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2023.03.21 06:29 Karvier I found a diary written in Manchus language, it was written by a ordinary soldier who served in a Manchus-Mongol combined force in 16th century. I never have heard of something like this before. So I have translated part of it to English with original Manchu text and my own commentary in bold text.

Some quick background: This diary was written by a Manchu soldier who served in a combined unit of Mongols and Manchus , he was sort of like a nowadays squad leader, for he had 4 soldiers under his command. The diary itself covered a period of roughly 3 years: from the New year's day of 1680 to 1682, and it mainly focused on the author's military career during the Manchu conquest of the southern China. Although as you can probably tell, the author himself was not exactly the most educated and bright guy on the earth and due to the nature of his job this diary's narration suffered badly from many huge gaps, it was a really unique and valuable piece of historical source.
In the reign of Elhetaifin khan(the original text omitted this title here, yet the author did use Khan to address his monarch in the later part of the dairy), in year 19, the canary monkey year of the Manchu calendar.
The new year‘s day: General Manggitv(this is apparently either a spelling mistake or a nickname, since this general's name was actually Manggitu as we can find from the later part of the diary and other history sources) led his councilors,janggins (a Manchu military title)and local officials to the city of Nan ning fu (The word fu already means city in Chinese , but the author,as a Manchu, clearly was unaware of it and he probably thought it is a part of the city’s name. So in the original text he wrote Nan ning fui hoton, in which hoton means city in Manchus,thus it could be translated as the city of Nan ning city). They entered the Dung Yoo miyoo(meaning the temple of eastern mountains in Chinese) and made a dedication to the divine. The subordinates of the councillors prostrated themselves to each other to show their courtesy. By the time of the festival, the janggins of the eight banners and soldiers started to eat and drink, even those armoured bayaras(one of the most elite Manchu military units) went on the street, they got some women’s clothes and wore them themselves to pretend like women, and they sang along with those who were singing the song of Doo yang ke (again, ke already means song in Chinese, and the author was not aware of that. I think making this kind of mistake twice probably suggests the author has no knowledge of the Chinese language.)to entertain themselves. The image of the old men (sakdasa in the original text, which probably refers to the author’s parents) emerged in my heart, fuck.
25th,February: Shang zhi xin(a Chinese dynast who serves the Manchus), the mighty conqueror general, the king who pacified the south; along with Manggitu,the general of the south theatre; Ecu, the general of Jiangning; Lebei and Hife, the counsellor and lord of the banner; and Ehene, the vice janggin, met together to hold a war council on the best method to enter and conquer Yun nan(a province in southwestern China).The plan was made, and it was decided that we should initiate the invasion next winter. I sewed a tent and saddle for my horse(not sure what exactly that means,do horses need tents?) and also fixed my weapons.
3rd,March: Mang(this time for sure a nickname of general Manggitu, potentially coined by the author himself) said there was a decree issued from the khan’s court…..(the content of the decree was too long and rather irrelevant, so I did not translate it). I took some time to finish the necessary maintenance.
5th,March: The date of departure was approaching, so an order was given to us to prepare our weapons.
6th,March: Ganduhai and other low-ranked janggins strictly inspected the quantity of the horses. The message of Ma qiyang yen’s rebellion against us was delivered to our camp again, he was the Chinese governor of Bin jeo.
13th,March: General Mang(nickname of Manggitu) selected 3 bayaras from each niru(the manchu equivalent of battalion, roughly 300 men strong), and he handled this force to Hife, the lord of the banner, and Ehene, the janggin of the flag(apparently Mr Ehene got recently promoted). Hife also had 5 regiments of Chinese auxiliary forces under his command, each of which was 1000 men strong . With this army, he was ordered to fight the above-mentioned rebel Ma Qiyang Yen, and he then marched towards the direction of Bin jeo.This day my eight horses(the author forgot to use plural form and accusative case here,I assume it was due to his depression)were stolen by thieves. My heart feels so heavy. After reporting this to the general, the general informed the officials and the civilians about this matter, and an investigation was initiated; it turned out to be fruitless.
16th,March: General Ecu reached Nanning city(I assume the author was learning Chinese, since this time he did not say the city of Nanning city again)from the county of Yung Mvn by water.
20th,March: The military horse from Yung Mvn also reached our camp. The general ordered to allocate these military horses from Yung mvn among those armored soldiers who did not have one. At that time (the couriers) did not want to surrender the horses, so (the general) scolded the leaders of every regiment, calling them weak. General Mang gathered all those janggins of the camps together and told them: "Why have those horses still not been allocated as ordered? You were ignoring my orders! It was not even something hard to do, yet you refused to follow it! Now, go and bring those horses to the city, they are government property! " Then the matter was finally settled.
25th,March: We departed from Nanning city and I was leading a squad of four soldiers in a niru. Mang the general and Lebei, Hife the lord of the banner, led the army, aiming to reach Liu zhou. We marched past the Jing ceng sy(a Chinese temple) and Kun lun pass.
In five days, we marched 170 ba(a Manchu unit of length, each ba equals roughly 500 meters)
30th,March: We reached Bin Jeo; first, we met the Bayara force; then, I and my squad were allocated to the ranks of the Aliha force(it is a combined force of Mongol and Manchu soldiers.The word Aliha means "those who are in charge").We then formed a new platoon.
1st,April: A servant of my platoon mate Hooxan distributed some beef among us. These beef meats were acquired through killing some random natives. This was discovered by the general’s own armoured guards. He called me and other squad leaders to his tent, then he asked us to sit down and comforted us with his kind words. I felt so ashamed. In the end, we were all punished, Ganduhai was sentenced to a fine of three months' salary, I and the vice janggin Dandai were sentenced to a fine of six months' salary. Bosoku (a Manchu military title, refers to a low-ranking cavalry officer) was sentenced to 70 strokes of the cane. Hooxan from the Booju niru,who was the master of the servant, was sentenced to 80 strokes of the cane. The servant was sentenced to 100 strokes of the cane.
4th, April: The rations of the army were running out, so the general decided to move the camp. We moved to a place that was 15 ba away from Bin Jeo. We were ordered to search for food in every nearby village and to hull rice plants if we could find any. I sent the children of my servant to the village,(they)discovered some rice plants hidden by the villagers in their basements, (we)dug a hole in the ground to hull the rice.
6th, April: The Chinese auxiliary force was ordered to build a temporary bridge on the river near Bin Jeo.
8th, April: A decree was issued by the ministry:"Prince kemungge and Brother king Shang zhi xin(previously mentioned Chinese dynast who supports Manchu rule) ,please(the original text was,quite surprisingly, using operative mood) meet together, then use your joint force to attack Ma qiyang yen’s force.General Manggitu, why have you not launched the campaign to enter and conquer Yun nan? You need to explain this to us immediately" Then we heard again the rumour that Hai Qing county,Jin Men, and Xia Men of Fu Jian province were conquered by our empire.
13th,April: Once again, a scolding message was sent from the ministry, asking us to enter and conquer Yun nan.
16th,April:Since the servant of the soldier( probably referring to the Hooxan incident)harmed the local people, a decree that barred all soldiers from leaving their post was issued.
19th,April: We crossed the river near Bin jeo, marching 15 ba, and then we established our camp at a place called Too deng near Xa Moo San. I made a small shack for myself with grass. This day the brother king(Shang zhi xin) sent a letter to our camp:" governor Jin (a Chinese) is leading the marine force and traveling by water with 23 boats. I myself am currently dwelling with military governor Jelken. We shall start to move with our force on April 15th. I pray that your excellency could capture Lai Bin County; if not, I will go and capture Vsiowan County. I hope I can meet you at that place. I wish we could then discuss whether we should wait for Prince Kemungge or simply attack Liu zhou with our own force." And the mighty baturu, the man born for war, the governor of Yun Gui, general Zhao liang dong( a Chinese general who served in Manchu army, he was greatly respected by the author)also sent a secret message to our camp: "The leader of the rebels Wu san gui, Wu guo gui were now dead. The ones left were Wu ying qi, ,Wu Shi Fan, and Hu Gui Zhu. They were nothing but a bunch of incompetent dollards and their morale was already shattered. This is the time to conquer Szechuan! Four(armies)need to conduct attacks together, we shall capture all their land, and it will be done in one strike!" I heard it carefully and respectfully.
23th,April: The war council decided to capture Lai Bin first. Thus, an order to prepare a ration of one month’s worth was issued. I ordered someone to dig a hole in the ground to hull the rice plants.
28th,April: The soldiers were sent out to collect enemy intelligence. I also went out with them.
29th,April: I was sick, I puked.
1st, May: Prince Elhe himself was leading his army back to the north, it was said they were going back to Beijing, I went out to follow him, but contrary to my wish, I failed to go back, fucking frastrute(author made a spelling mistake here, and it was followed by a large gap period, so he was probably super fed up).
7th, May: The rebel leaders from Yun nan,namely Fan Qi Han and Jan Yang, joined forces with Ma Qiyang yen and crossed the river near Lai Bin. We heard that they stopped near the Da Xi Bridge. General Mang ordered all the men to stay within the camp and build fortifications. My troops also participated in building the defences, and they were all complaining.
13th, May: The hostile force was approaching, they stopped at a place 5 ba away from us and set up camp on a monticule. General mixed the Chinese auxiliary forces and our own forces together in order to defend the camp. I was personally patrolling the camp with my full-set of armour on for the entire day.
15th,May: Subordinates of the rebel Ma qiyang ye, fake general Ma qiyang lei, and Rao yi lung,together with the rebel’s fake generals Fan qi han and Jan yang from Yun nan challenged us with more than 10 thousand soldiers. They arranged many anti-horse obstacles and large barriers near Too Deng. The army of the enemy itself was drawn up in a four-line formation and was equipped with many muskets and elephants. Seeing this, General Mang ordered every subcamp to select 1 janggin and 10 armoured soldiers to secure the luggage. Then the rest of the army went out to fight the enemy. Our army was marshalled as follows: "Hife, the lord of the banner, stood at the front of the first line to coordinate the attack. The troops in the second line were commanded by Masita. The first line, in the meantime, was commanded by Ehene. The flank troops of the left wing were commanded by Lebei. In front of the whole army, the general placed the Chinese auxiliary force and their artillery." The enemy rushed towards us; they broke through our first line like it was nothing, and the Chinese could not stop the charging enemy, so they fled from the battle. Seeing this, the banner men from plain red and plain yellow organised two simultaneous attacks with great passion; they penetrated the enemy line, creating two gaps. Yet the enemies fought unyieldingly; they reorganised and concentrated all their forces to strike towards us, ignoring the plain red and yellow bannermen at their flank. Our troops could not stop them, so we started to retreat scatteredly. I saw it all myself, how they drove the bannermen from the bordered blue banner to their anti-horse obstacle. But all of a sudden, the bannermen being chased stopped, and a series of strange "picyang" sounds came from the enemy's direction. Then I saw the soldiers of the first line somehow managed to drive the elephants towards us while the military standards of the bordered yellow banner’s bayara janggin Valda and aliha army(the unit author belonged to)’s vice bosoku( the bosoku himself was probably still recovering from the cane stroke) Ulehi were seized by the enemy. At that time, the soldiers of the second line, including me, saw hardly any option but to shoot desperately towards those beasts. They were charging us from all directions, so we had to shoot while standing back to back, and the elephants looked like hedgehogs. When the elephants acted like grey fishes,(elephants) fled away. My heart felt really strange at that instance, and I could not stop it from beating like crazy. The hostile army then left the plain and retreated to the forest on the mountains. They again arranged some anti-horse obstacles there later that day. We did not fight them again, for our forces went back to the camp to spend the night while defending our fortifications.
Original Manchu text:
Elhe taifin i sohon bonio juwan uyuci aniya,aniya biyai ice inenggi,jiyanggiyvn Manggitv,hebei ambasa,geren janggisa,bana i hafasa be gaifi,Guwangsi Nanning fui hoton i Dung yoo miyoo i dolo isibufi doroloho.Ambasa juwe galai hafasa ishunde hengkilehe.Aniya i ucuri jakvn gvsai janggin cooha gemu jeme omime,bayara uksin i beye giyade,hehe adali miyamifi,Doo yang ke uqun ba uculeme efihe. Mini dolo sakdasa be gvnime alixaha.
Juwe biyai orin sunja de,horon be badarambure amba jiyanggiyvn,juergi be necihiyere wang Xang jy sin,juergi be tuwakiyara jiyanggiyvn Manggitu,Giyangning ni jergi babe tuwakiyara jiyanggiyvn Ecu,hebei amban gvsai ejen Lebei,Hife,meireni janggin Ehene se Yvn nan be gaime dosire jalin hebe aqafi,tuweri dosimbi seme toktoho.Bi morin be ulebume maikan enggemu agvra hajun be dasataha.
Ilan biyai ice ilan de.Dergici wasimbuha Mang....... Mini gamara yaya jaka be gemu dasataha .
Ice sunja de dosire inenggi hanci oho,agvra hajun be sadata seme selgiyehe,
Ice ninggun de Ganduhai buyarame janggisa morin i ton be qiralame baicaha.Bin jeo i jy jeo hafan Ma qiyang yen be ubaxaha seme nurhume boolanjiha.
Juwan ilan de jiyanggiyvn Mang gusai ejen Hife,tui janggin Ehene de emu nirui ilata bayara,dahame dailara sunja ing ni sunja minggan niowanggiyantv cooha be bufi, neneme ubaxaha hvlha Ma qiyang yen be dailame Bin jeo baru jurambuha.Tere inenggi mini jakvn morin hvlha bufi,mini doro alixame,jiyanggiyvn de alara jakade,Jiyanggiyvn sunja ing ni hafasa,irgen de selgiyafi baicabuha,naranggi bahaakv....
Juwan ninggude jiyanggiyvn Ecu,cooha gaifi yungmvn hiyan ci quwan tefi,nan ning de jihe.Orin de yungmvni choohai morisa isinjiha,Jiyanggiyvn gisun morin akv uksinsade yunmvni albani morin be tatame gaifi bu seme。tatarade lak seme burakv ofi,genere kvwaranda be uhuken seme dangsifi.jiayanggiyvn Mang,tuwakiyara kvwarani dajanggisa be gajifi,morin be burakvngge adarame emke hono famxame yabuki serakv jilerxembi,te uthai albani morin be bu seme,morin be tatame gaifi genere cooha de icihiyame buhe.
Orin sunjade bi jiyanggiyvn Mang,gvsai ejen Lebei,hife sebe dahame. Emu nirui duite ton i cooha be gaifi,Nanning fuci,Lio Jeo baru jurafi yabume,Jing ceng sy be dulefi,Gunluwan guwan be tucifi.
Sunja inenggi emu tanggv nadanju babe yabufi.Gvsin de bin jeo de isinafi,neneme geneje bayara be acafi,aliha cooha be acabufi emu meyen obuha.
Duin biyai ice de,mini jalani Booju nirui Hooxani kutele,gvwa i waha irgini ihani yali be dendefi gaijirede,Jiyanggiyvni gocika uksin de nambufi,Jiyanggiyvn,mimbe,kvwaran i da be gamafi,qaqari de tebufi,sain gisun i neqihiyere de,be yertehe.Weile gisurefi,Ganduhai ilan biyai funglv,mimne arahai janggin dandai be ninggun biyai funglu faitame,bosokv be nadanjv,kutelei ejen hooxan be jakvnju,kutule be tanggv tantaha.
Uheri coohai jetere bele lakcafi,ice duide jiyanggiyvn ing gurime,Binjeo ci tofohon bai dubede genefi ing ilifi,teisu teisu gaxan de bele baisu,handu be niohu seme selgiyehe.Bi booi juse be gaxan de unggifi,eye fatame handu baifi gajifi,na be sangga arafi bele niuhuhe. Ice ninggude Bin jeo i bira be fukiyoo ca seme,niowanggiyan tu de afabuha.
Ice jakvn de jurgan ci unggihe bithede:“Ubaxaha hvlha Ma Qiyangyen be kemungge wang anda wang Xang jysin ni emgi acafi dailakini,jiyanggiyvn Manggitu si yvn nan be dailame dosika akv babe hvdun boola sehebi!” Geli fugiyan i goloi Haiqing hiyan,Gin men,Hiya men i jergi babe baha seme donjiha.
Juwan ilan de geli Yvnnan be gaime dosi seme hacihiyara bithe isinjiha. Juwan ninggude cooha kutule be irgen be nungnembi seme,gemu karun ci ume tucibure seme fafun i bithe selgiyehe. Juwan uyun de Bin jeoi bira be doofi,tofohon ba yabufi.Xa moo sani ebele Too deng sere babe ing iliha.Bi orhoi tatan araha.Anda wang ni yabubuha bithede: Dzungdv Gin mukei cooha be gaifi,juwan ilan de quwan be jurambi. Mini beye, tidu Jelkeni emgi cooha be gaifi, tofohon de olhon be jurambi.Laibin hiyan be wesihun jiyanggiyvn gaisu,bi vsiowan hiyan be gaifi, dere aqafi hebdeki.Eici kemungge qin wang be aliyafi Lio jeo fvbe gaire,eici musei cooha uthai Lio jeo fvbe gaire babe ebxeki sehebi.Yvn guii dzungdu baturu bodohonggo jiyanggiyvn Joo liyangdung ni wesimbuhengge:Fudaraka hvlha U sangui,U guwegui bucihe, funcehe U ingki,U xifan,Hv guwejv,Maboose gemu silhi meijehebi,muten akv urse.Ere Suquwan be baha ucuri,duin jugvni sasa Yvn gui be gaime dosici, emgeride toktobuci ombi seme.narhuxame wesimbuhe seme donjiha.
Orin ilan de Laibin i baru ibembi seme gisurefi nakaha,emu biyai jetere bele niohu seme selgiyehe.Bi eye fetebume handu baifi, bele niohuhe.Orin jakvn de hvlha i mejige be gaime,cooha unggirede,bi genehe bihe.Orin uyun de mini beye fudame nimehe.Sunja biyai ice sunja de, elhe qin wang ni beye cooha gaifi, Beging ni baru bederehe seme donjifi,bi elhe wang be dahame tucifi, elemangga bahafi bedererakv seme kusucehe.Ice nadan de Yvn nan ci jihe hvlha Fan qihan,Jan yang ni cooha, Ma qiyangyen i cooha Lai bin i bira be doofi, Da xikiyoo de iliha seme donjifi, Jiyanggiyvn Mang geren de selgiyefi ing be akdulara de, mini beye cooha be kadalame dobori dulime keremu ulan weilehe.Coohai urse gasaha.
Juwan ilan de hvlha ibeme jifi,bakcilame sunja bai dubede,alin be gaime ing iliha.Jianggiyvn,niowanggiyan tvbe musei cooha de kamcibume keremu tuwakiyabuha.Mini beye dobori inenggi a(u)ksilehei jucelehe.Tofohon de ubaxaha hvlha Ma qiyangyeni fejergi holo Jiyanggiyvn Ma qiyang liyei,Rao i lung,Yvn nan ci jihe hvlha i holo jiyanggiyvn Fan qihan,Janyang uheri tumen funqere hvlha be gaifi, ing be afanjime hanci latunjifi, Too deng ni bade hiyahan kalka miyoocan sufan duin be faidafi ambarame jihe be.Jiyanggiyvn Mang ing toome emu janggin,juwan uksin be werifi,uheri amba cooha be gaifi tucifi,cini dere de hife,masitai be jai meyen i cooha be gaifi faida,ici ergi xaksiha de Ehene uju meyeni cooha be gaifi faida.Hashv ergi xaksiha de lebei xaksiha meyen i cooha be gaifi faida seme afabufi.Niowanggiyan tvbe juleri sindafi,ibeme poo sindame,hvlha uthai fondolome latunjifi,niowanggiyan tv alime muterakv axxame.Gulu suwayan gulu fulgiyan juwe hontoho fakcame angga arame ba buhe.Hvlha bireme emu dalgan i fondolofi,baksalafi bedererede,tuwaci jebele galai baru siribume kubuhe lamun, hvlhai hiyahani hanci ilinaha. Hvlhai piciyang turi tashara adali sindambi . Tuwaqi uju meyen i qooha sufan be birebufi , kubuhe suwayan i bayara janggin walda tu , aliha qooha i funde bosoku ulehi i tu gaibuha,sufan halgime jai meyen i qooha de nikenjihe be , meni geren i gabdara de ,sirdan sengge bula i adali , sufan de hadara jakade , sufan burulame alin i baru genehe . mini dolo faije(u)me seme gvnime tuksitehe.Hvlha neqin baci ikvme, alin i luku bujan de kurlefi ,yamjitala bakqilame hiyahan faidafi bihe.Musei qooha inu afahakv, ing de bederefi , keremu be akdulame tuwakiyaha.
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2023.03.21 05:49 NuttyBuddy21x Veigar and co.

Hello everyone. I have been dabbling with the midlane as a secondary for when I begin my climb (iron 1 atm). I have enjoyed vex and leblanc in the lane, leaning more towards vex. While her fear makes her a menace when the teams aram mid at 15, there is one thing that annoys me to no end. That is the rod and seraphs combo. It feels like in any lane that the opponent buys rod I just lose. Especially if they buy mercs too. With someone like veigar they get 400 health and more while also having the ap to one-shot you. While I barely phase him with my dodgeable poke. Then they get seraphs and have a shield making a seemingly squishy champ unkillable. In these situations should I be looking to clean up fights rather than engage or is their a better build path than ludens, shadowflame, etc. For these tankier ap champs?
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2023.03.21 02:35 The_ChadTC If Riot's making a "Quick Game" queue, they should make it as casual as ARAM

So, Riot recently said that they are removing blind pick, since no one plays it and the few people that play it are stopping. In it's place they intend on adding a "quick game" queue.
My fear about that is that they are just making it blind pick but you being able to choose your role, I think that would be a waste of a feature. What I think they should do, is essentially ARAM in Summoners Rift (but not random).
The only place in League where you can play recklessly is ARAM. Even in modes like URF or Ultimate Spellbook, you have to be careful about how you play, because if you feed someone, you can make games completely unfun. In ARAM, due to how kills are worth less and how everyone gets constant gold from, it's extremely hard for champions to get fed, so you can pick champions you don't necessarily know how to play, you can go for wacky builds, you can play without worrying about trolling because even if you troll, the game isn't over for you.
However, ARAM has it's limitations. Some champions are straight up unplayable in ARAM simply because the gamemode doesn't provide the situations in which they would excel. If you want to casually 1v1 in sidelane, ARAM is not for that. If you enjoy the 2v2 of the botlane, you don't get that either. Quick game would be an excellent place to provide both that experiences without needing to get into a serious SR game.
In conclusion, many people don't play ARAM because they like to ARAM. Many people play ARAM because it's the only casual game mode league has.
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2023.03.20 23:52 Aramo- Some adivice

Ok, so I love zyra. Know my KDA is bad, but seems like "every time" I get here my team looses. Is it because I farm to many minions or any advice on build here? Thanks in advance fellow aramer
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2023.03.20 20:06 LameOne I heard we were posting bloody games, so I give you 141 deaths in under 18:30.

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2023.03.20 12:13 azizilou Heartsteel is the worst item to ever be introduced to aram

And it's not because it's overpowered or not fun to play against or anything. It's because it's not fun to play with someone building this item.
I swear this fucking item gives whoever builds it some sort of mental disease. They will forgo all logic and reason and their only goal in the game will be stacking hearsteel.
" 1v5? doesnt matter, i died and got 2 hearsteel procs and increase my max hp by a total of 27!!!! Holy value im scaling into the late game. My team just needs to hold on without me for like 40 more minutes! Wait, what did you say? Aram games don't last longer than 25 minutes? Well that can't stop me because i can't read, excuse me now i have to go stack my heartsteel."
Don't get me wrong. It's a good item in the right situation and on the right champions. But holy shit some people build it on EVERYONE and will make it their life's mission to stack it no matter what. They will ruin the early game, bait the team into a bad fight during the mid game, and throw the game late game just so they can stack it a little bit more. This is the nasus top of aram. They just keep stacking and throwing the game just so they can scale into the non-existent late game.
Holy shit i wish this item never got introduced, the heartsteel brainrot is fucking real.
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2023.03.20 11:57 FckinMadman Why everyone sudenly started talking about shaco top?

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2023.03.20 11:36 IB5235 4.1 Jungle Tank Itemization Part III: Nunu and Willump, Sion, and Nautilus

Cover Image
Welcome to the third and final part of this little mini-series of me going through how these new items and changes affected some Tanks and in this part we will be covering Nunu, Sion, and Nautilus.
This will be the last tank champion-specific post until there is a huge demand for one as i'm already making a general tank item guide that's applicable to all tanks while also supporting creative thinking by the community by making their own builds for each of their champions.
For the previous parts, if you haven't already seen them contain:
-Part I - Amumu, Rammus, Singed
-Part II - Dr. Mundo, Shen, Malphite
For those who don't want to read, there is an image hyperlinked to the champion name for an overview of the build path.
So without any further comments, let's begin.
Nunu and Willump
Buffed Early Clear on the first few minutes. Late game buffed hard.
(Starting Item and First Item)
For this whole guide i'll not mention Shimmering Spark anymore since every single tank jungler is using it as a pseudo-Jungle item at this point.
Sunfire Aegis is still the way to go for Nunu as you don't need the extra Armor early game in order to justify Searing Crown first. Good damage, great tankiness, great clear speed and is over all really good first item on all the tanks listed in this part.
(Second Item)
Choose between the following:
Searing Crown
Spirit Visage
Abyssal Mask
(Third Item)
Flex depending on situation:
Force of Nature is optimal for even more MR if you pick Visage or Abyssal as 2nd item. Damage reduction makes this the best MR tank item in the game.
Dead Man's Plate if you are ahead vs Physical damage champs and want to snowball even further.
Thornmail is only used for anti-heal heavy auto attackers like Yone or healing ADC's and is generally better to be left as Bramble Vest until 4th item
Searing Crown if you didn't build it already
(Fourth Item and Last Item)
Again depends:
Spirit Visage is optimal if you don't have it already and can transition into a Mantle last item for the huge heal and scaling from all the HP items.
In general if you already built Visage you should go for Mantle of the Twelfth Hour for the synergy from previous option, now you should go Amaranth's last item for you to be a huge Armor and MR tank.
Randuin's Omen for heavy heavy AD teams and is only situational and should be only used vs 5 AD. Transition into Amaranth's for last item on this route.
Standard Defense boots + Gargoyle's as a general boot purchase for all tanks.
(Rune changes)
Phase Rush and Aftershock is interchangable now because you get less value once Aftershock reaches late game so you can opt for PR for the MS and AH
Late game buff mainly. Early game clear speed a little bit buffed. Less build diversity and is just basically a battle of what third item you get
(First Item)
Shimmering Spark into Sunfire Aegis. The item is too good not to rush on Sion because of his infinitely scaling HP from passive.
If you start Long Sword with PR transition into the Bausen Build.
(Second Item)
For team utility go Frostfire Gauntlet for the slow which helps with chasing and especially for late game teamfights with the huge AoE slow from a combination of Amaranth's and other items that give armor you can expect a huge area like pre-4.1 Rammus.
For carrying the best item to use is Searing Crown as it is dirt cheap with only a 2700 gold cost but gives big value in extended fights as basically a second Sunfire which gives you max HP shred and a high amount of HP and Armor.
(Third Item)
This is all your build diversity :))).
Force of Nature or Abyssal Mask
Randuin's Omen
-Armor Item for 2+ crit champ draft, aka Yasuo or Yone or Crit Yi + Crit ADC like Jhin.
Black Cleaver
(Fourth and Fifth Item)
Always Mantle - Amaranth's for most optimal route since with your HP stacking you make good use of both so effectively especially Mantle which makes you heal like crazy coupled with it's mobility, mainly the Slow Res.
Amaranth's very healthy for build diversity :D.
Defensive or Swiftness depending on the amount of mobility on the other team if the Phage passive would make use of.
Tp for max roams. Gargoyle's for tank Sion, Glory for Bausen AD Sion.
Buffed Late Game, better early Armor Purchase with Searing Crown
(First - Third Item + Additionals)
Start with Sunfire in the Jungle, Frostfire for Top Lane.
Second item for jungle you can choose either Abyssal Mask if vs AP or Searing Crown most games.
Second Item top 100% is gonna be Sunfire.
Third Item in the Jungle is Frostfire for the chasing.
Third item for Top is Searing Crown for AD or Abyssal for AP.
If it sound's confusing refer to the image hyperlinked to Nautilus.
Situationally in Top Lane you can go Warden's Mail if you are vs an Auto Attacker like Jax so you can fare better in the 1v1. Same for Bramble Vest if you are vs something like Aatrox.
(Fourth Item)
If you built the situational items, finish them into Randuin's or Thornmail.
If not choose from the following:
Force of Nature
Dead Man's Plate
Mantle of the Twelfth Hour
(Fifth Item)
Amaranth's Twinguards as always, makes you hella tanky as long as you're not vs Darius, Fiora, Vayne, Master Yi, or Jax lmao.
Still really good.
Conqueror is alright, Grasp is best for Top Lane, Aftershock is fine early for Jungle, Phase Rush is usually the rune you take vs Darius or if you are Jungle.
The golden standard of Gargoyle's + Tabi's/Mercs
And that concludes this final chapter.
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2023.03.19 14:03 Beliriel Someone please give me good reasons to build Shadowflame against 4 melees on ARAM

I'm alright with people playing their champs however they want (play AP Lucian, idc ...) But seriously I don't understand people building Shadowflame vs melee teams, I just don't. It gimps you so extremely hard and is almost completely useless since melee champs get a free +15MR on Aram which from the start of the game almost completely negates the purpose of this item to get ahead. It does have it's place on some assassins and artillery mages than can reliably get their damage into the backline but other than that it's a pure trap item. It has under 100% gold efficiency at base level vs melee champs. Seeing this item brainlessly built on e.g. Azir or Cassiopeia because "tHaT's hOw You dO iT on sUmMonERs rIfT" just instantly makes me see the player as an idiot.
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2023.03.19 13:42 Mr__Quim I feel like Kraken Slayer Jhin is a very reliable build

Everytime I go Jhin ADC on ranked I have the huge urge to buy Kraken Slayer and Berserker's Greaves. In 30 games I have built Galeforce only once. Imo Kraken Slayer fits Jhin very well because AS is converted into more AD and more MS when hitting a crit, and it also has that true damage boost. Normally I go: - Kraken Slayer - Berserker's Greaves - IE - RFC - Dominik's Regards - Runaan's / Phantom Dancer
Idk if this built is pretty good or very bad, but I'd like to contrast opinions.
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2023.03.19 04:02 HentorSportcaster ARAM specific builds?

Most recommended builds on the internet are geared to playing regular games - but some things don't make sense in ARAM, say for example Raynor's Exterminator L1 talent can help pushing in regular but on ARAM your boosted minions are going into a lane that pretty much almost always has enemy heroes.
What are your favorite ARAM-specific builds that you wouldn't usually go for in regular play?
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2023.03.19 00:08 Frkn385 Bork...

I know it should be bad but I just played an Aram against a pretty tanky team with champs like Illaoi, Mundo or Fiora. I thought about trying bork since I often feel like I do zero damage against tanks with the full ap build or the tanky Jaksho Demonic build.
So I played Conq with Jaksho, Bork, Sunfire and was omw to build titanic hydra. It somehow worked really good against them and my Bork did 6k damage in 17 min game.
Has anyone tried this item before? I mean I probably got all adaptive forve converted to ad since I had no ap item. This was probably a big factor in all those fight so I'm not sure if this could work into tanky teams in normal games.
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2023.03.18 16:51 Jragon713 My ideal League of Legends patch notes

I will probably come back to this and edit it as things change.


Summoner Spells




Game Modes


potential other ideas to consider

  • stasis as a summoner spell instead of an item? zhonya's warps mage defensive itemization too much, but they should still have options, so maybe add an ap qss upgrade?
  • a disarming/dodge item maybe? since we already have spellshield items
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2023.03.18 14:17 catatonic_sextoy What’s the best Sett build for Aram?

So Sett is one of my favorite champs in Aram, however because he can be OP he deals -10% less dmg, -10% healing, +10% more dmg taken, -10% shielding and -20 ability haste on ARAM. I feel like the ability haste nerf really sucks early and because of it I usually go goredrinker into black cleaver for the AH. Also is it better to always max W or o you max Q sometimes first?
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2023.03.18 01:16 D0S0A Midlane matchups & build?

I played jhin adc a lot (~500k) before finally dropping him because I dislike playing botlane.
I switched my main role to midlane and its much more fun to play but I miss playing jhin so I decided to give Jhin mid a go.
What matchups should I be avoiding? What matchups should I look forward to?
Also how does the build look? I play fleet and full crit, don't really like going eclipse into crit. Most of the time I play kraken and berserkers into IE but I imagine Galeforce, swifties and maybe rfc 2nd is better against most midlane mages?
Any tips appreciated :)
Note: I don't want to otp him, I don't think that would work in midlane. Just a 2nd pick if the draft is appropriate
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2023.03.17 13:50 AmorVVRAITH i started as AD Garen and changed my build 4 times throughout the 40 min aram game.

i started as AD Garen and changed my build 4 times throughout the 40 min aram game. submitted by AmorVVRAITH to ARAM [link] [comments]

2023.03.17 08:24 keynak ADCs feel like they have 2 mythic items

TLDR: Crit items feels like second mythic for marksmen (must have item), similar when sunfire tank items felt bad on a lot of tanks. In my opinion it would be good to change it too.
Last season every tank was forced to buy Sunfire mythic item which didn't feel good at all. If I take similar approach to crit mythics. It doesn't feel good to have 2 mythic items. I'll explain: Every game every single marksmen build crit modifier. It doesn't matter if it's IE, Navori or Rageblade. At least 2 items are always must have every single game for every single champs in that role. Mythic because of stats and crit modifier because of how important it is to have it. So it makes feel like ADCs have 2 mythic items in some way. I made some post when new mythic came last season but back then riot thought that mythic items are going to be situation items. After a year it is mostly about what item is the strongest right now + champ prefs + player prefs and the last is I'm going to buy Liandry's instead of Luden's because they have a lot of tanks. In my humble opinion I think this trinity should be mythic (IE, Navori and Rageblade) and current mythic's should be changed to regular items because they are not champs+player specific but game specific (to survive, to kill tanks, to have higher mobility if I shortcut the choice). That would cut the feeling that ADCs have 2 mythic items.
Quick look how could champ core build looks if enemy have some default team + counting with 13.6 nerfs: Caitlyn - IE => RF => Galeforce => LW Lucian - Navori => ER => LW // IE => RF => LW Ezreal - ER => Navori => BT Jhin - IE => Collector => RF Xayah - IE => RF => BT/Galeforce Kalista - Rageblade => Hurricane => BT etc.
These changes could look like this: Proclaimer: stats/numbers could be overtuned/undertuned, mythic items could be change totally better way. (I'm not paid for this ) I used multiple different sources for number like gold efficiency, similar items, etc. + mythics have gold efficiency about 10% higher but it can never match real testing. I tried to buff full on-hit crit path more because it's weak right now:
Navori Quickblades - 3400G Noonquiver 1300G + Caulfield's Warhammer 1100G + Cloak of Agility 600G + 400G 60 AD - 2100G 15% AS - 375G 20% Haste - 450G 20% crit - 800G UNIQUE – TRANSCENDENCE: Basic attacks on-attack reduce your basic abilities' current cooldowns by 10% of their remaining cooldowns. UNIQUE – IMPERMANENCE: Your ability damage and proc damage dealt by abilities is increased by 0% − 25% (based on critical strike chance).
Rageblade - 3400G Noonquiver 1300G + Rageknife 800G + Cloak of Agility 600G + 500G 30 AD - 1050G 40% AS - 1000G 20% crit - 800G UNIQUE – SEETHING STRIKE: Basic attacks on-attack grant a stack for 6 seconds, up to 2 stacks. At 2 stacks, the next basic attack consumes all stacks on-attack to trigger a Phantom Hit that applies on-hit effects to the target at 100% effectiveness after a 0.15 second delay. MYTHIC PASSIVE: Convert every 1% critical strike chance into 3 bonus physical damage on-hit, capped at 100% critical strike chance, for a maximum of 300 bonus physical damage on-hit. This damage is affected by critical strike modifiers.
Infinity Edge - 3400G Noonquiver 1300G + Pickaxe 875G + Cloak of Agility 600G + 650G 60 AD - 2100G 30% AS - 750G 20% crit - 800G UNIQUE – PERFECTION: Your critical strike damage is increased by 35% - 45% (based on critical strike chance). MYTHIC PASSIVE: Empowers each of your other Legendary items with 5% critical chance.
Galeforce - 2700G Cloack of Agility 600G + B.F. 1300G + Kircheis Shard 700G + 600G 40 AD - 1400G 15% AS - 375G 20% crit - 800G UNIQUE – CLOUDBURST: Dash to the target location, though not through terrain, and fire three homing missiles at the closest enemy within AA range of you at the end of the dash, prioritizing enemy champions. Each missile slows enemy by 25% for 0.5 seconds and deals 60 − 105 (based on level) magic damage, for 75% slow and 180 − 315 (based on level) damage. (120 second cooldown; 200 - 425 dash range)
Immortal Shieldbow - 3000G B.F. Sword 1300G + StopWatch 700G + Cloak of Agility 600G + 400G 45 AD - 1575 G 20% crit - 800 G UNIQUE – SAVING GRACE: Upon taking lethal damage, you gain a shield that absorbs 35% based health for 3 second. During this time, if you score a takedown against an enemy champion, your health is set to value of the shield. (300 second cooldown)
Kraken Slayer - 3200G Zeal 1000G + B.F. Sword 1300G + 700G 45 AD - 1575G 20 AS - 500G 20% crit - 800G UNIQUE – BRING IT DOWN: Basic attacks grant a stack for 3 seconds, up to 2 stacks. At 2 stacks, the next basic attack consumes all stacks to deal 50 (+ 30% bonus AD) bonus true damage on-hit.
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2023.03.17 04:38 IB5235 ARAM Shenanigans: Lethality Urgot

Cover Image
So with this new patch release we have a new champion, and if you want to try something fun in ARAM with you Bursting people down if you ever hit your E on someone.
Welcome to the 28th edition of ARAM Shenanigans, now featuring Assasin Urgot.
Urgot can be used as an Assasin effectively as long as you know how to close distance with your low mobility, effectively making you a green ball of death when someone even remotely walks close to you.
It is very important you take Flash and Snowball for you to "snowball" effectively. As snowball has low CD gap closer late game if you have CDR boots and Flash because Flash-E combo is nuts. And the R execute suits this build better than Bruiser Urgot
Build Preview
Youmuu's Ghostblade - High stats, but for this build the most important part of this item is the Momentum passive. It feels too good with this build allowing you to catch up to people which Urgot by himself lacks to a certain degree. Also alloes you to do the secret E-Auto-W-Wcancel-Auto-Q-W-Wcancel combo for insane burst.
Edge of Night - Ensures you don't get interrupted when you do your burst combo. Ok item and gives you a fair amount of damage and survivability to compensate for the fact you didn't go Serpent's Fang or Duskblade.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity + Rocketbelt - CDR for Flash and Snowball CD. Rocketbelt is an absolute must for the extra surprise factor.
Serylda's Grudge - They will not escape and allows you to fully use your passive due to you procing it easier with the slow. The Armor pen makes it so you don't need more damage after this and can transition into more Bruisery items.
Death's Dance - AD Armor and the passive that heals you on takedown. Not much to say.
GA - Revive ;-;
Electrocute - The only Rune that works with this build. Until they add HoB this is the best we got.
All Hunter runes for max Value in ARAM.
Additional Notes:
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2023.03.16 22:03 Rockolino01 “It’s just ARAM”

So I just ran 4 ARAM matches and I have no idea how any of my teammates ever won a match against players. It’s usual shit, I know, but still. Dear Gul’dan! If you go E quest + full W build on ARAM, it’s not a huge problem, that’s a great build but please don’t pick it against Mal’Ganis + Imperius + Tychus, you’ll do nothing but make yourself a free target and you won’t be able to use W at all. And when I suggest you thinking twice about usung that build in ARAM in a chill, polite way, please don’t respond “chill, it’s just ARAM”. The match not being ranked doesn’t mean you have to actively try to lower our winning chances, winning is the point of the game, that’s why it’s pvp. Dear Sylvanas: always pick a healer, and forget “we all have selfheal”, having that opinion after you played the beginning tutorial is unacceptable. Dear Zarya! If the Muradin asks you for something, don’t start flaming, but if you do, don’t say “I have more self healing than you, wdym loser?”. Dear Azmodan: full siege build won’t help on ARAM. Thank you for reading my rant. (Yes, these trolls/beginners/idiots were all on different matches, we lost all of them miserably)
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2023.03.16 18:42 Herko_Kerghans By the Numbers – Twenty-Four Best Decks, According to the Latest Data

By the Numbers – Twenty-Four Best Decks, According to the Latest Data submitted by Herko_Kerghans to LegendsOfRuneterra [link] [comments]

2023.03.16 18:41 Herko_Kerghans By the Numbers – Twenty-Four Best Decks, According to the Latest Data

By the Numbers – Twenty-Four Best Decks, According to the Latest Data submitted by Herko_Kerghans to LoRCompetitive [link] [comments]

2023.03.16 16:11 Ancient-Plenty7612 Gale Force VS Kraken Slayer

Hi ADCs I am just now getting into the ADC position as a support playing wanting to learn more about my lane partner.
I really like xayah, mf and cait as of rn. Gale force is a suggested item for all 3, when should I build it? Ik the perks of going Kraken against tanks etc.
Is gale force ever better than Kraken then? Like maybe against a Kalista or jinx or Jhin cause their move speed and dashes?
Just tryna get an idea of which mythic is better. Obvi some champs tylike Jhin are going to pick gale force almost everytime but for AA based champs that build Lethal Tempo.
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