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A place to post dope things that people build and you wonder how much it would cost.

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2023.03.30 06:28 TheDollarstoreDoctor My period has lasted nearly a month. I have a drs appt on April 4th, so should I be more concerned or just wait till then?

Current concern: I'm 5'2, 107 lb, 24 yr old woman. My period started March 2nd. I patiently waited for it to end. It has not. I did a virtual visit last week (I have Anthem so their Sydney app has on demand virtual visits) and asked how concerned I should be. They said the main concern was anemia and I should follow up with my primary for testing (soonest appt I could get is april 4th). Which I expected, I have a history of anemia, but it's not like anyone ever died from it, so I figured it could wait until my gyno appt in May (soonest available) as it seemed like it would be ending in the next day or two. That is until this week, it would quickly fluctuate between light and heavy. So I would wake up thinking yay! Seems like itll end today! Only a few drops of dried dark/old blood! Then, like today, I would change my pad before lunch and have to again before clocking in because so much new blood would come out at once. Then it would be light old blood again. And when I just changed it, a lot of new blood again, when I wipe the tissue would be full of very wet bright red blood. I havent been having terrible cramps, but I've been feeling so sore, especially my legs. I've also been a lot more lightheaded and shaking/tremors a lot and bruising easier (I have a huge one on my leg from an unknown cause). Even my coworkers have been expressing a lot of concern over how exhausted I look and insisting that I need to go to the doctor as soon as possible, even if I have to beg and plead. But I'm just genuinely at a loss of what I should do, or even feel about this situation. Like, I'm starting to get concerned but I feel like theres not much I can do about it anyway. I mean, is it really an emergency? I cant expect my drs to cancel other peoples appts just to make availability for me. They cant just force my period to stop anyway. I was on steroids at the beginning of this month (2 week round of 10 mg), so maybe that can be a cause, but at the same time my period has been like this once before (they can be a bit long, but usually not this heavy).
Prior history: . I have had irregular periods since they started when I was 14. They would be super heavy, but that's about it. I'd get cramps but not terrible (but may be my pain tolerance - how high it is will be relevant in a bit). So I was put on birth control, and that seemed to lighten them but not regulate them.
My periods would either skip for months, or last a very long time, or the occasional normal period. Theres really no consistency. But I would say the average length could be 2 weeks, a few days of heavy bleeding followed by on/off light bleeding. 4 years ago, after many "unremarkable" pap smears ultrasounds & lab work (complete work up including thyroid and whatever else they could possibly think of - my gyno was really trying to figure this shit out cuz it had him stumped and ig he was the kind of person who didnt like to feel defeat), my gyno finally decided "ok I need to see what the hell could possibly be causing this with my own two eyes" and I had an endoscopic laparoscopy done. Nothing was found. Except for my appendix, which was so infected the pus was practically crusted over it causing it to fuse to my colon. I was told it mustve been like that for atleast a year. And they were correct, I remember the day because I was on vacation. I had such intense internal pain that I had to hunch over while walking. I remember thinking "oh my god it feels like something in me burst. Should I go to the ER? No they'll just shrug it off as period pain. Even though I'm not on my period. And then I'll get a huge bill over going there for nothing" and so I just kinda powered through it. Anyway, removal of the appendix didnt change any of my period symptoms. So even those findings were "unremarkable", atleast in the reproductive department. So my gyno had no clue where to go from there. He tried everything, and the results are my body just loves to bleed for longer than it should for no reason at all.
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2023.03.30 06:27 bunnii33 anyone else have a problem of gaining weight when going to the gym regularly?

anytime i’ve gone to the gym regularly i always end up gaining weight/staying stuck at one weight for way too long. the only time i ever lose weight is if i eat in an extreme caloric deficit.
i don’t even eat much either since i get so busy. does anyone else have that problem? and how do i remedy it?
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2023.03.30 06:27 droozoee NP Thyroid cost increase

How much is NP thyroid for you? After insurance
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2023.03.30 06:27 end0fthenight Way too sensitive to live past the teen age.

Ever since i can remember, i have always hated myself for being so sensitive. Somebody slammed the door a little too hard, oh they are mad at me or they sigh, oh yeah im too much for them. I always grew up alone as in i chose to stay by myself so when you are always alone in your head, you can just be who ever. you can be the toughest and stand tall no matter what it is. But then the tough guys always hated me because they could probably sense that and attacked me and then you get scared because you never felt like this before, you never had anybody to say anything because you created your own world inside your head. And then after every situation like that, the hate grows for yourself so much but at the same time you still enjoy being nice and love to love. But then again you are fucking weak if you show love. But i know now it would have made me stronger really. But i always was consumed by fear, and til this day im like that. In general just afraid. I feel like i have to stay ready 24/7 for whatever it is but it's so tiring, i cant never fully relax, got this impending doom feeling 24/7. And im still a virgin because of that , i have a performance anxiety so high that i have tried it like 6 times but i just cant do it. And thats the reason i started to isolate so much because i mean i know its normal and would have loved to just relax with people and talk about sex life etc but i dont wanna hear everyday that oh have you got some, whats the last time.. fuck im so tired of being isolated. I never cared about anything i was very apathic. Still i am. You know you on the come up til you're adult. You are just building and basically just chillin. I always just wanted to be that my whole life, but i was never building anything seriously, never cared about school. Other kids picked on me a lot because i showed i didnt care about anything, i thought i was cool or something. And now im 25 soon and still dont care and you feel too grown already and too big for just being, my mental health is so awful im scared what im gon do if somebody backs me into a corner. Im happy i have my mom, but again im crying, how more weak im gon be if im staying til she has to go. i admire her so much, almost jealous how strong and still loveable she is. Im glad i got her but at the same time i cant fully enjoy her love because i feel so fucking down all the time overthinking til im exhausted.
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2023.03.30 06:27 pleadmodel John Anthony Lifestyle JAL - The Leads Machine (Complete Course)

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2023.03.30 06:26 fresh-cucumbers r/BJJWomen is active and we want you!

Hello everyone!
You've probably seen one of my comments advertising BJJWomen and I'm excited to see our small, but growing community expand!
  1. Why don't we just flair posts in this sub? Sometimes women and other marginalised groups may not feel comfortable or welcome in spaces where they are underrepresented or face discrimination. The purpose of having a 'women' flair (a great idea!) or creating safe spaces for women is not to divide, but rather to provide an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and heard, especially those who may have historically been excluded or silenced. I appreciate your willingness to engage in this conversation and listen to other perspectives. It's important for all of us to work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable community.
  2. Why do we need a women's BJJ subreddit? For the same reasons above and so much more! I've also got an in-depth post pinned to the top of BJJWomen that explains everything.
The experience of being a woman in a male-dominated combat sport can be challenging, with unique trials and tribulations that may not be considered by others. That's why BJJWomen exists as a safe space for women to discuss and share their experiences.
Whether you're a head coach, gym owner, hobbyist, or anyone who practices BJJ, it's important to be mindful of how your decisions affect the women in your space. We invite you to join our subreddit, stay informed, and contribute to creating a supportive and inclusive community for women in BJJ. Just hit that button and stay in the loop!
If you have any questions/ideas/comments, I'd love to hear them.
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2023.03.30 06:26 yfnp0e8sg How Much Does Joel Dommett Worth

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2023.03.30 06:26 ilostaneyeindushanba Ear pro suggestions

I’m looking to upgrade my ear pro and am looking for some specific suggestions on what to go with and where the best price range of not hearing bang for your buck is. I have a pair of Howard leights and a pair of walkers but with how much I’ve spent on other pieces of kit, it kind of feels dumb to not spend more to protect my hearing. Considering that I’m already starting to experience some tinnitus (shout out to the military) and have started to notice it more in these last few months, I think it’s time to upgrade. I’ve been looking at Sordins quite a bit but am willing to spend more if the hearing protection gain is significant enough to justify it. I’m not too worried about wether it has comm capabilities or not as my bitch ass friends (I should probably find new ones jk) aren’t interested in getting into comms. I’m not necessarily opposed to it but it’s not a priority. Thanks for any input!
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2023.03.30 06:26 Poopbootymerh Virgo men advice!!

Speaking to my astrology people: I am a Libra sun, Gemini rising, and Aries moon. Recently started talking to a Virgo man, a friend of my brothers (probably not the best decision but whtev). When we go out he is amazing, will always carry things for me, makes me laugh, not afraid to express public affection, talks about future events, etc. not to mention he’s super sexy! Long story short, after I always want more! I would see/make time for him everyday at the same time don’t want to come off as too much and tend to take the passengers seat when it comes to planning bc I assume when someone likes me they want to see me as much as I do them (big case in my other relationships). But we will go the whole week without seeing each other and it seems he waits till work is over to reach out instead of starting texting when he first gets up and continuing it throughout the day, responding when he gets a chance. Or he will take some times a couple hours to respond when I’m aware he always has his phone on him. Im not sure if it’s a lack of him liking me bc he brings me around his friends and we’ve had a conversation on intentions and he has said he would want to be serious and how I’m the only one he’s interested in, but I just don’t understand the big gap in how things are in person vs over the phone. Am I the one being self destructive or is there actual concern to be had here? must preface this with when I knew him as my brothers friend we would all go out and he’d constantly be dancing and talking to girls so I think in the back of my mind I’m still battling the whole player thing
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2023.03.30 06:26 redonestock Where to install 18 inch wheels for M3P in NJ or just do 245/35/20?

Currently have stock m3p ubertubine tires. I drive a lot around the NY/NJ area with a lot of pot holes. should I get 18 inch wheels from tsportsline with new tires from tire rack or just buy 245/35/20 for and keep my uberturbines?
Also where can I go to install aftermarket wheels/tires in the NJ area? Can I go/get tesla service to install the tsportsline (will get tires seperately from tirerack for warranty and how much would that cost?
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2023.03.30 06:26 dhop1568 confused with taxes on bingo app

Hi all. I play on a Bingo app which includes other games as well on my phone.
Anyways, in the Terms of service under taxes it says that you would be sent a tax form (1099-MISC, W9, etc) if you win in excess of $600 in any given year.
This is where i’m confused. I have definitely won over $600 throughout the year (not at once), but I would use most of my winnings for game play so really i’ve only deposited around $100 of winnings into my actual bank account over the year of 2022. I rarely deposited anything into my bank. I kept almost all of winnings in the bingo app and used it on games.
Does it still have to be reported since most the money I won never got deposited into my bank acct?
I’m asking because I never received a tax form of any sort. I contacted customer service thru the app (the have no phone number), asking how to get a tax form. They told me this:
“once the player meets the profit amount required to submit W-9 information, the system will trigger information when withdrawing cash, and the player may also submit W-9 information through a pop up window in the game. Players can submit by themselves”. I don’t know if the system is automated but they won’t help me any more than that.
I’ve read online that even if you don’t receive a tax form that you’re still required to report winnings. So, I would just like to know if in this situation it’s necessary.
I have played over 4,000 games and it would be a pain in the ass to itemize all of it and track my winnings if it’s unnecessary. It doesn’t give me a total of what i’ve won. Any help would be totally appreciated!
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2023.03.30 06:26 SheSoldTheWorld I just feel complete...

After 15 years of being an absent parent and a year of refusing to keep contact with him my father came back into my life and he seems to be trying his best to get back all that time lost...
Even though I tried to heal from the inside (and with the help of therapy) the wounds my dysfunctional relationship with both of my parents caused, I always wondered how it felt to have a loving father and now I know. It feels like finding something lost, it feels comforting.
I've never felt so loved in my whole life.
It saddens me that it took so much time and so much of my anergy for both of my parents to realize all the pain they made me go through, but is over, is finally over.
A chapter in my life was closed and now the little innocent girl that was killed by insecurity and undermining can finally rest in peace .
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2023.03.30 06:26 IsActuallyAPenguin Can't get mosquitto/MQTT working

I am at my wits' end with this. There's nothing useful on the forums and the documentation for everything home assistant is a kafkaesque exercise in human suffering.

I have two meross light bulbs and I'd like to do some very technical with things with them like turn them on or off or make them purple.
I'd like to run them locally.

Luckily, there are meross plugins that are available that can help. Unluckily, the English language lacks the words I need to describe just how janky it is.

I'm running HASSOS on a pi 4
I've downloaded the mosquito broker addon from the store.
I can configure the mosquitto broker fine (I think - who the hell knows, the error logs are to the mona lista what drawing with shit on an insane asylum wall is to art).

Nothin I enter under broker* for the MQTT plugin will allow me to connect. Dead end. Nothing I've read helps, no amount of configuration to the mosquittoconf file (which there's ZERO useful documentation for) doies anything.

core-mosquitto doesn't work for the broker name. Nor does any variation of ip local host computername or a long-winded diatribe about how much I hate this whole experience.
Appreciate any help anyone can offer me because I'm beyond frustrated.
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2023.03.30 06:25 No_Tower_9339 Alar rim graft

How much does an alar rim graft cost?
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2023.03.30 06:25 Euphoric_TestSubject Is there any place to learn or get better

I feel like everytime I try and test out a deck I keep losing. No matter how much I learn and learn, it doesn’t matter, a majority of my time is a losing.
I keep going 2-2 at locals, it just gets to your head. You’re not good enough to top but not bad enough to keep playing. It feels like no matter the devotion or trying to understand. I just get swept aside. Is there any places beside YouTube videos that can help?
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2023.03.30 06:25 Katanshanbantu69 Is it wrong to not cry in your father's funeral?

I grew up in Pakistan with a father who was a bit mentally unstable and a mother who had blood pressure problems and diabetes. My mom had to work as a school teacher to support the family, mother did not want to send my father into an asylum because she did not want the family to be broken up.
Being a 7 year old kid I saw my father and mother always arguing and yelling it made me scared, to make it worse I saw my father try to kill himself by drinking the poison and that scared me to tears, because I didn't want him to die, I was attached to my father because even if he was a bit insane he still recognized me as his son and looked out for me, but sometimes he does this crazy shit, I don't know why he did that maybe he was trying to scare my mom or my older bro or IDK, but that didn't put a good influence on me, I grew up seeing this, parents fighting all the time, dad trying to hurt himself etc.
3 years later when was 10 I somewhat became immune to this, seeing my parents fight, I did not get scared of this I keep thinking "they'll get over it soon" so I did not care when they were arguing, so is that wrong to think?
And then 1 year later in 2011, he became very insane, always going out of the house talking to random people, thinking himself as the army general (My dad in his past wanted to go to the army but couldn't pass the test)
He was talking like an army general too, randomly phoning people talking about missions and shit, climbing on the roof and yelling at the top of his lungs, I saw him do even more suicide attempts I see him try to cut his wrist, I saw him lying in the middle of the road waiting for him to get ran over, that still didn't faze me, WAS IT WRONG OF ME TO NOT GET FAZED BY IT? My older brother and my mother were always trying to stop him and they kept him locked in a room, because they thought dad would go out and do crazy shit again. When I was alone with my dad and my sister, my dad who was locked up in the room called out to me to open the door, I was gonna open it but my sister stopped me because mom didn't allow it. As a kid I used to think being mentally unstable is called being a bad person, so because of that I started being mean to my dad and disrespected him because I thought he was an evil person.
And then 1 more year later in march 2012, when he completely lost his sanity he jumped off the roof from a 3 story house, fell on the ground injuring his head. I didn't see it happen because I wasn't around, my mother and my brother saw that and took him to the hospital, news came to me and my sister and she started crying so hard, I on the other hand was silent, I didn't say a word. It was then I figured out that my father wasn't evil just because he was mentally ill.
Then the funeral happened, my older sister, my mother, my older brother who is 9 years older than me and my relatives they were crying their eyes out and I was the only one quiet, IDK why, my older brother asked me "Why didn't you cry, your father just passed away don't you understand the seriousness of this?" I didn't know what to say. Maybe it's because I did not want to cry and it's not about being "manly" I just didn't want to feel the negative emotions, IS THAT WRONG?
Then we buried him put flowers on his grave said prayers for him and then we left him.
And then let me tell you I am not lying! In the same day his funeral and burial was done, in that night I had a dream my dad came to my room and he did not look insane at all he talked like a normal person I asked him "Dad? How did you get here?" he laughed and replied "I just came here son" I was confused, I repeated the same question, he smiled and give me the same answer "I just came", I ran into my mother's room informing her the good news and I was in tears, that was the first time I almost shed tears of joy, but as soon as I got into my mom's room the dream ended right there.
I never let my father's death affect me in a negative way, I looked on the brightside thinking he's finally in peace and he won't be suffering anymore, I kept that in my mind and used that as a cope mechanism.
5 years later when I was 15 years old I remember my father once again and that's when I missed him and shed tears, I felt guilty about mistreating him because I thought he was a bad man, it made me cry and it made me wish I'd see him in a dream again so I can apologize to him. I talked to my sister about it and broke down into tears, she comforted me and told me that it was all a misunderstanding and though I mistreated my dad he still loved me, that's what she said to me.
Now 11 years later in the present year I still visit my dad's grave, now I have a sick mother who had 2 heart attacks and I look out for her, something tells me my mother doesn't have much to live anymore, so I just try my best to make the last of her years be spent in peace and happiness.
I kept asking myself am I gonna cry in my mother's death too? The answer was no, but my sister and my brother said "You're the one that's going to be crying the loudest, believe it. You are more attached to your mother than you think". At this point I don't know if I'll cry or not.
That's all I got to say.
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2023.03.30 06:25 yfnp0e8sg How Much Does Joel Dommett Worth

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2023.03.30 06:25 No_Suggestion_4525 I'm so Done 🙃

Long story short I've had anxiety, panic attacks and depression for as long as I can remember. I'm so done. I'm soooo donneee!!!! I'm so tired of meds and therapy and nothing working. I'm sick of feeling like a failure and a burden and being alone.
My boyfriend and I fight so much and I have zero support. He apparently has had depression and suicidal ideation, he's been 5150ed... And he has not seen me at even 50% of my worst. I've done pretty good at shoving it all down or just coping because I liked him so much and just wanted to be good enough. My life has actually improved so much.... Except I've had some bad days. I've cried and said I'm tired and I just don't want to fight anymore. He says I do nothing and I'm being lazy and not trying to get better. That I can choose to be happy. He's threatened to have me hospitalized when I start to act depressed. I'm so fucking over this shit... I have never felt so misunderstood by someone I care so much about. I just try to keep it all to myself. I've never had this much lack of support. I just want to fucking run. But when I think about running I just think about how tired I am of loving and losing and adversity. And I just want to opt out... I can't talk to him. So I might as well just do it and not tell him. He doesn't want to hear it so why should I let him know I'm struggling. He hates me. He said he doesn't believe in monogamy and he doesn't care about his happiness and he can't leave because Ill hurt myself... Which is not true. I told him he can do what ever he wants. But then I think about leaving and he says he doesn't want me to go. I just can't anymore.
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2023.03.30 06:25 NakedMuffin4403 "My philosophy is that if I don't do it, someone else will " - George Soros

Hey guys I'm not really sure if this is the right sub-reddit to be asking questions of this nature on, but I really wanted some contemporary Islamic insight that I don't think I can get elsewhere.
I am a CS major and am currently studying/researching AI and its implications on humanity extensively, and its very clear that in our lifetimes we will see a significant number of jobs evaporate. Some big-names in tech scene have made some pretty audacious predictions like "The marginal cost of human-capital is going to zero". I think this is inevitable, but its going to take a while. I am here to talk about what'll be happening during these next 3 decades.
Being in this industry, it's almost as if its a race to create a startup, own equity, and get acquired by a tech giant within an extended time frame before its too late. Obviously I am oversimplifying this but its the best way to hedge against the inevitable: AI is going to serve as this incredible tool to increase productivity- but it will simultaneously reduce both the demand and the value of knowledge work.
I'll elaborate on this. Lets take software developers for instance. AI is going to make your average dev far more productive, but this in turn will reduce the demand for the employer in question to employ more devs as all goals are being met. It will also reduce the value of knowledge work by making it so you no longer need 10 years of software engineering experience to create / work on anything meaningful, but rather a year of prompt engineering (learning how to communicate with these AI models effectively) and a CS 101 course.
This painful reality is just as true for accountants, engineers and really all knowledge work. It's ironic as blue collar jobs such as retail were expected to be the first to face automation.
Now my question is:
From an Islamic lens, is it ethical / permissible to engage in these developments? I have no aspirations in working some dead-end job at some big software firm, only to be rendered less valuable as I approach retirement (if not far earlier). My aspirations are to do something far more entrepreneurial. To create a product/service that utilizes AI to increase the value created for users/clients.
The thing is, there is a high probability that whatever I do is going to negatively impact at least *some* subset of people, whether it be reducing the economical value of their work, or even taking work away from them.
When I try to steel-man my thought process, I like to consider the fact that If I don't do it, its happening anyways, and If I do, at least (assuming I am successful) I can re-allocate some of the capital the market rewards me for some philanthropic cause that is in line with my world view.
We are living in a time similar to that of the most recent industrial revolution. Jobs were lost last time, many more were created. I don't know if the same will be true for the AI revolution.
My indefinitely optimistic intuition tells me that there is still hope of prosperity - but only really for those that are very conformable with adapting to change- and doing it FAST.
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2023.03.30 06:25 Visilica Choosing a faction on vanilla era (firemaw) server cluster

There will be two questions: one about how easy it is to rank up in pvp on different fferend sides, the second is about moving existing gold.
Rolled in as an alliance to play with couple of friends who wanted to play ally. Realizing we are not playing all that much together now I want to chose properly.
I want to play pvp as a mage, somewhat casually, was aiming at blue level pvp gear. Of course it would be cool to grab r13 armour, but it feels it requires too much effort for me to grind.
So here is first question: where is it easier to get pvp gear, horde or ally side? In my mind it's horde, because there are more people for them to kill and shorter by ques. But also there is also a possibility that pvp competition here is higher.
The second question: since I started playing ally I got some gold (300) that I wanted to transfer to horde using only my chars via neutral AH, is it a) possible b) ok with ToS?
Thanks in advance
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2023.03.30 06:25 7lykizzy AP Letter Help - Examples

Can anyone share a draft or some examples of AP letter written for relatives or grandparents. I've been trying to get one written for years and the Drs in my homeland have been acting like they can't figure out how to write a letter. It's beyond frustrating. What should it say or contain? Does it need notary? signature? Thanks
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2023.03.30 06:25 hurtstopurr Can someone please tell me how does one get diagnosed?

What kind of doc?
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