 years and we got married last year. He has two pre teens with his ex-girlfriend. HCBM moved with her other now ex bf to a different state and had two more kids with that man. Back in 2021, since her and the other man broke up and she got an apartment, she cannot financially support any of the four kids, the oldest 2 live with my husband and I, and the other two live with the other father. We have never had a civil relationship she always blamed me for all of her problems. She even called my mother-in-law the night after our wedding telling her son never wanted marriage and she was jealous we had a wedding.
She has always depended on someone else to take care of her financially and would work on and off again. Even calling my mother -in-law and saying she needs money to help the kids. That’s another subreddit in itself. Now a month ago, she was out late at night doing god knows what and a got hit by a drunk driver resulting in surgery. She has a phone but unable to pay service so she uses Facebook messenger to communicate. She ended up FaceTiming my DH later in the morning to tell him what happened. She was still on hospital drugs so her answers were a bit incoherent. She just kept repeating she wanted to see the kids and she wanted to see my DH and for him to come visit her… DH just told her he would call her back and to get rest. A month later she was released from the hospital.
She ended up calling the kids and telling them she won’t see them for awhile because she is currently staying in her home country to have her aunt and mom take care of her. My rant is that she would FaceTime my DH while he was at work knowing the kids were at school and ask him “where is your wife?” Claiming she was trying to see the kids, my DH told her to only call him when the kids come home from school. She calls my husbands phone nearly every day and for someone who is recovering she always has her makeup fully beat and hair done like she has places to go. Now when she calls, she makes comments implying that my DH and I are not taking good care of them like she’s high and mighty. I want her to stop calling and go back to when she barely communicated with the kids. Sigh… I’m just tired.
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2023.06.04 17:03 Soufianenj For those who say career mode players are trash, only 2 months of playing FUT!

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