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2023.06.04 13:51 Poooka559 To buy or not to buy

hello, I’ll get straight to it. Im in the market for a bare-bones Branco. There is a 2022 2 door stock bronco for sale near me for $39,000, 500 miles on it.

My question is that a good price? It’s literally the cheapest Branco I have seen in months. Should I jump on it now or should I wait and try and order a 2024? I know it’s been difficult for them to fill orders and I’m nervous if I don’t get this one now, then I’ll be waiting years for my order to fill.

Thanks to anyone who can lend some advice
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2023.06.04 13:51 hopeless_heartbreak 3 months and still receiving “empty promises”

My ex (dumper) separated from me 3 months ago. He’s recently started studying and he tells me he can see us together, building our dream home and having babies once’s he’s finished his degree and can provide a more stable/higher income for us in the current climate.
It’s lovely to hear but he says he can’t commit right now as he wants to reach this goal and instead wants me to keep the “door open” for him.
I feel unfairly treated to ask to leave my heart/door open for him. I know he’s working on himself and his goals but he could end up married or in a difference circumstance in 6 months time, for example.
Has anyone had an amicable breakup with seemingly empty promises like this?
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2023.06.04 13:51 Tenuous_Viscosity Ex partner wanting to change children’s primary school to be closer to his new rental

To make a long story short(er) :Two younger, primary school aged children. Divorced in 2019. 50/50 shared care and legal responsibility. Parenting plan via a mediator signed by both parties stating children are to remain in their current school, in 2020. I bought ex out of family home, own and reside in it still, 5 mins walk to current school. Ex moved (renting) a 20 minute drive away from school, last year, and wanted to change the school to one closer to him (stating it was too far to drive/to inconvenient for him)- I didn’t want to put them through the upheaval of changing schools, and negotiated to drop the kids at his place 4 times per fortnight to lessen his time spent travelling as a compromise (these drop offs were added to parenting plan in 2022).
I recently received a promotion and my working hours have changed, as my expected “in office” contact hours, I’m now only able to do the drop offs twice per fortnight. I’ve communicated this to my ex and offered the option in a reduction of child support (that he pays me, as he vastly outearns me) in compensation for the reduction in my drop offs.
Ex is now threatening to take me to court to get the decision of school changed to the school he favours.
If it matters, both schools are excellent schools - however the kids have been in their school for years, are thriving there, have friendship groups and sports clubs attached to the schools. My office is also closer to the school my ex favours so on paper it would be more convenient for me too, but I’m purely thinking of the impact on the kids, and also what were to happen should my ex have to move again (as he’s renting and we all know what the market is like currently) - would he want to move them again?
Any advice here? Would love some outside perspective as to if I’m being unreasonable, I don’t want this to go to court for time and money spent but am willing to do it for the sake of my kids and to put it to rest finally.
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2023.06.04 13:51 JoshAsdvgi The Lost Woman

The Lost Woman

The Lost Woman

long time ago the Blackfeet were camped on Backfat Creek.
There was in the camp a man who had but one wife, and he thought a great deal of her.
He never wanted to have two wives.
As time passed they had a child, a little girl.
Along toward the end of the summer, this man’s wife wanted to get some berries, and she asked her husband to take her to a certain place where berries grew, so that she could get some.
The man said to his wife: “At this time of the year, I do not like to go to that place to pick berries.
There are always Snake or Crow war parties travelling about there.”
The woman wanted very much to go, and she coaxed her husband about it a great deal; and at last he said he would go, and they started, and many women followed them.
When they came to where the berries grew, the man said to his wife: “There are the berries down in that ravine.
You may go down there and pick them, and I will go up on this hill and stand guard.
If I see any one coming, I will call out to you, and you must all get on your horses and run.” So the women went down to pick berries.
The man went up on the hill and sat down and looked over the country.
After a little time, he looked down into another ravine not far off, and saw that it was full of horsemen coming.
They started to gallop up towards him, and he called out in a loud voice, “Run, run, the enemy is rushing on us.”
The women started to run, and he jumped on his horse and followed them.
The enemy rushed after them, and he drew his bow and arrows, and got ready to fight and defend the women.
After they had gone a little way, the enemy had gained so much that they were shooting at the Blackfeet with their arrows, and the man was riding back and forth behind the women, and whipping up the horses, now of one, now of another, to make them go faster.
The enemy kept getting closer, and at last they were so near that they were beginning to thrust at him with their lances, and he was dodging them and throwing himself down, now on one side of his horse, and then on the other.
At length he found that he could no longer defend all the women, so he made up his mind to leave those that had the slowest horses to the mercy of the enemy, while he would go on with those that had the faster ones.
When he found that he must leave the women, he was excited and rode on ahead; but as he passed, he heard some one call out to him, “Don’t leave me,” and he looked to one side, and saw that he was leaving his wife.
When he heard his wife call out thus to him, he said to her: “There is no life for me here.
You are a fine-looking woman.
They will not kill you, but there is no life for me.”
She answered: “No, take pity on me.
Do not leave me.
My horse is giving out. Let us both get on one horse and then, if we are caught, we will die together.”
When he heard this, his heart was touched and he said: “No, wife, I will not leave you. Run up beside my horse and jump on behind me.”
The enemy were now so near that they had killed or captured some of the women, and they had come up close enough to the man so that they got ready to hit at him with their war clubs.
His horse was now wounded in places with arrows, but it was a good, strong, fast horse.
His wife rode up close to him, and jumped on his horse behind him.
When he started to run with her, the enemy had come up on either side of him, and some were behind him, but they were afraid to shoot their arrows for fear of hitting their own people, so they struck at the man with their war clubs.
But they did not want to kill the woman, and they did not hurt him.
They reached out with their hands to try to pull the woman off the horse; but she had put her arms around her husband and held on tight, and they could not get her off, but they tore her clothing off her.
As she held her husband, he could not use his arrows, and could not fight to defend himself.
His horse was now going very slowly, and all the enemy had caught up to them, and were all around them.
The man said to his wife: “Never mind, let them take you: they will not kill you.
You are too handsome a woman for them to kill you.”
His wife said, “No, it is no harm for us both to die together.”
When he saw that his wife would not get off the horse and that he could not fight, he said to her: “Here, look out!
You are crowding me on to the neck of the horse.
Sit further back.”
He began to edge himself back, and at last, when he got his wife pretty far back on the horse, he gave a great push and shoved her off behind.
When she fell off, his horse had more speed and began to run away from the enemy, and he would shoot back his arrows; and now, when they would ride up to strike him with their hatchets, he would shoot them and kill them, and they began to be afraid of him, and to edge away from him.
His horse was very long-winded; and now, as he was drawing away from the enemy, there were only two who were yet able to keep up with him.
The rest were being left behind, and they stopped, and went back to where the others had killed or captured the women; and now only two men were pursuing.
After a little while, the Blackfoot jumped off his horse to fight on foot, and the two enemies rode up on either side of him, but a long way off, and jumped off their horses. When he saw the two on either side of him, he took a sheaf of arrows in his hand and began to rush, first toward the one on the right, and then toward the one on the left.
As he did this, he saw that one of the men, when he ran toward him and threatened to shoot, would draw away from him, while the other would stand still.
Then he knew that one of them was a coward and the other a brave man.
But all the time they were closing in on him.
When he saw that they were closing in on him, he made a rush at the brave man.
This one was shooting arrows all the time; but the Blackfoot did not shoot until he got close to him, and then he shot an arrow into him and ran up to him and hit him with his stone axe and killed him.
Then he turned to the cowardly one and ran at him.
The man turned to run, but the Blackfoot caught him and hit him with his axe and killed him.
After he had killed them, he scalped them and took their arrows, their horses, and the stone knives that they had.
Then he went home, and when he rode into the camp he was crying over the loss of his wife.
When he came to his lodge and got off his horse, his friends went up to him and asked what was the matter.
He told them how all the women had been killed, and how he had been pursued by two enemies, and had fought with them and killed them both, and he showed them the arrows and the horses and the scalps.
He told the women’s relations that they had all been killed; and all were in great sorrow, and crying over the loss of their friends.
The next morning they held a council, and it was decided that a party should go out and see where the battle had been, and find out what had become of the women.
When they got to the place, they found all the women there dead, except this man’s wife Her they could not find.
They also found the two Indians that the man had said that he had killed, and, besides, many others that he had killed when he was running away.
When he got back to the camp, this Blackfoot picked up his child and put it on his back, and walked round the camp mourning and crying, and the child crying, for four days and four nights, until he was exhausted and worn out, and then he fell asleep. When the rest of the people saw him walking about mourning, and that he would not eat nor drink, their hearts were very sore, and they felt very sorry for him and for the child, for he was a man greatly thought of by the people.
While he lay there asleep, the chief of the camp came to him and woke him, and said: “Well, friend, what have you decided on? What is your mind? What are you going to do?”
The man answered: “My child is lonely. It will not eat. It is crying for its mother.
It will not notice any one. I am going to look for my wife.”
The chief said, “I cannot say anything.”
He went about to all the lodges and told the people that this man was going away to seek his wife.
Now there was in the camp a strong medicine man, who was not married and would not marry at all.
He had said, “When I had my dream, it told me that I must never have a wife.”
The man who had lost his wife had a very beautiful sister, who had never married.
She was very proud and very handsome.
Many men had wanted to marry her, but she would not have anything to do with any man.
The medicine man secretly loved this handsome girl, the sister of the poor man.
When he heard of this poor man’s misfortune, the medicine man was in great sorrow, and cried over it.
He sent word to the poor man, saying: “Go and tell this man that I have promised never to take a wife, but that if he will give me his beautiful sister, he need not go to look for his wife. I will send my secret helper in search of her.”
When the young girl heard what this medicine man had said, she sent word to him, saying, “Yes, if you bring my brother’s wife home, and I see her sitting here by his side, I will marry you, but not before.”
But she did not mean what she said. She intended to deceive him in some way, and not to marry him at all.
When the girl sent this message to him, the medicine man sent for her and her brother to come to his lodge.
When they had come, he spoke to the poor man and said, “If I bring your wife here, are you willing to give me your sister for my wife?” The poor man answered, “Yes.” But the young girl kept quiet in his presence, and had nothing to say.
Then the medicine man said to them: “Go. To-night in the middle of the night you will hear me sing.” He sent everybody out of his lodge, and said to the people: “I will close the door of my lodge, and I do not want any one to come in to-night, nor to look through the door.
A spirit will come to me to-night.” He made the people know, by a sign put out before the door of his lodge, that no one must enter it, until such time as he was through making his medicine.
Then he built a fire, and began to get out all his medicine.
He unwrapped his bundle and took out his pipe and his rattles and his other things. After a time, the fire burned down until it was only coals and his lodge was dark, and on the fire he threw sweet-scented herbs, sweet grass, and sweet pine, so as to draw his dream-helper to him.
Now in the middle of the night he was in the lodge singing, when suddenly the people heard a strange voice in the lodge say: “Well, my chief, I have come. What is it?”
The medicine man said, “I want you to help me.” The voice said, “Yes, I know it, and I know what you want me to do.” The medicine man asked, “What is it?”
The voice said, “You want me to go and get a woman.” The medicine man answered: “That is what I want. I want you to go and get a woman—the lost woman.” The voice said to him, “Did I not tell you never to call me, unless you were in great need of my help?”
The medicine man answered, “Yes, but that girl that was never going to be married is going to be given to me through your help.”
Then the voice said, “Oh!” and it was silent for a little while.
Then it went on and said: “Well, we have a good feeling for you, and you have been a long time not married; so we will help you to get that girl, and you will have her.
Yes, we have great pity on you. We will go and look for this woman, and will try to find her, but I cannot promise you that we will bring her; but we will try.
We will go, and in four nights I will be back here again at this same time, and I think that I can bring the woman; but I will not promise.
While I am gone, I will let you know how I get on. Now I am going away.”
And then the people heard in the lodge a sound like a strong wind, and nothing more. He was gone.
Some people went and told the sister what the medicine man and the voice had been saying, and the girl was very down-hearted, and cried over the idea that she must be married, and that she had been forced into it in this way.
When the dream person went away, he came late at night to the camp of the Snakes, the enemy.
The woman who had been captured was always crying over the loss of her man and her child. She had another husband now.
The man who had captured her had taken her for his wife.
As she was lying there, in her husband’s lodge, crying for sorrow for her loss, the dream person came to her.
Her husband was asleep.
The dream-helper touched her and pushed her a little, and she looked up and saw a person standing by her side; but she did not know who it was.
The person whispered in her ear, “Get up, I want to take you home.”
She began to edge away from her husband, and at length got up, and all the time the person was moving toward the door.
She followed him out, and saw him walk away from the lodge, and she went after. The person kept ahead, and the woman followed him, and they went away, travelling very fast.
After they had travelled some distance, she called out to the dream person to stop, for she was getting tired.
Then the person stopped, and when he saw the woman sitting, he would sit down, but he would not talk to her.
As they travelled on, the woman, when she got tired, would sit down, and because she was very tired, she would fall asleep; and when she awoke and looked up, she always saw the person walking away from her, and she would get up and follow him.
When day came, the shape would be far ahead of her, but at night it would keep closer.
When she spoke to this person, the woman would call him “young man.”
At one time she said to him, “Young man, my moccasins are all worn out, and my feet are getting very sore, and I am very tired and hungry.”
When she had said this, she sat down and fell asleep, and as she was falling asleep, she saw the person going away from her. He went back to the lodge of the medicine man.
During this night the camp heard the medicine man singing his song, and they knew that the dream person must be back again, or that his chief must be calling him.
The medicine man had unwrapped his bundle, and had taken out all his things, and again had a fire of coals, on which he burned sweet pine and sweet grass.
Those who were listening heard a voice say: “Well, my chief, I am back again, and I am here to tell you something. I am bringing the woman you sent me after.
She is very hungry and has no moccasins. Get me those things, and I will take them back to her.”
The medicine man went out of the lodge, and called to the poor man, who was mourning for his wife, that he wanted to see him.
The man came, carrying the child on his back, to hear what the medicine man had to say.
He said to him: “Get some moccasins and something to eat for your wife. I want to send them to her.
She is coming.” The poor man went to his sister, and told her to give him some moccasins and some pemmican. She made a bundle of these things, and the man took them to the medicine man, who gave them to the dream person; and again he disappeared out of the lodge like a wind.
When the woman awoke in the morning and started to get up, she hit her face against a bundle lying by her, and when she opened it, she found in it moccasins and some pemmican; and she put on the moccasins and ate, and while she was putting on the moccasins and eating, she looked over to where she had last seen the person, and he was sitting there with his back toward her.
She could never see his face.
When she had finished eating, he got up and went on, and she rose and followed.
They went on, and the woman thought, “Now I have travelled two days and two nights with this young man, and I wonder what kind of a man he is. He seems to take no notice of me.”
So she made up her mind to walk fast and to try to overtake him, and see what sort of a man he was.
She started to do so, but however fast she walked, it made no difference.
She could not overtake him.
Whether she walked fast, or whether she walked slow, he was always the same distance from her.
They travelled on until night, and then she lay down again and fell asleep.
She dreamed that the young man had left her again.
The dream person had really left her, and had gone back to the medicine man’s lodge, and said to him: “Well, my chief, I am back again.
I am bringing the woman.
You must tell this poor man to get on his horse, and ride back toward Milk River (the Teton).
Let him go in among the high hills on this side of the Muddy, and let him wait there until daylight, and look toward the hills of Milk River; and after the sun is up a little way, he will see a band of antelope running toward him, along the trail that the Blackfeet travel.
It will be his wife who has frightened these antelope.
Let him wait there for a while, and he will see a person coming.
This will be his wife. Then let him go to meet her, for she has no moccasins.
She will be glad to see him, for she is crying all the time.”
The medicine man told the poor man this, and he got on his horse and started, as he had been told.
He could not believe that it was true. But he went.
At last he got to the place, and a little while after the sun had risen, as he was lying on a hill looking toward the hills of the Milk River, he saw a band of antelope running toward him, as he had been told he would see.
He lay there for a long time, but saw nothing else come in sight; and finally he got angry and thought that what had been told him was a lie, and he got up to mount his horse and ride back.
Just then he saw, away down, far off on the prairie, a small black speck, but he did not think it was moving, it was so far off,—barely to be seen.
He thought maybe it was a rock.
He lay down again and took sight on the speck by a straw of grass in front of him, and looked for a long time, and after a while he saw the speck pass the straw, and then he knew it was something.
He got on his horse and started to ride up and find out what it was, riding way around it, through the hills and ravines, so that he would not be seen.
He rode up in a ravine behind it, pretty near to it, and then he could see it was a person on foot.
He got out his bow and arrows and held them ready to use, and then started to ride up to it.
He rode toward the person, and at last he got near enough to see that it was his wife. When he saw this, he could not help crying; and as he rode up, the woman looked back, and knew first the horse, and then her husband, and she was so glad that she fell down and knew nothing.
After she had come to herself and they had talked together, they got on the horse and rode off toward camp.
When he came over the hill in sight of camp, all the people began to say, “Here comes the man”; and at last they could see from a distance that he had some one on the horse behind him, and they knew that it must be his wife, and they were glad to see him bringing her back, for he was a man thought a great deal of, and everybody liked him and liked his wife and the way he was kind to her.
Then the handsome girl was given to the medicine man and became his wife.
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2023.06.04 13:51 FishCackledWanda What kind of relationship do you have with your boyfriend's mom?

My bf and I have been together around a year and a half, and we live together.
My bf's mom is okay, she is nice to me and all, but if she weren't my bf's mom it's just not someone I'd have fun hanging out with.
As they moved to my town not that long ago, she doesn't have a lot (if any) friends here.
My bf said that she has a habit od befriending his girlfriends. He said it happened especially with his ex, that they texted all the time and hung out even without him.
I have a feeling she wants to develop the same kind of a relationship with me. For me personally, it's not something I want.
I have nothing against lunch here and there, but lately she has started to text me, offer to drop off stuff when my bf is still at work and I am home, and when she arrives she just sits down and starts chatting and asks what I have for drink. She also invites over during the week and so on and drops hints about doing stuff together. I don't mind activities that include my bf and both of his parents, but I have no desire for one to one relations with her.
So I guess I am wondering how does everyone else manages their (future) mother in law.
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2023.06.04 13:50 AutoModerator [Latest] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.06.04 13:50 AutoModerator [Complete] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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- Signing Clients
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- Onboarding Clients
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2023.06.04 13:49 lovesignite How to stop feeling immense anxiety & embarrassment over the fact that someone that I was into just wanted to have sex w me whereas I wanted to hangout & get to know him

Had a crush on this guy just before the school year ends. We started talking. Turns out he wanted to get laid before he left. I feel embarrassed & stupid for thinking he maybe wanted to hang out/get to know me as a person. Is it as humiliating as it seems for me? Should i be THIS anxious?
We’ve been kinda sending each other flirty looks/smiles from afar for abt 1-2 ish months now. I thought it was simple ole flirting. He approached me 2 days ago, we talked for 5 mins & then the next day I took the initiative to follow him on insta. He follows back. His line opener when dming me was “miss you” and i was kinda iffy abt it bc uh what? i swerved it and started a conversation and was asking him when he was gonna leave, we start having a lil playful flirty rapport for a good while & then suddenly he says he wanted me to make his last night a good one before he leaves & that I should come over his place. I told him that I’d be down to hang but I don’t do casual and things got awkward and he was like he doesn’t do casual too harhar and that we could just chill then i was like ok lets do something and then he starts making a bunch of excuses abt how we could do something but it’d be late by the time he comes back from this thing he wants to go to and that if im fine we could go grab food after he’s back and im just like uno what its fine and told him to have fun & have a safe trip back home.
I just feel so embarrassed for thinking he was remotely interested in me/wanted to get to know me when really he just wanted to have sex with me. I don’t do casual. Idk why but the thought of it is so anxiety inducing and I’m only comfortable having sex with people im dating. I just feel humiliated and embarrassed for thinking he wanted to hang instead?? I feel STUPID for even voicing out to him that I don’t do casual & that I just wanted to chill. My crippling anxiety is not helping the situation bc all I can think abt is what he thinks of me. He prolly thinks im stupid for even wanting that from him & that im prolly some romance loving prude :/ or that im stupid for wanting to hang out with him on his last night in the city before he leaves. I cant imagine what he’s told his friends.
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2023.06.04 13:49 cwilkie79 Returned to Garmin Fenix 7X SS from Apple Watch Ultra

I've owned two version of the Fenix before, and was happy. When the Apple Watch Ultra came out, I jumped in as I'm deep in the Apple ecosystem already and was heading out to Barbados which included some diving, so wanted to check it out.
Decided to sell the Ultra and move back to the Fenix. Saw the Pro was being launched, so picked up the 7X SS while on sale.
Some thoughts for those of you deciding between them, from my own practical experience:
Apple Watch Ultra
- Apple Watch Ultra is for sure the best version yet. Didn't like the look as much as the Fenix, but it's getting better. Battery as we all know was a big improvement, however it's still not going to compete for obvious reasons that have been discussed many times already here.
- The Action button in its current state is not much use. It's fine for starting a run more accurately, but they need to open it up to more custom configuration.
- The Oceanic app worked really well for me on my dives. The watch is super clear under water, and was really ideal for recreational diving. I know Garmin offers a dive watch, but quite cool to see Apple bring this feature, was not expected.
- I'm an Apple Music subscriber, it was great being able to stream music while running without taking the phone with me. I'm aware I could use Spotify with my Fenix, and tried this in the past. The experience just wasn't the same.
- Touchscreen was the killer for me. I kitesurf and surf, and had too many cases where I couldn't stop after sessions (because I could not customise the action button). I really missed the buttons on my Garmin. Also forgetting to set waterlock when running in the rain messed up a session.
Garmin Fenix SS
- I thought I'd be turning the touchscreen off and using it as my old Fenix, but it's working great. It seems to work a lot better with moisture than the Apple did. I love that most activities disable it when launching.
- The flashlight is genius. Agree with what others have said, what seems like a gimmick is incredibly useful.
- The watch feels like an improvement over my previous 6X (from memory). I'm sure the screen is crisper, and doesn't have a blue hazy background when using the backlight. I prefer the look of the MIP screen for everyday, although have to admit it took a couple of days to get used to it again.
- I had one blip with the HR reading during a run. Read that it was likely cadence lock, and simply tightened down the band. Since working great. I wore it alongside the Ultra to compare, and they were pretty much identical. Of course it can always be improved with a chest strap, but I've been using the optical wrist sensors for a while now, and for me personally - they work great.
- For any Watersport activities, the Garmin wins hands down. Had a 2hr kitesurf session last night, and the watch was flawless. It misses some cool apps for surfing like DawnPatrol, but I don't really mind. Having physical buttons is really needed in this environment.
- I love not having to use multiple apps and subscriptions to match what Garmin does.
- Garmin connect feels like it's improved since last time I've used it. More stable, and so far the watch connects perfectly. I prefer the overall look and feel with Connect over Apple Health and Athlytic.
- I've disabled notifications for the most part. I realised the Ultra was really just replacing my iPhone, while not being quite as good a sports watch. For some people, this is a reason to go down the Apple route and I totally get that. It's a perfect smartwatch. I work at home, and have the phone close by - so it's simply not needed for my use case.
- I do miss the cellular connectivity when out on the water. Should a future Fenix style watch include it, I'll upgrade immediately. I'd have it disabled most the time, but for emergencies it's a nice safety net.
- 5 days in, multiple runs and a long kitesurf session. I've been playing around loads with the watch while experimenting and wearing it 24/7 to include sleep tracking. It was charged to 95% when I first put it on. Only down 30%! What a pleasure, I don't think you can underestimate how nice it is when you depend on your watch for tracking, not to be chained to the charger. I was recently in the Outer Hebrides on a kitesurf trip, and we had multiple sessions in a single day. The Ultra was barely making it through the day (but still better than the normal Apple Watch). Granted, I did not use it in low power mode.
- I was never a big user of maps, but it did get my out of a pickle once with my old Fenix when my phone battery died. Also can't underestimate how useful it is having these built in when you have a long battery life.
- I'm aware of Garmin's history of breaking features by introducing bugs with new releases etc. It wasn't a massive headache for me before, and I'm going in with an open mind again. I don't expect it to be as slick as the Apple experience (but it wasn't as bad as I'd remembered).
In summary:
As has been said many a time Garmin is a sports watch with smart watch features, and Apple is the opposite. If I needed the smart watch features I might have persisted with the Ultra, or kept it and used it alongside the Fenix. There's a market for both, and unfortunately neither is perfect as an all-rounder (yet). You really need to decide what your preference is and pick one (or both). They are fantastic devices! I'm glad I gave the Ultra a shot, but stoked to be back with the Fenix on my wrist!
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2023.06.04 13:49 Jaded-Equivalent-679 I'm 28 years old na pero mahal ko pa rin first "boyfriend" ko nung high school

For context, we're both males and pumunta ako sa science high school at dun ko siya nakilala. He was a very soft spoken and lovely guy and we instantly clicked, soon enough nagconfess na siya. We met when we were both 14 years old at 2 years tumagal yung situationship namin, tumigil siya kasi may teacher na nakarinig ng chismis na may kami raw at bading ako tapos nilabas niya yon sa buong klase at mga teacher namin that time, nagalit yung ex ko at di na ko pinansin hanggang sa lumipat na siyang ibang place, akala niya ako yung nagout saming dalawa. Hindi naman homophobic yung teacher na nakaalam pero mahilig siya magkalat ng rumors na wala namang halong katotohanan, kaya pinalabas niya na ako yung nagout saming dalawa and she called me names, wala naman akong magawa kasi estudyante lang naman ako ano bang laban ko sa teacher? That time sobrang mentally drained ko na sa family problems at dumagdag pa siya. Hanggang ngayon, I still hold a grunge against our teacher. Talagang nakakairita kasi that teacher told everyone to ignore me. I felt invisible sa sarili naming classroom, all because of my sexuality and the name-calling.
About the guy: He was my first love, siya yung nakapagturo sakin kung ano ba talaga yung pagmamahal. Oo minsan masakit, pero ganon talaga yung pag-ibig. We had misunderstandings and our 'relationship' became rocky pero we still managed and tried our best to make it right. He was the first one to love me for who I am and I loved him for who he was kaso nakakaputangina yung tadhana at mga tao sa Pinas. Loving him felt surreal, I loved loving him and I saw a future with him. Halos lahat ng love song nadedicate at kinanta ko na sa kanya in those two years haha and up until now I still dedicate songs to him. Nagmamayabang na kung nagmamayabang pero in those 2 years I felt the happiest, I would go as far to say na it was the best love story that destiny created kaso never naging kami officially.
May mga kaibigan pa rin naman ako matapos mangyari yung mga yon, reto daw nila ako kay ganto kay ganyan, magmove on nalang daw ako kasi makakahanap ako ng someone better. They didn't believe me when I told them na hindi ko kaya and siya lang talaga kaya kong mahalin kasi time will pass naman daw. As years passed akala ko rin makakamove on ako pero hindi eh, andon pa rin yung feeling, loving him once wasn't enough for me sana naman nabigyan ako ng oras para mahalin pa siya lalo. I still remember every single thing about him and I'd constantly try to forget him by going out and drinking kaso waepek.
Fast forward 14 years later, mahal ko pa rin ex ko. My friends think na may ka-lowkey ako pero they don't know just how much I miss and love him talaga haha. Nakapasok ako sa top 4 universities pero I ultimately chose UPM. I've become a doctor na rin and lumipat ako sa ibang bansa for a higher salary and since nagsiside hustle ako at nagiinvest nung high school up until now, I earn 7 digits per year.
Most heartbreaking thing for me is the fact na nafulfill ko lahat ng pangako ko sa kanya pero siya naman yung nawawala.
  1. Have a home with a garden in a foreign country.
  2. Have 4 dogs.
  3. Own a business.
  4. Makapasok sa UP.
  5. Be a doctolawyer.
We were supposed to do everything together and be there for each other sa ups and downs, kaso I'm alone at siya nalang kulang para matupad yung huling pangako ko sa kanya. Mamamatay na ata ako bago ko pa matupad yon haha. I promised him he'd be my last, I promised him he'd be the only one I'd ever love, and lastly I promised to get married to him. Siguro some love stories are just meant to be tragic and devastating, pero naasa pa rin ako, hello destiny! I love you my lumpia :)
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2023.06.04 13:48 Low_Pomegranate_7711 Making One (Good) Salary Go Further

I probably need professional advice on this one, but just thought someone might be able to give me some tips to get started.
First, my advantages:
The challenges:
Right now I feel like I have this great salary and it just evaporates. The tax office takes about $60K a year. Mortgage at current rates is another $35K. $20K for medical bills, $10K+ every year to stop the house from falling down… things start to feel a little tight. I'd love to be throwing more money at my super, my HECS, the mortgage but we don't have that kind of cash.
Don’t get me wrong - we are very lucky. I just look at what I earn and think “surely I should be socking a ton of this away”. Home economics is seems the obvious starting point (requoting insurances, killing subscriptions, tightening up the grocery budget). There is definitely room to improve there, but it's probably not going to generate huge savings.
Any other tips would be great.
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2023.06.04 13:48 JarrydP Which Regional Host is Best Positioned to Come Out of the Loser's Bracket?

There's 7 host ahead in the losers bracket with Arkansas and LSU finishing their Saturday games today. Since the inception of the regional format in 1999, the team in the winners bracket wins the regional ~81% of the time.
(2) Florida plays Connecticut and has Texas Tech waiting for them.
(4) Clemson plays Charlotte and has Tennessee waiting for them.
(6) Vanderbilt plays Xavier and has Oregon waiting for them.
(8) Stanford play Cal. St. Fullerton and has Texas A&M waiting for them.
(9) Miami plays Louisiana and has Texas waiting for them.
(10) Coast Carolina plays Rider and has Duke waiting for them.
(12) Kentucky plays West Virginia and has Indiana waiting for them.
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2023.06.04 13:48 Girthy_Bulge 39 [M4F] #DMV - Deployed Soldier Looking for College-Age Connection

Hello, ladies (and please, ladies only!) of you like in-shape men in their late 30s? I like to think we're experienced enough to know how to treat a girl right, but still young enough to actually be ABLE to treat a girl right haha :) Do you like men in uniform? I find that tends to be a popular demographic as well...
Just to set expectations, you and I would likely not meet in-person. That's because I am nowhere near my usual East Coast home, and am in fact in [redacted] for the next [redacted] months. So, what I am looking for is a casual, flirty, sexy online relationship of sorts, the parameters of which we can dictate together!
I imagine our conversations would be a mix of smutty and non-smutty topics, though considering what I log onto reddit to do, likely skewing much heavier towards the smutty-- but again, if we click and have some stuff in common, who knows! I don't want to put up any arbitrary rules on it, label it, or establish any expectations-- you have a real life, I have a very real life right now, so let's keep it loosey-goosey and just have fun when the timing works out.
To be sure, while I advertised for college-age girls, anyone over 18 is more than welcome to apply-- I just mentioned college-age in the title because I suspect based on this subreddit, those are the type of women I might attract.
If you're into military guys, great! If not, also great! I don't usually lean too hard into that stuff, but if it gets your motor running I am happy to oblige ;)
One important caveat, please read-- as an experienced Redditor who has engaged in very brief smutty engagements (i.e. erotic roleplaying), I typically have never asked to "verify" the gendeage (roughly) of my counterparts, because, for a quick little anonymous fling, who cares, right? But if we are going to have something more than that (which I hope we do!), I'd ask that you be comfortable sending a verification pic of sorts, and of course I am happy to reciprocate. It certainly does not need to be a nude, or contain your face! And it doesn't have to happen right off the bat either, we can chat and see where the conversation goes first for sure. But I would like to know that the person I am talking to is in fact a girl and of legal age and has the username you contact me under. Hope that makes sense and doesn't come across as creepy or anything! I could explain my rationale, but it's basically that I still continue to get messages from guys...which again, for a normal RP, fine, but I'm not looking to "get to know" another guy.
So ladies, give me a shout if you think you might be interested!
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2023.06.04 13:48 EERMA Fed up? Bored? Fed up with being bored? Ready to get on with the rest your life?

Regardless of our past experiences, we all have the ability to live in the present. With time, effort and practice, we can make the most of each day to live our best lives.
These practices help us leave the past behind and live in the present:
Accept the past. Events have already happened. We can’t undo them. We can’t wish them away – that’s just physics! Now is the best time to acknowledge them, learn whatever can be learned from them and apply that learning to the present. Then, we become ready, bit by bit, to let go of the negative feelings, images, thoughts, and emotions – the baggage - associated with past events. Unburdened, we can live fully in the present.
Recognize that your past doesn’t need to define you. Thinking that the future will automatically be the same as the past is a common limiting belief which we can challenge. Situations themselves do not define us – how we choose to respond to them does. As we develop our sense of agency – of taking control of our lives – so our choices grow. And life shifts from responding to events to implementing our choices.
Let go. Sometimes easier said than done but entirely do-able. I guide most of my clients through a ‘letting go’ process which they can use whenever they wish thereafter. Allied with an growing sense of agency, this provides a powerful combination analogous to turbo-charging our engine at the same time as emptying out all the clutter we’ve been driving around.
Take a look at your present life. Take stock of your health, family, relationships, home, personal development, career, leisure etc (in terms of whatever these things mean to you) to get a starting point. What key decisions have I made that got me here? What key decisions will I make, now?
Create the life you want. For each of these areas, decide how you would prefer them to be. This can be done intuitively in trance or analytically – or a combination of both.
Immerse yourself in each moment. You’ve probably experienced the frustration and irritation of being involved in one activity while you’re actually thinking about something else. Develop the habit of asking yourself what is the most valuable thing you could be doing right now to progress towards one of your visions for the future.
Check in with your emotions. Reflect on how you feel. Are you energized? Is your mood melancholy? How do you feel about what you’re doing right now? Explore what you are learning from your reflections.
When you live in the present, doing what is most valuable to you, reflecting and learning, you will be on your way to living your best life.
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2023.06.04 13:48 honeymax Which software to use as a US citizen living & working in Germany?

I am a US citizen who has been living and working in Germany and for the last several years and have been using TurboTax to file my US taxes.
However, as my situation is getting more "complicated", I would like to choose a different software that perhaps caters towards US Expats.
My Income in Germany:
My Income in US:
Would suffice for someone in my situation? I am mostly concerned about reporting the sale of German stocks.
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2023.06.04 13:48 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (live calls)

If you are interested in Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us at +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency.
Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste agency is the latest course by Iman Gadzhi.
Copy Paste Agency is designed for established agency owners, who can use these lessons to scale their business.
In Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency, you will learn:
To get Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.04 13:47 Garbage_Monster82 Does it make sense to buy a house?

I’m 40 and recently divorced. Moved into an apartment after selling the house in the divorce. I don’t have any children, it’s just me and my dog. I pocketed $80k after selling the house. A decent apartment costs $1,100/month. It’s a quite community, I live close enough to work to bike and I really like the area. I also enjoy the idea of not being responsible for big ticket items and outdoor care.
Houses that catch my eye in this area are $300k and usually come with HOA fees. My job is location dependent so I don’t have any plans to relocate. If I do buy a house it would be a forever home.
I travel for pleasure frequently and have always seen myself being a nomad in retirement and/or living in a senior community. I’m currently on track to at least partially retire by age 60. fingers crossed
Financially and lifestyle wise, I’m debating whether I’d be better off renting or if it would be smarter to buy. I enjoyed owning a home I could do whatever I want with but it’s not so important to me that I’d pick owning a house over being able to retire even earlier (I could invest the 80k) or being able to travel extensively. I currently make $70k a year and will be up to $92k a year in two years time.
Appreciate your thoughts!
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2023.06.04 13:47 Maeso_ev1lf Help Needed!

Help Needed!
Hello everyone and any one, I need help with some minecraft difficulties if someone’s up for a challenge.
I am looking for a shader pack I can use on Minecraft Education Edition. I’ve been looking for something that will work all day but nothing has worked-mostly due to the new Render Dragon software v.1.19 is using. I use an (IOS) Apple iPad and as said previously, Education Edition (because it’s what our school allows through the network). I am looking for a shader pack like the one in the pictures below. Not too extraordinary but not too plain.
Little context for the pictures: My friend group had a minecraft server that was really the best. There were 3 homes, a bakery, a fishing spot, village, stable, police station, aquarium, secret forest and a GIANT railway that connected everything. It was beautiful. Losts of things happened and the world got lost. So now I come back to this to try and create the new ultimate server for my friends but I’m missing the very beauty of it which came from this shader pack. If no one is able to find anything, I’ll let it go and embrace the blandness.
thank you.
submitted by Maeso_ev1lf to Minecraft [link] [comments]