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Welcome to DuggarsSnark, a board where you can snark on, make fun of, and criticize the Duggar Family, the far right, ultra-conservative, fundamentalist Christian family behind TLC's fabulously canceled Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting. This subreddit is NOT for fans of the Duggars, and is all in good fun. Come join the discussion!

2018.05.11 01:33 trippster0712 The place to snark on crazy fundies

FundieSnark is a private subreddit. Those with no or low karma and/or new accounts will not be approved. This subreddit is not affiliated with any other subreddit. The place to snark on Fundamentalist Christians, such as the Duggars, Bates, & all the other fundies too crazy for reality TV. rules: https://www.reddit.com/FundieSnark/about/rules/ FundieSnark is not affiliated with any other subreddit.

2023.05.28 05:18 IndependencePlus5557 A Timeline of Hubris: the Duggar Trainwreck

I’ve been doing a deep dive into the Duggar train wreck in preparation for the documentary coming up. Reading court documents, police reports, AMAs, Google, this subreddit, obituaries, news articles, etc. The common element in their descent into disgrace is arrogance, hypocrisy, hubris, or whatever you want to call it. Every step of the way.
2002-2003: Pest (12/13 yo) starts molesting young girls 🤮 JB runs for US Senate and loses. Pest sent to “work camp” as punishment for molesting girls, but no licensed counseling was ever given.
2003: JB, Meech, and Holts made aware—JB brought Pest to pedo-friend state trooper to “report” his crime, but trooper failed to investigate and report. 😒 Kayleigh writes letter detailing abuse and slips it in a book.
2004: Despite knowing they had a seriously disturbed son who had molested their own daughters, JB and Meech debut their family in 14 children and pregnant again. 🤑
2006-2007: JB runs for Arkansas State Senate and loses. 😮‍💨 Kayleigh letter is found by her friend and shown to parents in the church. 4 more shows aired including one airing after the Oprah debacle in late 2006 (Family was in Chicago filming an interview, but it was cancelled when Alice tipped off Oprah that Josh had molested 5 girls). Oprah alerted Arkansas CPS. A second person (one of the letter readers) also alerted CPS at this time. A police report was made. Apparently, CPS investigated but we don’t know the outcome of that.
 2007: Alice and others start posting on OG snark boards about Duggar family dirt including molestations. 🤔 These rumors simmer for years. 
Sep 2008: Josh and Anna get married (Pa Keller knew about Josh’s past yet allowed this.😓)
2008-2015: They really played with fire 🔥 here. An 8-year-run on national television portraying a wholesome, Christian, pure family.
 2013: Josh moves to DC to work for Family Research Council, a right wing organization dedicated to “family values” and “traditional marriage”. 🤢 2014: Meech records transphobic robocall that says in part, "I doubt that Fayetteville parents would stand for a law that would endanger their daughters or allow them to be traumatized by a man joining them in their private space.”🤬 2015: Lesbian couple protests Meech’s robocall by kissing in front of TTH with marriage certificate in hand. 🏳️‍🌈 Photo goes viral and InTouch seeks them out for an interview. One of the women, Tandra Barnfield knew about the Duggar family secrets and pointed the reporter in the right direction to obtain a FOIA for the 2006 police report. InTouch publishes the police report and 19KAC was cancelled and Pest fired from FRC. 🌞 
June 2015: JB and Meech, Jill and Jessa appear on Megyn Kelly - JB and Meech lie and revictimize their daughters 😔
Aug 2015: Pest goes back to AR in disgrace only to have the Ashley Madison scandal erupt just 3 months later-so much for “family values”🤡
Dec 2015-2021: Wait, they come back only this time without Pest. Counting On comes back on for another 5 years. How did this show not jump the 🦈, I do not know. JB apparently pocketed all the money made from the show leading to a rift with Derick and Jill who had to sue to be paid for their work on the show.
2017: Duggar sisters sue City of Springdale for leak of police report. Pest sues too, but is dropped from suit. They lose lawsuit and court documents are published revealing previously undisclosed information (much of it confirming past rumors).
Nov 2019: Pest’s car lot raided by HSI
Apr 2021: Pest arrested for CSAM
June 2021: Counting On cancelled
Oct 2021: 7th child born to Pest/Anna named Madyson Lily
Dec 2021: JB lies under oath—“can’t remember” “I’m not going to allow that, are you?”🙄
Dec 9, 2021: Pest convicted 😈
Dec 14, 2021: JB loses Republican primary 😵‍💫
They could have stopped the train wreck at so many points but 💰 🤥👺won out. Most tragically, if proper steps were taken in 2003, it’s possible that further harm could have been avoided and that things didn’t have to escalate like they did.
***edited as I find more info
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2023.05.26 22:32 ohhgrrl Duggar Snark in the Wild!

Duggar Snark in the Wild!
I get JoyAnna from the simple things in life.
The conclusion: this is a bed for orgies or Duggars. 🤣🤣🤣
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2023.05.24 23:18 Megalodon481 Unofficial Podcast about Duggars and Docuseries

There is a new Shiny Happy People Unofficial podcast that will follow the docuseries and discuss the Duggars, IBLP, and conservative Christian culture.
It was started by Christy Mesaros-Winckles, a professor who has been studying the Duggars and their beliefs for over a decade and has published academic papers about them. It will also feature her husband Andrew Winckles, who is also a professor and grew up in a Quiverfull-aligned church which followed IBLP principles, and a former comedian named Jeff who grew up the son of a conservative Baptist minister and who sometimes participates in DuggarSnark.
They plan to do a discussion for each episode of the series. They've done a prologue intro discussion about the trailer.
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2023.05.23 14:59 Society101 Will Carlin change her mind?

I often feel uncomfortable comparing the Bates against the Duggars because their public stories are so differently projected. However, I remember from my Duggar snarking days that Jinger and Jeremy were lambasted for child exploitation via social media to the point where Felicity's nick name was "Prop".
I know a lot has happened within the Duggar family, but was really shocked that the the Vuolos were the only ones to strictly stop showing their kids faces on social media and significantly reduces images of them online all together. They are the last famous fundie couple many of us thought would make a complete change in this area. Jinger made it clear it was basically her desire to pull the kids from public scrutiny.
Do you all think Carlin will go the same route eventually?
I ask because she and Jinger seemed to have similar initial responses when criticized about using their kids to build their brands. There was an attitide of 'stupid public. I'll do what I want with our kid'.
But now Jinger and Jeremy seem somewhat mature and responsible with how their fame affects their kids.
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2023.05.20 22:26 elacmch Almost everything about "Snark Subreddits" on this site perplexes me.

Firstly, I'm a younger millennial/elder Gen Z'er. I genuinely don't think I have heard anyone younger than the age of 60 talk use the term "snark" in real life outside of these subreddits that are all about hostility towards certain celebrities.
These seem to be about celebrities overrepresented in popular media...but they aren't otherwise especially popular on Reddit. Like...I've never encountered people on Reddit talking about the "Duggars" but /Duggarssnark shows up on my feed all the time.
There are also subs that fill the same purpose but are named differently. /SaintMeghanMarkle is one of them.
I'm confused about how popular these subreddits are for a variety of reasons....not the least of which is who the heck in 2023 is using the term "snark" casually??
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2023.05.20 22:05 sailormerry Jen from Fundie Fridays clip in the new Duggar Doc, plus bonus appearance of r/DuggarSnark

Jen from Fundie Fridays clip in the new Duggar Doc, plus bonus appearance of DuggarSnark
Jen gave permission in her live to record and share this
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2023.05.20 21:51 sailormerry Footage of Jen from Fundie Fridays in the upcoming Duggar doc, plus bonus r/DuggarSnark appearance!

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2023.05.09 00:04 honeyhaloangel Ranking Names

DISCLAIMER:I understand that you can not pick your own name this is just me snarking on the Rodrigues family names. I am also not snarking on children just there parents name choices. This is all my opinion be free to share your favourites or least favourites below. I’ve included the Rod Clan,Nurthan kids and Rod-in-laws first and middle names. Worst/19th-1st/best
19th:Newman Christian. It actually pains me to hear and see this name I just want to know what went through their heads when coming up with this name. I don’t mind the name Christian on its own but Newman Christian just ruins it for me.
18th:Nehemiah David. This name just seems so hard to say on a daily basis. When I googled it it says it means “God Comforts” in Hebrew. But I’m not sure if Nurthan actually knew that or just made up a name.
17th:Nurie Katelin. I’m not even sure if Nurie is a name it feels made up to me. I could cut them some slack if they used this name after around 30 children but there is millions of options to name your first child and you picked this? Once you hear her first name you don’t even wanna dare ask what her middle name is.
16th:Janessa Ruth. This name is basically just Jill living out her Duggar dream. I quite like Ruth I love old names but it being after Janessa doesn’t do it any favours.
15th:Tessie Elizabeth. What is it with fundies giving their sons these proper biblical names then there daughters getting nicknames that are cute until they reach about the age of 5. If they liked the name Tessie so much they could have called her Teresa or Ester and have Tessie as a nickname. I really like Elizabeth but once again the first name is doing it no favours.
14th:Kaylee Arlissa. To be honest I don’t mind Kaylee as a name but when you put it beside Arlissa it’s like why have such a common first name then a random middle name. I’m not even sure I can pronounce the middle name.
13th:Renee Crystine. Renee is a okay name but it seems overused by fundies and same as Crystine what is with them adding a random “y” in places.
12th:Olivia Mercy. Olivia is quite a common simple name then you throw in Mercy and your confused it’s like wearing a ballgown dress but then putting a dressing gown on top of it (meaning it makes zero sense).
11th:Gabriel Victor. I’m not that fond of the name Gabriel but I understand why Christians like it. But I can’t see the name Victor and not think of Victor Meldrew from BBC.
10th:Sadie Patricia. Sadie is a nice name and quite new/trendy at the moment but like Olivia’s name it just doesn’t make sense together to me.
9th:David J. I like David as name and I couldn’t for the life of me find out with the J means so he can just sit here.
8th:Jill Christine. Even though our Jill isn’t the best of people her name isn’t too bad. But when I see Jill it looks like a shortened version of a name. This name would be ranked higher if it was something like Jillian.
7th:Hannah Faith. Hannah is also quite a common basic name so you can’t really fault or go wrong with it. Like the name Gabriel I’m not too fond of Faith but I understand why Christian’s use this name a lot (I know non Christian’s can use this too)
6th-2nd is basically just the understanding that fundies only like giving their sons proper and good names
6th:Timothy David
5th:Nathan Edward
4th:Jonathon Daniel
3rd:Samuel Richard
2nd:Phillip Jonathon
1st:Sofia Amy Julianne. I love this name I’m not usually a fan of double middle names but I can let this slide. This is definitely my favourite Rod name
Note:As I write all this names If wonder did Jill and David not say their kids names out loud first together to see if they matched as siblings the boys names ok together but once you add the girls it looks odd.
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2023.05.06 08:46 glacialspicerack1808 Least favorite Duggar Grandchildren Names?

I haven't been keeping up with Duggar nonsense for a few months so I just found out what Jeremiah and Hannah named their daughter and I have decided I hate this, actually, and it's definitely my least favorite Duggar grandchild name. I know that Spurgeon and Israel are probably more stupid, but Brynley is that flavor of made up trendy white people names that arouses a particular amount of anger in me. I dislike Madyson and Mackynzie for similar reasons.
So, anyone wanna share any Duggar grandchild names they hate the most and why? Middle names also count.
(please keep this thread for snarking on the names and not the kids themselves. It's not the kids fault their parents are Dugs and they're all minors. I see the names as free reign though since that's on the parents not the kids)
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2023.05.06 00:53 dutchess336 From like 5-13

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2023.05.05 19:24 cottageyarn Anyone else relate to this?

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2023.05.03 23:47 AWing_APrayer Katie and WOACB

She is always saying that an “insider source” gives her all of her information, but what if the DuggarSnark and Bringupbates subs ARE her insider source?
Hear me out: We know she has used topics and even used comments to validate her points. I’m just wondering if she has posted a “topic” just to get a rise out of us and then use that for her YT channel?
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2023.05.01 13:32 AnnSansE I often wonder why doesn’t Karissa have her own snark account on Reddit. One just devoted to her, like Duggar Snark.

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2023.04.22 21:46 known-enemy Duggar opinions then vs now

I’ve been snarking a long time so I decided to compile a list of our opinions about (mostly the main siblings) from years past, vs now. Just for funsies, and bc I’m bored waiting on my Chipotle.
Meech & Bob - the opinion about them has pretty much always stayed the same.
Josh - public opinion has only gotten worse with time. Could fall off a cliff & no one would care.
Jana - 2018 there was so much sympathy for her just bc she wasn’t online. She was mysterious and a fan fav. People wanted her with Lawson so bad for some reason. After she got SM and photoshopped that girls skirt in like 2020 FS opinion of her plummeted. And also when she yelled at Josie for painting wrong.
Jessa - people hated the absolute shit out of her in 2014/2015 when she was the snarkiest online and was posting her “gotcha” dumb conservative memes (save the lions!) her publicist must’ve told her to quit that shit bc she stopped posting opinions online and people still didn’t like her, but at least she wasn’t stirring the pot. Up until the whole D/C fiasco.
Jill - people ragged her so hard in 2019 for her less than appetizing looking recipes. She got snarked on A LOT. Now she’s prob the most tolerated Duggar bc she’s the one who broke from the mold the most. Still fundie but it seems that if doubt seeds were planted in anyone, it was Jill. People don’t really snark on her that much anymore, but she also posts way less
Jinger - kind of seems like she always kept an even level of snark especially with Jeremy in the picture. She got a few sympathy points for keeping her kids offline & writing BFI but she’s still very much in the koolaid so not much. She personally gets sympathy points from me because she seems like hands down the most anxiety riddled Duggar.
Joy - generally gets more sympathy for being the youngest victim and dealt a bad hand in the brain dept. Mostly gets snarked upon for letting her kids around guns, Austin too
I’m ending the list here ✌️
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2023.04.16 03:11 Blizard896 Presenting the Fundie Lore Quiz!

Want to test your knowledge on the Duggars and their adjacent people with added snark? Well! I present the Fundie Lore Quiz!
Link to quiz
This Google form contains 10 questions about fundamental lore bits in the Fundie cannon.
Massive thank you to our lovely u/SwissCheese4Collagen for help in coming up with the questions!
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2023.04.05 23:56 karenna89 What was your intro to Fundie Snarking?

Seeing the other post about a non-fundie snarker encountering Jill’s courtship post prompted my curiosity. What prompted you to dive into fundie snark?
I was raised as a pastor’s kid (although in a non-fundie mainstream religion), so I was always drawn to the Duggars and similar shows. My first intro to snarking was the TWOP Duggars page. I knew I had found my people and quickly was sucked into the $1,000 or Less snarking and the Razing Ruth scam. I’m curious how others dipped their toes into the Fundie Snark community.
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2023.04.02 14:34 catbushmanor Matcha is the new coffee?

Matcha is the new coffee?
Petition to nominate Matcha Tea as the breakout star of Following the Forsyths & a question for the snarking audience: Will tastemaker Jana successfully make matcha a thing?!?!
Given that in the Duggar family caffeinated beverages are one of the few acceptable personality traits (with a key distinction being whether you are maximizing coffee for child wrangling, minimizing coffee for womb optimization, or morning Dr.Peppering for manliness), this issue has outsized significance.
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2023.03.31 14:39 tumericrice Found in r/DuggarSnark

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2023.03.30 15:25 SwissCheese4Collagen The Nostrils McBeardsley Power Hour: All Snow, No Power/ SNOWED IN WITH NO POWER

The Nostrils McBeardsley Power Hour: All Snow, No Powe SNOWED IN WITH NO POWER
In an attempt to be as prolific as their shitty parents every Dugglet is dropping videos left, right and catwalk right now. The !'s have one today also. Idk if that's Kath! trying to compete with J13 or what but I'll get to it. First though let's get to the Nostrils video from last night.
This was priceless. She put it in the intro. One that's better than a sticker
Giddy up wants oatmeal not waffles. Austina voted waffles.
Giddy-Up is a trooper to ask for oatmeal because I'm sure the Duggar oatmeal recipe is the very definition of bland. He wants tomatoes in it. Even OfNostrils is perplexed by this. And I made sure to crop the pictures because both kids are just running around in shirts and underweadiapers which, in real life I totally get it but Pants On has got to be a rule when you're filming. Side note, anyone else do what Giddy-Up is doing with his fingers or has that not been normal my whole life? It is the day before The Big Snow which I understand people live where there isn't a lot of snow but OfNostrils tells on herself multiple times that they have had snow regularly enough to know the drill.
Giddy-Up pulls focus as we get a Local on the 8's update from the McBeardsleys
5-8 inches is what the weather is calling for, which honestly is what the forecast was for my city also. OfNostrils has organized a playdate while Nostrils gets the equipment to plow their driveway and I think help someone with a truck. After he leaves, OfNostrils and Austina start breakfast. She does some weird bump check about fake maternity shirts that I don't understand. I don't even think the Out of The Loop subreddit would be able to get an answer on this unless its a Fundie TikTok thing?
\"DoN't MiNd Me AnD mY fAkE mAtErNiTy ShIrT\"- What, did Carlin say something to her?
They look riveted /s but at least they are clothed
After breakfast, a Bible lesson about Abraham and the creepiest children's memory verse recitation, friends arrive for a playdate. They actually look at a pretty cool looking dinosaur book but then again show me a kid's dinosaur book that doesn't look pretty cool. I'm just wondering if it's science-y or not. OfNostrils fills us in on what happened, like we actually care what time Austina got up from her nap. Wading through this beige minutiae to the snark is like digging pecans out of the dirt. At least there's a lot of snark with it lol
I'm starting to think Giddy-up is trying to sabotage production
Giddy up crunches a dry noodle, says it's macaroni and cheese before he jumps on OfNostrils' head. Austina happily announces she got a good nap which...she's going to be the smartest one in the house because she refuses to be sleep-deprived. The Fundie Matilda everyone.
You're not cool unless you take a nap- Austina probably
Why must she make these look like Baby's First PowerPoints?
Okay folks, the logic on this gets fuzzy here. It's coming a huge snow storm right? They've said 5-8 inches of snow multiple times. Even those of us who are used to this shit know to stay home if we can while it is actually snowing. They don't have a 9-5 that will call them in regardless or a hardass school system sending out tweets at 6 am that say "Our school system is on a 2 hour delay, hope you got snow tires! See ya then XoXo -Gossip Principal" So what do the Nostrils McBeardsleys do? Go to GrandNostrils Base Camp, natch. /s I'm guessing it's within an hour of their house but still. So wait...who's power went out? I guess we'll see.
It never snows....but everytime it snows it's a tradition to drive over to the in-laws'.
For her next trick, in almost literally the same sentence, OfNostrils contradicts herself by saying she's excited and she never sees more than a dusting. Her brother posted a snow video, this is her second snow video since I started these and she goes on to say that only Austina hasn't had a big snow experience which means that Giddy-Up, almost 5 years old, has. Super rare weather happening, she's right. /s The people I know who don't get snow are usually pissed off by it or terrified. Nostrils comes in and says that they don't need to leave right now but OfNostrils wants to go right now because otherwise they'll get snowed in and half the people don't know how to drive in the snow. Nostrils chimes in with more than that. OfNostrils replies that half of people live in the North so half of America is in North America. This has been Jeography with Joy.
Which storm is she talking about?
She says this is 2 inches of snow. Unless those are Stripper Sneaks, no, no it is not.
Power went out at GrandNostrils House
The Next Day
So the power went out at the place they went to. Seems like maybe the new snowstorm tradition should be stay home? Since they are there they actually do the safest form of recreation I've ever seen them attempt.
It's an old car hood attached to a 4-wheeler driven slowly.
Think Giddy-up can smuggle those gloves back for Hank to borrow?
The children love it and I mean, yeah. So would any of us. They attempt a giant snowman and an epic snowball fight. Wrestling ensues, tackling. Austina and OfNostrils are standing in the middle of the action as people jump over and around them. Austina is probably looking for the blue and pink splotches to show up all over the snow but wait! Eldest Daughter Mode takes over and..
Time out everybody, Time out! Yo Dad! You got this? Need a hand? Nah? Good deal! Time In!
...she yells to Nostrils asking if he is okay, making sure he isn't hurt. Everyone stops to let Austina get her answer. I'm telling y'all, she's going to be running the house by the time she's Giddy-Up's age. The whole damn show by the time she's 10. OfGrandNostrils goes down and gets back up, bodies and snowballs are flying everywhere and OfNostrils gets hit mid-sentence. After OfNostrils gets plastered with a snowball in the face, she yells to Nostrils to "Get Bobby! He just threw a snowball right down my shirt" and takes Giddy-Up and Austina in. She goes back outside but not before bump checking that her snow coveralls dont fit over her belly.
Nostrils should have shown off his newly found makeup artist skills on the snowman.
Nostrils goes all American Picker and comes up with...
Oh GrandNostrils has a Rimmy J-esque shed full of old cobwebby shit too? Figures. Gotta have the proper storage spaces when your skeletons start to outgrow the closet.
Once she gets back outside she finds Nostrils with his hands on an old kerosene heater. He's proud of himself for just going in and lighting a 20 year old kerosene heater. It's the small things after all, folks. OfNostrils calls him out on the cleanliness and how that may catch on fire. Little late for that, besides there's hella snow. Shit'll buff out. Anyways, snow day is over and it's time to go home. Nostrils: The Next Generation get to play in the snow, then movie time. They don't think the snow was that deep apparently.
She asked them \"How deep is the snow\", they had no way to answer her. Great job parenting...
Giddy-Up gets to do the hand into the camera this week and we are done.
These people are killing me this week with all their snow videos and now the !s have a short one that I can get to after lunch. Catch ya later and y'all have a great day!
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2023.03.30 04:55 SwissCheese4Collagen The Nostrils McBeardsley Power Hour: Dugglette Day Date & This Old Chevy/Special Sister Time!

The Nostrils McBeardsley Power Hour: Dugglette Day Date & This Old Chevy/Special Sister Time!
What's up Snarkers, its finally Fri-yay and due to a programming error OfNostrils posting on DuggarTime TM (2.5 hours late) we're a bit later but hopefully it's worth it. Since I loathe being late for anything, my snark has been fed by my irritation like a sourdough starter and therefore this should be a great recap. I also have the challenge of trying to birth as many flairs as possible in this sooooo here we go.
OH! I forgot, they all have their names in the intro...it's very 7th Heaven-esque. Did I just date myself with that reference??? I guess these crazy kids are in this for the long haul.
So Gothard told us life was gonna be this wayyyyy clapclapclapclap You'r Job's a joke, we're broke, I'm due again to-daaaaay clapclapclapclap You fixed youre truck and it lost second geeeaarr, maybe we should grift a new truck or transmission this yeaaarr.
A Nostril-in-law is having a birthday lunch and nail party. Spoiler alert, so is J'ana in like 3 days.
OfNostrils is having a girls lunch with someone named Adeline in the larger Nostrils clan for her birthday after everyone goes to the nail salon. It's a step up from a Chocolate Mess, but OfNostrils gets the beigest manicure. She knows better than to have Harlot's EyeTrap Red nail polish...
Did she bring in her fucking foundation to match the polish to or did she just hold the bottles up to her face in a mirror???
The girl on the left is the one having a birthday, they all have coffee. They choose Chicken Salad Chicks
Is.....IS that a LUSH Cosmetics????
OfNostrils doesn't like usually like Chicken Salad, but like an adult, she tried some of someone else's and likes it. First OfJernie has Jernie eating at sit down holiday meals in Nebraska, now OfNostrils is mentioning restaurants like Taj Mahal and trying chicken salad (presumably sans BBq sauce since she wasn't escorted from the premises). Maybe OfLegalEagle89 taught everyone except Jingle how to actually cook something with flavor when she was making the Nepalese recipes LegalEagle89 wanted.
I'm guessing she had a curry chicken salad as she responsibly puts her phone in a holder attached to the dashboard
Like APW25 said she should, she got a damn holder for her phone in her car....and immediately drives away with her phone in her hand. This is a grown woman who is legally and physically in charge of two, soon to be three, children. Oh, and she's going to homeschool them.
Amazon Return Warehouse Thrift Day is the next stop.
Off we go to the Amazon return warehouse where the clearance is different each day. Sounds riveting, not. But anyways off we go to see OfNostrils not buy very much stuff, just I think some sandals and marveling over a 3 dollar stacking toy. They used this storyline on like 4 episodes of 19KAC and 2 episodes of CO. I'd rather see JimBlessa's Aerial Amazon Gift Boxes again, if the kids have proper head protection first of course, because this is giving me Deja Fundie.
She still has her wreath up. Not sure what's going on with the Pampers box, unless she's trying to get a sponsorship.
OfNostrils is lounging on her front deck, watching Nostrils change the caliper. I've transcribed it for y'all here:
O:You're not changing the breaks..........
N: Calipurr-rr
O:Caliper....caliber. Caliper
N: Calip-urrrrrrr
(INTERMISSION while my brain reboots from the sound and look on his face)
so, now he starts his own little Fundie Tool Time Segment where he says "why do I think I can do this?" well because it's in his blood because his great-granddad worked at NASA, doing he isn't quite sure what he did, but if he can work at NASA then Nostrils can surely bolt two bolts on a truck that he's going to drive while looking over at his wife's camera to talk, oh wait. He does that in the semi truck, not the Chevy 2500. Whoopsie. My bad. Anyhow, OfNostrils strokes his ego by telling a story about how he was always taking apart things as a kid...my brother dismantled the back seat of a Hyundai Sonata at age 5 and he isn't handy at all, what's your point?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wait wut? Baby Swiss laughed her ass off at this line too...
OfNostrils leaves Nostrils to finish working and ends our pilot episode of Nostrils McBeardsley Presents: This Old Chevy. I'm not including the neighbors' playground setup because it's too cool for this and wasn't Famy their neighbor? It may be best served for an investigative post into whether this was Daxxy Dursley's setup. But it's extensive and Giddy-up and Austina can run over and play anytime like Giddy-up is doing now. Speaking of Austina....She's up and in the house by herself.
She calls herself out for a dirty door. I'm calling her out for not having a 2 way baby monitor when she leaves the 2 year old inside the house by themselves.
No, mAmA, you ran over here because I'm sleepwalking
Austina had a nightmare while her whole family was outside. It's 2023, and if she can have an electronic door lock why doesn't she have a monitor in the toddler's room while she films outside and across the street. Then again she did just buy a cell phone holder and immediately pick her phone up out of it to drive away so...we can't expect miracles overnight.
Nostrils owes his life to this wrench, it's what gave him the stamina to father all these little Nostrils and be oblivious when they ignore his mealtime prayer leading. Still not enough for a sponsorship though, Nostrils, nice try.
Giddy-up at full tilt. He wants to go back to the playground stat
Austina: I look far too cute for schoolwork right now woman, I did your shapes now let's gooooooo
Bible time before J'ana's birthday lunch and nails. Austina mumbles half the words and walks to the door. This child wants to go. Like I said, she'll be running the place by the time she's 5. Surprisingly NO MARKETPLACE! Did we enter a new timeline where they don't do that anymore? Cue...who's the next birthday?..at MP with a Chocolate Mess front and center...Is it Hank? I feel like Hank might be the next birthday...
JimBlessa. OfPlanes, Duggar KeyFob De Maisie Kath!, J18 and Mother Jillard with Jillard 3
Hannie, G.A the Jet Plane, Austina, Jillard 1, Jillard 2
Puts back Tropical Sunshine Yellow, grabs Harlot EyeTrap Red. Atta girl....
Austina said she wanted to get pink nails. She intially grabs a bright yellow and instead gets candy apple red. Good girl.
Red Nails > Alabaster Matte
Austina wants a pedicure too, like Aunt JimBlessa
OfNostrils shuts Austina down as she wants to get a pedi in the Belle children's pedicure chair next to Aunt JimBlessa. Austina falls asleep in the car. OfNostrils does her usual song and dance, and then adds on her new outro which again is just pastel opaquey blobs.
She puts her hand over the camera before fading to the outro.
There we go pals, thanks for your patience. If she pulls this again next week, well it will be up at 9pm EST and not 5, also in 2 weeks it will be a late late Friday/early Saturday because of plans we have already. Otherwise, have a great night and a better tomorrow friends!
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2023.03.29 02:35 SwissCheese4Collagen Jingle the Kitchen Elf's Every Day Hacks/Indonesian Fried Rice

Jingle the Kitchen Elf's Every Day Hacks/Indonesian Fried Rice
So this is probably the most flavorful ANY Duggar (outside of Earth Mommy Jill and her international cooking) has ever made anything taste and the Kitchen Elf herself is here to show us her secret hack. Let me slice, dice and season this up best I can. If all they are giving us is scraps, I'll snark up some stone soup!
The J'Autocaption needs to J'get with it.
Is JB going to allow that seasoning?
Slick chopping shot in the opening sequence. They're putting real money into this, ya'll
Where is Jerm's name? Is Jerm going to allow this? This should have been the subject of the \"I got my own\" video. I expected the stupid j+J title card and got this...
Okay, it's not anything stupid like Old El Indonesia Seasoning or Private Selections Indonesian Blend. She may have gone to the actual, real life Asian grocery store for this one.
Publicitee and Privacee call it spicy rice, and they eat it at least once a week, maybe more. Ope, she got it from Amazon. It's super "easy and takes no time". This must be the phrase of the day...
J'asmine Rice is recommended by Jingle, not required
Olive oil and rice in a pan....peanut is best but this is Jingle's Kitchen not mine
No sign of condensed milk yet
Jump scare into the coffee-mercial.
Vintage California Scheming- Season 6 Counting Off...it must be deja brew...
Smoked sausage and eggs are what's being sauteed.
Santa needs to bring the Kitchen Elf a wok, stat.
Showing off her almost finished product. Looks like rice, Jinge
Now she tells us how she came across these packets in the first place as she chop-slices this zucchini? A cucumber? (how you say coo-cumber? Sup Pepinos lol) Anyways, J'RealMom and J'Planes went to Indonesia on a mission trip and came back with a J-named Indonesian family who made them this rice and now she gets the packets on Amazon and Publicitee and Privacee ask for spicy rice.
The Indonesian J names
Green onions
Ah! Cucumbers.
What the dish is supposed to look like
What Jingle the Kitchen Elf magicked up. Not bad looking I guess.
So, they are really really trying to make Jingle the fundie version of Giada DiLauretiis, the food looks pretty good considering what Thanksgiving looks like at her parents' house and there it is. Best I could do with the dry turkey that is Jingle's vlog personality.
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2023.03.28 20:04 SwissCheese4Collagen Live Shows at SeeWorld: Part 1 JimBlessa shows what SHE learned from the TLC crews (TW) / Happy News and a House Move!

Live Shows at SeeWorld: Part 1 JimBlessa shows what SHE learned from the TLC crews (TW) / Happy News and a House Move!
Hey hey snarkers, happy Fri-Yay! JimBlessa and OfNostrils dropped two videos right as I was cooking fancy food and eating it so here we are. I started out questioning if I should even do this one but in retrospect, she is the one who chose to release this information in this method. She edited this vlog and gave it her stamp of approval. I am not interested in stringing the lovely folks viewing my content along so let's get this quick synopsis out of the way. (TW for pregnancy complications) JimBlessa starts out with a Hello Fresh segment and does announce a pregnancy this vlog, then a quick bit about birth control leaving no doubts that she still follows her parents' life strategy for fame views on family planning but she also ends the video in a cliffhanger,with a dramatic black and white shot, a sonogram photo and the sentences "I experienced spotting" and "little did we know our world was about to turn upside down" said somberly. Then, just a 10 second pitch black screen for an outro as Fern makes a sad sound and music begins to play. No further info and it's been 2 months since the events of this vlog. I honestly don't know how she can monetize her life events to the degree that she appeared to today but since it comprised of literally the last few seconds, the snark must snark on and this is all I will say on the matter.
JimBlessa is trying to tell us something, in fact says we may be able to \"deduce\" something. There were legitimately 5 more jars of pickles, 2 of them are gallon size.
What no Parking Lot Ice Cream Sundae party for her birthday in November?
Amazon Birthday Boxes launched. It's a flat brim ball cap. Bin has sent S. Elliot on his very own hat journey for his 7th birthday.
We start the timeline on S. Elliot's birthday in early November. JimBlessa has a Walmart delivery order, and literally 9-10 jars of pickles. 2 of them are the giant jars. She says we should be able to deduce something about how she had maybe "cravings" for some foods, but we will find out after we make a special meal and have S. Elliot open his gift. It's apparently not this book about praying barbers.
The Barber Who Wanted To Pray. What in the actual fuck is this book? Barbers have time to pray.
Food is from Hello Fresh and it's salmon. Plant 1 takes the sticker and places it on herself, so now she is salmon. Lest we think JimBlessa isn't raising her headships out of the kitchen, they join in for some tried and true Duggar past-times like chopping vegetables on social media.

At least she doesn't have a knife?

Ope, spoke too soon....they're Duggars alright...

Do they think that fingers are like teeth and if you chop off your baby fingers, another one grows back? That said Hank has better form than S. Elliot did.
At least Bin's on the fire? Can anybody hear him grillin?
Each kid says 5 stars. Plant 1 just repeated her brothers' answers. Plant 2 yelled her affirmation of the meal.
Instead of Blue's Clues, we have Bin's Clues.
After the Hello Fresh meal and Bin hands out clues to his kids. S. Elliot reads about something coming in the new year, 2023. Hank has to add 3+3+1. This leads him to guess later that it's 7 babies. Plant 1 has to figure out there is a baby drawn in JimBlessa's stomach on a family portrait. They walk her through it, she yells "a baby!" but when they ask where it is she assumes they mean the picture. Hank says "in her belly", S. Elliot pieces the clues together, gasps and yells "I figured out my clues! You're having a baby". "Yep" replies JimBlessa and Plant 1 immediately leans forward to eyeball her mother's stomach area. "Mommy, does your tummy look big?" asks Plant 1. "Well, not yet" is the answer to her question. She goes back to her clue and starts to read off the names. Hank is kind of still thinking about it, S. Elliot thinks it's amazing. Plant 1 is still analyzing her clue for clues and says "stop talking". Bin asks Hank what he thinks, Hank thinks 7 babies. Bin and JimBlessa's quivers quiver in fear at that statement. Plant 1 yells "GUYS!" because she is still trying to figure out if her mother's Fundie Factory includes eating Shrinky Dinks. S. Eliot guesses it's a boy, Plant 1 has had it and elbows him in the armpit and says "Stop!". Hank rattles off his math skills.
Plant 1 elbowed S. Elliot in the armpit and told him to stop.
JimBlessa says 3 Boys, 3 Girls and a baby that they don't know what it is. Plant 1 lights up and yells "2 baby girls and 2 baby boys", which means she counted herself and her siblings from the picture.

Plant 1 showing off her clue.
Might wanna check Genesis because Onan got wrecked for using the pullout method on his SIL in Genesis 38 after he was commanded to sleep with her after his brother died to continue his brother's lineage.
JimBlessa now pops in to help clear up what she defines as birth control and what is allowed and what isn't. JimBlessa is still in the same religion as her parents were.
Ah, the old \"life begins at fertilization, therefore the pill causes miscarriages\" argument.
Plant 2 is particular about her baby doll
JimBlessa shows Bin how to keep Plant 2 occupied for 15 minutes and it's by giving her a baby doll and a blanket. Plant 2 repeatedly covers and uncovers her doll. Bin is amazed. As for JimBlessa, her amazement comes at the journey of her old house to Jernie's property. Looks like he's going to have to build a new coffee nook.
They moved the old house to wherever Jernie and OfJernie have the property for it.
The kids want to see the house so JimBlessa and Bin take them to see it. Then it's Thanksgiving time and one of the kids is sick. CinderJana sends food and a puzzle.
It sounded like Claire de Lune but it wasn't one of the familiar parts
Timestamp: Thanksgiving
That looks like a huge puzzle to get put together with 4 kids, let alone one of them spouting off like a geyser
This is literally the cliffhanger.
She has the second part up, and OfNostrils and J'Obnoxious have posted theirs. I will diligently try to get to them all ASAP. Catch ya later snarkers!
ETA Programming note: In the style of Mel Brooks, this is a standalone Part 1, there is no snark to be had in the follow up.
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