Keenan, West Michigan Hometown Hero

2019.09.15 01:56 DeejayLuke Keenan, West Michigan Hometown Hero

Here is a bit of older Keenan news, but worth a read. I'm 50 and grew up in Ludington Michigan, 5 minutes West of Scottville where Maynard grew up. He and my brother Mike went to Kendall School of Art in Grand Rapids and had a few classes together but my brother didn't really know him, but knew OF him. He said everybody knew Jim Keenan because he was an interesting artistic guy (although my brother didn't really like his stuff) who was in a really good band. He said he always had lots of people around him, because they wanted to BE around him...he was just that type guy, a bit of a people magnet.
A true story that we back home still talk about is how Maynard still comes back to Scottville to hang with his Dad, who still lives there and continues as an ardent supporter of his old high school wrestling team. Every year, to this day, I'm told he pays for each of them to go to wrestling camp based on individual essays on why it's important they go. I also hear he reads every one and has never turned a kid away:

Here's a story on how he hand picked a former Ludington Daily News writer to write his official autobiography “A Perfect Union Of Contrary Things." Keenan chose Sarah Jensen, whose brother, Kjiirt, has remained one of his closest friends since they were kids, to write the book, knowing she’d understand his roots:
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