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2023.03.21 12:57 dullyMacerate104 Life hack request: What's the easiest way to clear vaping soot from walls and cushioned furniture?

Hey everyone. For a couple of months, I lived with a roommate. I thought saving some money would be a great idea, given that my rent was raised and I didn't have enough savings to cover the increase if I lost my job. This girl that lived with me was recommended by my sister, who claimed that she knew her and that she was a lovely girl worth trusting.

Only a few weeks later, after this ""lovely girl"" moved in with me, I found out that she was a vaper and that while I wasn't in the apartment, she was puffing indoors. She was smart enough not to vape heavy flavors, and if I hadn't caught her in the process, I doubt I would've known I lived with a vaper.

I have nothing against vapers, and I also vape once in a while. But I don't like when people do it inside my flat. So I asked her to vape outdoors. She seemed to agree, and with that, we ended the conversation.
But a few days ago, while wiping the dust from my furniture and doing some small cleaning, I noticed a sticky residue on all surfaces. Something tells me that this ""lovely girl"" constantly receiving packages from didn't care about my request and continued to vape inside.

I'm thrilled that my roommate found a new place to live, and I already called my sister and thanked her for the ""great"" recommendation. But it doesn't solve my problem. I still have to clean my apartment.

When it comes to smooth surfaces, I have no issue cleaning them using a damp cloth and degreaser spray. But I have no idea how I could clean the wallpapers and cushioned furniture without doing more damage. The only thing I came up with is calling professional cleaning, but I can't afford it at the moment, and I'd be extremely grateful for some tips.
Any ideas?
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2023.03.21 12:54 Legendsneverdie908 how do vape smokers affect people around them

Brother keeps vaping around me and my siblings I want it to stop
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2023.03.21 12:54 haruxbenny Might've ate Plastic...

Sorry if I'm in the wrong place to ask, I'm a 16 year old with only some life experience, I went to a convenience store today to buy a sandwich and the employee told me to microwave it, I thought unwrapping the food and putting it in the microwave would be unsanitary, so I proceeded to microwave the food with plastic on, a few moments later the plastic popped, yet the employee didn't inform me that I was doing it wrong, and I ate the sandwich...
Ik what i did was dumb, I'll definitely improve myself in the future, but am I going to be okay? Is there any consequences of my actions?
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2023.03.21 12:54 Pizza_Requiem I need help finding a cosplay maker

I am new to cosplaying (Tbh ive never done it before and i know nearly nothing about it apart from it beign hard and expensive) and im interested in a 1:1 warhammer 40k Custodes suit (Preferebly custom made, but not necesary) along with a guardin spear, my problems are 2:
1) Where can i buy this? (I assume) Its pretty hard to do, and i dont want to get scammed, so any recommendations would be heavily apreciated.
2) It needs to have internacional shipping, since i dont live anywhere near the US, Canada, UK or any major country.
Also if anyone could tell me what they think (Or know) something like this would cost, i would be very thankful.
I know its an extreamlly hard and specific thing, but if anyone know anything, please let me know.
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2023.03.21 12:53 Ok_Acanthocephala_70 My Email to Matpat, containing most of the lore of barotrauma

Hello game theorists! I would like to recommend a video idea of the game called "Barotrauma'' on steam. It's a 2D side vision submarine simulator survival and horror game. Human scientists discovered that there was life on the second moon of Jupiter, Europa, a giant ball of ice with a 90km deep ocean under the thick ice surface. They sent people there, and after a good few years they became separate from earth and at the end connection was completely lost with it. People built outposts, which they travel to with submarines, eventually becoming the base of the economy. The life on Europa was surprisingly not only bacterial, but very complex and species rich, as well as being very dangerous, having biologically impossible animals and lots of predators, parasites and flora. You manage a crew on a submarine, and try your best at going deeper and deeper in Europa's ocean eventually reaching its eye. The game has a lot of deeply hidden lore, and the small community that the game has isnt enough to fully understand it. The game takes around 60 hours to finish.
Now I will talk about all we know about the lore, and all pictures we have of important pictures in the game to help your research if you do decide to look into this game.
On the moon after humans arrived however, radiation has increased so much, that research can no longer be done on the surface. And also add the fact, that communication with earth has been lost many years ago. Maybe the radiation disrupted the radio signals... We hope at least.
There is also the mystery of the "Ancients". A very advanced civilization, that lived, or maybe even lives on the moon with us. They left behind artifacts. Some will set itself on fire, some will make you go insane. Their weapons are also way more advanced than humanity's. They built very complex bases, commonly known as "Ruins". They left a lot of equipment there, making me belive they left in a hurry.
Spoilers from now on
The endgame is the following: You arrive at the fifth, and also last biome, the eye of Europa. You realize, there are no outposts or colonies. There is only one stop you can go to. There is a beacon station (These are scattered across the campaign map, when activated new outposts get built near it. In the lore these are like lighthouses for submarines). You talk with a person inside, called Dr. Grann, and he asks you if you are here to find "Jove". As you soon find out, Jove is a god-like alien. But before you get there, you will need to enter a portal. It will be hidden behind a gate, marked on your sonar as "Gravitational Anomaly" that you and your crew will have to open. Once you enter the portal, you will find yourself in a very weird place. The depth counter doesn't work anymore. You will find yourself doing more puzzles, and coming across a shipwreck. A submarine wreck to be precise. Inside you will find 3 logbooks (4 if you count another one, but that's not important). It will explain why the crew came here. A very experienced captain, and his crew. The captain writes about having nightmares about the "Eye of Europa", your destination. He knew from a young age he had to come here. Unfortunately, nobody was found aboard the sub. After you reach the gravitational anomaly, you will faint and wake up inside the red spot of Jupiter, inside some kind of giant ruin. Take a look at scribble2.png. We found out this is in fact the wormhole/blackhole/portal that can be seen on the scribble2.png The wormhole takes you to Jupiter's great red spot, where Jove is located. Jove as you will find out is guarded by many. From Ancients, to Portal, and Fracture guardians. Even an Endworm with turret-like limbs. You fight off the attackers and Jove in a very tough battle and get the last cutscene:
Gravitational Collapse, T plus 02:14:39
"This is Surface Observatory Echo Five. We are experiencing...Uh... Something's happening up here again. Do you copy, over?" "Surface Observatory Echo Five, this is Merrivale Linea Outpost. Go ahead, over."
"It's Jupiter's Great Red Spot - I don't know how to describe it, it's as if it was quieting down. Radiation levels remain unusually low. How are you hanging down there? Anything new to report? Over." "The radiation levels are low here as well, and still stable. As is the gravity. We managed to get in touch with Dr. af Grann, but he seemed to be as puzzled about this as we are. He did mention a crew diving past his station on a (Submarine name) earlier, but we're not sure whether that's of any relevance, over."
"I take it you haven't been able to get in touch with his crew? Over" "No, we have not. Dr. af Grann seemed convinced they won't be heard of again on this side of the... Timelike hypersurface, or something like that? The usual nonsense of his. Over" "Well, if they were the ones who did this, my hat's off to them. Fair weather and calm seas to wherever they're sailing now. Over and out."
Cutscene over
Then also, please take a look at Scribble1.png, and Scribble2.png, On the first one middle right, there are some equations crossed with "By jove'' written under it. This scribble can be found at Colony type outposts to the far right, at the research station in a trash can. The game also has many many random events related to lore, but we probably didn't get some. I don't know about the first one, but I will send an update when I find out.
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2023.03.21 12:53 Kozchey I have realized my beer day drinking is making my depression and anxiety worse

I mean, I can drink all day and like it when I am not depressed, but when I am, it make things worse. First off, my psychiatrist told me that alcohol is partially nullifying the effect of antidepressants, and second - judging by own experience, since alcohol gives you this short feeling of numbness and relief, once that beer wears off I crave for another one way more than I'd usually, thus making anxiety and unpleasant thoughts worse - I had lost them for a few minutes there, and now back to sucking reality.
Also, booze is literally a depressant.
I drank one beer at noon today - a left over from yesterday, but I caught myself on time and did not hit the store for more - so hopefully IWNDWYT
Whatever thoughts of self-hate and fears I have in my brain I will try my best to deal with in the best way as possible without drinking.
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2023.03.21 12:52 Banoffee_Breakfast My brother's dad threw away our dying grandmother's belongings

I'm not really looking for advice but I won't forbid it either. I just want to talk about it. That relationship in the title sounds confusing so I'll briefly try to explain it: my older brother and I have different dads. Our grandmother (nanna) is technically just my brother's grandmother and I'm not biologically related to her in any way. But she has always loved me and treated me as her grand kid since I was born. My brother's dad (I'll call him "D") is nanna's son.
After D and my mum divorced, my brother went to live with him. But D was largely absent as a parent so my brother was raised mostly by nanna and pop. After pop died about 12 years ago we were all so worried that nanna would follow shortly after, but she's a tough lady and has made it to 92 this year. Unfortunately though, her health has been declining over recent years. We've been wanting to get her some in home care for nearly a decade but she's so stubborn and strong-willed that she wouldn't stand for it. It wasn't until a few months ago that her health got so bad she had to be moved to a nursing home. I hated the idea but we didn't really have a choice. She has dementia and it's been getting worse. Almost the moment she was out the door, D (who had only recently returned to the country after being overseas for several years) started "decluttering" with extreme prejudice. I wanna take a moment here to say that I don't hate D, he's not a bad person, he's family and he's always been good to me. He just tends to be very short-sighted and occasionally straight up selfish. As I mentioned he hasn't been much of a parent to my brother, and has made some life choices that would make anyone say "wtf", but he's not mean or cruel, at least not intentionally, he's just a bit of a frustrating dumbass. When he started cleaning out nanna's house, which was admittedly in desperate need of cleaning, I assumed he was going to sort through the items in the house and put some things in storage. But then my brother contacted me asking me if there were certain items that I would want because D was about to just throw them away. I was pissed about this for several reasons, not least because nanna is still alive and all these things still belong to her, and he's just carelessly tossing things out without consulting her, or anyone else for that matter. I asked my brother about a beloved teddy bear collection that nanna had, and he said he thinks they might have already been thrown away. Like, who tf does that? Those are beloved keepsakes, if you're not going to keep them at least give them away or donate them, don't treat them like garbage. But it gets worse, in every sense of the word. About a week ago nanna had a fall at the nursing home and broke her hip. As if that wasn't awful enough, it turns out that she's contracted scabies. The combination of the scabies and her old age means that an operation is pretty much out of the question and there's nothing the doctors can do. My brother messaged me and our siblings after work on Friday and told us the doctors said she probably wouldn't make it through the weekend (it's Tuesday now and she's still kicking, what a trooper) so I dropped everything and went on the two hour trip to visit. My brother, his uncle and his dad are all currently living in nanna's house so I stayed there for the weekend. While I was there, in between visits to the hospital, I noticed some things left out on the lawn. Some of it was genuine garbage, but something else caught my eye. There were two wooden drawers that had been taken out of a dresser and left on the grass with the items still in them. I gave the items a once over from a distance and thought "that can't be right, he wouldn't just leave something like that out on the lawn" but in a spare moment I went to inspect them up close and my suspicions were confirmed. It was jewellery. He had left two full drawers of nanna's jewellery on the grass in front of the house at the mercy of the elements and passers-by for days. I was so utterly dumbfounded that I couldn't even be mad. I kept trying to think of reasons why anyone would do something like this, something so careless and tactless and all around stupid. Well, after picking my jaw up off the ground I decided to pick the drawers up as well and carry them into the house. I began to sort through the items and found some beautiful pieces with immense sentimental value. Most of it had little to no monetary value, it was mostly fake or costume jewellery, excluding one or two small silver items, but the fact that he didn't even care to look through it all before tossing it aside was so baffling that I couldn't decide if it was stupidity or malice. After sorting through the items I showed them to my brother and told them where I found them, he too was baffled by D's actions but also had the presence of mind to be angry about it. He told me D was a neat freak and that he hated clutter which was why he was purging the house so thoroughly, but that he was also an idiot. I don't know if he confronted him about it, but he told me to take the items home with me because he didn't trust D to take care of them. I told my sister about what happened and she was confused as well, saying "if you're gonna be a scumbag at least do it properly and try to sell the stuff, why be so wasteful?" and I can't help but agree. Anyway I just wanted to vent about this bizarre and frustrating situation during a very emotionally difficult time in my and my family's lives right now, and maybe ask if any of y'all have relatives whose priorities are so skewed you can't help but tilt your head.
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2023.03.21 12:51 samphireseo Web Development Company Near Me Web Development Agency

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2023.03.21 12:50 IAmButADuck Neighbours having work done on their garden. Building materials placed on our side of the driveway blocking in car/use of driveway

Hi everyone. Just a quick first post.
Me and my partner are currently away and have just discovered via our home security system that the neighbour we share a drive with is having work done on their garden. The drive is split down the middle with one half ours, one half theirs. This is clearly defined on the boundary maps.
Have watched their materials being dropped off, they have placed a large number of them on our side of the driveway, near the front, blocking in our second vehicle. We have had no notice of the building work being done nor that they would need access to the drive as they have struggled to work around the car we have left.
We return home this Friday and believe that the work will not be complete before then and the driveway will be full of the building materials. The driveway is needed for our other car.
We are wondering, what legal rights do they have to use our driveway? Is our second car illegally blocked in? And what the best courses of action are once we return home?
Thank you in advance for all your help.
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2023.03.21 12:50 ameatpopcicle [WTS/WTT] PRICE DROP Mens L Black Diamond First Light Hoodie, Mens Black Diamond Creedo Pants

KingFisher Blue Hoodie has only had light use running errands, no climbing or hiking. Recently gently washed with eco friendly detergent. Purchased in Anchorage at tye Black Diamond store. Has minor seem tear in right pocket. Easily stitched. See picture. Asking $150 $130 shipped PayPal G&S
Credo Pants have been worn probably 10 times. 34x32. Also light use running errands. No climbing or hiking. Asking $60 $50 shipped
Bundle and save on shipping. Willing to make a deal on both. PM me.
Willing to trade for similar items subdued or earth colors.
Also interested in packs.
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2023.03.21 12:50 PoundAdventurous5180 AITB for asking my husband how we're going to deal with all his freebie food in the house?

American couple living in Vienna here, in our 40s,only here due to husband's job.
Anyway... for the past 3 weeks, my husband's been bringing back a load of pastries, a mixture of Cinnabon-style ones and some of those custard pastries, the choux, that he got from a bakery shop near us. Apparently he's got some sort of agreement with the owners of this mom-and-pop store to take whatever leftovers he wants.
He's also managed to finagle freebies of unsold coconut candy bars and ice-creams from a local mom-and-pop store and brings these home twice a week.
My worry is how we're goign to consume all this before they expire.
I don't think the people at our local Americans in Vienna social group will want these unsold pastries if they're deterioriating quickly. Wouldn't we be sued into oblivion for supplying food that's past it's sell-by-date?
It's expensive to live here in Vienna compared to where we lived in the Midwest.
As it is, I'm wondering if we'll ever get to eat all these, but he insists we will.
AITB for worrying over food and drink?
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2023.03.21 12:50 noamico666 I created Pikup.AI - an app that helps u get Girls with AI 😂

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2023.03.21 12:49 Appropriate-Pick-415 I don’t want to have sex with my boyfriend anymore

My boyfriend (22m) and I (20f) just recently started having sex and it has been mostly great, I typically have slight pain with intercourse but as of recently it’s been getting worse.
A few nights ago the pain got so unbearable that I couldn’t hide it anymore and I had to tell my boyfriend to stop, he got very worried and started asking me if I was alright, to which I responded by bursting into tears and sobbing uncontrollably into his arms. He kept asking what happened, assuming he did something wrong. Which of course only made me sob more.
Not too long ago I was sexually assaulted by someone close to me, and feeling the same pain that I felt from that experience caused me to remember it all over again. I’ve never told anyone about it and I feel like I never can. I know my boyfriend won’t be mad or think of me any different, I just don’t know how I can even try and tell him about this, especially since he knows the person and is also very close to him.
Since that night I have been avoiding the whole topic of sex and even somewhat avoiding my boyfriend. I feel really bad for saying that I don’t want to have sex with him, he’s a very physical person and I love him so much, but now all I can think about every time he’s even near me is the incident, and I can’t even imagine trying to have sex with him again, I’m just very scared to relive that moment, and I don’t want to associate him with that traumatic experience.
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2023.03.21 12:49 stovetopbrand Advice on weighing potential options

Disclaimer: Neither of these positions are guaranteed as I'll get to soon. This is hypothetical as if I were offered both.
Background: I'm a bit rusty, but spent a bit over a year in a local pizza joint before they closed when business was too slow picking up post-lockdown. Just pizza, salad, and sandwiches. Open kitchen, only manner of cooking was a pizza oven, we all did everything, no servers, hand washed dishes, ran register and such. Also an okay home cook. Did spend a tiny bit of time other places, but (now resolved) health issues made it near impossible for me to physically hold a job in any field that would hire me. Turns out they're right when they say alcohol will kill you, cuz I almost died. Anyway...
I have two interviews coming up for two very different positions in two different kinds of restaurants. I was recommended for both places by old co-workers. Obviously it's not 100% I'll be offered both or even one, but my chances are good at both places with the recs. This is all hypothetical. They pay about the same.
Option 1: Manager at a smaller pizza chain, think Cici's but not quite. Shitty mass produced food. Guy who recommended me never even worked food service before he got in there and it seems like they just want someone who can manage and don't much care if you can cook. As stated, I've done pizza and a few other things, and I was assistant manager at a very large retailer for some time, but never managed a restaurant. I also hate dealing with customers and shitty people working under me, but between retail and food I've done it my whole adult life and can make it work. 40-50 hours a week, not awful for the industry.
Option 2: Line cook at a local restaurant and bar downtown. Scratch kitchen. Decent, real food. But I've never cooked on the line at a place with a full kitchen with multiple stations. I can still learn, but I'm rusty on top of aging (30 years old) and potential brain damage. I would actually prefer this to get new knowledge, but don't know if I'll be able to keep up. Not an open kitchen and wouldn't have to deal with trying to keep people in "their place," just focus on getting a job done. Hours unknown thus far.
Both make me anxious, I haven't worked in general in months because of the whole almost dying thing. But imagine if both of these were offered to you, what would you rather do?
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2023.03.21 12:49 Causewhynot444 Dating in LA

So does everyone in LA have the same issues when it comes to dating? That it makes you think why bother??
My first boyfriend (25M) and I (30M) broke up last week, we had been talking for over a year, met for the first time in December when he moved back & officially became boyfriends and have been monogamous the last 3 months. We have spent ALOT of time together to and it’s always been great.
Everything was perfect until a few weeks ago. The night we broke up I literally was just communicating with him honestly about certain issues we were having like him being secretive while on his phone anytime he was near me when all I would do is look over at him or walked by him or that I felt like he was hiding our relationship/me etc and Considering he told me he was in love with me I thought we could talk about anything without issue but He dismissed what I was saying, turned it around and pretty much told me my feelings weren’t valid.
Despite that I genuinely do still love & miss him and I think that if we were to actually talk & make an effort for him to not do the things that I tried to talk to him about and I also make an effort to not do things that he doesn’t like that could resolve the issues and we could move forward, so I stupidly reached out to him & how he replied is coming off like I did something so horrible that he now hates me when he’s the one who can’t communicate.
I swear I’d rather be single then deal with games and I thought girls were worse when it comes to dating.
Should I just say fuck it and not even bother with trying to get back together?
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2023.03.21 12:49 simphly I more often than not hate working with my colleagues

I've been in the job almost 2 years now and don't get me wrong, I love it, I work in a jewellers that sells watches which is a hobby of mine, but I just can't find myself being passionate around these fucktards anymore, I try and train them up to do the job, but these inept morons just don't want to listen. Our new supervisor is just completely fucking useless, almost 9 months in and the absolute most BASIC questions are still being asked, every time they can't do something they hand it over to me, the other day they was handed a task to do because they weren't able to do it (keep in mind this was delegated to THEM) so I leave the store, come back and a near £8,000 sale is being made. I am consistently at the bottom of the performance charter because this stupid fucker keeps handing things to me because they refuse to take my training on-board. None of them have passion for both sides of the job, "oh I don't do that", "oh that's not for me", "oh I don't care about that", whenever I try to talk about new releases I'm consistently shut down by all, "Don't message me on my week off." but I know full fucking well the other colleagues are back and forth with them, sharing TikToks, Instagram reels, etc. On top of all that, the manager has CLEAR favourites consistently letting staff go home early, giving me all the late shifts and leaving me to take all of the stock out of display at the end of the day. I also feel consistently blocked out, ignored, not involved in conversations, I get interrupted all the time, no one takes on board anything I say either, I'm on the verge of flipping my shit
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2023.03.21 12:49 st_psilocybin Seeking advice on how to let go of resentment against roommate who is a bad dog owner

I’ll start off saying that overall I generally don’t mind pets, it’s just that personally I’m not really interested in the responsibility of owning one myself. If a friend has a pet that’s well behaved and well taken care of I generally vibe with that.
My roommate who works third shift, never goes outside except to drive to work or the grocery store, just sits in his room and games, adopted a husky. Huskies are super high energy breed, especially when they are young, and this one is NOT being taken care of the way he needs to be.
Our other roommate has taken the dog on 4 walks over the past 2 weeks since the dog has been here, yet the actual owner has not walked him at all. He doesn’t even prioritize taking the dog out to go potty. Yesterday I heard the dog crying by the door for an HOUR. The owner finally got up… and went STRAIGHT TO THE SHOWER and spent like 40 minutes in there instead of taking his dog out first!
The energy this is creating in the house is weighing heavily on me. I hate knowing that the animal is suffering. I know I could take some responsibility and alleviate some of his suffering by walking him and taking him out for potty but this would lead to immense resentment against my roommate and personal suffering for myself. Since not wanting the responsibility/obligation for care is the main reason I don’t have my own pet, I’m not exactly keen on jumping on a volunteer opportunity to be a caretaker for someone else’s pet.
Trying to ignore it doesn’t work and I’m still feeling resentment build up anyway. I can’t leave my own room without the dog following me around and whimpering, which is annoying and makes me feel bad. I am resenting my roommate for creating these conditions. I don’t think he sees a problem with the lack of care. I haven’t brought it up directly, but he has a very nonchalant/uncaring attitude about it.
Any advice welcome
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2023.03.21 12:49 Poguelife Computer Stores

After some 20+ years, Im again looking to buy a PC Desktop computer to build a home flight simulator. While searching for "Computer Stores near me", I see some familliar local companies like MysteryByte and Brilliance, alongside of course Best Buy. Im pleased to see these companies still in business after all these years. My question is where do most Haligonians buy "gaming" computers in 2023? I live in Dartmouth and would prefer somewhere close. Pre and post-sale service are of interest to me. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 12:48 RayThompson7 So about the CTRumble hate

I'm gonna be real this sub has been real weird ever since Crash 4
Granted, Crash 4 deserved some of the criticism... Bad box placements that blended with environment, hidden of screen. Levels required literall perfection, platinum times necessary, N. Verted levels were just padding so Activision could have a 60€ game... Yes all of those sucked
And I understand a lot of you are angry and dissatisfied with it cuz of these things. I love Crash 4 but these things bug me also.. it's nowhere near ruining my game expirience but it's something I wish they would do better.
Now to CTR. It's perfectly fine to voice your opinions or concerns... But I've seen so many people hate on this game just cuz it's Made by Toys for Bob and it's sequel to Crash 4 which is silly
And yeah this game is Different but that's fine.
How do you think people acted when the OG Crash Team Racing was introduced? Well definitely not like this... They just enjoyed the game or were too young to even care.
I'm not saying to just go blindly and consume product, no.
What I'm saying is there just wasn't this much negativity and people actually gave Chance to something new. It must have been weird for them also to go from "my silly bandicoot who jumps on crates drives now" but they just don't bother and had fun with the game
And thats the whole point... People care too much about this and that. Just enjoy what you have.
Sure voice your opinions and sure if u don't like, than don't buy it... Easy as that but just going around and trashing the game at every opportunity is stupid... Just cuz it's different/ made by Toys for Bob
What about Crash Bash? That was completely different, people gave it a chance and loved it, so what? Same with Crash Team Racing, Tag team racing, heck a lot of people even liked Mutants/Titans
Can't we just take a step back and enjoy the games we have rather than always critize every single detail?
Thank you for reading
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2023.03.21 12:48 FNLYDC4L Waiting on auditor

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2023.03.21 12:47 LeCroiveur Health center for skin disease

안녕하세요! I will go to Korea in May, but I have a rare skin disease called Verneuil’s disease and recently I have a lot of skin problems and have to go often to emergency. I just checked with my doctors about the fact I will go to Korea soon, they told me to take antibiotics with me before I go there and if things don’t go well, then go to hospital. So, now I was thinking about hospital, I will be near Seoul and my question is, is there medical centers which speciality is skin disease there ? Or does it exist French one ? (I’m from France) that makes me a bit nervous because, it’s important skin problem and sometimes can be ok, nothing happen, but sometimes can have really big problems and need to go emergency, and, I am a bit worrying about the price. Thank you <3
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2023.03.21 12:47 Squeegee-Peach-Fuzz Another property post

Hello all,
Apologies in advance if this question has been raised. I searched the sub and was not able to find an answer for my question.
Background: We’re a young family who will move to Malta in the near future. The plan is to purchase a property and raise our family here, we love the island, the lifestyle is ideal for us and after weighing all options we have this is what we’ve settled on.
My main questions revolve around purchasing property. I see a lot of posts on social media of owners advertising their properties. Simultaneously of course there are real estate agents who advertise properties also. I understand that going to the owner directly will probably save me fees but I’m trying to figure out, as a first time buyer: - do I actually need the estate agent? Considering they take care of notarising and property checks doesn’t this save me the hassle of doing this independently? - if I buy through the owner directly, what does that process look like? Is all paperwork taken care of by both parties e.g promise of sale - as a bonus, if there are any pros and cons of either I’d appreciate any insight.
Thanks in advance and appreciate any feedback!
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