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For photos that are, you know, mildly interesting

2012.02.05 07:54 doginabathtub For photos that are, you know, mildly interesting

Aww, cripes. I didn't know I'd have to write a description. How many words is that so far, like a hundred? Soooo, yeah. Mildly interesting stuff. Stuff that interests you. Mildly. It's in the name, ffs.

2013.06.25 03:50 FozzTexx Workbenches


2012.05.01 16:11 cezinho Job Search Hacks

Forget traditional job searching - improve your odds with good tips, tricks and tactics that help you stand out.

2023.06.01 20:28 mix0mat0sis New to YNAB: Need guidance on rolling over from previous month

Hey All, My wife and I just started using YNAB and I think we need to change our mindset a bit on how we budget each month. My wife and I both allocate a category for Guilt-Free Spending for each of us ($150 per month per person). During today's rollover into the next month, I may have igorantly auto allocated our earnings from last month and it resulted in some unexpected behavior to me that I'm hoping you can explain.
In the month of May, I only spent $50 so when June came around, I see that I now have $250 available in my account. This is what I would expect since I allocate $150 per month for us and only spent $50 of it last month. So far so good!
However, for my wife, she actually OVERSPENT in the month of May by about $100 and I never fixed her budget for May, expecting her to only have a $50 balance available to spend this month (since she went over $100 last month). That doesn't seem to be the case. After auto-allocating funds, she has the full $150 available to spend this month and any rollover debt I would have expected to see is gone. What did I do wrong?

Quick disclaimer is that we do not live month to month and have a bit of padding saved up in our savings account so going a little in the red doesn't hurt as long as we know we have to scale back our spending in the following month to adhere to our $150-a-month guilt free spending that we give ourselves.

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2023.06.01 20:27 CaffeinatedSadness A massively tall Goliath barbarian, whose youth is far behind him. Mako D'nur, affectionately known as Old Man Mako.

A massively tall Goliath barbarian, whose youth is far behind him. Mako D'nur, affectionately known as Old Man Mako. submitted by CaffeinatedSadness to HeroForgeMinis [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 20:27 Sorraia3 TL:DR I’m looking for Bra suggestions for Broad roots, shallow top in 32DD & 34D.

Big thanks to u/28FFthrowaway, u/bunnybunnykitten, & u/WampaCat!
Here are the various measurements I’ve taken. There’s so many because I kept doubting if I was doing it right and took new ones every other day.
Based on all the guides I’ve read & watched, advice I’ve received, and personal experience trying bras on so far this is what I’ve determined…
I have broad roots, a shallow top, I’m fuller on the bottom, a bit bony at the sternum, I have significant MBT & underarm spillage, and to top it all off my skin can be sensitive to rougher fabrics.
I’m looking for brands & styles to try in the range from the linked chart above… sizes 32DD/DDD/E, 34C/D/DD.
As suggested elsewhere I'd like to try each bra in all these sizes, but at least 2-3 will do of course if they're not made in all of them, focusing on the 32DD & 34D.
I don’t know bra brands and styles at all so any help is so very appreciated. Especially in determining if any of the suggested bras below can accommodate wide roots with side support. That seems to have been my biggest issue when trying some on.
These are some fit suggestions I’ve been given so far…
Try a sewn cup bra in half cup, balconette, or demi cup
You need wider wires to encompass all breast tissue on the sides
Look for soft, seamed bras that specifically say “side support”
Avoid molded cups for the purpose of fitting / sizing and determining shape
Non-wired bras have a very flexible fit so are not that helpful for fit checks.
From the shallow guide…
The cups should have only vertical seams, and no horizontal seams.
The top edge of the cups is as close to horizontal as possible.
The top edge is open (vertical), not closed (curved in towards the body).
These are the various bras that have been suggested so far in various posts I’ve read. There's notes if I tried them already.
Aerie Real Sunnie
Natori Cherry Blossom - 34D gaps in cups, 34C cups ok, mbt spillage
Natori Feathers - 34D gaps in cups
Natori refined - 32DD too tight, 34C/D/DD Wire too narrow
Freya Starlight - 34D gaps in cups
Freya Offbeat Side Support
Panache Jasmine
Panache Envy
Panache Clara
Cleo Asher
Cleo blossom
Wacoal How Perfect Wire Free T-Shirt - 34D/DD Cups too tall/full
Wacoal Side Smoother Underwire T-Shirt - 34D Cups too tall/full
Wacoal Elevated Allure Wire Free
Wacoal Elevated Allure Underwire
Wacoal Women's Back Appeal Underwire
Warner's No Side effects Underwire T-Shirt
And these are the ones suggested in the shallow guide as will most likely work
b.tempt'd Ciao Bella
Betsey Johnson Eyelet Lace Demi
Boux Avenue Chloe Lace Balconette
Claudette Sophia Icon Demi
Cleo Juna
Cleo Neve
Cleo Koko Flirty/Mode/Belle
Curvy Kate Soda Pop
Ewa Michalak
Freya Deco Moulded Soft
Freya Deco Strapless - original
Gilligan & O’Malley Lightly Lined Demi
Just Peachy Lace Padded Balconette
Lepel Fiore Padded Balconette
Lepel Fiore Padded Plunge
Natori Feathers Contour Plunge
OnlyHer Latte Plunge
OnlyHer Tabasco Plunge
Parfait Charlotte Padded Plunge
Tutti Rouge Liliana
Thanks so much bra fam!
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2023.06.01 20:27 AutoModerator Copy Paste Agency by Iman Gadzhi (Here)

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In Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency, you will learn:
To get Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us on:
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Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
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2023.06.01 20:27 jmrojas17 In case any of y’all need a quick shares per budget breakdown here is how many shares you can get with $100, $500 and $1200.

In case any of y’all need a quick shares per budget breakdown here is how many shares you can get with $100, $500 and $1200. submitted by jmrojas17 to CLOV [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 20:27 upandallaboutit Belly Button Piercing ??

Hi! So I am 14 weeks with my first. I got my belly button pierced when I was 18, and wore piercings until I was like 21… then I was over it and stopped. The hole is still totally there though - it just never really closed (I’m almost 28 now).
Now, I’m reading stories / seeing videos of people advising to not get your belly button pierced if you want kids some day. One woman said her piercing hole stretched a ton with her belly, but then never really went back to normal after birth, (and in her words, ‘looked like a weird second belly button’), so she eventually got it fixed surgically.
Soo now I’m stressed about it… any second time + moms here who had a piercing previously? How did it stretch / heal? Sigh, just another random thing to worry about
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2023.06.01 20:26 AdSharp3718 My (22f) boyfriend (21m) vapes in the house.

My (22F) boyfriend (21f) has been a smokevaper since he was a young teen. We’ve been together about 3 years now. He has gone through periods of quitting only to pick back up the moment he has any spare money. I recently bought a house (he just couldn’t financially afford to go in with me). We lived in an apartment before and he smoked and vaped constantly even though we weren’t allowed to in the apartment. I told him once he moved into the house with me it would be a no go. Period end of story. I didn’t want the smell and I personally don’t smoke so I don’t want the secondhand exposure. We’ve moved in and I assumed it was going well I haven’t seen him smoked or vape in the house at all. Come to find out during move in my sister had walked in on him smoking in the house when I wasn’t there. He sprayed some scent blocker after and he acted like nothing happened. Since this happened I have found his smoking stuff and is vape out in the open (id assume he was using it). How do I approach this situation without making him feel cornered?
TLDR: I told my boyfriend not to smoke in the house. He still does it.
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2023.06.01 20:26 ReplacementThat9888 Visiting

In Glasgow for a week, how is the nightlife during weekdays? Do people only go out on weekends?
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2023.06.01 20:26 HopeHumilityLove What is your rule of faith?

I learned as a Protestant that we think doctrine is true if and only if it conforms to the Bible, and that Roman Catholics think it is true if it conforms to Church teachings. People have struggled to hold either rule and love our LGBTQ neighbors at the same time. So, I'm curious, what's your rule of faith? How do you test doctrine for truth?
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2023.06.01 20:26 Ill-Hunt755 This isn't even a meme. It's just how it is.

This isn't even a meme. It's just how it is. submitted by Ill-Hunt755 to PrequelMemes [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 20:26 Jeffrey214769 Different Texture

I've noticed that the Golem Armour set and Sentient weapons have a different texture in rlcraft how do i get those textures for myself is there like a texture pack or smtg that i can download and use? Because the look really cool
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2023.06.01 20:26 TrickyComposer My oldest friend missed Gender Reveal, Baby Shower, and cancels play dates all the time due to illness

I know it’s not her fault (she has a 1.5 year old) as I also have a child and know that babies getting sick is the norm, but it makes me really sad that my oldest friend missed these milestones in my life. Her kid is always sick even way before daycare (he started a couple of months ago). I know I shouldn’t take this personally, but I don’t know how to get over this. I know that this will be us soon too.
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2023.06.01 20:26 Slight-Landscape174 How to turn of reflection from backdrop?

Hey Everyone! Im busy with a project and it contains small bottles. The problem is that the reflection from the backdrop makes the bottom of the bottle look white/transparant. Its not what im going. My question is: How do i remove this reflection, but keep it shiny. like the top of the bottle and spray. I have already tried unchecking "Glossy" At property settings, but that just makes it look like MATT. I would really appreciate som help. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 20:25 LlawEreint God is not the whole cause and origin of all evil, or "An argument for dualism"

Here's a compelling argument by a thirteenth century Cathar that there must be two principles in heaven, rather than a single God:
Very broadly,
He starts by arguing that evil cannot come from good:
As Christ says in the Gospel of the Blessed Matthew: "And the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit."
And that God is good:
David says "Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and of His greatness there is no end"; and again, "Great is our Lord, and great is his power; and of His wisdom there is no number." And Paul says to the Romans: "O the depth of the riches of the wisdom and of the knowledge of God! How incomprehensible are His judgments and how unsearchable His ways, and so on.
That God knows all things from eternity:
"For all things were known to the Lord God before they were created; so also after they were perfected He beholdeth all things."
That God is all-powerful:
David says, "But our God in heaven; He hath done all things whatsoever He would.
Then, a proof by contradiction:
If God understood all things from the beginning and knew that His angels would in the future become demons, because of the character which He himself gave them from the beginning (because all the causes which would make those angels become demons in the future arose entirely within His providence and it did not please God to make them otherwise than He did), it of necessity follows that the afore- said angels could never in any way have avoided becoming demons. And this is particularly true because it is impossible that anything which God knows to be future may be in any way changed so that it does not come to pass in the future—above all, in Him who from eternity knows the future completely, as we have just seen explained.
How, then, can the unlearned say that the aforesaid angels could remain good, holy, and humble with their Lord for all time, since it was from eternity utterly impossible in God? They are therefore by the most valid reasoning forced to confess that, in accordance with their thesis God knowingly and in full awareness created and made His angels of such imperfection from the beginning that they could in no way escape evil. And so God himself, of whom the words good, holy, just, wise, and righteous were used above, who is above all praise, as was previously declared, was the whole cause and origin of all evil—which is obviously to be denied. For this reason we are required to acknowledge two principles. One is good. The other is evil, the source and cause of the imperfection of the angels and also of all evil.
This barely scratches the surface, and he goes on at length to address any possible objections, but it give the basis for his compelling argument.
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2023.06.01 20:25 Just_Ad_5939 how do you do the tower glitch on pc?

all ive seen for the tower glitch is consoles, how do i do it on a pc?
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2023.06.01 20:25 HombreMan24 Sony smart TV that uses GoogleTV PIP

I've had Channels DVR for about a week and thus far I really like it. I have a Sony TV and I downloaded the Channels app there from the Google Play Store. I can get everything working. I see the guide, I can record, I see my recordings. But, is picture in picture not possible on it? I was reading the documentation and GetChannels site says PIP is on by default. But, whenever I go back to the guide, whatever I'm watching turns off immediately and I see the guide. Is there a setting that I am missing?
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2023.06.01 20:25 YARR1N 17 y/o WTF do I do?

So I've been watching the market for over a year now, learned a lot in the progress. But I'm still fucking clueless. Over here you got people saying the end is near and a big crash is coming, but over there you got people without a care in the world just buying stocks that they think are undervalued. Like should I wait for a crash that might still be 20 years off and miss out on all the potential gains? How certain is it that a crash is coming and how far off are we? I can't believe holding my money in cash is the best option right now. I know I still got my whole life ahead of me, but then why do they say time is money in the market? A crash is bound to happen though, right??
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2023.06.01 20:25 No_Cardiologist_8532 Fanfic: Slave of Thrones Part XV

It was dawn when the iron doors beneath the Red Keep, in the torchlit dungeons far below the main castle, when one of the doors that led to the exit tunnels that emptied into Blackwater Bay was shoved open. A Weequay guard fell forward, his throat slit, his corpse slamming down on the cobblestones. Jon Snow loomed in the doorway behind the dead alien, his sword slick with the guard's blood. He wiped his brow and said, "Thank you" to the dead man before kicking him aside and dragging himself forward.
Jon had spent the night slowly making his way toward the Red Keep, creeping among alleyways and the ruins of houses to avoid patrols of guards or droids. He had eventually managed to ambush a guard and take the Weequay hostage. Jabba's men, as it turned out, were cowardly when faced with someone stronger than they and the guard had been all too eager to lead Jon to a secret entrance into the dungeons to save his own hide. It hadn't saved him, of course, and Jon had taken a grim sense of pleasure in slitting the man's throat when he thought himself safe.
Jon grabbed a torch from the wall and removed it. With Longclaw in one hand and the torch in his other, he stumbled forward, his pace slow, every muscle in his body demanding he lie down and rest, collapse into the blissful state of unconsciousness. Jon ignored them and pushed them aside, forcing himself forward. Daenerys needed him. And he wouldn't give up, not for anything, until he had wrested her from the grasp of Jabba the Hutt.
He walked for sometime, nothing to join him in this march toward the slimy overlord of King's Landing but his own footsteps. However, coming to a passage he suddenly heard whispering around the corner. Halting and keeping to the shadows, his black leather of the Night's Watch keeping him well hidden, Jon peeked around the corner and looked to the source of the noises.
To his surprise, he saw someone he didn't think was still among the ranks of the living. Cersei Lannister was on her feet inside a cell, the door ajar. Her once proud dressed had been reduced to tatters, exposed her bosom and bountiful flesh beneath. Her hair was a wild mess and her features curled in disgust as a creature loomed over her. Jon narrowed his eyes, beholding the hideous form of Bib Fortuna, the loathsome Twi'Lek looming over Cerseri. One of his dexterous clawed hands was stroking her face, lithe fingers dancing through the locks of her golden hair. His pants were lowered, his stiff erection shoved inches from her pretty face, a lecherous grin upon his fanged features.
"Jabba may get to pamper his lusts with the four beauties upstairs," Fortuna hissed at Cersei. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and jerked it backwards, Cersei giving a cry as her lips were forced to meet the tip of Fortuna's quivering member. "But I have you all to myself."
"How lucky." Cersei spitefully hissed through clenched teeth, gazing upon his cock with a truly disgusted expression. Jon grimaced, his gloved hand curling around Longclaw's hilt. As much as he'd like to leave the Lannister bitch to her fate, there was no honor in letting Cersei be raped by this monster. No one deserved that, not even her.
So Jon Snow burst from the shadows and gave a whistle. Fortuna spun around with a snake-like hiss, releasing Cersei. His eyes widened and he fumbled for his communicator, a cry of "Guards-" slipping from his lips.
Which was soon silenced as Jon buried his blade in the foul Majordomo's heart. The momentum carried Bib Fortuna backwards, blood spewing from his fetid lips, his red eyes wide with horror. His hands scrambled at Jon's chest, clutching desperately to hold onto life. Fortuna gurgled and sputtered before Jon ripped Longclaw free in a spray of alien blood. Fortuna's corpse slid down the bars and crumbled to the floor, the Majordomo dying a most undignified death.
Cersei instantly scrambled to her feet, clutching the remains of her dress to cover her nakedness. She looked at Jon, her rescuer, to Fortuna's corpse with surprise. A myriad of emotions went through the woman's face before she finally locked eyes with Jon and snarked,
"Well, well. I never thought I'd be saved by a bastard. Much less a Stark."
"And I never thought I'd be rescuing a incestuous bitch but here I am," Jon snarked right back, turning to face his longtime foe. "You're welcome, by the way."
"What, you want a thank you?" Cersei chuckled, her lips twisting in a humorless smile. "Please. I haven't lost ALL my dignity. I didn't think you were still alive."
"I feel dead and sometimes I wish I was," Jon grimaced, hand clutching his sword tightly. "But Daenerys is up there. She needs me. I won't fail her as I did my men."
"Oh're the serious one, duty bound and all that," Cersei clicked her tongue. "I guess sticking your cock in that dragon whore really-"
Jon raised his blade warningly, its tip right against her throat. A dark expression was upon his features as he said, icy calm but with a terrifying tone, "I've had a long day. I've thought about killing you many times over these years, you and your entire fucking family. Don't push your luck. I promise I won't hesitate if any more foul words slip from these serpentine lips of yours."
Cersei eyed the sword and swallowed. She could see Jon wasn't kidding. "Perhaps," She said, managing to speak as Longclaw continued to press against her throat. "I can help you. You know, a reward for saving me from that foul pervert."
"I only want one thing." Jon moved closer and his teeth clenched. When he spoke, it was with the fierceness that the North was known for and even Cersei cowered before the wild fury of Jon Snow.
"Where is Jabba the Hutt?"
Jabba normally slept very late until at least noon, sleeping off nights of debauchery and partying. But this day he rose early, perhaps emboldened by his orgy with his four slavegirls last night. And so, in the early hours of the morning, Jabba guided his dais back to the throne room, taking his usual spot before the Iron Throne. He was absolutely giddy, his ego and pride soaring to new heights. Enough time had been spent in King's Landing. It was time to expand his empire even further, beyond the boundaries of Westeros! A Hutt's greed was never satisfied. Jabba needed more. More lands to grind under his slimy heel. More riches to wrest from the hands of kings and queens. More women to defile...although he didn't think any would match his four personal pets. But his harem needed more bodies, not just for himself, but his men who shared in a fraction of lusts and perverted personality. More!
His slavegirls were lying before him in various positions. Within the curl of Jabba's mighty tail were Arya and Margaery. Margaery lay against the side of his girthy appendage, deliberately grinding her perky ass into the slimy folds of the the huge thing that surrounded her. Arya, meanwhile, was lying on Margaery, her head cushioned against Margaery's impressive bosom. Margaery was petting Arya's short black hair, running her dexterous, soft fingers through it as she looked at the throne room before her. Arya was stone faced but seemed to be grudgingly enjoying the attention and made so room to escape Margaery's grasp, their leashes intertwining in a pile as they flowed down the sides of their bodies into the nest of pillows cast here and there across Jabba's dais.
Meanwhile, Sansa and Daenerys were standing on either side of Jabba, their skirts fluttering in the small morning breeze passing through the open window in the throne room. Jabba cooed as he admired their luscious backsides and round, firm asses barely hidden by their fluttering, long slavegirl skirts. Sansa seemed more composed than Daenerys, the Stark sister staring ahead with a stoic expression, occasionally betraying her humiliation at Jabba's eyes on her with nervous licks of her ruby red lips. Daenerys, meanwhile, glowered openly at Jabba, throwing glares over her bare shoulder at the Hutt repeatedly. Jabba just laughed, Daenerys's defiance amusing him and arousing him. His tail flopped and wiggled next to Sansa's booted feet, as he lightly played with the chains of Sansa and Daenerys clutched in his fat fist.
"Summon Fortuna!" Jabba boomed, slamming his free fist onto the side of his throne, rattling the bowl full of frogs. Juices of water escaped the aquarium and splattered on Daenerys, the last Targaryan giving a startled squeal of disgust. "It is time to plot my battle strategy for CONQUERING the rest of this planet, ho ho ho! Soon, the Empire of Jabba shall stretch not to one measly continent but the entire world. All shall worship me, all shall serve MY desires."
"Yes, my lord," A Goldcloak bowed to Jabba before turning to find Fortuna in the room he had taken over within the depths of the palace. Jabba purred in pleasure, thrusting his free hand into the bowl and snatching up a screaming frog.
Margaery's eyes glistened with intelligence. She continued to pet Arya's hair non-chalantly but her eyes studied the throne room carefully. At this early hour, there were limited guards, only a smittering handful around. A few alien men armed with vibro pikes and blasters, along with two or three Goldcloaks. The Goldcloaks Margaery wasn't worried about. If this plan worked, then they might throw aside their forced loyalty to Jabba and help them. As for the others...well, with luck either the Goldcloaks or Arya would deal with them.
The plan, as she had come up with, had come from careful observations during her time of the palace, as well as information gained from Jabba's men she had quite literally milked for information. Jabba was a Hutt and although he looked like the very picture of a slovenly, fat bastard, in truth his hide was packed with layers of muscle. His hide was resistant to blaster fire and he could even shrug off injuries that might fell a normal human. The only past his layers of defenses was his neck. For Jabba to die, he'd need to be strangled to death. There were other options of course but none Margaery had access to. And of course, she couldn't exactly strangle Jabba with her bare hands.
But Jabba had leashed them all, with iron chains for Sansa and Daenerys and long fibro leashes for her and Arya. If they worked together...all four of them could wrap their chains around Jabba's foul neck and strangle their master to death.
A bold plan, mad perhaps, perhaps doomed to failure. But it was the best one Margaery's clever mind had come up with. The other girls had agreed, each desiring freedom from their abusive lord. If they distracted him and caught him unawares...this just might work.
Margaery whispered in Arya's ear, pulling locks of black hair aside as her dainty lips whispered in the Stark girl's ear: "Let's begin." Arya grimaced, Margaery understanding why. None of them were particularly ready for what this entailed. But it was necessary. Jabba was ruled by lust, like any other man. distract him, they needed to seduce him. To pretend to willingly give into his foul charms. To appreciate him, as he had so often taunted them with.
But before Margaery or Arya could signal the other two girls, the door to the hall was suddenly kicked open. Guards jolted and raised their blasters, Goldcloaks forming ranks and drawing swords. Jabba made a blubbery noise of confusion, his tail slapping against Sansa's leg as he looked to the front of the throne room, eyes narrowing.
Sansa was the first to react, a gasp escaping her lips. Daenerys next. Both of them exclaimed, in absolute delight at the same time, "Jon!" Arya instantly burst free from Margaery's bosom and crawled forward, a grin splitting her lips as she went to the edge of the dais. Margaery raised a quizzical eyebrow before pushing aside her and Arya's leashes, leaning over Jabba's huge tail to peek at what lay ahead.
Jon Snow stood in the threshold, Longclaw at his side, Bib Fortuna's blood splattering upon the cobblestones. His eyes went to each of the girls and he felt his heart swell with fury. He gazed upon Sansa, his lovely sister, so innocent and sweet, the pride of the Stark family. Now dressed in a horribly skimpy outfit even a Flea Bottom wench would sniff at her, a chain around her neck like some dog! She smiled at him but he could see the pain in her eyes and he shuddered to think about what Jabba had done to her.
And then there was Arya, someone wearing even less than Sansa, garbed in a fishnet outfit that hugged her athletic curves and long legs while leaving nothing to the imagination. She also grinned at Jon, genuine happiness on her expression even through the black makeup that decorated her face. Jon's fury grew as he could see she was leashed too.
And the apex of his rage. Daenerys, his love, the proud conqueror, dressed in a similar skimpy garb to Sansa's and also chained at the neck. Daenerys smirked at him and put her hands on her wide hips. Jon swallowed slightly, trying not to be distracted with how her long white skirts fluttered between her curvy thighs or how well framed her bosom looked stuffed into that metal bra. He could see a glimpse of a final grin, decorate in green straps with long hair, also leashed but he didn't know her and paid her no mind.
"Jon Snow," Daenerys said with a chuckle, some of her old humor returning upon seeing her lover. "What took you so long?"
Jon tried to smile back but it wasn't easy, the sight of his sisters and lover in bondage was fanning the fires of his already wrathful mood. "Well, I had a few houses dropped on me," He said, his eyes dancing to the aliens and Goldcloaks who now formed a blockage to Jabba's throne. "But I'm here now, my queen."
Daenerys grinned and tried to speak further. But Jabba growled angrily and PULLED savagely at the chains he clutched. With a violent yank, Sansa and Daenerys were pulled off their feet with a cry, falling with a squish into the depths of their master's enormous gut. Jabba kept pulling, Sansa and Daenerys clutching at the collars as they were violently strangled, thrashing and squirming on their master's doughy, slimy gut. Sansa's booted heels scrambled for purchase at the edge of the throne, her wriggling causing her red skirt to flip this way and that, offering glimpses of her cunt beneath them. Daenerys meanwhile PULLED desperately at her collar, coughing and gasping for air but even her own strength proved useless against Jabba's dominant hand as usual and she was left squirming desperately for relief on his fat belly.
Arya snarled at Jabba, her bravery returning at the sight of Jon. She moved to lunge at him to stop him from abusing her sister but Margaery quickly grabbed her arm, stopping the younger Stark sister. Arya snarled at Margaery, hissing: "Let me go! We should act now!"
"Not yet," Margaery growled, pursing her lips. Arya stopped, sensing the firmness in Margaery's tone as Margaery guided her back into the curl of Jabba's huge tail. "An opportunity will present itself...but not yet. I'm afraid this man has just blown my plan wide open."
"That's my brother!" Arya bit back. She whirled around, twisting to watch the ongoing confrontation. "Just you watch, he's going to kick this slug's fat ass!"
"So!" Jabba growled, his booming voice filling the chamber. He relaxed his grip on his slave's chains. "A member of Daenerys's little army survived, hmm?" He laughed, recovering from his initial shock. This was just one man and he was severely outnumbered. Sansa and Daenerys tried to rise from his belly, to pull away from the layers of their master's slimy fat, but he pulled them back, his tail thrashing beside Sansa's thigh.
"Survived and more," Jon said, raising Longclaw which caught the glint of the torches. "I'm here for my sisters and Daenerys, Jabba. Release them and begone from Westeros. Take your army of monsters back to the stars. This land will never yield to you."
Jabba erupted with laughter, a laugh taken up by his guards. His tail slithered forward and wrapped around Sansa's leg like an exploring serpent, Jabba giving her succulent thigh a firm squeeze with the appendage. Meanwhile, his other hand began to stroke Daenerys's hair, roaming through her unique white locks, twisting and playing with them between his sausage-like fingers, so soft in contrast to his rubbery, filthy hide. Both girls moaned in disgust, Sansa offering no resistance as the tail coiled around her leg while Daenerys slapped ineffectually at Jabba's bloated hand. Jon's face turned purple with rage at the sight of the two women being molested by the fat slug.
"This land has already yielded, I possess strength of arms and technology far beyond this primitive planet!" Jabba spewed back at Jon, slime spewing from the depths of his rotund maw to shower his slavegirls. "You, boy, have made a very foolish mistake. I admire your courage and your tenacity to sneak into MY palace..." Jabba paused for emphasis, before wrapping one chubby arm around Sansa and Daenerys both. He cuddled them together, his tongue emerging to give Daenerys's cheek a slobbery lick with his slimy, girthy tongue while his tail squeezed Sansa's thigh possessively, its tip teasing her skirts, a thin layer of cloth all that separated her lady parts from being violated once more by the monstrous member. The two girls moaned in horror as Jabba cuddled them, looking at Jon with desperate, pleading eyes.
"I will NOT give up my favorite decorations," Jabba growled, waving his chain wielding hand at all four women, the chains of Sansa and Daenerys clanking with the motion. "I like Sansa, Daenerys, Margaery, and Arya where they are. And now..." Jabba licked his scum coated lips and laughed. "And now, boy, they get to watch you DIE.'
Jabba pointed one fat finger at Jon and barked to the small amount of guards in the room, outnumbering Jon eight to one:
"KILL HIM! Bring me his head!"
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2023.06.01 20:25 Independent_Scar_420 How to deal with stammering and nervousness while talking?

(21M)First things first. Mine is a case of self diagnosis. I know that it may not be the case that I have autism but just that that puzzle piece kinda fills in all the "blank" or explains many things in my life... So I just want to entertain the possibility and see if taking some steps toward accepting it and deciding stuff in my life around it would help or not. I can't really get diagnosed because it's super expensive where i am from and i really don't want my overprotective parents to deal with this.
Now coming to the subject at hand. Whenever I am in spotlight or centre stage I start speaking very loudly, stranger a lot, and irrelevant body gestures that mislead and at times irk the people listening to me. I am in academia so I would be doing a lot more talking in the future too. I won't be able to avoid that. I won't tell anybody that I am autistic cos I am not officially diagnosed and hence don't want anybody to think i am lying just to take advantage. Only one friend knows about this and it will remain that way.
I want some tips as to how to deal with the problem i mentioned above so that i can smoothen the experience as much as possible. Thanks for all the help.
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2023.06.01 20:25 Skyler-sky How would you rank the second place finisher new era?

For me it would be
  1. Mike
  2. Cassidy
  3. Deshawn
  4. Heidi
How would you rank the second place finisher of the new era so far?
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