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2019.12.10 00:23 decreasinglyjapanese

Similar to decreasingly English, but Japanese.

2017.11.19 01:19 Xavienth Sbubbies, but gibberish this time

Sbubbies but gibberish, as they were intended.

2011.03.30 16:39 HotDinnerBatman Things you wish you could say to them.

A place to write a letter you don't intend to send.

2023.03.25 03:25 Conscious-Champion-5 a page i did recently :)

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2023.03.25 03:25 IdcAboutUrSandwich It's like this ingame as well. I notice it's mostly the letters in 'lennart' and that word is in the flavor text. Makes me wonder if this is some really weird bug, or a 'Minceraft' kinda thing

It's like this ingame as well. I notice it's mostly the letters in 'lennart' and that word is in the flavor text. Makes me wonder if this is some really weird bug, or a 'Minceraft' kinda thing submitted by IdcAboutUrSandwich to Minecraft [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 03:25 LeeCloud27 ACT 2-6-8: Lingering Scarlet Fear

A blink of an eye passed, moments after the object was thrown across the room by Efena over to Mystia. Sumireko and the others were stunned by what had occurred; some were perplexed, while others were concerned.
What they saw was Mystia being tightly embraced by Satsujin, in a position where Satsujin could act as a shield, a protector for the Night Sparrow. The object had dug deep into his back, injecting firmly well into him. But the object in question was strange. It wasn’t some kind of special bullet that Efena had prepared, nor was it a blade of any kind. It was a syringe filled with an unusual blue liquid that slowly seeped into Satsujin until it was completely drained.
Satsujin felt a pulse of energy course through him, as if a jolt of electricity had zipped from the top of his head to the ends of his toes. He felt a surge of immense power surging through him, only for it to dissipate and vanish, nothing more than a flickering light that had lost its spark. But other than that, he felt fine.
"Mystia…" He said, looking at the girl’s face. "Are you alright?"
"Satsujin…" Mystia looked at his face, seeing the genuine, reassuring smile he gave her, letting her know everything was alright. "You…took the hit for me."
"Yeah…I did." Satsujin said. "Because I wouldn’t want to witness the one I love get hurt." He said.
Within his subconscious, Satsuki was weeping with tears of joy, as though she were watching a soap opera. Satsugrim, on the other hand, did nothing but facepalm as hard as he could.
"Satsujin… You’re… You’re so brave… You’re so heroic. You’re so…Gullible." Mystia’s voice suddenly changed to a dark and scary one.
"W…What?" Satsujin was confused. The way Mystia said that word, it was as though she were now a different person. But that can’t be true, right? He sensed nothing wrong from her, nothing! There’s no way she’s a fake; he would know!
But he was soon to be proven wrong. Mystia’s form slowly began to change. Her hair which was short and pink began to grow long and messy, reaching down to her hips. Her skin turned pale and chiseled like a porcelain doll. Her clothes which were white and brown, decorated with ornaments, turned into a long plain white dress.
"You’re not Mystia…" Satsujin said, backing away from the transforming figure. "Who are you?" He asked.
"Who am I?" The figure said. "Satsujin, have you forgotten what I look like? How shameful of you. I’m Efena. The Goddess of Fear." Efena said, now revealing her true form.
"B-But how!? I thought you were controlling Yukari! You can’t be in two places at once!" Satsujin shouted.
Over by where Yukari was, a root that had been implanted in her neck shriveled up and detached from her, likely due to the force of the impact that she received. Her eyes and form slowly reverted back to normal, as she blinked around, confused about what was going on. But everything clicked when she saw Sumireko and the others.
Sumireko and Suika looked back, seeing Yukari struggling to move. "Wait, if that’s Efena over there. Then that’s Yukari." Sumireko said.
"No…No!!!" She attempted to say something, but her voice was hoarse. She tried to get up, but her legs buckled when she moved. It was as though she were a newborn taking their first steps. "Everyone…Run…Run!!!"
Everyone was even more confused, while Efena laughed. "My roots can do more than grab onto people or spread my fear mist. I can also inject them into the back of their necks and control them for a short period of time. Though I can’t do it on anyone, only those who have succumbed to their fears…Oh, did I forgot to mention I can shapeshift into other beings?"
Of all the moments that Satsujin could be feeling anger, this was one of them. He was furious, a fiery volcano erupting in an explosive manner. To think he'd be duped so easily by someone he hadn't expected. He was heartbroken, knowing it wasn’t Mystia he saved.
"I…Will…Crush you!!!" He shouted, holding his hand out and preparing to unleash a spell card. "Song Sign: Violent String!"

But nothing happened.
"What?" Satsujin was now more confused than before. He tried again. "Song Sign: Violent String!!!" But again, nothing, not even a single bullet was casted. "Why is it not working? Violent String! Violent String!!! Violent String!!!!!"
Efena simply smiled, while her roots began to form around her and Satsujin. Slowly they moved to wrap around his legs, throwing him to the ground. He hit the floor hard, nearly banging his head had he not covered his face first. He didn’t even notice the roots surrounding him. And thinking about it now, he can’t sense anything whatsoever. He was completely blind.
Efena began to laugh, watching Satsujin struggle like an infant, trying to pull himself out of the roots. He wanted to use his intangibility, but even that wouldn’t work. He can't use his echolocation, turn intangible, or even cast magic. He was powerless.
"What’s going on!? Why can’t I use my abilities!?" He said.
The others realized what was going on, and they quickly tried to go over and help him.
"Satsujin!!!" Rumia shouted. "What’s happening right-"
Suddenly, the roots in the room began to spray out their mist, hitting everyone that was inside, including Satsujin. They all tried to avoid inhaling it, holding their breaths, but they couldn’t keep it up forever.
"Ack! That smells terrible!" Rumia said, wiping the mist away from her face. "Satsujin… What is going on?"
She opened her eyes. But she didn’t find herself in the Scarlet Devil Mansion… But instead, she was in a dark forest, where she was met with a woman she was all too familiar with. Donning a fox mask on her face, wearing the traditional clothes of Hakurei, and wielding the honorable gohei that was primarily used for extortions and exterminations.
"N…No…No, it can’t be real… No…Nonono…No…G…Get away…" Rumia said, backing away. "Get away…Get away I’m sorry!!!"
Rumia witnessed her fears come to life. Cirno on the other hand was experiencing something different. She saw the sight of her beloved friends dead on the ground, their weapons broken and shattered, even Letty, the woman she looked up to was nothing more than a corpse.
"E…Everyone…Reisen…Big Sis…Letty." Cirno said.
And as she looked up, she saw a figure floating above the clouds, the full moon embraced behind her, and a single wing that spread wider than their entire body, while a long blade rested in their hand.
"Cirno and the others will be victorious in their fight, managing to defeat the one-winged angel with no casualties." The person said in a cold yet calculating voice.
"You…You killed them…You killed them all… SAGUME!!!!!!!!!!" Cirno screamed with a mix of anger and fear.
The others were experiencing similar fates. Suika had found herself alone again, trapped in her own gourd with no way out. Sumireko was trapped inside a box that was slowly filled with cockroaches. Meiling watched everyone in her family die thanks to the one person who caused it all. Ko witnessed her mother being crushed to death over and over again. Mary simply turned into a rusty blade, worthless in all the ways a blade could be, and forever forgotten as a result.
Satsujin could hear everyone screaming or yelling in fear, while the laughter of Efena played out. "D-Damn you!!! How…How did you do this? How did you take away my powers!?" He demanded.
"Oh? That’s simple." Efena said. "I used a special kind of serum made by a highly intelligent acquaintance of mine. You probably don’t know him, but he’s known by the name Prof. Altalune. He has a very unique ability that was very helpful in dealing with people such as you, the Goddess of Hell, and even the Hakurei Shrine Maiden."
"And what is that!?" Satsujin demanded.
"The ability to disable other abilities."
The way she said it made him realize the gravity of his situation. He can't do anything because his abilities aren't working. He’s nothing more than a regular being.
"I wonder, now that your pesky mental defenses are lowered, that means you should be susceptible to my mist again." Efena giggled. "Only one way to find out…"
She approached Satsujin, imitating a blown kiss while spraying one of her roots directly in his face. He coughed, almost gagging from the intense smell of the mist.
Within his subconscious, his eyes gazed upon a sight that was to behold. He was standing in the middle of the streets of Japan, late at night, with the cold wind blowing by him. He looked at his surroundings, and they were familiar, very familiar.
"This…This is the place that I-"
He stepped back, only to feel a presence behind him. He turned around, looking up to greet the face of a man he swore was dead.
His father was dressed in the same fancy suit, smoking a cigar and laughing so hard it sent chills down his spine.
"Hehehe. Run all you want, boy. But you can never truly escape your past." The man said.
Satsujin, for what seemed like forever, was afraid again. His eyes darted around the place, looking at the buildings and the streetlamps. He saw men and women of various shapes and sizes, all of them wearing identical outfits while holding weapons ranging from bats to switchblades. He walked back, but felt another presence yet again.
He turned around and was greeted by a mature and beautiful woman. She wore a silky dress that showed her shoulders well. Her hair was styled up to make herself look as rich as rich could be, while in one of her hands she held a wine glass that swirled round and round with little effort on her part.
"Mother…You’re also-"
"Don’t talk to me." His mother said.
Satsujin was interrupted by the swiping of her hand, her claws tearing through his skin like paper. He was knocked to the ground, his cheek bleeding. The pain was enough for him to start tearing up, but both his parents were the least of his problems.
When he looked to his right, he saw his brother kneeling on the ground, a bag over his head, and one of the taller guys standing above him, holding a mallet primarily used for pounding mochi. His brother struggled to move because his arms and legs were bound with ropes.
"No…No, what are you doing to him?" Satsujin asked. "Let him go. Please, let him go! He’s done nothing wrong!"
His father let out a laugh, while his mother took a small sip of wine, looking at the man with the mallet and spoke,
"Do your thing already." She said.
"No! NO!!!" Satsujin shouted, he tried to get up but his body was weak. He could only watch as the man lifted the mallet up into the sky, casting a shadow in the moonlight. His father's laughter filled his ears as he screamed in desperation at the sight of him.
Before the mallet could strike, Satsujin was suddenly pulled out of the nightmare by Satsuki and Satsugrim. The gateway to the sequence tried to pull him back using root-like hands, but Satsuki used her bat to crush them into nothing but paste.
"Augh! Gross!" Satsuki said. "I’ll need to clean Ruthless later after all of this."
Satsujin breathed heavily, but began to slow down when he realized he was back in his own subconscious, where it was safe. He looked up, seeing Satsugrim holding a hand out to help him up. He gladly took that hand and stood back up.
"Thanks for pulling me out. I didn’t think that-"
And then Satsugrim punched him across the face, knocking him down.
"Satsugrim!" Satsuki shouted.
"You… Fucking idiot!" Satsugrim shouted. He reached back down to pull Satsujin back using his shirt, forcing Satsujin to stare right into his half-broken mask. "Not only did you ignore my advice, not run away when you should’ve run, and willingly surrender, but now we can’t even use our abilities because of your inept behavior. And for what exactly!?"
Satsujin looked back at Satsugrim, still feeling afraid due to the mist. He could see the level of anger his more negative variant showed, and he can’t help but feel he was right.
"I just...wanted to protect someone," said Satsujin.
"Oh, of course." Satsugrim said in a harsh tone. He shoved Satsujin away from him as he tried to keep his balance. "I guess it was worth giving up all of our powers and skills so you could save the woman who lured all of us into a trap… You’re more incompetent than her right now."
Satsujin wanted to argue, fight back, say something to make his variant shut up. But he can't because he has nothing to say to demonstrate that what he did was worthwhile. He led everyone into a trap, got them all captured, and when they were close to victory, he screwed up in the end.
"Okay, fine. You’re right." Satsujin said. "I fucked up. Is that all you want to hear?"
"Oh wow, you’re actually admitting it." Satsugrim felt a little surprised. "But it’s too late now, Satsujin. We can’t go back after this."
"Well what do you expect me to do then? It’s not my fault that you and everyone else expect me to be perfect."
"Guys, c’mon already!" Satsuki shouted. "What happened to no fighting/bickering? We need to think of a solution that could help us get out of this situation."
"Oh, you got any bright ideas, Miss ‘Swing and a Hit’? Because I am all… all… all…" Satsugrim's tone changed from sarcastic to fearful. Satsuki and Satsujin were puzzled as they both wondered what caused his mannerisms to change.
"Huh? What is it now? Why did you get so quiet?" Satsuki asked.
Satsugrim’s hand was shakily raised to point forward behind Satsuki. Both she and Satsujin turned around to look at where Satsugrim was pointing. And they both turned baffled.
They saw a figure walk towards them, wearing a classy black suit normally worn at formal events. Their hair was well-combed and styled in a fancy manner. He had both of his hands in his pockets, strolling towards the three while a trail of a purple, glitchy essence trailed behind him on the ground. He wore a purple-oni mask on his face, covering up his identity, but as soon as everyone saw him, he took out one of his hands and removed the mask.
Everyone was shocked when they saw who it was. He had the same face as Satsujin, with the exception that there were no scars around his eyes, and instead of red and blue heterochromatic eyes, they were both a vibrant shade of purple.
"No…No. No no no no no nononononononononononono." Satsugrim said in a panicked tone. "We got to move. Now… NOW!!!" He grabbed both Satsuki and Satsujin, pulling them as he tried to make them move.
"Hey! What is going on!? Who is that guy?" Satsujin said.
"He’s the reason I don’t have my eyes! We can’t stay here! We gotta move now!!!" Satsugrim said.
"What? I'm not going to flee like you, Grim!" Satsuki said, yanking her arm away from Satsugrim. "If he's a threat, then we should deal with him!"
"Wait! No!!!" Satsugrim said.
But Satsuki didn’t listen. She ran right over to the purple-eyed man with her baseball bat. She got close enough to where she could swing it right at him, intending to bash his brains out. However-
She fell to the ground, dropping her bat, and lay there, blood seeping out from the bullet wound she received from the man’s gun, which he had in his other pocket.
"Satsuki!" Satsujin said. "We gotta help her!!!" He tried to pull away from Satsugrim.
"Again with this shit!? The last time you helped someone we lost our powers, we gotta move!"
"I don’t care! I can’t leave her! You can if you want!"
"I can’t! You’re supposed to be the main host! If you fall, then he gets to take back control!"
"Who even is he!?"
The man who had been standing far away from them suddenly appeared in front of them, a casual smile on his face and his eyes glaring down at both variants of Satsujin. Both of them froze in terror, their legs paralyzed by terror. In a desperate attempt, Satsugrim threw Satsujin away from him with as much strength as he could, then proceeded to pull out his severed blade to attack the threat. But the threat blocked the attack using the hilt of his gun, putting in little effort to hold him back.
"Grim! What are you-"
"Just fucking go already!" Satsugrim shouted.
Those words were apparently enough for Satsujin to finally understand the situation. He turned around and began to run as quickly as he could while Satsugrim held back the menace for as long as possible. He ran as far as he could, running for what felt like miles, yet never seemingly running out of breath.
"Damn it Grim! The one time you decide to not act so cowardly." Satsujin told himself. "What do I even do now? I can’t use my abilities, I don’t know where I’m supposed to go."
A bullet shot him in the leg. He fell to the ground, wincing from the immense pain he was feeling.
"Auuugh!!! It hurts!!! Why does it hurt so much!?" Satsujin yelled. He figured he could try and pull out the bullet from his leg, but he didn’t know how he could do that. Instead he watched the figure who he believed he ran away from now walking towards him, dragging behind Satsuki and Satsugrim using what looked to be strings made of the same essence that trailed behind him.
He crawled away, trying to get back up, but he shot his other leg in response, making it so he could no longer run. Satsujin yelled in pain, desperate for a way out.
"W-wait!!! Please… Why are you doing this?" Satsujin said. "Aren’t you supposed to be me or something? We’re supposed to work together!"
The figure continued to remain silent. He walked up to Satsujin, pulling him up with ease, and forced him to make eye contact. Satsujin remained terrified of the person, knowing he could not do anything.
"Who…are you even?" He asked.
And finally, the figure spoke.
"...I’m you… Or rather, you’re me… Dai Kensei."
And then it happened. Satsujin felt a flourish of corruption energy flow right into him. He started to scream sporadically, both internally and externally.
Back in the real world, Satsujin was glitching out, his body twitching and writhing like someone who had a seizure. His screams filled up the room, his form changing to become more and more unrecognizable as if he were a sprite in a game that had been horribly altered to be nothing like how it should look.
And then, it stopped. Satsujin’s form changed back to how he was before he became a vengeful spirit, back into being a full-blooded human, as he collapsed to the ground, his eyes no longer red and blue, not even a bright pink and purple, or even blue and red. They were completely white, lacking any color whatsoever.
Efena was a little shocked at first, seeing Satsujin react in such a way. But her shock turned to laughter, laughter that became more hysterical in a matter of seconds. She laughed as though she truly believed she had won.
"HAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAAAAAA!!! Oh…Inco. To think you had planned this far… I knew you wouldn’t let someone like him be." She said, wiping away tears from her face. "You always…always find a way."
Reaching in her dress, she pulled out PB’s deactivated form that she got from Ko, smiling with bliss. "Now all we need is the cube and die and then-"
Her moment was interrupted when she felt a bullet hit her, albeit a weak one. She looked over, seeing Yukari having regained some of her strength now, as she stood up with a look of frustration and hatred, struggling to move but having enough energy to act if she needed to.
"Oh, yes. I forgot about you for a moment. You’re still regaining your energy though, so you’re not going to be much of a threat, are you?" Efena said.
Yukari stepped forward, waddling back and forth while breathing wearily. She didn’t say anything, instead only focused on walking towards the Goddess of Fear. But a root she didn’t see caused her to trip over, falling to the ground. She struggled to push herself back up while Efena continued to laugh.
"Look at you, trying to stand up like a newborn deer. Maybe I should spray you with some of my mist to help." Efena relocated some of her roots to Yukari's position. But before she could spray out more of her mist, she was sucker-punched hard across the face.
Yukari blinked. One second Efena was standing all triumphant and stoic, the next a blinding light zipped right at her and struck the woman across the face. She stumbled but kept her feet on the ground. Efena checked her face, feeling the lingering pain of a punch left on her.
"What?" She said. She then checked her other hand, realizing that PB was gone. "Wait… Where’s the plate!?"
Just then, a blinding light reappeared in the room, erasing the darkness. A figure stood in between Yukari and Efena, shrouded in light. The Goddess of Fear’s eyes widened, filled with mixed emotions of fear and anger, seeing the figure holding PB in their hands.
"...You…It’s you…" Efena said.
"...Who are you?" Yukari said with a raspy voice.
The figure looked back at Yukari, "Can you still use your powers right now?"
Yukari was confused by their request. She had regained some of her energy so she should be able to open up a gap. "I should, but why do you ask?"
As if right on cue, the room started to shake, tremendously. It was as though something was shaking the entire mansion, affecting Yukari, Efena, and also the figure shrouded in light.
Deep beneath the mansion, Demise was somewhere close to where the basement was located, using his powers to affect the surrounding rock and dirt by creating vibrations equivalent to that of high-magnitude earthquakes. He hummed to himself, wondering how long it would take for the mansion to collapse. Because while the mansion can handle many types of weather and disasters, a magnitude-10 earthquake is not one of them.
The mansion began to crack, the pillars that supported it began to break and collapse, rooms shattered, and debris fell. It was only a matter of time before the entire mansion was demolished. Efena, attempting to avoid getting hit, had a chunk of the ceiling collapse on top of her, knocking her out easily.
"W-w-what is going on?" Yukari said, trying not to be thrown to the ground.
"Crap!!! Crap! crap! crap!" The figure of light said. "Quick! Make one of those gaps and help me get everyone out to safety! Now!!!"
Yukari listened to the person, and they mustered the energy needed to make a small gap that was big enough for one person to enter at a time. The figure then moved to grab everyone one by one, moving fast, but not too fast over towards the gap and threw them in. Sumireko, Rumia, Cirno, Ko, Gummy, Shanghai, Mary, Satsujin, Suika, and Meiling were all carried into the portal. It was an easy task due to them all being entranced by the effects of the Fear Mist. They also tossed PB through the gap portal.
Once everyone was sent to safety, Yukari moved to enter herself. But was struck on the head however, and passed out immediately.
"Oh no." The figure said, watching the gap slowly close. They knew they had to go help, reaching over to Yukari so they could bring her over to the gap before it was too late. But before they could even touch her, their wristwatch began to beep loudly.
"What!? No, are you kidding me!?" The figure said with both shock and annoyance. "How is saving her going to distort the timeline!?"
They wanted to complain and ignore the warning. But with their knowledge of how the space-time continuum worked, they could not take that risk. Instead, they were forced to flee, zipping out of the mansion at light speed moments before it completely collapsed with Yukari, Efena, and whoever else had resided inside.
The Scarlet Devil Mansion, home to people of various ethnicities and origins, a place where they could spend their peaceful days like family…Was now nothing but wreckage.
To be continued in ACT 2-7: Dwell Blind Upon the Siren's Song
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2023.03.25 03:24 irate-erase if anyone feels like picking apart this letter from my NMom so I can fee validated that it's manipulative, that would be sweet lol

Background: my dad has asked me not to talk about my mom because it stresses him out. After feeling betrayed and disillusioned about how much of a denial-driven enabler he is, I settled into acceptance that he will never be there for me in any significant way, and thats fine because I have people who actually care about me. then he calls me on my way to work asking if he can come and visit with my mom who I havent spoken to in like 5 years because he has a work conference near my city. i say no, I'd like to hang out with you but not her, she is a bad time to be around and I'm happier without her, and he said "fine then. i guess I'll just do the training in a different city." then I got this message:
Dear (me)
I hope this finds you well, and happy, and enjoying spring. I'm listening to large slabs of snow slide off the roof, and a constant drip, drip, drip, and it's a lovely sound. We still have about a foot of snow but you can't stop spring, and I'm grateful for the longer, sunnier days ahead.
I am not writing to you to dishonor your wishes. I am writing to you to honor what I wish for. It is important to acknowledge that. I hope there can be a difference that you will recognize, and also acknowledge.
Our estrangement, while giving you distance from me, is having negative effects on more than just myself. I hope that someday soon you’ll consider working toward a solution that serves you and also brings some relief and maybe hope to me, your father, and our family as a whole. I believe we’ve all suffered from this, including you. I’ve been diligently self-examining, both with my counselor and on my own. I will never, ever be able to not hope for some reconciliation someday. That is a double edged sword for me, because even though people say that hope is helpful, it is a bit like holding your breath, the waiting. I have no alternative in my lifetime.
I know you are a compassionate person. I am asking you to find some for me, for us. Even if it doesn’t result in resolving this estrangement, it might allow you to see ways to communicate with your father about me that don’t hurt him, too. He loves me, and he loves you, and he’s also feeling this pain. We talk about this nearly every day. In some way or form, it comes up… and it takes a concerted effort on both our parts to not let the grief overwhelm our day. We are both banging our heads against the wall looking for ways to move through this. He and I both together or one at a time, are more than willing to come to a table to find resolution. If you aren’t ready, then you’re not ready. But… there is a lot of pain and turmoil that is directly related to this avoidance, in ways that have rippled out that you may be unaware of. I’m hoping that someday soon this estrangement can be approached and worked through in ways that make you feel relief, peace, and hope. If you’re able to find that, then inevitably as your mom I will find that too. I truly believe that our whole family will benefit.
I hope this communication brings only introspection, and not anger. Although I’m aware that it does go against your previously stated wishes, and I don’t want to not honor that, I realize that in my honoring this wish this year I have really neglected to honor my own emotional health as a result.This letter is not meant to be offensive, but is me trying to take a little bit of care for me, too.
It sounds like your life is in a better place, right now, from what your dad tells me. I’m so very glad for that. Just hearing that from him lightens my heart, every time. I hope you have a really great day today.
I love you, (me).
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2023.03.25 03:20 ogreatgames Wheel Of Fortune: Win The Grand Prize - PS3 Game

Wheel Of Fortune: Win The Grand Prize - PS3 Game

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Wheel Of Fortune for Sony PlayStation 3. Wheel of Fortune is a classic game show where contestants answer general knowledge questions to win prizes. Players spin a wheel with letters on it and attempt to spell an agreed-upon word or phrase. This hilarious game show is full of high-quality content and entertainment. With all the luck you'll need, this wheel of fortune game will have you spinning and winning every time. Play the wheel spin and see how many different prizes you can win! --
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2023.03.25 03:19 JohnnyOTJ Grandpa was captured in 1st days of the BOTB. Imprisoned at Stalag IX-B.

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2023.03.25 03:15 omrnu_a8sf 5 Letter Words with O as the 2nd letter and E as the 4th letter – Wordle Hint

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2023.03.25 03:15 omrnu_a8sf 5 Letter Words with O as the 2nd letter and E as the 4th letter – Wordle Hint

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2023.03.25 03:15 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Launch Windows Possibly Outed By Take-Two SEC Filing, Here's What We Know

Video game publisher Take-Two has one of the biggest video game franchises on the market thanks to Grand Theft Auto. The latest game in the franchise is GTA V, which is still incredibly popular despite having launched way back in 2013. Recently, Take-Two filed a 10-K with the SEC that shows what the company plans to spend on marketing over the next five years. That form showed that in fiscal 2024, more money would be spent on marketing than any other fiscal year over the next five years.
The marketing spend for fiscal 2024 ending March 31, 2024, is $89 million, more than twice the amount for other years listed on the form. Analyst Jeff Cohen from investment firm Stephens believes that massive marketing budget will coincide with the launch GTA VI. In other words, the filing suggests the highly anticipated video game may be several more years out than many fans expected.
gta v planes Being a publicly-traded company, Take-Two is required to file a 10-K with financial details each year that outlines its marketing spending for the next five years. The last 10-K form filed in May 2019 showed a spike in marketing costs in fiscal 2023, but that spike has now been shifted to fiscal 2024. Many companies have delayed major projects by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic that forced workers to operate from home and shut down production across the world.
Cohen pointed out that marketing spending has been an accurate predictor of the launch of major games from Take-Two in the past. For example, a marketing spending increase was noted on the 10-K form during the launch year for Red Dead Redemption 2, well before that game was announced. GTA VI is expected to launch sometime between April 2023 and March 2024 according to the filing, assuming there are no further delays.
Past rumors suggested a 2021 launch date, so a launch no sooner than April 2023 is a long time away for gamers. With GTA V and GTA Online still incredibly popular, Rockstar wouldn't be in a rush to launch the new game. And a delayed launch would also ensure that the game is optimized for next-generation Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles.
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2023.03.25 03:13 john_he_5515 Participation Log CS2B

A log of Posts/Comments made throughout the quarter! Thank you! To CS2C we go.
-In this post, I discussed the benefits and potential cons of encapsulating the Node data within the Playlist Class. Key details include encapsulating the Node functionality so that we would simply need to call Node member functions. The logic would be more succinct and portable as well.
-In this post, I inquire about the how the rules Cellular Automata is determined, specifically the order of the rule sets to the the binary digits of the specific rule for 3 parents. I originally thought the way it was portrayed with the binary representations of 8 -> 0 to the specific next generation bit was arbitrary. This was confusing but after a response, it made sense to keep that order to simplify the coding process.
-In this post, I discuss the statefulness of the automata class and how to potentially make the class even more stateless by removing the is_valid, rules, and extreme_bit data from the class. If a user wanted to call the class, they would have to remember and provide this data themselves. This would make utilizing the class more difficult but more controllable by the user.
-In this post, I discussed if copying a general tree node to another node meant that the node we are copying too was empty. As I had programmed the solution recursively, I could not figure out a way to properly delete the node's siblings/families if it was not empty. If it was not, this would lead to a memory leak. However, we are safe to assume that node is empty.
-In this post, I displayed my Graph that I meticulously created, a sunflower.
-In this comment, I discuss the functionality with returning a reference Song_Entry object and how that makes altering the data within the object much simpler. I then discussed the best way to find the 5th element in the list, which I came to the conclusion that iteratively was the only possible method. With a doubly linked list, it may be faster if you could start from either end.
-In this comment, I inquired about where the width value was determined as I was confused initially when reviewing the code.
-In this comment, I discussed memiozation vs dynamic programming in storing the cache for quest 2. I felt that the way it was done in the quest, where the cache for all sub levels to the initial request was cleared was less inefficient. As we are doing all the work for recursing down to the solution, we could store the solution for all the sub-recursions as well to save time for potential future queries.
-In this comment, I discussed if(this!=&that) and why necessary in overloading the equal operator. I was confused at first since I thought the data would be unchanged, but realized that if we delete the LHS first to clear the heap memory, if we set a tree equal to itself, it would delete its own heap memory unintentionally.
-In this comment, I provided some tips for a bug in Quest 2 that I experienced as well. This is where the steps were repeated in the testing, but on my end, it was not. After debugging, I figured that it was a lack of conditions in checking the number of discs in the recursive call with what I expected the number of discs to be.
-In this quest, I discussed the way the Trie nodes are stored to demarcate a word and best practices to limit memory usage and prevent memory leaks. I made several errors initially as I did not have conditions to limit access to creating a new Trie Node in the event of duplicates being inserted and cases where similar words would mess the size of the vector up.
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2023.03.25 03:13 savorie [TOMT] [CANNED BEVERAGE] An old-school sports drink from the 80s-90s that was pink, came in a can, and started with the letter N.

It was like early slim-fast, except full of sugar! It was marketed as a sports drink and had a drawing of a running figure. It started with the letter N, and I think it was one made-up word like "Nutrium" or "Naturyl" or something like that. It came in a tall can and had a strawberry flavor I used to love. I don't think it's fully discontinued, as I saw it in NYC a few years ago, but it does seem rarely seen.
It has/had a semi-thick creamy consistency, not a clear liquid.
I'm also fairly certain it's not Nutramino, but the name isn't far off.
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2023.03.25 03:12 vulpixtwosix I feel like I already know the answer to this…

I need advice…
I (23F) have been in abusive and toxic relationships since my early teenage years. Physical, emotional, everything. Aged 20, I left my ex boyfriend who was emotionally, physically, and financially abusive to me, because I had fallen for one of my friends at work and he gave me the support I needed to get out of there. About a month later, things had moved quickly, and we got into a relationship. This man has been everything I’ve ever wanted, has helped me to work through my issues and supported me for the last 3 years.
We’ve recently fallen on pretty hard times, struggling to pay bills, debts etc. To add to this there are talks about his work branch closing which could leave him unemployed if he doesn’t find a job soon. We have both been stressed to say the least and this has caused a huge strain on our relationship.
A couple months ago we got into an argument. I can’t even remember what it was originally about, but eventually at some point in the argument he came downstairs and started pulling coats off the hook and throwing them on the floor to annoy me because I hate mess. It was all very petty and tense and I came upstairs and was about to create a mess in his space when he grabbed me and pinned me down to the bed. Now this shit, I’m used to, and I was pissed off, so I just stared at him, face of steel, didn’t move, just glared at him. This motherfucker SPAT in my face. Tossed me off the bed and I hit my head on the door as I fell.
I walked out, didn’t say a word, slept in the spare bed and text him the next day whilst he was at work telling him I wanted to break up. We bought a fucking house together, we have a dog who we both love. I logically explained why, what we needed to do, and how this could end as amicably as possible as I was not about to tolerate this shit again. He came home in bits, said he felt like a piece of shit, said he lost it, etc. All the things they always say. He asked me if I would consider going to couples therapy to try and fix this and he promised it would never happen again. Same shit as always. Now, for the last 3 years he has been perfect, our relationship has been amazing, and I do feel like this wasn’t really him and he let everything get on top of him, but if that’s how he behaves under stress, I don’t want to take a beating whenever something goes wrong.
I agreed to couples therapy, we start on Monday.
Tonight we visited his Dad and step mum, who I get along with really well, they were talking about the 5 fundamentals in a good relationship (his step mum had seen it on some TV show 🤣) and we were scoring our relationships. The one thing we said wouldn’t get full marks is resolving conflicts, we have the argument and then revisit when it’s over and we’re both pretty crap in the spur of the moment. She then asked if it ever got physical. He proceeded to tell her about how a couple years back, I came home drunk, took something he said the wrong way, and pushed him, asking if he was trying to fight me. After this actually happened I had been mortified - so ashamed with myself that I saw my doctor and told them I needed help, that fight was the reason i ended up being put on antidepressants. I said nothing. I brought it up when we got home, asked why he wanted to make me look like the bad guy, asked why it even got brought up, he knows that was a big turning point for me and he spun the narrative to make me look crazy. He said he didn’t even think. Just thought it was a funny story about me being drunk and thinking I was big and bad (I’m 5”2, he’s 6”5). What’s done is done now but this feels deeper than “I didn’t even think about it like that”. I’ve been in two minds for months now. Is it time to sell the house, take my dog, and get the fuck out of here?
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2023.03.25 03:11 Hot-Visit-7151 AITA for telling my parents I don't need to love my job and don't need to do it outside of working hours?

I'm 23. I hate my job. Been here for 8 months. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is.
Why do I hate my job? I SUCK AT IT. It cuts through some weaknesses and knowledge gaps of mine, and frankly, it takes more out of me than I'm willing to give it.
I'm not likable and don't have the practical skills to succeed either. I even got one bad review, although the person who wrote the bad review told me I improved recently.
I've only gotten 2 awards at work whereas it seems like some of my peers get them weekly or monthly. I was even told today by a senior leader that I work with that our training program sucks and that there isn't even enough work for new employees to get practice. We even had layoffs recently.
I entered college wanting to be a PhD-level psychologist or a physician. Unfortunately, I got too many B's in premed classes (organic chemistry and math) and gave up with around a 3.56 science GPA, without having taken biology, physics, or biochemistry.
My ethnicity also overrepresented in medicine and so I would need a VERY high GPA and MCAT to even have a CHANCE at one of the lowest-ranked MD schools.
I went to a pretty tough college, but I don't give a fuck about "oh, well, it was hard, so you should be proud of your 3.5 GPA" as many of my peers had like 3.8-3.9 GPA's. It kills me to think I wasn't smart enough, but what the fuck can you do? No one could help me magically become an "A" student, and I doubt tutoring would move me beyond 1/3 of a letter grade higher.
After talking with my friends in an economics class (my eventual major), we pretty much came to the conclusion that life would kick your ass majorly if you "followed your passions" and your passions were not high paying. My friends wanted to be social workers and/or teachers, but decided to go into tech because it paid better. And that's when I crossed psychologist off my list forever.
Anyway. my parents were telling me that I need to read more business books so I can get better business acumen and I literally screamed that I didn't give a fuck and didn't want to touch business beyond what I have to do for work.
I don't care about excelling in this career at all. As long as if I don't get fired, that's all I care about. If I never get promoted, it is what it is.
I resent that my parents have always made me choose the safer option in life over happiness. I wanted to do swimming in high school, but they forced me into academic-related EC's to pad my college application resume because I was more brains than brawn. They talked me out of premed, too, subtly.
They told me every day since I was 5 years old that if I didn't get into a great college, I'd be poor as fuck, and guess what? I got into the great college, suffered, couldn't even pursue my "passions." I make an OK salary, but I hate my life!
I just don't even know what to do.
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2023.03.25 03:11 yfnp0e8sg 5 Letter Words with O as the 2nd letter and E as the 4th letter – Wordle Hint

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2023.03.25 03:10 Typical_Profession98 So sad to have my progress stopped in its tracks

Well, I guess I’m the latest to get affected by the stupid shortages and coupon madness. It was already bad enough that I had to repeat 5 mg for another month, then I go in to get my prescription and get completely caught off guard to find that the cost has skyrocketed from $25 to $500. My doctor is going to fight to get it covered by my insurance but I’m devastated to have to put my journey on pause after only losing 12 of the 110 pounds I have to lose to get to a healthy weight. Please don’t tell me to check the sub before I post. I know a lot of people post about coupon and coverage issues. Truthfully, I’m so disappointed and just hoping for some words of encouragement.
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2023.03.25 03:10 yfnp0e8sg 5 Letter Words with O as the 2nd letter and E as the 4th letter – Wordle Hint

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2023.03.25 03:09 SaraSmile- Dementia/Breadwinner/Only child

Only child lang ako and breadwinner. Recently, dinala namin si Papa sa doctor and possible na dementia ang sakit (babalik pa after makita mga results ng tests). Well, based from his actions alam kong dementia na talaga.
Nahihirapan na ako. I can't think clearly kapag nasa bahay ako gawa ng mga naririnig ko. Hindi na din ako nakaka-kain ng maayos and dependent na sa kape.
Bukod sa gamot na mahal, meron pa kaming binabayaran na bahay with an outstanding balance na 50k. Di ko alam kung saan kukuha ng extra source of income. Bills, meds, grocery and other stuff sa akin lahat. Yung sahod ko, sapat lang sa araw-araw pero hindi pwede yung sapat lang eh.
Walang ipon magulang ko and wala din akong ipon dahil lahat napupunta sa bahay.
Hirap maging retirement plan. Sarili ko lang meron ako.
Any tips or advice pls? - anong magandang part-time job na pasok sa sched if may full-time work with 8-5 sched? -im thinking of applying as a VA -mahabang process, pero gusto ko magabroad? Anong work kaya in demand ngayon? Tips? -hugs?
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2023.03.25 03:08 Fun-Explanation-117 I m already tired of this "hunter buff nerf" rollercoaster.

As a hunter player who plays this class because I enjoy it and i like the fantasy instead of rolling to a class each patch, I have to say, using "nice words", that I feel vomit, disgust to the developers that works on this class.
The nerfs makes me thinks developers have no idea about the competitive scene of this game and how it works or they don t care or they scale everything by damage. I really don t have idea what's going in their offices or how they decide changes, but one thing i know for sure, that they have no clue how their endgame content works.
BM Hunter was the spec to pick up for M+ groups if you want a BL, a very good consistent damage coming from 100% mobile ranged AND SACRIFICE UTILITY. It was a sweet spot for A tier , not even S tier and don t tell me hunter is now currently an S... Like a spec have to excel at something to pick up for groups... We have trash utility but at least we excel at damage not by high margin to other classes though.
And then developers come and murder this class with a 5-10% nerf and throw it to C-D tier straight in again. The most pathetic thing is that after 2 weeks they will realize how trash it is and they will buff it again, like how it happened earlier this expansion and this rollercoaster again.
This sadness me very much since I m not that type of person to reroll every damn expansion and I was happy to reach 3.1k by getting some invites to groups and feeling useful, not so much invites like a meta class, but invites were there.
I m sorry if i m complaining and I m sorry for you if think that BM is broken this week, it s currently A spot, not S+ not broken or something.
This message is mostly addresed to the hunters that push M+, make yourself a favor and reroll, Blizzard will make sure you will always end in D tier.
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2023.03.25 03:07 Aggravating_Set_7523 Had to have an awkward conversation today

Had to sit down with my supervisee and let him know he couldn’t do extra hours anymore. For the past week he had been staying 1-2 hours past his time. I had to let him know that he couldn’t do that as overtime was authorized. He argued that he wasn’t doing it to get overtime. He just felt like he needed to get more done.
I had to explain to him that we work 7.5 hours, you get done what you can in that time and what doesn’t get done will be waiting for you tomorrow or Monday. He still pushed back saying it was hard for him because he was coming from a job where 60 hours was the minimum expectation. I spun it as “aren’t you glad you don’t have to do that anymore?”
Also I had to explain we are in a union environment and if they got word that you were doing work off the clock, it would be my head if I knew it was happening. Even though I am also a union member.
Kids these days with there go-getter attitudes. Makes me sick to think about doing more than 37.5 hours in a week.
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2023.03.25 03:06 MeanOften 5 Letter Words with O as the 2nd letter and E as the 4th letter – Wordle Hint

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2023.03.25 03:06 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Soundtrack: Who Could Be Featured?

The GTA series has always been known for its excellent soundtracks, featuring a mix of popular songs and original music. While there's no official word yet on what the soundtrack for GTA 6 will feature, there are a few artists that fans have speculated could be included:
Drake: The Canadian rapper has a huge following and has been featured in several other video games, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him on the GTA 6 soundtrack.
Billie Eilish: With her unique sound and massive popularity, Billie Eilish could be a great addition to the GTA 6 soundtrack.
Kendrick Lamar: Lamar previously curated the soundtrack for GTA 5's single-player campaign, so it's possible that he could be involved with the soundtrack for GTA 6 as well.
Post Malone: With his genre-blending sound and chart-topping hits, Post Malone could be a great fit for the GTA 6 soundtrack.
DaBaby: With his high-energy beats and unique flow, DaBaby could also be a good choice for the soundtrack.
Of course, this is all speculation at this point and there's no telling who will actually be featured on the GTA 6 soundtrack. However, fans can rest assured that Rockstar Games will likely deliver a fantastic mix of music that perfectly complements the game's setting and story.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.25 03:04 MeanOften 5 Letter Words with O as the 2nd letter and E as the 4th letter – Wordle Hint

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