Ninja Creami Base + Flavors

2022.06.14 17:37 S1R_R34L Ninja Creami Base + Flavors

I've been experimenting with getting the perfect Ninja Creami base recipe, and I think I've gotten pretty close. The specific ingredients/brands I chose were ones I found to be most cost effective.
And that's it, just blend and freeze for at least 12 hours (preferably 16+). I almost never use just the base recipe though because it needs more flavor. For some flavors like the one's below, you can just add some easy to find ingredients to increase the flavor. For others, I use extracts. I've found extracts to be the best way to easily add flavor, just make sure to not add too much. In the US, McCormick makes some good quality, easy to find extracts for flavors like Vanilla, Mint, and Coconut. I've also tried Bakto's Butter Pecan which works really well, and I've ordered some Amoretti flavors to try too (they are pretty expensive, though). One brand I unfortunately cannot recommend is OliveNation. All of the extracts I've ordered from them have tasted....awful. Maybe try their flavor fountains though
Flavors not needing extracts (although I often add a 1/2tsp of vanilla extract to these flavors, just because) These are to my taste preference so you may need to adjust:
You can basically add anything (fruits, sauces, powders, etc. to the base to create any flavor you want. With extracts, any flavor will have less than 250kcal per pint.
For those without a Creami, the base and all flavors will also work as Protein Fluff. Just omit the water, and use 300g ice cubes and only a 1/2cup of whatever liquid you want. Then follow the same process as this recipe:
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2021.04.06 02:37 Reasonable-Quarter-1 My favorite recipe sources!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share three really great bloggers that I follow, a few of their recipes that I've had on weekly rotation, and open the floor up to suggestions from other people too!

  1. Lauren Fit Foodie:
I am NOT a fan of the desserts on this blog, but the following non-dessert items have been awesome:
and the one dessert I do like (this is a recipe for protein "fluff"/ice cream). I make it almost every day.

I follow her on insta too, and she has such a great personality, and awesome relationship with food. Big fan.

2) Katie Crokus
Follow the links on the website above. My favorites are the chicken and brocolli bake, rainbow chili, and the chicken and tomato stew. My absolute favorite is the ZPO bar (zuchinni pumpkin oat bar). They are 1 cal/gram and give all regular baked goods a run for their money.

3) Emyogifit
So....even if you aren't a female body builder you'll probably like her stuff. Shes got tons of fun desserts, cauliflower oat tutorials, my favorite dinner recipe from her is by far the bbq bowl.

But yeah! I thought I'd share. I used to follow a ton of food accounts on insta that didn't really resonate with my volume eating ways. I'd always look at their stuff and be like, "ok....soooo....wheres the rest of the food? how are you not eating the walls behind you?!?!" These guys normalize the volume a little bit, and also show how awesome your results can be if you stick to it!
So what are your favorite accounts to follow?
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