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Hazbin Hotel

2018.04.25 07:49 Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel is an upcoming comedy/musical adult animated series created by Vivienne Medrano.

2012.07.28 02:45 Raionic Hotel Hell (TV Series)

For the fans of the Hotel Hell TV Series.

2017.09.21 12:52 SolarCell Tourism Hell


2023.03.22 07:12 brokendream_zz First Post

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2023.03.22 07:12 ogtotaldramaqueen stories similar to this?

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2023.03.22 07:12 whitty459 You know what daddy 🎃 (censored video because live feeding and i apologise for my crappy censoring)

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2023.03.22 07:12 andwego How to get jaw surgery when on SSI and disability Medicaid?

I'm 35 female and I have recessed maxilla due to braces and retraction headgear age 12-15. I have constant stuffy nose and breathing issues. Exhaustion all the time sleep issues and headache and squashed face, clicking whenever open and close mouth. My lower jaw naturally wants to stick out further but is always forced back by upper teeth and maxilla. So I have SSI disability for brain injury and PTSD and I have no income besides that and I'm on Medicaid in Washington State. I have no idea how to get jaw surgery. I definitely want maxilla advanced somehow and possibly a tiny bit lower jaw but I think lower jaw could be fine just from getting my maxilla moved forward. Anyway, how do poor people get these things paid for? I read BCBS is good but seeing as I'm on and qualify for Medicaid I don't think they'll let me sign up even if I do pay for them. So I looked at surgery in Mexico one surgeon in Cancun wants to push my lower jaw BACK which would make the whole situation worse and makes me worried about even trying in Mexico. I don't know if any of the surgeons in Mexico know anything about the braces and retraction issue. I was quoted 14,000 for it in Mexico. This the email I got. There is no way I'm getting my lower jaw shortened not in a thousand years. Are they just incompetent? Has best reviews. Cancun Dental Design. I have no idea how I would afford this in USA. Help?
Just talked to the Specialist about your case and he mentioned we would do the treatment below.
Underbite Surgery (Mandibular Osteotomy) Otherwise called the Bilateral Sagittal Split is a lower jaw surgery that consists of a mandibular osteotomy to stretch or retrude the jaw. This type of surgery allows the mandible to be adjusted and fixed in the desired position to correct the underbite malocclusion
• Corrects the lower jaw position • Improves speech and eating • Enhances aesthetics • Fixes the open bite condition
We would be able to do your full treatment for $14,000usd
Includes: - Experienced Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon - Upper and lower osteotomies Orthognathic surgery - 1 night in the hospital - Hospital Surgery Suite - Hospital Recovery Suite - Anesthesiologist in Hospital - Nurse assistants for Oral Surgery - Nurse assistants for Anesthesiologist Nurse assistance for Recover and Hospital Stay - 3D imaging CT scan - Panorex X- ray - Post-surgery imaging CT scan - All clinic post op appts - Clinic staff and assistants - Transportation to/from Airport to hotel - Transportation to/from Hotel to clinic (only if staying in the Hotel Zone)
You will need to be in Cancun a minimum of 12 days and preferably 14 days.
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2023.03.22 07:11 Logo1392 [Windows][1996] A click-to-next-"room" puzzle game based in an abandoned town surrounded by a large, water-worn orange canyon, with life timer based on some voodoo thing.

Platform(s): Windows XP, 2000.
Genre: Puzzle, point and click
Estimated year of release: 1990sish, I found it at a nerd-fest on a disk sometime around this. Graphics/art style: Many scenes, mostly outdoors, very dark as I remember, decent fidelity if my mind isn't upscaling it, graphics trying to be realistic. The scenes are 3d.
Notable gameplay mechanics: There is a timer "ticking" down your life as you explore an empty town trying to solve the puzzle. If you run out, you die, I think it was some voodoo thing but its been to long to be sure.
Other details: The most vivid frames in my mind is the first one, where there is road through a canyon on both sides, with rocks having fallen in on in. A car is parked in a parking lot near center of the screen, and on the right is a long (mid-center to bottom of screen) square building, like a motel, with a neon sign. The orange water-worn canyon passages are traveled through and prominent in my mind, as well as a burned down building with some part of the puzzle in it.

Let me know if I can provide more details, I've been searching for a while and can't figure it out. Thanks!
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2023.03.22 07:11 waxbook I got a corneal ulcer despite proper contact lens hygiene. Where did I go wrong?

I am in the homestretch of healing from a corneal ulcer! Luckily, we caught it fast enough that it’s going away quick with a pretty aggressive antibiotic treatment.
Apparently I had a more mild one last year too, but I thought it was just a scratch. I’m worried it will happen again since I have no clue where I went wrong. But here’s the thing:
I never, ever sleep in my contacts. I take them out the second they feel uncomfortable at the end of a long day. I remove my makeup thoroughly and wash with a good cleanser. In my follow up appointment, my doctor even said I have pretty clean lashes and lids. I use dailies, and I wear them pretty much every day.
So where the hell did I go wrong?
The ONLY thing I can think of is that once in a while, I forget to take out my contacts in the middle of removing my makeup. I take them out the second I realize my mistake… Could this have been caused by such an occasional mistake?
Am I cursed? Should I give up on contacts altogether (please say no)?
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.22 07:11 famaroj [pc] [2010's]Need help finding old browser rpg flash mmo from around 2008-2012

So this is my first post here, so sorry if im all over the place, but i've come with a request to find a game, here's some details.
We're talking about a flash browser medieval mmo rpg where you lived in a cave and could craft stuff from materials you gathered from some places you accesed through a portal north of the town, where could go to fight enemies, you usually went to these places in groups of people but everyone usually went to do their own thing, the game had a pixelated 2d third aesthetic but it wasnt a chibi one or anything, it kinda looks like the flash game castaway 2, and the camera was basically the same too.
The game has turn based combat and you could fight other players, you had magic too, one of the spells i remember was heal wound, from which there were tiers, like lesser heal wound and stuff like that.
I remember there being a weight system where the more items you had in your inventory the slower you went
I dont remember any specific characters, but i do remember there was some, who walked around town.
I remember there being pets too, that you could hatch in your cave, the game might actually be based on the castaway games I really dont have anything else other t
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2023.03.22 07:11 Catvac-u-um_adnase Gunmen kill 11 in ambush blamed on decades-old "family feud" in Pakistan. Police said 42-year-old Atif Munsif Khan, leader of a district council in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, was killed Monday night in the town of Havelian, 20 miles north of Islamabad.

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2023.03.22 07:11 Regular-Lead5793 Ecclesiastes 9 4-6

There is hope for whoever is among the living, because a live dog is better off than a dead lion. 5 For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing at all, nor do they have any more reward, because all memory of them is forgotten. 6 Also, their love and their hate and their jealousy have already perished, and they no longer have any share in what is done under the sun.
Just curious as to why people think they go to heaven or hell based off of this scripture?
Looking for discussion. Thanks :)
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2023.03.22 07:10 missoutofhermind don’t think twice

i’m tired of coming here looking for an answer, so here i am talking instead. you know it’s bad when you’re tempted to ask your mom for a fucking card reading because you have an aching feeling in your heart and your gut and you just want an answer, even if it is a phony one. no matter the shit anyone tells me that you have said about me, all the reasons i should hate you and stop grieving our fucking friendship, there’s a nagging voice telling me i shouldn’t. you responding to me in the server tonight shocked me; it always does. i talk as much as i do just to feel like there’s a semblance of normalcy between us. i know what you said about my loyalty; he showed me a week or two ago despite you having said it in december. it broke me, it pissed me off, yet i still don’t hate you. i refuse to play certain games because there are memories of you and us laced through every fucking pixel. i heard you got in the air force. i’m proud of you. i also fucking hope i torment your mind as much as you do mine. who the hell knows anymore. i don’t.
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2023.03.22 07:10 FORTY7OUT (BIG SPOILER) About this weeks 'events'

Ok first I'm gonna go on a little rant. It's a cathartic thing I need to do after people calling me dumb for the last year. You can skip it I'll put a little indicator of the end. So skip to that.
I get that people are upset at this. I am too. It sucks even more considering lance's passing.
But there is one thing I wanna point out in general.
How many people thought us losing wouldn't mean characters dying? I've been saying this to people since the whole thing got popular. And now I'll say it again. Only this time in past tense.
We lost, We failed, We are currently losing this war. We are taking more risk meaning more people are probably going to die. If you don't like that why did you want to lose so bad? I had so many people tell me "they won't kill off -" any time I brought it up.
I just wanna say I told you so.
Amanda dying didn't really surprise me, but it did shock me. I thought it would come later but still the pay off made sense and the hints were there. Amanda is mistaken for a Guardian because she willingly throws herself at situations light bearers tend to deal with. Splicer is a good example, hell even this season and the intro to lightfall she did it. Through a mix of skill and luck she got out though. But skill can only go so far and luck runs out eventually. This was always going to happen.
The thing that is most obvious however is that Amanda now fully fulfills the requirements to become a guardian. Wonder what will come of that?
I don't hate Amanda. She's an example of how a normal person can almost stand side by side with a guardian. It's really going to affect moral now that she's dead.
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2023.03.22 07:10 TheOutcast06 “Sentient instruments? Why not? 「RED SUN」/「ELECTRIC PARADE」!”

Namesakes: Red Sun and Main Street Electrical Parade
Users: Red Sun is bound to a flute and Electrical Parade a taiko drum, both are sentient
How these two Stands came to be is very unique. An instrument maker is tasked to make instruments out of rare materials for a special musical event.
The town he lived in was recently struck by a Stand Meteor. Getting a really good idea, he requested to make said instruments out of the meteor.
The meteor was used to make a stone flute, and the body of a taiko drum. Little do the townsfolk know that the meteor gave the instruments sentience and elemental powers! (Despite this objects come to life all the time so they’re not bothered in the slightest)
The day of the event, people from a rival town started an assault, sending the townsfolk into a panic. Objects that cane to life started to defend the town.
The flute and drum are what stood out in this situation. While the other objects just fly at the rivals, the flute started shooting fire and the drum electricity, fending off the town.
After that the instruments gained the titles “Flute of Flames” and “Thunderdrum”, guarding the town ever since.
Appearance: Bound to the flute and drum
Stats (applies to both): * Power: A. Both fire and electricity make for strong attacks. * Speed: C. This refers to the flying speed of the instruments. * Range: B, both the fire and lightning has good reach. * Durability: A. Bound and is literally a Stand Meteor. * Precision: C. * Potential: D.
Ability: Elemental Music
The instruments can shoot out bolts of their respective elements by playing them - the flute shoots fire from its hole and the drum shoots lightning by beating itself with its drumsticks.
The flute’s small size and shape makes it the more manoeuvrable one, while the drum is more defensive, its shape evoking a barrier.
Despite lacking hands, the drum can still use Railgun by coiling electricity around its drumsticks or the flute. The flute can then wreath itself in its flames. A flaming flute flying at foes is no joke.
If I win I want Stands based on mythology.
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2023.03.22 07:09 kglw-net Today (March 22nd) in King Gizz live show history

2014 - Rosemount Hotel - Perth, Australia (no recordings found)
2017 - The Night Cat - Melbourne, Australia (no recordings found)
2023 - Alexandra Palace - London, England
Since there are no historical recordings today, we will highlight a potentially overlooked clip from 2022: Hot Water in Tucson.
-recordings are found at King Gizzard Live Spreadsheet
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2023.03.22 07:09 Gabogalban Question about DNA Digivolution

So i just finished Chapter 3, i already have Paildramon and upgraded the Dojo. I have a Darkdramon and a Justimon, and i wanted a Chaosmon and an Omegamon Zwart D (i read that i had to defeat him first, otherwise i would just get Omegamon Zwart).
But i can only get Chaosmon from my Darkdramon + City's BanchoLeomon.
But my Justimon doesn't get the option to Extra DNA Digivolve with Jijimon, is there some other recruitable Jijimon? (As in, the main Jijimon in the town doesn't count for DNA digivolving) or I can only get Omegamon Zwart D postgame? What confuses me the most is that i don't even get the option to have the regular Omegamon Zwart.
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2023.03.22 07:08 cutmypieintwopieces Why is he (30M) reaching it to me (30F) even though he lost interest in me and got into a relationship?

Please read 🥺
Met a guy on dating app towards end of last November. It was going great, so much in common and our views, values, interests, and birth date as well. We have not been in a relationship in a while. We both let each other know that we are dating with the intention of being in a relationship with someone.
After 2 dates, he was calling me pet names, which was a bit odd for me but I was accepting of it. He did ask me weeks later how long does it take me to make it exclusive with someone. I said naturally, the topic doesn’t come up until later, but maybe 2-3mo in. He said he evaluates after 4-5 dates but if I need another month, he can wait. We would send each other memes, reels, songs, animal videos daily. It was just our thing and we enjoyed giving each other a good laugh. We what’s a really good bond tbh.
Long story short….it has been a month of us talking and we’re still so excited about each other. But the following day (and the next 3 weeks), he was pulling back. I asked him twice if everything is okay and brought up my concerns, he said everything was good. He brought me around his family twice and they were aware of us going on dates and they were excited for him.
He revered back to dry texting even though he was texting me every day. I would still give him space and not respond at times, and he would double text or triple text. So I figured he still had interest. I asked him one more time another occasion and he admitted he lost his spark :/ we tried to be friends, then fwb but we never got to see each other. He bullshitted me twice and another few times, I couldn’t go see him because of work or traveling. We tried one day before I left out of town but he said, “I’m getting serious with someone and by the time you come back, I may be intimate with them. Tonight would’ve worked but moving forward, not so much.” So we said our goodbyes. Then 2 hours later he asked if I can try again because he really wanted to see me and misses me. I had already left to the airport though. He was willing to see me when I got back. Days later, he messages me and said he’s off the market. I offered to be friends but he said out of respect for his relationship, we can’t be friends since we were physically intimate before. And I agreed. He kept me on all social media though.
Two weeks later, he randomly sends me some reels on Instagram. I literally haven’t heard from him in 2 weeks since he got into a relationship. I said I thought we were not on speaking terms for now? He said he thought sending reels were harmless. I didn’t respond. He sends me more a few days later and I just reacted with emojis but didn’t respond. Then I had posted something on Snapchat and he responded, making small talk. But I wasn’t really engaging in the conversation. It was very brief, few sentences to each other.
He has not been inappropriate (made any sexual advances or flirt, etc.) since he’s reached out. But what’s the point of him doing this? Like why bother? If I were to even ask, he wouldn’t tell me. I’ve “known” Him for 4 months now and his gf roughly a month. So I’m wondering if he’s getting bored or moved too fast and has second thoughts, or misses me, or wants to hook up. But again, he hasn’t said anything sexual to me. It’s all casual talk. He doesn’t reach out daily. He reaches out at any time of the day or night.
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2023.03.22 07:08 iwrestlewithjimmy I figured out why I'm always anxious on a particular stretch of road, turns out it's WEIRD.

Sometimes I have to work in a location that is a quick seven minute drive from my house via a high way. The first few times I took this route, I was white-knuckle-nervous, which is normal for me. But as I adjusted, I noticed that I would feel relaxed until I got to this ONE STRETCH of highway.
It was uncanny. I would be fine - having completed the more "difficult" parts of the trip, and then suddenly, like I was in a trance, I would just "feel weird". Like maybe I had been spacing out and had suddenly come to at high alert. I started to ask myself, "well, I'm not tired and I wasn't spacing out, so what the hell is going on?" If I was superstitious, I would describe it almost like being haunted. It happened every night in the same spot, right at a slight curve.
Well, I finally figured it out once I realized it always happened in the same spot. The next time, I was very aware entering the area. It's because THE ROAD IS SLIGHTLY SLANTED. It tilts at like a 15 degree angle towards the outer edge of the road, and is the only part of the highway like this! I think what's happening is my inner ear is sending the signal "you're tilting, look out" to my brain, but the slope is so slight that my eyes aren't backing it up!
Once I figured it out, I notice the tilt much more and I'm also able to stay a lot calmer. I still feel "weirded out" but it but I'm like, yeah, that's because I'm tilting and they need to fix this road.
Hopefully, if any of you feel like that while driving at night on open stretches of road, this will help you. : )
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2023.03.22 07:08 ZetherHawk Why Are Emojis Hated And What Are The Consequences?

I am perplexed by the emoji issue on Reddit. Will using them get you downvoted or banned? Can anyone explain the emoji hate and potential consequences? Emojis are classic symbols of expression online. Why the hell is this a point of contention on such a social community?
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2023.03.22 07:07 mariusmartocsan 📢 Don't miss out on the #PARIBUS 🚀 Twitter Space Town Hall on March 23rd! Join to hear about the #Mainnet V1 launch on March 28th, future plans, $PBX trading on Kucoin for US, and get your questions answered by the Paribus community! 🙌 #TwitterSpaceAMA

📢 Don't miss out on the #PARIBUS 🚀 Twitter Space Town Hall on March 23rd! Join to hear about the #Mainnet V1 launch on March 28th, future plans, $PBX trading on Kucoin for US, and get your questions answered by the Paribus community! 🙌 #TwitterSpaceAMA submitted by mariusmartocsan to Paribus_io [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 07:07 Gamefire Visiting SG - good spots to browse/shop electronics? (keyboards, headphones, tablets..)

Heading to Singapore next week for a work trip, and being a bit of a tech geek, I plan on shopping around for electronics in some of my free time.
I'm planning on going to Sim Lim Square (really close to my hotel) and MASH Keyboard for mechanical keyboard stuff.
I actually tried to buy some things online in advance on but apparently they won't take any of my credit cards :(
Some specific stuff I'm looking for:
Am I better off trying to shop online, or can I get competitive prices from physical stores? Any advice on where you locals purchase stuff like the above is appreciated!
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2023.03.22 07:05 Affectionate_Gas_264 Who to join?

Soni was going to join the stugia (horse archers team) but they've already been slaughtered and they are down to one town.
I could still join them but thinking I need a new plan
Who should I join? Or should I wait for a rebelian and try for my own kingdom later
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2023.03.22 07:05 The_Male_Fujoshi Pretty sure I just flunked my English SAC. If I did is there anything I can do to still graduate?

Most context I think I can give is that I was diagnosed with ADHD last December, and it sure as hell explained a lot. Thought I would actually be able to study this year but I don't think my medicine is effective enough. Even then I've been trying my absolute hardest with every subject (and spoilers, the tests for all my other subjects all gave me results 50-60 percent range.) For English? I thought I was prepared for my first coursework task, got an N result, started trying to study harder for English. Took the second coursework task and received ANOTHER N (and just under the required amount marks to rub salt in the wound.) I was so freaked out that I essentially slowed my studying for all my other subjects to focus on English (managed to write 5 practice essays in 2 weeks) Today was the final SAC, and to say things went badly would be an understatement. I wasted so much time stuck on my first paragraph that I only got halfway through my third paragraph before the timer ended. I don't know if I failed but I'm pretty sure I did. My best hope is that my teacher gives me enough pity marks to pass at this point. I fucking hate this. I hate VCE so much I hate not being able to be a straight A student like my brother even though I desperately want to. I fucking hate trying my absolute hardest on studying only to see on my SAC results that I barely passed. I hate this fucking disorder. I hate that I'm too retarded to study well or remember my notes I wish I was normal enough to actually be good at school. If I fail English (which I probably have) is there a way a can still graduate? Let alone find a pathway into uni???
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2023.03.22 07:04 EldenLord324 It is absolutely unbelievable the amount of people having sex that don’t talk to there partner and communicate

Porn has ruined the world of sex. Men think they have to be animals and can’t talk or show emotions during sex. Women think they can’t communicate and show there man what they like. It’s unbelievable the amount of posts in this group with people saying they can’t get off in bed, they don’t know what there partner likes, they don’t know how to ask there partner to do something, etc etc. my wife and I have been married for 6 years and there isn’t a single thing we haven’t talked about. Hell there are times where we have sex and will stop laugh and try something new while communicating how dumb or bad it is. Just talk to each other! Stop trying to make things always sexy and like a porno. The girl isn’t gonna scream or cum 24/7 and the guy isn’t gonna make grunt noises all the time either. It’s okay to stop and just talk. Hell have these conversations before and after. Communication is key for god sake.
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