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PurplePillDebate is a neutral community to discuss sex and gender issues, specifically those pertaining to /TheBluePill and /TheRedPill.

2020.04.26 06:28 LeafyVerdant catsondoors

It’s catsondoors, and it is exactly what it sounds like. Pictures of wonderful cats that just happen to sit on top doors, or whatever weird places they manage to get onto.

2023.04.01 12:50 Deafbok9 Milo crossed the rainbow bridge today.

Milo crossed the rainbow bridge today.
Today, I am broken.
This year has had one emotional gut punch after another, from not making the SA Deaf Rugby world cup squad to personal issues to needing a full kitchen rebuild...and now today.
Goodbye is the hardest thing to say.
Milo crossed the rainbow bridge at 08h37. He went peacefully and easily in our arms after spending a last glorious morning in a patch of sunshine. He knew he was loved to the end - and let us know he loved us.
He was the first dog I had that was mine. The little idiot moved out with me when I left my parents' home because he kept tangling with their German Shepherds - the worst fight resulted in him getting a puncture through his snout, & when the skin slipped over the break...He swelled up like a balloon. Looked like one of those animals in the "If animals were fat" comic short animations.
So, on moving day, my mother announced that either my brother or I would have to take him.
So, that was it. One potato dog & a bachelor in a tiny wooden hut.
He was my companion throughout my 20s. He was there when I started dating my wife, & I think managed to capture her heart as much as I did.
He was full of rubbish. Came to us addicted to coffee & tea - used to whine & get the shakes for it if we didn't give him the last little bit in the mug!
Always loved just being with us.
He managed to surprise us often, though - at an SPCA dog walk/charity event, this lazy little couch potato WON an agility competition! He'd never so much as done a course before in his life, but went with my wife & flew over all the obstacles.
Won a few months' worth of food for himself off that one, which really helped my student budget...
When we got married & moved to Westville, he bullied our landlady's Great Danes mercilessly. Schmuck.
Then there was the Dassie incident. He cornered it behind our flat.There was much barking. As we got up to investigate, he came flying back, blood everywhere, before turning around and hurtling out again. I had to guide the very upset rodent to the gate with a broom, & the sausage added another scar on his nose to his collection of battle scars.
He also chased a few alpacas on a visit to a friend's farm. Never did actually click to his actual size, and always, always was larger than life.
There were scary moments, too, like the time he almost drowned after falling in our landlord's pool the first day after we moved in.
A move down to Durban North meant trips to the beach. We also got to meet "Uncle Pete", our last landlord, who took a real shine to him & would often take him with on adventures with his dogs whilst we were at work.
As he got older, the walks got shorter, & eventually he became the talk of the Umhlanga promenade because dad had to carry him every time - eventually in his own shoulder-slung bag.
He was there for our engagement, our wedding, and every anniversary.
He helped us through the tough times, through the fights and the tears and the disappointments that life throws at you.
He kept us sane during lockdown...(Did he really..?)
At long last, we landed in our first home that was ours. One blind, deaf, but faithful old boy in tow, with Bakkies, a rescue cat we'd picked up along the way. They tolerated each other, with moments of affection. Bakkies went first.
This week, we knew it was the end.
We had one last glorious day.
Break-up day at school, so mom & dad were home early. We got to sit outside in the sunshine in our little garden together.
We went to the park & got spoilt rotten.
Chimkin nuggets. Biltong. All the cuddles.
We got a hoof, our favourite treat.
Then we sat outside with mom and dad, and got to have coffee again after years of "sobriety", having been weaned off his addiction soon after we got married.
A beautiful morning for our last day on earth.
We got to sit with mom and dad for a few hours in a patch of Sun. There were head scritches and tail wags.
A last dance with mom.
An hour or so just sitting on dad's lap.
In the end, he slipped away peacefully - one last lick, tail going slowly, as he fell asleep in my arms.
Farewell, Milo.
You were the best dog anyone could have hoped for.
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2023.04.01 12:49 TedBob99 Personal pension contribution on top of salary sacrifice?

I didn't do enough pension contributions through my salary sacrifice and it means my total income for FY finishing 4th April 2023 will be higher than it should be.
Can I open a SIPP and make some contributions myself? How will that reduce the tax due? Is that up to me to calculate on my tax return? I have never done personal pension contributions, so I don't know how those work.
Also, how is my income calculated? Is the March pay the final pay, or will I need to prorate the few days between end of March and April too?
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2023.04.01 12:49 AdJazzlike4120 What triggers flares?

I'm not always sure what triggers it honestly. Shoes, heat, being on my feet for long and showers are obvious, but sometimes I can't think of a clear trigger.
Often when I sit, in the car or at my desk (but only at home, rarely happens at school) it starts at the tip of my thumb and goes down, then to my index and then middle finger. Also happens when I'm holding my phone for a long time. I read that heat is often the main trigger, but sitting?
Anyone experience something similar or have an explanation?
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2023.04.01 12:49 toxadow981 Was this a date offer - work confusion

I (male 23) talk regularly to a girl at work in a friendly way, she is nice and we have good conversations. She works in another department, but we sit on the same floor, so come across each other periodically.
I’m very bad at relationship stuff and have never had a girlfriend etc. I don’t want to date colleagues as my inexperience and general bad social skills would likely mean I’d cause a bad work situation.
Recently she texted me asking if I was single, I didn’t know what to respond as I was worried she’d ask me about past experience (which I don’t have, and maybe she’d tell everyone) or say something that would cause a work problem.
I kept deferring responding until 6 days later she follows up with a message saying “I’m really sorry I shouldn’t have sent that”.
I replied “no problem”.
At work a few days later I sent her an innocuous message on our company chat like normal. She replies “you’re a dick”.
We haven’t spoken since and it’s been three weeks.
What should I have done differently, I have caused the exact problem I was trying to avoid.
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2023.04.01 12:49 flagsbook Get our Flags & Countries of the World Reference Guide Free!

Get our Flags & Countries of the World Reference Guide Free!

For one day only get the kindle version of our top selling book "Flags & Countries of the World: Pocket Reference Guide" FREE!! Visit the Flagsbook website & click on the amazon link to get yours now!
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2023.04.01 12:48 TheFallenWater AITA for not wanting to talk (and connect) with my family?

Before beginning this whole text of a heckhole, I want to mention: I am aware that I am the bad guy to an extent.
I think I want to start this whole ordeal from the beginning. I (20 F) am a second-year university student, studying an asian language. I was born in the capital city of our country and most of the closest maternal family members live there as well. Due to my paternal family living 2,5 hours away, and my father wanting to help them out, we moved to the countryside where my brother (18) was born.
I remember that around the time my brother was about to be born, I think I felt neglected and there are stories about me getting jelous over stuff with him, which also continued well into our teenager years. That's not particularly important, but I wanted to mention this, because the feeling of jelousy also came from the neglect that I might have gotten from my parents. My father wanted to have kids but he didn't really tend to us physically, nor mentally. I understand that there are people who just can't deal with kids and their world, the way they keep talking etc. Around the time my brother was born, my father went abroad to work there, and continued to come home every weekend. Due to the language barrier, which he continuously tried to close, he didn't have much of a patience. My mother had a very deep depression after my brother was born, which came down to me, a very outspoken little girl being quite annoying. My first trauma might have come from that, and also, my father didn't even try to help my mother get out of depression as far as I'm concerned, only my maternal parents (who moved with us to the countryside) were taking care of her.
Either way, I always felt that my brother got everything he asked for, while I always had to work really hard and even then I was always reprimanded that I have to take care of my brother while our parents are away (me 5-8, my brother 3-6), have to grow up, have responsibility towards my actions. Due to this I always felt like I wasn't really able to understand and get into the fun groups of my peers.
Backing up a bit, we had the old school discipline, slaps sometimes, verbal abuse sometimes, but the main things that I remember are stuff like: I was around 4-7 and wanted to play with my father. He said no multiple times but I really just wanted to connect with him and play. After maybe the 3-6th no, he got really mad and he shouted at me to get out he didn't want to play. Another time was when my mother asked me to give our dog (house with big garden, so dog lived outside) fresh water, but instructed me that the season being winter, I have to get the ice out with warm water and then give the dog a not so cold, nor warm water (maybe?). Either way, I did it the good way, however my father was outside the whole time, when I just finished changing the water he got there, misunderstood the whole situation and slapped me saying "what are you giving to the dog" or something along the line. A couple of seconds later I somehow communicated to him that I did it the right way so...yea.
I wanted to be fun to be with, to make lasting relationships, to be important to others. That's why at the age of 10-13 I got into a group of girls with whom I spent my time, etc, and also on whom I spent money. Foolish, yes, but I was desperate and wanted affection and appreciation. Someday I just realized that those same girls were whispering about me and blatantly looking at me while doing so. I became really sad and mad, which escalated into a shorter period of depression. (I have been going to therapy for another thing in the past 2 years, but recently my psychologist made me do a test about depression, so yes, the result came out pretty high which made me realise that even that event and before that I had some sort of depression, I/we just didn't realise that)
My mother was the first one to notice something was wrong and made my father (with whom I really didn't want to speak) give me a speech about how I should never think of myself as nothing and that I should just study and get better than everyone else. This was in 7th grade. That speech gave me motivation and my grades became much much better, I got into my desired high school, after which came uni. No, that experience of bullying was not in the least good, but without it I wouldn't be here, where I am.
Putting that aside, I wasn't really allowed to go to my classmates' parties etc, but I was almost fine with these during primary school. Getting into high school, I became friends with two groups of girls and I really enjoyed my time there. However my private life, my parents relationship to be precise, got worse. They argued a lot and in 10th grade, one night I was going to shower, my brother was locked up in his room, while our parents were arguing in the kitchen. I was already crying but I suddenly heard a thud, picked up a towel and finally went out to a scene where my mother was sitting, crying, my father standing next to her, one of his hands holding hers, the other one just up in the air as if trying to hit. I shouted to stop, my brother rushed out of his room the same time I did from the bathroom. It took a couple of seconds but my father finally looked at us and I swear I could see a kind of cloud getting out of his eyes. I mean I almost saw the rage cloud... I don't remember what exactly happened after that but that was one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed in real life.
Another major thing before getting into the present is that, (I am a summer child) I was 16, when 5 of us, all girls thought about going to the beach for one day. There's a lake around 1-2 hours away with train, we would have just gone for 6 hours at most. I asked my mom (nail artist) and her client where it would be allright to go, since out of 5 of us, it was only my father who maybe wouldn't have allowed me to go. My mother actually wanted to rush me out and just go, she was so happy haha. So everything was set, now I just had to call my father up and ask him so I did. He said that "I know you are a cool, strong girl, I believe in you but I think we should wait until you are 17" (literally 1,5 month away. I said okay, but later he said no again. I got over it pretty quickly but after about a month my mother told me that he actually called her up how it would be bad, what if I got a boyfriend, got pregnant and ruined my whole career and life, etc. She has been fuming for a while, but after knowing this, I immediately became even more reluctant of wanting to just not talk, interact with my father in any sort of way. Basically not even be near him. Nothing.
Fast forward, it was the week of exams, I got sick, so couldn't attend the math exam, so I had panic attacks wich stayed (and stay) with me for a long time after that. My father basically didn't even care, thought it was nothing, etc. But in the end, I graduated, it was all fine.
I moved to the capital for my studies and finally felt... Alive? Definitely a bit safer and much free than before. Like a dog finally getting out of leash haha
Depression and anxiety have been with me since childhood, but this time it got the best of me so the first semester of uni is the one I'm not very proud of. Didn't attend much of the classes, didn't study, and so on.
Now I'm in my fourth semester, my parents decided on buying an apartment near a bigger train station so that me and 2 other girls could live here. Since it's not yet complete, only I live here, but even though I live near the station, even the university is 30 minutes of transportation away, I do not under any circumstances want to go home. I'm an introvert, to be honest, I don't even have the motivation and energy to go to university sometimes. I do go, and I enjoy it very much, but I feel like I'm a huge failure of a human, can't study, I'm not fun to be with and so on. The exams, the stuff we have to learn and the homeworks are just so much I can barely keep up. Finally I managed to create a fairly good schedule when to do homeworks, relax a bit etc, but all I care about is the university with the homeworks because that's everything I have energy for.
I forget calling my parents, and to be honest, I don't want to talk with them because i feel like if I do, I always get back into the controlled situation. I get nervous, and even with my mother and brother I get very awkward.
To sum it up, I didn't have a normal childhood, always had to take responsibility and my subconscious just wants to live through that phase now. I want to be free, call my relatives when I feel I have enough energy for them and aside from that, just live life. But this "not even having a conversation" situation is why my parents say I'm a brat, unfaithful and so on. Yes, I have been brat like for a long time, that is true.
(Sorry for the long story!!)
Am I The [email protected]?
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2023.04.01 12:48 ZeroTopDog Regen limited halfway down a steep curvy mountain

2023 M3P. Charge to 90%. precondition at 8:45pm. Leave my house at 9pm and it takes around 10 minutes to reach the top of the mountain @81% charge. Lots of full regen going down. About halfway down my regen get cut in half.
This way not true before the last software update. I notice after the update that my preconditioning was turned off so I thought that was the problem, but it seems to be something else as when i turned it back on I still had limited regen. Temperature outside was 54F. About 3 minutes after I hit the bottom of the mountain the limited regen light will go off.
Is their some setting I need to turn back on? I'm not sure what changed
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2023.04.01 12:48 SbinallaBronto Target Schools for MBB/T2 Middle East

Hello lovely folks,
I'm doing my due diligence on 3 schools that I'm interviewing for: INSEAD, IESE, HEC.
I'm aware that INSEAD is top dog for consulting but how would you rank IESE vs HEC? And how far behind are both to INSEAD?
I've been analyzing their employment reports and speaking with alumni but thought I'd ask the hive mind of MBA.
Hard to filter out the # of consultants who worked in Middle East before MBA, trying to compare # of first time candidates to consulting in Middle East.
I'm a native English & Arabic speaker and hold dual citizenship of a European & Arabian country.
Background is in Finance, CFA charterholder, extensive ECs & 740 GMAT.
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2023.04.01 12:48 Saywhat999123 How is dating going?

I ended a long term relationship 2 years ago at the height of Peri. I’m now trying to get back on the horse 🤣 and it’s been very interesting. Have men always been this slow and bad listeners? I’m gluten intolerant so I told my date I will pass on the bread basket, then my mashed potatoes and his pizza arrived and he kept insisting I should have a bite because I don’t know what I’m missing. (Bloating, gas and explosive diarrhea) next he wanted to go cycling next weekend, I told him I hate cycling, the way the tiny sit shoves up your bum and cycling triggers my sciatic nerve pain. NEXT 🫰🏾
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2023.04.01 12:48 Optimal_Following_44 free online chat with astrologer in hindi

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2023.04.01 12:48 TightAsF_ck Some Offers Pay More Elsewhere The More BeerMoney is More BeerMoney MegaList

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2023.04.01 12:47 rezarouf5 Hahahahah Gulf News actually printed Emirates' April Fool joke! Emirates literally said “Captain Jack Shallow” and GN posted that 😂

Hahahahah Gulf News actually printed Emirates' April Fool joke! Emirates literally said “Captain Jack Shallow” and GN posted that 😂 submitted by rezarouf5 to dubai [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 12:47 bdrmlk In Awe of My First Post on this Sub Compared to My Life Today

Wow. I was just going through my profile and found that my first post was on this thread 3 years ago. Detailing how frustrated I was with myself and my shame, from growing up in poverty and trying to navigate college surrounded by students with much more well off backgrounds than my own. I just wanted to give you all an update.
I’ve actually been in awe this past week by how much my life has changed. I graduated school with honors on full scholarship. I gained experience as a lab director, vaccine specialist, and COVID-19 research team lead all while in school. I became so comfortable balancing my part time warehouse job with my internships, school, and research that once I graduated and began working full time, I didn’t know what to do with myself! So while I had a full time job in a field I love, in my free time I got my bartending license, and started bartending as a hobby. ( I guess as someone who grew up poor, I had a hard time having a hobby that didn’t support me in some way.) For the last year since I’ve graduated, I’ve been working about 80 hours a week, which felt like nothing compared to college. With my two jobs, I was making 6 figures.
In high school I busted my ass at my part time job to save up $500 cash to buy my first car. It was a death trap that would shut off while driving.
This past week I used my excellent credit score, savings, and phenomenal haggling skills to purchase a BRAND NEW car. A 2023. Every day I sit in my car and I can’t even believe it’s mine.
Growing up my grandparents adopted me from a foster home when they really couldn’t afford another child. I always felt so guilty for the financial burden I put on them.
Over the last year or so my grandfather who raised me was diagnosed with lung cancer. I picked up extra bartending shifts and began paying for my grandparents medications, food, bills, whatever they needed. I can finally take care of them. And my grandfather just went into remission this week.
And in the last couple of weeks I just accepted a new job in my field that pays nearly 6 figures on its own. I can quit bartending if I want to! Or not, and boost my savings even more.
I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging, I am just in absolute awe at what my life has become. I never in a million years thought I would be this financially independent and successful, let alone just a year after graduating college.
I’m so, so grateful for where I am today and how far I’ve come. And I’m so grateful for how difficult my childhood was growing up poor, it taught me extremely valuable lessons.
My friends will see how hard I’m working and say “You’re crazy! How do you have that work ethic?” And I just kind of laugh to myself and think, compared to all the shit I’ve been through, this is easy.
Thank you for listening.
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2023.04.01 12:46 ScorpionoxVoid 📈 Here are the top spot gainers on Toobit during the past 24 hours. Which one are you trading? 🧐

📈 Here are the top spot gainers on Toobit during the past 24 hours. Which one are you trading? 🧐 submitted by ScorpionoxVoid to toobit [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 12:46 vixnlyn Help 💀

playing gwen top is so depressing sometimes. enemy locks in vayne and i instantly regret queuing up 😟 anyone got tips on how i can win against that dirty champ. Like its the only matchup i struggling in i swear
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2023.04.01 12:46 ZelZal98 Becoming a 4* sucks, but I feel like becoming Dendro is an upgrade

This might annoy some Geo mains or people who actually find Geo fun, but I feel like Kirara being Dendro has at least given her the possibility of being a more rounded out character instead of being forced into one specific niche like being Geo might have caused her.
Most Dendro characters can end up being decent just due to their ability to apply Dendro, meaning being Dendro essentially means Kirara, even though she is supposedly a 4* now, is at least guaranteed to function, and on top of that if those leaks about her kit end up being correct, then I feel like she could be a really nice option for most Dendro teams.
At the end of the day, even if she isn't the greatest, Nilou will still make her a decent character to use with her anyway, especially if Kirara ends up being a shielder.
TL:DR Random guy on reddit thinks Dendro cat girl being Dendro instead of Geo is pretty pog, but the demotion to 4* does sting a little.
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2023.04.01 12:46 hgk6393 Food Culture and Business in the NL - What's missing?

I have been living in the Netherlands for a few years. Previously I have lived in East Asia and the United States. I have some observations on the food culture in the Netherlands -
What are your thoughts?
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2023.04.01 12:46 danbearpig2020 Camino Catalan

Camino Catalan
This is my second Camino (1st was the Frances from SJPDP in 2019) I was originally going to do Del Norte but decided since I'm already in Barcelona and have plenty of time, that I would start here. It's surprisingly well marked, almost entirely arrows with a few small signs. The trails up to Montserrat are closed for 48 hours of course so I'll just have to take the train to the top (aw shucks).
My anticipated route is via the Catalan to the Ebro route south of Zaragoza, to the Frances at Logroño, then at Santo Domingo de la Calzada I'll go backwards on the Ignaciano route until it crosses the Bayona route and take that to Irun....then I'll begin my del norte to the primitive to Santiago de Compostela and finish in Muxia. The total length should be about 1,400 km taking I'm guessing 2 months. Should be fun, right?
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2023.04.01 12:45 LotzApservices Ionic App Development Agency Florida Innovative Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

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2023.04.01 12:45 Optimal_Following_44 love problem solution without money

love problem solution without money If you are looking for a free astrology consultation on WhatsApp, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about getting a free astrology consultation on WhatsApp. We will also provide you with a list of some of the best astrologers who offer free consultations on WhatsApp.
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2023.04.01 12:45 amazitemscm Top Health And Beauty Product Online Store: Top Facts That You Must Know

Top Health And Beauty Product Online Store: Top Facts That You Must Know
You can buy outdoor and sports items online by choosing the most reliable and trustworthy online stores. The top health and beauty product online store is the right choice for everyone who keeps looking for various types of beauty and health-related products for many purposes. There are many things that you must be aware of if you are buying outdoor and sports items online for the very first time. The best thing about the top health and beauty product online store is that people can enjoy its benefits for the long term without chaos. There are many things that people may not be aware of if they have no idea how beneficial online stores can be for them if they are searching for the most affordable outdoor and sports items online. Are you someone who keeps struggling for the best top health and beauty products online? If Yes. This blog is the most reliable and trustworthy destination where people can learn how health, and beauty product online stores can help in the best manner.

Top Health And Beauty Product Online Store
Online stores are always more effortless for all the lazy people who don’t like visiting hectic offline stores. Online stores can make all the products accessible in the virtual world, which makes online stores more renowned. It is very important for everyone to understand the exact meaning of online stores before they explore their effects and outcomes. Generally, online stores work in a virtual manner and world as their whole working mechanism is virtually designed. The online stores are extremely simple to access, especially if you have the right virtual expertise or understanding. There must be many people who may not have accessed or used the virtual stores and may find it difficult to use the virtual store. Don’t worry! You can easily access and use the online website or stores as the websites guide their customers pretty well. The best thing about the outdoor and sports items online store is that people can claim its benefits for the long term without chaos or issues. Many websites may offer good products, but you should always go for the best online stores for an exceptional experience.
Nowadays, people always look for the best product quality as nobody likes spending money on poor quality products. The quality and price of the products play an important role in the overall durability of the products that you get. Therefore, you should always get top-quality products that can last for the long term and that you can use in the best manner. Beauty and health are two important aspects of human life that all humans always care about. All beauty and health products should be top-notch as they will have a huge impact on the overall life of the person. The type and kind of products that someone uses will have a huge impact on the overall life of humans. Hence, people should always choose the right type of products that can be beneficial for people in many ways. Go ahead! And claim the top benefits of outdoor and sports items online and top health and beauty products online store if you want the best experience.
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