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2023.03.30 06:20 Historical-Look-84 A cat at my back door

So tonight I was in my kitchen and had a cigarette at the back door around 5AM it’s 15 mins from them as I’m writing this I heard talking so I grabbed a kitchen knife things just didn’t feel right and I smoke at that door every night, but I thought it might just be a junkie as I’m from Scotland but I let it be for a bit and then seen a cat walking at the end of my garden it stared at me then disappeared just then I joked about skinwalkers but less than a minute it later I seen it’s eyes and it sprinting towards me I crapped myself and swung the door shut and locked it and stood there it made about half way towards me. I just want answers on what this might be!
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2023.03.30 06:20 sneakysammy89 How come there are suspicious cars that keep parking on my street?

For about 2 weeks, I’ve been seeing about 3 different cars parked on my street. The cars are usually running and have their lights on, but then when I walk in front of the window or sit down in a room long enough they drive off after a minute or two. Are they stalking out a house to rob it or waiting on drug deals or something? I don’t know of any reason they would have to keep parking on the street, but they’re not really fully trying to hide either, I suppose, so I’m not sure?
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2023.03.30 06:19 Hour-Loquat3236 Fortnite's New "Creator Economy 2.0" System: Impact, Details, and Potential Consequences for the Game's Ecosystem

Fortnite has introduced its new “Creator Economy 2.0” system, which pays out 40% of Fortnite’s net revenues each month to creators based on how much players engage with their islands. However, the system is not straightforward as Epic’s own in-game islands, including its flagship Battle Royale mode, are also eligible for payouts from the revenue pool. This article will explore the impact of the new system, the details behind it, and the potential consequences for the game's ecosystem.
First, the article discusses the amount of money that creators will actually receive from the new system. The amount will be based on engagement metrics, including whether an island brings in new players and if players come back on a regular basis. Creators might receive less than 40% of the 40% pool, and payouts could still favor Epic’s own islands since the vast majority of quests can only be completed on Epic's islands.
The article then highlights that payouts will be the “primary way” Epic funds Fortnite’s game development in the future. Epic also reserves the right to ban islands it deems inappropriate, including Mario Kart clones and recreations of some older Fortnite islands. The company will be open to criticism about how it makes payouts, but it’s intentionally not disclosing exactly how it measures the metrics because it doesn’t want to introduce the wrong types of incentives.
The article also explores how Epic might expand the battle passes to incorporate non-Epic experiences and promote creators other than itself. Creators believe the new system will be much better than the previous “Support-A-Creator” system, where creators never received a dime when players used their islands or purchased their products from Fortnite’s store. The article argues that the new system could have a transformative effect on the ecosystem of the game, but the company that makes the game is competing for those dollars too.
In conclusion, the new “Creator Economy 2.0” system has the potential to revolutionize the game’s ecosystem, but it is not without its flaws. The amount of money that creators receive could be much less than the 40% pool, and payouts could still favor Epic's own islands. Epic's decision-making process for measuring the metrics is also unclear, and the company reserves the right to ban inappropriate islands. The company is expected to expand battle passes to incorporate work from outside creators, but it remains to be seen when this will happen. The new system is a step in the right direction for compensating creators, but Epic is still competing for those dollars.
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2023.03.30 06:18 CursusHonorum Recommendations: Hoping to get a color recreation of the 45th U.S. Colored Troops Flag

Recommendations: Hoping to get a color recreation of the 45th U.S. Colored Troops Flag
Hello, I'm looking to get a color recreation of the flag of the 45th U.S. Colored Troops flag. A print would be ideal, as I'm planning on framing it in my office.
I've only found a black and white version of it in the National Archive but I'm attaching another flag with a similar color scheme for reference.
I'm the great great grandson of an infantryman in the unit, a fact that fills me with a ton of pride.
I've gone in a few directions with it but don't know the best way to go.
I'm hoping the group here could help me out with a website, a shop or just a recommendation.
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2023.03.30 06:17 OkRespect6231 AITJ For snapping at my Vice Principal?

It was a lovely, but cloudy day in the small city I lived in. Me and my ex friend waited all day for school to end, and when the bell rang, we raced each other to our bus.
"Now that seems innocent." you might say, but it was quite the opposite. I won the race and stood in front of the door to catch my breath because my ex friend, I'll call him T, was no where near me. T then rushed straight into me, jabbing his elbow into my side to push me out of the way.
Having enough energy, and assuming it was an accident, I walk up to the door and up the steps. Then I get spun around and T proceeds to choke me. Like anyone else in that situation, I started to punch him to break free, but I had lost most of my energy to keep me conscious.
Just as the world faded to black, a teacher pulled T away from me, then I was able to breath again. We were then brought to the office and had to tell our Vice Principal what happened. I will call him Mr. VP. Mr. VP then turned to T and asked him if he wanted ISS or OSS, and T replied ISS for his own reasons.
Then Mr. VP told him he would have to serve ISS for three days, and then T left. Mr. VP then called my mom, and she arrived shortly after. Now me and Mr. VP weren't on the best terms, he always saw me as a trouble maker for some reason, I still don't know why till this day.
But anyways, he turns to my mom and says, "Your son got into a fight with another student as they were boarding the bus, I gave the other student 3 days of ISS, and your son will spend one week in OSS." I then snapped at him saying, "WHY THE H.E.Double hockey sticks(I did say the H word) ARE YOU GIVING ME MORE TIME THAN T?!" My mom got mad at me for yelling at Mr. VP.
He then manipulated my mom into thinking that I was the cause of assault, even though I did nothing but defend myself from death. The next day my mom realized I was defending myself and called him, demanding he let me into school again. He refused.
So, Am I the Jerk? Let me know in the comments below.
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2023.03.30 06:17 BluejaySunflower 24 [M4F] Canada west coast - Outdoorsy Canadian (gardening, bee keeping, psychology, true crime)

Hey! I’m Cam from Canada. I’m 24, 5’11 with strawberry blonde hair. I recently went through a break up (if you can relate) and I finally feel ready to put myself back out there. I’m looking for someone that isn’t dry with conversations and is an interesting person overall.
My passions include mental health (1 credit away from finishing my bachelor of science in psychology), gardening, hiking, paddle boarding, bee keeping and movies. Staying active is important to me. I love being in the outdoors and exploring nature. I’m a weird mix of outdoorsy and homely. Oh I almost forgot to mention I’m huuuge into true crime, but mostly just gardening in the summer. I love growing veggies and herbs (smokable ones too if you're into that) for my friends. I’m non-judgmental and I really enjoy listening to people vent about their problems. Message me with a little introduction and tell me about yourself.
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2023.03.30 06:17 Replacemeniu Elevator Fear

People are afraid of the unknown, born with a fear of the unknown, so midnight, under a darkness, the human fear, is the peak.
Du Jun walked into the neighborhood where his home is located, the security guard at the entrance of the neighborhood is sitting in the security room dozing, look at that look even into the thieves he does not know.
After walking into the neighborhood, through the garden, and then walk through the old man's fitness place, is to his home is located in the building downstairs.
Du Jun took out the door card and swiped it and walked in, the lights of the corridor on this floor belonged to the kind of incandescent light, which was quite bright, but in the case of few people, it looked a bit like the lights of the morgue.
Du Jun walked to the elevator, pressed the door button, the late-night elevator are stopped on the first floor, there is nothing to wait for.
No, Du Jun looked up, the elevator did not stop on the first floor, on the fourth floor.
The fourth floor is generally no one take the elevator, Du Jun thought about it, this midnight, there are strange things or avoid it.
So he turned into another elevator, the moment before entering the elevator, the fourth floor down the elevator opened, Du Jun seemed to hear a faint moaning sound, the sound is not what heavenly music, and this is the middle of the night.
Du Jun hurriedly closed the elevator door and pressed the eighteenth floor.
The elevator moved up quickly, but when it reached the fourth floor, the elevator suddenly stopped, and the door did not open.
Du Jun heart a tight, this will not, think of this Du Jun retreated to the corner, back against the elevator.
A few moments later, the elevator began to run normally again.
To the eighteenth floor, Du Jun out of the elevator, quickly rushed to the door of their own home to open the door and walked in, and then the door locked.
The nerves of living alone are a little nervous, and often work late at night home, did not expect to encounter this kind of thing tonight, Du Jun took a deep breath, changed his shoes, walked to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of wine, sat on the sofa watching TV and drank.
The next morning, Du Jun woke up from the haze, last night he did not close the window, this early in the morning heard the noise below, the sound is a little loud, because it is living on the eighteenth floor, he did not know what is said below.
But he has to go to work at noon, Du Jun got up from the sofa, dressed and washed up, is ready to go out to eat breakfast.
However, as soon as he walked out the door he saw a woman from the next door neighbor was squatting on the ground crying, and there were several people holding her by her side.
What is this situation? Did someone die.
Du Jun thought about it, anyway, and this person is not familiar with, one more thing is better than one less thing, is into the elevator, pressed the first floor button.
In the elevator, Du Jun felt something wrong, some hair on the back, feeling as if there was a cold wind blowing on them.
But this is daytime, Du Jun did not behave like last night.
However, the elevator did not go directly to the first floor, but stopped after reaching the fourth floor.
Du Jun is also considered a bit curious, after all, what happened last night also scared him, so he stepped out of the elevator to look, the fourth floor was empty, and the eighteenth floor of the elevator corridor is not much different, there is nothing.
Du Jun sighed, it seems that he was overthinking.
So he went back to the elevator.
The elevator door just closed mountain, suddenly, a violent shaking came then Du Jun felt a sense of impact, pain, and vertigo.
He fainted, and when he woke up again, he found himself in a hospital bed, his feet, it seems, were tightly wrapped in something, he wanted to move, but came a sharp pain.
There was no doubt that it appeared that the leg was broken.
There was a man sitting by his bed, looking at the dress, should be a police officer, see Du Jun woke up, he handed over a glass of water, and then said "elevator cable broke, you fell from the fourth floor and the elevator together with the second floor of the basement, so high, you just broke two legs, good luck ah.
Although this is a bit hard to hear, but it is the truth, so high did not fall to death, is indeed good luck.
Du Jun nodded and turned his face to look at the police and said, "What do you want me to do? Hearing this the police nodded, and then took out the phone in front of Qiyuan.
"This is last night's surveillance video, you take a look.
Du Jun looked at the phone's screen inside the video screen, which was edited, from the time he entered the cell, then walked into the unit, pressed the elevator button, at this point, Qiyuan's eyes instantly widened, like seeing something horrible, pointing to the phone and said "there is a person!
The police nodded, Du Jun said there is a person, that is, last night that stopped at the fourth floor of the elevator.
The screen just now shows that in the moment Du Jun turned around, has been a bloody hand from the elevator out.
Du Jun remembered, last night did hear some sound, is that person issued? Du Jun looked at the police and asked, "Where is that person now? The police officer shook his head and said, "That person is dead, is your neighbor.
"Then find the killer? Du Jun subconsciously asked the words, after all, he was there last night, if there really is a murderer, will think he heard something, or see something, which will certainly kill him to silence.
The police officer shook his head and said "If I find the killer I will not be here, last night the elevator in the surveillance video is broken, can only see the deceased from the eighteenth floor into the elevator, and then stopped on the fourth floor, half an hour later you appear, is the next scene, and then this morning found his body.
After saying that the police is to leave, Du Jun sat on the bed as if thinking, the monitor happened to be broken, and then the man went in and then not dead, half an hour later came out with blood, since the elevator can open, why he did not open, and did not call for help?
The more you think about it, the more wrong, Du Jun wanted to stand up and go home, but his foot was broken, he simply could not stand up, and it was dark outside, so Du Jun gave up that idea.
After a while the nurse came to finish the medicine, fed Du Jun to eat the medicine and left, the ward is a double ward, but there is no patient next door, so look at the ward is a little empty.
Du Jun took the remote control to turn on the TV, time slowly passed, the sky is getting darker and darker.
Unknowingly, it was late at night, the surrounding area was very quiet, you can only hear the sound of the TV, Du Jun felt sleepy, ready to turn off the TV to sleep.
However, at this time, there were suddenly some sounds from outside that caught Du Jun's attention, like someone walking in the corridor outside.
Du Jun listened carefully, as if he was dragging something else.
Closer and closer, closer and closer.
The door of Du Jun's ward was kicked open, the ward had lights, and the corridor outside also had lights, but Du Jun looked out the door but there was nothing.
"Are you looking for me? A drop of some fishy liquid dripped onto Du Jun's face, and he slowly lifted his head.
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2023.03.30 06:16 _Shadow_Government_ Lunatic does all he can to get out of a parking lot damaging several cars and almost killing someone. I don't know the full context of the video. It took place in Mexico. No one got hurt.

Lunatic does all he can to get out of a parking lot damaging several cars and almost killing someone. I don't know the full context of the video. It took place in Mexico. No one got hurt. submitted by _Shadow_Government_ to WTF [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 06:16 the_maddest_kiwi Today FM will still broadcast the remaining summer fixtures

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2023.03.30 06:16 BluejaySunflower 24 [M4F] Canada - Outdoorsy Canadian (gardening, bee keeping, psychology, true crime)

Hey! I’m Cam from Canada. I’m 24, 5’11 with strawberry blonde hair. I recently went through a break up (if you can relate) and I finally feel ready to put myself back out there. I’m looking for someone that isn’t dry with conversations and is an interesting person overall.
My passions include mental health (1 credit away from finishing my bachelor of science in psychology), gardening, hiking, paddle boarding, bee keeping and movies. Staying active is important to me. I love being in the outdoors and exploring nature. I’m a weird mix of outdoorsy and homely. Oh I almost forgot to mention I’m huuuge into true crime, but mostly just gardening in the summer. I love growing veggies and herbs (smokable ones too if you're into that) for my friends. I’m non-judgmental and I really enjoy listening to people vent about their problems. Message me with a little introduction and tell me about yourself. If you've travelled tell me about your favorite place that you've explored!
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2023.03.30 06:16 adarshparkHeights22 Adarsh Park Heights – Premium Flats in Bangalore

Located in Gunjur, the premium township of Adarsh Park Heights Flats is surrounded by lush greenery and offers world-class facilities. The 2 & 3 BHK apartments here are designed by the best architects and feature classical interiors. It is a great investment for those looking to live in the city without its tumultuous commotion.
The premium 2 & 3 BHK apartments at Adarsh Park Heights Flats are well-designed to offer you a comfortable and relaxing lifestyle. The aesthetically designed homes provide plenty of space for your family to enjoy, and they also come with all the essential amenities that you need.
These abodes are designed by world-renowned architects and feature classical interiors that create an elegant ambiance in every home. Moreover, the apartments at Adarsh Park Heights have been designed with modern technology in mind to provide you with a better living experience.
It is a project by Adarsh Developers, a reputed builder group that has a strong track record of delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget. Adarsh Park Heights is a perfect choice for those looking to buy a new home in this city.
Adarsh Park Heights Flats offers world-class facilities to its residents. These include gyms, swimming pools, sports courts, cafes, and party halls. Moreover, these apartments come equipped with indoor plumbing and 24/7 high-end security systems.
Aside from these, the project also features a playground for children. Its green zones provide a serene atmosphere and allow families to spend quality time together. The residential hub is located close to many schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. The property is also well-connected to major IT hubs in the city.
The company combines the finest architecture and luxury amenities with natural settings that create homes that are a true exhibition of the best of Indian craftsmanship. The Group has an in-house team of 1500 specialists working in design, procurement, project management, and quality execution. This dedicated and experienced staff makes every Adarsh Group property a testament to the group’s devotion to world-class quality and excellent living.
Adarsh Park Heights Flats is a new residential project by reputed builder Adarsh Developers. It offers aesthetically designed 2 and 3-BHK apartments that are situated in Gunjur, a rapidly expanding neighborhood near Bengaluru’s Silicon Triangle.
The apartments are crafted to maximize natural light, provide a relaxed social environment, and encourage a sense of community. They are also equipped with world-class facilities such as a rainwater collection system, fire safety measures, and round-the-clock security.
Adarsh Park Heights is one of the most sought-after housing societies in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. It offers high-quality homes at an affordable prices. Its location allows residents to enjoy a stress-free lifestyle, which is why it’s a popular choice amongst home buyers. Its residents also enjoy excellent connectivity to various business centers on Sarjapur Road.
The apartments at Adarsh Park Heights Flats offer a premium living experience. These residences are crafted to maximize natural light, relaxed socializing areas, and a sense of community. They are also designed to meet industry-standard fire safety standards and come with round-the-clock security.
The prestigious project is surrounded by greenery on all sides and is located near the Gunjur residential hub, which is near Bengaluru’s Silicon Triangle. These Flats are a perfect choice for families looking for a secure and comfortable place to live in. They include amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, and play areas for children.
Moreover, these apartments are located within an exclusive gated community. They are also close to a range of amenities such as shopping malls, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. They are also surrounded by green zones, which makes them a perfect choice for anyone seeking an affordable apartment in Bangalore.
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2023.03.30 06:14 Hourlywine Some of the most British placards from the Trump protests.

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2023.03.30 06:13 13Temujin What's the rush?

Every day I see people hurrying here, hurrying there. Motorists driving like they're trying to qualify for Daytona. Fellow employees rushing for the timeclock at 5 before the buzzer has even sounded. Then they speed away from the parking lot like the building was going to explode. Now I like to be relaxing at home as much as the next person but let's do the math. 10 miles at 60 mph is 10 minutes for the journey. At 70 mph, 8 1/2 minutes. so to gain 1 1/2 minutes you reduce your reaction time in rush hour traffic increasing your stress, risking accident, speeding tickets and incurring the wrath of other motorists. I have a suggestion, an experiment if you will. For 1 week, don't rush, take your time, stick to the speed limit. When you in line at the grocery store or convenience store, let the person behind you go first(their reaction will surprise you). There is no where that you are going that won't be there 30 minutes from now, and if it won't be, do you really want to be there when it disappears?
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2023.03.30 06:13 IntelligentDuty5361 bulk purchase of used cellphones

I have an overseas buyer looking to purchase used cellphones in bulk (500-1000 units) every 3-4 months.
Can someone here direct me on how to go about sourcing these devices.
Any help, guidance, or direction would be great
I know Bell has a trade-in program, but I have no idea what bell does with the devices that are traded in and how I would go about purchasing them in bulk?
If there is another subreddit more appropriate for such inquiry, please let me know.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.30 06:12 okcdnb Thought this little baby was a rat.

Thought this little baby was a rat.
Saw this baby up in the third floor of my apartment. Poor baby was surrounded by my apartment colony cats. They were just really curious and not being aggressive. They are very sweet. Anyway, grabbed a cat carrier and a towel and relocated out towards the fence where I sometimes see other possums. There is also vegetation and more protection than my balcony or the parking lot.
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2023.03.30 06:12 fireworkslass What’s something other people think of, or you used to think of, as lifestyle creep that has actually had a significant positive impact on your quality of life?

Just curious. For me it’s driving to work - I used to be one of those people who couldn’t understand why anyone would pay $22 to park at work when public transport is $3 and walking is free. It turns out if I’m going somewhere after work that I need to drive to, I can save 30-60 minutes of my day by driving to work. This extra time means more time spent at the event I’m going to and sometimes does actually lead to a cost saving because it allows me to go straight to sport after work, get home by 7:30 and eat at home, whereas before I was getting home at at 8:30 and grabbing takeout because I was too hungry.
Curious if anyone else has similar examples of a “lifestyle creep” item that’s actually become a necessity.
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2023.03.30 06:12 timmymom “Fender bender” no damage.

Today at lunch time I rear ended a lady. No damage at all to either car. We pulled into a parking lot and she took forever to get out of her car. When she got out she was holding her head and talking very low. I checked her bumper and my front bumper and there was no damage. She didn’t even look to see if there was any. I said “well it doesn’t look like anything was damaged. We need to exchange info to be on the safe side?” She just stood there. I walked to the front of my car and snapped a pick of no damage. Took a pic of her license plate thinking we would be exchanging info. She just stood there. I again said “we should exchange info….” And she said “an apology would be fine…” I said “sorry???” She got in her car and drove away. I just sat there in the parking lot like WTF was that all about. She had her phone up to her ear with the camera pointing forward. What the heck happed? Just an odd egg or am I about to be scammed? She wouldn’t exchange info so what could she do, she left the scene.
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2023.03.30 06:11 zoffax Problems starting

Hi! So I have a 59 Ranger with the 2 speed auto transmission that I recently purchased. The problem I'm having is that i need to hold the gear selector perfectly over park in order for it to crank and start. If it's not held just right, turning the key does nothing. I'm not sure what all could be causing it. Maybe it's the ignition switch? Or maybe the connection from the gear selector and the ignition relay is giving out? I really hope it isn't the latter as I have no idea how to begin fixing that. I was hoping maybe I could get some insight from other people who may have dealt with similar issues. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.30 06:11 ___buttrdish Safe road bike routes?

Hey all! Can anyone recommend any safe road bike routes? I’ve ridden from Papago park out past the airport (safe, paved, great), and the new river trail. Has anyone done any rides around town.. maybe with some elevation? I’ve looked on alltrails and komoot. I also heard meetup has some group rides? Hoping someone with experience can recommend something as I’m not familiar with the roadways, just the drivers. Skill level: back to intermediate Have a good night☺️
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2023.03.30 06:10 thegrayman9 Daily Song Discussion #35: Easier to Run

This is the sixth track from the band's second studio album Meteora (2003).
Studio Version
From the Meteora album liner notes:
Rob’s playing on this song is extraordinary. He found a way to make this complex drum pattern sound easy and tasteful. Plus, he recorded it in only a few takes. On another note, the verse lyrics emerged from a free-writing exercise performed by Chester: he wrote them to no music, no beat. Mike and Don liked them a lot, and the three guys decided that this was the song to work them into.
Rate this song out of 10! Feel free to discuss what you like (or don't like) about the song, as well as any favorite lyrics, studio anecdote or live performance.
Rating Results:
Meteora (2003)
  1. Foreword - 7/10
  2. Don't Stay - 8.66/10
  3. Somewhere I Belong - 9.54/10
  4. Lying From You - 9.41/10
  5. Hit the Floor - 8.5/10
  6. Easier to Run - ?
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2023.03.30 06:10 Dre4mGl1tch The fate of Cartman’s future according to the post covid special episode….

I just got done watching the post covid special and was taken back by Eric Cartman’s ending. He was on the side of the road as a regrettable, homeless alcoholic. I kind of don’t believe that would ever happen to him. I have been watching South Park my whole life and it was very unbelievable. Cartman always has been an intelligent con artist. Even though he has been a terrible person in every episode, he almost seems too diabolical/manipulative to end up a homeless alcoholic. I don’t believe they did him justice, and he didn’t deserve that ending in the good time line. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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2023.03.30 06:10 Historical_Stuff7086 Red bell pepper spaghetti and spaghetti sandwich

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