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A place to make memes about ships. Ships with guns. Gun ships. We don't talk about missles....

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2023.05.31 17:24 euluve Hungary pulled an uno reverse

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2023.05.31 11:37 CryBabyDoesntCare (M4A) Avatar! The Blue One!

Hi there! I'm currently looking for someone to write with for my Na'vi OC. This will be an M x M romance. There won't just be smut, there will be fluff as well. Angst, drama, violence, action and other themes are welcome too! We can either go along side the first/second film or make our own story up after either film. Or, if you have any ideas, feel free to share ☺️ I'm happy to ship him oc x oc but if you think you could write for Jake Sully or Miles Quaritch then that would be amazing!
But, how do you know if we'll write well together? Heres a little about me for you to see! I'm Z. I'm 25 there for I will not write with anyone under the age of 18, due to it feeling weird espicially with some of the themes that can be added to the rp. I use He/Him/Them/They pronouns. I write between 2-6 chunky paragraphs at a time, often going over Discords word limit. I love to chat ooc and bring art, playlists and memes to the server. I aim to do at least one or two replies a day when working but more when work is slow (which it is now so, lots of replies!)
So, if you think we can write together, please don't be afraid to message me! Thank you for reading ☺️
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2023.05.31 11:36 CryBabyDoesntCare (M4A) Avatar! The Blue One!

Hi there! I'm currently looking for someone to write with for my Na'vi OC. This will be an M x M romance. There won't just be smut, there will be fluff as well. Angst, drama, violence, action and other themes are welcome too! We can either go along side the first/second film or make our own story up after either film. Or, if you have any ideas, feel free to share ☺️ I'm happy to ship him oc x oc but if you think you could write for Jake Sully or Miles Quaritch then that would be amazing!
But, how do you know if we'll write well together? Heres a little about me for you to see! I'm Z. I'm 25 there for I will not write with anyone under the age of 18, due to it feeling weird espicially with some of the themes that can be added to the rp. I use He/Him/Them/They pronouns. I write between 2-6 chunky paragraphs at a time, often going over Discords word limit. I love to chat ooc and bring art, playlists and memes to the server. I aim to do at least one or two replies a day when working but more when work is slow (which it is now so, lots of replies!)
So, if you think we can write together, please don't be afraid to message me! Thank you for reading ☺️
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2023.05.31 11:35 CryBabyDoesntCare (M4A) Avatar! The Blue One!

Hi there! I'm currently looking for someone to write with for my Na'vi OC. This will be an M x M romance. There won't just be smut, there will be fluff as well. Angst, drama, violence, action and other themes are welcome too! We can either go along side the first/second film or make our own story up after either film. Or, if you have any ideas, feel free to share ☺️ I'm happy to ship him oc x oc but if you think you could write for Jake Sully or Miles Quaritch then that would be amazing!
But, how do you know if we'll write well together? Heres a little about me for you to see! I'm Z. I'm 25 there for I will not write with anyone under the age of 18, due to it feeling weird espicially with some of the themes that can be added to the rp. I use He/Him/Them/They pronouns. I write between 2-6 chunky paragraphs at a time, often going over Discords word limit. I love to chat ooc and bring art, playlists and memes to the server. I aim to do at least one or two replies a day when working but more when work is slow (which it is now so, lots of replies!)
So, if you think we can write together, please don't be afraid to message me! Thank you for reading ☺️
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2023.05.31 11:34 CryBabyDoesntCare (M4A) Avatar! The Blue One!

Hi there! I'm currently looking for someone to write with for my Na'vi OC. This will be an M x M romance. There won't just be smut, there will be fluff as well. Angst, drama, violence, action and other themes are welcome too! We can either go along side the first/second film or make our own story up after either film. Or, if you have any ideas, feel free to share ☺️ I'm happy to ship him oc x oc but if you think you could write for Jake Sully or Miles Quaritch then that would be amazing!
But, how do you know if we'll write well together? Heres a little about me for you to see! I'm Z. I'm 25 there for I will not write with anyone under the age of 18, due to it feeling weird espicially with some of the themes that can be added to the rp. I use He/Him/Them/They pronouns. I write between 2-6 chunky paragraphs at a time, often going over Discords word limit. I love to chat ooc and bring art, playlists and memes to the server. I aim to do at least one or two replies a day when working but more when work is slow (which it is now so, lots of replies!)
So, if you think we can write together, please don't be afraid to message me! Thank you for reading ☺️
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2023.05.31 01:04 Neverous2 I lied about my dad raping my mom to redditors.

I got bored and started arguing with people to trigger them, then in the middle of the discussion I just wanted to prove that those very special political kids could be very easily manipulated if they believe in any sad story that they read from a total anonymous stranger. Anyway, I used a guys meme model and I started creating various fake sad stories which if you spent 2 min looking at my post history, you would understand. They believed, and more, they started using the meme model for themselves, and I realized the trigger goldmine, started saying a lot of shit like "you cant use this meme model i created it", etc. They got way more triggered and now are creating posts like this to fuck with me. They still believe on all that shit that I said. I'm the creator of the "First they came for cummy" copypasta, I was considered the top copypasta critic in april 2020, I'm the marine in the Navy Seal copypasta, you really would take my word? I'm just fucking around I don't care at all.
Anyway this is it, they are trying to persecute me and still think that I care, while I'm trying to feed them with more material. The best political minds of reddit are very easily manipulated, that's the whole point, they are a bunch of kids who think they are superior to people, but thats my take.
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2023.05.30 15:57 Rkoturdo_Ndo So apparently 6 year olds can rule over nations if you have enough faith.....

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2023.05.29 11:29 Geldar256 OSP wins almost every match and it kind of ruins the game

Yes yes I know, another post about how OSP is supposedly OP. It's been discussed at length in many forums. But seriously... I've been tracking my last 10 games as O(S)P and won 8/10 matches in standard 3k points 4v4. Then i went to play ANS and we won an amazing 3/10 matches. This is by no means a comprehensive study but rather a quick sample over like 4 days of playing. The average levels on both teams were around low silver ranks throughout all games which seems what most players are comfortably sitting at, so these games were by no means influenced by some high ranks stacking OSP or carrying ANS in the couple wins.
Be aware, wall of text incoming.
So I went digging in the forums and found some distinct viewpoints and arguments which are worth highlighting:
  1. OSP is new and ANS hasn't figured out how to counter it yet.
  2. ANS is rarely utilizing their missile advantage in hybrids
  3. Beams
  4. ANS has the ewar and intel advantage
Starting with 1. I don't believe this is still the case , ANS teams have come up with builds to counter specific OSP builds but generally fall into a trap of being overspecialized and unable to cope with the flexibility of OSP teams. Also even if this was the case shortly after the release of OSP, wouldn't this also be the case for OSP? Experiencing teething issues and having to figure out the new balance. But OSP wrecking ANS has been reported within days after the update...
For 2. I also don't think this is the case. Both during my ANS games and my OSP games the ANS players, including me, used hybrids extensively. Some players going as far as bringing pure S3H missile Vauxes or S2H missile Axfords to barrage OSP fleets. But OSP is a master at tanking missiles, mainly thanks to the Ocello which can softkill everything from within a deathball (my favorite thing to do at the moment is just watching CMD or ACT missiles veer off course and part in front of our ships like the red sea for Moses), but also thanks to lineships being mostly open space which absorbes HE. On top of this the Grazer being EO controlled (ignoring BSSJ) makes short work of many hybrids with softkill proof targeting. The result is usually superficial damage on the main fighting ships and some dead shuttles. Meanwhile OSP teams have embraced S2 missile spam on top of the meme container spam, potentially barraging a single group of ships with 32 missiles at once From one ship. I've seen missile lineships with well over 250 S2 missiles already, putting any tech advantage ANS thinks it has to shame with ridiculous, sustained volume of fire.
Thirdly, beams. Yes beams are cool. Can't really argue against that. They work too but they tend to be a slow and predictable asset. Beamstones, Axes and Sols rarely are where they are most needed and often easily get kited or pinned in place by more maneuverable OSP assets. OSP shuttles generally win the capgame before beam heavy teams get their hulls out of spawn.
Lastly something I read the developer write on steam: ANS has the ewar and intel advantage. This is something I find very hard to subscribe to completely. In the jamming and burnthrough radar department I can somewhat agree (if we kindly ignore the Ocello). ANS can cope with getting jammed better across all their ships, sure. On the Intel side it' where it starts to get messy. OSP can utilize EWR to track ANS across the map, home in on them with bloodhounds and track with deadly accuracy on 14km range. OSP also has access to the intel center and analysis annexes to analyze tracks just as well as ANS can. That leaves ELINT (if we once again kindly ignore the Ocello) as a unique strength of ANS. Adding elint to a fleet is a prime example for overpriced specialization in ANS fleets to counter basic OSP assets. A tugboat with an EWR is much cheaper than an arad missile ship with elint required to take it out. Or two elint ships where one or both have arad missiles (if you want a fix to know the exact position). So we have a situation where either ANS ignores EWRs and Bloodhound tracking ships and has to deal with being tracked accurately at all times or some players invest a third of their points into countering just one basic asset of the OSP team, restricting player and even team fleet compositions. So in total it seems like ANS and OSP are unevenly matched in the intel department with the scales tipping heavily into OSPs favor due to accurate long range tracking and analysis, forcing ANS to invest into counters and having access to ANS jammers, burnthrough radars and elint via the Ocello. I don't know about you but when I play OSP I feel like I'm given a solid picture and better situational awareness of the battlespace compared to when I'm playing ANS and that just doesn't feel right at all... playing a "state of the art high-tech navy" and poking around in the dark.
Before I forget: The shuttle's ability to cap and especially backcap sectors is a huge thorn in the side of ANS teams with predominantly slow ships. Heck even the Vauxes struggle to catch them at times and lose a cap race on big maps. I think something has to be done about combat ineffective ships capturing sectors because often OSP seems to win by just running around the larger maps and capturing sectors with empty shuttles who expended all ammo. It's just lame.
I think all these points heavily contribute to OSP winning over ANS in many matches. OSP's flexibility while ANS can't afford to make any mistake in fleet comps or team comps. Feel free to discuss in the comments and / or disagree with me. Especially the latter because I'm seriously interested in what your winning plays as ANS are...
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2023.05.29 00:22 Majorllama66 Some ideas/notes from a new player

I got the game a few weeks ago. Put about 75 hours into the game so far and have been having a grand ol time. Like others I came here after giving up on Tarkov. I have thousands and thousands of hours across a wide range of FPS games, but I really like shooters and its what I primarily play.
  1. Weapon deg feels a bit aggressive for some weapons. I brought in a China lake and 20 rounds of ammo for a fun meme run. Gun broke in like 12 shots. Why?
  2. I have a hell of a time always remembering what airlock I parked at. I wouldn't mind paying a small fee and waiting a day if it meant I could get my "forgotten" ships back or something.
  3. CTRL+Click needs to work for selling things. Holy heck I hate dragging 35 things one by one.
  4. While the left and right audio is mint (actually able to use it for gunfights again is so refreshing)...the vertical audio is hot ass. My idea is to maybe pitch down footsteps that are below my head and pitch up the footsteps above me. doesn't even need to be super aggressive. I feel like a subtle tone shift would be enough for people to easily tell if those steps they are hearing are above or below them.
  5. Space combat feels kinda.... bad? it sounds cool and looks cool, but its been a bit of a letdown. Only a few of the ships weapons feel actually usable and 9 times outta 10 people run or just instantly pod.
  6. Speaking of pods... why the hell can a guy survive me podding right where they are standing? To prevent people camping breach locations maybe blind/deafen the camper and do some damage to anyone standing inside of a breach location. At least for as long as it takes for the breaching player to look around for a second.
  7. If you're gonna make quests for me to kill certain people in a game where I cannot select my map.... make sure the dude actually spawns when I do get the map. Its unbelievably demoralizing how many Navy runs I have had to do to only see 4 out of the 8 SAS captains I need. Honestly its made me take a break from the game.
  8. Capitol cruiser having no other POI sucks (I know they are fixing that soon), but its almost worse that I have gotten the map FIVE TIMES back-to-back. Doesn't happen with any other map. And even if it did idk if I would care since there are always at least 2 places to go on all other maps. At least once a night I get suck in a loop of only seeing cruiser and sometimes I just don't feel like going in there.
  9. Scopes and sensitivity. I was so excited to unlock the SVT scope only to be super sad when the scope completely breaks my sensitivity. I play at a fairly low sense so when the SVT scope turns it up to 11 its impossible for me to hit anything. Pls fix.
  10. Why can't I uncap my FPS? I know its PC master race nonsense, but generally I like to have more FPS than my refresh rate. Being locked at 144 obviously isn't unplayable its just... odd.
  11. Craft timers feel... odd. they aren't long enough for me to require to plan ahead, but they aren't instant. Either make it something we need to be thinking about ahead of time or just make it instant. The "slightly inconvenient" timeframe is just... well inconvenient lol
  12. The lighting in certain spots is difficult to see through. If thats intended please ignore me, but something tells me they didn't mean to make it impossible to see through light as though the air is thick with dust at all times.
  13. Your game is cool and your spin on the extraction shooter tickles my fancy. I hope to see the game go far and succeed wildly.
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2023.05.28 10:56 redheadexpress [US-MO] [H] Various GMK sets, Matrix 8xv 3.0 WKL, OdinV2, TMOv2, NK65, QK80 [W] Paypal

Prices shipped CONUS
QK80 Brown Ano, WK, Gold PVD + Non Flex Cut PCB, Paisley Badge, Unbuilt BNIB - 270 USD, has internal flaw (not seen when built, see timestamp) Pending
Matrix 8xv3.0 Linen, Heart, WKL - Hotswap PCB + meme cut alu plate - 740 USD
Matrix 8xv3.0 Nebula, Eye, WKL SHELL no weight included + solder pcb, meme plate, and original build kit (no gaskets) - 450 USD, see timestamp
OdinV2 E-White, slight flaw on seam, see timestamp - 300 USD
Novelkeys NK65 Olivia Dark Edition - 120 USD
CannonKeys TMOv2, Eggplant B-Stock, Built with BOX Navy switches - 260 USD SOLD
GMK or other keysets:
GMK Bento R2 + Salmon Novs - 130 USD
GMK Striker 2 - 110 USD
NicePBT Fuji- 90 USD
GMK Metropolis Base, Sealed - 120 USD
GMK Metropolis Midnight Base, Sealed - 120 USD
GMK Civilizations Base - 120 USD, White RAMA - 30 USD (bundle pricing)
GMK Thinkcaps - 120 USD
GMK Digital Nightmares - 160 USD
Most keysets opened for inspection and not used, some mounted for photos and used briefly with no shine - inquire for info.
Bundles preferred but not required!
All come with original boxes or packages, GMK sets in original trays - keyboards in original boxes or case.
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2023.05.26 19:18 LoudnessofTheLambs POV: You're the Marleyan Navy (Garry's Mod Meme)

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2023.05.26 06:44 MILINTarctrooperALT MILINT thoughts on the T2 Dread {Experiment}

So the T2 Dreads have been revealed.
However, several interesting questions have come to light due the demonstration.
The Lance weapon itself is kind of a combo- Neut/ Miniature Doomsday. Very specific and high power damage, but it has limitations and some interesting little issues involved.
The signature aspect of the weapon effects has my attention, because it means shield tanked and propulsion module ships better be really considerate of their signature size. But it also brings into consideration both signature applification and reduction mechanics and modules, implants, and boosters. I do not believe CCP showed target painter or MWD on and its variables of damage on the Lance damage profile. Also remember that BS hull ships and up can use the Signature Suppression module to shrink temporarily their signature. Which may further negate Lance Damage. With Halo Implant pod ships having a further advantage in negating Lancer combat effects.
Personally if the Lancer class of Dreads were allowed to use some of the anomaly generators or something similar in weaponry style on a smaller scale this might make for some interesting options and counter plays, especially against blobs.
However, there is the specter of questions pertaining to Lancer weapon usage in various areas of New Eden. If its Nullsec only it will probably end up opening up some interesting little surprises in nullsec fights, probably forcing wider fleet dispersions. [Too bad the old HACs were not thrown against this weapon. Would have been interesting to see if the Lancers could negate blobs a bit.] If its only 0.0 and below space. You will probably only see these in Nullsec and Wormhole Space. [Theoretically in Pochven...if they can WH in...which I would doubt CCP creating "Large Triglavian WH" to allow the infiltration of Dreads into Pochven space proper.]
With the current test showing by CCP, certain things can be "assumed" but TBD [To Be Determined] is the final product.
To me the funny thing is "Lancer" creates a bit of confusion, because Lancer is usually associated with the Drifter Lancer. And generally speaking "Lancers" are considered Light Calvary in comparison to Knights, Cataphracts, and Cuirassers. So on paper they should be smaller ships. But that is semantics. And I think the Drifters might need an update and upgrade with all this firepower flying around now.
Also the ships are kind of well, meh per se naming convention.
Maybe CCP should push these Dreads more as if they are assault ships. Karura gets four turrets vs. three. Bane gets Four Launchers. Valravn [probably needs a different name] gets a 3 Turret-3 Launcher layout [balanced with CPU/Powergrid of course so you can't 100% deploy all the options because you have to have the seige up top as well.] With the Hubris [Probably Renamed something more Epic like Belphagor or something along those lines.] getting a drone/fighter bay [small one] and bonuses. Lances would be an additional perk, but the main combat weaponry potential would be the hulls themselves.
I also do have reservations about the Gallente Hubris because well because its cycle time bonuses can be further altered with implants and boosters which can mean it can get some seriously fast reps. The Minmatar Valravn is another question mark because its bonuses seem to synergize with some extremely powerful implant sets. Asklepian and Crystal. We don't appear to have information on the Bane and Karura at this moment. I would gather the Bane might have further armor resist bonuses, and the Karura might have some sort of shield rep advantage or shield resist bonus. But will have to look at the Singularity notes to see what is going on with these hulls. And they might be changed before or after release depending on feedback.
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2023.05.26 04:35 AffectionatePaint879 Ammunition for the coming salt mine.

Ammunition for the coming salt mine.
Somebody turn this into a meme please. Context. This came out while I was in the navy during a crises of increasing suicides and when the MASTERCHIEF Petty Officer of the Navy was asked about it he said “sailors should lower their standards” change it to FATSHARKS Darktide “lower your standards” lol
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2023.05.22 00:59 LorexST Strawhats final bounties theory

Warning: I don't know English very well, so please forgive me for any mistakes

So, let’s start with:
· Luffy’s final bounty: 5.600.000.000 Berry.
The reason behind this is because 5 and 6 are recurrent numbers in Luffys life. We see them on the shirt he wore as a child and his fleet has a total of 5.600 members. Not only that, but also the japanese pronunciation for the initials of 5 and 6 are Go(5) Mu(6) which calls back to the first name that was used for his Devil Fruit: Gomu Gomu no mi. Furthermore, Rogers bounty is 5.564.800.000 Berry, which means that Luffy, even if slightly, will exceed the bounty of the previous Pirate King.
· Zoro’s final bounty: 3.600.000.000 Berry.
This to me is very simple. Zoro has to get stronger and stronger and, to be recognized as the best swordsman in the world, he must also be the one with the highest bounty among them. Dracule Mihawk, the current best swordsman, has a bounty of 3.590.000.000 Berry. This appears to be a bounty meant to be exceeded with that 10 million that brings the number up to 3.6 billion by someone else, and we all know who that will be at the end of the manga.
· Sanji’s final bounty = 3.300.000.000 Berry.
This one was really hard to come up with. I thought that Oda would’ve maintained the rivalry between Zoro and Sanji until the end of the manga, by giving both of them the same bounty at the end of the story. But Zoro has to overcome the you-know-who that I previously mentioned and, for better or for worse, he is always considered as Luffys right-hand man (I'm not a Zoro fanboy, but I can see that Oda gives him this role). I think that in the end Sanji will have a huge bounty (and a decent photo) because he will be considered as one of the Wings of the Pirate King but, since Oda enjoys bullying him, I think he will still play some jokes on Luffys left-hand man. I also believe that when we’ll arrive at that point in the story, the rivalry between the two wings will subside. Of course, we will always have the funny rivalry and jokes that make Zoro and Sanji’s bantering iconic but, in the end, we will also see the huge amount of respect that they both feel for each other brought a little bit closer to the surface.
As for the number, the 3 is the recurring number for Sanji. It’s present in his bounties, he’s considered the number 3 of the crew, in the Vinsmoke family the number placed on him was 3 since he was the third born between the 4 brothers and, of course, his name. Sanji -> San(3).
· Jinbe’s final bounty: 2.500.000.000/ Berry.
Let’s be honest. Jinbe is a character that has one of the best resumes a pirate can have in the world of One Piece. His strength is recognized not only by the Navy, with them giving to him the title of Warlord; but also by Yonkos such as Whitebeard, with the two being allies, and Big Mom, who recognizes Jinbe as one of her best underlings. I think that he deserved a fight with Jack the Drought in Wano, so that we could've had a proper showdown between Luffy, Kaido and their respective 3 commanders. I’m sure that in terms of combat skills we will see more of him in the future but in the long run Sanji will still have a higher bounty than him (even if in the meantime it is not like that. Again...Oda likes to bully Sanji). Maybe Berry is a bit too much, but for me the amount cannot go lower than 2.500.000.000 Berry at least.
· Robin’s final bounty: 1.870.000.000 Berry.
With Robin we see again the pattern of numbers related to the Devil Fruit's name in japanese: Hana Hana no mi -> Ha(8) Na(7); so I'm sure that we will see these numbers in her bounty.
Knowing that her latest bounty is already close to a billion and that she is being considered even more dangerous than before as time passes, I believe that her bounty will arrive at this amount.
· Usopp’s final bounty: 1.500.000.000 Berry.
We all know that Usopp will have an absurd amount of berries being put on his head, an amount that definitely exceeds his true abilities. "But why exactly this specific number?" you might ask. Well, I think he'll have the same bounty as Luffy in early Wano, because we've seen how the whole world was talking about him and his exploits, so I think this will be a perfect amount. Not to mention that him having bounties that have the same numbers as Luffy’s past bounties is a recurring theme. We see it first at post Enies Lobby with Sogeking’s 30.000.000 Berry (he was kind enough to share his bounty with Usopp. That’s a true friend right there), a bounty that brings back to memory Luffy's first bounty; and now in post Wano with his 500.000.000 Berry bounty that resembles Luffy's bounty post-Dressrosa. So, I think his final bounty will be the same as one of Luffy's old bounties and, for him to be able to arrive at that amount, I think we will have an increase at one point that will lead him to have a 1 billion Berry bounty, and at the end of it all we will have the last increase which would bring him up to the 1.5 billion I previously mentioned.
· Franky’s final bounty: 994.000.000 Berry.
For Franky, his recurring number is 4 since we always see it in all of his bounties. Not only that, but the ever-lasting meme of him having his bounty always a tad lower than Usopp’s is definitely a joke that will be impossible to take away from Oda and, at the same time, I don’t think we will ever see him reach the billion-berry mark. He is one of the crew members least exploited by Oda and it is truly a shame since he has so much potential. With him being a cyborg and always on point with giving the Thousand Sunny and himself weapon upgrades, he truly can bring some interesting combat skills and battles in the story but, alas, we only see him use his cyborg fists mostly for now.
With that in mind, this amount is the best number that I can think of for him, with the 9 also very prominent in his last two bounties.
· Brook’s final bounty: 843.000.000 Berry.
Speaking of least exploited characters in the Strawhat crew, here’s Brook.
Another underrated character that has some great potential in my opinion, and maybe we will see some character strength growth with his Devil Fruit. An awakening of his fruit will definitely be an upgrade in terms of strength and dangerousness (and coolness), but also implementing new techniques will give him the opportunity to be on par with the rest of the crew’s strength. But let’s go back to the main discussion of this post: his bounty.
As we’ve previously seen with Luffy and Robin, his Devil Fruit’s name points to specific numbers in japanese: Yomi Yomi no mi -> Yo(4) Mi(3); and this solves these two numbers. But why the 800? Well, it mostly relates to what we’ve seen from him up until now, which is not much. He acts like a fool, but that doesn’t mean he is. He’s a very smart and skilled fighteswordsman and I hope to see more of him in the future.
· Nami’s final bounty: 616.000.000. Berry.
Her recurring number has always been 6 in all of her bounties. With her having no fruit or anything special, apart from her weapon, it is a bit difficult for me to theorize an exact number. I think this amount is right for her and, looking back, I added the 16 million as a callback to her first bounty. I also thought about 666.000.000 Berry for a moment, but it doesn’t work if we consider Oda’s move of giving to Robin the nickname “Demon Child”.
· Chopper’s final bounty: 100.100.100 Berry.
I know, it looks strange, but bear with me. Oda has always had his fun by playing with Chopper’s bounty, but I personally want some justice for our raccoon-dog. A bounty that is at least decent for a member of the Pirate King’s crew.
Chopper will always have the lowest bounty between all the crew members, so this amount will still leave him behind everyone but, he too has a Devil Fruit that gives us a tie with two numbers. His Hito Hito no mi that calls back 1 and 0.By taking into account his previous bounties, which are 100 and 1000, and by giving him the high number that he so desires and deserves, a 100 million is fair for someone like him. And since it would not be a proper Chopper bounty with a few memes and laughs, this weird number is perfect for him and as a plus, it also calls back to the infamous controversy of Zoro’s bounty post-Wano with all the 1’s mixed up.

Tell me what you think of this theory in the comments
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2023.05.22 00:44 I_Drew_a_Dick The Absolute Best Thing About the BN Legacy Collection So Far is the Memes

No contest. The memes people are making on YouTube dunking on Ghost Navis and bosses, or clutch plays in PVP, will be what gets this community going like nothing else.
Ive been playing since 2007, got a maxed out BN5 and BN6 cartridge and f*cking love these games.
Let’s send this esport to the moon people. Keep making memes.
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2023.05.21 02:03 TimeFarmer9 Prussian Confederation Moment

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2023.05.18 18:30 Amateraka Yet another ChatGPT personal statement... From the perspective of the Navy Seal Copypasta

Dear Esteemed Residency Program,
I am the epitome of a perfect candidate. As a Navy Seal, I have conquered battles that your average physician can only dream of. While others were busy studying medical textbooks, I was busy honing my skills in the treacherous jungles of online forums.
You may be wondering how my experience as a Navy Seal translates to the field of medicine. Well, let me enlighten you. My unparalleled ability to navigate through an ocean of internet trolls and keyboard warriors has equipped me with impeccable patience and resilience. If I can survive countless debates on the merits of pineapple on pizza, then I can certainly handle a hectic ER on a Friday night.
I possess an unmatched level of discipline that even the most dedicated residents would envy. During my training, I endured grueling hours of standing guard against incoming memes, defending the internet's honor one keystroke at a time. My commitment to duty is unwavering, and I promise to bring that same level of dedication to my medical career. Rest assured, I will protect and serve the health of my patients with the same intensity that I defended Harambe's legacy.
I am a master of multitasking, thanks to my exceptional ability to simultaneously engage in intense debates while sipping my coffee. If I can skillfully debate the merits of Star Wars versus Star Trek while dodging bullets of grammatical errors, then juggling multiple patient cases will be a piece of cake.
My communication skills are second to none. I have perfected the art of conveying complex medical jargon in the form of copypastas, turning dry scientific concepts into hilarious anecdotes that captivate audiences. Who needs grand rounds when you can have meme rounds? I can guarantee that my morning rounds will be the highlight of every resident's day, filled with laughter and invaluable medical knowledge.
I understand that you may have reservations about accepting a Navy Seal into your esteemed residency program. But fear not, for I am not your ordinary Navy Seal. I am the stuff of legends, the hero who single-handedly took down the infamous troll known as "Trolololol." I may not have a stethoscope around my neck, but I have an invisible cape flowing in the wind as a symbol of my unmatched valor.
So, dear residency program, I implore you to take a leap of faith and welcome me into your ranks. Together, we will conquer the medical battlefield, one patient at a time. Remember, in the words of the great copypasta, "I will wipe you the heck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth."
Yours in arms,
The Legendary Navy Seal Copypasta
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2023.05.17 02:39 BladeofJae [Conflict] Operation Koschei

Operation Koschei

Moscow's Plan for Victory in Ukraine


Table of Contents:
  1. Preparations: Manpower and logistics plans
  2. Our Friends: Diplomatic requests to our allies
  3. Combat Operations: The actual tactics and offensives plan
  4. Hybrid Warfare: Cyber and propaganda warfare
[m] table of contents so you know where to scroll lmfao [/m]

"Подготовка" - Preparations

A Lack of Manpower

Historically, Russia's strength has been its great manpower. In the second world war, our strength came from the millions who stood up for our glorious nation to fight against the foes at our borders. And we will forever remember their sacrifice. However, this time we lack the manpower to fight Ukraine and its cronies. We need to scrap together everything we can muster to continue the fight, and attempt a decisive victory that can force Kyiv to the negotiation table.
The vast majority of remaining troops from the Eastern, Central, and Northern military district will be relocated from their military bases to the Ukraine theater. Combined with the pre-existing, roughly 200,000 troops in reserve, the reorganization and deployment of troops will see the mass mobilization of a total of 230,000 troops all towards the western front. Combined, this should constitute a total ~550,000 troops deployed to bolster our war effort.
[s] The true mobilization numbers will be way higher (like in 2022). The public figure will be 230k mobilized, but the real number will be closer to 400k. [/s]
Before they get deployed, training will intensify to increase the professionalism of these soldiers. We've seen large amounts of issues due to the lack of professionalism and skill from newly recruited conscripts thrown into battle hastily. Although we do admittedly have little time to afford, all the time we have will be squeezed into training the soldiers. In fact, even whilst moving soldiers from the east to the west, the troops will continue their training periodically throughout the journey. A heavy focus of the training will be in communications, coordination, and urban warfare. This will allow Russia to make more coordinated and organized strategic movements in order to reorganize the front to our advantage.
In order to support the growth of sheer manpower, we will also redeploy combat aircraft to airbases, airports, and airfields around Ukraine. The vast majority of combat aircraft in the far east will be redeployed to the Ukraine region in preparation for increased air offensives. Similarly to the redeployment of men, pilots redeploying to the west will undergo additional training exercises in air-to-ground combat, multi mission cooperation, and air-to-air combat in order to better prepare them for their deployment.
In addition, we will begin another round of mobilization, but slightly lower than what we did in 2022, around half of the 2022 numbers (thus around ~150k). This mobilization will be conducted via online and mail-address notices, to help counter the issues we had of eligible males evading conscription via moving addresses temporarily.

Morale Issues

We've also faced big morale issues along the front. For this reason, Putin will temporarily move his office to Rostov-o-Don and begin visiting newly trained troops awaiting frontline deployment all throughout the summer. In addition, he will begin frequenting visits to Luhansk, Mariupol, Berdyansk, and even Donetsk, under heavy security of course. These visits and inspection of troops will be massively publicized and spread like wildfire through domestic social media channels via the thousands of online botfarms as well as through the media control that the government has. This will be done with end goal of vastly improving the morale of Russian soldiers, reserves, and enlisted troops, showing that Putin is willing to put himself along the troops in Ukraine. Moreover, a relocation to Rostov-o-Don should mean that Putin has significantly easier communication with frontline generals and officers, thus reducing delays in command.

Logistical Deficiencies

Our biggest potential weakness currently is the ability for Ukraine's western-supplied weapon systems to reach out and cripple our logistical supply routes, thus severing our ability to continue to fight this conflict. For this reason, we need to increase our logistics capabilities, especially in the southern corridor.
The goal will be to establish key routes using innovative strategies in order to plug the gaps in logistics that the Russian Armed Forces is seeing in Ukraine. After these holes are patched, we will be able to fight more efficiently in the front, and bring the frontline to a grinding stop. If we can halt any frontline movement and defend against Ukrainian counteroffensives in the south, this allows Russian reservists and new trainees to be fully trained, as well as new equipment to be supplied to the frontlines via these new logistical projects. This will allow for the Russian forces to prepare for a even stronger offensive in months to come.
In summary, the logistical projects put into place will have the main strategic goal of strengthening the currently established frontline to buy time for future offensives. To this end, the following projects will be implemented:
Sea of Azov Shipping Program
First, Russia will begin a large concentrated effort to begin logistics via water through the Azov Sea. However, instead of facilitating the increase of logistics through large, targetable shipping containers, Russia will mobilize a huge number of smaller transport and utility shipping vessels to make smaller, more diversified shipments-- akin to water trucks. In addition, the Russian government will begin contracting a large number of shipping businesses in the Caspian Sea to come operate in the Azov Sea. Of course, we expect difficulty in recruitment. For this reason, any sailor willing to come to the Azov to help serve their country will be promised very high wages. In addition, sailors will also be brought in from the far east, sailors who have an incredible amount of experience smuggling equipment into North Korea.
Then, using state funds, the Russian Navy will begin a purchasing a large amount of motorboats, yachts, sailboats, fishing boats, tugboats, etcetera from owners all over the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. The planned number will be around ~700 boats total of varying size and capacity. Then, these boats will be brought into the Sea of Azov (Caspian Sea ships will be transported through the Volga-Don Canal), and docked at various ports along the coast and within the Don River. These ships will then continuously operate day and night, carrying a stream of logistics, equipment, personnel, and any other necessary materials to the Southern Corridor.
Routes will be preplanned on land, radio communications will be explicitly forbidden, AIS locator signals will be disabled for ships, and sailors will be ordered to move quickly and quietly. This will be to prevent western intelligence from easily intercepting transportation signals and disturbing the shipping program. However, on-ground recordkeeping will be mandated and be immaculately kept. This is a necessity as it ensures the proper flow of logistics without the potential of lost equipment. Willing volunteers in terms of systems management and logistics consultants will be hired from all around the country to assist with this program.
Although this program is admittedly a band aid solution to a larger logistical issue, a spread-out approach to shipping in the Azov should, first and foremost help provide equipment to the frontline at a greater speed, and second prevent the Ukrainian forces from scoring easy kills against large easily targetable ships. We will still be operating larger ships to haul bigger pieces of cargo to the frontline, of course. However, as the Sea of Azov Shipping Program enters full speed, the number of larger ships will slowly decrease.
Mariupol-Taganrog Railway
One key weakness of the logistics within the southern corridors is the fact that the only direct railway from Russia to Mariupol goes through the city of Donetsk, and teeters on the edge of the frontline near it. This means that large rail transports are easily susceptible to Ukrainian interception strikes, especially with the more accurate intelligence and weaponry they are acquiring from the west. To help fix this issue, the Russian government will begin the construction of a railway from Mariupol to Taganrog. Taganrog is the location of a the rail junction that eventually leads to Rostov-o-Don, meaning that this route provides the shortest and thus quickest means of constructing the railway.
At a total distance of ~103 km, a single-track railway will cost approximately $133M to build. The project will be managed by Russian Railways, and be marketed to the people as open proof of further infrastructure connectivity between the newly annexed regions and Russia. With rapid construction over both day and night, we expect construction to finish in roughly 4 months, and be operational in 5. However, with expected Ukrainian sabotage attempts, a more realistic timeline is that it will become fully operational by November. This provides perfect timing for us to utilize the train tracks over the upcoming winter.
[s] Russia has recently stopped allowing Wagner to recruit from prisons to grow its PMC. However, this project requires intensive labor. For this reason, the Russian Government will begin secretly contracting prison laborers at a minimum wage to help construct the railway. Nonetheless, the project will be overseen by Russian Railways and engineering standards will be maintained. [/s]
Upon completion of the Mariupol-Taganrog Railway, Rostov-o-Don will have a direct connection to Mariupol, Berdyansk, and Melitopol, without having to go through the relatively more dangerous Donetsk. This should help Russian forces stay supplied throughout the future.
Road Vehicles
Similar to the Sea of Azov Shipping Program, the Russian government will be purchasing a large number of civilian-grade trucks and cars to help carry a higher number of logisitics to the frontline. Cars from police impound lots around the country will be transported to Ukraine to serve as mules for equipment to various different cities along the Ukraine front. These vehicles will not serve as logistics trucks for the direct frontline, but for supplying more equipment to HQs and the backline so that they can be delivered from there.

"Наши друзья" - Our Friends



Tehran has been a major supporter during this conflict. Their weapons aid has proven valuable for our continued efforts to push into Ukraine.
We will reach out to Tehran in an effort to continue purchasing drones, munitions, and other equipment from Iran. More specifically, we will look into purchasing the following equipment:
  • 2,000 x Geran-1 (Shahed-131 Drones)
  • 1,500 x Geran-2 (Shahed-136 Drones)
  • 200 x T-72S/M1 Main Battle Tank
  • 3,000,000 x 7.62x39mm Rounds
  • 20,000 x 82mm and 120mm Mortar Rounds
  • 10,000 x 122mm and 152mm shells
  • 20,000 x 100mm shells (Iran has previously provided us with these)
  • 50,000 x Infantry armor pieces (Steel plates, Kevlar, Helmets)
In return, we are willing to provide a group of 7 nuclear engineers from Rosatom to travel to Tehran and work in Tehran for a year to help oversee their nuclear program. They will not directly involve themselves in the production of nuclear material for Iran, however, they will oversee the methods that Iranian scientists use, and assist them to develop more sophisticated and organized methods. In essence, they will operate as supervisors and technical assistants. We understand Iran might have concerns of depleting its own arsenal too much. However, we believe that the expertise given via our top nuclear engineers will be far more valuable to Iranian national security than any tank or bullet.


Beijing has yet to fully involve themselves in supporting their historical ally, which we find disheartening. However, we truly believe its in the best interest for Beijing to support Russia in its endeavors. From what we've deciphered, we believe that Beijing is looking for increased concessions out of the United States against Taiwan in return for its lack of involvement in Russo-Ukraine. However, we've also deduced via our intelligence channels in D.C. that Washington continues to refuse China any concessions on Taiwan. This dialogue will go nowhere.
However, Russia has a keen proposal. One that will help alleviate Chinese strategic struggles for potentially decades. One of China's strategic deficiencies have come from the US first and second island chain. Beijing, for decades, has struggled with breaking out into the Pacific easily. We've seen Chinese successes however. It's string of pearls strategy is one we must applaud Beijing for. However, we invite Beijing to further its presence in the Pacific, especially against it's archnemesis.
First, we would like Beijing to provide agree to the providing following,
  • 30,000,000 x 7.62x39mm Rounds
  • 400,000 x 82mm and 120mm Mortar Rounds
  • 200,000 x 122mm and 152mm shells
  • 4,000 x FN-6 MANPADs
  • 10,000 x Type 81 Rifles
  • 3,000 x HJ-12 ATGMs
  • 2,000 x various medium-size ISTAR and ground-attack UAVs
  • 4,000 x various small-size ground-attack UAVs (akin to commercial-grade drones)
  • 150,000 x Infantry armor pieces (Steel plates, Kevlar, Helmets)
To reduce suspicion, we can help funnel these weapons through different channels. If China would wish so, we can arrange for China to ship the equipment to Iran, then to reorganize the equipment into new crates and containers, then fly them to Belarus, upon which we can receive the equipment via our border. This should provide enough plausible deniability for China to assuage western concerns for as long as possible.
In return, we will provide China with the ability to fully break out of the first and second island chains. We will allow the PLA Navy to station 10 of its vessels at any time, on any Russian pacific navy base, free of cost, for the upcoming decade, upon which we can renegotiate terms to this agreement. The stationing of vessels can be seen as a friendly training exercise during the majority of deployments, but can also be used by China as a means of directly pressuring the United States in a way it has never been threatened before. This should give China an incredible amount of new leverage against the US in any negotiation.


We again call for Belarus's support in the war. We know that Belarus is not yet willing to directly launch an offensive from the north, and we understand. Belarus has far too much to risk. Instead, we propose the following plan. We ask that Belarus sends a contingent of ~3,000 troops and accompanying equipment to Ukraine through Russia. These forces will then serve temporary as part of Russia's foreign legion. Think of it as loaning us some manpower. This way, Belarus can appropriately claim that these soldiers signed up for the Russian foreign legion on their own will, allowing some plausible deniability for the Belarusian government. In addition, this allows Belarus to 'test the waters' to see the west's reaction to their deployment.
We understand that this is may difficult request, but we believe this plan is extremely accommodating, and that the friendship between our two nations and our shared interests in the region make it a necessary step. Our forces have proven their strength and effectiveness in the past, and we are confident that with the addition of Belarusian troops, we can achieve our goals quickly and efficiently. Not only that, this should pave the way for further integration and cooperation of our troops and military. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter and remain committed to our strong partnership.

North Korea

The South Korean president has provoked us again. They have called for domestic support to provide arms and weapons to Ukraine. Will Pyeongyang be able to match their dedication? We will reach out to North Korea in an effort to continue purchasing artillery munitions. We know that North Korea has a huge stockpile of artillery rounds that are sitting and not being utilized- we could greatly utilize these munitions against our joint enemy, the west. We will pay for anything Pyeongyang is willing to provide. In return, we promise to provide weapons and more sophisticated technology to North Korea once we conclude our war. This will include radars, missiles, and more. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter and remain committed to our strong partnership.

"Боевые операции" - Combat Operations

Summarized, the goal of the 2023 combat operations will be to maintain the frontline and hold the line against the expected southern counteroffensive, long enough for us to halt the momentum of the Ukrainian forces and begin a counter-counteroffensive in the fall, and then hold the gains using winter stagnation to our advantage.
In addition, combat operations will be designed to reduce principle-agent problems that we've seen significantly plaguing our offensives. Principle-agent problems and the lack of training in this department has reduced the success rate of operations. Principle-agent problems arise when there is a misalignment of incentives between the principal (in this case, the Russian Army) and its agents (in this case, the soldiers carrying out the military operations in Ukraine). To reduce these problems, the Russian Army will implement some changes in its operations within the frontline.
Officers will be instructed to be more transparent about its goals and operations in Ukraine, which will reduce the likelihood of soldiers carrying out actions that are not aligned with the intended mission. Increasing transparency will be done by providing more clear and concise orders to its soldiers to ensure they understand the mission goals and what is expected of them, and to help reduce confusion and misinterpretation of orders. This will also be supplemented via the increase of tactical operational briefings to its soldiers to update them on the mission progress, situational changes, and any changes to the orders, to ensure that soldiers are up to date and are better able to understand the mission objectives. These changes will eventually allow for a higher level of coordination for frontline offensives, which we will employ later in the year around fall.

Fight for the Skies

Despite more than a year of conflict, Ukraine's air defense network has remained relatively strong and capable of deterring Russian air power. The country possesses enough surface-to-air missile systems to keep Russian aviation mostly confined to frontline missions and away from critical targets. However, intelligence suggests that Ukraine's supply of missiles is now dwindling, and there are insufficient numbers of Western-made systems and missiles to make up the shortfall. In the event that Ukraine runs out of air defense missiles, it could have significant consequences for the ongoing conflict. The loss of this critical capability would leave Ukrainian forces vulnerable to Russian air strikes and potentially force them to withdraw from strategic positions. This, in turn, could help embolden our forces and lead to more extensive operations, escalating the conflict and increasing casualties.
Russia needs to capitalize on this potential advantage. As mentioned above, US intelligence leaks have assessed that Ukraine may not be able to defend its frontlines from medium range air defense by May of 2023. Our intelligence suggests similar assessments, but less pessimistic for Ukraine. Although they are running very low on air defense missiles, western support still continues to provide them with replacement missiles. At the current rate, its more realistic that they may run out of missiles by late June or early July.
This is extremely good for us. This means that for Ukraine to maintain its resources, it has to conserve its SAM systems and aircraft sorties thus slowing down their counteroffensive, or beg for more systems from the west. If it begs for more weapons, especially expensive SAM systems or even aircraft, western countries will have to face a difficult choice: does it increase its financial allocation of aid to Ukrainians, or does it provide these expensive systems in exchange for providing less artillery/munitions/ground equipment. For this reason, we've decided that we can accept some losses in the air as long as it continues to drain Ukrainian resources rapidly. In the long term, this should turn the air war significantly in our favor.
For this reason, we will highly ramp up VKS operations along the front throughout the Ukrainian counteroffensive. The goal will be to drain Ukraine's planes and surface to air missiles. Currently, Russia lacks the equipment and does not have the proper timing to launch a mass suppression of enemy air defense attack on the Ukrainian defenders. Thus, we will adopt an innovative strategy to force the Ukrainian air force to use up its resources.
In addition to normal low-altitude frontline sorties, we will begin flying 4-aircraft probing sorties into Ukraine at extremely frequent rates. These attacks will originate from Russia and from Belarus as well, to help strike some deeper SAM systems. This will take advantage of the large numbers advantage we have against Ukraine, one that we've not been thoroughly taking advantage of; we've currently been rotating a relatively small number of airframes at high volume, but have kept a large number of planes in the reserves.
Two highly maneuverable air superiority/multirole aircraft will fly at extremely high altitudes, just enough to be too high for Ukrainian short-range or medium-range SAMs but within Ukrainian high altitude SAM systems' ranges. These planes will try and bait Ukrainian high altitude SAM systems to fire their missiles. Meanwhile, two ground-attack planes with anti-radiation missiles and ground-attack munitions will fly at very low altitudes at the same relative ground position. As soon as the SAM networks trigger their FCS radars against the high flying planes, the low altitude planes will peer over the horizon and fire their anti-radiation missiles immediately. Due to the high altitude of the 'bait' aircraft, the planes should have enough time to evade the missiles, and have a significant energy advantage against any Ukrainian planes that may choose to intercept. This 'bait and kill' strategy will be used all throughout the front, but with some modifications. In some sectors, instead of using actual combat aircraft, we will use Iranian drones modified to increase their RCS to be similar to Russian combat fighters, with multirole fighters undertaking the 'kill' part of the strategy.
Eventually, the Ukrainian forces should figure out what we're doing and stop targeting our high-flying aircraft, anticipating the low-flying aircraft. At this point the high altitude planes will be equipped to conduct unguided bombing attacks from high altitude against strategic and tactical targets. This will include airfields, roads, railways, ammunition depots, artillery positions, etcetera. Due to the high range, this should also extend the range of these unguided bombs so that the high-flying planes can target even deeper into Ukrainian territory. If Ukrainian aircraft intercept these high-flying aircraft in combination with high-altitude SAMs, the low-flying aircraft loitering in preparation will quickly strike these SAMs as previously planned, whilst the high-flying aircraft will jettison their bombs and engage against the Ukrainian aircraft with their significant energy advantage.
Due to the lower supply of missiles, this will ultimately force Ukraine to begin flying high-altitude combat air patrol sorties to counter these probing attacks, taking away planes from low altitude ground attack operations to support their ground counteroffensive. These planes will be at an incredible disadvantage, thanks to the strategy we've been employing since last year: lobbing R-37s at extremely far ranges. Even if the Ukrainians manage to score some air to air kills against Russian planes, we should still be able to match their success rate. And even if we don't, since we have a significant numbers advantage, the Ukrainians will eventually not be able to afford contesting us in the air. If successful, we should be able to establish relative air superiority over the frontline by winter.


If you ask the most pessimistic Russian commentator about the Ukrainian war, say someone like Strelkov, they'll say that the only thing holding together the Russian forces is its artillery. Similarly, ask the most positive Ukrainian commentator, they'll argue the same, that the only reason why Ukraine has not seen more success is due to Russia's artillery. Russia, to a significant degree, still holds the firepower advantage in Ukraine. We do, however, have a couple shortcomings.
Historically, Russian artillery doctrine has revolved around the use of massive, high-volume artillery strikes intended to carpet the enemy with munitions. Unfortunately, we've met a hurdle: this strategy wastes a lot of munition. Thus, we will begin pivoting to a doctrine of precision artillery strikes with high response rates. Training with new soldiers will focus on shortening the time it takes to call in an artillery strike to the actual artillery strike taking place, as well as increasing the precision and accuracy of these strikes. In addition, troops will be taught shoot-and-scoot tactics to reduce the chance of artillery being quickly retaliated against.
To improve the accuracy and mobility of the artillery, we will make a couple key technical developments. First, the BM-30 Smerch's rockets will have their ranges improved. Longer barrels will be added to launchers, and existing systems will be retrofitted with newly developed to become closer in capability to the newer Tornado-S variants. This will be done via the addition of GLONASS receivers and automated digital fire control systems to increase the rockets' accuracy. With these modifications, the BM-30 rockets will be used like how Ukraine has effectively utilized HIMARS. These precision artillery rockets will be used to target ammunition depots, targets in the Ukrainian rear area, and counter battery fire against Ukrainian artillery.
In addition, we've been utilizing T-55s as 100mm artillery in the frontline. More T-55s will be taken out of storage and revamped to be utilized as mobile artillery close to the frontline. Fortunately, thanks to Iranian shipments in 2022 and 2023, we have a lot of 100mm shells to be utilized in this manner. If deployed to artillery-heavy regions like Bakhmut and Orikhiv, these repurposed artillery may see some success in the short term against advancing enemy forces. In addition, thanks to their mobility and relative light weight, we should be able to shoot-and-scoot effectively against Ukrainian positions.
Finally, we will stop drone and missile attacks against deep Ukrainian civilian infrastructure sites. It has become increasingly difficult to maintain a constant barrage against Ukrainian missile strikes due to the depletion of our own munitions. Thus, we will abandon this goal entirely and focus all of our munitions on fighting the frontline war. Drones, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, etcetera will be focused on extremely high volume against frontline troops instead.


Southern Front
The primary objective of the operations in the southern front will be to repel the southern counteroffensive; this will be known as the first stage of offensives on southern front. A secondary goal will be set to utilize momentum once the tides turn, and push against the advancing Ukrainians in a counter-counteroffensive; this will be known as the second stage of offensives on the southern front.
First, key towns, roads, and infrastructure will be heavily fortified. A network of entrenchments will be built all along the south, specifically to defend the Donetsk-Melitopol railway. These entrenchments will span multiple kilometers in various areas, and around some key towns it will span multiple hundreds of meters in depth. The surrounding areas before the trench and within urban areas will also be laced with tools to slow down armored advances. Rough hedgehogs will be constructed with scrap and rubble, and anti-tank mines will be hidden throughout the area. In addition, anti-personnel traps will be constructed. Deliberate areas of cover against Russian fire, such as small parapets, walls, and logs, will be placed to lure Ukrainian soldiers into a false sense of security. These "covered positions" will actually be booby-trapped with caltrops, tripwire grenades, IEDs, and other crafty weapons. Vietnam inspired traps will also be built in forests and fields to further force Russian movement to slow into their approach to Kiev. Finally, dugouts and concealed positions will be constructed all along this trench network to hide small groups of anti-armor infantry. These camouflaged positions will be designed to allow Russians to fire from the trenches easily, but also retreat quickly once used.
No centimeter of land shall be surrendered. These defenses will drain and sap as many Ukrainian resources as possible. If Ukraine attempts to assault and push through these positions, they will need to exhaust a significant amount of personnel, resources, and munitions. Meanwhile, with preplanned defensive positions, Russia will not need to exhaust as many resources. Even if Ukraine concentrates a large amount of artillery on these positions, Russia will give Ukraine a taste of its own medicine and do to it what they did to us near Kiev. They will quickly use artillery craters and fortify them into trenches to be used against Ukrainian advances. The defenses will slow down the southern front into a meatgrinder, and eventually force the Ukrainians to abandon their long-term goals of retaking key cities.
At this point, we will launch our counter counteroffensive. With resources and manpower on our side, we will push against the slowing and drained Ukrainian forces and quickly retake any lost territory. Then, with momentum on our side, we will continue to push against key towns such as Orikhiv, Hulyaipol, and Velyka Novosilka. The majority of the counter-counteroffensive will be focused along the Dnieper, which will help prevent any Ukrainian flanking operations. The goal in this sector will be to push all the way until the Konka river and Komyshuvakha, just enough to put Zaporizhzhia within artillery range.
Eastern Front
The primary objective in the eastern front will be to continue the process of taking Bakhmut, then utilize the huge propaganda victory from taking Bakhmut, and then continue pushing west towards Kramatorsk and Slovyansk. The key to this operation will be to press the attack and not give any time for the Ukrainians to firmly establish defensive positions when they retreat from Bakhmut.
First, pressure upon Bakhmut will be increased. With fresher troops arriving, as well as increased air attacks against the city, Ukraine will be forced to make the decision to abandon the city by mid May. Then, without skipping a beat, with even more reinforcements, the forces will continue their assault west. The push will be coordinated via the H20 and M03 highways. We've already made significant ground on the M03 highway, which we can use to springboard our operation from. Combined with a force pushing from Kreminna, the advancing Russian forces will flank and encircle the Siversk salient. This offensive should take place all throughout summer, with the end goal of arriving on the outskirts of the two cities by fall.
Upon arriving on the outskirts of both Kramatorks and Slovyansk, Russian forces will entrench themselves into defensive positions and begin small-scale precision artillery strikes on identified Ukrainian military positions. A large scale assault of the cities is not realistic due to their defensive position and urban nature. Thus, the goal will be to utilize precision artillery attacks to soften up Ukrainian resources, forcing them to have to eventually lessen their defense of the cities. If possible, the city will be attempted to be taken. However, due to the expected timing of this offensive, and its arrival near the beginning of winter, we will be content with pushing up to the city and entrenching ourselves in preparation for continued spring offensive.
This offensive will see the largest concentration of Russian troops. Huge numbers of newly trained forces as well as Bakhmut veterans will undertake this offensive in order to properly utilize the morale and momentum boost from taking Bakhmut. In addition, the offensive push here will require significantly more capable and well trained Russian shock troops than that of the slow trench-based warfare of the south. For this reason, we will commit the best of our Wagner shock infiltration troops, as well as our skilled airborne units to the offensive here.

"Гибридная война" - Hybrid Warfare


United States of America

The propaganda campaign in the US will focus on funding and emboldening the platforms of far-right republican politicians and influential figures to spread anti-Ukraine and anti-foreign aid sentiment within the US population. This will be the perfect time to fund these politicians as the 2024 elections approach and politicians begin preparing their presidential campaigns.
The first and most obvious supporter is Donald Trump. Donald Trump has in many occasions spoken favorably of Putin and Russia, and negatively of increased western and NATO cooperation. For this reason, we will fund his political campaign via anonymous shell donations. We will set up thousands of fake identities to funnel money directly into his campaign via donations through his website. In addition, we will increase pro-trump campaign advertising on facebook, tiktok, twitter, reddit, and more through our thousands of bot farms we've established over the decade. The goal will be to completely flood social media with pro-trump and more importantly anti-biden messaging. The usual insults, whether it be "sleepy-Joe" or the memes about Joe Biden's faux pas will be spread throughout social media channels like wildfire. Finally, his political opponents and their supporters will be harassed via our bot farms. Most specifically, Ron DeSantis, who has recently pivoted on an anti-Russia stance, will be targeted with extreme character assassination type misinformation campaigns to completely dwindle his chances of growing a following before the GOP nominations. The general goal will be to put Donald Trump on a significantly advantageous point to gain the GOP nomination and contest the US elections.
A second target of our support will be Tucker Carlson. He has suggested that American liberals represent a bigger threat than Putin. Carlson has also promoted a false rumor, popular in Russia, accusing the U.S. of funding biological weapons labs in Ukraine. These types of rumors will be encouraged via donations to him directly using methods similar to those employed for Donald Trump. In addition, due to his recent departure from Fox News, we will help him set up his own media channel/program through our funds. This will better allow Tucker Carlson to still utilize his large network of fans to spew out more pro-Russia messages.
Finally, Marjorie Taylor Greene will also receive our support. She has voiced multiple pro-Russian positions in the past. In addition, her takes are usually very loud and media attention grabbing, which will mean our money will go further. Any of her political campaigns, ads, and fundraising efforts will be funded by us significantly. Floods of anonymous donations, as well as shell companies will provide her with money to continue to spread word against Ukraine and in support of Putin.
These voices are not numerous, but they are extremely loud and reach a lot of the U.S. population. This will be merely the first part of our attempt to influence United States politics as we have done very successfully in the past.


The propaganda campaign in Europe will focus on emboldening far-right populists in calling for the reduction of aid to Ukraine. Targets in Germany, the United Kingdom, and France will specifically be targeted.
First, we will continue our usual campaign of disseminating false Information through social media. To spread misinformation in European countries, we will create fake social media accounts that appear to belong to local people or organizations. These accounts would then be used to disseminate false information, such as fake news articles or manipulated images and videos, with the aim of influencing public opinion. We will also take advantage of our bot network, using bots and other automated tools to amplify the spread of the false information, by liking and sharing the posts from the fake accounts. To make the fake accounts look more authentic, we will use stolen profile pictures and other personal information from real people. We will also use the help of AI language models to study and use local slang and dialects to make the language of the posts appear more natural. Additionally, we will strategically target specific groups of people who are more likely to be receptive to the false information, based on their interests, political affiliations, and other demographic data.
Another tactic we will use is to co-opt local media outlets and journalists to disseminate our false information. This will involve paying journalists to write articles that promote our narrative or providing them with exclusive access to information or sources in exchange for favorable coverage. We will also plant fake stories in local newspapers or news websites, which would then be picked up and spread by other media outlets. To carry out this tactic, we would need to identify journalists and media outlets that are susceptible to our influence, either because they are sympathetic to our agenda or because they are in a vulnerable financial or political position. We will also employ the use of intermediaries, such as public relations firms or advertising agencies, to approach journalists and media outlets on our behalf, in order to maintain a degree of separation between ourselves and the false information.
The goal of all the propaganda efforts in Europe will be to advocate for a reduction of shipment of arms to Ukraine, and a switch to focusing on domestic politics and the struggle of the people at home.

Cyber Attacks

In addition, Russia will begin a host of cyber warfare strategies to increase within Ukraine. Attacks against infrastructure conducted via drones and missiles will be replaced via cyber attacks. First, we will introduce a mass hiring spree. College students, IT experts, and other computer engineers drafted into the armed forces will have the option to test-out of frontline service and join GRU as a cyber warfare soldier. The tests will be set at extremely high standards to encourage only the best to be taken out of frontline service. These soldiers will then target Ukrainian infrastructure, cell networks, power grids, websites and a variety of communications to disrupt Ukrainian operations.
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2023.05.17 01:28 LavaReefKief My Navy Vet friend made a meme out of her husband.

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2023.05.16 17:52 aao_fox did you know Hitler had a nephew that served in the US navy? and he was a walking meme

did you know Hitler had a nephew that served in the US navy? and he was a walking meme
check out my first historical video:)
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2023.05.14 03:56 ElusiveSloth How I made $5,000 in May of last year

Are you all ready? You won't believe it.
I watermarked memes. Yup. Made memes or took them, uploaded them on onlyfans, screenshot with watermark, and distributed it on pages on Facebook.
I kid you not.
I became infamous and a villian but it was worth it.
Know any good meme pages to do this with? 🤣
Edit: this was a very narrow niche of navy aviation. Other people were supplying me memes as well. Most memes arent watermarked and its hard to ever find the OC. I've even had my OC memes stolen and went viral elsewhere and forgot to watermark. You can probably Google NAMP Compliance and daniibabanii if you're confused.
So far its best on Facebook imo but I have been doing well on the yandere page on Reddit. Those are definitely OC memes. Pretty much all meme pages on Reddit have to be OC. Facebook not so much. Not sure why people are so upset about the usage of past memes, pretty much all memes are stolen.. that's kind of the whole point. And even moreso reason to watermark OC content. I made the mistake of not doing that ONE time and my meme was stolen and went viral. Just happens. I'm not mad at anyone for it. Memes are hard to find the originator.
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2023.05.12 19:37 MORTALKOMBAT1382 The MK Hunger Games

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