Water bottle with covered straw

Bottle Cap Collecting

2012.09.08 07:00 Legoking Bottle Cap Collecting

This is the subreddit for all things related to bottle cap collecting. It can be a super fun hobby, especially when you have others helping you out. Our goal is to create a community of collectors/sellers/traders We focus on collecting and acquiring caps, rather than bottle cap art/stories/memorabilia

2013.08.13 06:58 MoonBasic The Best Water Bottle.

A place for Nalgene water bottle users to share their gear, discuss, and ask questions!

2015.08.27 04:59 Ace_of_Clubs Waterfilter (Just realizing now that it is not actually a filter, more of just a water fountain)

Do you ever get curious about how many people actually fill their water bottle up at water fountains? Well some have trackers and we track those trackers! (Just realizing now that it is not actually a filter, more of just a water fountain)

2023.03.30 18:43 TreeSuccessful7778 i’m 17 going to vietnam. would it be possible to sneak in alcohol on the plane if i put it in a water bottle?

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2023.03.30 18:42 Antelope-Nervous Nevada, 1 week

Heading to Summerlin, NV for a week, one bagging with a 28L pack. I'll be working from the hotel most of the time (little heavy on the tech side, unfortunately). Spare time will be spent wandering around, casual dining and hopefully soaking in some sun.
FWIW; I'm AFAB but don't identify on the gender binary and my style reflects that.
Lighterpack, for those interested.
And without further ado, the packing list. Any and all feedback is appreciated, though please be kind!
REI Ruckpack 28L
Arc'teryx Maka 2
Used as daily EDC when not working
Reusable Bag
Matador Transit Tote 18L
Folds up really small and lives in my sling
1 gallon Ziploc bag for clothing
1 quart Ziploc bag for toiletries
I reinforce the seams with duct tape to extend their lifespan as packing compression cubes
[Items with a \* are worn to travel]
*Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoody
I'll be traveling from a cold climate so this will be used in transit and overly air conditioned places.
*Proof 72-hour Merino Tee (x1)
Hanes Comfort Soft Tee (x2)
*Lululemon ABC Pant (x1)
Patagonia Baggies (x1)
*Nike Sports Bra (x1) (not pictured)
*Pair of Thieves Super Fit Trunks (x4)
*Darn Tough Run No-Show Socks (x2)
Nike Swimwear (x1)
*Vans Old Skool (definitely on the heavier side but using what I have)
Birkenstock Arizona EVA
*MVMT Watch
*Oliver People's Coleridge Glasses
Maui Jim RX Sunglasses
Andar Scout Wallet (with ID, 2-3 cards, some cash)
Merino Buff
L.L. Bean Cap
I'll be working throughout the trip, so this section is heavier than I'd like it to be!
iPhone 13 Mini
AirPods Pro
Kindle Paperwhite
Work Stuff
Macbook Pro
Magic Keyboard
Magic Mouse
Roost V3 Laptop Stand (not pictured)
Apple 61w
USB-C Block
USB-C Cord
Rolling Square
6-in-1 Charger
Anker PowerCore 5k
Dr. Bronners Unscented Soap (in repurposed hotel bottle)
Face wash
Moisturiser (in contact case)
Suncream (in repurposed hotel bottle)
Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss
Nail Clippers
Fragrance in travel size roll-on
HeroClip Carabiner (S)
FAK in LiteAF pouch; KT Tape, bandaids, ibp, anti-bac, etc.
Nite Ize DoohicKey
Kitsch Nylon Elastics x2
RX meds in Matador Pill Canister
Moleskine Pocket Notebook and pen
Sea to Summit Clothes Line
Matador NanoDry Trek Towel (S)
Toiletries packed up
Tech packed up
Misc stuff
Misc stuff packed up
Clothing packed
Worn clothing
Everything packed
How it all sits in pack (MacBook and keyboard in compartment behind)
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2023.03.30 18:42 bukkake_washcloth Anyone else get hailed on this morning?

I was riding my bike when it started and had to cover my face with my hand for a bit to stop the stinging. I know this isn’t normal weather at all, but I also have no frame of reference since I’ve only been here for about 6 months. Anyone else experience been thrown off by the weather lately?
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2023.03.30 18:42 DogshitHandGrenade PXMD - Mid-Day Update 3/30

PXMD - Mid-Day Update 3/30

Not financial advice. I am a potato. Do your own DD and make your own decisions

1 DILUTION The word of the month
I blame TRKA. A month ago 90% of the people on /ShortSqueeze and StockTwits didn’t even know what the word meant. Though it had something to do with chemistry class. TRKA woke everyone up to dilution but in a very extreme way. TRKA got f-cked. 600% dilution for zero dollars. This was epic, and it make dilution a nasty new word to the whole community.
Here is the reality on dilution. It is like inflation. EVERY COMPANY DILUTES EVERY QUARTER. Every one of them. From PXMD to Amazon. It is part of the business. 90% of companies are prudent in their dilution like PXMD is. TRKA, AMC, and a lot of them are screwing over shareholders by 100%+ dilutions. It’s gross and why TRKA deserves zero of anyone’s trust.
Every real professional investor knows when they price a stock in Aug 2022 IPO at $5.50 that the stock will experience dilution. It was especially known on a pre-revenue Pharma company. It’s just, do you trust the execs or not. It’s no different than having cash in your bank account but knowing the currency is going to inflate and you will lose purchasing power. You don’t go dump your dollars for pesos do you? As long as the dilution harvests cash, it’s pari passu.
What we saw on LINCOLN was a modest, 1.2m share offering to harvest $2.8 cash. This is a 10% dilution. There is nothing scary here. They got a really great capital injection that furthers their runway about 1.5 Quarters. I can see that maybe PXMD Execs were getting really nervous given the market sentiment and they wanted to modestly raise additional capital to weather a 2023 recession. They didn’t need to do this, but in their calculation it was prudent.

2 Mapping the LINCOLN Dilution
LINCOLN got 1.2m Shares for $2.33 average price. I want to know when those shares were given to LINCOLN and likely sold into the market.
I know it wasn’t before 2/2, or if it was, it was a minimal amount because. This is because the exchange cap in the 2/2 LIND agreement made clear that on that date 12m shares was 20% of the outstanding. Prior to this outstanding was 11.7m. So MAYBE LINCOLN could have received at most 100k shares Pre-2/2 LIND agreement.

Here is how I think the sale schedule went:
Pre-2/2 – 100k – @$2.3
2/3 – 300k - $2.70
2/6 – 250k @ 2.97
2/10-2/22 – 75k / trading day – ~600k @ $2.11

This gets you the 1.2m shares and it has a weighted average of just near $2.33. So I imagine it went something like that. I’ll explain the dates.
2/3 and 2/6 had very high volume and high prices. I can see PXMD just wanting to be opportunistic now that the LIND agreement was closed. Not what I would have done, but perhaps they were nervous given the shaky market that they need to start squirreling away cash even at lower prices than they wanted to. They still did a very limited sell to limit dilution as much as possible.
From 2/10-2/22 you see a stairstep down in price. I think they sold 75k on each of these days. When you look at the CTB over this period you can see it stepping down. This makes sense as more volume becomes available to borrow. The CTB continues to step down as the brokers adjust to the new amount of shares in the system. We are still at an INSANE 400%+ CTB.

Batches of sales in white, CTB stepping down in Green Line
It is my belief that LINCOLN sold all of these immediately upon receiving them on those date. You can see it in the price action stepping down. Also LINCOLN has never held over 600k shares because they would have forced them to report it to the SEC. If LINCOLN did hold 600k shares through this low period in February they would have certainly sold on 3/14 where there was 19m volume and price spiked to $2.90.

3 So What Happens Next
This changes nothing for the shorts. The FF is now around 2.0m shares, up from 818k shares. It is still highly likely the float is locked up by retail, it is only $4m after all which is nothing given the number of followers on this stock.
How do I know this changes nothing for the shorts? The CTB is still well above 400%, that means despite the dilution and high FF the stock is extremely hard to borrow. When you look at the Interactive Brokers you see there are still no shares available.

Nothing about my chart from my Youtube video that I’ve been showing about shorts being underwater has changed. The calculations had nothing to do with dilution. They massively shorted the bottom of a stock and they’re stuck here bleeding.
Shorts still need to cover 500k shares in a stock where nobody is selling. Even the smallest amount of covering is causing massive spikes. This will continue.
Ortex will update the FF and it will appear like Short% took a huge dive. This does not mean shorts covered. You will now want to pay attention to the bottom number which is the total amount of short shares. That number will not change other than it’s normal daily fluctuations.

This play is still on, this is still a massively shorted stock. I went back to my first DD from last week on PXMD and we were all excited because Short% was 40%.
The reason for the short% going down today is because some retail is selling and some shorts are covering with retail shares. This has appeared to stop at $2.08 solid floor. Now the waiting game is back on. Shorts are still bleeding and some of them are going to want to take this opportunity to cover lower, sooner.
The only thing I am changing to my strategy is where I sell. The dream of $7 to 10 is looking more difficult to achieve in a squeeze in my opinion because there are more shares in the float which means more changes for retail to capitulate and give up their shares for a gain and resolve the shorts. I can still see this spiking to $5. Shorts unfortunately for them, despite the modest increase in free float are in the same position. They are bleeding and need to cover or hope you all sell your shares down here.
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2023.03.30 18:42 partydanimull Firenock removal

Does anyone have any tips on removing a firenock to change the battery? I've struggled with this in the past to the point where I've broken knocks off in the arrow, making the arrow unusable. Typically I just ruin the nock itself. I love the firenocks but am considering switching due to this. Has anyone experienced this issue, and does anyone have a good solution? I starting putting the nock end in hot water before removal. This helps some but it's still difficult to get them out.
I'm shooting Easton 5mm axis arrows, fyi.
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2023.03.30 18:42 Living_Telephone2678 How would a real Alien encounter change the world?

Like there’s an actual encounter multiple seen and recorded and posted all over the internet with no cover ups.
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2023.03.30 18:42 commoncents1 Candle Biz Basics, business, safety, liability

As there are many new aspiring candle makers on these threads, there is a lot of critical information gaps. As a candle making community it is important that everyone knows the basics to have a safe fun passion for candles. Any uninformed candle maker unknowingly flirting with danger or proper knowledge can impact the entire candle making community via bad publicity. The media loves the sensational click bait wow factor stories.
It would make for a good pinned post to cover the basics so new people have basic overview. Here are a few I've noticed that people don't know much about. Others should chime in as this is bare minimum.
Before giving away or especially selling candles:
  1. you better know ASTM candle safety standards ,as well as for vessel standards. ASTM covers MINIMUM safety basics everyone should know. they are MINIMUM! safety standards!!! ..... flame height, vessel shock testing, vessel tilt test, candle labeling warnings, secondary ignition etccc....
  2. you better know what flashpoint testing is for fragrances, waxes, and your finished candles
  3. you better have liability insurance BEFORE you distribute or sell any candles. one claim will wipe you out of everything you have. defending yourself w/out insurance will prob wipe you out of everything you have personally.
  4. you should have a business organization set up before you distribute or sell candles, see your cpa or business attorney for proper business org form (LLC, C, S-corp) for what makes best sense for you. one claim will wipe you out of everything you have personally.
  5. candle product SDS safety data sheet, what info do you have on your completed product for consumers?
If you dont know 1-5 thoroughly at a bare Minimum, you should not sell or distribute your candles until you do so.
Have fun with the hobby making for yourself and experimenting, but remember these are combustible products in your and others homes. Not like burning a batch of brownies. Once it turns to making candles for others or for sale. It gets much more serious and should be taken seriously.
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2023.03.30 18:41 Basilikon A contemporary "protein shake" is just whey, a byproduct of cheesemaking, dissolved in water or milk. How old is the practice of drinking this for strength or fitness purposes? If I trained for the ancient Olympics would I be scooping protein powder into a ceramic shaker bottle?

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2023.03.30 18:41 unknowny_userishy What if humans are spying on Zootopia as aliens

Now this sounds weird but hear me out. I had theory in mind that Zootopia was an experiment made by Human Scientists as a way of demonstrating how human civilization work. the theory goes like this. long ago before the world Zootopia was created, human scientist made an artificial planet filled with plant life and a working ecosystem, so they experiment with animals fused with human DNA and release them on their artificial earth, they observe their finding through a space ship. but why they didn't use monkeys or apes you may asked? Well probably it's because that they don't want to get mixed up with their earth, and starting the human race again is going to be an issue for them. And so as they continue with their experiments, they decided to land their space ship on one spot, but however some of them witness the landing so they tried to tell the others and got up ducted, many of them are in a great panic and so to as cover up the scientist created an artificial city where the ship landing takes place, and they decided to called it "Zootopia"
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2023.03.30 18:41 Adept_Explanation_97 I love "Phantasm Spiral", but they need more support for consistency.

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2023.03.30 18:41 BidanshiOne Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner, UV Sanitizer for Dentures, Aligner, Retainer, Night Mouth Guard, Whitening Trays, Toothbrush Head, Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine for All Dental Appliances, Jewelry... For USA 🇺🇸... Price $54.98... Inbox me

Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner, UV Sanitizer for Dentures, Aligner, Retainer, Night Mouth Guard, Whitening Trays, Toothbrush Head, Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine for All Dental Appliances, Jewelry... For USA 🇺🇸... Price $54.98... Inbox me submitted by BidanshiOne to AmazonReviewClub [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 18:41 milehighphillygirl Getting Ready to Submit Fiance to Spouse Visa. Second Set of Eyes Appreciated

This is our document list. Are we missing anything?
Identity Documents
Identity Documents for UK Citizen Step-Son (per checklist)
Proof of Marriage/Relationship
Proof of Residence / Accommodation
Proof of Living Together (3)
Proof of Employment/Income (4)
  1. When filling out the application, the options for the home where I will live were "I own," "I rent," or "Other." I selected other and explained my husband owns the property but we will add me to the mortgage and council tax once I have a residential visa. The form spit back a tick box saying I need proof of ownership of the house, ID for the owner, and a letter stating I have permission to live there. So, much like the fiance visa, we're having my husband do a letter that states I have permission to live in his house, gives details his house, his employment, and his custody arrangements for his son.
  2. As mentioned in a previous post, when we were filling out the form, it spat out some weird questions regarding custody of my husband's son (my stepson) who is a UK citizen by birth (he was born in the UK to two UK citizens). We're including the documents requested, which were proof of his mom's residence with him and a birth certificate. It asked if he had a passport--I learned he did but it expired recently. The form wouldn't let me put in an expired passport's validity dates, so we ticked "no" to the question of whether the child had a passport but included a scan of the expired one and explained in both the cover letter and my husband's the wonkiness with the form. For proof of address, he recently took some mock exams. The school sent home a letter about the results to both our house and his mom's house. We have a scan of that letter since it shows her name and address and is regarding the step-son, so it should cover proof he lives with her part time and what her address is?
  3. We also know we don't have to prove cohabitation since we're fiance visa to spousal visa, and we indicated such in my cover letter and his letter as my sponsor, but since I was able to get a revolut account 7 days after I entered the UK, we thought it was good to include proof that since the day I landed, I've been cohabitating with him. It also shows my account opened in my maiden name and my most recent statement in my married name in case they have any confusion about that.
  4. We're sending in 6 months + current month since last time we applied we included the month we applied as one of the 6 months and they requested an additional month later in the process. Might have been an error on the ECO's part, but we'd rather be safe than sorry.
Anything we're missing?
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2023.03.30 18:41 Adventurous_Pea_4046 AITA for taking my step-daughter to the doctor?

So a couple months ago my step-daughter came home with a nasty infection under her eye the covered a decent amount of her face. It was so bad it looked like it had blistered.
Her mother told us that she had it for almost a week and that when her "nurse" mother-in-law came to visit looked at it and said it was fine and she should just cover it with a bandaid.
The next day was Monday and my my step-daughter developed a small fever. Because of the infection I was worried that it was causing the fever and she could get much worse really fast if we didn't do anything. I do have permission from her father my fiance to take her to the doctor.
Took her to the doctor, where we found out that it was a very serious and contagious infection, that could have lead to serious complications especially since it was located in the death zone of her face. I made the comment that step-daughters grandma (mom's mother-in-law) is not a doctor.
This got back to her mom, mom messages fiance telling him I'm a cow, tells him to keep his dog in her cage, claims I had no right to take her to the doctor, since mother in law looked at it and said it was fine.
She since then has blocked me and refuses to talk to me. It's nice not gunna lie.
But AITA for saying the mother-in-law isn't a doctor and taking my step-daughter to the doctor when she was sick and her father was at work?
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2023.03.30 18:40 EstebanFloresRamirez How do I help my dog?

Our dog has fungus and it's so itchy to the point she bites the skin off her paws and she has nasty bloody wounds on her poor paws. The vet told my dad to wash our dog 3 times a week with special shampoo that fights fungus, but my dad refuses to wash our dog and says "the vet isn't always right". Dog salon's are too expensive and I can't wash our dog myself because 1. She's to heavy for me to lift upstairs to the bathroom 2. It's too cold outside for her to be washed. I've told my dad I could wash our dog myself in my little bathroom downstairs that has no shower with some water in a bucket and dog shampoo, but he doesn't want the drain to be clogged. She wines, scratches, suffers and bites herself until she bleeds and she has a lot of bald spots. What can i do?
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2023.03.30 18:40 -Gypsy-Eyes- I love soft drinks. Could I really drink a whole 2Litre bottle of Fanta Zero (which is apparently only 64kcal) almost every day, and have it not affect my weight loss, as long as I'm in a calorie deficit with everything I eat??

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2023.03.30 18:40 LocationOk1668 Everything You Need to Know About Bluehost Domain - A Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking for a reliable web hosting provider that offers great domain registration services, then Bluehost is definitely worth considering. With over two million domains registered with them, Bluehost is a leading web hosting company that offers a range of hosting solutions including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.
In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about Bluehost domain. We will cover the benefits of using Bluehost domain, how to register a domain with Bluehost, and the various features that come with Bluehost domain registration.
Benefits of Using Bluehost Domain
One of the main benefits of using Bluehost domain is that it comes with a free domain name for the first year. This means that when you sign up for a hosting plan with Bluehost, you get a domain name of your choice for free. This can save you a significant amount of money, especially if you are just starting out with your website.
Another benefit of using Bluehost domain is that they offer a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage your domain. You can easily update your DNS settings, set up email accounts, and access your domain control panel with just a few clicks.
How to Register a Domain with Bluehost
Registering a domain with Bluehost is a simple and straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Go to Bluehost.com and click on the "Domains" tab.
  2. Search for the domain name you want to register.
  3. Select the domain name you want and click "Continue."
  4. Fill out the necessary information to create your Bluehost account.
  5. Choose your hosting plan and complete the checkout process.
Once you have completed the checkout process, your domain name will be registered with Bluehost, and you can start building your website.
Features of Bluehost Domain
Bluehost domain comes with a range of features that make it an excellent choice for website owners. Some of these features include:
  1. Free SSL certificate
  2. Domain privacy protection
  3. Easy domain management
  4. Automatic domain renewal
  5. 24/7 customer support
Raksmart - Your Go-To Destination for Web Hosting Services
If you are looking for a reliable web hosting provider that offers excellent services, then Raksmart is definitely worth considering. Raksmart is a leading web hosting company that offers a range of hosting solutions including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.
With Raksmart, you get access to a range of features including unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 customer support, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Plus, they offer affordable pricing plans that make it easy to get started with your website.
If you are interested in learning more about Raksmart and their web hosting services, be sure to check out their website at https://www.raksmart.com.
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2023.03.30 18:40 RiLiva Head gasket issues

Hey so my 2016 Ford focus ST had been blowing white smoke out the exhaust so I took it to Ford to get it checked out.
They wanted to charge $1,300 just for the tear down (I posted the invoice of what’s wrong). But when I got it back to take it somewhere else the amount of smoke coming out of my exhaust is 1,000 times worse to the point where now I can smell it in my car and a massive cloud forms.
I drove it less than a block and got it towed instead to my house. This change is so drastic for them saying they did nothing but turn it on and scan the codes for the check engine light I had.
I called them to see what the hell is going on and they are obviously going to say they did nothing (exactly what happened) and it’s the car.
I spoke with the manager and he said he’d talk to Corporate Ford and see if they’d honor my cars warranty because I’m a year and 17k miles over. He said sometimes they’ll cover some of the repair cost but he wants to me to commit to a portion I’m willing to pay for “him to go to bat for me” because it’s time consuming to do the request.
I’m not sure much about the cost of repairing all this so I was wondering if anyone could advise on this?
The Manager asked if I could commit to something like $3k which I’m sure is what he wants me to say.
Honestly thinking about filing a consumer complaint to the CBAR because this just seems crazy that in less than 24 hours with my car parked at the dealership the car is way worse. I probably just do not know enough to understand this could happen which is why I’m posting here.
Thanks to anyone that helps. If you guys need more information let me know.
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2023.03.30 18:40 sandy_80 fishing for the BIGGEST red herring ..my KAK THEORY

I find it VERY VERY ironic ...that this LE kept hitting us with top secrecy tactics so they can
avoid false confessions .
eventually.. they went and basically fished for one..
all agencies working on this case.. can not be accused of understanding the case , witnesses or evidence ..or any intelligence at all
they started by raiding several households ..including kak ..after they discovered one girl was possibly catfished by him..but he wasn't followed at all concerning his crimes against minors..and was free for around 3 years doing it
since going in all the wrong directions ..and after KAK was brought up in the spotlight again with his crimes ..LE saw another chance to get back to him and his bad dad ...because its very convenient ( cause whats the use of evidence and witnesses anyway )
NOW .. KAK is in deep waters ..and comes this LE THROWING him a bone ..pressure upon pressure and the media and the murder sheet on top of it ( they all say you must know something )
and as the BIG liar that he is.. he doesn't disappoint and decided to throw his dad to the dogs ( the bad dad who didnt bail him out ) ..he thinks he can play a game ..and i think this is his game
he will say ..he doesn't know anything except that his dad did it..and he was there ( only waiting in the car ) ..he can tell there is a knife and /or a gun ..and that they went and threw the weapons in the river and burned the clothes...he is only a witness/ unwilling participant and he wants a deal
LE supposingly the most cautious le in history ..the most ready for any fake confessors who dares ..decides to swallow this pill ..but only in SECRET ..but then we have the MS standing by exposing ( the river search )
the one that went in for over a month.. and cost god know what of state money ( and was empty)
just then THE REAL FISH IS CAUGHT ..and KAK is rendered a big red herring
is this good for an ID channel episode
ive built my theory on watching all threads and connecting the dots
but its stays a thoery
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2023.03.30 18:40 timscream1 I finally got candi syrup right. Here is my protocol

I really dig Belgian beers, I made my candi syrup myself since rock candi sugar and candi syrups are just too expensive.
I will try to be concise here.
Big shout-out to this guy who inspired me getting into this project.
Let's start: candi syrup is not the same as inverted syrup. It is inverted and went through the Maillard reaction instead of caramelization.
The work of the person I linked above mentioned that candi syrup is just sugar with various amount of DAP. It kinda work and can get a decent product.
Pros: tastes great
Cons: reeks of ammonia, tends to crystallize and is probably not completely inverted.
The goal of this project was:
1) To get ~100% inversion 2) To get those Maillard reaction products that are so yummy.
Inverted syrup is more easily fermented and does not crystallize like a concentrated saccharose solution.
Inversion can happen without addition of an acid but is best done in acidic conditions
The problem: The Maillard reaction does not happen in acidic conditions and is completely inhibited under pH 4. You also need an amine to react with sugars. Monosaccharides (glucose/fructose...) are in equilibrium between a linear and ring conformation, the maillard reaction happens on the linear form of the sugar. Having inverted the sugar creates therefor a better condition for the reaction to happen (Fructose in saccharose is locked in a circular conformation)
What you will need:
- Table sugar
- A precision scale
- Tartaric acid (I optimized it for this one, it is not the same as cream of tartar)
- A thermometer
- pure DAP (not mixed with Urea!). I found info on a french speaking belgian forum about people using ammonium carbonate, I haven't tried it but I will detail it.
Step 1: Inversion of the sugar
Add 0.5g of tartaric acid in 500g of table sugar, cover with just enough water to dissolve it
Once it is completely dissolved, stop stirring, lower the heat and bring it up to 116 - 120 C for 20 min. If you are aiming for a golden syrup, it is important to stay at 120C or lower. Otherwise, it's ok.
Step 2: neutralize the acid and kick start the Maillard reaction.
/!\ Here is some basic chemistry, sorry for that
You need to add an equal amount of DAP molecule than the number of tartaric acid molecules. It is not the same amount in mass. This is referred as "quantity of matter" and the units for that are "moles".
Tartaric acid is a diacid: it is able to give 2 hydrogen ions to acidify the solution. Conveniently, in DAP, the phosphate is able to take up one two hydrogen ions. In other words: 1 molecule of DAP neutralizes 1 molecule of tartaric acid.
0.5g of tartaric acid = 0.0033 moles
0.0033 moles of DAP = 0.46 g
This scales up linearly, if you don't want to do the math, just multiply by 2 for 1kg, 3 for 1.5kg and so on.
If using ammonium carbonate, you need 0.32g.
Once the DAP is added, stir quickly. The color change will be immediate from pale yellow to golden. It won't smell like ammonia
Step 3: bring your syrup to the temperature you desire
This is a bit a personal choice. If you want it golden, slowly bring it up to 121-123C
You can increase the temperature on medium heat but be aware that when you reach 140C, things go fast and within a minute you can go from a no burnt sugar flavor and rich plums, figs and dates taste to a slightly burnt sugar.
Step 4: Stall the reaction
Add water (for 500g of sugar I added about 120 mL to my syrup at 141C) to bring the temperature down under 110C. Stir fast and vigorously, it may splash.
Step 4: make a 80% sugar syrup / 20 % water.
This happens at 112C. Once you get there, take your pot and put it in cold water, stirring, to bring down the temperature. Once it is cool enough, transfer it to a clean jar and put it in the fridge. It won't crystallize and will keep for a long time.
That's it! Happy Belgian beer brewing and cheers!
Here are two outcomes of the process: https://imgur.com/a/bftA3FE
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2023.03.30 18:39 Hobbitsliketoparty Moved into a new house and found mouse droppings in the cabinets and on dishware/etc.

As the title says...New house and new roommates. They've been there for years and I don't know either of them. I moved in yesterday and found mouse droppings and urine in some of the cabinets. It's an older house, so I guess it's to be expected. However, it's disgusting and they spread disease. Actually, my best friend almost died from the hantavirus. I don't even want to use the kitchen and admittedly it's giving me bad anxiety.
So, how can I disinfect wood cabinets that have clearly been in contact with rodents? Wipe it all down with 1:10 bleach and water?
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2023.03.30 18:39 Hobbitsliketoparty Moved into a new house and found mouse droppings in the cabinets and on dishware/etc.

As the title says...New house and new roommates. They've been there for years and I don't know either of them. I moved in yesterday and found mouse droppings and urine in some of the cabinets. It's an older house, so I guess it's to be expected. However, it's disgusting and they spread disease. Actually, my best friend almost died from the hantavirus. I don't even want to use the kitchen and admittedly it's giving me bad anxiety.
So, how can I disinfect wood cabinets that have clearly been in contact with rodents? Wipe it all down with 1:10 bleach and water?
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2023.03.30 18:39 Christina_Beena Looking for a mid-90s Rolling Stone article about watching MTV for 24 hours straight

Hello! I tried posting this in an RS subreddit, but it doesn't look like there are enough people to help out. Sometime in 1994-1996 (I hope), there was an article in Rolling Stone where the writer holed up in a hotel room and watched MTV for 24 hours straight. It read like a diary of him descending into madness. I thought it was hilarious. I cannot remember the writer, but I know he wasn't anyone famous at the time. I can't remember the title either. I remember the image was a naked dude screaming on the floor with either a keyboard or a laptop covering his junk. I also remember that in the following issue, multiple letters to the editor called out how bad the article was, and I was pissed because I loved it. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? I sure hope so, this is driving me nuts
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