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2009.11.28 08:41 Paul-ish Wheel of Time

A community for the Wheel of Time fantasy series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.

2010.04.18 02:47 Professor_Layton Wheel of Time

A community for the discussion of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, as well as the TV show on Amazon Prime.

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The Unofficial Wheel of Time TV show subreddit. Casting, episodes, seasons, wishlists, etc.

2023.03.30 06:18 ASAP_ROCKY Zupload: The simplest way to upload & download images for developers

Zupload: The simplest way to upload & download images using Next.js
Hey everyone! 👋
My name is Max and I've been using Next.js to build a library I'm calling Zupload to reduce all the boilerplate and headache around file management. My current version of Zupload allows for uploads (both multipart or basic) and downloads with a simple api that looks like this:
const client = new ZuploadBrowserClient({ projectId }); await client.upload(file, 'file-name');
I'm still very early on in this project and I'm looking for people to join a beta to help me test it out. I'm planning on making this open-source with a hosted version as well. If you're interested I'd love to connect and chat more about what I'm working on
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2023.03.30 06:18 yyy33_ Questions about how to write a treesitter query

This is part of a highlighted query file in lua, where is the documentation describing the names of the node types in the query, and are the names of the node types common to all programming languages?
"return" @keyword.return [ "goto" "in" "local" ] @keyword (label_statement) @label (break_statement) @keyword (do_statement [ "do" "end" ] @keyword) (while_statement [ "while" "do" "end" ] @repeat) 
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2023.03.30 06:18 LPL-Official LPL Playoffs Preview: A Spring Showdown

LPL playoffs are here! With 10 teams put into the ring, only one can hoist the trophy. Additionally, one other team will join our champion in representing the region at the first newly formatted Mid-Season Invitational! With that being said, here’s a look at each of our competitors:
10. TEAM WE (WE)
This is a team with a lot of hope! Both metaphorically and literally, with botlaner Hope and his partner Iwandy looking to make a big impact in the coming bracket. A team that looks very solid on paper, with multiple internationally appearing players alongside young rising star Shanks, they’ve unfortunately had a little bit of difficulty really putting things together over the split. However their talent shines through regardless, and they have a lot of potential to make big noise in the coming weeks.
How did the former kings of Spring end up here? Well, they did after all lose their trademark “Spring Tiger”, Xiaohu. However, few expected a lineup that retained much of its MSI-winning core to fall from grace in such a devastating manner. Still anchored by their world-class botlane of GALA and Ming, the team has very little time left to figure out adaptations around Angel as their new midlaner. The clock is ticking - but if RNG hits their stride again, we all know what they’re capable of.
TT are one of the real pleasant surprises of 2023. Picking up Worlds finalist huanfeng, the whole squad seemed to just click, especially with their midlaner ucal delivering on his parting promises from last year - where he vowed to take a massive stride forward in the 2023 season. Even with the team choosing to place their faith in opening day jungler Beichuan over the hyped prospect XHR, the results this tough-as-nails group delivered have been beyond what many in the community expected. If they somehow can go far here in the playoffs - speechless is all we can be.
Collapse is a bit of understatement for what happened towards the end of the split for TES. Starting out the year, they looked like an unstoppable juggernaut - standing squarely in the race for the best team in the LPL. A lineup featuring legends like Rookie and Jackeylove, anyone questioning them was considered a lunatic.
Then in Week 8, it all changed. The team rattled off 5 straight series losses, even including a disastrous sweep at the hands of 14th place LGD. Confidence in the team was shattered, and confidence within the team equally so. Now heading into the playoffs, it remains to be seen if they have the resolve to power ahead, or if the downward spiral only continues…
It seems all it took to get Oh My God to a second-round playoff seed was adding a holy man to the roster. After swapping long-time veteran support COLD for a fitting namesake in ppgod, the roster which barely scraped its way into competitiveness last year is now a real threat. The scariest thing is that the team’s star players are still incredibly young with a lot of room to grow. At the rate that Shanji and Creme are maturing in the LPL, this lineup could be a force which stays at the upper half for the foreseeable future. Even if this playoffs they don’t take the title, disappointment won’t be warranted - and if they do, then all the merrier.
BLG’s massive roster overhaul has brought them incredible success this year, much of it coming off the blossoming of an LPL star in their ADC Elk. When one looks just at the names here, Bin - XUN - Yagao - Elk - ON, they see a collection of some of the most hyped prospects of the past half decade of the LPL. And whether they had previously panned out or not, they have all ended up here.
The only trip up they face comes from their cohesion. A lot has been said about the team’s supposed inability to adapt, especially coming from their toplaner. But have no doubts - pure talent alone can absolutely make this group a real championship contender.
Who didn’t have WBG as one of the top 4 headed into the year? This was an obvious choice for many reasons. You have a solid collection of proven talent, alongside one of the highest-peak players of all time in TheShy.
And while TheShy of course by himself adds a massive variation to the play in the team, the veteranship and stability from almost every other position goes miles in offsetting this effect, and bringing this Weibo team to the place they deserve. We hope that this group of international legends can once again make their way to MSI, and they 100% are in the running to do so.
Okay, now this one was somewhat unexpected. While you did have undoubtedly one of the strongest mid-jungle duos in Scout and Tarzan, a lot of people questioned the ability of their surrounding players: Zika, Hang, and LP. Time however has proven that all players on this roster are capable in their own right, leading them to a wonderful third place seed.
The question now comes to a matter of experience. Can these three former question marks stand up to the pressure of playoffs? Scout is no doubt one of the most talented midlaners - now his talent as a leader is up to the plate.
After just touching on Scout, we now reach the team that suffered his and Viper’s departure. So many analysts thought that losing their two premier carries was a death blow to the team, but they were one hundred percent wrong.
After promoting one of the LDL’s top prospects in Leave to the main roster, and taking a gander on a previously declining Fofo, EDG’s massive risks have paid off enormously in 2023. Leave has proven himself to be an LPL-ready talent and star in the making, and Fofo had a miraculous rebound year. Now EDG is ready to re-enter the World stage, and incredibly - just as dangerous as before.
The “Superteam” reigns supreme after all. A roster that was built for international success, it’s not a surprise to see them claim the top spot in the LPL. There is not a single player on the team that isn’t a renowned world class talent. 369. Kanavi. knight. Ruler. Missing. They are a terrifying leviathan whose only goal is to rip apart whatever unfortunate team is placed before them - and with that said, they are the premier favorites to claim the LPL title. And hopefully, bring the MSI Cup back to LPL as well.
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2023.03.30 06:17 hijongpark I was misunderstanding VTOL VR for the whole time.

I was always told in various reviews that VTOL VR is a flight sim, or more specifically sim-lite, so I thought while the flight mechanics will be simplified for more accessibility, at least other aspects like weapon specifications will be closer to real life one just like every other sim-lites did. (F-117 stealth fighter 2.0, janes sim series, Strike fighters 2)
This was the reason why I found the AH-94 turrets going over 8 km and destroying MBTs very strange and off, and wasted so many time trying to mod the turret to make the nerfed one or writing tons of suggestions of nerfing turrets in the discord server.
But later with more smarter people's help, I realized that the real effective range of AGM-114 in this game is 14 km unlike the real life one being 8 km, and also learned that units like SAAWs are just middle level threats (in other flight sims, trying to destroy SPAAVs with autocannon is suicidal. but in this game turrets have longer effective range than SAAW's range.) and the real high level threats are SAMs with radars who have over 50 Km range.
so I have changed my perspective about VTOL VR as an one man army action game (like Desert Strike) and could finally start enjoying this game as it is.
When I was designing my mission I just carefully placed 8~12 anti air units like it did in other flight sims, but by placing a lot more threats around the map while taking account of 16 km engagement area (instead of 8 km like other heli sims), I could experience the most amazing and challenging helicopter action ever.

If there's one thing to be desired, weapon stats could be more clear. when playing other flight sims just googling the weapon mostly do the job to learn about their stats, but in this game every weapons are fictional and even some weapons with real life names like M230 and AGM-114 have completely different performance, but the game or VTOL VR wiki don't tell about it at all. I could finally learn AGM-114's true max effective range by manually launching it in each KMs.
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2023.03.30 06:17 ATLBraves93 Twas the night before Opening Day

Twas the night before Opening day, when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even Mike Trout.
The bats were hung in the dugout with care, In hopes that Ronald Acuña soon would be there.
The children were sitting all snug in their beds; With visions of Home runs balls dancing in their heads.
And mama in her Braves shawl, and I in my cap
had just turned on MLB Network, interviewing Ian Happ.
As I dosed off to the noise of the TV chatter,
I dreamed of the first pitch, to the leadoff batter.
When much to my surprise an alarm I did hear
The long wait was over, the start of the season, was finally near
First pitch approaching fast, fans look for their seats,
Then I saw the players take the field, Ohtani's warming up, he's throwing straight heat!
With a smoking line driver, a cloud of dust into the mitt,
I knew in a moment it was caught by the son of Bobby Witt.
More rapid than eagles, the Outfielders they came,
and Ohtani whistled and shouted and called them by name:
"Now Julio! Now Mookie!
Now, Tucker and Buxton!
On, Corbin! On, Eloy!
On, Aaron and Grisham!
To the top of the porch!
To the top of the wall!
The long wait is over!
It times to finally play ball!"
The players headed to the dugout, high fives all around
Ohtani smiled, as he stood on the mound
The ump grabbing his mask, saw no need to stall
he took one look around and yelled out: LET'S PLAY BALL!
As we all lay our heads down, I hope you sleep tight,
For the wait is almost over
Happy Opening Day to all, and to all a good night!
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2023.03.30 06:17 dreamy-professor y’all seen Schitt’s Creek? the main family’s last name is Rose. and the mayor of the town is Roland

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2023.03.30 06:17 JustSamuel2 24M from USA east coast. Looking to have nice conversations or hang out with people. PM's or Voice Call works. Long term friendship, a quick chat, or whatever works.

Hi! I've been meeting some awesome poeple from this group, so I thought I would make another post Only looking to talk with people 18+. Anything else is fair game though. Some things about me... -I am very supportive of my friends. -Have a decent sense of humor and like some good banter. -Love video games and tabletop games. (Mostly PC games including League of Legends and RPGs. I do enjoy Dungeons and Dragons as well.) -Anime/Cartoon Enjoyer.(I like watching almost any show with people though and talking about our thoughts.) -LGBTQ+ friendly(I am a gay cis male, if that matters to you.) -Working through my own mental health stuff and accepting of anyone else going through their own. -Don't have a lot of money and not the sharpest tool in the shed.(If I wasn't nice, I would be pretty screwed. Imagine being broke, dumb and mean. I certainly wouldn't wish that on anyone.) -I am really interested in hearing people's stories and don't mind sharing my own.(Don't feel like you have to be super exciting or anything. Everyone has their own value to me.) -I am a shy guy, but can be very opinionated on my niche interests.(I still value other people's thoughts and like hearing them though.) -I have a cat.(Her name is Lucy.) -I make it a habit not to ghost people, but I don't care too much if you ghost me if we don't know each other well.(Might ghost if you are really being creepy. Even then, I will usually just say I don't want to talk anymore.)
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2023.03.30 06:17 Specialist_Jacket833 selling concert tickets

hi everyone so i already posted on here but i wanted to make a few clarifications because i still am unsure about what to to. so a few months ago my friend and i bought concert tickets that were really hard to get. i was the only one who qualified for presale so we had to use my account. obviously the tickets are in my name and on my account but we used her credit card to purchase them and i just paid her back my portion. the tickets are still all on my account and all in my name. originally, we were supposed to go together and drive home together but i recently found out my friend got a hotel without me and planned to leave me stranded in a city in a different country all by myself with no where to stay and no way home (she was going to drive). because i only just found out all of the hotels are wayy too expensive and i doubt she'd even drive me to where i needed to go. i want to know if i can sell the tickets and give her her money back. Can she sue me if i do that? im unsure because we did use her credit card but they're in my name. everyone i've asked said i should be okay as long as i give her back what she paid but i just want to be sure. any help would be greatly appreciated
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2023.03.30 06:17 Cosmic_Quasar Is there a quick way to know if a station listed as buying an item has appropriate sized landing pads?

Just upgraded from the starter ship to one requiring a medium landing pad. Going to try making some money with trading larger quantities of goods. But when I'm at a station and looking at the items to buy it shows nearby stations that will buy the goods and for how much on the right side of the screen.
As far as I can tell I have to back out of the commodities screen and go into the galaxy map to enter in the name of the system/station and then scroll through the info to see what the landing pad sizing for that place is. That's a hassle to have to do that all the time...
Is there no way to access that info from the commodities screen? A shortcut that I can click to show the details of a port it lists on the right side of the screen?
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2023.03.30 06:17 ChoccoAllergic 25 [M4F] UK / Europe / Anywhere - Tall, Strong, Adventurous, Loving, and Funny Guy Looking For His Soulmate

Hello there!
My name is Kenan (pics) and I’m a 25-year-old civil engineer who now makes scale models for a living. I’m from Cornwall, UK, and I’m looking for a genuine connection and relationship with someone who can share my passion for nerdy hobbies, travelling, and personal growth.
I run a business that makes scale model kits for tabletop gaming. It’s a hobby that turned into a career that I absolutely adore. I get to be creative and work on something I enjoy every day.
I enjoy gaming with friends online or in person, painting miniatures, strongman training to challenge myself physically, crafting things with wood or metal or anything else I can find (I've made knives, bows, boats, and more)! I also love exploring nature and camping/ hiking or bushcrafting, playing D&D and dark heresy, voice acting for fun (and sometimes paid), cooking delicious meals and experimenting with different cuisines, and so much more!
I’m big into strongman training, which suits my build well. I'm tall at 187cm, and I weigh 120 kg. I'd describe my physique as ‘kinda fit kinda fat’; very strong with a bit of extra weight. I work out a lot, eat healthily, and will continue to do so! Strength training has massively helped with my hypermobility, so it's absolutely something I'll be doing for a long time to come.
I’m an open-minded, empathetic, and loving guy, who has a lot of love to give to the right person. I cherish quality time with people I really care about. I love travelling and seeing new cultures, learning about history and global issues, and generally trying to better understand myself and the world around me. I’m always curious and eager to learn new things and expand my horizons. I would love to find a partner who shares this mindset.
I want a true life partner; someone I can love with all my heart, and who will do the same for me. Someone who is kind, honest, loyal, and supportive. Someone who has similar interests and values as me, but also has their own personality and goals. Someone who is adventurous and willing to try new things with me, but also enjoys cuddling on the couch and watching movies. Someone who is looking for a long-term relationship that is based on mutual respect, trust, and affection.
Something else that’s important for me is that I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs at all. It’s just not my thing. I prefer to enjoy life without any substances that might alter my perception or mood. I don’t mind if you drink occasionally or socially, but I don’t want to be with someone who smokes (I am asthmatic) or does drugs regularly.
There’s so much more to say, but I’d rather save that for if we get to chatting! If you think we might be a good match, send me a message and tell me something about yourself! Or add me on Discord (preferred); Kiwipie#0248
I look forward to talking!
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2023.03.30 06:17 Bbcollegegirl In honor of Bam not making it through hump day without getting arrested for being himself, here’s a charge I don’t think made the media

In honor of Bam not making it through hump day without getting arrested for being himself, here’s a charge I don’t think made the media
Happy Arrestmas for those who celebrate
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2023.03.30 06:16 MindApprehensive3782 Does anybody know whether it is mathematically certain (P=0) that no further Nano will ever be created?

I'm such a noob when it comes to crypto. But I was made aware of another project by the name of 0xBtc, that had as part of its project a certainty built into the whitepaper than no further printing, minting or additional coins would ever be added to the pool.
God forbid someone should ever pressure Colin to do such a thing. I was just wondering whether such a thing is even possible. However small the chance would be.
It would be awesome if it was actually mathematically impossible, instead of being improbable.
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2023.03.30 06:16 Embarrassed-Cause319 I feel so bad for this girl (21F) and I don't even know her. (22M)

I don't know her real age, I just know what she looks like, and the guy affiliated with this story is 22 or 23, so I assume shes also around that age. I don't really know anything about the girl, and the only way I found her is because her and the guy are still mutuals.
This guy from my job, asked to hookup with me and I found out about a week or two ago that he recently had a kid (I wrote about this on one of my other posts). I always see him in the likes of other women from my job, especially one in particular. Shes always wearing revealing or extravagant clothing, but everytime she posts something, by the end of the day he's always there, in her likes. He likes my photos too, in fact, all of them.
But when I go to this girls profile, the one who had his kid, hes nowhere to be seen. She has maybe 19 or 20 posts in general, and his name shows up on maybe two or three. It's just mind-blowing to me how he's always in other women's likes including mine but when it comes to the woman that had his child he's nowhere to be found. I don't know what happened between the two but by looking at their profiles it doesn't look like their in a relationship, and I'm going to assume it's because of something he did.
I just wonder why she chose to keep it. Maybe she's against abortions, or thought that keeping it was going to make him stay too? I honestly dont see why she would've wanted to keep a child by someone like that, and shes known him for a while because he's liked her older posts. Is he even helping her take care of it? I haven't seen him post any pictures, nor have heard any updates about the baby from his side.
He seems like an awful person that needs to get his life together, and in all honesty, I've lost all respect for him. He sounds like a deadbeat, in my opinion. Just glad it wasnt me.
TDLR: Guy from my job is always in every womans likes...except for the one that had his kid. Plus some other thoughts I had about the situation.
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2023.03.30 06:16 cantina48 is there somebody who knows the name of the original song of this Track? I dont remember imma having a lapsus and getting mad agaha

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2023.03.30 06:15 DaliaVA [For Hire] Dedicated and Reliable Virtual Assistant for Just $5/hour

My name is Dalia and I'm a Virtual Assistant and customer service advocate with experience providing exceptional support and ensuring projects are completed on time and with extreme confidentiality.
I offer a variety of services, such as:
If you're looking for someone to help you with any administrative or virtual tasks so your business can get the best results possible, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via DM, email ([email protected]), Discord (DaliaVA#5710), or WhatsApp (+639979066285). I'm also open to any other virtual assistant job that's not on the list.
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2023.03.30 06:15 Gal_GaDont Tyre Forever (link in comments) [44YO]

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2023.03.30 06:15 bishboshbaaaash ORG-PUBLISH :html-divs issue

I'm experiencing an issue with org-publish creating tags instead of the markup I've specified and wondered if someone had an idea as to what could be the issue?
First up I use a basic bash script to launch a new emacs session, without my config getting in the way:
#!/bin/bash start_web_server() { emacs -Q --script org2web.el & EMACS_PID=$! echo "Web server started with PID: $EMACS_PID" } stop_web_server() { echo "Stopping web server with PID: $EMACS_PID" kill $EMACS_PID } trap stop_web_server INT start_web_server wait 
which, in turn, calls:
;;; org2web.el --- Use Org Mode to publish your website -*- lexical-binding: t -*- ;; ;; Author: Cooper Oscarfono  ;; URL: https://gitlab.com/baaash/org2web.git ;; Version: 1.0 ;; Package-Version: 20230330.0001 ;; Package-Commit: ;; Package-Requires: ;; Keywords: org, website, publishing ;; License: Public Domain ;; ;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs. ;; ;; This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain. ;; ;; Anyone is free to copy, modify, publish, use, compile, sell, or distribute ;; this software, either in source code form or as a compiled binary, for any ;; purpose, commercial or non-commercial, and by any means. ;; ;; In jurisdictions that recognize copyright laws, the author or authors of ;; this software dedicate any and all copyright interest in the software to ;; the public domain. We make this dedication for the benefit of the public ;; at large and to the detriment of our heirs and successors. We intend this ;; dedication to be an overt act of relinquishment in perpetuity of all present ;; and future rights to this software under copyright law. ;; ;; THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR ;; IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, ;; FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE ;; AUTHORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ;; ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION ;; WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. ;; ;;; Commentary: ;; ;; This package provides a simple way to use Org Mode to publish a website. It ;; includes functionality to generate HTML, handle image and video assets, and ;; start a local web server to serve the published site. ;; ;;; Code: (require 'package) (setq package-user-dir (expand-file-name "./.packages")) (setq package-archives '(("melpa" . "https://melpa.org/packages/") ("elpa" . "https://elpa.gnu.org/packages/"))) ;; List of required packages (defvar required-packages '(use-package)) ;; Install required packages if they are not already installed (defun ensure-packages () (dolist (package required-packages) (unless (package-installed-p package) (package-install package)))) ;; Initialize package management and install required packages (package-initialize) (ensure-packages) (use-package org :ensure t :config (require 'ox-publish) (defun get-org-component-contents (component) "Retrieve the HTML contents of the specified org component." (with-temp-buffer (insert-file-contents (concat "./components/" component ".org")) (org-export-to-buffer 'html "*Org HTML Export*" nil nil nil t) ;; (insert-file-contents (concat "./components/" component ".html")) (buffer-string))) (setq header-contents (get-org-component-contents "header")) (setq footer-contents (get-org-component-contents "footer")) ;; Define what to publish (setq org-publish-project-alist `(("content" :base-directory "./content/" :base-extension "org" :publishing-directory "./public/" :recursive t :publishing-function org-html-publish-to-html :headline-levels 4 :auto-preamble nil :auto-sitemap t :sitemap-title "Sitemap" :sitemap-sort-files anti-chronologically :sitemap-file-entry-format "%d %t" :with-author t :with-creator t :section-numbers nil :html-doctype "html5" :html-html5-fancy t :html-head-include-scripts nil :html-head-include-default-style nil :html-head "" :html-divs '((preamble "header" :class "preamble") (content "main" :class "content") (postamble "footer" :class "postamble")) :html-preamble ,header-contents :html-postamble ,footer-contents :html-validation-link nil :makeindex t) ("images" :base-directory "./assets/img/" :base-extension "jpg\\gif\\png\\svg" :publishing-directory "./public/images/" :publishing-function org-publish-attachment :html-divs nil) ("video" :base-directory "./assets/video/" :base-extension "mp4" :publishing-directory "./public/video/" :publishing-function org-publish-attachment :html-divs nil) ("styles" :base-directory "./assets/css/" :base-extension "css" :publishing-directory "./public/styles/" :publishing-function org-publish-attachment :html-divs nil) ("scripts" :base-directory "./assets/js/" :base-extension "js" :publishing-directory "./public/scripts/" :publishing-function org-publish-attachment :html-divs nil) ("baaa.sh" :components ("content" "images" "video" "styles" "scripts"))))) ;; Publish our site and notify us when it's ready. (org-publish-all t) (message "org files published successfully") (use-package simple-httpd :ensure t :config (setq httpd-root "./public" httpd-port 8080 httpd-host "localhost") (defun my-httpd-start () "Start HTTP server for `httpd-root' on `httpd-port'." (interactive) (when (get-buffer "*httpd*") (kill-buffer "*httpd*")) (message "Starting web server...") (httpd-start) (message "HTTP server started on http://%s:%d" httpd-host httpd-port)) (defun my-httpd-stop () "Stop the HTTP server." (interactive) (httpd-stop) (message "HTTP server stopped"))) (my-httpd-start) (read-event) (provide 'org2web) ;;; org2web.el ends here 
which configures org-publish, publishes my org files to html, copies over the other stuff, and serves them in using simple-httpd.
There is a wee function that calls a header.org and footer.org file component from the ./components directory, runs org-export in a temp buffer to extract the html, and present that as string values for :html-preamble and :html-postamble respectively.
The problem i'm facing is that when i view the page source I see:
   2023-03-30 Thu 16:38   baaa.sh           


Hello world!

Copyright © 2023 Cooper Oscarfono.
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
note the tags!
now bear in mind this is a work in progress so it's nowhere near complete, I'm just perplexed as to these tags and trying to correct this before I continue .
One small aside, that I doubt is anything to concern ourselves with but I tangle all of the above code from one org document, which spits out the file heirarchy and respective files.
Anyone seen this before, or know what's up?
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2023.03.30 06:14 andrewrusher Welcome to the Official Ravenpuff LLC Community Page

Ravenpuff LLC is a West Virginia-based family investment company owned by u/andrewrusher, u/SpaceOrbisGaming & u/TrishCherokee oru/ u/TrishAMcGrath
Our Social Media pages:
The name Ravenpuff is based on two houses from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, these two houses are Ravenclaw & Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw is the Hogwarts house of u/andrewrusher while Hufflepuff is the Hogwarts house of u/SpaceOrbisGaming. The logo of Ravenpuff LLC is a Raven & Badger hybrid known as a Badgen, we know that the Raven isn't the canon animal of Ravenclaw but the house is called Ravenclaw NOT Eagleclaw so we are using the animal that follows the name of the house which is a Raven.
All opinions shared by u/andrewrusher, u/SpaceOrbisGaming & u/TrishCherokee, or u/TrishAMcGrath are their personal opinions, Ravenpuff LLC officially has no opinion on anything & we won't be policing the lawful opinions of our founders, owners, staff members or visitors.
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2023.03.30 06:14 x592_b So I've just beat bloodborne for the first time...

It was a great game. Thoroughly enjoyed all of it. However I can only feel slightly underwhelmed by the final areas, both of nightmare of mensis bosses were probably the two worst in the game in my opinion. I believe I've missed quite a bit of npcs and there quests, because I don't care and cba backtracking to their obscure hideouts, but I believe I got every boss in the base game. The two 'penultimate' bosses sucked. I'm begging I missed an area after mensis so they don't have to be the lead up to gherman but oh well.
I loved every other boss pretty much, they were all quite challenging and their soundtracks were chef's kiss. After getting quite used to the combat it felt really good to be sliding around enemies, attack attack attack, dodge, attack attack. as apposed to elden ring's dodge, wait..... attack, wait......
The level design was incredible. climbing up the ladder from forbidden woods into the clinic had my jaw on the floor. everytime I opened a new shortcut I was like, oh shit so this goes here, holy fuck. there wasn't a wasted shortcut imo. really cool level design/interconnectivity, the first 10 hours of the game my mouth was constantly agape.
My favourite boss was easily gherman. I loved his music and he was FUCKING fast. easily the hardest boss too. unironically blood starved beast was probably the second hardest for me. took me way too much tries.
On the topic of tries, I was significantly underwhelmed with the difficulty of the game, which isn't a bad thing, it didn't take away from it at all, but I've been seeing that a few bosses in the base game are hell, and I beat Gascoigne first try, the cainhurst boss I can't remember his name I beat third try and gherman I beat fourth try, the BSbeast took me like 10 but he definitley wasnt as hard as gherman, i was just bad. I've heard the dlc is really difficult though and orphan is regarded like one of the hardest souls bosses so I'm looking forward to whenever I get that.
Overall, despite me being underwhelmed with some miniscule things it's probably one of my favourite games, I don't think it beats elden ring imo, however I haven't played either dlcs. I will be completing multiple playthroughs in time, going through missed quests and such, and eventually walkthroughing to platinum😅
I'd give the game a 9/10, puts it just behind elden ring and outer wilds on the favourites, so it made top three, really had fun with this one.
also I'd like to know anyone else's thoughts on the game😁
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2023.03.30 06:14 JeremyTSchmidt Social media & dirtsheets: Blurring the lines between kayfabe & reality

After tonight's Gunn Club promo calling out FTR's "politicking" on social media & podcasts, it solidified my belief that most wrestlers are using these in conjunction with the on- screen storylines. Dax & Cash need a break. So they take said break. They need a solid storyline to take the titles off the Gunns upon signing their new deal. Dax says some shit that makes people think they are seriously considering jumping to WWE, and now nobody knows what to expect at this match next week. It's all about expecting the unexpected.
Your side in the Punk against the world feud is all dependent upon whether you believe "journalists" like SRS & Meltzer are being fed the honest truth, or are being worked unknowingly a bit at times to help along a storyline. I think AEW is the first real wrestling company that has had to find ways to "control it's narrative" (Sorry EC3) in the wild wild west of the internet & independent wrestling. The WWE has been such an isolated bubble, that they never had to deal with that. Early on, Vince kept tight control over social media. Tony has done the opposite, & has let the talent use it to their advantage, to push along storylines & ultimately make more content, that doesn't take up valuable tv time.
That doesn't mean that Tony let's the wrestlers have freedom to say whatever they want on podcasts or social media, but he's ultimately using them to AEW's advantage. Now just because some of you or even myself disagrees with what's being said, it doesn't mean it isn't working. Everytime someone comments or bitches about something an AEW talent posts, it's all free advertising. It's when people don't care, that he needs to be worried. Everyone takes The Young Bucks words as gospel, & we all need to remember, Being The Elite is the catalyst that created this whole revolution.. which blurred the lines between backstage & kayfabe.
In closing this ADD riddled post, during the early 2000s, kayfabe was declared dead. Leaks and rumors happened and the product suffered. Hell I drove 2.5 hrs from Indiana to the Raw in Chicago where Jericho debuted, based on internet rumors back then. Now for the first time in a long time, by fully exposing the business, they've created such confusion between kayfabe & reality, that all we can do is speculate & be surprised. If you think CM Punk is an asshole because of something he posts on Twitter, maybe just maybe, that's exactly what he wants you to think. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, & whether or not this approach of using social media and podcasts is good for the business. Ultimately, we're just along for the ride. I just personally don't think it's as black and white as we all like to make it. Like an even more famous snowman named Tony, the great Tony Montana once said "I tell the truth, even when I lie"
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2023.03.30 06:14 National-Contest2972 Need Advice- Ivey Business School or HEC Montreal

I’m super confused about where to go. I’m happy with course curriculum of either. HEC costs significantly lesser than Ivey. Some factors I’m considering are brand name, employment rate, location, cost of living etc.
Would love to know what people think.
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2023.03.30 06:13 macoandcheso Is it too late for me (19F) to add him (19M) now?

This happened 4 months ago. I was sitting outside the building and talking on the phone when some boys approached me and asked for my Snapchat for their friend. I found it weird since people in my country don't usually do that. For some reasons I couldn't find his name on the Snapchat thingy so I said I will add him back through my friend who was also a friend with him. They said okay and went away. I went inside and asked my said-friend if I should add him and she said no. She said he's a jerk and told me about rumors around him. I didn't know of him at that time so I listened to her. Fast foward to 4 months later (now), I realized that he was not that bad. Like he's actually VERY nice and I DO pay attention to people so I know that he's not a jerk (to an extent) and he's hella talented. Also I talked to his ex-housemate and he clarifed those rumors so he didn't actually do any of that. This might make me sounds delusional but I don't know if he still likes me (probably not) but I do caught him pay extra attention to me from time to time. I don't like him (yet) but I do find him interesting. The point is I only have 2 months before I leave this school and go to another state so should I add him now?
tl;dr I know I shouldn't have listened to my friend but I was too scared and didn't know what to do and I kinda want to find out but at the same time, not. So....please give me an advice T.T
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