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Student Teaching

2014.01.15 10:04 fluffyducks92 Student Teaching

This subreddit is for those who are prospectively or currently in the midst of becoming a educator to join in teaching and building our world starting with our young people. Current teachers, student teachers, and those interested in the educational teaching professor are welcome! Please share knowledge with others.

2012.09.10 08:48 nikizor Dead Matter

Dead Matter is a true sandbox survival horror. Players will fight to survive in a zombie-packed, post-apocalyptic world that fosters whichever play-style fits you best. Settle down and defend your home from outside threats with an expansive crafting and barricading system, cultivate and live off the land, or branch out, explore, and scavenge whatever vehicles, weapons, and food you may find in a zombie-plagued Alberta - alone, or with your friends.

2012.01.04 23:26 Fuegopants Castle Story - Suggestions, Ideas, and Updates!

Castle Story is a mix between a real time strategy game and a voxel based sandbox building game. Created by a small company, Sauropod Studio. These developers have what has the potential to be a great new RTS style game. Let's give them a community to follow and bounce ideas off of.

2023.03.25 02:35 ExistenceRPDayZ FRESH WIPE ExistenceRP PC US Banov Roleplay No KOS Collectables Frequent Events Custom Content

Create new beginnings in DayZ, develop your character's story, and immerse yourself in quality roleplay. ExistenceRP strikes the balance between fun and serious DayZ roleplaying, with a strong community and a range of Events, Custom Mods, and Clothing available in-game. You can connect and get involved in no-time-at-all!
We have a very active and wonderful team of admins and a Discord server for you to be a part of to ensure the highest quality of gameplay. Join ExistenceRP today!
Active Discord with over 1900 members!
Primary Mods
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2023.03.25 02:35 _CypressCreekKnives_ [WTS/WTT] Fellowship Blades Pit Viper(A/B)

Hey everyone, I'm listing my Fellowship Blades Pit Viper up for sale tonight. I picked this up new at Blade Show in 2021. I was hoping to get back into flipping, but haven't had the time. This blade is in A/B condition. No scratches on the blade or handle, but some slight glinting along the edge (can be seen in photos) I still have the box and papers, so they will be included with the knife. I'm asking $475 obo for the knife. I'm also open to trade for a Goruck GR1 or any CRK.
Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. Photos and specs below.
Pit Viper Photos
Specifications Blade Length: 4.50" Cutting Edge: 4.25" Closed Length: 5.75" Overall Length: 10.25" Blade Material: CPM-154 Stainless Steel Blade Thickness: 0.119" Blade Style: Drop Point Blade Grind: Hollow Blade Finish: Blasted Wash Handle Material: Vibrant Green Anodized Single-Piece Integral Milled Channel Design Titanium Handle Thickness: 0.475" Locking Mechanism: None Pivot Assembly: Stainless Steel Bushings + Phosphor Bronze Washers Pocket Clip: None Weight: 4.40 oz. Designer: Grant Marshall Handmade in the USA
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2023.03.25 02:34 IkeTheKrusher How to avoid getting scammed and not lose your coin

Storing cryptocurrency safely:
  1. Choose a secure wallet: A cryptocurrency wallet is a software or hardware device that stores your digital assets. Make sure you choose a wallet that has a strong reputation for security and has been audited by third-party security experts. Some popular options include hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor, or software wallets like MyEtherWallet or Exodus.
  2. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA): 2FA is an extra layer of security that requires you to provide two forms of identification before accessing your wallet. This can include a password, PIN, or biometric data like a fingerprint or facial recognition. Make sure to enable 2FA on your wallet to protect against unauthorized access.
  3. Keep your private keys secure: Private keys are the cryptographic keys that allow you to access your cryptocurrency. Make sure to store your private keys offline in a secure location, like a hardware wallet or a password-protected file. Never share your private keys with anyone else.
  4. Use strong passwords: Make sure to use a strong, unique password for your cryptocurrency wallet that is not used for any other accounts. A strong password should include a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
  5. Backup your wallet: Backing up your wallet is essential in case your device gets lost, stolen, or damaged. Make sure to backup your wallet regularly and store your backup in a secure location.
Transferring cryptocurrency safely:
  1. Verify the recipient's address: Before sending cryptocurrency, make sure to verify the recipient's address. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, so if you send funds to the wrong address, you may lose your funds permanently. Double-check the address and make sure it is correct before sending.
  2. Use a trusted exchange: If you are transferring cryptocurrency to another person, make sure to use a trusted exchange or trading platform. Be cautious of using peer-to-peer marketplaces or private transactions, as they can be risky and may lead to fraud or scams.
  3. Set the transaction fee: Cryptocurrency transactions require a fee to be processed. Make sure to set the appropriate transaction fee to ensure your transaction is processed quickly and efficiently.
  4. Double-check the transaction details: Before sending cryptocurrency, double-check the transaction details to make sure everything is correct. This includes the recipient's address, the amount being sent, and the transaction fee.
  5. Keep records of your transactions: It's important to keep records of your cryptocurrency transactions, including the transaction ID, date, and amount. This can help you keep track of your finances and may be required for tax purposes.
By following these steps, you can help ensure the safe storage and transfer of your cryptocurrency. However, please keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and pump and dumps exist, so it's important to do your own research and make informed decisions before investing.
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2023.03.25 02:34 Educational-Tea-6572 I'm glad Din... (Mandalorian s3 SPOILERS)

... rejoined the Tribe.
Of course, while I'm writing this, War's "Why Can't We Be Friends?" is stuck in my head - which should give some indication where I'm going with this.
Din has always been uniquely poised to be one of the crucial factors in convincing all Mandalorians to reunite with a common goal, and his adherence to his personal beliefs and desire to rejoin the Tribe while still being tolerant of others may be the key to bringing the (Children of) the Watch back from their generations-long exile.
From as early on as season 1, Din was established as the kind of guy who approaches everyone - including those of differing beliefs - with a "you do you" attitude. As long as you're not attacking him, you're just fine in Din's book. (Even bounties are guaranteed being taken in alive if they don't fight back - the bounty part is just business.)
Come season 2, Din encounters not only people of widely different cultures and backgrounds, but also people who claim to be Mandalorian yet have different beliefs. Not only does he eventually accept them as fellow Mandalorians (after an initial period of shock), he aids them in several missions.
His acceptance of others hasn't changed. In season 3, his goal is to reunite with his Tribe yet he still goes to Bo Katan with the initial offer of joining her in retaking Mandalore. He primarily wanted to get to the Living Waters, true, but he was still willing to fight alongside her in return.
I still hope Din eventually decides for himself that he can remove his helmet and still follow the Creed, but I also hope the show doesn't make the Children of the Watch members who still believe in the helmet rule suddenly have to conform to an expectation of removing their helmet in order to be accepted as part of Mandalorian society again. I think both those who are part of the Watch and those who are not will have to learn to work together and accept each other without slinging insults/labels of "cult" or "apostate," or either group expecting the other to conform to their way.
After decades (if not centuries) of Mandalorians fighting each other, which is what led to Mandalore being ripped apart even before the Empire took over, the people NEED someone like Din, who is part of an "other" group while still being tolerant and accepting of others, to emerge in some kind of leadership capacity - even if only to set an example for Bo Katan.
Looking forward to seeing where this storyline goes!
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2023.03.25 02:34 Gothiegts Jeff the killer realistic take

Everything is hand painted, printed, and the hair is glued by hand
The eye veins are made from Red thread
The pupils are printed irises
All the paint use is acrylic
Mod podge high gloss was used for the gloss effect for the saliva effect on the mouth e huge amount of mod pods high gloss was used
Black wig hair was used
Background is made from backdrop cardboard and tile sheets was also painted with acrylic paint
Casted from
Everything is hold together with hope and hot glue
Hope you enjoyed this piece it took a while to finish but the finishing result is definitely worth it still might make some small modifications but other than that this is the finished product.
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2023.03.25 02:34 AutoModerator [Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0

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2023.03.25 02:34 restore8 Are You Still In Need Of A Content Writer?

Are you tired of spending hours staring at a blank screen, trying to come up with the perfect words for your business? Look no further! I’m here to help.
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2023.03.25 02:33 ImmutableTrepidation Question about YouTube!!!

I've recently noticed that it impossible to sort a channel by "Date: Oldest" (as in the channel sorts videos from Oldest to Newest) based on a decision I guess the CEO or someone made.
This is really frustrating for a number of reasons, but was curious of somebody knew a way to get this back, or perhaps the next best thing? Currently right now, I zoom out as far as possible on my screen by pressing "CTRL & the "-" key" and then press Page Down until I reach the bottom of the channel.
Any browser extensions or tools to mimic this former behavior?
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2023.03.25 02:33 Tazzy117 Gaming Keyboard; keys barely working

So I've just cleaned the keys of my keyboard for the first time and I suspect that I've done something horribly wrong. It doesn't light up anymore, and it keeps pressing keys on its own without me even touching it. When I press shift, it just gives me capital X's, making it basically impossible to write a sentence. I could really use help here. The type of keyboard I use is the Razer Blackwindow if that helps.
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2023.03.25 02:33 Firm-Ice6175 How to get the selectrones?

I don’t know if I’m just stupid but I got the key to the chief of surveillance for the selectrone box, and I cannot for the life of me find the surveillance room. Please Someone help me I’ve googled a million times and can’t find anything except the crematorium location! Tia
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2023.03.25 02:33 lenaellena Allergen introduction, list of foods?

Our baby has pretty severe eczema so the pediatrician recommended we start early introduction of allergens, particularly peanuts and tree nuts, asap. He’s not totally ready for solids at this point so we’re mostly just doing tastes of nut butter on his gums, per her instructions.
I’ve heard the key with allergen introduction is early and often, so I’d love to come up with a plan to introduce and incorporate each of the main allergens into our diet. I guess I’m just wondering if there’s a good resource out there for info on introducing allergens to high risk kids, and the comprehensive list of the top allergens?
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2023.03.25 02:32 Navy_General_Board Promoted to Customer

After 5.5 years of being a paint monkey, I hung up my paint-stained shirts and left my keys in the safe. Went from management trainee to assistant manager and then finally took on two different stores as manager. Normally, one would be expected to dump on the company. However, I genuinely enjoyed my time with Big Blue. I got to learn some new skills and meet some cool people.
I know we like to complain about Sherwin here, but the job honestly isn't that bad. At the very least, it's no worse than any other career under a big corporation. The work is tedious, but we do get paid pretty well for what we do. Can things be better? Of course, but I'm sure the same could be said anywhere else.
That being said, some people (myself included) aren't cut out for retail work and want to move on. If you want to move on to new things, just be smart about it. If you are full-time or in management, don't forget to factor in benefits when weighing a new job against Sherwin. The bennies from Sherwin are an overlooked factor that many other jobs can't quite match.
I wish everyone the best! If you are staying with Big Blue, keep slinging that paint. If you are hoping to move on eventually, good luck! There are opportunities out there! Do right by you and you alone.
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2023.03.25 02:32 YukiteruAmano92 There Will Be Scritches Pt.90

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---???????’s perspective---
---2681 Terran Calenda32 years BF---
The lid closes, sealing me into the coffin sized space.
I take a few moments to run a final diagnostic on my four artificial limbs. All returned values are nominal.
The parts of myself that I have to worry about are those still made of flesh.
The only sign that I’ve been accelerated to a whole number percentage of the speed of light is the slight shudder that the infiltration pod’s internal inertial dampeners are not able to compensate for and the vacuum light turning from green to red, indicating it’s not safe to exit.
My suit is sealed and pressurized around my organic head and torso, so it’s not as if I would suffocate… No… I’d just harmlessly splatter against the side of those monsters’ ship!
Not yet… I don’t give a damn about my worthless life but I do give a damn about making those scum pay for what they’ve done… So I can’t die yet… not until old Auntie Terra has seen a return on every last credit she’s invested in me!
I know what I am… I know what the Phoenix Brigade is…
Little more than suicide the long way around(!)
A home for the hopeless… a promise of the opportunity for some satisfaction before death.
Is it ethical… hell no!
Am I going to take every advantage of it… hell yes!
The light turns green and, a twentieth of a second later, the lid is blasted from my pod and me a long with it.
I’m thrown a full 17ft in the air and, once I’ve judge that I don’t need to brace myself against impact with the ceiling, I turn my attention downward.
The idiot xenos still have their ugly faces turned to the 8ft long missile that just crashed into their gun deck and not at the 6’7’’’s worth of black, durasteel death that just burst from it.
None of them are close enough for me to hit on the way down but I’m able to calculate exactly which direction I need to dash when I hit the ground.
I touch down and the ten retractable claws on my synthetic legs rip through the flimsy metal of the floor as I bound toward the largest and closest xeno here.
Its chest has the consistency of butter as I plunge the durasteel claws of my flattened right hand through it, point first.
The xeno sack of shit (I’d guess to be no more than 300lb, despite looking like it should weigh more than a ton) hits the deck and I’m already decapitating the one next to him with the edge of my palm.
The next one at least has time to draw its kinetic pistol before my fist punches a six inch hole in its weak plastic chest plate.
The final two scream, uselessly, as I surge towards them on all fours then smash their heads into eachother, silencing them.
I cast around, scanning for any hostiles I missed. Finding none, I shorten my legs and lengthen my arms to suit quadrupedal locomotion better before flying from the room.
My mechanical arms and legs are well within their tolerances as their claws tear into the deck for traction.
The same can’t be said for my organic hip and shoulder joints which are screaming protest at me for subjecting them to this much strain.
“Alkawa! Tarra na!” shouts a gardenworlder in a language my helmet can’t decode for me.
Its friend looks at it instead of me, an opening that I exploit to turn its head into a splatter pattern on the wall.
The one who noticed me has a quarter of a second to scream before I kick it to the ground and sever its head with a stomp to its neck.
I continue sprinting through the halls of the flagship that’s currently locked in battle with the dreadnought I was just shot from, about half a lightminute away.
My plasmadaggers stay in the compartments in my thigh cavities.
As much as they are useful tools for cutting through thick doors and the like, they have a major drawback when used against organic matter in confined spaces; the steam they generate hampers visibility.
Plus, their hardly more effective than just using my clawed hands!
Wherever I come across one of the monsters, I dispatch it with ruthless efficiency.
The sympathy that the rest of Terra squanders on these wastes of life is utterly infuriating to me!
But… they aren’t here… and I am!
These scum will see no sympathy from me!
I know that I’m approaching the Bridge from the map my helmet is feeding me when I round a corner and am confronted with a hastily erected barricade.
I dive back behind cover as a volley of kinetic and laser fire is levelled at me.
The wall panel behind where I was standing is crumpled and scorched by the barrage, though, given the overall quality of xeno construction, that doesn’t necessarily mean much!
I activate a miniaturized camera in my left index finger and slide just that finger around the corner.
The feed is displayed on the inside of my helmet and allows me to examine the fortification I’m about to assault.
It’s about 50ft away, down the hall, and made of what looks like office furniture.
The lip is around 10ft from the ground with a dozen or so xeno heads and weapons poking out over the top.
It takes me 1.4 seconds to choose a route of best approach from those my helmet suggests, deactivate my fingercam and break from cover.
I tear down the hall at a speed no one could ever match using biological limbs.
I’m obviously not fast enough to dodge lasers or kinetic pulses… but I don’t actually need to be… All I need to do is move my body out of the way faster than those moronic xenos can aim their guns!
I’m still hit a few times but it doesn’t do much more than buffet my body a little and make a few scorch marks in my armor.
When I’m practically point blank, I launch my self into the air.
Even though I have more than enough power to clear the top of the barricade in this weak gravity, I intentionally aim to clip the top of it with my body, my judgment being that flimsy xeno office furniture won’t stand up to the momentum of 500lbs of man and durasteel and that the impact will likely produce a blast of shrapnel like pieces that will eliminate some of the work of putting these fuckers down.
My gamble pays off.
The one standing nearest catches a shard in the neck and falls.
Three more are hit in less vital areas that will still be partially incapacitating.
Crossfire kills as many as I do over the next few seconds until the ones left have the sense to draw their swords.
A tall one brings a screaming edge down on me but my hand shoots up to catch its wrist, uses its blade to parry the blow following from the other side, a fifth of a second after, and kill two more who happened to be standing close enough before folding the big one’s arm back on itself, impaling it on its own weapon.
Discipline breaks and the remaining ones begin scrambling to get away… None of them do…
Dropping the head of the last of the barricade force onto the ground, I shorten my arms and extend my legs, making my way through the thick clouds of steam to the door of the Bridge.
It doesn’t open for me, obviously (even xenos aren’t that stupid) but, by the method of stabbing my claws into the seal, I’m able to gain enough purchase to leverage my enormous mechanical strength to force it open.
As I do I hear a round of pulse fire and enter the room to see the second to last of the Bridge crew slumping into its chair, its head reduced to pulp.
The only xeno left in the room, who neither died on the barricade nor spared me the effort by doing the job for me, is a 15ft tall, white furred, six legged creature that looks like a giraffe.
It’s four empty hands are raised up with the palms facing me.
“We surrender, Terran! We surrender!!!” It pleads in a language that’s been decoded enough that my helmet can translate it for me “There is no need-Aaaaagh!”
It screams as I close my fist and swing a right hook into its left clavicle.
I only hit it with enough force to crack the bone and bring out a bright goldenrod color bruise but, from the way the impact buckles its body, its spindly left foreleg very clearly breaks as well!
8ft of neck pass me by as the creature falls to the ground.
When its head is around a foot above mine, my left hand shoots up to grab one of its ossicone horns.
Suspending its head level with mine, I speak “Surrender?! You want to surrender!?!?!?… Don’t make me laugh!… Did my wife get the chance to surrender?! Did my daughter?”
I’ll give this giraffe thing credit: It’s braver than most who find themselves in its position. It hasn’t evacuated it’s bowels or bladder (or equivalents) that I can see and, while it’s clearly terrified and in agony, it’s still able to answer “I… would guess not… Though I couldn’t say for certain without knowing where they served…”
“Where they served…? Where they served?!?!?!… Oh, let me tell you where they ‘served’! My wife served as a technician at Clear Smiles Dental Office!… My daughter served as a fucking KINDERGARTNER at Blue Spruce Nursery in New Aspen! Her name was Sophie! She was six! She liked to fingerpaint!… New Colorado had barely heard the War had been declared when you showed up to rain fire down on our cities…!”
Sir… You have the wrong man… I have never been to New Colorado and did not participate in its decimation!” the giraffe thing interrupts.
And yet HERE you stood!!!” I scream “Until moments ago you stood here, commanding a fleet fighting for the proposition that Terrans have lost our existing privileges for nothing more than being frightening to you!!! You commanded forces dedicated to the genocide of MY people! You wear this uniform… and you claim innocence!?… As far as I can see, every single xeno in this fleet is just as guilty for what happened to my home as if they did the deed themselves!!!”
“I’m only doing what I’ve been told! I would have been shot for cowardice if I had refused!” bleats the creature.
“Ah… so… you were only following orders…(?)” I hiss, causing it to obviously realize that it said the wrong thing “…the last, desperate defense of every evil being ever confronted with their crimes!” my visor retracts, revealing a burned, mutilated face “Orders did this to me!… Your orders cost me my arms, my legs, my city, my friends, my family, my LIFE!… Do you have any idea what that’s like!?”
“I… dont…” admits the thing.
“Is that so…? Well then, allow me to give you a taste of it!” I say, my visor closing.
Dragging him by his ossicone, I stride to the panel in the center of the room. He whines protests and questions but I’m not listening.
I identify the port that I’m looking for and a cylindrical plug extends from the heel of my hand.
I jam it into the port and a moment later a computerized voice plays that my helmet is able to translate as saying “New Commander recognized.”
I look to the creature who’s command I just usurped for his reaction.
Confused is my guess…
I drag it to the bowward window and hold its head so it can see what’s about to happen.
“Computer; Target all Galactic Union ships in range!” I command.
Over the translated pleading and begging of the giraffe thing who seems now to realise his situation, I am able to discern the computer saying “Commander; that has been flagged as an action that bears significant tactical disadvan…”
Override! Target all GU ships!!!” I interrupt.
“All ships targeted, Commander.” announces the computer, its tone neutral, while the thing that’s horn I’m holding frantically and futilely attempts to countermand me.
FIRE!!!” I scream.
The xeno shields (the only thing that allows them to stand up to our barrages) are all concentrated forward, so their flanks are entirely exposed to their own flagship.
The thing weeps as space is illuminated with the burning ships of its comrades.
---2714 Terran Calenda1 year AF---
My durasteel claws gouge marks into the stones beneath my feet as I watch my marks walking, 100ft below me.
Though they are heavily guarded, none of their guards are armed.
Carrying weapons on the xeno capital world is strictly against their laws.
An advantage of operating outside the law is that I can carry weapons!
‘The Terran representative to the xeno parliament and the half sister of the arch traitor will be nice little feathers in my cap!’ I think to myself, as I leap from the edge.
Thank you to my brand new Patreon supporter, Thelon!
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Dramatis Personae
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2023.03.25 02:32 StepwiseUndrape574 Another exciting possibility for GTA 6 is the inclusion of more dynamic and immersive

Another exciting possibility for GTA 6 is the inclusion of more dynamic and immersive cutscenes, with interactive elements that allow players to influence the outcome of key story moments. Fans are hoping for a game that feels more like an interactive movie than ever before.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.25 02:31 Zealousideal-Bug1887 [Spoiler Discussion] I seriously can't wait for what Tappei does with Al.

The Dynamic Duo
Al is one of my favorite side characters in Re: Zero.
This is mainly due to the mystery that surrounds him. I believe I remember hearing that the full circumstances of Aldebaran's situation being revealed would be majorly related to the unraveling of the greater mysteries in the story.
The groundwork has already been laid with the great and subtle foreshadowing Tappei has done in both the main story and the side stories.
I believe the key to the mystery and his role in the story is in his name, Aldebaran.
"The Follower".
No matter what crazy plot twist or foreshadowed event comes to fruition, I believe it will all come back to how the star Aldebaran follows the Pleiades star cluster (Subaru).
All that's left is for Tappei to knock the dominoes down.
And I seriously can't wait.
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2023.03.25 02:31 StepwiseUndrape574 Is there a “move forward” command in stand menu like they did for paragon?

To elaborate it sorta no clipped your player forward 2 feet so you can get in and out of a barriedoor. it was good for the diamond casino and to get out of the ceo office to skip the loading screen
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2023.03.25 02:30 restore8 [For Hire] Still In Need Of A Content Writer?

Are you tired of spending hours staring at a blank screen, trying to come up with the perfect words for your business? Look no further! I’m here to help.
my name is Israel and I'm well-versed in creating persuasive and compelling content that will resonate with your target audience. From persuasive copy to engaging blog posts, I've got you covered.
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Here’s a link to my portfolio
I charge 5¢ per word. You can send me a DM on Reddit or reach me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.25 02:30 GamerBhoy89 Screenshots/Clips Never Upload First Time. Always Fail

Ever since I got my PS5 last year, I have always had this issue.
I'll take a screenshot or record a clip, and about a minute later, I'll get a notification saying "screenshot failed to upload" every single time. The only way it'll upload is if I manually go into my uploads, hit Try Again, and watch it upload myself.
I cannot imagine it's my own internet connection, as I was on 1Gb broadband for two years before I moved to a different location, and it's still doing it.
DNS changed, MTU adjusted, IP address change - whatever it is that's causing this, I'm done thinking it's an issue on my end because this isn't normal.
It's the biggest trivial problem I have with this system as it's so easily fixed by hitting "try again", but I really don't think I should have to do that. It should just work, right??
Error Code is: CE105799-1
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2023.03.25 02:30 Pale-Accountant3374 hellp

My keeyyybboarrdd is drunk so llletttttters are duuplicattiinnng,, bbut i haveee a questioonn.. I trry to import aann iimmaggeee aandd have tried a few imageeesss bbuut itttt woooont woorrk. It ssayss ""can not aacquuire ddataa"" (I appollogize for the ddruuuunnnnk keys)
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2023.03.25 02:30 tpaw202dm Just jotting down stuff...I did the breaking up...Feelings are hitting hard

First Break Up List
>> personal interests and hobbies mismatch, it sucks for me to still be making plans on my own, the crossover between our interests does not need to be 100% but some bleed would be great
>> apartment with pinky/pinky and the whole pinky thing needs to be discussed it’s off putting
>> remember when I mentioned routine and habits, I struggle with change, wasn’t happy about breaking routine, not your fault
Second Break Up Reasons

  1. These actually very closely align to above.
  2. Personal Interests

  1. She was very much a homebody and didn’t enjoy being social.

  1. We did align here but she lack goals
  2. She had goals which focused around school but nothing in her personal life, there were no hobbies or interests she spent time pursing.
  3. Our activities together were pretty standard in terms of relationships and thing you do around town. We did museums, shows, dancing, etc. During our days together we sometimes didn’t see eye to eye on how to spend our time together

  1. Our date nights were always great but followed the same routine. Community events and dinner at a new restaurants.
  2. Up until I had gotten her the bike I always felt like I was forcing her to join me hiking, go the trails, be outside. She always participated and had a great time.

  1. Prior to meeting I had built a routine around biking and switching to a low pace low energy lifestyle really upset me.
  2. Christmas, Love, and 1 year

  1. The pressure around Christmas play a good part into my reasoning for ending things. In retrospect, this shouldn’t have been the case. At the beginning of the Month she provided me with 25 Christmas gifts in a basket. I didn’t know how to react to this, I hadn’t had a normal Christmas in years.
  2. It dawned on me that I always wanted the two of us to go biking together, and I always felt she could really use a bike to improve her own well-being. So I got her the bike
  3. As Christmas grew closer and I was trying to find a bike and give her a great gift I began to question why I was doing this. Part of me felt like I had to because we were in a relationship and the other part was internalizing our entire relationship, was she the right one? I am putting in all this effort and is it worth it? Will she even like the bike? She’s never expressed interest in it
  4. In addition to Christmas, around that time everything about her changed, I very easily tell she was in love with me but afraid to tell me. This put even more pressure on making sure the Christmas gift. I also knew in 2 months we’d have a one year anniversary.
  5. All of December I was so focused on the pressure of the relationship, making plans to be with her for Christmas, I began to disconnect from the relationship. It felt like things were moving really fast or were about to move very fast.
  6. I ended up convincing myself I wasn’t happy. I had put on weight, I was becoming slightly aggravated with work…but because she always talked about the negative parts of her job. I felt like I was constantly splitting my weekends between what I wanted to do and what we wanted to do. I had worked so hard to be the person I was when we met and during our time together I lost that person. I knew that person had to change to accommodate her but I didn’t like the way it changed
  7. For Christmas I toyed with the idea of gifting her a key to my apartment, the idea being that I really wanted to move things forward with her, that I did love her, that I did want to change my life to better accommodate her.
  8. Did I love her though? I think so. I was scared that she was scared of telling me how she really felt about me. It made me nervous that there was something wrong in our relationship and the way we communicated.
  9. The Christmas Trip to Chicago

  1. During Christmas she opted to take a last minute two day trip to Chicago with her male friend Pinky. Her good friend that I think is in love with her.
  2. The trip took place two days before Christmas during the really bad snowstorm. We had plans to be together for the holiday and go camping
  3. Her flight was delayed and she couldn’t come back until the 28th or 29th.
  4. I was devastated over this, I had finally come around to Christmas and was looking forward to have someone to spend the holiday with and it didn’t happen. This killed my entire Christmas mood and really made me question everything about us.
  5. She knew the storm was coming and before leaving knew there was a risk of missing Christmas but continued anyways. I don’t have an issue with pinky in the regards that she would cheat on me, but I really struggled to understand this relationship between the two of them.
Why the break-up
  1. She has so much potential to be this amazing woman and she doesn’t even try. I know she has school and work…

  1. I had wish for awhile that the feeling of guilt spending time doing my own things would go away. May the would have if I had know on weekend mornings she was doing her own thing, spending time on herself instead of sleeping or watching crime shows.
  2. She has some trauma around relationships in the past and this was a recurring conversation in our relationship. She made it very clear this was her first serious relationship where she felt safe and secure. This was the first relationship where she felt like her needs were being discussed and met. I eventually convinced her to get help with this which she did.
  3. I became weary after she began seeking mental help. I was self conscious about her finding out about my insecurities and those being identified by her therapist as reasons why we shouldn’t be together.
  4. I was open with her about everything in my life
  5. I didn’t even know if she was talking about our relationship
  6. She had the worst teeth, just needs to get those things cleaned.
  7. She has self image issues, while I always fault she was beautiful and extremely unique, she never really tried to work out with me or address these issues.
  8. We did try working out together once but it never stuck with her, this goes back to offering her a key to my apartment.
  9. My Life was beginning to split into two:

  1. Our time together
  2. What I wanted for myself

  1. There was certainly overlap, and while people say you shouldn’t have similar interests as your partner, why is that? I would loved if she was a more active person, if she would have insisted on getting a bike to go out with me, if she had more often entertained ideas for our time together that leaned more toward what I wanted to do
  2. Financial life - I want a house, I want to keep doing triathlons, I have big bike plans over the next few years. I wasn’t really read to give up any of this, while there was no financial strain brought on by the relationship, relationship do required that you spend money and I sometimes felt like a dinner out could have been better used to finance a plane ticket or tri entry fee.
  3. I spent a lot of time each week trying to justify and how to explain to her that I was going to be gone half the day, on the two days a week we stayed together.
  4. She never cared.
  5. Moving in together
  6. I was so scared of this conversation. She needs to move out of her moms ASAP
  7. She considered moving in with her male best friend who I think is in love with her.
  8. She had a dog that wouldn’t fit in with my apartment.
  9. She often hinted at having this conversation
  10. During our breakup I mentioned this and she did say it was way too early for that discussion.
Is part of a relationship supporting someone while they figure who they are and what they want in life?

  1. She had no idea what she wanted out of life, she very much had just begun to figure herself out. I am the one that forced her to do this.
  2. She had a lot of self confidence and image issues that stemmed from family and past relationships she hadn’t begun to understand
  3. The conversation at Christmas about anxiety over having no plans or nothing to do for two weeks?
  4. Did I over think the pinky relationship?
  5. Relationship with her ex, Jordan

  1. They met every Tuesday for dinner at a local food truck event
  2. She described their relationship as being a “situationship” they moved in together because they were dating at the same time they were both kick out of their homes
  3. This is when she got the dog
  4. She mentioned he treated her extremely poorly
  5. When we got into her car his name was always on the “quick contacts” screen, but these contacts had never changed from our first date to the end of the relationship
  6. I never really tried to understand this relationship, the Tuesday dinner thing is something that has always happened, she’s been cheated on in the past, I never once felt she cheated on me with him, but I never understood why she hung on to this relationship. I assumed it was always a fall back plan?
  7. This guy was also invited to the graduation party.
The graduation party

  1. She invited her work friends and myself, pinky, and Jordan. Again I just didn’t get this, especially since it was close family only
Physical Relationship

  1. I have never connected physically and emotionally with someone like I did Michaela. During our discussion around our sex life we had a slight mis-match I was a few times a week person she was an everyday person but I learned to adjust.
  2. The sex was amazing, again, I have never connected with someone like her before.
  3. I’ve never felt the way kissing someone like I did with her
  4. I was always unhappy of her weight. At first I thought it was because of my hated of bigger people, but it really came down to me not liking that she hated it but didn’t do anything about.
Nags about the relationship:

  1. Not a risk taker
  2. I wish she was someone that would do everything with me, and we just didn’t have strong enough interest in each others interests for this to happen.
  3. Girl, you spend so much time watching tru crime shows, shut it off and learn about yourself
  4. Quit your job, its toxic as fuck, hang out with your work friends less
  5. Find a hobby, your significant other can’t be your entire life. Part of the reason we spent time figuring out what to do is because you don’t have any interests. Part of my guilt in the relationship was spending time doing my things while you were left at my apartment by yourself….watching tv
  6. Get a teeth cleaning, fuck.
  7. You’re beautiful and a head turner, embrace it, stop thinking so poorly of yourself.
After writing this out:

  1. I think I ended things because of my fear of commitment
  2. I did love her, I spent a lot effort convincing myself otherwise
  3. The pressure I put on myself regarding this relationship in December was unfair to both of us. She was being an amazing partner I was being selfish and looking for ways to not face these moments in our relationship
  4. I don’t understand how to support someone and when it is correct to support someone in a relationship and what support needs to be sorted out on their own
  5. I hope we cross paths again in the future, I think she’s going to end up being and even better match for me.
  6. I realize that I was upset with her for not beginning to understand herself, and while she was certainly working toward it was in a manner different than what I did for myself to gain confidence and happiness in life.
  7. During our time together she did very little to care for herself, she was a very caring person for others, but never put time into her.
  8. I was love with the woman she could be....She isn't that woman now.
  9. I wrote this after the mom letter, and I realize she made me extremely insecure about the relationship I had with my mother. She and her mother have a terrible relationship, almost verbally abusive in a way but she maintains a relationship with her. I was certainly afraid of her figuring out this could be an issue in our relationship or her therapist some how indicating this is a red flag
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2023.03.25 02:30 Objective-Math4653 @YaygenMill: RT @MrProWestie: Has anyone else found this Tank Hatch Key in DMZ? One of my mods @StephMullen91 found it playing last night near the Smuggling Tunnels. Maybe something for Season 3? 🤔
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2023.03.25 02:29 StepwiseUndrape574 Rockstar’s Big Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Update Offers A Laundry List Of Bug Fixes

Much to the delight of fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Rockstar Games earlier this month released Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, a remastered collection of three of the most popular and iconic titles from the ongoing series. Unfortunately, it also debuted with a multitude of issues, prompting an apology by the developer. Good news though—the game's first update is now out and it purports to fixe dozens of bugs.
In case you missed it, the collection includes remastered versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Rockstar Games prettied up all three games with high resolution textures, increased draw distances, GTA V style controls, and other modern updates the freshen up and revive these older titles.
However, graphical glitches and performance issues plagued what had been a much-anticipated release. Or as the developer put it in an apology note, the collection suffered "unexpected technical issues."
"Firstly, we want to sincerely apologize to everyone who has encountered issues playing these games. The Grand Theft Auto series—and the games that make up this iconic trilogy — are as special to us as we know they are to fans around the world. The updated versions of these classic games did not launch in a state that meets our own standards of quality, or the standards our fans have come to expect," Rockstar Games said.
GTA Trilogy
The developer says it has "ongoing plans to address the technical issues and to improve each game going forward." Rockstar Games did not get into specifics, but its first update for the collection brings with it a massive list of fixes spanning more than 60 issues, including ten that apply to each game. They include... Fixed multiple localization issues Fixed multiple instances of missing or misaligned collision Fixed multiple instances of holes in the map Fixed multiple instances of incorrect or misplaced textures Fixed multiple instances of the camera clipping through objects Fixed multiple instances of incorrect subtitles being displayed Fixed multiple instances of incorrect help text being displayed Fixed multiple instances of misplaced objects Fixed multiple instances of issues with character models in cutscenes Fixed multiple instances of audio lines being skipped, delayed, or repeated There are dozens of other issues this update aims to fix, the most of which apply to San Andreas. You can check out the patch notes for the full list.
On a related note, this update applies to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series XS, and Xbox One owners. What about the PC version? Funny thing—Rockstar Games pulled the title offline for PC shortly after launch in order to "remove files unintentionally included" in these versions." Speculation is that it's because the PC release contained unlicensed music files, which were discovered in a data-mining effort.
Rockstar Games said it will be adding the PC version of the collection to its store sometime soon. "Additionally, everyone who has purchased Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition for PC from the Rockstar Store through June 30, 2022, will receive these classic versions in their Rockstar Games Launcher library at no additional cost. We will update everyone as soon as these are back in the Rockstar Store," the developer added.
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