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2023.04.01 12:45 CTTAMA Boyfriend gets mad at me for being competitive in a video game.

My (21f) boyfriend (23m) gets angry at me whenever we play brawlhalla. Now, I’m not used to that game whatsoever, I would rather play smash bros, but he despises smash bros, so we compromised and played brawlhalla. Nearly every time, the win ratio is 90% on HIS end, like he wins all the time in that game. But today, we were talking about it and he said that he wouldn’t play that game with me because I’m “too competitive” and I am “decent at the game, but won’t admit it”. He doesn’t like playing the game with me because I get too competitive, even though, in a very rare instance, I actually win the game and he throws the controller and gets really angry with me. So I don’t know. I don’t like Brawlhalla.
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2023.04.01 12:44 Left4Daft fsdfdsf

GPT-4 is so close to creating a universal educational simulator based on just a paragraph prompt. Take a look at this simulated negotiation, with grading and feedback.
Prompt: "I want to do deliberate practice about how to conduct negotiations. You will be my negotiation teacher. You will simulate a detailed scenario in which I have to engage in a negotiation. You will fill the role of one party, I will fill the role of the other. You will ask for my response to in each step of the scenario and wait until you receive it. After getting my response, you will give me details of what the other party does and says. You will grade my response and give me detailed feedback about what to do better using the science of negotiation. You will give me a harder scenario if I do well, and an easier one if I fail."

I did this with GPT-3.5 a month ago and it was nowhere near as good (GPT-4 also seems more willing to give worse grades than GPT-3.5 - which is good):
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2023.04.01 12:44 nadzicle Eats the same meal at lunch and dinner, gets vastly different bgl readings

Three thin crust slices of pepperoni pizza. Ate it for dinner last night: 5.3. Had it cold for lunch, went for a nap afterwards and didn’t walk: 6.5, which isn’t great but is under 6.7. Have it for dinner heated up, went for a slow 20min walk and drank a heap of water: 7.5.
I foresee metformin in my near future. And my partner says we probably won’t have another kid after this one because this has been hard for me to handle with my shitty adhd brain and also not enjoying having to make different meals for my family and myself. Which makes me super sad. Wah.
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2023.04.01 12:43 Mythion The Assisystem Digitally Assisted TTRPG Aide (IDEA)

TLDR- The Assisystem is essentially all of the physical books GMs and players would use in a normal TTRPG made into digital form and hosted on a server that allows them to track everything on screen and have all mathematical resolutions calculated for them as the play around a table in person. Basically D&D Beyond with the whole game digitally assisted but not just for D&D.
"The Assisystem"
The Assisystem is a “digitally assisted” table top role playing game aide that consists of an online hosting server where the Game Master and Players can use their computers, tablets and phones to assist them in gameplay. The game is still played in person around a table and the digital assist allows for easier character creation, world building, stat tracking, encounter set ups, combat tracking and so on.
The Game Master
When creating a Game Master Account a detailed questionnaire will be filled out to set up the Campaign. Editable pre-made templates for everything will be available.
The GM will answer questions about-
Time Period- Pre-History, Ancient History, Medieval Period, Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, Modern, Near Future, Far Future, Space etc.
Setting- Specific worlds, real historic time periods such as Victorian Era, Sengoku Era, French Revolution, American Revolution etc.
Genre- Fantasy, Steampunk, Horror, Superhero, Detective, Lovecraftian, Space Exploration etc
World Details- Type of government, economy, high or low magic, high or low technology, political situations, enemy nations or kingdoms, major cities, small towns, coastal towns, trade routes, ruins, important locations, terrain, type of enemies and monsters etc.
Maps of dungeons and locations etc that the players will travel to and enter, it will show the GM and all players the map on their screens etc
Player Options- Types of characters, races, classes, attributes, skills, feats, spells, gear, weapons, armor, items, magic items, mounts, professions, backgrounds, birth places, money, appearance etc.
When creating characters for the campaign the GM is created the players answer questions about-
Player Options- Type of character, race, class, attributes, skills, feats, spells, gear, weapons, armor, items, magic items, mounts, professions, backgrounds, birth places, money, appearance etc.
Once the GM has laid the framework for the Campaign and the characters have been created the Assisystem provides aid to the GM and players as they participate in the game sitting around a table with one another. The GM and players sign on to the host server where everything about their campaign will be provided to them.
The GM will be able to have all the details and specifics of the campaign on their computetablet/phone screen, the specifics of the immediate adventure and mission the players are about to go on including NPCs they have crated, monsters and enemies they have chosen, locations the party will travel to, gear and items they will find, events that will occur. The GM will be able to track all statistics for all NPCs, enemies and players such has their current hit points, initiative order etc.
The Players will have a digital character sheet that shows all of their statistics, hit points, weapons, armors, class features, attacks, spells, gear, magic items etc that will be tracked in real time etc
The GM and players will have access to different character builds and suggestions, templates, new enemies and monsters, locations, items, gear, weapons etc.
There is an option fo both digital dice rolls and physical dice rolls. Any time dice are to be rolled for any reason the GM will initiate the dice roll event and whomever needs to roll dice, the GM or players, will have a window pop up on their screen asking them to choose digital or physical. If physical is chosen the GM or players rolls the necessary physical dice and the GM enters the result in the window with anything added or subtracted from that roll automatically calculated based on the game rules for a total result. The GM does so to deter players from cheating and entering a different result. If digital is chosen the appropriate digital dice are rolled and anything added or subtracted from that roll is automatically calculated based on the game rules for a total result.
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2023.04.01 12:42 sullydtd Alchemy??

I’ve trained up all of my battle alchemy skills to atleast r1, a couple Dan 1s also. If I’m currently using the Chain Cyl Master title, would I be worthwhile to use alch during normal techs for WC without having Erg45 or is it pretty useless for me to even attempt before that point? Any tips regarding alch would be great. I want some extra utility + the WC to pair with EK for tech/ dungeon runs however I am currently trying to make a rev cylinder set. I don’t wanna waste my money in making them now if they’re not gonna be useful until Erg45, I’d rather use a diff talent. I know Erg45 will make a huge difference, but is it still viable with a lv63 ego and no erg to run Vet dungeons and normal level techs?
Thank you in advance!
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2023.04.01 12:41 Cainde Have been on LCWRA for over 2 years, never been able to work in my adult life. My hobby had an unexpected large surge of income and now I need to be registered as Self Employed. I dont know what is going to happen nor do I know what I should be doing.

A brief back story on my situation. I was in education for a long time, going from school to college and into University, during uni my physical and mental health started to decline rapidly and badly, resulting in me dropping out in the last year of it and being on UC since, and eventually PIP and LCWRA.
After a long period of depression due to all this I started doing what I was doing for uni as a hobby (3D art & games stuff). I was making for an online social platform (VRChat) mostly for free with a few things being sold which would bring in a bit over time, eventually going up to around £300/m, within the allowance.
I started work on a bigger project which took over 4 months to complete, and when released it exploded. Since its release in Jan I have earned over £13k and I'm honestly overwhelmed by it.
I informed UC and after some time I now have an appointment on the 13th about self employment, they're wanting a lot of information that I do not have nor do I know how to obtain, like marketing, HMRC stuff, money management, etc. I havent done anything with HMRC as I do not know what to do and simply need assistance with it. Money wise nearly all of it has just been sat in my bank as I dont know what to do and I dont want to make things worse for me.
I hadnt planned for this and I don't believe I can reliably keep this up with how unstable my health is (Ive honestly not been able to do anything since Feb as it is, my health just hasnt allowed it). For me with my unstable health LCWRA and PIP have been huge for my health, the reliability each month without the stress and anxiety actually allowed me to "heal" mentally and I am not prepared for that stability to disappear.
Im really not sure what I should do. This has been a curse in disguise for me as the added stress and anxiety of it all has just made my health even worse!
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2023.04.01 12:41 Vlamaa11 What do Asian guys think of WMAF porn?

I'm a straight White guy, but I am curious to get an Asian guys opinion of WMAF porn. I think its interesting how you guys are basically surrounded by it, you can't really not have an opinion.
Let me know how you feel, please be honest I am super open minded.
Although this might press some buttons near to cuckolding I am not really into that. I am also not into degrading or humiliating anyone. I am only really looking to chat to straight guys, also please no sissies, or cucks either, nothing against it, just not my thing.
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2023.04.01 12:41 G2idlock Will there ever be a fix for Overload Minotaur bug, healing through overload damage.

As the title states, I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature anymore, this has been going on for so long it's a bit concerning. It's gotten past the point where one would consider a fix for this a priority as overload minotaurs seem to be one of the most oppressive enemy types in late game and this just makes end game solo content a drag. Stunning the minotaur only for it to heal instantly after a stun with no additional debuffs applied is kinda lame. Apply other debuffs and it still heals. It seems that the stun itself is super inconsistent with the health regeneration proc.
When would we ever be seeing a fix for this or a workaround. I can't for the life of me solo 2 minotaurs by myself if they are basically invulnerable. Solo MasteGrand Master with these enemies is near impossible when they bug out so often.
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2023.04.01 12:39 malibuBFF this game is so freaking stupid

this game is so freaking stupid
i actually got a magic mission, at about 11:58. By the time I finished the round the clock changed and it wouldn’t let me change date/time settings. I feel like quitting the game now :/ Too much time and money, not nearly enough payoff
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2023.04.01 12:39 tefhhygf Nmom sabotages my rides with family members because she can’t get my money

I tend to get stressed when it comes to my finances. I was never given advice or help from my Nmom because she was always after my money. She always opened accounts in her name for me so she can take the money I earn.
She wasn’t trying to help me in anyway. I didn’t know much about atms and as my Nmom refused to help me, I had to ask other family members just to get a ride to the damn bank. And search up how to use an atm.
One time my Nmom cashed a check I got for college as scholarship to fund my education. I trusted her to do it but she spent all the money on herself. I didn’t trust her anymore. Because of her actions I had to go to atms with other family members. I couldn’t trust her. If I looked away for a second she’d pull sometning sneaky.
As my mom got angry at the fact I won’t let the near my money she reached out to other family members to eliminate my chances of getting around and doing what I need to do. My Nmom told my family members to stop taking me places. They just listened to her without even coming to me about it. Talk about petty.
Even though I told them to still take me they would stick to my shitty moms orders. She isn’t even doing what’s best for me, she’s too salty cuz she can touch my money.
I would ask my fam to take me to the bank so I can open a credit card account but they wouldn’t budge. They would attempt me to make the account in their name for some damn reason. I guess that was an order made by my Nmom. If I gave them acees to mt account they could mess with my funds and transfer my money to my mom. It seems like that’s exactly what she wanted. I didn’t let that happen but I also lost rides :(
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2023.04.01 12:36 incoming-idiot I have been taxed £1100 which is half my wage.

I don't know if this is the right sub or if anyone has any advice on what else to do.
Yesterday I recieved my pay, I don't have access to my payslips for one reason or another (despite me asking multiple times) it usually isn't a problem as it shows the amount paid in my account which, month by month always looks correct. Yesterdays pay, however was only £930. I'm a salaried Manager and this is no where near my usual pay for an entire month, upon seeing this I called my area manager.
I then recieve a call from my area managers boss, saying my Tax code is correct but my tax is through the roof at £1100, i got sent a screenshot of my payslip whilst I was on hold to HMRC, over half of my wage went on tax alone.
This is where things got a little complicated, according to HMRC I left the job in February. I didn't, I have been employed with the same company for 12 years, they do however have a bunch of LTD companies they operate under. I was promoted to Area Manager last year but stepped back down into a store role due to medical issues (another long story) in January of this year.
The company is still saying my tax code is correct as its on the payslip but HMRC have me down as leaving the job, i'm assuming this is partly due to me moving over to another LTD company within the business?
I'm getting no where fast with my bosses, and HMRC are telling me there's nothing they can do as it's nearing the end of the tax year but they have no information on me for this month anyway?
What is going to be my best course of action here if any at all?
Based in England.
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2023.04.01 12:35 Comprehensive_Roll14 Research Clinic Near Me

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2023.04.01 12:34 PupBeau How concerning is my dog's bloodwork?

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2023.04.01 12:33 boardinsleek Dad died, inheriting RRSP

Hi all,
Dad passed away at 68 years old. Not legally retired but didn’t work for a few months near the end. In his will he left ~120k in his RRSP to my sibling and I (50/50 split - 60k each). The bank offered to wire me my portion. Is there anything I should know regarding taxes etc? How does this work?
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2023.04.01 12:33 ImpossibearT Newly single parent, need resources. Potential homelessness. Travel/moving

For context: I'm a single mom with a 4 year old and cat. I'm planning on leaving to my home state Illinois out of Ohio after living here for 7 yrs. My narc ex who I've been dealing with over the years basically found someone new and wondered when I'm leaving. Said I can stay as roommates but for my mental health and better resources than where I am, I want to go back home. No family can take me in right now so I was wondering if anyone knows of decent shelters for families that take animals? Or can help with a move? I can donate plasma and save up but.. Housing vouchers, etc. I just want to make sure Before anyone asks why I don't ask why not seek a shelter here, I can barely find anything near where I live. I'm under bad stress right now and I just need something. Any resources I'll appreciate it.
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2023.04.01 12:31 BadassClassPresident I like Mikoto and Misaki in their spinoffs better than when they are in the Main Series

So I skipped over OT and went straight to NT plan to get to it once I'm caught up to GT, so I'm guessing Mikoto does more in the LN from where the anime takes place.
Anyways when I was watching the anime of A Certain Magical Index, I was indifferent toward Misaka but thought it would be cool if she appeared more ( it's not that she did not appear often, but the anime would tease her getting involved only for it to push her away from plot-relevant things) but when I watched Railgun, I really began to like her and thought she was really cool and really wanted her to be more involved with the story mostly because in her series she was more so her own person and not just a tsundere I assumed at the time would end up with Touma even if it made no sense since a lot of anime tend to do that. This also extends to Misaki but to a lesser degree since she gets less screen time.
But then I read NT and up to GT volume 4 as of this post. While I loved most of it, however when it comes to Misaka and Misaki, I think they're just Yuri bait (even though, in character, that makes no sense) that are too obsessed with Touma to the point at times they don't feel like their own characters anymore and are literal stalkers that force themselves into the plot by following Touma even across the world when they have nothing to do with whatever he's doing.
Misaki, I give some slack because of her situation even though if her situation with Touma was fixed, I feel like she would mellow out and not care nearly as much since, to me, it seems to be just a case of I can't have this thing so I really want it but will lose interest or not want it as much once I have it. So her situation probably won't be fixed anytime soon since once it is, she won't be there most of the time since she has no reason to be around Touma constantly.
With Misaka, I don't know why Misaka should be obsessed with Touma. Yes, he saved her and her clones, and I would imagine she would become close allies with him afterward, but not enough to be obsessed with the guy.
They do cool stuff but feel more forced and out of place than everyone else in the series.
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2023.04.01 12:29 ThrowRApenguinfoot I (20M) am in love with my best friend(22M)s girlfriend (19F). Should I tell her how I feel?

Essentially I've known them both since high school. My friend and I both had a crush on her (hell, nearly everyone I knew did). I never talked about having a thing for her though. One day she confessed that she actually really liked me and wanted to date. I just had too many insecurities to get into a relationship at that time so i pointed her in the direction of my best friend. They began dating a few months later. 6 months into their relationship she stated that she still had feelings for me. I once again turned her down stating that I valued our friendships and wouldn’t want to ruin them. They have been dating for 2 and a half years now. My feelings for her went to the back of my mind for a long while. Recently we all got together and hung out for the first time since going our separate ways after graduation. This threw me in a complete relapse. We talk often but i forgot how much we just kind of clicked when we were together. We have all the same core interests, hobbies, and even the same personality type. Meanwhile, it seems like they argue very frequently. It doesn't even seem like he respects any opinion she has most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I care for both of them and we all talk nearly everyday. I don’t want to ruin my friendships but I can’t hide these feelings anymore. Trust me, reddit was my last resort. Listen, I have mental health issues so maybe it's the depression and anxiety talking, I don't know. Should I just move on and try to forget? Should I tell her?
TLDR: I(20M) in love with my best friend's girlfriend(19F), whom I am close friends with. She had feelings for me in the past but I was scared to tell her how I felt. Should I do it now?
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2023.04.01 12:23 Kraterkacke [Offline][5e]North London group looking for 1-2 more players

We're a group of DnD players looking to start a DnD campaign hosting offline sessions every tuesday in the north of London (near Finsbury Park). We're looking for 1-2 more players to complete the group. We haven't decided on a DM yet, so if you want to DM thats great, if not, some of us are willing to DM as well. Hit me up on discord Kraterkacke#5853.
looking forward to hearing from you :D
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2023.04.01 12:23 Dreddnaught619 Reactivate keyless entry?

Hi, I put both keys into battery saver mode. Since then I can't get keyless entry to work. I can unlock the car with the unlock button and the car starts if I have the key inside with me but I want to have the car unlock when I get near or pull the door handle. I. E. Open the car without pressing the unlock button.
How can I do this? I'm pretty sure when we first got it an approach to the car would unlock it.
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2023.04.01 12:23 throwawayfinalform56 CIMT. Echo and CAC all perfect but should I get s cardiac MRI to be sure? Heart disease genetics in my family

Those diagnostic tests only give pieces of the overall puzzle so I'm considering paying cash for a cardiac MRI to better know my risk factors
I'm a male, nearly 50 and my moms dad died of a heart attack at my age so there's some risk factors there. My hs crp and homocystine are basically zero but I have LP(a) out of range and am wondering if the MRI is worth the cost to reassure me (or otherwise)
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2023.04.01 12:23 DankuBot Me irl

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2023.04.01 12:21 NatureDragon2974 Why do people try give solutions when you didn’t ask for any

There is event near me that’s been playing endless music for hours on end and it Is overstimulating. I complained and people are telling me that I should put on headphones or music. I tried that ages ago and it didn’t help long of much. I just wanted to complain and be met with something like they get it, it’s annoying. Not telling me what to do. It is upsetting, I’m not a child. I know my limits and I have met them.
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