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2017.01.19 20:48 Cheerful_Toe skyrim intro memes

it's memes from the skyrim intro

2023.03.25 01:49 Beautiful-Nature-610 GPU and CPU usuage differencies and fps

Hey community o/
A770 phantom gaming
So in many games with nicer 3d graphics i encounter the following thing :

My gpu is at 100%, my cpu has a huge capabillity of working (around 40% at max), which means, my cpu is not bottlenecking anything and my gpu works as intended, since it trys to work the hardest to reach the maximum fps.
Never the less, no matter if the grpahic settings are high or low, the fps may reach a maximum with microstuttering (ie. kinda "lagging" with the picture output and periphery-input), or it doesnt reach any near-to-achivable fps (like 18-20) but with the same usuage of gpu and cpu as you can see above (so 100 and ~40).

  1. ist that just me?
  2. is this driver related?
  3. if not, what do i miss here?
Greetings o/
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2023.03.25 01:49 over0294023 I don't want my boyfriend having a friend who was into him, how do I get them to stop talking?

My boyfriend has a friend who used to flirt with him. I've seen the text messages of him calling my boyfriend cute and talking about potentially being in a relationship together. I don't know if my boyfriend is actually this naive (really, I don't) or if he just likes attention and doesn't want to give it up, but he says he doesn't think the guy likes him in that way. I expressed I think he definitely is looking for romance with him, and bf catches the hint, tells his friend he's dating (we had only recently gotten together at that point) and the friend stops talking to him.
I was relieved, and they didn't talk for a bit after that or at least not that often, but they've gone back to talking again every once in a while. Tonight we talked on the phone and the plan was for him to take a shower and go to sleep right after that, since he has trouble sleeping. While we're nearing the end of our conversation he starts getting quieter. I say "Its starting to get late, you should probably shower now yeah?" and he responds "Yeah sorry, just texting with [friend]." I go quiet too, and for the next 10 minutes mutter a couple remarks about how late its getting to be talking to him. Then I tell him I'm leaving, and he says alright. I hang up without telling him I love him or good night like usual. I thought he might have gotten the hint but he didn't text me after that or try to stop me. He either didn't notice my feelings or just didn't care.
At this point even just the thought of it turns my stomach. I know what the guy wants and I just don't feel comfortable with this friendship. I want to just get out with it and say I do not want them speaking to each other anymore. But that's too jealous and controlling to say out loud. And also at the same time, its not like I can really control who my boyfriend talks to. For all I know I can say that, he agrees, but just continues talking to him without telling me. And honestly I'm afraid he'll just stop liking me if I start nagging him while the other guy seems like an easygoing breath of fresh air by comparison.
Is there anything I can do to drive them apart or speak my mind in a way that won't damage my relationship?
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2023.03.25 01:49 Just_Wondering_1981 Work Place Theft, I think

Hi everyone! I might be in the wrong place, but I'm looking for some guidance. I received an email notification on Thursday that I had new expenses to review on my corporate credit card. I have not used the card since October, so I promptly checked the charges and found out they were to the tune of nearly $3,000.00. I immediately went to my wallet to retrieve the associated card for the phone number. The card was gone. I tore apart my wallet and my entire purse. No card. I was able to find the phone number to report the card as stolen and the charges fraudulent. The charges, three of them, happened between 3:37 and 4:05 pm on Monday, March 20th. Gift cards, Mountain Dew and snacks were purchased in three seperate transactions at two separate gas stations. I called the local police department and they were very responsive. They went to the gas stations and found that it was two males. They were wearing face masks, the Covid kind, not ski masks, bucket hats and hoodies. They parked at an adjacent location both times. No car, no plates. However, I feel it's worth checking neighboring security camera footage for the car. Am I wrong? Can I request this on my own? I feel like the card was stolen from my wallet at work. The men on the security footage don't appear to be co-workers, so I think my card was sold. The police would not share the security camera footage with me because, "We can't just give this out." I'm not sure that's true? I'm the victim of a crime and I'm not sure I should just give up on this. What should I do next? Can I contact the gas stations myself to request the footage, then move on to neighboring businesses? I'm just not cool with shrugging this off.
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2023.03.25 01:48 General-Kitchen-5157 35 [M4F] #Philly - Looking to hookup with a cute Penn or Drexel student

I live near Penn/Drexel and lately I’ve been going crazy seeing the cute college women. It’s been a while since I’ve hooked up with someone younger than me and I’d love to change that. I miss the energy, enthusiasm, and tight bodies if a younger woman. Anyone into slightly older guys?
Im 35, white, fit, clean cut, STD Free, and good looking. You must be over 18. Race and body type don’t matter to me. Let’s exchange pics and see if we want to meet!
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2023.03.25 01:47 LifeThin2813 Folding AKs Preflop?

Need some help here as have gotten in similar spots a couple of times.
Was playing in a £50 buy in live tourney today - had been told the field was mostly comprised of old nitty regs who have been playing before I was born.
It's very early in the tourney, I have 55BB(slightly above average stack) we are maybe 10 hands in, never played with these people before. I'm UTG+1, action folds to me with AKs, I raise to 4BB, one caller, one 3-Bet to 15BB, I raise to 32BBs. (Side note, I had seen the raiser limp, slow play aces a few hands before.) She 4 bet rips it all in. I go into the tank, as have been told many players (especially older players, are extremely nitty, and 4-bet means QQ+, and am hoping for a flip at best. But second guess after I remember her limping strategy, I also mistakeningly think "she had aces just a few hands ago, it can't happen again" - obviously a fish thought process but it happens.
Anyway I tank for a while, decide to call, knowing I'm flipping at best.
My question is, should I ever fold here, knowing I'm almost always against JJs+ . Maybe if I 3-bet less I would have a clearer decision? Obviously a double up early is massive in a 70 person pool, and for these odds a flip would be OK.
Ps, not worried about player in-between, he is near enough folding his hand out of position at this point.
Obviously she had Aces and I got stacked, I didn't connect with the board at all and if I called the 3-bet I most likely would've got away after flop/turn.
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2023.03.25 01:47 WeirdWebDev Need to hit the ground running on a c#/.net web app. Something like a CRM (not nearly that simple but that will get me where I want to go) with user log in and data going in and out of a SQL database. Any tutorials?

Need to hit the ground running on a c#/.net web app. Something like a CRM (not nearly that simple but that will get me where I want to go) with user log in and data going in and out of a SQL database. Any tutorials?
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2023.03.25 01:47 Sky2Life Is anyone else annoyed showcase mode isn't in order there's no way this is supposed to be the first match

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2023.03.25 01:46 orbdotcom Human Courage, Part 2 - Loss of Humanity

Unfinished and turns into writing guidelines, but I just wanted to get this out there for anyone who was interested in where this was going.
Tkk, shhhhh- Thunk.
A chorus of clinks and taps as armor hit the ground and grind in movement sounded a few moments after the dropships started opening.
Clink, click.
In one dropship, two rows of soldiers click their harnesses into place. Slick, gunmetal and azure blue suits of armor in all different shapes and sizes exchange glances as the ship’s pilot starts the countdown to departure.
“Hope you all aren’t expecting a bumpy ride!”
“I would prefer it if no one was.”
“Hahaaah… Yeah…”
The ship itself is silent, private and group lines being used to converse.
“Everyone pay attention to the mission?”
“Get in, find the problem, resolve, and leave.”
The mission report for this group was lacking, compared to others. Through no fault of their superiors, information of the situation was limited. A jumbled SOS, of sorts, was received. It was cut off before anything meaningful could be gathered, other than an unknown threat killing every member of the crew it came across.
“Gotta say, this all sounds alot like the reports of the Things.”
“Tell me about it. No info, prevented SOS. No one left alive.”
One soldier, a scaled bipedal with four arms, Tk’Wrath, casts a concerned glance at the shorter human beside him, mumbling incoherently through their helmet.
He, after a moment's consideration, casts a private line request through the holoscreen on his gauntlet. Just checking on them. Afterall, they’re all in this pit together.
It takes a moment for the smaller teammate to snap out of their reverie, but they do accept it.
“Something the matter?” comes the human’s voice through his helmet. It’s higher than he expected.
“You were talking to yourself. Sounded like you were lost, or something to that degree.”
“Ah- My apologies. Just a mantra I learned a long time ago. Bit weirded out, is all.”
He hums for a moment. Repeating mantras isn’t uncommon to his people, each family has their own unique one they teach the young ones, or those joining the family.
The human’s voice sounds through the connection again.
“What did you say your name was, again?”
“I didn’t.”
“Well, that-” a huff. “I mean, what’s your name?”
“Tk’Wrath. And yours?”
“Iris.” They take a moment, before asking, “How do you feel about this?”
“How do you mean?”
“Well, it’s just that.. Something about this feels… off. And I don’t just mean that whole thing with the SOS. Something’s just… Wrong with this mission.”
“Mm. I can’t say I don’t know what you mean. Anything in particular?”
“It… I can’t talk about it. Legalities, you understand? Tech, and all that.”
“...Ah. You think you know who might’ve done this.”
Iris doesn’t respond, only giving a slight shrug. Tk’Wrath can’t help but wonder who the human suspects. The galaxy’s been pointing fingers forever, but nothing’s come up. How could one report, missing half the usual data, give a clue? Or does Iris know more than they let on?
The ride is spent talking about any and everything the crew can think of to pass the time. On the secondary channel, he hears others joking about the report, calling the name “The Things” stupid, among other things. Tk’Wrath notes that Iris lightens up as time goes on, but never brings up their previous conversation.
“Nah, nah, nah - ‘Things’ is so stupid! Like, there’s nothing intimidating about that.”
“Oh whatever. The mystery is what makes it interesting.”
“How about- Hear me out, how about Voids?”
“That is so much worse.”
“You’re just jealous you can’t-”
“Will you lot please drop this? We’re supposed to be planning what to do upon arriving.”
“Oh yeah? With what information? We don’t- we don’t even have sights on the wreck yet!”
Tk’ sighs. This was going to be a long-
“Actually, we did - if you bothered to check the main channel! Ship’s… intact. Surprisingly. Huh.”
“...okay, well. That wasn’t in the original report. That- that doesn’t even look like a wreck. Everyone just get up and leave?”
His hearts drop at that. Tk’ hadn’t checked the main, either. He hears Iris interject;
“Yeah… Place looks… picked clean. Not sure I like that.”
“No kidding.”
“Well, we won’t know until we get inside. Everyone ready?”
“Ready as I’ll ever be for ghosts, I guess.”
A chorus of similar responses comes from the rest of the crew, and the rest of the ride is spent much quieter. Everyone’s retreated back to private channels, but he can tell they’re talking about the ship. Everyone’s glancing at their holoscreens for more information every few seconds, and most shift uncomfortably in their harnesses.
He occupies the rest of the ride playing music in his helmet.
The alert to prepare for insertion cuts off his music as the carrier nears the patrol ship.
“Take a walk, you lot.”
There’s the tell-tale woosh of air being vacuumed out into the void that marked the back of the ship was opening up.
Thhhhhr- clk
The vacuum eats the rest of the noise.
[Group is dispatched on the outside of the ship]
“Bust the door.”
“Attaching the connector.”
After the large, half-barrel, half-[insert something here later] is attached to the entrance, [sequence of entering the ship and orienting themselves to the dormant ship’s floor with magboots]
[Group bust their way into the ship, and find no power. They make their way through the ship, Tk and Iris taking up the rear, using lights on the ends of their guns to scan the hallways.]
[Captain directs to restore power to the ship, preferably lights first, life support second.]
[intermission things of them sweeping the ship and finding only traces of blood, but barely any, and no bodies or anything]
Iris steps up to the door panel, connecting their holopad to the interface and manually ordering it to open, and the captain sends an electrician inside with Tk’. He scans the area, gun held at the ready, carrying the electrician’s excess supplies in his lower arms.
[repeat above note, with banter, preferably avoiding the topic between Tk and Iris]
[Fallen Division people are encountered on the ship, also sweeping the place]
[Iris, excited to be with other humans again, but curious as to why they were dispatched as well, tries to strike up conversation, which devolves into an argument over the others’ seeming bio-phobia]
[it devolves into the argument because Division starts rounding up the rest of the crew and tying them up.]
[Iris, at this point, is gesturing wildly and looks like she’s shouting, but can’t Tk’ tell because of the helmet]
[all from the perspective of Tk’Wrath, still]
[something something If You’re Not With Us, You’re Against Us, but Tk can hardly make it out]
[he can hardly hear it because there’s glass between the crew and Iris and the Division.]
[While the whole If You’re Not With Us thing is being said, that soldier is raising his Space Glock before blowing Iris’ head off, painting the glass red.]
[fade to black as Tk closes his eyes against the gun now pointing at his head, covering his view of the glass, as he repeats a mantra to himself.]
He feels a sharp pressure-
He’s gone.
Yeaaah... So, it's been awhile, huh? So much for just 2 weeks! I've had part 3 written for ages, but wanted to get out part 2 before posting it, but... I'm stuck. I can't bring myself to finish this. If anyone wants to step in and fill this out and continue the story/use the setting, feel free! I just can't bring myself to write anything anymore.
"Fallen Division" is explained in, well, Fallen Division, which I'll be posting after this.
Part 1
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2023.03.25 01:46 OddAmethyst Morgott is a terrible character and here's why.

I constantly see people claim that Morgott is a tragic badass. Born to Queen Marika and Godfrey the first Elden Lord a child of fell omen. Meaning he would never be reincarnated into the Erdtree upon death like others. This is seen as blasphemy towards the society he was born in. Because of the hierarchy and the society Marika imposed upon the lands between children born of the fell Omen are considered lowest of low. He was literally tossed into the sewers beneath the capital city and basically told to never show his face. But when Marika shattered the Elden ring and everyone scrambled to fight over the shards he rose from the depths to defend the capital. He proceeded to lead several successful defenses of Lyndell against multiple people trying to claim the right to Elden Lord and despite all of this everyone in Lyndell still hated him. Considered him dirt beneath their feet. At the end of everything he was the only one left. The only thing pushing him forward was his incessant and near obsessive need to deny other people right to the Elden throne. Compare him to his father Godfrey. In both fights with Morgott he constantly insults you and belittles your attempts to become Elden lord. Almost considering the very idea of you becoming Elden Lord blasphemous. When you fight Godfrey, Morgott's father mind you and a person complicit in the broken system his bride created, he is respectful towards your strength and attempts to defeat him to become Elden lord. In my opinion Morgott is an overzealous fanatic who is not a tragic badass but rather a tragic idiot. His own brother Mohg lived the same life that he did but found purpose in another outer God. But unlike Morgott this outer God welcomed him. Doesn't make Mohg a good person, in fact he's one of the most despised characters in my opinion, but at least he has a purpose all his own that doesn't reject his very existence. I will also admit I do have some biased in my dislike for this character. One thing I cannot absolutely stand in real life is unyielding blind faith and loyalty towards something. To the point where you do not think for yourself. Individuality is a very important thing to me so seeing characters that don't think for themselves really gets to me. Please comment why you think Morgott is a good character and challenge my opinions constructively! I am open to seeing this character in a different light!
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2023.03.25 01:46 WeirdWebDev Need to hit the ground running on a c#/.net web app. Something like a CRM (not nearly that simple but that will get me where I want to go) with user log in and data going in and out of a SQL database. Any tutorials?

I've been a developer for about 25 years or so, but I've been stuck maintaining an old tech stack (quite a bit of ASP Classic, webforms here and there). I recently got the green light to overhaul the entire company from the ground up.
I have no doubts that I can pick up the current technology pretty quickly, but I'm having a little difficulty finding a jumping in point... so something that will run me through setting up a log in page and things like that would be great.
I prefer text, but if video is what I'm given, I'll learn to love it.
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2023.03.25 01:45 -s-u-n-n-y- Lab results (30, nonbinary, vegan)

30, nonbinary, vegan
My doc first referred me for blood work after having a double mastectomy in Dec 2022. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight since then (was 125lbs, now 106lbs) and am constantly fatigued despite eating heaps and piling in the (vegan) protein. My doc thought I might be anaemic, but my results are below. My GP is going to send me for more blood work to see if it is hemachromatosis.
I used to cycle 20kms/day or run 6kms, but currently I can maybe power walk 6kms on a good day. Also had Covid in Sept 2022 (first and only time and intend/hope to keep it that way, as I ended up with a lung infection & partner now has long Covid).
I’ve been vegan for ~10years. I’ve never had low iron, which is kinda rare I’d say. I don’t take any supplements aside from Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, and Vitamin D (since I’ve been low with these previously). I don’t drink, and I mainly eat whole foods.
Mar 2023 blood results: ESR: 2 (range: 3-12) S T-BIL: <3 (range: 3-15) S IRON: 34 (range: 5-30) S TRF: 1.9 (range: 2.0-3.6) S TRF SAT: 72 (range: 10-45)
Oct 2022 blood results (for context): S T-BIL: 12 (range: 3-15) S IRON: 43 (range: 5-30) S TRF: 2 (range: 2.0-3.6) S TRF SAT: 86 (range: 10-45)
I also have a long history of pretty debilitating migraine with aura (which has become significantly worse in the last 2 months, with attacks nearly twice a week). During these, I lose my vision and sometimes my ability to speak, write, or understand language. I’ve had MRIs but nothing alarming found. I also have Trigeminal Neuralgia V2 (only trigger so far is cold air hitting my face), moderate asthma (managed by ventolin every now and again), and CPTSD. I’ve been diagnosed as Ehler’s Danlos Hypermobile & also usually have quite low blood pressure.
Any thoughts/ insights appreciated.
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2023.03.25 01:44 GossipGirl515 Fleshy lump near molar that is growing?

Fleshy lump near molar that is growing?
My daughter told me she felt a lump sticking out of her gum near a molar that is coming in. I have never seen such a thing before. It's in-between the molars and is pretty low. Is this normal? I'm not sure if this is an absess, she had no cavities at her last 6th month check up.
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2023.03.25 01:43 audreybrookee Dim object near Venus in telescope?

I tried to use the “object identifier” flowchart but I still cannot determine why it appears there is a dimly lit moon near Venus although Venus doesn’t have moons. I have a photo (albeit terrible) of what I’m talking about, if anyone is interested/can help me :)
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2023.03.25 01:43 Vexzy_ Black Market isn't respawning

From my knowledge it's supposed to respawn every 30m but it's been near a whole day and it's yet to respawn. Am I mistaken or does it just dislike me?
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2023.03.25 01:42 UnderMyFirmHand 46 [M4F] #Columbus, OH - Skilled hands providing sensual massage and pleasure

UPDATE: It’s been my privilege to provide bodywork to more than 30 women since I started this adventure nearly a year ago. I now can offer references upon request from satisfied Redditors for those curious about the experience. Please visit my profile page for a review and select pics from a happy couple following a recent appointment.
6’2” Masseur looking to connect with young women in need of full body, hot oil massage (and who isn’t in need of that? 😉)
What I offer is an experience where the therapeutic touch bridges to the sexual. Using warm grape seed oil, I begin with a traditional Swedish massage to slowly and firmly work all of the stress and tension out of your major muscle groups before transitioning to an increasingly more erotic exploration of your body leading to full, orgasmic release(s). It’s time to treat yourself to an experience that men have long been able to enjoy.
I have my own massage table and am flexible in regards to hosting or providing a home massage. I’m offering this service at no charge and completely without strings or expectations of reciprocation of any kind. My satisfaction and fulfillment comes completely from the pleasure my hands and fingers coax from your body.
If this is something that is tempting, connect with me and we can begin a conversation about all the ways you like to be touched. We will customize the massage to your unique desires and limits.
Happy to exchange pics after connecting through DM’s.
Finally, if you’ve tried to visualize how a massage could play out, here’s a link to a video I like. Btw, I give a MUCH better and longer massage than this dude AND I’ve got a table! 😉
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2023.03.25 01:42 silverstang77 45 [M4F] #Euless / DFW metroplex - Are you a woman desiring to have your titties sucked on and your pussy fingered and eaten? If so, I'd enjoy giving you the oral attention you desire. NO PAY TO PLAY!

I know there are a ton of guys on here trying to meetup with you. Most of them are only interested in making sure they get their own pleasure. However, I am here to focus on your pleasure. I really enjoy giving a woman the oral pleasure and attention she desires and deserves to receive. I am looking for a woman of any race age 18+ that would like to have an ongoing FWB where you lay back and enjoy having my hands caress you, have your nipples sucked on, your ass licked (if you are into that), your pussy fingered and eaten until you are completely satisfied. I love to taste a woman's sweet juices and give multiple orgasms with my fingers and tongue. As I previously mentioned, I'd prefer this to be an ongoing FWB. If you are a woman and you are serious about meeting up, send me a message. Also, please be prepared to send me your pic and in return you will receive mine once I have received yours and be willing to voice verify. I will not respond to comments left on my post because there are just way too many spammers and scammers on here. A little about me: I am 45, single, white male, 5ft11, DDF, clean (shower daily), can host at my place in Euless (near DFW Airport) or travel to your place if you can host. If you squirt, are into watersports/golden showers, or on your period, that is a major plus and a major turn on for me.
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2023.03.25 01:41 frostbitespood Worth checking? Cambrian/Ordovician. Read description.

Worth checking? Cambrian/Ordovician. Read description.
The local coastguard posted these photographs about a cliff collapse on a beach near me on the East Coast of Ireland. The high ground in the background is Cambrian rock and the surrounding areas are labelled as Ordovician rock on maps. Can anyone offer advice on what to look for in this type of rock, do nodules form in this type of rock? Thanks.
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2023.03.25 01:41 ThatOneWeirdo15 Well, it's something

I have a consultation appointment for top surgery.
I want to be excited, but I'm just... not. I don't have near enough money for the actual surgery, and I'm more using this consultation to get a better idea of how much I need to crowdfund for it. I don't know if this really gets me closer to surgery or just to the hope of it, but at least it's something, and it's more than I've had for years now.
Just a small, sad celebration
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2023.03.25 01:40 Aromatic-Event-9232 Lung infection

I’m prepared to be flamed for this 99% sure I have lung infection I’m not having pains but I have a wheezing cough and I know it’s from dabs but trying to narrow down the actual cause. What is more likely to be the cause, the street wax or me waiting til the last minute to clean my piece? I don’t change the water every 2 days my piece still looks new after cleaning it but I’ll go a week and a half sometimes. The wax looks, smells and tastes like normal badder. Dispensary is not an option for me cheapest near me is 75/g
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2023.03.25 01:38 Vlaedx I Found Undeveloped Film. They Belonged To a Dead Hoarder Part 2

Part 1

“I refuse to step inside the dark room again. Not after what happened a couple of days ago. At least not yet” I thought, while sitting in my room with the events still fresh in my mind. Before I begin telling you what happened since, I just want to thank you all for the advice in my last post. I honestly didn’t know how to approach this situation but with your guys’ help, I had somewhere to start.

It was the day after the incident. I hadn’t told anyone what happened, but I knew I wanted to talk to Felix. I had so many questions for him. He must know something. While I was at work, I was thinking a lot about the old man that used to live in the house. I realized that this entire time, Felix and I just referred to him as “the guy” or “the old man”. I guess I never cared to know his real name.
I thought that if I knew his name, I could just google him and find some information. Coincidentally, as I was driving home from work, my phone rang. Incoming call from Felix. Just seeing his name on the caller ID screen gave me shivers. The incident in the dark room flashed into my mind and I forgot what I planned on saying to him. I answered one handed and spoke, “hey man, what’s up?”
“Hey John, I’m alright. You doing anything today?”
I replied, “um. No not really. Listen, do you remember that film from the box in the boiler room? I know this is gonna sound crazy but-”
“I need some help at my house again bro. Trying to get this done asap and today’s the only day I’ll be able to work on it until next week”. Felix sounded like he was in a hurry. Before replying, I thought that maybe I could explain the situation better in person. I felt like I’d sound like a lunatic over the phone.
“Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll be there soon. Before you go, I gotta ask you something”.
“Make it fast cause’ I gotta go, man.”
“What’s the name of the guy that used to live in your house?”
“Uh...” Felix paused for a few seconds, “I can’t remember right now. Just be here in an hour or two”.
“WAIT. Wait. Are you at the house right now?” I asked.
“Yes. Why”.
“Can’t you like, check his mailbox for some old mail or something? It’ll say his name there”.
Felix sighed, “Why do you want to know it so bad?”
“I’ll explain it to you later. It’s a long story. Sorry if I’m interrupting you.”
Felix said, “alright, hold on” followed by a loud thud. It sounded like he dropped something.
A moment passed before Felix spoke again. “Okay his name’s Travis Rice. Gotta go now. Let me know when you’re here”.

I got home and made myself dinner before going to Felix. While I was eating, I searched “Travis Rice Obituary” on google on my phone. I scrolled through a few Travis Rice’s until I found one that was from my town. The first thing I saw was his picture. A smiling old white man with gray hair and a wrinkly face. Then I read his obituary.
“Travis Rice. May 1931- July 2022. Mr. Travis was an outstanding member of his community, and a true American”. After reading the rest, I gathered that Travis served in the U.S military during the Korean War in the 1950’s. He has three daughter’s and two sons. His wife had passed away 4 years ago. He did volunteer work even at an old age and even was a teacher for a while. I won’t lie, I did not expect his obituary to be so positive. This whole time in my head I assumed he was some maniac cult leader who never threw away any of his junk.
Once I finished reading, I noticed that there isn’t a cause of death anywhere. I guess some obituaries can choose not to include that.

I arrived at Felix’s house, and it was almost turning into sunset. The trash container Felix had rented was still outside, but it was nearly empty. I wondered if it would get completely full again. The front door was slightly opened, and I let myself in. I walked around the main floor looking for him. The living room didn’t look too bad now that it was empty.
Once I entered the kitchen, I called Felix’s name. “What! I’m here” he replied as he popped out from behind the old fridge. He scared the sh*t out of me. “Jesus Christ... What are you doing there?” I said with my palm on my chest.
“I’m putting the hand truck behind this old fridge. It has to go. This thing smells like a dead person”. He spoke.
“Well, what if there IS a dead person in there?” I said, “Let’s open it”.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you”, Felix said while placing his hand on the fridge door.
“Why not? I just want to see what our guy Travis kept inside”.
“Alright, but don’t open it until I say”. Felix took his hand off the door and walked to the other side of the house. “Go ahead”. I opened the fridge door slowly and peaked through. No light bulb turned on so I couldn’t see inside. I opened it halfway and an incredibly foul odor hit my nose and I almost threw up. There wasn’t a dead body chopped up into small pieces, but there was a half empty bottle of expired milk, expired steak, cheese, and other stuff that was probably there for at least a year.
As soon as I slammed the door shut Felix started walking back. “Ha! See, I told you I wouldn’t do that. Next time just listen to me. Come on, let’s put this thing outside”.
Felix and I continued to clean the house. I really wanted to explain the dark room incident to him, but the entire time I was thinking, “how do I say this without sounding like I’m insane?” I concluded that there just wasn’t a way to say it without sounding crazy, so I just did it.
“Hold on, Felix. Let’s pause for a minute. I have to tell you something”.
“Okay, what?”
“Remember those two rolls of film that I showed you the last time we were cleaning this house?”
“The ones from the box downstairs?”
“Yeah. Here’s the thing. I really need you to just believe everything I say, okay? Even if it sounds super ridiculous. Everything I am going to tell you is one hundred percent real. I swear I am NOT lying.”
“Okay, okay, John just tell me. Look, I’ll believe it if I believe it-”
“IT’S TRUE... Alright, whatever, I’m just gonna start. So, the day after I found the film, I went to develop it in my university’s dark room. I- I heard and felt something. It wasn’t human. It- it was like some kind of beast-”
“What did it look like?”
“I DON’T KNOW. I was unrolling the film in complete darkness. I didn’t see what it looked like”.
“Why would you do it in the dark, though?” Felix asked. I was getting frustrated because I didn’t feel like explaining the process of developing film.
“BECAUSE- BECAUSE there can’t be any light in the first step, only the rest of the process. I only heard its footsteps. It blew strong blows of air on me anytime I moved. I thought it was going to attack me, but I turned the lights on just in time”.
Felix just stood there looking me dead in the eye, confused as ever. “What the hell are you talking about?” I lowered my head into a face palm and sighed deeply.
“I mean, seriously, what are you on, man? You think you summoned a demon or something?” He said. “So, did you even get to develop the film anyway, or what?”
“No” I said, “I was too freaked out. I just put the film in its canister and left it in a drawer. I swear I’m telling the truth. I just wanted to see if you knew anything about it”.
“Yeah, no, I have no idea what you’re talking about. So, is that it? Are you done with this whole picture's thing?”
I replied, “Well, I don’t want to relive that experience. At the same time though, I really want to know what those pictures look like. If I’m going back to the dark room to finish, I at least want to take someone with me”. We looked at each other for a few seconds.
“...Let me guess, you want me to go with you?” Felix asked. “Yes. I do”. I spoke.
Felix took a breath, “... I mean, I guess since you’re helping me clean this place up I might as well. It’ll have to wait though. I won’t have time until next week”.
“That’s fine” I said, “I can wait”.

Fast forward to Monday. Felix and I agreed to meet in front of my university in the morning. We walked together towards the art department. We went up the elevator and walked down the end of the hall to where the dark room was. Being in front of that room again was so unnerving. I almost didn’t even want to step inside anymore.
Noticing my hesitation, Felix moved past me and entered the dark room, and I followed.
I had my phone flash again as I quickly switched the light on. I did not want it to be dark again. Thankfully, the next steps in developing the film could be done with the lights on. Felix was standing with his arms crossed.
“Alright, so now what?” he asked. I replied, “I have to set up all of the chemicals and then take the canister out of the drawer that I left it in”.
“Don’t you want me to help with anything?” he asked.
“No, you’re mainly here so that I’m not alone”.
I set up the chemicals as it said in my notes. Pre-soak, developer, hypo-clear, Photo-Flo etc. They were all lined up in beakers in the sink. Then, I went to the drawer that I left the canister with film in. It was still there. I brought it over the sink where the chemicals were ready.
“Here goes” I said out loud. Felix moved from the corner of the room to a few feet away from me. I poured the first solution in, agitated the canister for its required time, and then poured it out. I repeated this step for each chemical solution. Nothing bad had happened yet. The lights were on, Felix was watching over me, things were good.
“So how do I get this demon to show up? Should I turn the lights off?” Felix chuckled. I shook my head and rolled my eyes. If only he knew what I experienced that day.
Fast forward now to the last step of the process. I just had to take the film out of the hurricane film washer and put it to dry.
I took it out and unrolled it. As soon as I stretched it out, my eyes went directly onto the film. “FINALLY,” I thought, “I can finally see what these damn PICTURES ARE”. I held the film up to the fluorescent ceiling light and the negatives were visible now. They were tiny, black and white, but I couldn’t tell what the pictures were of.
The negatives on the film were so unrecognizable. After a few seconds of me trying to figure out what I was looking at, I decided I needed to bring out the light box. A light box is a box that shines white light at the top. Film is placed on top of the light box, and it lets you see the pictures clearly.
"Hold this. Don’t touch the strip of negatives, just hold the top part”. I handed Felix the unrolled film while I looked for the light box. I found it in a cabinet and grabbed it. I then set it on a station and plugged it to the wall. I flipped it on, and it shined brightly.
“Okay, let me see the film” I said to Felix.
“What the hell am I supposed to be seeing?” I looked over and saw he was trying to look at the negatives using the same ceiling light I was using.
“Dude, just give it to me so we can see them on the light box”. He handed the film to me. This was it.
I placed the beginning of the film on the light box, and it showed the first few pictures clearly.
FIRST PICTURE: The first picture was taken from the inside of a house. You could see out the window where there is nothing but trees.
SECOND PICTURE: A landscape of a small lake. A bird is hovering over the water.
THIRD PICTURE: A blurry unexposed shot of a stack of books.
Half of the pictures were like this. Just normal boring pictures of random stuff. “You made it seem like we’d see something cool or crazy. These are just boring ass pictures, man,” said Felix.
I was pretty disappointed so far. I almost wanted to just stop and start cleaning up. Until about the sixteenth picture.
SIXTEENTH PICTURE: A picture of a forest. Many tall trees were in the picture plane. The trees in the center were a different shade than the rest. Seems like it was taken at night, and the photographer was using a flashlight.
“Hey, what’s that there?” I whispered. “What?” asked Felix. In picture number sixteen there was a figure in between the trees. It was hard to see but I thought I saw a silhouette of something humanoid.
SEVENTEENTH PICTURE: This picture was similar to the last, except now, that figure was closer to the camera. I could see a more distinct shape. It definitely wasn’t human. It had an animal shape with a long neck.
“What is that? A horse?” said Felix. I started sweating.
EIGHTEENTH PICTURE: Now the creature was CLOSER. It was an animal or beast. I’ve never seen a creature like it before. It showed its side profile. Its body still hidden behind the trees. The creature was about 15 feet away from the camera. We could see its face. The head was shaped like a goat and horse at the same time.
“What is this thing? Do you know what animal that is?” I turned to Felix. He was wide mouthed now. More disturbed and shocked than I was. “Felix?”
“... I uh... I think we should stop looking now,” he said nervously. I was taken aback. Why would we stop now?
“...Are you okay Felix? What’s wrong?”
He didn’t respond. I continued looking.
NINETEENTH PICTURE: The creature was IN THE AIR. The ENTIRE body was visible, and it took up the whole picture plane. It had claws for hands that were stretched out. Its legs had hooves and its body was long. On each side of its body were long blurry blobs. They looked like wings, but its motion was blurred. It had no pupils in its eyes and its mouth was opened disturbingly wide.
“WH- WHAT IS THIS?” I yelled. Before I could keep moving the film to see the next picture, I felt a hard shove and I fell to the ground. Felix was standing over me with a shocked and worried face. He snatched the film off the light box and started crumpling it.
“FELIX WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR. Wha- what are you DOING!” I yelled at him.
“No one was supposed to know...” he said softly while looking at me dead in the eyes.
“...Know what??” I questioned. He started walking toward me. I was freaked out and discomforted and I kept scooting back while on the floor. Felix put his hand on the table nearest to him and picked up a pair of scissors. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” I screamed.
He was only a foot away from me before all the lights suddenly went out and it was completely dark. I felt like I had just died but I heard a familiar noise.
“What the hell?” Felix’s voice said in front of me.
“No... God. Please, no,” I thought, with tears in my eyes. The ground started to shake rhythmically.
“WHO'S THERE?” Felix yelled out. I heard things cling and clang as they started to fall to the floor.
I was still sitting on the floor. I looked up. The only thing I saw in the void of black darkness was two red dots.
“JOHN. WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU”. I heard shuffling. “WHAT THE F*CK?!”
The two red dots went up, then swiftly dragged down and I heard a disturbing *CRUNCH*. Felix let out a blood curdling scream. What followed was a mix of crunching, Felix’s crying and screaming, and more things falling to the floor. All I could see was those two red dots moving violently around the darkness.
And then, Felix stopped screaming. All I could hear was the gnashing of teeth. I thought that I was next. My adrenaline kicked in and I made a dash for the light switch. The floor shook as I ran. Thank the stars, I flipped them on. I looked behind me. There wasn’t anyone with me anymore. Felix was nowhere to be seen. On the floor where he was standing was the crumpled up roll of film.
I stood there in silence for at least a half hour, not knowing what to do. The crumpled up film was in my hand. I uncrumpled the film and put it back on the light box.
NINETEENTH PICTURE: The creature was once again far away from the camera but still in the air.
TWENTIETH PICTURE: A wide shot picture of the forest. Seems like the photographer got out of the forest.
TWENTYFIRST PICTURE: A picture of a house. Likely the same house as the first.
TWENTYSECOND PICTURE: A closer picture of the house. A silhouette was peeking out from the side of the house.
TWENTYTHIRD PICTURE: A zoomed in picture of the silhouette. It’s a person. I can’t see their face.
TWENTYFOURTH PICTURE: A man is standing next to the house. I recognized his face immediately. It was Felix.
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2023.03.25 01:38 newsu1 Groping or Touching?- By Newsu

Oh, Don Juan, thou art a sly one indeed, To bring forth such a topic with speed. Some may call it groping, oh so crass, But she calls it "touch me, squeeze me" with sass.
For in the heat of passion, words may shift, And what was once deemed foul can bring a lift. Her lover's hands upon her curves and dips, She revels in the pleasure, as he grips.
Oh, touch me, squeeze me, all over, my dear, The very thought of it brings me near. To ecstasy, to rapture, to delight, As we entwine and merge until the night.
So let the naysayers talk and scorn, For in our love, we are reborn. And as we revel in each other's touch, We find ourselves lost in passion's clutch.
Oh, Don Juan, thou hast sparked a fire, Of passion, of desire, of pure desire. For though some may call it groping, 'tis true, She calls it "touch me, squeeze me" all over, darling, with you.
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2023.03.25 01:38 Weak-Sand9779 I (30 F) have this fantasy where a psycho prison warden kidnaps me, takes me to his prison, and electrocutes me in the electric chair.

It's nearly midnight. I go to sleep, then I suddenly wake up in a daze. My head hurts, and I realize that I'm being carried through a dark corridor. I notice the corridor is very drab, dark and cold. I look around and notice I'm in a prison. I notice the warden carrying me in his arms. He has mistaken me for a criminal, and I try to resist but he's way too strong. We get to the end of the corridor, and there's a door. The door has a small window and I catch a glimpse of the electric chair in a brightly lit room. I can't believe what I'm seeing. I somehow manage to fall out of his arms and I try and run toward the corridor to escape, but he quickly grabs me and then drags me to the chair before throwing me into it. He ties the straps so tightly they bruise me, and he's getting really pissed off. There's nobody else around to help me, he asks for my last words and then fires up the generator. My heart starts pounding and I feel this weird mixture of terror and excitement. My last words are 'let me ride the lightning jail daddy'. I hear a sound similar to that of an airplane engine spooling up.
He looks at the clock, which is a minute from midnight. When the clock strikes midnight, he looks at me and nods. Then he flicks the switch and I am electrocuted. I feel my muscles start to shake, feel my heart going into fibrillation and I can't breathe at all. The electric current hurts a little but it feels like the most intense tickling I've ever experienced in my life.
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