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2013.07.07 04:50 The Red Pill

There is a concept called the red pill which basically means accepting reality for what it is, despite social convention or political correctness. Here we have open discussion about **Mens' Rights and Dating**, how to live as a man in an era of feminism.

2023.03.30 18:28 johnnybarton411 Our corgi snapped on our golden retriever last night.

Last night, gf and I were enjoying the new episode of The Mandalorian while our boys Yoshi (corg) and Kona (GR) were chewing their bones, somewhat close to each other. Yoshi went into attack mode out of nowhere, to the point where it was nearly impossible to pull him away, and he's only 25lbs. Our golden snapped back at him but was definitely just defending himself from Yoshi.
We've never seen this sort of aggression with Yoshi, and typically our boys are the best of friends. We will make sure they are separated when it's time to chew their bones, but do you guys have any other advice when it comes to toy-aggression in a corgi?
Dog tax
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2023.03.30 18:23 TheAnxiousAntisocial Just put up my shapes yesterday - is this normal?

Just put up my shapes yesterday - is this normal?
Almost looks like some sort of rainbow bubble or bleed of some sort. Is this normal / within tolerance or do I have a defective panel or something?
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2023.03.30 18:22 Cacutaur My trauma might have affected my brother as well

Bah, titles. Of course it did, but.. you know what I mean. I just had an intrusive memory from my childhood and I got really sad thinking about how the same event might have impacted my brother. I don’t have a diagnosis, but my doctor thinks I might have PTSD.
When I was a kid I was chased around by a much larger individual. He would sort of attack me. One day, he came to my house. He rang the doorbell, I opened, saw him, I think he was naked, and closed the door and locked it. He proceeded banging on the door really hard, and pulling on the handle frantically whilst screaming my name on the top of his lungs. He would do this every once in a while. I’m not sure when the memory I just had was from, but I would be around 7 to 9 years old.
My younger brother was also in the house this day. 1 year younger. He usually was when this happened.
I remember I went to hide under the bed, and covered my ears, whilst my brother.. I think he kept watch. That’s how I remember it. If it was silent for a bit my brother would check if he left.
I’m worried about how this affected him. He as C-PTSD after bullying. I don’t know if I should ask him. I wouldn’t want to dig up something if he doesn’t remember it. I know he remembers the guy, as we have referred to him by name. He is one of the people encouraging me to see a shrink about it. I also don’t want him to remember other fucked up things from his past.
How do you bring up shared traumatic events?
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2023.03.30 18:18 LostCareTaker Humanity’s Potential - Part 5

First Previous
Recounting of First Contact with Species HS-01 - Humans, Sol System, Primary sentient Species in the Star system.
Recounting the events, Captain Invil Ta'Kotian, of the Serdes Hegemony, ally to the greater Federation that makes up much of the civilized galaxy. The nature of this retelling is to best determine the future that species HS-01 may have in the greater Galactic Stage, and whether they are friend or foe.
This particular continuation begins after three members of Species HS-01, David, Sten, and Sasha, have escaped custody. After exploring the vessel and bickering, the team reveals that Sten wishes to not return to a life of fighting angry farmers on Mars. David states his desire to return home. Sasha, however, remains silent during the entire exchange. Captain Invil and his crew are discovered by Hvista raiders, and after divulging the presence of a new species called "Humans" onboard their ship, the Hvista are all but eager to board and fight this new "Super" species.
"You shot us." David stated plainly as he sat in a chair facing Captain Invil. Scratching his beard, he nibbled on the extra food that had been provided. Sasha quietly stood next to him, munching away, as Sten practically inhaled ration bar after ration bar.
"We were terrified." Invil answered.
"You. Shot. Us." David said once more before folding his arms. "I said I wanted peace, I even said I didn't mind playing by your rules, and you shot us."
"You have a prisoner in your presence. I'd assumed you were the same. We don't know you. We don't know what your species is capable of. We were scared." Invil quickly reiterated before looking down. "I apologize... I suppose the silver lining is... Our weapons seem to have no effect on you."
"Oh they do," David said as he held up his right appendage. A massive block of purple and blue covered the area he'd been shot at. "It hurts like hell."
"It's supposed to tear off limbs."
Sten audibly laughed, showing his teeth and causing a number of the crew to place a hand on their weapons. "That's supposed to tear off limbs? Barely an itch."
"Well these are small arms. I'm certain a rifle could do more damage." Invil stated as if trying to protest as the large man only grinned more. "We don't have any on board.
"Yeah and why is that?" David took hold of the conversation again. "Far as I can tell there's just pistols on this ship."
"We're an exploratory vessel. We scout out mining sights, places rich in biodiversity. We mark it down and report back with samples. We're equipped to run away or take a hit, not fight back." Invil sighed. "Which is why I want to apologize. Can you accept that?"
David looked up to Sten who seemed more focused on his food. He then leaned to look at Sasha who signed before pointing to her tattoo. "For now, until we figure out what the hell is going on. But I don't want your men to get jumpy so let me just put the cards on the table now."
"Cards?" Invil asked as he tried to look where David would pull cards from, as the man had little more than a pocketless jumpsuit.
"Nevermind. Look, you were worried about the prisoner thing. Let's clear that up. Sasha, Sten, and myself. Yes, we are prisoners. Her government didn't like what she was saying. I... Killed someone in self-defense. Someone who had a lot of power. Sten well... Yeah well Sten is just crazy."
"I was an actual soldier. Did my job well." Sten grinned as another chuckle bubble up, causing some of the crew to step back. "Too well, ha."
"Sten," David chastised him softly. "We are prisoners yes, but it's a long story. We were part of a larger group and wound up separated. Separated by a very long way it seems. We're supposed to be back home, now I don't want violence between you and me. I want peace. Can you take us home?"
"Or anywhere else." Sten murmured, earning a frown from David.
"I... Can't promise that right now. We're under a situation." Invil started. "If you can help us, I don't see why we can't Shepard you home."
Sasha raised a brow and squeezed David's shoulder. "What kind of situation?" David asked not a moment after she did so. The ship suddenly shook as the clanging of metal rang all over.
"We're... Being boarded." Invil replied sheepishly.
Sten bellowed in laughter, "Finally! Some action!"
"And I guess we're supposed to help you?" David raised his brow.
"They're Hvista raiders. They see you as a rivals and want to fight you." Invil sighed, his ears drooping to a defeated position.
"Why do they want to fight us?" Sten asked curiously as he folded his arms.
"I told them you were here... And showed them you're resistance to our railguns." Invil admitted, causing the humans to frown at him. "I admit this only because... If they take this ship they'll kill all of us... If you fight them off, our chances are much better. I swear to you, David, if you and your humans can fight off the Hvista, I will shepard you back wherever." Invil quickly relayed so as to not lose their goodwill.
"Can I kill them now?" Sten questioned, causing a few guns to be drawn and aimed at him. "Oh it would be so easy."
"No." David stated before standing up.
"Boo, you're no fun." Sten grumbled.
"I can't say I'm a fan of you throwing us at your enemy like that, but if they prove hostile to us we'll handle it if we can. If they prove amenable well... I'll take them over the one that shot us." David stood from his chair and looked down at Invil with an annoyed gaze. "Unfucking believable... Give us weapons."
"No offense human but we can't do that." Invil shook his head.
"Are we supposed to beat the scary monsters to death with our fists?" Sten scoffed.
"Are you opposed?" David questioned.
"No, that's why I kept this," Sten reached to the back of his boots, and pulled a rather large knife that had most of the Aporyions shaking, as the size alone was as big as some of their heads.
Sasha rolled her eyes and approached the Captain. A few guns were drawn on her, but she merely stood before him and held out her hand. Tapping it a few times before making another tch noise, she glared at the Captain fiercely. Invil slowly looked to David. David merely shrugged, "That's her way of saying if you don't put a weapon in her hand, she's going to beat you to death with your own spine."
"You have... A colorful language," Invil gulped before slowly handing over his sidearm.
"S-Sir?" Teema asked.
"Can't say no now," Invil sighed as Sasha examined the piece. With a quick lesson on the weapon, Sasha turned and walked to David's size. She looked up at him with the same apathetic expression from earlier, and signed something. She then moved to tie her fiery locks of red hair behind her, showcasing a number of scars along her cheeks that were once hidden by unkept bangs.
"Agreed. Alright, we'll clean up this mess if they're hostile. Afterwards, we want home. And Captain?" David stated as he pulled up the gun he'd taken from the dead guard.
"Y-Yes?" Invil stuttered.
"You try to fuck with us, and I'll let Sten do to you what got him sent to Deathrow back on earth." With that, David left towards the door with Sasha in tow. Sten grinned ear to ear, before snickering as his gaze went around the room. The doors sealed shut behind them, and Invil gulped.
"Do we... heed the warning?" Another crew member requested.
"At this point... I believe the humans are our best bet. I'm not eager to learn what Deathrow is." Invil nodded. "Continue to scan for Hegemony patrols, in case our humans fail."
As the trio left the bridge, staring down the long hallway ahead of them. They saw at the end came new entities they'd been warned about. The Hvista stood as tall as David and Sten, all held a varying amount of trophies across their bodies. The one with the most, Araxium, stepped forward with a grin. "Humans!" He bellowed as he and his men began to stomp forward. "That is what they call you right?! It is an honor to finally meet a real warrior. Killing an Aporyion in one blow? I am impressed! I hope the data the Aporyions gave my translator is working, I'd hate to not be able to talk!" He shouted, causing Sten to step forward with a grin.
"Oh are you now?!" Sten shouted back as they grew closer. "Not my best work but well, it was fun."
Three of the Hvista paused, tensing up as they gripped their weapons tightly. Unlike the Aporyins, these raiders had brought both blade and railgun rifles with the intent to kill. However, as they paused, an animalistic growl came from Araxium who looked over his shoulder at them. "Whats gotten into you?"
"The eyes... The eyes scream Makorvo, Hunt-Master." One of the younger looking Hvista said as he tapped his claw against his rifle. "Cursed one."
"Bad omen... Don't like," another Hvista said.
"Ignore these feelings, whether it is sick or not it cannot stand against us. Raval awaits the brave." He growled before returning his attention to the humans. David, Sten, and Sasha had moved to varying cover, keeping an eye on them from afar.
"Tell me," David started, "The Aporyions say you can't be talked to... They already shot at us so I'm not too keen on experiencing that again. Would you and your people be willing to take us home? We don't have to end in blood shed."
Araxium laughed and shook his head, his flowing mane rattling with the sound of bone charms clanking together. "I cannot. It goes against everything I believe. We have found fellow warriors, I wish to test your strength. Should you defeat us in battle, and one survivors, we will gladly honor your request, as the Code dictates."
"The Code huh? How does that work?" David continued before signing to Sasha. She nodded and began to quietly move farther off to the side.
"My people are not monstrous, human. We abide by the Code. Honor above all else. Through bloodshed we are made whole. I've seen your strength but for a moment, and I wish to experience it first hand. Should you prove worthy, I will honor your request as a fellow warrior." Araxium stated before chuckling. "Who knows, perhaps we will walk away from this as... Kran," he said before his crew began to laugh alongside him.
"If you want to fight I guess we got no choice... I'm David, Sargent David, UN Prisoner of Battalion 13, leader of squad 7. Whom does my team have the honor of... Fighting?" He asked as he saw Sasha skulking behind them. David wasn't sure how she'd gone unnoticed, but silently thanked that she was on their side.
"David of clan Sargent, it is an honor. I am Araxium, of Clan Orrek. May our fight be worthy of both Your Ancestors and Mine." Araxium grinned.
"Finally," Sten rose from cover and stepped into the open.
"Sten!" David shouted as Sten merely opened his arms, holding up his knife.
"I'm bulletproof! Come at me you cow-" his words were interrupted as a well placed shot to the chest sent Sten flying back nearly ten feet. With a heavy thud, Sten hit the ground, coughing loud as blood escaped his lips.
"Sasha now!" David shouted as he rose from cover. Firing wildly at the enemies who moved to take cover, David kept low and made his way to Sten. Narrowly avoiding several stray shots, David grabbed Sten's shirt and pulled him behind a wall while still firing at the enemy. With luck, he struck a Hvista in the chest, and was nearly frozen in awe as a golf ball sized hall was blown right through the unlucky Raider. "They weren't kidding," he grumbled as he continued to fire from cover, and checked on Sten. "Sten, Sten wake up! Are you alright?!"
Sten groaned and coughed as he sat up. "Y-Yeah, just got... The wind knocked outta me... Did you know those things are bigger than the pistols?"
"You fucking idiot, hurry up I need you in this fight!" David shouted as he continued to fire a few shots before taking cover.
"That'll wake you up, ugh," Sten coughed again before coughing more blood. "I think it broke something."
"I'm going to break you if you don't get in this fight!"

From the opposite side of the ship, Sasha quietly gazed at the backs of the Hvista from her hiding spot. As one on the right slowly was left behind by the others that advanced forward on David, she emerged from hiding with the sidearm she'd been given in hand. Her eyes fell to the curved knife on the Hvista's back. Her speed picked up as she sprinted behind the Hvista. His ears flicked as he tried to turn, not expecting someone that barely reached his chest to be so bold as to charge him. Sasha kicked the back of its right leg, hearing an audible snap that caused the Hvista to howl in pain as it feel to one knee. Sasha grabbed it's knife, leaping onto the creatures back and pulling it back with surprising ease that nearly caught her off guard. Thrusting its own knife into the Hvista's neck she brought up the side arm she'd been given and dumped three shots into the Hvista closest to her. Turning and using the one she held as a meat shield she fired another four shots into the next. The remaining four including Araxium quickly moved to better cover, before half turned their guns on Sasha.
David sprung at the opportunity and opened fire as well.
Araxium merely laughed from cover. "Finally! The Ancestors have blessed us with a real challenge! Kor, Dojek, handle the woman, Barra, you're with me."
Together the hunters spread out to began flanking both Sasha and David in their teams.
As the humans took cover, their guns made audible clicks to show they had nothing left. But not soon after the clicks from the Hvista guns signaled the moment was now. Sasha sprinted from cover with the blue blood covered knife at her two assailants. Both of which happily drew their own knives. Seeing them both charge at once, she glared daggers before throwing the empty pistol at one. Though more of an inconvenience than anything else, it caused the Hvista to hold up its arm to block. Leaving her which just one to deal with. Dropping low and sliding between the other Hvista's legs, she slashed at its right leg, causing it to snarl in pain before it swung around to stab where she was.
Sasha rolled to the side, quickly getting up to her feet before backstepping. The Hvista worked together to slash back and forth, and were relentless. Sasha could only dodge for so long before one finally reached forward and grabbed her by the throat. Choking as she was lifted, the Hvista raised its blade. "The first kill is mine!" It shouted before bringing the knife towards her. Sasha snarled herself and swung her foot forward, striking the Hvista's elbow. It screeched in pain as the bone snapped clean in two, its arm dangling like a limp noodle. The other Hvista would not be dissuaded, as it quickly brought its knife down into Sasha's shoulder and rushed forward to push her back.
The first sound she had made in space, and it was a scream of pain, she growled like a feral beast as the Hvista held her against the wall, driving its serrated blade in deeper. The Hvista growled back before reaching back and drawing another blade. A bellowing warcry caught their attention as Sten came charging from the side, tackling the Hvista and dragging it away. Sasha slumped to the floor, wincing in pain as she held her shoulder. It felt like it was on fire, and she gritted her teeth as she saw the large metal protruding from her shoulder.
Sten dragged the Hvista away before reaching down to its waist. The Hvista repeatedly slammed its fists into Sten's back, causing no shortage of pain. Sten however, fueled by adrenaline, wrapped his arms around the beast and hoisted it into the air. With a rage fueled scream, Sten slammed the Hvista onto the ground, though did not kill it so easily. Quickly climbing ontop of it, he began swinging his fists into its face over and over. Audible snaps and crunches echoed around the hallway as fangs flew from the creatures mouth. It growled, snarled, and swiped at Sten to no avail. It's tail came from behind and tried to impale Sten, but stopped suddenly as something grabbed hold of it. A wounded Sasha screamed in anger as she threw herself on the Hvista's sharpened appendage, holding it down as Sten continued to beat the Hvista to death. A few moments later, and the creatures head was nothing more than mash on the ground. "Thanks little Red." Sten grinned before bringing up his own knife and throwing it towards Sasha.
She paused, shock and fear as the blade came towards her, but turned as it flew by and impaled itself into the head of the other Hvista whose arm she had broken. The creature fell to the ground, dead almost instantly. She turned to Sten, giving him an approving nod.
"Aw, you love me." Sten grinned, causing another irritated tch to escape from her as she rose up. Her body shook in pain as the knife was still firmly in her shoulder. "Stay down little red, I'll give David some help." Sten said as he pulled his knife from the Hvista and rushed to help. Sten stopped as Sasha grabbed his arm, looking down at her confused. She twitched in pain before gesturing towards the airlock the creatures had boarded from. The sound of heavy footsteps gave Sten pause as he gripped his knife tightly. "Ah... Well, that's a problem."

On the other side, David hadn't faired any better. The first Hvista was easy to take down as it charged wildly towards him. His own knife skills far outclassing the beasts. The fluid movements had seen him using the Hvista's own momentum against it, flipping it over before stabbing it in the throat. In one fluid motion he had regained his footing, slowly trying to circle Araxium. "You are indeed a warrior, David of Clan Sargent."
"It's just David. Sargent is my rank." He said, breathing heavily as hunger still weighed on him. The blue blood of the Hvista covered his weapon as well as himself.
"I must say, I am indeed impressed. Perhaps we can come to an agreement." Araxium grinned before readying his blade. "If you survive."
"If YOU survive," a growl came from down the hall. Araxium and David both looked up to see five more Hvista standing there, two of which held a wounded Sten hostage. Sasha was, however, no where to be seen.
"I killed two of them before they jumped me, ha," Sten said happily before the butt of a railgun slammed into his back, causing him to grunt and fall to his knees.
"Quiet, beast." A Hvista with near golden fur growled before returning to gaze at Araxium. "Look at the mess you've gotten us into, Hunt-Master. They gave us ample warning about these humans in the footage, and you still charged in."
"Kintsu.... I hadn't expected you to actually show up to the battle. Ha, I figured you would've stayed on the ship." Araxium chuckled.
"You got our men killed for no reason." Kintsu growled.
"They died fighting. Raval awaits them. Unlike you." Araxium spit, causing Kintsu's guards to snarl.
"Yes, yes, of course. If that's what will help you sleep at night. I'm done with this. We have one of them. We will take it back for study. There are new worlds to conquer. New worlds to enslave." Kinstu began, causing David to tense up.
Araxium, to David's surprise, roared. "We do NOT enslave warriors! Only the Servant races. Do you wish to spit on your Ancestors so readily?! Where is your respect for the Code?!"
"Damn you and damn the Code. Do you not see what this means?! A race of warriors no one has yet contacted. If we can make them ours, we would be as great as the Ancestors once were. I am tired... I am tired of this mindless raiding, we could be striking the golden worlds! Instead we are kept to the outskirts like feral animals. I am tired of it. I am tired of living as a shadow of the former Empire." Kintsu spat.
"And I'm tired of your voice." Sten spat before suddenly leaping it and striking Kintsu, breaking away from the guards holding him. Even with his bare fist, a sickening crack from the Hvista's skull as the two left eyes came practically flying out. A sudden shock came as the other guard struck Sten with a baton, causing Sten to audibly gasp before collapsing. Kintsu screamed in pain as the guards aimed their railguns at David and Araxium.
"Get down, David!" Araxium screamed before taking cover nearby. The other Hvista opened fire as they slowly began to advance.
Sten, slowly slipping in and out of consciousness, looked up at Kintsu who held his swollen face. "Sir!" Another Hivsta said as he approached Kintsu. "The Aporyions are attempting to vent the ship. We have to go!"
"Those cowards.... Grab the human, fall back! Everyone fall back!" Kintsu shouted before Sten fell into unconsciousness.
David and Araxium watched as they retreated to their ship, before Araxium looked up at the warning lights suddenly flashing red. "Those cowards!" He roared.
"What's happening?!" David snapped.
"They mean to open all the airlocks and vent the ship. They'll lose everything on board, better alternative than dealing with us." He growled before moving towards the bridge door. Kneeling by a panel, he ripped it off and began to work.
"Us?" David asked as he approached Araxium.
"Would you prefer to keep fighting in the void of space, human?" Araxium asked as he looked back to David.
David shook his head, "I'd prefer to be alive."
"As would I. Now give me a moment."
David turned at the sound of something collapsing and saw Sasha, still with the knife in her shoulder crawling forward. He quickly moved to help her up. Her breathing was shallow, and she winced as he held onto her.
The door to the bridge was flown open, and the three survivors moved in just as it sealed shut behind them. "Goddess, save us!" One of the Aporyions shouted as guns aimed for Araxium.
"If anyone pulls a trigger I'll kill each and every one of you!" David shouted, causing the crew to freeze up.
"Cancel the venting! Cancel it!" Invil shouted, followed by sighing as the emergency lights flickered off.
"I said not to fuck us over," David glared daggers at Invil.
"We had no intention of doing so. You were being overwhelmed. We figured you would've lost so we made sure to protect ourselves. If I wanted to fuck you over I would've welded the doors shut and then vented the ship." He explained before his eyes trailed over to the Hvista. "But it seems it doesn't matter, now that this demon is here."
"Demon, ha, ironic coming from an Aporyion. Oh the words I could use to describe you and your Morrowav overlords. Each one less flattering than the last." Araxium growled.
"Enough!" David shouted. "Someone help my friend here or so help me I'll start killing everyone." David snapped.
After a moment of silence, Araxium moved into action. "Lay her here on the table," he said while sweeping away equipment, scaring off the Aporyion crew members that manned it. "The blade will need to be removed, it will not be pleasant."
"You're a doctor?" David raised his brow as he laid Sasha down.
"No. I'm a survivor." Araxium chuckled as he reached into a satchel on his right flank. The Aporyions nervously watched as he produced a few medical tools fit for the field.
"Good enough." David nodded as he moved to Sasha's side. "Anything else hurt?" He asked. She shook her head and David breathed a sigh of relief. "Ok... Let's get you patched up." He tried to move to help, but stopped as Sasha grabbed his arm. She signed slowly, causing David to look back at the door. "I don't know... They took him."
Sasha slowly nodded and looked to the ceiling. Araxium held a piece of blackened wood up to her face. "Chew on this. It will help." He offered. She hesitated at first, but obeyed, biting down on it.
"What is that gonna help with?" David inquired.
"This," Araxium grabbed the knife and ripped it out, causing Sasha to suddenly thrash and slam a fist into the table. She screamed as he moved to inject some sort of foam into her wound. The pain slowly subsided and she dropped the blackened wood from her mouth. "Our medicine is not as fancy as Aporyions, but it will stop the bleeding.
"Wait a minute what will it do to her?!" David shouted as he suddenly looked to ensure she wasn't reacting to it abnormally.
"The alternative was bleeding out. Our blades are designed to rip and tear. Would that be preferred?" Araxium folded his arms as Sasha's breathing slowed.
"Next time warn me before-"
"It's fine," A soft feminine voice came from the table with a thick eastern European accent. David looked down to Sasha's hollow eyes as she gazed up at him. She turned to Araxium and nodded. "Thank you... The pain... Is leaving."
"You are welcome." Araxium nodded before turning to Invil. "Now... What to do with you." He grinned, but suddenly perked up as alarm bells began to go off.
"Captain! We're being targeted!" A crew member shouted.
"Get us out of here! Warp to the nearest system!" Invil shouted. His eyes gazed up at the viewport to see the Hvista ship firing its first salvo.

(More to come, Later!)
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2023.03.30 18:12 AlphaOmegaStrife [US, TX] (H) Loose NES Games/Bundle, GameCube CIBs (Zelda Twilight), SNES Games (Axelay), Super Castlevania IV CIB, Sega Genesis Games (Streets of Rage 2), GB Games (Wario Land Cart/Box), PS2 CIB (Silent Hill 2 CIB), SEALED Games (Wii, etc.), Sega Genesis/CD/32X Console (W) Paypal

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2023.03.30 18:11 Octo_Kat YES! I GOT PARFEDEIA!

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2023.03.30 18:08 blenman [RoN Lore Book Spoilers?] Inspiral - Brass Gardeners: A Programmer's Interpretation

I'm not sure if this post is actually a spoiler, but the book is not accessible in the API yet, sooooo... I was going to comment on this in Byf's video about the Veil since I thought about it as he read this lore page, but it got long and I think YouTube has a limit on comment length, so it seemed like it might fit here better. Also, that video was posted 4 days ago and creators don't really see comments after the first hour and it may not even be seen by anyone else they actually read through a lot of comments.
I'm not really sure if this provides more information than Byf or anyone else has already understood or theorized from the lore entry, but, tl;dr: the main thing I got out of the entry is that it is a description of the us and our incursion into the Black Garden to destroy the Black Heart.
Anyways, interpreting the Inspiral lore entry as a programmer, it seems to me that anomaly One is us and much of the entry describes us coming into the Black Garden and destroying the Black Heart. It's a little hard to parse because I'm not sure if the syntax is really based on any particular programming language, but there are a few pieces that make some sense.
"Garden state: Neutral" reads to me like an output string on a console of some sort and describes a state where the garden (the Black Garden) and the gardners (the Sol divisive) are not doing anything out of the ordinary continuous simulations.
The first line of "code", `garden&&gardeners==root&&branch==leaf&&flower` is the first thing that doesn't syntactically make sense (to me) given that && is a logical AND and == is an equality comparison, but the order of operations (at least in C) is that == comes before &&, so formatting with parentheses (like you would in math to clarify order of operations) would be something like `garden&&(gardeners==root)&&(branch==leaf)&&flower`, but it seems like they meant it to be something interpreted more as a spoken language where "garden and gardners" are the "root" and the branches are leaves and flowers. Perhaps defining a rooted tree data structure like a binary tree, though I don't know if a the root and sub nodes would be limited to 2 branches each, where the root of everything is the Vex, who are running the simulation, and every other entity or object is a subnode defined as a leaf or flower.
The double forward slash in most language is a comment in code, so not to be interpreted as code, just a note left by the programmer.
`anomaly ++` is our first clue to something entering the Garden. `++` is an operator that increases whatever precedes it by 1. So, the number of anomalies in the Garden is increased by 1.
`anomaly One = leafinvasive` seems to define the new anomaly as not a gardner (Sol Divisive), per our first line of code above, and an desirable element in the simulation.
"Garden state: Active" seems to be the simulation starting to "actively" analyze the new anomaly and assess the threat.
`case Irrecoverable:` syntactically is a piece of a switch statement, which is a type of decision making structure (similar to an if-then statement). Though part of the structure is technically missing, it can be interpreted as "if the simulation hits this case, do the following". Which leads into the next statement, `if (irretrievable injury (garden&&gardeners)) && (threat persistence) then (escalation. escalation.)`. So, if an irrevocable situations happens, check if there is injury (irretrievable we'll see later on is the same as irrevocable and irresolvable) that can't be fixed (we destroy Vex) and we are still in the Garden, then escalate something, assumably defenses to fight the threat.
The next line about damage seems to be a string output assessment of the threat (us) and also tells us that irresolvable is the same as irrecoverable and irretrievable. So, the Vex or anything we destroy cannot be fixed. This could be the Black Heart, which only existed because the Witness visited the Black Garden and planted a see (as we'll read later).
`anomaly ++` is where things start to get interesting. It seems like we're adding another anomaly to the Garden, though given what is defined afterward, the order doesn't seem to make sense. There are a couple ways I've thought this could be explained. One is that if we look at the anomalies as a single bit (0 or 1), then incrementing the bit by 1 when it is already 1 would flip the bit to 0 because of how overflow would handle an attempt to increase beyond the limit of the value, going back to the lowest value (or bit-shifting right, which would drop the overflowing 1 and leave a 0). The other way to interpret this is to interpret the coded parts of this lore entry as a stack or heap where code execution may not be straight through line-by-line at runtime because of operations that go into a different piece of memory, either by design to call a different function, or erroneously, possibly given the "damage" and "recoverable" output line, because of memory corruption or another issue. It still seems to fit with the general narrative of the code, so memory corruption or another error doesn't necessarily fit unless that is the recovery from the errocorruption.
`anomaly Zero = infinitewitness` seems to define a different anomaly that perhaps preceded us (anomaly One) in the Garden, namely the Witness. Upon hitting this, a lookup is done to further define anomaly Zero based on previous interactions ("archive data retrieved."). This line does not seem to be code, much like the Damage line output, but seems to indicate that the Witness planted a seed, which appears to be the Black Heart, or at least is something the Vex were able to use to simulate the Black Heart.
`Zero : seed :: One : DANGER` also does not seem to be a line of code, just an analogy string to relate the 2 anomalies.
In trying to process these 2 paracausal anomalies, the simulation starts to fail. ("SIMULATION BREAKING")
anomaly Zero is not currently in the Garden, but we are still there as a continued threat to the simulation.
"Garden State: acting (gardeners in unison)" is output indicating the Garden moving to a new state with more Vex being deployed to address the threat.
`extirpate (anomaly One)` reads like a call to a function called extirpate, which is a word meaning to "root out and destroy completely" on the parameter `anomaly One`. So, obviously an explicit directive to destroy us.
The rest of the lore entry seems to just be the aftermath of our incursion into the Black Garden after we leave with calls to functions to escalate the simulation and find a way to solve the "anomaly One" problem. The results of these function calls appear to be The Final Shape, simplifying and flattening the universe through winnowing, so an offensive against us and everything else in the universe.
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2023.03.30 18:07 SlickVerglas Friends taking advantage of fawning (they don't mean to) to live at my brand-new house free for nearly 1 year

Basically, what the title says. I'm miserable and I could use some advice from people with brains wired like mine.
Here are the players in this shit situation:
1) me. victim of significant emotional abuse/trauma. primary responses are fawn, freeze, flee in that order. There's basically no fight in me because I've always had to direct my resources to staying out of the way or pleasing an abuser to survive. Introvert. Health-wise, my mental health is a wreck this year but I'm physically ok.
2) my husband. Likely an ADHD sufferer. Extrovert who values friendship extremely highly. Very forgiving and understanding as a person by nature, and highly empathetic. Healthy all around but getting more uncomfortable slowly.
3) my husband's best friend. Diagnosed ADHD and generally nice guy. Has been known to be slightly sensitive about issues involving respect, loyalty or boundaries I think (at least that was my impression of the last few conflicts within the friend group). Has some chronic pain from previous medical incidents, unfortunately.
4) my husband's other close friend (#3's partner). Not sure if neurodivergent, but definitely in general gets the vibes and is chill. My impression of her is that she takes things very in stride for the most part, but stress can bubble over and kick her ass. Has chronic illness, unfortunately.
The situation:
In early 2022 these friends (who at the time lived far away from us) asked us to pet sit for them while they would be out of town for 1-2 months. At the time, we lived in a very very small place with 4 cats of our own and were leery, but understand that it's hard to get by without a support network, so said tentatively yes.
As that month neared, I happened to lose my job but also bought our first house! It was bought totally with 1 income during a rough market so I'm immensely proud. My apartment was miserably small and the house is 2.5x the size, which is incredible.
The same week we got the keys, these friends got kicked out of their rental unit somewhat unexpectedly (they had some notice but I guess plans fell through in some way...?) We helped them frantically pack at the last minute and out of desperation, brought all their stuff to our new house in the middle of the night. To put it into perspective, I'd only had the keys about a week and a half at this moment. their stuff was the first stuff to enter my new home and fill up a room. This also included them towing a project car to my new house, and moving all their frozen foods in ice chests, things like that. They had a storage locker but couldn't access it because the facility had closed that day. We ran trips back and forth literally all night using all our vehicles to rescue their belongings.
They stayed in our apartment (not the new house) with us for I think 2-3ish weeks? (maybe more, this is all a stress blur) and did help us pack up our stuff, though they were gone on their big trip by the time the actual moving and loading started.
Then they went on their trip and we had their cat (who is loud and destructive! i wasn't aware... my cats can be bad but she really tries my patience. she yowls all night most nights, scratches door frames really deeply, pees and poops in unexpected places and has destroyed or risked damage to a few important items to me so far...)
After around 2 months, friend 3 came back, but friend 4 was stuck at their trip destination due to some paperwork issues with her home country. (international travel). Not sure how to resolve this, we didn't really have much of a discussion with friend 3 about next steps besides waiting for friend 4 to come back. I was (i think wrongly) assuming that friend 3 would be apartment-hunting and hopefully/probably have a place to take friend 4 that was not my house when she eventually got back, but I don't think that was friend 3's intention at all, looking back. He stayed with us for close to 3 months before his partner arrived and in that time, I don't think he was working or house shopping.
In this same time span, I started juggling 4 freelance jobs to stay afloat, then locked down a new full-time job and slowly started winding down on the freelance work because it was exhausting me. We are still a single-income household while my husband finishes school and our mortgage and utility bills alone take around 40% of my income, so we are not exactly living large.
Finally, friend 4 got here and after a few weeks, I worked up the courage to kind of ask (very generally and politely) how their big life plans are going, how we can support, etc. They seemed in a hurry so I might not have picked the right moment but the gist I got was that they had no jobs and no house prospects due to lack of jobs. This is something I was 100% unaware of previously. I assumed they had some kind of income stream that was just not obvious to me, since they had been surviving seemingly fine in their last home. I was stunned to realize that it would take a minimum of 3 months (pay stubs and stuff, right?) to get them into a new place. But still, after talking to my husband, we decided to be as understanding as possible out of respect for the friendship and for a bad situation.
Jump forward to now. friend 4 has been here for almost 5 months. friend 3 has been here around 7. (not counting the first few weeks they stayed at our old place.) We've had their cat for around 9. I'm fucking miserable.
They are not terrible guests, but they have become roommates, except they do not pay rent. (They do occasionally hand us a random wad of cash for electricity or out of random kindness-- this has totalled $1100) What I mean is that they are VERY comfortable, which is both flattering (since it means they find my space welcoming) but also frustrating, for obvious reasons. They are the only ones to use my guest bathroom, yet it is always dirty and unwelcoming to my other guests. They use all my dishware (which is fine) but I keep finding more and more pieces damaged from being used with the wrong utensils or at the wrong temperatures or cleaned with unsafe techniques for the materials. Their cat and one of my cats are in a literal pissing match and have destroyed the carpets in my biggest room because they each keep trying to mark over the other. Their project car took one of the best/only parking spots so I've had to park blocking in someone or on my lawn, and at one point had to pay a tow truck because the lawn was so wet, I got stuck. If they need to do laundry, they'll just take mine out of the washer (still wet) and swap theirs in. They grocery shop in bulk so my fridge and freezer are so packed I can barely shop for myself. Little things that would not necessarily have bothered me and aren't really a big deal objectively currently infuriate me.
Since the moment this arrangement started, I've felt like that exhausted/grumpy/sick/stressed phase at the end of a party when I want everyone to leave and it won't go away. I'm so depressed, I can't engage in any of my hobbies except in random bursts maybe once every other month. I can barely keep the house clean and no one else tries to beyond doing a few dishes.
My husband chatted with them recently and asked for a hard date. I wasn't present for the conversation but it seems like the date was set for early June, which will be the 1 year point since they started staying in our apartment, and my second birthday in the new house. But I don't think that's a real promise since it requires 3 months of paystubs to get a new place, right? And to my knowledge they are still not yet employed... To my understanding, because they experience chronic pain / illness they are looking very specifically for remote work and it's a competitive market.
How do I make them go sooner or at least for sure by that date without ruining a friendship that is very valuable to my husband (and important to me as well) and in a way that is not going to give me a stress aneurysm? Is there some magical neurotypical-masking way to be like "I cannot mentally handle the strain of you in my space anymore but it's not a slight against you as people" that doesn't sound stupid or dramatic and won't get me side-eyes from the friend group? I think a lot of people (especially neurodivergents like us) take "i'm overwhelmed and need you gone" as "i hate you and this is your fault for being terrible" which is not my intent here. I just want to express a firm boundary and request to have my space and home back without triggering anyone's rejection dysphoria or causing a conflict.
(For context, this is actually the 3rd time something like this has sort of happened with this friend group and last time I rejected someone staying with us, it turned into a whole Thing where we got sort of quietly frozen out by that friend for a while. The first person who overstayed was just in a bad situation with us and he wasn't treating my family very respectfully, which, of course, I understand because they suck, but my mom in a random state of actually being reasonable asked that we have him leave and I complied because it was wayyyy too tight in our living situation anyways. The second time, a friend overstayed by around 2 months in our small apartment and stole $~700 of video games from us, which we were emotionally recovering from when the first guy wanted to come crash again so we said no. The current friends in our home have always been very kind to us so we did not anticipate overstaying becoming A Thing...)
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2023.03.30 18:06 amborg Are there people that take Hillary seriously?

I am new to knowing she even exists and I’m really confused. She seems to want to be some sort of family/health/lifestyle personality. Are there people out there that see her as that? Real fans? Somehow they missed all of the completely bizarre things she’s done/does or don’t see a problem with it? Ooor is everyone just watching Hillary in horrified amazement and her weird little bubble keeps her from realizing it?
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2023.03.30 18:02 BontoSyl Humans Don't Believe in Half Measures

3.9X10^16 kg 5.2 astronomical units 
The engine starts. With a stutter and a hum and a roar, the asteroid starts to move. A billion billion kilograms of stone and metal and ice. With the ponderous grace due to it, it comes around and takes aim at a distant point of light.
A glinting orb of water and stone warded by a membrane of wavering blue light, bright and fierce. A wall too thick to pierce with anything its builders thought reasonable.
The asteroid picks up speed and as it does, ships drop into existence around it. Harsh, angular, and utilitarian, they bear the heraldry of a dozen human nations. But they were just an escort.
The asteroid's orbit bends until it snaps, arcing out until it intersects one specific, glittering point.
A billion billion kilograms of stone and metal and ice.
A cosmic battering ram.
Humans don't believe in half measures.
3.9X10^16 kg 0.1 astronomical units 
The asteroid doesn't streak so much as scream across space. The Sensorium paints the orbital space in lurid shades of violet and aquamarine. Details too small to perceive are rendered obvious by clever tricks of lighting and thought.
Lysithea shifts and checks. Vectors spin out into space, weaving, crossing, entwining. Threads on a cosmic loom. They pick and snip until a choice few remained. The ones that mattered.
A battering ram and gate a planet large.
They whisper to the Sensorium. A billion voices whisper back. They whisper defiance and confidence and cold, hard math. Not fear. Never fear. That was not their station.
Lysithea listens to the shape of the whispers but not their contents. They could not. They had a duty to perform. So, they whisper out into the echoing space between minds.
Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.
And then they return themselves to themselves. The system sits waiting. An array of knives and claws and axes and clubs, pointed outwards. The industry of an empire writ large in the language of uranium and yttrium-aluminum lasers.
Everything they had.
Not everything they needed.
They take a breath and their scaly wings flare.
Missiles begin their dives.
3.9X10^16 kg 0.09 astronomical units 
The asteroid screams. In x-ray, in microwave, in radio. It screams with untamed radiation, with the agony of physical laws taken to what extremes they could be, with the fury of a ravenous beast of war. It screams with the full power of the engine at its back, spurring it into motion.
Next to the asteroid's war cry, its attendants seem inconsequential. Whispers in the dark.
But to Lysithea, they mattered.
Human warships pierce the void with lances of bright energy. Missiles flare and tumble or detonate on the spot as they meet the net of light.
The humans had prepared. Because the humans didn't believe in half measures.
Flashes of light pock the asteroid as a select few find their mark. Gamma ray fireworks filtered through a mist of hydrogen plasma and water vapor. Cracks spread, shearing off huge sections of mass to be left behind or evaporate to nothing in the vast engine's drive plume.
But the asteroid trundles onwards, carried on the back of simple inertia.
Lysithea reaches out across the Sensorium, running their claws along what was available to them. They listen to the whispers of their charges. And they nod, or they nod as much as one like themselves can.
They still had tricks left. They still had fury to spare.
3.6x10^16 kg 0.05 astronomical units 
The sun burns and the orbital platforms drink greedily of its fire. They stand vigil over their charge, an orb of water and stone and air. The blue patina of a planetary shield skates across the top of the atmosphere.
That was not their concern. Their concern was something wholly less grand.
Lysithea raises their arms and the platforms come to attention. They shift in place, orienting themselves. Lysithea can hear their little voices in the Sensorium as they ready themselves.
Lysithea gives they order, and the platforms sing.
Concentrated energy. The power of a dozen platforms tap-dancing in the photosphere, beaming untold power out to all who called this place home, all focused into ten thousand vigilant sentinels hanging in the void.
Plasma arcs into the void and Lysithea watches the asteroid come alight.
Bolts strike the surface and scatter. Hot hydrogen mixes with steam and metal vapor, cooling into great auroras smeared across the asteroid's sky. Coherent fury comes apart, boiling water and metal alike but never quite reaching the surface.
Deep in the asteroid's belly, a machine hums. Liquid nitrogen swirls, carrying away the heat of coils of metal alloy. The magnetic field generator hums to itself as it does its work.
Because the humans had prepared.
Because humans don't believe in half measures.
The Sensorium whispers in Lysithea's ear. Rage and hate and fear. The battering ram looms close, diminished, but still enough.
Lysithea was not done. Their charges were not done.
But still, they whisper to the Sensorium. Because what they had may not be enough.
Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.
1.3x10^16 kg 750000 kilometers 
The sentinels watch and Lysithea watches through their eyes. The Sensorium shivers with the furious song of their defense. They watch the distance to their target tick down and down and down and they make a decision. Close enough.
They gesture with their claws and the rain of plasma ceases as the sentinels rotate. Even through the hail of missiles, there's something that could be calm. The tense calm that preceded a hurricane, but calm anyways.
The sentinels unfurl like metal flowers, opening collectors to drink deep from all the power the solar platforms could feed them.
For a moment, the Sensorium is quiet. The quiet was nothing of awe or doubt. Nothing of the sort. Fear was heavy in that space, but like tinder catching a spark, something else spreads.
Lysithea channels it. The sentinels rotate, lenses clicking into place, electric eyes peering deep into the night.
Then they roar. Scream with fury, with love, with defiance. Lasers spark to life and radiators glow white hot as the sentinels push themselves beyond their limits.
The future was a possibility. Only the now mattered.
Lysithea fixes the battering ram with a death stare measured in exawatts.
The asteroid's attendants scatter. They dive for cover behind the asteroid's bulk or peel away, running for open space, chattering electronic nonsense to confuse the Sensorium. Those too slow simply evaporate as the beam of coherent light slices through them.
The asteroid burns. Mass sloughs away in a great comet trail extending thousands of kilometers as the surface boils away.
But there was more mass. More surface. No clever tricks or turns of ingenuity. Simple bulk did the trick where those would fail.
The humans had brought enough mass.
Because humans don't believe in half measures.
5.5x10^15 kg 100000 kilometers 
Lysithea watches the mass drop and knows that it won't be enough. One by one, the sentinels fail, melting themselves in their desperation to continue the assault.
They ready themselves as the battering ram prepares its first and final strike. And for the first time, they allow themselves the hear the planet itself. Their charge, their home.
They call into the Sensorium and the planet readies itself.
5.2x10^15 kg 0 kilometers 
Impact. It happens too fast for any mind to comprehend. One moment, a glittering barrier stretches from horizon to horizon. The next, it simply... doesn't.
Fifteen planetary shield generators consume themselves. Massive pyres reach high into the sky as energy with nowhere to go seeks the path of least resistance.
The asteroid evaporates in a great flash, gone in an instant.
Like scavengers to a dying beast, the human fleet twists around and closes. Additional ships flash from beyond the light barrier, shoring up their numbers, closing ranks into a solid sky of iron.
Lysithea reaches out into the tatters of the Sensorium and feels it reach back. They let themselves hear the voices of all who called their charge home. All those who had prepared and planned, just in case this moment came.
They speak to those voices and those voices roar back.
As the humans descend to do battle, a tide rises from the surface to give them just that.
Humans don't believe in half measures.
But this was their home.
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2023.03.30 17:59 zachmandable Introducing ZXORM - A C++20 ORM for SQLite with Compile Time Type Safety

Hey everyone,
I'm excited to introduce you to ZXORM, a C++20 Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) library for SQLite.
Many C++ programmers will tell you that an ORM is simply bloat that will slow your performance, and they're not entirely wrong. However, there is a reason why they proliferate in higher level languages: they are incredibly valuable for the maintainability of large projects. zxorm is an attempt to have our cake and eat it.
zxorm takes a different approach than most ORM libraries and requires no code generation or inheritance. Instead, the mapping is created using templates & aliases. C++20 introduced many useful meta-programming features into the language, which zxorm utilizes to keep boiler plate to a minimum, and allow for excellent type safety at compile-time.
Here is an example of a very simple Object and the required mapping:
struct Object { int id = 0; std::string some_text; }; using ObjectTable = zxorm::Table<"objects", Object, zxorm::Column<"id", &Object::id, zxorm::PrimaryKey<>>, zxorm::Column<"some_text", &Object::some_text> >; 
The general idea is that zxorm is totally agnostic to how the Object in the ORM is written.
With zxorm, you can write SQL-like syntax for more complicated queries, without having to write raw SQL code. And, best of all, it's near impossible to construct an invalid query with zxorm, so you can be sure that your code does what you think it does at run-time.
Here is an example of query using a join table with zxorm:
std::vector> results = connection.select_query< zxorm::Select, zxorm::From, zxorm::Join, zxorm::Join >().many().exec().to_vector(); 
The above code would only compile if the tables in question reference each other with foreign keys, making it much faster to catch simple mistakes during development.
Overall, I'm really excited about zxorm. I have been working on it in my spare time for about a year, and while it may not be able to do everything (yet), it's starting to feel like a pretty capable little library. I think it's a great tool for developers who are looking for an easy and efficient way to manage SQLite databases in C++. If you're interested in trying it out, you can find the source code on Github. I'm always looking for ways to improve zxorm, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, let me know!
Thanks for reading :)
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2023.03.30 17:58 sendhimtothecouch AITA for calling out my partner’s gross habit?

So my partner (46 m) has this weird habit of making spit bubbles and sort of playing with his spit. Like, he will blow saliva bubbles and spit onto his own lip and suck it back into his mouth repeatedly. It both looks and sounds disgusting. I realize that he could have some sort of sensory compulsion… but the thing is—it seems he only does it when I’m trying to talk to him about serious issues. He never does it when he’s doing anything else, nor when he’s talking to anyone else. He has some other severely narcissistic tendencies, so maybe I’m biased about this, but it feels like he’s doing purposefully to make me uncomfortable and disrespect me, or get me distracted from the issue I’m discussing. I’ve ignored it for a long time, but it’s honestly so gross and upsetting, I can’t take it anymore. When I call him out, he either acts like I’m crazy and he wasn’t doing it, or he claims that he “has mucus” and says I’m making him feel bad about having mucus. It’s just that, plenty of people have mucus but they don’t spit it onto their lips and suck it back in like a kid with bubble gum. So am I crazy to believe he’s doing it on purpose to be disrespectful? Or could this be some sort of compulsion he doesn’t realize and NAH? Or is it like he said and I’m TA for “making fun of him for having mucus”?
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2023.03.30 17:54 Greenery-rain What did you guys get?

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2023.03.30 17:41 External-Cockroach-4 [Looking for advice/Brainstorming] DnD Web-App. Where should I start and what should I use?

Hello guys,
as the title says, I want to start making a DnD app. I know there is lot of those on the internet and most of them already can do most of the things I want mine to be able to provide to GMs and players, but I want to make my own because of the following reasons:
I have slight experience with front-end, since I have been working as a developer for a few years, so I know things like Node.js, Vue.js and I am quite proficient in HTML, CSS and somewhat average in Javascript.
And finally - why am I writing here - is that I want a advice on what should I start with... what I should I use to make the app (I want to make it a website application)... what do I need to learn and where should I look?
What I was thinking that I want my app to have is:
  1. Possibility to create a database of characters (players and NPCs), where players could have their stats, abilities (including modifiers to stats), inventory and also chance to write their own diary of sorts (which can be connected to World Knowledge Base).
  2. World Knowledge Base, where GM can create articles for individual places, things and creatures (characters) and players would be able to comment on it.
  3. Map Creator, which could include maps of whole worlds, countries, provinces, villiages and cities, individual streets and houses and of course - Dungeons! With this I want for GMs to have ability to create all this in advance just to allow players to explore and reveal as they advance through the map.
  4. Calculator and some kind of Fight Manager, where GMs could keep track of enemy lives, iniciative and dice throws, if needed.
  5. (This one is related to numbers 1. and 2., but a bestiary with some basic info on monsters with the difference of them being made by players and this one would be a official monster and enviroment database containing the same info as in the official book).
And since I have never really made any web-app just on my own, I am asking for advice:
\In these two questions above, I am thinking more about compatible combinations (A for front-end + B for back-end and C for the SQL database, If you will have some ideas).**
I want to make the whole thing from scratch, so any advice on enviroments to use (which do you think are comfy etc. are welcome).
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2023.03.30 17:39 External-Cockroach-4 [Looking for advice/Brainstorming] DnD Web-App. Where should I start and what should I use?

Hello guys,
as the title says, I want to start making a DnD app. I know there is lot of those on the internet and most of them already can do most of the things I want mine to be able to provide to GMs and players, but I want to make my own because of the following reasons:
I have slight experience with front-end, since I have been working as a developer for a few years, so I know things like Node.js, Vue.js and I am quite proficient in HTML, CSS and somewhat average in Javascript.
And finally - why am I writing here - is that I want a advice on what should I start with... what I should I use to make the app (I want to make it a website application)... what do I need to learn and where should I look?
What I was thinking that I want my app to have is:
  1. Possibility to create a database of characters (players and NPCs), where players could have their stats, abilities (including modifiers to stats), inventory and also chance to write their own diary of sorts (which can be connected to World Knowledge Base).
  2. World Knowledge Base, where GM can create articles for individual places, things and creatures (characters) and players would be able to comment on it.
  3. Map Creator, which could include maps of whole worlds, countries, provinces, villiages and cities, individual streets and houses and of course - Dungeons! With this I want for GMs to have ability to create all this in advance just to allow players to explore and reveal as they advance through the map.
  4. Calculator and some kind of Fight Manager, where GMs could keep track of enemy lives, iniciative and dice throws, if needed.
  5. (This one is related to numbers 1. and 2., but a bestiary with some basic info on monsters with the difference of them being made by players and this one would be a official monster and enviroment database containing the same info as in the official book).
And since I have never really made any web-app just on my own, I am asking for advice:
\In these two questions above, I am thinking more about compatible combinations (A for front-end + B for back-end and C for the SQL database, If you will have some ideas).**
I want to make the whole thing from scratch, so any advice on enviroments to use (which do you think are comfy etc. are welcome).
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2023.03.30 17:35 External-Cockroach-4 [Looking for advice/Brainstorming] DnD Web-App. Where should I start and what should I use?

Hello guys,
as the title says, I want to start making a DnD app. I know there is lot of those on the internet and most of them already can do most of the things I want mine to be able to provide to GMs and players, but I want to make my own because of the following reasons:
I have slight experience with front-end, since I have been working as a developer for a few years, so I know things like Node.js, Vue.js and I am quite proficient in HTML, CSS and somewhat average in Javascript.
And finally - why am I writing here - is that I want a advice on what should I start with... what I should I use to make the app (I want to make it a website application)... what do I need to learn and where should I look?
What I was thinking that I want my app to have is:
  1. Possibility to create a database of characters (players and NPCs), where players could have their stats, abilities (including modifiers to stats), inventory and also chance to write their own diary of sorts (which can be connected to World Knowledge Base).
  2. World Knowledge Base, where GM can create articles for individual places, things and creatures (characters) and players would be able to comment on it.
  3. Map Creator, which could include maps of whole worlds, countries, provinces, villiages and cities, individual streets and houses and of course - Dungeons! With this I want for GMs to have ability to create all this in advance just to allow players to explore and reveal as they advance through the map.
  4. Calculator and some kind of Fight Manager, where GMs could keep track of enemy lives, iniciative and dice throws, if needed.
  5. (This one is related to numbers 1. and 2., but a bestiary with some basic info on monsters with the difference of them being made by players and this one would be a official monster and enviroment database containing the same info as in the official book).
And since I have never really made any web-app just on my own, I am asking for advice:
\In these two questions above, I am thinking more about compatible combinations (A for front-end + B for back-end and C for the SQL database, If you will have some ideas).**
I want to make the whole thing from scratch, so any advice on enviroments to use (which do you think are comfy etc. are welcome).
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2023.03.30 17:34 Tadevos [DISCUSSION] Hype Thursday! March 30th, 2023

Scaring The Hoes? More Like Scaring The Dose Nuts. Jesus Christ Look At This Shit What Even Is Going On Here
Hey, guys, it's Hype Thursday!


Share artists and bands who've never gotten had a post on indieheads break 50 upvotes. (Features count, but, for instance, a passing mention in a newspost or "rising" listicle doesn't.)


Artist - Song Title
Description: Where are they from? What do they do? Who do they hang with, and what do they sound like? No character minimum, no hard rules—just tell us what makes these artists so great.

Example (c/o bakailao)

Total Drag - Redhead
Really solid instrumental dreampop/shoegaze from Orange County, California. My favorite is the title track but the opener, Pacific Coast Highway sets the stage super well too!

Other Guidelines/Recommendations

Concept and rules adapted from u/ReconEG. Additional gratitude to u/apondalifa. Hype Thursday will return April 27th. Bandcamp Friday is April 7th. Honestly if the unionization thing falls through I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself
6/4/20 6/11/20 1/7/21 1/28/21 2/25/21 3/21/21 4/29/21 5/27/21 6/17/21 7/29/21 8/26/21 9/30/21 10/28/21 6/18/22 1/26/23 2/23/23
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2023.03.30 17:21 FineandDandy_06 What (small-medium) breed should I choose?

1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
Yes, this will be my first dog. I grew up with an OES and terrier mix though, so I do have some experience owning/training dogs.
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a reputable breeder?
Reputable breeder.
3) Describe your ideal dog.
People/dog/cat friendly, moderate energy levels, good on/off switch, loyal, affectionate, good trainability
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
Too many to name! I'm open to different breeds, but I've mainly been considering the English Cocker Spaniel.
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
Care Commitments
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day?
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
60-90 minutes of daily exercise consisting of long walks (on/off leash) and games like fetch. I probably won't be using a dog park.
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
Grooming won't be an issue.
Personal Preferences
10) What size dog are you looking for?
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
I would prefer minimal barking and slobber. Shedding is fine, but I suppose a low-shedding breed would be a pro.
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
I would prefer a breed that tends to be reliable off-leash.
Dog Personality and Behavior
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
Eager to please
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
Alert barking is okay.
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
No, I would prefer a breed that tends to be reliable around other dogs.
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
1hr at most.
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
We have one cat.
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly?
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds?
UK. I'm not interested in owning any of the banned breeds.
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
Winter: 2-7°C
Summer: 17-25°C
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2023.03.30 16:59 eZGjBw1Z (US) Upcoming ALDI Finds for 4/5/23 (4/2/23 in some stores)

The Upcoming ALDI Finds Ad for 04/05/23 - 04/11/23 is now available. The ad actually starts three days earlier in some stores. A list of items in each category is included below.
Bold denotes items that are new since the corresponding Aldi Finds Sneak Peek ad was published.
Corresponding Sneak Peek Ad post: (US) Aldi Finds Sneak Peek for 4/2/23 (4/5/23 in some stores)
Previous Aldi Finds ad: (US) Upcoming ALDI Finds for 3/29/23 (3/26/23 in some stores)
Archived Aldi Ad
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2023.03.30 16:49 Barncore I spent 15 hours watching/reading about apps that provide Project Management + Note Taking, thought i'd share my findings

Lemme preface this by saying that i haven't actually used any of these apps, so i'm not an authority on the matter. I'm just on the seach for the right app for me, and in the spirit of not letting my research go to waste, i thought i might as well throw my little slice into the chasm of the internet rather than let it die alone in my notes (which is currently Evernote btw, looking to change).
I've spent probably 15 hours of watching videos and reading articles and then parsed all the data into my personal notes. I feel quite grateful for all the people that go to the effort to share their knowledge/experiences with productivity apps so this is my way of giving back i guess. Productivity apps are so personal, and with people's needs being uniquely specific there's so much noise to sift through with how many options there are, so i thought this might be helpful for people looking to cut through the noise.
It'd also be useful to see where my findings get validated or disagreed with, as i'm still yet to make a final decision.
Just as a sidenote, personally i'm looking for something that can help me manage my freelance projects with music & audio as well as something to catalog all my research with various hobbies/work areas, so my thoughts might have some bias towards that. Other personal needs are: it's gotta be able to sync between Android to PC. Also it's gotta have as little resistance/barriers to making notes+tasks as i have ADHD and my short term information retention is crappy.
I did deeper dives on some more than others, but i spose you can tell that by the amount of words written.
Hope it helps...
  • Notion -- It's like a DAW for your life/brain (IYKYK), it's got a bunch of plugins/templates. You can do heaps of different stuff with it. Endless use cases, covers heaps of needs, so wont likely wont need to install multiple other apps. The way Notion comes across to me is that it's basically like a universe of interconnected excel spreadsheets with pretty bows. This is valuable because of the sheer amount of possibilities that comes with how you set up your data expression. Super customizable/flexible, but by the same token this makes it very "heady". It looks like a lot of work to use, it's easy to feel a sense of resistance. How productive can you be when your productivity app involves so much work? You have to think a bit like a coder or mathematician to get the most out of it. There's a loooot of functions/terminology, and it would require doing a course or something to optimize using it to its fullest potential. Definitely a nerd's wet dream, but how easily can you get into a state of flow with it? Only after a long period of initial study, i imagine. Has a nice minimalistic look/feel to it so it doesn't feel overwhelming to look at. You can really personalize it which is why i think so many people fell in love with it. You can have collaborative workspaces that you use at the same time and see each other's cursor. You can upload files (incl audio) with unlimited storage (!). You can express your data in various tables, AND it integrates with Whimsical (Flowchart/Mindmap app, which has a generous free plan btw). It's the most popular productivity app, so it's "future-proofed" because the "network effect" tendrils are firmly planted. LOTS of community templates are available, which can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your brain style (option overload?). It's also among the most reasonably priced. They added an AI element too (for extra charge) for "input data" side of things. Some drawbacks include: reports of sluggish load times once your databases get bigger, being forced to place each note into a hierarchy, and being TOO robust lol.
  • Motion -- (Or "Use Motion") Kind of a one-trick pony but the trick it does is cool: it's like a "smart scheduler", you put in the tasks you need to do and it populates your daily schedule based on its special algorithm. Basically tells you what you need to be doing without you thinking about it. 2 problems: the web app is apparently crap and it's expensive.
  • Akiflow - similar to Motion, planner app
  • Sunsama - similar to Motion, planner app
  • Obsidian - Knowledge base "2nd brain" style note taking app with a cool visual representation of how the notes link together, kinda looks like neurons connecting. Overall it's a lot like a personal wikipedia. An academic's best friend. The linking of notes is its main value, it's like an interconnected knowledge vault. The formatting is good, it's similar to GitHub (markdown). It seems to have some basic to-do list functionality but there's not much info on how deep it is. No collaboration features. Works offline, it doesn't save to cloud or sync devices unless you pay extra, which makes the free version fairly useless for note taking if you can't write notes while you're out away from your computer (cos that's when note inspiration hits the most). Paid version seems better than Notion for note taking, but not as good in other ways, much less features. More of a specialty app for note taking specifically. Would be VERY useful for students and journalists, or someone that's researching for writing a book/documentary/podcast. Not so much for freelancers or project managers.
  • Mindmanager - mindmaps and flowcharts of all kinds. pricey but very visual and seems to integrate with a calendar
  • Xmind - a cheaper alternative to Mindmanager but with no calendar? It is cross-platform though
  • Mindgenius - Has all the features i need, but the affordable subscription is web only, there's no app, and the desktop software costs heaps. But definitely one of the more appealing options for project management. It lacks in the note-taking "2nd brain" field though.
  • Ayoa - looks good, bit pricey. Fully cross-platform too. The UI design is a bit too "cutesie".
  • Maps of Mind - nice and cheap, seems to have good features, web based only
  • Amplenote - It's basically a better version of Evernote. Really streamlines the process between 'conception' and 'action'. The main philosophy being that it intends to reduce barriers between having an idea seed and having it go through the funnel into action with the least resistance possible. Actually looks like the perfect combo of simple but versatile/useful. Probably more elegant than Notion purely because of the "streamlined" nature of the way notes and tasks are integrated together. It's a clean and minimalist look/feel, similar to Evernote (not a "cool/inspiring" look though, unlike something like Taskade which looks sexy af). It's divided into 4 main sections: Jots, Notes, Tasks, Calendar. Jots become Notes, Notes become Tasks. And they all sorta merge together behind the scenes due to tags and contexts, which allows for a more seamless process of note taking. It has linkable notes like on Obsidian and Notion. You can insert pics etc. Good formatting options. Task management seems good. You can set task priority, and it creates a "task score" where it automatically ranks your tasks list based on various factors. I REALLY love that automatic ranking concept, it saves me having to think about it and scheduling become less of a chore (in theory). That feature alone makes me want to choose Amplenote. It lacks deep project management tools though. :( Amplenote is better than Evernote for sure. It's like Evernote + a deeper Google Tasks + elements of Notion/Obsidian. Apparently much snappier app than Notion too. Def gonna start using the free version of this instead of Evernote right now (which i'm currently using). Drawbacks include: can't upload audio files (Notion can), weak support for real-time collaboration, less support for table-like data and charts, doesn't have a fully-fledged desktop app yet (it's a PWA app that's powered by your browser. It's fine, it works as a dedicated software would, just a bit more resource heavy than a dedicated software would be, i assume?). Not as "cool" as others, but it might the easiest to get along with out of the fully-featured apps like this. The biggest drawback for me is the lack of task dependencies (big bummer!!!). My brain has such a hard time keeping up with "A can't be done until i finish B, B can't be done until i finish C, etc" that not being able to map it out in whatever app i decide on is kinda a deal breaker. P.s. worth noting that the devs seem active, secure and dedicated. As do their community.
  • Coda - the go-to for data processing, table formulas, data views, charts.
  • Mem X - more of a competitor to Evernote (purely note taking app), but it's next level. It uses AI to categories your notes automatically, so you don't have to think about it yourself, which REALLY removes resistance barriers. Bunch of other cool AI features. There's also some task mangement stuff there but i think it's still in early development. Not on Android though (might be in future??) but a workaround is you can SMS notes to Mem and it saves it for you. This seems like the future of note-taking. It's early though.
  • Taskade - Has the coolest looking UI design, kind of a Discord look/feel. It has recently added AI integration included for writing notes (with generous generation amounts). It has mindmaps and flowcharts, which a lot others don't have. Task management looks good. Calendar sync, and at the highest subscription cost it has google drive and dropbox integration. Cross-platform. Has a video chat feature. You can attach audio files (handy for music producers/engineers). Generous free plan. Lacks in the way of creating personal wiki's or custom databases though. Seems like less of a "2nd brain", more of a streamlined project management tool. It definitely has "2nd brain" capability though and the dev team seem motivated, with a dedicated community too. Can see this one growing in popularity among the younger remote workers if more people catch wind of it amongst the noise.
  • ClickUp - (note that i'm talking about ClickUp v2 here. V3 is on the way apparently) Less of a "2nd brain" sort of thing and more geared towards team project management. For those use cases specifically it is SUPER feature-rich. It's all cross-platform too with good integrations. It looks like it has a learning curve, but not too bad, and certainly not as steep as Notion because ClickUp uses pre-made widgets, and Notion is more like building from scratch with building blocks that end up looking like widgets. I know you can get Templates in Notion but finding the right one in the sea of noise is a lot of work in itself. ClickUp has built everything already, you've just gotta pull it up on the dashboard. And that's where ClickUp really shines for me, the dashboard, and the widgets you can pull up onto it. Super cool. Some widgets require higher subscription plans. At the highest subscription plans, ClickUp suuurely has everything you need for the development and tracking of any kind of company. All kinds of charts and graphs and productivity monitoring widgets -- the best offering i've seen of anything on this list. The disdvantage to everything being made for you with widgets is that stuff isn't as customizable. You can't "personanlize" it as much as Notion, which means you can't "build a relationship" with the app in the same way. Some might say that getting in the weeds and tinkering stuff is a form of procrastination though, so i guess it depends on your personality what you prefer. ClickUp isn't as powerful for note-taking specifically, as the Doc Tags are limited to 100 tag uses except in the most expensive plans, so it comes down to whether you think it's a worthy sacrifice for the project management capabilities. If you're a stan for seeing your project's productivity data expressed into various charts then ClickUp is the one for you. That element alone almost has me saying "fuck note-taking, lets go graphs!". The big question mark is how well inputting notes (Docs) and tasks integrates/aggregates with the widgets. Is it all interconnected? Or do the notes/docs live on an island? Hopefully V3 brings it. Some other drawbacks: Apparently it's a bit "notification trigger happy". The biggest drawback is probably how there are various reports of it being a bit buggy at times, lets hope they roll V3 out slowly enough to where they can iron bugs out before it scales up. Oh also the Windows desktop app doesn't work for me at all, not sure why. Edit: Actually, the ClickUp community seems pretty frustrated in general, not a great sign. It's possible the team is TOO big and they are struggling to merge all their contributions together without bugs, and it doesn't sound like the support team are able to take much accountability. I'm also reading a recurring theme from people in the clickup subreddit saying that the features are really only 70% realised / a bit half-baked (seems like a real love/hate relationship with ClickUp in there btw). This leads me to believe that ClickUp more interested in customer conversion rather than retention. Still, at the end of the day i don't see any other project management centric apps that provide THIS many tools in one place. As convenient as that is, it also seems to come with all the usual pitfalls of trying to be everything to everyone.
TLDR: ClickUp: Best for team project management. Notion: Best for personalized 2nd brain / LifeOS. Amplenote: Best for individual efficiency. Taskade: Best for new-gen remote workers. Obsidian: Best for researchers and academics. Motion: Best for daily planning guidance. Mem X: Best for automatic aggregation of notes.
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2023.03.30 16:47 cat_socks_228 Got a Date

Got my date today for a scheduled c-section, plan is for 39weeks exactly on the 2nd of May
Baby has a heart defect so we always knew it would be scheduled delivery, I sort of made up my mind I wanted a section over induction. They initially scheduled it as an induction but as soon as I said I would rather a section, they asked sort why and then changed it to an elective section without any fuss after running over the risks of a c - section.
Any advice on going in for a scheduled one?
I've been reading about already but always good to hear personal experiences, everyone I know around me who's had sections were all emergency sections
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2023.03.30 16:42 badgersuperman How do people dry their sun grown herb?

Hey fellow growers
Suburban Melbourne medical patient supplementing expensive medicine with (ILGM.com) seeds grown over summer in my backyard.
I planted the following seeds from my collection of washing hash from trim from my mates hydro grows, and sometimes I’d collect between 5-100 seeds per 400g of trim I’d wash, only on certain cultivars prone to self seeding late in bloom.
4 x California Dream 3 x strawberry Kush (only 10 seeds total!) 4 x Girl Scout Cookies
Plus while sorting my hundreds of GSC seeds, I tossed the chaff including what felt like prem-seeds into a pot of soil for shits and giggs.
I geno-hunted ideally 1 of each cultivar, along with a clone of Cream N Tina I had come across in mid October and nursed to summertime.
All seeds planted late November, first topping and outdoors by mid December.
The end result was:
Mainly I’m looking for rack options for my x7 plants due for harvest in next 1-4 weeks. I have a garage with an LED for the very dense larger plants to avoid the humidity, with fans, an A/C and dehumidifiers keeping a regulated 50%RH.
My drying room will be the spare bedroom, with staggered harvests. I have a naturally 40-60%RH and 16-22C environment in there.
My plan is to whole hang the smaller plants, and maybe segment the larger ones. I have a 6L humidifier, a $500 breville dehumidifier and an inkbird controlller to aim to keep between 58-65%RH.
How do others dry? Any advice for racks to hang plants from? I’m in a rental so can’t make fixtures…
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