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2023.06.01 20:07 Dismal-Jellyfish FICC - MBS Alert! Capped Contingency Liquidity Facility (“CCLF®”) Reset Reminder: The reset will be effective as of July 1, 2023. "All members are reminded that CCLF requirement provided by MBSD will be incorporated into such Member’s liquidity planning."

FICC - MBS Alert! Capped Contingency Liquidity Facility (“CCLF®”) Reset Reminder: The reset will be effective as of July 1, 2023.

This follows up on changes to the reset date and Look-Back Period:

What is the Capped Contingency Liquidity Facility (“CCLF®”)?

On April 25, 2017, the Commission approved FICC’s adoption of the Clearing Agency Liquidity Risk Management Framework (‘‘Framework’’), which broadly describes FICC’s liquidity risk management strategy and objective to maintain sufficient liquid resources in order to meet the potential amount of funding required to settle outstanding transactions of a defaulting member (including affiliates) in a timely manner.
The Framework identifies, among other things, each of the qualifying liquid resources available to FICC, including the CCLF. The CCLF is a rules-based, committed liquidity resource, designed to enable FICC to meet its cash settlement obligations in the event of a default of the member (including the member’s family of affiliated members) to which FICC has the largest exposure in extreme but plausible market conditions. FICC would activate the CCLF if, upon a member default, FICC determines that its non-CCLF liquidity resources would not generate sufficient cash to satisfy FICC’s payment obligations to its nondefaulting members.
In simple terms, a CCLF repo is equivalent to a nondefaulting member financing FICC’s payment obligation under the original trade, thereby providing FICC with time to liquidate the securities underlying the original trade.
More specifically, upon activating the CCLF, members would be called upon to enter into repo transactions (as cash lenders) with FICC (as cash borrower) up to a predetermined capped dollar amount, thereby providing FICC with sufficient liquidity to meet its payment obligations.**For a non-defaulting member to whom FICC has a payment obligation disrupted by a member default, a CCLF repo would extinguish and replace the original trade that gave rise to FICC’s payment obligation. FICC determines the total size of the CCLF based on FICC’s potential cash settlement obligations that would result from the default of the member (including affiliates) presenting the largest liquidity need to FICC over a specified look-back period, plus an additional liquidity buffer. Under the proposal in the Advance Notice, FICC would not change the method by which it determines the total size of the CCLF.
FICC uses a tiered approach to allocate the total size of the CCLF among its members to arrive at the amount of each member’s CCLF obligation. FICC allocates $15 billion of the total size of the CCLF among all members. FICC allocates the remainder of the total size of the CCLF among members that generate liquidity needs above the $15 billion threshold based on the frequency that such members generate daily liquidity needs over $15 billion across supplemental liquidity tiers in $5 billion increments.
Specifically, FICC calculates a dollar amount for the CCLF obligation applicable to each supplemental liquidity tier. FICC allocates the CCLF obligation for each supplemental liquidity tier to members on a pro-rata basis corresponding to the number of times each member generates liquidity needs within each supplemental liquidity tier.

Potential Costs of Central Clearing – Concentration of Risk and Challenges in the Cash Market

Perhaps the biggest concern with moving towards a centralized clearing model is the concentration of risk that would inevitably occur within the CCP. The failure of the CCP would be a global systemic event that the U.S. government (and indeed other governments) would strive to avoid, essentially creating the impression that the CCP was “too-big-to-fail” i.e., that it has an implicit government guarantee against failure. Without appropriate regulation and supervision, this could lead to moral hazard and excessive risk taking. This is particularly important in the Treasury market given that the FICC is the sole CCP for cash and repo Treasury trading.
The biggest concern from a risk perspective would be the substantial liquidity risks that would arise from a member default. As currently designed, in the event of a member default, the FICC would draw on committed credit lines extended to the FICC by its members through its Capped Contingency Liquidity Facility (“CCLF”), which could put strains on the liquidity positions of other FICC members.
In this way, liquidity risks from a member default could be easily transmitted throughout the market. To avoid this scenario, regulators will need to carefully monitor the FICC’s credit and liquidity exposures to its largest members, as well as member’s exposures to sponsored participants (including monitoring whether FICC margin requirements are being passed on to sponsored firms). Additionally, as new participants/types of participants enter the market and clear their transactions through FICC they should be subject to the same CCLF requirements as existing members. Importantly, the FICC may also need to be given access to the Federal Reserve’s Standing Repo Facility (“SRF”) in order to guarantee it has adequate liquidity to withstand a member default event.
Previous posts about this topic:


  • The Lifeguard On Duty: FICC's Clearing Agency Liquidity Risk Management Framework is like a lifeguard for a defaulting member's trades - it makes sure there's enough liquidity to settle outstanding transactions in good time and that a member is not 'drowning in their obligations'.
    • The Core Component of this system is the CCLF (Correspondent Clearing Lender Facility). If a member defaults, FICC checks its liquidity piggy bank, and if it’s not enough, they call in the CCLF squad to cover the rest.
  • Tag, You're It!: In layman's terms, a CCLF repo is like a relay race - a non-defaulting member carries FICC's payment obligation for a while, buying FICC time to liquidate the securities from the original trade.
  • The Allocation Game: If the CCLF has to step in, members are asked to chip in as cash lenders.
    • The CCLF size is based on the defaulting member's liquidity need, with no change to this calculation method under the new proposal.
  • Divvying Up the Check: To split the CCLF bill among its members, FICC uses a tiered system.
    • $15 billion is shared equally, and the rest is divided among those who often create liquidity needs over this amount, in $5 billion increments.
      • It's like a progressive tax for liquidity needs.
  • From a risk standpoint, the massive liquidity risks that could arise from a member default are nerve-wracking.
    • If a member defaults, the FICC would tap into its CCLF, which could drain liquidity from other FICC members, triggering a liquidity domino effect throughout the market.
  • To prevent this nightmare scenario, regulators SHOULD keep an eye on FICC's credit and liquidity risks to its big players and sponsored participants.
    • Newcomers should also follow the same CCLF rules.
  • Basically, the FICC's financial health needs to be under a microscope 24/7--it goes under CCP failure would trigger a financial apocalypse that makes the Great Financial Crisis seem like a bowl of Wheaties!
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2023.06.01 20:05 AndrewNaranja Monthly Watch Guide - June 2023

Welcome to the Monthly Watch Guide! Here you can discuss with fans, plan ahead for the next game and buy/sell tickets or merchandise.
All times listed are Central Daylight Time.

Houston Dash schedule (all competitions)

Houston Dash vs. Orlando Pride

Competition: NWSL regular season
Date: Saturday, June 3 - 7:30 PM
Venue: Shell Energy Stadium - Houston, TX
Stream: Paramount+

Houston Dash vs. Gotham FC

Competition: NWSL regular season
Date: Sunday, June 11 - 6:00 PM
Venue: Shell Energy Stadium - Houston, TX
Stream: Paramount+
TV: AT&T SportsNet Southwest

Racing Louisville FC vs. Houston Dash

Competition: NWSL Challenge Cup
Date: Wednesday, June 14 - 7:00 PM
Venue: Lynn Family Stadium - Louisville, KY
Stream: Paramount+

Houston Dash vs. OL Reign

Competition: NWSL regular season
Date: Saturday, June 17 - 7:30 PM
Venue: Shell Energy Stadium - Houston, TX
Stream: Paramount+
TV: AT&T SportsNet Southwest

Angel City FC vs. Houston Dash

Competition: NWSL regular season
Date: Sunday, June 25 - 7:00 PM
Venue: BMO Stadium - Los Angeles, CA
Stream: Paramount+
TV: AT&T SportsNet Southwest
NWSL on Paramount+: Majority of NWSL regular season and Challenge Cup games will be streaming through Paramount+. For more broadcasting info, CBS coverage and international streaming, click here.
Dash on AT&T SportsNet Southwest: AT&T SportsNet Southwest will be broadcasting eight Dash games during the 2023 regular season. You may find the full broadcasting schedule here.
Tickets: single-game tickets are sold through Seatgeek, the club's ticketing partner.
Pre-game and Watch Parties: Check with Bayou City Republic for the most current info.
Parking: Lots B and C are open for Dynamo games but plan ahead if the Astros are playing on the same day. There are other paid lots underneath I-69 but I recommend parking on the street anywhere across Emancipation Avenue past the stadium.
METRORail: You can get to Shell Energy Stadium via METRORail by taking the train to the EaDo/Stadium station on the purple and green lines.
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2023.06.01 20:03 AndrewNaranja Monthly Watch Guide - June 2023

Welcome to the Monthly Watch Guide! Here you can discuss with fans, plan ahead for the next game and buy/sell tickets or merchandise.
All times listed are Central Daylight Time.
Outside fans are welcome! Please make sure to stick to our rules or you'll get pounced by Diesel.
Listings to buy/sell tickets or merchandise posted outside of this thread or our Discord server will be removed.

Houston Dynamo FC schedule (all competitions)

St. Louis CITYSC vs. Houston Dynamo FC

Competition: Major League Soccer
Date: Saturday, June 3 - 7:30 PM
Venue: CITYPARK - St. Louis, MO
Stream: Apple TV - (Free game)
Radio: ESPN 97.5 FM (English), TUDN 93.3 FM (Spanish)

Chicago Fire FC vs. Houston Dynamo FC

Competition: U.S. Open Cup - Quarterfinals
Date: Tuesday, June 6 - 7:30 PM
Venue: SeatGeek Stadium - Bridgeview, IL
Stream: CBS Sports Golazo Network

Houston Dynamo FC vs. LAFC

Competition: Major League Soccer
Date: Saturday, June 10 - 7:30 PM
Venue: Shell Energy Stadium - Houston, TX
Stream: Apple TV - MLS Season Pass required
Radio: ESPN 97.5 FM (English), TUDN 93.3 FM (Spanish)

LAFC vs. Houston Dynamo FC

Competition: Major League Soccer
Date: Wednesday, June 14 - 7:30 PM
Venue: BMO Stadium - Los Angeles, CA
Stream: Apple TV - (Free game)
Radio: ESPN 97.5 FM (English), TUDN 93.3 FM (Spanish)

Houston Dynamo FC vs. San Jose Earthquakes

Competition: Major League Soccer
Date: Wednesday, June 21 - 7:30 PM
Venue: Shell Energy Stadium - Houston, TX
Stream: Apple TV - MLS Season Pass required
Radio: ESPN 97.5 FM (English), TUDN 93.3 FM (Spanish)

Austin FC vs. Houston Dynamo FC

Competition: Major League Soccer
Date: Saturday, June 24 - 7:30 PM
Venue: Q2 Stadium - Austin, TX
Stream: Apple TV - MLS Season Pass required
Radio: ESPN 97.5 FM (English), TUDN 93.3 FM (Spanish)

Houston Dynamo 2 - MLS NEXT Pro schedule

LAFC2 vs. Houston Dynamo 2

Date: Sunday, June 4 - 6:30 PM
Venue: Titan Stadium - Fullerton, CA
Stream: Apple TV - MLS Season Pass required

MNUFC2 vs. Houston Dynamo 2

Date: Sunday, June 11 - 6:00 PM
Venue: National Sports Center - Blaine, MN
Stream: Apple TV - MLS Season Pass required

Houston Dynamo 2 vs. Timbers2

Date: Thursday, June 15 - 7:00 PM
Venue: SaberCats Stadium - Houston, TX
Stream: Apple TV - MLS Season Pass required

Houston Dynamo 2 vs. Earthquakes II

Date: Sunday, June 25 - 7:00 PM
Venue: SaberCats Stadium - Houston, TX
Stream: Apple TV - MLS Season Pass required
MLS Season Pass on Apple TV: all regular season, playoff, Leagues Cup, and certain MLS NEXT Pro games are available to stream exclusively on Apple TV through the MLS Season Pass. MLS Season Pass is not included with an Apple TV+ subscription.
Tickets: single-game tickets are sold through Seatgeek, the club's ticketing partner.
Pre-game/Tailgates: Check with the supporter groups for information on pre-game/tailgates.
Watch Parties: certain supporter groups are hosting their own watch parties whenever the Dynamo play on the road, check their social channels for updates.
Parking: Lots B and C are open for Dynamo games but plan ahead if the Astros are playing on the same day. There are other paid lots underneath I-69 but I recommend parking on the street anywhere across Emancipation Avenue past the stadium.
METRORail: You can get to Shell Energy Stadium via METRORail by taking the train to the EaDo/Stadium station on the purple and green lines.
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2023.06.01 20:02 DTG_Bot This Week At Bungie - 06/01/2023

Happy TWABsday, Guardians! How are you doing!? How many fish have you caught? Have you skedaddled through the dungeon yet? What’s your favorite thing so far about the Season? What about... [deep breaths] Ok, ok, it's time to calm down. It’s just something special to see all your social posts tackling Ghosts of the Deep, working with Sloane, and did I mention fishing already? It gets us pretty hyped.
Anyhoo, let’s get back on topic. Here is what we shared last week and what we are going to read about today.
Last week in TWAB:
  • Marathon was announced!
  • Our new PlayStation crossover.
  • Guardian Games has concluded.
  • Save the Dates for Season of the Deep!
  • Cutscenes for days.
  • Guardian Ranks reminder.
  • Aquanaut is now available.
This week we’ve got:
  • Ghosts of the Deep recap.
  • Dungeon-themed items in the Bungie Store.
  • [email protected] announcement.
  • M:\START
  • Prime Gaming update.
  • The weekly update from the Player Support Team.
  • Weekly Art of the Week and Movie of the week picks. ##The Dungeon
Image Linkimgur
Were you one of the Guardians who dove deep into a Titan Archology only to arrive face to face with the Lucent Hive? Did the Lightbearer Knights, Ogres, and Wizards show as a blip on your radar only to be taken down by your fireteam in a blaze of (insert your favorite subclass here) energy? And how was your battle with Šimmumah ur-Nokru? Did you rise from the waters in your shiny new armor with your fancy new weapons ready to fight on?
Your will has been tested yet again, and you have triumphed. Congratulations Guardians, you deserve this victory lap.

New Bungie Rewards

Speaking of the dungeon and its sweet, sweet rewards, we now have the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon hoodie, Ghoul title pin, and Ghosts of the Deep dungeon pins available for purchase! These Bungie Rewards will be available only to players who complete the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon by August 22, 2023, at 9:59 AM PDT.
Image Linkimgur
Don’t know what Bungie Rewards are? When you complete Triumphs, collections, and in-game challenges you unlock collectibles for purchase from the Bungie Store that celebrate your hard-earned achievements. Head on over to this page to learn more!

[email protected]

Image Linkimgur
Eyes up, Guardian. It’s June, and June is Pride month here in the States, so just as we have in the past, be sure to keep your eyes on the blog for future Pride updates coming soon.
But, if you’re feeling festive and want to do something rad for a good cause with a cool reward, head on over to []( to earn The Infinite Prismatic emblem for a $10 donation. All funds raised during the month of June will do directly to the It Gets Better Project.


You all may have seen this on Twitter already, but we wanted to make sure you saw we released a Marathon themed emblem in Destiny 2 for all players today. Go redeem it now!
Image Linkimgur

Prime Gaming Update

Welcome to the latest Prime Gaming update. It’s finally time for me to give up the skedaddle shenanigans and let you in on where that came from. This month we are vanishing into thin air, and then transmatting out with our Ghost and skedaddling on over to the next fishing hole.
Image Linkimgur
  • Ninja Vanish emote
  • Redline Ghost Shell
  • Skedaddle Legendary Sparrow
  • The Deep Ghost Projection
If you don’t know what Prime Gaming is, you can check out our article and learn more!

Player Support Report

Aquanauts, assemble!
Image Linkimgur
The Player Support team is back this week and ready to share with you the most recent update of known issues in the Deep and beyond.
Known Issues List Help Forum Bungie Help Twitter


Players experiencing issues accessing the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon should be aware of the following vital information:
  • Players must acquire the Rise quest from Hawthorne in the Tower in order to launch into the dungeon for the first time.
  • Ownership of the Lightfall Dungeon Key is required. This is included in the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition or can alternatively be purchased on its own through the Eververse store. It is not included with purchase of Season of the Deep.
  • Players missing their Dungeon Key from purchase of the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition need to log into Destiny 2 on the platform where that purchase was made to unlock the Dungeon Key on their account. At this point it will be available on all platforms linked through Cross Save.
  • Dungeon Keys are applied to individual Bungie accounts and cannot be game shared.
Anyone still experiencing issues that do not fall into one of the above categories can reach out to us via our Missing Eververse or Add-On Item contact form where we can investigate further.


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum.
  • Some players are unable to give out Commendations.
  • Players can get stuck outside of the final boss arena after self-reviving in the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon.
  • The Hive symbols in the side rooms of the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon’s final encounter do not respawn within an encounter cycle if a player dies before depositing their Vestige. They will re-appear as expected once players have completed a damage phase.
  • The Sunbracers Exotic Warlock gloves are not extending the duration of Solar grenades.
  • The cooldown timer for The Navigator Exotic Trace Rifle's catalyst is missing a description and will display as a blank timer when activated.
  • Getting frozen while using the Arbor Warden Exotic Titan chest can sometimes cause players to lose the Barri-nade class ability. Respawning after player death or unequipping and re-equipping the Exotic will restore the intended class ability.
  • Getting kills with Skyburner's Oath and Vesper of Radius is causing larger explosions than intended.
  • Some Iron Banner weapons are missing their glare in the Crucible.
  • The Athrys's Embrace Exotic Hunter arms does not display the "Strengthened Heavy Knife" popup when activated in the Crucible. Players should note the Exotic is still working as intended, it is only the visual indicator that is missing.
  • Guarding with the Arc Staff super while using the Blight Ranger Exotic Hunter head is consuming extra Super energy.
  • The Stronghold Exotic Titan arms are not always granting the Restoration buff when expected.
  • The new Season of the Deep Exotics are not dropping from the Vex Strike Force activity.
For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article . Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help Forum.

Instructions Unclear

Bruno: So, you all really liked fishing. Please, just follow the tutorial and do it as we told you. Use baits that are safe. Don't try to push other Guardians in the pond with Swords nor Sparrows. We are not liable for any accident that may occur.
Movie of the Week: Instructions unclear
Video Link

Come on Guardian, Let’s Go Party

Hippy: Who knew that the trailer for the upcoming Barbie movie would be such epic meme fodder for the Destiny 2 community? There were a few incredible (and funny!) spins on this but since we’re deep into Season 21, and our favorite Motes master is back in the spotlight, let’s check in on ‘ol Drifter, shall we?
Art of the Week: Barbie meets Destiny 2
Very excited for The Final Shape #Destiny2Art #barbie
— (sana) drxgony COMMISSIONS : OPEN (@drxgony) May 28, 2023
Bonus Art of the Week: A Guardian in the wild
And with that - it's finished![#Destiny2Cosplay]( #Destiny2Art #Destiny2
[email protected]@h (@LooksLikeVespa) May 28, 2023
And there we have it Guardians, this week’s TWAB. Being just two weeks into the Season, there is plenty to do, even more fashion choices to go through, and so many fish to catch. Also, who can tell me which Pulse Rifle or Scout Rifle is your favorite this Season? I’m an Outbreak player through and through, but this is the Season of “Sam changes it up,” so any and all suggestions are welcome.
Alright, it’s time for us to skedaddle, but we wanted to share one more thing. Before you click, just as a quick note, there are no plans to unleash these giga-Screebs on you in the live game... for now.

Stay Crafty,
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2023.06.01 20:00 EurekaStockade 59---How Globalists are signalling the Death of the Saudi King

Signalling events--
17 Nov 2022
Day 666 of Biden's Presidency
Biden granted diplomatic Immunity to the Saudi Crown Prince for the death of Jamal Khashoggi
216= 6x6x6= 666

12 Mar 2023
News story about Saudi Oil Company Aramco posting $161 Billion profit
161 is a suspiciously specific number
161= 23 x7
23 July= 23/7

23 July--161 days left in the year
2223 days Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has been in office
322 days after Salman Rushdie was stabbed on 5 Sep last year
Rushdie was stabbed 33 years after receiving a Fatwa/ death sentence for writing the Satanic Verses in 1988
Salman Rush Die= Salman Must Die


one week later--
30 July
322 days after Sep 11
2230 days the Crown Prince has been in office
333 days after the Crown Prince's birthday
255 days after Saudi crown Prince was granted Diplomatic Immunity by Biden

Jan 23= 1/23----King Salman started his reign in 2015
12 March= 12/3 --- Aramco profit story---A Ram Co
Regime change in Saudi Arabia will add to the engineered Energy Crisis

Keep an eye on --
4 June
Day 155 of the Year

27 July= 27/7
223 days after Saudi Crown prince granted Diplomatic Immunity by Biden
Week 444 of King Salman's reign

20 August=
161 days after the Saudi Aramco story
133 days left in the year
Day 3131 of King Salman's reign
9 months 11 days after Xi visited Saudi Arabia on 8 Nov
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2023.06.01 19:59 NuckFanInTO TDSB Cancelling Swim Programs Due to Calculation Error - Email Your Trustees

Short Backstory: TDSB staff miscalculated how many aquatics programs they needed to keep existing programs running. Trustees voted to reduce instructors with the understanding no programming would be cancelled. When staff realized the error, rather than informing trustees they decided to remove permanent instructors from 20 schools (some had been at the same school for 25+ years) and move to a floating instructor model. Those schools are seeing their swim programs reduced, swim teams cancelled, and also other extracurriculars impacted (since the aquatics instructors coached other programs).
Trustees deferred a vote on whether to undo the staffing decrease at their last meeting, but it’s a contentious question now because they’ve basically already reallocated that budget and many trustees represent wards that are not impacted. They need 12 of 22 trustees to support the motion to rehire enough aquatics instructors to support those 20 schools.
Please email your trustees. You can find their contact info here:
We are fortunate enough in Toronto to have many public schools with functioning pools. Many of those pools serve diverse communities, and the stats show new Canadians ( and minorities ( are at much greater risk for water related injuries/death. Swimming is a life skill, and cancellinng swim programs will have a disproportionate effect on those populations.
News Articles:
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2023.06.01 19:58 PriestessOfSpiders There is a door in my apartment which only appears after midnight.

The apartment was cheap, but not suspiciously so, especially given the relatively decrepit state of it. It was a 1 bedroom affair, the building itself constructed at some point before the Great Depression, and it certainly showed its age. The bathroom was prone to mold, the windows let in a draft even when closed, and the fact that it was up 6 flights of stairs in a building where the elevator seemed perpetually out of order certainly didn't help. However, beyond these usual allowances made for an affordable apartment in a city such as mine, there were no outward signs that anything wrong with the place. There were never any strange noises, unusual cold spots in the center of rooms, no eerie lights. For all intents and purposes, the apartment appeared utterly mundane.
It took me a frankly embarrassing amount of time to notice the door. 7 months in fact. I've never been much of a night owl, and on the rare occasions when I did have reason to be up in the wee hours my time was generally spent in someone else's bedroom.
At first, when I noticed the door, I assumed that I was hallucinating. I was, after all, in a fairly inebriated state, having just returned from a rather pleasant evening of laughter and debauchery. I already had experienced considerable difficulty in extricating my key from my apartment's lock, so I figured it was more likely that something had gone wrong with my perception rather than the unlikely scenario that a wood paneled door had suddenly materialized in my living room where previously there had only been wall.
It was old fashioned looking, with a shiny brass knob and wood the color of old leather. I shook my head for a moment and blinked, squinting at the object. The door was still there. I rubbed my eyes and closed them, counting down from 10. When I'd finished, I opened my eyes again. The door was still there. I'm not exactly sure what I thought counting down from 10 was supposed to accomplish. Beyond one mercifully brief experience with salvia at a very bad party, I'd never experienced hallucinations before, so I was sort of going off of what I'd seen in movies and TV shows.
There was something intensely unnerving about the door. It emanated a feeling of primal wrongness, I instinctually knew that I was gazing at something totally in violation of the natural order. It took a lot of willpower to do what I did next.
Having exhausted all other apparent options to my disorganized mind, I moved on to the next logical stage of inquiry; I tried to open it. The doorknob was cold to the touch, arctic even. It felt like touching the inside of a freezer. A shiver ran down my back, though I can't be sure in retrospect if it was entirely from the temperature. I tried to turn the knob. It didn't budge.
An immense sigh of relief escaped my lungs, releasing a breath that I didn't know I was holding in. Trying to think of what else I could do, I pulled out my phone and snapped a quick photo of the thing, sending it to my landlord, with a caption somewhere along the lines of "wtf is this dude, y is there a new door???"
Nodding sagely to myself, as if I had succeeded in doing anything of note, I stumbled my way into my bedroom and locked the door before falling into blissful slumber.
I awoke to the incessant screeching of my alarm clock loudly informing me that it was 7 o' clock, about 6 hours from when I had fallen asleep. I slammed my fist against "off" button and rubbed the sleep from my eyes with my other hand. In following with my usual morning routine, I then pulled out my phone and checked through my notifications.
Alongside the usual torrent of internet pseudo-acquaintances posting pictures of their brunches and whatnot was a text message from my landlord. "What are you talking about Christina", it read, "is this photoshop or something?"
At first, I didn't understand what he was referring to, but when the rusted gears of my sleepy (and hungover) brain finally started turning, I immediately jumped out of bed and scuttled over to the spot where the door had been just 6 hours prior. I did so with the intent of recording a video to further prove its existence to my skeptical landlord... but I was greeted with nothing but wall.
I texted my landlord an apology, lying and saying it was just a poorly thought out prank. Then I popped into my car and drove down to the local electronics store to purchase a camera from the grumpy underpaid college student behind the register.
Making my way over to the photography section, I searched a long while for the option that simultaneously fit my budget and the requirements for my investigation. Eventually, I found just the item.
It was a trailcam, the sort of thing hunters and geriatrics with too many acres of land and not enough hobbies use to observe wildlife. It had an SD card with enough space for several hours of blurry, black and white nightvision video, and most importantly it was cheap. I paid for my prize with the surly cashier and made my way happily back to my apartment.
I set it up securely in front of where the door had previously appeared, and, feeling like a genius, went about the rest of my day. I fell asleep that night secure in the knowledge that by morning I would have proof of what I had seen the night before.
The next morning, I rushed over excitedly to my living room, feeling like a child on Christmas morning. My giddy excitement died as I stepped into the living room, noticing the complete lack of the trailcam. Old Saint Nick appeared to have shit in my stocking.
I made my way back to the electronics store, forced once again into interacting with the student behind the register for whom my very existence seemed to be an inconvenience. Upon noticing my arrival, he sighed heavily. "Can I help you ma'am?" he said, emphasizing the last word with the same inflection one might say intestinal parasite.
"I'm looking for a cheap camera that will stream video directly to my computer." I said, trying my best to avoid mimicking the man's petulant tone.
Shrugging his shoulders and releasing another drawn out sigh, the cashier shuffled his way over to the photography section and picked out a small camera, rather similar to the last one I purchased, but approximately twice as much in terms of cost. "Do you have anything cheaper?" I asked, trying my best to sound polite.
"No." declared the cashier, with all the compassion of an exterminator crushing a cockroach beneath a steel toed boot.
I ended up paying the exorbitant price on my already abused credit card, and grumpily stalked back to the apartment to set up the new equipment, knowing I wouldn't get to see it after the night was over.
Nevertheless, I had to know how the door got there, and I needed to have irrefutable evidence.
The process to set up the new camera was a bit more involved than the last. There was all manner of fiddling about with connecting the device to my WiFi network and installing some new software to my computer, but by the time it was over it successfully uploaded footage directly to my hard drive where I could watch it at my leisure.
I went to bed that night wondering what I would do with the footage after I acquired it. After all, I couldn't really go to the police with it, could I? Excuse me officer, I imagined myself saying, but a mysterious door appears in my apartment at night, and I was wondering if you could send someone around to take a look? I'd end up institutionalized. Similarly, it's not like I could go to the newspapers either. I live in a big city, and the reporters have more important fish to fry than transient doors.
At some point while I pondered my options, I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew I was awakened by the banshee cries of my alarm clock, angrily informing me that it was once again 7 o' clock.
I jumped out of bed, excitedly moving over to my computer to check the footage, finding that there was about 5 hours of video. I had turned on the camera at around 10 o' clock PM, so that meant whatever happened to the camera occurred at about 3 AM.
I set the video to fast forward and watched it carefully. The first 2 hours or so showed nothing, just the regular blank wall. At exactly 12 o' clock, however, static engulfed the screen, and suddenly the old wooden door simply appeared, as if it had always been there. I rewound the footage and played it at normal speed, trying to discern anything that would show how the door suddenly manifested in the wall of my apartment, but the static was far too heavy to tell. The video simply got incredibly distorted for around 10 seconds, and suddenly the static dissipated and there was the door.
Even on video, just looking at it gave me the chills. That sense of complete and utter wrongness came through even from the screen. I shivered slightly and set the video on fast forward yet again. There was no change in the door for nearly 3 hours, but as the video crept closer and closer to the end, I switched it back to normal speed with about a minute to spare.
As I watched, the door began to slowly open. There was no microphone built into the camera, but I could imagine the ancient hinges creaking. I could feel my palms begin to sweat as I stared, transfixed. I glanced at the time remaining on the video, it was only around 30 seconds.
As the video progressed onwards, the door eventually swung fully open, revealing a black, yawning void beyond it. Static began to gather at the corners of the screen, increasing in intensity as I vaguely discerned something moving in the darkness. The quality was rapidly degrading, and I couldn't tell any specifics, but it moved in an almost spider-like manner, skittery and deeply unnerving. It seemed just about to come into view when the footage fully dissolved into static and the video ended abruptly.
I leaned back in my chair, contemplating my next move. While the video had certainly convinced me that I wasn't just going crazy, I knew that it wouldn't exactly convince the average person. I could easily have added in the static with editing, and the vague movement behind the door could just be computer generated effects or some sort of puppet. After a few minutes of pondering, I came up with an idea.
"I'm sorry, what?" exclaimed Lilith, who was trying hard not to choke on her iced coffee.
"A door. It appears in my apartment at exactly midnight. I have it on video", I replied, sliding my phone across the table of the coffee shop.
I first met Lilith in college, where we shared a course on the history of Gothic literature. She was a perfect picture of the stereotypical goth, with pierced septum, dyed black hair, pentacle earrings, and a wardrobe whose diversity of color could charitably be compared to that of a raven. We hadn't spoken in a long time, but I figured if there was anyone I should contact about this sort of thing, it would be her.
I'd condensed the 5 hours of footage down to a few minutes with the help of a free online video editor, and watched in slight amusement as Lilith's brow furrowed, her eyes glued to the screen. After the video ended, she seemed utterly amazed.
"Any thoughts?" I asked, pulling back my phone.
"This is some sort of joke, right? You're screwing with me?" she asked, utterly bewildered by what I had just shown her.
"No joke. No screwing around. I figured you'd be the one to ask about this, because of the whole, you know..." I said, gesturing at the leviathan cross emblazoned on her black t-shirt.
Lilith rolled her eyes at me and fidgeted nervously with one of her bracelets. "I'm not sure Christina, this seems a little bit outside of my pay grade. I don't really know what you expect me to do."
"I just need a witness of some kind. What I've got here isn't really enough to prove anything on its own, but if someone else sees it that might lend me a bit of credibility. If some random chick goes to the news complaining about a mysterious door appearing in her living room at midnight that's nothing, but if I get a witness then they might have to listen to me. Plus, I figured maybe you could, I don't know, set up some form of protective circle or sigil or something." As soon as the last words left my lips, I felt like a moron, but Lilith actually seemed to perk up a little bit.
"I mean, I guess that makes sense. How about tonight? I can come over at about 11 o' clock so we have a little bit of time to get ready", she said, a tinge of excitement in her voice.
"Sound's like a plan then, I'll text you my address. I really appreciate you doing this for me." We got up from the booth, exchanged hugs, and went our separate ways. I was skeptical about how much good Lilith's "magickal" expertise would do with regard to the unearthly door, but I had mainly mentioned it to get her interested.
I wish I hadn't.
About 12 hours later, I heard a knock at the door (my front door, in this case, not the impossible one). I peeked through the peephole, saw it was Lilith, and I ushered her inside. She had brought with her a black leather bag, bulging with various books, candles, jars, and other occult accoutrements.
"That's a lot of stuff", I commented, gesturing towards the bag, "are you sure you'll need all of it?"
She shrugged. "I figured it's better to be safe than sorry. I'd rather be overprepared than come up short."
"Seems reasonable."
I showed her the spot of the blank wall where the door appears and she began setting up candles and incense, drawing strange signs with chalk, and pouring salt in a semi-circle in front of where the door would be. As she worked, she occasionally read out loud from some cheap paperbacks with titles like "The Witch's Bible" and "The Unquiet Dead: A Field Guide to the Afterlife".
To be entirely honest it was incredibly underwhelming. I didn't feel any "mystical energies" or unseen vistas of space and time yawning before me. There was just a goth screwing around with some candles while reciting mangled Latin out of books she got for 4.99 apiece at a charity shop.
Nevertheless, I let Lilith get on with her business and sat back drinking some cheap beer. After about 45 minutes she seemed satisfied. The floor and walls were covered with crude sigils done in white chalk, and the whole room smelt of incense and scented candles. I checked my watch, seeing it was 11:48.
I offered Lilith a drink but she declined, instead just taking a seat and fidgeting a bit with her jewelry. We talked for a while about what the door could be, where it came from, that sort of thing. Lilith seemed convinced it was must be the restless spirit of a former tenant, but I was a bit skeptical. While at this point I could no longer honestly say I didn't believe in the supernatural, this didn't necessarily strike me as some sort of haunting.
"I don't think it's a ghost", I said, taking a sip from my near empty can, "it strikes me as something further beyond our realm of experience than that. Something, I don't know, alien somehow. I mean it changes reality itself doesn't it? It transmutes a wall to a door, and let me tell you that door was real wood and the knob was real metal. Aren't ghosts supposed to be intangible or something?"
Lilith seemed like she was about to say something before she paused, a weird look crossing her face. "Christina, what time is it?" she whispered.
I checked my watch, the digital face reading out 12:07. I turned to see the door. It had been there for 7 minutes and we hadn't even noticed its arrival. Something about us not having realized it was there bothered me far more than its materialization. Was it possible that I'd passed by it in the apartment before and just never noticed it? I'd previously assumed that I'd simply always been asleep or out of the apartment when it materialized, but now I wasn't so sure.
Lilith had turned to look at it too, after a moment saying "It's like it's always been there."
The next 3 hours passed slowly, painfully. We snapped plenty of pictures of the door at every conceivable angle on our respective phones, videos too, and decided that after it disappeared again we should take footage of the bare wall for contrast. Lilith and I chatted a bit, but it was hard to continue conversations for long. Now that we had noticed it, we could feel the wrongness emanating out from the door, as if we were being watched by something just out of sight.
I don't know if there is such a thing as true evil, some sort of absolute moral right and wrong on a spiritual level. But being near that door, I felt like I was bearing witness to an atrocity against reality itself. We spent the last 2 hours of observation in nearly complete silence. It seemed like the longer we were cognizant of the door, the worse the feeling of discomfort got. If you've ever been on a roller coaster, you'll be familiar with the feeling of going up the track towards a long drop, the tension in your very blood as you brace yourself for the fall to come. As we sat there, I felt something similar.
I almost wanted to call the whole thing off, just have Lilith and I go to a 24 hour fast food place or something and call it a night. But I had to know.
Unlike with the door's appearance, we noticed when it started to open. We sat there, paralyzed with fear and excitement as it slowly started to creak open, the worn hinges squealing just as I thought they would. The room grew significantly colder, until we were both shivering intensely. Behind the door was void, absolutely void. It was black as the depths of the ocean and emanated pure dread. The smell of incense and scented candles seemed to dissipate, replaced with a vague stench like rotting seaweed.
Finally, the entrance was swung fully open, and we sat there, staring blankly into it. We didn't even try to pull out our phones to record what we saw. The thought to do so didn't cross my mind until well after.
I could see something start to move in the darkness beyond, some sort of motion, spidery, skittering. It was coming towards us. I caught a vague glimpse of a long, thin limb reaching out from the door, coming towards us, grasping blindly from out of the dark, and then-
I felt the sun shining on my face, my entire body sore.
I opened my eyes to find myself lying on the ground, outside. There were trees overhead, but the foliage wasn't dense enough to block out the light which had awoken me. All things being equal, I would have preferred my alarm clock.
I stood up, painfully, taking stock of my surroundings. I was in a park, one which I had been to before, located a couple miles from my apartment. I looked for my phone, but couldn't find it. I began to stumble my way back home, trying my best to ignore my aching muscles. I called out for Lilith a couple times, but was met only with silence. She was gone.
As I limped my way along, a passing jogger called out "Nice tattoo". Confused, I looked down at my arm.
Burned into my flesh in white letters, as if through frostbite, were the words "BRING MORE".
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2023.06.01 19:55 thesupemeEDGElord666 What a goofy goober

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2023.06.01 19:47 Penguin-Tech Octorand Weekly Update - 2023-06-01

Octorand News

We'll hopefully have some Octoplay action for you all next week.

Algorand News

The general mood is gloomy in Algorand Twitter and Reddit... lots of people are getting grumpy because Algo's price sliding against BTC and others. I take this a typical "Bear market" bite from people who are not playing a longer game... however there are reasons to be cheerful:
Fastest getting faster?
Algorand is already the nicest crypto to use thanks to the speed of it's transactions - but it's getting an upgrade which should increase the Transactions Per Second (tps).
MichaelJordan.algo tweets a good summary:
Algorand projects that don't rely on Algo price:
It's nice to see Algorand (with it's fast, cheap and final transactions) being used for something that isn't reliant on $ALGO price for it's value (especially at the moment!)
This is old news to many - but I've just properly looked into it... Lofty is a way of buying a share in a real "bricks and mortar" property (in the USA only at the moment). You get an income from the rent from the property - and the actual 'share' token is an ASA that can be traded outside Lofty. The website is very easy to use (they even allow on-ramping - which is a big win for newbies).
An honourable mention to Opulous - who are doing a similar thing - but with Music royalties - but I couldn't find a way of _actually_ buying anything on - so I think we're still early.
Gov.voi.algo also suggested checking out $CHIPS and $ZONE - and mentioned $COOP is "probably the first totally decentralized meme token".
A nice dApp stats page:
See the lasts 1000 blocks by dApp provider (Tinyman, Folk, PlanetWatch, Vestige etc etc)
Algo Governance votes started 31st May for the details - I think Octorand will be particularly interested in
Measure 5 - Should the NFT Rewards program be created with its pilot allocation starting in the next governance period?
Measure 6 - How much should be allocated to the NFT Rewards program pilot?
Until next week,
Morph and the Octorand Team
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2023.06.01 19:45 farklinkbot This year's remake of 'Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag' already looks like an overachiever

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2023.06.01 19:45 HCLWR Should I finish Gofrieza rotation, or go in with a dream for the ultra ?

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2023.06.01 19:44 CalmGains Why LULU's earnings today will completely obliterate everyone

Lululemon (LULU) is scheduled to report its fiscal first-quarter results today. I expect LULU stock to likely go up due to revenues and earnings beating market expectations. Retail stocks have continued to come under pressure as economic headwinds coupled with inflation have intensified. Despite the current macro headwinds, Lululemon has been able to churn out robust quarterly earnings reports in FY 2022. Management now expects net revenue to be in the range of $9.30 billion to $9.41 billion, representing growth of approximately 15% y-o-y in FY 2023. The previous year saw $8.11 billion.
Analysts expect earnings of $1.96 per share compared to earnings of $1.48 per share from the same quarter last year. In terms of sales, they anticipate an increase of 19.24% over the prior-year period, coming to $1.92 billion. For the fiscal year, analysts expect a profit per share of $11.60, compared to $10.07 in the same period last year.
As you guys may already know, the company specializes in yoga products for Becky and workout gear, competing against industry heavyweights Nike and Adidas. The retail landscape looks more challenging for the remainder of the year. Barclays noted in a May 2 research note that "consumers across all income brackets are pulling back" on discretionary products as inflation takes a chunk out of their wallets.
Meanwhile, analysts (that means you, right?) have been closely watching inventory levels as companies try to offload stockpiles of excess merchandise. Storage costs for those mountains of goods, and the promotions and discounts often needed to move them quickly, tend to weigh on profits.
One of the top retail sectors early in the year, footwear and apparel retailers, has started to show signs of weakness. Rival Nike (NKE) was downgraded to sell last week based on a challenging outlook for its U.S. business and "choppy" recovery in China. Elsewhere, Foot Locker (FL) received a downgrade and price target cut from Citi based on price-sensitive consumers and an "unhealthy" U.S. athletic market.
However, some consumers plan on restocking their fitness gear with summer around the corner. Roughly 35% of consumers plan to splurge on apparel and 19% expect to spend big on fitness products this year, according to a monthly McKinsey survey in May. That's up from April's results of 33% of consumers planning to splurge on apparel and 15% on fitness products, respectively.
Despite the choppy U.S. market, LULU stock received price target upgrades in late April as analysts are still positive on the company's overseas outlook. TD Cowen raised its price target on LULU stock to 525 from 500 on April 27 and maintained an outperform rating on the shares. The firm noted it expects direct-to-consumers and e-commerce growing to 43% of sales and current trends "suggest a bullish read for the international mix shift."
That followed a Bank of America (BAC) price target upgrade on April 20, which lifted BofA's forecast to 450 from 410 but still chose to maintaine a buy rating on LULU stock. Lululemon continues balancing its historically grassroots-focused marketing program with "several more meaningful campaigns," the firm wrote. Bank of America noted Lululemon's "unique" membership program is gaining traction. And growth in China will be a key near- and long-term driver.
On April 18, media reports emerged Lululemon is looking to sell the at-home fitness business. Bloomberg News reported Lululemon was working with an advisor to solicit interest in the business. CNBC later reported Hydrow, a private startup that makes in-home rowing machines, has interest in a deal with Lululemon.
Lululemon previously announced at the end of March it was "evolving" its at-home fitness business strategy with plans to focus on digital app-based services. In its fourth-quarter earnings, Lululemon disclosed a $443 million impairment charge related to Studio Mirror, the company's streaming workout service.
Lululemon averaged 28.8% earnings growth over the past four quarters while revenue averaged 29.8% quarterly gains last year. The yoga company found its center and beat Wall Street earnings estimates the past two years.
As mentioned earlier, analysts expect Lululemon adjusted earnings to bolt 32.4% to $1.96 per share while sales sprint 19.3% to $1.924 billion.
FactSet forecasts same-store sales to rise 15.4%, slowing from the 28% growth last year and 27% growth in the fourth quarter, respectively.
In terms of TA, LULU stock formed a handle for a cup-with-handle base after breaking out on April 17. Shares fell roughly 9% from the buy point and are nearing the maximum 12% handle decline for the pattern. Lululemon stock tumbled 13% from its 386.80 buy point for its previous cup base on the weekly MarketSmith chart following its May 5 breakout. The move triggered the 7%-8% sell rule. LULU stock is hovering above its 200-day moving average but trading well below its 50-day line. Shares retreated the past week after slipping below the 10-day moving average on May 19.
For earnings tho, my research has provided me with a mix of bearish and bullish news. Just for fun I want to inverse my gut instinct that initially says "buy calls." So I'm gonna grab puts just to see. That being said, it's up to you guys to read this and come to your own conclusions. IV is very high so it's better to go for a spread, regardless of what you choose. The average move with earnings has been about 10% so we might see a big move tonight. Grab your popcorn!
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2023.06.01 19:41 Hercules1579 Title: Due Diligence Report - Siri Corp ($Siri)

  1. Company Overview: Siri Corp is a well-established company operating in the entertainment industry. The company has a strong presence in the digital media sector and provides a wide range of services, including audio streaming, podcasting, and digital content delivery. Siri Corp has a solid track record of profitability and has demonstrated consistent growth over the years.
  2. Short Interest and Potential: $Siri currently has a high level of short interest, with approximately 30% of its share float being shorted. This indicates that there is significant bearish sentiment surrounding the stock, potentially leading to a short squeeze under the right circumstances. The recent examples of GameStop and AMC have shown that heavily shorted stocks can experience rapid price appreciation when a short squeeze occurs, resulting in substantial gains for investors.
  3. Profitability and Financial Performance: Siri Corp has a history of being a profitable company, with consistent revenue growth and healthy financial indicators. Analyzing the company's financial statements and key metrics such as revenue, earnings per share (EPS), and profit margins would provide valuable insights into its financial stability and potential for future growth. It is crucial to review the company's recent financial reports, including the most recent quarterly and annual filings, to assess its financial health and sustainability.
  4. Industry Analysis: Conducting a thorough analysis of the entertainment industry, particularly the digital media sector, is essential. Evaluate market trends, competitive landscape, and potential growth opportunities for Siri Corp. Factors such as increasing demand for digital content, expansion into new markets, and technological advancements should be considered when assessing the company's long-term potential.
  5. Market Dominance: Siri XM Radio is the leading provider of satellite radio services in the United States, boasting a substantial market share. With exclusive content, including popular radio shows, news channels, and a wide range of music genres, the company has established itself as a go-to platform for radio enthusiasts.
  6. Strong Subscriber Base: Siri XM Radio has a large and loyal subscriber base, which is a testament to the popularity and value of its services. A significant number of subscribers opt for paid subscriptions, contributing to the company's revenue and financial stability. The consistent growth in the subscriber base demonstrates the resilience and appeal of Siri XM Radio's offerings.
  7. Exclusive Content and Partnerships: Siri XM Radio has secured exclusive content deals and partnerships with prominent personalities, artists, and sports leagues. These partnerships provide a competitive advantage by offering unique programming and ensuring a diverse range of content for subscribers. Such exclusive content can strengthen customer loyalty and attract new users, ultimately driving revenue growth.
  8. Diverse Revenue Streams: Siri XM Radio generates revenue from multiple sources, including subscription fees, advertising, and licensing. This diversified revenue model helps mitigate risks associated with reliance on a single income stream and provides opportunities for continued growth and profitability.
  9. Technological Advancements: Siri XM Radio has embraced technological advancements by offering its services across various platforms, including in-car systems, mobile devices, and smart speakers. This adaptability to changing consumer preferences and technology trends positions the company well for future growth and expansion into new markets.
  10. Financial Performance: Evaluating Siri XM Radio's financial performance is crucial for investment decisions. The company has demonstrated consistent revenue growth and improved profitability over the years. Analyzing key financial metrics, such as revenue, earnings per share (EPS), and free cash flow, can provide insights into the company's financial health and potential for future returns.
  11. Potential for Synergies: Siri XM Radio has the potential to leverage synergies through mergers, acquisitions, or strategic partnerships within the media and entertainment industry. Collaborations with complementary companies can enhance the company's offerings, expand its user base, and create additional revenue opportunities.
Key Notes From their Last Financials
Self-Pay Subscribers Reach Record-High of 32.4 Million
SiriusXM Full-Year Gross Profit of $4.3 Billion
The company provided full-year 2023 guidance for revenue, adjusted EBITDA, and free cash flow as follows: • Total revenue of approximately $9.0 billion, • Adjusted EBITDA of approximately $2.7 billion, and • Free cash flow of approximately $1.05 billion

Lastly with a forward PE ratio of 11 and a GAP to fill at $5.73, I think a massive potential exist with this stock.
Based on the above due diligence, investing in Siri Corp ($Siri) should be approached with a comprehensive understanding of the company's financial performance, industry dynamics, and potential risks. While the high short interest may present an opportunity for a short squeeze and significant price appreciation, it is essential to carefully evaluate all aspects of the investment and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.
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2023.06.01 19:39 moynugollp24 Here’s Where to Watch NBA'Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat' (Free) Live Streaming on Reddit

2023 NBA Finals: Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat (Free) Live Streaming on reddit - Heat vs Nuggets Live Streaming on ESPN.
Watch: ABC & Live Stream FUBO tv
NBA Finals scdl:
Game 1: Heat vs Nuggets Thurs., June 1 at 8:30 p.m.
Game 2: Heat vs Nuggets Sun., June 4 at 8 p.m.
Game 3: Nuggets vs Heat Wed., June 7 at 8:30 p.m.
Game 4: Nuggets vs Heat Fri., June 9 at 8:30 p.m.
* Game 5: Heat vs Nuggets Mon., June 12 at 8:30 p.m.
* Game 6: Nuggets vs Heat Thurs., June 15 at 8:30 p.m.
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2023.06.01 19:38 Sr_Gecko The Curse Of Munain

I must share this, the now defunct news broadcaster, SPANYOL NEWS wrote about this ages ago.
There was this headline, translated into English: ALEJANDRO, PART I: THE WHIPPING.
Hmm I thought, clicking it, not knowing it would haunt me...
I started checking the website, January 22nd 1999, ok now let's see, and I read "Read my story" [NOW MOVING INTO FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE] - TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH
Hello, my name is Munain [SECOND NAME REDACTED], and this is my story.
I won't go over my life, as that isn't important.
Well my friends, I got a story to tell, if you read this, you might be scared, so please this is not for the feint of heart,
My young self was playing football in 1983 eh, you know kicking the ball about, until I accidentally kicked it to a group of friends, probably my age, 16 or 17, the leader of this group, very tall around 6ft 6ft 1, stared at me with a death stare, hair neatly combed and face menacing, by the way I was only around 5 foot 7 so my small frame got me scared but I braved it in front of my friends, He said "You f***** apologise or watch what happens." I idiotically, decided to put up the middle finger back up laughing, saying "try me", he pulled out his phone and I said "dialling your brother, eh! PY, can't handle your own battles", he looked at me when calling the person he was calling, assuming it was his brother, he said "Ayyy, so you know the Zs, you and them come here and teacher this p* a lesson, [ADDRESS REDACTED]" My face dropped and I said to my friend "THE ZS, S*** THIS GUY IS A GANGSTER." I ran home quickly, he never followed, he carried on playing.
I was sweating all night, worrying, I kept saying to myself, the incident happened at 18:00pmish, it is now 23:07, I call it a bluff, but then, around my home I heard footsteps, I kept dead silent, and prayed that they wouldn't find me, I decided to go to the backdoor and wait there with a knife from the kitchen, I thought if I secure the backdoor, it's only the front door left, so I was waiting and waiting and nothing. Until, I felt a tap on my shoulder, some creepy smiling figure, probably in his late 20s pointed with his gun at the basement, "AH THE WINDOW IN THE BASEMENT WAS UNLOCKED, S***" I then realised, why haven't I stabbed him yet, so I went it, but you won't believe it, the knife slipped, probably from the sweat in my hands, I cried, no please! Then it went dark.
PART 1: THE WHIPPING: So how this group works is 5 parts, (The WHIPPING, the hair pulling, sorry I don't know if I can carry on, I might stop here
Reporter: It's fine you don't have to carry on, we'll intervene, take a break.
interview recommenced 7 minutes later
Sorry about that guys, Munain please carry on.
Ok, sorry about that, where was I, oh yeah the Hairpulling, then, then the Brick up the a**, you don't want to know what that one is right now, the eye burner, and finally the mutilation, which I can't tell you, as I am still here which means it didn't get to that stage and I'll tell you why.
It was me and around 3 others in the WHIPPING, to my shock my friend was there, "JULIAN, JULIAN" he said "MUN-" until he was whipped and a sort of bandana put on his mouth"
The whipping was harsh, 200 lashes on the back, 90 on the legs, and 45 on the arms.. I was bleeding tremendously and crying like a newborn baby, but that passed quicker than expected... All 4 of us were still there and alive luckily.
Part 2: The Hairpulling
This part is gruesome, what they'd do then, is they'd pull your hair till it came out, and they didn't care the result, they just wanted it all out, apart from lots of crying and blood, we all survived luckily, but we were near death.
Part 3: Now I will provide more indepth accounts, permitting my memory is good.
The one you've been waiting to hear about, brick up the a** so basically this one is traumatic, it still leaves me scarred and humiliated, we were made to strip at this point, bound by nothing but chains, then, they would get a item with lots of ridge like surfaces, not a brick but it resembled a brick just thinner and longer, they would then insert it up and then make it go through your mouth, like Vlad the Impaler, they had a guy who was skilled and trained at this, and would check every so often to make sure it never hit a vital organ, he did Julian, who was brutally crying, then the other two men who were just as bad, but one suddenly.. died halfway through his procedure, the impaler said "must've hit a vital organ, oh well, and what", then he went to me, I cried with my hands out, "PLEASE NO" but the next minute (more like over 20) it was out my mouth.
What torture it was, I can't believe it, I need another break please. The scars I have from that are too desolate.
Reporter: that is fine, we will resume soon hopefully.
continued next day
Apologies everyone we had to wait a day for Munain to recooperate, but he is back.
Thanks reporter, I don't want to talk about part 3 anymore, I'll move onto part 4, the eye burner. This one wasn't literally to blind you, they would show us our families, being you know what k*****, sorry I am so sorry I can't carry on I am going to go, I DONT KNOW WHY I AGREED TO THIS INTERVIEW"
Reporter: hopefully we will get back in touch with Munain and share the rest of the story...
The present: And this brings me to today, Andrew Darragh aka SR.GECKO, interested in gangs, crime and all that "nonsense' as my wife calls it.
This would be the last time Munain would return to the studio, as just hours later when they tried to get him for day 3 of the interview, he was found dead.
Interesting a note was left,
"I am ending it all, last night was the worst, Julian was in my nightmare, it showed me the mutilation of Julian, and him saying just before, reveal what THE GANG DID, SAVE US! So now I must, chapter 4 didn't end there, after we watched out family die, it was time for the mutilation, but there were 3 people, and they only needed 2, so the third guy really wanted to leave, he said please man, let me leave, so the gang said you three fight, me and the third guy called Juan I believe and Julian, so we fought till at least one of us got knocked out, so I was there fighting with Julian and Juan, I was about to be knocked out, which would mean my mutilation, but all of a sudden before Julian was going to deliver the defeating punch, he elbowed Juan who thought they were teaming and he was instantly knocked out, I now knew he was going for me, but instead, he said to the judge I sacrifice myself, and like that I was dragged and thrown outside with my friend sobbing looking at me, I don't know what happened till this dream, and I don't want to say it, but it involves steel and you know what it is, but I am too heartbroken, nothing, not even stitches can repair my heart, therefore, this is my last note." And just as they looked, Munain was there hanging, with goodbye written behind him...
I thought it was an interesting story to share, and R.I.P Munain, what happened I cant imagine, but you remain in my heart, you were innocent, taken too soon.
Goodbye, even my heart can't cope.
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2023.06.01 19:30 GarlandTejada Authorities in western Mexico find 45 bags with human remains

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2023.06.01 19:25 ilcowy show me the (janelle) monae

new album next week, us tour in september and october that closes out 10/18 in la at the youtube theater, a live nation show. seems like this would make her less likely than more, but curious what the sub thinks.
feels like shes another bon iver type that is bound to sub again instead of headline, unless this album is hugely received.
08-30 Seattle, WA - WAMU Theater
08-31 Vancouver, British Columbia - Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre
09-02 Portland, OR - RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater
09-06 Salt Lake City, UT - The Complex
09-07 Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre
09-09 Kansas City, MO - The Midland Theatre
09-11 Minneapolis, MN - Armory
09-13 St. Louis, MO - Stifel Theatre
09-14 Chicago, IL - Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom
09-17 Boston, MA - MGM Music Hall at Fenway
09-18 Philadelphia, PA - The Met
09-20 Montreal, Quebec - Mtelus
09-21 Toronto, Ontario - Massey Hall
09-24 Washington, DC - The Anthem
09-26 New York City, NY - Radio City Music Hall
09-28 Brooklyn, NY - Kings Theatre
10-02 Charlotte, NC - Skyla Credit Union Amphitheatre
10-03 Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium
10-04 Birmingham, AL - Avondale Brewing Company
10-06 Atlanta, GA - Fox Theatre Atlanta
10-09 Dallas, TX - The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
10-10 Houston, TX - Bayou Music Center
10-11 Austin, TX - Moody Amphitheater
10-15 Phoenix, AZ - Arizona Financial Theatre
10-17 San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
10-18 Inglewood, CA - YouTube Theater
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2023.06.01 19:25 00CM00 Discovering GFriend’s Discography: The Ultimate Slice of Life Soundtrack

So, I WAS going to post this yesterday, but the whole EXO-CBX/SM debacle took me by surprise and I just needed a moment.
Last month, I discovered Iz*One’s music, and there were multiple artists that were on my radar next. Time passed and I ultimately decided to listen to GFriend’s discography.
I’d say overall, GFriend’s music was pretty okay! Nothing too outstanding, but far from terrible. I think having a hefty discography helped a bit so more songs can stick with me, but compared to other artists I’ve listened to - it didn’t leave a strong impression on me… or maybe I need to stop hyper fixating on a game while I’m listening to music.
Anyway, I titled the post “The Ultimate Slice of Life Soundtrack,” is because that was the best way I could describe it. It mainly makes feel like I’m in an anime where it’s all good vibes and comfort. I would kill to have a YouTuber edit anime scenes over their music, especially for opening and ending credits. Dreamcatcher for the plot twists and fight scenes.
Also, doesn’t Contrail sound like something that belongs in Mario? I always got those vibes whenever I’m listening to it…
Moving on, I think with a handful of artists (1st to early 4th gen, specifically), either their rookie music doesn’t hold up to the newer ones, or vice versa. With GFriend, however, I feel like they’ve been pretty consistent with the sound/quality. I found myself saving songs from their rookie and latest releases damn near equally.
And I can’t help but wonder “what if” GFriend continued their contracts with Source Music because I was really interested to see where would they go after the “回” trilogy. But alas…
Speaking of the trilogy, I finally opened my ears and realized Crossroads is actually a bop and a half! I remember listening to Crossroads and Labyrinth back to back in 2020, and was disappointed that the former was chosen as the title when the latter was right there simply because I didn’t like it.
While I still hold a little sentient on whether Labyrinth should’ve been the title, I’m more understanding on why Crossroads was chosen. It has more of that classic GFriend sound that people know and love, but you can noticed the growth in maturity and sound.
The Results:
Top 3 Title Tracks:
  1. Apple
  2. MAGO
  3. Fingertip/Memoria
Okay, I’m cheating here, but honorable mention to Me Gustas Tu because the song is just too iconic.
Top 10 B-Sides:
  1. Better Me
  2. Labyrinth
  3. Ave Maria
  4. Only 1
  5. Love Spell
  6. Crème Brûlée
  7. L.U.V.
  8. Here We Are
  9. Love in the Air
  10. Compas
Favorite Mini Album: Fever Season
Favorite Full Album: Time for Us
Songs Saved: 52/85
Bias: Yuju
Bias-Wrecker: Eunha
As far as sound and image goes? I don’t think there’s going to be another group like GFriend - they created something too unique to replicate.
The news about the contract termination really shocked me when I first heard about it back in 2021, I honestly thought they would go on for a bit longer, especially with the new sound direction in 2020. The fact that even the members didn’t know that MAGO would be their last comeback was another kicker.
On a more positive note, as far as post-2020 stuff goes, I’ll try to do a “pit stop” on VIVIZ’s music: three albums + a single, and I’m hearing good stuff about it so far! I did hear Yuju’s Play and I love it to death! Then again, I’m bias towards her 😅
I heard Yerin recently signed to another company, if I’m not mistaken, so I’m curious to see what will be in store for her! I haven’t heard much about Sowon, so if anyone got info about what she’s been up to, that’ll be cool, but I just hope she’s doing well overall.
Victon will be my next group, but I’m gonna take a break beforehand, I don’t wanna strain myself out with another huge discography lol, but I’m looking forward to them!
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2023.06.01 19:25 Gunslingerfromwish That's a no no

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2023.06.01 19:24 ouzer This Day in Kings’ History (2014): Alec Martinez sends the Kings to the Stanley Cup Final

On June 1, 2014, the Kings defeated the Chicago Blackhawks, 5-4, in Game 7 of the Western Conference Final. Alec Martinez scored 5:47 into overtime, and the Kings became the first team in NHL history to win three road Game 7s en route to the Stanley Cup Final.
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2023.06.01 19:22 Weedtardz I love rockets $TRKA all day everyday 🚀🍃💨

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2023.06.01 19:20 ReferendumAutonomic 9 year old's inheritance robbed

chicago "9-year-old girl was left at one hospital, locked up in the psychiatric ward unnecessarily for about one month beyond medical necessity...price tag of $34,200...DCFS also managed her money."

"Kids on drugs for mental disorders doubles in decade, 'concerning' study finds...truly assess the appropriateness" of prescribing these drugs and to ensure that medicines "are not being used as alternatives" to psychotherapy."

"Lawsuit challenges long, medically unnecessary hospital stays for Maryland foster care children."

"China issues 200% more supervisory guardianship orders to protect minors...psychological counseling."

Harvard, "ketamine’s effects to three brain regions. Two are believed to have a role in the drug’s effectiveness as an antidepressant: the prefrontal cortex — responsible for planning and other executive functions — and the hippocampus, which influences memory formation. The third, the posteromedial cortex, in the back portion of the brain, is a likely site for the dissociative effects...including hallucinations...possible to develop future therapeutics that can avoid dissociation."

"2.8 million Americans have treatment-resistant depression...that fails to improve with two or more interventions...traditional treatments have always suffered from poor efficacy rates...IV not often covered by insurance because ketamine as a mental health intervention is an off-label use of the compound."

Obese not from munchies (vetoed removing 6 months jail) chris christie, and mike pence who wants a million poor people to die in psych wards are as nefarious presidential candidates as trump.

"nutrients in Mental Health. Iron, Magnesium, Omega fatty acids, Vitamin B1, B3, B6, B9, B12, Vitamin C, D, Zinc...chromium (depression), iodine (thyroid function), lithium (reduced risk of suicide, aggression, and impulsivity), and selenium (lower mood and anxiety), according to Tersavich...Gut-Microbiome."

"ziprasidone, perphenazine, haloperidol, and risperidone were the least safe for sleep."

French painter, "This event and the possibility opened through it, rather than the negation of psychosis, is its realization."

2nd precinct's entrance has a sign trying to stop us from seeing whites immediately decide to never investigate violent hate crimes. new york "2,700 arrests of people who were recording police."

"she believes schizophrenia is the mind’s way of protecting itself; by crafting paranoias and hallucinatory scenarios, the brain protects itself against the possibility of further harm...Schizophrenia is not a crime, so why was my brother treated like a criminal?"

alabama, "Named after Colby Spangler, who was born with cerebral palsy, the Colby Act gives an adult with disabilities and older adults a legal option to have a decision-making agreement with their own chosen advisors instead of a guardianship."

"higher odds for Black male veterans of receiving an AUD diagnosis remained the same after the investigators adjusted for comorbid mental disorders and other alcohol-related medical conditions. The authors suggest that clinicians’ racial and ethnic bias."

"Israel, the UK, and Australia already have autism programs in their national security organizations...neurodivergent diagnoses are not automatically disqualifying from Army service, any new recruit who reveals a diagnosis jumps through hoops to serve. Some described having to prove that their diagnoses do not impede their ability to serve."

"Antipsychotic Drug Use Rises in Canadian Long-Term Care Homes...without a diagnosis of psychosis."

"Duo kept at (Barbados) psychiatric hospital for more than three decades finally being released."

"Where the Denver mayor candidates differ...Brough is vowing to eliminate homeless encampments in her first year and enforce the city's camping ban by building more sanctioned locations for tents. But the most controversial part of her plan is the involuntary commitment...Johnston is planning to provide housing to all who need it within his first term by building up to 1,200 tiny homes."

After 20 years of malpractice, woman's "voices and visions have stopped. And she no longer meets the diagnostic criteria for either schizoaffective disorder or intellectual disability" with "immunotherapy treatment for neuropsychiatric lupus. Every month for six months, April would receive short, but powerful “pulses” of intravenous steroids for five days, plus a single dose of cyclophosphamide, a heavy-duty immunosuppressive drug typically used in chemotherapy and borrowed from the field of oncology. She was also treated with rituximab, a drug initially developed for lymphoma...20,000 outpatients in the New York state system."

$1,000/day for regular psych wards, waste even more at

Podcast: "The Model Health Show, Board Certified Addiction Psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Yi is joining us to share his expertise in holistic psychiatry...How drug reps influence doctors."

Podcast: ban qualified immunity for "basic competence." Factually with Adam Conover, Why Cops Are Untouchable with Joanna Schwartz.

May 31 mandatory therapist told me to marry a feminist instead of Muslim. haldol has raised blood pressure. Un-american mother admitted I haven't endangered myself or others for 3 years.
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