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Birthday Dinner Ideas for People w/ Young Kids

2023.06.01 19:10 sfnative88 Birthday Dinner Ideas for People w/ Young Kids

Hi Long Beach,
Looking for restaurant ideas to celebrate an upcoming birthday. It’s for an adult, and we’ll have two families with 4 kids under 3 years old.
I’m new to Long Beach, so don’t know of any good spots with good food, sit down, and that can cater to young kids. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just comfortable and a good ambiance.
Maybe American, Mexican, or Vietnamese.
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2023.06.01 18:52 proyectossvuv Si este restaurant fuera en mexico creen que la cocina seria mejor que la española? Yo creo que si sinceramente, Mexico tiene una de las cocinas más potentes

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2023.06.01 17:41 gemino1990 Just got back home- here’s my review

My family of four stayed at the Conrad which is really close to Akumal for 6 days and then one night in Cancun before we left.
We rented a car from easyway which was no problem at all except I am still waiting to get the deposit back. I was really paranoid about being pulled over after reading some posts on here but we never had an issue. Renting a car was nice, but driving into Tulum was kind of a nightmare with the car. Parking was extremely hard to find and the cops at the beginning of town really made me nervous. The other drivers in Mexico are really aggressive so you have to pay close attention to avoid accidents.
The resort we stayed at was beautiful and the seaweed really wasn’t an issue until a storm came in on one of our last nights and then we could really see what everyone was talking about. There was tons of seaweed floating and the water looked brown instead of the pretty blue that we saw all the days before. We did have an issue at checkin where our room wasn’t ready at 6pm which was extremely frustrating considering we had been traveling since 3am that morning and we were wearing sweatpants and tennis shoes. We also brought a 12 pack of beer to the resort and the staff misplaced it. I had to ask about it and then they figured out where it was and brought it to our room. Our problems were resolved with a $100 credit to our bill. The restaurants and alcohol on our resort were extremely expensive. Luckily the 2 adults got free breakfast every day and we mostly went off the resort to stock up on booze and snacks and sometimes ate a late lunch in town.
We visited Akumal and I loved it much more than Tulum. It was much less stressful to park and we took the snorkel tour with the turtles and the beach was nice there.
We also went to casa tortugas cenotes which was a really great experience just make sure you bring a waterproof cellphone case and cash rather than card.
On our way back to Cancun we stopped at playa del Carmen which was really beautiful and had tons of shopping. Lots of people thought we were Canadian and we constantly trying to pull us into their shops placing necklaces on my daughters and pressuring us to buy shit we didn’t want. We ended up avoiding 5th avenue on the walk back to our car so we wouldn’t get hassled.
Cancun was actually really awesome because everything was so convenient. ATMs were easy to find and the hotel we stayed at was walking distance from all the cool stuff.
The cons:
Not following advice on how to convert money was super annoying. We found ourselves searching for a working atm multiple times and we were paranoid about using the random ones in Tulum. Our hotel had two machines but the pesos machine was out of order and the usd machine charged us nearly $30 to take out $200. I got ripped off $20 at a money exchange in playa del Carmen where the lady said I gave her $20 less than I did and then when I called her out she said “no ingles” I realized I shouldn’t have tried to convert as much money as I did and that would have helped in that scenario.
Also got ripped off at the gas station. I gave the guy a $20 and turned around and he had $1 in his hand instead. At the time I didn’t realize what had happened so I didn’t know until we got back to the hotel and I read the post on here and realized that’s a common scam.
In Cancun we were set on eating tacos and we found this little taco shop that we had to go get money out for. We came back and sat down and started to order and the lady told us all the prices on the menu were actually 20 pesos more than what was listed. It was a slap in the face but we paid it anyway.
And the last downside is that because we did eat off the resort a few times, my husband and I are suffering from diarrhea still.
Overall we had a great time but it does feel shitty being taken advantage of because I’m a white tourist. I want to support these Mexican vendors but found myself sticking to shops where prices are listed to avoid being haggled and ripped off. Oh an we never had any moment where we didn’t feel safe.
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2023.06.01 17:23 Ambitious-Guidance97 Bistro 50% off timeframe

Bistro 50% off timeframe
Pa clarify lang. Dapat before 2 p.m. mag bill out na kami? Or pwede basta 2 p.m. naka-order na kami?
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2023.06.01 14:46 DittoDepot Am I being lame?

Ever since hitting my mid 30s, I have really been over the bar scene here in my area. My boyfriend on the other hand still enjoys going out and getting drunk with his friends. And he would usually comment on how I’m lame and boring for not wanting to go out to the bar every week.
Cut to this weekend. My boyfriend was invited to a wedding Friday night. That didn’t include a guest so I was not invited. These are for people I wouldn’t say are our friends but associates, people we only see when we go out and about to the bars. Outside of that I have zero communication with this group of people . I have no plans Friday night but my boyfriend let me know that there is an after after party after this wedding that it’s going to take place at a popular bar near the wedding venue. This bar is about 35 minutes away from where we live, and I know my boyfriend let me know about these after after party because he wants me to join him at the bar Friday night. I would totally be down to go for a drink out but honestly I don’t want to go to this after after wedding event. It’s for an event I wasn’t invited to people I’m not necessarily friends with. I can’t drink since I’m going to have to drive back home 35 minutes away. And I know my boyfriends going to think I’m lame and boring for not going.
Honestly, I’d rather if I do go out just grab a margarita at a Mexican restaurant near the house and chill at home. Because I hate waking up hung over and being a total waste of space and feeling like shit the next day. I want to go shopping and do different things different things over the weekend and open to meeting up with actual close friends for a drink or something over the weekend. But I know me not going to this event is going to cut into the quality time that me and my boyfriend spend over the weekend. Because I know he’s going to go drinking at the bar after this wedding and attend all the after after parties and then he’s going to sleep the entire weekend because he’s going to be so hung over. He tends to do this most weekends.
Am I being a bump on the log for not wanting to go to this after after party and not wanting to be in the bar scene as heavy as my boyfriend? We are both in our mid to late 30s.
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2023.06.01 13:26 chilemonster2021 FRONTIER RESTAURANT PRODUCTS

The greatest New Mexican cuisine is available at Chile Monster, your one-stop shop for inexpensive and delectable meals, spices, snacks, cookbooks, and more. Bring any of our Frontier restaurant items home, including tortillas, frozen roasted chiles, green chile salsa, chile stew, chile pork posole, and the finest breakfast burritos. We offer flavours to satisfy every appetite you may have. Check out all of the Frontier goods that would make excellent kitchen additions. You've come to the perfect location whether you're looking for a specific dish or want to sample one of our many cuisines. Choose your favourites or completely try something new. Shop with ease for Frontier supplies as well as other distinctive products from various restaurants and brands on our website. We have all the flavours you enjoy in our shop, whether they are savoury, spicy, hot, or sweet. Browse through our high-quality items at your own pace.
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2023.06.01 03:42 Ottomatica I had a Curb moment today

I had lunch at a sit in Mexican restaurant today with some coworkers. My bill was just short of $9. I paid via credit and gave a $20 bill to the waitress. I asked for change so I could give her a cash tip. You know what she brought back? A ten and two fives. Come on!!
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2023.06.01 03:36 endlessvolo Recently ate at koko's (mexican) in coconut grove

It was pretty good!
Newly opened about 2 weeks ago, Koko by Bakan Restaurant group in Coconut Grove sports good mexican food for the weary shopper or anyone looking for something fun, jovial whimsical and light. A good date place, a good lunch place. I would use all these to describe this restaurant with margaritas, fundidos, tacos and burritos. But when it comes down to a serious dish for a family, the Asado A La Lena Para Taquear Estilo El Mercado De Oaxaca with meat selection.
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2023.06.01 03:14 DarwinsKoala Me after dollar burrito night at my favorite Mexican restaurant...

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2023.06.01 02:50 kjt3599 Tips/Suggestions for a Low-Budget solo round trip

I am a 24 year old photographer about to embark on my first big photography project. I'm taking solo round-trip from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Santa Cruz, California to New York City, taking as many memorable shots along the way.
This is obviously a big stretch... even for me, so I am doing it on a low budget. Aside from potential photo ops along any of these routes, I'm looking for free campsites, cheap motels, restaurants, rest areas, etc . . .
Any tips/ suggestions would be very helpful this summer.
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2023.06.01 02:49 thickie-k Food in Dallas, TX sucks.

For context, I lived in San Diego for most of my adult life up until last year and so I was definitely spoiled in that respect with there being so many good food options. I moved over to Dallas and I have yet to find a good restaurant especially one that is local to Dallas. Some decent chains, yes, but the chains I’ve tried are worse here than other locations I’ve tried!! I’ve also had food in Austin and Houston, and it’s completely different. I’ve had jaw-dropping mexican food from a food truck in Austin and damn near everything I tried in Houston was delicious. I have yet to find anything remotely as tasty in Dallas. Why is the food so shit here?? I cook at home so I can usually make the food I want but when I’m looking for a pick-me-up meal in Dallas I’ve had 0 luck. Today I tried another place that had a 4.5 star rating and it was so bad I had to make this post. Plz give me ur best Dallas hits because i’m tired of having to navigate this maze of shit food options and continue wasting money
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2023.06.01 01:21 Im_Reina Where Vibes Outshine the Guac!

Where Vibes Outshine the Guac!
Cantina's: Where Vibes Outshine the Guac!
Let me start by saying that Cantina's is a Mexican restaurant that knows how to set the mood. With vibrant decorations and lively music, it's the perfect place to shake your maracas and have a fiesta. However, when it comes to the food, let's just say it left me wanting more.
I ordered their rice bowl, hoping for a taste explosion, and let's just say I would've hopped over to Chipotle's bowl in a heartbeat. Sadly, it fell flat like a deflated piñata. The flavors were a bit underwhelming, and I found myself daydreaming about guacamole that could have been.
To make matters worse, the food took a whopping two hours to make its grand entrance to my table. I guess Cinco De Mayo had the kitchen dancing the salsa, but still, two hours? Any random guy at the bar could have grown a full mustache while I waited for my meal!
But fear not, dear amigos, for I am determined to give Cantina's a fair shot. Perhaps it was just the holiday madness that threw things off balance. Next time, I'll explore their menu and see if another dish can redeem their reputation. Who knows, maybe their tacos will make me do the Mexican hat dance!
So, if you're seeking a lively atmosphere and a chance to practice your salsa moves, Cantina's is the place to be. Just be prepared for a hit-or-miss food experience. And for the love of tacos, avoid going on Cinco De Mayo unless you have an eternity to spare.
⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3/5)
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2023.06.01 00:58 Annabee43 People who aren’t undergrads, do you live in Clemson, greenville or somewhere else?

I may get a full time job at Clemson. I’m considering moving to Greenville and commuting to Clemson rather than living in the town. Would love to hear an insiders knowledge on the general personalities of the area and where people my age hangout.
Some context: my bf and I are in our late twenties, looking for close access to a soccer league, breweries, artsy things, a decent Mexican/Thai restaurant.
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2023.06.01 00:54 hell0potato Another post asking for hotel advice...(kid-friendly AI)

Spouse and I went to PV for 2 weeks in 2013, over xmas and NYE and it was amazing. We stayed in a little boutique hotel right in ZR (villa olivia) and loved it. We are generally adventurous travelers (been to 6 continents) and did things like taking the bus to the botanical garden, eating at tons of amazing local restaurants, walking all over town when it poured down rain for two days, etc. One of my fondest memories is sitting on the balcony, eating our daily pre-dinner snack of pico de gallo and fresh tortilla chips from the mercado down the street with cold beers. I live in San Diego and I have still not been able to find PdG that rivals that.
Anyway, now we have two kids.... and are exhausted. We just want a vacation where we can turn our brains off and not worry about safety (bc kids, not bc Mexico) or driving (carseats, etc). So... I think we want an all inclusive resort.
I realize it will be a completely different experience and the food will probably be meh, but here we are. We are not even going soon, but I REALLY need something to look forward to and plan. This is the first stage of planning, after going down a google rabbit hole last night. The sheer options of the AI resorts and trying to compare all of them is hurting my sleep deprived brain.
About us/what are priorities are:
Priorities for trip
What would you recommend? TIA!
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2023.06.01 00:37 vt9876 Las Vegas woman collides with restaurant, cars while attempting parking lot murder: police

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2023.06.01 00:36 vt9876 Las Vegas woman collides with restaurant, cars while attempting parking lot murder: police

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2023.06.01 00:28 plague_witch13 Thinking about moving to vegas

So my fiancée and i both chefs, we were thinking about moving to Nevada to grow our culinary careers. I would love to take Amaury Guichon pastry course, and my mom said she would help us move over there and pay for the course. My fiancée is willing to work anywhere. Any advice for the work environment in Las Vegas?
I feel like my area is very limited on options
One day, we want to have our own restaurants and bakery. We also wana grow our food knowledge and better job opportunities.
My mom says that we should take advantage that we are young and don't have kids to work and learn wherever we want.
I feel kinda lost, i don't know what to do
I used to work for a big hotel chain, and i got screwed over by HR, im scared to go work for another hotel again. I tried finding restaurant/ bakery jobs near me, and i feel like it's not good. I had to leave one because of a roach infestation, and some fell on top of me, crawled all over me, and my food prep. Some places had really shitty people and not clean. My last few jobs i haven't been working with food just selling or being a hostess.
I just want to be paid a livable wage and work in a place that feels good to work in.
Any advice would be helpful. Please and thank you
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2023.05.31 23:36 EatinSLOCal Bear City Social [Food Truck] - Review

Bear City Social [Food Truck] - Review
When we started Eatin’ SLOCal, we had a dilemma. Our mission statement was to focus on reviewing the restaurants in the city of San Luis Obispo, you won’t see us posting things from elsewhere in the county, a neighboring county, LA/SF, or somewhere else in the world (unless it’s April Fools’ Day – that was fun). So while we love our local food trucks, it presented a dilemma as they often operate outside of the city and they’re often never in the same spot. Therefore, we landed on a rule – if a food truck/stall/etc. operates at least once a week within town at the same spot, they can be featured on Eatin’ SLOCal, which is why I was happy to see a handful of food trucks take up a parking spot at The Kitchen Terminal and that brings us to our final featured burger spot during #NationalBurgerMonth at Bear City Social.
\"Elote Style\" Cauliflower Taco (left) and Linguica & Eggs Taco (right)
📍The Kitchen Terminal SLO, 4750 Allene Way, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Bear City Social is a food truck that does the Runway Wednesdays out at the Kitchen Terminal, a collection of local food trucks that have been gathering since the end of last November to put on a weekly lunch service (and formerly early dinner service too that has seemingly been axed). Their navy blue truck has been around since April of 2021, starting out by frequenting Tent City in Atascadero. At The Kitchen Terminal, they have a table with four seats out and a table with utensils, napkins, condiments, and complimentary sunscreen, which I found to a be a nice touch, there’s no real shade in the area. Check their socials for upcoming stops and hours, Runway Wednesdays are from 11 AM – 3 PM at The Kitchen Terminal.
Humpty Dumpty Smashie
The Featured Menu has the BCS Smashie (a classically topped smashed burger), a Gaucho Bowl (a quinoa bowl), their Quesadilla Suiza, Pozole Rojo (a Mexican stew), and a BLT Salad. There is an Additional Smashie Menu, featuring their Smashie burger with 4 additional topping/dressing styles – Americano (classic burger fixings), The Humpty Dumpty (with a fried egg and bacon), the Cali (cliché avocado, swiss, and green chili), and the Bear BQ (their take on a BBQ/Western burger). You can also add or remove any toppings you want to make your own perfect burger and there is a plant based option available on request. Currently, on the Specials Menu is their tacos with 6 different options all served with cilantro, onions, and a scratch made salsa – Beef Barbacoa, Cuban Pork Shoulder, “Elote Style” Cauliflower, Santa Maria style Tri-Tip, Pollo Sobroso, and Linguica & Eggs. On the dessert menu is a Double Chocolate Brownie and a Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie. They have canned soda and Liquid Gravity Water for purchase as well.
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie
What I Had:
I had an “Elote Style” Cauliflower Taco, Linguica & Eggs Taco, The Humpty Dumpty Smashie, and a Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie. The tacos, as mentioned above, are topped with cilantro, onions, and a house made salsa. The Linguica and eggs are a classic combination, with the sausage sliced and mixed in with the eggs – great for a breakfast taco. The “Elote Style” Cauliflower tacos where cauliflower seared on the griddle (I assume) topped with Elote fixings and it definitely mimicked that flavor, even the texture of the cauliflower emulated roasted corn, my only note for it (and this is a very irrelevant one) is that there was too much on it that it was hard to close the taco without it spilling out.
The Humpty Dumpty Smashie is a 1/3 pound Wagyu Beef Patty place on a hot griddle with onions and smashed flat (as flat as you can smash almost 6 oz of beef without it being too large for a bun – which is not flat at all) topped with American cheese, a fried egg, bacon, ranchero sauce, and a spicy aioli. Okay, you all know how I hate when something is advertised as a smash burger and it’s a thick boy. Normally, that’s because the burger is just a generic burger that’s been smashed yada yada yada. Now people are getting away with evoking the smash name without it being a true smash burger and apparently the new term is a Smashie. Let me just say, this burger is good. The Wagyu is fatty, but perfectly cooked in a smashed way and on the toasted brioche balances it out. That fried egg is runny and it was oozing all over before I even bit in, which plays off the bacon and the ranchero sauce and spicy aioli. The brioche is soft and all the textures are fantastic – except the for the bacon, which was cooked but not crispy in the slightest, which is not how I like my bacon. Either way, this may have been the best burger I’ve had this month. Finally, the chocolate chip cookie was good, a mound style similar to a Levain Bakery cookie, just smaller with chunks of chocolate, slightly warm. It was soft and tasty.
Would I Have It Again:
Yes, the Wagyu Smashie is fantastic. It’s not a smash burger in my opinion, but it’s no longer advertised 100% as one, it’s smashed and is a delicious burger. The Linguica and Eggs taco was a good twist on a classic breakfast for me and I’d go back for that before it leaves the Specials menu. I look forward to seeing where this truck goes, they are locally sourced, “farm to street” and it shows in the care in their dishes. The only downside is limited seating (but it’s a food truck so that makes sense). So with all that in mind, Bear City Social gets an Eatin’ SLOCal rating of – Take-Out Now!
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2023.05.31 23:35 core-e77 What Mexican restaurant makes the best wet burritos?

I've been craving a wet burrito. I like both verde and red style sauce.
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2023.05.31 22:52 Low_Bar9361 Why is it cheaper for me to eat at a Mexican restaurant than Taco Bell?

I just spent 45$ feeding my family at Taco Bell and my meal at the local Mexican joint last week was 40$. Yeah, a tip brought the bill up but what the actual heck; i got margaritas and everything. Do we need a revolution? Holy heck
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2023.05.31 21:46 dscreations 5 restaurants — French Vietnamese, Mexican, Cambodian and more — taking over key downtown spots

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2023.05.31 21:34 TijmenDeVeroveraar Poldersocialisten over de Benelux

Hallo poldersocialisten,
Ik ben persoonlijk een groot voorstander van meer Benelux samenwerking. Los van het feit dat dit onderwerp in Nederland amper (tot niet) leeft, zijn de enigen die het er wel over hebben partijen aan de rechterkant van de VVD. Ik heb mijn profielwerkstuk over dit onderwerp gedaan, puur omdat dit mij zo erg boeit. Doel van deze post: erachter komen hoe poldersocialisten over dit onderwerp denken en een leuke discussie aangaan!
Ik ben zelf voorstander van het idee dat de bestaande Benelux Unie wordt uitgediept naar een confederale Benelux Unie waarin Nederland, Vlaanderen, (Wallonië en Luxemburg) een eigen parlement hebben en bepaalde dingen samen regelen zoals bijv onderwijs, een gezamenlijke buitenlandpolitiek en dergelijke. De huidige Benelux Unie heeft ook al een parlement die een adviserende rol heeft aan de parlementen van BeNeLux. Waarom een confederatie: België kan niet worden gesplitst gezien het kind Brussel én een overgrote meerderheid van de 3 landen is vóór meer samenwerking. Crux is alleen dat dit kennelijk uitblijft.
Er zijn verschillende invalshoeken waaruit een Benelux Unie kan worden bepleit. Denk aan de economische invalshoek met de twee wereldhavens, vergroting van de arbeidsmarkt, meer mensen etc… Maar ook een culturele/sociale invalshoek waarin de Nederlands(talige) cultuur een heel stuk rijker kan worden. Een land waarin haar cultuur niet wordt bedreigd is een land met een cultuur die haar potentieel niet bereikt. Kijk naar Vlaanderen, dat staat veel meer stil bij haar eigen cultuur omdat deze zo lang bedreigd is geweest. Ook lijkt mij dit een mooie manier om de grote invloed van de Amerikaanse cultuur in Nederland een halt toe te roepen en dus een manier om weer ‘eigener’ te worden.
Een treffend argument dat ik op niet veel andere plekken terug hoor: de grenzen zijn ongelofelijk ver vervaagd. Mensen eten, winkelen, hebben relaties over de grens. Een Rotterdammer winkelt net zo graag in Maastricht als in Antwerpen. Idem dito voor restaurants. De enige plek in de maatschappij waar er nog een grote scheiding tussen België en Nederland bestaat is bij de politiek en justitie. In een opiniestuk dat ik hierover las noemde de schrijver dit licht ironisch, gezien juist de mensen die er over gaan (de heren en dames politici) de mensen zijn die de grootste grenzen ervaren tussen deze twee landen.
Ik heb nog veel meer argumenten, maar wil natuurlijk niet direct al mijn kruit verschieten. Goed, om mijn vraag nog geven te herhalen: hoe staan jullie poldersocialisten tegenover een eventuele fusie/federatie/confederatie van Nederland, Vlaanderen, Wallonië en Luxemburg?
Groetjes, Een socialist-lite
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