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if you are a dev/community manager for this game dm me for mod.

2023.05.29 17:44 Warcrime_Frog [FNV] How easy is it to install TTW using the best of times guide?

I really want to try TTW, but I'm worried about installing it since I don't have much experience installing or managing mods, how much trouble should I expect?
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2023.05.29 17:43 DMmeCompliments Running Low on Resilience - Growth Beyond Abuse

Isn't it tough, sometimes, for the Mind and Heart to cooperate??
Hey Delhi, I'm a 25 yo guy and I feel Lost. I'm in a pretty bad phase right now. Need your advice, suggestions, and prayers. This is gonna be a long post so plz bear with me. To the mods - I really need to talk about it, it's eating me inside, please don't remove the post.
Being hit by a train of emotions while a slideshow of memories runs in my mind right now. I find it very intriguing how some people do irreparable damage to the person who loves them the most.
My GF of 4.5 yrs, a couple of years younger than me, abused me for 3 yrs before I snapped and walked out. I was tackling Medical and Judicial issues at home in these 3 yrs too, It was like getting battered from every aspect of my existence. I know I shouldn't have stayed there for that long but somehow it felt like it'll all get over someday and I held on. It was my first relationship and I was madly in love, truly. I had met her at a time when she was recovering from her previous breakup but we both liked each other instantaneously and I tried my best to help her get through that phase, from sending pizzas to her place without telling her to unannounced soft toys on the days she was feeling miserable and anxious. I did all that I thought would make me feel better if I was in her position and mental state. Then once we were officially together for 1.5 yrs, the abuse started.
It all started very slowly, she would ask me for help with her assignments, and by help she meant that I should do it for her. I saw it as a gesture of healthy dependency and didn't think much. Traveled to Faridabad from Patel Nagar to "deliver" her assignments at least 10 times, sometimes the assignments were of her elective language - Russian, But no matter the heat or cold, I was always there. Yet somehow, she always managed to nitpick errors in assignments and would yell at me over calls. Initially, I was surprised cuz a reaction of this type wasn't normal, but I shrugged it off thinking maybe I might have messed up somewhere. But every time I tried to perfect my work, I would still get yelled at. She also wouldn't decline advances from other guys and would play along, sometimes even going silent on video calls cuz she was texting other guys. One night I told her that I didn't feel good about it and that since we are in a relationship why does she need to entertain romantic advances from other guys? She brainwashed me into thinking that my concerns were unrealistic and that I "should be okay" with her shenanigans. Then came her final year, Holy Fuck what a year it was, she wanted to do internships so we discussed the details and both of us started to find openings. Around this time, she also wanted to prepare for UPSC and wanted to shift to Rajendra Nagar for coaching and stuff. But it was summer then so I told her "Bht garmi hai, I'll look for rooms and coaching here, aap kitna aana jana karoge Faridabad se yahan and back" (yes I addressed her as aap). Eventually after a lot of sweating and exhaustion, I found a decent place for her, sorted all of her coaching details, and also got her into a paid government internship. Within another day, contacted a moving company, loaded all her stuff in a van, and settled her place here in Rajendra Nagar before she finally shifted here. In my mind, everything was going well between us, except for the occasional yet frequent verbal abuse. I did my graduation from EEE branch and not to boast but I am really good at engineering stuff, On her bday I gifted her an Electronic box, made from scratch by me that would display sweet messages for different moods of her like positivity, motivation (since upsc aspirant), love and sm more stuff. I was suffering from typhoid those days but I still sat at my table coding the software and merging the electronic components, while I was having 102 fever almost every night, cuz her bday was nearing. I always used to say to her "Look I don't have much money to gift you stuff but my most valuable thing - my time, will always be there for you. You're never alone." I guess this gift of mine backfired cuz This is when things started deteriorating. Since we were living close now, I would visit her frequently. One such day I was welcomed with taunts and yelling as to how the place I found for her is shit and noisy. Being avidly in love and with my problem-solving knack, I made her a sound-absorbing board with egg crates and foam and attached it to her door and window, and bought heavy curtains and rugs for her room too. That night I stayed at her place and we planned to watch LOTR while having pizzas. After a while, she again picked her phone up to which I objected as we were watching the movie and then she got angry and threw my food in the dustbin (i am a slow eater, and she finished fast), before I could even comprehend why she was in such anger, she kicked me in the balls really hard. I collapsed on the floor from pain, this made me furious but I was confused AF, so I waited for the pain to subside while she kept saying how I had made her life hard and how I am a shitty BF and a shitty person. I got up and tried to calm her down and to know the cause but she straight up slapped me hard and started hurling abuses. I stared at her for idk how long but i zoned out, she slapped me twice more but i was suddenly in a flashback of how good things were between us, how i considered her a part of me and literally ebbed myself away to make her feel better... I came back to reality after she switched off the lights and went to sleep. But since there was only 1 bed, she pushed me away and told me i had 2 options, either to stay standing up the whole night or sleep on the floor. I slept on her chair with my head down on the table. Couldn't sleep and tears kept rolling. You guys must know the physical pain we feel in our chest when we cry, add hunger pangs to it and that was me that night. I left her place at 5 AM, sat in the park for a while, and came back to my room barely holding my tears back. I texted her later and called her too but she didn't respond until 4 PM. She told me that she was out with her cousin sister the whole day and sent me pictures of them in a cafe. I looked at the picture and saw her smile, for a second I was like that's a beautiful smile girl and then I thought, how could someone go on a day outing, have fun and celebrate after beating and torturing their loved ones? After that night, slapping and kicking become common. Sometimes it was cuz I didn't wake her up on time and smtyms it was cuz I was talking to Dad for too long and responded to her calls after some delay. But I never, not even once, thought of beating her. I guess I was still being hopeful that it'll all end. One day, it was all going okay and idk what I did or what the trigger was, she started saying that I was cheating on her, I was furious cuz I really hate cheaters and cheating and wouldn't do such stuff even if I was drunk. What ensued was a very brutal debate, again involving physical abuse, I even apologized to her with folded hands to stop beating me and asked her 1 question "Have you forgotten the things I have done for you? Why would I cheat if I am soo invested in you?" To which she replied - "Maine bola tha itna karne ko kya?" Hearing this I froze, mind went blank, it was more than I could take and after she went back to her place I blocked her from everywhere, and also shifted to another place to live in the next 10 days.
Today is my bday and I stayed in the whole day remembering how we used to celebrate each others bdays, and now we are like strangers. She still stays in the same neighbourhood, i see her smtyms too and all i think is how easy it is for some people to move on. Like a breeze, leaving a trail of crumbs of a heart they pulverised. Nowadays when i take my anxiety pills, when i wake up in middle of night because i dreamt of those stuff with my heartbeat racing and sweating even with the AC on, i wonder - Is love like a non-newtonian fluid? If you hold on to it tightly, its strong but the moment you loosen grip it percolates between fingers.. But i was still holdin on tight, how did it percolate then? I didnt deserve such treatment, she hurt me more than she needed to if all she wanted was a breakup.. I wonder, will she remmber me when she looks at her curtains and the door frame and the soft toys that i gave? Cuz i still have kept an oregano packet from when we first met and had pizza at dominos.
I need help. It feels like I am a different person now, I want to unlearn many things that I developed to handle the trauma and still keep myself sane, but I don't know how. I know i cant reverse time but I wish I could format my brain rn. I have been to psychiatrist regarding my anxiety attacks and he told me to give myself time to recover, but its been months and i still feel numb inside. How do i get myself out of this slump? How do i trust people again? How do i know that theres not a rotten heart hiding under a beautiful face? how do i live and not just stay alive? I wish i could talk to god and ask him what my sins were for which i got so punished, naa toh health meri thik rahi, naa toh mann shant raha naa hi neend aati hai.. Kyun?
People, I have been resilient untill now but ab nahi ho raha.. I m running low on it. Kahan se laun himmat? How do i grow out of this state of mine? I have no one to say these too hence yahan bola. Please let me know what i should do as i have hit a dead end.
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2023.05.29 17:31 suhermansahid Help, Crashing every 30 minutes or so ....what do i do wrong? this is my crashlog

Cobb Crash Logger Version 3.0.0, build 0.
If this file is empty, then your game didn't crash! Probably!

Exception C0000005 caught!

0x0044DDC0 ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in FalloutNV (0x0019F338)
0x004BCB01 ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in FalloutNV (0x0019F360)
0x004C93A9 ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in FalloutNV (0x0019F3B8)
0x005755F3 ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in FalloutNV (0x0019F3D4)
0x00776CD4 ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in FalloutNV (0x0019F92C)
0x0070C374 ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in FalloutNV (0x0019FAC0)
0x007034BB ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in FalloutNV (0x0019FAC8)
0x0086F7ED ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in FalloutNV (0x0019FAE4)
0x0086EE67 ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in FalloutNV (0x0019FB3C)
0x0086B3E8 ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in FalloutNV (0x0019FEC0)
0x665B2204 ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in nvse_steam_loader (0x0019FEE0)
0x00ECC470 ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in FalloutNV (0x0019FF70)
0x767100C9 ==> BaseThreadInitThunk+0x19 in KERNEL32 (0x0019FF80)
0x773F7B4E ==> RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath+0x11E in ntdll (0x0019FFDC)
0x773F7B1E ==> RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath+0xEE in ntdll (0x0019FFEC)

Instruction pointer (EIP): 0044DDC0

ebx 00000001
edx 00000005
edi 0019FA88
esi 32587A10
ebp 0019F338
0x0040FE5F 0x154E5460 0x00000005 0xFF7FFFFF
0x0019F360 0x004BCB01 0x0019F35C 0x0D430A04
0x00000018 0x0D430A4C 0x154E5460 0x3A0E0001
0x00000001 0x00000000 0x0019F3B8 0x004C93A9
0x004102C5 0x00000018 0x00000034 0x128E1714
0x0019F38C 0x00418533 0x3A0E4830 0x0D430A04
0x0133B0A0 0x0D5E10F4 0x00000001 0x0D28242C
0x1C218450 0x00000001 0x00000000 0x00000000
0x00000004 0x0119F920 0x0B768EA8 0x00000001
0x0019F3D4 0x005755F3 0x00000000 0x3E4D6400
0x128E1714 0x00000000 0x41204BE4 0x0019F92C
0x00776CD4 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x2A831EED
0xB2186A00 0x00000000 0x361A8600 0x361A8600

- 0x00400000 - 0x014089E4: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\FalloutNV.exe
- 0x77390000 - 0x77534000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
- 0x766F0000 - 0x767E0000: C:\Windows\System32\KERNEL32.DLL
- 0x75510000 - 0x7574A000: C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll
- 0x64C20000 - 0x64CC0000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\apphelp.dll
- 0x76550000 - 0x766EC000: C:\Windows\System32\USER32.dll
- 0x75CB0000 - 0x75CC8000: C:\Windows\System32\win32u.dll
- 0x708A0000 - 0x7092D000: C:\Windows\WinSxS\\COMCTL32.dll
- 0x75A60000 - 0x75A84000: C:\Windows\System32\GDI32.dll
- 0x76A70000 - 0x76AEC000: C:\Windows\System32\ADVAPI32.dll
- 0x5B920000 - 0x5BAAF000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\d3d9.dll
- 0x76800000 - 0x768E5000: C:\Windows\System32\gdi32full.dll
- 0x76900000 - 0x769BF000: C:\Windows\System32\msvcrt.dll
- 0x76AF0000 - 0x76B6B000: C:\Windows\System32\msvcp_win.dll
- 0x76330000 - 0x763A6000: C:\Windows\System32\sechost.dll
- 0x76B70000 - 0x76C90000: C:\Windows\System32\ucrtbase.dll
- 0x763B0000 - 0x7646F000: C:\Windows\System32\RPCRT4.dll
- 0x76C90000 - 0x76F10000: C:\Windows\System32\combase.dll
- 0x75CE0000 - 0x76296000: C:\Windows\System32\SHELL32.dll
- 0x72550000 - 0x7255F000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\kernel.appcore.dll
- 0x75800000 - 0x758E3000: C:\Windows\System32\ole32.dll
- 0x711E0000 - 0x717ED000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\
- 0x64110000 - 0x64136000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dwmapi.dll
- 0x66840000 - 0x668B1000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\GalaxyWrp.dll
- 0x66970000 - 0x6697E000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\d3dx9_38.dll
- 0x73420000 - 0x73428000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WSOCK32.dll
- 0x762C0000 - 0x76323000: C:\Windows\System32\WS2_32.dll
- 0x662B0000 - 0x662E7000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DINPUT8.dll
- 0x5F1C0000 - 0x5F23F000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DSOUND.dll
- 0x18000000 - 0x18068000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\binkw32.dll
- 0x72560000 - 0x72588000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WINMM.dll
- 0x66820000 - 0x66840000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\libvorbisfile.dll
- 0x70DF0000 - 0x70E15000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\Wldp.dll
- 0x7ACE0000 - 0x7B121000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Galaxy.dll
- 0x666C0000 - 0x66745000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSVCP110.dll
- 0x665E0000 - 0x666B6000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSVCR110.dll
- 0x729A0000 - 0x729B5000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\VCRUNTIME140.dll
- 0x723D0000 - 0x72414000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\powrprof.dll
- 0x64180000 - 0x6419D000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\winmmbase.dll
- 0x762A0000 - 0x762B9000: C:\Windows\System32\bcrypt.dll
- 0x66490000 - 0x66555000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\libvorbis.dll
- 0x70840000 - 0x70892000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSWSOCK.dll
- 0x751F0000 - 0x75223000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\IPHLPAPI.DLL
- 0x05A40000 - 0x05A56000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\XINPUT1_3.dll
- 0x76F40000 - 0x77374000: C:\Windows\System32\SETUPAPI.dll
- 0x75AF0000 - 0x75B2B000: C:\Windows\System32\cfgmgr32.dll
- 0x7A6B0000 - 0x7AA78000: C:\Windows\System32\d3dx9_38.DLL
- 0x76F10000 - 0x76F35000: C:\Windows\System32\IMM32.DLL
- 0x649A0000 - 0x649B1000: C:\Windows\system32\napinsp.dll
- 0x647F0000 - 0x64806000: C:\Windows\system32\pnrpnsp.dll
- 0x64770000 - 0x64780000: C:\Windows\system32\wshbth.dll
- 0x6E3F0000 - 0x6E406000: C:\Windows\system32\NLAapi.dll
- 0x6E350000 - 0x6E3E1000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DNSAPI.dll
- 0x75CD0000 - 0x75CD7000: C:\Windows\System32\NSI.dll
- 0x64760000 - 0x6476E000: C:\Windows\System32\winrnr.dll
- 0x66800000 - 0x66814000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVHR\nvhr_avx2.dll
- 0x71840000 - 0x7184D000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\UMPDC.dll
- 0x66330000 - 0x66483000: C:\Modding\MO2\usvfs_x86.dll
- 0x75C50000 - 0x75C95000: C:\Windows\System32\SHLWAPI.dll
- 0x75310000 - 0x753A6000: C:\Windows\System32\OLEAUT32.dll
- 0x649C0000 - 0x64AAD000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\inputhost.dll
- 0x75BC0000 - 0x75C47000: C:\Windows\System32\shcore.dll
- 0x6A9B0000 - 0x6AA4B000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\CoreMessaging.dll
- 0x70770000 - 0x70832000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\PROPSYS.dll
- 0x6AF20000 - 0x6AFFB000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\wintypes.dll
- 0x6AA50000 - 0x6ACCE000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\CoreUIComponents.dll
- 0x75A90000 - 0x75AEF000: C:\Windows\System32\bcryptPrimitives.dll
- 0x6AEF0000 - 0x6AF19000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntmarta.dll
- 0x717F0000 - 0x71808000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\profapi.dll
- 0x665B0000 - 0x665DD000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\nvse_steam_loader.dll
- 0x724F0000 - 0x724F8000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\VERSION.dll
- 0x40350000 - 0x4049B000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\nvse_1_4.dll
- 0x18B90000 - 0x18BA7000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\ActorCauseSaveBloatFix.dll
- 0x404B0000 - 0x404D6000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\Alpha Fixes.dll
- 0x404F0000 - 0x4051F000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\AnhNVSE.dll
- 0x40530000 - 0x40564000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\BetterCaravan.dll
- 0x66590000 - 0x665AA000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\ClimateControl.dll
- 0x5B870000 - 0x5B8DD000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSVCP140.dll
- 0x66570000 - 0x66590000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\CloudUpgrade.dll
- 0x667F0000 - 0x667FB000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\CobbCrashLogger.dll
- 0x72A50000 - 0x72BD8000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dbghelp.dll
- 0x405B0000 - 0x405C7000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\DoF-Fix.dll
- 0x405E0000 - 0x40604000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\DynamicPipBoyLight.dll
- 0x40620000 - 0x40644000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\ExternalEmittanceFix.dll
- 0x40660000 - 0x4067B000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\FogCulling.dll
- 0x40690000 - 0x406A6000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\HDPipboy.dll
- 0x406C0000 - 0x406D9000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\HighResBloom.dll
- 0x406F0000 - 0x40706000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\HighResLocalMaps.dll
- 0x40720000 - 0x40746000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\ImprovedLightingShaders.dll
- 0x40760000 - 0x407E1000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\jip_nvse.dll
- 0x40800000 - 0x40852000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\johnnyguitar.dll
- 0x75CA0000 - 0x75CA6000: C:\Windows\System32\PSAPI.DLL
- 0x40870000 - 0x408E9000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\kNVSE.dll
- 0x40900000 - 0x40932000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\MCM.dll
- 0x40950000 - 0x40956000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\mlf.dll
- 0x40970000 - 0x40996000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\MoonlightNVSE.dll
- 0x409D0000 - 0x409E7000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\MuzzleFlashFix.dll
- 0x409F0000 - 0x40A10000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\nvse_console_clipboard.dll
- 0x40AC0000 - 0x40B9F000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\nvse_stewie_tweaks.dll
- 0x72BE0000 - 0x72D47000: C:\Windows\WinSxS\\gdiplus.dll
- 0x40A30000 - 0x40A5F000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\NVTF.dll
- 0x7B130000 - 0x7B32F000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\d3dx9_43.dll
- 0x40A70000 - 0x40A88000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\PipBoyShadingFix.dll
- 0x40CA0000 - 0x40DD6000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\ShowOffNVSE.dll
- 0x5A000000 - 0x5A131000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\supNVSE.dll
- 0x72F40000 - 0x73396000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WININET.dll
- 0x40FF0000 - 0x40FFB000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\ui_organizer.dll
- 0x5A1E0000 - 0x5A1E6000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\weapon_lag_fix.dll
- 0x5A200000 - 0x5A268000: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\Data\NVSE\Plugins\yUI.dll
- 0x72810000 - 0x72884000: C:\Windows\system32\uxtheme.dll
- 0x71180000 - 0x711A1000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\SspiCli.dll
- 0x5A370000 - 0x5A3C9000: C:\Windows\System32\fwpuclnt.dll
- 0x662F0000 - 0x662F8000: C:\Windows\System32\rasadhlp.dll
- 0x71850000 - 0x7185E000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\msasn1.dll
- 0x64780000 - 0x647A6000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\cryptnet.dll
- 0x753B0000 - 0x754B0000: C:\Windows\System32\CRYPT32.dll
- 0x711D0000 - 0x711DA000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\cryptbase.dll
- 0x769C0000 - 0x76A0C000: C:\Windows\System32\WINTRUST.DLL
- 0x767E0000 - 0x767F9000: C:\Windows\System32\imagehlp.dll
- 0x6E4F0000 - 0x6E503000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\CRYPTSP.dll
- 0x6E4C0000 - 0x6E4EF000: C:\Windows\system32\rsaenh.dll
- 0x5BAB0000 - 0x5EF49000: C:\Program Files (x86)\RivaTuner Statistics Server\RTSSHooks.dll
- 0x75230000 - 0x75304000: C:\Windows\System32\MSCTF.dll
- 0x6ACD0000 - 0x6AD8A000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\textinputframework.dll
- 0x723C0000 - 0x723CA000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\HID.DLL
- 0x6E700000 - 0x6E724000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DEVOBJ.dll
- 0x76470000 - 0x764EE000: C:\Windows\System32\clbcatq.dll
- 0x5F150000 - 0x5F1BB000: C:\Windows\System32\MMDevApi.dll
- 0x5F790000 - 0x5F8C6000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\AUDIOSES.DLL
- 0x5ACA0000 - 0x5ACAF000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\resourcepolicyclient.dll
- 0x5FD10000 - 0x5FDA6000: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvmdig.inf_amd64_3412f856dd9f8e1c\nvldumd.dll
- 0x63310000 - 0x63410000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\drvstore.dll
- 0x5FDB0000 - 0x62933000: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvmdig.inf_amd64_3412f856dd9f8e1c\nvd3dum.dll
- 0x6E330000 - 0x6E34E000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\gpapi.dll
- 0x6D4C0000 - 0x6D4EC000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dxcore.dll
- 0x6E640000 - 0x6E6D4000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\TextShaping.dll
- 0x66100000 - 0x66264000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dcomp.dll
- 0x637D0000 - 0x63E6E000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\nvapi.dll
- 0x6D290000 - 0x6D42A000: C:\Windows\System32\quartz.dll
- 0x5A1A0000 - 0x5A1B8000: C:\Windows\System32\devenum.dll
- 0x6DB90000 - 0x6DD73000: C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\Filters\DirectVobSub\vsfilter.dll
- 0x64920000 - 0x64993000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WINSPOOL.DRV
- 0x64BB0000 - 0x64BF2000: C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\MPC-HC\LAVFilters\
- 0x725D0000 - 0x727E0000: C:\Windows\WinSxS\\COMCTL32.dll
- 0x6DD80000 - 0x6E26F000: C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\MPC-HC\LAVFilters\avformat-lav-59.dll
- 0x70930000 - 0x70B19000: C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\MPC-HC\LAVFilters\avutil-lav-57.dll
- 0x794E0000 - 0x7A675000: C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\MPC-HC\LAVFilters\avcodec-lav-59.dll
- 0x66300000 - 0x66327000: C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\MPC-HC\LAVFilters\swresample-lav-4.dll
- 0x71810000 - 0x71832000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ncrypt.dll
- 0x647B0000 - 0x647D8000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\NTASN1.dll
- 0x71860000 - 0x71C5A000: C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\Filters\ffdshow\
- 0x75750000 - 0x757FF000: C:\Windows\System32\COMDLG32.dll
- 0x66270000 - 0x66296000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DINPUT.dll
- 0x64C00000 - 0x64C09000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\msdmo.dll
- 0x66790000 - 0x667B2000: C:\Windows\System32\qasf.dll
- 0x70E20000 - 0x7102D000: C:\Windows\System32\WMVCore.DLL
- 0x668C0000 - 0x668FD000: C:\Windows\System32\WMASF.DLL
- 0x70CC0000 - 0x70DC6000: C:\Windows\System32\mfperfhelper.dll
- 0x667C0000 - 0x667D7000: C:\Windows\System32\mp3dmod.dll
- 0x71C60000 - 0x71DD9000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\mfplat.DLL
- 0x66900000 - 0x66929000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\RTWorkQ.DLL
- 0x66930000 - 0x66949000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\MSACM32.DLL
- 0x6AE90000 - 0x6AEC3000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\l3codecp.acm
- 0x71030000 - 0x71104000: C:\Windows\System32\msmpeg2adec.dll
- 0x66560000 - 0x66568000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\avrt.dll
- 0x6D430000 - 0x6D491000: C:\Program Files (x86)\ReClock\ReClockDS.dll
- 0x71DE0000 - 0x71EC9000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DDRAW.dll
- 0x72420000 - 0x724E2000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dxgi.dll
- 0x66950000 - 0x66957000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DCIMAN32.dll
- 0x6E270000 - 0x6E2A3000: C:\Program Files (x86)\ReClock\AC3Lib.dll
- 0x6A980000 - 0x6A994000: C:\Program Files (x86)\ReClock\Compressor.dll
- 0x6AED0000 - 0x6AEEB000: C:\Program Files (x86)\ReClock\Resampler.dll
- 0x6E2B0000 - 0x6E2D2000: C:\Program Files (x86)\ReClock\Timestretch.dll
- 0x6E410000 - 0x6E44A000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\wdmaud.drv
- 0x6E2E0000 - 0x6E2E7000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ksuser.dll
- 0x6E310000 - 0x6E31A000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\msacm32.drv
- 0x6E320000 - 0x6E328000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\midimap.dll
- 0x72D50000 - 0x72E43000: C:\Windows\System32\Windows.UI.dll
- 0x71ED0000 - 0x71F43000: C:\Windows\System32\WindowManagementAPI.dll
- 0x74400000 - 0x7458F000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\twinapi.appcore.dll
- 0x6D900000 - 0x6D993000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\mscms.dll
- 0x6D9A0000 - 0x6D9C5000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\USERENV.dll
- 0x6D9D0000 - 0x6D9DC000: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ColorAdapterClient.dll
- 0x6D9E0000 - 0x6DA11000: C:\Windows\System32\Windows.Internal.Graphics.Display.DisplayColorManagement.dll

GAME CRASHED AT INSTRUCTION Base+0x0004DDC0 IN MODULE: C:\GAMES\Fallout - New Vegas\FalloutNV.exe
Please note that this does not automatically mean that that module is responsible.
It may have been supplied bad data or program state as the result of an issue in
the base game or a different DLL.
submitted by suhermansahid to fnv [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:27 Hot-Succotash6785 I tried to launch this modpack called MCSR and it does not work, anyone knows how to fix and the root of the problem?

LOG: Prism Launcher version: 6.3 2 3 4Launched instance in online mode 5 resolves to: 7[**.**.**.**, **.**.**.**, **.**.**.**, **.**.**.**] 8 resolves to: 10[**.**.**.**, **.**.**.**] 11 resolves to: 13[**.**.**.**, **.**.**.**] 14 resolves to: 16[**.**.**.**, **.**.**.**] 17 18 19Minecraft folder is: 20C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLauncheinstances/MCS.minecraft 21 22 23Java path is: 24C:/Program Files/Java/jre1.8.0_51/bin/javaw.exe 25 26 27Checking Java version... 28Java is version 1.8.0_51, using 64 (amd64) architecture, from Oracle Corporation. 29 30 31Main Class: 32 net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClient 33 34Native path: 35 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLauncheinstances/MCSnatives 36 37Traits: 38traits FirstThreadOnMacOS 39 40Libraries: 41 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-glfw/3.2.2/lwjgl-glfw-3.2.2.jar 42 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-jemalloc/3.2.2/lwjgl-jemalloc-3.2.2.jar 43 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-openal/3.2.2/lwjgl-openal-3.2.2.jar 44 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-opengl/3.2.2/lwjgl-opengl-3.2.2.jar 45 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-stb/3.2.2/lwjgl-stb-3.2.2.jar 46 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl/3.2.2/lwjgl-3.2.2.jar 47 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-tinyfd/3.2.2/lwjgl-tinyfd-3.2.2.jar 48 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/com/mojang/patchy/1.3.9/patchy-1.3.9.jar 49 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/oshi-project/oshi-core/1.1/oshi-core-1.1.jar 50 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/net/java/dev/jna/jna/4.4.0/jna-4.4.0.jar 51 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/net/java/dev/jna/platform/3.4.0/platform-3.4.0.jar 52 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/com/ibm/icu/icu4j/66.1/icu4j-66.1.jar 53 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/com/mojang/javabridge/1.0.22/javabridge-1.0.22.jar 54 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/net/sf/jopt-simple/jopt-simple/5.0.3/jopt-simple-5.0.3.jar 55 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/io/netty/netty-all/4.1.25.Final/netty-all-4.1.25.Final.jar 56 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/com/google/guava/guava/21.0/guava-21.0.jar 57 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/apache/commons/commons-lang3/3.5/commons-lang3-3.5.jar 58 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/commons-io/commons-io/2.5/commons-io-2.5.jar 59 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/commons-codec/commons-codec/1.10/commons-codec-1.10.jar 60 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/com/mojang/brigadie1.0.17/brigadier-1.0.17.jar 61 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/com/mojang/datafixeruppe3.0.25/datafixerupper-3.0.25.jar 62 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/com/google/code/gson/gson/2.8.0/gson-2.8.0.jar 63 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/com/mojang/authlib/1.6.25/authlib-1.6.25.jar 64 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/apache/commons/commons-compress/1.8.1/commons-compress-1.8.1.jar 65 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/apache/httpcomponents/httpclient/4.3.3/httpclient-4.3.3.jar 66 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/commons-logging/commons-logging/1.1.3/commons-logging-1.1.3.jar 67 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/apache/httpcomponents/httpcore/4.3.2/httpcore-4.3.2.jar 68 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/it/unimi/dsi/fastutil/8.2.1/fastutil-8.2.1.jar 69 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/apache/logging/log4j/log4j-api/2.17.1/log4j-api-2.17.1.jar 70 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/apache/logging/log4j/log4j-core/2.17.1/log4j-core-2.17.1.jar 71 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/com/mojang/text2speech/1.11.3/text2speech-1.11.3.jar 72 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/net/fabricmc/intermediary/1.16.1/intermediary-1.16.1.jar 73 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/net/fabricmc/tiny-mappings-parse0.3.0 build.17/tiny-mappings-parser-0.3.0 build.17.jar 74 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/net/fabricmc/sponge-mixin/0.12.4 mixin.0.8.5/sponge-mixin-0.12.4 mixin.0.8.5.jar 75 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/net/fabricmc/tiny-remappe0.8.2/tiny-remapper-0.8.2.jar 76 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/net/fabricmc/access-widene2.1.0/access-widener-2.1.0.jar 77 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/ow2/asm/asm/9.4/asm-9.4.jar 78 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/ow2/asm/asm-analysis/9.4/asm-analysis-9.4.jar 79 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/ow2/asm/asm-commons/9.4/asm-commons-9.4.jar 80 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/ow2/asm/asm-tree/9.4/asm-tree-9.4.jar 81 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/ow2/asm/asm-util/9.4/asm-util-9.4.jar 82 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/net/fabricmc/fabric-loade0.14.19/fabric-loader-0.14.19.jar 83 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/com/mojang/minecraft/1.16.1/minecraft-1.16.1-client.jar 84 85Native libraries: 86 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-glfw/3.2.2/lwjgl-glfw-3.2.2-natives-windows.jar 87 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-jemalloc/3.2.2/lwjgl-jemalloc-3.2.2-natives-windows.jar 88 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-openal/3.2.2/lwjgl-openal-3.2.2-natives-windows.jar 89 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-opengl/3.2.2/lwjgl-opengl-3.2.2-natives-windows.jar 90 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-stb/3.2.2/lwjgl-stb-3.2.2-natives-windows.jar 91 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl/3.2.2/lwjgl-3.2.2-natives-windows.jar 92 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/org/lwjgl/lwjgl-tinyfd/3.2.2/lwjgl-tinyfd-3.2.2-natives-windows.jar 93 C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/com/mojang/text2speech/1.11.3/text2speech-1.11.3-natives-windows.jar 94 95Mods: 96 [✔] atum-1.1.3 1.16.1 97 [✔] fast-reset-1.16.1-v1.4.1 98 [✔] forceport-1.1.0 99 [✔] lazydfu-0.1.2 100 [✔] lazystronghold-1.1.3 1.16.1 101 [✔] lithium-1.16.1-backport-fabric-0.6.6 102 [✔] mcsrranked- 103 [✔] serverSideRNG-9.0.0 104 [✔] sodium-1.16.1-v1 105 [✔] SpeedRunIGT-13.3 1.16.1 106 [✔] starlight-fabric-1.0.0-RC2-1.16.x 107 [✔] voyager-1.0.0 108 [✔] worldpreview-2.3.3 1.16.1 109 110Params: 111 --username --version 1.16.1 --gameDir C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLauncheinstances/MCS.minecraft --assetsDir C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLauncheassets --assetIndex 1.16 --uuid --accessToken --userType --versionType release 112 113Window size: 854 x 480 114 115Launcher: standard 116 117Java Arguments: 118[-XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriversForPerformance_javaw.exe_minecraft.exe.heapdump, -Xms512m, -Xmx2048m, -Duser.language=en] 119 120 121Minecraft process ID: 8508 122 123 124ScriptEngineManager javax.script.ScriptEngineFactory: Provider jdk.nashorn.api.scripting.NashornScriptEngineFactory not found 125[10:01:13] [main/INFO]: Loading Minecraft 1.16.1 with Fabric Loader 0.14.19 126[10:01:14] [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-1/WARN]: Mod starlight uses the version fabric-1.0.0-RC2-82ae5ca which isn't compatible with Loader's extended semantic version format (Could not parse version number component 'fabric'!), SemVer is recommended for reliably evaluating dependencies and prioritizing newer version 127[10:01:14] [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-5/WARN]: Mod sodium uses the version v1 which isn't compatible with Loader's extended semantic version format (Could not parse version number component 'v1'!), SemVer is recommended for reliably evaluating dependencies and prioritizing newer version 128[10:01:14] [ForkJoinPool-1-worker-0/WARN]: Mod org_ocpsoft_prettytime_prettytime uses the version 5.0.6.Final which isn't compatible with Loader's extended semantic version format (Could not parse version number component 'Final'!), SemVer is recommended for reliably evaluating dependencies and prioritizing newer version 129[10:01:14] [main/INFO]: Loading 22 mods: 130 - atum 1.1.3 1.16.1 131 - fabricloader 0.14.19 132 - fast_reset 1.4.1 133 - forceport 1.1.0 134 - java 8 135 - lazydfu 0.1.2 136 - lazystronghold 1.1.3 137 - lithium 0.6.6 138 - mcsrranked **.**.**.** 139-- fabric-api-base 0.1.3 12a8474c02 140-- fabric-key-binding-api-v1 1.0.1 f404f3be02 141-- fabric-networking-v0 0.1.10 e00ecb5f02 142-- fabric-resource-loader-v0 0.2.6 f41e209802 143-- mm 2.3 144\-- org_ocpsoft_prettytime_prettytime 5.0.6.Final 145 - minecraft 1.16.1 146 - serversiderng 9.0.0 147 - sodium v1 148 - speedrunigt 13.3 1.16.1 149 - starlight fabric-1.0.0-RC2-82ae5ca 150 - voyager 1.0.0 151 - worldpreview 2.3.3 1.16.1 152[10:01:14] [main/INFO]: SpongePowered MIXIN Subsystem Version=0.8.5 Source=file:/C:/Users/********/AppData/Roaming/PrismLaunchelibraries/net/fabricmc/sponge-mixin/0.12.4 mixin.0.8.5/sponge-mixin-0.12.4 mixin.0.8.5.jar Service=Knot/Fabric Env=CLIENT 153[10:01:14] [main/INFO]: Loaded configuration file for Lithium: 79 options available, 0 override(s) found 154[10:01:14] [main/INFO]: Loaded configuration file for Sodium: 24 options available, 0 override(s) found 155[10:01:17] [main/WARN]: Builtin mod 'fabric-api-base' in MCSR Ranked 156[10:01:17] [main/WARN]: Builtin mod 'fabric-key-binding-api-v1' in MCSR Ranked 157[10:01:17] [main/WARN]: Builtin mod 'fabric-networking-v0' in MCSR Ranked 158[10:01:17] [main/WARN]: Builtin mod 'fabric-resource-loader-v0' in MCSR Ranked 159[10:01:17] [main/WARN]: Builtin mod 'mm' in MCSR Ranked 160[10:01:17] [main/WARN]: Builtin mod 'org_ocpsoft_prettytime_prettytime' in MCSR Ranked 161SLF4J: Failed to load class "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder". 162SLF4J: Defaulting to no-operation (NOP) logger implementation 163SLF4J: See for further details. 164[10:01:18] [main/ERROR]: Minecraft has crashed! 165net.fabricmc.loader.impl.FormattedException: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: net/minecraft/class_2248 has been compiled by a more recent version of the Java Runtime (class file version 61.0), this version of the Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions up to 52.0 166 at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.FormattedException.ofLocalized( ~[fabric-loader-0.14.19.jar:?] 167 at ~[fabric-loader-0.14.19.jar:?] 168 at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.Knot.launch( [fabric-loader-0.14.19.jar:?] 169 at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClient.main( [fabric-loader-0.14.19.jar:?] 170 at org.prismlauncher.launcher.impl.StandardLauncher.launch( [NewLaunch.jar:?] 171 at org.prismlauncher.EntryPoint.listen( [NewLaunch.jar:?] 172 at org.prismlauncher.EntryPoint.main( [NewLaunch.jar:?] 173Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: net/minecraft/class_2248 has been compiled by a more recent version of the Java Runtime (class file version 61.0), this version of the Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions up to 52.0 174 at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method) ~[?:1.8.0_51] 175 at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.8.0_51] 176 at Source) ~[?:1.8.0_51] 177 at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassLoader.defineClassFwd( ~[fabric-loader-0.14.19.jar:?] 178 at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassDelegate.tryLoadClass( ~[fabric-loader-0.14.19.jar:?] 179 at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassDelegate.loadClass( ~[fabric-loader-0.14.19.jar:?] 180 at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassLoader.loadClass( ~[fabric-loader-0.14.19.jar:?] 181 at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.8.0_51] 182 at net.minecraft.util.registry.Registry.( ~[client-intermediary.jar:?] 183 at net.minecraft.Bootstrap.initialize( ~[client-intermediary.jar:?] 184 at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main( ~[minecraft-1.16.1-client.jar:?] 185 at ~[fabric-loader-0.14.19.jar:?] 186 ... 5 more 187Process exited with code 1. 188Prism Launcher: Log upload triggered at: 28 May 2023 10:01:26 -0700
submitted by Hot-Succotash6785 to PrismLauncher [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:09 cubevoidd Eusoff or RVRC

hi guys , I'm kinda torn between eusoff hall or rvrc but I js know that I really need to reside on campus as I live super far from uni (1.5hrs commute)
here r some things I've taken into consideration for the two
Eusoff pros: - more vibrant student life (block events, sports, etc) - more interesting student leader committees (JCRC) - cheaper hostel rates - closer to the FASS building - I'm interested in joining their band to expand my experience in music & performing live
Eusoff cons: - I heard the food is worse than rcs + limited variety - high CCA commitments (minimum 5 CCAs to secure stay in 2nd year) - may not be able to secure a place in y2 due to limited slots - late night suppers (affect studies ?) - heard of lesser sleeping hours (3am)
RVRC pros: - secured 2 years stay - better food, more variety - seminar based modules, workplace readiness - outdoor learning - low commitment, hence more time dedicated to personal time + studies - wholesome group of ppl - convenient place for getting to places
RVRC cons: - higher hostel rates - heard that there's a lack of culture there - focus on sustainability which I'm not particularly interested in (?) - heard that the GE mods are harder (SU) - the student leaders committee doesn't seem to be very active (correct me if I'm wrong!) - there seems to be an insect problem due to being surrounded by nature - worried that their interest groups (IG) may not be as competitive/active as halls due to the low commitment
For context: I was very active in JC activities and CCA (had an external CCA as well) and I'm super hyped for sports. I'm also very interested in taking on leadership positions in uni for the experience and rigour. My time management was relatively good in JC but I'm just worried about the sheer amt of competition for the halls esp for y2.
Any advice would be appreciated!! Thank you for reading this far!
submitted by cubevoidd to nus [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:05 thelucas2000 Important Announcement

Good morning good afternoon good evening everyone, we have some updates regarding the state of the subreddit for you all.
If you are not aware, the previous topmod of the subreddit has stepped down and as of right now u/darkcat9000 is the new topmod. One of the reasons as to why it was requested of the previous topmod to step down was to make some big changes around here and to try to freshen up the subreddit.
Here are all the things planned as of right now, some of these might be scrapped/not fully carried out.

New Subreddit Mods (already done)

Starting off with the announcement, u/Aarya_Bakes and I will be your new subreddit moderators alongside the previous team.
We decided that it was a good idea to start off fresh with some new moderators trustworthy enough. Do not worry, you can still disagree with me in a discussion without mysteriously being permabanned from the sub
I will be trying to check in and post more often now on this subreddit, and in a nearby future I might try to host yet another mod applications if darkcat allows it to try to freshen up the mod team even more. If any ex-moderators previously (unjustly) demoted during the period of drama are reading this and are interested in coming back, please let me know privately via discord/reddit.

Strictness with Vocabulary & Ranting (work in progress)

One of the most important things in my eyes within this community is the ties we have HAD with people like u/Frank_Supercell and u/Adrian_Supercell. These ties however have slowly withered and I would consider them completely cut nowadays.
What are the reasons as to why this happened you may ask? Here they are:
One of the philosophies Frank follows both at work and when receiving feedback is a very simple one, being civil and providing constructive criticism with your issues. Sure, you don't have to give fixes for every issue that you point out with the meta or a brawler, but if you are going to make a post ranting about someone like Bea (like I have in the past except I gave reasonings), please try to explain WHY you think said brawler would need a buff/nerf.
Insulting and excessive ranting with no backup will be seeing a zero tolerance from my side and such content will be removed, punishments will only be given out after multiple offenses however.
Hopefully with these changes the dev team will be wanting to interact with us more!

Ties With Actual Competitive (work in progress)

Another issue this community has brought to itself is that essentially the profesional community sees us as a joke/unreliable. I know this specially since I myself am part of many groups and friends that are professionals and I've yet to find a single pro player who does not dislike this community.
Thus, I will be trying to invite some professionals every now and then to engage in the community more (ex: Ash or Spen posting content they post on TwitteYouTube also in here albeit with no spam) to try and give more adequate projections and great opportunities to discuss the state of the meta.
In the long run if this ends up working out, my hopes to achieve are that this would be a great place some pros see to be able to go over and share their opinions with the intent of having a more active community engage with them, thus further growing the subreddit.
Another long run hope from being able to connect more with developers and competitive players would be to have more direct contact with the competitive eSports scene (after all one of our mods is u/ReddySet), and hopefully to have this subreddit more often promoted now that it is managed by people actively engaged with the strategic aspect of brawl.

Discord Server Changes (unconfirmed yet if it will happen)

This one is yet unconfirmed, but another issue this community has had after the previous drama incident is that a lot of the active and quality writers have left after said incident. These people have formed a part of a different now detached discord server: Beyond the Brawl.
If everyone in there agrees to it, we are planning on making a collab where we will essentially merge both discord servers together to reunite everyone back, and we will be migrating over to that discord server instead.
The discord server link will be shared in another post if the idea is passed through.

Banned Members (form will be posted later)

If you are reading this and in result of the previous drama with the previous topmod you have previously been permanently banned, or given a temporary suspension from the subreddit, you will be interested on this!
I will be posting later today a ban appeal application to try to pardon members previously banned for protesting (peacefully) on this subreddit.

Retaliations Regarding Past Drama

Anyone engaging in hate speech or witch-hunting (or anything of the sort) against people involved in the previous drama within this subreddit will be demoted (if in a position of power), and/or temporarily suspended from the subreddit regardless of which side they are from.
We will be tolerating zero drama from now on and we would like to finally let this wound heal. The wound will likely reopen to some after these changes, but please try to move on as quickly as possible.

Thank You Note

We hope you guys continue to post here and enjoy the newer changes, we have so many visions for this subreddit each mod having their own ideas, and these are just the ideas I have come up with (already discussed with other mods).
Let me know if you have any questions!
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2023.05.29 17:04 SteveW_MC Creating the ultimate 3DS Pokémon Machine (v1.0)


This guide is to explain how to get every Pokémon game from Gen 1-7 onto your CFW 3DS. The information is a compilation of references I’ve collected during my own efforts of 3DS modding. I’m creating something I wish I had when I started down this process, and I hope you find it useful.
Please let me know if any of the information is incorrect or should be elaborated on.
Note: This assumes you have already completed the CFW 3DS guide on your 3DS. This will not work without completing that process.

Part 1: Useful Tools & Sources

I will be making reference to the same handful of sources over and over again throughout this guide.

Part 2: How to get every Pokémon game on your Home Screen

Gen 1 & 2 (RBY/GSC)
Gen 3 (RSE/FRLE)
I can’t find the original reddit post where that Google Drive link came from. Here’s a post that also links to it.
Gen 4 & 5 (DPPt/HGSS/BWB2W2)
  1. Download roms or rip your cartridges via GodMode9, put them in the correct rom folders.
  2. Use NDSForwarder OR just open the Universal Updater app and you can find it in there (there's two different ones, I'd use the one by MechanicalDragon)
  3. Put DS games in /ROMS/NDS.
Note: Do not rename them after you’ve installed forwarders as that will break them. Also: LIMIT 40 DS GAMES INSTALLED AT A TIME - You can however use the data management menu to move the shortcuts you aren't using to the SD card to make room (where they disappear from the home screen and become unusable till they are moved back)
  1. Open the app via homebrew launcher to select which to install to your homescreen, and you may uninstall them one by one through the main 3DS data management menu, the DSiWare section.
Gen 6 & 7 (XY/ORAS/SMUSUM)
  1. Download games from the HShop
  2. or Rip the game from the cartridge via GodMode9

Part 3: How to migrate saves into 3DS

Gen 1 & 2 (RBY/GSC): Godmode 9
Gen 3 (RSE/FRLE)
Gen 4 & 5 (DPPt/HGSS/BWB2W2)
  1. Rip saves from cartridge via GodMode 9
  2. wherever you store your rom files, there should be a folder labeled saves.
  3. Move saves files into the roms folder.
Gen 6 & 7 (XY/ORAS/SMUSUM)
  1. Rip from cartridge via GodMode9 & inject into virtual version

Part 4: How to cheat in each game

1: Checkpoint
Note: Cannot access GBA or NDS games, only 3DS and original VC games. See “2. PKSM” and “3. NDSForwarder” below for instructions on how to cheat in those games. Checkpoint causes the game to crash often, especially in gen 6&7. Always save before activating a cheat.
1. get ahold of your Title ID by going to FBI → Titles → take a picture of your relevant Title ID for the game you need. 2. in PKSM, go to settings (hit X) and go to Misc → Title ID’s 3. input your title ID for your specific game from step 1 
1. in pksm, go to settings (hit x) → misc. → Extra Saves → find your save for your specific game within your SD card. For gen4-5 it’s probably in /ROMs/nds/saves 2. go back to the main PKSM screen, then hit Y, then choose your save to open. 
3. NDSForwarder (DS games only): hold Y while loading the game then press X
4. PKHeX Desktop App

Part 5: How to migrate Pokémon up and down generations:

  1. PKSM
  2. PKMN Chest can also work, though it works better on a DS/DSLite/DSi. It cannot access 3DS games, so no gen 6 or 7. Nor can it access Virtual Console games, like how it was instructed you install gen 1-3 above. It can access non-virtual console roms if you’ve installed them on the 3DS a different way. So at most you could access gens 1-5.
Edit: formatting and clarification
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2023.05.29 16:44 rainbow--penguin [OT] Writer's Spotlight: ZachTheLitchKing


Welcome to Writer’s Spotlight

Remember, spotlights rely on your nominations! So if there's anyone around the subreddit whose stories you love and you think deserves a shout-out, please do nominate them by sending us a ModMail.
This week we are celebrating u/ZachTheLitchKing
Zach hasn’t been with us particularly long, but they’ve definitely made an impression. The sheer number of stories they manage to write is ridiculously impressive, as is the breadth of genres they tackle both in their own original works and fanfiction. Plus they give great feedback to other members of the community. It’s been wonderful watching them grow and learn and improve in their writing since joining us here and I look forward to watching them continue to do so.
Want to congratulate this week's Spotlight recipient? Have questions you're dying to ask them? Please do so below in the comments!

Congrats on your spotlight ZachTheLitchKing


Read u/ZachTheLitchKing most recent story:

[CW] Smash 'Em Up Sunday: WP / ShoSto EU

Their most upvoted Stories:

[WP] The king has the ability to see team colors. Everyone who's working towards the same goal as a group appears to be wearing the same color, regardless of what color their clothes actually are. This makes conspiring against him really, really hard.
[WP] In the midst of combat, the villain watches in terror as the hero swallows an entire roast chicken, two cheese wheels, and a whole watermelon at once.
[WP] Every year, the richest person in the country is declared the, "Winner of Capitalism". They get a special badge, and then all their money, assets and everything that they own are donated to charity so they have to start back up again at $0.
To view previously spotlit writers visit our Spotlight Archive.
To make a nomination please send us a ModMail telling us which user you are nominating. If you’d like to include a reason for your decision we’d love to hear it!
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Come hang out on our discord. Meet other members from around the globe and chat about anything. We are a friendly bunch and love newcomers. We also have regularly scheduled readings over voice chat!
Love the community and want to take on a more active role? Apply to join the moderation Team!
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2023.05.29 16:41 Fieryone233 A little Help, can't get Nuphar to appear in DLC4

So, I had been throwing myself against a wall on the Third DLC boss for a bit and I found some mods from this thread:
Cause I needed to change some nature's and Abilities on my pokemon so I grabbed the one in the thread that adds NPCs to the game in Ishtar City too do that. So, with that and some other work I managed to finally beat DLC3 boss, knowing I probably needed the more updated map I swapped to that map since I kept the original file and went to the Pokemon center and talked with the guy to get her to show up, but going to the spot where she should be is empty and the NPCs added from the modded map are still there, anyway I can salvage this one of you fine folks might know?
submitted by Fieryone233 to PokemonXenoverseGuide [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 16:29 MajorityHippo [Fo4] What's the best Mod List to install using the Vortex Mod Manager?

So I was a MASSIVE fan of Fallout 3 and Fallout NV when they came out. I loved how they were able to really capture the sense of a post apocalyptic wasteland. When Fallout 4 came out however... I was excited but I ended up sinking only 80 hours into the game and honestly... The majority of it was base building.
So I am wanting to go back and seriously complete the main questline and actually try side quests and DLC.
I'm kind of tired of using Mod Organiser after all of my runs with Skyrim so this time I'm just going to be using Vortex and downloading a massive modlist. So my question is, what's the best modlist that overhauls the game but still keeps the fallout 4, Fallout 4? A don't want some crazy Zombie overhaul. Just something that makes Fallout 4 look very beautiful and also adding a ton of content.
Thanks for any and all help!
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2023.05.29 16:29 CNTO [A3] [Recruiting] [EU] [Semi-Serious] Carpe Noctem - Tactical Operations

Looking for a new Arma 3 Community?

Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations was founded in 2014 as an Arma 3 community that aims to balance a realistic combat environment with fun gameplay. We play missions every Tuesday and Friday using a custom modset designed to improve your Arma experience.
The average age of our members is 25 years old, mostly from Europe and we want to attract friendly and mature people to the community. Both Arma veterans and newcomers to the series are welcome to join CNTO - previous Arma experience is appreciated but not required.
Carpe Noctem is not a community where people call each other "sir" or features other hardcore role-playing aspects generally associated with milsim units. We use a rank structure but it serves administrative purposes only. In daily interactions we are completely equal to one another. Our play style is semi-serious and inspired by ShackTac. We employ real tactics, techniques and procedures adapted for Arma 3. Our goal is to have serious fun, not a tedious boot camp simulation.
We are a friendly, relaxed and organized community that enjoys playing a variety of games together and have a good laugh. We understand that players have other responsibilities and our core principle is that real-life always has priority. Our minimum attendance ratio is one event in two months.


We Offer


Most prominent mods used

Contact Us


CNTO is proudly sponsored by TeamSpeak and West Digital Management.
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2023.05.29 16:15 Hyewes There is only ONE way to save Overwatch now.

There is ONE way, and one way ONLY, to save Overwatch.
After the recent fiasco that has been the announced cancellation of Overwatch 2’s PvE plans, Overwatch and Blizzard’s customer base has every right to never offer this company their trust, EVER again.
There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that the decision to cancel the project was purely an executive decision, made with minimal respect to the desires and needs of the actual OW2 development team.
Many players who have remained loyal to the project despite delays and empty promises have reached their final straw. Many people are quitting, likely not in numbers that will impact Blizzard’s pockets very heavily in the long term, but enough to represent a very serious backlash.
Players who have remained have grown even more toxic in response to the news than what is typical of the game, playing with and speaking to other players as though the future of the game and its community doesn’t matter anymore. Leavers and throwers seem to be at a strong peak at the moment, with no signs of slowing down. The community is in a decent amount of chaos at the moment, and for excellent reason.
If the game’s upcoming content designed to replace PvE is to flop, the live game may survive overall across the next bunch of years, decade+ even, but it would represent a lifeless shell of what could have been, and there will be nothing left of the truly, once-in-a-generation, universal recognition of Overwatch’s ambitions, quality, and impact on the gaming world at large since it’s initial release.
Blizzard has robbed the community of a beloved game in exchange for empty promises; all for the sake of “better” monetization. This is the safest conclusion for any Overwatch consumer who has invested any money or time in the progression of this game since release to draw.
Let me repeat. The MOST reasonable way for fans to interpret recent events, is that their loyalty is repaid with a deceitful, corporate cash grab. It’s as simple as that, and it is largely unforgivable.
How can they make up for this? How can the community come back together and enjoy this game and each other’s company in a way not seen since the first few years of OW1?
My proposal: Restore Overwatch 1, and maintain it as a separate game.
Re-release the final patch of Overwatch 1, and repackage it as [Overwatch: Classic]. Free to Play, PC only, cracked wide open.
-Expand the Workshop for even more customizability, allowing players to restore old abilities from earlier versions of the game and mix and match them. Anything from Barrier Bastion to Scatter Arrow to Auto-Aim Symmetra. Create presets for older patches and offer even more development tools to allow for player creativity in developing new modes and ways to play.
-Allow for community made maps and mods to be used within community servers, with the main live game running as normal at the forefront, a la Team Fortress 2. Balance updates spread few and far between. Cast remains the same, no characters released in OW2 will make an appearance.
-Revise the loot box AND inventory system. Allow for at least SOME (limited) player to player trading of skins/cosmetics. Allow for multiples of items, rarity tiers for duplicables, kill counters or other unique effects on weapons, cosmetics/customizables, etc. Keep the old loot box system, but create a new class of unlockable boxes for those that want these paid attributes. This would allow for continued monetization of the original game in a familiar, non-controversial way. The community could more precisely determine in-game value of cosmetics through trade, and difficult to obtain skins (Pink Mercy, etc.) could be negotiated between players in a legit way vs having to trade entire accounts for a chance to get limited cosmetics. Again, taking a page out of TF2’s book, while solving a long-standing problem within the game.
-Keep a smaller, dedicated team for Overwatch: Classic. Separate it from OW2, keeping people who are interested in the new heroes and ongoing story elements of Overwatch satisfied, while paying back the people who had a game they purchased, loved, and remained loyal to replaced entirely without consumer-end justification. OW2 continues as planned, and retains both its PC and console player base who are genuinely interested in the continued development of the game. RuneScape by Jagex takes a similar approach to their main project: RuneScape 3. That project is regularly updated and propels the project towards its future potential, while Old School RuneScape, a version of the original game that the developers happened to find that keeps fans of the original game satisfied, with occasional polish updates based on frequent community polling and feedback.
Overwatch was taken so OW2 could exist and thrive. This did not go as planned, and the consumers of Overwatch do not have the game they paid for back in 2016-2022. A “media preservation” argument can be made here, as well as many others, but at the end of the day, many fans just lost a game they loved in exchange for one that they did not ask for. I am happy that OW2 exists, and I think it should continue to as best as the developers can manage, but the original game did not need to go away given these circumstances.
The most respectful, effective, PR power move that Blizzard could take right now, would be to give players BACK the game they paid for. And let them do what they will with it. Let it go, so that both games can prosper. I think this would be a great starting point to rebuilding trust in Blizzard, if it were to be done and done correctly.
submitted by Hyewes to Overwatch [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 16:08 Ankel88 Just bought a Xbox X for playing this game.. LOL.. few questions if I may

Hello, hope somebody would answer my questions:
Disclaimer:I basically bought a Xbox Series X only to play this game after watching Edgerunners anime.. 500+ euro lmao! Fuck inflation, I had to buy something.
Now, I've been playing the game at hard mode for 8 hrs:
1)Are the enemy levels fixed or adaptive?( I hate dynamically levelled enemies)
2)Gunplay is a bit weird and the enemies seems a bit too like health sponges, does it improves with hrs in game? I can't really win a multiple criminals fight without using a load of health booster.
3) Is it my impression or the game is so freaking CHAOTIC? Can't really understand anything during battles or firefights , it's just a big mess and loot is weird as well.
4)Am I blind or the text size is a bit too small?
5)what is the actual difference btw performance and raytracing graphics mode? Can't see much difference, and it's very beautiful anyway
6) what's the point of the first choice when they ask you if you are a nomad/street or corporate? During my few Hours I just had some NOMAD lines of text but they were pretty useless and bland.
7)Should I ditch the main story and just go fucking around?
8)Can I manage to understand and read the comprehensive story of the world in-game or I need to read it online?I.e. what's the current political situation z why there are corporations etc
9)why the game creates a sh1tload of autosaves? That can't be good
10)are there mods on Xbox? Like steam workshop? No idea how works.. I had a PS4 before xD
11) in the bathroom there are 3 SHELLS! lol demolition man anybody?
xx)Any advice how to enjoy the game the most?
submitted by Ankel88 to cyberpunkgame [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 16:00 Nicolas873 Doom 3 is pretty mediocre

It took me a bit but I have finally managed to finish Doom 3. Note that I played the vanilla version and not the BFG edition. From what I have read, the BFG edition gives you much more ammo, adds in a head/ chest-mounted flashlight and also has fewer enemy spawns. So apparently a whole lot easier and less scary than the original release.
A lot of people (or at least that's the impression I got) consider Doom 3 a black sheep for taking the franchise into an entirely different direction. From a fast-paced action game to a slower one with more emphasis on horror. Personally, I don't mind the change at all and actually think it's a really interesting idea that could work. Unfortunately, it feels like id didn't have a coherent vision for the game and just put together something that excels at neither being a good horror game nor a good FPS.
The game has 27 levels but for the sake of simplicity I'll mostly talk about "sections", so either entire levels or part of them to explain why I didn't enjoy the game. For several sections, especially early on, you are making your way through parts of the UAC facilities on Mars, slowly and room by room. The atmosphere is dense, most humans you encounter are dead with only a small handful of survivors scattered around. Most of the time you are on your own and only get to see the fallout of the hellish invasion. Apart from allowing you to pass the security clearance check for doors, the PDAs that can be found provide additional information on the game world, ranging from describing Life on Mars among the UAC personnel to research and medical examinations all of which become more disturbing as you progress through the game. Reading about how the (mental) health of the marines and research personnel that have been "to the other side" quickly started to deteriorate was genuinely terrifying and really added to the atmosphere. These moments of silence are broken up by hostile forces you encounter. These can vary from demons to possessed humans. Sections like these are just great. The game doesn't try too hard to scare you and let the atmosphere and world they built instead do the work. If the game had been like this throughout its entirety I would find it hard to not recommend it. Unfortunately, these sections are too few and far between.
Ouside of them, the game feels almost amateurish at times. It heavily relies on cheap jumpscares to give you a sense of dread. Monsters spawning in front and behind you at the same time, walls suddenly coming off the moment you walked past them revealing an imp ambush, monsters lunging at you the moment you open a door. The existence of these cheap mechanics wouldn't necessarily sour the game for me if they weren't used throughout the entire game up until the end. For me they had already gotten stale two hours in. Additionally, by 2004 a lot of great horror games had already been released. Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Dino Crisis and many more - all of which showed there are much "better" and more mature ways to do horror than to simply use jumpscares. Doom 3 really just did miss the mark by a mile.
The action-oriented sections are mostly not good either. Enemies almost exclusively spawn in so you can't strategically clear a room as it's empty until a trigger is activated by like picking up an item, entering a room or interacting with something. Your movement is very sluggish even while sprinting and the jumping feels awful. In some levels there are rooms or scaffoldings with items hidden inside or on top of them - similar to what you would find in Half-Life. But unlike Half-Life, getting to them can be a really pain. Imagine Half-Life 1 or 2 movement with a much higher gravity so that even crouch jumping does not work reliably anymore. The weapons are mostly unremarkable as well. Particularly the shotgun is terrible due to its high spread meaning it is only reliable at literally point blank range. At shorter ranges it can still sometimes one-hit kill enemies but only inconsistently which leads to frustrations. The other guns don't really stand out either. Grenades have a weird trajectory and bounce around like mad which can sometimes lead to your own demise. Among the arsenal is also the rocket launcher which doesn't really fit into the game as it mostly takes place in small rooms and tight corridors. Another often touched upon aspect is the lack of a flashlight. In the calmer sections I described earlier switching to it doesn't really bother me that much since you're primarily just exploring. But when the game amps up the pace and throws a large number of enemies at me, some small and completely shrouded in darkness, fighting them is not hard or scary but just becomes a nuisance. It's just annoying. For some reason the facility is also really dark. Way too dark, even before the invasion as you even find PDA entries in which UAC personnel complains about flickering/ failing lights. Yet they never did anything about it? A trained marine never considers the possibility of using tape to keep their hands free? Or at the very least keeping it in his left hand when using the pistol so they can use both at the same time and at least have some sort of defense and not be completely exposed and vulnerable? And what about the people who designed the combat armor? The game really makes you feel like you're not playing as a trained soldier but rather as an idiot working for a company full of idiots. This is even a problem in Hell. Before I played Doom 3, the image of hell I had in my mind was one of eternal torment in searing heat - with lava, flames and all that - anything but dark. But in Doom 3? Hell was so dark at times that I didn't even immediately see the skeletons hanging from the ceiling the game rattled hoping to scare me. I wasn't even scared of enemy encounters ther either. I was scared of falling into a pit or a hole in the ground I didn't see because it was pitch dark and I'd have to redo some sections. In Hell, the game also starts using smaller enemies like trites and cherubs in larger numbers. They often spawn behind you as well to give you that cheap Doom 3 horror experience. It gets even worse when you consider the fact that taking damage from any enemy causes your camera to shake around which makes killing smaller-sized enemies at short ranges even more of a slog than it already is. When you return to Mars this continues for a few levels. My most hated sections were around that point. I'd found myself at the other end of a bridge Dr. Betruger had previously destroyed and trites start spawning. Seemingly endlessly. It felt like a triggered hadn't properly activated as I stood there one tapping with the P90 at the trites that spawned and approached almost one by one for far too long. Reminded me more of a cheap mod someone threw together than the studio that once defined the FPS genre. The other section comes shortly after. You find a locked door and receive the objective of retrieving a missing door panel. Eventually, you find yourself in a small tight server room that's again too dark. The game spawns trites and cherubs all around you in addition to some monster closets that activate once you have walked past them. If they wanted to scare me, they failed. If they wanted to annoy the player - job done.
Another thing that hurts the game is its length. The pacing is off due to too many samey levels and drags on for far too long as a result. So much time is spent advancing through the alpha labs just to use a train to go through the delta labs. From there you go to hell for like 15 minutes before return to Mars. The UAC facilities finally start to look more disturbed by blending the original research facility design with hell. Personally, I would have cut some alpha/ delta labs levels (or inbetween) and made hell a bit longer. There is just too much time spent in similarly looking sections that mostly play the same and while the game tries to address this with hell and the levels that follow after, it was already too late for me. There are 27 levels and you don't enter hell until level 20.
I also played Resurrection of Evil, an expansion pack to Doom 3 by Nerve Software, and found it to be quite better than the base game. Most of the scariness comes from the atmosphere of the facility and not cheap jumpscares or enemies spawning behind you. When the action kicks in the game also feels much better. You no longer feel ill-equipped at shorter ranges thanks to the double-barreled shotgun which shreds demons and the enemy spawns are mostly much better placed so you don't have to constantly turn around or check for monster closets. The double-barreled shotgun is also the only weapon with which I was successfully able to kill an imp mid-air while it was lunging at me after I opened a door. In Doom 3? Even when I reacted in time the spread was so high I never got a kill even though I was dead on. Unfortunately, it still has the same darkness issues that plagued the base game, especially in hell. The Lost Mission campaign found in the BFG edition is even better and was actually good throughout.
All in all, Doom 3 isn't a good horror game and not a good FPS either. I do think it has a great atmosphere, sound design and also visuals for its time but in conjunction with the poor gameplay it feels more like a tech demo. And at the end of the day, if it isn't fun, then why bother?
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2023.05.29 16:00 AutoModerator 🌸 r/FemFragLab Marketplace: Destash, Swap, Buy, Sell!

Please read the rules and guidelines before participating.
Hi FemFragLab! Is your perfume collection getting too big to manage? Are you stuck with a blind buy gone wrong? Have you been eyeing a perfume, but don't want to pay retail? By popular request, here's the swap/sell thread!
Use this thread for the following:


New post every 7 days.
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2023.05.29 16:00 Afghan4ik My Newer Super Mario Bros Wii is freeze on the "Hold the Wii Remote sideways..." screen

I created an ISO and WBFS version of Newer Super Mario Bros Wii 1.30 via Mod ISO Builder 1.06, copied Riivolution and NewerSMBW and it worked! I received both the ISO and the WBFS file, but when I saw that the ISO only contained 1GB instead of the usual 4.38GB, I decided to convert NewerSMBW from WBFS to ISO via Wii Backup Manager, and it worked! The file was 4.38GB, but when I tried to run it through the Dolphin Emulator, the game froze on the screen saying "Hold the Wii Remote sideways..." box. Please let me know what should I do about this because I have read quite a few forums with this problem and I have not been able to solve this problem.
submitted by Afghan4ik to DolphinEmulator [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 15:25 Nacholover239 Windows system32 logfiles srttrail.txt error

So I just installed overwolf on my pc to play minecraft mods with my friend and I am getting startup errors for the last hour.
After downloading overwolf i turned off the computer to move the power cord and then turned it back on. After turning it back on i tried to open discord and overwolf and the entire pc was really laggy but my fans were quiet. I looked in task manager and one of the Microsoft processes (system 32 i think) was devouring my memory. I restarted my pc again after that and it booted in recovery mode but it says it can't fix it and is giving me the windows system 32 logfiles srt srttrail.txt error. I ran the chkdsk command prompt and now it's just been in a windows loading screen for 7 minutes
Any advice is appreciated or other subreddits to post it on
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2023.05.29 15:21 Soggy_Chemical Launch Valheim dedicated server with Thunderstore Mod Manager

Good morning,
Is it possible to launch a Valheim dedicated server modded through Thunderstore ?
I tried to install my mods with Thunderstore on my server but when I launch it "Modded" the BepInExPack console doesn't appear (although it does when I use Thunderstore with the client). I only see the classic console of the dedicated server.
Is there something to do on the Thunderstore so it works ?
submitted by Soggy_Chemical to ModdedValheim [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 15:01 AutoModerator The FAQ thread: Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) / Le fil des FAQ : Réponses aux questions fréquemment posées (FAQ) - May 29, 2023

Welcome to CanadaPublicServants, an unofficial subreddit for current and former employees to discuss topics related to employment in the Federal Public Service of Canada. Thanks for being part of our community!
Many questions about employment in the public service are answered in the subreddit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents (linked below). The mod team recognizes that navigating these topics can be complicated and that the answers written in the FAQs may be incomplete, so this thread exists as a place to ask those questions and seek alternate answers. Separate posts seeking information covered by the FAQs will be continue to be removed under Rule 5.
To keep the discussion fresh, this post is automatically posted once a week on Mondays. Comments are sorted by "contest mode" which hides upvotes and randomizes the order to ensure all top-level questions get equal visibility.

Links to the FAQs:

Other sources of information:

Bienvenue sur CanadaPublicServants! Un subreddit permettant aux fonctionnaires actuels et anciens de discuter de sujets liés à l'emploi dans la fonction publique fédérale du Canada.
De nombreuses questions relatives à l'emploi ont leur réponse dans les Foires aux questions (FAQs) du subreddit (liens ci-dessous). L'équipe de modérateurs reconnaît que la navigation sur ces sujets peut être compliquée et que les réponses écrites dans les FAQ peuvent être incomplètes. C'est pourquoi ce fil de discussion existe comme un endroit où poser ces questions et obtenir d'autres réponses. Les soumissions ailleurs cherchant des informations couvertes par la FAQ continueront à être supprimés en vertu de la Règle 5.
Pour que la discussion reste fraîche, cette soumission est automatiquement renouvelée une fois par semaine, chaque lundi. Les commentaires sont triés par "mode concours", ce qui masque les votes positifs et rend aléatoire l'ordre des commentaires afin de garantir que toutes les nouvelles questions bénéficient de la même visibilité.

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2023.05.29 14:54 thepleasedonot Modding DAI

Hi im sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Im trying to add some quality of life mods, but frostbite mod manager does not recognise .rar files and when i changed them to the same file type of a mod that worked i got errors. The mods im wanting to impliment are: Faster Looting - War Table - No Waiting (also works with Jaws of Hakkon and The Descent DLCs) - Party Banter Tweaks - ... /mods/3603 Search Radius Increased - ... /mods/1442
The reasoning for theese mods are because ive seen them work combined for others on youtube, but since im a noob at moding i need some help here.
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2023.05.29 14:35 naniisadino NTU-NIE TSP AMA

realised that there’s quite a few queries about the TSP programme and different routes one can take for teaching and hope I can answer some of these questions while I have the time to (I had the option to pursue masters upon completing my Bsc(Ed) in TSP and hence have time on my hands compared to my fellow batchmates who’re already out there in the teaching world :p)
in general, you can think of TSP as sort of a double degree programme. you take modules
useful link: A LOT of info here but you can see the type of modules you have to take for your subject combi. note that you have too do academic studies (AS) mods, curriculum studies (CS) & educational studies (ES) modules. so as a math & phy sec sch teacher, I look at pages - 377 (AS1: math) & 418 (AS2: phy) for AS mods - 205 (CS1: math) & 210 (CS2:phy), for CS mods - 108 (sec sch) for ES mods
opportunities unique to TSP - we have 4 teaching attachments as part of our programme
expectations of you as a student teacher gradually increases. I personally think this is really helpful, but of course one’s experience varies depending on the school & mentor you get. all are pass/fail except for TP2 which you’ll get a grade (pass/merit/distinction)
IP - you get to experience what teaching is like in other countries - finland, japan, demark, china etc. quite a few options! sadly I can’t share much as covid robbed me of this opportunity:( i probably still can answer questions about this though:) I had the opportunity to visit switz on a study trip as we moved out of covid in 2022 in replacement.
you get to go on the usual exchange program too, in year 3 sem 1 (not as flexible as other courses where one can choose to go in y2s2 or y3s1 due to NIE curriculum)
other adhoc overseas opportunities: SALT - basically like OVIA. sign up basis (some might require interview). a week long. open to diploma & pgde student teachers too theres nalanda and sikkim trips by the NIE service learning clubs too, usually in dec.
common qns: watered down content for academic subject modules? I would say yes to some extent, afterall, I think the emphasis is still on teaching, since most (I personally hope all) that enter TSP do so because of their passion to teach. loving a subject doesnt mean that one can teach the subject well. BUT if you’re genuinely passionate about the subject itself, I’d say there are plenty of opportunities to work with profs that will grant you opportunities to stretch your academic abilities too. they recognise strengths, and being teachers themselves, of course they’d want to push you. am pursing math masters in a uk uni that is fairly recognised for math, so I hope the “lack of depth” idea doesnt stop you from considering TSP.
as I mentioned in some of the comments in similar threads, I did enjoy my 4 years in NIE, being around fellow student teachers with the heart for students brought about many wholesome conversations. you’ll meet many profs who were teachers themselves and get to hear their stories too. most profs genuinely care about your learning and your future as a teacher. small class size is a massive perk too.
I genuinely think TSP would benefit those who are truly passionate and intend to join teaching. if you’re not sure // feel like you love the subject more than you love teaching, then it might better to get a degree elsewhere and consider the pgde route instead:) afterall, 4 years is indeed a long time and you’ll never know how uni would open your mind & stir up other passions within ya!
oh, feel free to ask about the scholarships / application / interviews too.
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2023.05.29 14:03 Ace_TD Happy Birthday r/TotalDrama (art by Kika-Ila)

Happy Birthday TotalDrama (art by Kika-Ila)
Hi Campers:
Today we're celebrating TotalDrama 11th Birthday, it was on May 29, 2012 that this community was created, and after all that year, we are proud to be still standing, closing to the 50K members and being one of the top 5% communities on Reddit.
I want to thank you all for being here, after all a community is their members, thank you for every post, every comment, every ounce of love for the franchise, for every fanfic, every fanart, every meme, because is the content what keep channels alive, because this place exist for you, to share everything that we love about Total Drama.
And of course, I thank my fellow mods, for their hard work managing this community, as I know sometimes isn't easy and for many you will never do enough, but the community keeps thriving, so many thanks to you.
I know that eventually people change and that everyone reading this text will eventually move on, but for the time you spend with us, many thanks. Feel free to share your experiences with the sub and wish you all an awesome day.
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