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2023.03.25 02:00 JMLMemer Decided to wait for things to end first before saying this...

Yes, we get it. The situation is done(at least on paper and from what we see it is anyway). But to tell people to move on immediately is quite ridiculous(not ridiculous in itself but as if JJ did nothing crazy). JJ quite literally came for Wade in the most unusual manner possible. Many people in this subreddit don't know what it's like to have their reputation called into question at the expense of something important to them like careers, families or even lives. I'm all for forgiving(I even go as far as to not make it a matter of forgiveness when someone wrongs me and I let it go) but you should be able to empathize with everyone who trusted that JJ wouldn't be so low. We all knew JJ's ego was bigger than his forehead and that's cool. But when it doesn't make you accept full responsibility towards someone you have wronged, it sucks to be around you. Many plastic KSI fans do this cycle where they try to play pseudo-PR and minimize the situation, defending him but as soon as JJ apologizes, they hit you with the "he apologized, now move on" as if they didn't just defend such actions. It's also hypocritical from said plastic fans when they say things like "should we continue to hate him?". But when Dillon Danis or Jake Paul do something, it's something that they can never come back from. I'm not a supporter of Danis or Jake, but I at least keep it a buck 99 when someone does something right or wrong regardless of who it is(I'm saying this as a fan of JJ long before he dropped his song Creature). It's also ridiculous how people can't stand Kavos even tho he's telling the truth😂. I'm not saying you have to be like "yasssss queen" but for you to hate him and dishonestly say he's manipulating his audience is wrong. As a Kavos fan I can agree he milks situations but every creator does that😂😂😂(they make money by repeatedly doing stuff. Y'all don't get this worked up when JJ continues making try not to laughs or reddit videos). You let him go when he defends Logan Paul's failed escapades(which is confirmed that he hasn't paid his supporters back for) but get angry when people actually hold him accountable for it. Some people think we should got back to making memes for the reddit day as usual as if this situation isn't why we've been coming up with hilarious memes as of late😂. It's cool to be a part of JJ's fan base, but keep that same energy across the board. It's actually unfortunate but it took JJ telling a whole lie for us to finally tell JJ enough is enough. As a small business owner, I'm nowhere near JJ's level in business. But at 22 years of age, I can at least say that I know how to do my research and verify the facts. From a business perspective(if not from a personality/character or boxing standpoint) I've lost respect for you because even though I'm not expecting you to know everything, the information that comes directly to YOU should be info you make a point to verify and taking Keem's word(of all people yikes) or mams was poor insight and oversight from you and a man who worked so hard for you and your vision almost got incapacitated for it. You should do something about those people(obviously up to you) and also stop and think before you say or do something you regret. I'm not gonna stop watching your videos or unfollow your socials, but you have a long way back especially for the people who had your back since the beginning(not so much for the fake fans since they just see you as an angel who deserves unlimited tries). What's more, Wade is W for standing on his square and I wish him the best on his future endeavors(he also gained a new sub in me). Also, JJ should do something about the people behind the scenes who have an issue with the guy using a drink that God forbid is better than prime😂😂😂. W JJ's parents for not getting involved, W Ethan for saying it like it is and idk about the other Sidemen who didn't understand the whole situation but no hard feelings toward anyone anyway. Finally, Mo came outta nowhere with his response to Kavos😂. Kavos was right and I think Mo just wanted the situation to end(which is fine) but for him to come from the woodwork to tell Kavos that when he said nothing the whole time was not it. He should've stayed quiet. Do better supposed fans of KSI. Hold JJ and everyone regardless of what childish or genuinely justified feelings you have toward them, to the same standard. That's all...
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2023.03.25 01:59 ShuladaTostada [For Hire] Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

Recruitment can be time consuming and expensive. Allow me to take the headache out of finding the perfect person to join your team! A bad hire can be costly to any business my services are here to help you filter out the best from the rest!
This gig is perfect for you if you want to have your sourcing and screening of candidates and have initial interviews performed with qualified candidates and are then confident to take over the rest of the hiring process!
What is included?
Publishing of your role on the worlds largest recruitment platforms Review and screening of all incoming applicants and their resumes Shortlisting applicants to find the best personnel that meet your roles requirements Recorded zoom interviews with the 4 best applicants which are sent to you along with their resume 
I provide candidates who meet the skills and experience set out in your requirements. The client is free to hire all candidates if they wish. With no extra fee's incurred.
How do you I find candidates?
I publish on many different platforms, depending on the type of role you have, I will consult with you on where we will find the best types of candidates for your business.
How many people will you provide?
Up to 100 people depending on your role and salary range. At least 2 qualified candidates for the hardest roles to find for, and for the average role 4 qualified candidates. The full list is released to you. Qualified candidates, candidates and bad apples.
What industries do you recruit for?
I recruit for most industries, with experience in logistics, supply chain, warehouse, cleaning, IT and technical, HR and recruiters, Reception and admin, Healthcare and medical, Sales and business development, product design, engineering and much more!
How long will it take you to recruit?
I try to get the ideal candidates as quickly as possible, however if there is a skill shortage in the local area, or you want to see lots of candidates, then it can take longer.
Are there any roles you do NOT recruit for?
Yes, I do no recruit for commission only roles, Insurance sales agents roles that have a "draw salary" any roles that involve nudity, adult industry roles, any roles that require a "start up fee" for the candidates or any roles that involve the use of any candidates accounts such as "up-work"
What if I need more support than just the initial interview?
Let me know your needs and I can give you more packages.
Sourcing Package 300USD
Candidate sourcing
Candidate screening
1 Job Description
Interview Package 500USD
Candidate sourcing
Candidate screening
Video Interview the 4 best candidates
1 job description
Write your job description 15USD
I will write 1 job description of your choice, up to 500 words
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2023.03.25 01:59 bmcthomas Advice please re my son

My son is 23, used marijuana and cocaine mostly, we've been around and around with those. About 8 months ago his new girlfriend introduced him to her DOCs, xanax and percocet/oxy (and probably fentanyl). Of course he chose to do them, but part of me is so mad at her for bringing that crap into his life.
I didn't know about the opiates until this past week, when they decided to self detox and ended up in the emergency room twice in 36 hours.
She got into a 28 day program (I hope she stays), but there were no beds for him. He's on a wait list and can sign up for outpatient while waiting. At his darkest moment of withdrawal, puking and defecating all over himself, he was ready to go anywhere. Now that it's day 5, he feels better and is less and less interested in treatment. He says he won't relapse because he never wants to feel that way again.
He lives with me. I've said that getting into a program is a condition of being allowed to live here. Is there a point to being in a program if he doesn't think he needs to be there? I'm trying to end our codependent relationship, accept that he will likely relapse, stop trying to control him (because I can't), and am working on preparing myself to accept that he may end up homeless, he may end up dead, and those are his choices.
But of course I love him. I'm also so angry with him. What he put his sister through, me, our whole family this week was horrific and traumatic.
I keep telling him I love him, because I don't think it helps to be berated and shamed. But I'm also very angry and sometimes that comes out.
where is the line? Is it trying to control if I tell him to delete all his dealers from his phone while I watch? and check his phone randomly? Take away his car keys (my name is on the title too I cosigned for it). Are these just empty gestures and won't matter anyway because he'll always find a way to get drugs? How am I supposed to go to work if I have to watch him constantly to keep him clean? I have had family helping all week when I can't be here, but next week he'll be alone and I assume that even with no car or no phone he'd find a way.
I'm looking for a therapist for me and my daughter. I don't know if she will participate. She found them and had to call 911 the first time. She'll never get over what she saw. I was the second ER trip and I won't get over it either. I truly thought they were going to die in front of me.
Anyway, I'm exhausted, feel guilty for not forcing him into treatment for the cocaine and marijuana, when he was underage. I took him to psychiatrists, he wouldn't talk. Wouldn't take meds. I should have tried harder. I feel like I just ignored what I didn't want to know. He needed me and I wasn't there. I have to be there now. But it feels like its too late.
This is rambling, I'm sorry. I just feel so helpless. I'm so afraid he's going to die.
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2023.03.25 01:59 Veliarbery Problem with walking

I've tried to get off amph, last dose was 23.03, 5;00, around 10:30 I went to school, get back at 13:00, went to sleep, then I woke up at 18:00 and my mind and also my eyes were pullsing but I had to get to work. Went back and went to bed. Again I woke up 7:00 next day to get ready for Uni, but I came back to some after going to bus stop cuz it was nearly impossible for me to stand still and even sit, I get back some, woke up at 17:00, and it was still impossible for me to stand or even sit. My body felt very warm, I had cold sweats, my mind was foggy and I wasn't able to do anything. I had to redose cuz of my work.
How to stop speeding? I'm not able to take 3-4 days off to only lay in bed. And it's not like I can force myself to go walking or sitting cuz minute after minute I'm starting to get more sweaty and the only thing my mind is saying me is "go to bed, now, or we are fucked".
I want this to end.
Should I just slowly get off it? I've done extremly high doses (5g in around 30 hours) so lowering dose everyday seem like plan.
Please, help.

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2023.03.25 01:59 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery
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[Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery
You’ve stumbled across this page for a reason.
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It’s because you’re exasperated. You’re frustrated. And you know you can do better. You’re stuck in a pair of “golden handcuffs”: running a mildly-successful agency but beholden to your clients, your staff, and your phone.
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Plus get access to the latest tools and software used by my own agency, IAG Media such as reporting templates.
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2023.03.25 01:59 IThinkALot-_- Yesterday my twin sister told me my dad has one year to live.

My dad has stage 4 kidney cancer. Unfortunately it is also a very rare type of kidney cancer and his doctors don't really know what to do. He has been diagnosed for a little over 3 years now.
I (16f) live with my dad and always have. Yesterday in 3rd period my twin sister told me that my mom told her my dad told my mom his doctor said he only has about a year left to live. I'm guessing my dad didn't want to tell me because it would make me cry. I don't think he told his mom (my grandma) either.
2 and a half weeks before Christmas last year he was put into the hospital because he was in so much pain he was constantly screaming and crying in pain. He was there for a week and a half before they finally decided he actually wasn't faking the pain and did a scan. They found a spot of cancer that was pushing against his spine and fractured it.
They gave him new pain meds and he got to come home the day before Christmas eve.He started having radiation therapy and they got the spot of cancer to dissapear. Fast forward to last Tuesday. He was starting to be able to walk more than he was but he had to get a scan last Tuesday. The results came back and his spine is a lot worse and there is a new spot of cancer that is in a place on his spine They csnt do radiation to get rid of it. They said it could paralyze him.
He goes back next Tuesday and he said he has like 12 appointments to go to.
I dont know what I will do if he dies.
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2023.03.25 01:58 MarioPartyRiot Pre-K through 1st grade options

TL;DR - Lady at the school district said public school in my state doesn't have to let in my kid until 2nd grade, given the current climate it seems plausible. She's just full of it, right?
First off, Im also understand I sound like a crazy person. It's just my first time enrolling my daughter, I live in a red state and this seems like the kind of backward thing that may actually be true.
My daughter turns 4 next week and we're planning to enroll her in pre-K. We'd been doing research when she turned two, and everything seemed straightforward.
When we went to enroll her this year, we were told by someone at the district that there's only 700 spots city wide (small city of 180k), and 500 are guaranteed to kids with IEPs with the rest being first-come first-served. Worst case we'd stay home until kindergarten.
Here's the rub, the lady from the district heard us say this and told us in our state truancy doesn't apply unless the child is 7 on or before Aug 31 of that year. So schools in our state don't have an obligation to let us enroll until 2nd grade.
She gave us a printout on homeschooling options, and micro schools and coops. Being a COVID baby, we're hoping to socialize her as much as possible (play groups & play dates just aren't cutting it for her need to socialize). All the numbers for the groups were either wrong or out of service.
My wife and I are panicking and plan on staying up until midnight the day registration opens to try to get her a spot.
We're planning to call around to other schools and district offices, but we just got this info at 3pm on a Friday so we just have to sit on it for three days.
So this comes to two questions. As I'm going through this for the first time 1) Is this lady just full of $#!+ And we shouldn't worry? (Worst case, kindergarten next year) 2) If this is an actual thing and we do have to homeschool where does one even begin, and what are the biggest risks/rewards in your opinion?
My biggest concern is socialization and getting her to routinely interact with other kids. My wife's concern is screen time if we do online school, and her own dyslexia if she needs to teach (I'm gone from 8-5, so I can't help unless we do it in the evenings) and we have an 18mo too.
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2023.03.25 01:58 Ariethecoder Lost my passport and I feel dumb cause I lost such an important document

I am an international student in States, and as everyone knows a Passport with a Valid Student Visa is an important thing to any international student. While going to Driver's License Office to make a new passport, I lost it and it's such an important document that, which I am always careful of, lost it somewhere. I did file a police report and asked my country's embassy to issue me a new passport. I just feel stupid, cause it was a hassle to make a new passport, plus I have to go home this summer for surgery and need a valid student visa back again; which is more paperwork and more hassle to do so.
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2023.03.25 01:58 TheEndDragon My dog saved me from itself.

I never thought any harm could happen to me. Not because I feel superior to others, but in my town, Brookwood, nothing bad ever happened. You rarely heard of accidents, and homicides or robbery were unheard of. But now, I’ve received PTSD and therapy from an incident in my very own hometown.
Four years ago, I was 23. I played baseball every Saturday, and my life was good. I had bought a dog about eight months prior, a Doberman, her name being Athena. I lived in a house that my late grandparents had left to me. As a child, I never liked staying with my grandparents for even one night, as wildlife seemed to be very active at night.
Eventually I grew out of my fear, assuming that nocturnal animals approached the lake a few hundred meters from our house. Suddenly, one night the noise stopped. Not even a cricket could be heard. Out of nowhere, my eardrums shattered. Hundreds of animal noises could be heard all at once.
I went to investigate the noise after it stopped, but there was nothing. No animals, no sounds. I couldn’t see any rustling in the grass, or any animals chirping in trees. Athena was all that remained, trying to comfort my uneasiness.
Athena has separation anxiety, and appears depressed on any cameras after I leave for work. One day, I beckoned her inside from the backyard. She ran in, and ran upstairs. I paid no attention and left for work.
I checked my home cameras to see how Athena was holding up, but I noticed her laying down next to the door in my room. Eventually, the door closed, locking her in my room. I sighed and reminded myself to open my room door when I arrived home. However, when I came back from my uneventful day at work, I was greeted by my dog.
I was confused. Very confused. I greeted Athena with a skeptical tone in my voice. She seemed to notice this. I checked my phone to see if she was still in my room. She was. Athena seemed to notice this.
I baby-talked her and went upstairs to see if possibly the camera was delayed, and Athena somehow managed to open the door herself. She did not. I opened my door, and Athena greeted me.
I walked to my bedside and grabbed a baseball bat from my equipment bad. I looked downstairs. Athena was not there. I stayed as quiet as possible, discarding my shoes to make less noise. Upon hearing a scuttling, I looked towards the noise. The dog was climbing up a wall. I rushed into my room, and locked the door.
I rushed to my phone to call the police. Upon dialing 9-1-1, I heard a bashing against my door. I heard more, and started hearing splintering. The dog was breaking down my door.
I dialed the number and talked to the operator. I was told to stay calm, and that they would call animal control. My door kept splintering. Eventually, I could see through the door. This thing was no dog. It wasn’t human, it wasn’t animal, it was just a thing.
The thing had long limbs, and a deformed face. It had huge chunks of flesh missing where its ears used to be, and a completely removed nose. It looked pale, as if there was no longer any blood in it. All of its fur was shedding off instantaneously, as if it was shedding on command. No baseball bat could take the thing down.
I rushed to my bedside drawer. 3 months ago, I got a license to carry firearms. I bought myself a Mark XIX Desert Eagle to use in shooting ranges, just for fun. I thought this would save my life. I was wrong.
The thing broke through the door, and stared me down for a few second. It started moving towards me, and I fired. I had used one magazine. It was still standing. Two magazines. It still stood. Three magazines. It stayed strong.
The thing leaped at me, and I realized my inevitable death. Until my dog came in. My dog jumped at the creature, tearing into its flesh. The creature was dead in a matter of seconds.
Animal control arrived, finding me stunned on the ground, my dog comforting me, and an alien corpse in the middle of the room. They took the corpse back, informing me that they would get back to me with what the thing was.
When they reached out to me, they informed me that it had no signs of life. It had no cells, nor DNA. It was as if it had turned into a hyper-realistic, flexible statue. I didn’t care for the information though. What I did care for was seeking therapy.
I ended up with PTSD from the event, and a large dependence on my dog. Even four years after the event, I still have nightmares about it sometimes. Sometimes I hear the hissing sounds the creature made right behind me. However, whenever these happen, I always have my dog to rely on.
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2023.03.25 01:58 Fickle_Ad_3554 [WA] Personal Injury Firm Malpractice

I hired Dubin Law Group to represent me in a personal injury case, but my experience with them has been disappointing even beyond my wildest expectations. During negotiations, Josh Campbell, a professional bullsh*t artist, repeatedly told me that my case was worth more than the settlement amount, but he still strongly urged me to settle and accept the offer against my better judgment. It soon became evident that there was a lack of diligence, urgency, and care paid to my case. It seemed like he was only interested in settling the case quickly, rather than putting in additional research or effort to reach a satisfying result. Looking back, I felt forced to follow his counsel to accept the low-ball offer of $35,500 on nearly $19,000 in medical bills, barely enough to cover their 33.3% attorney fee and my own bills.
On April 6, 2022, I sustained extensive injuries, including a 2-inch diameter concussion and subsequent dent on my head, bruising, and injuries to my neck, arms, shoulder, both legs, and knees in a car accident in Seattle. I had difficulty walking for many months due to shooting pain in my knees, and I hired this firm to protect me during my recovery process. I finished all treatment in August 2022. I had to spend hours tracing down providers and insurance representatives during my workday, which was something I specifically hired this firm to do. Ali Waters told me during our last interaction over the phone that I did not have health insurance last year, which was not true as I had provided that information when I signed with the firm and they had it on record. Josh Campbell later said she misspoke, but it raised concerns about whether they cross-checked information for accuracy.
Furthermore, a majority of bills from this case have been sent to collections and I have been in the complete dark as to when they would resolve. My insurance company had no records of Radia or Green Lake Physical Therapy, and I had to personally bring all this to their attention and present relevant information to facilitate these claims. I never received detailed and itemized ledgers of claims, dates of service, or regular updates. It is their responsibility as my legal representation to ensure that all balances have been verified and confirmed as correct, but it is now clear that this was not the case.
I found additional errors with their balances at UW Medicine and learned more balances were in collections. When I brought this to their attention, I was met with more condescending and dismissive responses. It is very clear that this firm is incapable of taking responsibility for their actions and apologizing for their mistakes.
The lack of communication and negligence from this firm is deeply unacceptable and has caused me significant harm. I was then handed over to Rebecca LaLiberte the 'managing partner' to be handled and mitigated. It was clear immediately by her condescending tone that she did not take this case seriously and offered to 'set up weekly meetings over the next few months' as the case resolved and bills re-processed due to this firm's specific errors. I started to look deeper into the firm and ask questions around other firms as to their conduct and reputation. It is clear now that this is simply a high-volume firm and litigation adverse, meaning they try to settle cases as quickly as possible without consideration for the best outcome for their clients.
Even after I brought all this to their attention and they agreed to take 25% off the attorney fee, a slap in the face for the amount of time I have personally put in to get this case back on track. Rebecca LaLiberte, the managing partner, has now said to 'please move forward with filing a complaint with the Washington State Bar. We will cooperate fully with them and hold the remaining funds in trust.'
What can I do to hold these people accountable?
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2023.03.25 01:58 Jamsweetness86 This might be a long shot but any help is appreciated to find a Niffler pattern.

Played HL and had a blast - I’m looking to find a crochet pattern for that cute little Niffler plushie you see in random villagers houses near their bed! I’ve looked online and have seen Niffler patterns or amigurumi Nifflers but none exactly like that cute round little house Niffler. If anyone knows of a pattern that matches what that looks like, or could help me out and is great at originally crocheting a pattern up (I wish I was that good/creative) please let me know!!!! I’m going to cross post this in some crochet reddits too but figured I’d start here. 😊 will post screenshot in comments.
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2023.03.25 01:57 Th3Myst1cPanda Hyperfixating about her is agony.

Being in her presence is rapture, profoundly bliss. I know it's because I haven't known her very long, and we have only seen one another a few times. I'm 22 and have been living with my nonbinary partner for 3 years. They recently told me I either get medicated or they're leaving. It was a huge fight where they laid out all the ways I can't be lived with, because of my ADHD.
Regardless, life at home is slow, boreing, and they don't seem to love me how they used to.
So, I decided that making some friends would do me a lot of good, and that's how I met her... She's so sweet, and the two of us became instant besties.
I know I'm fixated on her, because every waking moment of my last few days I've been thinking about her. Thinking about how much better life could be, could have been. I don't know exactly why I'm writing this, but maybe you'll be reading this and say to yourself, oh! I do that, and I know how to deal with it. Maybe somebody here has told a person they've been fixating on them, how did that go?
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2023.03.25 01:57 JosephPaulWall Questions about EV charging safety in a rental that I can't modify

I want to purchase a Bolt EV soon and I want some input on whether my hypothetical charging setup would be safe enough to use while I'm awake after work and can keep a watch over it. Definitely feel free to tell me "no, this is stupid", please talk me out of it.
Anyway, I have a 14-30 dryer outlet that I want to use by plugging into it a switched splitter ( that forces only the dryer or the charger to be enabled (to completely eliminate the risk of running both at the same time), and then into that switch I'll be running a 50 foot extension cable (, and into that I'll be plugging an EVSE that's hard limited to 16 amps, UL listed, from a reputable brand (
The outlet is installed in a mobile home just a few feet from the breaker, so the wire run in the wall is very short, and the extension cable is a heavy duty 4 prong 10 gauge cable rated for 30 amps at 240v.
The dryer I'm using has a sticker on it saying that it also requires a 30 amp cable, and it's been used safely on this outlet for years, so I'm assuming based on that, that the wiring and the outlet can handle 16 amp continuous just fine. Is that a bad assumption? I'm also hoping that the splitter, long extension cable, and the EVSE cable are okay over such a distance, but I'm thinking that limiting to a 16 amp charger (instead of going up to 24) would make it as safe as possible in this ridiculous scenario (that I can't change because it's a rental). Also the EVSE I'm looking at is UL certified, indoooutdoor capable, and from clipper creek, a reputable dealer afaik, if those things make any difference. All of the parts I'll be using are UL listed, actually.
Am I being careful enough? Is all of this enough precaution to safely charge a Chevy Bolt EV at 240v 16 amp, so I can replenish a 6 day 65 mile commute from just a mobile home's dryer outlet? If my calculations are correct I won't even need to leave it while I sleep, I should be able to get my entire commute back in my time after work at home, so I'll be right there monitoring it for extra safety.
Feel free to tell me it's a bad idea and just wait 'till I can buy a house to buy an EV. I was just thinking that level 1 just isn't feasible for 65 miles 6 days with efficiency losses in winter, and it would definitely be less safe to use because I know these 120v outlets in this place are loose and have been repeatedly plugged and unplugged for years and could definitely overheat and catch fire from 10+ hours of charging from a slightly loose level 1 charger, whereas the dryer plug has been unplugged maybe 6 times total in its' lifespan, and is rated for almost double what I'll be asking from it, albeit traveling through a very very long run of extension cable. Using the switch will prevent future replugging and loosening of the 14-30 outlet, though, so the plugs should all avoid any wear and tear.
What do you think? I didn't know this subreddit was here so I cross posted this in EV specific forums, but I'm assuming I'll get better responses here. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.25 01:57 shutod [S] [USA-MD] Zeiss C Biogon 35MM 2.8 Leica M Mount Lens Silver with Lots of Extras (Lens hoods, UV filter, ND filter)

Timestamps and photos
Selling my like-new silver Biogon 35mm 2.8 lens, with original box, original UV filter, 2 third party lens hoods, K&F concepts ND filter, and front and back lens caps.
Aperture ring clicks and focus is very smooth, I also added the 7Artisan Focus Tab which makes the focusing much quicker. The lens has no optical defects, no haze or fungus, and hardly any dust inside.
Looking for $600 net to me, I can do either Paypal F&F or G&S, has many confirmed sales here so buy with confidence.
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2023.03.25 01:57 SassyxGinger24 Taco Tuesday & MIL are ruining my relationship

For quite some time, my significant other and I would go out to dinner after work on Taco Tuesday. Most of the time we would go to a little restaurant down the hill from our work, then later we started going to the Casino near our home. Well, one night during our dinner date his mother called and asked if she could come by the house for a drink, he explained we were not home and out to dinner at the casino. A little while later, she showed up! We finished our meal and drinks and went home. He knew I wasn't very happy about his mother crashing our date night, and to be honest, she does these kinds of things ALOT. A few weeks later she showed up again (knowing that we go out to this spot on Tuesdays) Next thing I know, my significant other decides to start inviting work colleagues to join us for Taco Tuesday, since his mother was a regular guest at this point. Fast forward a couple of weeks later, I told him why and how hurt I was by this and there really wasn't a response that made any sense. And I stopped going. For quite a while it was just him and his mom. The couple of times I did go, they just talked to each other about work and other things that I really can't contribute to the conversation. Making me the 3rd wheel. So, I decided to no longer go. This continued for a couple of months and eventually a few other work friends started to show up pretty regularly. Sometimes he would invite me to go, but I would say no. I have explained to him how upset it makes me that his mom hijacked our date night, and how upset I was that he started inviting coworkers to it as well. I have also explained to his mom how hurtful it was that she did that, and how I don't get much one on one time with him because of our kids busy schedules and our work life. She pretty much told me to get over it, they have been doing this for a while now and my pouting about it that isn't going to change anything. Fast forward to a couple of years later and this is still going on. It still hurts, but I just accept it now. Our anniversary was last Tuesday, he went to Taco Tuesday instead of coming home and celebrating our 14th Anniversary. I am absolutely crushed and haven't talked to him since Tuesday. I sent him a text saying how hurtful that was. He didn't respond and hasn't attempted to really talk to me about it either. What do I do? I am so heartbroken right now. I need advice.
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2023.03.25 01:57 crazygrumpy Forex Today: Mixed week for the USD; is it time for some consolidation?

Here is what you need to know for next week:
After a week with the focus on central banks, economic data will be back at the center, surrounded by the ongoing banking crisis. The DXY finished the week lower, but looking stronger, resurfacing even as US yields tumbled, helped by a deterioration in market sentiment.
A new market season started on March 8 with the Silicon Valley Bank collapse. In the most recent episode, more central banks decided to raise rates showing determination to bring inflation down despite banking jitters. Developments in the banking sector will continue to be critical for sentiment and monetary policy expectations. It has tightened bank credit standards, doing part of the central bank's job. Next week, central bankers will probably stay close to the recent guidance next week.
On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve (Fed) raised rates by 25 bps as expected, signaling a dovish pace of future hikes. Initially, markets reacted by selling the US Dollar, and Wall Street cheered timidly. That day, markets heard from Fed officials for the first time since the banking system crisis.
Wall Street finished the week with modest gains, and the VIX dropped sharply. Still, regional bank stocks remain under pressure and with the potential to damage confidence significantly. During the weekend, market participants will stay alert on potential banking news. Also, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen could be preparing some surprises.
Potential movers for next week:

The DXY settled above 103.00 after testing levels under 102.00. The Greenback rebounded despite lower yields, helped by the renewed concerns. Economic data showed activity, at least before the SVC collapse, was not near a recession. US employment data still presents a tight market. Next week's data includes the Core PCE on Friday, a closely watched inflation indicator.
EUUSD finished the week higher, pointing lower, and momentum fading quickly. The pair dropped 200 pips from the 1.0930 area to close around 1.0750, still above the 20-week Simple Moving Average. The preliminary PMIs on Friday showed overall positive figures. The preliminary March inflation numbers next week will be critical. European Central Bank officials continued to speak about the need to do more. Expectations about more rate hikes supported the Euro, which was among the top performers.
GBP/USD ended the week virtually flat around 1.2220, after being unable to hold above 1.2300. The Bank of England (BoE) raised the key rate as expected to 4.25% (7-2 vote). The bank could rise further if inflation does not surprise to the downside in March. Next Friday, Q4 GDP data is due.
The Japanese Yen benefited from the decline in US yields, outperforming most of its G10 rivals. USD/JPY dropped for the fourth consecutive week, ending above 130.00, an area that seems poised to be tested again over the following sessions.
USD/CAD reached monthly highs above 1.3800 and pulled back. Next Tuesday, the Canadian government will present the budget. January GDP will be out on Friday.
AUD/USD's run from monthly lows ended at the daily 200-SMA near 0.6760, and now it is up to the Dollar to decide how low it goes. Australia will report Retail Sales on Tuesday and critical inflation numbers on Wednesday. Those figures could cement the decision of the Reserve Bank of Australia that will have its meeting on April 4.
The Mexican peso was the biggest gainer among the most traded currencies, making a solid comeback after plunging during the previous two weeks. USD/MXN lost more than 2%, falling below 18.50. The Bank of Mexico will announce its decision next week. It is seen raising rates further but at a smaller pace than in February, when it hiked by 50 bps. Core inflation is finally coming down in Mexico, with the half-month print at 8.15%, down from 8.21%.
Note to traders: Daylight saving time in Europe. On the morning of Sunday, Europe will turn the clock forward by one hour.
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2023.03.25 01:57 Runner_kid11 Do I Have Grounds to Sue?

Wondering if I’m able to sue my former employer for not doing anything when I told them a vehicle I was assigned to drive was faulty and unsafe? The side mirror on the driver’s side did not adjust from the car controls and I tried to manually adjust it and it completely fell out. When I notified management of the situation they instructed me on how to replace the mirror and then said “don’t touch it.” However, I still was not able to check my blind spot or anything on that side with out damn near sticking my head out the freakin window.
Also, that same day I supposedly incurred many driving violations (mainly rolling stops, if that!), and my manager accused me of gross negligence. Gross Negligence is defined as consciously breaking the law so egregiously that you put other people’s safety and lives at risk. I KNOW for a fact that I acknowledged every intersection I came up to and was aware of all the traffic around me. I did not deliberately blow through stop signs or anything. I’m looking to sue the manager who accused me of this for libel (written defamation).
I should also mention that I was fired a few days later for addressing my manager’s false accusations. He was deliberately talking over me as I was trying to speak to him and plead my case, so I asked him to “shut the fuck up when I’m speaking.” He fired me for that.
So…do any of you think I have a case, or no?
Thanks for any and ALL answers.
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2023.03.25 01:57 HorseSpecialist8816 Coins for sale if you see anything you might want let me know

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2023.03.25 01:57 ListOk7862 Lf: Legal Advice

I was terminated in January because of my attendance issues. Last week of the same month I sent my previous Tl a chat requesting to schedule an admin pick up of my work pc at home. I asked twice. I got no response, so I sent a direct email to HR for me to get a schedule as well for clearance processing. To my surprise, I also did not get any response. After a month they sent me a text message notifying me that the equipment will be picked up the same day. I tried to call them to reschedule it cuz I was away but their line was busy/out of reach. In their text message they stated that if I failed to return the equipment it will be deducted to my final pay. Since I did not get any other follow up from them after that first and only text message, I assumed that they already processed and deducted it from my final pay. Clearance was never processed though as I was not given a schedule to come on site nor an aknowledgement of my requests. Now after a month again, they sent me an email stating that they will be charging me of criminal/theft case. I still have the pc but it was already reformat. What should I do?
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2023.03.25 01:57 Silvergames2029 Name of the game

Does anyone remember the name of the game where you play as the daughter of a mad scientist, and you’re trying to escape your house while avoiding the ghost of the victims that your father killed? I want to rewatch the series but for the life of me I can’t remember what the name is called.
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2023.03.25 01:57 Affectionate-Salt-89 Artisan Craft?

Hi everyone!! I'm staying in the Hotel Adeba on tour in the near future, and I'm looking to buy a (preferably handcrafted) spice pot - I have a lovely little pair of handmade ceramic salt/pepper shaker cows from Mexico, and I'm looking to get a spice pot from every place I go. Does anyone know of a shop I can go to for a non-massproduced little item? I will be walking and with a female group so please let me know of shops/stalls rather than people's homes!!
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2023.03.25 01:57 Yaegerbombb How can I tell my family to leave me alone? Or do I just go no contact?

I, (f27) was raised by my grandparents full time. My grandfather passed in 2014 and my father passed in 2020. My grandparents got full custody of me when I was an infant. My father was always in the picture, but was extremely sick for years. From 2012 to late 2017, I was my grandmother’s sole caretaker, however growing up, I was religiously, financially, mentally & emotionally abused/bullied. Bullied because I grew up in a religious household by other family members, bullied for my weight for 10+ years by other family members, and ostracized for years overall. Cousins admitted they didn’t like me for years when I was 10-17 because of the way I spoke to my grandmother. (I was a brat, but I was always grateful, but they were ONLY around maybe 3x a year and would only hear parts of any story tbh).
Moving on, me + my grandparents + dad were the only ones living in a northeast state, everyone else lived in a southern state. When my grandfather passed, I became her sole caretaker. During the short period, my grandmother would accuse me of abusing her, trying to manipulate her, and it got to a point where she would call people and say I’m trying to k*ll her. It was never true. She is elderly (f78 now). With the help of my family (everyone in agreement), we helped her move to the state where 90% of our entire family lived because I was by myself (working and in school) taking care of a disabled older woman & she would get upset that I couldn’t handle it. They thought they could be the better choice for her and I agreed. They thought it would be lightwork. They thought I complained too much, was ungrateful, etc. They continuously inferred that I also should be grateful she took me in vs being adopted out as a toddler, as my bio mom was not in the pic and my dad had other issues at the time.
Side note: From 2017 to 2020, my dad was extremely sick/in and out the hospital/bedridden and I became HIS sole caretaker. After he passed, my family tried to pull the “all woes is forgiven” card on me.
Moving on to 2023, my “estranged family” is tired of my grandmother. She doesn’t thank them for anything, she can’t move as much and she consistently complains about them. She apparently orders them around too. I finally started living alone in 2020 & my bf moved in with me in 2022. My family wants to send her back to me. My grandmother wants to come back “home”.
I don’t want that. She cries and cries to me, but when I’m around, all she does is berate me. She has helped me financially (2x) since my father passed, and everyone thinks that’s a reason I should be lenient. She gets mad I don’t visit often (her high pitched crying and whining for years gave me a form of ptsd and it’s a trigger). They’ve all seen it and didn’t believe anything I’ve warned them about for years until they experienced it for themselves. Now they think they have it worse than me, but I basically spent 23 years by myself with no real help with 3 sick people and being singled out by people 10+ years older than me. They would also get mad at me bc my grandmother would speak nicely about me to their faces???? And they thought I should’ve apologized because of her actions.
she wants to come and stay with me for a week w/ another family member. I have no extra furniture or anything. She actually wants to live with me again in the upcoming weeks as well. I’ve tried to help put her in a home but my family does not include me in any conversations unless I start it or force it. They also didn’t put me as a beneficiary or power attorney on any paperwork and refuse to try and communicate with me when it comes to her finances/medical care/insurance. I’m not on anything of hers, even though she raised me.
I personally think they made their bed and they should lie in it but my family thinks Im a huge asshole. What should I do/what can I do to basically get them off my back/tell them to fuck off?
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