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6 Dates to Marry- FIFTH DATE: Just Stopping By.

2023.04.01 09:45 JamesonRhymer 6 Dates to Marry- FIFTH DATE: Just Stopping By.

This is part 5 of a week long game we started early in the week.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Yesterday, the sub eliminated Jessen. It was a tough call when you broke the news.
“Not you too! Oh no, I can’t take it! But I guess I hate myself too half the time. I deserve this. I know I can never take back what I did, but I hope I can make it up someday. Thanks for at least being good enough to tell me directly.”
And then there were two…
For the fifth time around, you decide to bypass the traditional date and see what you can learn from Brux and Blue in their daily lives.


You finally got your wish. Brux put you on the guest list to watch a filming of an upcoming action flick they’re doing stunts for. It’s a mind warp to see the typically homely, measured Brux done up like a sexy bank robber with professional hair and makeup. Maybe they’re a 6 in regular life, but they’re at least an 8 with a professional wardrobe and make-up team and perfect lighting. Rather than the typically slow and reserved mannerisms you’ve grown accustomed to, you witness a slick, confident swagger. Some of Brux’s moves are insane as they grapple against another actor portraying a police officer.
“Cut!” the director yells as Brux walks offset to talk through something with the choreographer.
“So you’re Brux’s friend?” one of the other actors asks as the crew begins resetting for another take.
“Yeah. Just here to watch them work.”
“Well, you picked the right stunt person. Brux is a beast when they get going. Isn’t it trippy how different they are in person? Did you meet them on a film or somewhere else?”
“Funny story, I met them on a blind date. We were having a picnic and all they could talk about is knitting and how they like soups and sandwiches and brush their teeth between every meal. So I thought they were the sleepiest person I’d ever met. But I gave them another chance and we went to Disneyworld and that’s when a little spice came out. For most of the day they just calmly tagged along and did whatever I wanted to do, but somehow they jimmied my wallet out of my pocket in this bizarre flex. They really are kind of a Pinocchio.”
“Pinocchio is a funny way of putting it. They’re gentle and reserved usually but on rare occasion you’ll see some fire inside. But that’s not common at all. I’ve known Brux for years now and I’ve only seen that side once or twice. But I still wouldn’t mess with them.”
“Oh I know. I accidentally pointed a knitting needle at them once and almost got a broken arm.”
“I can imagine!”
“But they really are a charmingly gentle person. Have you been to their apartment?”
“Yep. Lemme guess- chicken noodle soup and tea?”
“Haha you got it.”
“Yeah, Brux is a person of patterns. But you’ll be happy for that later. They just want a simple, calm life. They’re not hard to please and they’re a great friend. I’ve had some pretty rough times and if there’s one person who’s always there, it’s Brux. If you need someone’s shoulder to cry on, it’s Brux. If you need someone to trust with anything, it’s Brux. You’re a lucky one to have caught them.”
“Well, I haven’t quite caught them yet, but yeah, thanks.”
The director then claps his hands loudly several times. “Alright, reset! Prep for Take 4! And….Action!”
Once again Brux tussles against their counterpart in another stunning performance.


While at the mall, you decide to surprise Blue at Abercrombie & Fitch. You show up at 11am, when you expect them to arrive.
“Hey, is Blue here today?” you ask a tanned guy in tight, distressed jeans and nothing on top other than a bright red scarf.
“Nah. They should be. I’ll check the sched,” he says walking behind the checkout counter.
“Hmm, they should’ve been here by now. I dunno what’s up. Maybe their bike got a flat or something. That happens sometimes.”
“Biking to work is so Blue,” you say partly to the guy and partly to yourself.
“No doubt about it. You a friend? Sibling? Or a customer?”
“Let’s say ‘friend’.”
“Okay,” he shrugged. “Well, they’re not here yet.”
“While I’m waiting, can I ask you a random question?”
“What’s the best and worst things about working with Blue?”
“Oh. Haha. Let’s see. The best things are that they’re always positive, full of life, and they really care about the customer. People will come in and Blue will spend all day if necessary to make sure they leave excited and feeling good about themselves. Always smiling, laughing, making other people laugh, and brightening everything up is a special quality. Hard things would be…they’re flighty. Blue absolutely cannot stick to anything longer than 5 minutes. One year they’re here, one year they’re there. One year they’re interested in this, one year they’re interested in that. I wouldn’t be shocked if they walked in tomorrow and quit. They have so much potential and so much to give, they just need to get the maturity and discipline to stick through stuff. It's something we've talked about. They're getting better and I know they're trying but I wish it would be faster. That wilderness stuff is the first time they've seemed to really settle down and focus. I hope it spreads to their whole life now.”
“Do you think they’d be a good parent?”
“100%- the best. I’ve seen…wait a second,” he said like a jock finally figuring out his first math problem. “What’s up with these questions. You’re not just a friend are you?”
“Well, I am, I…I’m just-“
“Nah nah nah. Don’t be coy. You’re not alone. Sometimes I wonder if half the store’s revenue comes from people like you- buying clothes as an excuse to get close to Cutie McCute with the perfect hair, smooth skin, and magazine abs. Makes me sick. But I guess I get it. I don’t swing that way, but if I did, maybe I’d be doing the same thing.”
“Well we’ve hung out a few time. But nothing crazy- just a picnic once and then Disneyworld, which was fun, and hiking once. But-“
Just then, the phone rings and he walks over to answer it.
“Abercrombie. This is Frank.”
He listens for a minute and then gasps. “What?! Are you okay? What hospital?? I’ll be right there!”
Frank then slams the phone down and rushes to get his jacket.
“Blue’s been hit by a car!” he yells to you. I’m headed there right now. Sorry, I gotta go.”
“Which hospital?” You ask as he power walks toward the door. Before he can answer, he leaps backward as Blue bounces through the entrance with wide ’ta-da’ arms.
“April fools!!!” Blue laughs uproariously as you and Frank leer.
“Not funny,” Frank says as he walks back toward the cash register to take his jacket off.
“Hey, it’s April 1st,” Blue shrugged. “You should have known. Anyway, sorry I’m late. The rain made traffic a mess.”
“Sure. Traffic,” Frank scoffs. “I know you’re probably late because you stopped and dropped a log on some poor old lady’s petunias.”
“Hey. A G’s gotta do what a G’ gotta do,” Blue says, dusting off their shoulder.
“You seriously didn’t do that again did you?” you ask.
“Relax. I’m just joking. I did take a whiz though! But don’t get all wound up, it wasn’t on someone’s petunias. Just be happy I'm staying hydrated.”
Frank, finally coming down from the stress of that ‘prank’, walks back over.
“That reminds me- there is one thing I also like about this character,” he says, wrapping his arm around Blue. “Truth. Blue is Blue. They put it all out there- the good, the bad, and the ugly. And as ugly as it can be, at least you always know who you’re dealing with. There’s something special about someone who just doesn’t hide anything.”
Who do you want to eliminate?
If you hit the bell, I'll let you know what happens next.
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2023.04.01 08:52 varunvenaik The best whole grains to include in your diet

Today I’m shifting my focus away from fruits and vegetables (which I know I have explored in ample depth in my earlier articles) and talking about something that has featured less on my blog, but is still so important for a balanced diet – grains. Don't forget to check out VARUN VENAIK
So why are grains so important in our diet?
Grains are packed full of fibre, which is important for us to feel full and satiated after our meals (which lessens the likelihood of reaching for those often unhealthy snacks in between meals). All grains contain complex carbohydrates as well as other nutrients and important vitamins and minerals, but not all grains are equally as good for you – for the best health results, you should be choosing whole grains over refined grains. Whole grains are those grains which we consume either in their whole form, or as a ground product, but while retaining all the important parts of the seed. Whole grains are higher in many nutrients than refined grains – nutrients like vitamin B, potassium and magnesium. On the other hand, refined grains have been milled in order to remove germ and bran which results in these grains having a much finer texture and a later use by date. However, milling these grains has the effect of eliminating or reducing a number of important nutrients including fibre. So in other words, while whole grains can give you the full suite of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, refined grains, through the milling process are stripped of some of their important nutrients. Refined grains are those that you will typically find in your tasty but not very healthy snacks like crackers, pastries and sweet cereals. It is recommended that at least a half of the grains that we consume should be whole grains, in order to have a balanced diet and maximise our nutrient intake.
In this article I am going to take you through the 5 best whole grains to include in your diet from today.
  1. OATS
I’ve included oats at the top of the list because they are so great for you, and so easy to introduce into your diet. Oats have antioxidants and beta-glucan fibre which is known to strengthen the immune system and reduce cholesterol. Oats are also so incredibly easy to include in your diet, especially at breakfast time – in winter you can whip up a porridge to start your day on a warm note and in summer you can make homemade muesli and enjoy it with some fresh fruit and yoghurt.
Quinoa is high in magnesium, iron and folate contains a number of essential amino acids. It is also a very good source of protein (often consumed by vegetarians as a protein source) and as a bonus, it’s also gluten free! Quinoa is relatively easy and quick to cook – many people simply us a rice cooker.
Even though many people have never heard of sorghum, it has actually been around for centuries – hence why it is termed an ancient grain. Sorghum is packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, copper, calcium and zinc. You can see why it has been widely termed a superfood! It is also an excellent source of protein, with around 22 grams of protein in one cup. Sorghum is also very rich in antioxidants and carries a significant amount of fibre. Do you need any other reason to introduce this powerful grain into your diet? Sorghum can be used in your porridge, or you can add it into your lunch soup, stew or salad.
  1. TEFF
Teff is a fine grain originating from Ethiopia and Eritrea. It has a wonderful earthy taste and is rich in a number of important nutrients, being packed with high protein, fibre and iron.
Buckwheat has gained popularity in the last decade, often being used to make pastas or noodles and pancakes. You might be surprised to learn that soba noodles, which are often used in Asian (particularly Japanese) cooking is made from buckwheat. It has high amounts of iron, antioxidants and magnesium. Some people often think buckwheat contains wheat because of its name – but it’s actually a completely different grain! Buckwheat can be used in place of oats in porridge, or you can introduce it into your next salad or in place of rice in your next meal. Alternatively, you can grind buckwheat it and use it in place of flour when you’re next making crepes or pancakes.
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2023.04.01 06:55 GronkVonHaussenberg Tonsillectomy for Foodies

The food boredom can be a real mental struggle, especially for us foodies. I do love to be creative with food, so I wanted to share what's helping me so far. I'm just starting day 4 of recovery and yes, everything is painful to eat. But, I always start with ice chips or something cold to numb it a little, then cry and force it down because your body needs nutrition to heal faster and keep pain meds down. And yes, it takes 1 - 2 hours to eat a meal.
Also, I cook some of these meals because moving around helps me feel better but my husband also makes meals for me. You will need help.
Limits: nothing acidic or spicy, no dairy (other than butter) which causes excess mucus. Don't rely on only sweet foods, you will be more nauseous and bored. Start with cold, smooth, bland foods without even salt which can burn at first. Work your way up.
Method: Always start your meal with something icy to numb the area. Ice chips work well, but I also like a little oatmilk icecream or italian ice.
Organic Baby Food: get many varieties, but especially ones with veggies and proteins to round out your diet. Prune and sweet potato have been yummy. Chicken and veggie is a meh, but very healthy.
Favorite Snack: Iced Oatmilk, full fat, to provide fat, protein, and fiber. Oat is very soothing for the skin and inflammation, too. I use the oatmilk in as many recipes as I can. Nice and filling.
Smoothie: Frozen banana, full fat oatmilk, cocoa powder, and peanut butter.
Eggs: Very soft scrambled eggs (cook them on very low with oil and stir constantly so very few curds form but it's more like a pudding texture.)
Milk Toast: Slightly warm a wide bowl of oatmilk and butter (add salt and pepper if you are able, fresh ground nutmeg if you're really extra like me). Toast plain soft white bread and let it soak in the milk and enjoy. Sounds weird, but it's basically like biscuits and gravy if you are familiar with that.
Soup & Bread: Get a low sodium chicken noodle soup OR just boil low sodium bone broth with tiny pasta (I used stars). Before you add pasta, feel free to add and over boil minced veggies like onion, carrot, and celery. I also added bayleaf, again, because I'm extra). Let the soup cool to room temp and break up pieces of soft white bread into the broth and eat. You likely won't be able to eat the noodles at first. I'm still struggling with them, but the bread is easy and filling.
Cream of Wheat: This was included in my first several meals. Made it plain and very soupy with water, cooled to room temp. Not exciting but very filling. Now after cooking, I add sugar, a pinch of salt, cocoa powder, and thin it out with oatmilk.
Instant Mashed Potatoes: thin them out with lots of bone broth to make them soupy. You can also mix up a brown gravy pack and add for more flavor. Use plain potatoes, most flavors have added dairy.
Wishing you all the best. Feel free to drop your meal ideas here!
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2023.04.01 02:20 snkde 12-Pk 3.03-Ounce Nongshim Bowl Noodle Soup (Spicy Chicken)

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2023.03.31 23:35 Voidofdarkness67 For breakfast Nongshim Spicy chicken flavor (Bowl Noodle Soup)

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2023.03.31 22:17 devious_raccoon First Time Pet Owner vs Handmade Food

Before I start this I am going to preface this by saying, this decision to get rats has not been made on a whim and has been heavily researched and considered for over 2 months.
I am getting rats at the beginning of summer(Mid May) and I've decided to go with handmade food mix. I'd like to feel good about what I am feeding my rats as I want to give them the longest and healthiest lives possible. Please tell me if there's anything I should change or add to these ingredients.
Thank you for your time in reading this and considering responses!
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2023.03.31 21:46 BroMandi 12-Pk 3.03-Oz Nongshim Bowl Noodle Soup (Spicy Chicken) $10 + free shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $10.00]

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2023.03.31 21:44 GreenNapster 12-Pk 3.03-Oz Nongshim Bowl Noodle Soup (Spicy Chicken) $10 + free shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $10.00]

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2023.03.31 21:38 BroMandi [Amazon] 12-Pk 3.03-Oz Nongshim Bowl Noodle Soup (Spicy Chicken) $10 + free shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal Price: $10.00]

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2023.03.31 21:25 snkde 12-Pk 3.03-Oz Nongshim Bowl Noodle Soup (Spicy Chicken) $10 + free shipping w/ Prime or on $25+

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2023.03.31 15:34 rozztc Chicken noodle soup

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2023.03.31 15:32 rozztc Chicken noodle soup [homemade]

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2023.03.31 11:14 Starja_ Which menu item would have the least calories?

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2023.03.31 09:48 JamesonRhymer 6 Dates to Marry- FOURTH DATE: Visiting your dates’ homes.

Date 5 is live:

This is part 4 of a week long game we started early in the week.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
To recap, I’m fixing you up on a blind date with 6 people. Each day, you will eliminate the contestant you are least interested in. At the end of the week, we’ll see who democracy has chosen for you.
Yesterday, the sub eliminated Naeve. You called Naeve up to break the news, and thankfully they were understanding.
“Ah bummer. I was starting to vibe with you. But that’s ok, we’re all on a different journey and sometimes we move together and sometimes there’s a fork in the road. C’est la vie!”
And then there were three…
For the fourth round, your dates invite you to their homes so that you can experience their comfort zone.
Select the person you’d like to eliminate and tomorrow, you will go on a fifth date with the remaining 2 people. You can also revisit the links up top to review the previous dates if you want to refresh on your experiences with each of the remaining prospects.


As Jessen greets you at the front door, you’re very soon after face-to-face with their parents.
“So you’re the one we’ve been hearing so much about! It’s very nice to meet you,” their mother says, welcoming you in. The home is very traditional and seemed to be stuck in the 80’s in a lot of ways. You do some chit-chat with them and then Jessen brings you upstairs to their room.
“So this is it- where all the magic happens.”
You look around at the Avril Lavigne and Nickelback posters along with several other rock artists along the wall. There were clothes everywhere along with papers and other miscellaneous things.
“Sorry about the mess. I was gonna clean up but then I didn’t because I didn’t feel like it. Oh well. But I got something better to show you,” they say as the walk to the corner and pick up a bright red electric guitar.
“My parents just bought me this for my birthday. Pretty cool, huh? Let me shut the door so I can rock out!”
In a matter of seconds, Jessen was fumbling through a rusty cover of “Wonderwall.” Their playing was mediocre and their voice was decent but it was more cute than impressive.
“Do you think I can sell out Madison Square Garden someday?”
“Haha sure, I believe in you, Jessen. I believe in you,” you say with a chuckle. “What’s that?” you ask, pointing to a large stuffed bear on the bed.
“Oh, haha, well, it’s just a thing I’ve had since I was a kid. Sometimes when I have dark times, I like to cuddle with it for comfort. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I told you that. But, I dunno. It is what it is.”
“Don’t feel bad. It’s wholesome. Is that…the secret you were going to tell me back when we first met?”
Jessen goes beet red and freezes. “Well. No. That wasn’t it. I thought you’d forgotten that. At least I’d hoped you did. I don’t even know why I opened my big mouth.”
“Well you don’t have to…”
“It’s fine,” they say slumping down onto the bed. “This needs to stay between us. Several years ago when I was younger, there was a family that lived down the street. The dad owned a restaurant a few blocks away. Anyway, the mom would always be yelling at all the teens in the neighborhood and would call the police and all that. So one night, while a bunch of us were hanging out, one of my friends got this idea to set their restaurant on fire. Of course it was a horrible idea, but I didn’t want everyone to think I was…you know. So I went with them. I didn’t light the fire, but I threw some branches in because everyone was cheering everyone on. I knew it was bad while I was doing it, but I just did it. But I can’t ever get the look of the parents faces out of my head when they found out that their family business had been deliberately destroyed. They were foreigners and they felt so attacked and afraid for their lives that they moved far away to the other side of the country. I wanted to confess and report it to the police, but I knew it would bring everyone down with me and so I’ve had to live with that ever since and it really messed me up. Their kids went to my school and I was friends with the older one, who had no idea what I’d helped do.”
“Wow.” You struggle to find the words.
“Do you think I’m…”
“No. No…You were young.”
You give Jessen a hug and sit beside them on the bed in silence for a while as the tears flow. There was no returning to fun and games after that, so after a few awkward attempts at changing the subject, you end up heading home. As you lay in bed processing it all, you get a text from Jessen.
“I understand if you don’t feel the same about me. But just know that I’m not that person anymore. At least I’m trying not to be.”


You startle a bit as you step into Brux’s apartment. It’s austere. There’s a wall with two bookshelves full of colorful books- hundreds of them, a table, and a couch. Maybe a few other things, but not much.
“Should I take off my shoes?” you ask.
“No it’s alright. Have a seat. Do you like tea?”
“Sure, whatever you got is fine.”
“Alright, I’ve got some chicken noodle soup coming, but we’ll start with the tea.”
Once the soup is ready, you both take a place at the humble dining room table.
“So do you really just knit and read all day? Pretty contrasting habits for a black belt aren’t they?”
“Yeah. But it’s by design. I’m gonna be honest with you. I didn’t mention it before, but my parents didn’t enroll me in martial arts just for no reason.”
“Well, growing up I always had, let’s say, a temper issue- kicking walls, yelling, and worse- being physically aggressive. My parents tried a bunch of stuff and it didn’t work. But eventually they put me in martial arts to try and focus that negative energy. It worked pretty well. People think it’s all about kicking and punching, but there’s also this strong mental and emotional control part. It kind of becomes a mediation.”
“So it actually cured your temper?”
“Not totally. But it helped a lot. It's embarrassing but I used to get in a lot of fights, and more recently than I'd want to admit. And for stupid stuff. I still have to restrain myself sometimes even though it's been a little while since my last lapse, but the martial arts and years of therapy have helped. Now I just try to live in a zen existence with plenty of space and peace. I think it’ll be a lifetime journey, but what else can one do?”
“Yeah. It’s good that you’re channeling it to positive things.”
“I try,” Brux chuckled. Would you like me to top off your tea?
“No thanks, I’m good. So then, this all explains the lack of TV and why you don’t do social media at all. What are your grand life plans? Just keep working films and stuff?”
“Uh, sorta. I just wanna work long enough to store up some money and then I wanna quit that business and buy a farm somewhere and just live off the land and maybe write my own book someday or something like that.”
“You should write a memoir about your career!”
Brux laughs a bit. “Nooo, I don’t think so. Probably something about plants and the ecosystem. They’re really fascinating things, you know. People don’t realize that plants communicate, or that they send signals, or that they can feel pain. I could tell you so much about it.”
“Oh, crazy. Who knew! Sounds like you got it all mapped out.”
“Maybe. I just dream about all that. My main purpose now is to practice containing myself and maintaining my peace.”
“I know you’re gonna hate me for this question, but, do you think you’d ever introduce me to a celebrity?”
“Oh…kay,” Brux sighed, rolling their eyes with a light smile. “Maybe if you behave we can work something out down the line.”
“Come on, don’t tell me you don’t like meeting them.”
“They’re fine, but they’re just people. I’d much rather be here with you, or on a farm, or at the studio working on my high kick or anything else. But every now and then, I do meet someone interesting.”


As your GPS leads you around the final turn, you spot Blue’s address. But you should have known it wouldn’t be a typical apartment building. Instead, it was a cabin just a few miles away from the forest. You knock and Blue greets you with a great big, “Hola Redditó. Welcome home!”
“Thanks. This is…a lot tidier than I expected you to be haha”
“Oh really? What’d you expect, a disaster scene?”
“Franky yes. You’re kind of a disaster,” you say mockingly. Blue, as you’ve come to learn, loves a good roasting and laughs heartily.
“But really, you’re just so earthy and busy. You run around barefoot outside, touch all the dirt and plants of the forest you can get your hands on, do handstands on street pavement…I can’t see you stopping to clean.”
“I guess I can see where you’re coming from. But no. Out there is dirty time, but when I come through those doors, it’s bubble bath time.”
“Huh. Go figure. So what’s a day in your usual life like?” you ask as you saunter around the apartment.
“I never thought about it. I don’t really have a routine. But I guess wake up at six, head out for a run in the forest- maybe 3-4 miles usually, then back for a shower. After that, always a big, healthy breakfast. Then I bike to work if I’m on that day. After work maybe a hike, maybe chill with friends, maybe visit my folks or brothers. Right now I’m still studying for my wilderness stuff so I do that in the evenings and then I’m in bed by nine or ten.”
“Ah. Pretty cool.”
“Yup. I made us a salad and then once it gets dark…well you’ll see,” Blue winked. “But it’s not what you’re thinking, so keep your mind out of the gutter and have a seat at the table.”
Blue preps a margarita salad and you guys get caught up as you chat at a rustic wooden table and admire the woodsy affects. After the salad, the sun has sufficiently set and Blue grins in anticipation.
“Did you bring your swimsuit?”
“Um. No. Why would I?”
“That’s okay. I’ve got a good eye and I’m pretty sure I guessed your size correctly. I stopped somewhere on the way home. Here,” they say, tossing you a bathing suit in your favorite color.”
“Wow…I’m astonished. This should fit perfectly and it’s exactly what I would buy. Good eye.”
“I only have eyes for you,” Blue mugged with a cheesy grin.
“Oh please.”
After you get changed, you find yourself in a hot tub behind the cabin staring at a pitch black sky and a sea of stars.
“A night soak is one of the best things on earth,” Blue commented after a bit of silence.
“It really is nice. So…do you think you could ever live a, you know, traditional kind of life? Like in a normal house and everything?”
“Hmm. Maybe. I gotta be close to nature. But, I guess there’s room for compromise. Home is where the heart is. I was at home when I was volunteering in the villages of Kenya, and when I was on the coast working as a lifeguard, and when I lived at home with my family. So I guess my heart can live in suburbia too, if that’s what you mean. But not for another few years though. After that…why not? I like to shake it all up every few years.”
The rest of the night was peaceful and pleasant. You got Blue to stay up past their bedtime and you finally made it home just before midnight.
Who do you want to eliminate?
If you hit the bell, I'll let you know tomorrow when Date 5 happens with the remaining 2 people ;-)
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