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2023.06.01 21:01 lovelyyandereaddict Prized Patient Zero [Yandere Asylum Patient Defeats You][AFA] Asmr Audio Roleplay [Successful Doctor Listener] [Betrayal] [Collab-Worthy] [Unspoken Competition] [Part 1?] [Mentioned Cannibalism] [Mentioned Death]

Description: You (The listener) are a successful practitioner of mental health, traveling world wide to solve the most untreatable cases of insanity. Somehow directing all their violent and sadistic tendencies towards something else or someone else ; whatever it is its working and you've received another call. Its your first asylum the one that kicked off your career and the star patient you 'fixed' has been having some trouble lately. You can't let this one patient of yours unravel your reputation, best to see what they've done now.
Alternate Description: You (The Speaker) are the biggest threat this asylum has to offer and naturally they cater to your every whim for their safety. They've done as you asked, luring your precious doctor back to you. How disgusting! For the world to think it deserved your doctor's treatment! But no worries you just have to buy time. Get them distracted. Keep them distracted. While your friends prepare for the plan...
A/N: This is up for monetization, just credit me please! This does get a little dark ⚠️ as there are mentions of death, cannibalism, and drugging⚠️.
*[These] are suggested sound effects
Yandere Asylum Patient [AFA] Asmr Audio Roleplay
[Swiping Key Card]
[Automated Voice] Welcome to the Elite Rehabilitation Center and Asylum, Doctor we’re pleased to have you temporarily on our roster.
[Locked Doors Hissing and Unlocking]
[Nurse] Doctor, we’re so happy you could come! Thank you so much! I’m sure with your notoriety you wouldn’t want to come back to this place but we really need your help. He’s recently had an incident with our best doctor...after going in to administer the proper medication she was attacked.
[Nurse] The director suggested I keep her wounds confidential but considering you’re doing us such a huge favor I can probably tell you. But you probably don’t want the specifics but basically ... the doctor is in a fatal condition after leaving with gaping wounds in their shoulders, their thighs, their calves...yikes the list goes on but I don’t want to hold you any longer.
[Footsteps Stop, Keycard Bleeps]
[Nurse] And Doctor if anything happens–use the syringe it’s enough to knock him out. If you need it. Good Luck.
[Vault Doors Unlock and Lock]
[Asylum Patient] Ah, it's my favorite doctor. They’ve finally brought you back to me! It's been years my love since you were turned into the world’s favorite doctor. ‘Changing the hearts and minds of the most mentally unstable starting with the most twisted villain.’ Patient zero to your mysterious cure. Of course, you’d come back for me! Wouldn’t want to unravel your carefully woven thread.
[Asylum Patient] Now don’t be deceived I’m so so so so happy you’ve come back to see me! I’ve wanted nothing more than to see you again, smell you again, touch you again.
[Asylum Patient] Ah yes. I’ve gotten the straight-jacket with chains treatment. But hey isn’t that a step up from the muzzle? I’m rambling aren’t I? Sorry sorry my love. This is the therapy tell-all time, right? So go ahead and ask whatever you want from me, baby I’m ready.
[Asylum Patient] Oh going for my art, first eh? That’s fine with me! Ah, that one was you, of course, it looks a little off. And the other one is you too. And the next one—you know what I’ll save you the time all 20 canvas drawings are of you. Yeah, can you tell I missed you yet?
[Asylum Patient] Ah, now we get into the good stuff! So that horrified-looking lady is my...creative retelling of her last moments as a nurse. Before you bend me over the knee (I’d really like that) it's been ruled an accident that she ended up all curled up in that air vent. Rumors say it was starvation but I like to think it was the fear itself.
[Asylum Patient] Yes! I’ll tell you all about him! He was a weirdo I don’t think anyone really wanted him around so it’s not absolutely horrible he’s an absolute vegetable now. Me? I had no such thing to do with this one either. Don’t give me that look, it was a matter of a good old-fashioned asylum culling. You know, how all the nearly crazy go for the most hated inmate–excuse me, patient.
[Asylum Patient] Let’s just go to the next one ah yes, I know they keep the “incident” details confidential but I guess you could say she was the leading lady. Well, baby all I can say is that I was a key witness in it all. Yup, just an inspired witness.
[Asylum Patient] Oh, you want to know about the most recent incident, huh? Well as I’m sure you’ve been told that bossy doctor lady got a few pieces bitten out of her. In my opinion, she deserved it for all the whining she was doing, for someone who spoke about admiring you so much she sure knew how to complain. Day in, day out keeping your lovely name on her disgusting mouth. Speaking as if she was your special patient as if she knew how deeply our souls are intertwined. It was obvious she just wanted to know you as intimately as I do. But I bet if she did she’d just gossip about you. Brag to all those sheep about my favorite flaws. So jealous she would always laugh at me when I told her to stop. So disrespectful.
[Asylum Patient] She had it coming. Getting eaten to pieces. I mean it is a feat in the first place that she survived for as long as she did without the proper care.
[Asylum Patient] Wait. Did they tell you differently? Oh baby, no it's–you don’t understand. She will be by now. I wasn’t going to let her live after what she said. Heck, I probably wouldn’t have let any of those forsaken doctors live but a deal’s a deal.
[Straight Jacket and Chains Falling]
[Asylum Patient] And the jig is up
[Vault Door Unlocking]
[Nurse] Uhm the ones you wanted are all in the lounge and the patients–er friends you have been armed.
[Alarm Blares in the Distance]
[Asylum Patient] Good, I’ll just need a moment with my love. Shoo now.
[Nurse] Right. Sorry Doctor.
[Fading Running Footsteps]
[Asylum Patient] I wonder do you have it in you to wrestle with me? I’m sure you do! Just like old times!
[Wrestling Ensues]
[Asylum Patient] So strong, I can barely keep up...if it wasn’t for the ace up my sleeve.
[Syringe Injecting Skin]
[Asylum Patient] Ah, your sleepy face is so cute. But you’re not the only one with a lovely little syringe. There, my love, you can rest your precious head on my lap. When you finally doze off I’ll put an end to this dreaded place and I’ll return to carry my sweet darling off into the sunset. Just wait for me, my precious doctor, your favorite patient is making all my dreams come true.
[Asylum Patient] You had your turn to shine for the rest of the world now it's time to make that light mine.
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2023.06.01 21:01 bsizzlin Commitment Ceremony vs Marriage

Background: My boyfriend and I (30M&29F) have been together for coming up on 9 years. While not religious, I have always wanted to be married. I want the dress, ceremony, vows yada yada. My boyfriend on the other hand does not have strong feelings about marriage. I truly thought by now I would be married to him or at the bare minimum engaged. Finally last year I gave an ultimatum - be at least planning a wedding by our 10 year anniversary or I'm packing my bags. While I have a wonderful relationship and I love him so much, I feel like this lifelong dream of marriage is not something I can give up on without resentment destroying the relationship. Another important piece of info is that my boyfriend was born with a lifelong severe medical condition. (We are in Indiana currently where I do not believe common law marriage is a thing).
Recently in more discussion about marriage between us, my boyfriend told me he has found out that he can probably NEVER marry in his life because he will lose his insurance. His medication that he literally needs to survive would cost THOUSANDS per month without his insurance (his insurance covers 100% of the cost of this medication). We can barely afford life now despite having good jobs so that is not a cost we can absorb.
So now, I have been researching alternatives to marriage because I cannot see myself continuing to be someone's "girlfriend" for the rest of my life and giving up the idea of ever having a wedding. However, I'm definitely open to alternative wedding ideas. For me its not the piece of paper that matters but the day itself where we choose each other and promise ourselves to each other in front of our closest family (the dress is just a bonus!). I have several questions on the differences between being legally married and the alternative "commitment ceremony" or even domestic partnership.
1) Say we just decided to have a commitment ceremony. Can we call it a wedding? Does it matter if we use typical wedding lingo? (Bride, groom, husband wife, etc) Could we basically have a typical wedding without signing the certificate? (We both would want it to be very small/private somewhere in nature like a forest, so its not like I would have to explain why we wouldn't be getting "actually married" to our entire families on ceremony day)
2) Furthermore, if we did have the commitment ceremony - is it better to then file for medical/legal POA, or file for domestic partnership? I'm unclear on the difference/benefits one gives apart from the other.
3) Really I would love to hear anyone's experiences with something similar to this; specifically on the differences in the commitment ceremony vs a wedding ceremony, and if you were "legally bound" to your partner in a different way besides marriage. I have done a ton of research on commitment ceremonies but I'm only finding vague information. Anything you can tell me is so appreciated!
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2023.06.01 21:01 Additional-Tea-9333 My maid did a 180 after she found out I’m disabled

In 2020 I (18F) became disabled, my parents thought I was going to die, I on the other hand couldn’t even think. I survived but was left with terrible chronic pain. Anything, from the wrong room temperature to getting out of bed too fast is enough to make my body give up and just fall limp to the ground. Since my parents work tirelessly to afford my treatment they decided to hire a maid to keep the house clean. We’ve had several over the course of three years, which is due to most of them graduating college and moving on to building a career, which is obviously great, but this also makes it difficult to maintain order in the house. Fast forward to two months ago when this new one entered the picture. She (25F) did her job nicely and was very kind at first, but then I noticed things were turning up missing from the pantry and fridge which we brushed off as her having a harmless sweet tooth. However she’s started binge eating our stuff uncontrollably. One might guess she was starving, but the only things she eats are cookies, sweets and everything else with no nutritional value. We’ve been forced to shop more often and she seems to eat more the more food there is! Not only that but she for some reason dislikes my dog. Yesterday she texted my mom upset about my dog having shat himself and having had to wash his bum, which is a stupid lie since my house has a really open floor plan so smells travel fast and not five minutes after I left my dog (who was asleep) alone, she arrived. I heard her going straight to the fridge and then my dog came upstairs perfectly clean and dry.
Now she barely comes to work, asks for more furniture after we gifted her a dining room set to celebrate her new home and asked my parents for more money since she has to “look after” me. The last part really stung, since that happened after she found my disability certificate and not once has my condition given her extra work nor have my parents ever requested she is my caretaker. What is one supposed to do in this situation? If she needed help affording the cost of living we’d help her no questions asked, but she doesn’t, she’s even in the process of remodeling her house!
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2023.06.01 21:00 Spartawolf Galactic High (Chapter 72)

Okay everyone. Chiyo began, as all members of the household settled down and sat cross legged in a circle in the living room. We're going to try out a guided meditation. It should help with stress and anxiety, and it's really relaxing! Start by gently breathing deeply through your nose, and then keep repeating this until the guide tells you what to do next…
It was getting late in the evening, and Jack had only returned about an hour ago, having very much lost track of time before he finally made his way back. He had a little trouble finding a path back through the districts despite being able to use a marker on his commlink to pinpoint the location of home. The hot tub, which was slightly larger than Jack had expected, had been mostly finished by the time he arrived. However, due to several employee absences the team leader apologised and promised to finish the last of the plumbing the following afternoon after the group got back from school, which Alora quickly planned out with them. Sephy had swept the area for any possible bugs or electronic tags an undercover enemy could plant, but had fortunately found nothing.
A few of them looked sceptical as Chiyo put on a guided meditation program with some relaxing music in the background, which to Jack sounded like the most bizarre series of timbres and pitches unlike anything he had heard. It had the peaceful, slow quality of meditative music from earth, but it still jarred him somewhat due to its unnatural nature.
Still, he tried to follow Chiyo’s instructions as the Ilithii floated back to the circle to sit next to Sephy, who already looked like she was having trouble concentrating, though she made the effort for Chiyo’s sake. Next to him, Nika was already controlling and slowing down her breathing along with him, both of them semi-used to the concept of meditation already, and it looked like Alora was doing something more akin to prayer. The twins and Vanya seemed to be able to cope enough as well, all having some kind of magical ability that required some basic kind of mental concentration.
“Now, bring your attention to your physical form…” The soothing voice of the instructor gently called out over the background music. “Feel your body pressing into the surface beneath you, and take note of any areas of tension or discomfort…”
“I’m well aware of my injuries you dumb bit-” Nika grumbled before Chiyo psychically reminded her to be quiet during the meditation.
“Do not try to change anything with these sensations, merely observe them…”
Relax Sephy… Chiyo quietly told the Skritta, who was slightly fidgeting. Try not to overthink it!
“Now return your attention to your breathing, noticing all the sensations as you inhale, then gently exhale…” The voice continued. They did so, though by the sounds some of them were making they were overdoing it.
“As you continue to breath, bring yourself mentally to your peaceful place. This could be any location that brings you a sense of tranquillity and relaxation. Now imagine yourself in this place, surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells that make it special to you…”
Jack’s mind brought forth an image of home. His mother, his father, his brothers, his sister, his grandparents all surrounding him. He was safe, he was with his family. He had his whole life ahead of him…
And it had all been taken away from him.
Jack squirmed involuntarily as his mind was dragged back to a dark place, his grief threatening to overwhelm him again…
“As you bask in this tranquil scene, allow yourself to let go of your worries and concerns that may be weighing on your mind. Imagine them fading away, leaving you at ease…”
All the faces of the people he would never see again stared at him coldly, judgingly. He had committed acts of horror he never thought he would ever have to commit. Even if there was a chance he could return to Earth, could his family even recognise the shell of a person he had become? What would they say?
“When you are ready, take a deep breath, and as you exhale, slowly open your eyes, and reorient yourself with your surroundings. Carry this sense of calm and relaxation with you into the rest of your day…”
As the guided meditation came to an end Jack quickly got to his feet to get a drink.
“Jack, is everything alright?” Alora asked him in alarm.
“All good.” He lied. “My legs are just a bit stiff, and the meditation was a bit hard.”
“Yeah I get what you mean.” Sephy used her wings to help her kick up. “I don’t really understand the whole ‘sit-and-do-nothing’ thing to be honest, it’s like I need to be actually doing something. But hell, I still gave it a go…”
Thanks for trying it anyway Sephy! Chiyo smiled.
“So what do we do now?” Nika asked everyone, as Jack returned with some canned drinks for all of them. “Still got a few hours before we probably need to go to bed."
“Nothing exhausting, please. Let’s just watch a movie?” Alora suggested after a few seconds of nobody contributing anything.
Perhaps some of our new housemates have a suggestion? Chiyo asked, looking to Vanya and the two Squa’Kaar, who hadn’t been confident enough to suggest anything as the newest additions to the household.
“I’m only a temporary housemate, I still have my own place.” Vanya smiled softly. But maybe WageMage?”
“That’s a good classic to start with!” Sephy grinned. “Have you seen it before Jack?”
“Can’t say I have, the Temple of Hope didn’t really have movie nights.” Jack reminded her with a smile. “What’s it about?”
“It’s basically a comedy film about an office worker that uses magic to get ahead and prank her bosses!” Vanya told him. “But you really need to watch it!”
“I’ll get some snacks.” Alora called, quickly grabbing a few bags of sweets out of one of the cupboards while the others tried to get comfortable on the sofa. It was large enough for all of them…just about.
“We should probably go furniture shopping at some point.” Sephy pointed out the obvious problem. “Especially if you’re gonna offer refuge for those that need it, Alora.”
“Damn, well, we are gonna hit a few of the rubbish heaps and scrapyards for materials we can use to fix up the shuttle, and anything else that we could use for home improvements.” Nika reasoned. “We even got this sofa from one of them though it was a bitch to drag all the way back here!”
At least we have more people that could help now. Maybe even more depending on who joins us. Chiyo added. Because I remember helping you spend half the day dragging that here, and I swore never to do manual labour ever again!
“Well, perhaps we can find a better way this time.” Alora concluded as she came back with the sweets while everyone sat down, and took a few blankets to warm themselves up with. Jack took one of the ends of the sofa so he wouldn’t be squished between two people this time, and Vanya was quick to sit next to him, even putting an arm around him, which he wasn’t opposed to. The thick, warm brown fur of the Chuna made him feel comfortable, and he subconsciously leaned in and relaxed.
“Ooof!” He grunted, as Sephy sat on his lap, pulling the blanket over them and cuddling up to him. Jack reflexively put his other arm around her to keep her in place, lamenting that he could no longer reach for the bag of sweets until Chiyo telepathically sent one his way.
“Hey Chiyo, could I have one as well?” Sephy cheekily asked the Ilithii.
Sure! Chiyo agreed, sending another sweet floating towards Sephy, before pinging it off her forehead,
“Ow!” Sephy grunted as they started the movie.
Jack appreciated the humour and plot of the movie, with the hapless office worker using magic to explode her boss’s tea, and accidently making her manager believe his wife was cheating on him, only to later discover that she actually was. He could see why this movie was a favourite with the girls, though he didn’t know if it would be well received on earth. Though this film was well written and amusing (despite him not understanding much of the humour), he could imagine it being received as too woke back on Earth. When the plot eventually evolved into the protagonist trying desperately to avoid the investigations of the alien equivalent of ‘HR’, it really ramped up the humour, which had even him chuckling on occasion.
However he was more subdued as the others laughed freely at the shenanigans, his mind going back to the horrible experiences he'd had, and his grief from being separated from his family. Yet all around him, like a beacon of hope was a home full of friends having a good time with him.
Could he get used to this?
Yeah. He thought he could.
Svaartal snarled as his arms ever so slowly pushed the weighted bar up, feeling the burn in his chest and arms as he repeated the motion, over and over, his heart pounding as he pushed himself to lift more weight than he had ever lifted before with his natural strength. Forcing himself beyond his limits, he felt his muscles straining as his breaths became more and more laboured. He knew he was overdoing it, but he didn’t care. He was determined to become stronger, more focused, more powerful. He had Carrow watching over Svaarti, so this gave him the opportunity to really cut loose.
Devil’s Daughter would come for him and Svaarti again. He barely won their previous encounter and it took all he had to stand a chance against the raw power of her spells. Next time he would be better. He had heard the words she spoke to his sister, calling Svaarti a thief, though as far as he was concerned, if his mother looted the Golden Staff during the Demonfire War from the Stygians, it was hers by right of conquest. Not that the Devilspawn would care. If Devil’s Daughter was going to target him, Svaartal had no doubt she would attempt to do so through his sister, so he needed to be ready.
He had been pushing himself harder and harder ever since he first faced Frost to a standstill in that ambush, fully expecting to face him again soon, especially after the Drow of House Mal’Kar recruited him. He had been thoroughly changed by that experience, and he suspected the Outsider was changed by it too. From open hostility towards one another in their first week to caution in the next, it was a strange dance the two of them did.
But now?
Something about the Klown attack had changed him even more. For just a moment the two of them had fought side by side for a common cause, and though he did strongly consider it, he didn’t stick with the human. Despite that however, the words Frost told him certainly stuck with him.
Help me stop them.
And he did, didn’t he? He stopped to rescue several of the trapped partygoers and had cut them a path to safety, only to then decimate the Klown numbers with his most powerful spells. He had been considered a hero of the battle, alongside Frost himself and the dragon-bitch that officially kicked him out of the Red Legion. In a strange way, it felt…gratifying?
‘Though the greatest hero that night may not recover from her sacrifice…’ Svaartal thought to himself sadly. Why, Svaarti?’
He got up from the bench and slowly slunk over to the tension cable, cranking up the weight as high as he dared. Taking a deep breath he grabbed the handle with both hands and pulled, yanking the cable over his shoulder before releasing, then doing the same exercise over his other shoulder.
His memories of his fight with Devil’s Daughter came back to him, though he cursed not having a recording so he could better recall. Many of his actions had been instinctual, so much so that he could barely remember what he even did in several instants. He was fortunate that he kept a versatile array of spells prepared and ready for use in any situation, though it was his blade and quick thinking with his illusion and spacial magic that allowed him to slip through the Stygian’s defences.
But though he focused on the fight, her words still rang out in his mind.
‘Why the hell do you hate my people so much?!’
Dumb question. The Devilspawn killed his mother, and even after the Demonfire War many of their kind went rabid, committing horrific acts on innocent people, just the same as they did when Azazel, Lord of Torment was still alive.
But something about the sheer hurt in Devil’s Daughter’s expression tugged away at the back of his mind, like an itch that wouldn’t go away. Perhaps it was…
He was interrupted by the noise of someone approaching. Letting go of the handle, the cable he was pulling quickly snapped back to ping against the weights as he collapsed to the floor, his body dangerously overheated and his breath coming in ragged gasps. He quickly activated the enchantment of his Riverspray Ring, sending out a cloud of cooling mist that instantly made him feel slightly better.
“Good evening, Dextra.” Svaartal greeted the drow politely as he slinked over to where he had left a towel.
“Hey.” She replied, before something caught her eye and she pointed to his bare back. “What happened there?”
“What do you mean?” Svaartal stiffened at the sensitive question, having an idea what Dextra was referring to.
“By the gods…” She muttered. “Your scales are cracked and fucked up, and you’ve got a lot of scars, how?”
“I am aware that my scales need grooming.” Svaartal replied tersely, trying to be patient with the inquisitive drow despite the sensitive subject. “However I did not have anyone to teach me how to do it growing up. If it displeases you I will attempt to rectify the issue…”
“I’m not my sister, so you can shut up.” Dextra snorted. “You’ve got a fuckton of scars too, that can’t be good for you…”
“It is not.” Svaartal growled in anger before he quickly steadied himself, realising he was talking to a Drow Noble. “My apologies Lady Mal’Kar, what did you wish from me?”
Dextra snorted at the sudden formality, but she paid it no mind as she showed him her commlink. Displayed was a NetTube video from a channel by the name of ‘DevilLover69’.
“What is this?” Svaartal asked, confused.
“You might find this kinda funny!” She grinned, and played the video, the thumbnail of which displayed a medium sized, overweight looking being with pinkish-brown fur, a long cone-like trunk, huge grey bulbous eyes and thin, spindly arms.
“Ahem, attention everyone! Listen up, for I have a message for all of you! Recently, I have heard rumours that somebody out there has apparently defeated my beloved waifu, Devil’s Daughter, in combat! Let me tell you, that is something that will not go unpunished! I have spent countless hours defending her honour online, but now I have heard the call, and The Supreme Gentleman will step up and avenge her!”
“I’ve been training hard all this time, inspired by the queen herself! I’ve watched all of her fights, and I’ve practised martial arts on my Devil’s Daughter body pillow! So I hope the killer is watching, because I’m ready, and I’m coming for you! And I promise you, when I defeat you, you will wish you had never been born! I’ll see you on the streets, punk!”
“Pretty funny right?” Dextra asked, as Svaartal gave a slight grin.
“I really hope that’s not a troll!” he chuckled.
“Well if The Supreme Gentleman is legit and if he comes for you, it’ll give the others a good laugh.” Dextra giggled. “And…um…I could try and help you with the scales if you want? The datanet should have some videos and I could do your back if you want?”
Svaartal considered it for a moment, knowing where this would likely end up. He had not been requested by Izadora tonight, who seemed to be particularly busy with House Mal’Kar business, and they had never been anything more than casual so he had the freedom to do as he wished.
“I don’t see why not.” The Nirah shrugged, as he followed the bubbly drow to her chambers.
“He’s her son.” Grandmaster Ilvella told her with a sad look on closing the door to his quarters. “I knew it the moment I saw him, though I couldn’t believe it.”
“What?” Nya exclaimed, having broken protocol and immediately followed her master to talk, with Rena trying to stop her. “Not a chance! There’s no way! They’re nothing alike! He’s evil, he can’t be!”
“I knew Svaarvali for a long time.” the Grandmaster sighed, drained from sharing his painful memory. “Even if he didn’t resemble her physically, there were subtle things I saw in just those few moments meeting him that could only have been from one of her line.”
“Are you certain he is not a different relation to the Saviour, Master?” Rena asked stoically.
“I am certain.” The Grandmaster nodded, closing his eyes. “But irrespective of how I may feel on the matter I will not sacrifice everything we have built for sentiment. Our plans do not change.”
“What are your orders, Master?” Nya tentatively asked.
“Do not engage this…Svaartal under any circumstances, unless in self-defence, and maintain your civilian cover.” He strictly told them both. “He will no doubt expect Devil’s Daughter to retaliate soon if she is able, so we will be patient and wait. I have not seen this Svaarti you are familiar with, but it seems like she may be more receptive than her brother if she is able to recover. If she does, continue to be her friend and get closer to her.”
His gaze then returned to the steely look Nya was used to from her master.
“However, Devil’s Daughter must be sighted soon, unharmed and doing something good to restore the people’s faith. A few days of inactivity will be expected before you must return, and with luck we can completely obscure the truth of your defeat as mere rumours.”
“I don’t think Head Whisperer Ratai has anything recent, save for the possible signs of the latest Killer Klown attack.” Nya reasoned. “And Scholar Volus is still deciphering what was discovered at the Pallid Pit, though Jack and his group have not relinquished the Gloom Cauldron they discovered as far as I am aware, which had ties to the ritual room, and which they’re theorising might have worked as some kind of beacon, though for what I have no idea.”
“I am sure we will find something.” Ilvella concluded. “Perhaps you and Rena can discover something in your civilian lives? The Outsider for one certainly seems to be a good source of trouble. Regardless, you two are dismissed. Heal up and rest early. You have school tomorrow.”
With that, Nya and Rena took their leave.
“This is…” Rena began.
“Impossible.” Nya snapped. “I refuse to believe it.”
“Nya…” Rena gently called to her, understanding the Stygian’s pain.
No, Rena.” Nya snarled, causing the usually stoic Vulsta to take a step back in shock. This wasn’t like her friend at all. “I should have killed him when I had the chance during our fight, and now I learn he’s related to the Saviour? Her son?!”
“You have another chance in the future.” Rena pointed out. “And you can lay the groundwork for that by preparing and training. Taking a loss like that is difficult, but it can be a blessing if you learn from it.”
Nya looked at her friend conflicted, and Rena was glad that the stone corridor of the monastery was deserted.
“Yes.” Nya sighed as she let go of her anger and returned to her normal self. “You’re right. I’ve taken losses before and I’ve come out stronger. I even faced the Killer Klown himself and sent him fleeing, so the problem isn’t necessarily my abilities, but my mind.”
Rena nodded calmly, seeing that Nya was pulling herself up. “And what is your next move?”
“The Grandmaster is right that I need to make a quick reappearance as Devil’s Daughter.” Nya began, sounding more like her usual self. “The Cult of the Destroyer would be an obvious target but the ones at the Pallid Pit were wiped out when my friends decided to go there for some reason, though at least we were able to kill the Stygian masquerading as me and tarnishing our people’s reputation."
“As a civilian I am already friends with Svaarti.” Nya then reasoned. “And unlike her brother, I can actually believe her being related to the Saviour. I can only hope that she wakes and recovers from her arcane backlash. I did talk to her in astral form, so I have faith.”
“So what will you do now?” Rena prompted. The coolly composed Vulsta still expected an answer to her previous question as Nya closed her eyes to think.
“The Whisperers might have something for me.” She decided. “Though there was clearly nothing worthy of Grandmaster Ilvella’s attention, maybe they have something smaller or less reliable I can use to at least been seen by the public.”
“That would be wise.” Rena agreed. “You still need to heal.”
The Chamber of Whispers was set on the ground floor of the monastery, hidden away and far from the entrance or anything else. Following the subtly different pattern of dim lights, the two quickly made their way to the hidden underground bunker that served as their resident spy headquarters.
“BWAH! I knew you’d be up and ready for more work in no time!” A jovial voice called out before they had a chance to knock on the doors. “Hello to you too, Rena!”
“My footsteps were silent…” Rena muttered as they entered the room.
Upon entering, the first thing that struck Nya’s attention was the sheer number of lights illuminating the chamber, bathing the entire room in powerful brightness, and allowing for no shadows to form in heavy contrast to the route they took to get here. Then she focused on the huge table in the middle, with a large map projection of Naganai City, complete with many extensive annotations on several notable districts, and with one of the Whisperers compiling a report on the Pallid Pit.
The walls of the room were lined with the blue glow of several monitors, either displaying popular all-day news outlets or with investigation boards on notable personages. In one of the side rooms Nya could see one of the monks at a console talking away on a headset, likely tapping into the community’s small network of contacts in the city from the safety of their remote system.
“Nya!” Head Whisperer Ratai grinned as the chubby Stygian waltzed over and gave her a gentle bear hug that still lifted her off her feet. “I’m glad you’re back! We’ve got news but it’s not urgent, so you should probably rest…”
Ratai gave her a knowing wink.
“What’s new Ratai?” Nya smiled, used to acting familiar around the man despite his high position.
“HAH!” The Stygian chuckled. “We mostly have reports of the post-klown cleanup, but a few players have already made their moves. Nothing too big but interestingly I’ve received a reliable rumour that our Outsider friend decided that massacring the klowns wasn’t enough for him and was involved in liberating a thinly populated swamp district."
“He’s claiming it as territory?” Rena asked, suddenly alert. “He may be more of a threat than I had initially warned…”
“No, no.” Ratai’s grin got wider. “Nobody seems to have claimed the land, but interestingly enough Clan Ashtail seems to have rehomed the vast majority of the population, and they seem to be sincere in allowing them to rebuild and recover in their newly annexed territory.”
“Do you consider Clan Ashtail a threat?” Nya asked.
“Of course!” Ratai snorted in amusement. “Vetch Ashtail was the one who all but hinted at the damnable rumour in his last correspondence to me, the smug bastard! His clan plays the game well, but there are many other more nefarious groups that will attempt to take advantage of the chaos. I'm particularly concerned about what Corvin Enterprises will try to do, but if they are planning on making a play, which I am almost positive that they are, then they are being very subtle about it.”
“Anything immediate?” Nya asked.
“That admirer of yours was quick to post a new video!” Ratai teased, causing Nya to bury her face in her hands in embarrassment.
“Don’t remind me.” She groaned. “That guy is pure cringe and you need to stop mentioning him to me!”
“Hah! Well I haven’t gotten much within the city itself, but we’ve found a series of accounts online about gangs trying to run protection rackets and establish themselves as local powers. Maybe you can crush a few of the weaker ones to make an appearance as you recover to full strength?”
“Nya will still need some time to recover.” Rena cautioned. “But if we approach this like any other mission and I act from the shadows, it will be fine.”
“Excellent, I shall begin my delving and let you know.” Ratai smiled. “In the meantime, you kids should go to bed!”
“I wish I didn’t have to.” Nya sighed.
“I didn’t exactly have much of a weekend.”
And with that, the weekend is over for our....heroes?
If you're impatient for the next chapter, why not check out my previous series?
Some pictures have been added to The Galactic High Info Sheet! If you have any fanart or any pictures you think might fit one of the entries, please let us know on the discord!
Don't forget! You all have the ability to leave comments and notes to the entries, which I encourage you to do!
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Don't forget to join the discussion with us on Discord, and consider checking me out on Youtube if you haven't already! Until next week, it's goodbye for now!
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2023.06.01 21:00 Charanguera I love San Francisco and have a more nuanced perspective on the problems it faces

I suppose this post is more for people who might be curious about what is going on from an informed perspective and / or are wanting to understand the problems we face.
I have worked at the Hall / in criminal justice in SF for 20 years. I am not particularly political, being a person more interested in understanding things than my own opinions, at least these days. I read police reports, talk to judges and cops and DAs and defense lawyers and defendants - and I have for all of these years. I was here when Kamala waged her "war on drugs" that followed the national movement.
The problems we face right now are not unique to SF, although there are aspects that make them unique. Optics, for example. The TL abuts the financial district and most people that live here have to cross market and see the blight. Not true in LA, where you have to go to skid row to see the same. Also, this city has always been a beacon or a draw. California in general, but SF beyond that. Our services, or the perception of services here. But also, the flavor and reputation of this city, and I am not talking about "soft on crime" reputation that seems to be the obsession of the right. More and more, it's clear that the narrative of a "failed city" is one that feeds conservative politics.
Property crime follows drugs and adapts t technology. The drug problem that we have in SF - again, not unique, but it's breadth is greater because of those factors mentioned - is a reckoning that is much, much larger than this city. It's not just fentanyl, but meth too. Meth has been around for a long time, but the advent of fentanyl has really created more meth opportunities, too. Why? Because these are drugs that do not require a natural resource. They are made with chemicals. Chemicals sent from the east and combined in Mexico - and because they can be created with ubiquity (because of the lack of limitation of natural resources / need to geographically move such distances) - can enter into the US in millions of veins instead of the larger arteries we saw before. The average arrestee these days has EXTRAORDINARY amounts of fentanyl and meth on them, like 100 and 50g, respectively.
The other issue is the supply of dealers. SFPD has long had a federal grant that pays a lot of money to cops to set up "buy-bust" operations. They do them in the TL, our visible, open-air drug market that caters to street-level users who can't afford a roof to sell or use under. This is not politics, this is factual. Back in the day, cops were frequently arresting users who would "break off a piece" for $20 or so to sell to them. Not anymore.
We have always had a lot of immigrant drug sellers, but *nothing* like we have these days. Largely from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, these folks ride what they call the "death train" or "la bestia" up through Mexico to get to border towns where they pay to be smuggled across. Mothers place their teenaged sons on the train, so nicknamed for the extraordinary violence that accompanies the ride. People are notoriously robbed, raped and killed on la bestia. They do so, not because they are bad mothers, but because life in many of these small towns is controlled by gangs. Gangs that were actually started in California prisons and became transnational after the deportation of the paroled prisoners returned there. That's how Mara Salvatrucha, the most dangerous gang in the world, started.
The cartels have started to run the coyote business that is responsible for getting people across the border. So that if you make it across Mexico to a border town and have the ~$1500 to cross, you are dealing with another dangerous situation - which often results in the trafficking of those who have paid to get across. The drug sellers you see in the TL are often victims themselves. And again, I am not pushing politics, I am just explaining what is factual. The reckoning is already happening on our courts.
I know that there are people who have a "lock em up" attitude and think this issue can be controlled by incarceration. But it can't, at least at the level of SFPD and local courts. For law enforcement to impact this problem, it will require the intervention of the federal government for their resources - and going far higher up the chain. Arresting street-level dealers and incarcerating them one at a time is not going to create even a dent; there are more kids crossing to take their place everyday.
Again, not politics: this is about how to address the issue. Surely, yes, you can displace homeless. Many point to the idea of sharing the problem. Makes sense. Soooo many of our homeless, drug addicted are coming from other places where their tax money doesn't have to house and feed them. But ultimately displacement is moving the problem around. On the property crime / user side, we need to have better resources dedicated to treatment. More money in research. Property crime will continue to be rampant so long as the drug use is as high. We have very antiquated programming, although it's getting better.
THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY TED TALK. I get exhausted reading all of the misinformed comments on here. I am not a bleeding heart. I think our in-fighting about Brooke versus Chesa versus SFPD versus blah blah blah is a distraction from the fact that we are dealing with something with much larger dimensions than we ever have and we need to see it for what it is. Oh and another thing, the changes made by Chesa (which is substituted for progressive prosecution) had VERY LITTLE to do with any of the policies around things we actually see. That's why things are the same, even though confirmation bias has people wanting to see that they have changed. SF is ground zero for a reckoning, it'll be happening no matter how people want to perceive it.
But it's the best city in the whole world, so take that!
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2023.06.01 21:00 The_Fallen_1 [THJVerse] Arcane Starfarers - ep 38 - Closing shop

First / Previous / Next
“So, how’s everyone at home been?” Milla asked Celenamartra as she began to stretch her legs out, preparing to stand up.
“I’d be lying if I said they weren’t worried after they heard what happened to the Ridgerider, and then that you were being sent out of UPC space,” the Goddess admitted.
“I thought so. They’re ok though, right?”
“Yes, though your parents are eager to see you as soon as possible.”
“Hopefully I’ll be home before too long. We just need to get the Langan settled in, and then they should at least put the Ridgerider’s crew on leave.”
“Don’t spread this around as it’s not official yet, but the whole crew of the ship will be going on leave so those that wish to partake in first contact celebrations can do so.”
“That’s good then,” Milla replied, cautiously standing up, using the bed frame to balance herself for a moment, before turning to Hannah’rah and Daniel. “Hey, I imagine you’re going to celebrate with your friends, mind if I tag along?”
“Sure, but one of your little brothers will be there as well,” Hannah’rah warned her.
“Xailin isn’t so bad that he requires a warning,” Milla chuckled.
“It’s good to see you’re already mostly recovered, Milla,” Celenamartra told her, turning her attention to Daniel. “May I speak to you in private for a moment, please?”
“Uh, sure…” Daniel replied, following the Goddess to the other side of the room, finding that the sound around them became muffled as Milla and Hannah’rah conversed on the other side of the room.
“I’m sure you have many questions about the past few weeks, and I feel like answering a few,” the Goddess explained. “Not everything, there are some things I don’t wish to talk about, and others that I am not allowed to at the request of others, but feel free to ask away.”
“Uhh…” he mumbled.
“It’s alright, take a moment to think.”
Daniel’s mind began to frantically process what was going on, realising he had a fully private audience with a Deity; a being far beyond his comprehension, who had near infinite knowledge and wisdom, and she was willing to take questions from him. His mind ground to a halt as it tried to make sense of what was happening in the moment, as his mind still hadn’t fully processed the fact that she requested him by name to follow her into the room, let alone the current situation. All he could think about was Deities, and a single question he had been wondering for a while stuck in his mind.
“Ordos. Who is he, and can I trust him?” Daniel asked.
“I don’t wish to reveal his identity; that is for him to do. I will say that he can be trusted as much as any Deity. He follows the Divine Contract, just like the rest of us. You shouldn’t worry about being aligned with him any more than any other Deity.”
“Ok, but if Ordos isn’t known to anyone else, then other Deities could exist…. How many Deities are there really?”
“At least seven,” the Goddess replied, the corners of her mouth forming a faint smirk.
“I see…” he mumbled, realising she wasn’t going to give him clear answers given the chance. “... Did we leave any living Langan behind?”
“No, you rescued all the survivors,” she confirmed.
“That’s good to hear,” Daniel replied, feeling a weight on his mind lifting that he wasn’t aware of. “The attack on the Ridgerider, what really happened?”
“You have the report with all the details available to you.”
“Well, why did Haemish defect then? It’s not like he was raised in that environment.”
“Not everyone likes the UPC or us Deities being around, and they sometimes act irrationally, thinking that fighting is the only way, when leaving the UPC and is an option, and us Deities will respect anyone’s wishes for us to not intervene in their lives. Sometimes it’s as simple as they were raised under an older Human religion that doesn’t allow for the existence of us Deities, and they feel their way of life is threatened by us.”
“If they were to leave, where would they go when all the planets and stations are part of the UPC?”
“It’s not hard to get the necessary equipment to terraform a good candidate over the course of a few years at this point, especially as part of a larger group, and the UPC has said that they will recognise any group that does this as independent. But that’s not what happened here. He came into contact with a group of people that had no qualms with doing unspeakable acts because they can, and he joined them because he also felt that it was fine to commit such atrocities to get his way, even if the safer paths were easier and more likely to be successful. That’s just the way some people are.”
“Thank you for being honest with me.”
“Honest? Well, I didn’t lie, but I didn’t answer half your questions either,” she chuckled.
“Well, thank you for answering those questions.”
“No problem. I’m just surprised you didn’t ask about the other thing,” she replied, tapping the hidden compartment in his arm with the tip of her tail before walking back towards Milla and Hannah’rah.
He furrowed his brow as he tried to work out what she was hinting at, almost kicking himself when he overcame his mental block and remembered exactly what was hidden there, and that he had potentially just missed his only chance to gain some much needed information. He almost called back out, but he didn’t dare bring it up in front of anyone else, even if he felt like he could trust Hannah’rah and Milla more than most people, nor would he want them getting involved if he did. He knew it was his mess to deal with, and no-one else’s.
"How are you feeling now, Milla?" the Goddess asked.
"Better, thank you, though I won't be jumping the ship anywhere for a while," she admitted.
"That's not a problem. It shouldn't be necessary for the time being. Let's carry on with the task at hand, shall we?"
Daniel sat at his console, watching the large station dominate more and more of his view as the ship drew closer to the large torus that housed the docking beams to the Langan's temporary home, with the large central spire blocking out the light of the system's star from their angle. He fought the urge to look back at Celenamartra and Oprin, who were engaged in deep conversation about philosophy and religion, the former more eager, and the latter still put off by the dominating presence the Goddess exuded. He did glance back at Milla however, and while she was obviously uncomfortable, she sat in her seat, ready for her duty, but desperately hoping a portal wasn’t needed anytime soon.
The Trailamker slipped through the small fleet acting as a defensive force, ready in case one of the few civilian ships that had arrived in the system entered the broadcast restricted perimeter. It did afford the crew a sense of ease however, as while they still had jobs to do, it meant that they didn’t always have to be almost combat ready for the first time in about a month. The ship continued onwards, sliding into an open docking arm’s grasp, sending reverberations down the length of the ship as it clamped down onto various sections, and attached docking ports to the ship's airlocks.
“And there we have it,” Captain Harris announced as a silent but collective sigh of relief washed over the bridge. “We’re officially docked with the recently named ‘Olinath Orbital’, and our mission is now officially complete. Operations will take over from here, so wrap up your business, and those of you not involved with the next tasks, go get some well earned rest. Inform your teams that access to the station is available upon request, and we now have an active uplink to the internet if they wish to use it.”
Daniel began to close most of the running programs on his console to make sure none of them got in the way if anyone came along to perform maintenance, and then logged himself out. As he stood up, Hannah’rah did the same, and they began to leave the bridge, checking if Milla was leaving as well, but she remained where she was, seemingly waiting for the Goddess to conclude her conversation, and waved to Daniel and Hannah’rah to go on their way. They both headed to their team rooms, splitting up as they reached the server room, which Daniel headed inside, pleased to find all four members of his team, though Corporal Kreklan was half asleep and Corporal Seling’ten looked like he had only just woken up.
“Hey all,” Daniel began. “Just a quick one. We’ve finally docked. Station access is under light restriction, so make a proper request if you want to go aboard. It should get approved if nothing is going on at the time. Bridge duties are over until the time comes for us to undock, and internet access has been established. You’re all free to use it, but we just need to keep an eye on the monitoring tools. Operations should be the first port of call for any issues, but anything severe will likely fall to us. That’s all I have to say. Any questions?”
“Thank you, Sir,” Sergeant Zent replied. “... I don’t think we do.”
“Good. Take things easy now. Also, Corporal Kreklan, Corporal Seling’ten, is there any reason why you’re both up?” Daniel asked.
“We both got pulled out of bed. ‘No one slacks off while we have a Deity on board,’” Corporal Kreklan replied, his voice slightly slurred. “So we’re waiting in here until the Goddess departs.”
“Who said that?” Daniel asked.
“Just some Sergeant that sleeps in the same room as us,” the Centaur explained. “Don’t know their name.”
“Ok, I’m ordering you both to rest until your next shift starts. If he gives you shit, send him to me. I’ll be right here for a few more hours. Understood?”
“Yes, Sir,” they both replied, faintly smiling as they left.
Daniel shook his head and sat down at his desk, bringing up a half-complete report he'd been working on. He continued on from the section on system performance, finishing it with a recommendation for someone to look into installing a background radiation filtering tool, as one really should have been added for sake of convenience, even if there was a risk of a faint signal being lost. He also made sure he mentioned the signal spike before departure, recommending that the EM sensors be checked out, and the signal analysed, just in case. He then began to write up about the performance of his subordinates, making sure to credit the actions he had noticed or been made aware of, though pointed out that due to his time on the Langan's home world, he had not been around constantly to properly monitor the team for a short period of time, mentioning how Sergeant Zent had stepped up instead.
Daniel's attention was pulled away by someone knocking on the server room's door, and he began to wonder if the two Corporals had returned, or if he was about to set someone straight.
"Enter," Daniel called out.
A large Human man entered the room, who quickly stood to attention when he saw Daniel.
"... Well, why are you here, Sergeant?" Daniel asked, standing to his feet noticing the rank on the man's slides.
"Sir, I came to you to report that two of your Corporals are slacking off, Sir," the Sergeant replied, wearing a very faint smug grin.
"What do you mean, 'slacking off?'"
"They're sleeping in the middle of the day, Sir."
"Do you sleep in the same room as them, Sergeant?" Daniel asked calmly.
"Yes, Sir."
"Then why the fuck haven't you noticed they're late shifts!?" Daniel shouted. "They've been doing this for a month! Did you not see them sleeping when you finished for the day, or got up in the morning!?"
"Yes, Sir," the Sergeant responded, losing his faint smirk immediately.
"So why do you think now is any different to then!?"
"Because we have a Deity on board, Sir."
"There are no rules or regulations stating everyone must be awake and working 24/7, and I can personally assure you that Celenamartra doesn't care if they're awake or not. In fact, I think she'd prefer it if they were asleep, as that way our ship's security is at less risk of being compromised by half-asleep crew!"
"But, Sir, isn't it disrespectful?" the Sergeant tried to argue. "Everyone should be at full alert."
"What's your job, Sergeant?"
"I asked, what's your job?"
"I work in engineering, Sir."
"If you're meant to be at full alert, why are you in the crew quarters and not engineering?"
The Sergeant opened his mouth, but no words came out, so he closed it again.
"I don't know, Sir."
"You don't know? Then why are you harassing people who do know why they're where they are!? … Apologise to the people you disturbed if they're awake, but leave them alone if they aren't, and apologise later instead. I will be asking them to see if you have done so."
"Yes, Sir," the Sergeant replied, turning to leave.
"You are not dismissed, get back here."
The Sergeant turned back around to face Daniel, regret clear on his face.
"If you have done the same to the members of other teams, I suggest you apologise to them and their superior officers very quickly before they blow up on you as well."
"Yes, Sir. I will do that, Sir," the Sergeant promised.
"Good. Dismissed," Daniel told the Sergeant, watching him leave.
"... Remind me not to give bad orders to anyone under you, Sir," Sergeant Zent commented.
"Eh, you'll probably be fine. You aren't terminally stupid after all," Daniel chuckled, sitting back down.
"Why did you go so hard on him?" Sergeant Zent asked. "Yeah, he was wrong, but he was trying to do the right thing."
"Don't reward dumb, even when it comes from a good place, else people will never learn to think and do things right. Also, us techs get pushed around a lot. I'm just making it clear we shouldn't be. I advise you to do that as well if you're in a position like that. The last thing you want is people walking all over you and the people that depend on you."
First / Previous / Next
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2023.06.01 20:59 UNDAWN_Domo Undawn - Action Plan - Community Event - FULL LEGAL RULES

Action Plan
This Action Plan (the “Sweepstakes”) in connection with the Sponsor’s video game Undawn (the “Game”) is governed by these official rules (“Official Rules”), the Game’s EULA available at (“EULA”), and the Game’s privacy policy available at (“Privacy Policy”). By Additional terms specific to a particular Sweepstakes are incorporated by reference and can be found on the applicable Sweepstakes webpage or the applicable Game event page (“Additional Terms”). By entering or participating in the Sweepstakes, you accept and agree to be bound by these Official Rules, the EULA, the Privacy Policy, and any Additional Terms, and any decision Sponsor makes regarding the Sweepstakes, which Sponsor shall make in its sole discretion. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE OFFICIAL RULES INCLUDE AN ARBITRATION PROVISION BELOW.
The sponsor of this Sweepstakes is ZAM Network, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company with an office at 12777 W. Jefferson Blvd – Building E, Los Angeles, CA 90066 (“ZAM” or “Sponsor”).
1) Promotion Period
The Sweepstakes begins on June 1, 2023 and runs through June 15, 2023 (the “Promotion Period”). Sponsor’s clock will be the official timekeeper for the Sweepstakes. Any entry received before or after the applicable Promotion Period is void and will not be eligible for a prize. The Promotion Period is broken down as follows (additional information on time may be posted in the Discord server):
In order to be eligible, participants must be at least (whichever is higher): (i) 18 years old, or (ii) the age of majority in their state or country of their legal residence as of the date of entry, who have an active email account and Internet access. This Sweepstakes is not open to legal residents of Bangladesh, China, Colombia, Dubai, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Quebec of Canada, Singapore, South Australia and QLD, South Korea, Turkey. Any additional eligibility requirements will be indicated in the additional terms found on the applicable Sweepstakes webpage. Persons identified as “Blocked Persons” or persons subject to applicable sanctions prohibitions, including, without limitation, those persons listed on the U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control’s Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List are not eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes. Employees of ZAM, Proxima Beta Pte. Ltd., Krafton, and their respective parent company, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion, fulfillment or other coordinating agencies, individuals providing services to them through an outsourcer or temporary employment agency during the Promotion Period, and their respective immediate family members and persons living in the same household, are not eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes.
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8) Except to the extent prohibited by law, entrants waive the benefit of any “moral rights” or “droit moral” or similar rights in any country to any content that they upload, submit or otherwise provide to Sponsor associated with the Sweepstakes (“Entrant Content”). In addition, when an entrant creates, appears in, uploads, or posts Entrant Content, that entrant grants Sponsor a non-exclusive, transferable, worldwide, royalty-free, unrestricted, perpetual, irrevocable, license, with the right to sublicense, to such entrant’s name, likeness, and voice, including in connection with commercial or sponsored content. This means, among other things, that such entrant will not be entitled to any compensation from Sponsor, its affiliates, or its business partners if such entrant’s name, likeness, or voice is conveyed through the game or any related services, or on one of Sponsor’s business partner’s platforms.
9) Disputes
In the event of a dispute as to any participant, the authorized account holder of the email address associated with the entry will be deemed to be the participant. The “authorized account holder” is the natural person assigned an email address by an Internet access provider, online service provider or other organization responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted address. Each potential winner may be required to show proof of being the authorized account holder. ZAM will make final determination of identity of participants and timing of entries in its sole discretion.
10) Additional Conditions
ZAM reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate, modify or suspend the Sweepstakes in whole or in part, if in ZAM’s opinion (a) the Sweepstakes is not capable of running as planned by reason of the occurrence of any event beyond its control including, but not limited to, fire, flood, epidemic, pandemic, earthquake, explosion, labor dispute or strike, act of God or public enemy, communications, equipment failure, utility or service interruptions, riot or civil disturbance, terrorist threat or activity, war (declared or undeclared), interference with the Sweepstakes by any party, or any federal, state, local or provincial government law, order, or regulation, order of any court or jurisdiction, or other cause not reasonably within ZAM’s control, or (b) any other factors beyond ZAM’s reasonable control corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the Sweepstakes, in all instances without liability to the participants. ZAM also reserves the right to disqualify any participant or winner, as determined by ZAM, in its sole discretion.
11) List of Winner(s)
Individuals may request the name of the winners by emailing Sponsor at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with the subject line: “Undawn - Action Plan Winners List”, within 90 days from the end of the Sweepstakes.
12) Personal Information
ZAM may collect personal data about participants online, in accordance with its privacy policy and as may be more specifically set forth in these Official Rules and the Privacy Policy.
13) Disclaimers and Limitations on Liability. ZAM MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING ANY PRIZE OR YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE SWEEPSTAKES. BY ENTERING THE SWEEPSTAKES OR RECEIPT OF ANY PRIZE, EACH ENTRANT AGREES TO RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS THE SWEEPSTAKES ENTITIES, ANY THIRD-PARTY SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS UTILIZED FOR THE SWEEPSTAKES, AND THEIR SUBSIDIARIES, AFFILIATES, SUPPLIERS, DISTRIBUTORS, ADVERTISING/SWEEPSTAKES AGENCIES, AND PRIZE SUPPLIERS, AND EACH OF THEIR RESPECTIVE PARENT COMPANIES AND EACH SUCH COMPANY’S OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES AND AGENTS (COLLECTIVELY, THE “RELEASED PARTIES”) FROM AND AGAINST ANY CLAIM OR CAUSE OF ACTION, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH, OR DAMAGE TO OR LOSS OF PROPERTY, ARISING OUT OF PARTICIPATION IN THE SWEEPSTAKES OR RECEIPT OR USE OR MISUSE OF ANY PRIZE. THE RELEASED PARTIES ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR: (1) ANY INCORRECT OR INACCURATE INFORMATION, WHETHER CAUSED BY ENTRANTS, PRINTING ERRORS OR BY ANY OF THE EQUIPMENT OR PROGRAMMING ASSOCIATED WITH OR UTILIZED IN THE SWEEPSTAKES; (2) TECHNICAL FAILURES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO MALFUNCTIONS, INTERRUPTIONS, OR DISCONNECTIONS IN PHONE LINES OR NETWORK HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE; (3) UNAUTHORIZED HUMAN INTERVENTION IN ANY PART OF THE ENTRY PROCESS OR THE SWEEPSTAKES; (4) TECHNICAL OR HUMAN ERROR WHICH MAY OCCUR IN THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE SWEEPSTAKES OR THE PROCESSING OF ENTRIES; OR (5) ANY INJURY OR DAMAGE TO PERSONS OR PROPERTY WHICH MAY BE CAUSED, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, FROM ENTRANT’S PARTICIPATION IN THE SWEEPSTAKES OR RECEIPT OR USE OR MISUSE OF ANY PRIZE. If for any reason an entrant's entry is confirmed to have been erroneously deleted, lost, or otherwise destroyed or corrupted, entrant’s sole remedy is another entry in the Sweepstakes, provided that if it is not possible to award another entry due to discontinuance of the Sweepstakes, or any part of it, for any reason, Sponsor, at its discretion, may elect to hold a random drawing from among all eligible entries received up to the date of discontinuance for any or all of the prizes offered herein. No more than the stated number of prizes will be awarded. In event that production, technical, programming or any other reasons cause more than stated number of prizes as set forth in these Official Rules to be available and/or claimed, Sponsor reserves the right to award only the stated number of prizes by a choosing from all legitimate, unawarded, eligible prize claims. In the event Sponsor is prevented from continuing with the Sweepstakes as contemplated herein by any event beyond its control, including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, labor dispute or strike, act of God or public enemy, or any federal, state or local government law, order, or regulation, or other cause not reasonably within Sponsor’s control (each a "Force Majeure" event or occurrence), then subject to any governmental approval which may be required, Sponsor shall have the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Sweepstakes. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these rules shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision.
14) Indemnification
You agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold ZAM and its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, sponsors and agents, including advertising and promotion agencies, and assigns, and any other organizations related to the Sweepstakes, harmless, from any and all claims, injuries, damages, expenses or losses to person or property and/or liabilities of any nature that in any way arise from participation in the Sweepstakes or acceptance or use of a prize or parts thereof, including, without limitation, (a) any condition caused by events beyond ZAM’s control that may cause the Sweepstakes to be disrupted or corrupted; (b) the prize, or acceptance, possession, or use of the prize, or from participation in the Sweepstakes; and (c) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the Sweepstakes.
15) Publicity
Except where prohibited, by participating in the Sweepstakes, you consent to the use of your name, photograph, likeness, voice, opinions, information, biographical information, entry and statements attributed to you (if true), hometown and jurisdiction of residence for advertising, publicity and promotional purposes, including without limitation, inclusion in ZAM’s newsletters, social media accounts and affiliated websites and the applicable Sweepstakes webpage, without further compensation.
16) Governing Law
These Official Rules, and any action related thereto, will be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act, federal arbitration law and the laws of the State of California without regard to conflict of laws provisions. Except as otherwise expressly set forth in Section 15 “Dispute Resolution and Arbitration” the exclusive jurisdiction for all Disputes (defined below) that you and ZAM are not required to arbitrate will be the state and federal courts located in Los Angeles County, California and you and ZAM each waive any objection to jurisdiction and venue in such courts.
17) Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
a) Mandatory Arbitration of Disputes. We each agree that any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to these Official Rules or the breach, termination, enforcement, interpretation or validity thereof or participation in the Sweepstakes (collectively, “Disputes”) will be resolved solely by binding, individual arbitration and not in a class, representative or consolidated action or proceeding. You and ZAM agree that the U.S. Federal Arbitration Act governs the interpretation and enforcement of these Official Rules, and that you and ZAM are each waiving the right to a trial by jury or to participate in a class action. This arbitration provision shall survive termination of these Official Rules.
b) Exceptions. As limited exceptions to Section 15(a) above: (i) we both may seek to resolve a Dispute in small claims court if it qualifies; and (ii) we each retain the right to seek injunctive or other equitable relief from a court to prevent (or enjoin) the infringement or misappropriation of our intellectual property rights.
c) Conducting Arbitration and Arbitration Rules. The arbitration will be conducted by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) under its Consumer Arbitration Rules (the “AAA Rules”) then in effect, except as modified by these Official Rules. The AAA Rules are available at or by calling 1-800-778-7879. A party who wishes to start arbitration must submit a written Demand for Arbitration to AAA and give notice to the other party as specified in the AAA Rules. The AAA provides a form Demand for Arbitration at Any arbitration hearings will take place in the county (or parish) where you live, unless we both agree to a different location. The parties agree that the arbitrator shall have exclusive authority to decide all issues relating to the interpretation, applicability, enforceability and scope of this arbitration agreement.
d) Arbitration Costs. Payment of all filing, administration and arbitrator fees will be governed by the AAA Rules, and we won’t seek to recover the administration and arbitrator fees we are responsible for paying, unless the arbitrator finds your Dispute frivolous. If we prevail in arbitration we’ll pay all of our attorneys’ fees and costs and won’t seek to recover them from you. If you prevail in arbitration you will be entitled to an award of attorneys’ fees and expenses to the extent provided under applicable law.
e) Injunctive and Declaratory Relief. Except as provided in 13(b) above, the arbitrator shall determine all issues of liability on the merits of any claim asserted by either party and may award declaratory or injunctive relief only in favor of the individual party seeking relief and only to the extent necessary to provide relief warranted by that party’s individual claim. To the extent that you or we prevail on a claim and seek public injunctive relief (that is, injunctive relief that has the primary purpose and effect of prohibiting unlawful acts that threaten future injury to the public), the entitlement to and extent of such relief must be litigated in a civil court of competent jurisdiction and not in arbitration. The parties agree that litigation of any issues of public injunctive relief shall be stayed pending the outcome of the merits of any individual claims in arbitration.
f) Class Action Waiver. YOU AND ZAM AGREE THAT EACH MAY BRING CLAIMS AGAINST THE OTHER ONLY IN YOUR OR ITS INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY, AND NOT AS A PLAINTIFF OR CLASS MEMBER IN ANY PURPORTED CLASS OR REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING. Further, if the parties’ Dispute is resolved through arbitration, the arbitrator may not consolidate another person’s claims with your claims, and may not otherwise preside over any form of a representative or class proceeding. If this specific provision is found to be unenforceable, then the entirety of this Dispute Resolution and Arbitration section shall be null and void.
g) Severability. With the exception of any of the provisions in Section 15(f) (“Class Action Waiver”), if an arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction decides that any part of these Official Rules is invalid or unenforceable, the other parts of these Official Rules will still apply.
18) Languages. These Official Rules may be made in multiple language versions. In the event of a dispute as to the terms of different language versions, the English version shall prevail.
19) Country Specific Notices.
20) If any provision of these Official Rules is invalid under the law, rules, or regulations of a particular country, it will only apply to the extent permitted.
21) No Affiliation with Social Media Channels.
22) This Sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, any of the social media channels used in connection with this Contest. Entrants understand that entrants are providing information to Sponsor and not to the social media channels. The information provided by entrants will only be used as described in these Official Rules and the Game’s Privacy Policy.
For any feedback or questions regarding these Official Rules, the Sweepstakes, winners, or prizes, you can contact Sponsor by sending an email to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.01 20:58 bigguynak [USA-CA][H] Aokzoe A1, Onexplayer (1165g7), Razer Kishi, Raspberry Pi NesPi 4 Case, Raspberry Pi NesPi Case+ [W] GPU, Miyoo mini, Paypal, Local Cash

Local is Ventura/Santa Barbara area
Aokzoe A1 - 512GB/16GB/large battery. This is the "blue" color model, although it looks more like purple in person. Selling because I was never really into the color variants that they offered, but bought it anyway, and then the Onexplayer 2 came out and I decided to get that instead. It's a comfortable console to hold and play with though. The screen looks great and performance is good too. Factory installed screen protector is still installed. Comes with the original charger, carrying case, and box. Asking $600 shipped.
Onexplayer - 2TB/16GB. This is the original Onexplayer and I love this thing despite the so called "Intel driver issues". The only reason I decided to go with one of the newer devices, is that they improved the ergonomics of the new ones. I have pretty big hands though and I've heard others say that the grip was not as much of an issue for them. Would love to keep it, but I need to clean house and have too many of these devices. I did upgrade the internal ssd to a 2 TB drive and I did re-paste and add thicker thermal pads at one point to try and help with the cooling (it didn't help much). There is also a slight defect with the screen where it is slightly shifted to the right. It's only a few pixels and generally isn't noticeable unless you are looking for it. I added pictures of both sides of the screen to show it. It has a matte screen protector installed and I am including extras as well as clear screen protectors if you would like to switch them out. I'm also including the original charger, carrying case, magnetic keyboard, and the box. Asking $400 shipped.
Razer Kishi telescopic phone controller (usb-c) - Includes aftermarket carrying case. Asking $30 + shipping
I also have 2 cases for Raspberry Pis. Both look like NES Classic consoles, the 4 case is for Pi 4's and comes with a cartridge that you can mount an SSD in and the power adapter. The other is for a Pi 2 or 3 and comes with the power adapter. Asking $25 for the Pi 4 version and $20 for the Pi 3 version not including shipping.
I'd be open to trading any of the above for a gpu (nothing I'm specifically targeting) + cash if needed to make it even. I'm also looking to pick up a Miyoo Mini handheld (the small one, not the plus).
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2023.06.01 20:58 Brilliant-Economy-76 Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival [Anarchy] [Vanilla] {1.19.3} {Java} {No Rules}

- Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival -
-> <-
AVAS stands for Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival. The server tries to get as close to the vanilla Minecraft experience as possible, with no moderation and minimal modification. Hacking, griefing, and exploiting are all allowed and encouraged.
The server will update to the latest versions when they are available but is still accessible from clients back to 1.9. All the features available in the vanilla version are also available on the server. We do not fix vanilla bugs and exploits if they are in the current version of the game and do not affect the stability of the server. We do not punish players for using cheats and griefing. Our plugins are only used for server maintenance.
Version: 1.19.3 (joinable from 1.9)
Server features:
- Map: October 2020
- Complete freedom to use the flight and movement modules, unlike most other anarchy servers.
- Unique dupe system. When you vote for AVAS, you get points which can be used to dupe a held item stack.
- Active Discord community with lots of "friendly" players.
- No "Pay to win". Donors receive only cosmetics that do not affect gameplay.
Server limitations:
- Movement speed is limited to 40 blocks per second in the Overworld and 36 blocks per second in the Nether Roof to avoid filling up server disk space and lagging the server when moving fast.
- You cannot destroy indestructible blocks. We want the End to be open and the bedrock to be out of circulation since those things are not vanilla.
- Written book size is limited to mitigate book bans.
- VPN use is prohibited for non-donors.
You are allowed to abuse any exploit you can find (except godmode and block breaking). If a dupe works in the vanilla release of the game, it will almost certainly work here. We do our best to keep all vanilla exploits unpatched for as long as they are available in the latest official release of Minecraft. We use Paper for stability, so to prevent unwanted exploit patches, we only update when necessary. We also try to unpatch any Paper-specific patches that are unpatched by Mojang, but if there's a crucial update to Paper and it patches a vanilla exploit, that's just the way it is.
Do whatever you can get to work. We don't mess with anything besides speed hacks, and that's only when TPS is already bad.

If you want to build a big base, blow up someone else's base, create your own empire or kill new players, create map-art or just be a toxic person, try
The server version is 1.19.3, however you can play on clients as far back as 1.9. Please note that when playing on clients running versions earlier than 1.17, world height may not work properly.
- AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X - 128 GB DDR4 ECC - 16 TB HDD - Dedicated hardware
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2023.06.01 20:58 vertigosaint90 My Encounter With Mr Boots

Okay, this will be a long post but I hope people will stick with it and give me their honest feedback. I've been considering posting to this Subreddit for a while now, but I'm really rubbish at using Reddit! I want to tell people about my encounter with a somewhat notorious ghost and how to this day, I can't explain what happened to me.
Back in 2019 I attended the Edinburgh film festival and it was my first time visiting the city. I had an amazing time, and one night I decided to take some time off watching films to do some tourist-like activities. In the hostel where I was staying I saw a leaflet for the Edinburgh Vault tours which I thought would be fascinating as I'm a serious history buff. If you don't know what the Edinburgh vaults are they are are a series of chambers formed in the nineteen arches of the South Bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland which were used to house a number of different businesses until they became a shelter for the homeless (more info here). The tour was a 'Ghost' tour of the seedy part of old town in Edinburgh, and despite having some slightly paranormal experiences in the past, I felt pretty confident that I could handle going on my own.
The first part of the tour took place above ground and to be honest, it wasn't particularly great as it was the middle of June and despite being around 6-7pm, it was sunny and bright which didn't really create the right atmosphere. The tour guide led us to the entrance of the vaults, which we entered through a normal building and down a flight of stairs. Before, we went into the vaults, she told us to make sure our shoe laces are tied (I double-tied my laces as I didn't want to trip up as the floor was very uneven).
This was where the tour really started to get interesting. The guide told us about the history of the place and the ghosts that apparently reside there. One is Mr Boots, who is an evil spirit who can be heard stomping around in boots. The other is a small boy that attaches itself to women he considers to be a 'motherly' figure and he likes to grab their hand and is known to untie shoelaces. The un-named boy is apparently scared of Mr Boots. As a tour group, we walk from room to room as the tour guide recounts different stories of ghostly encounters.
We enter one room where there used to be a fireplace, which the guide is in front of. In the archway there's a couple and I'm stood next to them facing the guide and the couple. I decide to take a photo of the guide and the couple when suddenly behind the couple I see this man.
I've never seen a face full of so much hate and evil in all my life. I can't even find the words to describe how menacing they looked, their face looked twisted with hate. They looked human. A tall figure, wearing a long black coat or a cloak, wearing a top hat. They had white pale skin. The figure wasn't transparent, but solid.
The moment I saw him, the entire left side of my body went numb and cold. And, I mean cold as if that side of my body had frozen. I felt something yank at my left hand and I pulled my eyes away from the figure in the archway to look down at the left hand-side of my body. There's nothing next me, no-one pulling on my hand, and when I go to look up Mr Boots is gone. Thank God!
The guide starts to move everyone to the next room, and I seriously don't want to walk through the archway but I know I can't stay in the small room any longer. I go to move when I look down at my left shoe to see the shoe lace is undone. Only, it's not just undone. The shoelace looks like its been wrapped around someone's finger and they have piled it on top of my shoe. I can't help but gasp out loud and call the guide over. She looks at it baffled and says she's never seen that happen to anyone before! I don't know why but I was too scared to tell her about seeing Mr Boots, because I felt like I couldn't tell her like I would somehow get into trouble? I felt like I was suddenly back to being a little kid.
I wasn't the only person in the tour group to have a paranormal experience. There was this big body-builder type man who clearly thought the whole tour was just nonsense, he was stood in a corner of this room next to a wall just minding his own business when suddenly he jumped and looked behind him. Apparently, he heard someone clap in his ear but there wasn't anyone behind him and no-one in the group had clapped.
I'm nearly at the end of this story, so thank you for sticking with me so far. The last bit is what happened to me back at the hostel when I returned after the tour. I had been sharing a room with a few other girls and I re-telling my experience (minus seeing Mr Boots because I thought no-one would believe me), the girls thought the tour sounded really interesting and we chatted for a bit about Scotland in general before I decided to go to sleep.
As I was lying in my bunk (which was on the bottom), I was suddenly overcome by that feeling of being frozen and paralysed again like I had experienced back in the vault. My eyes were half open and I could see the two girls still talking sat on a bed. I remember wanting to call out to them but I couldn't. I don't know how long I was stuck like this but eventually I found that I could open my eyes fully and I could move again. I didn't sleep for the rest of the night.
If people are interested in some context, I have always had strange experiences on the left hand-side of my body. What I mean by this, is that whenever anything paranormal happens, I feel a shiver go down the entire left hand-side of my body. You know, that feeling you get when someone walks over your grave? Well, that's what I feel. When I was three I was involved in a terrible accident where my dress caught on fire and I was badly burnt. The part of my body most affected? The left part.
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2023.06.01 20:58 Brilliant-Economy-76 Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival [Anarchy] [Vanilla] {1.19.3} {Java} {No Rules}

- Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival -
-> <-
AVAS stands for Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival. The server tries to get as close to the vanilla Minecraft experience as possible, with no moderation and minimal modification. Hacking, griefing, and exploiting are all allowed and encouraged.
The server will update to the latest versions when they are available but is still accessible from clients back to 1.9. All the features available in the vanilla version are also available on the server. We do not fix vanilla bugs and exploits if they are in the current version of the game and do not affect the stability of the server. We do not punish players for using cheats and griefing. Our plugins are only used for server maintenance.
Version: 1.19.3 (joinable from 1.9)
Server features:
- Map: October 2020
- Complete freedom to use the flight and movement modules, unlike most other anarchy servers.
- Unique dupe system. When you vote for AVAS, you get points which can be used to dupe a held item stack.
- Active Discord community with lots of "friendly" players.
- No "Pay to win". Donors receive only cosmetics that do not affect gameplay.
Server limitations:
- Movement speed is limited to 40 blocks per second in the Overworld and 36 blocks per second in the Nether Roof to avoid filling up server disk space and lagging the server when moving fast.
- You cannot destroy indestructible blocks. We want the End to be open and the bedrock to be out of circulation since those things are not vanilla.
- Written book size is limited to mitigate book bans.
- VPN use is prohibited for non-donors.
You are allowed to abuse any exploit you can find (except godmode and block breaking). If a dupe works in the vanilla release of the game, it will almost certainly work here. We do our best to keep all vanilla exploits unpatched for as long as they are available in the latest official release of Minecraft. We use Paper for stability, so to prevent unwanted exploit patches, we only update when necessary. We also try to unpatch any Paper-specific patches that are unpatched by Mojang, but if there's a crucial update to Paper and it patches a vanilla exploit, that's just the way it is.
Do whatever you can get to work. We don't mess with anything besides speed hacks, and that's only when TPS is already bad.

If you want to build a big base, blow up someone else's base, create your own empire or kill new players, create map-art or just be a toxic person, try
The server version is 1.19.3, however you can play on clients as far back as 1.9. Please note that when playing on clients running versions earlier than 1.17, world height may not work properly.
- AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X - 128 GB DDR4 ECC - 16 TB HDD - Dedicated hardware
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2023.06.01 20:57 What-Ever-3951 AITA for sending a draft text to my husband?

First time poster, but avid reader of AITA, and finally just want some outside perspective for my own situation to know if IATA all along.
For some background, I (33F) dated my now husband (36M) for 13 years before he proposed. Family and friends constantly nagged him about when he was going to propose but he's the type of person that doesn't take big decisions lightly and needs time to think things through for himself and doesn't give into peesocietal pressure.
Throughout out relationship we've had ups and downs, but always worked through it. One fight we constantly have though is that he accuses me of "never listening" to him and "not consulting" him before making decisions that affect both of us.
A couple examples: (just within the past 3 years or so)
1) Our friends invited us to join their trip to the Maldives - we both really wanted to go, so I booked the resort right away with my own credit card, noting that we had until a month prior to the trip to cancel without penalty/fees. I then let him know what I did and that we have plenty of time to discuss/decide, but we're covered either way. He blew up on me saying I never listen to him because he said we needed to discuss it, and I booked it without consulting him. I explained if I didn't book right away we would have risked not getting the same dates as our friends, and it was months away so we had time to cancel if we decided not to go. [We ended up going and it was amazing.]
2) I was discussing set-up options through email with the wedding reception venue (we had a small court wedding and reception, which we planned within a month) and I asked if a certain setup was possible. I was told it was, and I let my husband know that it was a possible option. He didn't like that option and was upset that I even asked about it without consulting him first. I reminded him it's "not-set-in-stone" but that just made him more upset because he took that as I made the change already, and now we have to ask to put it back again. He again accused me of making decisions without him. [He doesn't believe in therapy but agreed to go to couples therapy after our honeymoon... the honeymoon was cancelled due to bad weather in Mexico, so we have yet to go to therapy.]
3) We were asked to bring ice to a family party. We had been to his cousin's house the night before but took an Uber and so they took the route as instructed by the app. The day of the party I drove. I let him know that the route we took the night before is not the route we usually take - so when we get closer could he look up 711 to take us on the route that we took to get ice last time? He was on his phone but commented as if he understood. Then he asks, "Was it 711 that we went to last time?" and since it seemed like he didn't hear me the first time I said, "711, but it's not on the route we took yesterday." He blew up on me. "You never listen! That's not what I asked!" [I ended up dropping him off at the party and did some retail therapy instead.]
Now to the current issue:
I drafted a text, which was meant for my cousins, and sent it to my husband with the preface: "Just talked to my mom. Going to text [cousin1] and [cousin2] (unless you have edits)"
He originally agreed with the text, so I asked, "ok to send?" but then he further questioned the context saying, "So what happens if I don't want to come?" because the text stated that "we" would be attending my uncle's birthday party. He had asked me on multiple occasions prior if I was going because he said he didn't want to go, but I let him know I didn't receive a formal invite yet and was still waiting to hear from my mom about plans for the weekend after that birthday party weekend. I had texted him that draft the moment I heard from my mom. She didn't want to do anything the weekend after so she suggested we come the weekend of the birthday party (this was the "invite", and she would let my aunt know) and we can lump together the other occasions into that weekend, rather than travel to my hometown 2 weekends in a row.
With this new information from my mom, I drafted the text to let my cousins know the proposed plans because they were waiting to be updated too, but wanted to let my husband give his input about the proposed plans first and opened it up for discussion with him, hence the "unless you have edits". He again claims I never listen to him (because he said he didn't want to go, but I wrote "we" will be there) and I made plans without consulting him (because I wrote that draft text without talking to him first). In my defense, he never gave a reason why he didn't want to go. My mind went to his usual reasons: he doesn't like that uncle, and he doesn't like going to my hometown multiple weekends in a row [because I do actually listen]. But now that we wouldn't be going 2 weekends in a row, and because this uncle is getting weaker and may not have many more birthdays, I thought he might want to come now, but he has the option to let me know he still doesn't want to by telling me to "edit" it [because I do think to consult him before finalizing plans].
Well now he thinks IATA because I won't admit that I was wrong for "making those plans" without him. He also misunderstood "edit" to mean "help me with my grammar and spelling" which I reminded him I have NEVER EVER asked for his help with that (he's the bad speller and constantly asks me how to spell things) and says I should have asked him why he doesn't want to go (he said it's exactly those usual reasons). [As of now he is not coming with me and thinks everyone will be talking about him behind his back because they're expecting him to come. I told him no one cares because I didn't make those plans it was just a draft text.]
I admit I like to get things done and plan ahead (I've been waiting for my mom to tell me her schedule for weeks), and I constantly juggle multiple things at once (I'm a manager at work, and at home - for my household, for my parents, for my extended family, etc.) so I drafted the text to save time/kill two birds with one stone: inform my husband of the updates, give him the chance to give input, and inform my cousins after. Am I the asshole?
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2023.06.01 20:57 Brilliant-Economy-76 Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival [Anarchy] [Vanilla] {1.19.3} {Java} {No Rules}

- Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival -
-> <-
AVAS stands for Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival. The server tries to get as close to the vanilla Minecraft experience as possible, with no moderation and minimal modification. Hacking, griefing, and exploiting are all allowed and encouraged.
The server will update to the latest versions when they are available but is still accessible from clients back to 1.9. All the features available in the vanilla version are also available on the server. We do not fix vanilla bugs and exploits if they are in the current version of the game and do not affect the stability of the server. We do not punish players for using cheats and griefing. Our plugins are only used for server maintenance.
Version: 1.19.3 (joinable from 1.9)
Server features:
- Map: October 2020
- Complete freedom to use the flight and movement modules, unlike most other anarchy servers.
- Unique dupe system. When you vote for AVAS, you get points which can be used to dupe a held item stack.
- Active Discord community with lots of "friendly" players.
- No "Pay to win". Donors receive only cosmetics that do not affect gameplay.
Server limitations:
- Movement speed is limited to 40 blocks per second in the Overworld and 36 blocks per second in the Nether Roof to avoid filling up server disk space and lagging the server when moving fast.
- You cannot destroy indestructible blocks. We want the End to be open and the bedrock to be out of circulation since those things are not vanilla.
- Written book size is limited to mitigate book bans.
- VPN use is prohibited for non-donors.
You are allowed to abuse any exploit you can find (except godmode and block breaking). If a dupe works in the vanilla release of the game, it will almost certainly work here. We do our best to keep all vanilla exploits unpatched for as long as they are available in the latest official release of Minecraft. We use Paper for stability, so to prevent unwanted exploit patches, we only update when necessary. We also try to unpatch any Paper-specific patches that are unpatched by Mojang, but if there's a crucial update to Paper and it patches a vanilla exploit, that's just the way it is.
Do whatever you can get to work. We don't mess with anything besides speed hacks, and that's only when TPS is already bad.

If you want to build a big base, blow up someone else's base, create your own empire or kill new players, create map-art or just be a toxic person, try
The server version is 1.19.3, however you can play on clients as far back as 1.9. Please note that when playing on clients running versions earlier than 1.17, world height may not work properly.
- AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X - 128 GB DDR4 ECC - 16 TB HDD - Dedicated hardware
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2023.06.01 20:56 snezel [US-TX][H] Holiday, Wolverine Chopper, Polybags, Ideas, Black Seas Barracuda, Shelob Attacks [W] PayPal, LOTR sets

Hello, selling some sets to make some extra room. Shipping will depend on your location and which set(s). I would predict $10 for small sets or polybags, $20-$30 for the larger ones.
Set Number Price Condition Info
Mini Gingerbread House 40337 $30 NISB
Romantic Valentine Picnic 40236 $25 NISB
Halloween Haunt 40260 $40 NISB
Thanksgiving Harvest 40261 $15 Used 100% complete, have instructions
Buildable 2 x 4 Red Brick 6313287 $20 NISB
Bean There, Donut That 40358 $15 NISB
Iconic Brick Calendar 40172 $25 Used missing piece 1x2431, have instructions
Woody and Buzz to the Rescue 7590 $30 Used 100% complete, no instructions
Wolverine's Chopper Showdown 6866 $85 Used missing piece 1x30173b, have instructions
Botanical Accessories polybag 40310 $6 NISB x2
Chinatown polybag 40464 $4 NISB x2
Bicycles polybag 40313 $5 NISB
Food Accessories polybag 40309 $4 NISB
Streetlamps polybag 40312 $5 NISB
Iconic Cave 5004936 $6 Used
Cute Pug Polybag 30542 $7 Used 100% complete, have instructions
The Knight Bus 75957 $38 NISB
4 Privet Drive 75968 $50 NISB
The Child 75318 $60 NISB
Everyone Is Awesome 40516 $35 NISB
60 Years of the LEGO Brick 40290 $25 NISB
Dinosaur Fossils 21320 $75 NISB
Bonsai Tree 10281 $40 NISB
Friends Central Perk 21319 $50 NISB
Shelob Attacks 9470 $200 NISB
Tree House 21318 $200 NISB
Maersk Line Triple-E 10241 $375 NISB
Vestas Wind Turbine 10268 $225 Used 100% complete, have instructions
Black Seas Barracuda 6285 $450 Used 100% complete, have instructions
Sets I am looking for:
9469 - Gandalf Arrives
10237 - Tower of Orthanc
79008 - Pirate Ship Ambush
10278 - Police Station
10297 - Boutique Hotel
10312 - Jazz Club
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2023.06.01 20:56 kay87W Should I get a 2nd cat?

Hi. I have a 7 month old cat. He's very sweet except for the excessive biting while playing. He also seems like he's a social cat because the few times I brought him to my mom's house he always tries to play with her cat of the same age (who ignores him). Lately I've been thinking of getting a 2nd cat in case he feels lonely. I'm at home often but I'm worried I'm not enough. What makes me more unsure is the fact that I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment. No balcony. I keep his litterbox in the only space I have in a small closet in my living room. I'm worried the space is to small for both of them and me. Most posts online always suggest 2 cats but this is one of the few subs that actually talk about the issues with having 2. A few of the most recent posts are about things like 2 cats not getting along even after being together for a while. If this is something that happens often I don't think I have the ability to keep them separate. Sure I have my bedroom but it's not really a way I want to live. Always having to keep my doors closed in an already small space. Not to mention having to have another litterbox in my bedroom full time if they start fighting. I just feel guilty because of him. From personal experience, would you recommend someone in my situation getting another cat? Do you regret getting your second? Sorry for the long post. Just really conflicted right now. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.01 20:55 Mrgomnrd In season 5, the liars should have had to go on the run with Alison (reposting this bc I really like it)

By season 5, the show is declining. Alison is back, but they don't make the most of her character. The liars' interactions with her are limited as she is soon incarcerated. Additionally, the whole show starts feeling like it's dragging. It needs a shake up.
Instead of the ridiculous Alison is A plot, they should have had all the liars accused of Mona's murder, and all of them consequently making a run for it together. They would have to rely on Alison to lead them. This could explore Alison's life on the run over the past 2 years, and put them in new situations, as well as develop her relationship with each girl individually.
It would allow the audience to see Alison in a more sympathetic light (the core four could maybe reflect on how lonely Alison must have been, and how utterly miserable her life was) but still showcase her capabilities and survival instinct, that she managed to survive alone age 15, the network of contacts she set up.
Spencer would have to allow Alison to be the leader (as Alison knows what she's doing) and they could struggle against each other, until they eventually learn to work together in trying to work out who A is (making suspect boards etc), and become joint leaders. A would be trying to find them, and the girls would know this, so they would have to be very careful.
As they would have to get jobs, Alison and Hanna could work in the same place and this would allow for some scenes to work out their issues. As for aria and emily, maybe the 5 could have had 2 bedrooms, so those 2 would share with Alison. Or they could pair of to go investigate stuff together at different points. This would allow for them to each have individual interactions with her.
As all 5 girls would have to get jobs, this would allow for development away from home. So we would see Aria away from ezra. The 4 would feel bad leaving their parents as the the parents would be under pressure from the police, and this is likely to upset emily the loyal one the most.
This would show the liars relying on each other more then ever. It would give new situations ( A is chasing them, having to navigate low profile, jobs etc) and most of all, they would have to cheer each other up when they would inevitably become miserable.
This would end with A finding out where they are staying, kidnapping them and taking them all to the doll house, but Alison somehow escapes. She returns to Rosewood and is immediately imprisoned until Tanner sees the video and she is released and joins with caleb and Ezra to get the girls.
Thanks for reading! So honest thoughts and opinions? Any and all feedback is welcome, I want to know what people think!
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2023.06.01 20:52 thunderhamper Kenmore Elite Washer Shocked Me!

I have a Kenmore Elite washing machine that is at least a couple years old. It has worked well up to now, but on a recent load, I reached in and touched my forearm to the rubber surrounding the opening of the washer and got a fairly strong persistent tingling sensation where I touched the washer. I (stupidly) touched my forearm to the area again and got the same shock, then unplugged the appliance and confirmed that it no longer shocked me.
It felt like an electric shock and the fact that I could repeat the shock and that it stopped when I unplugged the machine indicates to me that it wasn’t static electricity.
The outlet it’s plugged into is wired correctly according to my outlet tester. There are no other appliances in the house that have shocked anyone. I’ve not had any issues with a subsequent wash cycles.
An appliance repair person came to take a look. He used my outlet tester, started the washer, stuck his hand in, and said it’s working fine after feeling no shock. He also said “Washer always give small shock if your feet are wet. You must have had wet feet. It is fine.”
He did not take the unit apart or do anything else and then walked out the door.
I used a multimeter to test resistance between the prongs of the plug and the drum. I was able to get small ohm values between both hot and neutral prongs and the drum. The ground prong showed resistance values to the frame of the machine (as measured at a screw that went through the paint into the metal body).
Does anyone have any idea what is wrong and what I should do about this? I do not want my kids to get electrocuted touching this damn thing.
Happy to share video or pictures of the testing if that is helpful!
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2023.06.01 20:51 justpeachiey I will probably have to drop my master's programme, not sure what to do know.

I was accepted into a great master's programme last year, but due to some unforeseen issues I had to defer and was planning on starting this September. However, the city where the university is is quite small and they have housing problems every year. There are much more students than rooms. So even though I've been looking for months now I have not found anything yet, and it's more than likely that I will not find a place before the start of term so I will have to withdraw again.
I'm gutted and have no idea what to do now. I spent the past year living with my parents applying to jobs without much success. I wasn't too anxious at the beginning because of my plans of going back to school. I'm 25 now and one of the main reasons why I really liked this programme was because it's only a year instead of 2 and I don't feel like I can afford to spend another 2 years without working a full-time job.
I don't have any backup schools because I was accepted back in December and didn't feel the need to apply anywhere else. Now if I want to do a master's I will have to wait another year, which also makes me feel anxious because I really want to be done with my education once and for all and then build some sort of stability in my life that I've been dearly missing. The thought of staying at home for another year and then spending another 2 years studying and then getting out into the world at 28 again with hardly any previous experience sounds horrible. But I really wanted to do a master's for a long time now and I don't really want to work in fields related to my bachelor's. So this programme specifically would have been a nice change.
The past year has also worn me down a lot. I used to be really confident in myself, but since moving away from university, and not finding a job I have been really isolated (most of my previous friends are in different countries, and since I don't work or study atm I haven't been able to meet new people). I also lost all confidence in my skills and value after so many rejections from jobs. It feels like i will never succeed.
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2023.06.01 20:50 Intelligent-Sink-909 How do other Christians interoperate the prophetic name of Israel as the Son of God, Is Israel a nation, or is the Nation Israel the decedents of a person named Israel? I take this context out of the prophetic word of the Old testament. Exodus 4:22, 23 as well as Genesis 32:24-32

if we take for example Isaiah 49, I believe it would be denial of Christ to refute that he did not fulfil the first 7 verses For God to reconcile the entire world to him through the blood of the Cross of Christ, Giving us Christ as a covenant to make us inherit the desolate heritage as Verse 8 would suppose.
Yhwh says, “I have answered you in an acceptable time. I have helped you in a day of salvation. I will preserve you and give you for a covenant of the people, to raise up the land, to make them inherit the desolate heritage,
I believe the desolate heritage is what is spoken by God through Jeremiah the Prophet.
A New Covenant

31“Behold, the days come,” says Yhwh, “that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah, 32not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, which covenant of mine they broke, although I was a husband to them,” says Yhwh. 33“But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days,” says Yhwh: “I will put my law in their inward parts, and I will write it in their heart. I will be their God, and they shall be my people. 34They will no longer each teach his neighbor, and every man teach his brother, saying, ‘Know Yhwh;’ for they will all know me, from their least to their greatest,” says Yhwh, “for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.”

35Yhwh, who gives the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, who stirs up the sea, so that its waves roar— Yhwh of Armies is his name, says:

36“If these ordinances depart from before me,” says Yhwh, “then the offspring of Israel also will cease from being a nation before me forever.”

37Yhwh says: “If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, then I will also cast off all the offspring of Israel for all that they have done,” says Yhwh.

38“Behold, the days come,” says Yhwh, “that the city will be built to Yahweh from the tower of Hananel to the gate of the corner. 39The measuring line will go out further straight onward to the hill Gareb, and will turn toward Goah. 40The whole valley of the dead bodies and of the ashes, and all the fields to the brook Kidron, to the corner of the horse gate toward the east, will be holy to Yhwh. It will not be plucked up or thrown down any more forever.”
Now it is made clear by Paul who is referencing Isaiah 22
22I will lay the key of David’s house on his shoulder. He will open, and no one will shut. He will shut, and no one will open.
23I will fasten him like a nail in a sure place. He will be for a throne of glory to his father’s house.
24They will hang on him all the glory of his father’s house, the offspring and the issue, every small vessel, from the cups even to all the pitchers. 25“In that day,” says Yahweh of Armies, “the nail that was fastened in a sure place will give way. It will be cut down and fall. The burden that was on it will be cut off, for Yahweh has spoken it.”
Colossians 2:14 by canceling the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands. This he set aside, nailing it to the cross.
I myself no longer consider the nation of Israel according the flesh, but according to the holy city of heaven, a New creation made of heaven and not earth....
. 14But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. 15For neither circumcision counts for anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creation. 16And as for all who walk by this rule, peace and mercy be upon them, and upon the Israel of God.
17From now on let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.
18The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers. Amen.
it is my understanding I am expressing the fullness of the Trinity Doctrine and am not Going against it... the Son of man, Jacob, the Spirit Israel the son of God, and God the Father in one Being!
expressing the fullness of Gods love mercy and kindness and the sacrificial lamb, the promised offspring of Abraham...
The Father is indeed the only True God in my honest view of the Trinity expressed of God in his son and his son in Abrahams son returned, as prophesied and recorded by Moses, Isaiah, and Jeremiah Twice....
So what do Christians think about the interpretation of Israel that I have dwelling in me So richly?
Do any Christians suspect me of receiving a false Gospel or a Spirit, or accepted a Different Christ?
If So why? and can you express it from your understanding of the prophecies fulfilled by Christ in direct correlation to him through Scripture, rather than you own opinion and theological bias?
IF you can not, would you condemn me for believing I have the prophetic word More fully confirmed to which you will do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts, to Justify yourself, when you are not showing me a single proof of your theological completeness of the Gospel of Grace working through you...
For I know I am what I am by the grace of God...
will you condemn me by what I believe in the prophetic word that addresses the fullness of the doctrine of the trinity to justify yourself? if you do not you do well in the righteousness of Faith expressed by God through Paul in Romans 10.
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2023.06.01 20:49 Cookie-_-Pie The skinwalker

I never believed in the supernatural until I encountered the skin walker. It was a warm summer night, and I was out camping in the remote wilderness of the American Southwest. I had been hiking all day, and I was exhausted, so I set up my tent and went to sleep.
Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up to a strange rustling sound outside my tent. At first, I thought it might be a raccoon or some other small animal, but the sound was too loud and deliberate. Suddenly, the rustling stopped, and I heard a low growling noise that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
I knew then that something was terribly wrong. I tried to stay calm and quiet, but my heart was pounding in my chest as I listened to the strange noises outside my tent. Then, I heard a shuffling sound, like something was dragging itself across the ground.
I mustered up the courage to peek out of my tent, and that's when I saw it. A tall, dark figure was standing just outside my tent, its eyes glowing with an otherworldly light. It was a skin walker, a creature of Navajo legend that could take on the form of any animal it chose.
I was paralyzed with fear as the skin walker let out a bloodcurdling scream and lunged towards me. It was then that I knew I had to run for my life. I scrambled out of my tent and took off into the woods, hoping to lose the creature in the darkness.
For what seemed like hours, I ran through the wilderness, my heart pounding in my chest as I listened for any sign of the skin walker. Finally, I stumbled upon a small clearing and collapsed onto the ground, gasping for breath.
That's when I heard it again - the rustling and shuffling sounds of the skin walker in the darkness. I knew then that I was in grave danger. I closed my eyes and prayed for a miracle, but it was too late. The skin walker had found me.
I don't remember much after that, but I know that I survived the encounter. I woke up the next morning with a deep sense of dread, knowing that the skin walker was still out there, lurking in the shadows.
From that day forward, I never ventured into the wilderness alone again. The skin walker had shown me the true meaning of fear, and I knew I could never forget it.
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2023.06.01 20:49 Proper_Tea8445 Seeking honest feedback on the opening scene of my speculative novel.

Chapter 1
June 12, 2036, Franklin, North Carolina
I walked through the front yard to the front door. I dropped my duffel bags on the porch and stepped up to the front door and knocked. Mom answered with surprise and worry on her face.
 'Oliver? What are you doing here?' she hugged me as I stepped across the threshold. Winston, sniffed my legs wagging his tail in excitement. 'Long story, Mom, I’m out of the Army, for good.' she nodded but didn’t ask any further questions. We moved into the kitchen and sat at the table to drink mugs of strong coffee. 'Do you want to tell me what happened?' she asked. 'Things went sideways,' I said. I realized I wasn't ready to talk about it just yet. 'I thought I could try and start up Dad’s welding business. I was always good at it, and I think I could drum up his old clients and stay busy with some work.' 'Well, it would be nice to have you around, honey. You’ll need to look through all his business paperwork and get caught up on all that.' I nodded, 'We have time. I want to ensure I’m doing it right.' 'I understand, Ollie,' she said and smiled, 'let's go to the diner tonight, my treat.' 'I could go for some peach cobbler and ice cream. Sure, Mom sounds perfect,' I said, and we rose. I went to the guest room and changed out of the clothes I had spent the last 22 hours traveling in. I grabbed the truck keys, and Winston followed us down the hallway to the front door. 'Hold down the fort, Winston,' he wagged his tail in response. 'You want to drive?' Mom asked. 'I haven't had a chance to drive around Franklin in a long time,' I said, and Mom climbed into the passenger seat of the Tesla. Mom turned the radio to a classic rock station as I backed out of the driveway. I drove along the winding asphalt road to town. 'Hope it isn't too packed, it is Friday night,' Mom said. 'I'm sure we'll be ok; it's still early enough. I bet we beat the dinner rush.' J's Diner was the only diner in town and could fill up quickly. I passed the large, green, metal sign welcoming drivers to Franklin, and approached the historic square of town. I made a couple of left turns to the diner's street parking and came to a stop. There were only two other cars. 'See, Mom, I think we'll get our cobbler pretty quick,' I said. I walked just behind her; the jingle of a bell announced our entrance. 'Just seat yourself; I'll be right with you,' a female voice called from behind a counter in the kitchen. 'Ok, thanks,' Mom answered. We found a booth in the back corner of the small, red and white decorated restaurant. It had a 1950's theme and even a tiny 1957 Chevy hung from the ceiling. A waitress came around the front counter, her brown, hair in a messy bun and two menus in her hands. 'Here you are, Mrs. Banks,' she said, setting the menus before us. 'Can I get you two anything other than water?' She looked at my face and froze, 'Oliver, is that you?' 'Lacy?' I asked, now understanding why her voice sounded so familiar. 'I didn't know you were back in Franklin,' she said, smiling. I also noticed a large grin on Mom from her side of the table. 'Just got back, actually, a few hours ago.' I explained. 'Done seeing the world?' She said, her hands in the front of her apron, she sounded genuinely curious. 'You could say that,' I said. Lacy seemed unable to think of another question for me. 'Sorry, umm, just waters?' she shook her head. 'Waters are fine, sweety,' Mom answered, glancing between the two of us. Did Mom think this was actually going to work? 'No problem, I'll be right back,' and Lacy walked off. 'Don't be so weird, Mom,' I said, and she just shrugged her shoulders innocently. Our phones on the table between us began to flash and buzz loudly. I picked mine up and read the Alert Message, it read. ***THE NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION HAS DETECTED AN IMMINENT ELECTRO-MAGNETIC SPACE THREAT TO PLANET EARTH. A SOLAR FLARE-GENERATED WALL OF SPACE WEATHER WILL IMPACT EARTH IN APPROXIMATELY 5 MINUTES. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. IF YOU ARE INDOORS, STAY INDOORS. IF YOU ARE OUTDOORS, SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER IN A BUILDING. REMAIN INDOORS, WELL AWAY FROM WINDOWS. IF YOU ARE DRIVING, PULL SAFELY TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD AND SEEK SHELTER IN A BUILDING OR LAY ON THE FLOOR. WE WILL ANNOUNCE WHEN THE THREAT HAS ENDED. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION MEASURES.*** 'What the hell does that mean?' Mom asked, jerking her head up to look at me, panic creeping into her features. 'The message said five minutes, assuming there was a good flash to bang from the message being created and sent out,' I said. Suddenly, our phones’ screens flashed white and winked out, going black. The diner's lights began to flicker on and off until they dimmed too. 'We have to get out of here, Mom,' I said, sliding out of the booth. 'Ollie, what's happening?' she asked, following me. 'We have to get home, now,' I grabbed her elbow and began to steer her to the exit. I opened the door, and we stepped out onto the sidewalk. The early evening sky was streaked with green and purple ribbons of bright, glowing light. The northern lights were flashing and strobing over Franklin. It was beautiful and terrifying. Mom muttered something under her breath at my side, but I couldn't hear. The streetlights, had just started to turn on for sunset, flashed and remained off. All the stoplights around the town square shut off. Cars were strewn about the streets, people stood next to them, staring at their phones, and fear on everyone's face. Off to the south, a loud rushing of air could be heard. I stepped out onto the street to get a better look. A large commercial airliner jet was careening out of the sky directly at the center of town. 'Mom, get down,' I yelled, throwing her to the ground and covering her with my body. The explosion as the jet crashed into the northern edge of town was deafening. The earth shook, windows around us shattered and glass struck the asphalt and concrete nearby. I remained lying over Mom until the roar of the blast faded. I stood and stared north. A giant ball of flame still rose into the sky, visible over the three-story buildings of the town. 'Oh my god, those people,' Mom gasped, 'we have to help.' 'They can't be helped,' I said. The text message and what was happening before my eyes started to fit together in my mind like a puzzle. Suddenly Buddha, was standing by me just a couple of feet away. He looked real, solid, his good eye catching mine. 'You have to get your Mom home, Stone,' Buddha said, 'this place is about to turn into a freaking madhouse, and you know it.' He was right, no matter how weird the conversation with my old mentor was. 'Come on, Mom, we can't stay here. We have to get home to the cellar and hold up,' I said. I climbed into the pickup and Mom got in the passenger seat. I hit the push start, but nothing happened. It was dead. 'We have to walk,' I said, 'Come on, Mom, it's only a few miles.' I got out of the truck and helped Mom out of her side. She stared at the streaks of northern lights, waiting for another jet to plummet down on top of us. We walked the sidewalk to US 56, the highway that would take us out of town to the homestead. We turned and began the upward climb out of the shallow valley Franklin sat in the bottom of. We summited the last hill, longer and steeper than the first couple we had climbed. 'Stop, catch your breath Mom,' I said. She had done well. Mom was fit for a woman in her mid-fifties but the adrenaline was starting to wear off. She turned and looked back down the valley toward town and gasped. The whole northern half of town appeared to be on fire. 'The whole town is burning,' she said. Her voice reminded me of shell-shocked soldiers I had seen. 'Main Street and Garfield should keep the fire contained to those current blocks, I think,' I said. I hope it saves the grocery and hardware store. This isn't going to be wrapped up and back to normal anytime soon. At 2100 hours, we turned up the driveway and back to the house. We entered the front door and checked each room in the house. The power was off in every room. I lit a fire in the living room fireplace, and we sat in silence. Winston hadn't calmed since we entered, continuously trying to climb into our laps for comfort. Mom eventually let him onto the couch, and he laid his head on her lap. 'Ollie, did you understand the message?' she asked, still looking into the fire and stroking Winston's head. 'Just from some basic space weather information I hear in briefs,' I said. 'Space weather changes based on the Sun, what kind of radiation is coming off the Sun's surface and hitting the Earth at any given time. The message said a flair, so the Sun must have blasted a huge amount of radiation at a given time, and it fried everything.' 'So, when does it all come back on?' she asked. 'Hard to say, if it hit the whole country,' I paused,' then it doesn't.' 'God help us,' Mom breathed. 
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