Baileigh industrial cnc router

Looking for a CNC to Cut Cardboard (but if it's going to be big, I want it to do more!)

2023.06.04 13:03 gundog48 Looking for a CNC to Cut Cardboard (but if it's going to be big, I want it to do more!)

I run a small business which involves shipping kits of metal plates and tubes. I am looking for suggestions to optimize my packing process using reusable cardboard.
Current Situation:
My limitations:
My Current Capabilities:
Thanks for reading my brain-dump. If you have any suggestions on how I could proceed, or experience cutting material like this, it would be awesome! I genuinely love packaging in general, and it bums me out how shitty my current solution is. I'd like to be able to take more pride in my product, get more satisfaction from packing it, and make the user experience better.
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2023.06.04 13:03 gundog48 Cardboard Cutting - Laser Cutting, Die Cutting, Not Cutting?

I run a small business which involves shipping kits of metal plates and tubes. I am looking for suggestions to optimize my packing process using reusable cardboard.
Current Situation:
My limitations:
My Current Capabilities:
Thanks for reading my brain-dump. If you have any suggestions on how I could proceed, or experience cutting material like this, it would be awesome! I genuinely love packaging in general, and it bums me out how shitty my current solution is. I'd like to be able to take more pride in my product, get more satisfaction from packing it, and make the user experience better.
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2023.06.04 11:37 aaradhanatech1 The Advantages of CO2 Laser Cutting Machines: Precision and Efficiency by Aaradhana Technology

CO2 laser cutting machines have revolutionized the manufacturing industry by providing precise and efficient cutting capabilities. Among the various manufacturers in the market, Aaradhana Technology stands out as a leading provider of the best CO2 laser cutting machines.
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2023.06.04 00:56 G-Piggie [WTS][ON] MOVING SALE, VFC BCM GBBR 7in Build, G&G SR30, Outer Barrels, MISC Parts

Relocating soon, everything sold is one less thing in the Uhaul. Motivated seller this week.

VFC BCM SLR Custom Build $1800
Another project came up so I'm entertaining the idea of parting this. Nearly every single part has been upgraded down to every last tiny spring and detent replaced with real steel parts. Never gamed, its mint.
Final build ran over $2500 after taxes, shipping, and customs.
Comes with one BCM magazine (no leaks)
Suppressor, light, optic, vert grip, & irons not included. Will include a flashhider.
Full Build List:

G&G Knights Armament SR30
Bought the KAC on here from another user recently to become a cerakote project. Open to parting it so I have one less thing to move. SL-K is a repro.
Asking $300 with two batteries and a charger, no magazines.
Asking $400 with cerakoted suppressor. The KAC QDC suppressor is a high quality repro with a steel cerakoted shroud. Quality wise is on par with Acetech and Madbull versions but the steel shroud is cerakoted to prevent rusting.

Parts & Accessories:
MWS Outer Barrel Set $60
Silver GBBR or AEG Barrel Set $60
GBBR 9 Inch Barrel $40
VFC Guide Hop System $60
VFC Rotary GBBR Hop Up Chamber $20
VFC HK Extended Latch Charging Handle $30
VFC Charging Handle $10
Real Steel Mil-Spec Buffer Tube $40
Assorted Castle Nuts
Extended End Plate & Castle Nut $40
Repro Surefire M600DF $70
Repro Thorntail Surefire mount $20
Real Steel Strike Industries Link Grip $70
Repro Strike Industries Link Grip $30
Magpul MVG $30- Brand New
PTS Vertical Grip $20
Strike Industries AEG Trigger $20
WE Glock 19/45 Barrel $10
VFC SCAR Rear Iron Sight $20
Smith Optics Boogie Regulator $40
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2023.06.03 23:20 shadadada Made the changes suggested on here... would love further advice I'm not recognizing

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2023.06.03 13:35 middleeastcnc Reliable solutions for your machinery: Discover our range of CNC machined spare parts in the UAE.

Reliable solutions for your machinery: Discover our range of CNC machined spare parts in the UAE.
Our CNC machined spare parts in the UAE are crafted with utmost precision and designed to deliver unmatched performance and durability. We specialize in providing top-quality spare parts that are essential for maintaining and optimizing the efficiency of your machinery.
cnc machined spare parts in uae
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2023.06.03 12:29 A_LANDGREN Help picking a small cnc router for hardwood carving

I'm in the prototype stage of building my own headphones. The cups are going to mostly be made out of hardwood. For me, the smaller the better as I'm not planning to make any big projects on it. I would be happy with a working area of 200mm x 200mm with a working height of 50mm or more.
Looked inte The smaller Stepcraft D series machine. Looks promising with nice accessories available for purchase.
Also intrigued by the cheaper 3020 and 3040 machines. From what I've seen. They do mostly what I'm looking for
Then there is the Nomad 3 which is on the pricier side but maybe worth it.
I am only going to cnc cut my headphones cups in the machine. It's going to handle a small production line at first so I don't need it to be the fastest machine out there. If it can keep a tolerance of 0.3mm i would be happy
But I have no earlier experience with CNC routers so I have no idea if these options are any good.
Maybe you guys have any other suggestions? I would say that my budget is around up to 2000€. Preferably lower. But more expensive machines are also welcomed as there will be a point when it's time to buy another to increase the production rate
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2023.06.03 12:27 samcornwell Is it okay to dad-brag here? Bought a new CNC router. Got home after work to find my 10yo building it. Years of LEGO sets finally starting to pay off

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2023.06.03 03:45 AccTek-Machinery The requirements for the environment when the CNC Router is produced

It is very important to understand its production environment before you plan to buy a CNC carving machine and put it into use.
The application of CNC carving machines provides more possibilities for manufacturing. It can be used to process plane projects and 3D projects. Use CNC carving machine to activate the main axis tool on the surface of the material. You can complete cutting, carving, drilling, and forming a variety of types of materials and shapes.
It is very important to understand its production environment before you plan to buy a CNC carving machine and put it into use. This is because the differential production environment of the CNC carving machine means that its processing effect, processing speed and other aspects will cause differences. Understanding the production environment of CNC carving machines has greatly optimized your product production.
  1. Do not produce in places with large temperature differences, and it is easy to deform the workpiece.
  2. Put the water in the pump clean after the carving machine is parked, or it will be frozen by cold weather.
  3. The sculptor is feedback to the system based on the carving head, and the system will issue instructions to run the carving head. If there is a magnetic field and a strong current on the side of the machine, it will affect the feedback of the carvings and the processing accuracy.
  4. When using a high -voltage power supply, ensure that the sculptor must be well grounded to prevent the machine leakage from electric shock.
  5. The voltage requirements are stable, avoid large undulating fluctuations, and use the regulator.
  6. Machines must not work in a long -term environment in strong acid and alkali.
  7. The vibration generated by the unstable fuselage will affect the occurrence of cutting knife, resulting in the smooth surface of the workpiece processing.
  8. The carving machine also requires that excessive humidity to the environment of the environment also affects the performance of the control system and may cause failure.
  9. Dust will also affect the heat dissipation of electronic components, sensitivity to sensitivity components. Common phenomena include the failure of the optical inspection, the CPU temperature of the computer is too high.
Although the carving machine is an integrated equipment of high -tech mechanical and electrical, there are still requirements for the working environment.
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2023.06.03 01:37 steamboat0 Messed up changing dewault 611 brushes

Messed up changing dewault 611 brushes
Anyone else ever ran into this issue. How do u get the silver part back on?
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2023.06.03 00:17 MaximumReplacement34 Budget 4 axis cnc

I am interested in buying a budget 4 axis cnc for making small things like chess pieces or small figurines. Are there any decent models available for less than 800 to 1,000 dollars? I have a Fox Alien 4040-XE that does (almost) everything I want cnc wise, but I am looking to supplement it with a smaller 4 axis machine. Hopefully someday Fox Alien makes a 4 axis upgrade for router work (I have the laser spindle).
Thank you
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2023.06.02 19:19 Separate_Tax_2137 Creating Possibilities: The Versatility of Tool and Die Makers

In the realm of manufacturing and engineering, a group of highly skilled artisans is known as a tool and die makers. These individuals possess a unique set of expertise that allows them to shape the world around us with precision and ingenuity. Their work goes far beyond the creation of tools and dies; it encompasses the very essence of possibility.
Tool and die makers are the backbone of modern manufacturing processes. They are the masterminds behind the creation of specialized tools, molds, and dies that are used to produce a wide range of products, from everyday household items to intricate automotive parts. Their role is crucial in ensuring the manufacturing industry's efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.
What sets tool and die makers apart is their unparalleled versatility. These craftsmen are adept at working with various materials such as metal, plastic, and wood. They possess an in-depth understanding of engineering principles, mathematics, and computer-aided design (CAD) software. This multidisciplinary knowledge enables them to adapt to ever-evolving technologies and industry demands. The versatility of tool and die makers can be witnessed in their ability to design, fabricate, and repair intricate tools and dies. They possess a keen eye for detail, as they meticulously craft and assemble complex components, ensuring that every dimension and contour is precise. Their work involves using a range of specialized machinery and equipment, including computer numerical control (CNC) machines, precision measuring instruments, and cutting-edge software.
Beyond their technical skills, tool and die makersalso possess problem-solving abilities that border on artistry. They are often called upon to troubleshoot and find innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges. They analyze designs, identify potential issues, and offer valuable insights to improve the efficiency and functionality of the tools and dies they create. Their expertise allows for the optimization of production processes, reducing costs, and enhancing product quality.
Moreover, tool and die, makers, embrace continuous learning and adaptation. They stay abreast of the latest manufacturing technologies, materials, and technological advancements. This adaptability allows them to work across industries, from automotive and aerospace to electronics and consumer goods. Their versatility enables them to bring their skills and expertise to diverse projects, creating endless possibilities for innovation and progress.
In conclusion, tool and die makers are the unsung heroes of the manufacturing world. Their versatility, technical prowess, and problem-solving abilities make them invaluable contributors to the creation of products we rely on daily. Through their craftsmanship and ingenuity, they shape the future of manufacturing, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. So, the next time you hold a perfectly crafted item in your hands, remember the tool and die maker whose skill and dedication made it all possible.
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2023.06.02 17:36 theofficialmcuban Question?

Do I pick him up in FA next year, or do I rock with the squad I got?
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2023.06.02 17:11 mcarterphoto Memory lane: small and one-man business video shops, what were your big game-changers?

I've had a few conversations lately about the game-changing events for the smaller video producers. I'm not talking big-cinema-crew productions - this is the guys that shoot small biz to big corporate stuff, we tend to own everything vs. rentals and it's often one-man-band or an assistant. Here's my list:
The Panasonic DVX-100B/Canon XL2 era. 16x9 cameras with a more "cinematic feel", excellent color science and controls, XLR ins and good preamps. The DVX is what moved me from being a stills shooter to offering video around 2004 or so. This was the start of an explosion/arms race of video cameras - from tape to (remember those P2 cards?), to a sort of faux HD to full HD.
The spinner era - anyone remember 35mm lens adapters? This was an odd minute in history - even pro camcorders struggled with shallow DOF and bokeh; but what if you could take a fast camera lens, project it onto a spinning or vibrating ground glass, and shoot the projected image with your camcorder and a closeup diopter? Some crazy-expensive solutions came from this idea, followed by cottage-industry tools in the $1-$2K range, along with a big and obsessed DIY contingent trying different things. It was pretty much killed by…
The DSLR revolution - everyone remembers the 5D, but that little Rebel T2i (550D)? It really blew the market open, and lots of good work was done on that cheap body - I used one with adapters for my Nikkors until Nikon finally caught up with video quality, maybe around the D7100 era. (I still pull out the Rebel for charity gigs where I need a third or fourth shooter. It's still very pretty video when you have decent light).
Manufacturers embrace the DSLR crowd. From major players to one-man "cottage industry" players in Asia with access to CNC milling tools, before 3D printing went mass market. (Remember the "Indian Matte Box?" I've yet to replace mine; $300 and everything I need in a 2-stage box). The Rode blimp, the Fotga DP-100 follow focus ($160), and every cheese plate and rod system component you could imagine for rigging, all on Amazon. We went from vehicle-TV panels repurposed for video to really competent, full-featured small monitors for a couple hundred bucks.
The Kessler KC-8 Crane - for about a grand, a very sturdy, all-metal 8' jib that setup in minutes. Suddenly some hollywood-style moves are in your SUV or van, and it was a client-impresser. Affordable gimbals mean it's now more of a motion-time lapse rig for me, but I still use mine with the 5' tip for product stills and video, it's the most versatile, fast-change "tripod" I've ever owned.
The end of tungsten and the evolution of LEDs. Man - a COB LED that's a 575 HMI equivalent and will run on a pair of v-mounts? If someone told you that was coming 15 years ago? I still have lots of tungsten fixtures, but they're rarely used. Remember how pricey tungsten softboxes were? Remember Kino Flo's ownership of the market, then the Asian Biax knockoffs? And it seems like overnight, LEDs came of age. Are any of you guys still packing biax flos?
Gimbals and drones. I was shooting a project in a big studio facility that was also a top rental house, when I saw my first gimbal. That thing was like $10k or $20k or something? Now a capable gimbal for a Mirrorless rig can be had for a couple hundred bucks. Remember struggling to master a knockoff Steadicam and realizing it was as big a skill as shooting was? And while there's still so much distracting drone footage ("look, I'm a drone shot!!! Wheee!"), we've got really capable and affordable drones when we want what were once helicopter or giant-crane shots. I don't even own one, since I can hire a capable guy with the gear for a couple hundred a day.
After Effects and camera tracking. Seems like this is more a specialty thing, but I've got a rep as the guy who can "fix anything" in footage, and camera tracking has joined motion tracking as a repair tool - and gives us fantastic creative options and can make stock footage into custom footage. We're about to hit a new era with machine learning that may make facial blemish repairs, removing spots and stains, logos on warped and moving surfaces, and compositing even faster.
Mirrorless. 4K and 6K and 8K, big frame rates, a built-in EVF for shoulder shooting, and the real biggies in my opinion - actually usable and reliable AF with face and eye detection, and fantastic low-light capability. Come on guys, remember when 600 ISO was pushin' it and you had to run everything through NeatVideo? Now 2-3k ISOs are no problem, and we're getting high bit rates or even ProRes to the card. And as a stills shooter, man - eye detection is the shit.
Machine Learning. This is gonna impact the hell out of us, in unpredictable ways. But the big mind-blowegame changer for me has been a cheap and simple little audio plugin - Waves Clarity VX. It just "knows what a voice is", it requires no noise sample or audio lead-in, you turn a freaking knob and on-set noises just go away. It takes even the "air" sounds from footage, but leaves the "airiness" of voices. And it's under fifty bucks. I've stopped giving a shit about HVAC and passing traffic in audio. It's had a huge impact on my workflow (I really, really want voices that are "present" and silky, and I want compression to not be lifting room sounds along with voices - even the better NR plugins can make a voice sound like ass). Maybe the end-game of this tech is SkyNet nuking all our cities (or some guy in India taking a still of the CEO and making a killer video interview) but for now? Bring it!!!
So - what's your list?
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2023.06.02 17:01 Nitsudog Beyond first world prices for third world service: A mini rant.

I work for a firm that has decided to expand their operations here in the Philippines; joining us here is our infrastructure division. So of course with that kind of technical heavy expansion comes a particular set of IT requirements to cater to the incoming BIM / Revit professionals. Since lahat ng IT specialists namin are based in the head office, I volunteered to be the counterpart for IT here in Manila since we don't really have other IT inclined people among the staff and I thought it'll be a good learning experience - and it was a learning experience nga but not for the reasons you'd think.
Since they were very particular requirements: modified ThinkPads, a custom-made server, and industry-leading network hardware, the IT department and our office came to an agreement to just order it at the head office and have it shipped here. Somebody already tipped me ahead that our import procedures would be bloody and I told my IT counterparts the same, they brushed it off kasi nakapag-ship naman na daw sa Pilipinas yung supplier before.

Okay fine, that's their show.

Eventually we encountered a wall since the logistics provider was having difficulty to pre-clear our shipment since surprise surprise, we don't have the necessary permits. It turns out, to import IT stuff to the Philippines, you'd need 3 separate permits from 3 separate government agencies. And unsurprisingly, even IT specialized brokers we talked to would rather do "all-in" (alam mo na, yung may padulas ) rather than deal with those government agencies. Apparently, it takes entire quarters (not months) to clear shipments with them and of course, the clock is ticking so we decided to procure as much as possible locally instead.
Before you ask why not just pay the all-in brokerage fees - I swear it would've cut our IT saga in half but our firm takes business integrity pretty seriously. But I am sure they haven't encountered the fun of doing business in the Philippines lol. Hindi rin kami friends ng PEZA so hindi kami tax exempt.

Mygahd, now it became my show.

The markups and the leadtimes of the same items here are nothing short of qué horror.
I really love how in our head office it's like: "You need 10 modified ThinkPads? Okay give us 5 days and it'll be here" whereas dito, 60-90 days by default and to think sa China lang din naman galing ang Lenovo. Finally securing those damn laptops from our vendors felt like going to Divisoria during Christmas sale. I had to leverage every vendor management & bargaining skill I had to get those order-only laptops without paying an arm and a leg. For another particular model of laptop we were looking at, the price difference was enough for me to book a ticket to our head office in Scandinavia, buy the laptop, and bring it home - I originally meant it as a joke but at one point we were sincerely considering it.
I was shopping back then for an enterprise-grade network switch and it was so difficult since almost nobody stocks them on hand, almost all are on 90-120 days order basis whereas I need one in 21 days. One supplier even quoted me a switch whose leadtime was 41 WEEKS - hindi sya typo, apparently I need to wait for 10 months to get that particular network switch, omg. And the prices? More than double.
Don't even get me started on the WIFI access points - everything considered we would've had to shell out 100,000 pesos per unit just to get that particular brand - and we needed quite a few of them! Even my IT counterpart overseas pumiyok how pricey it was. Buti nalang talaga yung 8,000 peso Tp-Link mesh router set that I previously installed is still holding strong.
To think I am comparing prices with one of the most expensive "First-world" places to live on Earth and yet talo pa natin sila sa price and waiting time.
Siguro to make the long story short, at this point I am truly frustrated with how our "modernized" Customs & regulations regime still pushes even legitimate distributors to tack on massive 100-200%+ markups just to recover their importation costs, because apparently even they have to resort to brokers just to clear their shipments through. Imagine the government has been pushing hard on IT-driven economic growth for the longest time tapos eto lang makakaharap mo; an insane bureaucracy that incentivizes corruption as a way of life.
I learned.
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2023.06.02 16:49 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in IA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
BigOTires Automotive Service Technician Clear Lake
Bayer Manufacturing Process Designer Muscatine
Bayer Veterans Preferred - Process Engineer Muscatine
Bayer Veterans Preferred - Sr. Process Engineer Muscatine
Bayer Veterans Preferred - Sr. Process Engineer West Liberty
Bayer Veterans Preferred - Process Engineer West Liberty
Edward Jones Associate Financial Advisor - Ankeny, IA Ankeny
Milan Laser Company Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Des Moines
Empowerme Wellness Physical Therapist (PT) $1,500 Sign on Bonus Fort Madison
Milan Laser Company Metro Travel Licensed Practical Nurse Iowa City
ATI Physical Therapy PRN Physical Therapist Urbandale
TriMark USA Contract Sales Representative Altoona
Best Buy Project Team Specialist- Based in West Des Moines Ankeny
CNH Industrial Engineering Rotational Program Burlington
Silgan Containers LLC Mechanic - (13577) Burlington
CNH Industrial Digital Data Engineer Burlington
The Hershey Company Territory Sales Lead (Waterloo, IA) Cedar Falls
Innova Solutions Data Entry Clerk Cedar Rapids
Mestek Machinery, Inc Mid Level MECHANICAL ENGINEER Cedar Rapids
Mestek Machinery, Inc Jr Mechanical Engineer Cedar Rapids
Mestek Machinery, Inc CNC Machinist 2nd Shift Cedar Rapids
Cargill Utilities Technician Clear Lake
Cargill Processing Team Member Clear Lake
Integrated DNA Technologies EHS Manager Coralville
Michael Foods Inc. Summer Work Program - Second Shift Creston
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ia. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 13:55 middleeastcnc When precision matters, trust our CNC milling services. We deliver perfection, every time!

When precision matters, trust our CNC milling services. We deliver perfection, every time!
Our dedication to quality extends to our rigorous inspection processes, guaranteeing that each component meets the highest standards. When precision matters, trust our CNC milling services to exceed your expectations and bring your visions to life with meticulous craftsmanship.
CNC milling services
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2023.06.02 12:38 Patapon80 Point me in the right direction? Hobby flight simmer going into CNC

My main hobby is flight simming and I'm looking to improve my home cockpit setup. I'm crap with tools so I was looking to get a router CNC. I will be working mainly with plywood (max 18mm), MDF (max 18mm), acrylic (max 12mm), and aluminium (maybe 6mm max, usually 2mm or so only). This will be for making the cockpit structure and supports, cockpit panels, aluminium backing braces, etc.
I've been looking around and so far the Genmitsu 4040 Pro or the FoxAlien Masuter Pro 4040 seems to be what I'm looking for but as someone with zero experience in this area, I'm looking to see what else I should be considering. Please note that I am very new at this; up until a few weeks ago I had very little soldering/electronics experience. I've designed my previous cockpits in Sketchup but it was more to guide my build process and how to efficiently cut up a sheet of ply/MDF; aside from that, I have no other CAD/CAM experience, but I'm keen to learn.
Budget is around £600-£700 for the setup but I'm open to spending another £200-£300 for a palm router upgrade if necessary. I'm not shy at spending more if I can justify it but at the moment, I'm not looking at this from a business standpoint so I can't really justify £1,000+ setups unless someone can give me a good reason. I do believe in "buy once, cry once" so if I'm making an uninformed decision, by all means please correct me.
I also live in a flat so the less noise, the better. The CNC will be in one of the spare bedrooms and if it's too messy, I can build an enclosure for it.
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2023.06.02 10:35 Jannomag Help needed setting up OpenVPN on LTE Routers

Help needed setting up OpenVPN on LTE Routers
Hi, I'm currently trying to setup three industrial standard LTE Routers (Comtime LTE CAT6) to work within an OpenVPN network. Router 1 should be the OVPN server, while 2 and 3 should be the clients. All need to be in the same network with the same subnet mask with static ip addresses.
I'm struggling with the complete setup. I tried to setup the server on router 1 but don't know if it's even working since router 2 and 3 won't connect. Router 1 is connected to a DynDNS service which shows the correct IP address.
I've create a bunch of screenshots of my config:

DynDNS config
Local IP configuration
OpenVPN server configuration
OpenVPN server clients config
Here I created a static key by pressing \"Save\" and then added it
This is the current status of the server
Firewall settings (port checking still says 1194 is closed)

And this is the config of router 2 and 3, while I've changed the \"Local interface\" to for router 3
I'm completeley new to OpenVPN and industrial routers. It's a small project I do by myself for connecting several PLCs to the same VPN. I need this OpenVPN just for testing purposes while I'm working on my project because the IT of my company would take months to give support and when my project is finished and ready to run live I will use a IPsec VPN created by my companys IT.
Anyone here able to help?
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2023.06.02 09:34 AccTek-Machinery Classification of CNC Router

The sculptor can be divided into several types of types. What are the characteristics and applications of each other. In this article, several commonly used carvings categories will be introduced in detail:
At present, the carving machine on the market can be divided into two categories from the carving method: mechanical carving machines and special carving machines.
Mechanical carving machines (also known as controlled sculptors or CNC sculptors, etc.) The cutting machines such as the high -speed rotation of the spindle motor to drive the tool to process the material.
According to the different processing objects and uses, it can be divided into woodworking CNC carving machines, laser carving machines, CNC plasma cutting machines, advertising carving machines, mold carving machines, etc.
Woodworking carving machine
Types: The most types, according to the function and can be divided into a woodworking processing center and a multi -process sculptor with the function of automatic knife. The ACCTEK has a four -axis stereo carving machine with a three -dimensional carving function, and the single head derived from ordinary woodworking carvings. , More independent heads, dragging more carving machines.
Method: Generally, the XY axis is transmitted with racks, the Z axis is transmitted with a screw, and a few carved carvings are transmitted with a full wire. This type of sculptor is mainly processed as the name of the wood. , Processed such as relief carving.
ACCTEK's new heavy three -axis carving machine AKM1325 is an economical and affordable CNC carving machine with a Leadshine drive and a step motor. No A/D conversion is required. Digital pulse signals can be directly converted to angle displacement. Mach3 control system, shielding interference, stable and reliable, and newly designed four -sided sheet metal, which looks more concise and neat. Here you can buy the best products for the best price
Laser cutting machine
Method: Materials relying on laser laser emitting materials, mainly used in the leather and clothing processing industry, as well as the advertising industry. It can be carved, cut, carved, hollowed out, hollowed out, hollowed out, hollowed out, hollowed out, hollowed out, hollowed out in leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, and fabrics. Computer embroidery cutting and other process processing.
ACCTEK Economy Fiber Laser Cutting Machine AKJ1530F1 is a low -cost metal laser cutting machine, equipped with a Ruise laser generator, higher electrical light conversion efficiency, higher and stable optical quality. The focus time can also avoid the cutting error caused by manual coke. You can cut 6-16mm thick carbon steel plate and 3-8mm thick stainless steel plate. The ideal choice of small enterprises, family stores, beginners, amateur enthusiasts and school education
CNC plasma cutting machine
Cutting with a plasma as a thermal source, it is mainly used for cutting of steel plates. ACCTEK with a plasma cutting gun CNC sculptor AKMP2030, combined with plasma can cut thick metals, and carved and cut non -metallic materials. It is widely used and cheap.
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2023.06.02 09:21 FIBER223 Guide To Fiber Media Converter Technology

Do you know what is the Fiber Media Converter Technology? Here we go.
In today’s networking systems, LANs are becoming larger and more complicated, and people are looking for equipment that is cost-effective, flexible and easy to manage, it comes to the Fiber Media Converter, which can connect different types of media effetively and seamlessly. Fiber media converter is one of the key components in modern networking. Its features of high bandwidth capacity, telephone long distance operation and reliability, making fiber optics the most desired funnel for data communications.
Fiber media converter is a short distance twisted pair electrical signals and polarization maintaining circulator over long distances to swap the Ethernet transmission media conversion unit, ensures the smooth transmission of data packets between two networks at the same time, in many places, also known as fiber converter. Its network transmission distance limit extended to more than 100 kilometers from the copper wire 100 meters (single-mode fiber). Products in generic applications can be covered the Ethernet cable with Ethernet media converter, and is usually located in the broadband metropolitan area network access layer applications; in helping the fiber last mile connections to the metro also played a huge role in the network and the outer layer of the network.
What is inside a media converter?
A media converter is composed of two transceivers or MAU (Media Attachment Units) that can transmit data to and receive data from each other, and a power supply. Each of the transceiver (MAU) has a different industry standard connector to join the different FBT Splitter. One media type goes in and other media type comes out. The connectors comply with IEEE standard specifications and use standard data encodings and link tests.
Fiber Media converter types vary from small standalone devices and PC card converters to high port-density chassis systems that offer many advanced features for network management. Working distance of the fiber optic converters are different. For typical multimode fiber optic converter, its working distance max is about 2km, for single mode media converter, its working distance can be 20km, 40km, 60km, 80km and up to 120km. Here I would like to introduce you the media converter fiber to Ethernet.
Ethernet fiber media converters are often mounted to the wall near or directly over a telephone jack and do not need to be tampered with once installed. They provide a fiber optic connection’s extremely high speeds without having to install a complicated series of fiber optic cables. Ethernet fiber media converters usually have their own power adapter and can transfer several gigabytes of data at a time. In fact, fiber to ethernet media converter can be purchased for commercial purposes that can house and manage up to 19 different connections simultaneously.
Fiber optic media converter can be used in any part of the network, including between routers, servers, switches, hubs and so on. It is even possible for them to be integrated alongside your workstation. Media converters make the configuration of any network to be more flexible.
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2023.06.02 08:52 cybertron42 Fabrication and Supply of S200/HS200 Nozzles for LVM3 and SS1&SS2 Nozzles for SSLV

VSSC, ISRO posted an EoI for 'Fabrication and Supply of S200/HS200 Nozzles for LVM3 and SS1&SS2 Nozzles for SSLV' [PDF] [Archived]
It is proposed to realize ablative S200/HS200 Solid Rocket Nozzles for LVM3 & SS1& SS2 Nozzles for SSLV through competent Indian Industries. Size of the S200/HS200 Nozzle is around 3.2m diameter and 3.5m height. Each Nozzle consist of five subassemblies namely: the convergent sub-assy (CSA), Flex seal sub assembly (FSA), Submerged sub-assembly (SSA), Divergent fore end sub-assy (FESA) and Divergent aft end sub-assy (AESA). SS1 Nozzle is around 2.3m diameter and 2.6m height. Each Nozzle consists of four subassemblies namely: the convergent sub-assy (CSA), Divergent fore end sub-assy (FESA) and Divergent aft end sub-assy (AESA) and submerged sub-assy. SS2 Nozzle is around 1.2m diameter and 1.5m height. Each Nozzle consists of four subassemblies namely: the convergent sub-assy (CSA), Divergent sub-assy (DSA), Flex seal sub assembly (FSA) & Submerged sub-aseembly (SSA).
S200/HS200 Nozzles:
• Current Requirement is 65nos Nozzles for a period of 5 years.
• Maximus curingpressure is 65 bar. The divergent aft end linear tape wound and cured in an autoclaveat 7 bar pressure.
SS1 Nozzles:
• Current requirement is of 6 Nozzles.
• Processing of Nose insert linear, Throat Liner, divergent fore end liner and FSTPL are tape wound and cured in hydroclave at 30-40 bar pressure. The divergent aft end linear tape wound and cured in an autoclave at 5 bar pressure.
SS2 Nozzles:
• Current requirement is of 6 Nozzles.
• Processing of divergent fore end liner and FSTPL are tape wound and cured in hydroclave at 30-40 bar pressure.
Essential facilities required for the program are impregnation plant, cold storage for storing prepreg +4°C, prepreg cutting machine, tape winding machine, Hydroclave and autoclave, CNC VTM with side head, Processing and assembly bay of around 5000 sq.m., Humidity controlled assembly bay of around 1000 sq.m, LINAC system, Ultrasonic equipment, Carbon analyser facility for chemical testing of resins and prepregs, Laser trackeCMM for Dimensional inspection including conventional instruments like micrometers, Vernier calipers, unimaster, pi-tapes, etc.
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