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A subreddit dedicated to items that unintentionally have some sort of phallic nature.

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You may post here no matter what penis size you have. There is no penis discrimination. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Note: All healthy sizes have advantages and disadvantages.

2023.03.21 12:39 AnderLouis_ Hail and Farewell (George Moore) - Chapter 6.3

PODCAST: https://ayearofwarandpeace.podbean.com/e/ep1510-hail-and-farewell-george-moore-ave-chapter-63/
Today's Reading, via Project Gutenberg:
The station is about a mile distant from the town, whither the hotel omnibus took us, and having ordered dinner to be ready in an hour's time, we went out to see the streets, Edward, as usual, seeking the church, which was found at last. But I did not follow him into it, the evening being so fine that it seemed to me shameful to miss any moment of it. Never were the streets of Rothenburg more beautiful than that evening, not even when the costumes of old time moved through them. A more beautiful sky never unfolded, and girls, passing with alert steps and roguish glances, answering their admirers with sallies of impertinent humour, are always delightful. They and the sky absorbed my attention, for it is natural for me to admire what is permanent, whereas Edward is attached to the transitory. He had just come out of the church, where he had discovered a few bits of old glass, and he was talking of these eagerly, and congratulating himself that we had seen everything there was to be seen in Rothenburg, and would be able to go away next morning. His hurry to leave shocked me not a little. It semed indeed like an insult to go into a town, look about one, and rush away again without bestowing a thought upon the people who lived in it. So did I speak to him, telling him that while he had been poking about in the church I had been thinking of a sojourn of six months in Rothenburg in some pretty lodging which one could easily find tomorrow, and the attendance of a sweet German girl. From her it would be possible to learn a little German, rejoicing in her presence in the room while she repeated a phrase, so that we might catch the sound of the words. At the end of the day it would be pleasant to wander with my few mouthfuls of German into the fields, and make new acquaintances. The whole of my life would not be spent in Rothenburg, but enough of it to acquire a memory of Rothenburg. But Edward did not understand me. All he cared to study were the monuments and the public buildings, and from them he could learn all there was worth knowing about the people that had made them, all people being more or less disagreeable to him, I said to myself; especially women, I added, noticing that he averted his eyes from the girls that passed in twos and threes; and as if desirous to distract my attention from them, he called upon me to admire a very wide, red-tiled roof, and some old lanterns hung on a chain across the street. These things and the hillside over against our window interested Edward more than any man or woman could; quaint little houses went up the hillside like the houses in Dürer's pictures. There are quite a number of them in his picture of Fortune. Everybody knows the woman who stands on the world holding a chalice in one hand; she does not hold it straight, as she would have done if the painter had been an inferior artist: Dürer leaned it a little towards the spectator. Over one arm hangs some curious bridle, at least in the engraving it seems to be a bridle with many bits and chains; and every one of these and the reins are drawn with a precision which gives them beauty. Dürer's eyes saw very clearly, and they had to see clearly, and steadily, to interest us in that great rump and thigh. One wonders who the model was, and why Dürer chose her. Degas more than once drew a creature as short-legged and as bulky, and the model he chose was the wife of a butcher in the Rue La Rochefoucauld. The poor creature arrived in all her finery, the clothes which she wore when she went to Mass on Sunday, and her amazement and her disappointment are easily imagined when Degas told her he wanted her to pose for the naked. She was accompanied by her husband, and knowing her to be not exactly a Venus de Milo, he tried to dissuade Degas, and Edward who has had little experience of life, expressed surprise that a husband should not guard his wife's honour more vigilantly; but he laughed when I told that Degas had assured the butcher that the erotic sentiment was not strong in him, and he liked my description of the poor, deformed creature standing in front of a tin bath, gripping her flanks with both hands—his bias towards ecclesiasticism enables him to sympathise with the Middle Ages, and its inherent tendency to regard women as inferior, and to keep them out of sight.
It's strange, I said to myself, to feel so different from one's fellows, to be exempt from all interest and solicitude for the female, to be uninfluenced by that beauty which sex dowers her with, and which achieves such marvels in the heart. We go to our mistresses as to Goddesses, and the peasant, though he does not think of Goddesses, thinks of the wife waiting for him at his fireside, with a tender, kindly emotion of which the labour of the fields has not been able to rob him. It's wonderful to come into the world unconcerned with the other sex, Edward.
You think I hate women. You're quite wrong. I don't hate women, only they seem absurd. When I see them going along the streets together they make me laugh; their hats and feathers, everything about them.
We come into the world, Edward, with different minds; that is a thing we can't remember too often. What makes you laugh enchants me. Nature has given us companions as different from us as the birds of the air, and for that I shall always feel grateful to Nature.
And then, just for the sake of expressing myself, though I knew that Edward would never understand, I told him that the coming of a woman into the room was like a delicious change of light.
Without women we should be all reasonable, Edward; there would be no instinct, and a reasonable world—what would it be like? A garden without flowers, music without melody.
But these comparisons did not satisfy me, and seeking for another one I hit upon this, and it seemed to express my meaning better: without women the world would be like a palette set in the raw umber and white. Women are the colouring matter, the glaze the old painters used. Edward wanted information as to the method employed by the old painters, but I preferred to develop my theme, telling him that a mother's affection for her daughter was quite different from her affection for her son, and that when a father looks upon his daughter he hears the love that he bore her mother echoed down the years, and muttering the old saw God is Love, I said that it would be much truer to invert the words, considering religion as a development of the romance which begins on earth.
To one who realises hell more clearly than heaven, and to one so temperamentally narrow as my friend, it must have been disagreeable to hear me say that religion has helped many to raise sex from earth to heaven; to instance Teresa as an example, saying how she has, in hundreds of pages of verse and prose, told her happy fate, that, by resigning an earthly, she has acquired an eternal Bridegroom.
It was in the second or third century that the Church became aware that heaven without a virgin could not commend itself to man's imagination, but the adoration of the Virgin, said to be encouraged by the Catholic Church, has never been realised by any saint that I know of—not even by St Bernard. Nor is this altogether to be wondered at; the Virgin is always represented with a baby in her arms: motherhood is her constant occupation, and I can imagine Edward, to whom all exhibition of sex is disagreeable, being not a little shocked at the insistence of certain painters on the breast, the nipple, and the gluttonous lips of the child. The exhibition which women make of their bosoms at dinner-parties has always struck him as somewhat ludicrous. Full-blown roses, he used to call them, reminding him of the flower-maidens in Klinsor's garden.
Who could not tempt Parsifal, and would not tempt you, Edward. But would you have yelled as he did when Kundry tried to kiss him?
By one of those intricate and elaborate analogies of thought which surprise us, Parsifal took me back to my chambers in King's Bench Walk, and I told Edward how, when I was writing Esther Waters, it was a help to me to gossip with my laundress after breakfast, a pious woman of the Nonconformist type, like Esther herself. Almost any topical event provided a basis for ethical discussion; a divorce case best of all, and the O'Shea divorce and Parnell's complicity seemed to me to be the very thing. But it was impossible to engage her attention, and soon it was evident that she was much more interested in a certain murder case—a Mrs Percy who had murdered another woman's baby, and hidden it in a perambulator. It was the perambulator that gave the story the touch of realism that appealed to my laundress's imagination. But the murder of a baby offering little scope for ethical discussion, I took advantage of the first break in the flow of her conversation to remind her that the crimes were not parallel.
Don't you think so, sir? And I can still see her rolling her apron about her arms. It comes to the same thing in the end, sir, for when one party goes away with the other party, the party that's left behind dies.
Her view of life interested me; the importance of desertion is greater among the lower classes than it is among the upper; but it could not be doubted that she was telling me what she had heard from the parson rather than any view of her own, drawn from her experience. Therefore, to get at herself, to force her into direct personal expression, I said:
You can't seriously maintain, Mrs Millar, that adultery is as great a crime as murder?
Still winding her coarse apron round her arms, she stood looking at me, her eyes perplexed and ambiguous, and I thought of how I might move her out of her position.
You know your Bible, Mrs Millar? You know the story of the woman of Samaria? And you remember that Christ forbade the people to stone her, and told her to sin no more?... Mrs Millar, you can't deny that Christ said that ... and you are a Christian woman.
Yes, sir, he did say that; but you must remember he was only a bachelor.
I think I fell back in my chair and looked at my laundress in amazement, until she began to wonder what was the matter, and she must have wondered the more when I told her she had said something which I should never forget.
But what I said is true, isn't it? she answered shyly.
Yes, it's quite true, only nobody ever thought of it before, Mrs Millar! It's true that the married man who brings home his wages at the end of the week is the one that understands life, and you are quite right to condone Christ's laxity in not pronouncing a fuller condemnation. You are quite right. The bachelor may not attain to any full comprehension of the 'ome.
She left the room, confused and wondering at my praise, thinking that she had answered as everybody would have answered, and conscious of having expressed national sentiments.
Dear Irish Edward was shocked by Mrs Millar's theology at first, but hearing that she was a pious woman, he roused a little, and, lest he might reproach Protestantism for its married clergy, I reminded him that Rome still retained married clergy in Greece. His answer was that he was sure the Greek priests abstained from their wives before their ministrations, an answer that rejoiced my heart exceedingly, and set me thinking that the Western mind has never been able to assimilate, or even understand, the ideas that Christianity brought from the East. Our notions of the value of chastity are crude enough, and the Brahmin would life his eyes in silent contempt on hearing from a priest that a man, if he lives chastely, though he be a glutton and a drunkard, will never descend to so low a stage of materialism as he that lives with a woman ... even if his life be strict. The oddest of all animals is man; in him, as in all other animals, the sexual interest is the strongest; yet the desire is inveterate in him to reject it; and I am sure that Christ's words that in heaven there is neither marriage nor giving in marriage have taken a great weight off Edward's mind, and must have inspired in him many prayers for a small stool in heaven. If by any chance he should not get one (which is, of course, unthinkable) and finds himself among the damned, his plight will be worse than ever, for I suppose he will have no opportunity for correcting his natural disinclination, and I believe no theologian has yet decided that the damned do not continue to commit the sins in hell which they were damned for committing on earth.
Edward always leads me to think of the Middle Ages, but he also leads me to think sometimes of the ages that preceded these. There are survivals of pagan rites in Christianity, and in every man there is a survival of the pagan that preceded him; paganism is primordial fire, and it is always breaking through the Christian crust. We know of the eruption that took place in Italy in the sixteenth century, and, though the pagan Edward lies in durance vile, Edward is, in common with every other human being, no more than a pagan overlaid with Christianity. If three men meet in The Heather Field to speak of the misfortune that comes to a man when he allows himself to be inveigled by woman's beauty, they express, every one of them, a craving for some higher beauty, and this craving finds beautiful expression in the scene between Carden Tyrrell and his brother; and the same craving for some beauty, half imagined, something which the world has lost, is the theme of Maeve. She renounces earthly love, and dreams of a hero of Celtic romance, and in her last sleep he visits her at the head of a wonderful assemblage. Edward's paganism finds fuller expression in The Enchanted Sea than in any other play. In the depths of green sea-water, we catch sight of the face of the beautiful boy, Guy, whose drowning causes Lord Mark such blinding despair that he walks like one enchanted into the sea, and is carried away by the waves. More in this play than in the others do we catch a glimpse of the author's earlier soul, for every soul proceeds out of paganism; only in Edward the twain are more distinct; neither has absorbed the other, both exist contemporaneously and side by side—a Greek marble may be found enfolded in a friar's frock.
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2023.03.21 12:39 Spirited-Science1211 I want to thank everyone here in this subreddit and afterwards I will destroy this account.

I want to thank everyone here in this subreddit and afterwards I will destroy this account.
Thank you for everyone here to discuss Nietzshce with me and lots of posts here was extremely useful for me when I was totally strange to Nieztsche's concept. And it's your existence that encourages me to commence reading not for examinations or for fun but rather for his sincere philosophy.
But I think it's high time for me to be mature and graduated from this sub because since I read Nietzsche's real works, I find most posts here extremely superficial. Of course the only thing changes is actually myself. To me it's no longer worthwhile to have this kind of entertainment since I can directly communicate cheerfully with Nietzsche by reading, making notes and memorizing his works.
After the first attempt that I memorized his "war and warrior" in tsz, for example, while I was washing my dishes, then his words accidentally came upon my head like a melodious symphony. That's the moment I feel all my pain in learning by heart is worthwhile.
Also as English is not my first language, my favorite hobby now turns into translating and then memorizing from the version of my mother langauge to my own English interpretation after reading different versions of English translations, which is extremely helpful for my improvement in English because of tremendous synonyms and similar phrases I have learnt from this new hobby.
Sometimes I regret that I don't know the original German so that I cannot appreciate his word-play, but sometimes I affirm myself it is this shortcoming that permits myself to accept different interpretaions and finally form my own interpretation.
Thank you, redditors, for the fire you first ignited into the chaos in my heart. Now may one day I will be a dancing star like Nietzsche, or just myself, a free spirit, a overman, a life-affirming writer like Nietzsche and begin my journey to enjoy the word, world, creation and interpretation.
In my last question, when I ask which is better, long but painful life or short but happy life, someone replies to me that it all depends on your will to power because anyone can "distort" one's own persecptive of world to form a new value system. Yes, when I first read Nietzsche, my heart was full of doubt and impulse to find what is my meaning of life which now are turned into an unrelenting love even if some unfortunate things happened because I find my importance in reading and writing. (So of course when I cannot read or hear entirely, I will definitely kill myself because it stands to my new principle: die like a dignified warrior.)
Reading Nietzsche definitely change my own world view thoroughly than anyone including my parents, and I want to learn, enjoy and create more fun things and people in my short lifespan, so that ultimately like Nietzsche in his mature age I can develop my own philosophy as what he said in tsz:
Ye say, ye believe in Zarathustra? But of what account is Zarathustra! Ye are my believers: but of what account are all believers! Ye had not yet sought yourselves: then did ye find me. So do all believers; therefore all belief is of so little account. Now do I bid you lose me and find yourselves; and only when ye have all denied me, will I return unto you. Verily, with other eyes, my brethren, shall I then seek my lost ones; with another love shall I then love you. And once again shall ye have become friends unto me, and children of one hope: then will I be with you for the third time, to celebrate the great noontide with you. And it is the great noontide, when man is in the middle of his course between animal and Superman, and celebrateth his advance to the evening as his highest hope: for it is the advance to a new morning. At such time will the down–goer bless himself, that he should be an over–goer; and the sun of his knowledge will be at noontide. "DEAD ARE ALL THE GODS: NOW DO WE DESIRE THE SUPERMAN TO LIVE."—Let this be our final will at the great noontide!— <\quote>
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2023.03.21 12:38 BruteSilverback Insider Protocol: A Promising Future for Cryptocurrency Anonymity

The world of finance is constantly evolving, and with the advent of cryptocurrencies, there has been an explosion in the creation of new financial products and services.
However, one challenge that has persisted is the issue of privacy and anonymity. In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the loss of privacy as governments and corporations increasingly monitor financial transactions.
To address this issue, a team of anonymous programmers, and quants has created an anonymous ecosystem built on an improved version of MimbleWimble technology.
This new ecosystem promises to provide a high level of privacy and anonymity to all its users. What is MimbleWimble technology? MimbleWimble (MW) is a type of blockchain that uses a new way to store transactions. There are no reusable addresses on the MW blockchain, which means that transaction data is available exclusively to the transfer participants.
This provides a very high level of privacy for each user. This ecosystem is composed of several parts, including a High-Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithm for hedge funds, the Atlas DEX Swap, DEXOASIS boasts an internal DEX algorithm capable of processing an impressive 270k orders per second and the Imperium Protocol (Mainnet launch May 2023).
The Insider Protocol HFT bot uses the Layering technique, which is confirmed by video evidence of automatic trading systems working correctly. This development is a game-changer for large investors who do not want to trade Bitcoin 24/7 on their own.
The Atlas DEX Swap is a decentralized cross-chain exchanger of cryptocurrencies. It allows for quick and safe exchanges carried out directly in your wallet, and currently supports over 1,000 ERC-20 coins and tokens. In the upcoming major update, the Atlas DEX Swap will support Solana, Tron, and Monero networks with cross-chain feature.
The Imperium Protocol Blockchain is a full-fledged working blockchain with a working feature of entirely anonymous transactions. The developers have already opened free access to a functional test network, where everyone can personally make regular and completely anonymous transfers. Mainnet is set up to launch in May 2023
The IMC coin, which will be used in conjunction with the main ecosystem index (IPRO), can be quickly transferred to wallets without saving the history of the transaction itself. The test network has already shown its resilience and stability.
Finally, the DEXOASIS is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that has already received more than $35 million for internal tests. The exchange is decentralized and uses an on-chain system for the order book.
The internal DEX algorithm supports up to 270k orders per second which allow traders to forget System Overload messages and use the full potential of spot and futures trades on a Decentralized Ecosystem. A Cross-Chain technology will let swap crypto assets with different blockchain networks between each other. If you still don't own crypto, then go to Escrow Service and buy it using a suitable payment method.
The Insider Protocol ecosystem is also developing an NFT platform, decentralized finance (DeFi), an application for smartphones, and an escrow service that will become an alternative to LocalBitcoins and other peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges.
The ecosystem is also developing a proprietary VPN product with an essential security feature that allows users to use up to three intermediate servers for more secure and untraceable connections.
In conclusion, the Insider Protocol ecosystem promises to provide a high level of privacy and anonymity to its users, making it a game-changer in the world of crypto ecosystems. The launch of the mainnet and listing on top exchanges, including Binance, expected in the coming months.
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2023.03.21 12:38 Cultural-Zombie-9936 Should I(20M) tell my friend(20f) to stop putting down my other friend(21f) cuz of her skin tone

so for context we have a pretty large friend grp. There's a girl named A, who has ticked off everyone in the group for at least one reason. I didn't like her from the beginning cuz I always felt like she tried to belittle me and outcast me while being super nice to everyone else. No one believed me so I let it go and tried to be friends with her,but at last distanced my self from everyone cuz i always felt bad about myself after hanging out with her.
Now one by one, people in the friend grp talks between themselves about how they thought she was this but actually she's that. For example we thought she supported lgbt but now people talk about how she only support it if the couple is hot and she can sexualize them. There are multiple examples for her to be considered as a hypocrite.
so last week the three of us went shopping and my friend comes up to us asking whether she looked good in a light pink dress. She looked so cute in that dress so I encouraged her to buy it. For context she is dark skinned. A immediately shut it down saying no it doesn't match your skin. like wtf. Ever time i tried to convince my friend A was like sorry dude but you don't look good in that. she ended up not buying it even if i tried her to. The last time we went shopping, she said a sweater was cute,it was light pink too. A said it looked bad even then. any time when my friend asks about a clothing that is pastel coloured A puts her down saying that doesn't match your skin tone. She only says the dark coloured cloths look good on her.
I feel bad cuz that friend confessed to me that her parents also buy a ton of things for her to make her skin tone lighter. I kid you not she's one of the prettiest girls I've seen. She's cute, smart and a really kind and gentle girl. and she is pretty no matter what her skin tone was. And the clothing that A said looked bad on her looked amazing on her. I feel like no matter how A says she thinks everyone is beautiful, she has a problem when a dark skinned girl wears light colours cuz she had said herself that dark skin doesn't go with light colours.
should i tell that girl to stop putting down my friend cuz of her own problems
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2023.03.21 12:37 Ennard115441 I asked chatgpt what could there be after a prison and a panopticon

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2023.03.21 12:37 worldclassmathlete Tips and Tricks On How to Optimize Your iPhone's Battery Life

<strong>Tips and Tricks On How to Optimize Your iPhone's Battery Life</strong>
Tips and Tricks On How to Optimize Your iPhone's Battery Life Table of ContentsHow to Optimize Your iPhone's Battery Life?#1 Turn Off Live Activities#2 Reduce the duration of phone calls#3 Optimised Battery Charging#4 Turn On Auto-Brightness#5 Use Low Power Mode#6 Disable Background App Refresh
It's no secret that iPhone users crave a longer-lasting battery life for their beloved devices. Fortunately for us, Apple has been working diligently to enhance this aspect, resulting in recent iPhone models boasting some of the best battery performances in the mobile phone market. However, as our iPhones mature, it's natural to feel like the battery life just isn't enough to keep up with our constant usage.
The hunt for ways to conserve battery life on our iPhones could lead us down a rabbit hole in the Settings app, disabling features left and right in hopes of extending our usage by mere minutes. In reality, though, many old tricks and tips for preserving iPhone battery life are now obsolete. Thanks to advancements in energy efficiency, the impact of turning off various features has diminished, allowing our iPhones to run smoothly on a single charge without sacrificing functionality. But there are still quite a few things you can do to extend the battery life on your iPhone.
How to Optimize Your iPhone's Battery Life?
Do you think how can I be safe as a woman and at the same time use my iPhone for as long as possible? This is logical because disabling some functions can lead to a decrease in security, so you definitely shouldn’t turn everything off in a row, you need to know what exactly you can refuse, and what is simply necessary. You probably want to keep all your apps for girls, but there is something that works in the background, we hardly use it, but it consumes battery power. We'll talk about this.

1 Turn Off Live Activities

Imagine having the ability to conveniently track a nail-biting sports game, follow your loved one's flight, or monitor your workout progress without having to unlock your iPhone. Thanks to Apple's latest iOS 16.1 update, it's now a reality. Introducing the innovative Live Activities feature, Apple has made it possible for your iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island and its Lock Screen to host ongoing notifications for these activities and more. This enhancement not only elevates the user experience but also adds a layer of convenience to our already fast-paced lives.
However, it's important to be aware that engaging such features may lead to an increase in battery drain. Thankfully, users experiencing this issue have shared valuable information on Reddit – disabling the Live Activities feature can lead to significant battery life improvement. Our increasingly interconnected world demands constant updates, and with Apple's Live Activities feature, you can now stay effortlessly informed right at your fingertips.

2 Reduce the duration of phone calls

Are you a business person and often make important phone calls? You need a call recorder app iPhone. What is the 1st most popular app for recording calls? That's right, it's iCall. You have a great way to save your iPhone battery with iCall Voice Recorder app. This is a functional call recorder with a free trial version. You do not need to talk for a long time and record all the data that the interlocutor tells you, just use the iPhone phone recorder and you can access the conversation at any time. There will be no more ambiguity and forgetfulness, and important information is always at hand. Talking uses up a lot of battery power, which you can save by cutting down on work calls.

3 Optimised Battery Charging

Your iPhone is smart enough to learn your daily charging routine and adapt its behavior to preserve battery life. Instead of keeping your battery fully charged throughout the night, your iPhone will pause at an 80% charge and only complete the remaining 20% just before you're likely to wake up and start using it. This means that the battery spends less time at full capacity, resulting in prolonged periods between charges and longer overall battery life. To activate this game-changing feature, simply head to your Settings, tap Battery, select Battery Health, and toggle Optimized Battery Charging to 'on.'

4 Turn On Auto-Brightness

It's not unusual for us to believe that we have a better understanding of our iPhone's needs than the device itself. I, for one, frequently switch off the Auto-Brightness feature, thinking that I can manually manage the screen brightness more effectively. Nevertheless, it's important to remember that if our goal is to strike the perfect balance between usability and battery life, we should trust iOS and its ability to adapt. By utilizing the Auto-Brightness function, our iPhone's brightness will seamlessly adjust to the surrounding lighting conditions, ensuring optimal visibility while conserving battery power. To enable this feature, simply open Settings, navigate to Accessibility, and then choose Display & Text Size. From there, scroll down and turn on Auto-Brightness to harness the full potential of your iPhone's smart capabilities. All your free girl's apps will be bright enough to work comfortably in any environment without wasting extra battery.

5 Use Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is an incredibly useful feature on your iPhone when you realize that you might have been a tad excessive with your battery usage. This handy mode helps preserve your device's battery life by temporarily limiting certain features, such as 5G connectivity, visual effects, screen brightness, and refresh rate. By enabling Low Power Mode, you can effectively buy yourself some much-needed time before you have to hunt for the nearest power outlet. To activate this lifesaver, simply open your Settings app, tap on Battery, and toggle the Low Power Mode switch to the 'On' position.

6 Disable Background App Refresh

Though background app refresh on your iPhone boasts its merits by keeping your apps current with the latest content, it can sometimes act as a battery drainer, particularly when not using Wi-Fi and solely depending on cellular data. Fortunately, options exist for any user wishing to save their battery life; one can choose to disable the Background App Refresh entirely or deactivate it for particular apps. Utilizing these settings enables you to continue enjoying your favorite apps and benefit from extended battery life, as well as diminished data usage.
For those of us who rely so heavily on our iPhones, battery life is a major concern. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to maximize the longevity of your device's battery without sacrificing usability or convenience. With the tips mentioned above, you can keep your iPhone running smoothly and with an extended lifespan. Try them out today! https://gadgetarq.com/mobile/optimize-iphone-battery-life/?feed_id=76778&_unique_id=641996fa22a75 #best_battery #iPhone_battery #learn #optmize_performance #tips_and_tricks #iPhone #Mobile
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2023.03.21 12:37 truthgptcoin TruthGPT: Your Ultimate AI-Powered Cryptocurrency Investment Advisor

TruthGPT: Your Ultimate AI-Powered Cryptocurrency Investment Advisor
TruthGPT: Your Ultimate AI-Powered Cryptocurrency Investment Advisor
Intro: Are you tired of relying on unreliable sources for cryptocurrency investment advice? Do you want a platform that can provide you with accurate and real-time analysis of the market trends? Look no further than TruthGPT, the ultimate AI-powered investment advisor that is revolutionizing the world of cryptocurrency trading.
#What is TruthGPT?
TruthGPT is a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency platform that uses an advanced AI model to provide users with accurate and reliable investment advice. Unlike other platforms, TruthGPT prioritizes data security and privacy, ensuring that your information is safe and secure at all times.
#How Does TruthGPT Work?
At TruthGPT, the AI model, called Elon Musk AI, queries data in real-time across the internet in response to the questions you ask. The data is processed and analyzed, and quick responses are generated for you in seconds. The data is obtained from reliable sources and processed through specialized software to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information.
#Benefits of TruthGPT
The benefits of TruthGPT are numerous. Firstly, the platform is incredibly easy to use and navigate, even for those who are new to cryptocurrency trading. Secondly, the AI model is constantly learning and improving, ensuring that the recommendations and analysis provided are always accurate and reliable. Finally, the platform prioritizes data security and privacy, ensuring that your information is always safe and secure.
In conclusion, TruthGPT is the ultimate AI-powered cryptocurrency investment advisor that is revolutionizing the way we trade and invest in cryptocurrencies. With its accurate and real-time analysis, easy-to-use interface, and commitment to data security and privacy, TruthGPT is the platform you can trust to make informed investment decisions.
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2023.03.21 12:36 Wild_Dinner_4106 What Would You Like To Tell Family Members?

Here’s a list of things that families who have loved ones in a facility to know. Also asking for everyone to contribute to the list from your experience. 1. Please greet the Aides along with the Nurses. I have seen family members treat the staff as if we were dog dirt that they had stepped in. It may not be the most glamorous job but where would you or your loved ones be without us? 2. If you want to bring your loved one a food treat, please talk to the nurse first. Even though it may be something that they loved and have eaten it for years. Sometimes, certain health problems occur and they may not be able to eat it anymore. For example: if a person has difficulty with swallowing. They may be put on either a mechanical soft or a puréed diet. Also please don’t offer other residents treats for that same reason. Once I noticed a family member giving another resident, who had difficulty with chewing and swallowing, a piece of taffy. I had told her that she can’t do that. She cursed me out. Later, the taffy got stuck in her throat and nurses had to dig it out. Of course she denied it to be her fault. 3. When it comes to telling someone with dementia about a death of someone be it family or friends. Think about how often that they see that person recently. If it’s a family or a friend that they haven’t seen in a long time or if they visit maybe a couple of times. Just don’t tell them!!! If you do mention it, and they may not react at all. You’ll think that’s it’s all right. But it could be days or weeks before they react. You won’t be there, but the staff will have to deal with the behavior that you caused. 4. We would love to hear stories from families about how the residents were before dementia. But please know that having dementia can cause a change in their behavior. Also they can have that moment of clarity. I had a former resident who was constantly asking where am I going or what am I doing? One night, she was talking about her husband. Pointing to his picture and mentioned that he was dead now. Then she mentioned her sons and named all three of them. Turns out that one of her sons, I had as a teacher in high school. 5. While we don’t mind hearing about your son graduating from college, your daughter’s wedding or her having a baby. The staff do not want to hear about your marital problems. We leave our own personal business outside the door, when we come to work. We don’t want to have to deal with yours. 6. Also please stop bickering with family members in front of your loved ones. Also the staff. Your parents are tired and too old to be the referee for their grown children who are parents and maybe grandparents themselves. Speaking for all staff members, we don’t want to hear about this either. 7. We understand that because of your work schedule, an evening visit is easier for you. But please be mindful that you don’t overstay your visit. If your loved one needs assistance with evening care. Such as a shower or a sponge bath. Put on pajamas and such. A lot of time, the resident are tired but don’t want to tell you to leave. 8. Pictures and cards: If you have pictures in frames on dressers or wall. Add a little tag saying who is in the picture and how are they related to the resident. Example: A picture of your kids to your mom. Kyle, Tara, & Sara-Jane’s grandchildren. So if they happen to ask who are these people? We can tell them “Oh Jane, this is Kyle, Tara & Sara. These are your grandchildren. They’re beautiful kids and you must be proud. A card sent to your mom: Right about the message, “Dear Mom:” Then sign: “Love Jill and Tom”, making sure that you sign the one that has the blood relation first. Then we can tell them, oh it’s from your daughter, Jill and your SIL, Tom. 9. We love kids. In fact, most of our residents love for kids to visit. Especially those who families live far away. What we don’t like is out of control kids. Please don’t allow your children to run around the facility. It is not the aide’s job to be a babysitter. 10. While some facilities do allow residents to have pets. But do realize that the resident has to be able to care for the pet. Same goes with plants. Most aides don’t have a green thumb.
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2023.03.21 12:36 otoengravers A Brief Overview of Traditional and Modern Engraving Techniques

A Brief Overview of Traditional and Modern Engraving Techniques

Signage engraving is an essential component of the marketing industry. Only so many marketing strategies are unique to your brand or business. An excellent sign helps you differentiate yourself from other businesses, shows your clients and patrons what you have to offer and helps get your story across in ways other platforms just can't! Before looking for an “engraving company near me” go through the history of signage.

Defining Signage

Simply said, signage is creating and applying signs to promote a brand or statement. The realm of sign design uses a wide variety of designs and materials. Nonetheless, the primary function of signage is to express a statement or provide information to aid the viewer in making sense of the sign.

The Development of Signage

In a technical sense, signs have existed for practically as long as there have been people. Since signs are visual graphics used to represent information, we have utilized them since at least 18,000 BC. The earliest indications that early humans made could be classified as the Paleolithic cave paintings of creatures, humans, and scenery.
The history of signs can be traced back to antiquity. There would be recognizable signs for all kinds of enterprises and public works if you traveled back then to Rome during the republican era or any of the major Ancient Greek cities.
Early Romans produced signs out of terracotta or wood.
They are typically used to publicize events and news and on storefronts. Several old signs have persisted in some form or another into the present era. The white and red bar of the hair salon and the three balls designating pawn shops continue to be utilized worldwide.
When we quickly advance to the medieval era, we can observe signs becoming an increasing element of daily life. Taverns in England were required to post signs indicating their alcohol sales by law as far back as the 14th century. Competing companies made signs and banners to set themselves apart from their rivals as towns and cities expanded across Europe.
Occasionally, a business will use a well-known local animal, person, or location as the subject of its banner. They would cleverly play off their name in advertising signs, such as a stone house for Steinhouse.
As drawing attention was the main objective, the signs were frequently intricate works of art. The sign itself was a complex work of art, down to the supports that held it up. In the early days of marketing, a sign represented a substantial investment and an essential and recognizable component of your livelihood.
Tavern signs, however, remained common, and many of the greatest engravers of the eighteenth and seventeenth centuries were noted for their work painting signs.

Various Signs

Going over all the different types and applications of signs would take us countless hours and pages. However, ordinary sign engravers should be familiar with the following 5 types of signs before beginning.
  • Inside or outdoors, navigation signs are typically used to find your way through stores, tourist sites, or companies.
  • Signage used to identify facilities and services include identification signs. Consider signs in parking areas or restrooms that direct you to important locations.
  • You can learn about services and enterprises through these signs. They could include directories, maps, and the like. These can be found at museums, stores, and tourist sites.
  • Promotional signage that uses persuasion to urge readers to think about a promotion, product, company, or brand
  • Picture those yellow signs that say "slippery floor." You should always be cautious around harmful regions and items by heeding the guidelines and ideograms on these large, garish danger signs.
You now have everything you require for a spectacular sign, whether you want to try making your design using our design pattern or ask our team of award-winning designers to put a design up for you. Our Engraving company wants to hear your inquiries, worries, or remarks.
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2023.03.21 12:35 SapiosexualGuy 27[M4F] India / Anywhere - searching a rational mind & a caring heart ♥️

I'm just an average guy. I want love. Someone supportive of my challenges, fears, anxieties and I'd be the same for you. Someone accepting of my flaws which I can't easily change about myself. And I will have full acceptance and empathy towards your imperfections too. Let's improve ourselves together.
I want to talk. It gives me hope, happiness, dispels away my loneliness. I want to develop that connection and bond. Eventually, though, I'd like a relationship, if it's possible. I understand everyone has requirements or things they look for in a partner and no one should compromise on their expectations. And that's fine totally.
If you are someone who enjoys conversations and the process of getting to know each other and have plenty of time like me, then do hit me up for a chat and let's start slowly.
Otherwise, if you are someone who is usually running busy, then just ask me for the list of shortcomings I may have or summary of essential facts about me. I'll try my best to save your time from getting wasted in futile conversations. Or alternatively, just send me an elaborate list of the traits, qualities, and aspects you are seeking in a potential partner and I'll let you know if I can / can't meet them.
You can be from anywhere. So get to know me, hopefully for long term relationship ☺️🌹
Im searching, somewhere in universe, a soul connection with honesty and compatibility for either live in relationship or marriage.
Im tall okayish looking Indian guy, not successful in career but have enough to support himself. I'm open to LDR and looking for true love. So, you can be from any country. We will be with each other in real someday.
My personality is deep and I'm keen to know what's yours like in depth. I want you to be expressive about your issues, feelings, things concerning you, things u wish for. I am childfree.
My views on relationships :
Loving is different from being in a relationship. And being in a relationship is not always being in love.
It's possible that 2 people love each other deeply, but aren't in a relationship for reasons such as incompatibility , feasibility. The inverse is also possible, that 2 people enter into a relationship/marriage , out of sheer convenience, co-incidence, circumstances or compatibility but are not actually in love.
Love is acceptance, when we accept the person with all his flaws for who he is , and when we in turn are confident that we'd be accepted and loved too and hence don't have to adopt a fake appearance or try to show us as someone we are not, to get acceptance. But it also involves us putting a serious effort to fix our shortcomings and improve ourselves so that we become even more suitable for our partner. We consider ourselves as a 'present' we are giving to our partner and want to give them the best version of ourselves.
Also love is when we care about others as much as ourselves and do everything possible, making self-sacrifices to prevent them from getting hurt even if it affects/compromises our own interests.
Relationships aren't about finding the best we can get, it's about finding the best person for us. A person who may not be as handsome, successful, smart etc but who'll stick with you is actually more valuable than an unreliable disloyal alpha man who frequently gives u insecurities and has potential to be infidel
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2023.03.21 12:35 leocline9687 Flutter Vs Kotlin: Which Is the Best for Your Project?

It is common for app development companies to get confused between Flutter and Kotlin. Both have their own advantages. But which should you choose for your next project? Both of these interfaces are comparatively modern that can be used for mobile app development. They are the best cross-platform services that are available. But each has the best features that help in the development of the best app that can work for multiple platforms.
Flutter has the best User Interface rendering options that are based on Skia. But, on the other hand, Kotlin uses a native environment for the development of the app. This ensures high scalability.
Due to this reason, they are used by mobile app development companies in their own best ways possible. The apps developed are hence highly scalable, great at feedback, and have the best user interfaces.
Let us now look at flutter and Kotlin app development in detail to understand how you can benefit from it. So, without further ado, let us get into it!

Understanding Flutter in Detail

Before getting into Flutter app development let us deep dive into what flutter is. Flutter is a framework that has been launched in the year 2017 that is used for designing user interface components.
It is absolutely free to use and has advanced documentation properties along with thousands of tutorials available online teaching you how to incorporate them during mobile app development. The primary target of Google was to meet the needs of developers. The main feature of flutter that makes it so powerful is its very own rendering system which is called Skia.
The essential requirement for flutter app development is Dart. This was also launched by Google in the year 2011. This is a statistical development tool that has predetermined features that are extremely helpful to develop complex applications.
The primary reason to incorporate dart is that it offers the solution to optimize the client’s language. This is the main reason that mobile app development companies prefer it as it makes the apps run fast on multiple platforms without crashing. This language is mostly useful for front-end requirements.
Flutter has two essential components that make it the top choice of app development companies. These two components are an SDK that helps to convert the code into a machine language that is native. Along with this, there are numerous user interface libraries that have a variety of widgets to choose from. Hence, the flutter app development is extremely useful and reliable. It has already been used by top app development companies in apps like Google Pay, Alibaba, and Google Ads. But, just like all other frameworks, this platform too has several advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Using Flutter

After understanding the basics of flutter, let us discuss the various advantages of using flutter for mobile app development. The main advantage is that it allows app developers to design and test apps that can be complied with natively. The deployment process of this framework is also quite quick and hassle-free compared to others available in the market. It has numerous stem benefits that are highly compatible.

Easy to get hold of

It is a common tendency for app developers to give up on apps that have a very tough coding system. But, flutter is different. As long as app developers are comfortable with using Dart, flutter becomes extremely easy to incorporate within the code. Plus, flutter app development is extremely easy, reliable, and intuitive. This is because of the advanced UI libraries that have been provided by Google. Hence, flutter is one of the top choices of mobile app development companies.

Easy reloading

Another advantage of flutter is that it has an easy reload feature. Companies hire Flutter developers especially to test apps but because of these features, the changes made in code are easy to look at in real-time. This is made possible due to the dart that allows the developers to make changes easily and without a long waiting time. This saves a lot of time in the development and testing phase. Now, software engineers do not need to look back and wait over and over again to detect an error as it was before.

Reducing the market cost

Flutter reduces the cost of development. This is why flutter app development is best suited for businesses that are on a tight budget but want an exciting and captivating user interface. This is because flutter is based on the concept of native development. In this concept, the source code has a high processing rate and allows the app to run on multiple platforms seamlessly. But, sometimes using native components can slow the app down as it can increase the software’s weight. Hence, all the widgets and libraries being used need to be placed skillfully within the system.

Amazing performance rate

Another reason why flutter is preferred by app development companies is its high-performance rate. It has the tendency to display 60 frames per second. This ensures that the image being displayed on the screen of the front end appears smooth and even. Having highly pixelated images can degrade the quality of the website and decrease the customer satisfaction rate. Let us be practical: in this modern world, 1080p is a standard society has set. This is made possible by the algorithm which has been introduced that determines the complexity of the code and then uses the memory space of the system without affecting the performance of the app and using components.

Variety of User Interface Libraries

Mobile app development is a complex and time-consuming process. Imagine defining all the libraries that will add functionality to your code. This will make the process of app development just seem like a fever dream! This is why flutter app development offers premade widgets that can be used within the code easily. This is why the process of development becomes significantly easy for the app developers undertaking the project. The object model is the features that the premade widgets have and the libraries are hence lightweight and very adaptable.

Increases the portability

It is not always necessary that the device in which you wrote the code will remain constant throughout the project for testing and launching as well. Sometimes, you need to transfer the code for training and analysis purposes. But, in flutter app development the SDK has transformed the mobile-focused principle to platform oriented. This means that the code is now highly portable and hassle-free to transfer from one device to another. It supports all main platforms that are the backbone of development like Linux and windows.
Read Also Flutter Vs React Native

Disadvantages of Using Flutter

We know that anything and everything has its own pros and cons. So is the case with flutter app development. There are various topics that have been discussed with the launch of every new variation of the development framework. The list below indicates the drawbacks of flutter. It is as follows:

UI additions that are dealt

As flutter involves a self-owned rendering system, the widgets that are cross-platform take a lot of time to load. The main reason for this is that the implementation of these widgets becomes local and slows down the entire process. This problem becomes a huge mess to tackle when an operating system launches a new update. In the worst cases, it can disrupt the entire code. This is where the app developers need to be extremely careful and take additional time to tackle each and every feature that is being used in the app.

Rewriting of Code

As mentioned earlier, the process of flutter app development may not take place on the entire device at the same time. Sometimes certain conditions may arise due to which you might need to migrate the entire app. In that case, this can result in the source code struggling with adaptability. If the new system has a preinstalled native environment it is alright. Otherwise, the mobile app development company might need to rewrite the entire application. This delays the deployment process and can result in the client turning away from the deal.

Imperfect Native Solutions

The native solutions that are provided within the app development area are not so perfect as well. As flutter is an intermediary option for app development it can complement the entire app development process. You might need to hire Flutter app developers in case the problems become too difficult to tackle by yourself.
These were a list of the pros and cons of flutter. In all, flutter can be an excellent choice for those people who are on a budget and wish to develop an amazing front-end that is highly reactive. Yes, no doubt there are some drawbacks to this platform but if used correctly the native environment can be a boon. After all, flutter app development is intuitive. This means that you can always adapt to the requirements of the clients. Plus, the high scalability that this platform makes has earned a good reputation that it has within the coding community.

Understanding Kotlin in Detail

Kotlin is an SDK development tool that was launched by JetBrains. It offers a development environment that is supported by multiple platforms. The first version of this development environment came out in the year 2016. But, it is still being developed rapidly to get better versions that are more functional and provide optimal results.
The SDK used in the Kotlin app development is also developed by JetBrains which is a statistical tying language that can be compiled on all sorts of native environment platforms or JS and Java virtual machine as the compiler. This is the main preference of mobile app development companies who work on the development of complex android apps.
Another major advantage of Kotlin is that the source code is very easy to share. This allows the users to combine with various app developers to come up with better solutions for the problem statement. It permits the development of cross-platform as well as multi-platform apps with the help of a variety of predefined libraries. The way to incorporate these libraries within the source code is extremely easy and it is highly preferred by app developers all around the world.
The code that needs to be implemented can be shared within multiple devices to be implemented by various native methods. This is one of the main reasons why Kotlin app development is so popular. It makes real-time onboarding of various developers easy and effective bringing forth ideas that are very beneficial for the companies. On the other hand, if this is to be approached individually, it can cause a loophole in the system that will delay the testing phase and if the testing phase is delayed it means that the entire deployment of the app is in danger.

Advantages of Using Kotlin

After understanding what Kotlin is let us look into the advantages of using it in your next project. This is why companies are hiring Kotlin developers daily to make the customer more assured of the products being delivered. The list is as follows:

Excess Customization

When it comes to developing apps, the first thing that any app development company looks into is how adaptable the entire platform is. In the case of Kotlin, you can make your app highly scalable through KMP. Apart from this, the framework allows the developers to combine different native methods within the code hassle-free. If the app works on both major platforms iOS and Android and the company wishes to add any feature on both in the newest update, then this can be done in Kotlin very easily and quickly.

Highly Cost-effective

We all know how important it is to stay on track with the budget that has been allotted for the project. Failing to do this can cause havoc which can result in its breakdown. But with Kotlin, you can save a lot on costs as it allows the merging of multiple native methods within your primary source code. If implemented correctly this can be a huge cost saver as you need not hire app developers for each and every specification of the software. The predefined libraries also help you to save the time of starting from scratch by defining every single method.

Migration can be performed easily

Sometimes a particular system can show an error that might result in the improper compilation of the code. Due to this, you might need to shift the entire code to a new system. This is the case of migration which can be a tedious task for app development companies. But with Kotlin you can share and transfer codes easily.
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Disadvantages of Using Kotlin

After getting a look into the advantages, it is time to look at the cons of Kotlin. The list of disadvantages is as follows:

Highly experimental

The platform is still in the phase of development. This means that there are rapid changes and updates that are to come in the near future. Due to the ongoing process of development, there are some issues that mobile app development companies might face during development such as the failure to provide certain functionality within the designs widget in the project. There are still various issues like the documentation and the defining of a structure that has not been properly addressed. These small issues that arise during the later phase of development can cause big trouble for the companies working with the client on a particular project. Hence, one needs to know the platform well.

Questionable architecture

In Kotlin app development, the architecture of the project is not well defined. This can lead to various problems like navigation within the code or failure to link the segments within the code. This lack of structure can cause major problems at the time of development. Also, in the testing phase, if there are certain logical errors that arise, it can be extremely difficult to track them down due to this improper structuring. Through it is experimental and can be tackled to a certain extent, there are always chances that it can cause problems in the later stage of the development of the product.

Defined documentation

The scope of documentation of projects is still very minimal. As the platform is still up for development, there are various changes that can still take place which might improve this situation. But till then there is no definitive solution to this problem.


Both Kotlin and flutter have their own advantages and disadvantages when looking from a development perspective but there might arise certain situations where mobile app development companies might prefer one over another. Flutter is the best when the apps being developed have no requirements for a specific platform-related code. Plus, the partiture of flutter is perfect and well defined so there might not be any navigation problems within the code for the app developer. It is well-suited for an application that has a high performance rate across various platforms. On the other hand, if a client requires a code that is for a specific platform like iOS or Android, then Kotlin is the best choice. It also allows easy migration of apps and the scalability offered by this app is high. In case there is heavy traffic on the site it will still work properly. In the end, the choice depends on the developers.

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2023.03.21 12:35 BakeBoth9643 Is Selling a Non-Running Car in Valencia, Los Angeles Possible?

If you find yourself with a non-running car, you might wonder if you can still sell it. Fortunately, selling a non-running car is possible, but there are some crucial things you need to know before doing so. In this article, we will guide you through the steps you need to take to sell a non-running car and provide some helpful tips to get the best possible price.
Step 1: Determine the Value of Your Non-Running Car
Before selling your non-running car, it is essential to determine its value. However, determining the value of a non-running car can be tricky since it is often worth less than a running car. The value of your non-running car can be affected by its make, model, age, condition, and mileage.
You can check online car valuation websites to get an idea of what your car is worth based on its make, model, year, and condition.
Step 2: Decide How to Sell Your Non-Running Car
Once you have determined the value of your non-running car, you need to decide how you want to sell it. You have several options available:
Selling it to a junkyard: If your non-running car is in poor condition and not worth much, selling it to a junkyard may be an option. Junkyards purchase cars for their scrap metal value so that you might get little for your car.
Selling it for parts: If your non-running car has valuable parts that can be sold, you can sell it for parts. This is an excellent option if your car is in poor condition but has valuable parts.
Selling it to a private buyer: If your non-running car is in decent condition and can be fixed, selling it to a private buyer may be possible. However, finding a buyer willing to take on a non-running car can be challenging.
Selling it to a dealership: Some dealerships might be willing to buy a non-running car, but you may get less than selling it privately.
Step 3: Prepare Your Non-Running Car for Sale
Once you have decided how to sell your non-running car, the next step is to prepare it for sale. Here are some things you might need to do:
Clean the car: Cleaning your non-running car can make it look more presentable and increase its value.
Gather paperwork: Have the title and any other relevant paperwork, such as maintenance records, ready for the sale.
Remove personal items: Ensure you remove any personal items from your non-running car before selling them.
Step 4: Advertise Your Non-Running Car
The final step is to advertise your non-running car. You can do this in several ways, including:
Online classifieds: You can list your car for sale on online classified websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.
Local newspapers: Some newspapers have classified sections where you can list your car for sale.
Word of mouth: Inform friends and family that you are selling your non-running car. They may know someone interested in a non-running car.
Tips for Successfully Selling a Car That Doesn't Run
When selling a non-running car, honesty is always the best policy. Start by being upfront about the condition of your vehicle. This will avoid any surprises for the potential buyer and help you get a better price.
It's essential to be prepared to negotiate, as buyers will likely try and haggle for a lower price, especially for a non-running car. Have a minimum price you are willing to accept and be ready to negotiate.
If your car has valuable parts that can be sold separately, consider parting it out instead of selling it as a whole. This can be a great way to make more money from your non-running car.
Don't give up too quickly. While selling a non-running car may be more challenging than selling a running car, there may be a junk car buyer in Valencia, LA, who is always willing to take on your car.


Is it possible to sell a car that is not running without a title? Unfortunately, selling a car without a title is not legal, as the title serves as proof of ownership. With it, transferring ownership of the vehicle is possible.
If you are considering selling a non-running car, you may wonder how much you can expect to receive. The value of a non-running car can vary depending on several factors, such as the car's make, model, and condition. You can visit online car valuation websites to estimate how much your car is worth.
You might wonder if you need to fix your non-running car before selling it. It's okay to fix your non-running car before selling it. However, fixing the car can increase its value and make selling easier.
Before selling your non-running car, you must ensure you have all the necessary paperwork. This includes the car's title and other relevant documents, such as maintenance records.
If your non-running car is still under finance, you can still sell it, but you'll need to pay off the remaining balance on loan first. Once you have paid off the balance, you can transfer ownership to the new owner.


Selling a non-running car may seem like a daunting task, but it is possible with a little bit of effort. Begin by determining the value of your car, deciding how you want to sell it, preparing it for sale, and advertising it effectively. Following these steps and tips, you can successfully sell your non-running car and get the best possible price.
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2023.03.21 12:35 AutoModerator [Charisma On Command] Charisma University Course (Here)

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Charilie Houpert - Charisma University course.
Charisma University by Charlie Houpert is the ultimate tool for mastering the art of charm and making lasting impressions. With Charisma University, you will:
With Charisma University, you will be guided step-by-step on your journey to mastering the art of charm. As long as you follow the program, you are guaranteed to see massive gains in your social and professional life.
Contact us today if you are interested in Charisma University in one of the following ways:
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
**Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets).
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Backlit wall art
If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching piece of art for your home or office, then LED backlit art is a perfect choice. Not only does it add a touch of sophistication to your space, but it also provides a warm and inviting ambiance that will make your guests feel welcome.
But what makes LED backlit art so special? Well, it’s the use of durable fabrics and vibrant colors that make these pieces of art stand out. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using durable fabric and LED light strips to create backlit wall art that is both eco-friendly and visually stunning.


When it comes to creating LED backlit art, the fabric used plays a crucial role in its durability and longevity. Polyester fabric is an ideal choice for LED backlit art because of its durability and resistance to wear and tear.
Polyester fabric is also easy to maintain, making it perfect for long-term use. It is resistant to wrinkles, shrinking, and stains, making it an ideal choice for LED backlit art. Additionally, polyester is an eco-friendly material, making it a great choice for those who want to reduce their environmental footprint.


One of the most important aspects of LED backlit art is the use of LED light strips. These light strips provide a bright and vibrant glow that enhances the colors and details of the artwork.
LED light strips are energy-efficient and long-lasting, making them a cost-effective choice for LED backlit art. They are also easy to install, making it possible to create customized LED backlit art with ease.


Another key element of creating LED backlit art is the use of ACP sheets. ACP sheets are made of aluminum and are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. They are also resistant to corrosion and weathering, making them an ideal choice for outdoor LED backlit art.
ACP sheets are lightweight, making them easy to handle and transport. They can be easily cut to size, making it possible to create customized LED backlit art that fits perfectly in your space.


Creating customized LED backlit art with eco-friendly materials is not only good for the environment but also helps to support local businesses. At Space Of Joy, we pride ourselves on using eco-friendly materials that are made in India.
Our LED backlit art is created using polyester fabric, ACP sheets, and LED light strips, all of which are eco-friendly materials. By choosing to work with us, you can feel good about supporting a company that cares about the environment and the local community.


At Space Of Joy, we understand that art is a personal choice. That’s why we offer customized LED backlit art that is tailored to your unique tastes and preferences.
Whether you’re looking for a piece of art for your home or office, our team of experts can help you create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personal style. Our LED backlit art is not just a piece of art, but also a conversation starter that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Creating customized LED backlit art with durable fabrics, LED light strips, ACP sheets, and eco-friendly materials is an excellent way to add a touch of sophistication to your space. At Space Of Joy, we take pride in creating customized LED backlit art that is not only visually stunning but also will give an extraordinary feeling to your spaces.
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2023.03.21 12:34 Unique-Matter-3052 Top 5 Favorite Lyrics (5 honorable)

So I’ve been a fan for over 15 years and I swear sometimes I hear lyrics in a song that I’ve heard a thousand times but it feels so new and fresh. These are my current favorites.
  1. “I’m not dead I only dress that way” or “He’s not dead he only looks that way”
  2. Boy Division
  3. “And you must keep your soul Like a secret in your throat” -Vampire will never hurt you.
  4. “Oh, how wrong we were to think That immortality meant never dying”
  5. Our lady of Sorrows
  6. “If what you are Is just what you own What have you become When they take from you Almost everything?” -DESTROYA (*Runner up- Against the Sun were the enemy)
  7. “And though I know how much you hate this Are you gonna be the one to save us From the black and hopeless feeling Will you meet 'em when the end comes reeling” Or “So get me outta my head 'Cause it's getting quite cramped, you know”
  8. Bulletproof Heart
Honorable mentions
  1. “Cause mostly I've been sprawled on these cathedral steps While spitting out the blood and screaming "Someone save us" -Heaven Help is
  2. “so he gets to die a saint But she will always be a whore” -Foundations if Decay
  3. “I will avenge my ghost with every breath I take” -Fashion Statement
9.” Would you have the guts to say I don't love you Like I loved you yesterday” -I don’t love you
And 10. “Cause you only live forever in the lights you make When we were young, we used to say That you only hear the music when your heart begins to break” -The kids from yesterday.
I would love to read y’all’s choices!!
side note it’s interesting because some of my favorite songs don’t even have my favorite lyrics. I just love the way the lyrics are spun in the instrument.
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2023.03.21 12:34 AutoModerator [Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0

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2023.03.21 12:33 PutridBite Last of the Defenders - Ch 27

Welcome new readers. Please start with chapter one https://www.reddit.com/HFY/comments/11ai7iv/last_of_the_defenders_ch_01/
Previously https://www.reddit.com/HFY/comments/11x94mq/last_of_the_defenders_ch_26/
It took hours. Allah realized the sun was walking away when they finally stepped out of the great quorum hall. Ada’key’hamda and Allah’hem’nrah walked to either side of Li, a group of elders and tradesmen flocking behind. They carried charcoal and papers, hastily drawn maps and long scrolls of lists--names of the future displaced, materials to be salvaged, and more workers than she could count--as they jostled to be heard over each other.
Allah glanced over her shoulder as the wide double doors began to close, ears twitching frustratingly at Marn’charlie’weh who stood on the dais still, amber eyes glowing with barely contained fury. She had been the most vocal of the group surrounding her now, the Detractors Allah called them in her mind. Most of their arguments had been weighed and addressed--even bringing forth solutions to unforeseen problems as the idea of extending the roads had progressed from Li’s ultimatum into cooperative planning.
Both sides had compromised. The southern Smithhall and much more of the buildings between the outpost and the outer wall would be torn down. The proposed road to the north would be almost doubled in width too, to accommodate the increase in traffic. More importantly, to Allah’s way of thinking, were the inclusion of U’knock work crews into Li’s plan. Her people would oversee the construction of the roads and tearing down the city’s outer wall to make rapidly usable materials.
It had been that last point that nearly set Allah’hem’nrah and Marn’charlie’weh to blows. This had only been the second quorum she had been honored to sit in, neither of them as a member, but the vociferousness and vitriol that passed from mouth to ear had startled her.
“You claim a need to protect our people!” Allah could still remember Marn’charlie’weh shout. It had woken her from her dozing. “And with the other paw you rip down the very walls that shelter us! Holes in the inner ring? Dismantling the outer? Will you take all of our warrior caste with you to fight the bullies too? If they are bullies!”
Li had risen from the floor to confront the black elder, Marn’charlie’weh almost twice the height of the human even then, but a spotted paw thrust between them and Allah’hem’nrah walked to block her.
“I will not be shamed,” she roared, the only time the stalwart pride mother raised her voice, “by this council as to cower and hide while a cub fights for our lives!”
She had pointed to Allah who, at the time, was shamelessly curled up on a cushion. The cub, roused from her dozing, sat up, licked a forepaw and made a show of grooming her fur. It was not Allah’s fault she had fallen asleep; they would not stop talking! On and on they went, arguing over the most minute details only to circle back on a once settled matter and point out how doing one thing would somehow upset two others. Even when it did not. Especially when it did not!
“The warriors will fight in this war!” and the proclamation from Allah’hem’nrah had elicited a scattered cheer from half the quorum.
Li had spent much of the quorum kneeling on a Nameday cushion--anything larger than the small pad used to carry kits to the quorum when they opened their eyes would have swallowed her--sipping water from a clay cup and only put in suggestions when directly asked. Which became less and less frequent as the day dragged on toward night. Allah only realized how long they had been there when Jung reminded her to take her pill!
“I think,” Li had said, rising from her cushion and stretching, “we’ve settled what we can in one day.” Allah rose to follow, eager to be away from these screaming, argumentative adults. “If you have something of substance to add, I’ll be outside the south gate at sunrise,” and the last of her words had a hint of warning, “about an hour before the first tank is scheduled to roll out.”
With that, Li rose, bowed to the throne dais, and strode purposely from the great hall.
And now they walked, not as unwelcomed outlanders who should be chased off, but as people of importance whose presence was harkened by quorum members begging attention.
Or, at the least, Li did. Allah found herself carefully shuffled further and further away from her friend, carefully avoiding elders who jostled past her and ever more dangerously close to the taser belt’s kiss. They did not seem to care, even knowing what the belt could do after Li explained its workings and Guard Captain Fen’ja--belatedly arrived, washed and no longer twitching--had confirmed.
Perhaps, Allah considered, another demonstration was in order. Let one brush up against her? And through a wall? She set such petty thoughts aside. These people were preparing as if for a great storm coming to the land. Shoring up the city for a blizzard named Li.
And the bully horde that followed.
Allah contented herself with being persistently pushed back. If she could contribute, she would try. What she was asked, she would answer. And she would not fault Li. Her friend had been as good as her word and as they stepped outside the cub saw a scribe carrying a stack of posters in her paws, could hear a crier chant “Fey’arna of Hada’neha is requested and required to make his presence known to the nearest city guard. A reward is offered for his safe return.” Surely her father would be found soon, news of him at the least and Allah would go to him.
But for now, Allah had made a promise to Li. She would stand beside her friend…if these quorum members ever got out of the way…
Allah busied her eyes and ears in learning this new place. The smell was only U’knock, a packed down scent of many bodies forced together. It reminded her of the mob. Even as the sun was setting behind the tall buildings the street was alive. Tradeswomen and males carried their goods, families shopped at stalls and cubs ran in play or just from the joy of slipping a father’s leash for a time. The buildings were all taller than any hut, packed into squares and high roofed rectangles. Only the doors and the largest structures were domed. Even the glass in the new windows had straight, with sharp unnatural edges.
That was the word Umati’clam conjured to her: unnatural. Even with so many--because there were so many--of her people packed within, Allah felt more and more like a stranger in these confines. How long had she dreamed of walking the fabled city streets? Now she would give up her tail to curl up on her cushion in front of the fireplace, claw the rough burlap and kneed the straw inside to lay her head down and rest. To be home and safe again.
With her fa.
She was not expecting guards when they reached the wall. Four of the metal humans stepped outside the bubble as it popped, speaking in Demeter’s voice.
“Stand away from the entrance,” they said as one, raising black bowless Com’cha with those deadly tubes in their place. “This is your only warning.”
“I’ll do what I can,” Li said by way of apology as the throng of quorum members receded slowly from the opening wall, “but our timetable is going to be tight. Remember Allah’hem’nrah,” she continued, motioning Allah to step forward, “I want at least two level headed warriors per village. These people are not beggars or simply displaced. And they may be vital to rebuilding your home.”
“I do not see how,” the spotted warrior stepped back as Allah stepped closer, “but we will do as you command, Defender.”
“Uh uh,” Li admonished, wagging a finger at the massive U’knock.
“Li,” Allah’hem’nrah corrected, her lips tightening.
Li gestured to Allah again and the two stepped through.
“Could not your ambassador,” Ada’key’hamda called but did not step past the robot guards, gray fur bristling as the first night wind chilled her, “stay with us longer, Friend Li? We still have questions she might be uniquely capable of answering.”
Li and Allah both turned back, the human grinning with a light bow. “That holds true for me too,” the human said softly. “Unfortunately, Allah’s duties at the moment will be keeping her close to me. Any questions can be relayed through these droids,” she gestured to the armed machines. “They can relay any pertinent queries to Jung or myself through Demeter.”
The wall began to seal itself and Allah’hem’nrah raised one paw in the air, waving it back and forth. “Gud B’eye!” the spotted warrior called.
“Bài bài,” Li wiggled her fingers and the massive U’knock chuffed. As the hole in the wall sealed, the sounds of the city silenced. Allah looked up to see the bubble shimmer in place.
Li slumped her shoulders, stretched and yawned. “Now that’s over with,” she said tiredly, “you want something to eat?”
“I am honored to share your table again,” Allah nodded a bow of thanks as Li turned toward the spire, “but what ‘other’ duties do I have?”
“Mostly?” Li winked as she glanced over her shoulder, “Staying clear of Ada’key’hamda. And Marn’charlie’weh, for that matter.” The human frowned at the blank expression on Allah’s face. “Don’t get me wrong, I like that old gray ‘māo’,” Jung translated the word as a subspecies of Earth native animals with an image that explained much of Li’s previous jibes, “but I don’t trust her any further than I can throw her. Or Allah’hem’nrah if it comes to it. Not fully.”
“Why not?” Allah turned back to the closed wall gate. The pair had quickly become the most vocal supporters of Li’s side during the quorum. “They seemed to trust you.”
“Allah’hem’nrah does,” Li confessed, “or at least she believes me a ‘defender’ and understands the threat the swarmers pose. Sounds like she was breastfed war stories as a kit,” Li scratched her head, combing her hair with her fingers, “but she’s gonna do what she thinks is best for her people. And that might not be what's best for the U’knock. Or winning this war.”
Allah considered this. She wanted to say an honored elder would not be so dishonest but…Ana’nut’hana’s betrayal of her father…their exile reminded the cub that no matter how unified the U’knock love of Defenders and hate for bullies was supposed to be, a shallow cup could not hold deep water. If her own mayor could do such to her and Fey’arna then what were strangers capable of?
“And Ada’key’hamda?” she asked with interest. They had passed the landing pad and rapidly closed on the doors to the spire.
“That woman?” Li grinned lopsidedly as the double doors whooshed open, “is what my people call a ‘kingmaker’,” she waved away Allah’s questions, “it means she is a pure blood politician; shrewd and devious. She only sided with us because she knew where the winds were blowing.”
“I hope,” Allah confided, stepping into the noisy chaos of the garage, “that you are wrong.” Her voice rose to a shout above the hissing, clanging commotion.
“I hope I’m not!” Li answered as they hurried past the noisy room and into the hallway. Once the noise of work had died to a dull den she explained. “We’re going to need somebody that conniving on our side to keep Marn’charlie’weh in check. Um…at bay.”
“Jung explained chess,” Allah answered the unspoken question. “And go.”
“Gooood!” Li’s smile must have been more predatory than intended, Allah assumed, as the human showed her teeth. “I’ve got a board in my quarters aboard the Stardancer. Fancy a game when he gets back?”
“I would rather know,” Allah nodded at the offer, “why you need two warriors to travel to the villages.”
“Ah,” Li turned at a crossroads in the hallway, then looked up “Demeter, where’s the nearest mess hall?”
The pleasant voice had returned as a blue beam illuminated. “Please follow the indicated footpath!” Li quickly strode onward.
“Is there any food available for carbon based consumption?”
There was no response as Li and Allah followed the glowing blue line. “Demeter, is there any food available for carbon based consumption?”
“Stores are restocked from the garden every fifty years, cooked and freeze dried for long term access! We have a selection of prepackaged meals ready to eat! Just add hot water and--”
“Demeter,” Allah interrupted as they entered a large room filled with long beaches and tables, “Please be quiet.” Then, to Li she said “You are avoiding my question.”
“I wasn’t avoiding,” Li said in a scolding tone, “I was stalling. There’s a difference. Demeter? Where’s the food!?!”
“Li,” Allah’s tone was stern and pleading at the same time, “Why?”
The human stopped in the center of the room, shoulders slumping. “I kinda wished you’d’ve been awake for that part. It didn’t go over too well with the quorum either.”
“Stop stalling,” Allah admonished, “What is wrong?”
“Allah,” Li stood in the center of the room, raised and then lowered her hands. “Allah,“ she said, “I need you to prepare yourself. What happened last night was only the opening salvo. Things are going to get worse. A lot worse before we’re done here.”
“The U’knock are accustomed to hardship,” Allah straightened. “We will persevere.“
Li shook her head. “That’s not what I meant. I know your people are strong. I know they’re proud, and I believe they will fight for their home. But are they willing to leave their lives behind to do it?”
“Leave?” Allah pursed her lips and thought. “Why would we need to leave their lives?“
“We don’t have a full planetary shield around this rock,” Li answered. “The safest place for them is going to be in Umati’clam. They’ll have to relocate. All of the villages will have to relocate.
“And,” from the expression on the human’s face, the news she gave was worse than it sounded when she said “Some of them might not make it.”
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2023.03.21 12:33 RedEagle_MGN If you are a game design and you want to bring your game idea to life, this is a guide on building your team

I built a game dev team that's flourishing without writing a line of code for my game. Yes, it is possible but it's really hard, especially if you have no funds.
It's really common for people starting a game project to struggle to get the help they feel they need to make the game a reality. They are often stuck between a rock and a hard place -- not having the funds to pay people up front and not having all the skills needed to make a game solo.
I've been there, but more than ever I found my way out, and I thought I would reach back and see if I can help some others. I built a team starting on INAT that has grown to 35+ daily active developers with every talent needed to make a solid title. We meet every single day in three different time zones and the team dynamic is extremely positive. 75% of people on the team have a degree in their field.
This article was written for inat but I thought I would share here.

1. Don't take no for an answer

There's going to be a lot of people who push you down, and many of them are just trying to avoid this industry being taken over by “idea people.” However, if you have leadership talent and no coding skills, this industry actually needs you and it is possible.

2. It's going to take hard work

If you're not bringing any skills to the table, you probably shouldn't be doing this. However, if you're a natural-born leader and if you're ready to put in hard work every single day and be really humble about the advice you get from other people, you do have the opportunity to make it happen nonetheless.

3. Humility is important

Knowing that you need mentorship is critical to your success. You don't want to make all the mistakes the hard way. There have been people that have been down this road and who can make your life a lot easier, and you can find people like that on gamedev.
This whole industry is surprisingly generous, but nobody likes somebody with a big ego who can't take any advice.

4. Be positive about your worst people

About 80% of the people who join these sorts of Reddits would like to have the feeling of making games without putting in the real tough, long, enduring work. They constantly join new projects because they love the feeling of joining new things, but they don't have what it takes to finish.
You're probably going to start by begging kids that are barely out of high school to help you out. Be grateful for what you get. If you're not bringing money to the table honestly, you shouldn't expect anything.
I was able to slowly raise the average age and capability of my team by cherishing those who I got at the low level. I knew they were going to quit in 3 weeks, and so I wrote standard operating procedure documents which made it so that once they dropped the ball, I could find somebody else to pick it up, and it wouldn't be a big deal.

5. Culture is everything

A few years ago, a comprehensive study was put together to correlate factors with a game's success and failure.
Here is what they found:
Vision and culture made the most difference out of any factor they studied. It matters more than production methodology, extra work hours, and all other factors.
If you're going to build a team, you need to set the standard. Think about the impact you want to have in the world and focus your team on that. Don't allow serious deviation from your culture, and double down on your culture.
I had great success by focusing very heavily on a people-first culture. It also has zero tolerance for anything less than professional behavior.

6. No sacred cows

People who violate your culture and who are complaining and putting other people down need to be removed before they cause issues. The best way to deal with this is to have such a culture that you don't attract the people in the first place.
However, if you have to deal with these kinds of people, have the procedures already set in place, so it doesn't seem like it's arbitrary or personal.

7. A big idea, a small footprint

Great games are not great because they are 3D or AAA or any of that. However, if you pitch some very small scale game which you know is realistic, you're also going to get a lot less people that are interested.
This forced me to scope up my ideas very significantly, but I regret that mistake. What you must do is think about a massive-impact idea that does not require much effort.
This is extremely difficult.

8. Live events are the lifeblood of your community

Getting together on a regular basis is essential to help people get out of the mentality that somebody else is going to make this game. Meeting on a regular basis and working together live is critical to your success. Do this regularly.
Every Monday, I have a live event where we all come together, and we delegate tasks to everybody on the team. If we didn't have that live event, nobody would actually step up to take those tough leadership roles that we need to elect people to every single week. However, people feel the burden of responsibility when they're together live that somebody's got to do it, and it's probably got to be them.

9. Let birds fly

When people leave your team to join other projects, rather than being sad about it, encourage them and celebrate it, and they'll remember you and they'll help you out in the future. Don't hold on to people, you're not doing them a service that way.

10. Age is everything

I have recruited more than a thousand people to the team in order to focus in on those who make a difference. The correlation with age and success is incredible, if you get people 30+ you are building a proper team.

11. Don’t promise money

You need to get in touch with a lawyer and set up an agreement right away because you don't want to sort this out afterward. That said, I personally lean away from making any promises of compensation because in my experience the game's business is incredibly hits-driven and you never know which one makes it and which one doesn't.
It's tough to motivate people to cross the entire Mount Everest of making a game purely on money. I've decided to avoid it but your best to set up a basic revenue split agreement if you need it.
Make a legal agreement but don’t make sky-high promises.


Get mentorship, work hard, build a positive-focused community and don’t speak about money.
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2023.03.21 12:33 RedEagle_MGN Share your project and find others who can help -- Team up Tuesday

Share your project and find others who can help -- Team up Tuesday
Rather than allowing too much self promotion in the sub, we are encouraging those who want to team up to use this sticky thread each week.

The pitch:

If you like me you probably tried virtual world dev alone and seen that it's kind of like trying to climb a huge mountain and feeling like you're at the bottom for literally a decade.
Not only that, even if you make a virtual world, it's really hard to get it marketed.
I have found that working in teams can really relieve this burden as everyone specializes in their special field. You end up making a much more significant virtual world and even having time to market it.

Copy and paste this template to team up!

[Seeking] Mentorship, to mentor, paid work, employee, volunteer team member.
[Type] Hobby, RevShare, Open Source, Commercial etc.
[Offering] Voxel Art, Programming, Mentorship etc.
[Age Range] Use 5 year increments to protect privacy.
[Skills] List single greatest talent.
[Project] Here is where you should drop all the details of your project.
[Progress] Demos/Videos
[Tools] Unity, Unreal, Blender, Magica Voxel etc.
[Contact Method] Direct message, WhatsApp, Discord etc.

Note: You can add or remove bits freely. E.G. If you are just seeking to mentor, use [Offering] Mentorship [Skills] Programming [Contact Method] Direct message.
Avoid using acronyms. Let's keep this accessible.

I will start:

[Seeking] (1) Animation Director
(2) Project OrganizeScrum Master.
(3 MISC hobbyists, .since we run a casual hobby group we welcome anyone who wants to join. We love to mentor and build people up.
[Offering] Marketing, a team of active programmers.
[Age Range] 30-35
[Skills] I built the fourth most engaging Facebook page in the world, 200m impressions monthly. I lead 100,000 people on Reddit. metaverse playmygame Made and published 30 games on Ylands. 2 stand-alone products. Our team has (active) 12 programmers, 3 artists, 3 designers, 1 technical audio member.
[Project] We are making a game to create the primary motivation for social organization in the Metaverse. We believe that a relaxing game will create the context for conversations to help build the friendships needed for community, the community needed for society and the societies needed for civilization.
Our game is a really cute, wholesome game where you gather cute, jelly-like creatures(^ω^)and work with them to craft a sky island paradise.
We are an Open Collective of mature hobbyist game developers and activists working together on a project all about positive, upbuilding media.
We have many capable mentors including the former vice president of Sony music, designers from EA/Ubisoft and more.

Small snippets from our games.
Demo (might not be available later).
[Tools] Unity, Blender, Magica Voxel
[Contact Method] Visit http://p1om.com/tour to get to know what we are up to. Join here.
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2023.03.21 12:33 she_xiii For Men Update. Thank you Men.

For Men Update. Thank you Men.
To all the men who volunteered for the Q&A, I cannot say thank you enough. The piece came together and it was all thanks to you. It was all anonymous but in case you want credit for your words you can let me know so that I can make changes. Find it at https://sexandmariestorytelling.wordpress.com/2023/03/21/the-price-of-male-pleasure-what-it-takes-to-please-a-man/ and let me know if I did you justice.
Thanks and many thanks.
I hope I can count on you for future such exercises.
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2023.03.21 12:33 RequirementExtreme10 How To Hack My Wife Mobile Phone Text Messages

It’s no longer secret that many relationships are not trustworthy leave in pain, but sometimes trust issue come when love is not enough in life. Occasionally, If you suspect any far play with your wife of cheating on you, or she has been keeping some secret from you- like text messages, WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, and income calls of she flirting with other men. You may be wondering are you can easily monitor her phone, like tracking your wife phone to make sure your her faithfulness towards you are genuine.

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[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.21 12:33 SirSalad_9132 Character Creation Technique

This CT is based off my love for making characters and OCs. I love making characters for different fandoms. I also make video games and my favourite part is creating unique and wacky characters.
Cursed Technique - Character Creator:
If the user makes a mark on any inanimate object, they can turn that object into a creature. The creature will have their own cursed technique related to whatever object they were created from. The creature's raw power isn’t that strong and the user cannot determine what cursed technique they end up having, it will be random, but related to the object that was marked. The creatures are quite fragile and can’t take that much damage before being destroyed and they have a time limit depending on how powerful the creature is. The bigger the object the creature came from, the more powerful their cursed technique is but the shorter their time limit is. The creature does what the user wants it to do and its motive cannot be changed once it is created. The user can choose to destroy the creature when they want. The user’s cursed energy is reduced whenever a creature exists and goes back to normal when the creature is gone. Only one creature can exist at a time. These creatures have very little cursed energy, but the user can choose to transfer their cursed energy to the creature.
Domain Expansion - Character Bank:
A domain is created that looks like scrunched up pieces of paper. The user is able to summon any creature they have previously created. Their time limit is removed and their cursed energy is increased.
submitted by SirSalad_9132 to CTsandbox [link] [comments]