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2023.06.01 22:01 PurpleSolitudes Best Internet Monitoring Software

Best Internet Monitoring Software
SentryPC is a powerful internet monitoring software that allows parents, employers and individuals to monitor and control computer and internet usage. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, SentryPC has become the preferred choice for those who need to keep an eye on computer and internet activity.

In this review, we will take a closer look at what makes SentryPC the best internet monitoring software and why it has become so popular among users.


The first thing that sets SentryPC apart from other internet monitoring software is its comprehensive set of features. Whether you are a parent looking to protect your children from online predators or an employer concerned about productivity, SentryPC has everything you need to monitor and control computer and internet usage.

Free Demo Account Available

Some of the key features of SentryPC include:

  • Keystroke Logging: SentryPC captures all keystrokes typed on the monitored computer, including passwords and chat conversations.
  • Website Monitoring: SentryPC tracks all websites visited by the user, allowing parents and employers to see which sites their children or employees are accessing.
  • Application Monitoring: SentryPC records all applications used on the computer, including the duration of use, providing insight into how time is being spent.
  • Social Media Monitoring: SentryPC monitors social media activity, such as Facebook posts and Twitter messages, giving parents and employers insight into online behavior.
  • Screenshots: SentryPC captures screenshots of the monitored computer, allowing parents and employers to see exactly what the user is doing.
  • Remote Control: SentryPC allows parents and employers to remotely shut down or restart the monitored computer, lock the keyboard and mouse, and even log the user out of their account.
  • Alerts: SentryPC sends real-time alerts when specific keywords are typed or certain actions are taken, such as attempting to access blocked websites.
  • Reports: SentryPC generates detailed reports on computer and internet activity, making it easy for parents and employers to identify trends and patterns over time.

Ease of Use
Another key factor that makes SentryPC the best internet monitoring software is its user-friendly interface. Even if you are not technically savvy, you can easily install and use SentryPC to monitor and control computer and internet usage.
The software is easy to download and install, and once installed, it runs quietly in the background, capturing data without interfering with computer performance. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to quickly access reports, alerts and other monitoring tools.
SentryPC also offers a mobile app, which allows parents and employers to monitor computer and internet activity on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and provides real-time access to all monitoring features.

Free Demo Account Available

Customer Support

SentryPC is committed to providing excellent customer support. Their team of support technicians is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide assistance with installation and troubleshooting.
In addition to email and phone support, SentryPC also offers live chat support, allowing users to get answers to their questions in real-time. They also offer a comprehensive knowledge base, which includes articles, tutorials, and videos to help users get the most out of the software.


SentryPC offers flexible pricing plans to meet the needs of different users. The plans range from $59.95 per year for a single license to $995 for 100 licenses.
The basic plan provides all the essential monitoring features, while the premium plan includes advanced features such as webcam capture and audio recording. Users can also customize their plans by adding additional licenses or upgrading to the premium plan at any time.


Overall, SentryPC is the best internet monitoring software on the market today. Its comprehensive set of features, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support make it an ideal choice for parents, employers, and individuals who need to monitor and control computer and internet usage.
With SentryPC, users can rest assured that they have the tools they need to keep their children safe online, enhance productivity in the workplace, and protect sensitive information from cyber threats.

Free Demo Account Available

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2023.06.01 21:59 MaxAvery [Dreadgod] Max’s “Sure to please everyone” Definitive Cradle Ranking

I started my reread too early and I’ve been bouncing off the walls waiting for the final entry into the series. So I thought I’d recap on our shared journey and bring us all together in harmony.
Although we all know what happened to Harmony.
From the bottom up:

#11 Skysworn

It’s a little weird putting this last since it has one of my favorite openings in the series, but really just because it’s last doesn’t mean it’s bad. It does a good amount of work introducing stuff, we get the phoenix and redmoon, and the Akura clan, Mercy joins the gang, Ruby gets yoinked out, Oz’s Marble gets revealed, it’s not that stuff doesn’t happen, it’s just there’s no sense of purpose in the book. After the Jai Long fight, but after that the only real goal in the book is Yerin wanting to fight Redmoon hall, and then they don’t. All of our main characters are totally sidelined and we’re all sitting around waiting for ghostwater. Even though there’s great individual scenes, it just sort of meanders for the last two thirds of the book so number 11.
Best parts: Jai Daishou’s quest for revenge is seriously one of my favorite bits. Also Lindon just smashing the kid for the Kotai clan. After three books of Lindon hiding and fawning, seeing him go against someone on his own level for once is such a rewarding payoff. He needs a shell though.

#10 Reaper

This is my Skysworn problem all over again. One of the best endings in the series, but it ends a book that kind of wanders around a bit. I don’t mind the dungeon crawl but it gets a little repetitive for me as they go room to room without really giving character payoffs. It’s good to see the evolution of the dynamic between Eithan and Lindon/Yerin, but that change happened over the last two books. Nothing really shifts in the group dynamic and all the accomplishments feel incidental. Lindon makes a big deal about not leaving anyone behind and then immediately is like “Psych!” But also everyone leaves in order to help out in the Valley and they don’t. In fact the whole war in the Sacred Valley feels pretty. . . .meaningless. Like did anything really happen there in the first place? And are we caring about Jai Long or not? It’s nice to see Yerin and Lindon relax for a bit and the Twin Stars sect is fun, but it feels like not quite the right amount of it to be totally satisfying.
Everyone just feels underused. Mercy has always been a few levels behind the gang but managed to contribute important emotional intelligence and insights, here she just feels wasted. Yerin gets some fine slashy slashy bits, but nothing really challenges her this book. Dross’s bits probably are more fun on audiobook, but these personalities kinda grate on me. Also knocked down some extra points for the lack of Fisher Gesha. Dreadgod’s Gesha is right, you have all this time off and a broken Dross and you don’t stop in for a chat? Even Lindon’s advancement feels a little weird with Reigan Shen just scattering out natural treasures for the ambience. Meh.
I actually had this ranked higher but while writing this I had to bring it down. There’s some cool fights, but it just feels like grinding for XP until the end. The Eithan/Shen showdown is great and again the ending is spectacular. But otherwise not as satisfying as the average book.
Best Parts: The Destroyer Has Come (YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!). Also “Let him kick you.”

#9 Unsouled

Unsouled usually gets ranked near the bottom for folks and I really wanted to rank it higher, but it’s hard to compete with the full gang. It’s definitely a book that I need to tell people they have to get past the halfway point, so I suppose that’s a point against it. But also what a great turn in the middle. Will does such a good job setting us up for the generic fantasy genre before going “Oh you thought these were the stakes? A Kid Who’s DifferentTM needs to impress the schools in the Sacred Valley? F*** those stakes. The WORLD IS SO MUCH BIGGER” And honestly the ways he absolutely massacres those tropes are so good. When he joins heaven’s glory and they set him up with rivals that do not matter and months long objectives we never even bother with. The series would not work if we didn’t spend this time with the Unsouled Lindon and watching an actual interesting protagonist cheat to win and beat up kids and grovel his way to survival. It also does such a good job introducing us to the theme of there’s always a bigger pond. It helps make each step of the journey feel that much bigger and more awe inspiring because in this book Will made us feel like these hillbilly antics were actually powerful and impressive feats of the sacred arts. Great intro, lots of good character stuff, bottom of the ranks. Also looking back at it, how did a bunch of jades kill a sage?
Best Parts: Lindon in the Ancestor’s Tomb watches Elder Whitehall enter and look around for traps and feels his first bit of pride in the series. It’s a small moment but it sticks with me. Also Yerin when she enters and is all “The Disciple greets her master.” Also them robbing the lesser treasure hall.

#8 Soulsmith

7 and 8 flip flop a lot for me depending on my mood. Soulsmith is going here today because I think it takes the longest to get going. Besides that though there’s a lot to love in this one. Eithan and Gesha get really terrific, cinematic introductions and there’s a great sense of pacing and stakes in this one. Everything feels tough for the ol’ baby-head man and we get to see both the strengths and limitations of his scheming. Kral/Jai Long are also a really nice set of complex, relatable antagonists. I always appreciate how Will will let you get to know the bad guys and see them as the heroes of their own stories (but just messed up enough to cheer their deaths). Despite the slow start this book is always better than I remember and has a lot of heart in it. It is funny on this read seeing how Ethan is at the beginning. We think about how much Cradle changed him, but really it was Yerin and Lindon. That’s really fun storytelling.
Best Parts: Lindon advancing vs the Sandviper kid advancing sequence is something I always think about when I look back at the series.

#7 Dreadgod

This book slaps. Everyone gets a good amount of spotlight time and the Silent King is a great villain (RIP). On this reread I don’t mind the Jai Long death as much, but I still would’ve liked a scene with Kelsa and Jai Chen afterwards. This end to Jai Long arc kind of makes me wonder about the amount of time we’ve spent on his redemption arc, but if someone has to pay the piper, I’m glad it wasn’t little blue. The rest of the crew really gets to shine even with Eithan off world. The dynamics that have grown over the course of the series are really humming by this point and it’s nice to see different pairings. The heists are fun and the Redmoon Hall stuff is great. So why isn’t this higher on the list? Well Mercy feels a little too much damsel in distress. Once the Silent King is dead, the rest of the book feels a little lower stakes. Even with all the monarchs against the gang it doesn’t feel like there’s too much danger in that last fight. Also again needs more Fisher Gesha. \
Best Parts: That silent king battle is so good. Also the dreadnought city stuff is good. Basically anything to do with the Silent King. “Pew pew”

#6 Uncrowned

Just a few years after the Seven Year Festival Lindon takes the competition stage again. Imagine what he could do to the foundation level Sacred Valley 10 year olds now. These Tournament arcs are always a super fun part of Shonen Animes. And it is a great time the whole way through. Do characters learn things and change? Not so much. But does it have a scene where Lindon absolutely wrecks the Akura Clan’s top underlords? Absolutely. The book does such a good job building up Sophanaroth as the tournament’s boogeyman. That last Yerin/Lindon fight is everything. It’s a break from the serious work of the other books which is why it’s out of the top five, but man I could read the heck out of it.
Best Parts: Anything with Akura Fury, that opening scene with Lindon being tested followed by Yerin vs Eithan.
Odd Part: Sort of feel like this book’s emphasis on Yerin sensing the Way and Lindon not being able to is less misdirection and more…just kinda weird. Like…did Will change his mind? Coulda set Lindon up a little bit and would have made the beginning of Wintersteel feel a little more natural. But eh, no biggie.

#5 Ghostwater

Okay, okay, put away your pitchforks. I know this is a #1 for a lot of people. I get it. I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong. But the thing I love about the series is the great interplay between the characters and they’re all separated here. As a Lindon solo-quest it’s terrific: He does steroids, he does homework, he hangs out in a library, and he goes fishing. It’s great.
My main complaints: Harmony as a villain is a little flat. Every book in this series does a great job setting up the antagonists as fully realized characters, but here Ekeri gets that spotlight and Harmony is just sort of brooding ominously in the distance. Mercy and Yerin spend most of the book on the sidelines hiding. The Endless sword stuff we get with Yerin is nice, but it would’ve been nice to have them bond a little more.
So I know you’re wondering “Hey, Max, if you have so many complaints why is it ranked so high?” and the answer is simple: DROSSSSSSS BAAAAAAAAABY. We also have Fisher Gesha blasting emissaries out of the sky.
More importantly we see Lindon pushed against the ropes and for the first time relying on his own strength and ability to get out of it. Will had such great self-control in letting Lindon be terrible and weak for so long before he gets his legs under him and we get to see him level up not just through pounding the juice, but through his own hard work and ingenuity. It’s such a satisfying chapter in Lindon’s story.
Best part: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I think I put my book down and screamed.

#4 Bloodline

When I first read this book it was mid-pandemic and I hated it. Well, “Hate” might be a strong word but it was tough to get through. Now with a little distance I can recognize that I felt that way because Will did such an amazing job capturing so much of the mood of going home and dealing with folks not taking the whole thing seriously. Look I don’t want to make the comment thread political here, so sub out whatever thing you hate about going home that’s it. On this reread I just had to respect Will for the way he wove it into iteration 110. I think everyone had an idea of what it would be like for Lindon to go home and I don’t think anyone totally expected what we got.
There’s clear stakes, a huge pressing danger, really keen emotional cuts, and the book just felt completely unpredictable. We got to see Ziel and Mercy fight off some of their personal demons and we got to see Lindon really deal with failure in a deeply personal way. The writing in this book is some of the best in the series and it really drove home the sense of scale seeing places that loomed so large in Unsouled looking so dismal and small in this book. A lot of heart in this one, brah.
Best Part: “No. This is the path of the White Fox.”

#3 Underlord

This is probably the cleanest bit of storytelling in the series. Yerin needs to advance or die and the Yerdon (Lirin?) dynamic finally gets a chance to develop. This book just has a lot of heart and emotional weight and a great buy-in. I feel pretty bad for our Seishen kingdom antagonists in this one, which I think means Will did a good job in setting up their rivalry. Although the gang is often in mortal peril, it never feels as dangerous as it does here. I think Yerin’s character has really evolved in this book and seeing her vulnerable without losing her identity, that’s tough to do. Seeing Lindon really find his post-ghostwater swagger is also great to watch. Everyone really feels well developed here. We’re at peak Mercy, and her advancement in this book is the most compelling part of her arc so far. I think that this is also a really important Eithan book. I feel like it is the first book where he starts engaging with the team as friends rather than pawns in his celestial chess game. He’s warm and human and has some really funny bits. Orthos’s departure gets me every time too. The twist with the Akura team selections got me so good when I first read it. I have nothing bad to say about it. Premium Cradle.
Best Parts: Lindon opening his void-key in the vault. Eithan discovering Dross. And it’s a small moment but Charity losing her concentration as the gang runs into the portal during her speech is so good.

#2: Blackflame

The dragon advances. I remember the exact moment in this series when I started being a Cradle ambassador and forcing all my friends to read these books. It was Sandviper Kral’s funeral scene. It was here where I really understood how deeply Will understood the conventions in this genre and how good he is at flipping them on their heads. I was cheering on the book two villain after ten pages. This book beginning to end reinforces how unusually good this series is and how good Will is at letting any character have the spotlight. You could make the case that this is anyone’s book:
In other books Yerin might check the box as “Tough girl character” but here she has genuine pathos and real protagonist issues to work through. Learning to let go of her master and forge her on path ahead? Yaaaaaas (uncrowned) queen.
Jai Long could have been a scary forgettable MCU villain, but he really has agency and purpose and reading it from his perspective you kinda get it. Now has the ancestor’s spear and is going to finally restore his honor and capture the avatar destroy the Jai Clan only to be caught by Jai Daishou and forced into his service? Compelling af.
Little Blue could have just been an amorphous little blob in a terrarium the whole series, but in this book she…gets tiny little legs and stuff.
But really it’s an Eithan book. In other stories he’s just Master Roshi, the wacky comic relief mentor figure, but this legitimately is his story. The main conflict is his political war with the Jai Clan and the real climax is his fight against Jai Daishou. Yes he’s a big goofy trickster, but we see the cracks in his armor through his dynamic (and unexpected vulnerability) around Cassius. We get to see him sweat a little. We get little flashes of the person he becomes over the series. In Will’s blog, he talks about how this story started as a little short about the Janitor who is the embodiment of death, and you can see how much he loves writing this guy come across in this book. It’s also just cool and fun throughout. Plus it has a majestic turtle in it.
Best Parts: “I’ll tell your Remnant.”

#1 Wintersteel

I will fight you all day about this. ALL the character dynamics are dialed up to 11 in this one. We get the best development in Yerin and Lindon’s relationship, Eithan and Yerin and Lindon’s relationship, Mercy and Malice’s relationship, Mercy and Lindon’s dynamic, Yerin and Ruby’s dynamic. Just every strand on the spiderweb of human connection is vibing real hard. Because we’re closer to the end of the tournament and penance is hanging over the results the competition feels higher stakes, we have a dreadgod stirring, big political webs, dates! Everything.
I have a friend reading this right now and she’s texting me every 2 hours with an all caps: “THIS IS ABOUT POINTS” or “HOLY SH*T EITHAN’S FIGHT!!!!” Every two hours. And she’s right to do so.
It’s just hit after hit of stuff you didn’t know you needed. Everything is paying off, Yerin’s blood shadow, Eithan’s self-control, Lindon’s hunger.
I can’t. I can’t even.
Best Parts: Eithan vs Sha Miara, “I wanted to see the look on your face,” “I’m going to punch a hole in the sky,” the Points Sage, Ruby petting the bunny. Heck this whole book is the best part.
Anyway, since this is about points, upvote before you completely blast me in the comments.
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2023.06.01 21:59 SokkaStyle How to install OEM front lip for 4th Gen MZ3 hatch

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2023.06.01 21:59 tw9898 I cheated on the person who loves me the most.

I had a situationship years ago with someone I used to go to school with. At the time we had obvious feelings for each other and I was under the impression we were both single. But then I found out he had been hiding a girlfriend the entire time who lived a few states away. Needless to say, this changed everything. I was heartbroken. I developed an unhealthy obsession with constantly checking her socials, and it made me feel truly worthless. I think to other people, I’ve always been conventionally attractive but I’ve struggled with my self esteem a great deal throughout early adulthood. We ended up going our separate ways, but after I went through a bad break up, I reached out to him and he was there for me. (Stupid, I know)
That’s when we began sleeping together. It was sporadic and he never offered more than sex.. my attraction to this man is out of this world so even though I wasn’t thrilled about the arrangement, I continued. After over a year of us hooking up, I decided I needed more. That’s when I met my fiancé.
My fiancé was my first healthy and stable relationship, the way he treats me is like something out of a fairy tale (gifts, trips, extravagant dates. you name it). However, we are unfortunately lacking in one department. in the past, sex was one of the only thing going for my relationship, but I can’t make myself desire my fiancé the way I have with toxic men from my past. There were some low points in my relationship, and in these moments of weakness, I reached out to the guy from my past. I felt as though I was in a downward spiral and was behaving totally recklessly. We saw each other a handful of times within a short period but now I’ve cut it off. The problem is I miss him, and although I know it’s wrong. sometimes I want to call him and escape my life.
This would destroy my fiancé, he’s already prone to depression and has dealt with infidelity in his past. I know if I tell him the truth or if he ever finds out, our relationship will be over. I also know the man from my past is horrible for my mental health and he truly does not care for me at all. I am living with the guilt of my decision, but I don’t want to call off our wedding. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find someone who treats me as well as my fiancé does. I don’t know how to move forward knowing I did this. I tell myself there are more important things than our lackluster sex life, and I shouldn’t let this overshadow all of the good things. I don’t know if I can make it up to him or if it’s too late and I’ve ruined everything.
Tl;dr: I cheated on fiancé with a f**kboy. I feel lost, I don't want to lose him.
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2023.06.01 21:59 Flash580 I need guidance on how to install mods! Please!

I’ve always wanted to do mods on gta and now that i have a pc, i can do it. the problem is all the tutorials on youtube don’t necessarily help me. if anyone is kind enough to help a brother out, i’d be ecstatic!
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2023.06.01 21:59 KEOSWGOH 432M+ GP Guild - Challenge Rancor Completed - Looking for 2 New Members - DS Geo TB: 33 ⭐️ & 46 Wat Shrds - LS Geo TB: 31 ⭐️ & 31 KAM Shrds - ROTE 31 ⭐️ - 11 Reva Shards -Impressive TW Win % - Great Leadership & Active & Social Members - See Comments for More Information

Knights of Eternal Order
48/50 Members, 432M+ GP
16:30 PST / 19:30 EST / 23:30 GMT Guild Reset
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2023.06.01 21:58 NCSTATEthrowawayy License plate light Install issues

License plate light Install issues
So I recently bought a highsider tag light for my mt07. I’ve tried to find anything on how to install it, but couldn’t. After a bit of messing around I noticed that none of my turn signals work and my taillight doesn’t turn on. Also my horn and hazard lights don’t work. I’m not sure what I did to mess the lights on the bike up. All I did was feed the wires thru the bike and try to connect it to the license plate light wire. The green and brown wires were already like that before I took the back seat off. Im dumb lol, so any help would be appreciated. I really don’t want to take it to the dealer to get it fixed lol. Also if more details are needed feel free to lmk. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 21:58 dontsendmeyourcat How to know if I have malware after installing something malicious?

I downloaded a bit of software from the seven seas, when I opened the folder it was just a terminal command, I double clicked it, it ran a script of some sort inside terminal, then a prompt appeared to install the app, or so I thought, after being unable to find the app after install I tried again but this time noticed the prompt window was titled 'Install Adobe Flash Player', very stupid of me to not notice this before installing I know.
I've searched spotlight for the intended app name, and for flash player, nothing, I've ran anMalwarebytes scan, nothing, is there any way to tell what's up?
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2023.06.01 21:58 horsebycommittee Litigation Status – Biden-Harris Debt Relief Plan (June 2023 - Waiting for Supreme Court Decision)

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Feb 28 in two cases challenging the $20K/$10K debt forgiveness program. No action is expected until the Court issues its decisions, which could happen any day between now and June 30th.

For a detailed history of these cases, and others challenging the Administration’s plan to forgive up to $20K of debt for most federal student loan borrowers, see our prior megathreads: May '23 April ‘23 March '23 Oral Argument Day Feb '23 Dec '22/Jan '23 Week of 12/05 Week of 11/28 Week of 11/21 Week of 11/14 Week of 11/7 Week of 10/31 Week of 10/24 Week of 10/17
To read the written briefs in both cases, look at their dockets:
You can hear the oral arguments again and read written transcripts of the arguments on the Court's website here:

Current status:

We are waiting. The justices have discussed the case at least once in their private conferences and almost certainly have begun the process of writing an opinion. This takes several weeks and involves significant back-and-forth discussions between the justices and their law clerks. The justice assigned to write the majority opinion will send drafts around to the other justices to get their comments and will make changes as needed to keep or gain votes. Other justices will also circulate their own concurring/dissenting opinions, seeking to gain votes for their position or at least force the majority opinion to address a tough argument or related topic. Sometimes this collaboration even results in vote changes that flip a dissent into being the new majority opinion.
The Court will likely release the opinions in Nebraska and Brown on the same day, possibly in a single consolidated opinion, and can do so at any time once they are finished. The Court has a longstanding practice of resolving all of its pending cases before taking its summer break in July, which is why everyone is saying with confidence (though not absolute certainty) that these cases will be decided by the end of June. It could be earlier, especially since these cases were already argued on an expedited basis, but is unlikely to be later than June 30th.
The Court usually announces a day or two in advance that it is going to release opinions in argued cases, but never says which cases it's going to release until the moment of the announcement. You can watch the Court's calendar on its website for Opinion Issuance Days (colored yellow) or Non-Argument Days (dark blue) -- starting at 10 a.m. on those days, the Court could release opinions in these cases.
This term, the Court has been releasing opinions at its slowest pace in 100 years -- so there are quite a few pending decisions and nobody knows how (if at all) that will impact the timing of the decisions in Nebraska and Brown.

What is the Court actually deciding?

Both cases present the same two questions. The first is do the plaintiffs challenging the debt relief program have “standing” to be in court at all? Then, if they do have standing, is creating the debt relief program a lawful use of the Secretary of Education’s powers under the relevant statutes and the Constitution?
(These cases and this megathread are only about the Debt Relief plan. Other elements of the Administration’s student loan policies – including changes to the PSLF program, bankruptcy rules, income-driven repayment plans, Disability Discharge, Borrower Defense, and the Covid-19 loan pause – are not part of these cases or currently before the Supreme Court.)

What is “standing”?

Under Article III of the Constitution, federal courts are only supposed to get involved in “cases or controversies.” Over many decades, the Supreme Court has interpreted this command to mean that in order to bring a lawsuit in federal court, you have to have a direct relationship to whatever conduct you’re alleging is unlawful. If you want to challenge a government action as being unlawful or unconstitutional, you need to show that you have or will suffer harm because of the action — if the action only benefits you or has no effect on you, then your action challenging it wouldn’t really be a case or controversy. You’re annoyed, not harmed in a legal sense. Someone else might be a proper plaintiff to challenge the action, but not you, so your case will be dismissed if you lack standing.
The Court has said a plaintiff must show three elements to have standing: (1) a specific injury, (2) that was or will be caused by the challenged conduct, and (3) that will likely be fixed or reasonably compensated for if the court rules in their favor. Each of those elements has been further refined by lines of cases applying the standing doctrine so don’t go thinking that reading a two-paragraph summary on reddit means that you really know standing, this is just a top-level description.
If the Court holds that none of the challengers have standing, then that will be the end of the case and we won't get a decision on the merits question:

Is the debt relief plan lawful?

The Biden Administration thinks that it is and has vigorously defended it in multiple courts. The government’s primary justification cites 20 U.S.C. 1098bb, part of the the HEROES Act, which was initially passed on a temporary basis in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, renewed and expanded twice in the following years, and then made permanent by Congress in 2007. That law allows the Secretary of Education to "waive or modify" federal student loan obligations “as the Secretary deems necessary in connection with a war or other military operation or national emergency” for borrowers affected by the war or emergency. The basis here is the national emergency relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and its nationwide impact on middle-class and poor borrowers.
The challengers (obviously) disagree, arguing that even if the text of the statute is met, Congress clearly never intended to authorize a program of this size and scope with such general and expansive language. Had Congress intended for the Secretary to be able to forgive loans outright (rather than merely change the repayment terms or pause payments during a crisis), Congress would have specifically said so in the statute rather than bury it in the phrase “waive or modify.”
The Brown challengers separately argue that the Secretary was required to follow the Administrative Procedure Act’s "notice and comment" process before creating the program. The Secretary didn’t do notice and comment because the HEROES Act powers don't require it, so this issue is entangled with the question of whether the HEROES Act is a valid basis for the program.

When will the loan pause end?

Under the most recent extension, if the Supreme Court gives a final decision either permitting the debt relief program to go forward or firmly declaring it unlawful, then the federal loan pause will end (and interest will resume) 60 days after that decision is released. However, if that doesn't happen by June 30, then the loan pause will end 60 days later on August 29, 2023. (The pause could be extended again if there's good reason to, but the Biden Administration has signaled that it's not looking to extend it further and Congress might take that option off the table anyway.)

If the Court sides with the government in these cases, what happens to the other lawsuits challenging the plan?

When the Supreme Court makes a ruling, it happens in two parts. The opinion explains why the court is ordering whatever it is ordering and the mandate is the actual formal order to the lower court affirming, reversing, vacating, or otherwise modifying the lower court's action.
While the Supreme Court can order that its mandate issue sooner (or later), the default rule is that the mandate issues 32 days after the opinion is released. (See Supreme Court Rule #45.) So if the Court says there's no standing in Brown and Nebraska, then there will be an opinion issued giving the detailed reasoning and then an order telling the lower courts to dismiss these cases, but that order won't be sent to the lower courts for more than a month and their injunctions against the program could remain in effect until then.
This will give time for those lower courts to prepare to follow the Supreme Court's order and also for litigants in any of the other active cases (Cato, Laschober, Garrison, and Badeaux) to ask for new injunctions against the debt relief program (if the Supreme Court's ruling doesn't foreclose them too). The effect on the other cases will depend on what exactly the Supreme Court says here.
If the debt relief plan is allowed to proceed, more than 16 million borrowers will get forgiveness soon after, with no further action needed by them. Borrowers who still need to apply for the forgiveness will have until December 31 to do so under the original plan rules (this date could also be extended).

What happens if the Court strikes down the debt relief plan?

It depends on exactly what the Court's reasoning is. Perhaps it will leave open the possibility of a smaller version of the plan (covering fewer borrowers, forgiving less money, or both) or perhaps the plan could be allowed if the government provides more robust justification or cites different legal authority. It's also possible that the Court leaves no reasonable possibility of success, which would send the Biden Administration back to square one, looking for a forgiveness plan via legislation or providing some other relief to borrowers (maybe more extensions of the payment pause or a reduction in interest rates).
Multiple news outlets have reported that the Administration is preparing backup plans in case the Court rules against the current plan. (This is common whenever a case gets to the Supreme Court and isn't necessarily a sign that the Administration expects to lose.) So we might hear about those other ideas pretty soon after an adverse ruling. Of course, we shouldn't expect to learn what those backup plans actually are, unless and until they are needed.

What happens if the Court doesn’t make a decision by June 30th?

There is no rule that the Court must act by a given date but, by custom, the Court disposes of all its argued cases by June 30 and then takes its summer recess. Rarely, if a case isn't decided by then, the Court can keep issuing opinions into July (this happened in 2020, when Covid-19 delayed the Court's work and several opinions were released the first week of July) or the Court will set the case to be re-argued in the next term (which starts in October), usually because there isn't a five-justice majority to make a decision. When a case is set for re-argument, the Court usually directs the parties to brief a new question or focus on a particular issue that is giving the justices trouble in forming a majority.
(In either scenario, we might see an extension of the loan pause or we might not. That will be up to the White House and Department of Education to decide.)
This megathread will remain up through June or until the decisions are released, whichever comes first. As usual, the normal sub rules still apply.
We've also pretty thoroughly hashed out in the prior megathreads the various reasons people are personally in favor or opposed to the debt relief plan, why President Biden's timing in announcing it was good / not good, and whether the Supreme Court justices are impartial or not. So I especially welcome original takes and questions on other areas of this topic, including speculating how the Court will rule and why.
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2023.06.01 21:58 tw9898 I cheated on the person who loved me most.

I had a situationship years ago with someone I used to go to school with. At the time we had obvious feelings for each other and I was under the impression we were both single. But then I found out he had been hiding a girlfriend the entire time who lived a few states away. Needless to say, this changed everything. I was heartbroken. I developed an unhealthy obsession with constantly checking her socials, and it made me feel truly worthless. I think to other people, I’ve always been conventionally attractive but I’ve struggled with my self esteem a great deal throughout early adulthood. We ended up going our separate ways, but after I went through a bad break up, I reached out to him and he was there for me. (Stupid, I know)
That’s when we began sleeping together. It was sporadic and he never offered more than sex.. my attraction to this man is out of this world so even though I wasn’t thrilled about the arrangement, I continued. After over a year of us hooking up, I decided I needed more. That’s when I met my fiancé.
My fiancé was my first healthy and stable relationship, the way he treats me is like something out of a fairy tale (gifts, trips, extravagant dates. you name it). However, we are unfortunately lacking in one department. in the past, sex was one of the only thing going for my relationship, but I can’t make myself desire my fiancé the way I have with toxic men from my past. There were some low points in my relationship, and in these moments of weakness, I reached out to the guy from my past. I felt as though I was in a downward spiral and was behaving totally recklessly. We saw each other a handful of times within a short period but now I’ve cut it off. The problem is I miss him, and although I know it’s wrong. sometimes I want to call him and escape my life.
This would destroy my fiancé, he’s already prone to depression and has dealt with infidelity in his past. I know if I tell him the truth or if he ever finds out, our relationship will be over. I also know the man from my past is horrible for my mental health and he truly does not care for me at all. I am living with the guilt of my decision, but I don’t want to call off our wedding. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find someone who treats me as well as my fiancé does. I don’t know how to move forward knowing I did this. I tell myself there are more important things than our lackluster sex life, and I shouldn’t let this overshadow all of the good things. I don’t know if I can make it up to him or if it’s too late and I’ve ruined everything.
Tl;dr: I cheated on fiancé with a f**kboy. I feel lost, I don't want to lose him.
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2023.06.01 21:57 Stretch_Armstrong57 Microsoft Browser Hijack

1-888-237-6046 “Windows Support” =)
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2023.06.01 21:57 cashwithhonor Looking into getting a Tarantula

My son (10) has been begging for a tarantula for the last 3 years. I’ve held off due to 1) his lack of responsibility due to age and 2) my irrational fear of spiders. I feel he has become much more responsible and mature and I have actually been learning more about spiders and tarantulas and have gone from the person that would immediately step on any spider I saw to the person that scoops them up (on a piece of paper, not with my hands) and gently release them outdoors. I have actually come to respect the insect/spidebug world in general over the years.
I feel that we may be ready for our first tarantula. However, I want to do more research first and don’t even know where to start. It’s kind of overwhelming. When trying to research the best breed for a first timer, there seems to be a ton that the internet can’t seem to agree upon. I think that’s probably where we need to start as far as research goes, is deciding what kind to get and I need recommendations please.
I also am unsure of how and where to look for reputable breeders?
Sorry about the formatting, I’m on mobile and mostly lurk on Reddit. And I wasn’t sure on which flair to choose. Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.01 21:56 EgoVilify 36 [M4F] SoCal/Anywhere - Dark Humored Nerd Looking for Something Real

Hi, I'm Edward a 5'9" Latino dude from the I.E. area of Southern California. A misanthropic, introverted, geeky hot mess, with a smart mouth, a broken heart, a fading dream and not much else. Nocturnal and a hardened homebody, with a dark sense of humor that believes anything can be joked about, including myself. Irreverent, but still tactful, even though I try to keep my distance from everyone. I'm into console gaming, reading, sci-fi, anime, music, making music, food, the paranormal, conspiracy theories, ufology, 420 friendly obviously, lol. I'm also teaching myself to cook, love to cuddle, & I can speak a bit of Spanish "yo soy buscando una novia." In a relationship I'd need attention, reassurance, communication, and can give all this back and be really supportive, affectionate, and caring, oh and I like lots of physical affection, like if you're not down for hardcore pre-marital hand-holding don't even bother, lol. Love is pretty much all I want, I don't care how much monetary wealth you have or your status, and what I lack in wealth I hope to make up for in other ways (did I mention I can cook? lol,) I'm not perfect though, I don't expect you to be either, & I understand not everyone is looking for a project, I don't have my shit together (like any of it) and I'm broke af. I just want real love, with a woman who's single, available, monogamous, kind, caring, supportive, affectionate, low maintenance, loyal, & maybe a bit clingy, lol a woman who isn't materialistic, isn't into hook ups, or casual sex & DOES NOT have or want children (I don't plan on having kids.)
Okay that's about it please REPLY WITH YOUR PICTURE and a small introduction, so I know you read this far, okay thank you so much for your time and consideration, good luck out there!
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2023.06.01 21:55 trailangel4 Has David claimed or implied Big Foot is responsible for M411? Part 1

This post is in response to this video.
David open the video VERY upset. Big mad energy. Why? Well, let's let him tell it...
"There's somebody going around sayin' that I made a claim that little kids are being taken by Big Foot. Never said that. Ever...and they're lying. And, it's just to demean me and to make me look foolish in the eyes of some. And, I think it's a shot at my credibility by this, uh, law enforcement person. I've never met the man. I have no idea who he is and I'm not going to give them two minutes of my time. But it is slander because I never even came close to saying something like that. A couple of you have written to me and said "Dave, did you ever say that?" No. I didn't and if you could go into that video - I'm not going to give them any publicity of what it is- go back and say "you're an outright liar" and have 'em quote where I said it, 'cause he can't."
Let's look at this carefully and just address it here. Because, while the words, "Bigfoot did it" have probably never come out of Paulides' mouth, his writings and his suggestions are a different matter.
M411 Profile Points Come From Bigfoot Books
DP does not outright say that Bigfoot is behind so called Missing 411 disappearances, but his M411 framework is demonstrably derived from his two Bigfoot books: The Hoopa Project (HP) and Tribal Bigfoot (TB). There are countless examples in this document. Most of the original M411 profile points are directly lifted from HP and TB and M411 cases are deliberately distorted to look like Bigfoot encounters. It's worth noting that one of the bigger arguments in Tribal Big Foot and the Hoopa Project are that BIG FOOT LIVES IN NATIONAL PARKS AND FORESTS.
DP Says These Are Abduction Cases
DP has in interviews stated that these cases are in fact abduction cases and that you are not a loon for thinking it is Bigfoot. DP claims that the thing that is behind M411 is one hundred percent effective (and non-human) and DP “uses” offender profiling - not to learn more about the M411 abductor - but to create the M411 abductor.
DP also sees scratches, screams and the FBI showing up as evidence people are abducted.
The M411 Abductor Looks Like A Bear, But It Is Not A Bear
Every time a bear is mentioned in newspaper articles DP goes out of his way to convince his readers that it was not really a bear, even when someone says that they saw a bear DP tells his readers it was not a bear. So DP thinks that the M411 abductor looks like a bear, but that it’s not a bear. When asked what Bigfoot might look like, DP claims "like a bear, but upright, and bipedal."
Criteria: Water
In TB (Tribal Bigfoot) DP explains that Bigfoot lives next to bodies of water and DP uses the expression “bodies of water” a lot when talking about M411.
TB, p 85: “This section really isn't about how Bigfoot may obtain water; it is about the rationale of many sightings and incidents so close to bodies of water. In the Bigfoot sightings map section I noted several facts about the map that showed a large percentage of the sightings occur close to water- an abnormal number of sightings.”
TB, p 85: “In Robert Alley’s book, Raincoast Sasquatch (2003, Hancock House) he describes several incidents where Bigfoot is seen swimming in British Columbia and Alaska waters. On page 51, paragraph 2, he writes, ‘Its style of swimming is commonly noted as submerged, not on-the-surface style one might expect to hear for any ape or other primate, or the crawl style if one were to think of a human.’ This style of swimming falls into a category that caused NABS to reflect on the proximity Bigfoot has to water and the benefits of that association.”
So... Bigfoot is like a nuclear sub that just pops out of water to abduct people? Or Nessie?
TB, p 86: “If Bigfoot traveled predominantly at night, the likelihood of witnesses seeing the creature floating the river, or swimming the river submerged (as Alley describes the swimming in his book) would be unlikely. It would be a very efficient method to move great distances in a very stealthy manner. It would also be a very good method to sneak up and ambush prey going to the river at night to drink, similar to the way an alligator slowly moves up on animals drinking from a river bank.”
In M411 book(s)
DP explains that missing persons are found near water.
NAAB (North American and Beyond), p X: “Missing are found in or near creeks, rivers, or other bodies of water.”
In a Spaced Out Radio interview (David Paulides - Missing 411 with David Paulides) DP speculates “a person in a submarine” uses rivers and lakes to access different locations in its hunt for M411 victims. This mirrors what he said in TB (Tribal Bigfoot) above. Please note British Columbia once again is mentioned.
DP: “So I've always said that this is related to water. So you guys have the Fraser River that empties at least nine different lakes… and to me that is strange because you have the ocean that feeds the Fraser that goes upstream to these eight nine lakes that goes in between all of these mountains that gives you access to all these different points and it's like the highway if… if you were a person that could be in a submarine you could use that to go everywhere almost in southern British Columbia. I'm not saying that that is it, but I've always said that water is somehow key to this and it really plays out in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, all the lakes the Fraser flows to. I mean, it’s right there.”
So, now, rather than call it "bigfoot" (as he's implying)'s an abductor in a submarine?
Evelyn Rauch (3)
Alberta, July 1934
Evelyn was a Canadian girl who wandered off from her farm due to a lack of parental supervision. She was found alive a couple of days later in tall grass next to a river. Rather than accept the police reports, DP invents a scenario where water gives you access to other locations (like described above).
NAAB, p. 313: “The last important fact is the location where Evelyn was found, on the banks of a slough. This is a location next to water, a location where there is access to other locations via the water, rather than having to walk across land.”
Did he say Bigfoot took her? No. But, he's implying that she ended up where she ended up because an abductor, that's not a bear and not a human, could've used an underwater for transporting live victims.
Criteria: Berries
In Bigfoot book(s)
In TB DP explains that berries are an important food source for Bigfoot.
TB, p 81: “There will never be an argument about whether berries are a substantial food source for all bears; bears seek berries out when they come into season, as they offer a significant source of vitamins and energy. There have also been many sightings of Bigfoot either eating berries or being near berry bushes, and there have been many Bigfoot tracks found near berry bushes. The oldest bigfoot sighting noted in this book- the Marble Mountain sighting in ‘The Hermit of Siskiyou’ - talks about the creature at a berry bush eating berries.”
The same information in HP.
HP, p 60: “The berries are an obvious source of nutrition for the bears. Once you complete reading the sightings section of the book you will understand that the berries are also a large part of the Bigfoot diet.”
In TB DP describes a Bigfoot encounter where a child, who is picking huckleberries, is scared by a Bigfoot.
TB, p 231: “She was trying to concentrate on the picking and to go home, as it was getting cold. There were two large huckleberry bushes behind the ones she was working and she saw those bushes to the rear start to shake violently. Then she heard loud, bipedal footsteps. Jan said the footsteps were so loud she could almost feel the rumble on the ground. Her dog was with her and he immediately took off running back to the car. She tried to see what was shaking the bush, but thought it would be more prudent if she also left the area.”
In M411 book(s)
In his M411 books DP also sees berries as a food source, but here he acts like he does not know why berries are important.
EUS, p 8: “Included a section on missing berry pickers because it was a unique subset of people missing in the wild. The missing in this bracket are predominantly older, but there are eight under the age often, and the circumstances of their disappearance is quite troubling. Seven of twenty-one listed are missing from Canada, a significant percentage of missing berry pickers. Many of the places where these individuals went missing are very desolate but abundant with food source at the time. There never was a conclusion on what happened to these people except in circumstances in which a body was found. None of the berry pickers was found to be taken by a bear or killed by a bear.”
So, hold up.... how do you know a bear wasn't involved if the body WASN'T found?
NAAB, p. X: “Berries are inextricably related somehow with the disappearance.”
Let's see what Paulides says about some of the cases.
Gunnar Peterson (65)
Washington, August 1950
Gunnar was an older man who fell and hit his head while picking berries. He was found alive in a cabin after nine days. DP again claims not to understand why berries are important.
NAAB, p 13: “The people who disappear huckleberry picking are some of the most difficult cases, and I have no idea why. What could be the association of a man picking huckleberries in the woods and his subsequent disappearance?”
This is the equivalent of spending years telling a child that Santa Claus is real, buying presents, and then standing in front of the tree on Christmas morning pretending you don't know how the gifts got there...while gaslighting the child about Santa. David, I address this to YOU, people are saying you're linking Bigfoot because they're not children on Christmas morning and they can see through your attempted ruse.
Unknown Name (1)
Michigan, August 1909
A young child who was taken by a brown bear when his/her mother and sibling were picking huckleberries on the Macintosh plains. The Sheriff and a posse of ten men could not find any trace of the child or of the bear according to an article.
NAAB, p 240: “The other odd coincidence in this case that has been found in many other cases is the activity of the adult picking berries, specifically huckleberries. I understand that berries are an important food source for many animals in the region, but it's hard to comprehend what is the triggering mechanism that causes the children to permanently vanish.”
How is it hard to comprehend that a one year old could be picked off by a wild animal when the animal finds it in a berry patch?
Douglas Stofer (2)
Michigan, September 1949
Douglas disappeared from his parents’ vineyard about six pm and he was found alive four hours later a mile from his home. A local cocker spaniel found him so what happened to “dogs can’t pick up a scent”?
NAAB, p 243: “At first glance, and without the knowledge gained from reading
the other ‘Missing 411’ books, the disappearance of Douglas Stofer may seem normal. It's when you start to look at all of the elements involved in the disappearances that certain facets start making regular appearances in many of these missing-persons cases. … Douglas vanished while his parents were picking food; grapes and berries seem to be one food source around which children seem to disappear.”
Eva Hall (13)
Ontario, August 1932
Eva went missing when she was picking berries. She was found alive a couple of days later. DP thinks that she was not found though.
NAAB, p 342: “I have written extensively about the relationship between berries and missing people. There was an entire chapter written in Missing 411-Eastern United States about missing berry pickers. The most dangerous berries to pick are, without a doubt, huckleberries. I have no understanding why huckleberries represent the most dangerous berry, but people picking these berries who disappear are rarely found.”

Part 2, coming soon.
This is a group project.
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2023.06.01 21:55 VioletSPhinx My life feels like a struggle

I did put up a post before about this but it was a mess, so I deleted it.
I neglect myself, relationships etc because of how extreme my obsession becomes when I have a special interest, this does change often but it is so extreme that it is like an addiction and a craving, my life may go to waste just because of a hobby, or more likely than most is gaming with the fact that also can change to not being interested and being unable to focus even a tiny bit after a few weeks, but it jumps to one thing then another and I end up not doing anything I am supposed to do.
Feeling like everything is on top of me at the moment, lack of control over my emotions and constantly irritated by distractions leaving me overwhelmed every single day.
I am at least sleeping better and eating healthy but still I feel out of control.
I hope I do get help soon and I will probably end up crying when I see my therapist no doubt.
My life is fine and everything I ever wanted but this internal battle makes me hate my personality so much. Just want some control over my emotions and reactions etc too please 🥺
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2023.06.01 21:54 Cptn_Slow Lemmy Docker? Trying to Tinker with Reddit Alternatives if They Really Do Kill 3rd Party App Support

Did a search and couldn't find anything, does anyone have a ELI5 on how to set up a Lemmy docker in unraid?
I found the official instructions here, but I am struggling to make progress.
I have never installed a docker from the console so any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 21:53 TryingYetAgain1 Single parenting with AVPD

So I have accepted that I have AVPD and have arranged my life to isolate myself as much as possible. The one big thing is that I am a single mom whose only child depends on me functioning like a "normal" parent. I stopped working, stopped interacting with friends and send family texts just often enough so that they don't have reason to worry. I feel most disappointed in myself because I am not setting a good example for my child. I don't have a village and feel I am depriving my child of that. My child spends 30% time with her dad and 70% with me. Are there any other single avpd parents out there? How do you fill the void of the lack of village for your children?
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2023.06.01 21:51 tenshii326 How to pick n install cargo hitch?

2020 Sentra for reference.
Love to camp and need the room.
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2023.06.01 21:50 Zorojurosan Should Reshade really be removed?

I'm sure we've all seen these reshade videos going around where people are saying "omg reshade needs to be banned!" These videos are essentially claiming that depth buffering is readily available to any reshade user, which is not the case but I feel like the playerbase kind of saw these videos and took off like the wind that reshade is completely and easily abusable. Little known fact for non-reshade users is that there's 2 versions of reshade. A blacklisted version with everything available and a whitelisted version which everything abusable being blocked. The blacklisted version, if installed, will cause Hunt to not launch. Alternatively in the whitelisted version, anything abusable cannot load with any online activity.
I don't believe that you can bypass this and I've done research into it so I'm not some person who will claim something without knowing. If anyone indeed CAN bypass this, it is in no way easy. Even according to these videos that are going around, you have to edit configuration files and do coding and have perfectly set up settings in order to bypass online activity blocks. Anyone even capable of doing this would be a part of a very small minority. You'll rarely encounter these people, if you ever even encounter these people. Nobody is spreading any info on how to do this either. I have chatted with many discords of various players and nobody knows, and if anyone did they wouldn't share it because of how risky it would be because it would get removed quickly if it spread past a couple of people. So should Reshade really be banned because there's a couple of videos where some random person says things that aren't accurate? Keep in mind if Crytek implements ways to make their game look better then you know, who cares if Reshade is removed. But is it probable that Crytek will invest in that soon? Remember that 99.99% if not 100% of reshade users do not and cannot depth buffer.
This is possibly rambling at this point but it's clear to be upset when people start talking about possibly removing something that improves the game for a lot of people with no real reason. Crytek already nerfed Cain. I personally didn't have an issue seeing him but I see why others did so I don't mind that Crytek nerfed based on popular opinion but removing Reshade on popular opinion alone would be silly, right?
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2023.06.01 21:50 LeaderConscious9492 Oculus app wont install and keeps displaying the same 2 error messages

I cannot install the Oculus app wont install for me. I am on windows 10 and it keeps showing 2 of the same error messages every time I try to install it. I have factory reset my PC and it is still doing it. The error messagaes are .Net Framework installation error and Bad Imge
Does anyone know how to fix this?
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2023.06.01 21:50 Snoo-91993 Introvert girls are f****ng difficult [rant], experiences of a 28M

So I am 28M and this post is about my experiences in dating (in Delhi). I have had 2 long term relationships which both went downhill but I try to keep my energy up. Over the last 2 years I have dated around 5-6 girls out of which 4 wore the tag of introvert.
Girl 1: told me that she takes time to get comfortable and I need to be patient, I thought I was, she had some peculiarities but I tried to understand them. After 3 weeks of talking (chats mostly) she ghosted without a word. Like how can you be so hypocritical, you ask the other person to be patient with you but you lack the mannerism of even telling that you don't want to continue.
Girl 2: after about a week of talking I suggest we meet for coffee. She said it might rain cause it is cloudy. Like the f you had no better reason. And she is 27.
Girl 3: gives me her number smiling but when I text her she says don't text until you have something important. Like madam fli does not need you.
Girl 4: we should take it slow as she needs time to open up. sleeps with me next day and then says her family won't approve. On the other hand my experiences with extrovert gfs have been amazing. They were chirpy, happy to go and would say if they wanted anything.
P.S it's my first post. Forgive my mistakes.
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2023.06.01 21:50 Gaming_Geologist PC won't POST after GPU and PSU swap.

After swapping the PSU and GPU I get the "select proper boot device" message. The drive has windows installed and is recognized by the bios. I have also made sure that it is the primary drive for the computer to boot from but no luck. Everything seems to be getting power as well.
PSU: 850 watt Red dragon GPU: ASrock challenger pro RX6750xt Drive: PNY 2 TB m.2
Anyone know how to trouble shoot or what may be the cause?
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