How to cancel aspen dental appointment

Have been on LCWRA for over 2 years, never been able to work in my adult life. My hobby had an unexpected large surge of income and now I need to be registered as Self Employed. I dont know what is going to happen nor do I know what I should be doing.

2023.04.01 12:41 Cainde Have been on LCWRA for over 2 years, never been able to work in my adult life. My hobby had an unexpected large surge of income and now I need to be registered as Self Employed. I dont know what is going to happen nor do I know what I should be doing.

A brief back story on my situation. I was in education for a long time, going from school to college and into University, during uni my physical and mental health started to decline rapidly and badly, resulting in me dropping out in the last year of it and being on UC since, and eventually PIP and LCWRA.
After a long period of depression due to all this I started doing what I was doing for uni as a hobby (3D art & games stuff). I was making for an online social platform (VRChat) mostly for free with a few things being sold which would bring in a bit over time, eventually going up to around £300/m, within the allowance.
I started work on a bigger project which took over 4 months to complete, and when released it exploded. Since its release in Jan I have earned over £13k and I'm honestly overwhelmed by it.
I informed UC and after some time I now have an appointment on the 13th about self employment, they're wanting a lot of information that I do not have nor do I know how to obtain, like marketing, HMRC stuff, money management, etc. I havent done anything with HMRC as I do not know what to do and simply need assistance with it. Money wise nearly all of it has just been sat in my bank as I dont know what to do and I dont want to make things worse for me.
I hadnt planned for this and I don't believe I can reliably keep this up with how unstable my health is (Ive honestly not been able to do anything since Feb as it is, my health just hasnt allowed it). For me with my unstable health LCWRA and PIP have been huge for my health, the reliability each month without the stress and anxiety actually allowed me to "heal" mentally and I am not prepared for that stability to disappear.
Im really not sure what I should do. This has been a curse in disguise for me as the added stress and anxiety of it all has just made my health even worse!
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2023.04.01 12:40 Impressive-Employ233 How do you take care of your mental health after picking?

TW: Mental Illness
Background: I had a bad relapse yesterday. I don't know if relapse is the correct word but that is what it feels like. I noticed my mental health really going down the drain (I suffer from depression and GAD) after a picking session because I know I have then landed myself a few days of isolation because I do not want to go outside or socialize because it makes me very self-conscious. I had plans with friends yesterday and was really looking forward to it but then my brain decided to destroy my face to the point I couldn't even cover it up.. I decided to be honest with them and tell them what is going on and that I couldn't join them because I felt mentally unstable and needed time alone. I do a little bit of commercial modeling and tomorrow there would be a little project with a fashion start up and I would've loved to be part of it but I just don't think I have the confidence to perform well so I'm thinking already about what to say so I can cancel it.
I fall into a very bad depression after picking and I wonder if it is ever going to end. I'm so sick and tired of this habit making my life miserable. I have cancelled plans so very often in the past because of it. I know, people will say just ignore it, friends will like you for who you are and I know they do BUT it doesn't help me with not getting in my head and being self-conscious all the time. I cannot enjoy my time with friends or family or pursue my dreams.
My question is how do you take care of your mental health after a picking session? What helps you the days after? How do you deal with socializing?
I go to therapy but in my country there are not really any therapists specialised in skinpicking or at least I haven't found one. I guess I just wanted to share my feelings here. Wish you all the best and hopefully we can all get through this! :)
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2023.04.01 12:40 WiruMars Dentist in The Netherlands

Hey folks, I'm new to visiting the doctor or dentist in the Netherlands, and I need to have three wisdom teeth extracted. I would like to know approximately how much I will need to pay for this procedure. I have dental insurance from Zilveren Kruis, which has a €385 deductible excess and covers 100% of consultations, 75% of fillings and molar extractions, 75% of oral hygiene, and 75% of other dental treatments, with a maximum reimbursement of €250.
Thank you for your help!
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2023.04.01 12:39 charlooootte Unhelpful Doctor Appointment

So I had another phone appointment with my doctor, as I was hoping to ask for further tests (i have only had blood tests, no urine tests or sleep studies). I am desperate to find another cause of my chronic fatigue that could be treatable. I also wanted to ask about treating my symptoms, such as pain, excessive sweating etc.
He essentially told me there was nothing he could do - I had reached a ‘medical dead end’. He refused to prescribe me anything for any of my symptoms, and only advised I increase my antidepressant dosage.
I felt so invalidated. How can I be so sick and struggle to exist so much yet no one will help me? I had a little breakdown to my boyfriend and he said we can try a different doctor, maybe go private, but I know it will be the same.
I hate having ME. It is ruining my life. I am 20, but I have the life of a 98 year old. I have never experienced what adult life is like as a normal person.
I know there’s no magic answers, just needed to vent. I wish everyday that I could be a ‘normal’ person, and I wish that a doctor would care enough to try and make my life a tiny bit better.
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2023.04.01 12:30 ConstanceKhaos April Fool’s Day breakup for real

My boyfriend (39M) and I (37F) started dating in August of last year. We met the old fashioned way…at a bar; I saw him sitting at a table by himself and brought him a beer and we spent the night talking and exchanged numbers at the end of the night and the rest was just history. He was the first to say he loved me and for the most part he treated me great…better than great even. He would put gas in my car, take me, and even my two kids once, to Wild games, even changed my leg bandages on the back of my leg from a car accident injury for months when we first started our relationship. He even asked to come to one of my appointments when my leg wasn’t seeming to heal. We both loved to watch and talk hockey and spent a lot of time just cuddled up watching movies. Although I had a lot tighter budget than he did, I feel I was equally generous and loving toward him. I made him breakfast in bed once (he complained I left too many dishes though which I did feel bad about and said so after)…I also took him to MN Wild games and would leave him cards and mini bottles or a framed photo or something small whenever I was leaving town or just for no reason whatsoever…even made him little funny but sweet comics of us and snuck them into his lunch cooler or just left them on me kitchen counter for him to find later. Aside from two very large incidents, there wasn’t much to speak of in terms of disagreements. There were little things here and there but I just considered them part of the dance couples do as they learn each other’s quirks and likes/dislikes.
One day, shortly after we discussed becoming “fb official” 🙄, I decided to browse through his profile pics and noticed several of him and his ex wife, even one where he was kissing her forehead. Anyway…He had tagged me in a post and his ex wife had commented on it and it was brought up in conversation privately between just him and I and he immediately asked if I wanted him to delete her and said he would if it bothered me. I said no, that that was not necessary, but I took it as an opportunity to casually mention to him that the profile pics bothered me and asked if he would mind at least changing the privacy to only him since were now together. At first he said he didn’t know how and then kind of belittled me for being bothered by them. I offered to show him how to do it and said it would take less than 5 minutes to do. Anyway…I might have mentioned it a week or so after just briefly and he said he’d take care of it and moved on. I didn’t follow up and hadn’t even looked to see if he had for probably a month or so after I had last mentioned it. I had bought tickets to a Wild game and we were walking to the game and I’m good spirits too when (thinking there’s no way he hadn’t done it by now) decided to look at his profile pics and I was teasing but in a shocked disbelief kinda way and asked if I could just show him since he claimed that was the issue. This set him off and things got serious…the game was up and down for us. It was the first big fight but I feel I was understanding and tried to make light of it a little and just get him to understand why it might bother me. It escalated after the game and got to the point where we both just wanted to let it go for the night. A few days later, I sent him a text asking to discuss some things and he agreed. When I got to his place and started to bring it up again, he immediately blew up and things escalated to the point that I threw my hands up and said “f*** it” and left to sit in my car for a little while but we were still texting and I was really wanting us to resolve things which could have been just him expressing some understanding and empathy for my feelings and not changing the privacy on the pics but, by that time, he had already said he would and he had even offered to block her without my even asking for it prior to that, so it was incredibly frustrating to have him react like this. Anyway…because I stormed off to smoke a cigarette in my car after saying “fuck it” he says he wants nothing to do with me so I asked for my things from his place and say I’d like them now (they literally fit in a small 8x8 box) so I don’t have to make a special trip and he agrees and he handed me the box and quickly slammed the door. I’m not one to want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with me, so I was on my way. I was a Luke shocked by how quick he was to shut me out but I gave him his space. Before I had even gotten home, he let me know that he was so upset with me that he “figured it out on fb” and that he went in there and “deleted all the pics of her and YOU”. I decided to deactivate my account temporarily out of embarrassment because people had already noticed his profile pic of him and I was gone and I just wanted to not be embarrassed like that (also it’s not unusual for me to take breaks and temporarily deactivate my acct) and I let him know that that was why but said nothing more.
Later that same night, we both cooled off and reconciled and just decided we still wanted to be together and we could put that in the past. He later told me he too had deactivated his account and that he was thinking about making it permanent. I said that I didn’t want to reactivate my account yet because of the questions people had already been asking about things. Another month or so went by with no mention of fb but curiosity got the best of me and i I decided to look at his profile via my daughter’s account. I noticed he had deactivated it but that it still said he was in a relationship with our date but my name was removed because I dedicated the account so I felt good about that but still wanted him to restore our pics but I refused to let it get to me and definitely was not ready to go down that road with him again. And I was glad I hadn’t when, on March 11th, he brought it up and said exactly what I need to hear. He said that he wanted to take some more pics so he could post new ones on fb and even commented that he was happy I took pics from time to time because he had recently been looking for pics of him when he was younger but said there was so few because he refused to take them. Anyway… I understood needing new pics to post and decided to just let him do it at his own pace.
Things were going great. He would even bring up marriage from time to time, saying he had said he never would again but that I made him think otherwise. Anyway….I should also explain that he is a train conductor from out of town (about 6 hour drive from me) and has been living in Minnesota for over a year and we always knew that a time would come where he would be told that they no longer needed him here and he would have to make a decision. I asked if we could prepare for that day by discussing our options ahead of time so it wouldn’t be so overwhelming and he would just assure me that he wanted to stay and that he was looking into how to go about it and him and another guy in the same situation were talking to hr about it, so there didn’t seem to be much need to discuss anything. Even when we went on a recent double date with two of his coworkers, they both pulled me aside and quietly mentioned that he has let people know he intends to stay here with me. The coworkers were facing a similar situation but had already made their intentions clear that what they had was only until that the day came that he went home. Continued…
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2023.04.01 12:29 Cal_upthedons Plum: Useful Direct Debit, Investment and Savings Opportunities! Up to £120 when you refer 3 friends!

Plum is designed to help you saved money, with features like auto saving and analysing your spending. Plum has been a lifesaver for me with bank switches over the last few months! I'm able to deposit £1 per month to the app, which I plan on keeping on going with the TSB switch through to October!
The app also gives you the option to invest in stocks and funds, as well as keeping your pensions on the app. It's a good app to have on the go, and I'd highly recommend signing up if you haven't done so already!
The steps:
  1. Sign up to Plum using a referral link. Mine is here: Referral Link
  2. Download the app and link a bank account. Note: At this point, for the referrer, it would be helpful for you to subscribe to a plan, but cancel before you're charged, as it is free for the first month! This is optional however!
  3. Refer your friends! Once you've referred 3 people, you get a bonus (it seems random, and have seen between £65 and £120)
As mentioned, this is a huge help with some of the more complicated bank switches, and it offers an easy Direct Debit!
Terms -
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2023.04.01 12:29 Bouldercalves New game: find out who paid to be verified

New game: find out who paid to be verified
Igfamousbydana always coming in with the best tips. Here’s how you can see who is purchasing their verified status. Meta started the service in March so it’s safe to assume March 2023 verified status was paid for.
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2023.04.01 12:18 MistyWaterColour Without income until UC claim is processed (by DWP keep cancelling appointments to do so).

Enquiring on behalf of a friend.
Said friend has worked in the building industry since leaving school but had recently been diagnosed with COPD and has meant they have had to stop working.
They have applied for UC but have been told that there has been some fraud flagged in his name and they cannot begin to process his UC claim until they can prove his identity. He has verified his ID via the gov.verify website but has been told that he will need to provide the ID in person. This has been arranged 4 times which have been cancelled or delayed (which have pushed said meetings by around 4 weeks so far).
All the while he and his family are ‘going without’ as they have no income and the DWP have said they can’t offer him any financial assistance until his ID is proved in person. His next appointment is almost two weeks away.
Is there any way that this could be expedited or anywhere he can turn to for financial assistance until he claim in processed?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.04.01 12:18 F4ntomP Tinder is a scam

Tinder is a scam
I literally created the account a week or so ago, verified myself, barely had matches so I wrote tinder and this is their response?? I have barely chated to anyone, was never rude or so. Even got myself plat sub and this is what I get? With no reason stated or so? Feels like a scam
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2023.04.01 12:16 MistyWaterColour Without income until UC claim is processed.

Enquiring on behalf of a friend.
Said friend has worked in the building industry since leaving school but had recently been diagnosed with COPD and has meant they have had to stop working.
They have applied for UC but have been told that there has been some fraud flagged in his name and they cannot begin to process his UC claim until they can prove his identity. He has verified his ID via the gov.verify website but has been told that he will need to provide the ID in person. This has been arranged 4 times which have been cancelled or delayed (which have pushed said meetings by around 4 weeks so far).
All the while he and his family are ‘going without’ as they have no income and the DWP have said they can’t offer him any financial assistance until his ID is proved in person. His next appointment is almost two weeks away.
Is there any way that this could be expedited or anywhere he can turn to for financial assistance until he claim in processed?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.04.01 12:16 Key-Ad2972 How to cancel my international shipping delivery with DHL

So, basically I sent business goods (perfume oil) from India to China. The goods haven't yet reached customs clearance and DHL asked the importer (Chinese supplier) for some licenses, which unfortunately they don't have. I believe without the documents the goods won't pass customs. Can I cancel delivery now (DHL advices that) & when can I expect my package to reach India back ? I paid around $180 for shipping, will kt be the same cost for shipping it back ?
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2023.04.01 12:15 MistyWaterColour No income whilst UC claim is processed

Enquiring on behalf of a friend.
Said friend has worked in the building industry since leaving school but had recently been diagnosed with COPD and has meant they have had to stop working.
They have applied for UC but have been told that there has been some fraud flagged in his name and they cannot begin to process his UC claim until they can prove his identity. He has verified his ID via the gov.verify website but has been told that he will need to provide the ID in person. This has been arranged 4 times which have been cancelled or delayed (which have pushed said meetings by around 4 weeks so far).
All the while he and his family are ‘going without’ as they have no income and the DWP have said they can’t offer him any financial assistance until his ID is proved in person. His next appointment is almost two weeks away.
Is there any way that this could be expedited or anywhere he can turn to for financial assistance until he claim in processed?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.04.01 12:11 Gpeachyyy MIC overnight

So I spoke to some managers today about other positions and they mentioned a MIC position overnight 10p-7p. Seems like a good deal especially bc I’ll get paid more & have more consistent hours. I’m debating of doing it as this would be my first time with a management position. I have to talk to someone later today about it and go from there , but is it worth the switch ? What are the benefits and disadvantages? I currently work part time TSST getting about 30hwk now which fluctuates . AND I’m pregnant. I have my first appointment this week and I haven’t told them anything. I just don’t wanna be babied especially bc I’m still capable of doing my job . I want to hide it until July/august once I start showing. But who knows how my appointment is going to go . I don’t wanna miss out on a potentially good opportunity.
P.s please be nice , I’m sensitive.
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2023.04.01 12:07 zaririi Why 'Slut-Shaming' Is Terrible For Women

I have always fundamentally believed that putting people down, calling people names, and making people feel ashamed of themselves for actions that are not coming from a negative place is wrong.
The modern world is still dreadfully unkind to so-called 'slutty' women. Now, I'm not saying that there aren't so-called 'slutty' women out there who are indeed manipulative, deceptive, unfaithful, narcissistic -- even psychopathic. There have been studies done on the links between high sociosexuality in women and narcissism. I am not disputing this.
However, for the average woman who simply enjoys sex, why do we punish women and put women down for their sexual needs? Why do we label a woman a 'slut' or a 'whore' simply for having sexual desires?
Obviously, the contemporary liberal Western framing around sexuality is dreadfuly unhealthy. It has stripped sex of all its spiritual significance and turned something that is supposed to be a beautiful bonding experience into something that is meaningless and used vapidly.
However, when a woman genuinely likes a guy and finds him attractive, why is she then viewed as 'low value' or 'trashy' for being sexual with him early on? Why must we put women down for having sexual desires?
And what's even stranger is: why would a man want a woman who deliberates her sexuality as a calculated bargaining tool?
I'm not talking about women who are inexperienced, or insecure, or two people mutually agreeing to take their time before sleeping together. I'm talking about women who deliberately use their sexuality as a weapon, dating a guy for months on end without sex on purpose, knowing full well that he is into her, and using this as a way to manipulate him into a relationship. Women who essentially punish the 'good guys' who would wait and who are genuinely interested in the woman for a relationship. Women who know that they can withold sex for attention because society rewards these women and calls them angels, when they are anything but angelic.
To men, why would you want a woman who is playing games and using her sexuality as a bargaining chip? If a woman is happy to withold her sexuality from you to 'manipulate' you into a relationship, what makes you think she won't continue to do this after you are together? If this is how the tone is set at the start, don't you see how this shall continue long into the relationship?
Maybe the dichotomy should not be 'good girls' and 'sluts.' Maybe the true dichotomy is 'honest women' vs 'dishonest women.'
Would you rather be with a woman who calculates and bargains her sexuality, expects you to bring everything to the table, and essentially frustrates you by witholding her sexuality?
Or, do you want a woman who is honest, sexually open-minded, confident in herself and doesn't play games?
The strangest thing of all is that the first woman is somehow 'high quality' or 'high value', even when she is playing games and being deliberately manipulative, while the latter woman who is honest and openly sexual is 'low value' for being sexual. That being 'easy' somehow makes a woman less worthy of love and commitment.
Let me tell you what a so-called 'easy' woman is.
An 'easy' woman is a woman who doesn't lie to you.
An 'easy' woman is a woman who is secure in herself.
An 'easy' woman is a woman who doesn't play games.
An 'easy' woman is a woman who is confident in herself.
An 'easy' woman is a woman who isn't going to withold sex from you in a relationship or use it as a weapon over you.
An 'easy' woman is a woman who loves sex and isn't afraid of it, and is happy to share that with a man whom she is interested in or attracted to.
There are no 'easy' women. There are simply honest women and dishonest women. And it is far better -- and safer -- to marry the honest 'slut' over the dishonest 'good girl.'
Once again (to make this absolutely clear) I am not saying that all so-called slutty women are actually angels in disguise, or that all women who take their time before sleeping with someone new are being deliberately manipulative.
I am simply saying that for men, valuing honesty over dishonesty is going to save you a lot more time and headache than thinking about whether a woman is 'easy' vs 'non-easy.'
We shouldn't be putting women down for their sexual needs. We shouldn't be calling women 'sluts/whores/hoes/skanks' simply for being sexual. I'm not even talking about promiscuity or licentiousness here. I'm talking about women who simply have sexual needs and value a physical connection early on with the men whom they wish to form relationships with. Women who don't play games. Women who openly love sex and believe that a physical connection matters for a relationship to flourish.
To put a woman down for enjoying sex, for not wanting to play games, and to say she is not worthy of love because she is 'easy' is simply cruel and unfair to women.
We have got to stop punishing people and putting people down for having sexual needs. We must create a model of sex that is honest and compassionate, that treats sex as a bonding experience and a form of intimacy. When we do this, we cancel out 'good' from 'bad' and simply replace it with 'honest' and 'dishonest.'
Is that not much healthier?
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2023.04.01 12:01 Chance-Cry6514 INTP (ex) boyfriend dumped me ENTJ without explanation

I and my (ex) boyfriend (we are 29 y/o) in a long distance relationship for 6 months. He flew to meet me once in my country. He left his shoes with me and told me that please bring it to him for our next vacation.
We have plan to take a vacation in oversea together for 5 days. We made a plan and booked everything in advance for 2-3 months.
Finally, he decided to canceled flight 2 days before vacation start because he get sick (Dr. said because of overworking). I texted him a lot how I feel and upset, but I'm ok to travel alone.
After that, I asked him that he has someone else? So he said "I don't have. What's the point?" I'm done and say ok, then change the topic to finding a new accommodation for stay and still sad that we do not spend time together.
*I asked him for a kind of that question because he didn’t show how he regret about it, maybe his feelings to me has changed.
He read but don't reply. It was 1 hr. passed I texted him again to say sorry to asked him like that and I clam down. Btw, I will share pic and video call during my vacation. The results is he's still read and ignored.
Day 1 of my vacation I send him the clips of a beautiful hotel room and me on beautiful dress. = he left me with read.
Day 2 of my vacation, I texted him long passage with 1 bubble to clear my mind. On the context mentioned about explain my conversations and promise I’ll not spend emotional and change myself for him. However, I’ll wait him until he’s ready to talk with me. = he left me with read again.
I stopped to contact him 3 days, I get nothing from him until now.
I don’t understand why he didn’t asking me to break up? He is a straight person. Does has a problem with mentally?
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2023.04.01 11:57 Ruben_Jb Can I have advice picking up learning Japanese again, for half a year, for my trip to Japan for 3 weeks.

Hello all,
Some context I would like to tell you before asking my questions: I've planned in 2018 to go on a trip to Japan for the first time, for three weeks with my cousin. Plan was to go in april 2020. I decided to learn Japanese for a full year from april 2019 to april 2020. For fun, as a hobby, just to see how much I could learn and use during my three weeks in Japan. I know I wouldn't be great, but being able to read some words written out, and being able to speak a few words to break the ice with Japanese people is alright for me. Then of course Covid happend and the trip was cancelled. All my motivation was lost on learning. I studied weekly around 10-15 hours and was really motivated.
I did my daily Anki, Wanikani voor Kanji, and used the Genki books a few times a week. Last week we finally booked tickets for Japan, in October this year. I told myself I would this time pick-up Japanese again, for half a year. I'm honestly not as motivated to put in again the same amount of time and effort as I did before, but I still would like to have a grasp of Japanese in my repetoire.
I used to learn most used Kanji, and a few decks from Anki, I think it was the 2000 or 4k words decks. Honestly, most words I would NEVER use in daily life, or during my holliday, so I rather want to have a deck which is more suited to my needs.
Right now my "plan" is to at least work through Genki 1 again, which I almost had finished before + custom Anki decks and maybe a few common Kanji. Also I want to pick up my reading skills for Kana. I have some vocabulary knowledge from years of watching anime. When I started learning the decks, I was surprised how many words I already knew.
Well, thanks for your advice!
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2023.04.01 11:56 budissy7771 Advice on cancelled easyJet flight

Hey there. We had a flight out of Faro, Portugal to Paris cancelled this morning due to an easyJet worker strike in Portugal. What gets my goat is that they had us wait for 90 minutes after the flight was to depart to deliver the news, which made us miss opportunities to catch a connecting flight to JFK from Paris (with another airline). So now we’re currently a bit stranded with no clear cut way home. It’s honestly the most unprofessional thing ever. We all heard about the strike weeks ago but were assured that they’d be in contact with us if our flight was effected. They spoke of compensation (and we’re currently waiting in line to speak to someone) which I believe is a monetary amount and room/board. Does anyone have advice as to how we should handle this? Is there any chance for reimbursement for the flight from Paris-JFK (again, on another airline)? This situation severely puts us back in regards to getting back to our jobs and pups and I would like every nickel of compensation that may be available. Any sage wisdom that you may be able to share will be greatly appreciated!
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2023.04.01 11:54 Badaa1865 19F - worried about my eyes and waterline

19 F, i was told i could post this here from another sub, wanted to know if anyone knew anything or give advice
Before I was diagnosed with MGD I had a painful eye infection where this white ish goop would come on my water line and would bleed when I tried to remove it. Im pretty sure the infection is gone and goop have lessened a lot but my waterline, specifically my right eye one is not normal. I still feel pain there, it’s bearable and much less painful from when i had my infection but im worried about it. There was a tiny bit of the goo thing on my eye and I took it off with my clean finger and it bled a bit. So it seems like a wound with goo on it for some odd reason. This wound thing (?) is in two spots near eachother on my waterline. I have an appointment with my eye doctor in the end of the month and it’s not possible to get one sooner unless someone cancels, so I wanted to ask if anyone knew what it was. I don’t know if it’s the mgd or still the infection and im worried it can get worse. I do compressions at least once daily and use eye drops, and for a few hours during the day my eye feels fine, it always seems to act up when I first wake up and when it’s night.
I just woke up and my right eye was swollen a bit and was hurting. It hurt and stung when I put in my eye drops and after being awake for 40 minutes it still hurts when I blink but I think it’s going down less. When its later in the morning I’m going to try to see if I can get an appointment else where but for now was wondering if anyone knew what was going on. Thanks :)
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2023.04.01 11:49 DotheOhNo-OhNo I'm scared.

I had another urine test yesterday morning. Doctor said it looks clear, but they're going to send it to the lab for culturing, anyway. I'm scared because the last time a doctor said my urine looked clear, the culture came back with a mostly-drug resistant superbug.
And I also know that even if this culture came back clear, I could have a biofilm in my bladder and whatever bug is in there could make this chronic.
I want to go back and get tested to see if I'm still sick. How long after the urine culture, even if it says I'm clear, should I wait to set up another appointment? I know that technically, I should watch out for symptoms, but at the start of this UTI nightmare, I had missed the telltale signs of a UTI because they were mild (just frequent urination and stomach pressure) and I was too focused on my other medical scares.
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2023.04.01 11:45 Amazing_Antelope_650 How do I stop thinking bad about people? And reacting negatively towards them? Please help :(

Hello lovely people… :) this is my first post on Reddit. English isn’t my first language so I’m really sorry if my sentences aren’t perfect.
I’ve had this ongoing problem this issue but I never thought it to be serious enough until lately when it starts manifesting into my actions , towards my friends, and sometimes even family.
I want this to stop, I want to be a better person, for myself and for others. I hate how whenever I think about friends doing better than me, I’ll grow bitter with resentment and jealousy instead of overwhelming them with my support and telling them that I’m proud they made it. And I don’t want to get paranoid over nothing, and accusing them that they’re at fault when they did nothing wrong.
Thank you for reading :) it’ll mean the world to me if you could interact with this post.
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2023.04.01 11:42 123congloromation I walked naked on street , a year back. I am not April fooling u guys. I just want share my feelings.

I didnt know when I slept the last night before the incident happened on morning. I was still asleep. The time was maybe 9 oclock ish when my mom started calling me from kitchen upstairs. I got out of my bed and walked upstairs. Mom said, " Get ready, we have to go Patan hospital." I was in shock. I thought how could a mother think her son is paranoid so i walked outside and started running. I ran for about 10 minutes.

I reached pani tanki, a few minutes away from my home, and got exhaused. I heard voices on my head like some divine soul is calling me. I thought i was the center of the cosmos. I didnt want to be alive anymore. So i tried to drown on the Bagmati river but the odour was so powerful i had to cancel my thought. After that I climbed back on street and I took all my clothes off and started running and jumping and crawling on road. People got scared and closed their shop, some came and said to wear my clothes back but I kept on shouting and crawling on ground. They just tried to help.

After thirty minutes my mom arrived on the scene. She was helpless. I put on my clothes as per my mother's request. A taxi driver came to help and took us to Patan hospital.

I stayed in the hospital for 20 days. The doctors concluded I developed a psychosis episode (like schizophrenia) casused by overuse of marijuana and cough syrup (dextromethorphan).

I am fine now. I am still taking medications. I feel bad cuz i am not the center of the universe anymore. I am not the 11 avatar of lord visnu. I am sure now that Ukraine got in war with russia not because of me but cuz of Putin.

Be happy and have a healthy mind and body. Even Sugar is bitter when consumed in a large quantity. Remember that guys.

Have a good life. Peace
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2023.04.01 11:41 SwimmingHelicopter15 Tips for dental care

I always had dental problems and I was afraid what will I do during pregnancy. I went to my dentist and she shared some advice. You might know already or not.
-dental care is important during pregnancy don't skipt it. Or start with it
-you might develop more easily gingivitis
-hygiene treatments are recommended, your dentist can asses how many you need during pregnancy. Usually is one per 6 months but during pregnancy for prevention they can be recommended mroe frequently
-due to increase blood flow some months you might notice you spit blood, you will need to switch to a smoother toothbrush
-even if you have nausea or acid reflux still try to wash your teeth twice per day. You can try also oral shower wich is a small device with water pressure similar to what they use at the dentist. Dental floss also recommended
-after you vomit try to wash your mouth with water. The liquids from your stomach are very high in acidity and damage your teeth
-if you can't stand mouthwash you can wash with water with salt or herbal tea
Some things that are controversial and you would need your obgyn clearance. Xrays and anesthesia.
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