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2023.06.04 17:13 AlexRD19 NLMB Fallen Members Part 6/The War With PocketTown

NLMB Fallen Members Part 6/The War With PocketTown
2019 was a hard year for NLMB, losing members back to back to different opps and starting a new bloody war with DeathRow, in 2020 the war will slow down due to a lot of factors. Most members who put in work in that war will get locked up and NLMB will focus on other opps just like DeathRow, we will come back in the summer of 2022 to that beef.

Willie "Ghost 🕊️" Coker

I didn't had space to include Ghost in the last part so i decided to do it here, it's not that important to the NLMB/DeathRow beef so it's ok if i include it at the beginning.
Ghost also known as Rat was a respected OG from GME, i am not sure if he was the target or not but DeathRow and Lakeside dissed him a lot, Fa Fa Fa said they killed Ghost and ever since then GME didn't do anything for him, ignore the video from the store, that's not Ghost, it's a mistake by the one who made the post, the one who died in the store was an innocent as far as i know and it happen way after Ghost died. This happen in the same month DeathRow killed Willie, DeathRow was sliding a lot in 2019.
Ghost was outside with multiple people in his own hood when shots rang out from an unknown direction, he was shot multiple times in the chest and he died at the hospital.
"Ghost got hit up" 0:58

Michael "Aero 🕊️" Portis

One of the reasons i believed Savo 🕊️ was killed by kings was Aero death, months after Savo died, Aero was sliding with FatLord 🔒 on some kings, which made sense at least during that time, Savo died in a hood cool with the kings, Aero is sliding on the kings, it was making sense into my head that Aero died trying to get revenge for Savo + that's what i was told, again i was wrong. As i said in my previous post, Savo was killed by NLMB, Aero was just a hothead who was sliding on his opps, nothing weird.
Aero was on the frontline and did a lot of dirt for DeathRow, he earned the nickname "23" for a reason, in my previous post i put a screenshot with Fa Fa Fa straight up saying Aero killed G Dottie 🕊️. I know a lot of people believed Aero killed an innocent, but people told me that Garcia 🕊️ was a known king, why would Aero and FatLord slide on some innocents and specifically target them?
Aero and FatLord were driving a turquoise SUV when they made a U-turn at the end of the street and parked in the block close to a king hood, both got out of the SUV with armed 9-mm handguns and approached Garcia and his neighbor as they were outside talking, they opened fire hitting the neighbor in the arm and hitting Garcia multiple times, Garcia returned fire with his own weapon striking Aero multiple times who died at the scene, FatLord was also shot multiple times, FatLord left Aero there and went to a hospital with the SUV in the same clothes that CPD saw on the footage. Garcia was pronounced dead at the hospital, police recovered 19 9-mm shell casings and 10 .40-caliber shell casings from the crime scene.
This is a very controversial situation because at first, people said after FatLord recovered from his wounds, he told the police what happen and also snitched on BD 🕊️ but now they saying free him, they saying that someone else ratted and not him, but according to this article, CPD is using FatLord as a source, FatLord was the one who allegedly was the driver on the Willie hit, FatLord is still locked up so who knows.
The scanner also confirms that they was sliding on some kings because they was having problems lately, it could be possible that some kings gave the location of Savo to NLMB, Savo was killed right at his home so NLMB probably got the drop from someone.
NLMB and ABK will diss Aero hard because he killed G Dottie, someone also recorded Aero on the ground, which was heavily mocked by his opps.
"Lil Aero a dumbass got hit on a hit" 0:23

Tristan "Tedo G 🕊️" Rogers

NLMB first loss in 2020 but not because of gun violence, Tedo was from the MuskegonBoyz clique, he was killed by a car in DucciWay 🔱 hood, there is not a lot to say about him, he was a respected OG who was either related to Kobe 🕊️ or close to him.

Shianne "Anna 🕊️" Reynolds

Anna was a very loved member from MTG 079 now more known as BiyoBlock, she was Biyo 🕊️ sister, at first people believed that she was not gangbanging but that's false, there is a lot of captions with her saying she was using guns to slide, i don't think she was active when she died in that life and she probably was not the target either. However, she probably was active in the past and as we all know, the past is catching up to you, her vigil was also shot, allegedly by NLMB again.
What i know is this, allegedly NLMB saw some MTG 079 members in traffic in SirconnCity 🔱 hood, they sped up behind them and shot the whole car, Anna was just unlucky since she was in the car with them, she was hit in the head and CPD pronounced her dead at the scene. This was one of the first getback NLMB got for Capo, but it will not stop here, NLMB will get more getback for Capo months later.
2020 was a hard year for MTG 079, they lost 4 members, Anna 🕊️, Pook 🕊️ who was not killed by any opps, LB 🕊️ an original who was also close to Biyo, LB was killed in DrillCity 📶🔱🅱️ hood, last one is Jeezy Snow 🕊️, we will get later to him.

Anthony "C-Note 🕊️" Smith

C-Note was an OG from NLMB, to be more specific he was from the MuskegonBoyz clique, from what i know he passed away from natural causes, nothing to do with gun violence. He was born in 1985 so he was old compared to a lot of main members from MuskegonBoyz clique like G Farro for example, you could say he was from that White Folks generation.

Junius "BoBo 🕊️" Thurston

BoBo was a very loved member from ABK, he was one of the main faces from there. BoBo was also a rapper, one of his best songs Pigs Hot where you can see a lot of ABK members including Yogi 🕊️, BoBo was close to NLMB as well, he did a song with Juvie and before his death you could see him around G Herbo.
BlackMobb was having a field day when BoBo was killed, even though BoBo left that life behind while starting a truck company, it's not like your opps will forgive you or forget that you did dirt in the streets or hurt their people, that shit is stucked until you die, even if you are 30, 40, as long as you put yourself in danger(go back to the city) you can get killed anywhere.
BoBo exit his car and went to a gas station in a relatively safe area far away from any hood, a black Audi pull up and a rear passenger open fire, he ran north from the station but then a gunman got out of the car and chased after him, firing more shots. BoBo collapsed and the gunman caught up to him standing over him and fired more shots, BoBo was pronounced dead at the hospital, police said he was shot multiple times.
BlackMobb were not the only ones having a field day with his death, PocketTown also dissed him:
"BoBo got his ass smoked, 20 bullets took his soul" 2:45
It is sad because BlackMobb and ABK were like this, but friends are turning to enemies and both sides lost main members in this war.

Lee "KTS Rio 🕊️" Cameron

If you follow the drill scene, then you know who was KTS Rio, one of the main faces from PocketTown and Lil Los 🔒 little brother, he was a huge loss for PocketTown, after his death a lot of stuff went down.
Rio was driving a vehicle with two other teenagers near a gas station in KakiWorld 🔱🅱️⭐️✊🏿 hood when a silver SUV pulled up and someone inside started shooting, Rio was shot multiple times and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. The 14-year-old boy was shot in the back and a 17-year-old boy was hit in the right arm, both were taken to the hospital in good condition.
After his death PocketTown goes by "RioGang" in his honour, Rio was also one of their main rappers, one of his most known song is NLMBK, Faro dissed him in a song after he died:
"Rio got hit and they left his ass twitching" 0:38
"Rio got hit, y'all ain't get your getback" 1:05
A lot of people are saying NLMB killed KTS Rio but if you watch Freeband BoBo 🕊️ video that CH88 made, it is very clear that NLMB didn't do anything to Rio, because the war started when Lil Greg 🕊️ was killed, that's also what BoBo said. The beef was not serious until Lil Greg died, BoBo also said the whole war started because of a bitch, Lil Greg wanted to call his guys to kill BoBo because of a girl. Feel free to watch the video, it's explaining a lot of stuff.
Remember there is a difference between "twitter beef" like disses and blood beef, KTS Dre did dirt on NLMB but he did that for Lakeside while PocketTown was his second hood(he started to claim PocketTown after KTS Von died), so Lil Greg was the first guy to die in that beef, we will get later to him.
Now honestly it is not known who killed KTS Rio, but one of the most plausible theory is that SirconnCity killed him, months after KTS Rio died, PocketTown lost KDawg 🕊️, another top member while sliding on SirconnCity hood, his article doesn't mention anything about sliding but both sides said that.
"We doing hits without hoodies and masks, Rio got hit, he got stretched like an elastic" 1:08
"KDawg got hit on a hit, he dead" 0:24
They are main opps but since PocketTown top members were sliding, i think that means something, especially after Rio died.
This won't stop at KTS Rio, this year would be the most hardest year for PocketTown, they will lose 6 members in one year and they was all top members, but not all of them were killed by opps.
Big Glizzy/Lil James 🕊️ (June 07 2020), killed at a party in Robbins, a suburb of Chicago.
KTS Rio 🕊️ (July 12 2020), KDawg 🕊️ (September 27 2020), Nuke 30 🕊️ (November 25 2020), killed OT, LA Glizzy/Lil Ant 🕊️ (January 12 2021), killed OT, Killa Spook 🕊️ (March 26 2021), we will get later to Killa Spook.
"They lost 6 niggas in one year, tryna make the rest of them disappear" 1:53

Antoine "BT 🕊️" Rose

BT was a very loved member from NLMM and 358Gang, he claimed both sets, he was also close to NLMB, one of the reasons he died. Even though NLMB and 358Gang are opps, as i said in my previous parts, NLMM was always a set focusing on money, they was never known to slide like that, so that's probably why he was close to NLMB and cool with NLMB opps, 358Gang. BT also appeared on the Maurice show.
I think everyone knows that Fa Fa Fa straight up said they killed BT, so why they killed him? Well even though BT was not involved in their beef, it doesn't matter, he was close to NLMB and 358Gang killed Mook 🕊️ in 2019, so DeathRow got their getback for him. I don't think BT was the specific target because the shooting occured in TheBush 👑🦁 territory, which are opps to DeathRow. BT was shot in the head and in the abdomen, CPD pronounced him dead at the scene, a 32 year old man was also shot in the abdomen and in the leg, he was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Sean "Cello Da Shoota 🕊️" Wilson

There was a lot of back and forth between NoGood and NLMB, mainly because NLMB killed Montae 🕊️ and it was forever stuck there, even though NoGood and NLMB are old opps, that beef was really inactive compared to Lakeside for example, but this all changed when Montae was killed, Montae was very loved by NoGood and like Jeff Fort said "there is not going to be any killing without killing" Cello was not really a main face from NLMB, he was from the NoLimit clique but his original hood was JBG 🔱 also known as MoneGang.
Cello was driving with someone else in the car in NoGood ⭐️✊🏿 hood, Jay Savage and Deonte 🔒 fired shots and the person in the backseat fired back, hitting one of them in the forearm, Cello was hit in the neck and died at the hospital, the other person was listed in good condition after being shot in his thigh, he has a license to carry his gun. Jay Savage and Deonte were both charged with his murder, both were from NoGood and close to Montae.

Deshawn "Jeezy Snow 🕊️" Fletcher

Jeezy was in ABK 4️⃣🍸⭐️✊🏿🔱 hood driving his car when Mally 🔒 opened fire from the sunroof of a silver Chrysler 300, he was shot multiple times in the head, neck and upper torso, he died at the hospital two days later. There is a lot of contradiction of the car used in the murder, what we know for sure is that Mally shot from the sunroof. Mally also searched the murder on google to see if Jeezy died.
This was a a crazy hit for many reasons, one of them is that Lil Wet was driving the car, Lil Wet did this two months after he beat his quadruple murder case, the case is complicated but to this day Mally is still locked up for it. The full foia if you want to read more, from what i know the case is very strong against Mally but let's be real, Lil Wet beat a quadruple murder, everything is possible in Chicago, so i won't be surprised if he is beating it.
Lil Wet also hinted in his song "Nun Stop" about the hit, the music video was deleted or made private, but the audio version is still up.
"Gotta ride for my gang, Steph got the wheel, Lil Mally might come out the roof " 0:44
Jeezy was actually very close to DoggPound 🅱️, you can see him around them in old videos and i think he was related to some members from there too, i am not sure if he was claiming DoggPound at one point but members from there still say rip to him, again it doesn't mean every DoggPound member was close to him. It is a complicated situation but this was another getback NLMB got for Capo, a top member from MTG 079 and very loved.

Gregory "Lil Greg 🕊️" Jackson III

The death that started all and guess what caused this? Well if you didn't guess it, it was a bitch, Lil Greg 🕊️ got into his feelings because BoBo 🕊️ was messing with a girl that he liked so when Lil Greg saw him, he tried to get the green light from other members to come and kill him right there, allegedly NLMB told him BoBo is not an opp and that he is staying out of the way, Lil Greg tried to call other members but it was too late.
PocketTown members got the drop from BoBo and went to kill Lil Greg who was in a barbershop far away from EastSide, Lil Don 🔒 walked up to him and shot Lil Greg in the face inside the barbershop, he was pronounced dead shortly after at the hospital, CK was actually charged because they found him in the same car that was used in the murder, he stayed solid and beat the case, CK was the one driving.
Lil Greg was a very loved member from NLMB and a main face from there, he was from the MuskegonBoyz clique but very close to G Herbo and even celebrities like 21 Savage paid respects to him, he was respected because he was a trapper making money from drugs to raise his kids, his death hurt a lot of people and you could say that his death made "DrenchGang" more famous because the getback was huge in terms of impact on the media, i am of course speaking about KTS Dre, his death was international news because of the way he died + Killa Spook, we will get later to them.
"Me and Gregg was sharin' clothes, but we weren't really bros" 0:18
"Lil Greg died, that started some shit, but how many checked after broski got hit?" 0:36 he is also upping 4 fingers, which is probably a reference to Killa Spook, KTS Dre, BoBo and probably Lil Don from PaxTown.
Moowop 🔒 also confirmed 3 opps died for Lil Greg, again most likely a reference to Killa Spook, KTS Dre and BoBo. Lil Don was also shot multiple times but he survived
NLMB was hurt but the opps were dissing Lil Greg hard, especially Lil Don:
Lil Don called Lil Greg biggest score of 2021
This started a new bloody war in the EastSide which caused a lot of damage, members getting locked up, members getting killed, members getting shot and so on, PocketTown was also unlucky to get hit with a "RICO" and most of their top members got locked up, there is barely any main faces out there besides Denny G and Lil Ant, they also have internal beef now.
The indictment also mentions they found the gun which was used in Lil Greg murder, the whole situation was fucked up for PocketTown, they lost like 10 members to this indictment + Lil Don got locked up + internal beef, the whole hood was hit hard by this indictment and a lot of "snitching" rumours are in the air.
The members who got locked up are Lil Rah 🔒, EJ(he was released), Rello 🔒, Dreski 🔒 MT Larry🔒 who actually shot back when Spook died, Corey Got Clout 🔒, PacMigo 🔒, Dwight 🔒 and DreadHead Larry 🔒

Dante "Killa Spook 🕊️" Thomas

Killa Spook was like a leader in PocketTown, he had a lot of respect and his name says it all "Killa Spook" it's not a name you earn for doing nothing, he was a known killer who did a lot for PocketTown, him and KTS Von 🕊️ went to slide on Lamron in the past, he was very active, him and Denny G were sliding on SirconnCity as well.
Spook 🕊️ was partying with a lot of members inside StainCity🔱⭐️✊🏿 hood, it was a party for their fallen member KDawg 🕊️ who was killed sliding on SirconnCity in 2020, two shooters(this might be PocketTown shooting back but i personally think those are the offenders), NLMB and GME got the drop from a bitch and shot the whole party up, Killa Spook was shot by a stray bullet through a window, he was pronounced dead at the scene, Lord was shot in the head and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition, Denny G was taken to the hospital in critical condition and he recovered after some time, other members got shot as well but it was nothing serious like the ones i mentioned above.
Right after the party got shot up, PocketTown went to slide on NLMB and hit someone in the leg, there are a lot of things that points NLMB for doing this hit but it is confirmed that GME was also involved, Lil B from GME was arrested by CPD with the car used in the murder, he was released because CPD didn't had proof that he did the murder.
There are many names around Spook death, Faro, Lil Ro, Twino 🕊️, EMoe from GME, 7Moe 🕊️ from GME, it is not known exactly who killed Spook but it is hard to tell, what should be confirmed for sure is that it was a NLMB/GME hit, even CPD and FBI believes that. In case you guys don't know, FBI was trying to build a RICO but their main suspect Max 🕊️ was killed, so i think the case is really not that strong anymore. I do think FBI is monitoring what is going on between NLMB and PocketTown now.
PocketTown was hurt to the core by his death, NLMB and GME were dissing like crazy and celebrating Lil Greg a lot, it's a lot of disses that i am sure most of you saw, if you want way more details, watch CH88 video.

Londre "KTS Dre 🕊️" Sylvester

Dre was getting out of prison after his fiancee paid his $5,000 bond on Friday, for some reason Dre decided to leave only on Saturday, what Dre didn't knew is that his decision will cost him his life and potentially the life of two other innocent females. Dre was shot around 64 times by multiple shooters from two different vehicles far away from EastSide in every side of his body, a 60 year old female was shot in the knee and a 35 year old female suffered a graze to her mouth while walking by, both were taken to the hospital in good condition. Dre was DOA and his death will have a huge impact in the streets, after his death the president of America, Joe Biden, was forced to do a meeting to slow the violence in Chicago, this was because his death had an immense impact in the international news because of the way that he died.
I would leave in the comments a list of some the countries news speaking about KTS Dre, because it would take too much space in the post.
Dre was an upcoming rapper in the drill scene, his most famous song being a feature with Rio called "NLMBK Pt. 2" but in the drill scene he mostly became known for punching Kyro, one of the many reasons Kyro diss him a lot. Dre was very active in the streets before his death, he did a lot of dirt and a lot of his opps wanted him gone. Dre was also suspected by CPD for killing Magic 🕊️ in 2019. He was originally from LakeSide but he started to claim PocketTown after the death of his brother in 2015, he is what people believe Von was, don't get me wrong, Von was active in the streets but Dre was something else.
I heard many names around Dre death, Faro, the DrenchGang Twins, Moowop, Kyro, Lil Hot, honestly i am not sure who killed Dre but NLMB and even PocketTown/LakeSide made it known who did it on social media. Faro being pretty clear that this was a getback for Lil Greg.
Losing so many people in such a short time affected PocketTown in many ways, a lot of them decided to step down because when shit gets real, you need to think about your life too, most of them have families, it might be a coward way but can you blame them? 10 members locked up for indictment, 9 top members killed between 2020-2022, Denny G was almost killed, Meechie was almost killed, Lil Don got locked up, Lil Art barely survived after being shot 20 times, Lord was left in critical condition, this is the worst period for PocketTown and Lil Don also confirmed that his people are scared and he only got four guys who are willing to slide.
Sadly the ones who will suffer the most is the family, his mom was devastated that she can't even give him a proper funeral because of the way that he died.

Christopher "Gucci 🕊️" Daniels

Gucci was near the sidewalk in GhettoWorld 4️⃣🍸 hood when a vehicle passed by and someone fired shots at him, he was shot in the chest and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.
This is one month after Dre was killed, Gucci was a member from the MuskegonBoyz clique, i didn't saw PocketTown or LakeSide celebrating anything, in fact they still say "getback got no date" for Spook and Dre, it might be other opps that NLMB have, remember NLMB beefs with 30+ sets, it could also be personal beef, mistaken identity and so on.

Felder "Stro Dolla 🕊️" Tatum Jr.

Stro Dolla was with a group of people inside GottiWorld 🔱 hood when someone opened and hit him in the chest, he was pronounced dead at the hospital, a 34 year old woman was also shot in the leg, she was taken to the hospital in good condition. Again i don't think he was the target but who knows, i didn't saw any opps celebrating, Stro Dolla was claiming NLMM but he was close to NLMB.He was also close to BT 🕊️ who was killed in 2020 by DeathRow, he was also a rapper, most likely Stro Dolla was just at the wrong time, wrong place, to my knowledge GottiWorld and NLMM or NLMB don't have beef. GottiWorld are actually opps to PocketTown.
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2023.06.04 17:12 davidjq72 [WTS] SEND IT SUNDAY - WHIRLPOOL/SONY LENS/DJI GIMBAL Galco leather holsters, magazines, Surefire, carry handle, beretta 92 threaded barrel

Do you really want something listed here, but want to negotiate? Make me an offer. I am very motivated to get rid of this stuff and I’m sure we can work something out. Bundling multiple items will help me a lot so I will give you a better deal accordingly.
Starting from the top and gown down the line—
Take these mags off my hands please. Prices shipped conus. $5 off each listed items bundled. No ban states.
Random gear
Trades I’m looking for: aero ultralight 34mm SPR mount, metal mp5 mags, cz75 mags, oem g17 mags, 20rd straight ar mag, baofeng uv-9r or uv-5r ham radio kits, rs regulate bm1, primary arms SLX 1-10 LVPO, primary arms 1x prism on ADM mount, and if you’re local to DFW maybe we can talk more about other stuff you might have to offer.
Thanks for looking through my post and have a good rest of the weekend!
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2023.06.04 17:12 holiday_hawk Big water change to move aquarium and change stand?

So as background info, I bought an aquarium bundle from a pet store several years ago, but very shortly after I bought it our apartment complex raised rent by quite a bit and we decided it was not worth paying that price for that part of town so we moved. The new apartment we moved into did not really have space for it to be set up, so it was stored under the stairs for several years. We bought a house last year, but there really is not a great place for it upstairs , so it has been stored in the garage for the last year. There is plenty of space in the basement, but it's not used for much more than some storage, cat litter boxes, and laundry, so I did not want to spend the time/money setting it up in a place I would not often be to enjoy it. We recently did some work down there; however, and I am setting up a retro game room down there and just bought an old CRT for it, so I see myself being down there more than before. I'm to the point where I either want to sell this aquarium or set it up, I'm getting tired of it just taking up space. If I'm not going to use it, then I'd rather recoup some of what I spent and free up space, while letting someone who will actually use it get some use out of it. The thing stopping me from going the actually use it route is prices for aquarium stands; I just bought a new chicken coop a couple of months ago so don't want to spend as much as $200 on a stand right now. Petco has a stand on sale for $50, but it's super ugly. I'd be fine with it for a couple of years, but I'd rather not use it forever. So my actual question in all this is, would I be able to buy that stand now and use it for however long, and then when I eventually buy a nicer looking stand, could I do a big water change that week (80%) to reduce the weight of the tank enough so that two people could move it from the old stand to the new one? I've seen where people say that the beneficial bacteria live mostly in the substrate and plants, so my logic is that such a massive water change should not affect that, but I just want to make sure that I wouldn't affect my parameters too much by doing that.
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2023.06.04 17:10 UFireGames Particle Hearts - Underwater Fire Games - Adventure game set in a world of particles!

I’m a 15 year Call of Duty veteran turned solo dev working on my first indie game Particle Hearts. Players explore a game world of particles and use special abilities to manipulate those particles, solve puzzles, avoid detection, and uncover the role they play in this sinister and beautiful land. Inspired by games like Zelda and Journey, Particle Hearts is a single player game that asks players to think differently, as the particles surrounding them are often the tools needed to proceed.
Teaser Trailer
Steam Page
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2023.06.04 17:09 NotYourGa1Friday Urgent help needed for highly aggressive situation

Urgent help needed for highly aggressive situation
Please help me figure out what to do. This is long and rambling, and I’m on mobile, so I apologize.
In September I adopted/inherited my grandmother’s two cats after she passed away.
The two cats spent one month quarantined in our three season room as they were treated for fleas and worms.
Our original three cats were allowed limited time in the three season room after our newbies were cleared of worms and fleas. We integrated everyone slowly and things seemed okay.
Until about two months ago. We started finding accidents and the smallest cat (pictured in a diaper) was the culprit. She is 7ish years old and in good health but the vet suggested it may be stress related incontinence due to all of the recent changes. We made changes so she was able to spend overnight in our daughter’s room as that is her favorite place to be. If you have ever tried diapering a cat you know it is very difficult so, obviously, we love her 😂
Around that same time our Stripey Long John cat, also pictured, started attacking the little cat. Full on ball of claws and fur and hisses like a Looney Tunes cartoon.
We have tried everything to bring the peace back. We don’t know what started the issue but I personally think the cats didn’t like that we switched to Crystal litter.
Things we have tried/how things are set up:
We have five cats total
We live in a two story 1500sq foot house so there is room
We have five cat trees for playing
We have three Litter Robots and three Crystal cat boxes
All cats have their own food dish. Cats are fed three times a day (dry and wet food in mornings/evening, dry food in afternoon) food is measured out so they aren’t over fed but we added the lunch time snack so there was never a feeling of food scarcity.
There are three water fountains in the house
I have plugged in Feliway Optimum in the living room, the kitchen, and the upstairs hallway as these are popular spots
I have tried the Feliway collars on all cats
I have given both Little Cat and Stripey Long John (SLJ) homeopathic calming meds with meals
All cats are spayed/neutered
All cats HAVE claws
Front claws are trimmed
The meds seem to work in that SLJ seems less anxious when he has them. He is a rescue and we were told he had a rough life before us. He was in really rough shape and needed medical care when we got him. He has been with us for just over a year and has turned into a real sweetheart EXCEPT when he sees Little Cat.(LC)
When he sees LC he attacks her. Even after meds, even with the Feliway collar, even with Feliway plug ins. She defends herself by scratching and usually peeing.
So, right now LC is staying in “her apartment” the three season room. We spend time in there with her and we bring her out/put him in so no one is cooped up for long.
But this isn’t tenable. These two cats co-existed before. They gave their clay litter back. (Getting rid of it seeeems to have been the catalyst) and they have everything they need.
How can I get these two to coexist again?!?!
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2023.06.04 17:08 SawkyScribe Mad Games Tycoon 2 is a really great game dev sim

Going by YouTube view counts, Game Dev Tycoon grabbed a lot of attention way back when. The novelty of a game where you made games was too great. It was fun, but very shallow. I had a wishlist of features for a GDT 2 that never came, but Mad Games Tycoon 2 implemented nearly all of those features.
This game has so much to see and do. There's an exhaustive list of genres to play with. You build up multiple supporting departments to make games: R&D, Music, Art, Mo-Cap, Production, and more. You can decide what paraphernalia goes in your game boxes. You can buy and sell IPs, or even entire studios. If you've seen a gaming news story or read about game development before, you'll see it reflected in this game.
The game doesn't slack too much either. I love how granular you can get with management in the game. It's very satisfying going go from being a 5 man team working out of a garage to expanding your offices and managing two or three different dev teams making their own games. This gets even more involved if you decide to produce your own games, arcade cabinets, and consoles. Seeing numbers erupting out of your teams' heads and seeing profits soar thanks to your shrews planning is a great feeling.
It's not all great though, my main gripes come down to poor conveyance of mechanics and poor UX. The game starts with a camera tutorial, then you get a kiss on the cheek and are sent off to make your games. You are left to wrestle with some very unintutive sliders to make your games. An action game should have a high gameplay slider right? Nope, set that sucker to zero. Then you will have to deal with mechanics like employee morale which are never explained, and you try to deal with them through menus that take two more clicks than they should.
The game is a lot. If you have that creative itch, your going to love the suite of mechanics on offer here, but it's going to take a bit of alt-tabbing to the Steam guides page to get the most out of this game.
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2023.06.04 17:08 Apoc_ellipsis Getting back into the hobby (10+ years)

So, I've been thinking about my DDR days, where I was playing somewhat seriously and I'm curious the best way to get back into the swing of things.
I've had a Red Octane Afterburner (3.0?) back from 2007 (I actually found the old receipt in gmail RIP RedOctane), which has been sitting in my garage collecting dust for the last 5 years :( , while it's 'control box' (DB9 to PS2 adapter) has sat in another box and I never seem to have had both at the same time, but I know I've got both at least
I remember setting up Stepmania way back in 2008 or so as an avenue to explore and remember using an old USB to PS2 controller adapter and playing some songs on there on my old laptop.
I've got a spare computer, some room in my office, and I'm honestly trying to figure out the best way to take what I've got and make a little homemade "Stepmania/DDR" machine from it. I want to get back into a healthy hobby.
I've looked online and I found a site and they seem to have a specialized USB control box which I think might be better than a PS2 controller to usb adapter, I'd assume this would probably be a good choice to be able to keep/use my current dance pad, but I also have no clue who to trust, and DDRFreak seems to be dead lol.
So I guess my questions break down as the following.
  1. Is my dance pad still going to be usable? Do any of the sensors degrade over time of non-use and should I buy a Stepmania USB control box and just 'have it work'?
  2. When setting up a computer (A small little micro computer with a 6th gen I7 & 8 gb of ram) would it be best to go Windows for driver support? Linux? Or what would you recommend? I have an AtGames mini arcade cabinet thing that has HDMI input, so I was debating using that as a screen, and MAY want to consider loading other types of games onto it, but really it's mostly a question of 'what OS works best for Stepmania"
  3. Have songs migrated away from more casual players? I was at the awkward point in DDR where Standard songs were too easy and I was full combo'ing them, but Heavy Songs were a bit much of a challenge. (vanilla 6-8 footers?). I'm out of shape, and would definitely need to ease back into things, and I'm a little worried that the scene has gone into the advanced options (GDQ showcase level)
  4. Any sites that I should buy stuff from or avoid?
  5. Any general advice as I look to configure all this stuff? I see it looks like there's 2 major versions Stepmania 3.9 & 5.0. If I just want a generic 'DDR Machine" style that has a bunch of songs for me to get back is there anything to worry about?
Fun Fact: Here's super old video from 2009 when I had it playing Extreme 2 on ps2: including said dance pad, and original control box.
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2023.06.04 17:08 alche_eng EU][WvW][PvX] [NPCs] is a small and friendly WvW/PvX Guild on Ring of Fire, recruiting active WvW players of most experience levels.

We are a small (<30 total players) and friendly WvW-focused PvX guild based on Ring of Fire (EU), and we are recruiting active WvW players of most experience levels. We raid in WvW with a maximum of 15 members every Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00 BST (UTC+1), and do impromptu WvW raids almost every night with approx. 5-10 members. When it is quiet in WvW, we run T4 fractals, CMs, Strike full clears, and even the occasional PvE Raid Wing together.
We offer a sociable environment to develop your small-scale WvW skills, and we like to focus on coordination and teamplay. We have a list of suggested builds specifically designed for our style of small-scale brawls, but we welcome your thoughts and experience in developing them further.
We go out of our way to pick fights where we are outnumbered, often heavily, so if you enjoy pushing your class to the limits of what it can do in WvW - you are welcome to join us!
For more details PM me here, or whispemail me in-game: Alche.9058.
GW2Mists guild link
Recent WvW fights Youtube link 1
Recent WvW fights Youtube link 2
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2023.06.04 17:06 RaiyotPhrak Don't know too much about PC parts, need assistance with which build to go with

Hello, I'm planning on upgrading my PC that consists of an i7 4770, 16gb ram, and a RX 480 4gb, on an MSI H81M-P33 motherboard. Mainly looking to get those replaced, first the main trio of CPU, MB and ram, then in a month a GPU. I live in Serbia, where parts usually go a bit more than the US or the EU. My budget is very limited to 260€ for CPU, MB and ram, and isn't stretchable, and can't wait and save for better parts. I use my PC mostly for gaming and for web browsing, nothing besides that.
First build I'm considering is:
This is the one I'm mostly leaning towards as it's a safe and strongest option, since the retailer that's selling the parts offered to update the bios so the motherboard can run the Ryzen 5 5600. There is also a BIOSTAR B550MH for the price of 75€, from another retailer, since the first one doesn't have it but I've read online that BIOSTAR is really unreliable, especially when it comes to motherboards on the low end. And it would be purchased from another retailer that doesn't do bios upgrades and I don't have a earlier gen Ryzen chip to use it so I can do it myself, making it a gamble if the motherboard already ships with updated bios.
The second build is:
Same situation as the first build, the retailer offered to update the bios if necessary for the CPU to work. I also have no idea what the differences in these motherboards are, except what connectors they come with.
The third build is:
From what I've read and seen this one will work out of the box, no updates required.
These three are the ones I'm torn between. Next month I plan on getting a used RX 6600 for around 170€ to pair it with one of these builds, and play new titles in 1080p on med to ultra settings. So that's why I'm looking for assistance here, I don't know which one of these three options I should go for, as they're all kind of similar in performance, and same in price.
If any other info is needed I'm more than glad to provide it.
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2023.06.04 17:06 joetyreman1 Lego Dimensions storage £12.99

Lego Dimensions storage £12.99
Just picked this up from B&M in the uk
£12.99 for 3 boxes Great deal
I own 80% of every pack ever made and it fits all of them perfectly with lots of room to spare including the story pack portal/ gateways
Definitely enough room for every set ever made
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2023.06.04 17:05 cjh16 [FOR SALE] Moving sale, downsizing my collection: Rap/Indie/Rock/Metal/Electronic/Custom mystery boxes. Something for everyone!

Hey Vinyl friends,
I'll be moving in a few weeks so I'd like to downsize my collection a bit. Everything has been cared for and stored properly after being played once or twice on my AT-LP5. Please leave a comment and send me a chat or PM if you're interested in anything and I'll get back to you quickly. Happy to provide pictures or links.I'm also open to offers and trades!
Orders ship out ASAP from Wisconsin with tracking number via USPS media mail to US ONLY. PayPal G&S only. $5 shipping +$1 for each additional LP.
Grading is (Vinyl/Sleeve)
Alt J - An Awesome Wave: (NM/VG+) $20
Ariel Pink - Pom Pom: (NM/NM) $22
At the Drive-In - Relationship of Command: (NM/NM) Yellow vinyl bootleg. $65
Blackalicious - Blazing Arrow: (NM/NM) VMP$30
The Black Angels - Passover: (NM/NM) $45
Black Wing Bundle. $40 for both
Blind Melon - Soup: (NM/VG+) $50
Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso - Exalted: (NM/VG+) 2xLP 45 rpm Clear w/ Purple and black splatter. $45
Chance the Rapper - Acid Rap: (NM/NM) 2xLP Purple vinyl bootleg, INCLUDES THE SONG "JUICE" $65
Father John Misty - Pure Comedy: (NM/NM) original 2xLP black vinyl with red sky cover. $20
Have a Nice Life - Sea of Worry: (NM/NM) gatefold black vinyl with hype sticker on outer sleeve. $20
Tim Heckers - Virgins: (NM/VG+) First press black vinyl. $35
Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys: (VG+/VG+) 180 g black vinyl. $25
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures: (NM/NM) Rare Limited edition 40th anniversary press on red vinyl. $70
Joy Division - Closer: (NM/NM) $25
Buy BOTH Joy Division for $90
Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon 3: (NM/NM) $20
Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music: (NM/NM) VMP 2xLP splatter vinyl with instrumentals. $30
Lord Finesse - The Awakening: (NM/NM) VMP clear with gold/black splatter vinyl. $25
Mellowhype - Black and White: (NM/NM) original press on black vinyl, really nice gatefold sleeve. $40
Mellowhype - Numbers: (NM/NM) original 2xLP black vinyl, gatefold sleeve. INCLUDES CD and hype sticker on outer sleeve. $65
Buy BOTH Mellowhype for $95
MikeWillMadeIt - Ransom 2: (NM/VG+) $25
Odd Future - Radical: (NM/NM) 2xLP clear vinyl bootleg. $50
Pantera - Vulger Display of Power: (NM/NM) Ash Grey swril vinyl repress, still in shrink with hype sticker. $25
People Under the Stairs - O.S.T.: (NM/NM) VMP 2xLP coke bottle clear vinyl. Includes Obi and extras. $45
Phish - Slip Stitch and Pass: (NM/NM-) 2xLP limited edition Blue and Purple splatter, numbered RSD copy 7256/8000. Honestly one of/if not THE best sounding record I've ever owned. $110
The Roots - How I Got Over: (NM/VG+) VMP reflective cover, silver pinwheel vinyl. $40
The Strokes bundle. $55 for both
Tyler, the Creator - Cherry Bomb: (M/M) SEALED RSD with hype stickers 2xLP Red Vinyl. $275 I'd also be willing to hear trade offers
The Voidz - Virtue: (VG+/VG+) first press, includes poster. $24
White Denim - Corsicana Lemonade: (NM/NM) $40
VMP Mystery Box: Contains 4 (NM) VMP pressings (based on what you have in your collection/your taste in music) on color vinyl with all extras included at a way cheaper cost than the subscription. $88
Color Vinyl Multi-genre Mystery Box: Contains 4 (NM) color vinyl pressings, all different colors and all different genres (Electronic/Indie/Folk/Jazz/Post-rock/Prog-rock). INCLUDES 1 SIGNED RECORD $50
Curated Mystery Box: $100. based on your discogs collection/wantlist. Contains (4-5 LPs) ALL in VG+ condition OR BETTER. I'll include a little write up on the selections and why I picked them. I've done about 15 of these and everyone has loved them. I really enjoy putting these together too so please let me know if you'd be interested!
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2023.06.04 17:05 E31B Best places to donate?

I’m moving soon and getting rid of a ton of stuff. Does anyone have suggestions of places to donate the following so I don’t just throw away ? A lot of it isn’t usable but also not recyclable. 1) old/ unwearable clothes 2) clothing in good condition 3) old/ broken electronics 4) magazines ( design / fashion) 5) books ( going to add some to my neighborhood book boxes but have a lot) 6) small home/ kitchen items
I know the SPCA takes towels and linens so I’m set for that.
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2023.06.04 17:05 Rocinantes_Knight Battletech Beginning Player's Guide

Battletech is awesome! But what do you need to get started, there's just so much?! Hopefully this guide will help answer those questions.
The Basics
Inside of every Battletech, there are two games. Classic Battletech (CBT), and Alpha Strike (AS). They share an environment, and exist separately but also together. Think of them as two different rules approaches to the same basic content. Any mechs, maps, or terrain you buy for one can be used in the other. Lets look at them both in a little more detail to help you understand which one you might want to try out first.
Classic Battletech
The big boy, the assault mech in the corner. CBT was first published in 1984, and has survived mostly in tact since that time.
Alpha Strike
The new kid on the block, AS was built to par down game time to something more modern in length, while still providing the epic scale and breadth of options in the original. Surveys are in, and it succeeds at these tasks pretty well.
Buyers Guide
Classic Battletech Beginnings
Alpha Strike Beginnings
Classic Battletech Next Steps
Alpha Strike Next Steps
More Books
There are a half dozen more rule books covering various aspects of Battletech play. There are books for simulating grand strategy and books for running a mercenary unit (down to the taxes). There are books crammed full of exotic equipment and books that detail aspects of the battlefield beyond battlemechs. These books are also beyond the scope of this guide, but if you find yourself at the point of wondering about them, then it's too late. You're a Battletech nerd now.
There are Technical Readouts that give you lore on mechs and equipment, there are era source books, such as Dominion's Divided, the latest as of writing this post. There are scenario books that let you play through pivotal battles in Battletech lore, and there are planet reports that allow you to set your games in specific places around the Inner Sphere.
There's 40 years of content out there. I haven't even touched on the novels! I recommend you start with either Wolves on the Boarder or Lethal Heritage, though lots of people will recommend starting with the Warrior Trilogy or the Gray Death trilogy.
Other Cool Stuff
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2023.06.04 17:01 DeltaNu1142 Showing off my climate control system... and seeking input on coordination

Showing off my climate control system... and seeking input on coordination
I've "arrived," finally, at a solution for climate control in my house that checks a number of boxes that have been empty for a few years. Temps where I am range from extremes of -20 °F in the winter to 100°F in the summer. Winter power outages happen occasionally, so I wanted heating that isn't dependent on electricity.
When I bought it, the house had an oil furnace with four zones of baseboard heating, and some window AC units for cooling. The window ACs were the first to go. I put in several zones of mini-splits, and used them for cooling in the summer as well as heating in all but the coldest winter days. The mini-splits integrate with HA.
Stove & Boiler
Since the mini-splits don't check the box of electrical independence, I needed a solution for heat. It didn't take long to start looking at gas stoves, but several months to figure out how to install it where I wanted. I would need to use the existing furnace flue to place the stove in the center of the floorplan, which meant eliminating the oil furnace. I replaced the furnace and tank with a gas combi-boiler, which handles DHW (at a much higher capacity than the furnace) as well as hot water for the baseboards. The combi-boiler has an HA integration, but it stopped working about a month ago. The stove turns on with a relay, and I've created a climate entity for it along with a remote temp sensor. When the power goes out, the stove will operate on a battery-powered thermostat independent of HA.
Current state
I've spent a lot of time putting together a dashboard for my phone to control everything. The main view shows temps and humidity for each zone, and tapping on the zone opens up the options for heating/cooling that zone:
The outer bars are Apex charts and the color stops don't seem to work well; but the outer bar shows temperature while the inner bar shows humidity. The icon in the center is a mushroom template card that shows what the system(s) in that zone are doing: on, cooling, or heating.
In the first floor, I can turn on the heat pump and/or baseboards and/or the stove. Each of these are mushroom climate cards. They're not terribly customizable, but they look nice.
I'd really like to get rid of the redundant "current temperature" (shown after baseboards state) in the pop-up card. It already shows up at the top of the pop-up. But what I'm looking for most is an approach to estimate costs and automate the coordination of these systems, mostly for heating. Ideally, I would use the heat pumps (electric) or baseboards/stove (gas) based on cost effectiveness... but I have no idea how to calculate effective BTUs from the what data I have. I don't have gas consumption--when the combi-boiler was working, the consumption units (m3) it captured were so large that I doubt I could make much sense of it.
I'm wondering what anyone else with multiple systems is doing to coordinate automation between those systems. I use Node-RED for all of my automations. All in all, I'm really pleased with how far I've gotten with HA controlling this stuff. The stove is a real win... I thought I'd have to do something really wonky to gain HA control of it, but it ended up just needing a dry contact. And the cherry on top... I've hidden a Sonos speaker behind the stove so that when it turns on, it loops a 3-hour recording of the crackles and pops of a real wood fire. The wife is less tickled by that than I am.
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2023.06.04 17:01 Z3ROWOLF1 Best Buy REEKS of being cellar boxed.

If you're not familiar with what Cellar Boxing is, it's the act of purposely destroying/naked shorting a company in order to obtain its assets at fire sale prices. I haven't worked for Best Buy for a while, but I guarantee you that this was the plan from the get-go.
It's been a strategy created since 2004 and has likley been the cause of several business failures, including Sears and others I'll not name here. You can read more about this cellar boxing tactic here:
It's really sad to see because I was happy with Best Buy while Hubert was in charge.
Stay strong soilders. Just know there is an army fighting these crooks because this is not okay.
Sunday, 03/07/04 07:56:25 PM
"Cellar Boxing"
There’s a form of the securities fraud known as naked short selling that is becoming very popular and lucrative to the market makers that practice it. It is known as “CELLAR BOXING” and it has to do with the fact that the NASD and the SEC had to arbitrarily set a minimum level at which a stock can trade. This level was set at $.0001 or one-one hundredth of a penny.
This level is appropriately referred to as “the CELLAR”. This $.0001 level can be used as a "backstop" for all kinds of market maker and naked short selling manipulations.
“CELLAR BOXING” has been one of the security frauds du jour since 1999 when the market went to a “decimalization” basis. In the pre-decimalization days the minimum market spread for most stocks was set at 1/8th of a dollar and the market makers were guaranteed a healthy “spread”.
Since decimalization came into effect, those one-eighth of a dollar spreads now are often only a penny as you can see in Microsoft’s quote throughout the day. Where did the unscrupulous MMs go to make up for all of this lost income?
They headed "south" to the OTCBB and Pink Sheets where the protective effects from naked short selling like Rule 10-a, and NASD Rules 3350, 3360, and 3370 are nonexistent.
The unique aspect of needing an arbitrary “CELLAR” level is that the lowest possible incremental gain above this CELLAR level represents a 100% spread available to MMs making a market in these securities.
When compared to the typical spread in Microsoft of perhaps four-tenths of 1%, this is pretty tempting territory. In fact, when the market is no bid to $.0001 offer there is theoretically an infinite spread.
In order to participate in “CELLAR BOXING”, the MMs first need to pummel the price per share down to these levels. The lower they can force the share price, the larger are the percentage spreads to feed off of.
This is easily done via garden variety naked short selling. In fact if the MM is large enough and has enough visibility of buy and sell orders as well as order flow, he can simultaneously be acting as the conduit for the sale of nonexistent shares through Canadian co-conspiring brokedealers and their associates with his right hand at the same time that his left hand is naked short selling into every buy order that appears through its own proprietary accounts.
The key here is to be a dominant enough of a MM to have visibility of these buy orders. This is referred to as "brokedealer internalization" or naked short selling via "desking" which refers to the market makers trading desk.
While the right hand is busy flooding the victim company's market with "counterfeit" shares that can be sold at any instant in time the left hand is nullifying any upward pressure in share price by neutralizing the demand for the securities. The net effect becomes no demonstrable demand for shares and a huge oversupply of shares which induces a downward spiral in share price.
In fact, until the "beefed up" version of Rule 3370 (Affirmative determination in writing of "borrowability" by settlement date) becomes effective, U.S. MMs have been "legally" processing naked short sale orders out of Canada and other offshore locations even though they and the clearing firms involved knew by history that these shares were in no way going to be delivered.
The question that then begs to be asked is how "the system" can allow these obviously bogus sell orders to clear and settle.
To find the answer to this one need look no further than to Addendum "C" to the Rules and Regulations of the NSCC subdivision of the DTCC. This gaping loophole allows the DTCC, which is basically the 11,000 b/ds and banks that we refer to as "Wall Street”, to borrow shares from those investors naive enough to hold these shares in "street name" at their brokerage firm.
This amounts to about 95% of us. Theoretically, this “borrow” was designed to allow trades to clear and settle that involved LEGITIMATE 1 OR 2 DAY delays in delivery.
This "borrow" is done unbeknownst to the investor that purchased the shares in question and amounts to probably the largest "conflict of interest" known to mankind. The question becomes would these investors knowingly loan, without compensation, their shares to those whose intent is to bankrupt their investment if they knew that the loan process was the key mechanism needed for the naked short sellers to effect their goal?
Another question that arises is should the investor's b/d who just earned a commission and therefore owes its client a fiduciary duty of care, be acting as the intermediary in this loan process keeping in mind that this b/d is being paid the cash value of the shares being loaned as a means of collateralizing the loan, all unbeknownst to his client the purchaser.
An interesting phenomenon occurs at these "CELLAR" levels. Since NASD Rule 3370 allows MMs to legally naked short sell into markets characterized by a plethora of buy orders at a time when few sell orders are in existence, a MM can theoretically "legally" sit at the $.0001 level and sell nonexistent shares all day long because at no bid and $.0001 ask there is obviously a huge disparity between buy orders and sell orders.
What tends to happen is that every time the share price tries to get off of the CELLAR floor and onto the first step of the stairway at $.0001 there is somebody there to step on the hands of the victim corporation's market.
Once a given micro cap corporation is “boxed in the CELLAR” it doesn’t have a whole lot of options to climb its way out of the CELLAR. One obvious option would be for it to reverse split its way out of the CELLAR but history has shown that these are counter-productive as the market capitalization typically gets hammered and the post split share price level starts heading back to its original pre-split level.
Another option would be to organize a sustained buying effort and muscle your way out of the CELLAR but typically there will, as if by magic, be a naked short sell order there to meet each and every buy order. Sometimes the shareholder base can muster up enough buying pressure to put the market at $.0001 bid and $.0002 offer for a limited amount of time.
Later the market makers will typically pound the $.0001 bids with a blitzkrieg of selling to wipe out all of the bids and the market goes back to no bid and $.0001 offer. When the weak-kneed shareholders see this a few times they usually make up their mind to sell their shares the next time that a $.0001 bid appears and to get the heck out of Dodge.
This phenomenon is referred to as “shaking the tree” for weak-kneed investors and it is very effective.
At times the market will go to $.0001 bid and $.0003 offer. This sets up a juicy 200% spread for the MMs and tends to dissuade any buyers from reaching up to the "lofty" level of $.0003. If a $.0002 bid should appear from a MM not "playing ball" with the unscrupulous MMs, it will be hit so quickly that Level 2 will never reveal the existence of the bid.
The $.0001 bid at $.0003 offer market sets up a "stalemate" wherein market makers can leisurely enjoy the huge spreads while the victim company slowly dilutes itself to death by paying the monthly bills with "real" shares sold at incredibly low levels. Since all of these development-stage corporations have to pay their monthly bills, time becomes on the side of the naked short sellers.
At times it almost seems that the unscrupulous market makers are not actively trying to kill the victim corporation but instead want to milk the situation for as long of a period of time as possible and let the corporation die a slow death by dilution.
The reality is that it is extremely easy to strip away 99% of a victim company’s share price or market cap and to keep the victim corporation “boxed“ in the CELLAR, but it really is difficult to kill a corporation especially after management and the shareholder base have figured out the game that is being played at their expense.
As the weeks and months go by the market makers make a fortune with these huge percentage spreads but the net aggregate naked short positions become astronomical from all of this activity. This leads to some apprehension amongst the co-conspiring MMs.
The predicament they find themselves in is that they can’t even stop naked short selling into every buy order that appears because if they do the share price will gap and this will put tremendous pressures on net capital reserves for the MMs and margin maintenance requirements for the co-conspiring hedge funds and others operating out of the more than 13,000 naked short selling margin accounts set up in Canada.
And of course covering the naked short position is out of the question since they can’t even stop the day-to-day naked short selling in the first place and you can't be covering at the same time you continue to naked short sell.
What typically happens in these situations is that the victim company has to massively dilute its share structure from the constant paying of the monthly burn rate with money received from the selling of “real” shares at artificially low levels.
Then the goal of the naked short sellers is to point out to the investors, usually via paid “Internet bashers”, that with the, let’s say, 50 billion shares currently issued and outstanding, that this lousy company is not worth the $5 million market cap it is trading at, especially if it is just a shell company whose primary business plan was wiped out by the naked short sellers’ tortuous interference earlier on.
The truth of the matter is that the single biggest asset of these victim companies often becomes the astronomically large aggregate naked short position that has accumulated throughout the initial “bear raid” and also during the “CELLAR BOXING” phase.
The goal of the victim company now becomes to avoid the 3 main goals of the naked short sellers, namely: bankruptcy, a reverse split, or the forced signing of a death spiral convertible debenture out of desperation.
As long as the victim company can continue to pay the monthly burn rate, then the game plan becomes to make some of the strategic moves that hundreds of victim companies have been forced into doing which includes name changes, CUSIP # changes, cancel/reissue procedures, dividend distributions, amending of by-laws and Articles of Corporation, etc.
Nevada domiciled companies usually cancel all of their shares in the system, both real and fake, and force shareholders and their b/ds to PROVE the ownership of the old “real” shares before they get a new “real” share. Many also file their civil suits at this time also.
This indirect forcing of hundreds of U.S. micro cap corporations to go through all of these extraneous hoops and hurdles as a means to survive, whether it be due to regulatory apathy or lack of resources, is probably one of the biggest black eyes the U.S. financial systems have ever sustained.
In a perfect world it would be the regulators that periodically audit the “C” and “D” sub-accounts at the DTCC, the proprietary accounts of the MMs, clearing firms, and Canadian b/ds, and force the buy-in of counterfeit shares, many of which are hiding behind altered CUSIP #s, that are detected above the Rule 11830 guidelines for allowable “failed deliveries” of one half of 1% of the shares issued. U.S. micro cap corporations should not have to periodically “purge” their share structure of counterfeit electronic book entries but if the regulators will not do it then management has a fiduciary duty to do it.
A lot of management teams become overwhelmed with grief and guilt in regards to the huge increase in the number of shares issued and outstanding that have accumulated during their “watch”. The truth however is that as long as management made the proper corporate governance moves throughout this ordeal then a huge number of resultant shares issued and outstanding is unavoidable and often indicative of an astronomically high naked short position and is nothing to be ashamed of.
These massive naked short positions need to be looked upon as huge assets that need to be developed. Hopefully the regulators will come to grips with the reality of naked short selling and tactics like "CELLAR BOXING" and quickly address this fraud that has decimated thousands of U.S. micro cap corporations and the tens of millions of U.S. investors therein.
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2023.06.04 17:00 largelcd Some issues with Slimblade Pro

Hi, I got two Slimblade Pro and they have some issues. Does yours have such issues?
  1. The four small pads and circular ring at the bottom are a bit thin? It feels like the ball is touching the surface if I put the Slimblade Pro on a mouse pad that has a soft surface.
  2. On one Slimblade Pro, when I twisted the ball for scrolling, looks like the bearings are not smooth. I heard strange sketching sounds, not the typical one we hear when using the device. Didn't have this problem on Day 1 but on Day 2.
  3. Both big balls have some sketches out of the box. Poor QC.
  4. I made changes in button configuration yesterday but today, it seems to have forgotten those settings.
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2023.06.04 17:00 HoloNews HoloNews Info Gathering Thread August 08 - August 14 (CW_32)

This post is to collect all news regarding Hololive and this is the only place where news will be posted.
  1. Post the stream links, tweets or etc. of your news as sources.
  2. If you have special playthroughs, milestones, collabs, songs or upcomming events that you think are under the radar please inform us on our discord or directly chat to our Community account u/holonews.
  3. Make sure you submit your article before Sunday in Japan (24:00 JST), but we will still be accepting articles on Sunday in Japan. This is just to prevent our editors from an influx of news that could have came in earlier in the week.
  4. Please specify also the branch, gen, and name of the talent focused on in the article
  5. When reporting, please refrain from reporting on content hidden behind a paywall or with no archive. However, exceptions can be made after edits are made and if there's still a credible source to trace back that the content did exist (ex: Tweet announcing the stream).
  6. The editorial Team decide which post gets in and the article writers will not be credited to minimize drama
  7. And most importantly, have fun participating in this FAN project. We are all unpaid, unprofessional and running out of free time but we have a lot of motivation and get a lot more enjoyment out of bringing HoloNews to Hololive on any given Tuesday

Article Format Guides / Limits

Article Length Limits
Articles are limited on how many words they can have. The maximum word count is dependent on the content of the article. For example, articles about anniversaries will have the "Feature" word limit, but "Iofi is cute"-type articles will have the "Short" word limit. We probably won't be strictly enforcing these limits, but if you're over it, don't be surprised if it gets cut down.
Feature - 230 wordsThese are articles covering the big events of the week. Examples: • Anniversaries • Birthdays • New outfits • ConcertsImportant - 140 wordsArticles covering abnormal/important information. This is very much so a judgement call by the reporter and editors. If you claim an article is important and it's not obvious why, be prepared to explain. Examples: • Announcements (including breaks & returns) • Misc smaller celebrations/events • Merch with many details • Information that's personally important for a talent or fanbaseRegular - 100 wordsRegular articles that cover a reasonable amount of normal activity. Examples: • Stream summaries/highlights • Funny moments • Business-y announcements • Twitter interactionsShort - 35 wordsShort articles with very little substance/content. Examples: • "Kusa" articles • Funny twitter messages • A single short funny moment

Space Saving Tips

If you find you're having a hard time keeping your articles within the word count limits, here's a few tips for things you can try.1. Cut out or summarize detailsThey can make an article more interesting, but often they can be removed or explained with fewer words. This is an extreme example, but the principle can be applied on a smaller scale.
Together with Uyu, Fuma decided that he wanted to build a house in Minecraft. First they had to get materials from the forest, but they both died to creepers three times. Next, they adventured to the mines to gather stone. They got sidetracked for an hour in an abandoned mine while doing this. During the building process, Astel swooped in with flint and steel and tried to set everything on fire! Together, Fuma and Uyu were able to drive him away and save a majority of the house. They happened to die to creepers one more time after that, but they ended up with a very nice looking Japanese-style house.
Fuma built a Japanese-styled house with Uyu in Minecraft. Astel was opposed to this and tried to burn it down while they were working, but they finished despite the setback.
2. Remove/shorten unnecessary descriptions
Ina gave Calli an illustration of her for her birthday. It features a chibi version of Calli in a spaceship flying to an unknown dimension. On the dashboard, doll versions of all of holoEN could be seen. Farther back in the cabin, Calli's scythe and alternate outfits were present.
For her birthday, Ina gave Calli an illustration of Chibi Calli flying a spaceship.
3. Remove opinions/funny commentaryThis example could be completely removed, and the article it's in wouldn't lose any real information.
She looked very cute in her new outfit. Many deadbeats died (again) when it was revealed.
4. Check for duplicate information
For her Anniversary Fubuki went to the office ... she met A-chan at the office.
Throughout the event, she performed with Bae, Fubuki, and AkiRose. ... She performed Kirameki Rider with Bae, Fubuki, and AkiRose.
5. Use simple wordsIt's better to sound like you're talking to 5-year-olds than a walking thesaurus.
Calli extracted the confection from the adjacent pastry shop to an undisclosed location. She has prepared appropriate arrangements to consume the delicacy in the evening.
Calli bought a donut and brought it home. She's going to eat it tonight.
Report Format Example
Finished: Pekora ER stream
Gen 3: Pekora
Pekora joins the rank of Flare, Miko, and Shishiron to slay the Tree Sentinel as soon as they leave the tutorial area in Elden Ring. It took her over 6 hours and countless attempts to defeat such a strong foe. With her new gained levels, she took on a dragon on the very next stream and annihilated both Margit and Godrick.
Note: Holonews_bot is a bot we've created to push news from our Discord server to the Info Gathering Threads
Be aware that we are reworking the Reporting workflow at the moment. So changes in the Workflow can be expected.
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2023.06.04 17:00 Chicuty TCG exclusive archetypes in the next sets?

I really like TCG exclusive archetypes, most of them are based on things I find cool because of western culture. The last two June boxes introduced the strategy from one of those decks in Duel Links (Dream Mirror for 2021 and War Rock for 2022), so I'm hoping and coping they want to keep this pattern, but the list of Duel Links designed deck from this pool of archetypes is practically non existent.

Considering year of release, power level and whether or not the "archetype" is called Materiactor, these are the candidates in order from most likely to least likely:

  1. Time Thief: the deck can end on a single non target spin with a 1 card combo with the new support, so it's kind of easy to keep in check by not releasing the new cards. Sadly Redoer is a really good generic r4nk, and it is even better in Duel Links with the smaller deck size and the high amount of traps played.
  2. Beetrooper: a non linear combo deck; it has almost all of its enablers (Resonance Insect, Doom Dozer, Picofalena, Sting the Poison...), but the big wasp that (Quick Effect) specials from hand by returning to the bottom of the deck 1 card each from your and your opponent's graveyard might be a bit too good of a counter to anime skill decks, so Konami might decide not to add this, as well as the big 3k link4 Towers. That being said, having no 1 card combo means the deck can play few staples, and this already limits it a lot for Duel Links.
  3. Plunder Patroll: one of the few midrange decks in Yugioh, it can accumulate resources very fast if he's allowed to play, while also putting up enough of a threat to close games quickly. The deck has no access to Toad, no Al'Miraj so Blonde is not a 1 card Black, and with few handtraps in the game the deck is way weaker than it is in TCG. Love the theme and it's a WATER deck also :)
  4. Myutant: awesome control deck with an incredible theme that made me despise Stranger Things even more than I should have, especially the last season. The deck eats a lot of resources, but if destroyed they get them back (which might happen in Duel Links), also having 6 starters is standard for Duel Links. The big Main Deck Myutants are mostly fine I think, Ultimus is hard enough to summon to be ok, what scares me is the deck's playstyle: in TCG it's starter, do your combo end on Beast + Cry and then set all the floodgates you drew, here it might be the same but instead of floodgates it's just staple traps, but I don't know I'm not good at reading Duel Links power level.
  5. Danger!: extenders and draw power. In a format with 20 cards it's probably not fine. That said I would love the meta to shift at least partially from 1 card combo that ends on 1 interruption + set 3 to some sort of wombo combo that does something fancier and the Danger! would probably help with that.
  6. Spyral: either unplayable or super broken. The deck was originally intended to be a control with a unique gimmick but it failed under every aspect, so it became basically an FTK with the boards he could bring out. Aside from Firewall and the Knightmares (you also cannot co link both Phoenix and Cerberus to Firewall unless Monster Reborn I think?) there aren't the link monsters payoff, but Sleeper Agent equipped with Last Resort and a set Utility Wire is probably already good enough to keep the archetype out of the game.

The other archetypes I didn't mention (Ghoti, which could be added when Nash is released, and Libromancer, which I have never read, Gold Pride, that came out yesterday so probably not) are either too new to be added to the game, or I forgot about them
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2023.06.04 16:59 K-othic Affordable planar magnetic era: LETSHUOER S12 PRO Review

Affordable planar magnetic era: LETSHUOER S12 PRO Review

The current market for "budget" IEMs (under $200 USD) is saturated with single dynamic driver earphones, where some models don't present significant differences from others. However, the implementation of affordable IEMs with planar magnetic drivers has been on the rise lately. Today, I will analyze the LETSHUOER S12 PRO, a pair of planar magnetic earphones with a modular cable and exceptional construction, available for $135 USD.
Video Review here
More Reviews here
Reviews in spanish here

Ranking (* = star): * * * * & 1/2

Pros Cons
Premium build and accessories at a decent price Bass leaves a bit to be desired (subjective)
Top notch imaging (virtue of the planar magnetic driver) Not a master of detail
Signature between neutral and fun Heavier than average cable with uncomfortable earguides (affects comfort)
Easy to amplify for a planar magnetic driver

  • The product was provided by LETSHUOER for an unbiased review - You can find the S12 PRO here!
  • Review based in 2-4hs listening sessions each day across 6 days
  • All music is lossless (Qobuz > 16bit - 44.1kHz)
  • Gear Used: IFI Zen Air Can (AMP) + Fiio E10K (DAC) / TempoTec Sonata HD PRO (dongle)

Unboxing, Build & Comfort

The box is of considerable size and weight, but once opened, it is understood why its dimensions are that large. Inside, the first thing we find is a catalog of their products. Just below that, we can see the bright blue IEMs, along with 3 pairs of foam tips. Finally, at the bottom, there is a faux leather case that contains a modular* cable of very high quality for the price, 3 pairs of wide-bore silicone tips, 3 pairs of narrow-bore tips, and some paperwork such as the manual and product certification.
\modular: allows for interchangeable terminations between 2.5/3.5/4.4mm.*
If I were to see these earphones for the first time without knowing the price, I would easily say they could be worth more than $200 USD. The housing is designed with an aluminum alloy which feels very solid to the touch and has well-hidden vents that relieve pressure build up in the ear canal. The driver used in the S12 PRO is a 14.8mm single sided planar magnetic driver.
Summary of how the driver works: This type of driver works through a thin metal diaphragm with an array of embedded "wires." On each side of the diaphragm are magnets with opposite polarities. When connected, the current passing through the wires generates a magnetic field that interacts with the permanent magnetic fields of both magnets, creating undulating movement in the diaphragm thus producing sound.
The included modular cable is of very good quality. It is built with silver-plated monocrystalline copper and has 4 cores, each consisting of 98 strands. Its connector type is 0.78mm 2-pin with interchangeable terminations for 2.5, 3.5, and 4.4mm. One criticism I have in this regard is that the cable is heavier than average (by quite a bit, in my opinion), and it can be uncomfortable during long sessions. Also, the plastic cable earguides that go over the ears are uncomfortable, and I would have preferred if they were not included.
The number of silicone and foam tips is a very positive aspect (9 pairs in total!). I mostly used my favorite ones, which are the wide-bore tips, but the foam tips feel of good quality for those who need isolation.
The comfort of the S12 PRO was just okay for me: as I mentioned before, the plastic guides are not of my preference and the heavy cable doesn't help that much either. However, when they are properly positioned in the outer ear, they seal decently (it's not the best seal, but it provides enough isolation), and I had to readjust them only a few times. It's worth noting that they protrude a bit, so I wouldn't recommend using them while lying down.
One small aspect I'm going to add in this case is the driving power needed for the S12 PRO. It's known that planar magnetic drivers can be difficult to amplify, but that's not the case with this LETSHUOER set. When I used them with my smartphone (directly into 3.5mm input), I only needed to increase the volume up to 50% to reach a comfortable level when listening to music.

Frequency response description

  • Slight V-shaped signature
  • Subbass and bass above neutral
  • Mid frequencies with a more subdued character but without losing prominence
  • Treble somewhat lively but peaky and with good extension

Subjective sound description
Despite what the measurements indicate, I found the a sub-bass and bass near neutral. The bass have good definition but lack impact for basshead users.
In songs like "Paris" by MOON (Hotline Miami soundtrack), the sub-bass has a strong presence, and you can feel it “deep within you” throughout the entire song as it takes the spotlight. The same happens in "Xanny" by Billie Eilish, where during the chorus, those sub-bass frequencies can be felt “down to the bones”.
On the other hand, in "Back Around" by Tiesto, I experienced what I mentioned earlier: the impact of the bass during the drop leaves me wanting 1-2dB more for EDM songs. However, this reference tuning is particularly good for other genres as we'll see next.

As someone who listens to various Heavy Metal/Rock artists and different orchestras, I consider myself familiar with the sound of string instruments. In the case of "Meet Your Maker" by In Flames, the electric guitars have a good sense of texture in each note and avoid being piercing to the ear.
Switching genres, in "Yellow" from Coldplay's concert in Buenos Aires 2017, from minute 2 to 2:56, the electric guitar accompanies the song very gently, only to reappear seconds later. In this chaotic harmony, where instruments and the lead singer's voice come together, you can clearly distinguish each individual sound. Chris Martin's voice has a natural timbre to my ears, and both female and male voices have good weight in the region.
Lastly, in "Nessun dorma!" performed by Pavarotti, the Italian's voice is out of this world. There is particularly good articulation between him and the orchestra (choristers, violins, horns, trumpets, piano, etc.).

Again, the graph shows quite pronounced peaks in the 2.5 kHz and 8 kHz regions, yet the previous song by In Flames with continuous cymbal splashes did not come across as piercing at all.
Furthermore, in classical music such as Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Mozart's "Divertimento in F Major, K. 138" performed by the Quatuor Van Kuijk, I noticed that these IEMs are not super analytical or bright. In fact, for those seeking to gather every tiny detail in their music, they may find themselves wanting a bit more from the S12 PRO.

Soundstage & Imaging
In the previously described Coldplay song "Yellow," I could perceive a sense of distance between the audience and the band. However, to my ears, the soundstage is wider than it is tall and deep. There is good distinction of distance between the sides, but not as much towards the front and back.
But here's where it gets exciting: the imaging capability is spectacular. In Avicii's "Waiting for Love," the single-sided planar magnetic driver manages to separate the different layers of the song's introduction. If I were to describe them from "top to bottom" what I hear is: first, Avicii's vocals above everything else, in the middle the rhythmic sound of the piano keys, and then below or in the background, the drums with their kicks and cymbals accompanying the song. Both instruments and vocals disappear during the build-up to the drop and are replaced by synthetic sounds. When the drop hits, these instruments reappear in the same "layers". The drums only play their cymbals while the song’s bass is carried by a synthesizer that is introduced at this moment.
This description showcases the capabilities of this type of driver, providing a precise image that allows the listener to clearly differentiate which instruments are being reproduced and effortlessly separate them from one another.

Unfortunately, I cannot speak about the improvements LETSHUOER made to this IEM compared to the first S12 as I did not have the opportunity to try that model. However, based on my experience and comparing the presentations of the S12 and S12 PRO, it is evident that it was not a simple change of tuning. Adding a modular cable of even better quality than its predecessor (128 strands vs. 392 strands) and maintaining the same solid construction makes those extra $15 USD worth it. In terms of sound and some cable aspects, I had my few criticisms but there are more positive characteristics that I can highlight about these IEMs, and I must say they are a great way to enter the world of planar magnetic IEMs.
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2023.06.04 16:58 jerry23y [USA-NY] (H) Switch, Wii/U, 3/DS, Gameboy /Color/Advance (W) Nintendo Offers, Strategy Guides, Pokemon Cards

Wi U / Wii
3DS / DS
PS Vita official 8 GB and 32 GB memory cards
PSP 1001 Box and Inserts


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2023.06.04 16:56 djester808 [FS] - Duluth MN - $3.25 + neocaradina and caradina shrimp.

[FS] - Duluth MN - $3.25 + neocaradina and caradina shrimp.
Free priority shipping on orders over $75!
Many morphs of neocaradia and caradina available! All homebred by me. Random scoops and unsexed.
Shipping - Located in Duluth, MN but shipping is available! Shipping is 15 flat to anywhere in the lower 48 via USPS priority shipping (1 to 3 days). $25 for 2 day shipping. $50 for overnight. Typical shipping days are Monday or Tuesday. Tracking provided. Can combine multiple orders. Will include an insulated box and heatpack if you live in colder climates.
Disclaimer - Shrimp may arrive discolored or dull looking. This is due to the stress shipping has on them. Please allow them a couple days to acclimate to their new environment. Because of this stress, I try my best to only ship juveniles. They handle the process better.
DOA policy - In the rare event that a shrimp arrives DOA, please take a picture of the unopened bag, with the DOA clearly visable, next to the shipping label and within 2 hours after 1st attempted delivery. This is not applicable to shrimp added on via a deal. Will work with you to resolve the matter.
--NEOCARADINA-- PARAMETERS: -TDS: 220 - 250 -PH: 7 -Temp: 72°
Deal : 10 + 2 Free priority shipping on orders over $150!
--NEOCARADINA-- PARAMETERS: -TDS: 220 - 250 -PH: 7 -Temp: 72°
PRICES: Culls (Limited, Deals not applicable)- $1.50 Sunkist - $3.25 Snowball - $3.25 Black Rose - $3.25 Orange Rilli - $3.25 Blue Dream - $3.25 Blue Jelly - $3.25 Fire Red Cherry (Limited) - $3.25 Red Rilli - $3.25 24k Goldenback - $3.25 Green Emerald - $4.50 Blue Carbon Rilli - $4.50
--CARADINA-- PARAMETERS: -TDS: 120 - 140 -PH: 6 -Temp: 72°
PRICES: Culls (Limited, Deals not applicable) - $2.25 PRL - $4.00 Blue Bolt - $ 4.00 Black King Kong - $5.00 Shadow Panda - $6.00
PLANTS: Almond Leaf - $1.00 Java Moss (Pest Free) - $5.00 (golfball size)
--COMING SOON-- Sakura Cherry Bloody Mary
Super Crystal Black Boa
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2023.06.04 16:55 Sttarrk [Store] Dead Reckoning/Diretide/TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's Immortals & Collector's Cache

Diretide/TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's Immortals & Collector's Cache Sets FOR SALE
Link to my spreadsheet, with all my prices, stock and reservations already made
Shimmer of the Anointed (Nyx Assassin) 4$ 12 -----
The Rat King (Chen) 5$ 10 -----
Pattern of the Silken Queen (Broodmother) 5$ 12 -----
Shackles of the Enduring Conscript (Axe) 6$ 9 -----
Fires of the Volcanic Guard (Ember Spirit) 8$ 11 -----
Loaded Prospects (Brewmaster) 10$ 12 -----
Ire of the Molten Rebirth (Phoenix) 10$ 8 -----
Pitmouse Fraternity (Meepo) 10$ 6 -----
Raiments of the Obsidian Force (Underlord - Rare) 20$ 9 -----
Grasp of the Riven Exile (Weaver) 4$ 9 -----
Insights of the Sapphire Shroud (Dark Seer) 4$ 9 -----
Pillar of the Fractured Citadel (Spirit Breaker) 5$ 7 -----
Primer of the Sapper's Guile (Techies) 6$ 3 -----
Trail of the Sanguine Spectrum (Bloodseeker) 8$ 4 -----
Molokau Stalker (Venomancer) 10$ 10 -----
Raptures of the Abyssal Kin (Queen of Pain) 10$ 4 -----
Morbific Provision (Witch Doctor) 10$ 5 -----
Fate Meridian (Invoker) 15$ 2 -----
The Murid Divine (Necrophos) 15$ 7 -----
Automaton Antiquity (Broodmother) 5$ 3 -----
Prized Acquisitions (Batrider) 5$ 6 -----
Directive of the Sunbound (Clockwerk) 6$ 4 -----
Tribal Pathways (Warlock) 6$ 4 -----
Verdant Predator (Venomancer) 7$ 2 -----
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful (Drow Ranger) 12$ 4 -----
Riddle of the Hierophant (Oracle) 5$ 1 -----
Secrets of the Celestial (Skywrath Mage) 5$ 19 -----
Clearcut Cavalier (Timbersaw) 5$ 17 -----
Carousal of the Mystic Masquerade (Rubick) 5$ 20 -----
The King Of Thieves (Keeper of the Light) 5$ 16 -----
Blaze of Oblivion (Phoenix) 5$ 25 -----
Blacksail Cannoneer (Sniper) 5$ 18 -----
Beast of the Crimson Ring (Bristleback) 7$ 14 -----
Evolution of the Infinite (Enigma) 7$ 19 -----
Wrath of the Fallen Ones (Doom) 7$ 15 -----
Crown of Calaphas (Shadow Demon) 7$ 17 -----
Talons of the Endless Storm (Chaos Knight) 9$ 18 -----
Ire of the Ancient Gaoler (Arc Warden) 20$ 8 -----
Horror from the Deep (Tidehunter) 20$ 8 -----
Master of the Searing Path (Ember Spirit) 20$ 8 -----
Steward of the Forbidden Chamber (Templar Assassin - Rare) 15$ 26 -----
Songs of Starfall Glen (Enchantress) 5$ 7 -----
Beholden of the Banished Ones (Warlock) 8$ 5 -----
Herald of the Ember Eye (Grimstroke) 8$ 6 -----
Apocalypse Unbound (Ancient Apparition) 8$ 6 -----
Fury of the Righteous Storm (Disruptor) 10$ 2 -----
Heartless Hunt (Bounty Hunter) 10$ 1 -----
Flashpoint Proselyte (Huskar) 10$ 3 -----
Fissured Flight (Jakiro) 10$ 3 -----
Mindless Slaughter (Pudge) 15$ 2 -----
Ancient Inheritance (Tiny - Rare) 20$ 3 -----
Forsworn Legacy (Ares - Very Rare) 50$ 1 -----
Nemestice Collector's Cache 2021
Twilight Hex (Dark Willow) 5$ 3 -----
Caerulean Star (Enchantress) 5$ 5 -----
Silence of the Starweaver (Oracle) 5$ 3 -----
Astral Terminus (Enigma) 10$ 2 -----
Litany of the Damned (Doom) 10$ 1 -----
Desert Bloom (Nature's Prophet) 10$ 1 -----
Aghanim's 2021 Collector's Cache
Secrets of the Frost Singularity (Ancient Apparition) 3$ 7 -----
The Chained Scribe (Grimstroke) 4$ 5 -----
Forgotten Fate (Mars) 8$ 4 -----
March of the Crackerjack Mage (Rubick) 8$ 3 -----
Blightfall (Abaddon) 10$ 1 -----
Cosmic Concoctioneers (Alchemist) 10$ 1 -----
Widow of the Undermount Gloom (Broodmother) 10$ 1 -----
Apex Automated (Clockwerk) 10$ 1 -----
Days of the Demon (Axe) 10$ 1 -----
Perils of the Red Banks (Chen) 10$ 2 -----
Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected (Ogre Magi - Rare) 15$ 4 -----
Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache II
Grand Suppressor (Silencer) 2.5$ 15 -----
Darkbrew´s Transgression (Alchemist) 2.5$ 16 -----
Transcendent Path (Oracle) 2.5$ 15 -----
The Wilding Tiger (Brewmaster) 2.5$ 15 -----
Dawn of Darkness Foretold (Doom) 2.5$ 15 -----
Cursed Cryptbreaker (Pudge) 2.5$ 14 -----
Feasts of Forever (Night Stalker) 2.5$ 16 -----
Withering Pain (Clinkz) 2.5$ 16 -----
Freebot Fortunes (Ogre Magi) 2.5$ 14 -----
Acrimonioes of Obsession (Vengeful Spirit) 2.5$ 14 -----
Sacred Chamber Guardian (Huskar) 2.5$ 16 -----
War Rig Eradicators (Techies) 2.5$ 14 -----
Darkfeather Factioneer (Phantom Assassin) 5$ 11 -----
Bird of Prey (Legion Commander) 10$ 4 -----
Grudges of the Gallows Tree (Treant Protector - Rare) 10$ 16 -----
Brands of the Reaper (Anti-Mage - Rare) 10$ 13 -----
Sublime Equilibrium (Void Spirit - Very Rare) 25$ 3 -----
Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache I
Hounds of Obsession (Chen) 2.5$ 18 -----
Seadog's Stash (Clockwerk) 2.5$ 18 -----
Chines of the Inquisitor (Faceless Void) 2.5$ 17 -----
Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt (Ursa) 2.5$ 16 -----
Crimson Dawn (Phoenix) 2.5$ 18 -----
Fogotten Station (Terrorblade) 2.5$ 19 -----
Dirge Amplifier (Undying) 2.5$ 17 -----
Champion of the Fire Lotus (Monkey King) 2.5$ 16 -----
Deathstitch Shaman (Witch Doctor) 2.5$ 18 -----
Spoils of the Shadowveil (Spectre) 5$ 10 -----
Scarlet Subversion (Riki) 5$ 8 -----
Whippersnapper (Snapfire) 8$ 8 -----
Shadowleaf Insurgent (Hoodwink) 10$ 4 -----
Starlorn Adjudicator (Dawnbreaker) 10$ 5 -----
Blue Horizons (Marci - Rare) 10$ 11 -----
Angel of Vex (Invoker - Rare) 15$ 4 -----
Dark Behemoth (Primal Beast - Very Rare) 25$ 4 -----
Limbs of Lycosidae (Broodmother) 1$ 2 -----
Draca Mane (Huskar) 1$ 1 -----
Sullen Sanctum (Necrophos) 1$ 2 -----
Insight of Forlorn Precipice (Dark Seer) 1$ 2 -----
Draconic Divide (Dragon Knight) 1$ 2 -----
Tremors of the Tandem Storm (Disruptor) 4$ 1 -----
Golden Draca Mane (Huskar) 6$ 1 -----
Golden Sullen Sanctum (Necrophos) 6$ 2 -----
infernal Cavalcade (Centaur Warrunner) 1$ 6 -----
Flutterstep (Enchantress) 1$ 6 -----
Seclusions of the Void (Templar Assassin) 1$ 7 -----
Aktok's Glory (Venomancer) 1$ 6 -----
Everglyph Goggles (Meepo) 1$ 7 -----
Blastmitt Berserker Bundle (Bristleback) 4$ 1 -----
Seclusions of the Void (Templar Assassin) 6$ 1 -----
Infernal Cavalcade (Centaur Warrunner) 6$ 3 -----
The Strings of Suradan Bundle (Hoodwink) 30$ 1 -----
Howls of the Northmarch (Anti-Mage) 1$ 4 -----
Faction of the Feather (Templar Assassin) 1$ 3 -----
Melange of the Firelord (Chaos Knight) 1$ 4 -----
Heinous Exultation (Razor) 1$ 5 -----
Tangled Tropics (Monkey King) 1$ 4 -----
Fury of the Thunderhawk (Zeus) 1$ 4 -----
Oaths of the Beloved (Death Prophet) 1$ 4 -----
Twilight Legions (Night Stalker) 2.5$ 3 -----
Jewels of Anamnessa (Medusa) 5$ 1 -----
Wings of Imperium (Mars) 15$ 1 -----
The Battle Pass Collection 2022
Hides of Hostility (Huskar) 1$ 4 -----
Heat of the Sixth Hell (Doom) 1$ 4 -----
Nefarious Fixations (Lion) 1$ 3 -----
Distinguished Forgemaster (Clockwerk) 1$ 4 -----
Volcanic Sanctuary (Broodmother) 1$ 3 -----
Obsidian Atrocity (Lifestealer) 1$ 4 -----
Charms of the Firefiend (Batrider) 5$ 1 -----
Molten Bore (Mars) 10$ 1 -----
Dead Heat (Lina) 6$ 1 -----
Dying Light (Dawnbreaker) 6$ 1 -----
Death Adder (Medusa) 6$ 1 -----
Soul Serpent (Viper) 6$ 1 -----
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