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I have a unique personal style and I'm always on the hunt for the next unique item. Feel free to share your favorite style or wishlist! All are welcome 💖

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2023.03.21 12:29 mazkus European truck campers with european rides

can you please out yourselves? and tell me your rides?
I myself am from Austria, the beautiful land of Arnold and Adolf, and am the proud owner of a HiLux from 2014.
I am in the middle of converting it to a truck camper and we in Europe have lots of laws, so even the attempt can be a bit daunting (try picking the right lights, manage, not to make the corners too sharp, get a certification from a civil engineer to get a certification from the state registrtation place, to get your car on the road in a relatively legal way...
if you are interested in seeing some very low quality content of my attempts filming myself while converting the truck, I can share the link, for now I will spare you.
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2023.03.21 12:27 thomaze1988a Programmers wanted for RTS and citybuilder

Hello fellow gamedevelopers,
I'm looking for a programmer (and some other roles) to contribute to;
Leveldesigners are also welcome as long as they also implement the levels. Same goes for game and unit designers etc.
My gamedev experience and reasoning
I'm the developer of and so far that's been going pretty well. I'm still working on adding some features there before I want to take it out of early access. But I also have to pay my bills which is why I'm working part-time on some other things as well (im now doing gamedev fulltime, about 60-80 hours per week). There's various constructions for that with potential investors and business opportunities but I won't go into that here. Once things in that area are more solidified then will be a good time to look at how to structure our long-term cooperation.
Currently I'm looking for a programmer who wants to join one of the projects. Some have a team, some don't, but all have a fairly good chance of success. Some will also have funding available at some point, but your main motivation shouldn't be to earn big bucks but instead to join me on this journey so that we can start making a name for ourselves in the gamedev industry. Deliver AA quality games. And more importantly to actually finish projects properly and build towards the future.
My hope is to find good people to work with so that the burden becomes a little less heavy. So that we can both benefit and work in a smart and structured manner.
Which part of the project will I tackle?
What other roles could we use?
I don't have to tell you guys how complex the gamedev industry is. How much work there is to be done always. Currently for me its my life, which is why I can get a lot done. But it would really help if there were others who also want to build towards the future. So I'm always looking for;
Later on in the project we could also use some voice over artists and stuff like that. But that's something I will arrange as well.
I personally spend about 20 hours per week on each of the projects. I'm looking for people who can contribute at least 5-10 hours per week to the projects. I don't expect you to work on this as hard as I am, but I do expect at least some output in return for getting a completed AA quality project at the end of the line. And possibly a lot of money, but any indie dev that can guarantee that likely doesn't undestand the industry at all.
Send me a DM or add me on Discord ^^
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2023.03.21 12:27 Antique_Ad_5712 Improve Your Child's English With A Stay In Ireland

Improving your English skills through a language immersion stay in Ireland is a very suitable program for children. They will be amazed by the speed of their progress. In addition to language skills, participants are immersed in all the cultural and historical richness of Ireland. They are invited to visit Dublin, the beautiful Irish capital.
Improve Your Child's English With A Stay In Ireland
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2023.03.21 12:25 oligneisti The Sagas and GRRM (Spoilers Main)

I have been trying to figure out which Sagas GRRM has read. He has mentioned that he read some of them at university. This was a class on Scandinavian history (taught by Franklin D. Scott if I am not mistaken). You might remember this as the same course that inspired his story about Sveaborg. GRRM also stated that he didn't actually remember much of the Sagas he read.
For those who don't know, the Icelandic Sagas are a collection of various stories written in 1200-1450 (dating is actually a very contentious issue). There are many categories of Sagas but among them are the Legendary Sagas that deal with what we might call "the age of heroes".
Arguably the most famous is of the Legendary Sagas is Völsunga Saga. The story is obviously related to the German Nibelungenlied. It involves dragons, magic swords etc.
I am rereading Völsunga Saga and there are elements there that seem very reminiscent of ASOIAF. I know am not the first person to make this connection so I think there is something there.
I am wondering if someone has run into any references to which Sagas GRRM read.
Of course GRRM doesn't have to have read the saga itself so it might very well be that he has been influence by another retelling of story and if you know anything about that I'd be very interested. That might even be from books interpreting the stories (e.g. Campbell or Grimm).
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2023.03.21 12:25 Few-Lingonberry5437 BFF Delaney

Anyone else notice anytime Danielle brings up Delaney she has to emphasize that she’s her best friend. Like regardless of if it’s in a video or typing she has to put “bff” and when Delaney moved to the city Danielle couldn’t stop talking about how she couldn’t wait to have her best friend in the city… makes me wonder about Brooke and her friendship even more
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2023.03.21 12:24 Charming_Netapp Wolf Game The Wild Kingdom Mod 75K Gems iOS and Android 2023

Wolf Game The Wild Kingdom Mod 75K Gems iOS and Android 2023

If you are a lover of 3d role-playing games, you will surely be no stranger to Wolf Game The Wild Kingdom Mod APK. This is an extremely attractive game that gives players an extremely interesting experience. To better understand this game you can follow our following sharing.

About Wolf Game The Wild Kingdom Mod APK
This is one of the famous games of Strategy Gamez that challenges you to control a Wolfpack in the wilderness and protect them to survive all difficulties and challenges. You must demonstrate your strength, courage, and determination to lead them through the rigors of life in the wild.
Wolf Game The Wild Kingdom Mod APK all unlocked will take you to a wild world, surrounded by extremely dangerous predatory enemies. But in return, this place has extremely beautiful and impressive scenery. So if you are looking for an ideal entertaining and relaxing game, Wolf game the wild kingdom is the perfect choice for you.

Wolf Game The Wild Kingdom Mod APK is a thrilling game
This game is set in the wild nature, this is your last chance to interact with elephants, wolves, tigers, bears, and many other animals living in the natural environment. Your goal when participating in Wolf Game The Wild Kingdom Mod APK with all characters unlocked is to provide food for Wolfpack so that it can survive in the wilderness.
With this game, you will need to use your tactics and leadership skills to be able to successfully keep your wolves safe. This is an extremely attractive and engaging game, you will be hooked for many hours.
This game also gives you a lot of different emotions. Sometimes you can also fall prey, so you need to be careful and cunning to survive. Besides, you also have to use all your abilities and intelligence to protect your goods from other wolves trying to take them.
Wolf Game The Wild Kingdom Mod APK for android has many different levels. At each level, there will be different challenges brought to you. Through each level, the difficulty of the game will increase.

Wolf Game The Wild Kingdom Mod APK offers the chance to be the ruler of the wild
This game will give you a chance to become the ruler of the wilderness. Especially if you can lead your herd to a successful victory then you will be crowned the king of the stop zone.’
Through each level of the game, you will proceed to unlock extremely attractive new features such as The feature of calling other animals for help, and building a solid and resilient lair,...
With Wolf Game The Wild Kingdom Mod APK for ios whatever you do make sure you won't get caught by hunters. If unlucky for them to find you and your pack, they will kill you immediately.
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2023.03.21 12:23 CriticalCentimeter Sad funeral sets and a rap about the afterlife!

Just seen this posted on a Facebook group and it made me laugh!
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2023.03.21 12:23 NOLAking1989 Long term catfish into rp

Long term Catfish turn into RP Pick a celebrity and scenario
Send first message of DM to include number of the celebrities the letters of the scenarios your name and age in rp (18+) If you picking a older scenario use a older age
Pick 3 girls and 3 scenarios ( I don’t want to keep doing same scenarios with each guy). I will decide which girl and scenario I will do.
  1. Sarah Graysun (22)
  2. Loren Gray (20)
  3. Paige Mackenzie(20)
  4. Kendall Vertes(20)
  5. Kate Marie(18)
  6. Brooke Berry(21)
A. You are dad friend (40+) B. You are best friend’sDad (38+) C. You are Ex bf's Dad (38+) D. You are former HS teacher E. You are guy I babysit for (30+) F. You are dad’s boss (38+) G. You are my ex bf (20-22) H. You are best friend bf (20-22) I. You are current college professor. (44+) J. You are pastor (50+)
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2023.03.21 12:23 cursed-hedgehog [PC][late 2000s/early 2010s] Top down Fantasy Adventure Action RPG/light fantasy pixel graphics/creature collector

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action Adventure RPG/creature collector. Top down.
Estimated year of release: Played it ~2010, shouldn't have been realised much earlier than that, but definitely no later than 2013
Graphics/art style: Pixel-art esque, closest that reminds me of it is Chrono Trigger. It was always really light, vibrant colours and atmosphere. Fantasy worlds but not dark fantasy. I have a vague memory of finding fox creatures in a shadowy, mossy, but flowery forest. Nothing was ever dark, very kid friendly. It was open space, move around the map and discover different areas.
Notable characters: Could design your own character at the start (this was fun). Could choose haieye/skin colour, hairstyle, and outfit (as mentioned later, pretty sure you could also choose weaponry i.e. to hold a giant staff). Most notably there were companion creatures you could catch and collect; I believe some were fox-like and I think some were more slime-like. A lot of the creatures were the same but just of different colour variations. I think some were birds.
Notable gameplay mechanics: The creatures you collected would help fight with you, the gameplay itself is the foggiest for me but I don't believe it was turn-based. I remember it as moving with WASD and interacting/fighting (i.e. swinging your sword or staff) with mouse clicks. On that note, I'm pretty sure you could choose to be carrying a giant staff. Pretty sure instead of capturing you could also just kill the creatures/knock them out. I think they were just wandering around the areas as well for you to stumble across and choose what to do.
You could access your inventory/backpack. It would pop up with a grid on the screen and from here you could also choose which creatures would be following you/helping you in the game (they would walk behind you I believe) and which would remain in your inventory. You could equip different weapons and outfits.
Other details: Beautiful and vibrant score with lots of delicate piano melodies - this is what I remember most clearly but I'm pretty bad at describing it. Such a beautiful fantasy score, very light (not dark fantasy). Honestly, this is why I mostly want to find it! Sorry it's so vague, I was very young when I played this so it's in a deep and foggy part of my memory! Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.
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2023.03.21 12:23 willjones00 How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Make

How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Make
Depending on several things, How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Make? The real estate agent who serves both customers and property owners. The primary responsibility of a real estate agent is to counsel clients who want to buy or sell a home. How much a real estate agent makes varies from one agent to the next. The broker is also responsible for contract completion, negotiations, paperwork, etc. It also depends on how he conducts business with clients.
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2023.03.21 12:22 my_innocent_romance Which hair should I use?

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2023.03.21 12:22 prolunpred1982g6ccv horny wife needs step sons big cock Big boobs beauty Porn Beauty Big Boobs Pov – Vidéos Porno et Sex Video House maid Hidden Sex VOYEUR HOUSE – Vidéo Porno @ ePornz Canela Skin lies down on the couch and lets our stud peel her tights off her fat ass in all its glory! Geraldine…

horny wife needs step sons big cock Big boobs beauty Porn Beauty Big Boobs Pov – Vidéos Porno et Sex Video House maid Hidden Sex VOYEUR HOUSE – Vidéo Porno @ ePornz Canela Skin lies down on the couch and lets our stud peel her tights off her fat ass in all its glory! Geraldine… submitted by prolunpred1982g6ccv to u/prolunpred1982g6ccv [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 12:21 Nimarit Gudi Padwa - Why is it a good time for you to invest in real estate?

Gudi Padwa - Why is it a good time for you to invest in real estate?
Festivals add happiness and cheer to our lives, thanks to all the laughter, lights, colours, beautiful traditions, and good food. But there’s more to them.
The festive season is about exciting offers and discounts too, especially if you are planning to invest in real estate. For instance, the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa is just around the corner, and in this blog, we will explore why it is a great time for you to buy a new house. Now, you might already know, Gudi Padwa marks the first day of the Marathi new year and is considered as one of the holiest days of the year. The day signifies new beginnings and hopes as it is the start of the new year.

How to do the Gudi Padwa puja?

A Gudi or a flag is made using a long bamboo shoot and a bright colourful silk scarf. The bamboo shoot is covered with the scarf and decorated with neem leaves, mango leaves, as well as a garland of flowers. The bamboo shoot is then covered with an inverted vessel/lota made of either silver or copper. This festival indicates the win of good over evil. It is said that by doing this ritual, we can stay protected against all types of evils and ward off any negative energy.
On the day of the festival, you need to begin the day by taking an oil bath and then wear new clothes. Next, you need to decorate your home by making rangolis. You need to prepare the Gudi next and do the pooja. Once the pooja is over, the prasad should be distributed to all family members and friends.
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For those who want a perfect ending to their wedding story, they choose exotic honeymoon destinations where they can get closer in an undisturbed atmosphere while getting closer to each other. It is important for honeymooners to leave their spouses in a lonely yet suitable place where they won't find them stranded far away from civilization, as well as strong support and guidance provided by a professional.
A number of honeymoon hot spots exist around the world, some of them luxurious and others affordable. If you are looking for unique, pleasant, spectacular, restful, exciting yet romantic honeymoon destinations, Andaman is definitely the place for you. Andaman offers a variety of pleasurable options and Andaman honeymoon packages that are among the most sought-after honeymoon destinations in India.
But, before beginning with any Andaman honeymoon package organizer, you should double-check that the itineraries for the trip include all necessary and solitary locations, such as stunning beaches, unspoiled rain forests, and desolate landscapes. After hectic wedding ceremonies, a successful and exciting honeymoon celebration depends on choosing the correct organizer.
The choice of Andaman honeymoon packages appears next. The right package selection ensures unforgettable erotic indulgence and meaningful time with your spouse. Select the company that best meets your requirements and provides you with the options to make your Andaman honeymoon vacation unique.
Important things to do to make your honeymoon in the Andaman Islands enjoyable
Get lost in the dark, untamed rainforest
Spend the afternoon getting lost in the Andaman Islands' dark, untamed rainforest to enjoy a hot, vibrant afternoon. In dense glooms and winding mossy paths, observe your spouse in the weak light coming from heaven. Use the pleasant breezes that are blowing about you to calm your bare bodies. Just before the sun sets, return to a beach or coastal location. Watch the crimson sun, which is slowly descending into the still water like the top of an orange.
Enjoy the Andaman Islands' stunning beaches
The Golden Beaches are where the magic of love and passion begins. At this point on, romance might begin to roll. Sit behind a slight rush and eat while kissing and embracing one another. To enjoy the morning sun, place your head on your partner's lap while you are still asleep. Last but not least, gaze at the enormous body of azure water to learn from it how to become serene, vast, and patient. Your marriage will be prosperous and pleasant as a result.
Indulge in some sea walking or swimming
Hold your lover close to you in your wild array beneath the clear sea. Watch the little fishes as they dart around. Pause there for a second and laugh at their obscene frisking. Gather coral and little dace fish. Your heart will be filled with joy and contentment as a result of all this.
Book Your Honeymoon Trip To Andaman With NC Travel Andaman
Looking for a romantic escape for your honeymoon? NC Travel Andaman has the perfect solution – our Andaman honeymoon packages offer everything you need for a dreamy getaway.
Andaman is a truly remarkable destination, with its crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches, and lush rainforests. It’s the perfect place to relax and recharge with your new spouse. With our Andaman honeymoon tour packages, you can enjoy all the best that this beautiful island has to offer.
We’ll take care of all the details, so all you have to do is focus on each other. Our Andaman Nicobar Islands honeymoon packages include airfare, accommodations, transfers, and more. Plus, we can help you customize your trip to ensure it’s exactly what you want.
So what are you waiting for? Book your Andaman and Nicobar honeymoon packages today and start planning the trip of a lifetime!
Name- NC Travel Andaman
Phone- +91-9531874783, 9933281892
E-mail- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.21 12:20 ThrowRA546236 I 26M am desperate will lose a 21F incredible connection

Hello people of Reddit, is my first post here but I read a lot of relates here. I'm not a native English speaker so forgive my errors.
I 26m, went to a mall one day to buy some cologne for me, and I saw the most beautiful girl I ever seen in my life she was working in the cologne store. When our eyes met I felt a instantaneous connection with her. She 21f came to talk to me and helped me to choose my cologne, she smiled a lot, and I felt she was flirting with me. So I got a paper and a pen and discreetly gave my number to her, she accepted and in that day she texted me. I was very happy, it worked, I never did that before, but I felt she was worth. We talked for like 4 hours straight, asked her Instagram but she said doesn't have it, this was a little bit strange but I accepted, then she said her phone was dying, I said it's okay we talk tomorrow.
Next day I was blocked in her Whatsapp, I didn't understood anything because I didn't said anything wrong. Couple weeks later I went again to the same mall (my city just have one mall), and I saw her again working there. I didn't want to looks a creep so I didn't did anything, but she saw me there. Everytime I went to this mall we saw each other, but I didn't want to bother her and tried to do my stuff, this keep happening for like 2 months. One of these days I said hi when I passed in front the store, she startled a little but said Hi back. This day she texted me asking me what I was doing there, I said I was just eating something. She asked if I could stay close her store because was winter and she was bored without any clients. I accepted of course. I stayed stand for like 5 hours talking to her, she said found me cute the first time saw me, then I asked why she blocked me, and she said was her boyfriend, but she wants to leave him because he don't respect her and stuff... We kept talking until the mall closes, then I offered her a ride because she used to takes a bus home every night at midnight. She refuses because her boyfriend will not like this, I accepted this and went home.
Then everytime I went to the mall I was seeing her and staying for hours talking to her we kept doing this for a couple of weeks, one day she said they had a argue and talked about breaking, I tried to give her advices to fix her relationship, but she doesn't want to because was tired of him. In this day she accepted my ride home and gave me some hints about cheat on him with me, I said no and left her home. I was liking her but I don't want to be part of a cheat. Then I gave her like 4-5 rides home when I went to the mall, but we never even hugged, just talked about everything, relationships, energies, connection, life, movies. I was very happy, I was feeling a huge connection with her, her smile makes me happy. I wanted her to finish her relationship, but I always said the opposite to try to fix everything with him. One day, she texted me saying she had broke with him, but she will move to another country to be with her family, because she was living with him and didn't had anywhere to go, I didn't want to appear desperate, and acted cool being supportive. In that day I went to the mall but after, instead to go to her house, we came to my house. We had s*x, the connection was awesome, our energy, was the most enjoyable experience in my whole life. Never had a so good intercourse even in my previous long term relationships.
Asked her to sleep here, but she refuses, I respect and took her home.
We kept talking she always saying how I was important to her, and how she loved to be with me. She said things like visit her when I could, and she will do this too when come to here again. We live in Europe so everything is pretty close and cheap to travel.
She left the country. It was painful. But we kept talking how we still like each other and wanted to be together one day, but not now because of her recently broke. I that moment I realized I was in love with her. And told her that, she said the same, she was in love with me aswell. I felt blissful. She was everything I ever wanted in a girl, but the most important was our energy connection. And we kept talking for like 2 weeks how we miss each other and wanted to be together. She bought plane tickets to came here to see me one month from now. In that moment I was so happy because everything was so perfect, sometimes we told each other about the fear to trust some one like that, but I dedicated her my heart and was very clear about my feelings to her. She always said how she liked me and wanted to take care of me. For sometimes we slept in phone call, I sang to her sleep, told her fairytales story to help with her anxiety to sleep.
Then, 1 week after she bought the tickets, her ex bf called her and begged to come back, she felt really bad and said he said very bad things to her. She asked me to stay by her side and never abandon her, so I did. I was 100% supportive all the time, clear with my feelings, said everything with very caution to be very clear. She said was in love with me and never want to come back to him.
1 week later she was very different from her usual talking to me, taking 3 hours to answer, answering short phrases, ignoring some things. I knew what's was going on, but was very polite and asked her if we have a problem. She said yes, and said her ex called her again saying how he misses her, and how he loves her. She said she will use her plane tickets to see him instead of me, and said: "we have to stop this we are having, you are very important to me but I have to do this, I have to do this to be sure about him, even if I have to sacrifice you in the process"
Guys. My world ruined. I felt so fucking bad. I don't desire this feeling to anyone. Now she will be here in town in a week and we even talk anymore. My question is? What I do? I fell in love other times but I never felt this energetic connection before. There's some details I skipped in this story to short it a little but I can answer any questions in the comments, please help me I'm not being able to sleep, eat or work anymore. I know she already gave up on me, but I have to give up this energy? This is so fucking rare. I already cried a lot. I'm really desperate.
I will update this after she cames to town and tell you if something changed.
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2023.03.21 12:20 interiors_1 Laminate Flooring the Best Option for Indian Homes

Don't you simply like how elegant hardwood floors are? Its ageless beauty has served as the standard for elegant interior design. The West, where it is chilly and not as humid, is where laminate wood flooring first appeared in interior design. You must have questioned whether hardwood is suitable for a tropical region like India. At first look, the available evidence suggests that Indian laminate flooring is possibly a superior option. Let's go over the details now without further ado.
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2023.03.21 12:19 Coco_Droppa Chat GPT was living in a alternate dimension on this one.

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2023.03.21 12:18 Udox39 The Doodler and Will dynamic [spoiler]

So I think Will and the Doodler are a lot like Captain Hook and Tik Tok the Croc from Peter Pan. There is bad blood between them and Will while terrified of the Doodler, covets his power. The Doodler yearns for love but I think seeing Ron go through the shit he as with Will, despises the man to the core. Scary’s slip up of controlling him on episode 29 shows that he is basically trying to master his fear and death by taking the doodler. Thoughts?
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2023.03.21 12:17 Sapphire-help My beautiful sapphire ring with so many colours!

My beautiful sapphire ring with so many colours!
The photos genuinely do not do it justice! It has so many different tones I'm obsessed with looking at my ring. Been walking into walls with my hand infront of my face haha.
Ring choosing story: In December he did a mini proposal with a beautiful bracelet to say he wanted us to start looking for an engagement ring together (I'd said previously I'd want to choose my own).
2months to find the perfect sapphire, a blue/green/teal type with lots of sparkle!
I almost went with a very flat looking one from an unimpressive behaved jeweler and advice from here helped me feel confident that there was better out there...
And there absolutely was!!! A local jewelers sourced us the most beautiful sapphires and the second I saw this one amongst about 5 on a table I knew!
Then the wait was so funny, I knew the rough timeline of when it would be ready, sometime in march, and so every time I left the house with my partner I was ready. Even putting the bins out. The only day I didn't expect was on his birthday haha. So he still managed to surprise me! Beautiful morning walk in one of our favourite places that was also our first date place.
And now I've found out that this beautiful little stone has so many moods and colours! Totally green from the side, dark green inside shop lights, dark deep blue inside house lights, and bright aqua flashes in sunlight!
Love love love it, if anyone is considering sapphire I say go for it!! Also I found through the choosing process that I'm basically a magpie, I had no idea at the beginning I'd also want a sparkly diamond band haha, but here I am with my fancy pants sparkly ring.
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2023.03.21 12:17 y0intawebz Thank you Pattaya

Finally about to board my plane to fly out of here, it’s been a crazy wonderful 8 days experiencing many markets (pattaya floating market) was amazing and my highlight.
And Walking street and weed shops alongside the multiple massage shops have been so fucking awesome.
I’ll definitely miss this place and definitely plan on retiring here, also goddamn the Russian girls are beautiful alongside the Thailand girls!
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2023.03.21 12:16 karlartreid Ron Kamonohashi Deranged Detective REACTION By An Animator/Artist

Deranged Detective REACTION By An AnimatoArtist
Today we are taking a peak at a manga anime adaptation called deranged detective and it looks freaking interesting in a dark and edgy sense. Beautiful visuals in this trailer that wr are also going to breaking down in an upcoming episode out soon, in the mean
So sit back relax and Enjoy
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2023.03.21 12:16 AutisticShaman Not allowed to visit brother in laws house with our dog after baby born

So upset about this situation and now refuse to visit myself. Saw this coming for months in advance… Our beautiful dog wasn’t going to be allowed on the couch ‘once the baby came’. Now it’s even worse our dog isn’t even allowed inside. And this straight after two other young nephews come and live in the house for many days. No explanation. One can assume because ‘a dog is dirty’. Yet the nephews are where the actual germs and viruses that can infect a human child would come from! Let them know that our dog is our ‘child’ and it is upsetting that our ‘family’ can’t visit. Get told sorry to upset but you should understand that we have a 4.5 week old baby as the only response. Wow.
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