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2018.08.04 00:54 Jim_Laheyistheliquor All Things Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors

Are you taking an MAOI? Going to? Want to but don't know how? Informed and want to help others? Something else MAOI-related? Well boy, have we got the place for you! (It's this sub) Please note: Do not take ANYTHING on here as medical advice. Talk to a doctor! If you're new (or not), check out the welcome post & Wiki for MAOI resources and information!

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Information and support for those affected by alcoholism/Alcohol Use Disorder. If you are concerned about alcohol's effect on your life or a loved one's life, please feel welcome.

2023.03.30 19:55 NoImpact3813 seeing my PCP tomorrow... how do you advocate for yourself and your health?

so it's been like 1.5 years since I've seen my PCP, but I'm trying to be more proactive about going and trying to actually establish a relationship with a doc who isn't my psych doc. we've never really talked about my mental health stuff before, but obviously it impacts like every aspect of my life so i figure it's something she should know about and monitor for my general health.
but every time i step into a doctors office when it's not an emergency, i feel like i don't know what to say.
i work in psych research, and i know there's a lot of links between gut health and bipolar disorder. i take lamictal + wellbutrin + vyvanse, but no one has ever asked me about my health outside of that.
does anyone have similar experiences? i just want to be treated by doctors who like actually care about my overall health.
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2023.03.30 19:54 doctorcaesarspalace Chest pain with Concerta but not Ritalin

Hi, I take 36mg generic methylphenidate ER. Recently switched from twice daily 20mg methylphenidate SR. The past few days I’ve had a slight sensation in my heart after taking my dose. It’ll subside then return throughout the duration of the medication. Not exactly painful, but enough of a sensation to cause some worry. Clean bill of health from my doctor before starting medication again a few months ago. I work on my feet, lift 6 days a week (off meds) and cardio once a week. I am going to stop for a few days then resume, but I was wondering if anyone shared a similar experience and has any tips regarding this medication. Thanks.
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2023.03.30 19:49 psy-pants For those who are doing Keto ONLY for weight loss-

(So for no other health reasons). I’m wondering why we put ourselves through this?
This is my second time doing Keto. I’m thinner now than when I started the first time so the weight is coming off very slowly. Like 1-2lbs a week. I guess I was expecting to lose weight super quickly like I did the first time.
I’m realizing the reason Keto works is the same as for any other diet — it’s just a calorie deficit.
As someone who loves carbs I find myself wondering why I’m putting myself through this when I could be eating whatever I want so long as I stay in a calorie deficit?
Anyone else have similar thoughts?
This isn’t me hating on Keto im just pondering this after I spoke with my doctor who basically told me the same thing. He explained that Keto works to help certain health conditions but if you’re just trying to lose weight it doesn’t work any better than any other diet. He also explained that doing Keto for long periods of time is actually very bad on your liver? Or pancreas? Can’t remember what body part he said but it had something to do with the fact that Keto makes your body process carbs differently which causes your body to produce some sort of toxin(?) that can cause harm down the road. Don’t quote me on exactly what he said but he went to Stanford med school so I trust him lol.
If anything I feel like Keto is the least sustainable diet out there because few people are going to avoid carbs the rest of their lives. To me it makes more sense just to eat normal food and watch my portions and calorie intake. That’s more realistic for long term. In fact for me personally, the reason I gained the weight back after Keto the first time was because of the fact that I missed carbs so much. (So I truly don’t know why I’m doing this again, maybe because I know it works at least temporarily and I’m desperate to lose weight).
I will admit though that Keto is definitely the only diet I have been able to STICK to. Maybe it’s because I get fuller quicker? Maybe it’s because I can eat fatty foods?
Would love to hear your guys’ thoughts.
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2023.03.30 19:48 charmingdisarming Reoccurring eczema - Need help desperately

For the past few years I’ve been getting reoccurring eczema in the same 2 spots (thigh and ankle). I don’t have health insurance so I can’t really afford to go to the doctor (US). The rash always starts with my skin feeling sensitive then the rash forms then it blisters, pops, and scabs over creating a scar.
I’m needing help with what I can possibly do to heal the rash before it scars or help with the pain it causes. I usually get them in response to stress.
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2023.03.30 19:48 DueWeb37 F32 Bloodwork and symptoms seem indicative of anemia - doctor telling me bloodwork is normal

Hi there,
A Couple weeks ago I went for an in-person doctor's exam with my GP due to not feeling well overall. I have lost about 60lbs over the past 2 years (160->100ish) after coming off seroquel XR, and for most of my adult life have sat around 120lbs, so it concerned me that I went lower than that after my med change without exercise or food changes. My eating habits have not changed but my weight and energy have dramatically. My doctor was very concerned when he saw me due to both the weight loss and a high diastolic blood pressure after multiple checks, so he ordered a complete blood workup, then told me they would call me back with results. I noticed the bloodwork showed in the lab's online portal 2 days after the appointment, but it's been 2 weeks now, and the doctor hadn't called me back today. I called today because the results concerned me, and was told the doctor was on vacation now, couldn't see me for over 2 weeks, and that they noted there was noting abnormal about my bloodwork.
Here's screenshots showing my results:
Here's what is flagged: RBC is flagged high (5.47, range 4.00-5.10) MCH is flagged low (26.5, range 27.5-33.0) Platelet count is flagged high (542, range 150-400)
Here's what concerns me: MCV is right on the cusp of low (80, range 80-100) Ferritin 16 (<15ug/L diagnostic of iron deficiency, 15-30ug/L probable iron deficiency)
About me: 32F, 5'4, 105lbs medications: vyvanse 10mg morning daily effexor 150mg night daily 1mg lorazepam prn (maybe take it a couple times a month when stress is high) supplements/OTC (not taken all at same time, but taken spread out over the week): 500mg tylenol daily 22mg naproxen daily caffeine 50mg daily vitamin c 500mg magnesium bisglycinate 200mg vit k2 120mcg vit D3 1000 iu zinc 50mg canadian protein supergreens 1 scoop daily
symptoms: tired and easily exhausted, feel weak lost a lot of weight unexpectedly strange scratchy feeling in my upper chest. Similar to how a cat scratch feels, but on the inside of my body, not the outside. I seem to only notice this feeling when my heart is >100bpm Heart rate has a few times a day where it hits 120 even when I am not active (it has been like this since I was young, can remember doctors noting it throughout my childhood) frequent dizzy spells and having to sit to recuperate frequently get colds and illnesses instead of being able to fight them off nails tearing a lot
My question is: aren't my symptoms and blood work results indicative of probable iron deficiency? I understand the diagnostic ferritin level is 15, so i'm 1 higher... but I'm still in the zone where I feel like my doctor should give me a heads up that I need to change something. I've started trying to eat more foods with iron, but I didn't want to assume I should be taking iron supplements, so figured I would wait to speak to my doctor. But now i've called and the office told me he can't see me for nearly 3 weeks because he's off on vacation, and that my results don't show signs of anemia. This is my health though, and the scratchy feeling in my chest worries me. I don't want to spend 3 weeks waiting if there's something I should be addressing ASAP with my health. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Thank you!
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2023.03.30 19:47 maarathon Small win with Mental Health (flyer)

Yesterday I saw the post here about military avoiding healthcare (I definitely understand this topic, I also don’t like going to flight med for all the obvious reasons), and there was a comment that really made me feel bad:
“God forbid you go to MH you might as well leave your wings in the therapists desk the second you walk in”.
Literally that is my fear.
This statement hit the nail on the head of one of my biggest fears ever.
I am so scared that just talking to mental health will end my service. I love flying, its my passion, it’s a part of my identity, and the thought of losing my wings scares the sht out of me.
I am a female pilot, and I had my first mental health appointment today.
I was referred by the flight doc to mental health (and women’s health) because I have physical pains related to intimacy. I am a statistic of #metoo, it’s been years…but after years of not dealing with it, now I have to deal with it because it’s affecting my relationship with my husband. That’s only one of the stressors I’m dealing with (family/relationship issues is the other big thing) but it’s the one that got me referred to mental health.
I was honest about my fear with the therapist today, that I don’t want to lose my wings. I want to be healthy, I don’t want to take medicine or get a diagnosis if I don’t need to, the thought of losing my wings and getting kicked out of the military because I have problems associated with intimacy because of a traumatic experience caused by a fellow servicemember many years ago, or that I’m having relationship issues…that those things could ground me or MEB me makes it hard to feel open.
The therapist said she does not want to DNIF me or thinks that will happen, and a lot of the issues I talked about (complicated family/relationship stuff) don’t seem to warrant a type of diagnosis or medicine, and if it ever got to that point, we would talk before it ever got to a grounding type of situation. She also said I have the freedom to stop going to MH, or can also ask for an off base provider.
She expressed something along the lines of…the military is where you get punished for having normal human behavior and responses which isn’t fair, and she is not going to put anything in my record that would ground me, unless something drastic were to change (like expressing harm to self or others).
The flight doc who referred me said this therapist is really good with victims of SA, and wants to help aviators without ruining their careers, and the doc was absolutely right about her.
I have cried several times over the thought of going to mental health ruining my career, and the unfairness that if you seek help you get kicked out. I have been so scared, so absolutely terrified of this appointment. I’m still scared to be honest a little, that fear isn’t 100% gone after this appointment. This is the scariest choice I have ever made, because I know what’s on the line.
The therapist was a wonderful person who just listened to me talk about many different stressors I have had over the past few years, and gave insight into some of those issues. I go back in 3 weeks.
I feel so relieved after this session, that my wings aren’t directly on the line. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you. I know that there is a risk of being diagnosed with something, but this therapist is very supportive about helping without getting grounded unless necessary, which seems different from the views I’ve seen people go through.
I know everybody’s experiences with health care are all different. Everybody has different stressors, responses, feelings, problems, doctors, outcomes, everything. I wanted to share one small positive story about mental health, and that it could maybe help someone reach out who wants to get help but is scared to. I don’t know where my story will end, but I know everything will be okay.
I have also been using military one source for couples counseling for a few months (and individual counseling for a month) and I highly recommend them too. The off base therapist is really helping my husband and I work through tough issues like communication, especially as it relates to intimacy, and I really can’t stress the importance of giving MOS a try first if you’re scared about going to mental health.
The point is, please don’t suffer alone. I know how much it hurts to feel alone, or to feel like there are things out of your control…but there is always someone who will listen.
It’s scary calling military one source or going to mental health, having to admit there are issues that you’re working through, but it will get better. Take that leap and pick up the phone.
It takes a lot of strength to ask for help. So often we are used to being the person who is strong for everybody else, especially in leadership roles, and it is hard to admit when we need help but help is there. My big big boss said something along the lines of that recently at an all call and it almost made me cry because I had never thought of it that way before, and it’s absolutely true.
You can give help and also need help. You can be strong and feel weak at the same time. You can be great at work, and a mess at home. Or vice versa.
Life is messy. We’re all trying to get through it, and some days/weeks/months/years are worse and some better. This too shall pass.
I know many people, especially aviators, are scared about going to mental health. I am one of those people. It helped me feel better today. I hope if you need help, especially as someone on flying status/controlling/PRP/etc, you seek help. If not MH, try MOS.
Have a great day…It’s almost the weekend. Take some time for you.
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2023.03.30 19:46 moon_and_back_95 When did you decide to start taking meds?

I’ve been struggling with anxiety my whole life, but since Covid started it has affected my life completely. I had to quit my job as I couldn’t handle it, I’ve been in therapy for 2 years and a half, but had to change therapist cause the first one went on maternity.
I don’t think therapy is giving the results I was hoping. I’m better at managing my anxiety, but the smallest triggers can cause me an attack. It is affecting my physical health and I’m worried I’ll never be able to get better.
I’m starting to consider asking my doctor for meds. My mum took antidepressants for years and didn’t go well, so I’m a bit scared.
On one side I think I can survive without them, but anxiety is making my life so difficult and I have this hope meds could actually enable me to live a normal life.
When did you decide it was time to start taking meds? Are you happy with your decision or do you regret?
I appreciate any kind of advice!
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2023.03.30 19:41 Alikona_05 Did an IUD help your endometriosis/ heavy and painful periods?

So I realized about 2 years ago that I’ve had absolutely abysmal healthcare for the majority of my life.
I’ve had horrible periods since I was 12 (just turned 36) and the doctors in my health system refused to give me anything other than BC pills. I tried so many different kinds over the years and none of them helped my symptoms.
My endometriosis is not confirmed, only suspected and the dr who told me I most likely had it, told me the solution was to just go have babies. He would not sign off on confirmation surgery or biopsy.
About 2 years ago I switched to a different healthcare system that I had to drive a considerable distance to see and it was night and day. I actually cried. First time a dr has ever sat and listened to me and really seemed like they wanted to help.
She put me on the depo shot and all my pain gradually went away. I no longer suffer for two weeks out of every month. I no longer have near constant pain in my lower abdomen that are “probably just cysts”. I no longer have painful BMs or pain when my bladder is too full. For the first time in 24 years I don’t hate being a woman.
The problem? I moved to a new state and had to find a new doctor. She seems like a great dr but does not like the fact that I am on Depo, and I do know that it’s hard on your body and can’t be a permanent solution. She wants to switch me to an IUD. I am honestly kind of afraid of going back to how things were and that awful pain.
Did an IUD help your debilitating period pain? Do they keep your endometriosis in check?
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2023.03.30 19:41 stacietalksalot Fantasy abortion politics?

I'm listening to the Ruy Teixeira episode from yesterday where he repeats the assertion that Democrats support abortion to the moment of birth, and as always, I, a pro-choice Democrat who supports leaving such decisions between a woman and her doctor, am a little taken aback by this formulation.
First: is there some ur-example of a woman walking into a clinic that provides abortions days away from her due date and declaring that she wants an abortion because she found out her husband is cheating or something? I guess I'm asking for a platonic use case that's in people's heads when they say "Democrats support abortion to the moment of birth," because I don't believe a single person I know in real life from any ideological perspective would support providing an abortion in that case.
Second: is there some ur-example of an abortion provider who, upon learning that our hypothetical 9-month-pregnant abortion seeker with the cheating husband is waiting in the lobby, would agree to perform the procedure?
Third: given the hand wringing about med-mal insurance that physicians' practices are required to carry at, apparently, huge cost, is it conceivable that insurers would continue to cover a practice that was providing abortions to women days shy of their delivery date? I suspect the risk of a lawsuit following such a thing would be enormous. In our example above, not only is the potential patient under the influence of a unique mix of hormonal chemistry, but she's also just experienced a heartbreak in learning of her husband's affair. If I worked for the insurer and reviewed that record, I'd definitely flag it for my bosses to look at. It's hard to imagine such a practice remaining insured if that's how it practices.
Help me out here. Perhaps I've missed some case or series of them, but I just don't think a) humans operate the way Ruy's formulation indicates, b) there are doctors who would be willing to abort a healthy fetus days before delivery where the mother's health or life isn't in danger, and c) that the general structure of surgical clinic operations would allow for that sort of thing anyway. What say my fellow Bulwark listeners?
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2023.03.30 19:40 Firm-Kaleidoscope-39 Really need a decent and honest judgement .

Really need a decent and honest judgement .
I am a 19 yo male , non smoker . I had a palatal expander for 3 months, but I decided to take it of because of my deterioting mental health. It's been 3 months since I took it of .
Do I have any signs of gum disease or recession?
I brush twice a day floss often but I am really anxious about my gum health , I got a cleaning done one month back and the doctor said my gums are healthy . Also I cannot personally notice any difference in my teeth length they were long from the very beginning
But still I am anxious about getting a gum disease because of the stubborn plaque I have which I am unable to remove. I started chewing xylitol gum since 1 week it helped alot , but I wanna get rid of all that plaque . Is it necessary and possible at the same time?
Please give me a honest opinion about my gum health
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2023.03.30 19:37 Mystical_Remedies23 I think she has a crush on me so I ended our friendship. AITA

Hi, Reddit! I have a situation and I want to know if I’m in the wrong for feeling the way I do.
I, 28F, have a friend, 26F, that has started being exceptionally rude the last month. Let me give you a little background.
Back in September 2022, I met this girl, let’s call her Amanda. We became friends rather quickly. Hanging out every day, mainly because we work together. During this time, we became pretty close to the point where I lost sight of myself. I started going downhill with my mental health at this point in time because of everything I had went through the summer before starting at this new job. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder When I turned 20 years old (this is important).
We went out for my birthday in the beginning of October and she all, but asked me to join a Throuple with her and her boyfriend, telling me I should leave my own relationship to, in essence, be the third in the relationship. I didn’t want that, and I kind of hurt her feelings by telling her no. So they started buying drinks and everything for my birthday. I had one alcoholic beverage and a green tea shot but otherwise was sober. They then asked if we could stop at a new adult pleasure store before they took me home. I didn’t mind too much but was rather disappointed cause I didn’t actually do what I wanted on my birthday, which was going to hang out at a bar with a small group of my friends.
It was quite awkward going into that store. It made me feel out of place in a sense. I’m gonna skip the details of being in the store because it was rather boring and nothing really happened during that. Eventually they took me home and my brother came over and we got drunk. Fast forward to the middle of October and everything seems to be going downhill after my birthday and I got a ticket. I started drastically declining with my mental health so much so that I was starving myself barely eating 100 cal a day if that most days I wouldn’t even eat, this went on for about a month and a half to two months. It didn’t click with anyone of my close friends that I worked with. (I work with someone I’ve known half my life) and he didn’t even realize how bad I truly was until the middle of November, and told me I needed to seek help and nobody was there for me when I was essentially giving up on life. This time of year was especially hard, because my mother’s birthday, who I was pretty close with, was fast approaching along with Christmas. And I was beyond depressed. I couldn’t think rationally.
Eventually, I got help, started medication, and was starting to get better slowly, but surely. It was during this time Amanda had told me that about a year ago she went to it with the doctors and they told her that she could possibly have diabetes, but she didn’t want to believe them and continue to live a lifestyle that was completely unhealthy. (this is important.) so around the end of January we met this friend will call her Valerie. And we all started out a lot. We all work together so we hung out quite a bit.
And that brings us to March, Amanda and I had gotten a place together because of my current situation was on a time limit. And she had offered to be a roommate because I needed the extra help to get a place. Now, Valerie, Amanda and I got into a huge fight within the first week of getting the keys to Amanda and my new apartment. And essentially stop being friends after that.
I was cordial to Amanda because we live together and we’re stuck in a lease for a year. But Valerie and I completely cut all ties and quit talking because of how she treated me and my daughter in our apartment. By the way, she screamed at the top of her lungs at my daughter and I wasn’t about to let her do that so we’re gonna fast forward to about the middle of March where I thought everything was going to be fine because we weren’t even talking.
I had called off on a Wednesday because I was sicker than a dog couldn’t even get out of bed. So when I went back to work the following day, I had a bunch of people coming up to me telling me how childish I was being for bringing it all to work when I had been gone the day that it was brought up in the workplace. So I was getting talk to you in told that my name was coming out of other peoples mouth‘s when I wasn’t even there to defend myself or even squashed the situation because Amanda and Valerie were there the previous day bad mouthing me, and all that when I found out that they have been bad mouthing me for months and are still continuing to do so now even though we haven’t talked for about a month. When I made it perfectly clear that we weren’t friends at the beginning of March anyway.
Amanda and I started to try to be friends again around a week or so ago. And then she found out that she actually had diabetes and then she was crying all boo-hooing about how sorry she was for being so mean and rude. It was at this time that I felt bad for not feeling bad that she was diagnosed with diabetes. Because she was warned she could have it. I wasn’t about to baby her over a disease that is completely manageable with exercise and diet. That’s not to say I wasn’t going to be supportive and help her as much as I could.
And then she went to the hospital because her blood sugar was high. She didn’t even have a full hospital. Stay and has been staying with a family member for the last week. And they’re continuing to make Facebook posts saying how crappy have a friend I am, because I’m not messaging her every day, asking how she is, and I’m basically giving her all this attention. I’m a mom first a friend last. My main priority isn’t checking on her to make sure she’s doing what she needs to do for her health. And they’re making it seem like I didn’t just tell her that oh I’ll cut out this. Doesn’t this to support you and I’ll help you anyway, I can but there’s only so much I can do to help you. And I was still being supportive of her because we live together because we were trying to be friends again after all the shit talking.
It was around this time to that I found out that Amanda had told her mom that I stole her car (when I have my own car, so why would I do that?) and that she felt so uncomfortable that she had a hide in her room (but we don’t have furniture other than our bedrooms) and that I am dictating everything that goes on in our apartment, which I’m really not I just put dishes in a cupboard because I was tired of them sitting in the dishwasher or on the counters or in boxes. So she’s trying to ruin my reputation because she has a little crush and my friend will call him. Darrell made her extremely mad when he got done talking to her last night and she was bad mouthing me to him. And he said to her that it really seems like she hates me and so she got mad about that.
I may be missing a few important details, but my brain is so fried that I don’t remember much of anything that for this past month, other than what I put down already. Am I the asshole?
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2023.03.30 19:33 LoveItLateInSummer Timeline of My Experience with Strattera: 10 Weeks

Warning: LONG POST
I wanted to outline my personal experience with Strattera which I have been keeping a daily log of since I started 10 weeks ago. I won't include every day's details, but I will include the highlights.
Background: I am a middle-aged male who was diagnosed at age 33 with severe combination type ADHD (both hyperactive and primarily inattentive).
I had been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder starting in my teens. I spent about 19 years going through primary care physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. and being prescribed benzodiazepines, anti-depressants, non-benzodiazepine anti-anxiety medications, and on and on, and nothing helped (though I had plenty of unwanted side effects).
At 33 I started seeing a doctor who also suffers from ADHD and he referred to me a psychiatrist specializing in ADHD. They diagnosed me after several sessions and prescribed stimulants as a therapy. The effect was immediate and obvious. I have been taking 50-60mg Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) since.
How ADHD Impacts Me: The most debilitating effects of ADHD for me have been impulsivity, and emotional dysregulation including rejection sensitive dysphoria. I've got plenty of other symptoms, but those two are clinically the most impactful to my life and the life of my family.
Starting Strattera: I felt like my stimulant was not doing what I wanted, so I asked my prescriber for a bucket of 10mg capsules so that I could do 2 weeks at 10mg, 20mg, 40mg, and 60mg before going to 80mg. This is because Strattera (atomoxetine) is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (NRI) and I had previously tried Wellbutrin (bupropion), a dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (DNRI) with fairly catastrophic side effects. Combined with the anecdotal nightmares so many Strattera users have shared, I had concerns and wanted to be very cautious.
Ok, on to the data I logged at the end of each day. Up until 80mg, I took the entire dose on an empty stomach at 5:45 AM.
TL;DR: I haven't taken as many notes since day 70 as things are basically the same. Almost all side effects are gone with the exception of scalp tingles here and there (which I honestly quite like) and the occasional restless, dream filled night. I haven't experienced the depression and anxiety I have had basically since I was a teenager at all since hitting 60mg. My relationship with my spouse and family has improved. I enjoy almost everything more since there isn't that constant undercurrent of worry. My house is cleaner, I've finished up some small projects that have been lingering for months or years. I've lost weight and feel like being active more. Overall I am happier and have so much more energy and the ability to choose what I want to do.
Weird things that I don't understand: My skin seems less dry - I have always had cracked skin on my hands and elbows, regardless of time of year or climate, and that seems to have improved. My tinnitus episodes are less frequent. My persistent body aches have improved. I get fewer and less severe headaches. I have no idea if those benefits are directly related to atomoxetine use, or if getting rid of my depression and anxiety has helped me feel physically better. If anyone has had any similar improved physical health, I would love to hear about that.
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2023.03.30 19:31 Unusual_Bit2537 Possible Lymphoma Relapse PMBCL Update (2013-2014 Treatment)

For anyone interested, VERY short recap. Got cough in November, first x-ray in December was inconclusive as to if there was something wrong, but the blood numbers were fine (my usual low normal). Got second x-ray (but frustratingly not numbers, lol) done in Feb , which showed SOMETHING was definitely up, still coughing. Had an appointment early this month and the doctor (not my own, as she didn't have appointments available until today,lol) prescribed me antibiotics. They didn't help but did give me nausea, yay. (I took the whole cycle.)
So for a quick update, my primary got back from vacation or whatever (Darn health professionals needing a break, how dare they, kidding, lol) finally saw what was up, and referred me to a pulmonologist. She also ordered some lung functioning testing. I am thinking the pulmonologist will order a CT scan, so I feel like we are finally getting somewhere. I'm not convinced it is a relapse, as my cough feels different, but not that different, so who knows. I'm just glad we are proceeding more the way I wanted to proceed. Of course everything is taking longer than I want, but such is the US Medical system.
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2023.03.30 19:28 soulpotentialacu How Acupuncture Can Redefine How Menopause Feels

How Acupuncture Can Redefine How Menopause Feels

Ah, menopause — that time in your life when you say goodbye to your reproductive years and embark on a new journey. For some lucky women, this transition is a smooth one. For others, the sudden drop in hormones leads to years of hot flashes, night sweats, depression, and more. Most women fall somewhere in between and grapple with unwelcome changes that can impact their quality of life.
While there’s no “cure” for the inevitable transition of menopause, we can smooth your way forward through acupuncture. At Soul Potential Acupuncture and Wellness, Vonda Muncy treats a wide range of conditions using this ancient practice with great success. From back pain to the symptoms of menopause, acupuncture has a place in almost every area of your health and wellness.
Here’s a look at how acupuncture can redefine how menopause feels.
The price of menopause
Menopause is the transition that women make from their reproductive years to their nonreproductive years. Unfortunately, what precipitates this transition — the shutting down of your ovaries — comes with a sudden drop in your female hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. And some women experience moderate-to-severe reactions to this sudden deficit.
While women experience menopause differently, most experience some degree of one or more of the following:
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Thinning tissue and hair
  • Sleep problems
  • Weight gain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Memory problems
As you can see by this list, menopause can have a serious impact on your quality of life, especially if your symptoms are severe and unrelenting.
Redefining menopause
Traditionally, doctors have treated menopause either symptomatically or through hormone replacement therapy, which comes with some risk. If you’d rather approach your symptoms holistically and naturally, acupuncture is an incredibly effective solution.
Acupuncture has been practiced for millennia and the principle behind the technique is that by releasing your qi, or energy, your body has the freedom to function as it should. The human body has incredible healing resources within, and our goal is to free up these resources so that they can flow more freely and do what they’re supposed to do — maintain your overall wellness.
To do this, we place tiny, sterile needles along certain acupuncture points to restore balance and flow within your body. These needles are designed to dismantle blockages along your energy pathways and also communicate with your brain, encouraging the release of neurotransmitters and endorphins.
When it comes to menopause, one study in Denmark found that acupuncture helped improve the symptoms of menopause in 80% of women. While the study was focused on hot flashes alone, researchers report that participants also experienced a considerable decline in night sweats, sleep problems, emotional symptoms, and skin and hair issues.
If you’re struggling with menopause, contact our office in Castle Rock, Colorado, to explore how acupuncture can help you enjoy this new stage of your life.
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2023.03.30 19:25 ThrowRaFakeDoorKnob I (32m) am worried about my wife's health (31f)

My wife was recently told she is pre-diabetic. Her mother and sister are both diabetic and her doctor told her she has to make changes to her lifestyle.
When she was younger, she was always thin without even trying. She never ate vegetables and never worked out. Now she says she wants/has to be healthier but she never wants to eat healthy or is always too tired to workout.
I even tried to cook for her, tried to have her join me at the gym, I even got a meal plan service for her. She always states she is not in the mood for what we have for food and orders take out. When she tells me to force her to make her go to the gym, she always find a way out of it or runs back into bed before we even leave.
I love my wife immensely but I am worried about her health. I try to help but I can't force her to do anything and I know she has to make the choice herself first. What should I do?
TL;DR: My wife is pre-diabetic and has to improve her health but she refuses to change her lifestyle. What can I do to help?
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2023.03.30 19:20 Lucky_Day7181 having my most public mental health problems and im humilated by it

i have struggled with my mental health pretty much my whole life and have always been able to hide it for the most part without anyone else knowing the full extent except for my boyfriend. the full extent being for the last 10 years ive at my best been someone who cannot get through a moment of the day without being high as hell and at my worst am a drunken mess cutting myself and begging my boyfriend to kill me because i cant bring myself to do it.
ive never seen a doctor or been diagnosed and to be honest im the most emotionally intelligent person and dont always know how to explain myself even when i do finally bring myself to want to talk about it.
for the last 6 months ive been having a really difficult time in life and ive slowly just lost it. besides my bf that i live with, i havent really talked to anyone outside my house in two months. i know everyone is really concerned to the point where i eventually had to go see my parents at least once because they were showing up at my house to check on me (luckily wasnt home) but they were about call the police to do a welfare check on me.
i cant make eye contact with anyone. i feel like its been so long since ive had conversations in real life i have an incredibly slow response and can never find the words so im just embarrassed to even try now. i know everyone knows something is up with me so im just distancing myself which only causes more of a panic response in them. its humilating for people to see me like this and i just want to be left alone but everyone just keeps pushing and digging into my life trying to get answers.
i could never really commit suicide.. i know this from years of feeling the most worthless creature yet still having some small amount of will to live but i do wish i could just leave every person in my life behind and start over at this point. every person around me seems to just trigger me or set me back and every place i go has horrible memories.
even my boyfriend who has been the only person to see the worst of me and for the most part been helpful has started to become harder to talk to. the new issues ive been struggling with he doesnt understand and i know he never will so its been silent at our home for a little while now.
i just know at this point im never going to get the help i need and it seems self medicating by staying high is the only thing that can get me through the days anymore. im not really even expecting a response but having not talked at all in a few days nevermind about this has been pretty heavy.
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2023.03.30 19:18 aigplant If a company needs a doctors note for a short sick leave, they should pay for it

Firstly, requiring an employee to provide a doctor's note for a short sick leave can be seen as an unnecessary burden, particularly if the employee has a good track record of attendance and has only been off work for a short period of time. This can be particularly true if the employee has to pay for the note themselves, as this can add an additional financial cost to an already difficult situation.
Secondly, it could be argued that paying for a doctor's note would demonstrate a company's commitment to supporting its employees' health and wellbeing. By removing the financial burden of obtaining a note, employees may feel more valued and supported, which could lead to greater job satisfaction and loyalty.
Thirdly, the cost of a doctor's note may not be prohibitive for a large company, and could be seen as a worthwhile investment in maintaining a healthy workforce. If a company wants to minimize the spread of illness and protect other employees from becoming sick, requiring a doctor's note for short absences may be a sensible policy. In this case, paying for the note could be seen as a cost-effective way of achieving this goal.
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2023.03.30 19:17 Night_lon3r Bocchi makes me really sad but gives me hope at the same time

I believe you have seen a lot of posting like this since the anime release , but for me , the story is little bit different Im going to write a long story with a language that I don't use daily so pardon if it looks weird to read at.
I live in a third world country that is mediocre in term of economics or politics I used to have a group of friends in my high school that plays music instrument very well , mainly guitar and piano. Im their total fan and i admire them a lot , eventually they borrowed me a classical guitar and teach me how to play it ,they said they are waiting for me to join them and form a band in the future. it was good time
And the graduation came , we all have to make choice for our future path. my friends without a doubt went to the musical college , but for me , my parent are classic asian that think art in general does no good and isnt going to make any profit ,so my hopes to join my friends musical college is shattered , of course.
I went to a digital media college afterwards and my friends and I grew apart It was the most depressing time of my life, a lot have happens , mostly are bad things , in the end I didnt manage finish my study and dropped out.
I went thru a lot of struggle looking for jobs to survive and in the end I settled as a shopkeeper near my house , living on the edge based on minimum wages. My friends and I are now mostly total strangers. And just like that , I have given up. I have no desire for future , never think of having a relationship or building a family , never think of getting out here , I just sleep and play video games whenever I return from my job sometimes I just staring on my screen for hours without any thought of playing games at all , althought video game gives me some fake sense of satisfaction, but deep down I know its empty , I got nothing in the end , its like a drug addict.
Im getting fat and my health got worse over the year and my doctor tells me to try fix my health but I don't want to Why bother? my life is meaningless Everyday I close my eyes , I hope i never wake up again. I signed a insurance plan for myself so atleast I can fullfill some of my responsibility for my parents when I die
My first encounter with the show wasnt from the anime itself , but its a video of the guitar cover of one of bocchi's song Wasurete Yaranai on youtube(I know the show because its everywhere on the social media but i never really dig into it). My first reaction was I was teared up. Its a feeling that is hard to describe. Was it regrets? or is it envy? probably both. The nostalgia hits hard. Regardless , I looped the video for days before I searched and watch the anime. A week later , I dig into my store room and found the classical guitar that my friend borrowed me. It was full of dust , the string is rusted. I tried to play it but I don't remember a thing about guitar anymore the next day I go to a guitar shop and ask for a string replacement , i was told that this guitar is no longer usable because the bridge is broken and it might unhook anytime soon. I contacted the friends that borrowed me the guitar , told him im really sorry about it He said it was fine , but he was curious why I am returning the guitar now We got into a chatter about the anime and our memories during our high school days During this time , i felt a sense of reliefs , but also regrets deeply , for now im too old and too late. He later watched the anime aswell but he told me he won't be playing guitars anymore because time and responsibility of an adult doesnt allow him to do that anymore So he says he can borrow me his electrical guitar if Im really want to get into it again , its sitting in dust in his room , just the strings needs to be replaced. Its a fender stratocaster
I rejected because Im still guilty for breaking his classical guitar , plus im not really sureif im I should get into playing guitar again. In a few days I have watch more guitars cover video and leaving some comment , and people has been kind and encourging . thx to them , I have decided to pick up my dream again If there is a thing i wanted to do before i die , this is it.
I been doing some exercise and trying to fix my health for abit and saving up for a electrical guitar now. If you have reading my story until here ,can you guys recommend a electrical guitar that I should be eyeing for? thanks.
TLDR: Bocchi the rock makes me pick up my life and dream again.
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2023.03.30 19:15 Important-Yam5847 Getting work accommodations for Autism/ADHD

I post here a lot and decided to use my throwaway since this is about my mental health
I have Autism (level 1) and ADHD. It's documented because I went through the diagnosis process here. I'm treated by a doctor here in Sweden. I take medication and go to therapy.
I've been working at my desk job for over a year. I've done a good job at masking, but things have changed at home and work and now I need work accommodations. I'm suffering from autistic burnout. My work is still great quality and no complaints but I can feel myself slipping.
I work for a very small of 25 people and I'm the only non-Swede. We don't have a designated HR person. When one of our employees burnt out mentally and had to take sick leave the entire company knew within two days. I don't want my coworkers to know I'm autistic.
I have very reasonable asks that I would like for help at work like more WFH time and sensory accommodations. I know they would get approved in the USA, but not sure how to go about this in Sweden.
Has anyone here gotten work accommodations? What was your experience like?
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2023.03.30 19:12 KLEANANU There is healing! 4 years after recovery

Hey quitters, i still follow this sub and I read a lot of your stories but I haven't been as supportive after my quit as I should have been. I am here to share my story of recovery of my 5 year battle with kratom, and how I am holding up these days.
So I started kratom to get off of heroin. It worked really well for the first 2.5 years. I could function, I was holding a job. At that point though, i was very addicted and at this point felt that kratom was harming my life, health, more than helping. It was another desperate 2.5 years before I actually quit. I need to tell you, your recovery might be a long journey, it might be years before you decide you want to quit, before you quit.
Please don't give up! You need to keep quitting, and eventually you will be able to. I felt hopeless for those 2.5 years, like I was a slave forever. The withdrawals from kratom are in some ways as shitty as, or more shitty, than heroin WDs. Kratom can take FAR longer to get out of the withdrawal stage as well, as well as the fact that it will in my opinion, damage your mental health as bad or worse than heroin due to the absolute bombing amount of receptors kratom hits over heroin. Maybe not as damaging to your dopamine system, but far more to your serotonin and other important neuro chemicals.
My worst symptom of withdrawal was akathesia, aka restless body symptom, far worse than even RLS. if I didn't have help quitting and I ran out of my supply, and had to WD CT, I probably would have *trigger warning [off myself] .
I had to go into a 4 day detox in order to quit, with many comfort meds. 4 days was far too short of a time to leave, as I experienced withdrawals, managed by gabapentin eventually, and prescribed by a doctor. It was super shitty for the first three weeks to a month. And I only used the gabapentin for the duration of my first prescription.
After this I experienced the "rose tinted goggles". Life felt great, I was happy and doing things I had never before. Which now looking back was all out of character for me as I had a lot of risky sex and whatnot I usually wouldn't have done.
Anyways, after this 6 month period I started falling into more and more of a depression. I could still function, but it was getting harder day by day. I was still smoking marijuana however, which will hinder your recovery. Wish I woulda stayed off the pot. I am still smoking to this day but now working on tackling this addiction. I also was having terrible diahreah daily still, even 6 months after.
So by year 3 I was back at a miserable point, still not using, but no where near happy. Still having diahreah daily. I didn't do the things you NEED to do for a proper recovery, and I payed for it dearly. The only thing that solved the chronic diahreah for me, was changing my diet and eating healthier. This is one thing I did well, once I figured out what I needed to do. It cleared up a week later.
PLEASE DO EVERYTHING you can to assist your recovery. Its crucial. Please take this advice, even if it seems hard. Therapy, exercise, so cliche but for a reason, its crucial to your success.
So finally I was on my journey to getting medicated because I still had issues, partly due to the past drug abuse and partly because I wasnt taking care of myself proper.
Once I found my proper medications, life has infinitely improved for me. Now everyone may not need these meds, but for prolonged or serious abuse, the chances rise that you may need some medication, especially if you have been taking care of yourself and still experiencing issues.
I am finally happy and stable after almost four years of being off kratom. It was a long journey and a hard battle but I didn't give up and it pays off. I now hold down a great job and I am so much more able to be the man I need to and provider I want to be for my family.
I quit September 23 2019. This September 23rd will be my fourth year. I encourage all of you to keep going please! You are worth it and you deserve recovery and to be happy, regardless of how long this process may take, as long as you don't lose total hope and keep trying, you will be okay.
This sub was THE most crucial tool to my recovery though. If I had not been on this sub, with all the support and fellow humans battling this nasty shit, I don't think I would have maintained my mindset to quit.
So I want to thank all of you, as I give immense credit to this sub for my quit. I hope this story will encourage you too, to never give up and rely on this sub as much as you need.
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2023.03.30 19:11 jookco Death - Obituary : Dr. Birbal, Ex-Health Director of #KMC, Shot Dead; Female Doctor Injured on Lyari Expressway #Karachi #Pakistan #RIP.

Death - Obituary : Dr. Birbal, Ex-Health Director of #KMC, Shot Dead; Female Doctor Injured on Lyari Expressway #Karachi #Pakistan #RIP. submitted by jookco to DeathObituaries [link] [comments]