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General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2016.10.16 16:28 Vintner42 Vintner Writes Stuff

Stories I have written and submitted to /WritingPrompts.

2013.01.11 00:34 neowu The Science of Deduction

A place to practice your Sherlock like observation

2023.06.04 15:49 thewild_gypsy Travel history as Map

Is there any app or website to display the roads/route i have travelled over a period of time using my good map/location history data?
Google map timeline will show the map for a day only.. I need something which can show me a map based on data of a month/ year
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2023.06.04 15:49 Extension_Hedgehog98 (Possibly) hypothetical questions

Hi everyone!
This post is going to be long since I’m new and don’t want to fuck up. A quick disclaimer and why I put possibly hypothetical in the title, once I have the specifics in mind, if I don’t really match the criteria for ownership it just won’t happen.
I’ve taken an interest in tortoises, and being on this sub is very insightful! I’m not planning on getting one any time soon since I have an insane amount to learn and I have to wait until I move back to my home country so I have enough land, just wanted to state that beforehand (I’ve seen quite a few posts of abused torts and I do NOT want that to happen to my possible future one).
I wanted to ask if there’s any breeds people have experienced and liked specifically (not just in practicality but in general) and what kind of fencing would be suitable. When I go back I have a few acres to fence up (they’re in different places so would a short drive with a tortoise be fine? I have a dog and when we’re home I like to take her to different parts and let her explore so would it be okay to do something similar with just the tortoise as long as I’ve cleared up any possible dangers?) and since the place I’m moving back to is a traditional build the fence is high and planted deep, it’s made of stone and is fairly thick. We regard our houses as towers/fortresses so the surrounding walls match the house’s structure/aesthetic. I’m an overthinker so I’m just a little worried if I end up with an escape artist and after hearing about things like them knocking down fridges and what not I don’t want to end up in a situation where my tort turns into a little beast and breaks out so I’m wondering just how thick the fencing should be, and if I should line the bottom with anything so it won’t hurt itself.
We have a lot of other tortoise populations in my home range (talking about numbers here, I’ve only seen about 2 or 3 types) and I mean A LOT, at any given time you can guarantee about 3 torts on your land, so I was wondering if it would be better to have the same breed as those in the area (e.g. eastern Hermanns tortoise) since the outside climate would be suitable - being a Mediterranean country we have the Mediterranean climate, in my area specifically since I’ll be located in the mountains it’ll be harsh winters and hot, sometimes dry summers (think 40+ degrees Celsius) - I’m obviously planning on having a large enclosure inside anyway, and want to get some opinions on sizing and stuff so I can draw some rough plans at some point, so would be grateful if you guys could lend your knowledge. Also for the short trips I mentioned earlier, if it’s okay in the first place, would there be any beneficial things safety-wise to have in the car? For example when I take my dog out I install a fan that releases cool water into the air so she doesn’t overheat and have water at the ready (I do this for myself now too, I’d bow down to that fan, God knows what it’s done for me) I’m wondering if something, god forbid, ever happened I want the journey to the vet to be as smooth as possible.
I also wanted to know about fun little things people have put inside the enclosures since I’d have to stock up on items before I move.
I do have more questions but they’ll probably be solved once I know what I’m going to read up on.
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2023.06.04 15:48 Comment_Goblin Papa getting credit where credit is due in the "Glorious" reviews on Shudder

Papa getting credit where credit is due in the submitted by Comment_Goblin to MeatCanyon [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 15:48 ShidwardTesticles There’s a jackdaw nest filled with babies on my roof. Today I found a dead baby bird in my garden. Will the mother blame me?

So this jackdaw made a nest in my chimney, and the mother has been somewhat territorial towards me. I sleep in the attic and often poke my head out the windows on the roof, often just to enjoy the view of the city. A few times the mother has swooped at me when I do this, and other times it’s perched itself close to me and cawed at me very aggressively.
Today, I went to hang laundry outside and I find a very dead baby bird on the ground, I don’t think it’s been dead very long because it doesn’t look very decayed yet, but it’s covered in flies so I think it’s definitely dead. I’m assuming it’s one of the jackdaw’s babies. I got close to take a few pictures to send my family (who are away on holiday atm) and then sat in the garden for a bit on my phone. If the mother saw me during this time, is there any chance it thinks I’m responsible for the baby’s death? I don’t want to feud with a bird that’s probably smarter than me, so I’m hoping it maybe killed the baby itself, or is at least smart enough to know I didn’t do it.
Also is there anything I can do about it? Should I put it in the bin or just leave it there for nature to consume? I’m scared to go near it in case the mum comes after me
here’s a pic of the dead bird, not sure if it’s a jackdaw or some other species. No idea how it even ended up in my garden but I’m assuming it was dropped by something
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2023.06.04 15:48 gabbijschimpff Had to take time off while recovering

I (F24) got admitted to the hospital about two weeks ago. Because of the nature of my admission, I was required to take a minimum of a month off work for recovering- as I’m a cleaner and can’t do heavy lifting of be around the cleaning products necessary to use. I still have at least two more weeks off to recover and let me say: I can’t remember the last time I LIVED like this. I still wake up in a panic “OH MY GOSH, I’m late for work! My alarm didn’t go off!” But as soon as reality sets in, I can breathe. I lay back down and relax. Most times the pressure of not going into work is enough to make me feel rested enough to start my day early and not hit snooze a bunch. I fill my day with so much more now that I don’t work. I cook at least one meal a day. I go shopping for groceries instead of delivering them. I got a library card and already read 2 books. I’ve been to 5 different park and outdoor trails near my house I’ve never even been to. I fixed a problem my mom and I have been having with T-Mobile. I completed testing and orientation for hospice care at several places. So much more too. Things that I thought didn’t interest me or I didn’t care for suddenly or filling my life with life enjoy all because I have time to dedicate and I’m able prioritize myself. Sad that this will end soon. Sad that I now know it’s possible and it’s fleeting.
I’ll miss this dearly when it’s back to “normal”
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2023.06.04 15:48 tk338 Bonding 2 internet connections (ADSL + Starlink)

I live in an area with less than ideal internet service, and recently managed to get my hands on Starlink which has been a real game changer.
Only issue is, I have it mounted in the best possible location I can, but living beside a steep hill means I am never going to be 100% free of obstructions. Raising the dish isn't feasible for a multitude of reasons, but suffice to say I have explored that option and regardless of what I do, there will be obstructions.
My obstructions are low, but still cause 5-10s blips in internet connection. This isn't a problem for normal every day web browsing, but for connecting into servers for work or video calls it really can get a bit frustrating.
While my wired connection isn't great - 8 down 0.5 up, but it is (to its credit) stable, so I would like to utilise both if possible
Looking into some options I have found 2 I am considering:
1) Speedify. I've tested out their free plan which seems to be able to keep me connected, bonding the two connections togther. If the dish hits a small obstruction I am not dropped from calls, I might briefly lose audio, but its not terrible. The parts I don't like are the monthly fee, and if I need to take advantage of it across my whole network I really need in installed on a PI rather than individual machines. That said if its my only option, its my only option.
2) Edge Router X. Not tried this yet as it requires purchasing the hardware, but can I achieve something like Speedify with this device (or another similar one)?
From what I have read the failover option is configurable, but it doesn't sound ideal as if I set the timeout to 10s, the Starlink will often be back up before it has failed over. Set the fail over too low and I risk bouncing between connections perpetually.
If anyone could give some advice or point me in the direction of another subreddit if its not suitable for here, I would be very grateful, thank you.
As a side note I'm also wondering if its possible to use the grpc calls into the dish to determine when it is obstructed and just tell a router to use the wired connection. Not really to sure where I would start with this, but I'm comfortable getting my hands dirty. So if there was a device I could use to experiment with something like this I would be happy to do so.
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2023.06.04 15:47 AfterDINNERMinge Potential

Let me start by saying I do not claim this to be perfect or spot on. Definitely looking for different ideas and POV. But, here we go:
I saw a post on my local sub-reddit (Binghamton) from 3 years ago that touched on this but in a vague way. No real references to exact cases, patterns, etc. With some minor research I think I may have found a pattern, at least from the last 3 to 4 years.
Missing 70 Year Old Woman's body found along Susquehanna River
-APRIL +MAY 2020-
BU Professor Dominic Davy goes missing and is found dead by the Susquehanna River in Endicott:
Women's body found in creek bed by Ross Park:
-LATE JUNE 2022-
Woman's body found by Rock Bottom Dam in the Susquehanna
-MAY 2023-
Woman's body found on South Bank of the Susquehanna River by the Walking Bridge:
All but the first victims are female (unknown reason for possible change of victims gender)
All along bodies of water (all but one along the Susquehanna, 3 within the same few mile radius
All either go missing and/or are found within the first half of the year. Only one is outside the same 3 month window
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2023.06.04 15:47 Tiny_Plankton_5679 My SMP Modpack

i tried to create a modpack for our smp server on fabric, but threre some crashes, that idk how to fix, And i just don't want delete a half of mods because of them can somebody help me to fix them pls? i spend near to two hours to fix them but i get 0 progress
I attached a link to a post with mods and the latest crash log
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2023.06.04 15:46 ScorpiusPro [unidentified media] music track from fake video game

Years ago, circa 2006ish, on the ebaumsworld forums (yeah, ancient times) a fake video game called “Infinite Horizons” was posted that was basically a load screen that took forever and never finished loading.
Everyone trolled that the graphics were incredible, they couldn’t get past level 3, etc. It was a fun joke, but the load screen contained some really slick music that I haven’t been able to properly identify all these years ago.
I believe the host site was “” or “foreverflash” something like that. The music is also credited to “Shed7” but my research on both the site and the artist name has turned up nada.
Here’s a link to the music that I managed to capture off my desktop audio:
If anybody has any clue what this could be, you’d be solving a nearly 20 year mystery for me and I can finally properly credit the artist on the mp3 I still listen to.
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2023.06.04 15:45 AnteaterFirst1245 I’ve been having crippling anxiety the past few days, struggling to get out of bed ect, advice and help please

F26 I’ve had a huge burn out spiral coming from two weeks ago at work and being on my period. It’s gotten worse and I called off Friday, and slept off an on the past few days. Leaving the house is a struggle. Unless I’m near my family, even then.
I keep feeling overwhelmed that I’m not where I want to be with my life , that it’s pointless and hopeless and the worst part is the DRDP, I keep wondering am I even real, is what’s around me real and that’s the most distressing part. I know I’m real but I feel so disconnected from myself like I’m a robot ect. I’ve also felt so distressed I’ve had thoughts I normally wouldn’t have.
I have one more week of work, and I want to just call in, but I don’t want to get in trouble or lose my job. then I have a vacation with my family for two weeks yet I’m terrified of ruining it by having this crippling anxiety or afraid I’ll make a fool out of myself .
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2023.06.04 15:45 ExaminationNice616 Cuban food restaurant recommendations

Hello all! I was born in Cuba, but lived my whole life in the US in Miami, so I always had lots of Cuban food options around. I moved to Greenville last year and I love the food scene here, but I still haven't found a decent Cuban restaurant. I found an older thread in the sub that recommended a food truck but when I drove there a Venezuelan dude had bought it and changed the menu :(. Yes, I've tried tropical grille and it's honestly subpar quality especially for the price. The location closest to me is the one in the Publix plaza in Pelham. Do you guys recommend any restaurants with good Cuban food? Also, Puerto Rican and Domincan food are fairly similar so I'm open to trying those as well. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 15:45 GiversBot /u/xXTheDaymanXx [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2023-06-04 (t3_2mkyf0 up 3120.80 days, LONGTAIL, ACCOUNT DELETE/SHADOWBAN)

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Active loans

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[REQ]$100 until the middle of December would be huge. Will do $25 interest.

Post contents

I had a really good job up until the end of last month. Now i've been scrambling and finally found something. It's just a host job but it will hopefully allow me to keep paying my bills. $100 will help me keep my metro card working, it'll help me get food in my house and hopefully leave me with about $20 bucks in case anything random comes up I need to take care off. I'm located in Alexandria, VA. Western Union would be the easiest way for me to receive money. I don't have paypal attached to my account. So if there is a fee for sending the money, I'll gladly add that into the amount I owe.
I've borrowed once before and paid back. So thanks to anyone reading/willing to help.
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2023.06.04 15:45 AfterDINNERMinge Potential Serial Killer in the Binghamton/Broome County area?

Let me start by saying I do not claim this to be perfect or spot on. Definitely looking for different ideas and POV. But, here we go:
I saw a post from 3 years ago that touched on this but in a vague way. No real references to exact cases, patterns, etc. With some minor research I think I may have found a pattern, at least from the last 3 to 4 years.
-JANUARY + FEBRUARY 2020- Missing 70 Year Old Woman's body found along Susquehanna River
-APRIL +MAY 2020- BU Professor Dominic Davy goes missing and is found dead by the Susquehanna River in Endicott:
-EARLY JUNE 2022- Women's body found in creek bed by Ross Park:
-LATE JUNE 2022- Woman's body found by Rock Bottom Dam in the Susquehanna
-MAY 2023- Woman's body found on South Bank of the Susquehanna River by the Walking Bridge:
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2023.06.04 15:44 Jonathans-reddit Train mod for spawning and despawning

Can someone help me locate the mod that let's you add spawning and despawning points for trains(and maby cars) at the edges of the map? I also looking for a mod that force's the trains to fill up before leaving the cargo stations Thanks!
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2023.06.04 15:44 Commander_Pentaron Bandits! (for real this time) - October to November 1519 [Event]

quick repost since I forgot to flair the original
October 25th 1519
Hartenfels Castle, Torgau
The sun had nearly finished its descent towards the horizon when distant bells could be heard in the far distance. The guards patroling the walls of Hartefels castle scrambled to action, peering out from every corner to location the origin of the ringing.
A number of guards ran to the eastern wall. Out in the distance plumes of thick black smoke could be seen forming, followed by the faint dancing of flames, almost as if the stars had transported themselves to earth. The captain of the guard, Konrad von Dobern finally made his way up to the wall.
" that...Bad Liebenwerda ?" questioned his sergeant, Karl
Konrad squinted, his stomach churning with dread.
"Yes it is Karl, get a messenger to Wittenberg and Weimar, tell them we have bandits that need dealing with."
November 11th
Just outside Torgau
Fritz entered the command tent, fully dressed in his armour. Already inside were his uncle Johann and mercenary commander Johannes Bruhl, along with other aides and the young Johann friedrich and Philip, though they would not be fighting in the coming battle
"Uncle, my scouts have located the bandit camp, they're in the forest north of Trobitz"
"Perfect, we ride at dawn, hopefully we can catch them by surprise as they gorge themselves on their plunder. Johannes, are the men ready?"
The grizzled commander of countless battles sighed
"As ready as can be my Lord. They are peasants after all, not much me and my men can do in two weeks."
"Something is better than nothing. We outnumber and outmatch these fiends, that is not the problem. What is imperative is that we capture their leaders alive. I want to know who they work for. No sane man raids the lands of an Elector without sizable payment first."
"Uncle Georg?" asked Johann Friedrich
"I will not point finger just yet son. Georg is ruthless but he does have some principles"
"Nevertheless, he is on the top of our suspect list Uncle. The bandits have been raiding all along our parts of the low road..."
"As I said nephew, lets not jump to conclusions"
November 17th
The village of Trobitz
Fritz dragged the blooded man and threw him to the ground at Johann's feet
"Here's the bandits leader, and back there are some other high ranking officers. They were all huddled together, cowering in fear in a tent full of loot."
"Good job nephew! Johannes has been teaching you well. Now, you. What is your name?"
The bandit tried to stand up, Fritz quickly pushing him back down on his knees
"Who hired you to raid my lands Wilhelm?"
"nobody you hereti-"
Fritz slapped the man, sending him back down to the floor. Johann sighed
"I'll ask that once again, bandit. Who. Hired. You?"
Wilhelm spat at Johann's feet, earning him a kick to the stomach. Fritz now turned to the rest of the bandits leaders
"Anyone here that confesses to who hired them will live to see the end of the day!"
A meek man, not what one mighty normally think of as a bandit stepped forward
"We...we were hired...hired by rich merchants from Dresden"
Fritz looked back at his uncle. Both knew what this meant
"Come, on! Names, now!"
"They didn't tell us their names, please you have to believe us, they just send a hooded figure to see the captain and hire him to raid the Ernestine low road."
Johann walked forward towards the man
"Thank you for listening to reason. Fritz, gather all these men and place them under heavy guard in Torgau. It seems my cousin has a lot to answer for"
meta: Some bandits raided my lands and i found out some Ducal Saxon Merchants were behind it
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2023.06.04 15:43 ThrowRa200990 (21F/23M) how to deal with jealousy in our relationship?

I’m kinda ashamed I’m even posting about this publicly but I don’t want to talk about it to any of my friends so here we go My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year. This relationship also has a lot of good aspects but something that really bothers me is how bad this relationship makes me feel when it comes to other girls. Here are a few examples: He bought a puppy and couldn’t keep him, so he gifted him to his ex when they were still together, that means that they’re obviously still in contact but she still loves him and sometimes calls him on facetime for no reason. He has another female friend and sometimes when he’s over at my place and they talk on the phone for an hour straight while I just sit there and he calls her nicknames like baby. She’s in our friend group and I know for sure there’s nothing going on between them, one time he asked me if it made me uncomfortable, I said yes, he immediately stopped, but the fact this happened in the first place makes me feel very disrespected. Another friend got married, she sent him pictures of the wedding and he responded with “you’re the most beautiful bride” and that made me feel so extremely shitty for some reason. He also comments on nearly every woman he sees and rates her looks and what he likes about her, what he finds attractive/doesn’t find attractive and on one hand it doesn’t really bother me and I’m glad he feels comfortable sharing his thoughts but on the other hand a part of me thinks “why can’t you just be happy with what you have” , “why do you even think like that”. I get a lot of male attention and that bothers him a lot to the point where I had to quit my side job as a server because he noticed men would ask for my number a lot which is why I find this behaviour kinda paradoxical He doesn’t hide any of this, he just thinks I’m overreacting but is willing to change a few of these things but I still don’t know what to do because now I just feel like a mess. I think it’s the combination of these situations that makes me feel like this. He often tells me he feels like he’s walking on eggshells with me because everything he says seems to be wrong but I’m at a point where I can’t even tell what’s normal behaviour and what isn’t. I cant tell if I’m just too insecure for this relationship, if it’s just my ego, or if I’m really being disrespected that much. How do I deal with this problem?
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2023.06.04 15:43 OutsiderCraft Found a mattress at waterfall base in the woods.

I went walking around the woods near my apartment and discovered a mattress located on the rocks below a small waterfall area. It appears to have been there for some time as it has warped to the shape of the rocks and has weeds/moss growing on it. My big question is: how and why is it there?
The area has no trails and is rather thick, and is about half a mile from the nearest road or structure, so carrying it all that way would be very difficult. The source of the stream comes from a grated culvert that empties a good way into the woods as well, so even if it “washed” here over the waterfall, someone would still have had to take it a good distance into the woods to leave it where the water could rise and carry it.
Any ideas?
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2023.06.04 15:43 Ok_Fix_7691 Stressed it’s something else

38M. I went in for a physical in February 2022 and the dr was concerned that my blood work showed high ALT and AST levels. But I had just recovered from Covid back in January and had the stomach flu the weekend before my physical so he thought it was related but wanted to be sure. It was a brutal few weeks. He sent me to a gastro and they retested me a couple weeks and my numbers were back to normal. Explained away as likely reaction from Covid and the stomach flu. Fast forward to June and I had a follow up with my gastro. I started experiencing some pains in my upper right quadrant, fatigue, etc. They sent me for an abdominal ultrasound and a hida scan. US was normal. Hida scan showed my gallbladder had 21% ejection fraction. Gallbladder was removed in September. A lot of my symptoms started to go away after a month or so. Later in November I had a super stressful situation at work and I started feeling burning pain in my left side near my ribs. Gas, bloating, reflux. I noticed it got worse when I had to deal with the stress. I went back to my gastro and they gave me pantoprozle 40mg and scheduled an x-ray of my abdomen in December. X-ray was normal so they scheduled a endoscopy which I had to wait until April to get. Panto seemed to help some but I had issues with the side effects. Stool changes, anxiety, joint pain. I stopped after 30days. The pain seemed to be reduced and even go away most days but I started having more reflux and heart palpitations/fluttering. So I went chasing all of that down because I have had issues with my heart in the past. Cardiologist tested me and said it was likely gastro related. That was in March. I finally had my endoscopy done in April and confirmed that I had mild chronic gastritis and negative for h.pylori. Recommended continuing medication and diet changes. Disclaimer: I haven’t made any dietary changes up to that point. Just eating and drinking like I normally do. I drink too many caffeinated sodas which I know is bad for gastritis. I’ve been working on cutting back on that to the point. My concern lately is that I’ve been getting fatigued more during the day and recently I’ve developed a new pain in my RUQ/right rib area. My gastro was concerned and sent me to get a CT with contrast last week and I am hoping to get the results back tomorrow. She also put me on 40mg of omaprazole. Ive also started adjusting my diet. The pain seems a little bit better. Meanwhile I have been having anxiety attacks about it being something more than gastritis like cancer. I have health-related anxiety. I am a 38M in good shape. Not overweight. Just curious if someone has had similar issues with gastritis. Could it be gastritis along with bile reflux? The right side pain showed up during the memorial holiday weekend so it’s possible I over indulged on food and beverage causing a flare. The stress and anxiety isn’t helping I know.
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2023.06.04 15:43 obithewyteknight How's this possible?

I've been quit for 1 year and 11 months. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I smoked for 20+ years, everyday, all day. Grams turned to ounces and then turned to cartridges until I just couldn't take it anymore. The anxiety and paranoia were eating away at my soul. Almost daily panic attacks. Couldn't work in my garden the way I love to do because I was thinking my neighbors were watching me and poking fun. Couldn't go for a walk for the same reason. Couldn't speak properly in public spaces. Couldn't concentrate long enough to finish damn near anything. The realization that what I thought was assisting and helping my depressive condition was just another cause for it. It made the anxiety and depressive spells so much worse. Suicidal ideation was a daily reminder that I was a pot head with no hope.
Then I quit...
It hasn't been all sunshine and roses. No rainbows with a pot of gold. Everything just started to weigh less. The burden that I had kept with me for so long was finally gone. The depression and anxiety after a "short" time decreased by 75% at the least. I no longer feel weighed down. I no longer feel like the world is watching me fail. My relationships with my family, my wife, my kids have all grown exponentially better. I no longer have to hide away my use. Afraid my children will grow up one day to know their father was a pot head that never got ahead in his life. Or worse, they would think that it was an okay position to be in for themselves.
Of course all of the things that I was smoking to forget were all there when I stopped. The trauma. The feeling of worthlessness. The boredom. But by not smoking these mountains were much easier to climb.
You too can do this. Let yourself live. Tying yourself to the crutch of daily use is only postponing the work. Put in the work. Get better. Stay better. You can do this.
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2023.06.04 15:43 touchstoneddude Need places to hang out at

Hi. I'm 23m and my work recently shifted me near HSR- Singhasandra to be precise. Life is kinda shit, and I would like suggestions on places to hang out/meet new people. Could you guys help me out here? Thanks a bunch y'all.
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2023.06.04 15:42 MasterHavik So I went to the Addison location....

Hey guys. It has been a bit. I haven't been able to go Dave and Busters a lot due to my Graduate school studies. I'm almost done. So yay me. Anyway, today is my birthday and I decided to celebrate my birthday weekend with a number of fun activities. Yesterday after going to a Japanese grocery store here called Mitsuwa Marketplace. I decided to go to the Addison location since it wasn't far from where we were. While it looks very nice inside, I didn't know game maintenance was a major issue because after getting a new card as my old one got beat up. Lots of games were either not reading the card or legit just eating my credits and not letting me pay the game. I didn't have a strong day as I was looking to play more for fun than just sit up and grind stuff like Zombie Stancher or a coin pusher.
Either way, I am happy to have gone to this location as it is very nice but due to the poor game maintenance on the games I'm going to just stick to going to Rosemont and Orland Park moving forward. I got most of my credits back and I bet those techs work hard but that isn't a good look. I even saw guy get his credits eaten nonstop on the Monster drop game. I do look forward to getting back into the swing of things this time around as I have got only one class this summer and it's a self pace online course. So, I can take advantage of that half price Wednesdays. I'm aiming for that Switch OED. I rather win than buy one to be honest with you.
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2023.06.04 15:42 bgj20 happy Pride (m)onth!

just came out to family at age of nearly 60. curious over a decade while trying to understand "new" ideas bout gender & sex. own feelings finally came clear (er) last few years. still trying to negotiate bi- pan- other-. this year Pride celebrations pushed me to talk to the family. feel pretty good about it.
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