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A community to discuss the fantasy series The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson, along with other Cosmere-related works.

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2016.12.11 06:10 SkoivanSchiem The Stormlight Archive Book Club

Created in anticipation of the 3rd book in the series - "Oathbringer" - the aim is to cover one chapter of the first two books at a pace of 1 chapter every 2 days. The target is to finish the first 2 books by November 2017, which is Oathbringer's target release date.

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2023.04.01 11:44 Rude_Plane_7079 Secret Projects

Hi! I’m a bit new to the Cosmere, having only read Mistborn Era 1, Warbreaker and Stormlight Archive up to RoW. Can someone explain to me what these Secret Projects are?
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How It Works
To understand the Experience System, please read about it in the wiki HERE.
Once your character application has been accepted, please comment to be added to the XP TRACKER SHEET. These posts will be made monthly.
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  • Combat
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At the conclusion of the lesson (at least 1 week from the day of posting), and once everyone has had a chance to comment and RP, please comment with a link to the lesson, along with the full names of the characters that participated in the lesson in alphabetical order by first name.
Please note that to receive XP for participation in lessons that you must either respond with a single detailed comment describing your character learning something from the lesson, or have a reply chain with another character with at least three of your own comments.
While it is not mandatory to have a physical representation of your character, nor is it mandatory to have a real person representing one's character, we here at Demigod Files know that it is popular to have a celebrity acting as one's face claim. If you do choose to use one, you can have them added listed alongside your character in the tracker, so that we can avoid having characters with the same face. If you plan on using a face claim, we recommend checking the ‘active’ page of the XP Tracker to make sure that person isn’t currently being used.
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2023.04.01 10:51 thawed_caveman Zootopia Fanfiction Thread (April of 2023)

WELCOME TO THE MONTHLY FANFICTION THREAD! Review some fanfics that you've read, promote your favourites, promote your own.
Previous thread
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The wiki has an archive full of fanfictions!

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Congratulations to u/BCRE8TVE and u/BunnyMakingAMark for the tremendous work that they've done for that article! Everyone is welcome to contribute, fix mistakes, fix broken links, and even fix typos.
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2023.04.01 10:35 garete Sub will be shutting down in preparation of "Life is Strange 3"

I've been contacted by a reliable source close to Square Enix that the next Life is Strange will be released on April 1, 2024 and will be called "Life is Strange 3" after the unquestionable success of LiS2. Therefore with great emotion, this subreddit will be closed down for a year in order to rebrand and prepare for the game's release. All True Colors content will be removed without any empathy. You will have 24 hours until the sub is put into private mode to archive any posts or links. I was told not to, but you can read my source here.
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2023.04.01 10:05 Jupin210 TC Constructive Criticism: Public Communication

This post is intended for discussion and suggestions about how TC could improve their public outreach.
The first thing I want to address is the fanbase. TC has built up an extraordinary fan base and to say anything else doesn't do it justice. For one, look at the size of this subreddit, nearly 400k strong. The fanbase for this single game is amazing and passionate and full of creative potential. TC might not be comfortable interacting with us too much, but they undeniably have influence and sway. Instead of leaving them for radio silence, simple things like art challenges, a monthly community showcase or replies to thought-out theories could go a long.
Okay, maybe they don't want to get so involved in the community and become public figures so to speak. There are still many other ways to interact positively without doing so. Updates every so often –not just on the game or state of development– go a long way. For instance, a look at how they are coming along and how they feel about work, a blog post on what games they themselves are looking forward too, something they think we might be excited for.
Sure, but maybe they don't want to reveal so much personal information. That's fine, but the bottom line is still communication. There are many ways for a company to interact with its fanbase that fosters a positive relationship and community without revealing information or delving into personal details. A couple things could be polls on what plushie to release next, celebrating anniversaries and asking for community input (i.e. "A year since HK released, who is your favorite character in HK?"), and getting community feedback (even years after the game released, simple questions like "What's your favorite HK boss fight?" makes a big difference if it were to come from them).
TC is not perfect and there is a lot to improve on, but they also have their own unique style. I want to respect that and praise the amazing content they've created. This community wouldn't exist if not for them. The purpose of this post is to give some constructive criticism on how they can improve in a department that they are lacking. So lastly...
An example that hopefully might inspire TC to interact just a little more with their passionate, lively community, is a company that has nailed their public outreach: Dragonsteel, led by Brandon Sanderson. I have linked Brandon Sanderson's YouTube channel where he does weekly updates on the work he has done and the projects he has in store. Sometimes it is something as simple as "I was vacationing and didn't do much work this week", other times its along the lines of "We've started a new project that needs to remain secret but we know you guys will love, so stick around!" He often pops by the subreddits surrounding his books ( Stormlight_Archive , Mistborn, etc.) and will do interviews/podcasts/AMAs. Regardless of what he chooses to do, it has a great impact on the community and they support him as he supports them. I hope TC might consider adopting some of these practices in the future, and if you've read this far let me know what you think and what some other positive ways to interact with the community might be.
tl;dr : TC should interact with their passionate community more in whatever way works for them. Brandon Sanderson is a guy who has nailed the public communication aspect of his company and hopefully others follow suit.
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2023.04.01 09:14 small_trunks [Bonsai Beginner’s weekly thread –2023 week 13]

[Bonsai Beginner’s weekly thread –2023 week 13]

Welcome to the weekly beginner’s thread. This thread is used to capture all beginner questions (and answers) in one place. We start a new thread every week on Friday late or Saturday morning (CET), depending on when we get around to it. We have a 6 year archive of prior posts here…
Here are the guidelines for the kinds of questions that belong in the beginner's thread vs. individual posts to the main sub.



Beginners’ threads started as new topics outside of this thread are typically locked or deleted, at the discretion of the Mods.
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2023.04.01 08:44 sevae The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1) by Brandon Sanderson (Multiple formats and DRM-free, $2.99)

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2023.04.01 07:45 Ralts_Bloodthorne First Contact - Chapter 925 - Edge of Twilight

[first] [prev] [next] - [wiki]
The strangest thing about Builder artifacts is that they stay dormant unless prodded. More than a half dozen species grew to maturity on worlds with Builder artifacts hidden beneath lava flows, embedded in bedrock, or on the deeper ocean's floors. Those Builder artifacts stayed dormant. No signals, no power, no nothing.
However, once they were poked or prodded, they reacted with sudden, often shocking, levels of violence to protect themselves and maintain their integrity. Once the Builder's relic deduced that it was no longer threatened, it once again went dormant.
Other relics, however, react with shocking violence the first time they are encountered.
In every case, it becomes quickly apparent: Even though the Builders are unaware of us, fought on our worlds and in our stellar systems when we were still, at the most, hunter-gatherer species, they do. not. like. us.
Once again, the question remains: Who did the Builders hate with such ferocity that even today they will not allow their relics to be touched?
And the question most academics don't like to exam: Do the Builder's sworn enemies still exist?
And the final question: Are we somehow those enemies?
Or rather, we were? Are we what remains of The Builder's ancient foes?
Was their hate reserved for our ancestors?
Is their hate reserved for us? - Thoughts on The Builders, Hrsh.ket Press, 528 Current Era
Commander Jane Marcus Prestini raised her head up from where she had slumped forward in her chair, her face against the soft pad that depicted anime-esque dancing and wrestling Kobold squirmlings. Her eyes focused on the LED dot that moved around the pad, leaving a changing RGB color streak behind it as it moved around and around the pad.
She shook her head to clear the muzziness and looked at screen.
Not at her command screen, which dutifully waited for her to provide input before it went from queue orders to manual control, but at the screen she'd dedicated to log files.
She looked it over and checked.
Jane made a face as she saw she had stroked out fourteen minutes ago. The first clone, completed twelve point three two one eight minutes ago had suffered an explosive cerebral hemorrhage when it was 'kickstarted'. The second clone had been brain dead from the get go. The system had defragged and then run CRC repairs. The third clone had errored out during cellular printing.
She was the fourth.
Jane reached out and pawed at the mini-fridge, pulling out a cold drink. Countess Crey Sexy Battery Acid and Over-Ripe Fruit Medly <> She cracked it open with the same hand she held it with, then took a long drink.
Her vitals were settling down. Blood pressure was still a little high, her Beta waves were kicking a little, her endocrine system was showing a few jots and tittles, but it was within the new tolerances.
The med-system finished its checks and threw the number up on the clock.
793 Minutes 52.82143 Seconds
Her new Lifeclock.
She checked her Actions Per Minute.
Well, the last fourteen minutes were all zero, but just before she'd stroked out she had dropped to eighty-five APM and 2.8 Clicks Per Second.
She made a face.
I wouldn't have even passed initial training with those shitty numbers, she thought to herself.
She ran the cold can over her face, then checked her queues.
None of them had dropped below the twenty-five minutes to complete level.
She hadn't lost too many facilities, although it looked like the Slorpies were concentrating on fabrication and energy production facilities, trying to strangle her logistics systems.
Taking another drink, she used her free hand to dance her fingers across the manual keyboard. The holographic keyboard was a thing of the past.
I'm fighting my way backwards. Rather than updates, I'm regressing. Pretty soon I'll be typing kekekekek.
Voice command was shot. It no longer responded. Even newly fabbed components refused to work correctly. Motion Input and her cyberjack no longer worked.
Cascading software failures.
But she was Commander Jane Marcus Prestini.
And she would not yield.
Cold storage decompression was still running. She had those programs on a loop. Born Whole Fast Bake templates, clone templates, weaponry templates, vehicle templates.
She kept having to send the templates to dedicated facilities to be decrypted and decompressed, building that went by the nickname Arendees.
Her systems were badly damaged. Hard drops. Crossing dimensional rifts. Space-time gates.
She was built for it, but machinery, technology, had a limit that flesh could overcome.
Jane knew it, down to her bones, it wasn't hardware, it wasn't fancy toys, that made the difference.
It was willpower, dedication, and raw flesh, blood, and bone.
She tossed the can away, bouncing it into the reclamator, and pulled out another one without looking, even while she kept fast-fingering commands in. The can gave just a snap, no hiss, and she knew that the nanoforge had errored out and given her either flat stimfizz or an empty can. She chucked it, noted by the sound of the can it was probably full of dust, and grabbed another one.
Snozzberry and Blue Licorice.
She swilled down half of it, poured some down her bare back, then finished off the can and tossed it.
Jane checked her hand, holding it out steady.
The shakes were subsiding.
But she knew they'd be back.
A beeping got her attention and she cursed as she spotted the problem immediately.
She hit the emergency shields, cranked them up high, slammed the blast shutters down, and felt the harness bite hard, yanking her back in the chair.
Ultrasonic missiles fired less than three miles out, from under the swamp-sea, leaving a bright white trail as their sprint drives kicked in, whipped toward her.
Her point defense got most of them.
The rest of them sped over the top of her base.
Instead of orienting for a top-down attack like she had expected, they whipped across.
Jane realized what the attack's actual objective was as the missiles hit and detonated.
No flare of antimatter. No white flash of atomics.
Pure ultra-high-ex shape charges.
The charges hit the mountain just to her north, that mountain that half her base was snuggled up against.
Cursing, Jane ramped the shielding up as high as it would go, ordered her two construction drones into the nearest building and into shock positions, and watched as the entire side of the mountain shivered for a split-second.
With a roar she could hear through her equipment, the entire side of the mountain gave away. She ignored the spectacle as she slammed the integrity fields to the max and ordered the point defense to start shooting at the leading wave.
The rubble slammed down, held back for a moment by her battlescreens and the ferocity of her point defense fire.
Just long enough for Asshat and Bitchmade to make it to the buildings.
The battlescreens gave out, the mechanisms exploding, just as the rock covered the entire base.
Jane kept snapping out orders across the UHF and VHF systems, filling the queues.
She heard the slamming of boulders the size of houses impacting the armor of the command center but kept giving orders.
The rocks that hit the swamp-sea caused huge waves to wash over the debris.
Anything that had compromised integrity shorted out.
She maxed out the queues just as the VHF, UHF, and ULF systems were crushed.
Insulation and lighting strips fell from the ceiling along with tiles.
She cursed, throwing off a strip of insulation, her hands jutting out to take control, her fingers twiddling and tapping as fast as she could.
She activated macros, gave point to point orders, then leaned back.
The command center's internal repair systems had fully loaded queues. The external systems were running hard.
She took nearly five seconds to think without moving. Her APM and CPS monitors beeped but she ignored them.
Right before she had lost communication, one of her hovering drone spy-eyes had shown that the Slorpies had followed up with another hit, this one converting a bunch of the rubble into molten rock that was flowing down over the debris.
That made her grin.
You did it in the wrong order, she smiled.
She took out a drink, going through three before she found one that was drinkable. She reached to the back of the mini-fridge and thumped on the nutriforge with two knuckles.
It hissed back.
Standard tactic would be to clear the rubble ASAP, give her nearest factories the ability to add into the fight, since their command turnaround was measured in picoseconds.
But she was running on UHF, ULF, and VHF bands. That meant putting up new systems.
She hmm'd, checking the map. Brought up a few pieces of equipment.
Adjusting an autonomous mobile sword mark-2 would provide the fast tunneling system. Another modification to a standard system would make it so the AMS2 would leave behind a thick bundle of shielded superconductor cable behind it.
More adjustments. Then run it through the simulation system a dozen times.
AMS systems had a tendency to go rogue after a few months of use, but that wasn't her problem. The software was prone to error cascades now that the Jessica-Syndrome had been beaten.
Of course, she always doubled up with bedrock gapped timer based anti-matter destruction charges.
The simulation beeped and she went back to work.
She compared the time to manufacture and deploy those systems to digging herself out.
Less than a tenth of the time.
She punched in the orders and waited.
Her headache was starting.
The guzzled fizzystims and the Countess Crey Fruit Pies she shoved in her mouth fixed that.
Her screens were blinking that she was cut off from the actual status of the other bases and facilities as well as her fighting forces.
Which is why she kept reprioritizing the Level Two Born Whole templates. They could make autonomous decisions.
Sure, the cloning banks kept blowing out, the Born Whole Digicreche kept crashing, but she just rebuilt them over and over.
Hard cable connection was made. Asshat and Bitchmade signaled they'd made it and managed to repair the systems to the buildings they had sheltered in.
Her screens were still blinking that she was cut off, but she refilled the queues and then ordered all living and DS forces to file status reports.
She watched the timer even as she brought up more and more templates.
Her nose started bleeding.
It didn't matter.
She wiped her nose and mouth, then wiped her gory hand off on her bare thigh.
Orbital and stellar forces had obtained victory sixteen hours ago, but it had been mutually assured destruction at the end. The Slorpies were being very careful to go after any sat-com systems she tried to put up to the point that she'd managed to get them to break off on full on assaults to assault a hard-light frame construction point for a sat-com system.
She gave instructions to Asshate and Bitchmade to dig themselves access tunnels to the next facilities and begin repairs. She prioritized the creation engines and the reclamation yard.
She felt the trickle down her neck from her left ear right when the system beeped that Cockhead and Dipshit had been rebuilt. She ordered them in and leaned back, blinking.
She had a slight red tinge to her vision.
She checked her Lifeclock.
She was in the red.
Jane tabbed a few notes in the system that kept the logs and grabbed another cold drink. The repair spider climbed out from behind the minifridge where it had just finished making repairs and Jane took the time to scratch it with the edge of the can. It beeped with happiness and moved on to the next task.
The first connection was made and her screens started flashing that they were updating.
Jane blinked, clearing her eyes, and checked the queues.
They were good for at least three hours.
She nodded to herself.
Cracking open another can, she lifted it up and inhaled the released carbonation.
It made her sneeze.
She held back the sneeze.
She was dead before her face hit her decorative mat.
Commander Jane Marcus Prestini smiled as she shook her head. She checked her Lifeclock, then the logs.
She had been gone 16.73 minutes this time.
Her Lifeclock had slightly longer.
She cracked her knuckles, looked over the monitors, and activated her keyboard.
Jane grinned as she used one hand to go through her menus, checking her queues, as she reached out and grabbed a can of Liquid Hate.
The battle was going against the Slorpies now. She knew they had assumed she was knocked out.
Now she was back.
"You'll be sorry" the can squeaked as she opened it.
The template decrypter beeped and her grin got wider.
Yuriko Template Ready...
flashed on the screen.
"Tier Three... online," she whispered.
Time to teach the Slorpies that they weren't the only ones that could come up with new tricks.
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2023.04.01 07:36 AwesomeWhiteDude Official Tour Thread - BABYMETAL BEGINS – THE OTHER ONE – BLACK NIGHT [1 April 2023]

Tour threads are for anything and everything relating to the relevant show. Discussion, videos, pictures, tweets - anything! This thread is also to collect everything in one place, so that we and future fans can look back at each show. So, if you have anything relevant to the show, be sure to post it here!
If you wish to look back at other shows from previous tours, or see the table of upcoming shows, you can find them in the Tour Thread Archive.
You can also see upcoming tour dates on the fan-run BABYMETAL Calendar or on the Official BABYMETAL tour schedule.

Show Info:


  1. The Legend
  2. Megitsune
  3. Gimme Chocolate!!
  4. MAYA
  5. Mirror Mirror
  6. Time Wave
  7. Karate (w/Lore video & Chibi Babymetal)
  8. Believing
  10. Distortion
  11. PA PA YA!!
  12. Road of Resistance
  13. BABYMETAL DEATH - Shin Ver. (w/Lore video)
  14. IDZ
19:24 Encore - Lore
Show in progress, order may not be accurate

Kami Band: (likely) Western

Avenger: Momoko

Third Member: MOMO METAL

Posted by a random user - sort by new for most recent updates
u15 - 19:36 JST - by god it happened
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2023.04.01 07:01 CryptoSkeptics Monthly Skeptics Discussion - April 2023

Welcome to the Monthly Skeptics Discussion thread. As the title implies, the purpose of this thread is to promote rational discussion about cryptocurrency related topics but with an emphasis on skepticism. This thread is intended to be an outlet for critical discussion, since it is often suppressed.
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  3. Discussions must be on-topic, ie only related to critical discussion about cryptocurrency. For example, the flaws in a consensus algorithm, how legitimate a project is, missed development milestones, etc. Discussions about market analysis, financial advice, or tech support will most likely be removed and is better suited for the daily thread.
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  • Share any uncertainties, shortcomings, concerns, etc you have about crypto related projects.
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2023.04.01 06:35 Eastern-Age-6293 Thinking about a homebrew class/subclass themed around Radiants from the Stormlight Archive

I recently have been starting to love this series and I love the Stormlight magic system. If anyone knows any subclasses that have already been made, and they would recommend, I'd really appreciate it
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2023.04.01 05:00 Witty-Gate5391 Lf book buddy [friendship]

18M, Looking for a book buddy and someone who would like to share thoughts on books they have read and we could recommend each other books to read. I am a huge fantasy fan and I am currently reading stormlight archive. Hmu if you want. Preferably someone close to my age.
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2023.04.01 03:44 AtticsSalt The Strange Tale of the Fouke Monster

1971 was an exciting year for the townspeople of Fouke, Miller County, Arkansas. It was almost 52 years ago that they discovered they had their very own monster. Named by a local reporter, Jim Powell of the Texarkana Gazette and Daily News, the press had a hey-day and the newly named Fouke Monster even had a series of movies made about it. The monster inspired a yearly festival called the Fouke Monster Festival meant to bring up discussion and talk about lore regarding the local monster as well as other cryptids. All for a good cause of course, the money goes directly to the local school district. That being said, let’s take a little dive into the history and tale of the Fouke, AR monster.
A very small town, located 15 miles southeast of Texarkana, TX-Texarkana, AR, Fouke is still considered to be a part of the metropolitan area. It lies along Hwy. 71 and isn’t very far from the Red River. Originally inhabited by the Caddo Native Americans, like so many places time changes everything. However, this isn’t a tale about the history of Fouke, it is a tale of something or someone who scared some locals enough to simply leave the area and the legend is still told to this day. Let’s take a step back in time and re-visit this story…or is it just a story?
Believe it or not, per the Memphis Enquirer, a large, furry creature had been seen in the vicinity in 1851, and the Caddo Gazette reported on it in 1856. So the monster may not be as new to the area as previously thought. The next reports came in at the much later date of 1946 and some locals in Fouke claimed to have seen it in 1964 although it was not reported. These reports called it the Jonesville Monster as these sightings were closer to Jonesville (near Fouke). There was an alleged sighting by a young teenage boy in 1955 who described it as having reddish-brown hair, sniffing the air, and not reacting to birdshot when fired upon. Joe Nickell, an investigator, was of the opinion that it was a misidentified brown bear - which could be a definite possibility.
There have been several different reports on what it actually looked like but they do bear some similarities. Such as being large, bipedal, and with long dark hair. Over the years it has been described as anywhere from 7’-10’ tall, weighing 250-300 pounds or on the higher end up to 800 pounds. Many described it as having a galloping gait, and swinging its arms like an ape. Aside from the disturbing description it was also described as stinking like a combination of a skunk and a wet dog. I simply do not want to imagine the smell, lol. To top it off it was also described as having bright red, half-dollar size eyes.
What really brought it to the public attention was an attack on the home of Bobby and Elizabeth Ford on May 2, 1971. At the time of the attack Dave Hall was the news director of KTFS in Texarkana and Jim Powell was a reporter for the Texarkana Gazette and Daily News. Powell received a call from Hall about something strange going on down in Fouke and they decided to make the trip there. An ongoing story that in time became a legend. What more could a reporter ask for?
According to Powell, when they arrived the Fords were moving out after having only lived there a week. Packing their things into a waiting U-Haul, they were, excuse the bad pun, hauling ass outta there. From what the Fords reported to the police, Bobby and his brother Don had been doing a little hunting out back of the house when they heard a woman scream. They immediately took off for the house and were completely horrified. While they had been out doing their thing, Elizabeth was lying on the couch and the creature, which she assumed was a bear, reached in through a screen window and was chased away by her husband and brother-in-law. The Ford brothers fired seven shots and thought they hit it although no traces of blood were found. But, three-toed footprints were found around the house, scratch marks on the porch, and damage to a window and some siding were located.
Powell and Hall talked to someone at the hospital who told them that, “This guy is in shock.” I believe they were referring to Bobby Ford. Ford said he saw a 7’ tall creature that was 3’ across the chest. He also said he felt a hairy arm around his neck and he was so scared he ran, busting through a glass and wood front door.
The brothers said they shot it seven times and were pretty sure they had wounded it. All of their ammo had been used, but still - no blood. Powell said he dubbed it the Fouke Monster because of Elizabeth Ford’s description of the monster. When Powell got to the house the morning after the attack, he went behind the house, saw unusual footprints, and small saplings broken off headed into a wooded area. Some people thought it was a joke, others were of the opinion that when a traveling circus had come through the town years before, some of the animals had escaped and that was what was seen. Local officials were overwhelmed by the sheer number of monster hunters, calls, and tips. Miller County Sheriff, Leslie Greer, invoked a “no guns” policy in order to protect people from being accidentally hurt or killed.
A month after the Ford sighting, archaeologist Frank Schambach stated that in his opinion there was a 99% chance that the tracks were man made. He said that the tracks couldn’t be from an ape because all primates (including hominids) have five toes, there was no history of primates in the area, and apes are all diurnal, not nocturnal as the Fouke Monster appeared to be.
In May, 1971, D. C. Woods, Jr., Wilma Woods, and Mrs. R. H. Sedgass, reported something that resembled an ape crossing Hwy. 71, with more reports popping up from others. This included giant footprints showing up in Willie E. Smith’s soybean field located behind a local gas station. What was odd was that they were in a straight line, avoiding plants. According to one local, it was pure chaos. Non-locals were popping out of the woodwork. Little Rock, AR KAAY offered a bounty of $1,090.00 and a local man chipped in $200.00. A local woman who was sitting on her front porch said she saw the monster in a field across from her home. However, three jokers got caught when they claimed they were attacked by the monster when in fact they had likely just gotten into a fight fueled by alcohol and were fined $59.00 apiece for filing a false report.
By 1974, interest had dropped but started up again when tracks were allegedly found by two brothers in Russellville, AR, in March of 1978. Sightings were noted in Center Ridge, AR, and in July of 1978, there was another sighting in Crossett, AR. This time there were missing livestock and dog attacks. In 1991, it was supposed to have been seen jumping from a bridge. There were around 40 sightings in 1997, and in 1998 it was reported to have been sighted while crossing a dry creek bed about 5 miles away from Fouke.
Greer was Sheriff from 1967-1974 and said that he recalled hearing about the monster as far back as 1946. In his words, “"I was campaigning for tax assessor and stopped to talk to a lady sitting on her front porch," he said. "She lived about halfway between Fouke and the Below Bridge. She told me that she saw some kind of animal go down in the field in a low, bushy place. She said it looked kind of like a man, and walked like a man, but she didn't think it was a man." Of course, he never gave it much thought until 1971 when the Ford family was attacked. Most reports were hoaxes but there was serious concern that an innocent person would be harmed by the horde of monster hunters in town. There ended up being a lot of hurt feelings over trespassing on private property.
By 1986, most officials were of the opinion that the tracks were man-made. Greer’s colleague at the time, Chief Deputy H.L. Phillips said he hadn’t taken a call in years about it but he refused to argue with people who say they did see it because they were respectable, responsible people. He did state he didn’t believe in it but there were those who did and still do. Keep in mind, as Skeptoid states, all the evidence is anecdotal with not a thing that is able to be tested. It makes for a great story though!
So, what do you think? There are things we don’t know about or are just discovering. Could the Fouke Monster be the real thing or is it only a folk-tale? I would love to hear your thoughts and thanks for reading!
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2023.04.01 01:42 emceegyver Question about Totem of Treasure

I have a question about the mechanics of this totem that isn't answered on the wiki.
My question is basically: at what point is the amount of steps determined for a clue?
I'm wondering how it affects a clue if you do part of it with the totem active and part of it without. I will use info from here if you do 3 steps of an easy clue with no totem, and you are now on the 4th step WITH the totem ACTIVE, are you guaranteed to get the casket? Or could you still get a 5th step because the clue was opened with no totem and at that point the game said "this clue is a 5 stepper"?
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