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2023.06.01 20:55 CompelledfromLurking Darkmoon in the DeepChapter 10: Short Rest

"Sweet nectar!"
Feraz splashed water on his face then leaned forward to drink deeply from the river. Agila lit the bundle of dry wood he had set up and sheathed her dagger. She took a step toward the river and fell to her knees as an overwhelming wave of fatigue crashed into her. Feraz jumped to his feet and spun around, sword half drawn. He rushed up to her.
"Damnit!" he said, helping her to the rivers edge. "I should have realized you were overexerting." Agila drank, then blinked as she fell onto her side and noticed the firelight fading. "The fire," she slurred out. "It's going out." She saw the outline of Feraz looking to the fire, then back at her. "The fire is strong, Agila. Rest." His words drifted and faded under the weight on her mind. The blackness closed in on her vision, and Agila slipped into a deep dreamless sleep.
When she awoke, Feraz was watching her from the other side of the fire. He let out a heavy sigh of relief. "Feel better?" he asked. Agila yawned, then stretched and sat up. "I think so. I don't know what happened," she said. Feraz tossed a stick on the fire, sending sparks floating up between the impossibly long trees. The turquoise moss that had been at the base of the trees when they first entered had been replaced by dark yellow vines that twisted and stretched a dozen feet up the trunks.
"How did you find the river?" he said. Agila raised an eyebrow. "I'm a wayfinder, loremaster, remember?" What's that look about, she thought. Feraz was leveling a skeptical gaze at her. "You were wayfinding while making light?" he asked. Agila nodded, then walked to the river and drank. Feraz followed and sat cross legged beside her at the rivers edge. "I didn't hear you say anything," he said. Agila leaned back and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "I said it in my head. What's with that look? You're the one that told me what it is, and now you're the surprised one?"
Feraz laughed. "You really weren't taught anything about the prowess, were you?" he accused. Agila rolled her eyes. "You're not the first to call me ignorant, Feraz, but I've come to expect better from you," she replied. Feraz scratched his beard, thinking. "You shouldn't be able to do that, Agila. You shouldn't be able to do any of it." He stood up and Agila followed as he began walking down the shoreline. "I guess I thought because you were so gifted with it, you knew the cost of using too much prowess," he started. "I underestimated your ability, and overestimated your knowledge."
Agila scoffed. "Careful, Feraz, you're going to start sounding like Hark with compliments like that." Feraz cast a smirk behind him at Agila. "Oh, it's 'Hark' now, is it? Didn't realize you were on first name basis with the warden. I seem to remember someone telling me just the other day 'it's not like that!'" he said, crossing his arms and rendering a frustratingly accurate impression of Agila.
Feraz grunted as Agila nudged him in the back. "It isn't like that... exactly," she said. "He's nice, in a mean sort of way." Feraz scoffed. "Yeah, and I'm sure his square jaw and strong hands don't detract from the quality of his company." Agila laughed, then bumped into Feraz as he stopped in his tracks. She walked to stand beside him and her jaw fell open. The river dropped off a sheer cliff ahead of them, dissolving into swirling clouds of mist as it crashed hundreds of feet to the next level of the forest below.
And barely visible at the edge of the cliff near the river, a set of ancient stairs cut down along the sheer rock face.
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2023.06.01 20:55 PutridSmellingHole Life has become boring for me. How can I change that?

TLDR: I have too much free time. How can I make life fun again?
Ever since graduating high school life has become boring for me. I just finished the second semester of my freshman year of college. High school kept me nearly always but even with 15 credit hours I half half my week free. At first I would hike, hang out with friends, go to the beach, kayak, go out, and try to have fun with my free time but I’m having a hard time enjoying those things as much as I used to.
Now I spend a lot of my days playing video games and watching tv. That was fun too for a while but I’m bored with life. A lot of people in college fill their time with part time work but I’m not in need of a lot of money because my parents are paying my tuition and scholarships are covering my living expenses.
Now it’s summer time and I am about to have even more free time than I had these last 2 semesters. What can I do to fill in my free time?
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2023.06.01 20:54 Remarkable_Ad_5010 False Misloads!

Background: Been with UPS 7 years transferred and lost seniority waiting to go driving.
Was pre-loading and my supervisor told me I had a Misload for a truck. I go to the driver and apologize like always but the driver tells me I didn’t have one. This is the third time this has happened. Is there something shady going on here because it’s started happening to my coworkers too!
No it is not a decoy package 📦 used to see if drivers are sheeting up misloads
No my driver didn’t go anywhere near where the Misload is located
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2023.06.01 20:54 SeaworthinessNo6781 Pharmacies with 10mg Ritalin in Brooklyn/NYC?

Hi! I live in Downtown Brooklyn and have been unable to fill my 10 mg Ritalin prescription at the CVS near me. They informed me that all CVS’s in the area (Brooklyn, possibly specifically downtown) use the same supplier so if they don’t have it, most won’t.
Has anyone been able to pick up their’s recently at other pharmacies and/or neighborhoods? If so, please let me know the name & address of pharmacy. I only have enough to get me through the weekend so I’m kind of freaking out.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 20:53 SideQuestPubs I (40yo) work full time, have my own medical insurance, and wear glasses at work to help with MIGRAINES.

Cue my ndad snidely "reminding" me at random that I'm not wearing them... when I'm relaxing at home and watching TV or engaged in other activities that don't require squinting at tiny print.
(I live with my ns, they're retired, and I hate driving. Time off from work and time away from them don't coincide nearly as much as I'd like.)
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2023.06.01 20:52 Real_Nospar A little over a week since heat treatment.

Just wanted to give an update on our experience with heat treatment and maybe give positive outlook to those having a hard time dealing with bed bugs.
About 48 hours after our heat treatment I found a bed bug climbing wall near my grandfather in law's chair (ground zero). I instantly got a ziplock bag and sealed it inside. Not going to lie I panicked a little seeing one again but reminded myself that they also put down a residual and good chance that this bug was dying. I did call our bed bug specialist the next morning to tell them what I found. He helped ease my nerves and said to give time for the residual to work and call him back in 7 days. Throughout the week I found a few more freshly hatched nymphs which I caught and sealed in the ziplock bag as well. Within 48 hours of being in the bag they died which told me that they had went through the residual.
I called the specialist Tuesday this week and told him my findings and he was confident that things sounded good but went ahead and came out today and did another spray of aprehend and checked everything. Let me know he could only find 1 alive bed bug which was an adult. Said I might see a few more in the next week as they die. Told me to go ahead and monitor another 10 days to give any potential new eggs to hatch.
We are not out of the woods yet but the fact that my wife and I have not had a bite on us since the heat treatment. Can't tell with her grandfather as he doesn't react to bites. Either way I am fairly confident we our nearing the end of the battle. Just gonna keep monitoring.
I will say this if anyone is around same area as we are in the tri-state area of KY, OH, and WV. I highly recommend Bee Gone Pest Control. They have been nothing but wonderful and understanding through all of this. Answer any questions and walk me through what they are doing and what they use.
Hope this gives a little positivity to those who need it in dark times of dealing with these pests. I will do another update in 30 days to see where we stand in the battle.
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2023.06.01 20:52 nezukobabyrun running clubs near queen-mary/cote-des-neiges?

hey, I’m (20F) looking for an intermediate-beginner running club near cotes-des-neiges/ queen-mary. Any good recommendations?
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2023.06.01 20:52 SeaworthinessNo6781 Pharmacies with 10 mg Ritalin in NYC?

Hi! I live in Downtown Brooklyn in NYC and have been unable to fill my 10 mg Ritalin prescription at the CVS near me. They informed me that all CVS’s in the area (Brooklyn, possibly specifically downtown) use the same supplier so if they don’t have it, most won’t.
Has anyone been able to pick up their’s at other pharmacies and/or in other neighborhoods? If so, please let me know the name & address of the pharmacy. I only have enough to get me through the weekend so I’m kind of freaking out.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 20:52 MollyAvalonX The Dating Challenges of Growing Up in a Small Farm Town: I REALLY Need Advice!!!

Hey everyone! I'm a 26-year-old, new college graduate who grew up on a small farm in Kentucky, and the dating scene here is quite a challenge. As you can imagine, the population is tiny, and everyone already knows everyone else. I've been feeling a bit stuck and lonely lately, so I'm reaching out here for advice on how to tackle this situation. Here's the deal: the bar scene is practically non-existent, and the few social events that happen are mostly centered around farming and agricultural activities. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the rural lifestyle, but when it comes to meeting potential partners, it's a bit limiting. I've tried online dating platforms, but the options are quite limited here. It feels like I've swiped through the entire town already! Furthermore, long-distance relationships aren't really my cup of tea. So, my fellow redditors, I now turn to you. How can I make the most of my dating life in this small farm town? Here are a few questions I need answers for lol: Where can I expand my social circle in Kentucky? Are there any clubs, organizations, or community events that might help me meet new people that I don't yet know about that someone could point me in the right direction? What are some cool ideas for dates when I do find someone? I want to think beyond the standard dinner and movie dates to make a lasting impression. Everything is so far away and spread apart here? How could I extend my dating pool without compromising on practicality? Are there any online platforms or apps that have worked particularly well for others in similar situations? I've already burnt a hole through my phone with Tinder. How can I maintain a positive mindset and not get discouraged? It just seems like the options are limited. What strategies or mindset shifts can help me stay positive? I appreciate any insights or experiences if you don't mind sharing. Living in a small farm town might have its charms, but it definitely poses its unique challenges. I look forward to hearing your suggestions and hopefully success stories! Thank you all in advance for your help and support. I'm hoping I can find a way to make this small town dating adventure an exciting one! Thnx Guys, Molly
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2023.06.01 20:52 TeaFederal9507 My ex cheated, now he wants me back

My ex and I have have been separated for almost 3 months now, and I feel so free and happy. He on the other hand, not so much.
We were together for almost a year when I found out he was cheating on me. I found out a month before our first anniversary. I immediately blocked him and unfollowed him on everything.
Prior to this we had gotten into an argument. I was only expressing my feelings and frustrations with him because I felt like he was ignoring me and putting me aside, prioritizing games and such over me.
When he got home from work, he wouldn't even talk to me. He wouldn't text me throughout the day or even check up on me. Compared to the first few months of our relationship, he was always so caring and loving, but near the end, I could feel that he was losing feelings.
It was gut wrenching, and I endured so much neglect from him because I believed he would change, but I was just being stupid LMAO
One night after he got home from work, I decided to talk to him. I told him everything I felt, my frustrations, my thoughts, just everything that I've been feeling for an entire month, and all he said was "look, I'm really sorry, but I'm tired. Let's just go to sleep".
I tried talking to him, urging him to communicate, but not once did I yell or get angry at him. My attempts at communicating were useless tho ://
I eventually gave up, just choosing to go to sleep instead, hoping that he would talk to me in the morning,,, but 3 days went by and it was just total silence. I later discovered that he blocked me on his insta, and when I confronted him about it, he didn't say anything. Not even acknowledging it.
At this point I had already lost feelings for him. I felt guilty, but saying "I love you" felt so wrong to me already because I didn't feel anything anymore. I had long been suspicious of him cheating on me, but I didn't want to accuse him because I didn't have any evidence. I was in such a dark place, and I kept doubting myself, I felt like I was gonna go crazy.
It was a friend of mine who helped me, and we found out he was cheating. He had the other girl's insta account link on his bio, as did the girl, and they were already matching profiles and posting about each other while he was still with me.
Tbh,, I felt happy when I found out. I was at uni when I found out, and I just laughed. Of course I was distraught, my hands were shaking and I was already feeling weak, but I was happy. I felt free knowing that I wasn't going crazy.
I immediately blocked him on everything, unfollowed him, and unfriended him after I found out. I only left him a message telling him that I found out, that were over, and that he would never be seeing me again.
A few words were exchanged later that night, but I ultimately just blocked him and started moving on.
Fast forward to late April, and I see that he messaged me from another account, which I didn't expect.
He went on and on about he regretted cheating on me, how he still loved me, how his current girlfriend wasn't like me. He wanted to be with me again, crying in a voice message with repeated apologies. Of course I blocked him.
A few weeks later, I found out he and the girl he cheated on me with broke up. He tried reaching out to me through email, crying about being lonely and having no one. 💀💀
As of now he still keeps trying to contact me through email, and I have also already blocked him there. I'm at peace now, I'm already happy and I've completly moved on from him. Just wanted to let this out hehe
Of course I also made my mistakes, I made stupid decisions, but I tried so hard for him, and I held on until God made him do something so nasty to free me from that relationship.
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2023.06.01 20:51 Zealousideal_Ice_824 QSP Otter

QSP Otter
Price Reduced $120 Shipped !!
condition (B+)
Selling my nearly brand new QSP Otter knife, only cuts paper and an apple. nice handle texture Aluminum Foil Carbon Fiber.
come with original package AND another pair of Brand New scales! you don't get that very often!
see more detail picture below in the imgur link
willing to trade, shoot me with what you have.
this is my first time trade or sell knife here, don't know much about the rules, please be patient with me :)

detail spec Blade: S35VN, black stonewashed Handle: Aluminium Foil Carbon Fiber Lock: Liner lock Mechanism: Ceramic ball bearings Overall: 6.5'' (165mm) Closed: 3.8'' (96mm) Blade: 2.7" (69mm) Blade thickness: +/-3.0mm HRC: 58-60 Net weight: +/-74g( 2.6oz )
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2023.06.01 20:51 ApocalypseOwl Masterpost May 2023

So, we stand here again. Void-Worms orbiting a star made of the dreams of the dead. The song we all sing continue echoing into the unreal angles of the endless void, while the star throbs. Behold as the light it beams into our brains unfolds as the stories, as told by a strange bird. A bird who dream-wakes through reality, telling a thousand stories into the meat behind his skull, stories that none shall hear. A bird with no voice to speak freely, but a mind that screams an infinite amount of universes. A few precious ones might be plucked from that internal abyss; and such are thus cast through the death-dreams of our star, directly into our souls.
What wonders might we experience, you blindingly beautiful creature? What marvels might be uncovered, my delightful draconic associate? Let us see together.
50% Kobold
Three reactions to the end of Death
Apotheosis and Madness
Wait, this isn't a prompt, what is it doing here? Why am I weeping? And seething with unbridled rage?
Kaiju Romance
Crossroad Dealing and Soul Contracts 101
Sometimes the only winning move is not to play
Forging of the Soulsword
The Next Prometheus
How wonderful. Surely, we can sit back and enjoy... What is that? What the... Can't be. A rogue transmission?
The train is mostly empty. It is silent. There is nothing about him that stands out. He looks generic and forgettable. So generic and forgettable that the ticket inspector lady just walked past him, not noticing he was there at all. So utterly unremarkable that his own parents would not and could not pick him out of a crowd. His headphones are on his ears, but there is no sound in them. He absent-mindedly clutches a backpack to him, like all his clothes, it is generic and worn. His eyes stare blankly, nearly unblinking, on the forests and fields that the train passes. Behind his flesh, inside the brain there is something going on however. Something strange, maybe horrific, maybe wondrous. He doesn't see the train around him. He doesn't see the landscape passing by. He used to need the music to keep focus on what he does see, but he no longer needs it. Now he sees the world of stories always.
His eyes see shimmering metallic towers, where scholars search for answers to unspoken problems of the future. Inside of them man and machine are increasingly working together becoming more and more entwined. He sees a young man and a young woman working together on a marvellous project, the first body for a thinking machine-mind. It is animalistic and wild, yet also loving and kind, and the body will fit the mind perfectly. The two of them are cyberhunters, who have trained their minds to enter the world behind the computer screens of the futuristic city, to hunt down rogue mind-uploads and wild super-viruses that threatens the security of the future. They found the AI in the wild cyberspace that stretches between the remaining cities of man; they love it like a child and worship it like a god. It will be the ultimate synthesis, the entity raised by man, born of machine, and heir to both worlds.
The man blinks. Now he sees forests. Ancient, wild, and primordial. Not at all like those that have grown after mankind came to dominate the world. He hears the wounded knight before he sees him. There, with arrows in his back, comes the knight. His every step is agony, and the dreaming man knows them as if he was the knight himself. The knight is carrying a sleeping child, saved from a burning castle. The knight has pushed himself to the very limits of his physical capacity. His breath is ragged. He tries so hard to move on, but everything is cold, and aches horribly. But he must press on. Just a few steps more. Because he sees them. Once he saved one of their kindred from captivity at great personal risk. But it was the right thing to do. They swore to owe him a favour. His words come out unclearly, but the unicorns nod gently. They know what he wants from them. Care for the child to the best of their ability, and keep her safe in the lands of magic, beyond the wild horizon. His last strength is used to wake the girl and place her on the back of the largest of the unicorns. She is too young to understand now, but this is the only thing he can do for her. He watches with a mournful satisfaction as they calmly ride off into the magical glades with the girl. She waves to him. And he smiles. It is the last thing he does before he dies.
The man on the train blinks again. He sees the ocean, blue, beautiful and wondrous. An old woman is feeding a sea dragon. Oh how she laughs as the silly creature dances for her upon the blue ocean. Oh how the sweet creature enjoys its task of protecting the kind old woman. Of dragging her boat through the wide blue seas. She is heading to the First Water, from whence all creatures were once born. And there she will speak to the Mother-of-Salt and the Father-of-Wind. There she will commune as have a thousand of her ancestors before her, to keep the world safe, the water clean, and the sky clear. There she will dance the last dance upon the fires of the Old Realm. There she will burn as a dance, and her ashes shall be cast into the Pit of Life, from whence she shall emerge, reborn as a being of the sea itself. But for now, there is her old voice singing half-remembered songs to the sweet silly sea dragon, and there is a joyful journey. Perhaps when she is changed, reborn, they will swim back to the Waters-of-Men together.
The man on the train blinks again. And he sees a high-speed chase in a Neon-version of Tokyo. He blinks once more, and he stands atop a great mountain, watching a friendly Yeti carrying a stiff mountaineer to a warm cave. He blinks again and maybe he sees you, running down a hallway carrying a briefcase full of evidence against your enemies. He blinks and he sees himself fighting himself with a blade. He opens his eyes. His train has arrived at the station. Wordlessly he stands up, and gets off of his train. Only the necessity of movement keeps him from falling back into the stories.
Well then. That was weird. Wonder who that was. Hopefully, stories haven't consumed you as much as all that. Maybe. Or maybe all we who float in the void together are, is a fragment of the imagination of the man of the train. Maybe all of us, maybe me, maybe you. Whatever the case, my dear friend, may we meet the next time our serpentine bodies float closely within the void.
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2023.06.01 20:51 maddatat Major guilt when deciding to go back on medication

I’d taken escitalopram for almost a decade until choosing to stop nearly 2 years ago. I never loved how I felt on it— I mostly experienced emotional blunting which, yes, was better than panic attacks and crippling anxiety but toward the end felt like it was robbing the joy from my life as well.
Getting off of it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Genuinely. It took me a year of tapering down before I felt somewhat stabilized and non-brain zappy anymore. Being off of it feels…..not as good as I had hoped. And while my highs are higher and I no longer feel sluggish and hazy, I’m also back to feeling incredibly anxious. I’ve waited until my quality of life is basically non-existent to even consider trying medication again because of how brutal the withdrawal was last time. I put in so much work and effort to be “free” of SSRI’s, especially because I never felt like I found the perfect match and basically suffered tons of side-effects in exchange for medically induced apathy. Now I’m wondering which is the lesser of two evils :(
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2023.06.01 20:50 Jessi-2013 Vegas on crutches

Hey everyone,
Travelling to vegas for a girls trip all the way from Ireland at the end of July. Unfortunately I broke my foot real bad in April and just had surgery for a lisfranc injury 2 weeks ago. I will still be in a moon boot and hopefully down to one crutch by the time we go. I have looked into renting a mobility scooter we are staying in New York New York and I emailed the concierge who advised me I can just pick one up from them on check in which is great but I’m also mortified at the thought of going around on one of them at the age of 30 🙈
Has anyone been to vegas in this condition? I imagine this rules out going to clubs and pool parties and wondering if you are allowed into bars on crutches or a mobility scooter?
Any advice appreciated! Also if there are any fun places to go. We have tickets for magic Mike live so far and are thinking of doing the drag brunch in senor frogs.
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2023.06.01 20:50 Lovingbutdifferent This asshat radicalized me

20 rupees my left ear. I'm gonna come after you in the middle of the night, Hagie. Treat me like a common thug and that's what you'll get. Me and my Dragonbone Boko Club are coming for the rest of your payment.
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2023.06.01 20:50 itsjunaidj Paulo Dybala & Endrick

I would like Dybala instead of Roberto Firmino and Joselu. He can play on the Right wing or be used as an impact sub especially with Asensio leaving and Brahim wanting to stay at Milan. What I don't understand is keeping players like Eden,Mariano,Odriozola,Vallejo who never play and literally give zero to the squad. I know some of them are out of contracts and others leaving , but Joselu would probably never play as the manager would rather play Rodrygo or Modric as false9. Club like Madrid should not keep dead weight.
Also want to clarify I'm not suggesting Dybala for our likely CF problem next season. We definitely need Kane or Oshimen if Benz is leaving.
Lastly, what's with people counting on Endrick to arrive and become our main CF. That seems like a dumb expectation to me.
Hala Madrid.
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2023.06.01 20:50 ramrod1933 There should be 2 types of rounds…

A little rant/ idea.
I think I’m done with the game lol. The option to just buy your way to a massive troop build in a 48 hour period is insane. There should be a type of round you CANT use coins and a type you can. Me and an ally HAD this massive take over and win in our hands. Spies showed me the targets entire troop count and he had 225, same as me and my ally but they were spread throughout a large area. 2 days later we do a planned surprise attack from multiple directions to further separate his troops and it works great, until MASSIVE amounts of arty and trucks show up. He went from 225 to damn near 600-700 in 48 hours. Maybe he spent so much money he won’t be able to pay good light bill this month though. To make matters worse my “l’m always active” ally went inactive) I made a great plan, that worked smoothly and now due to money and a, as usual in this game, shit ally, I’m most likely fucked.
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2023.06.01 20:50 Potential_Slay3r Accidentally maybe in a poly situation as a monogamous person?

Hi, I’m new to this group and wanted some advice on my current situation which feels poly-adjacent. To explain, I (25f) have a partner (27f) who identifies as a lesbian but is married to a man (26m). My partner has identified as a lesbian for her entire life, but when we first started seeing each other she explained that her family is extremely religious and she got together and married this man in less than a year and a half from their start of “dating” because it would provide her with protection from her family. She said they ultimately are just together until one of them finds their forever person at which point they would get a quiet divorce. So far, it has been 6 years since they got married.
I am a monogamous person so this was completely fine with me as they have separate rooms, are not (and to my knowledge had never been) romantic, and I was told they live separate lives. Upon learning more about the nature of their relationship, though, I am beginning to have questions and a lot of feelings. As it turns out, my partner did initially have feelings for this man and they were romantic/intimate from dating though the first two years of their marriage and they shared a bed up until last year. Additionally, my partner’s husband does not drive and she drives him to/from work and anywhere else he may want to go. She also has told me that even when her and her husband divorce, she wants to stay close to him and live with him or at the very least near him. Oh, and her husband has now been telling her that he has reignited romantic feelings for her.
This has really thrown me for a loop. I trust my partner and she has great boundaries in terms of being clear in her intentions with me and telling her husband how she does not reciprocate those romantic feelings. However, I feel a lot of jealousy and confusion. Though my partner is monogamous with me, the situation itself feels very much like I am an additional partner to an open/poly relationship. My partner tells me she only wants to be with me and at the same time she does not want to leave this other person. I feel guilty at times because in my ideal world I want only one partner who is also only with me and to not have her current husband as someone who I will have to consider in my future plans.
I type this all out because I want advice from this group either on how to navigate my feelings, if I am being silly by staying in this situation despite being monogamous, and anything else you want to suggest. Thanks for reading, I appreciate you all!
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2023.06.01 20:50 SPITFIYAH The left brain relays the right brain’s array, speaking for it. Painful fear wells up from deep within the array, and it gets spouted out.

It's hard for me to communicate my ideas. I get that a strength of mine is endurance, but all I remember is the enduring, no matter how well I treat myself or attempt to forgive what I had to do to make it out.
If all we want is cultivation, and we're aware how we are cultivating goes against everything we knew because it's new information, it's a path of least resistance to continue growing not a whole and healthy person of propriety but to continue pressing and stamping out industrial, servicing people out of those of servant’s hearts, why would anyone play that game?
Every time I grew disdain for a game I was playing, I took it out and put a new one in—every single time. I tried turning in this easy homework I could do five minutes before the bell rang. When they asked to take work home and do it there, I sat the piece of paper down, walked to the garage, and rode across town.
I'm not even mad that teachers took it personally and wrote a referral for attention deficit. They wrote up another one for depression when ultimately, they were trying to turn me into something I'm not from the brain, outward. The environment and our relay/array type-brain remain in that environment. Our preferences and tendencies are born from our environment.
I'm so full of scorn because they even pretended to be a source of liberality or a source of enlightenment, that the consequences of amputation of my entire mind and body from that playdough factory press of people were so mild, so instructive and fruitful I kick myself for ever allowing them to knock me down from the ladder over and over and over again only to be called good, and the ladder doubles each time exponentially.
No amount of cognitive behavior practice can topple awareness. No bi-weekly $180 medical bill can undo generations of systematic mistakes that led to the fracturing of something once unamputatable. Nothing can live up to the standard taught to expect, something I swore I would try to reach every single day. They wanted that. They wanted ruin upon separation. They violated my brain on a biochemical level to make me like every one of them because they went through it and were genuinely rewarded with virtue on a plate.
I like to call these slippery slopes to avoid inconvenient truths and rely on old ways as a path of least resistance. It's painful, considering it's a complete one-eighty from how I'm developed, but I'm an idiot if I'm anything else. I'm a dolt for even feeling this rough over a god dying or slipping into that place of constantly forgiving transgressions against me or someone I love or from myself towards everyone, from a stranger or lover. I'll become someone of zero decency, zero integrity, and zero excellence.
My problem is that the sword cuts both ways. I'm perpetually scanning my mind and nearly seizing with rage when I make a mistake. It comes about at the moment, and I know it's the amygdala from a place of painful fear. How do you scrape away the senses-assaulting renaissance painting of God off the lenses of the observatory of your mind without it feeling like chilling into the structure?
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2023.06.01 20:49 kylebryant150 Am I making a mistake pursuing a lost friendship

I am currently working to regain my friendship with someone after cutting them off 2 months ago.
For context, I (27M) live in the United States and was friends with this person (24F) who live in the United Kingdom. We met off of the app Whisper 3 years ago when we were both going through some troubling times in our relationship. In the beginning we were only scarcely talking due to the distance and time. But then after a week or two of chatting we got into a rhythm and began talking more and more. This went on for 3 months and in that time we developed feeling, contemplated meeting up after CoVID and possible dating. Well one day that idea was dropped when she decide to return to her ex. I supported her and moved on with my life. We stayed friends however and talk everyday for 3 years.
Well fast forward some time. It has finally come to the opportunity to meet in person. I board my flight, which was hell to get on due to a booking mistake that nearly had me not on it. Flew there and met here. A whole bunch of unfortunate things happened that cause our initial meet up to go sour. Popped two tires, the whole flight thing, and my hotel was shit. But nevertheless I was out there and wanted to spend time with my "best friend". I will definition myself as extroverted and her as introverted. And I can definitely say that I pushed my personality a bit much but only to mask my frustration from all the terrible crap that happened so far.
Well time went by, we got the car fixed and i was on my way home. Barely spent anytime with her beside 4 hours maybe. But i was happy enough. After the trip was over I came back home and resumed my life. Messaged her like normal and everything. But notice she was being distant. Chalked it up to nothing, but then I saw the gift I got her on Facebook for sale. Confronted her about it and she gave a half-ass excuse. Then she became even more distant, Confronted her on this and she states she wants to be more in the present with those around her mainly because she was now pregnant, which i knew. Was the first person she told. Was upset but just asked she try and not push me out. But then I saw that she blocked me on Facebook. Confronted her on that now very pissed and she said it's nothing. Clearly it was and I, who is very pissed yelled how she is clearly ending the friendship but I a disrespectful way. Well I cut all communications between us one night. Blocked on all socials and phone. Deleted her photos and put her gift in my attic. Haven't chatted in 2 months.
Present day; I bought her a gift off of her Amazon wishlist with the tag saying to add baby stuff she wants to her wish list. I want to go back to talking to her but at the same time I'm not sure if I should. My wife thinks I'm to nice and should just drop her bur also understand why I don't want to. I am married with a child too. Should I continue my pursuit for that friendship or leave it be.
Side note she did come off of hormonal birth control she has been taking for like 10yrs 2 months prior to our falling out. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt as I know that has a major effect on women's body and mind.
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2023.06.01 20:48 Needylovely Need advice on getting my money back

I’m mid April my partner and I stayed one night at quality inn near Atlanta ga. They took a refundable 100$ deposit for damages, smoking etc. no problem. We don’t smoke or cause mischief anyways. We leave next day and front desk tells us we will get in 3-5 bunisness days. We don’t. After my 3rd call to them they fix it on a Wednesday . On Friday they pull out another 100$. Wtf?! Well we get the first 100 back but no one can tell me why the second one pulled. Weeks go by , I can’t reach a manager. He’s never in. Finally a lady is able to tell me it’s because we smoked in the room. We never did and I say this slightly angrily.She says the manager will call me. This mysterious manager never does no matter how many times I call or leave my name and number. I’m going to be leaving a complaint with choice hotels and calling my bank but what else can I do to get my money back?
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2023.06.01 20:47 Hanzilol [H] Steam Keys [W] Paypal, priced list (~15% off keyseller price)

These will all be delivered as steam keys.
10% discount on purchases of 5 or more keys.
11-11 Memories Retold - 0.5 1954 Alcatraz - 0.5 Aaero - 0.5 Action Henk - 0.9 Alien Rage - Unlimited - 1.5 Among the Sleep - 2.5 Anna's Quest - 1.2 Aragami - 1.5 Atari Vault - 2.4 Bastion - 2.5 Batman: Arkham Origins - 3.0 Beholder - 1.2 Blazing Chrome - 1.0 Bleed 2 - 0.5 Call of Duty: WWII - Call of Duty Endowment Bravery Pack - 1 Call of Duty: WWII - Call of Duty Endowment Fear Not Pack - 3 Cities in Motion - 0.5 Cities in Motion 2 - 0.5 Citrouille: Sweet Witches - 1.3 Clustertruck - 2 Cook, Serve, Delicious! - 0.5 Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition - 1 Do Not Feed the Monkeys - 0.5 Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered - 1.3 Finding Paradise - 1.5 FIVE: Guardians of David - 3 Fly and Destroy - 0.3 Full Metal Furies - 3.5 Going Under - 1 Gremlins, Inc. - 3.2 GRIP: Combat Racing - 1.3 Hard Reset Redux - 1 Hidden Memory - Neko's Life - 1 Homeworld Remastered Collection - 1.2 Hospital Tycoon - 2 Hunted: The Demon's Forge - 2.5 Immortal Redneck - 2.5 Kona - 2 METAL SLUG X 2.5 Mimpi 1 Minit 0.7 Monster Prom 2 Neon Chrome 2 Overruled! 0.5 Paradigm 1 Party Hard 2 Party Hard: High Crimes DLC .5 Pathologic Classic HD 2 Penarium 1 PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist 3 Prison Architect 1.5 Prison Architect - Aficionado 1 Punch Club 1.5 Purrfect Date 0.8 Q.U.B.E. 2 2 Rapture Rejects 0.8 Rapture Rejects - Safari Outfit Rebel Galaxy Outlaw 1.3 Resident Evil Revelations 2.2 Rise of Insanity 1.2 Rise & Shine 2 Rock of Ages 2 5.5 Save the Ninja Clan 0.7 Scribblenauts Unlimited 2.5 Scribblenauts Unmasked 1.5 Seven: Enhanced Edition 3 She Remembered Caterpillars .5 Shenmue I & II 4 SKYHILL 1.2 Slain: Back from Hell 1.2 Slash It 2 Sleeping Valley 0.7 Slipstream 1.7 Smile For Me 0.8 Sniper Elite 3 - 3.5 Space Robinson - 2.5 STAR WARS Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast - 1 STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition - 3 STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition - 3 Steel Rats - 0.5 Sudden Strike 4 - 1.2 Super Daryl Deluxe - 1 Super House of Dead Ninjas - 1 Super House of Dead Ninjas: True Ninja Pack - 1 Talisman: Digital Edition - 3 (includes expansions below) Talisman - The Blood Moon Expansion Talisman - The Harbinger Expansion Talisman - The Sacred Pool Expansion Tangledeep - Soundtrack - 0.5 Tannenberg - 1.5 The Age of Decadence - 2.5 The Dwarves - 3 The Final Station - 1.4 The Invisible Hours - 5 The Journey Down: Chapter Three - 0.5 The LEGO Movie - Videogame - 1.5 The Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor - 2.5 The Next Penelope - 1.5 They Always Run - 3 They Bleed Pixels - 0.7 Torchlight - 0.7 Tower of Time - 1.5 Unbox - 0.5 Unmemory - 1 Viking Rage - 1 Wandersong - 0.8 Wayward Souls - 1 Wurm Unlimited - 2.5 Zombie Kill of the Week - Reborn - 0.8
IGS Rep: /IGSRep/comments/9m26jl/hanzilols_igs_rep_page_3/
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