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2023.06.04 16:13 Jiale88996 Comprehensive Car Insurance vs Third-Party Insurance: Understanding the Key Differences and Making the Right Choice

Comprehensive Car Insurance vs Third-Party Insurance: Understanding the Key Differences and Making the Right Choice
Comprehensive Car Insurance vs Third-Party Insurance: An In-Depth Comparison
When it comes to protecting your vehicle, understanding the differences between comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance is crucial. Whether you're a new car owner or you’re just considering a change in your insurance coverage, you must do some research to know what suits your needs and budget. Comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance are two different options that offer distinct levels of protection and benefits.

In this comprehensive comparison, we will check the features, coverage, and advantages of both comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance. Once you spot each of their differences, evaluating their benefits, and understanding their limitations, you will be ready to know what is the ideal insurance coverage for your vehicle.
Understanding Comprehensive Car Insurance
Comprehensive car insurance is a type of coverage that offers extensive protection for your vehicle against a wide range of risks and damages. Unlike basic liability insurance, which only covers damages to third parties, comprehensive car insurance gives you additional coverage for your own vehicle. Let's explore the various aspects of comprehensive car insurance and the specific coverage it offers.
Coverage Provided by Comprehensive Car Insurance
Comprehensive car insurance offers a wide range of coverage for your vehicle. Here are the key coverage areas provided by comprehensive car insurance:

  • Theft and Vandalism Coverage. Comprehensive car insurance safeguards your vehicle against theft and vandalism. If your car is stolen or vandalized, the insurance will help cover the cost of repairs or provide compensation for the loss.
You may be interested to know more about this: Comprehensive Car Insurance Theft Coverage: Expert Analysis and Tips
  • Natural Disasters and Acts of God. Comprehensive car insurance protects your vehicle from damages caused by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other catastrophic events. This is one of the most convenient coverage options for people who live in Florida or California, but it may also be really helpful for people who live in Vermont or Michigan.
You may be interested to know more about this: How comprehensive coverage can protect you from natural disasters
  • Coverage for Fire and Explosion. Comprehensive car insurance covers damages caused by fire and explosions. Whether it's a vehicle fire or an explosion due to a mechanical failure, this coverag option will help you paying the repairs or replacement bills.
Note: Your homeowner or renter’s insurance won’t cover fire in your garage, comprehensive car insurance is the only coverage option that will cover your vehicle in case of fire in your garage.
You may be interested to know more about this: Comprehensive Coverage for Fire Damage: What's Covered and What's Not
  • Protection Against Falling Objects and Missiles. Comprehensive car insurance includes coverage for damages caused by falling objects, such as tree branches, rocks or debris, as well as damages resulting from missiles or projectiles.
Note: Comprehensive car insurance will never cover your vehicle in any act of war.
  • Coverage for Animal-Related Damages. Comprehensive car insurance also extends coverage to damages caused by animal-related incidents, such as collisions with animals on the road, or rodent damage. For example, imagine you see a deer in the road, then you honk the horn and that deer charges towars your vehicle trying to tackle it. In this situation, comprehensive car insurance will help you to cover the repair costs or it will compensate you for the loss.
You may be interested to know more about this: Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover Hitting a Deer?
Advantages of Comprehensive Car Insurance
Comprehensive car insurance offers numerous advantages such as giving you peace of mind and financial protection against non-collision damages. Let's explore the key benefits of opting for comprehensive car insurance coverage.
Peace of Mind with Comprehensive Protection.
Comprehensive car insurance protects your vehicle against a wide range of non-collision damages. Knowing that your car is safeguarded from damages due to vanalism, fire, theft, natural disasters, and more can give you peace of mind while on the road.
Coverage for Repairs and Replacement.
One of the greatest advantages of comprehensive car insurance is that it covers the cost of repairs or replacement for non-collison damages to your vehicle. Whether it's minor repairs after a hailor significant damage from hitting a deer, comprehensive coverage ensures that you are financially protected.
Additional Features and Add-Ons for Enhanced Coverage.
Comprehensive car insurance often offers additional features and add-ons that can enhance your coverage. These may include benefits such as roadside assistance, coverage for personal belongings, and even coverage for medical expenses resulting from an accident (when falling a tree branch or hitting a deer).
Exploring Third-Party Insurance
What is Third-Party Insurance?
Third-party insurance, also known as liability insurance, is a type of coverage that protects you from legal and financial obligations arising from damages or injuries caused to third parties, it’s mandatory in 48 states, only New Hampshire and Virginia won’t request you to purchase liability insurance. While comprehensive car insurance covers non-collision damages to your own vehicle, third-party insurance focuses primarily on pay the repair, replacement or medical bills for others involved in an accident where you are at fault. Let's delve into the specifics of third-party insurance and the liability coverage it offers.
Understanding Third-Party Liability Coverage
Third-party liability coverage is mandatory in 48 states, only New Hampshire and Virginia won’t request you to purchase Third-party insurance. It provides financial protection in two main areas: property damage and bodily injury caused to others when your car insurer find out you were at-fault in that accident.
Coverage for Property Damage.
Third-party insurance includes coverage for property damage caused by your vehicle. If you are at fault in an accident that results in damage to another person's vehicle, building, or any other property, your third-party insurance will cover the cost of repairs or replacement up to the limit of your coverage.
Coverage for Bodily Injury.
Third-party insurance also offers coverage for bodily injury caused to others in an at-fault accident. If you cause bodily harm to another person in a car accident, your third-party insurance will help cover their medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and potentially other related damages up to the limit of your coverage.
Benefits of Third-Party Insurance
As mentioned above, third-party insurance offers several benefits that make it the only choice for many car owners. Let's explore the advantages of opting for third-party insurance coverage.
Legal Compliance and Meeting Minimum Requirements
One of the primary benefits of third-party insurance is required in most states, so you must add it to legaly drive on your state’s roads. In many jurisdictions, having at least third-party insurance you can avoid penalties, fines, and legal consequences, that in the end you will find out that fine costs the same than 1 year of third-party Insurance.
Affordability and Cost-Effectiveness
Third-party insurance is often cheaper than comprehensive car insurance. It offers a cost-effective solution for car owners who want to fulfill their legal obligations without incurring high premiums. The lower cost of third-party insurance can make it the only option, especially for those on a tight budget.
Comprehensive Car Insurance vs Third-Party Insurance: Key Differences
Coverage Comparison: Comprehensive vs Third-Party Insurance
When selecting insurance coverage for your vehicle, it's essential to compare the features and benefits of comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance. Understanding the factors that influence your decision can help you make an informed choice based on your specific needs and circumstances. Let's explore the key considerations when choosing between comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance coverage.
Factors to Consider when Choosing Insurance Coverage
Several factors should be taken into consideration when deciding between comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance:

  • Level of Coverage Needed. Consider the level of coverage you require for your vehicle. Comprehensive car insurance gives you more coverage against non-collision damages, including damages to your own vehicle, while third-party insurance primarily focuses on liability coverage for damages to others.
  • Budgetary Considerations. Check how much you can spend on your car insurance policy. Comprehensive car insurance generally has higher premiums due to its extensive coverage, while third-party insurance is cheaper.
  • Vehicle Age and Value. The age and value of your vehicle play a significant role while deciding what car insurance coverage you will buy. Newer or more valuable cars may benefit from comprehensive coverage, whereas older or less valuable vehicles may be better suited for third-party insurance.
Cost Comparison: Premiums, Deductibles, and Affordability
When comparing comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance, you must consider the costs involved. Premiums, deductibles, and overall affordability are important factors that impact what sort of car insurance policy you will buy. Let's delve into the cost aspects and how they differ between these two types of insurance coverage.

  • Understanding Premiums: Factors that Impact Costs. Premiums are the regular payments you make to maintain your insurance coverage, if you don’t pay them you will get into a lapse of coverage, making you to drive without any coverage at all. Several factors influence the cost of premiums for comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance. These factors may include your driving history, age, zip code, your vehicle’s make/model, the coverage limits you select, and of course, the policy you decide to purchase. Comprehensive car insurance generally has higher premiums due to its broader coverage, while third-party insurance often offers more affordable premium options.
  • Evaluating Deductibles: Balancing Upfront Expenses and Coverage. Deductibles are the amount you must pay out of pocket before your insurance coverage starts to work for you. When comparing comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance, you must evaluate the deductibles associated with each. Comprehensive car insurance typically has higher deductibles, as it covers a wider range of possible risks on the road. On the other hand, third-party insurance usually has lower deductibles, making it more affordable upfront.
So if you consider both premiums and deductibles you should check the overall affordability of comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance. Check how much you can afford for your vehicle, risk tolerance, and financial capability to choose the insurance coverage that strikes the right balance between coverage and affordability.
Making the Right Choice: Selecting the Ideal Insurance Coverage
Assessing Your Needs: Factors to Consider
As you have to decide between comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance, you must check what your specific needs are. If you know yourself, you will know how your driving habits are, so your risk profile can help you to choose the right coverage for you. Consider the following factors when determining the most suitable insurance coverage for you.
Understanding Your Driving Habits and Risk Profile
Your driving habits and risk profile play a significant role in selecting insurance coverage.

  • Mileage and Usage Patterns. Evaluate your average mileage and usage patterns. If you frequently drive long distances or use your vehicle for business purposes, comprehensive car insurance might be more suitable for you. However, if you primarily use your vehicle for personal commuting or you just work at home and you only drive to the grocery and so on, that means you have lower mileage, in that case, third-party insurance could be a viable option.
  • Location and Driving Conditions. Consider your zip code and the driving conditions you typically encounter. If you live in an area prone to theft, vandalism, or natural disasters, comprehensive car insurance can provide added peace of mind. On the other hand, if you reside in a relatively safe area with minimal risk factors, third-party insurance might meet your requirements.
Balancing Protection and Cost: Choosing the Optimal Coverage
When selecting between comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance, you must meet the right balance between protection and cost. Check how good is your personal financial situation and consider the customization options. That can help you choosing the optimal coverage for your needs.
Evaluating Personal Financial Situation
Just check your savings before deciding on any sort of insurance coverage, can you afford to pay that premium each month?, will you be able to pay out-of-pocket any possible accident when purchasing that policy? Comprehensive car insurance offers broader protection but comes with higher premiums. If you have the financial means to afford comprehensive coverage without straining your budget, it may be a suitable choice. On the other hand, if you're looking for more affordable options, third-party insurance can provide basic coverage at a lower cost.
Importance of Customization: Add-Ons and Optional Coverages
Consider if you want to customice your policy when selecting insurance coverage. Comprehensive car insurance often allows for more customization through add-ons and optional coverages. These can include benefits like roadside assistance, coverage for personal belongings, and enhanced medical expense coverage. If you value these additional features and are willing to pay extra for them, comprehensive car insurance may be the better option for you.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Comprehensive Car Insurance vs Third-Party Insurance
FAQ: Coverage Comparison and Differences
Q: Does comprehensive insurance cover theft?
A: Yes, comprehensive car insurance typically covers theft. Comprehensive insurance is designed to provide coverage for a wide range of risks, including theft. If your vehicle is stolen, comprehensive insurance can help you recover the value of your vehicle up to the policy's limits, minus the deductible. It not only protects against theft but also provides coverage for damages caused by vandalism or attempted theft.
Q: Will third-party insurance cover repairs to my own vehicle? A: No, third-party insurance does not cover repairs to your own vehicle. Third-party insurance primarily provides liability coverage for damages caused to other vehicles or property in an accident where you are at fault. It does not include coverage for repairs or damages to your own vehicle.
FAQ: Choosing the Right Insurance Coverage
Q: Is comprehensive insurance necessary for an older car?
A: Consider the value of your older car and your personal risk tolerance when deciding on insurance coverage. If the cost of comprehensive insurance premiums exceeds the value of your car, it may be more practical to forgo comprehensive coverage and focus on maintaining basic liability protection. However, if you have sentimental attachment to the car or live in an area with a higher risk of theft or vandalism, comprehensive insurance can provide added peace of mind.
Q: Can I upgrade my third-party insurance to comprehensive later?
A: Yes, in most cases, you can upgrade your third-party insurance to comprehensive coverage at a later time. Many insurance providers offer the flexibility to modify your policy during its term. Keep in mind that the process and requirements for upgrading may vary depending on your insurance provider. You may need to provide additional information about your vehicle, driving history, and any relevant changes to your circumstances. There might be adjustments to your premium as well.
FAQ: Legal Requirements and Compliance
Q: Is third-party insurance sufficient to meet legal obligations?
A: Yes, third-party insurance is generally sufficient to meet the legal obligations for owning and operating a vehicle in many jurisdictions. Most countries or regions have minimum insurance requirements in place, which often include liability coverage provided by third-party insurance. This coverage ensures that if you are at fault in an accident, any damages to other vehicles or property are taken care of.
Q: What happens if I drive without insurance? A: Driving without insurance can have serious legal and financial consequences. The specific penalties for driving without insurance vary depending on the jurisdiction, but they generally include fines, license suspension, and even legal action. Additionally, if you are involved in an accident while driving without insurance, you may be personally liable for all damages, medical expenses, and legal fees, which can result in significant financial burden.
Conclusion: Choosing the Best Insurance Coverage for You
Choosing between comprehensive car insurance and third-party insurance requires careful consideration of various factors. While comprehensive car insurance offers broader coverage, including non-collision damages to your own vehicle, third-party insurance focuses on liability coverage for damages to others. Check your needs, budget, driving habits, and risk profile to determine the most suitable coverage option. Additionally, check your finances: can you spend that much of money for that policy?, Do you need to add more or less coverage option for your policy? That sort of questions can help you strike the right balance between protection and cost.
If you take these factors in consideration, you can know what is the best insurance coverage for your specific requirements. Whether you opt for comprehensive car insurance or third-party insurance, be sure that it aligns with your needs and provides the necessary protection for your peace of mind on the road.
Read more in my blog.
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2023.06.04 16:06 not_impressed79 (Selling) June Universal Rewards

Apple Pay, Venmo or PayPal G&S accepted
June Universal Codes - $3 each or 2 for $5 Redeems at MA for one of the following in HD (unless otherwise noted):
Sony Rewards Buff Pass - $4 each or 2 for $7 Redeems at MA for one of the following in HD (unless otherwise noted):
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2023.06.04 16:04 Repulsive_Trust_7691 Zombies dlc not playable

Zombies dlc not playable
It says i have all maps purchased but when i go to select and play the map it has the green download sybole and when i click it, it says i have to buy it and takes me to the store, is there a way to fix?
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2023.06.04 16:00 code_hunter_cc How to force download of big files without using too much memory?

I'm trying to serve large zip files to users. When there are 2 concurrent connections, the server runs out of memory (RAM). I increased the amount of memory from 300MB to 4GB (Dreamhost VPS) and then it worked fine.
I need to allow a lot more than 2 concurrent connections. The actual 4GB would allow something like 20 concurrent connections (too bad).
Well, the current code I'm using, needs the double of memory then the actual file size. That's too bad. I want something like "streaming" the file to user. So I would allocate not more than the chunk being served to users.
The following code is the one I'm using in CodeIgniter (PHP framework):
ini_set('memory\_limit', '300M'); // it was the maximum amount of memory from my serverset_time_limit(0); // to avoid the connection being terminated by the server when serving bad connection downloadsforce_download("download.zip", file_get_contents("../downloads/big\_file\_80M.zip"));exit; The force_download function is as follows (CodeIgniter default helper function):
function force\_download($filename = '', $data = ''){ if ($filename == '' OR $data == '') { return FALSE; } // Try to determine if the filename includes a file extension. // We need it in order to set the MIME type if (FALSE === strpos($filename, '.')) { return FALSE; } // Grab the file extension $x = explode('.', $filename); $extension = end($x); // Load the mime types @include(APPPATH.'config/mimes'.EXT); // Set a default mime if we can't find it if ( ! isset($mimes[$extension])) { $mime = 'application/octet-stream'; } else { $mime = (is_array($mimes[$extension])) ? $mimes[$extension][0] : $mimes[$extension]; } // Generate the server headers if (strpos($\_SERVER['HTTP\_USER\_AGENT'], "MSIE") !== FALSE) { header('Content-Type: "'.$mime.'"'); header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="'.$filename.'"'); header('Expires: 0'); header('Cache-Control: must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0'); header("Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary"); header('Pragma: public'); header("Content-Length: ".strlen($data)); } else { header('Content-Type: "'.$mime.'"'); header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="'.$filename.'"'); header("Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary"); header('Expires: 0'); header('Pragma: no-cache'); header("Content-Length: ".strlen($data)); } exit($data);} I tried some chunk based codes that I found in Google, but the file always was delivered corrupted. Probably because of bad code.
Could anyone help me?
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/apache/how-to-force-download-of-big-files-without-using-too-much-memory
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2023.06.04 15:20 gongnomore Thoughts on whether this is a permitting delay or not - MA

We had panels and batteries installed in our house in MA in Jan of this year after signing the contract in Sep 2022 and we are still not connected to the grid.
The contract says works will be completed within six months unless there are permitting delays etc (March). We continue to provide access, and have paid $63k of the $66k system cost.
The biggest holdup is the batteries in the garage as our town’s fire department under NFPA-855 is citing the commercial battery code and is requiring 15" diameter holes, 3 feet into the ground, concrete surrounding 4" concrete filled pipe). The installer is lobbying the FD to accept alternate battery protection solutions and the FD is not engaging with the installer.
The state guidelines are poor and town interpretations vary, but my feeling is that this is not a permitting delay as our permitting authority has made it know what they want. I would characterize the delay as the installer trying to negotiate around the standards which are being enforced by my town.
We should finally have the panels online this week as the electrical inspector said he could do that component without battery sign off, so batteries are still just sitting there maintaining 30% charge.
When I asked the installer about negotiating a schedule variance so that we can agree to a date to be online/stop arguing with the FD they’ve stated that it’s a permitting delay. Edit: not chasing penalties, just want a timeline.
Subject to any FD / installer response next week we will need to seek formal clarification on this. Before I invest resources doing this do people think this is classified as a permitting delay?
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2023.06.04 15:11 YukiteruAmano92 Remembrance, Chapter 3 of 28

TWBS Previous Next First
---Esme’s perspective---
---Saturday, 11th of November, 2682 Terran Calendar---
---Southern England---
Fucking Sussex!
‘Can you send me to the Forth Valley?’
‘Oh, we can try… On an unrelated note, how’s your standard English? No problems in communicating?’
I should’ve just said ‘No, I have great difficulty in communicating in anything but Lallans Scots!’ instead of putting on my poshest English speech register to say ‘Marjorie dearest, would you be a lamb and pass another buttered scone… hold the raspberry jam, it’s far too spicy for me!’ which she told me she’d take as a ‘Yes.’
This is an English language barracks. If you have been directed here in error, please make yourself known to barracks staff for reassignment.” plays a loud, prerecorded Welsh language announcement, over speakers.
They’re fucking rubbing it in!
This is an English language barracks. If you have been directed here in error, please make yourself known to barracks staff for reassignment.” it repeats in Scots Gaelic.
Ceci est une caserne Anglophone. Si vous avez été assigné ici par erreur, veuillez vous faire connaître auprès du personnel de la caserne pour une réaffectation.” it says in what I’m 90% sure is a French version of the same announcement (I can’t be certain, though, as that’s not one of my languages).
Looking at the crowds, queuing to get in, makes me regret asserting that I didn’t need transport here.
‘You shouldn’t be sending someone to War that you don’t trust to navigate themself from Galloway to Sussex!’ were my exact words.
I brushed off the recruitment officer saying that I’d be processed faster if I arrived on Military organised transport.
Well, standing here’s not gonna get me to the front of the queue now, is it!
I walk forward to join the massive throng of people, almost all of which look to be about my age.
It’s astonishing how short you feel, being an average height girl in a crowd of people!
178cm really isn’t all that much when you’ve got a not insignificant number of +2m guys here!
Even guys who are the average 188cm can make a girl feel short when their packed too close…
I see a few Neanderthal hunks… perhaps conscription won’t be all bad(!)
When I make it to the front of the line, the guy just stares expectantly at me like I’m supposed to already know what to do.
“Y’awright?… Err… mah nam’s Esme Reid…?” I say, hesitantly, in perfectly comprehensible speech.
“I’m sorry, would you repeat that?” he answers, looking at me like I just spoke to him in fucking Chinese!
Greetings, gracious sir! You may kindly refer to me by the name ‘Esme Reid’!” I say, affecting my supercilious Southern English gentlewoman accent.
“Alright, Ms Reid. Please present your draft papers and identification.”
The balls they have to ask me to prove who I am when theyre the ones asking me to go off and fucking die for them!
I think about quipping that I should ask him to show me some proof that this is a legitimate Military installation sanctioned by the government of Sol… but think better of it…
Instead, I pull out my draft papers and my holopad, quickly getting up my identification app.
The man scans the code with his own holo and spends a few seconds glancing from his screen to my face and back.
Seeming satisfied that I’m not attempting to enlist under a false identity (for whatever strange reason a person might want to do that) he glances at my papers, says “Everything seems to be in order.” and waves a hand in front of a machine which whirs for half a second before spitting out a simple chain necklace with two little metal rectangles hanging off of it.
He hands it to me and says “This is your identification tag. Please check that the information on it is correct and, if it is, put it on and never take it off.”
I check the tag.
“You’ve got my name and birthday right…” I say, making a conscious effort to keep my speech register in that that a standard English speaker would consider acceptable “…don’t know about the regiment and serial number.”
“Those will be correct.” he says with a ‘move along’ tone.
I shrug, raise the dogtag over my head and drop it around my neck.
I walk on and he’s serving the girl behind me before I’ve even rounded the counter.
I’m ushered through the barracks, herded by the staff, until I reach a building labelled ‘Billet House 279’.
It doesn’t really look like I expected soldiers’ digs to look.
Definitely prefabbed but sort of has more the look of a uni hall than anything else… though I think it’s probably a bit much to expect that I’ll get a room to myself(!)
I follow the throng of draftees through to a wide open room, on the ground floor, that looks like it’s normally a cafeteria.
The camp attendants (who I’m guessing were in the same boat as us, not too long ago) direct us to stand along the left, right and nearside walls, keeping the back wall and centre of the room clear.
Everyone in place, there follows a few minutes of silence broken only by people whispering to one another.
Then, she enters the room.
Dark skinned and clad in green camo clothing, her scalp is easily visible between her cornrows with nary a hair out of place.
Her expression looks absolutely indifferent with just the slightest hint of a curled lip.
From the broadness and flatness of her facial features as well as her single mauve eye, she is clearly half Tshwane… though, you’d never guess that from her stature!
Female Tshwane average nearly 2m… the men are more like 2.2m!
Shes shorter than me!
She’s also built like a Sapiens, not the willowy thinness typical of Tshwane
I guess genetics interact in funny ways sometimes…
Based on her age, her Tshwane parent would probably have to have been one of the very first to be cloned back!
The other eye seems to have been ripped out at some point because in its place is a bionic and there’s a patch of hypopigmented scar tissue, forming a tear shape, at the right corner.
“Recruits… Welcome to the United Terran Coalition Infantry Trainin’ Camp, Graffham… My name is Warrant Officer Simone Sands… and I’ll be your drill instructor…” says the woman, cooly, speaking in a rough sounding, London accent.
The surname ‘Sands’ probably means her dad was the Tshwane (though not necessarily… she might have been given her mum’s surname… or it might be a coincidental English surname).
“…You all know why you’re here… Most of you’ve prob’ly already lost loved ones to this War… You are here to defend our right to exist… and I can’t think of a more worthy reason to fight than that…”
I’ve decided I like this woman… She may be English but I’ll try not to hold that against her(!)
“The first thing I need to tell all of you is that, by the end of your trainin’, you will NOT like me…” she says, as if reading my mind “…that’s OK. My job ain’t to be liked, my job ain’t to make friends… my job is to make soldiers!”
She casts her biological and bionic eyes around the room, letting her words hang in the air.
Note… that I said ‘soldiers’… This ain’t Full Metal Jacket. This aint the 20th Century. There’ll be no Pvt Piles here!… I aint aimin’ to destroy your minds or your individuality. I aint goin’ to physic’ly and psychologic’ly abuse you into becomin’ robots or killers… I am makin’ you into soldiers… Regardless… this process will not be easy! In fact, it may well be the hardest thing you ever do!… As the face of this process, you will come to hate and resent me for it!… I hope for it! The more you hate me the more-DO YOU HAVE SOMETHINTO SAY, PRIVATE?!”
Everyone in the room is startled by the authoritative woman breaking herself off to shout angrily at someone on the other side of the room.
The boy that steps forward is tall, bulky and muscular with a handsome, half Neanderthal face… just my type!
Then he has to go and ruin it by opening his mouth.
“I was just saying… that I find it somewhat difficult to take you seriously as a commanding officer… You just seem a little bit… little.” says the boy in the poshest, smarmiest English drawl I’ve ever heard!
The woman does not shout, she does not scream, she doesn’t snarl or even purse her lips!
She just nods, as if considering his words, then asks “What’s your name, Soldier?”
“Rupert Forest.” responds the boy, proudly.
“And, how tall are you, Pvt Forest?” responds the woman, unimpressed
“195cm.” he answers.
“And, what’s your mass?” she asks.
“I see, I see… So, by your logic… you’d make a better drill sergeant than me, would you? You’re 25cm taller and 35kg heavier, afterall!”
He smirks “I wouldn’t presume to say so, Ma’am…” in a way that definitely suggests that he thinks he would.
She seems to consider that for some moments before answering “Alright then, fight me for it!”
“I’m sorry…?” responds the poshboy.
“You heard me… Clearly, you got no respect for skill and experience but it seems like you must respect power… so fight me for it! You win, you get to train this lot, I win, you never question my authority again!”
Is this woman mad!?
She may be a soldier but this boy she just challenged is a half Neanderthal giant!
She’s gonna lose!
I do not want to be drilled by some snotty, privileged English brat who got here at the same time as I did and just couldn’t keep his fucking mouth shut!
Then again, I don’t really want to be drilled by a woman so delusional that she felt the best way to squash insubordination was to challenge a man she has no hope of beating, either!
The guy is clearly salivating over the power that’s just been slapped on the table in front of him as he answers “I accept your terms, Ms Sands…” with faux magnanimity.
There’s no way they’d let a Private run drills, is there? When he wins, someone just needs to go and complain and they’ll give us another (less stupid) drill sergeant… right?
He strips off his jacket to reveal a pair of thick, muscular arms that (in spite of his repulsive personality) are a thrilling sight.
He has to go and ruin it by flexing and posing, clearly revelling in the room’s worth of gasps he got when he revealed his arms… He obviously likes being the centre of attention.
“Done?” asks Sands, drily.
“If you still want to do this…” he says, smugly “…you could just concede defeat and I’m sure no one would hold it against you!”
Her lip curls as she answers “But… if I did that, no one would learn nothin’, now would they…”
He shrugs before launching himself at her without waiting for her to give the word to begin.
She whirls out of the way and he snatches at her, unsuccessfully, as his momentum carries him past.
Lesson 1:…” she shouts while snapping into the space behind him and kicking out his knee “…size does not determine victory, strength does not determine victory…” levelling another powerful kick between his shoulderblades to bring him to the ground.
She backs off, allowing him to scramble to his feet and turn to face her, hunched in readiness and scowling.
“…Pvt Forest here looked at me with contempt on account of my small size and, though he didnt say so, Id guess that my rough accent, my lack of a graduate epithet and my lack of a penis also played a roll in his judginme as less than!… He thought he could beat me, he probably still DOES, and, ’causa that, he didnt respect my ability to lead…!”
Forest makes another lunge for the smaller woman, misses and is punished for it by being knocked back to the floor.
I’m agog as I watch this little woman… there’s no other word but toy with the giant man!
“…but victory does not care how big you are, how strong you are, how classy or educated you are or whats in your pants or panties…!”
She dodges around his arm and pins his chest to the floor with her knee.
Discipline and trainindetermine victory!… Things that I have and Pvt Forest LACKS!… Things that ALL of you will acquire, over the next 8 months!!!” she turns her head down to the mountain of man she’s pinning to the floor “Concede, Private!”
The man shakes his head, trying in vain to leverage himself up.
“Alright then… Lesson 2: When faced with a resistant individual, compliance can be effectively enforced by the expedient of lockintheir joints to induce PAIN!!!”
She grabs his thick arms by the wrists and pulls them backwards in a way they are not meant to bend!
He screams in agony!
CONCEDE!!!… Dont make me send you to the Medical Officer! Itd be inconvenient for BOTH of us if your pride makes you miss your first week of traininwhile your arms heal!!!”
He holds out for two more seconds before screaming “I concede! I CONCEDE!!!”
She releases him and stands back up.
On your feet, Soldier…” she growls down at him.
He stands back up, his face beet red.
“Are you ever goin’ to question my fitness to instruct again, Private?” she glares up at the humiliated giant.
“No.” he answers, gracelessly.
No…?” she says as if waiting for something else.
Forest looks as confused as I am about what she’s expecting.
“No, Maam!” she snarls.
“No, Ma’am.”
“Good, we’ll work on your attitude, movin’ forward. Now, get back in line!”
The humiliated man picks up his civvy jacket and returns to the place he was called out from.
“Now, I don’t think I need to prattle on anymore about how you’re gonna hate me by the end of our time together, do I?… I think Pvt Forest helped me prove that point quite well, so I’ll move on… You will sleep in this buildin’, six to a room. Your rooms will be gender segregated. If you wish for a place to be… intimate with people of the opposite gender, you may request use of one of the conjugal rooms… I suggest you do the same if you want to be intimate with a same gender partner but thats between you and your roommates! You will eat in this room at 0700hrs, 1200hrs and 1800hrs. Diet’ry requirements will be accommodated but, bare in mind, this ain’t your mummies’ and daddies’ kitchen! ‘This food is forbidden by my religion/personal ethics’ is a diet’ry requirement. ‘I am allergic to this food’ is a diet’ry requirement! ‘I don’t like how this food tastes’ is not(!)… In the mornin’s, you will be receivin’ lessons in lecture theatres, workshops and the like…”
Oh greatjust what I wanted after leaving school(!) More classrooms(!)” I mutter to myself.
Her head instantly wheels to me with unnerving precision.
Someone else with somethintheyd like to say!?” she says, locking eyes with me, terrifyingly.
No, Ms Sands!” I answer, instantly.
Miss?! Im not your bloody schoolteacher girl!!!”
Everyone laughs. Even Pvt Forest, like he wasn’t just humiliated himself, 2 minutes ago!
“Ma’am… err… Maam, no, Maam!!!” I say, doing my best to emulate the tone I’ve seen soldiers use in films.
She rolls her eye (it’s difficult to tell if the bionic rolls too) and says “Better… What’s your name, Private?”
Maam, the Privates name is Esme Reid, Maam!!!”
“Do you remember me tellin’ you this aint Full Metal Jacket?… You don’t need to scream when you talk to me, you dont need to refer to yourself in third person and one ‘Ma’am’, when you’re done speakin’, is enough, Reid!”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
She points to her single, mauve eye, then to me and says “I’ll have my eye on you, Reid!”
Somehow, her tone sends a chill up my spine but I do my best not to show it.
She turns away and I release a silent sigh of relief.
“As I was sayin’… In your lectures you will learn the ins and outs of military theory; tactics, strategies, logistics etc. You will learn as much as we can tell you about the nature of the species we are fightin’; their capabilities, tendencies, political organisations and known weaknesses… bear in mind that First Contact weren’t much more than 4 years ago and we’ve been at War for almost all the intervenin’ time, so a lot of what we teach you will be little more than guesswork and hearsay from prisoners we’ve interrogated… The mornin’s’ll also be where you learn the particulars of the equipment you’ll be expected to be proficient with in the field. This includes firearms, plasmaweaponry and durasteel armour, as well as the tech you’ll likely encounter from the opposite side; kinetic pulse weapons, laser weapons, field emitters etc… I strongly suggest that no one allows word to get back to me that they’re not takin’ these classes seriously!… A stupid soldier is a dead soldier!”
She glares around the room, her eyes resting on me four a quarter of a second.
“…In the afternoons and evenin’s, you’ll be doing PT… that’s ‘Physical Trainin’’… soon to be every one of your two least favourite words in the English Language(!) “
I notice a wry smirk twist the mouths of a few of the camp attendants.
“In PT you will be drilled in agility, endurance, close quarters combat and coordinated marching… Five times over the comin’ 8 months, you and your trainin’ partner will be dropped into a remote bit of wilderness, somewhere on Earth, for five day practical survival experience. You will be given a beacon, to summon retrieval, but these are only to be used in cases of actual threat to life or bodily integrity… not because you’re feelin’ miserable!”
She takes a second to pause for breath.
“You get an allowance of 12 days off, over your time here… that’s two a month… These are subject to my approval and I may deny them for any reason, including no reason… so dont piss me off!… You may not take more than 2 consecutive days leave at a time! Certain classes are mandatory and leave will not be approved on days they occur. If your allowance is spent, no more leave will be approved, barring a real emergency!… Now, for today, you are going to line up to have your maps and room keys downloaded onto your holos when your name is called, then you are going to have your bodies scanned for your armour measurements… at that point everyone with no uterus has the rest of the day free to settle in… If you have a uterus, you’ll need to report to medical to get your cycle paused! This is, I’m afraid, nonoptional… You are not prohibited from engaging in relations with your fellow recruits but you cannot be a soldier while you’re able to get pregnant. Attempts to circumvent this requirement in any way will land you in the Stockade!… After your cycle pause has been given, you’ll also have the rest of the day to settle in… Enjoy it! It’ll be the most downtime you get for a while!… Finally… I believe we have a 17 year old with us here… Pvt Taylor?”
A few people put their hands up, most looking confused.
“Pvt Oskar Taylor! The 17 year old?” she says, exasperated.
All but one of those with their hands up put them down.
The one remaining Pvt Taylor with his hand in the air has pale skin, black hair, brown eyes and a sharp featured face wearing a dour expression.
He stands even taller than Forest… Nearly 2m tall!
Though he’s not quite as heavily built, he’s certainly a good looking piece of boycandy!
“Pvt Taylor…” says Sands, her mouth breaking into a smile for the first time I’ve seen “…couldn’t wait to go off to War, could you(?)”
He mutters something but, while I can hear the power and deepness of his voice, I can’t make out a word he says.
“You’ll have to speak up, Taylor! Nobody’ll be able to hear you if you mumble.” points out Sands.
“I said I had some personal circumstances that made this the most sensible course of action for me, Ma’am.” says the tall, dark haired man, looking over her head rather than down at her and speaking in a grim monotone. He definitely loses boycandy points for the poshness of his accent, unfortunately…
“I see… I won’t pry into that but… you didn’t think of Officer Training? Thats the route that most people take when volunteering ahead of their conscription.”
He shakes his head “I thought of it and decided against it, Ma’am.”
“Oh? Why’s that, Pvt Taylor?”
“I didn’t believe I would make a good officer, Ma’am.” he answers simply.
She laughs “I wish every soldier could be as introspective, Taylor! I like you!… Unfortunately, bein’ a minor does mean that you can’t be put in a room with others… Sooo, that means you get a room to yourself… for the moment. Might sound cushy but before anyone else gets too jealous, bare in mind that privacy is the only advantage! His room will be a sixth the size of yours so its basic’ly a broomcupboard… the disadvantage will be severely reduced opportunity to socialise!… If that doesn’t sound doable, you can leave and come back when you turn 18, Taylor.”
“It’s acceptable, Ma’am.” he says without hesitating.
Yeah… it’s official… I dont like him…
I rub the spot on my arm where the serum was thunked into me about 15 minutes ago.
Like with everything else about conscription, I get it… I understand the point
But seeing the sense doesn’t mean I have to like it!
It’s not like I want to get pregnant (getting a nine month reprieve from service would be a fairly shitty reason for me to bring a child into the world) but it does feel like one last slap in the face to my personal autonomy that I’ve just had a cycle pause fucking mandated upon my body by the government!
As I draw near, door 1512 detects the key downloaded on my holo and unlocks
I open it and am greeted by a blonde girl, smiling broadly and instantly identifiable as brimming with ADHD energy.
Hey there! My name’s Charlotte, it’s lovely to meet you!” says the girl, wrapping me in a hug without asking if I’m OK with that.
Her accent makes me wonder if everyone I meet here is going to be a posh toff!
She makes three of three of my fellow draftees!
“A pleasure, Charlotte… the name’s Esme…” I say, speaking Scottish accented standard English and gingerly patting her back.
“Oh, you’re Scottish…?” she says pulling herself off me with an expression that suggests meeting a Scottish person is just the most wonderful thing she could have imagined “…My great grandmother was from Edinburgh, where are you from?”
“Stranraer.” I answer.
She frowns “I don’t know it, I’m sorry!”
“I won’t hold it against you… Southwestern tip of Scotland? Where it nearly touches Ireland and the Man Peninsula?… ’Bout two and a half million people?”
“Oh, wooow! I don’t think I’ve ever met someone from a village before!” she says, seeming entirely oblivious to how that might be taken as an insult.
“Yeah… I guess it’s not that big.”
“Well…” she wraps me back in the hug and continues “…we’re the first ones to the room and that has to mean we’re going to be best friends!”
“I’m afraid my best friend’s name is Tamsin… the position is not open.” I say, firmly setting a boundary.
“I meant best bootcamp friends, silly!” she says, as if that should have gone without saying.
“Alright… I guess that positions open… but you’ve not got the job yet(!)” I quip, warming up a little to the ball of posh English energy.
She pulls back and beams at me “Alright then, for my first act as best bootcamp friend candidate, let me show you the view!… That should earn me some points!”
She says, leading me into the room that’s so small it makes me doubt that that goody-two-shoes 17 year old can possibly have one a sixth this size!
She leads me to the window and spends a few moments making sure I’m positioned just right before she draws back the curtain.
The view is quite breathtaking… rolling hills of snow blanketed mammoth steppe, lit by evening sun, with barely any of the sprawling military camp visible.
Though, you can see one of the tallest structures ever built by Humanity… the Sussex Space elevator… several times the Earth’s own diameter, the ‘top’, if you can even call it that, is a fifth of the way from here to Luna! …And… in 8 months, I’m going to be riding it, all the way up, to get on a troop transport.
“Look! See! There’s a herd of aurochs over on that hill! You know this place used to be a national park, before even Unification or the Reset! It’s called the South Downs! My mum told me we had family from here… obviously I never met any of them because they would have left hundreds of years ago!…”
The bubbly girl talks and talks and… just keeps talking… but I don’t particularly mind.
Support me on Patreon for to access the entire series, now.
TWBS Previous Next First
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2023.06.04 15:09 goal123mobi Goal123 – Cách Tham Gia Chơi Thể Thao Goal123 Siêu Đơn Giản

Thực tế, để có thể tham gia và thử sức những thể loại cá cược thể thao tại đây. Các bạn chỉ cần làm theo những bước cơ bản mà bài viết của https://goal123.mobi/ chia sẻ sau đây.

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Name: GOAL123
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Website: https://goal123.mobi/
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2023.06.04 14:55 Sciencessence Strawberry Lotus (1THC:1CBD) by Resinate Review

Strawberry Lotus (1THC:1CBD) by Resinate Review
8th of strawberry lotus 1:1
Bag Appeal: Medium size frostyish nugs. A little bit of age too them. The picture I took is terrible, it looks a lot better in person. Sorry not a photographer and I got shit to do today lol.
Smell: Sweet in a vanilla way, herbal, hints of berry(but it takes some discovery to get them). Pleasant.
Smell intensity: 5/10 not the loudest in the bunch
Flavor: In my dynavap here are the notes I got per hit. 1. Creamy sweet. 2. Unmistakable strawberry and cream. 3. burnt chocolate + pine (I went a little past full extraction). Fresh pack. 1. Sweet strawberry. 2. strawberry milk shake. Finally a strain that tastes like it should. Seriously enjoyable and I find myself packing bowls for the flavor only to find I am maybe more stoned then I wanted to be :P. Beautiful when vaped.
Texture: No boveda in the jar, but still flexible stems. Somewhat sticky for being dry. Not crumbly at all, good nug integrity. Good bud structure, not too dense, definitely not fluffy.
Effects: I vape a lot of CBD + THC. I am not sure if this really is a 1:1, but its probably close. Little bit of stress as the effects came on, but once everything settled in it was very manageable. Surprisingly a heavy hitter for <15% THC. Pretty relaxing, a little on the sleepy side after the peak. Mind calmly wandering without a doubt. Good for evening PTSD struggles and some pain relief(probably not if you need high THC for your pain for me CBD + THC is the ticket).
Package Date: 1/23/23, yes this is on the old side. You can tell by the coloration in the photo. But, despite that, it's enjoyable. Slightly old nug is nice for me, as it usually has some CBN which helps me out a lot. This wasn't sold to me as slight of hand, I seek out older nugs, and the bud is just fine for its age, its been stored properly.
Price Point: 40 an 8th.
Would I buy it again?
Yes. But, I would love to purchase it in bulk at a lower price per 8th (160-180/zip would be excellent). It tastes really great, the effects are nice, and 1:1s or even 2:1's are exceedingly rare in the MA market. It's a rare treat, and I had to pounce on it because it had some age too it (again CBN seeking). If I were on a budget I would avoid this and buy an ounce of CBD hemp for cheap and a cheap ounce of something else to mix with, but I had to splurge on the 1:1 and was not let down.
I don't work in the industry. If resinate is a brand that infuriates you to the point of racist tirades smoke a bowl and find another place to post. All I know is what I got and I like it a lot.
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2023.06.04 14:51 appalachiangaymer 45 USA, East TN Chubby Hairy Bear

45 USA, East TN Chubby Hairy Bear
My stats: 45yo 5’9” tall, 355 lbs. 5” cut average and bottom.
What I’m looking for…
Physically… Im seeking a cis guy who is hairy, younger (25+ yo) with a thin/fit/average/husky build.
Sexually… I seek a top who can balance primal and sensual sex. I love to please and my kinks are vanilla simple — hairy pits and a nice bush.
Personality… I like a friendly, nerdy, intellectual, dorky, masculine presenting guy.
Politics… I prefer someone who, like me, leans politically left of center, otherwise we likely won’t get along. My parents were political opposites and I refuse to put myself in that situation.
Kids… Someone who is okay with or doesn’t want to have children.
Money… You don’t have to be rich but have a job and good work ethic and have your own money. You’re going to be best compatible with me if you are okay with not using credit cards/loans (I’m trying to be debt-free and pay off house asap)
Emotional health… We all have baggage — I do and there’s not anyone who doesn’t so it’s unrealistic to think so. I have a therapist that I see to help me manage life and emotions, which are complex. You get kudos for having a therapist. Poor mental and emotional health helped derail my last relationship, so it’s important to me that you are emotionally and mentally keeping yourself healthy.
Habits… Be a non-smoker who is okay with little to no alcohol consumption. I prefer someone who is good at keeping things clean, because I’m challenged at organizing and cleaning. Be my Yang to my ying here.
Religion… I support any religious or spiritual beliefs, including non-belief. I am a secular theist, who can’t stand Christian fascism or the idea of theocratic law. Just be respectful and mindful of how others believe. Don’t be an A-hole telling others what they think is wrong.
What I want… Someone who can balance staying in with going out who isn’t into the night club scene but more into social gatherings such as game nights, dinnefood parties, fire pit get togethers, a night out for trivia or bingo, going to listen to live music, staying in or going out to movies, is okay with giving and receiving affection, enjoys food, coffee, dogs (I have two), someone who can tolerate my hobbies of house plants and fish aquariums, someone who enjoys video gaming (switch and PC) and someone who doesn’t mind day trips to random new restaurants/cafes/coffee shops/bakeries. Also, it helps if you can cook and can help counterbalance my messy tendencies. It’d be nice to find someone who likes camping, hiking and will workout with me. Preferably someone who is within 6 hours of zip code 37620.
About me… If you made it this far, congratulations. I’m a nerdy dorky, goofy kind of person. I’m sci-bi and love Star Trek (Voyager, TNG, Discovery, Picard, and SNW) and Star Wars. I have two dogs, live in a single level 3 bed / 1.75 bath house in a nicely established older quiet middle-class neighborhood. I hate landscape maintenance, so if you love it, you’ll love this place. I attempt to keep house plants alive. I am newly getting into keeping freshwater fish. Socially I’m outgoing most of the time. I don’t smoke, I don’t use recreational drugs, and I drink socially on less frequent occasions.
If I’m forgetting anything, just ask.
I’m on Snap & TikTok. DMs are welcome.
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2023.06.04 14:48 t00muchinsanity Free digital code PURGE

Just bought a couple of digital codes not realizing I already had the first purge movie. If anyone wants it for MA (movies anywhere) hit me up. For free Ofcourse.
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2023.06.04 14:32 piepurefeatherran Vans Zip Up Hoodie Promo & Discount Codes

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2023.06.04 14:31 btomasie Outdoor Lightstrips on clearance at B.B. - something new coming?

Hey all, I notice the 2M and 5M show as clearance on Best Buy (but unfortunately “sold out”… at least for my zip code area). Anyone know if they are coming out with a next-generation outdoor strip?
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2023.06.04 14:20 Sciencessence Strawberry Lotus(1:1) review

8th of resinates strawberry lotus
Bag Appeal: Medium size frostyish nugs. A little bit of age too them. The picture I took is terrible, it looks a lot better in person. Sorry not a photographer and I got shit to do today lol. Smell: Sweet in a vanilla way, herbal, hints of berry(but it takes some discovery to get them). Pleasant. Smell intensity: 5/10 not the loudest in the bunch Flavor: In my dynavap here are the notes I got per hit. 1. Creamy sweet. 2. Unmistakable strawberry and cream. 3. burnt chocolate + pine (I went a little past full extraction). Fresh pack. 1. Sweet strawberry. 2. strawberry milk shake. Finally a strain that tastes like it should. Seriously enjoyable and I find myself packing bowls for the flavor only to find I am maybe more stoned then I wanted to be :P. Beautiful when vaped. Texture: No boveda in the jar, but still flexible stems. Somewhat sticky for being dry. Not crumbly at all, good nug integrity. Good bud structure, not too dense, definitely not fluffy. Effects: I vape a lot of CBD + THC. I am not sure if this really is a 1:1, but its probably close. Little bit of stress as the effects came on, but once everything settled in it was very manageable. Surprisingly a heavy hitter for <15% THC. Pretty relaxing, a little on the sleepy side after the peak. Mind calmly wandering without a doubt. Good for evening PTSD struggles and some pain relief(probably not if you need high THC for your pain for me CBD + THC is the ticket). Package Date: 1/23/23, yes this is on the old side. You can tell by the coloration in the photo. But, despite that, it's enjoyable. Slightly old nug is nice for me, as it usually has some CBN which helps me out a lot. This wasn't sold to me as slight of hand, I seek out older nugs, and the bud is just fine for its age, its been stored properly. Price Point: 40 an 8th.
Would I buy it again? Yes. But, I would love to purchase it in bulk at a lower price per 8th (160-180/zip would be excellent). It tastes really great, the effects are nice, and 1:1s or even 2:1's are exceedingly rare in the MA market. It's a rare treat, and I had to pounce on it because it had some age too it (again CBN seeking). If I were on a budget I would avoid this and buy an ounce of CBD hemp for cheap and a cheap ounce of something else to mix with, but I had to splurge on the 1:1 and was not let down.
I don't work in the industry. If resinate is a brand that infuriates you to the point of racist tirades smoke a bowl and find another place to post. All I know is what I got and I like it a lot.
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2023.06.04 14:12 nhacaitobet88club Tobet88_Game slot Pragmatic Vnloto

https://tobet88.club/ là cái tên của game bằng tiếng anh này bạn cũng biết tên tiếng Việt của trò chơi này là Đào vàng. Đây là tựa game 3x5 về đào vàng có các tính năng vô cùng đa dạng như : bùng nổ, hàng đống quặng vàng. Bên cạnh đó tựa game này còn được trang bị thêm cả tính năng khoan. Tính năng này được dùng để biến các biểu tượng khoan thành hệ số nhân và có thể lên đến gấp 100 lần mức đặt.

Sảnh game Chicken Chase

Chicken Chase một tựa game mang lại cảm giác thân thuộc với con người miền quê. Bởi tựa game này đã lấy bối cảnh từ làng quê và tôn lên vẻ đẹp của cuộc sống làng quê yên bình, giản dị. Tính năng nổi trội của tựa game này là Spin và Hold, giúp người chơi có thể chọn cuộn mà họ muốn giữ lại hoặc muốn quay. Đây là một tựa game mà rất đáng thử khi đến với game slot Pragmatic Vnloto.
Xem thêm: https://fcb8club.com/

Sảnh game eye of Cleopatra

Đây là một sảnh game lấy bối cảnh từ nước ngoài, đó chính là cảnh từ thời Ai Cập. Tựa game này đáp ứng được các nhu cầu của người chơi với nhiều tính năng mâu ánh sáng thú vị trong game. Trong những vòng quay miễn phí tại trò chơi này, mắt hiện những mẫu ánh sáng ở trên mỗi vòng quay được thực hiện. Hứa hẹn rằng trò chơi này sẽ vô cùng thú vị và hấp dẫn cho người chơi.

Sảnh game Clover Gold

Nếu nói về sảnh game đưa người chơi đến với một vùng đất mới, vùng đất của các nàng tiên kỳ ảo, hấp dẫn để khám phá. Chắc hẳn rằng không thể thiếu sự góp mặt của Clover Gold của tựa game slot Pragmatic Vnloto. Đặc biệt trò chơi này nhận được nhiều sự yêu thích bởi tính năng Money Collect.
Với tính năng nổi trội này có thể giúp người chơi thu thập được những biểu tượng tiền hấp dẫn. Và tất nhiên là nó còn nhận được sự trợ giúp từ 5 biểu tượng thu nhập nữa. Tựa game này với 20 đường trả thưởng khác nhau, đồng thời là có những vòng quay may mắn, miễn phí. Từ đó người chơi sẽ được trao nhiều vòng quay hơn và số nhân thường sẽ lớn hơn cho mỗi lần của 4 biểu tượng collect thu nhập.
Xem thêm: https://qh88u.com/

Sảnh game North Guardian

Nhà phát hành game đã cung cấp cho các cược thủ tựa game với bối cảnh tại một vùng đất vô cùng lạnh lẽo của người Viking. Một bố cục được thiết kế thông minh và hoàn hảo 5x5 cùng với hơn 50 đường trả thưởng. Người chơi sẽ tái hợp hai nửa hình chữ nhật bất kỳ được đánh dấu sẽ được trao vòng quay. Nếu vòng quay được dừng lại trên 1 mẫu, thì nó sẽ được sao chép hoàn hảo trên các cuộn.

Kết luận

Như vậy thông qua bài viết trên chúng tôi đã cung cấp phần lớn thông tin về tựa game slot Pragmatic Vnloto. Có thể thấy được ngoài sự uy tín thì nhà cái Vnloto cùng nhà phát hành game cũng cung cấp nhiều loại sản phẩm hấp dẫn và thú vị. Vì vậy anh em còn chần chờ gì nữa mà không đến tham gia chơi tựa game này ngay nào.
Nguồn bài viết: https://tobet88.club/game-slot-pragmatic-vnloto/
Tobet88 club tự hào là cổng game đổi thưởng quy tụ nhiều game các thể loại từ tài xỉu, nổ hũ, xóc đĩa, game bài, xổ số cho tới game thể thao, bóng đá.
#tobet88 #tobet88club #nhacaitobet88
Name: TOBET88
Địa chỉ: 170 Trần Duy Hưng, P. Trung Hòa, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội
Phone: 0329 999 779
Email: [email protected]
Zip code: 100000
Website: https://tobet88.club/
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2023.06.04 13:27 egb99k EGB99 – Hướng dẫn chơi game tài xỉu EGB99 dễ thắng nhất 2023

https://egb99k.com/ dự đoán đúng kết quả tài xỉu không phải điều dễ dàng với những người mới tham gia trò chơi này. Vì vậy, nếu muốn chiến thắng những cược thủ mới nhập môn không chỉ cần nắm chắc những quy tắc, luật chơi mà còn phải học hỏi, tìm hiểu những kỹ năng, kinh nghiệm để có thể nâng cao tỷ lệ trúng giải. Anh em có thể tham khảo những kinh nghiệm được các chuyên gia tổng hợp dưới đây nhé.

Chơi game tài xỉu EGB99 chỉ nên cược Tài hoặc cược Xỉu

Chiến thuật này được đa số các dân chơi game tài xỉu EGB99 sử dụng bởi nó như trò đỏ đen với tỷ lệ thắng 50/50. Tuy nhiên, khi chọn đặt cược, anh em cũng nên quan sát và tính toán cẩn thận để có thể mang lại xác suất cược trúng giải cao hơn nhé. Không nên cược theo quán tính sẽ có thể khiến anh em mất trắng số tiền vốn cược nhé.
Xem thêm: https://h3bets.com/

Ứng dụng soi cầu Tài Xỉu đảo hoặc bệt

Để có thể ra quyết định chính xác nhất thì anh em cần biết về các phương pháp soi cầu hiệu quả. Có nhiều cách soi cầu Tài Xỉu nhưng phổ biến và mang lại hiệu quả cao nhất là soi cầu Bệt hoặc Đảo
Xem thêm: https://vnloto.mobi/

Chọn nhà cái uy tín

Game tài xỉu EGB99 là trò chơi khá đơn giản, dễ dàng tìm thấy tại bất kỳ nhà cái nào hiện nay trên thị trường. Tuy nhiên không phải nhà cái nào cũng đảm bảo uy tín và an toàn bảo mật cho người chơi. Có nhiều nhà cái lợi dụng sự cả tin, thiếu hiểu biết của người chơi để thực hiện những hành vi gian dối, lừa đảo, ăn chặn tiền cược của người chơi.
Bởi vậy, anh em nên tìm kiếm cho mình một nhà cái uy tín, chất lượng để tham gia giải trí. Hoặc anh em cũng có thể tham khảo chơi tài xỉu tại nhà cái EGB99 đang được nhiều anh em tin tưởng bởi uy tín cũng như chất lượng phục vụ tuyệt vời.

Không nên đặt quá nhiều tiền vào một cửa cược

Đây là một trong những kinh nghiệm được nhiều lô thủ rút ra sau nhiều lần ván cược tài xỉu. Sự cạnh tranh mạnh mẽ của các nhà cái cá cược trực tuyến đem đến cho người chơi ngày càng nhiều những lợi ích cũng như lựa chọn cá cược phong phú hơn. Bởi vậy, anh em có nhiều lựa chọn nên hãy tính toán kỹ lưỡng, đặt cược vào cửa cược đem lại tỷ lệ thắng giải hấp dẫn cho bản thân.

Kết luận

Bài viết trên đây là những thông tin chi tiết về game tài xỉu EGB99 và những kinh nghiệm được chia sẻ giúp anh em có thể tích lũy và sử dụng cho những lần chơi tài xỉu tiếp theo của mình được thành công hơn. Chúc anh em may mắn thắng cược và rinh về những phần thưởng hấp dẫn từ nhà cái.
Nguồn bài viết: https://egb99k.com/game-tai-xiu-egb99/
EGB99 là nhà cái đến từ Châu Âu. Nhà cái EGB99 mang đến cho khách hàng tỉ lệ cá cược cực kỳ cao và ngon nhất trên thị trường ✔️ Đăng ký tại đây để nhận những mòn quá hấp dẫn và miễn phí nhé. #egb99 #egb99k #nhacaieg999 Name: EGB99 Địa chỉ: 29 Hai Bà Trưng, Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội Phone: 0329 899 779 Email: [email protected] Zip code: 100000 Website: https://egb99k.com/
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2023.06.04 12:49 Annocoxus Pixelflasher

So, a few days ago, i made a post regarding the necessity of rooting my phone to use nethunter. Problem is that i am on a pixel7pro on android 13, rooting it was no problem, however flashing the zip of kali proved more difficult since twrp is not available for android 13. While wandering on xda, i stumbled on PixelFlasher, an utility that would allow me to flash a zip. But, even tho there is a github and it is open source i scanned it, for good measure, it came positive for 28% generic malware code and a bit of LaZagne, flagged by google and another security compagny. So tl:dr is pixelflasher safe to use ? Thanks
submitted by Annocoxus to Kalilinux [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 12:42 mmw2848 Creating an unemployment account/keystone ID issues

Hi everyone,
I posted this on the unemployment sub, but figured I might also get traction here.
My boyfriend was just laid off from his job. We're trying to figure out the unemployment process ASAP, as I know it can take a while. When we try to log in using his Keystone ID on the UC website, it says the information is incorrect. When we try to recover his info, it doesn't match his SSN to his email address, so he can't recover.
When he tries to create a new account, it says his SSN already exists in the system. He has used Compass/had Medicare benefits before, but he's never applied for unemployment.
I found the PDF for resolving incorrect keystone ID login info, but it seems to be outdated - it references filling out your zip code to recover your account, not your email.
Any advice for getting this fixed? Is he going to have to try and get someone on the phone? I have anecdotally heard that's a nightmare.
submitted by mmw2848 to Pennsylvania [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 12:42 piepurefeatherran Vans Zip Up Hoodie Coupon Code

Check this out for Vans Zip Up Hoodie Coupon Code. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.06.04 12:28 JonDurbin airoboros gpt-4 instructed + context-obedient question answering

Hello fellow Llama jockeys,
Thanks for taking a look at the last airoboros model and providing feedback!
Lessons learned: * the original prompts were just too simple, so the model excelled at those things but kind of fell apart in some other areas * the evaluation set, while useful, was also not particularly challenging, and having gpt-4 judge is not ideal anyways * gpt-3.5-turbo's outputs are sometimes pretty awful, so the training data, while useful, contained some bad data
Here's a new one to try, trained on a much smaller dataset (<10k) generated by GPT-4.
And this time, instead of being just another model, I wanted it to have a raison d'etre: context-obedient question answering. (details below)
I'm working on updating the airoboros tool to incorporate these more advanced prompt generators, but it's a bit of an overhaul so bear with me; right now they're just sitting in hacky notebooks.
I might build versions on top of openllama and/or redpajama once they have the 1T+ models available, a version with landmark attention for (infinite?) context length, and possibly a 33b or falcon 40b, but $$$...


This is a fine-tuned 13b parameter LlaMa model, using completely synthetic training data created gpt4 via https://github.com/jondurbin/airoboros
The context size has been increased to 4096.
The dataset used to fine-tune this model is available here, with a specific focus on: - trivia - math/reasoning (although it still sucks) - coding (better, still lacking but for 13b it's decent) - multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank - context-obedient question answering - theory of mind - misc/general
This model was fine-tuned with a fork of FastChat, and therefore uses the standard vicuna template:
USER: [prompt] <\s> ASSISTANT: 
The easiest way to use the full tf32 model would be to use my fork of FastChat, which is mostly the same but allows for the increased context length and adds support for multi-line inputs: pip install git+https://github.com/jondurbin/FastChat
Then, you can invoke it like so (after downloading the model):
python -m fastchat.serve.cli \ --model-path airoboros-13b-gpt4 \ --temperature 0.5 \ --max-new-tokens 4096 \ --context-length 4096 \ --conv-template vicuna_v1.1 \ --no-history 
The --no-history is important for instruction questions that have long inputs or outputs, so as to not causing truncation of the input ids
Thanks to TheBloke for GGML and GPTQ conversions linked above as well!

Context obedient question answering

By obedient, I mean the model was trained to ignore what it thinks it knows, and uses the context to answer the question. The model was also tuned to limit the values to the provided context as much as possible to reduce hallucinations.
Will it still hallucinate? Probably, but I at least tried to bludgeon most of that behavior out of it.
It's also tuned to provide references when asked.
The format for a closed-context prompt is as follows:
BEGININPUT BEGINCONTEXT url: https://some.web.site/123 date: 2023-06-01 ... other metdata ... ENDCONTEXT [insert your text blocks here] ENDINPUT [add as many other blocks, in the exact same format] BEGININSTRUCTION [insert your instruction(s). The model was tuned with single questions, paragraph format, lists, etc.] ENDINSTRUCTION 
Here's a trivial, but important example to prove the point:
BEGININPUT BEGINCONTEXT date: 2021-01-01 url: https://web.site/123 ENDCONTEXT In a shocking turn of events, blueberries are now green, but will be sticking with the same name. ENDINPUT BEGININSTRUCTION What color are bluberries? Source? ENDINSTRUCTION 
And the response:
Blueberries are now green. Source: date: 2021-01-01 url: https://web.site/123 
More examples, such as extracting data from a rewritten/fake Michigan wikipedia article, as well as an example extracting and combining information from multiple input blocks in model card.
Fine-tuned in ~4 hours on 8x 80GB A100's (3 epochs, 1e-5 learning rate, flash attn).
Note: An early version of the dataset was also included in https://huggingface.co/NousResearch/Nous-Hermes-13b which has a much, much larger training dataset overall, but it has a 2048 context length, and the dataset has since been updated to include substantially better (and more) contextual prompts.
submitted by JonDurbin to LocalLLaMA [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 10:42 k0rvbert Can I prevent my units from aborting orders?

There's a few VP features relating to unit orders, one of them being "fog slam prevention". For instance, you tell a pathfinder to move 2 tiles onto a ruin, but they see a barb after the first step. In VP the scout then stops half-way, aborting the order. So this is great for not losing scouts but it's absolutely testing when it comes to moving 10 frigates or a max-level explorer across the map. To compensate, I've started repeatedly right-clicking any movement into fow, completely defeating the purpose of this feature.
And another being: if a barb or enemy pops up near an active worker, the worker aborts their task. I'll reassign it, and it'll abort again the next turn. Again, I see the point, but it's not worth it. This one I like even less because it makes my map zip around when I'm trying to end turn. I'd rather just lose the worker.
Any ideas as to where these things are implemented, if it's configurable, ideas of keywords to search for in the code?
submitted by k0rvbert to civvoxpopuli [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 10:04 gm310509 Monthly digest for 2023-05

arduino Monthly digest for 2023-05

Wiki updates

During the course of this month we received our first wiki contribution from one of our members.
u/Bitwise_Gamgee has contribute a guide that explains the difference between delay() and millis() and some use cases for both.
Have a look at our latest wiki guide A better delay using millis supplied by u/Bitwise_Gamgee.
After checking out that page, you might want to browse some of our other wiki resources including:

Other resources

If you are new, or want to provide guidance to new users who are unaware of how to properly create "please help me" style posts, you might want to refer them to any (or all) of these "how to post" guides.
You can always access the Wiki (and these digests) by selecting the Wiki or Monthly Digest menu items situated at the top of the Arduino feed.
Don't forget to check out our wiki for up to date guides, FAQ, milestones, glossary and more.
You can find our wiki at the top of the Arduino posts feed and in our "tools/reference" sidebar panel. The sidebar also has a selection of links to additional useful information and tools.

Moderator's Choices

Title Author Score Comments
A nuclear power plant with some issues u/netzmensch 1,045 71
Testing Speech Recognition(Voice User I... u/0015dev 578 54
PSA: You're probably using delay() when... u/Bitwise_Gamgee 324 51
Robotic arm control with muscle command... u/the_3d6 166 14
Coffee fountain u/fire-marshmallow 130 21
Made a Newton's cradle that never stops u/XienixPS 13 3
What have you accomplished with your ar... u/simonniz 3 20

Top Posts

Title Author Score Comments
A nuclear power plant with some issues u/netzmensch 1,045 71
Finally AMOLED display on the developme... u/Volos2016 783 77
Update u/51herringsinabar 730 55
386V Multistage CoilGun u/Cali_or-Bust 685 69
I made a mouse from toy gun u/cevatssr 674 53
Testing Speech Recognition(Voice User I... u/0015dev 578 54
This is T-display S3, ESP32 board porgr... u/Volos2016 544 17
There comes a time in every person's li... u/Working_Celery_8958 541 69
I made an Arduino-Based Breath-Controll... u/Polypeptide 526 45
Esp32-iLi9341 Vader's Tie Hud u/Kick-bak-AU 507 18

Look what I made posts

Title Author Score Comments
I made a mouse from toy gun u/cevatssr 674 53
I made a RC Truck LED Police Light Flas... u/HAZI_TECH 473 45
Arduino spy tech - overhead satellite d... u/okuboheavyindustries 467 24
I hit a milestone on my arduino journey... u/Soggy_Stargazer 396 30
A little DIY universal remote control I... u/cello-mike 389 20
I saw some Mohit Bhoite inspired sculpt... u/Hookiebookie_ 386 50
3D printed Hexagon Heat from Mario Part... u/adamblake89 386 17
Getting friendly with FastLED. u/SkyFoxIV 365 20
I made an Arduino gameboy u/fueled_by_noodles 348 23
Robot lander circuit sculpture u/okuboheavyindustries 340 32
Phone controlled door lock u/koiyaboi 253 64
My first project! u/Aardkak2 238 24
Just a simple little barometer u/Akul_24 171 16
The next birthday present: A fully auto... u/netzmensch 162 15
Prosthetic arm that works on any muscle... u/jerzku 156 9
I couldn't find a wifi thermometer with... u/keatonatron 154 20
Advanced Line Follower Version 2.0! u/Sagnicbasu 141 7
Current Todos: fix the eye, give him a ... u/Renegade_Designer 127 9
Robotic arm without 3d printer u/Flashy-Specialist-69 112 12
Fun arm project u/froggyCaller 96 13
Developed a Bluetooth Robot Car that ca... u/parikshitpagare 88 22
Arduino to control the dinosaur game u/klim_ma 86 12
LED Animated Keychain ATtiny85 u/HAZI_TECH 83 13
my first star wars droid! u/fire-marshmallow 81 7
Checking which satellites are above the... u/okuboheavyindustries 74 7
First Arduino project -- SOS u/tobiasosor 64 14
My First kinematics and robotics projec... u/Jaseemakhtar 52 9
Today i had the prestation of my agroro... u/Cool-Foundation 49 13
Long range arduino drone plane: comms s... u/DadGaveMeStepSis4Xms 47 19
Finally finished my IOT mood light proj... u/mylvasur000 36 13
Update on the Arduino Gameboy I made fr... u/fueled_by_noodles 26 4
I made a Modern LED Matrix Motorcycle /... u/HAZI_TECH 23 14
My newest handwired macropad is actuall... u/Joe_Scotto 17 7
Built a complete Smart Home Automation ... u/parikshitpagare 16 2
I Made an App for My bluetooth controll... u/potatoGOD_14 13 3
Anemometer wind speed sensor I made for... u/toicsics 11 8
Simple LCD I2C game u/Smart_Panda_430 11 1
Arduino-based robot that precisely thro... u/Ski3989 11 15
Robot Hand Controlled Via Serial u/Delicious-Power7793 8 0
Approved undergraduate research project... u/shakemytable 7 0
Using an EMG sensor for gaming u/iketsj 7 3
Enjoying my FM radio🥺 u/electric_potato_v1 7 1
CO2 air quality measurer (MH Z19C, wemo... u/T0biasCZE 7 0
Spek Calendar u/AlfaFoxtrot0 7 1
Beating Pokemon with an Arduino! u/LjubomirMicic 6 0
TiMiNoo prototype board 01 u/tme520 6 2
I made a MIDI omnichord guitar with an ... u/cryopotat0 5 4
Car game I made with gpt u/CreativeAd5757 5 1
LCD display incorporated into led grow ... u/hhcib_channel 5 2
My first Arduino project - Radio Alarm ... u/Key-Candy-1644 4 1
Making my own robot companion! Part one... u/jjxie1234 4 0
Stereo Digital FM Transmitter Circuit (... u/MyVanitar 3 2
Feedback much appreciated for my IoT sm... u/Westend1991 2 2
Arduino Spectrophotometer project u/UnheardHealer85 2 5
Check out this cool Adafruit 64x64 RGB ... u/Morten_Nibe 2 1
Finished grow light prototype u/hhcib_channel 2 1
Chat with ChatGPT through Arduino IoT C... u/beta_max_76 1 1
Motion activated Mjolnir from God of Wa... u/TJL6012 1 0
210x WS2812b LEDs arranged as the lette... u/SparkesCreative 1 5
DIY Electric Wheelbarrow (WORLDS BIGGES... u/FitzDude 0 5
Buy me a coffee fountain u/fire-marshmallow 0 12
I made an unusual beer cup holder u/Thefedmogchallenge 0 0
Random amen breaks generator (Code avai... u/Audiowanderer 0 0
Europe Truck simulator Brake Light Cont... u/Prabeen1 0 0
I made a video about a universal remote... u/aranjello 0 2
Total: 65 posts

Summary of Post types:

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Algorithms 2
Beginner's Project 36
ChatGPT 7
Fourth is strong in this one 1
Games 1
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Hardware Help I2S 1
Hardware Help Soldering 1
Hardware Help! 3
Hardware Help, maybe Software Help 1
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Look what I found! 4
Look what I made! 65
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2023.06.04 09:53 TrillingRaven Find help.org

Type your Zip code for services in the area
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