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2023.03.25 03:05 sharoldking Alignment Needed??

Hi Mechanic friends!
I have a 2022 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab short bed, and there is some irregular wear on one of my tires. I’m pretty sure this is indicative of an alignment that is not the way it needs to be. I rotate the tires every oil change except the last one, I was told the dealership recommends every other, and I was feeling lazy and figured I’d be okay!
But I noticed some irregular wear on my front driver side tire on the inner side of the tire. I only have 23k miles, is it common for vehicles with this low of mileage to need an alignment?? My last new car, a 2020 Honda Passport seemed fine at 23k miles! Maybe I just got unlucky? Just looking to see if this is normal.
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2023.03.25 03:05 Intrepid-Record-6032 Should I (43M) be concerned about my wife's (41F) relationship

I am uncomfortable with my wife's relationship with her boss. We discussed boundaries, but I feel like she's gaslighting me. I have no idea what to think anymore.

At the beginning of covid (Spring 2022), I (41M) noticed my wife (39F) started getting friendly with a colleague at work (mid-40's M). She would bring him up from time to time, talk about their new/shared interest (making cocktails). I noticed he would be messaging her directly on her personal phone. I thought this was a bit odd because her company commissions everybody a work phone. Clearly it was more than just work related. At the time, I figured it was just a few message here and there -- sporadic pictures of food, drinks, travel, etc. No big deal.
Throughout the years, he became her boss and it seemed as though she was talking about him a bit more often. Being very career oriented myself, I figured having a good relationship with your boss is a good thing. She would bring him up now and then, but the frequency became a tad more perhaps. When covid restrictions started lifting, they began traveling together. Upon return from a work trip, she spoke about how they had dinner together (just the two of them). Showed me pictures of the food, and drinks and discussed how fun it was. I thought it was weird that out of a larger work group, that somehow only the two of them ended up going to a fancy dinner together. When I asked about it, she had some story that seemed plausible. I trusted her entirely, so didn't really think twice about it.
In late 2022, I coincidentally noticed he messaged her while we were at a dinner party at a friends house. Her response to his message was abrupt. As in, she saw his message, stopped mid-sentence during a conversation and responded. Later that evening, I inquired about it and asked what was so important. I found out that night that they've been privately messaging for the last 2+ years far more frequently than I thought. She claimed, it was completely innocent. She offered to show me the recent messages, to which I declined. I trusted her. We had a lengthy conversation about how I was not comfortable since he was her boss and there is a power imbalance. I stated, although innoccent the majority of affairs start out innocent and people often don't realise unti it's too late. I asked, why would she put herself in a situation to risk everything we've built together over the past 18 years. She agreed, said she would stop texting him at inappropriate times.
In January 2023, she happened to be showing me something on her phone. I noticed when she opened What's App that is was opened to a thread with him. I was shocked, confused and hurt. When we spoke a few weeks ago about my concerns, she promised that she would stop talking to him privately. Her response, was something to the effect of, "when he messages me off hours, I wait until 9-5 to respond" and "You're over thinking this, it's nothing". We got into an argument. I stated that perhaps she was being too pedantic about following the established boundaries and she ultimately was still going against the spirit of what we talked about. I later found out that he was sending her messages with links to bars for their next big up coming international trip --just her, not to the rest of the group travelling. She seemed to think another man invited a married woman to a bar separate from the entire group wasn't innappropriate. We discussed again and I set firmer boundaries. No caveats, no edge cases. Simply put, stop messaging him directly. No more personal interactions outside work. If he messaged her, she would force the conversation to a group chat. No more individual interactions. She agreed.
Currently while this latest work trip, my insecurities got the best of me. I messaged her, stating I was feeling uncomfortable and want to confirm the boundaries were clear. I sent her a video of someone on instagram talking about the same problem we're having; in hindsight, I think I sent the video to somehow reassure myself that I wasn't overacting. Her response was nothing -- literally. She saw the message at 3am (local time), woke up at 6am, ate breakfast and got ready to go site seeing for the day. It wasn't until I forced the conversation at 8am that she acknowledged the message. We got on a call and argued more. She once again gave the perfunctory responses; she's sorry, she loves me, she's respecting the boundaries, nothing to worry about, she'll do whaat it takes to regain trust. But it just rang hollow, it seemed so insincere, so empty. As if she just checked out and was trying to get me off the phone.
At this point, my head is spinning. The person to whom I've dedicated my entire adult life, is someone I no longer can say I definitely trust. Is she having an emotional affair, physical affair, on the verge of either, I have no idea. I am so incredibly hurt and I feel betrayed. She put herself in a situation that she supposedly thought innocent, sure. But after we discussed my concerns and defined boundaries, she did mental gymnastics and found a way to continue. The when she finally agreed to fully stop, she ignored my messages which were clear requests for reassurance.
I've somehow turned from a confident and self assured man, into someone who is constantly wondering if his wife is cheating on him. I simultaneously feel like I'm justified and overreacting, but I have no idea anymore.
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2023.03.25 03:04 Disco_Ball_Mind I didn't give in... tonight.

Hello lovely people of this sub,
I have been lurking for a while now, have made a coomment and there, but I've never posted.
I've been struggling with binge drinking for years, and it got bad over the last 3 or so, and the worst it's every been in the last 6 months. Blackouts, embarrassments, shame, rinse and repeat once I feel a bit better (I use the term better very loosely)... everything most of us have lived. I currently have no friends and have been through some trauma over the past few years and this is where I've ended up. Drowning myself in booze.
Last weekend I almost lost my job (again). Last friday I decided I'll day drink and sober up to go to work for 9am Saturday morning. I went to the liquor store and got a 26 of gin, a mickey of pink whitney vodka, and a bottle of red wine. This not-so-innocent idea of day drinking turned into blacking out, passing out for 4 hours, waking up at 11pm and... you guessed it, resumed drinking. The rest is a blur; at some point early Saturday morning (sometime after 6am), I once again blacked out and passed out. No notice given to work that I wasn't going. Totally no-showed. I texted my boss literally 30 min to end of my shift and pretended to ask if they received my text earlier that day (there was no text of course). I proceeded to tell a very heinous lie and also said I wouldn't be in for at least a couple days. I don't really remember particulars of the rest of the weekend but long story short I kept drinking that night and into Sunday. At one point I woke up and it was 8... I didn't know if it was 8am or 8pm. It turned out to be 8am, I think. I cracked a bottle of wine and kept going. Finally stopped Sunday night and slept. Monday I didn't drink and was filled with anxiety and told work I would still not be coming in.
Long story short I sobered up over Monday and Tuesday and returned to work on Wednesday, tail between my legs living a massive lie. I miraculously didn't lose my job, however I received a written warning from one of my bosses.
Fast forward to tonight, knowing I once again work tomorrow (Sat) at 9am, knowing I was this close to losing my job, and I still paced around the house at 7pm talking the devil and the angel on my shoulder convincing myself to go/to not go buy a bottle of wine to have with my charcuterie plate.
I ended up getting my coat on and going out for a cigarette and then coming right back in, cracked a NA Corona sunbrew and said fuck you cravings... that bottle of wine is not going to make me feel better, especially after the week I just had and what happened and what alcohol made me do...
Now I'm in my pjs, cat in lap watching Netflix WITHOUT wine. And I will go to bed sober and even if I wake up with a bit of anxiety, I will not be hungover and I WILL go to work and not lose my job for good.
Just for tonight, IWNDWY...
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2023.03.25 03:04 RaceNo6702 Help ender 5 s1

Help ender 5 s1
Brand new glass bed, everything was perfectly fine then I left to walmart only to come back to this. It looks like the printer tried to restart the print? It dig into the bed destroying the nozzle and causing pla to wrap around the hot end. I've never had this happen before and don't know where to even start with troubleshooting
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2023.03.25 03:04 Forsaken_Rice_7810 Shadow person dragged me off my bed during sleep paralysis

I am still dealing with a lot of anxiety about this situation… even though it happened about two years ago. But I finally came to this subreddit to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.
I used to have a lot of OBEs, experiences with spirits, and sleepwalking episodes when I was younger. As I got into my late teens/20s, I stopped having those experiences as much and eventually grew out of the sleepwalking.
In my late 20s, I started noticing the paranormal events picking back up. I once woke up on my back to “something” between my legs, being sexual with me. I won’t go into that one because it’s embarrassing to talk about.
The last major experience was by far the absolute worst one. I was taking a nap and suddenly woke up to a shadow figure standing in my hallway. I knew I couldn’t move as soon as I saw it. The figure moved closer and stood hovering over me for a few seconds before reaching down and grabbing me by my hair. It then ripped me off the bed and I hit the floor. The figure proceeded to drag me by my hair, halfway down the hallway. At that point, I reached my hands up to try and hold my scalp... and that’s when I woke up. I was already sitting straight up in my bed, hyperventilating with my eyes open.
The thing is, I could feel EVERYTHING as if it was really happening in real life. Every strand of hair being pulled out of my head and my body hitting the floor…. I remember my scalp feeling hot and almost sore when I actually woke up. It was one of the most traumatic experiences I’ve ever had.
I’ve heard stories of these shadow people/sleep paralysis demons that choke people or sit on peoples chest during sleep paralysis episodes. But I’ve never heard of them physically being able to move people, and drag them down another part of the home.
Granted I was still in my bed when I woke up, but has anyone ever experienced feeling like you were being physically moved into another part of your home by one of these figures?
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2023.03.25 03:04 theironmountain16 The day my son was born was not the best day of my life, and i've been warming up to him ever since.

Let me say first that i love my son. He's a little over 3 months old and today i could go on and on about how important he is to me and how lucky i feel to get to be his father for the rest of our lives, but i did not start off feeling this way, it did not come naturally.
My wifes delivery was pretty scary for us. Probably fairly normal in the grand scheme of things, but i wasn't living in the grand scheme of things, i was just in a room with my wife waiting for our little mans to arrive. It was a long wait, 25 hours from water breaking to birth. It was slow all day long until it wasn't. Out of nowhere (it seemed) his heartrate tanked and it turned into a real scene. Nurses hollering down the hallway, people rushing in and out of the room, professionally but still panicked. A doctor we had never met comes into the room and starts to give my wife the run down for the emergency c section that was about to be performed.
I (who had had a panic attack simply WITNESSING my wife being given the epidural a couple hours prior) was in the corner of the room sobbing. I kept trying to tell myself that this is something that happens all the time, and mothers and babies survive all the time, but i was gripped with fear and hopelessness. I kept telling myself to be strong for my wife, but i couldn't find the courage. I think i was crying more than she was before she had left the room.
I wasn't given any information, i had no idea how long the procedure was going to take, i just was left in what felt like, 15 minutes prior, a pretty cramped room with the massive bed and all the hangers and tubes and tables - and it was now empty, sans me in the corner of the room sitting in this chair. A few minutes after my wife and all the staff had rushed out of the room, a cleaner came through to take care of the room for the next patients, and boy that just opened me right up again. It felt indescribably awful, i don't know. Something poetic maybe, but i'm too stupid to conjure anything up.
Anyways, about 10 minutes after that, our midwife comes into the room to find me sort of a husk of a man, trying to listen to a podcast on my phone to distract myself from myself. She explains to me that the surgery was complete and i could come see my son.
I felt nothing.
She brought me down the hallway, through a few doors, and into the NICU and to the sort of table that my son was laying on.
Feeling nothing.
I don't know what to do. I want to ask if my wife is okay, but i feel like the fact that she hasn't said anything about her is bad news and i am NOT ready to hear that at this moment. Maybe she did tell me, before when she first saw me and i wasn't listening. My wife always reminds me how bad i am at listening and i say "huh?". I'm looking down at this little guy, hes got a number of wires taped to him, and they are blowing oxygen into his nose from a tube. I don't really know what to do, so i just keep looking at him, but i can't stop thinking about my wife. I was wearing a mask at this stage so i can't imagine how my eyes looked to the nurses caring for my son.
After a few minutes of me trying to force a tear down my face, and a few pictures my midwife took of me over him (incredibly grateful for those pictures) i was brought back to the room i had been waiting in before and she says "autumn will be by here soon, keep an eye out for her". I hold back the tears as hard as i can until she leaves the room and then just let loose. We're these all stored up from seeing my son before?
A short while later, my wife is wheeled by the room. I would have missed her if i wasn't staring out that door like a madman the whole time. I shout her name and get up and run towards the bed shes on. She's very drugged up still, pretty sweaty and haggard, and she looked more beautiful to me than on our wedding day.
We go to the NICU together so she can meet our boy. It was a hell of a time wheeling her in there on that massive bed. I think i knocked a few things over, but no one seemed too bothered. We got her into position as to not block off the main walkway in the room, but close enough that she could get her eyes on him.
It was pretty fucking magical, and it's hard to even type this out through my watering eyes right now.
It felt like seeing her see him, even in the state she was in, all the love that was pouring out of her, radiating from every part of her being, all of it for him, god damn. It wasn't until then when i thought, oh, ok, yeah right, that's what's supposed to be happening.
I'm getting a little carried away with this post, much more than i thought i was going to (i am a rambler at heart), so this next part i won't go into much detail, but my god we had the worst neighbours in the ward.
I opted for the ward that was covered (canada) and it is 1 room that houses 3 mothers. The room we were in, partitioned by curtains, was roughly 7 ft x 10 ft, and the bed took up over 80% of the room i think. The couple directly beside us (and also in our "room" on dozens of occasions through the next few hours) we're pretty awful. They were fighting constantly, fighting and screaming at nurses, shouting over at us, walking into our area to "get away from eachother", yelling at us and directly at my son a couple of times. It just was a lot. After the first night we ended up getting moved, by the head nurse, to a private room free of charge. Later i tried to explain to my wife that if i had fought back or engaged with them at any point really, we probably would have both been seen as problems and not been rewarded as such. Ya gotta be kind.
All of that to was not the best day of my life, not by a long shot. I wouldn't say it was the worst day of my life, i had some pretty awful and traumatic teenage years, but yeah it was a real stinker. You imagine it to be like all the movies. Doctor says push, your wife screams and pushes, and then someone hands you a baby. I wonder how different of a connection i would have had with him had that been the case, but that's not his fault and never something i could imagine holding against him.
It was very hard though in those first few weeks. I felt like i was caring for him for my wife, because i wanted her to be happy and to be proud of me, but not necessarily because i felt the instinct or desire to care for him. I certainly never neglected him, i don't think, but it just didn't feel like coming from a place of love. It was only about a month or so ago i realized i needed to be giving him more kisses, because my dog was getting more nightly smooches than my son was.
I think, and i bet a lot of my close friends and my wife would say, that i am a very loving, caring, affectionate person. I don't know if that makes it worse for how i felt those early days and weeks, i don't know.
I'm in a much better place with him now. I almost had to - i don't want to say force, but maybe some heavy self encouragement to keep showing him affection and telling him that I love him. It may sound strange or unhealthy (i hope not) but it has shown to be effective! Even just today compared to a month ago, how strongly i feel for him has multiplied 1000x. I really, truly feel so lucky and blessed to be on this journey with he and my wife, and i hope he thinks highly of me one day. I hope i can do him well and make him proud of me.
I don't know exactly why i've written all this out. I mean, theres no way anyone in their right mind is going to read all this, is there? It did feel nice typing out these words anyhow. It's not something i've talked to anyone about, barely even have brought it up with my wife, but i just wanted to get it out somewhere.
I don't know what the moral is, i don't know exactly what i've taken away from all of this if anything. It's not an extravagant or dramatic or unique tale, but it did feel like all of that to me.
Take care to everyone out there. I bet you're doing great even if you don't think it.
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2023.03.25 03:03 arsonisnotsmart I helped someone and they ruined my life.

Back in October, I (17nb) let a girl I'd met at school (18f) start living with me. She was 17 and going through a rough time, she was about to be on the streets and so I talked with my stepmom (30f) and we had her move in. For the first couple months it was okay, but she got increasingly worse, and made my life increasingly worse. She had a job when she moved in, but after a month she started calling off every single day to get high or drunk, and then after a month of that she just quit and relied on me and my family's generosity for a living space. She'd spend all of her money on weed and alcohol, and she'd even ask my parents for money which went straight to feeding her addictions. Two weeks ago she came home drunk, she'd pissed her pants and she's had them out in the hallway since. She only cleans if she's having people come over. Speaking of which, I told her when she moved in that I didn't like having people I don't know at my house. She brings people over anyway. Any time I give even a hint of being upset with her, she immediately makes me feel guilty by saying things like, "Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry, please don't kick me out." She's also been a terrible friend to me. Any time I've gone to her for comfort, the most she does is give me a hug and tell me it'll be okay, but she doesn't stop playing her video games or talking to anyone on the phone. Yet, when she comes to me, she expects me to drop everything I'm doing. One night I was so suicidal that I had to have my eight year old brother sleep in my bed with me so that I didn't hurt myself, and she came home drunk and 5am and carried my little brother to his room so that she could sob in my arms about how she cheated on her boyfriend. Any time I would try to hang out with her, she would always sit there and talk on the phone with her boyfriend or her other friends. Every time her boyfriend comes over, which is multiple times a week, I hear them screaming at each other. My brothers (8 & 10) can also hear it. I was exposed to a lot of verbal abuse and shouting when I was younger, so maybe it's just my trauma, but I don't want them exposed to that. All of this, along with more minor issues added up and my final straw was last week. My boyfriend got wraps/cigars for his birthday, and he keeps them at my house. We were in an argument and so my "friend" said that we should smoke them. Right off the bat I said no, I didn't want to, and she kept saying "Why not? He's being a dick anyway. You're boring." I said no multiple times, but eventually she started making me anxious from the pressure, so we did. My boyfriend eventually asked about his wraps, and originally I lied and asked her to cover for me and say that she smoked them herself, but I ended up telling my boyfriend the truth anyway. She called me a bad friend for asking her to cover for me because the night before she was telling me that she was there for me, even though she realistically has not been there for me once. All of this added up and I told my mom about everything and told her that I felt like my "friend" was affecting my mental health so badly that I couldn't live with her anymore and I wanted her gone. I told my "friend" this myself, and I talked to my therapist along with my school's mental health professional, and they agreed that the way I told her was mature. Basically saying that I'm not kicking her out because that's not the kind of people me and my family are, but I don't want to be her friend and I want her to start looking for another place. She didn't talk to me again until today, when my mom had us come down to try to talk everything out. Basically, my mom's conclusion was that my "friend" didn't see what she was doing as pressuring, and my "friend" wanted to fix things. But it wasn't just that, I told her that was just the last straw. My mom started talking to her about getting her into therapy, helping her find a new job, and she sat there and set "ground rules" with my "friend" for her to live here. I feel betrayed. I feel like my mom, who I thought was my best friend, just chose this girl over her own child. I can hear her in her room right now talking shit about me with her friends. I want to run away. I feel like my mom doesn't care about me anymore. I feel like my struggles aren't important anymore because there's now someone who struggles more. I feel unwanted, unloved. And I'm powerless. There's nothing I can do. I have to live with her, feeling unsafe and unwanted in my own home, and no one cares.
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2023.03.25 03:02 isodonedistime I can tell he's been drinking tonight from his texting..

UGH🙄 every Friday lately is a 50/50 shot he'll be drinking. Insecure constant texts that aren't making sense.. looking to pick a fight it seems. I guess the smart thing to do is put the phone down for the night (and wake up to a lovely smattering of missed calls and mean texts just for me not responding).. his codependency really comes out when he drinks. Which doesn't feel fair since I'm already struggling to deal with my own because of him.
Would ALSO love to text him back "cool, I can tell you've been drinking" but that's just the firestarter he's looking for isn't it. Then he can pretend I did something worth fighting about for daring to accuse him of drinking when he is.
On the other hand I'll still get chewed out for going to bed and not responding. Suck suck suck.
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2023.03.25 03:01 Bluesky_south Supplements for arthritis

I have a 12 year old bulldog. He has bad hips, arthritis and we found out this week he has cancer too.
We purchased him a really good bed that has helped him. It’s by a brand called Dazy Dog. Dazy Dog It has really helped him, given he pretty sleeps most of the day.
I want to know if anyone can recommend any good supplements to help with mobility.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.25 03:01 guesswhochickenpoo ZedBed Puresleep Hybrid Cool 1.0 vs Simmons Beautyrest Black Hotel: Lifespan

These were the two we found the most comfortable in store and both were on a pretty massive sale according to their "regular" price anyway which seems pretty inflated. The ZedBed is apparently $3900 CAD (sale $1600) and the Beautyrest $3200 CAD (sale $1400).
The ZedBed edged out the Beautyrest by a decent margin for us in terms of comfort and coolness.
We specifically want mattresses that don't have much if any of a pillow top because they compress and sag over time. Up to this point we've had a queen memory foam topper on a fairly firm mattress and it hasn't lost any shape what so ever, we just want to upgrade to a king.
I cannot find much about ZedBed online aside from what's on Google Reviews which seem pretty brutal, lots of 1 star reviews talking about sag within a couple years. The sales person said it was memory foam but it doesn't seem like it according to the description on the brick website. The Beautyrest seems to be memory foam.
Tried to find the exact models on sites like but only got sort of close ZedBed Pure series and the Beautyrest Black or Hotel series (can't find one with the combo name. Both about 3 / 5 stars overall.
Hoping someone has long mid to term experience with one of those models and can chime in.
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2023.03.25 03:00 sammarsmce Dad starting to make rude comments about my age 27f

Hi, so I have this issue. I just turned 27. My mum has been making comments about my age since I turned 25, like sneak diss here and there to undermine my self esteem. My dad for the most part has been very nice to me. For the past couple of years I have been very depressed because of a SA experience I had and finally this year I have been getting better. I have been in the process of starting a career in mental health with children (starting soon) and volunteering for extra experience. But what I have dreamed of since I was a child has been art: specifically music, dance, performing. I was a bullied child and my parents emotionally neglected me and didn’t help when I was being abused. I didn’t flourish at all as a teen and was too shy to do any of these things. So for the past year I have been writing an album and a book (I studied English at Uni) and felt I needed to hone my skills. So I have been looking into starting lessons in ballet, gymnastics, singing and Muay Thai to fit into my artistic vision and be the best I can be. The dance/gym is to also help me feel strong and centred in my body after SA and depression making me inactive. It’s all been making me very very happy to enjoy a passion, something for me you know. So yesterday I was very excited (I would never dream of telling my parents about my love of performance and art the response would be brutal and they would call it cruelty to be kind) but I did tell him that I was starting gymnastics but obviously in an adult class. To which he said “it would be strange seeing an old, lumbering thing” I was shocked and said that was unkind to which he said well yeah in comparison to them. I quietly left and took care of my feelings upstairs. The next day he was very jovial a bit over the top tbh, but I decided to forget about the verbally abusive thing he said. I had had a great day one of the best, I woke up really early putting a wrench on my insomnia I’ve had since SA, productive and peaceful. I’m in bed this evening and he comes upstairs and we talk about my cat having dreams. I say “what do you think she is dreaming about” to which he says “being a little young cat I imagine.” I’m just shocked again, he deliberately took a stab at me again. Now, I am insecure about my age but more than anything I consider myself to be in my prime not to mention I look 10 years younger and have a graceful, agile body so this is all very strange to me like he wants me to put myself down. I’m so glad I never mentioned my artistic pursuits I do sing in the house sometimes and my mother has sneered at me and said it sounds shit (it doesn’t). So that’s why I hide a lot from them. I blocked him right after he said that and have been brainstorming boundaries. It’s funny because in February I blocked my mother because she was bullying me, he was kind then as I had a very bad panic attack but it seems I have to have the strength to fight his assaults on my confidence. I can’t move out for two reasons. In order to move to London I need more experience in the mental health field so working at this place for several months, not to mention I need the money, also one of my cats died two weeks ago( they are 20) and I don’t want to leave my little one alone just yet. I’m just very upset and shaken up and need to tell someone how I feel and hopefully feel reassured. I just want to be happy and reach my full potential, after all the horrors I have been through it’s what I deserve.
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2023.03.25 02:59 antoniokreiss My boyfriend (18M) is texting his ex and refuses to tell me (18FTM) why, how should I approach?

Hi, let’s start with basic information. I (18FTM) have been with my boyfriend (18M) for a little over a year now. We also currently live together. Back when we first started dating, we set clear boundaries on our relationship. We said that if either of us were unsatisfied whether it be romantic or sexually, we would speak to each other first and then go from there. Back in August of 2022 I found out that he was messaging people online, both old friends and people he found on apps like tinder and such. I didn’t have much of a problem with this at first until he started telling one of the people how much he loved them and how much he desired to be with them. It was like a switch, and as soon as I saw that I freaked out and confronted him. He apologized several times but in the end we separated for about a month. I am currently pregnant with his child as was when this happened as well, and We were also living together at this time. So, In the end I decided to give him a second chance, with some rules. No talking to other people without explicit consent, no photos/nudes to others, (this was set by me since he was 18 while I was still 17, and he will be 19 very soon), and most of all no “romantic” flings/talking to people you found attractive in a romantic sense.
Recently, about a month ago we re-opened the conversation about seeing other people in a strictly sexual sense. I suffer from various health issues and recently haven’t been able to provide much for him as a partner and our schedules are so different that we don’t have a lot of time to do spend together in the first place. Immediately he listed off people he was interested in. I teased him a little bit about it but the conversation never went anywhere past that until a week or so later where we sat down again and decided that we would look around for a bit before settling on if we wanted this.
I ended up talking to somebody, and when it got to a point where they were willing to be sexual involved, I told my boyfriend about it. The more I thought about it, the less I desired it. So my boyfriend immediately went out and tried to start setting me up with a friend of his, to which I declined and told him I didn’t want to do anything with anybody. Then, he started pressing about marriage. He even proposed to me and started calling me his fiancé around everybody. I told him we could discuss it more in the future but for now, we were just thinking about getting engaged to which he agreed.
Today he was going on and on again about how much he loved me and how much he couldn’t wait to marry me. He even held me in his arms as I cried to him about how scared I was that I wasn’t enough for him. I ended up falling asleep next to him and slept for a couple of hours. When I woke up, he had fallen asleep too. I stayed in bed next to him for a while before his phone started buzzing like crazy. I was annoyed and went to go see who was spamming him this late at night and saw texts from a girl’s name that I recognized.
I opened his phone (I have his full permission to go through it if need be and he has the same for mine) and saw that he had messaged a girl two hours ago. I recognized her name and when I clicked on her profile I realized it was an ex girlfriend of his. Confused as to why they were suddenly chatting it up considering he blocked her over a year ago, I gently shook him awake and asked him about it. When I asked why, all he said was “Am I not allowed to?” And then turned back around and went back to sleep. Now I’ve been worrying non-stop about it. I feel like I’m being over-reactive to the situation and the texts themselves weren’t in any way incriminating, but my anxiety has spiked through the roof. If it was nothing bad I figured he’d be honest and tell me but his avoidance of the question has my mind racing. How should I ask him again? Is it something even worth worrying about? I need a second opinion please.
TDLR: Boyfriend randomly unblocked ex and started messaging them, how do I bring this up as a concern?
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2023.03.25 02:59 Beneficial_Skirt_167 I don’t know what to do with all the information that’s here🙃

I didn’t think this much thought goes into buying a mattress. I grew up in foster care, and I finally got my first job and I finally get to have my own bed and I don’t want to spend $2000 on a mattress I just want some thing that won’t give me cancer or spread fiberglass in my house, but please don’t laugh at me. I don’t know what a topper is and all of these layers and stuff that go on beds. I tried to Google it as much as possible but there’s somuch to learn. can someone just tell me where to start looking if I just want a super comfortable bed ? I make decent money and I just want to sleep like I am in a fantastic hotel And not wake up with my bones all achy I’m in my late 20s and I am open to any suggestions. Thanks you guys y’all are fantastic for just knowing all of this shit!!!
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2023.03.25 02:59 honeykrepe Looking to lease my Apartment for lease June - August.

2 bed room at 309 East armory. Comes with private bathroom, both or single room available. Good location - 10 minutes from the quad and 15 minutes to county.
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2023.03.25 02:58 Thegingersystem Nowhere to Turn - A Semi-Lit Zombie RP! (18+)

Come celebrate a year with us!!
In the year 2021, A deadly infectious disease escaped from its creators clutches. Sending the small county of Copeaka into chaos as they became ground zero of the zombie apocalypse. Survivors would soon find themselves shit out of luck of any help from military. Having to leave the safety of their homes for the threatening world outside in hopes of making it to the “safe locations” that had been promised by the government.
That was almost two years ago. Now, those who are left wonder the county looking for food or anything that could pass as. Raider groups terrorize those who are caught alone. While wondering survivors whisper of groups forming in different cities. Make shift signs along the roadways for a safe haven give the starving and lonely hope of finding their home.
Hey y’all!! We are an adult, semi lit, zombie apocalypse group! We have a loving staff! Amazing community! Great lore! And so many things to make your story stand out!
With locations ranging from city, to small town, to wilderness! Your story could start anywhere! If you’re lucky enough maybe Euphoria will have a bed open! That’s if the raider groups don’t get you first!!
We are excited to meet you!
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2023.03.25 02:58 Cultural_World_9746 Euro pale glamour models Emily Bloom Serena Wood and Dakota Haux in sensual play in bed

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2023.03.25 02:58 GetYourFixGraham A shout out to my cat… Do your pets help you out, too?

This is an appreciation post for my cat who has seen me through the ups and downs of BED. He doesn’t understand what binging is, he doesn’t care about my weight. He always down for some pets and literally can’t judge me for where I am in my life because he doesn’t understand things at that level.
I also have a very supportive network of friends and family, but you know how it is - I mind games myself because they can literally see me relapsing and I know they say I’m fine but… I don’t feel fine, so I project that on them.
I don’t project that on my cat because I know he mostly cares about pets and food lmao
Do your pets help you out, too? It’s nice to vibe with mine after a rough week. I live alone so my cat, PorkChop, was the best pandemic lockdown choice I ever made. I adopted him from a no-kill shelter and I thank the volunteers that saved him from the streets every day.
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2023.03.25 02:57 Weblotte Teething gel

From Ireland just got Nelson teething gel but doesn't seem to be doing anything. Baby is 4 and a half months old. Should I use bongela? Or is there something else I should use? Just worried about using something strong because she is so young but I need something that will work.
Baby is crying in her sleep, she won't let me put her down into her bed and insists on contact sleeping, we were doing so well before this, I had just gotten her to sleep away from me. I'm so tired, help 😭
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2023.03.25 02:57 Thegingersystem Nowhere to Turn - A Semi-Lit Zombie RP! (18+)

Come celebrate a year with us!!
In the year 2021, A deadly infectious disease escaped from its creators clutches. Sending the small county of Copeaka into chaos as they became ground zero of the zombie apocalypse. Survivors would soon find themselves shit out of luck of any help from military. Having to leave the safety of their homes for the threatening world outside in hopes of making it to the “safe locations” that had been promised by the government.
That was almost two years ago. Now, those who are left wonder the county looking for food or anything that could pass as. Raider groups terrorize those who are caught alone. While wondering survivors whisper of groups forming in different cities. Make shift signs along the roadways for a safe haven give the starving and lonely hope of finding their home.
Hey y’all!! We are an adult, semi lit, zombie apocalypse group! We have a loving staff! Amazing community! Great lore! And so many things to make your story stand out!
With locations ranging from city, to small town, to wilderness! Your story could start anywhere! If you’re lucky enough maybe Euphoria will have a bed open! That’s if the raider groups don’t get you first!!
We are excited to meet you!
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2023.03.25 02:56 wh0man009 27 M4F - Bearded and athletic, new to SF and looking for a FWB

Hi there! I'm 27, 6'0", athletic, bearded, and I like to think pretty attractive. I recently to San Francisco for work so I'm looking for a FWB, I figured it might be easier to cut to the chase on reddit instead of the dating app treadmill. I can host and am sane (haha).
In bed, I'm both a huge giver and dominant (think light BDSM). I like to be rough and giving head is my absolute favorite. Also have a bit of a creampie kink (regularly tested, of course).
Outside of bed, I spend a lot of time cooking for friends, time in the sun with outdoor sports, and like trying my hand at landscape photography.
If any of this interests you, feel free to PM me and we can see where it goes!
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2023.03.25 02:56 Thegingersystem Nowhere to Turn - A Semi-Lit Zombie RP! (18+)

Come celebrate a year with us!!
In the year 2021, A deadly infectious disease escaped from its creators clutches. Sending the small county of Copeaka into chaos as they became ground zero of the zombie apocalypse. Survivors would soon find themselves shit out of luck of any help from military. Having to leave the safety of their homes for the threatening world outside in hopes of making it to the “safe locations” that had been promised by the government.
That was almost two years ago. Now, those who are left wonder the county looking for food or anything that could pass as. Raider groups terrorize those who are caught alone. While wondering survivors whisper of groups forming in different cities. Make shift signs along the roadways for a safe haven give the starving and lonely hope of finding their home.
Hey y’all!! We are an adult, semi lit, zombie apocalypse group! We have a loving staff! Amazing community! Great lore! And so many things to make your story stand out!
With locations ranging from city, to small town, to wilderness! Your story could start anywhere! If you’re lucky enough maybe Euphoria will have a bed open! That’s if the raider groups don’t get you first!!
We are excited to meet you!
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2023.03.25 02:56 BdaGrace Things that have helped me cope (fractured fibula)

While I realize that not everyone has the financial means to afford everything I am about to suggest, take from it what you will. My physically challenged daughter has always said “being disabled is expensive”. But since fracturing my fibula three weeks ago and having my lower leg entrapped by a fiberglass cast, otherwise known as a modern torture advice, I have learned a few things. And bought more than a few things. I have been amazed at how often I have thought “I wish I had something I had that did X”. And there it is on Amazon – something that does X. Disclaimer: I don’t work for Amazon and am not being paid anything for this – it’s just where I found what I needed.
1) Crutches hurt. After a couple of days on them I knew I was in trouble. My hands and underarms were bruised and I was terrified of slipping or falling backwards. And my cat was petrified by them. So I bought a knee scooter. About CAD180 on Amazon. I added a silly-looking basket and a gel cushion to save my knee and my life has been immeasurably improved. The biggest danger now is running over my cat, who is not the slightest bit afraid of it and keeps lying down behind me. I suspect I’ll be able to sell the scooter and its accoutrements when I’m done with it. 2) I was strongly advised at the Fracture Clinic that I should NEVER stick anything down my cast as I could injure my skin with it and possibly cause a dangerous infection. After developing an itch under the cast which resulted in a claustrophobic panic attack, I had my daughter bring me a chopstick. Just having it around calmed me and I rarely used it. Only problem – it’s too short. Back to Amazon. Bought a pair of flexible 18-inch plastic wands with knobbles (technical term) on the ends designed for gently rubbing away itches. No sharp edges and hopefully I’m not stupid enough to keep scratching til I bleed. About CAD20. 3) They also told me not to bother trying to shower. Very risky to get damp inside the cast, as it can cause skin issues and subsequent infection. Use dry shampoo, do my best with a damp washcloth, yadda, yadda. I’m someone who likes to shower once a day, wash my hair at least every other. I was miserable. I found what I can only describe as a giant leg condom on Amazon, with a small rubber hole at the top that snaps tight around the thigh and keeps the water out. (CAD36) But first I wrap a large plastic bag around my cast, tucking it into the top. After that a dishtowel, tucked down the top of the cast as well to absorb any drops that get as far as my leg. The giant condom goes over the top of that. So far I’ve had four showers and the cast has remained perfectly dry. 4) I am lucky enough to have a walk-in shower, and I bought one of those old-people shower stools to sit on under the spray. Works like a charm. 5) The fiberglass of the cast can destroy your bed sheets. I only have one set of sheets and I don’t want them destroyed. To the rescue – cast socks that cover the cast and zip at the top. CAD50 for a set of two. I would venture to suggest that you might get the same, albeit slightly noisier, result from a plastic bag with an elastic band around it. Worth a try. 6) And for anyone in a cold climate worried about frostbitten toes when you’re out and about, they sell a cast sock toe cover with a strap that clips around the heel for about CAD30. It also helps keep the bottom of the cast clean.
So there you go. Hope some of this helps any of you with a similar injury. And if anyone has any other suggestions I’d love to hear them!
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