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The Wheel & Sail Guild

2014.01.16 19:42 SkipioNation The Wheel & Sail Guild

This is a open Scrolls guild for players of any type. We are the guild of the people. This guild is about learning, fun, and challenge. We humbly ask experienced players to join, and gratefully welcome new players. This guild is based on making this game, which can be a challenge for some, accessible, really fun to play, and easy to learn about.

2013.02.05 02:37 Reddit Dota 2 League

The Reddit Dota 2 League (RD2L) is aimed to provide a league-formatted level playing field for Dota 2 players of all skill ranges. Individuals who wish to participate will be placed into a pool where team captains will draft a team to compete in the upcoming season. A Season consists of 8 series with an end of season tournament where the top teams are invited to compete.

2016.06.29 03:03 mostinterestingtroll BLΛƆKPIИK Welcome to the mod team, Kim Sung-han!

BLACKPINK / 블랙핑크 (stylized as BLΛƆKPIИK) is a four-member K-pop girl group by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. The group debuted on August 8th, 2016. BLACKPINK is represented by Interscope and Universal Music Group outside of Asia. Second subreddit: BeulPing

2023.04.01 12:26 Cancerdiary Pleade Share some positive AML story

I have fear and anxiety of the what ifs ,what if i relapse after all my treatment, what if my time in this life is just a matter of months. So i figure i want to hear some of your AML success story ,your journey in this battle.
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2023.04.01 12:25 WorthApprehensive286 I finally found out what having true friends is like. How can I be a good friend back?

I've always only had one friend at a time; one at elementary school, one at gymnasium. And even those were very surface ones, we were very dependent on each other and we both had a lot of mental issues - not healthy ones. We also never hungout after school (because I wasn't allowed to) so I was isolated for the majority of my day at home. I never truly learned how to be close to people, love and care for them or even myself.
Now, I (22) finally found some great people that I love but I'm scared I'll lose them, because I don't know how to be a good friend. I don't know how often to reach out, if I'm being supportive enough, what to expect from them either, etc. I'd love to hear your tips or ideas on how to improve this.
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2023.04.01 12:25 starvingweirdo Need a full guide! Always hesitated to put so many products on skin but now I guess it's needed. So starting from scratch and I need guides and advices and everything literally.

I (25F) have no skincare routine except for washing my face twice (with acnelac soap) and applying moisturizer (dermat suggested- acne oc) once a day. MY SKIN TYPE IS OILY TO COMBINATION TYPE, WITH BLACKHEADS ON NOSE ONLY
Reason - I had severe acne breakout during my puberty, used hell lot of products to control but all failed and finally underwent Isotretinoin (Acutane) treatment for it. This lead to some allergies in my body and had to discontinue the treatment midway. By then, my acnes stopped, skin was almost getting back to normal but as I stopped the medication my skin is now bumpy with uneven skin tone. I was very scared to use any more new products on my skin after this so stuck to minimal products and routine.
Now, I realise it's high time I take care of my skin with so many new products in market. But I am clueless and confused as to where to start.
I'd like to know the right products for my skin type, their order and frequency of usage as well, and should not be too expensive (for comparison- acne oc and acne uv come as affordable to me and would like to know products in these range) This post is like asking for help because I am such a dumb in this field.
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2023.04.01 12:25 Aelita1992 We've finally created first trailer for our 'Learn Words - Use Syllables' words learning game, as it's coming closer and closer to it's steam release in next 2 weeks time :) Let us know what you think about the trailer in general and the art in the game.

We've finally created first trailer for our 'Learn Words - Use Syllables' words learning game, as it's coming closer and closer to it's steam release in next 2 weeks time :) Let us know what you think about the trailer in general and the art in the game. submitted by Aelita1992 to gamedevscreens [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 12:24 empireboi204 Oh god, we've been taken over!

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2023.04.01 12:24 virababsurdo Using GPT-4 to expand upon the in-universe Elcor Hamlet phenomenon.

Write the famous To Be or Not to Be Soliloquy from Hamlet but instead have Elcor from Mass Effect perform it.
[An ELCOR, dressed as Hamlet, stands under a spotlight in the center of a dimly-lit stage. It holds a skull and begins to speak in a monotonous voice.]
ELCOR HAMLET: Solemnly. To be or not to be, that is the question. Pensively. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing, end them.
Contemplative. To die, to sleep; No more; and by a sleep to say we end The heartache and the thousand natural shocks That flesh is heir to; 'tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished.
Ruefully. To die, to sleep; To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay, there's the rub, For in that sleep of death what dreams may come, When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, Must give us pause.
Apprehensive. There's the respect That makes calamity of so long life. For who would bear the whips and scorns of time, The oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely, The pangs of despised love, the law's delay, The insolence of office, and the spurns That patient merit of the unworthy takes, When he himself might his quietus make With a bare bodkin?
Bitterly. Who would fardels bear, To grunt and sweat under a weary life, But that the dread of something after death, The undiscovered country from whose bourn No traveler returns, puzzles the will, And makes us rather bear those ills we have Than fly to others that we know not of?
Weary. Thus conscience does make cowards of us all, And thus the native hue of resolution Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought, And enterprises of great pitch and moment, With this regard, their currents turn awry, And lose the name of action.
[The ELCOR's monotonous voice, combined with its natural gravitas and emotional subtlety, offers a new perspective on the classic soliloquy. The audience is captivated, as they ponder the depth of the human (and Elcor) experience.]
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2023.04.01 12:24 Bumbelchen 26 hits against these Flyers?

Anybody got a short twitch clip or video of how they did that? I managed to do the previous 2 challenges with relative ease by playing regular but the Flyers are so slippery and big, half the time my guys bounce off them or don't get enough to count as a hit. My best attempt so far was 18 after OT, so I'm not that close
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2023.04.01 12:24 Ninjanoob2022 UFC 4 is good, but what would make UFC 5 even better?

I've only just recently started playing UFC4 , I bought the game ages ago but never really played it. Then as my interest in MMA/UFC started to grow I thought, why not give the game another go. I definitely think that having a keen interest in the UFC/MMA has a difference, especially in my enjoyment of the game. The UFC 4 game mechanics are really good, and overall it's a good game, however it does have its flaws. So, I thought what can EA Sports do to make UFC 5 even better than UFC4, and for me there's a few improvements to be made in the new title. One such change would be to the game commentary, because it's very repetitive in nature, and they say that same things about different fighters, so a more varied and in-depth commentary would be better, and also having Joe Rogan on would be good too. Another aspect that needs improvement is the fighter roster, there's are so many missing on UFC4, especially when it comes to UFC legends. I'd also like to see more refs in UFC 5, instead of just the three on UFC 4. The post bout cut scenes could do with being a lot more varied too, more fighter dependent and different, instead of the same cut scenes all the time. There are the few changes is like to see in UFC 5, but I'm sure they'll be other changes gamers will want to see. What do you thing needs to be changed?
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2023.04.01 12:24 Cute_Recording_2894 Suhail Kakar is leaving!

Suhail has been a prominent figure for Livepeer for some time. He promoted and helped improve the Livepeer project and web3 in general. What are the possible outcomes of him leaving? Is it going to hurt the project?
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2023.04.01 12:24 Mrchickenwingz07 How can i log in my account if it uses another apple id?

When i first started identityV, I used my moms phone to play since I didn’t have my own at the time. she gave me her phone as a hand me down since she had a new one and I made my own apple id but now I’ve been logged out. Is there any other way for me to log in?
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2023.04.01 12:24 Swansinthepark Crushing blows and transhuman

Does the automatic wounding of crushing blow punch through the transhuman without having to roll 4+ to wound?
I am playing dark angels in two weeks time and i know this will come up
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2023.04.01 12:23 TuVibeMedia Flo Rida Son on ICU

Flo Rida Son on ICU
Flo Rida took to social media to express his gratitude towards everyone who reached out to him with their prayers and worries about his son. At 3:09 PM PT, he confirmed that he was doing well and thanked the people who supported him during the difficult time...credit TuVibe.co.ke
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2023.04.01 12:23 benjadino How i completely healed for the first time

What Im writing here was a comment on a previous post from another redditor that received a lot of backlash. I think people felt provoked because the post suggested that instead of taking too much actions against gastritis, all they have to do is calm down and stop stressing about it.
I wanted to share my experience with you because after years of desperately trying everything there is to try in fighting gastritis without achieving complete healing, i completely cured following a message that sounds like a total non-brainer but turned out to be the most effective for me: letting go of pressure i put on the situation, calming down about my chronic illness is what allows the body to heal. That’s so easy to dismiss as a kind of hippy / weak approach in fighting a illness, until you really understand what stress is in its core, what it’s function is and what it means for gastritis. So I’ll try to elaborate:
The stress response of our organism is designed to focus all energy and attention to face the potential life-threatening situation we find ourselves in. To achieve that it’s shuts down a lot of processes that aren’t necessary for immediate short-term-survival, and puts us in the famous „fight or flight“ mode.
That’s beneficial and necessary in a situational context, if the situation causing us stress doesn’t end and our body keeps up the stress response it’s very very bad for us though. Even more so in the context of gastritis. Psychological stress (like worrying all day about this illness, looking constantly for new solutions, putting pressure on us in our daily life while fighting it) is able to induce the so called „acute-phase-response“ which compounds of the release of various molecules in our body that worsen inflammation and tissue damage (Source: „Stress and the inflammatory response: a review of neurogenic inflammation“, Paul H. Black). That’s literally the worst outcome for a person that tries to heal out a inflamed stomach. Stress also suppresses the immune reaction against infections, so even if your gastritis is caused by pathological bacteria (people with that cause were the most upset about the calm down advice in the deleted post) will profit from reducing their stress levels.
Calming down while dealing with a chronic illness is way easier said than done, it shouldn’t be the only thing you do to fight it neither. My advice would be to keep up with the diet and every other thing that helps you, but also to work on having the right mindset, which would be calm, patient and positive. All I can say is that I did everything possible to fight the condition for years but only fully healed the first time I allowed myself to lower the pressure I had put on finding a solution, to take my mind off from the topic and not stress about it every free minute. Took some time, but that healed me.
I can even cheat from time to time now without any negative consequence, while I had flar-ups while having a clean diet but experiencing a lot of stress caused by other things. Makes me wonder if keeping a calm mindset might really even be the most important thing. And my symptoms were really severe for years, i was really at a very low point at times and hadn’t believed i could heal if somebody told me. But it’s possible, don’t loose hope and allow yourself to have joyful, worry-free moments. it’s not like you don’t deserve that until you managed to heal, it rather looks like you need that to heal. Wishing you guys all the best!
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2023.04.01 12:23 aquarialily Will Cosleeping Make Sleep Training Harder?

Hi all -- please don't judge me for cosleeping -- basically, I only coslept in the beginning when my baby was going through his 6 week developmental fussy period and refused to sleep in the bassinet anymore and I was falling over from exhaustion, and then rarely since then until recently. But since he hit his 4 month regression a week ago, I just... can't. He wakes up so often and takes forever to get back to sleep and sometimes wakes up as soon as I get him into his bassinet -- multiple times in a row. I can sit patiently and try to soothe him back to sleep at like midnight, or even 1, 2 am. But at 5 am when I am so exhausted, a lot of times I give in and after trying a couple of times to put him back into his bassinet, I give up and bring him into bed with me. (Yes, I do everything I can to ensure he is safe while we are cosleeping, and I am very aware of his body next to mine even while I'm sleeping.) He always sleeps better and longer when I'm cosleeping with him, so that I can try to get a decent amount of sleep before he wakes up for the morning.
Anyway, so the last three days I've basically brought him into bed with me every morning at around 4 or 5 am and this way he can usually sleep until 8 am or so. Otherwise he would keep fussing.
We are planning to sleep train at 4.5 months -- so in a couple of weeks. We have been holding off until after he gets his 4 month vaccines (he just turned 4 months a couple days ago) and has a chance to get any side effects or fussiness out of his system before we start. At first I was worried it was a bit early to sleep train but my sleep consultant has advised it's a good time bc 1) the 4 month regression is unlikely to resolve itself that easily as long as he can't self soothe 2) for over a month now, he's required me to hold him and pace in order for him to fall asleep (before I could pat him to sleep) and it's becoming untenable because he's getting SO heavy. He's also 90% formula fed -- I give him a boob for comfort in the middle of the night or as a dessert after his bottle during the day, and I pump to supplement his bottles, but mostly he's a formula kid, so I was told that sleep training at this age is okay if he's formula fed and of a certain weight (which he is).
I guess my question is -- if I continue to bring him into bed in the mornings to cosleep for the next two weeks until we are able to start sleep training, will it make sleep training harder? Will the success rate be worse bc he will be more attached to me? Or can I just cosleep with him for now and then sleep training will be a "reset" button so that we no longer have to cosleep anymore? My husband is wary of letting me continue to bring him into bed, but the alternative is just spending hours trying to get him back to sleep soundly over and over again, and both of us are so sleep deprived already. So I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this. (I'm afraid to ask my sleep consultant bc she def does not approve of me cosleeping.) Any thoughts or experience with this would be so greatly appreiciated.
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2023.04.01 12:23 WatchesSaleOnline The Wonderful Orient Ray II Faa02008d9 Men: A Closer Look

The Wonderful Orient Ray II Faa02008d9 Men: A Closer Look

Orient's popular Ray segment includes this men's watch, the FAA02008D9 Ray II. Watch aficionados may be interested in this specific model because it has a number of features, including:

The Orient Ray II FAA02008D9 is an elegant and practical wristwatch that pays homage to vintage divers' watches. It has a blue display with luminous hour markers and hands and a unidirectional spinning bezel that can be used to calculate the elapsed time since the watch was last activated.
The reliable and precise Orient Caliber F6922 automatic mechanism is at the heart of this timepiece. The case protects the watch's innards from the elements. You can wind the power reserve by hand, and it will keep going for up to 40 hours. Waterproof to a depth of 200 meters, the Orient Ray II FAA02008D9 Men's Watch can be worn while swimming, diving, or engaging in any number of other water-based activities.
The watch's screw-down crown and case back make it more water-resistant. The frame is 41 mm wide and made of stainless steel. The stainless steel band is secured by a push-button clasp for convenience.
To protect the watch face, sapphire was used instead of the more fragile material crystal that was previously used. The Orient Ray II FAA02008D9 is an inexpensive timepiece of outstanding quality and aesthetic appeal. This is your best option if you want a high-quality diving watch that won't empty your wallet.
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2023.04.01 12:23 amrit111222 Do you believe in black magic or the evil eye?

I've been an atheist for as long as I can remember. However, recently, I've been experiencing some strange occurrences that have me questioning my beliefs.
First, in December, I had a nightmare that someone was doing black magic on me. I brushed it off as just a bad dream, but then, a few months later, I had the same nightmare again, and this time it felt more real. I couldn't shake off the feeling that something bad was going to happen to me.
At the same time, I've been going through a tough time in my personal and professional life. I'm not finding success in anything I do, and there are constant issues within my family.
I'm starting to wonder if these things are related to black magic or the evil eye. I know it sounds crazy, but I can't help but feel like there's something sinister at play here.
I'm reaching out to to ask if anyone has had similar experiences. Do you believe in black magic or the evil eye? And if so, how do you protect yourself from it?
I appreciate any advice or insight that you can offer. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
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2023.04.01 12:23 rainydaiez I wanna talk to someone can you dm me?

about your problems or mine. I just need to speak about trsns stuff for a little. I spend so much time suppressing my trans thoughts it's hard to think about it when I want to. please dm me.
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2023.04.01 12:23 DankuBot Me irl

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2023.04.01 12:22 anka0602 [FS] [EU] [email protected]@ga/Acn3 / St0ne Island - LY / 1to1 / topacney / topstoney

Shipping from EU.
Can ship worldwide, buyer pays postage.
Paypal invoice only
Vouch thread:
Pics: https://imgur.com/a/F2RQU2m
Tagged picture & Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/CUruzAB
Any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.
Im a M/L usually, but i put measurements aswell.
Almost everything listed is new / unworn.
Good high tier stuff from 1to1 / TopStoney / TopAcney / LY
For those who don't know 1to1 i can inform that they are better then LY when it comes to Balenciaga. Thick, heavy, really good stuff.
Just trying to get what i paid, so no overprices.Price also including paypal fee.
[email protected]@[email protected] hoodie white (1to1 factory)
Size: XS
Chest: 58cm
Length: 71cm
Price: 60€
[email protected]@[email protected] hoodie black (1to1 factory)
Size: XS
Chest: 58cm
Length: 71cm
Price: 60€
[email protected]@[email protected] hoodie Brown (1to1 factory)
Size: XS
Chest: 59cm
Length: 72cm
Price: 60€
[email protected]@[email protected] creme / blue (Rick Owens)
Size: XS
Chest: 61cm
Length: 68cm
Price: 40€
[email protected]@[email protected] baby blue tee (LY and got proof)
Used like 3-4 times, i where to chubby
Size: XS
Chest: 55cm
Length: 68cm
Price: 40€
Ston3 1sl4nd Crewneck (TopStoney)
Chest: 59cm
Length: 72cm
Size: XL
Price: 45€
L0uis Vu1tt0n (Nina)
Zippy XL
Got flaw, see pics
Price: 30€
Acn3 long sleeve tee beige (TopAcney)
Chest: 58cm
Length: 70cm
Size: S
Price: 30€
Acn3 long sleeve tee white (TopAcney)
Chest: 58cm
Length: 70cm
Size: S
Price: 30€
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2023.04.01 12:22 WinxieValVal How Much Would Food at Disneyland Cost Over an Almost Twenty Four Hour Period?

My school has decided that for Grad Night we are going to get to the Disneyland Resort when it first opens in the morning, spend the whole day playing in the parks with park hoppers, then at closing time meet up at California Adventure for the Grad Party that should last until about two in the morning.
Technically if Disneyland opens at eight in the morning and then closes at like ten, then that would actually be about 18 hours in the parks themselves with the party included. However, we have quite a trip to get all the way to Disneyland which is about two hours. Adding four hours for commute to the parks and back we still end up at about twenty two hours of adventure.
Given this situation, there is no way any of us will be able to pack enough food to last us all that time and carry it in a backpack or something. We certainly need to get food in the parks at some point. Since we will all be sleep deprived too, we probably are going to have to eat more than usual to make up for energy lost due to lack of sleep, and to make sure we are fueled for all this time without getting sick.
So seems like we need to eat throughout the day at the park, will likely be hungry after the long ride to the park, and my mom suggested that I buy a snack before the ride back so I can eat if I get hungry. My mom insists that I sit down and eat 3 good meals throughout the day at the very least in addition to staying hydrated and snacking if I feel like I may get a headache.
Last time I went to Disneyland I was so young that I can barely even remember it now and have no idea what to expect. So, for people who have experience eating at the park, how much do you think it would cost one person to eat those three meals. Given the energy that is needed for the park, how many snacks do you think would provide sufficient fuel in addition to those meals? Did you find that the food was good portion and filling, or would I have to buy a side or multiple servings to make it a good meal? How much should be budgeted in total to pay the plethora of all the above food expenses assuming we pack no snacks from home.
I want to be prepared for the worst so any food experiences relating to prices that can be shared will be helpful to me. I plan on bringing my own refillable water bottle for sure so at the very least I can be certain that I have hydration in the bag for me.
This long post is starting to feel like one of those unrealistic math problems where someone pays way too much money for 73 watermelons but then has to return 20 percent of them to the store for some reason and apparently has no idea how much they got refunded. Thank you if you made it this far into the reading.
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2023.04.01 12:22 Sad-Excitement5293 Join this activity and earn cash in no time. It's the easiest way to make money! https://app.temu.com/m/ustIQWfxPXHZtEq

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