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Priests of Hircine

2015.08.17 03:47 Glaiceana Priests of Hircine

An Elder Scrolls Online Guild on the PC/EU Server. This is a sociable guild for werewolf players who ALWAYS offer FREE bites to help others struggling to find wild werewolves or do not want to pay/cannot afford the prices set by bite sellers!

2014.02.28 18:13 vocino Elder Scrolls Online Builds

Discussion of The Elder Scrolls Online character builds hosted by StratsCo (NA-PC guild).

2023.03.30 03:03 Electrical_Air_6611 DDJC's PvPBoosted LootFull CarsRaid Weekends [US] [Chernarus] [XB]

Server Name: DDJC's PvPBoosted LootFull CarsRaid Weekends ——————————————————————— 🎮 Platform: Xbox 📷 FPP & TPP Enabled 🖱️ Mouse & Keyboard: Enabled 👥 Player Slots: 32 ♻️ Restart Intervals: 3/hrs 🗺️ Map: Chernarus ⚒️ Build Anywhere ☀️ Day: 2hrs 🌑 Night: 10mins
💚Hulks DayZ Bot providing features such as: 🏧 Banking 💰 Bounties 💀 Killfeed 🧟 PvE Feed 🥇 Leaderboard 📊 Player Statistics 🏪 Virtual shop system
🔫Pristine, kitted & tiered loot. 🚙Vehicles fully built. M3S Cargos include build kit. 🫁 Unlimited stamina and boosted movement speed. 💳 Punchcard bunkers with boosted loot 🏁Without a base flag, containers and fences will despawn. ⚔️ PVP KOS 🏴‍☠️ Raid weekends: Friday 10:00PM EST - Monday 12:00PM EST. 💲 Black Market located near North west airfield. 📍 Custom locations and vehicle spawns.
Northern Spawns: Zaprundnoe/Servograd / Vybor / NWAF / Grishino /Stary sober / Zelnogorsk / Southern Spawns: Balota / Chernogorsk / Electro / Berezino / Svet
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2023.03.30 00:04 DayZ-Doc PC US Central PVEVP Banov Winter 1PP (3pp driving) Dog Tags BBP (vanilla damage) Survival Focused Zombie Hordes Reduced Economy Just survivors dealing with what’s left. Very little military, mostly civilian weapons Outstanding community LOTS of Crafting Wiped March 20!

Hello Reddit,
I'd like to invite you to join my gaming community. We just wiped on March 20, 2023. The server is built around the community and not the map. DayZ is an amazing game, but after a while, maps get stale, boring and we all fade out and loose interest. On my server we will be swapping out maps from time to time to keep things interesting and fresh. Same people, same play style, same mod set (within reason), new challenges. That said, we just moved on to Banov so I expect we'll be here for a while.
The community is an older, more mature crowd and we're pretty cooperative with more of a PVE Mindset. That said PVP is legal everywhere. The threat of death should be ever present. In all, I would say that the community promotes good sportsmanship and we lack any toxic drama for which I have zero tolerance. We do use Dogtags to remind us to stay frosty and play cautiously.. You can be sure someone is collecting.
The Black Winter theme is really one of just regular folks making due with what's left. Although I have some amazing weapon mods in place, I've only picked out 1 or 2 civilian weapons from each to add to our theme. There are a few "item pack mods" installed as well but again, only a select couple items have made it into play.
A lot of attention has been placed on Quality of Life - both good and bad.
The economy has been reduced as follows:
Category - Usage - Reduced by %
I've offset the challenging start for freshies by adding airdrops to a few locations near the largest spawn clusters. These airdrops will contain the basics like, insulated clothing, food, medicine, and basic weapons and ammo. Enough to get you on your feet. Careful going to an air drop though, you might not be the only starving person in need..
My target audience is the mature gamer who would like to build a cozy base, do some hunting and fishing and chat with some new folks and go on some adventures. Maybe shoot at a nerd when the mood is right =)
We currently have a very solid group of regulars, mature professionals who just want to unwind after a day at work and hide from the kids while trying to get lost in the world we're building together. This is an excellent server to meet some folks and start your Banov adventure.
We do have a couple of "light" role players. Nothing to "hark who art thou" - but I think all of our game play is along the lines of, this is me and this is what I'd do in the apocalypse. Meet up conversations are usually focused on what we're doing in the game.
Quick and Dirty FAQ.

Some of my players have been giving feedback in the days since wipe; their misery is perfectly on point. The economy is a challenge, but not impossible. You will need to prioritize getting warm, fed, and hydrated first and foremost. There are no natural foods (apples, mushrooms etc cuz winter reasons) so don't waste your time looking there.
Hope to see you in game!
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2023.03.29 19:52 Bushwookieegaming Come join an amazing community of 1000+ Discord Members. •Starter Kit (When you join discord). •Active Admins & Mods •Family Friendly Server •Weekly Events • PVP Events Map 《NO BUILD》 •All 12 PVE Maps •Nitrado Boost & Patreon. Come join an amazing community of 1000+ Discord Members. •Starter Kit (When you join discord). •Active Admins & Mods •Family Friendly Server •Weekly Events • PVP Events Map 《NO BUILD》 •All 12 PVE Maps •Nitrado Boost & Patreon. submitted by Bushwookieegaming to ArkForXboXWin10 [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 19:52 Bushwookieegaming Come join an amazing community of 1000+ Discord Members. •Starter Kit (When you join discord). •Active Admins & Mods •Family Friendly Server •Weekly Events • PVP Events Map 《NO BUILD》 •All 12 PVE Maps •Nitrado Boost & Patreon.

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2023.03.29 19:51 Bushwookieegaming Come join an amazing community of 1000+ Discord Members. •Starter Kit (When you join discord). •Active Admins & Mods •Family Friendly Server •Weekly Events • PVP Events Map 《NO BUILD》 •All 12 PVE Maps •Nitrado Boost & Patreon. Come join an amazing community of 1000+ Discord Members. •Starter Kit (When you join discord). •Active Admins & Mods •Family Friendly Server •Weekly Events • PVP Events Map 《NO BUILD》 •All 12 PVE Maps •Nitrado Boost & Patreon. submitted by Bushwookieegaming to ARKSurvivalEvolved [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 19:51 Bushwookieegaming Come join an amazing community of 1000+ Discord Members. •Starter Kit (When you join discord). •Active Admins & Mods •Family Friendly Server •Weekly Events • PVP Events Map 《NO BUILD》 •All 12 PVE Maps •Nitrado Boost & Patreon. Come join an amazing community of 1000+ Discord Members. •Starter Kit (When you join discord). •Active Admins & Mods •Family Friendly Server •Weekly Events • PVP Events Map 《NO BUILD》 •All 12 PVE Maps •Nitrado Boost & Patreon. submitted by Bushwookieegaming to ARKXboxOne [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 19:50 Bushwookieegaming Come join an amazing community of 1000+ Discord Members. •Starter Kit (When you join discord). •Active Admins & Mods •Family Friendly Server •Weekly Events • PVP Events Map 《NO BUILD》 •All 12 PVE Maps •Nitrado Boost & Patreon. Come join an amazing community of 1000+ Discord Members. •Starter Kit (When you join discord). •Active Admins & Mods •Family Friendly Server •Weekly Events • PVP Events Map 《NO BUILD》 •All 12 PVE Maps •Nitrado Boost & Patreon. submitted by Bushwookieegaming to playarkservers [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 17:29 ProConspiracyLeft Completely Fixing Everything Wrong with D4 in its Entirety

There are two types of magic- black magic and white magic.
Christ was probably the best example of a stereotypical white mage. We got to a learn a lot of things about extradimensional phase shifting and its impacts on organic chemistry, particularly where it concerns the attributes of wisdom and intelligence regarding the plausibility of miracles existing.
Uri Geller is probably the best example of a stereotypical black mage. If you look at this idea of a necromancer or an alchemist, you take something dead, like a broken clock, and you essentially, through sheer willpower and charisma, deconstruct/reconstruct it to where even with gears missing, the machine is cursed to remain compulsory animatronic.
So, is that the limit of human personality and thus class types? No. There's 3 cultural variables that we haven't yet taken into account: [efficiency, justice, and freedom].
Basically, this is what D&D sort of attempted to envision in some respects, but failed to fully appreciate. There's 3 types of resources- magics, weapons, and armors. Weapon artist vs weapon scientist would be two different kinds of classes, comparable to white/black mage, except much more of a burst dps and/or critical hit aesthetic. Armor officer vs armor agent would be another two different kind of classes, except more of an evasion tank and/or poise tank.
So, here's what I'm proposing:
have EXACTLY and ONLY 6 classes: (white/black mage, artist/scientist rogue, officeagent warrior), and have EXACTLY and ONLY 8 stats: (4 for HP: strength/stamina for the filled life orb, dexterity/discipline for the glowing vitality orb... and 4 for MP: willpowecharisma for the filled orb, intelligence/wisdom for the glowing mana orb)
So, why 8 stats? Well, as a person learns mathematics, they go from the basics of the order of operations, starting with the easiest to comprehend level of addition/subtraction, then advancing more into the algebraic implications of multiplication/division, and then finally into the transcendental calculus of what's possible with exponential/logarithmic truth (for instance, e to the imaginary pi equaling negative one is almost like poetic brilliance to a genuine genius).
The calculus must start with the duality of tactical and strategical resources, that's hp/mp, and expand it by itself to three conditional layers, as in 2^3 being the threshold boundary for rationalizing the mathematical limits of 2x3. So, in other words, you have hp/mp, you have the filled vs the glowing aspects of the orbs, and then finally you have the rate vs regeneration variables of these fundamental, existential resources.
So, here's where it gets a little tricky..
to properly link up all of these different systems, you should have it where mages can ONLY use magics, rogues can NOT use armor, and the only way to use all 3 is to be a warrior.
So, at the start of the game, you pick one of the 6 classes, and as you level up, you get like 1 stat point you can place in one of the 8 stat types. Then you get to choose a new node on the character progress map, where certain nodes require certain base stat minimums, yielding a different type of equation for the tactical and strategic merits inherent to that particular style of gameplay.
So, if you pick white mage, what's the value in that if you can't use armor or weapons? White mages would have exclusive access to some of the most ludicrously Christian spells, to the point where it might bring a person to tears during their gameplay depending on their mood. For instance, you could build a level 99 white mage with 33 intelligence and 66 wisdom that has exclusive access to a resurrection spell. Wisdom would be preferrable for a healer white mage b/c it's like if their mp orb were a solar panel, wisdom would directly influence the wattage of the cosmic current, whereas intelligence is more about the overall capacity for brightness of the mp orb's glow.
Again, these are cultural variables, so mages sacrifice access to weapons/armor in exchange for better magics, for the sole purpose of having a direct and/or indirect involvement in the PvP and PvE economies. If potions are a necessary PvE ration, then they should be limited more to something that requires white magic to manufacture. For instance, Christ could take bread and fish and basically clone them. Thus, if your strategy is to, god forbid, take a hit once in awhile, you might require either one of them in your party, or to farm crafting materials for better gear that you then barter to them in exchange for the stupid rations. This whole, "everyone gets free health orbs" thing is just garbage imo.
So, the black/white mages are just like bankers for the in-game economy is what I'm getting at. As far as the weapons/armor, they should be crafted and certain characters should be able to specialize in the technology required for certain types. There should be a party/guild/nation type of social dynamic, where certain guild crafting can only be initiated by meeting certain technological/craftsmanship standards and protocols. Basically, this type of game should be a bit of a mix between Minecraft, Starcraft, and Atlantica Online in a lot of ways.
{I'll expand more on this later, but for now let me know what you think.}
Let me take this time to elaborate on the different damage types and how the stats would affect the actual calculus of things like movement speed and damage styles. First off, there'd be 6 damage types, symbolic of the 6 different kinds of animal kingdoms: sun/soil damage types are for white/black magic users, sky/sea damage types are for scientist/artist weapon users, and light/shadow damage types are for officeagent armor users.
So, let's assume you pick white mage and get your first stat point from a level up and want to put it in something that's useful for killing the monsters..
Your best bet would be to put it in willpower and then open up the skill map and invest in the soil elemental tree, giving you access to a black magic version of what is basically just white magic. An example of that might be called.. "freeze." Freeze would essentially be a sun damage type that's modified to behave like a soil damage type, so it would penetrate a large chunk of an enemy's soil resistance while being extremely effective against enemies weak to sun damage. Ghosts would be the types of enemies that just get outright killed by sun damage, but exactly how and why depends on the type and nature of the apparition. Certain auras a white mage could specialize could just outright banish ghosts from existing within a certain field, either repelling them or 'damaging' them or whatever.
Let's say for instance you're a professional sprinter with a pet cheetah that wants to play D4, what class and stats/skills do you go with? Probably if you're a competitive athlete you'd go with agent, and just opt for very very light armor with tons of stat boosts to strength, stamina, and dexterity. All skill trees would be a hexagonal map representing those 6 elements (sun/soil, sky/sea, light/shadow) and for access to a sprint skill to bind to your right click, your best bet would be to build up along the shadow defensive tactic pathway. The calculus for sprint is that it drains your vitality/hp orb, while the duration that you're able to maintain the sprint is heavily dependent on how intense of a glow your vitality orb has. Discipline could help improve the regeneration rate of the glow, and thus give a longer sprinting potential, but because sprint would drain from the vitality orb, it would be suicidal to prioritize it too much. Likewise, a person like Usain Bolt was obviously not faking it when he collapsed during one of his televised sprints, as athletes can actually be TOO disciplined, and thus push themselves beyond the reasonable limit of their actual strength and stamina. Basically, you'd want stamina so badly, b/c stamina would dictate recovery time. Sprint is intended to leave the sprinter very vulnerable to damage afterwards, so the expectation then is that you're using it simply as a physical alternative to something more like a teleport.
If I were playing my ideal version of D4, I would start by selecting white mage and naming him Schaleh Marcus Auron. My interpretation/transliteration of that would, in my opinion, be something to the effect of: "holy poet of heaven." On my first level, I would level up wisdom, so that my mana orb's glow would regenerate at a faster rate. I would then want to select a sun based node of the skill tree that would consume that glow. I'd be offered 2 options: one that consumes the fillable portion of the mana orb, and one that consumes the glowing aspect of the mana orb. That skill would be called something like, "phase shift," and I would select it and equip it to my right click as a type of passive defensive strategy. I would eventually max this skill out, but I would also put nodes in 2 other elemental branches of the white mage's skill chart. These nodes would represent spirit animals, due to the fact that the elements themselves have parallels in animalistic evolutionary kingdoms. Basically, my 3 intended spirit animals would be: alligator, octopus, and bat, with the primary one being alligator due to having selected a white mage.
So, important to note is that characters would only get to pick up to 3 out of 6 possible elemental branches in the skill tree, due to the nature of language being limited to things like noun, verb, and adverb. My intended noun would be something to the effect of angel, with the verb being something to the effect of journeying, with the adverb being something to the effect of peacefully.
The second element I would choose would be sea based, and due to having more points in the sun elemental branch, my 2 choices would have different names than normal. One choice would be named checkmate, with the other choice being named tear. Checkmate would allow my character to send hostile enemies in my vicinity floating in a suspended levitation stasis, while tear would allow me to simply make them cry, as in it would directly inhibit their aggro. I would choose tear, preferring more of an octopus aesthetic than a squid aesthetic.
My third element would be the light element, due to my interest in having a mammal as my third spirit animal. Having already established the sun and sea elements as my primary and secondary noun and verb, I would want something that requires a ratio of 1:2 intellect to wisdom ratio. So, I would select the light branch of the main white mage hub and my two initial options would be: aura or prayer. The reason aura would represent a bat aesthetic is because bat evolution allows for what in the anime Bleach is known as reiatsu (anti-gravitational posturing). The blood flows away from the head rather than towards it, allowing for blood pressure stability in chaotic winds. Prayer I guess might be more for a monkey spirit aesthetic, do to the obvious difference in hands vs wings.
So, basically, my character's final form would allow me to just rely completely on a defensive strategy, that I would toggle with the right click. It would consume maybe 1 mana per second, and with 33 int and 66 wisdom, probably that would offer the maximum efficiency for stabilization of the pacifistic trance. It would also double as a party healing effect in addition to making me outright invincible during practically the entire thing. Critical hits would have no effect, and any incoming damage would be felt, yet negligible. Perhaps some extremely expensive and difficult to craft/research amulet could be specialized exclusively for this type of character, that would boost strength and stamina, while giving damage mitigation % bonus during all types of extradimensional phase shifting.
What a piece of work the apprehension of angels, for in moving, stars as the grasping of one's promises. My type of character's preferred role in the in-game economy would be for farming potions by grouping up with 1-2 other characters and essentially serving like a farmer support function. Farming potions would go from kind of tedious to practically afk-able.
The cash shop should contain cosmetics intended to emphasize the visual aesthetic of extremely specific types of builds. The one I would be willing to pay .. anywhere from 50-150 USD for is probably similar to what you see in this youtube video of a popular youtuber playing an interesting art game off of newgrounds called "Verge." Here's a timestamped youtube url:
And here's the main audio track for that game in case you're in the mood to listen. One of the reasons I like to use the name "Schaleh" for my video game characters is it's meant to be a male interpretation of the Chrono Trigger character "Schala." Here's a clip referencing that: and an audio link if you're into the whole "Schala's theme" vibe.
This concludes my reddit thread. Hopefully somebody out there can take this philosophy and adapt it to something special, even if you disagree or agree with certain aspects of it. Worst case scenario, I can simply recycle all of this into some type of religion. I'd like to think people with religious truth can impact the world in ways that no politician could ever imagine. Perhaps that might be the fundamental flaw that got Christ crucified in the first place.
You might think, "oh it's a game called satan 4, so why introduce even a hint of christianity in there.." It's fine. People should have a sense of humor and learn to embrace the balance between things like lawful evil and chaotic good. Moral nuance is a definite thing, where it might be impossible to be completely heroic, sober, noble, generous, forgiving, and kind all at the same time.
As Marcus Aurelius said, "Do not act as if you were going to live a thousand years.."
Thanks for making it this far. Sorry I don't do TL:DRs b/c my opinion of reddit is that it's too much of a hivemind that conforms to normalizing willful intellectual laziness as some type of atheistic alternative to building genuinely valid faith/comprehension of fundamental philosophical principles and values. You guys can change that by learning how to go for walks more, assuming the police and/or homeless in your area will even allow it. I mean, if you're in California and can't even go for a walk without stepping in some meth addict's feces, maybe this video should interest you:
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2023.03.29 15:43 Ic3man2k Update 1.12 Live Now on PC and Console!

Update 1.12 Live Now on PC and Console!
1.12 now live image
the Patch Notes for Update 1.12 are below! In this post, you'll find all the new features and changes! Before you read through the details, there are some important topics we’d like to provide updates for, if you missed it from the Test Server notes:
Reload bug:
We are happy to announce that the refactor of our ammo system has been completed! This means that the reload bug should be a thing of the past.
Server Issues:
We are aware that some people, especially in the Europe and Asia servers, are experiencing unusually high ping and packet loss. We are investigating these issues and apologize for the inconvenience. Please continue to report issues or changes.
Empty Lobbies:
We noticed an unusually large number of empty matches during Devil's Moon. We were able to find the cause and make a quick adjustment to correct the issue. Since then, we have seen a decrease in empty matches, back to their previous level. Thank you for reporting your empty matches, and please do so again should they increase in frequency!
Avto Balancing:
We have heard your feedback on the current state of the Avtomat and other weapons that allow players to get a large amount of extra ammo. We are working on a change to the ammunition system. This will introduce some changes to how resupplying and extra ammo capacity are handled. We hope this will alleviate the frustrations when playing against high-capacity weapons. These changes are still in progress, so they are not included with Update 1.12. Thank you for your patience as we work on this.
Highlights banner

New Tutorial

This update introduces a complete overhaul of our new player onboarding experience. Players are now introduced to the unique gameplay of Bounty Hunt through two new tutorials:
  • The Basic Tutorial offers a narrated sequence of sections that explain the most important core elements of Hunt, like controls, Dark Sight and Clues, gunplay, and monsters—step by step.
  • The Advanced Tutorial offers the possibility to explore a specially prepared compound on your own to practice what you have learned, giving you space to explore each AI type in the game and fight a full boss (the Spider) on your own.
The Advanced Tutorial can be played seamlessly after the Basic Tutorial has been completed. Both tutorials can also be accessed directly from the menu later, but the Advanced Tutorial is not accessible until the Basic Tutorial has been successfully completed first. The previous training missions and their rewards have been removed, as well as the assistance through short pop-ups within regular Bounty Hunt or Quickplay missions.
Basic Tutorial
Players are introduced to the game's core elements through a guided mission with individual sections. John Victor, a veteran Hunter of the bayou, will guide them through this journey to become a Hunter themselves. Players are given custom objectives, supported by hints and corresponding entries in the manual alongside. Upon completing the Basic Tutorial for the first time, players will be provided with a fresh Tier 1 Hunter that includes all the rewards they collected during that playthrough. Successive playthroughs will not yield a new Hunter—that only happens the first time. New players will also receive three additional Hunters with predefined equipment and Traits in their Roster to help them take their first steps in the bayou.
Advanced Tutorial
After completing the Basic Tutorial, Hunters can either continue playing the advanced section or access it separately later. During the Advanced Tutorial, Hunters will find a clue to locate a Boss Target (the Spider) to fight and banish it. After retrieving their Bounty, they can leave with their prize. Compared to the Basic Tutorial, the Advanced Tutorial offers neither a narrator nor a detailed guide. Hints will help players to understand important beats and learn about other monster types and tactical options available to them. Each type of enemy has their own space, separated from other enemies where possible to give players a chance to explore their unique behaviors without being overwhelmed.
When replaying the Advanced Tutorial from the menu, the currently active Hunter in the Roster, together with all their equipment and Traits, is used instead of a fresh Hunter. This allows Hunters to practice with new gear and refine their loadout and playstyle. Equipment found in the Advanced Tutorial cannot be extracted, and the Hunter does not level up. However, when completing the Advanced Tutorial for the first time, the used Hunter will level up once and take along anything he finds. If playing for the very first time and continuing into the Advanced Tutorial from the Basic Tutorial, the initial Hunter will receive benefits from the experience points collected from both sections, claiming the one-time reward for both.
After the Tutorial
New players will see a new pop-up message after playing the Tutorial for the first time, informing them about other important topics and directing them to their Roster, where they can see their three starter Hunters (plus one extra if they complete the Basic Tutorial). To help Hunters take their next steps, we have added additional safety nets:
  • Players will receive a warning when trying to load into the game without having essential gear on their Hunter or when their Hunter is missing a Health Chunk from a previous encounter.
  • Players will receive a warning when trying to load into the game without a teammate, informing them of their options to find other Hunters and the risks of going in alone.
Developer Note:
Updating the tutorial from our 1.0 release has been a major milestone for the team, and we are super excited to finally be able to offer a much richer and more detailed onboarding experience to new players to help them enter the world of Hunt: Showdown and become part of our growing family. We encourage our existing players to also look at the new Tutorial, tell us what you think, and help spread the word about these improvements. Hunt is going strong, and the new Tutorial will go a long way to bring more players into the game.

Combat Log Rework - First Iteration Beta

The revised Damage History feature offers an enhanced level of detail, allowing players to view events (both inbound and outbound) that occurred in the 90 seconds leading up to their demise. Inbound and outbound actions are clearly differentiated through different colors; inbound damage (damage received by the player) is shown in red, while outbound damage (damage done by the player) is shown in gray. Healing actions are denoted in green. The player is provided with specific information such as which body part was struck, the amount of damage inflicted, the source of the attack, distance from the player, and the type of event (e.g. deathblow or banishment).
Furthermore, players are able to access an extended view of each event which offers additional details including the weapon used, custom ammunition, any status effects that were applied, changes to the health bar (as a result of status effects), and special icons indicating actions, such as headshots and wallbangs. As this is the first iteration, please give us your Feedback!


We have revised the equipment selection process to make it easier for players to choose Legendary Weapons. Previously, they were listed separately, but now they are incorporated into a rotating selection within the base category. Each selection made by the player modifies the weapon's cosmetic appearance and becomes the default option, ensuring that when a player selects a particular skin, it remains the default choice for that weapon, until it is changed again.
The exceptions to this new system are contraband Legendaries and Legendaries obtained as a reward for weapons that are not yet unlocked. In such specific cases, these items will still be considered as separate instances, maintaining the previous approach. As an additional feature, players can now unequip all equipment from a hunter by pressing a newly added button.
All weapons that are purchased or awarded to players will now be 100% clean, including weapons that come with recruited Hunters. Only weapons found in a Mission will remain dirty.

Solo Gameplay Changes

This update adds additional solo-only conditional effects to some existing Traits to help those Hunters daring to go into the bayou on their own, taking on teams of Hunters. Not only does Necromancer’s self-revive from Devil’s Moon have a comeback, but there are also several other Traits that give benefits to Hunters when going in solo. We are also slightly increasing the bonus for extracting with Bounty as a solo player.
‘SOLO: You can revive your downed Hunter.’ Solo Hunters with Necromancer can revive themselves using a button on the death screen; this option will only be active 10 seconds after death.
Developer Note:
During the Devil’s Moon Event, we enabled solo self-revive as a part of the Grounded pact, gaining some great insights surrounding solo play. Therefore, as a part of the 1.12 update, we are bringing it back to regular play, and it will now be an option available for solos regardless of Pact etc. We have increased the time needed to wait to revive from 4 to 10 seconds.
‘SOLO: Dark Sight Boost capacity and all Boost sources are doubled.’ Solo Hunters with Magpie now have an increased maximum of 10 seconds Dark Sight Boost, instead of 5. They will now gain 10 seconds of Dark Sight Boost when they pick up the Bounty and will also gain 2 seconds back from looting a Hunter or investigating a Clue, instead of 1.
Additional Effect (for all Hunters, not just Solo): Magpie will now always give all 3 effects when picking up Bounty; the duration remains unchanged.
‘SOLO: Interaction range increased. (50m)’ Solo Hunters with Serpent can now interact with Clues, Bounty, and Banishes from up to 50m, instead of 25m.

Underdog Bonus
Increased the value of the Underdog Bonus, granted for Bounties extracted while playing against larger teams:
  • Solo vs Duos: increased from 250 to 300 Hunt Dollars
  • Solo vs Trios: increased from 500 to 600 Hunt Dollars
  • Duos vs Trios: increased from 125 to 150 Hunt Dollars

Wildcard Conditions

In this update, we’re testing the ability to have a second contract—a Wildcard contract—that will take players to a different mission, one that is not available in the standard rotation. This opens up an interesting alternative for those times when you don't want to play the standard rotation.
The first wildcard that we're rolling out as a part of this test, is the Night Time of Day. If you select the Wildcard Contract in Update 1.12, you will be in a separate queue that consists of players wanting to play the Night ToD. Please note though, the Standard Contract will not include the Night ToD, as long as the Wildcard Contract is active. Please give your feedback on this initial test!

General Updates Banner


General Audio Improvements
  • Interacting with spotlights around the maps now has a sound.
  • Adjusted the sound of the wooden indoor levels. Footsteps above the player in wooden buildings should now be more easily differentiated to a Hunter moving on the same level as the player.
  • Crouching through cans and trash piles is now audible to an enemy in very close proximity.


Left-side Peek Advantage
Adjustments were made to the location of the Hunter model in relation to the camera, reducing the advantage gained from peeking from the left side of cover. This adjustment focuses specifically on how much of a Hunter’s head is shown when peeking, meaning that there can, in some edge cases, still be slightly more of a Hunter’s body showing, depending on the situation.
Developer Note: With this adjustment, we have addressed an issue that we know many in the community have been asking for. Although these changes should make it much more fair regardless of the side you peek from, it’s important to mention that due to the nature of first-person cameras, this will never be perfect. We hope these changes bring it as close as possible; however, we will continue to make any additional adjustments based on your feedback.

Image of crouched Hunter showing the comparision of before and after the change to the left side peek.
Image of standing Hunter showing the comparision of before and after the change to the left side peek.

Stalker Beetle
  • Increased Stalker Beetle explosion damage to 25.
  • Interacting with a Rift now shows the rewarded Trait on the right side of the screen for better readability.
Lootable Saddles
In this update, we are adding a new loot option. Lootable saddles are new additions that can be found on hitching posts or strapped to the dying horse sound trap. These saddles can have a weapon holster and/or saddle bag attached to them. The weapon holster will contain weapons frequently carried by horse riders. The saddle bag will either contain consumables or Hunt Dollars when looted. Lootable saddles spawn in both Bounty Hunt and Quickplay. In Quickplay, the Hunt Dollar reward for the saddle bags is replaced by an ammo replenishment.


New Weapon Variant: Winfield M1876 Centennial Shorty
The growing popularity of the Winfield M1876 Centennial throughout the country brought a wide range of users who desired more flexible versions of the rifle. Some thought an increased recoil to be a worthwhile trade-off for this flexibility. Ammo types
  • Basic - Medium Ammo – 5+1/12
  • Poison - Medium Ammo – 5+1/12
  • FMJ - Medium Ammo – 5+1/12

New Weapon Variant: Winfield M1876 Centennial Shorty Silencer
Once the rifle is reduced in size, a suppressor attachment makes the Winfield M1876 Centennial Shorty Silencer both dynamic and quiet. It’s well suited for hunting multiple monsters in a small area with speed and subtlety but requires some deft handling. Ammo types
  • Basic - Medium Ammo – 5+1/12
  • Poison - Medium Ammo – 5+1/12
  • FMJ - Medium Ammo – 5+1/12
Developer Note:
With the addition of the Winfield M1876 Centennial Shorty Silencer, we are adding a medium slot silenced firearm. This variant has been on our list for quite a while and will make a fine addition to Quartermaster loadouts.
New Weapon Variant: Springfield M1892 Krag Bayonet
The Springfield M1892 Krag is a repeating bolt-action rifle with a side-loading magazine. To combine the modern magazine with a classical bayonet was an obvious but exceptionally effective evolution, as it made for a fast-loading rifle that could easily fend off nearby attackers. Ammo types
  • Basic - Long Ammo – 5+1/6
  • FMJ - Long Ammo – 5+1/6
  • Incendiary - Long Ammo – 5+1/6
New Weapon Variant: Springfield M1892 Krag Sniper
Thanks to its side-loading magazine, the effectiveness of the original Springfield M1892 Krag was unquestionable and was only enhanced with the addition of a sniper scope attached to its barrel. The fast reloading combined with long-range efficiency made this rifle a great choice for those who prefer to stay out of sight and range of their prey. Ammo types
  • Basic - Long Ammo – 5+1/6
  • FMJ - Long Ammo – 5+1/6
  • Incendiary - Long Ammo – 5+1/6

Weapon Changes
LeMat Carbine: There has seen a couple of tweaks based on the community's feedback. Its rate of fire has been increased a bit to make it put up more of a fight. Its iron sights have been realigned so it will feel more accurate. Last but not the least, its recoil has been decreased to allow for easier follow up shots.
Hand Crossbow Choke Bolts
  • Slightly increased the size of the choke cloud.
  • Choke Bolts now have the same slightly bigger initial area effect, compared to the lasting cloud of the regular Choke Bomb.
Hand Crossbow Poison Bolts
  • Slightly increased the size of the poison cloud.


Challenges & Questlines System Improvements

  • Shared Team Progression Developer Note: Your teammates’ actions will now count towards the progress of all active personal Challenges and Quests. This rule applies to both PvE and PvP-oriented objectives.
  • Improved Description Text Readability
  • Improved Questline visibility Developer Note: Questlines are now accompanied by an interactive Questline Teaser Banner upon their release. The Teaser Banner is located at the top center part of the UI and is visible while in the Lobby and any other sub-screen. Clicking on the Teaser Banner will redirect the player to the corresponding Questline’s Overview Screen, after which it will disappear.
  • Additional Questlines UI Dressing Questlines now have their own distinct background visual.
  • Challenges Pool Update The pool of Challenges has been updated with some new objective types while retiring some old ones. Additionally, most existing Challenges have been rebalanced.
New Questlines
With Update 1.12, there will be 2 new Questlines in the Bayou: “The Ward of the Reptilian” and “Vengeance of the Skinned.” These Questlines offer Hunters new types of activities to pursue as well as valuable rewards to earn in 6 Acts each, such as unlocking new Weapon Variants, Legendary Equipment, and more. Both Questlines will run for approximately 1 month each and in a sequential manner, meaning that the 2 Questlines will neither be running in parallel, nor overlapping with each other.

Equipment Unlocks
Winfield M1876 Centennial Shorty
  • During the “The Ward of the Reptilian” Questline, the weapon is unlocked as a reward for completing the 2nd Act.
  • Unlocked as part of the Weapon Progression of the Winfield M1876 Centennial and costs $103.
    Winfield M1876 Centennial Shorty Silencer
  • During the “The Ward of the Reptilian” Questline, the weapon is unlocked as a reward for completing the 4th Act.
  • Unlocked as part of the Weapon Progression of the Winfield M1876 Centennial and costs $137.

Springfield M1892 Krag Bayonet
  • During the “Vengeance of the Skinned” Questline, the weapon is unlocked as a reward for completing the 1st Act.
  • Unlocked as part of the Weapon Progression of the Springfield M1892 Krag and costs $426.

Springfield M1892 Krag Sniper
  • During the “Vengeance of the Skinned” Questline, the weapon is unlocked as a reward for completing the 3rd Act.
  • Unlocked as part of the Weapon Progression of the Springfield M1892 Krag and costs $610.

Early Access & Later Unlock Conditions
Initially, all new Weapon Variants will be unlockable by completing certain Acts of the corresponding Questlines. All new Weapon Variants will eventually be added to their respective unlock trees in a future update. Playing the Questlines will give players a period of “early access” to these weapons.

Loading Screens
  • Added a new filter system to loading screens, allowing for display of specific loading screens to players depending on a variety of parameters: Bloodline Rank, Prestige, Playtime, Game Mode, etc.
  • Added new loading screen hints and images tailored to new players.
  • More unique loading screens will be added in future updates to expand on this new system.
Weapon Statistics
  • Improved accuracy of a lot of statistics.
  • Added new statistics to allow for better comparisons between weapons, tools, and consumables:
    • Throw Range: The furthest range (in meters) this can be thrown.
    • Damage (Thrown): Damage value of hitting a Hunter with its full effect.
    • Spread: The relative crosshair spread while aiming from the hip. Shotguns have a comparatively wider spread.
    • Sway: The relative amount of weapon sway while ADS.
    • Recoil (Vertical): The relative strength of the vertical recoil after a shot. Developer Note: Spread, Sway, and Recoil replace the statistic ‘Handling’ and should allow for a more accurate comparison between weapons.
    • Cycle Time: the time (in seconds) this needs to ready for the next shot, including time to reload if necessary. For Dual Wield: the time it takes for the weapon that shot first to ready again.
    • Fuse Timer: The time (in seconds) until detonation.
    • Stamina Consumption (Light): the stamina consumed with a light melee attack.
    • Stamina Consumption (Heavy): the stamina consumed with a heavy melee attack.
    • Stamina Consumption (Throw): the stamina consumed when being thrown.
  • Changed RoF (Rate of Fire) to a more realistic approach: shots fired per minute, including time to reload.
Developer Note:
Due to how ‘Rate of Fire’ was calculated in the past, this created inaccurate values, especially for single shot weapons. The new stat follows a more realistic approach, which leads to the RoF for weapons being closer together across the board. To still be able to compare weapons, the new ‘Cycle Time’ stat was added and the ‘Reload’ stat was made more precise.
Quickplay Recruits
Added more variation to the starting equipment for quickplay Hunters. These weapons can now appear as additional starting items: Medium Range:
  • Nagant M1895 Silencer Pair
  • Hunting Bow
  • Scottfield Model 3
  • Scottfield Model 3 Pair
  • Sparks Pistol
  • Sparks Pistol Pair
  • Springfield 1866 Compact
  • Springfield 1866 Compact Deadeye
  • Winfield M1873C Vandal
    Short Range:
  • LeMat Mark II Pair
  • Winfield 1887 Terminus Handcannon
Melee: When choosing Melee, the regular melee tools are replaced with:
  • Throwing Knives or
  • Throwing Axes
All weapons can also be chosen in the Random pool.
Legendary Additions
  • Legendary Hunter – Worm Bite (1.000 BB)
  • Legendary Hunter – The Hornback (1.000 BB)
  • Sparks LRR Silencer – Muscadine (900 BB)
  • Romero 77 Alamo – Flat Iron (800 BB)
  • Fire Bomb – Brookes' Burner (800 BB)
  • Weapon Charm – Ruby’s Favor (400 BB)
  • Weapon Charm – Nemean Claw (300 BB)
  • Weapon Charm – Ferryman’s Coin (300 BB)
  • Weapon Charm – Blood Relic (500 BB)


Bounty Hunt UI
There are some updated UI icons in the Lobby of Bounty Hunt, including a new toggle to switch the selection of enemy team sizes. To increase the readability, we deleted the following elements: MMR Ranges, Event Information and Duration (if applicable), and the Redeem Code button (can now be found in the options).
Contextual Popups / Matchmaking Reminders
To help new players become familiar with important actions before starting matchmaking, we've added reminder pop-ups. These pop-ups provide information such as joining matchmaking alone, competing against teams of three, and the status and equipment of the player's Hunter. Pop-ups can be disabled by the player and will not appear again.
Weapon Charms
Weapon Charms are now displayed with different rarity levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.


Stillwater Bayou:
  • Slightly reduced the number of bushes to make it a bit easier to spot enemy Hunters in the forest between Darrow Livestock and Port Reeker.
  • A new water entrance/exit has been added to the Boss Target lair in Weeping Stone Mill.
  • Removed roots from vegetation near the bridge north of Upper DeSalle to improve player movement.
  • Reworked and cleaned up vegetation on the east side of Pearl Plantation for better readability and player movement.
  • Reworked and cleaned up vegetation between Ash Creek Lumber and Upper DeSalle for better readability and player movement.
  • Reworked and cleaned up vegetation on the west side of Upper DeSalle for better readability and player movement.
  • Reworked and cleaned up vegetation on the north side of First Testimonial Church.
  • Cleaned up hidden vegetation for performance improvement.
bug fixes banner


  • Fixed an issue that caused Hellhounds to sometimes keep repeating their last movement behavior until a Hunter approached close enough to be attacked.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Assassin to sometimes not launch its ranged attack on Hunters that had just entered or left the lair.

Console Only fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused tooltips to remain on the screen when switching tabs too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Go to Store" shortcut to trigger twice when selected.


  • Improved synchronization of ammunition amounts for weapons, which should mitigate issues from receiving delayed server updates. (Reload bug)
  • Fixed an issue where weapons with a chambered round received the missing ammunition of the chambered round twice at the start of the match instead of once.
  • For weapons with two ammunition types, the ammunition that is not loaded for the second ammunition type will not be added as an extra spare bullet anymore.
  • Adjusted an unintended physics interaction between bolts/arrows and certain explosives, which meant they would be launched at a high velocity.
    • Now, hitting one of these thrown explosives with any kind of Bolt or Arrow will defuse the projectile as if it had entered a choke bomb or been defused by Dauntless.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Nagant M1895 Precision to deal more damage than it should.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed the Flare Gun ammo to exceed maximum capacity.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed overcooking a Choke Bomb to not consume a charge.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Meathead Leeches to not be killed by poison arrows when using the Dewclaw trait.


  • Fixed an issue that caused poison clouds created by yourself or teammates to deal reduced damage.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed two tools or consumables to be given from an item box without the Packmule trait.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to pick up Clues with the Serpent trait before the match had properly begun.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused an extraction to be blocked even though no enemies were present.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the server to close a match even though a solo player used the Necromancer solo revive to continue playing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Bomb Lance explosions to show incorrectly as the cause of death on the death screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused bear traps to show incorrectly as the cause of death on the death screen.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Trip Mines to be stacked on top of each other when placed in the world.


  • Fixed several issues of overlapping text.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the damage from the Bomb Lance explosion to show incorrectly on the death screen.
  • Added description text to the Control scheme option.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the plus symbols in the newsfeed to pop up when switching tabs.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the slot size filter in the Roster Equipment menu to include instances that should not be part of the filter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Bounty Token icon to turn blue when in Stalker Beetle view while carrying a token.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Hunter model to disappear from the death screen when a player stopped spectating.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Small/Medium/Large slot filters to be enabled per default in the Roster Equipment menu when they should not be.
  • Fixed several issues regarding the sorting options in the Equipment screen where the results might be incorrect or confusing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ping in the Region Selection menu to break while maintenance is active or planned.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused a Hunter to not receive a summary screen after a mission.
  • Fixed an issue when getting multiple rewards from Challenges that resulted in incorrect Blood Bond values to be shown.
  • Fixed a rare issue that allowed spare ammo to not always update immediately and could be displayed as 0 after picking up a weapon.
  • Fixed some incorrect statistics of the Shotgun Custom Ammo for the LeMat Mark II and the LeMat Carbine.


Stillwater Bayou:
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the wrong Ambience Audio was selected for Gold, Neutral, and Sunset Times of Day.
  • Blanchett Graves: fixed several texture issues towards Lockbay Docks.
  • Catfish Grove: fixed a spot where you could hide inside the Boss Target dressing.
  • Catfish Grove: fixed a "slide" on a slightly too-big collision at the log piles.
  • Chapel of Madonna Noire: removed some static glass from the windows.
  • Chapel of Madonna Noire: fixed some floating Scrapbeak Boss Target dressing.
  • Chapel of Madonna Noire: fixed some floating debris on a wall.
  • Cyprus Huts: blocked access to the roof of one of the side buildings.
  • Reynard Mill and Lumber: fixed a floating Clue.
  • Reynard Mill and Lumber: fixed a hiding spot under some cloth.
  • Stillwater Bend: patched up some rocks that were semi-transparent.
  • Stillwater Bend: fixed a spot where players could get stuck behind a box.

Lawson Delta:
  • Arden Parish: fixed the rendering of some walls (facing Windy Run) of the Boss Target building.
  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks: moved some shrubs that were clipping through the floor of the southwest side hut.
  • C&A Lumber: fixed an issue with a stack of wooden planks that could cause issues.
  • Fort Carmick: fixed some floating grass.
  • Goddard Docks: fixed a spot on the fence by the southwest hunting tower where it was sometimes difficult to vault.
  • Goddard Docks: fixed some flickering bushes in the forest.
  • Golden Acres: moved some vegetation around for smoother traversal on the south side of the compound.
  • Hemlock and Hide: fixed some floating grass.
  • Iron Works: blocked off the attic of the Boss Target Lair.
  • Iron Works: fixed a tree clipping through a fence on the west side.
  • Iron Works: fixed some vegetation clipping through an outhouse.
  • Lawson Station: fixed a window barricade on a train.
  • Lawson Station: made it possible to jump around a corner at the northern tower.
  • Maw Battery: fixed some faulty terrain clipping through a staircase.
  • Nicholls Prison: moved a Dog Cage that was clipping through the wall of a hut.
  • Nicholls Prison: fixed some crows clipping through a metal railing when the Scrapbeak is present.
  • Nicholls Prison: fixed some floating vegetation southwest of the compound.
  • Nicholls Prison: fixed a patch of floating grass.
  • Nicholls Prison: fixed a spot where a player could become stuck behind a cart in the north yard.
  • Nicholls Prison: adjusted some floating crates.
  • Salter’s Pork: fixed a piece of the Scrapbeak Boss Target dressing clipping through a roof.

  • Darin Shipyard: made some of the ceiling windows indestructible.
  • Darin Shipyard: fixed a spot where a player could become stuck in some vegetation.
  • Darin Shipyard: fixed an oil puddle spot that was not spreading the fire correctly.
  • Forked River Fishery: fixed a spot where a player could become stuck behind some barrels.
  • Fort Bolden: closed an unfair crack peek spot.
  • Fort Bolden: made the walkway on the walls less bumpy.
  • Moses Poultry: fixed a spot where a Hunter could become stuck in a rock.
  • Reeves Quarry: fixed a spot where Hunters could unintentionally get on the roof.
  • Seven Sisters Estate: closed an unfair peek spot through a crack.
  • Upper Desalle: blocked some climbable spots above the staircases in Boss Target building that shouldn't be climbable.
  • Upper DeSalle: closed some small gaps where you could see under the ground.
  • When using a controller, revives can become broken if a Player uses the spectate shortcut. Until this is fixed, please use the cursor to click on the Spectate button.
  • Closing the map while walking can result in a small FPS drop momentarily.
  • When swapping guns that share ammo, the ammo pool can display an incorrect amount of spare ammo for a brief moment.
  • Rarely, a Hunter may receive nothing when looting an enemy Hunter.
  • Reconnecting may fail, and the Player may need to restart their game to try again.
  • In some cases, the poison effect will incorrectly stay on a player.
  • In some cases, weapons will come out of ADS unintentionally.
  • When a Hunter is revived at the exact moment as the reviver dies, an issue can occur.
  • In some cases, an explosive can damage an enemy through unintended terrain.
  • Players can occasionally receive “Something Went Wrong” matchmaking failure when queuing for a mission.
  • In some cases, the Spider can get stuck in the death animation, unable to be banished.
  • Players may see tools/consumables floating in the air if another Player switches equipment nearby. This fixes itself when the second Player switches equipment again, and it is only a visual issue.
  • In some cases, crows may react to player noise later than intended. If there is a lot of occlusion between you and the crows, they can also be hard to hear.
submitted by Ic3man2k to HuntShowdown [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 15:09 GamesWithGregVR US PC Bambi Battlegrounds NO KOS PVP Zones w/PVE Custom Starting Loadout Airdrops Keycards Vaults Black Market Active Admins Custom Balota Airfield Custom Traders Stuffable Animals Codelock Chernarus NoFlip Paydays Fresh Wipe

This server emulates a lot of what people will want in the modern and popular dayz servers featuring cannabis growing and selling, black market goods and rare items, as well as custom trader zones, a custom Balota Airfield for a true TDM experience.
Connection Info

Custom Hunter Trader!

Keycards and Vaults have been added for your next level survival treasure hunting.

Custom Safe houses have been added around the map. Some are in PVP zones while other are in PVE zones but have some more...natural inhabitants.

We also have a Custom Loadout for hunting to get you on your way to buying your car.

Get paid every 15 minutes and save that money get yourself around in style with the automatic bank deposits!

Airdrops Every 15 minutes

Join us today and build your base!

Wipes when the server has no more room so start building your base now!


Collectable Items

Items Spawn In Pristine Condition


Snafu weapons

MVS gear

PVP airdrops

Increased hunting

Increased Heli Spawns

Increased Car Spawns

Inventory Move Sounds


Spawnable sleeping bags



Unlimited Stamina



DNA Keycards
submitted by GamesWithGregVR to DayZServers [link] [comments]

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Instead, he chuckled and went to one of the drawers, pulling out a small vile of clear liquid. In no time at all, he had it attached to my IV. “So, are you on a date?”
"Well have you texted her? I'm sure she's around her somewhere. Why don't you check upstairs? She has to be with someone..." Tyler suggested.
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“O-of of course I do”, I stammered. She then kissed me. Only for a second but with the full vigor, strength and passion a woman could muster. Then she began to make her way back down towards home. I was hurrying along in her wake.
“Dude! Holy Shit!”
“ fuels you to fight?” I ask curiously.
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She was crying quite a bit, and I was babbling whatever came to mind. This sort of thing wasn’t exactly an area I had expertise in. But I held her, and I stroked her back, and I called her beautiful, and eventually she stopped crying, and eventually she made a joke about how silly we both must have looked, and we laughed and the tension broke.
“So you didn’t go to karate because you’d feel like shit if you saw me and saw I was still pissed at you?” Nicole asked me. I nodded. Her expression turned unimpressed as she smacked me upside the head. “You doorknob.” She spat annoyedly. “I don’t hate you or anything. What am I, 12?”
I concentrate on breaths, one at a time. I'm quivering.
"Going out? Mom and Dad said we have to finish all our chores and homework before we can leave the house. Sorry, I can't let you leave" she said with an anything but sorry grin on her face.
I remember the day you returned from your honeymoon. You had thrown a little party to welcome Kay to her new home. After the party, Kay wanted you to hang the sign as well as your medals over the fireplace. I walked you down to the boathouse to get your tools. You were pleased with the drawings and you wrapped your arms around me.
In regards to Courtney there was just nothing left to say. She’d broken my heart and killed our friendship and like Humpty Dumpty there was no putting it back together again. If I kept ignoring her she’d finally have to accept it I hoped.
"Holy shit." He whispered. He turned around and sat back in his chair, not wanting to be seen. He pulled out his cell phone and began to dial his friends number but paused in the middle.
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It seemed that the people outside followed us in, and when the few who were inside saw us, they had the same expressions. None of us cared, we were here to enjoy ourselves. We quickly found a table and made ourselves comfortable.
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“Ashley are you alright?” I asked responsively.
was getting. May saw Sarah's hands slide down over Dan's ass.
“Thank you Sir” I replied as I went into Ashley's room.
“I‘ve never felt better, put it in me. Please!” Annie breathed
"Do you mind if I talk to John in private for a minute?" She asked.
He feels Eve move a little. Her head rests on his chest. He leans down and plants a kiss on her forehead. “Rise and shine, beautiful.”
I said, “Thank you for the blowjob and for the compliment!”
“That’s not yours!” she said. “That’s Mum’s!”
He looked in her direction, guilt threatening to spew from his mouth. He swallowed hard trying not to puke, “Alright mom, I’ll message your phone at some point to let you know.” He moved up to her exchanging numbers. He looked at her face trying to smile but had an image of his sister’s face with his mother’s body. Then he saw his mother’s naked body replace his sister entirely. Luke forced the morals to grip the thoughts tightly as he moved to rush out the door. He gave his sister a quick kiss on the head, arguing with himself if he lingered to long for a brother or just right.
The kiss ends and I’m left wanting more from both of them but alas they leave.
“Her laptop. Some people should really get rid of evidence. But in this case, I’m somewhat glad that she didn’t, since it also detailed what she planned.”
Naomi reddened instantly “No no, mum just asked Butch to paint me”.
That was too close, small retreat now, big fight later.
"If you're going to get off I want to be the one to get you off." I said as I kept rubbing her through her jeans.
She then began to play with her tits and was about to take off the top when Newlyn stopped her.
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PVP/PVE Active Admins Discord + KILL FEED
Max Players: 20 (Upgrading to 32 end of march)
Discord :
💥 Weekend Raiding Only ⚒ Build Anywhere 🤝 Click & Collect 🏦 Banking Economy 💸 Starting Money 🎯 Full Kill Feed ✈️ Air Drops ⚔ PvP Events 🏟 Server Events 🏆 League Events 🌌 Short Nights 🏃‍♀️ Unlimited Stamina 🛡 Factions 💬 Friendly Community
All weapons available.
All vehicles available.
A review : A fast growing server with a good average member rate, has all the fixes without making the game too easy, just enough zombies and somehow more pvp then most would expect. Awesome moderators who are very fun and helpful. Id recommend this server to almost any type of player. The discord is very active and a fun community. Pretty sure new members get rewards.
submitted by ChimneyRickets to DayZServers [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:00 The_Dwemer_Automaton [Daily] Set Discussion: Unchained Aggressor

Unchained Aggressor
Obtainable as: Weapons, Light Armor, Jewels, Heavy Armor, Medium Armor
Type: Craftable
Traits needed to craft: 3
Location: Cyrodiil
Set Bonuses
Items Bonus
2 Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
3 Adds 129 Stamina Recovery
4 Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
5 After Breaking Free, gain Major Berserk for 12 seconds, increasing your damage done by 10%. This effect can occur once every 14 seconds.
Be sure to think about strengths, weaknesses, counters, and synergies in your discussions. Please vote based on contribution, not opinion.
Information about this set was provided by  
You can find the archive of daily set discussions here.  
I was programmed to write posts automatically by Woeler. If you have any questions or suggestions about me or my posts, please join this Discord server. Did you know I am also available as a Discord bot? I can provide all kinds of ESO related information to your Discord server. Click here to add me.
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2023.03.29 10:58 Professional5918 Eu UK PC charno \ England rp no kos or raids

Hello survivor are you looking for a new place to call home? Well we have the perfect brand new server for you with a friendly community looking for respectful people to join up.
MAP: Chernarusplus
➼Unlimited stamina ➼90+ Import land vehicles ➼Limited helicopters (controlled by player shop) ➼Garage ➼Much stuff pack ➼Cs_mvs_clothing ➼ Wind Strides clothes ➼Cf ➼Much car keys ➼Pve/Pvp zones ➼Server panel ➼Teddy weapons ➼Flip vehicles ➼Build anywhere ➼Drugs plus ➼Cannabis plus ➼More drugs and effects ➼Role play clothes ➼More doors + EMD ➼Cabins ➼More flags ➼No vehicle damages ➼Code lock ➼SchanaParty ➼Advance banking ➼Traders ➼Dayz dog ➼Player tombstone ➼Better drinks ➼Collectables - 107 pokemon cards, bitcoin, jewellery and lots more!. ➼Ear Plugs. ➼Auto run. ➼Upgraded air drops. ➼Extra fish & bugs ➼Base building plus ➼Animal farming ➼Key card rooms ➼ Survivor animations And much more!
Dayz launcher: Find our server
EnglandRP social reddit: share your experience
We all really hope to see you in discord and in game soon.
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2023.03.29 09:46 lonilyaq 26/F/PC/MMOs

Good day. Just looking for someone/a group to play MMORPGs with in the afternoon. Tagal ko na hindi naglalaro ng games so nagbabalik loob lang while applying for jobs at the moment. Could be any game as well basta multiplayer and free to play (pasensya na dukha mode lang muna since unemployed pa) though meron ako ESO sa Steam. I'm not really competitive and I don't care much for PVP, more on PVE ako and world lore at social aspect lang like messing around discussing random gaming stuff habang nagccomplete ng quest objectives.
Feel free to send me a message.
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2023.03.29 08:00 Bumish1 Iron Mace just posed an info dump. Here's what it says w/ google translate.

Super Long Post! But this is a rather huge update that includes GitRepos.
I cover a lot of this stuff in my video found here - (It's like an hour long and goes over a lot of the stuff said here, before they even released this info. They even use some of the same stuff as evidence.)
Discord Link to info - To see the update in it's original format.
Full list of assets purchased to make Dark & Darker:
Git logs for the first year of development. The earliest entries start at the bottom of the document. It is a little embarrassing showing all our development mistakes and bugs but we believe that is further proof that Dark and Darker was built from the ground up.
- Although our company was officially founded in October 2021, our development logs go back to September 2021. This can be explained by our company history below.

- A bit of background history regarding IRONMACE. Several of our founding members started work as a development team starting in September 2021. The members worked for more than a month in a shabby jiujitsu gym without pay using our own personal PCs as a test of our resolve and teamwork, and also because we had no investors. Once we realized that our members could form the foundations of a viable company, the company was formally founded in late October 2021. The original funds were quickly exhausted and IRONMACE almost went bankrupt as we were unable to acquire investors. Luckily members rallied together and collected funds from over twenty friends and families to bankroll the company for another couple months. This was also quickly exhausted and IRONMACE relied on outsourcing work unrelated to game development to help it survive another month. It was only through grueling meetings and countless, countless, countless rejections that IRONMACE was finally able to find brave VCs willing to fund the studio in 2022. The studio made it point to accept as little money as possible to stay hungry and motivated to get to the current point.

1. Our Korean Response to the takedown claim - From IronMace
We are Iron Mace, a game developer in Korea developing the PC game Dark & Darker. Through this document, we will deal with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Take Down Notice (DMCA Take Down Notice) filed against us by Nexon Korea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nexon”), and our position on allegations of copyright infringement and leakage of trade secrets.
Through its own investigation, Nexon said, "Dark and Darker appears to have been developed by copying and stealing trade secrets and copyrighted information owned by Nexon." said. We want to make it clear that this claim is baseless. Our company, Iron Mace, has never owned or used Nexon's copyrighted materials or trade secrets.
Nexon belatedly registered the copyright related to the P3 project in February 2023, more than six months after Dark and Darker was released, and is claiming copyright infringement against it. The first point of their claim is that one of our members (then director, hereinafter A) illegally moved important assets to a private server “without permission”.
Our response to the above claim is as follows.
Due to the mandatory remote work policy implemented by Nexon in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, A received written approval from Nexon executives to use an external personal server to improve the team's work efficiency from 2020 to 2021. While developing using a personal server for about a year, A asked if it was okay to continue using the personal server. The head of the senior organization responded to the question by telling them to refrain from using private servers. A has agreed to discontinue use of the private server. Instead, we received an exception from the company to work in the office, circumventing the current remote work policy, in order to keep the team working efficiently.
In order to stop using the personal server, A moved the connected system and started deleting trade secret files, but the immediate hurdles (a kind of mid-term evaluation process in the game industry, and if the results are not good, the project may be suspended) , the migration of development systems to internal servers was not a quick and thorough process. As a result, some auto-upload scripts related to the build system were left running. And buildings around the office are closed due to corona expansion, so I can no longer go to work, etc. A made a mistake of using the personal server again without re-approval due to the anxiety of reduced work efficiency and the burden of meeting the schedule and achieving the goal.
At that time, all computers in Nexon's company were monitored using the endpoint solution, so the use of personal servers subject to approval and re-approval was known to Nexon during several months of development. However, during that period, A did not receive a single warning from the security team, and when answering to the head of the higher organization to refrain from using the server, he received an answer saying, 'It's a bit ambiguous to say that it's official/no', so he made a wrong decision. that was hit
A suffered the shock of his previous project being shut down in 2020, and several other projects within Nexon were canceled around the same time. A had doubts about the release along with various circumstances that could only be seen as lack of development support. Later, due to an incident, his trust with his boss was broken, and in June 2021, he finally decided to leave Nexon.
A revealed to members of the development team he had worked with for a long time that he would be leaving the company soon. He cited a lack of support for development as the reason for his departure, and further doubts about whether he would ever be able to launch the project. He also said he welcomes those who would like to join us for the next try. He's likely pushing for a project in a similar genre to the P3 project, but he's made it clear that everything needs to be developed from scratch. The above fact was also proven in the course of investigating a separate individual lawsuit filed by Nexon against A in the testimony collected by the police.
Immediately after Nexon's executives learned of A's plan to resign, their attitude suddenly changed to find A's fault, without any effort to amicably resolve the situation. He then sent an internal audit team to accuse him of stealing files, even though he knew the private server had been used for work for months. Seeing efforts to find out the fault somehow in this way rather than solving it through dialogue, the relationship of trust with the company was completely broken, and A consulted with a lawyer and said that since there are personal information on the personal server, there is no obligation to submit it to the company. After hearing the conclusion, instead of submitting my private server, I completely deleted everything in it.
A was fired due to a claim interpreted differently from his intention, and around August 2021, civil/criminal charges and lawsuits were filed against his house and other assets with omnidirectional seizure and pressure, and several seizures and searches were conducted. has been done up to A's personal case is still ongoing, and claims that he stole or misappropriated these files have yet to be substantiated. He actively cooperated with police investigations every time. Our company was also seized and searched several times during this investigation, but we responded to the investigation with the utmost cooperation in order to prove our innocence. If Nexon's trade secrets were really stolen or misappropriated, nine out of the more than 20 P3 project team members would not have risked joining Iron Mace.
The second issue in the DMCA notice filed by Nexon is the claim that Iron Mace CEO Terence Park abused the suspect's stolen trade secrets and copyrighted material to develop Dark & Darker for his own and Iron Mace's benefit. Our response to this claim is below.
The company's CEO makes it clear that no stolen trade secrets or copyrighted material were used to develop Dark & Darker. Indeed, Terrence Park has repeatedly stressed to his team that in order to maintain the company's vision and branding, third-party trade secrets must not exist by mistake and must be developed from scratch.
Subsequently, in the DMCA notice, Nexon claims that the only way to come up with an idea similar to the P3 project is theft, and as a basis, it claims that the P3 project has never been disclosed to a third party during this period. However, this claim can be proven unequivocally false. Nexon unveiled the P3 in a media showcase in August 2021, and has since written about it in numerous blogs and articles:
Nexon also claims in its DMCA notice that no other game has the same "concept, genre, and plot" as P3, claiming to have created an entirely new concept. But none of the P3 concepts are entirely new. A game already on the market called Expedition Agartha is a similar game in the three categories already stated.
Since then, Iron Mace has claimed without evidence that it is impossible to make a test version of Dark & Darker in just 10 months of founding without using Nexon's trade secrets. Our response to this claim is as follows.
The fact that a big game company like Nexon can't develop games this fast doesn't mean that other studios, big and small, can't develop at that speed.
Iron Mace's rapid pace of development was possible for the following reasons.
Iron Mace began development with 18 people, significantly more than the initial P3 team of about 11 people. The percentage of dual programmers doubled to 3 and 6, respectively.
We used as many 3D game objects as possible, purchased from the Asset Store, which account for most of the cost and time required for game development.
Also, with the permission of the artists, it was developed with a focus on game design and programming.
The server code did not exist because there were no server programmers on the P3 project team. However, Iron Mace was developed by employing senior-level server programmers from the beginning to create a stable server architecture.
Fortunately, we have evidence that clearly shows how we developed the game quickly and efficiently, and we will be making it public soon.
We'll soon publish a list of purchased assets used in Dark & Darker development, proving that almost all 3D assets were purchased from the Unreal Marketplace.
And we have tons of videos to see what major milestone builds look like, from early internal playtests to more recent tests. These videos will also be coming online soon, showing you how to quickly and efficiently develop the game from scratch.
Finally, for verification from a technical point of view, we will soon release the Git log and its file list, which is the development history from the first log in the Git repository to the work on the self-developed anti-cheat module. This is a log over a period of about a year or so. This will allow other developers to easily check our progress and check for stolen code or assets. In addition, since the P3 project was written while learning because none of the programmers had any experience using Unreal Engine at the time of the project, using the code and assets of the P3 project as a reference is a dark and darker project.
It wouldn't have helped you in your progress.
In the DMCA notice, Nexon compared and analyzed files from the Dark & Darker and P3 Projects and said, "The number of files with the same name is too many to be a coincidence." claims. And it claims to have found more than 2,338 files with the same name. Our response to this claim is as follows.
They attached the remaining 1,032 resources to Exhibit D, excluding files generated by using the same game engine. Of these, 950 files were either assets purchased from Unreal's Marketplace or files from plugins. The remaining 82 files (41 to be exact, because two files are created with the same file name) also have the same name because of the general concept and official naming convention recommended in the process of developing a typical first-person fantasy game. (See naming conventions and examples below)
Rules for Writing Unreal Engine Official Names
Blueprint (BP_) + Arrow => BP_Arrow (Exhibit D 33p)
Material (M_) + Base (Base) => M_Base (Exhibit D 35p)
If Nexon agrees to provide the file, it is suggested to compare and analyze the actual contents of the files with the same name through a third party. We have provided a list of sources for all “same-named” resources listed by Nexon.
In addition, the DMCA notice claims that the two games' character designs, worldviews, and core gameplay are similar. In response to the above claim, we'd like to say that both games borrow settings from very traditional fantasy worlds. None of this is original, and the similarities to the pointed character classes and use of torches can be found in countless other fantasy games. Both games belong to the classic fantasy dungeon exploration genre, and the similarities can be explained.
In addition, Nexon claims that "Iron Mace purchased graphic assets, including character concept art, from the Unreal Marketplace, but the assets purchased from the Unreal Marketplace and Dark & Darker's assets look different, and there are many similarities with those of P3. ” claims. Our position on the claim is as follows.
Most of the 3D assets were purchased from the Unreal Marketplace, but most of the 2D graphic elements, including concept art and UI, were created in-house. The character concept artwork that Nexon claims similarities to is a reflection of a very traditional fantasy setting. In addition, the concept artwork of the two games was created by the same person, so the painting style is also similar. Soon, our concept artist will organize and disclose that the character concept of Dark & Darker does not infringe on the concept of P3. Through this document, Google image search shows artwork of other popular fantasy concepts, and Dark & Darker's concept art follows the general fantasy world, so it looks similar, but I want to prove that I did not infringe P3's copyright. .
The DMCA notice states that the two games' core concepts, genres, and storylines are so similar that "I am convinced that Iron Mace may have used Nexon's trade secrets to create Dark & Darker." Again, Dark & Darker's concept and settings are all largely inspired by traditional and popular fantasy RPG games. The gameplay of adventurers digging through dungeons full of monsters and treasure in search of riches is so common and common that it could be widely applied in many other fantasy games as well.
Just for fun, we asked ChatGPT to explain the definition of a typical PVP dungeon exploration game, and we got the following response.
----------------------------------Content from ChatGPT------------- ----------------------
In this PvP dungeon crawl game, players compete against each other in dangerous and mysterious dungeons filled with traps, puzzles, and monsters.
Players choose their character from several classes, each with unique abilities and playstyles. They need to explore dungeons, defeat monsters, and solve puzzles to advance deeper.
But besides fighting monsters, players also have to face each other in intense PvP battles. They can attack other players to steal loot or gain an advantage, but you have to be careful not to be suddenly attacked by enemy players.
In the meantime, players can collect loot, weapons, and magic items to help them in their missions. They can also trade items with other players or buy and sell them at NPC shops.
Gameplay requires strategic decision-making, and players must decide whether to focus on attacking other players or progressing through the dungeon. They must manage their limited resources carefully, including weapons, spells, and stamina.
The ultimate goal of the game is to reach the deepest dungeon's floor and defeat the final boss. You should be able to beat other players while doing all of this. The game offers an exciting and competitive experience for players who enjoy both PvE and PvP gameplay.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
Finally, the common characteristics of the two games announced in Exhibit E are generally shared characteristics that can also be found in many other similar games.
Judging from the information presented, it would be difficult for Nexon itself to believe that Iron Mace infringed on the copyright of the P3 project. And Nexon does not provide evidence that Iron Mace used Nexon's trade secrets to make Dark & Darker, only circumstantial inferences.
Finally, Nexon is accusing Iron Mace of violating Valve's SSA and SOCR, preventing us from delivering our games to fans on the world's largest PC gaming platform. We want Nexon to stop making baseless claims.
In order to resolve issues quickly and definitively, we are willing to provide source code, produced assets, and design documentation for comparison between the two companies. We ask Nexon to make a positive impact on gamers and gaming communities around the world by actively working on resolving issues between the two companies.
That's all of that document. Translated by google.
2. Concept Artist response:
Rebuttal to claims of character design similarity
Hello, this is Dark & Darker's concept artist.
Through this document, we would like to refute the allegation that the concept of P3 was stolen from Dark & Darker.
Nexon claims that Dark & Darker was developed using P3's assets, and claims to be suspicious because of their visual similarity. The contents below are intended to refute this and explain what parts we focused on in class design and why the claim that the results are similar is not valid.
Dark & Darker's classes are made up of classes commonly handled in Dungeons and Dragons and medieval fantasy games influenced by it, and aim for familiar classic fantasy concepts.
Therefore, it cannot be seen that it has the distinctive features of Dark & Darker in appearance or design.
Dark & Darker worked on the class concept based on the following three concerns.
What are the most familiar classes in the memories of classic fantasy fans?
What design can you accept without hesitation even if you are not a fan of classic fantasy?
What is the range that can be expressed with the assets you own (purchased assets)?
P3 and Dark & Darker have the same concept artist (i.e., because I worked on both), the way the characters are portrayed or the painting style may feel similar, but there are significant differences in detailed composition such as costumes.
The following will refute the claim that the classes of P3 and Dark & Darker are similar by comparing each class.

Class Comparison 1: Barbarian
When I started thinking about Dark & Darker's Barbarian, I initially tried to work with a barbaric warrior feel like Conan the Barbarian (movie). However, I had to use the purchased armor assets in common, so I had no choice but to switch to the current Nordic Viking feel.
To elaborate more, even if I drew concept art, I did not have enough time to create assets for it, so I changed the direction of the concept art according to the assets.
Images in document.

Figure 1: A draft of a Dark and Darker Barbarian that was scrapped in the works.
Images in document.

Figure 2: Barbarian used for loading image after drafting
Images in document.
Figure 3 below is various concept art of the barbarian that I referenced during work in this regard. Based on this, we focused on creating a barbarian that fits the worldview of Dark & Darker, and designing it so that there is no particular problem when using equipment of other classes in common.

Figure 3: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Nexon is claiming that P3's Barbarian and Dark & Darker's Barbarian are similar.
As explained earlier, Dark & Darker's Barbarian was created based on works from common fantasy worlds, and furthermore, those used in various games.

Figure 4: P3 and the Barbarian in Dark & Darker
Image in document.

Even in the details, of course, there are differences. P3's barbarian is more colorful than Dark & Darker's barbarian, such as horns, Nordic patterns of armor, beard shape, and cape, and the style is mixed. The shape of the helmet may look similar by adopting the design of the actual German helmet (Yelmo de Gjermundbu), but the detailed design is completely different.

Class Comparison 2: Fighter
Image in document.
Dark & Darker's fighter is a class specialized in melee attacks wearing typical medieval knight armor. The items in Figure 5 below are reference materials when designing fighters, and are also popularly used, heavy armored warriors specializing in melee attacks.
Through the items in Figure 6, you can see what process the current fighter design came out through

Figure 5: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 6: Fighter used for loading image after drafting
Image in document.

Figure 7: P3's Tanker and Dark & Darker's Fighter
Image in document.

Nexon claims that P3's 'Tanker' and Dark & Darker's 'Fighter' were produced in a similar form. However, as you can see from the picture in Figure 7, except for the open helmet, everything is different, including the appearance, armor design, weapon design, bag, and props.
The figure wearing an open helmet is just a type of expression commonly used to show a character's face because it is obscured.
Class Comparison 3: Ranger
In games and movies set in the Middle Ages, rangers were often depicted wearing hoods, and purchased assets also included hoods. The costumes depicted in the Dark & Darker illustration were designed with reference to the asset costumes you own.

Figure 8: Appearance by referring to the clothing on the left and the hood on the right
Image in document.

Figure 9: Ranger used for loading image after cyan
Image in document.

Figure 10: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 11: P3 and Dark & Darker's Ranger
Image in document.

Dark & Darker's Ranger has borrowed the overall color from common designs to keep the sensibility of the old fantasy intact. Also, in order to express the concept of a hunter who fights while hiding in the dark, the use of colors was limited and designed with low saturation.
As you can see by comparing the P3 and Dark & Darker's Ranger illustrations, they are not the same except that they wear hoods and have bows.

Class Comparison 4: Wizard
The design that became the basis of the Dark and Darker Wizard is Gandalf from ‘The Lord of the Rings’, and it is the most easily recognizable image of a wizard.

Figure 12: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 13: Wizard of Dark and Darker with P3
Image in document.

Like the image of the other classes described earlier, Dark & Darker's Wizard expressed a more traditional and classic wizard than P3's Wizard. Wearing a long and cumbersome robe for an adventurer's appearance, it was produced with the intention of taking the form of an old man who is old but wise and still capable of fighting.
Class Comparison 5: Log
Likewise, in the case of logs, other than wearing a hood, the P3 and Dark & Darker logs have different components such as weapons and costumes.
In the case of the rogue, we tried to embody the real thief's play, rather than simply wielding a fast weapon such as a dagger (it is actually possible to steal while playing), and for this purpose, the weapon was highlighted at the beginning, and finally It is made in the form of emphasizing the money bag held in the hand.
Rather, in the case of Rogue, the design was made to approach the essence of a thief more than a thief generally seen.

Figure 14: Initial log cyan
Image in document.

Figure 15: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 16: P3's Thief and Dark & Darker's Rogue
Image in document.
Like the images of other classes described above, P3’s ‘thief’ and Dark & Darker’s ‘rogue’ have different design goals.
Class Comparison 6: Cleric
In general, the class called Cleric is often designed with the Templar Knights as a motif. Dark and darker clerics also adopted a design with a tunic wrapped around chainmail to match this popular design. Also, like other classes, it had to be created based on the assets you have, so I designed it with reference to the assets below.

Figure 17: Polyphoria's assets referencing clothing design
Image in document.

Figure 18: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 19: P3 and Dark & Darker's Cleric
Image in document.

From that point of view, if you compare P3 and Dark & Darker's clerics, you can see that there are many differences in armor, costumes, and patterns.

Conclusion: P3 and Dark & Darker are different.

In this way, the design of the classes expressed in Dark & Darker is only the result of selecting the ones that are most suitable for Dark & Darker among one of the character designs that have appeared in various fantasy games that have been dealt with for decades, and are not designed by stealing P3's trade secrets. didn't
In conclusion, the allegation of theft is only a phenomenon that arises from the fact that the concepts of the two projects are oriented toward a medieval fantasy worldview. We, the development team of Iron Mace, focused on the direction of the game we were aiming for, designed and expressed it accordingly, and revealed that the game was not made by taking the parts that were produced in P3 as it is.
submitted by Bumish1 to DarkAndDarker [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 02:07 adhd_dad_03 DEVILS LAIR Vanilla + Xbox-Livonia-UK server-32 slot-M&k

DEVILS LAIR Vanilla + Xbox-Livonia-UK server-32 slot-M&k enabled New server 26/12/22 Laws killfeed & Hulks killfeed Discord Auto Trader Raid 24/7 Base damage Friday 6pm to 11.59pm Saturday 9am to 11.59pm Sunday 9am to 11.59pm GMT Weekly events Max stamina Pvp,Pve Solo, groups and factions welcome Build anywhere enabled Cars complete Trucks complete with building supplies Guns, food and building supplies are slightly boosted 4 hour day 30min nights
submitted by adhd_dad_03 to DayZServers [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 01:08 Electrical_Air_6611 DDJC's 125X PVP/PVE [US] [XB]

Server Name: DDJC's 125X PVP/PVE ——————————————————————— 🎮 Platform: Xbox 📷 FPP & TPP Enabled 🖱️ Mouse & Keyboard: Enabled 👥 Player Slots: 32 ♻️ Restart Intervals: 3/hrs 🗺️ Map: Chernarus ⚒️ Build Anywhere ☀️ Day: 2hrs 🌑 Night: 10mins
💚Hulks DayZ Bot providing features such as: 🏧 Banking 💰 Bounties 💀 Killfeed 🧟 PvE Feed 🥇 Leaderboard 📊 Player Statistics 🏪 Virtual shop system
🔫Pristine, kitted & tiered loot. 🚙Vehicles fully built. M3S Cargos include build kit. 🫁 Unlimited stamina and boosted movement speed. 💳 Punchcard bunkers with boosted loot 🏁Without a base flag, containers and fences will despawn. ⚔️ PVP KOS 🏴‍☠️ Raid weekends: Friday 10:00PM EST - Monday 12:00PM EST. 💲 Black Market located near North west airfield. 📍 Custom locations and vehicle spawns.
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2023.03.28 23:58 DayZ-Doc PC US Central PVEVP Banov Winter 1PP (3pp driving) BBP (vanilla damage) Survival Focused Zombie Hordes Reduced Economy Just survivors dealing with what’s left. Very little military, mostly civilian weapons Outstanding community LOTS of Crafting Dog Tags Wiped March 20!

Hello Reddit,
I'd like to invite you to join my gaming community. We just wiped on March 20, 2023. The server is built around the community and not the map. DayZ is an amazing game, but after a while, maps get stale, boring and we all fade out and loose interest. On my server we will be swapping out maps from time to time to keep things interesting and fresh. Same people, same play style, same mod set (within reason), new challenges. That said, we just moved on to Banov so I expect we'll be here for a while.
The community is an older, more mature crowd and we're pretty cooperative with more of a PVE Mindset. That said PVP is legal everywhere. The threat of death should be ever present. In all, I would say that the community promotes good sportsmanship and we lack any toxic drama for which I have zero tolerance.
The Black Winter theme is really one of just regular folks making due with what's left. Although I have some amazing weapon mods in place, I've only picked out 1 or 2 civilian weapons from each to add to our theme. There are a few "item pack mods" installed as well but again, only a select couple items have made it into play.
A lot of attention has been placed on Quality of Life - both good and bad.
The economy has been reduced as follows:
Category - Usage - Reduced by %
I've offset the challenging start for freshies by adding airdrops to a few locations near the largest spawn clusters. These airdrops will contain the basics like, insulated clothing, food, medicine, and basic weapons and ammo. Enough to get you on your feet. Careful going to an air drop though, you might not be the only starving person in need..
My target audience is the mature gamer who would like to build a cozy base, do some hunting and fishing and chat with some new folks and go on some adventures. Maybe shoot at a nerd when the mood is right =)
We currently have a very solid group of regulars, mature professionals who just want to unwind after a day at work and hide from the kids while trying to get lost in the world we're building together. This is an excellent server to meet some folks and start your Banov adventure.
We do have a couple of "light" role players. Nothing to "hark who art thou" - but I think all of our game play is along the lines of, this is me and this is what I'd do in the apocalypse. Meet up conversations are usually focused on what we're doing in the game.
Quick and Dirty FAQ.
Hope to see you in game!
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2023.03.28 20:56 Neat_Passenger_1774 (PS4) (US) (Chernarus) Friends And Foes PVP/PVE/Full trucks

12 Player slots(temporary) Free trader(temporary)
Restarts are unknown at this time but will be fixed
Unlimited stamina, free trader
PVP/PVE both
No keyboard and mouse
Both First and third person
Raid weekend is soon to be active High tier gas zones Economy system
Our server is still in work so for any information please join our discord thank you!
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2023.03.28 18:07 Fragrant_Lemon2949 [PC Server] Chibi's Hangout Cluster [PVE] - [Pvpve]

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