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2023.06.01 19:57 dancingpoodle1110 My Mom Missed Some Payments and Her Health Policy was Terminated. IS THERE ANY HOPE FOR REINSTATEMENT?

My elderly mother's BCBS Medicare advantage plan was terminated for non-payment. She has always been very conscientious about paying ALL her bills, but somehow they got past her. She has been very ill for about a year with one thing or another, is half blind, and almost completely deaf. She has very little energy and needs help with most things. She was also in the hospital for a couple of days and released to my care for three weeks after, so wasn't even home to check her mail during part of the payment lapse. She misses a lot of phone calls because she can't hear and has no idea how to check voicemail, so wouldn't know if BCBS tried to call her. They now have my number as the first point of contact.
We are now setting up auto-drafts for all her bills so this won't happen again.
We have appealed the policy termination (detailing all the problems listed above) hoping it will be reinstated and are waiting for their determination.
Has anyone had any luck with this or does anyone have any advice that might help her cause or is she screwed?
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2023.06.01 19:51 cuzimori The Community Tier List Review and Event CG Archive for Leo, Yingel, and Anatoli are Now Live!

Hello Reddit!
This is — for a change of pace — Cuzi from Team BethelFrankel, here to tell you that the ratings for Leo, Yingel, and Anatoli are now live on the Community Tier List! I’m sorry this took as long as it did. Fourmana was busy, the website was getting updated, and I was playing Honkai Star Rail. No excuses, just a sorry. As always, a “should you pull” section, followed by some big updates in preparation for the upcoming anniversary.

Should You Pull…

Leo - S-/S+ - Leo’s ceiling is nuts. In terms of raw damage, his damage potential is one of — if not the — highest in Forest. This is an impressive feat, considering that Forest is an element with beasts such as Jeriah, Paloma and Areia. His main issue is a large portion of this damage is gated behind requiring both Refinements and team support. This makes him a weird unit to rate; his R0 baseline performance undercuts Forest’s contested S-tier, with his damage scaling up to SS-tier levels the more e-tiles you feed him. The Goldie teams that could let him reach this potential, however, have hotly contested team slots. Jeriah, Naroxel, and Paloma all provide utility alongside their damage that makes them much more indispensable, leaving Leo and Gabriel to duke it out for the last slot in meta e-tile teams. Still, the fact he’s a top contender for that slot at all as a raw damage dealer speaks to his potential. He also fits decently well on other e-tile teams, such as those featuring Minos, Hiiro and Siobhan.
With Leo, you’ll usually want to use his second Active once per Burst turn before dumping all his stacks into it on the final Burst turn. The gimmicks on his first Active are largely flavor text: the second and third effects are difficult to use outside longer stages, while the first effect is only useful in mobbing. All this said, there are a lot of minor optimizations you can do with him. Firstly, his second active is only useful if you can ensure around at least 3-4 Normals including diagonals; saving the stacks to benefit from his Equipment’s Chain Combo buffs may be worthwhile if this is not the case. Second, the CD reduction on his first Active from getting 19 stacks only applies on cast; if you have enough enhanced tiles, saving his first Active to cast during his AT can let you gain maximum value from it. This room for minmaxing offers Leo some appreciated flexibility, cementing him as an excellent option on teams that can feed his appetite for e-tiles.
TL;DR: Pull if you want him and can offer the appropriate support, otherwise probably skip. Meta e-tile Forest has stiff competition for slots, but he’s as good an option as any to round it out after you have the core setup. Outside of e-tile teams, he’s usable but not great.
Yingel - A-/S at BT3 - Yingel is another addition to the “weird converters” we’ve been seeing over the past few patches, but this time placing heavy emphasis on 1x1 content. We did the math on her damage output and her damage leaves much to be desired, even for a sniper. Yingel’s kit is based around using special high-power Normals to stack a powerful defense ignoring buff. This sounds great in theory, but Yingel’s inability to normal attack in between her special Normals severely neuters her; it more or less means her Normal attack damage is the same as most other units, and makes her defense ignore stacking is too slow for it to ever realize its full potential.
Her conversion is similarly restrictive. 5 select tiles on a 2 CD is actually pretty incredible; the issue is her cross-shaped conversion pattern makes it incredibly janky to properly use and get contact tiles with outside of 1x1 content. Her conversion can be cloned by Axelia, but the high cloning cost and Axelia's numerous other cloning options makes the effort not always worth the payoff.
Ultimately, Yingel is a combination of almost all the most powerful effects in all of Alchemy Stars nerfed in every way. This has its place — she’s a pretty good captain for 1x1 content, and better than most of Thunder’s bog-standard snipers even at BT0. You just won’t feel good using her over Luke, Reinhardt or R3 Wrath.
TL;DR: Probably Avoid. While Yingel certainly isn’t bad at BT3, there are significantly better options to go for at this level of investment. With the 2nd Anniversary being the next event, you don’t want to regret pulling on someone that may potentially collect dust on your account.
Anatoli - A - Anatoli is the welfare character for this patch and more or less a Forest Brock, offering niche but potentially valuable Aggro support and decent personal damage for mobbing. His active can also be used as a janky TP and gap closer if only selecting one target, which is… interesting, at the very least, and occasionally useful. However, his EQ is noticeably worse and the element he’s in has much less synergies for him. Forest also is home to some of the best mobbers in the game in Lenore, Migard, and Barton:DB, who are also just overall better units whose value doesn’t nosedive outside their niche. For a welfare, though, Anatoli is admirably effective at what he does — he’s a good investment if you don’t have one of Forest’s myriad mobbers, and will still see use in secondary or tertiary teams in content like Pandora’s even once you do.
Finally, his art and animations are top-tier — he’ll be a staple for those invested in the aesthetics metagame.
TL;DR: Build if you want. He’s very niche, but excellent at it — whether that’s important to you depends on your own account.

Tier List Updates

We’ve made some pretty big changes to the tier list, but none of them should be much of a surprise — it’s more or less just following through on things we had announced in the last update. The most important of these is we have new ratings now! The (N) rating has been added to units whose value dramatically improves in niche situations, while the (T) rating denotes units whose potential is locked behind requiring specific team setups.
Some background on this — the team is forever mentally scarred by Goldie, and I could honestly end the explanation here, refuse to elaborate, and leave. While that is partly a joke, Goldie is the unit that prompted us to think about how we tier things. Goldie is honestly pretty terrible outside dedicated e-tile teams that need very specific units, but said e-tile teams offer some of the best damage in the game. This unit design is a consequence of how the game has evolved — since the game has covered its bases for generalist units like Sinsa and Azure, characters’ roles have become much more specific. The tier list, formulated in the days of yore, couldn’t really account for that. We’re hoping these new ratings fix that.
This isn’t a perfect solution; the most glaring problem is how much it increases clutter in a tier list which already suffered from it. This forces us to be rather conservative about how we give these ratings, and we’ve tried to limit it as much as possible to units where the improvement is fairly drastic or units who are the linchpin of entire strategies. That said, if you feel we’ve missed someone we’re happy to get feedback about it! We’re far from perfect, and constructive criticism is how we can improve.
Finally, we’ve gotten rid of class ratings and nothing of value was really lost. They did more harm than good, and we’ve replaced them with extremely brief descriptions of what the unit actually does. So all that said… let’s delve into the units that got changed!
Goldie - SS(T) (is S-) – Behold, the woman behind the slaughter. Dedicated e-tile teams are incredible, and we’re letting Goldie eat the SS rating for almost all the units that dramatically improve due to it given the setup revolves around her.
Lilica - SS(T) (is S+) – Similar to Goldie, Lilica is taking the SS tiering for all shield synergies because they’re ultimately centered around her. Lilica shield teams offer some of the highest damage in Fire and are surprisingly strong in Water too.
Minos - SS(T) (is S) — Minos already had a note marking him as SS in specific teams, so we’re just adjusting that to fit into the new system. Unlike a lot of other e-tile units he doesn’t depend on Goldie to get the number of e-tiles he needs to shine, so we’re marking him separately.
Tessa - S+(T) (is S-) – Tessa’s interaction with low-CD units is pretty potent. The most notable of these is Axelia + MBT Roy and to a lesser extent Leyn, who push her damage above a good chunk of Thunder’s long list of detonators.
Lucoa - S(T) (is A) — Lucoa’s buff is one of a kind and instrumental in making a lot of Active-based teams work.
May - A(T) (is C+) — May is pretty important for certain Giles nuke setups and serves as the only other good defensive option on Lenore+Jeno setups. That said, neither setup entirely revolves around her which limits her overall tiering.
Axelia - S+(T) (is S) — Axelia’s ability to copy summons gives a lot of notable synergies even outside the aforementioned MBT Roy and Tessa. Of particular note is Reinhardt and Irridon, and her presence on whale Thunder teams is a testament of how much she improves its playability.
Brock - S(N) (is A-) — Brock is absolutely incredible in mobbing; his ability to aggro mob can trivialize waves and his Attack buff in these stages is very potent. The cherry on top is his importance on Giles nuke setups.
Nails - S(N) (is A-) — Nails’ Bleed application is only really contested by Pasolo, and he’s almost required on certain Elysium floors while also being strong on DoT weak enemies outside of that.
Chandra - A-(N) (is C+) — Chandra is amazing for Nightium farming, and the long-term value this provides is actually quite notable.
Giles - SS(N) (is S+) — Updated calcs show that Giles’ damage on shorter fights actually outdoes most of Fire’s S-tier even on 2x2; his ability to trivialize some stages by nuking them combined with his almost unrivaled 1x1 performance puts him at SS in the right situations.
Odi - S+(N) (is S-) — Odi has unrivaled Poison application, allowing her to clear some stages that even meta teams can struggle on.
Noah BT2 - S-(N) (is A-) — Noah’s Lilica synergies paired with the importance of her shield against certain specific damage checks gives her some valuable use cases, even if she usually is outdone by Philyshy.
Raphael - A(N) at BT0 (is B-), S+(N) at BT3 (is S-) — Raphael’s oddball mix of resets, conversion, damage and healing lets her function in a way no other unit really can, and makes certain endgame content like BoredomShatterblast significantly easier.
Erica - A(N) (is B) — Erica is the only reset option in Thunder, so your hands are often tied on certain stages. Still, her Detonator chain and team buff means she’s not deadweight.
Vivian MBT - A+(N) (is B-) — MBT Vivian’s raw conversion value makes her pretty powerful on the right stages. There is nothing quite like letting her paint boards yellow.
Keating - B+(N) (is C+) — Brock and Anatoli have shown that aggro is actually extremely valuable when the situation calls for it. However, Keating is hampered by their brutal cooldown combined with a lack of pre-emptive.
Zhong Xu - S(N) (is A+) — Zhong Xu was extremely disappointing for a unit that was meant to be Fire’s long-awaited select tile converter. That said, his push-pull synergies do make him worth using on some stages, especially alongside Charon and Brock.
Jane - A(N) (is C) — Jane’s ranking is almost entirely based on her ability to reliably auto-farm the penultimate Nightium stage with a specific setup. Outside of this, she’s still pretty bad.
MBT Tina - SS(N) — MBT Tina can be incredible — 4 pseudo-select tiles on 2CD alongside a very janky TP is nothing to scoff at. The issue is all this is contingent on being able to predict enemy movements and plan ahead with her tile placement; this isn’t easy nor reliable, but MBT Tina can even outdo Bethlehem in situations where it’s feasible.

Some Other Tier Shifts

Philishy - S (was S-) – Philyshy was initially downshifted during an era of content involving very high DPR checks. Abyss and Pandora’s Box did a lot to change this, and both game modes seem tailored to reward Philyshy’s absurd healing output and additional utility through her global teleport. She’s more than worth the $1 you may pay for her; while you still aren’t going to use her in most content that has a DPS check, her value is nigh-unparalleled outside of it.
MBT Frostfire - S- (was A+) – Like Philyshy, the higher importance of mobbing makes Frostfire much more valuable — especially given her mobbing capabilities in Fire are only really rivaled by R3 Regina. She’s still extremely reliant on her MBT and is entirely eclipsed by Giles in bossing, but the gap between her and her Old Seal brethren is now far closer than it used to be.
Leona - S- (was A) – Leona is probably the unit that was the most underrated in the tier list for quite some time: her 1x1 and 2x2 numbers are competitive on both fronts with other S tier units. She’s still too reliant on Burn and good conversion to truly be S-tier, but a well-supported Leona can carry you a surprisingly long way.
Barbara A- – Despite her overall numbers being better with the buff and the refinements, Barbara is still a unit that really doesn’t have much in terms of what she brings to the table. You could even argue her equipment buff being element-locked now makes her arguably worse! While that isn’t exactly true, it does go to show how decidedly underwhelming her improvements have been.
Vice R3 - S- (Was A) — R3 Vice’s performance is actually pretty incredible — her 1x1 performance outdoes most of Water’s other snipers, and her mobbing is potent. Her main issue is the competition she faces in both cases. Vice: KS is your go-to option in 1x1 content, and base Vice can’t be used alongside her; meanwhile, Water mobbing is a tightly contested spot between Azure, Fia, Mu Yuebai, Fleur, and Connolly. Still, she is pretty good on her own merits, especially considering she’s completely free.
Vic — While his overall ranking hasn’t changed, Vic’s description has been touched up. As it turns out, he’s one of if not the best option for the 5th slot in Water against purely 1x1 content. His performance tanks with summons, he’s a miserable captain, and his 2x2 performance is laughable — but it was pertinent to mention he does have a pretty well-defined use case for those who like him enough to invest in him. In a way it’s fairly in-character for him: even though he’s good at what he does, he’ll probably spend most of his time in your roster on the bench.

New and Future Content

I'd talked a bit about how tier lists are a pretty inherently flawed format earlier. We're doing our best to circumvent this — for all its failings, it is both straightforward and intuitive. Still, especially as we get closer to Anniversary, the team has found that it might help to branch out in the content we make to help both new and returning players. Recently, you probably saw Eclogia's beginner and advanced guides. If you haven't, you probably should! They're really well written and you can find them in the reddit post here.
We also have a lot more in the works. Trakan is working on an Ultimate Checklist — a super handy tool featuring an Aurorian Tracker, team building customization and even some Cloud Garden tools. Meanwhile, Ivory is working on a polished Lilica guide — a handy walkthrough to help explain one of Alchemy Stars' most unique and nuanced units. This is just the start, too — hopefully there's a lot more to come in the future.

Event CG Archive

Mechhydra here!
I apologize for not showing up for the last event–I got busy, and as a consequence didn't update the Archive for a while. Regardless, both of the past two events are now live for viewing. Stay tuned for the 2nd anniversary, where I'll be making my own standalone archive post for the first time in a long while!
Event Album Doc
Drive Folder

Community News

Sometimes I wonder if Fourmana has a secret vendetta against me. Maybe I wronged him in another life to have been stuck with writing this monster of an update. Perhaps my sins have caught up to me, and the gods commanded him to make me write this post in their displeasure. We’ll never know.
Jokes aside, it’s been an amazing time working with the team to push this update out, and I’m glad Four doesn’t have to deal with it when he already has a lot on his plate — he’s already put overtime into this project. As always, our rankings are tentative and we both appreciate and rely on feedback, especially considering this is my first time making a write-up of this length for Alchemy Stars. The tier list is written for the community, and it’s helpful to hear what you want from it!
And with that, I shall lay my metaphorical pen down to rest. Until next time.
Best regards,
Team BethelFrankel
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2023.06.01 19:51 TheThirdRaven Home-built pc of 2 years, keeps crashing games at random from day 1.

As the title suggests, My games keep crashing which is keeping me from doing the things I like. I've been playing offline games mainly because crashing in multiplayer is just not fun for anyone. But I've had enough of it. I really want to go back to SCII, Dota2 or even warcraft III... They all crash the same, usually between 10 seconds or even hours of game play.
What happens: My screen flickers and it auto-closes discord and tabs my game to the background. When it tabs back my game-screen has sound but the screen is black with my cursor still in game mode. If I have firefox open, pictures or videos are just a green screen. If it's really bad I get a green screen and my system reboots on its own. Restarting firefox won't work. Restarting the game works sometimes, like 1 in 10 times.
The only fix I found is reboot and pray. It can crash 3 times in 10-15 minutes (including reboot) or I can play for hours without a problem.
My specs:
What I've tried:
Any tips on how I could approach fixing this without replacing all my parts one by one is highly appreciated.
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2023.06.01 19:46 KVNDVKT0R Can I automate transfers from cash account to TFSA?

Hey guys, so I have a direct deposit of my paycheck set up with my Wealthsimple cash account, and then an auto-invest from my TFSA account to ETF fractional buy. However, I still need to manually transfer funds from my cash account to my TFSA, so it kind of defeats the purpose of automation. Is it possible to automate that part of the process, or is there a better way of buying ETF automatically? Thanks
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2023.06.01 19:45 Efficient-Hippo-2398 Practical lessons for CDC

Hey guys can I check what are the typical lessons that can be merged? Currently at cdc Kovan 1 of the instructor is q conservative and although my driving skills is decent he tends to prefer clearing only 1 unit per lesson. Currently at lesson 5 with only review left. But intending to mention to him to consider that part as cleared because I need to drive to circuit and back which is on the road. Would like to learn the s crank thing next lesson.
But in general 1) which lessons can be merged for cdc and how can I “motivate” this 1 instructor? The other better 1 is not for another 3 lessons. Don’t want to waste my $ also as I’m already paying a premium.
2) I heard there are minimum number of lessons to clear before school allows us to take the test. But anecdotally my friend cleared w 17 for auto and 20 for manual
3) is 5 lessons for end of module 1 considered slow? 2 of my lessons were just driving on the road w no learning.
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2023.06.01 19:38 thatsanicehaircut Insurance Co. Headache: Schedule C + Expected Revenue Requests

I have E&O insurance for my LLC - it's been a year in and my insurance co. is asking me for an estimate of revenue for the next 12 months AND a copy of my 2022 Schedule C. If I don't send it, underwriting will automatically cancel the policy! This seems crazy/ I've always had auto-pay -- never missed or been late on payments, no claims. Is this just part of the process?
Why now? Is this normal? Are they just trying to up my premiums?
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2023.06.01 19:37 mrjuanofjuan “Getting out of the hobby sale” $1.7k (details below)

“Getting out of the hobby sale” $1.7k (details below)
“Getting out the hobby sale” $1.7k - I’m not one to post social media sob stories so I won’t. I’ll just say this past week has been one thing after another after another and I’m looking to liquidate. I don’t have time or money or interest to keep up with the hobby and right now having the space and money would be more helpful.
I posted last week about selling my Juan Yepez-heavy PC for $4k OBO - someone offered me $1.7k which I declined but I can’t find the group or post anymore so if that person sees this lemme know and I’ll accept the offer.
This is hundreds and hundreds of inserts, numbered cards, autos, relics, stacks of Judge, Ohtani, Trout, JRod, and my massive Juan Yepez collection of about 400 unique cards including 20+ 1/1s, superfractors, and printing plates plus a full rainbow of 2022 Bowman Chrome and a near complete rainbow of 2022 Panini Prizm Rookie Autographs (23/26 cards including the Gold Vinyl 1/1). I also have 7 binders of RCs, prospects, big name players, Bowman 1sts, and one dedicated just to Cardinals. I’m also including the pair of batting gloves signed and game used by Juan Yepez with certification.
Almost everything is 2022
If anyone has any questions or would like more photos let me know! At this point I could part everything out and make a good amount of money but right now I’m just looking for the convenience of getting rid of everything all at once. I’m not asking for $1.7 to take an offer of $800. I was asking for $4k and willing to take an offer of $1.7k so I’d like to stick around that area. I can also provide vouches upon request.
Payment will be PayPal G&S - I will cover fee and have insured, tracked shipping.
Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.01 19:29 vrachamis How to create virtual system/custom switches and use/toggle them with Shortcuts

This is also for helping beginners to understand, so I’ll try to make it as simple as possible.
The basics: Everybody Knows that a switch can only fall between two states. It can be either On or Off. When such a UI switch is presented to the user, he can either toggle it on or off. Deep down in the system, every single switch is associated with a value that reflects its state. That value can be in verbal form or in number form. A turned On switch is assigned with the string value “true” or number “1”. Accordingly, a turned Off switch is assigned with the value “false” or Num “0”.
Therefore, whenever you toggle a switch in iOS, you actually change a string value. That kind of a value behavior (which is assigned to a variable) has a type name: It’s called Boolean type. Conclusion: Any variable of type:Boolean can only fall between two values: true or false (1 or 0). Fact: Boolean type is natively implemented in Shortcuts.
A virtual switch in Shortcuts can reflect the state of almost anything you like, keeping the same mentioned functionality but without having an actual UI. You can toggle it manually, programmatically or automatically via shortcuts and use it in your scripts by simply getting its state and act accordingly. Such a switch is represented by a simple text file (saved locally on your device) containing the word “true” or “false” (On or Off)
Example 1: Let’s say I’d love to have a switch named: “I’m ill” that I would manually turn on when I’m ill and turn off when I’m not anymore. Then I could get the state of the switch (true or false) and use it to my every weekday automation to prevent alarms from auto enabling for the next day in case I’m ill. The same goes with a virtual “Day off tomorrow” switch. You can create any kind of custom switch that reflect a situation in your everyday life and you need to track. (Eg I’m having dinner, I’m sleeping, I’m working etc)
Example 2: Let’s say I’d love to have a switch named “is after sunset”, that would turn On when current time is after sunset and use it as a condition inside shortcuts/automations. However, It would definitely be a great pain if I had to toggle that switch manually to set the right state when sunrise & sunset occurs.
Instead, I can program Shortcuts to create and always update automatically the state of the switch. In this way I will always have a switch to read its state to any present or future project of mine: 2 automations When sunrise occurs → turn off the switch. When sunset occurs → turn on the switch.
Similar automated virtual switches can be: “Is Airplane mode On”, “Is weekend”, “is Monday”, “is Reddit app in use” etc.
How to create, turn on/off (set the state) and use a virtual switch. If you managed reading this far, here comes the easiest part.
Creating and setting/changing the state (true or false) of a virtual switch is exactly the same thing. And guess what. It only takes 1 action.
This is an example of creating a virtual switch named “I am ill” and setting the state to “true” (On).
Reading the state of a virtual switch.. guess what again… it only takes 1 action too. This is an example of getting the state of the virtual switch created in the the previous example.
To Use/handle the state of a virtual switch requires just 1 more action. Make sure the “File” variable inside the If action is set to a type of Boolean.
Side note: For more advanced users it is recommended to keep all your switches in a single json file containing a dictionary with Boolean values
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2023.06.01 19:26 Im_ThePope Errors when loading nvim-treesitter in Neovim - Same Config Works Fine on My Laptop

I have recently returned from a week-long trip and encountered a couple of errors when trying to code on my desktop with Neovim. I'm using the nvim-treesitter and nvim-treesitter-textobjects plugins, and they were working fine before I left. The exact same configuration works perfectly on my laptop. Here are the error messages I'm receiving:
`` Failed to source/home/jared/.local/share/nvim/lazy/nvim-treesitter-textobjects/plugin/nvim-treesitter-textobjects.vim` vim/_editor.lua:0: /home/jared/.config/nvim/init.lua..nvim_exec2() called at /home/jared/.config/nvim/init.lua:0../home/jared/.local/share/nvim/lazy/nvim-treesitter-textobjects/plugin/ nvim-treesitter-textobjects.vim, line 3: Vim(lua):E5108: Error executing lua /usshare/nvim/runtime/lua/vim/treesittequery.lua:510: Overriding has-ancestor? stack traceback: I[C]: in function 'error' I/usshare/nvim/runtime/lua/vim/treesittequery.lua:510: in function 'add_predicate' I...nvim-treesittelua/nvim-treesittequery_predicates.lua:94: in main chunk I[C]: in function 'require' I.../share/nvim/lazy/nvim-treesittelua/nvim-treesitter.lua:8: in main chunk I[C]: in function 'require' I...eesitter-textobjects/lua/nvim-treesitter-textobjects.lua:23: in function 'init' I[string ":lua"]:1: in main chunk I[C]: in function 'nvim_exec2' Ivim/_editor.lua: in function 'cmd' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:438: in function <...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:437> I... I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:304: in function '_load' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:180: in function 'load' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:300: in function <...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:299> I[C]: in function 'xpcall' I.../.local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/util.lua:110: in function 'try' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:299: in function '_load' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:180: in function 'load' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:115: in function 'startup' I...jared/.local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/init.lua:85: in function 'setup' I/home/jared/.config/nvim/init.lua:57: in main chunk


And this one:
`` Failed to source/home/jared/.local/share/nvim/lazy/nvim-treesitteplugin/nvim-treesitter.lua` vim/_editor.lua:0: /home/jared/.config/nvim/init.lua..nvim_exec2() called at /home/jared/.config/nvim/init.lua:0../home/jared/.local/share/nvim/lazy/nvim-treesitteplugin/nvim-treesit ter.lua: Vim(source):E5113: Error while calling lua chunk: ...are/nvim/lazy/nvim-treesitteplugin/nvim-treesitter.lua:9: loop or previous error loading module 'nvim-treesitter' stack traceback: I[C]: in function 'require' I...are/nvim/lazy/nvim-treesitteplugin/nvim-treesitter.lua:9: in main chunk I[C]: in function 'nvim_exec2' Ivim/_editor.lua: in function 'cmd' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:438: in function <...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:437> I[C]: in function 'xpcall' I.../.local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/util.lua:110: in function 'try' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:437: in function 'source' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:396: in function 'source_runtime' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:364: in function 'packadd' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:304: in function '_load' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:180: in function 'load' I...local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/core/loader.lua:115: in function 'startup' I...jared/.local/share/nvim/lazy/lazy.nvim/lua/lazy/init.lua:85: in function 'setup' I/home/jared/.config/nvim/init.lua:57: in main chunk


The part of my configuration file that includes treesitter looks like this:
{ -- Highlight, edit, and navigate code 'nvim-treesittenvim-treesitter', dependencies = { 'nvim-treesittenvim-treesitter-textobjects', }, build = ":TSUpdate", } ``` require('nvim-treesitter.configs').setup { -- Add languages to be installed here that you want installed for treesitter ensure_installed = { 'c', 'cpp', 'css', 'go', 'html', 'javascript', 'lua', 'python', 'rust', 'svelte', 'tsx', 'typescript', 'vimdoc', 'vim' },
auto_install = false,
highlight = { enable = true }, indent = { enable = true, disable = { 'python' } }, incremental_selection = { enable = true, keymaps = { init_selection = '', node_incremental = '', scope_incremental = '', node_decremental = '', }, }, textobjects = { select = { enable = true, lookahead = true, -- Automatically jump forward to textobj, similar to targets.vim keymaps = { -- You can use the capture groups defined in textobjects.scm ['aa'] = '@parameter.outer', ['ia'] = '@parameter.inner', ['af'] = '@function.outer', ['if'] = '@function.inner', ['ac'] = '@class.outer', ['ic'] = '@class.inner', }, }, move = { enable = true, set_jumps = true, -- whether to set jumps in the jumplist goto_next_start = { [']m'] = '@function.outer', [']]'] = '@class.outer', }, goto_next_end = { [']M'] = '@function.outer', [']['] = '@class.outer', }, goto_previous_start = { ['[m'] = '@function.outer', ['[['] = '@class.outer', }, goto_previous_end = { ['[M'] = '@function.outer', ['[]'] = '@class.outer', }, }, swap = { enable = true, swap_next = { ['a'] = '@parameter.inner', }, swap_previous = { ['A'] = '@parameter.inner', }, }, }, } ```
I'm at a loss for what could be causing these errors. If anyone has experienced a similar issue or has any insights, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 19:22 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in OH Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Wilson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical Outside Sales Development Representative Akron
Arcadis Senior Management Consultant Akron
Pinnacle Fertility Lab Technician Akron
Fox Rehabilitation Physical Therapist/PT- ($10,000 SIGN ON BONUS) Akron, OH Akron
Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc. Driver - Route Delivery Akron
Aaron's Delivery Driver Alliance
Old Carolina Barbecue Company Manager in Training Alliance
Trailstar International Inc Part Time Driver - Seasonal Alliance
American Freight Management Company Delivery Associate Amelia
Premier Toyota of Amherst Service Porter Amherst
Specialty Hospital of Lorain Stna Amherst
Fairlawn Haven Stna Archbold
Brethren Care Village STNA - Belmont ToweBrookwood Place (Assisted Living) Ashland
Save-A-Lot stores - Horizon Management, Inc Store Manager Ashtabula
Elevate Dental Partners Front Desk Dental Coordinator Ashville
Dunham's Sports Key Team Leader Athens
SpotOn: Sales (External Partners) Outside Sales Representative - Athens, OH Athens
Anna Maria Of Aurora STNA Trainer Aurora
VICTRA (ABC Phones of North Carolina) Kiosk Sales Consultant Verizon RetaileVictra (OH-Avon Oh) Avon
Levin Furniture & Mattress Sales Associate (Part-Time) Avon
Miracle-ear Front Office Associate/Receptionist Avon Lake
Daikin Comfort Technologies Manager, Area Sales Avon Lake
Nick Mayer Auto Group Automotive Parts Counter Person Avon Lake
Legacy Health Services Travel STNA Barberton
A Ray of Hope Counseling and Health Services LPCC-S, LPC, LPCC, LISW-S, LISW, LSW, Behavioral Counselor Batavia
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in oh. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 19:15 whodatbfromreddit (GUIDE) What to look for when buying junkyard intake manifolds.

(GUIDE) What to look for when buying junkyard intake manifolds.
So it seems like my post about the OEM intake manifolds being discontinued caused a shitstorm of panic in this sub of people rushing to find them before they are completely gone. For many of you, the $500+ price tag on a new OEM manifold, that is still somehow in stock, is unaffordable. If you're like me and wanted to look at getting one off of a parts car, this is what to look for. Keep in mind that MOST OEM ones in junk yards will also be cracked beyond repair, but it's worth a shot. I purchased 4 from various junkyards over Ebay and none of them were in usable condition. I also purchased 2 in person from people who also did not realize theirs were cracked due to how small and obscure the cracks can be. The cracks may seem small but remember that the coolant system is under high pressure when it is up to temperature, so a small crack can cause a big coolant leak. Dormans are also not safe from being ruined from regular driving, they will warp rather than crack. Another thing to note is that (from what I have read and experienced from buying 2 different aftermarket brands from RockAuto) all the chinese manifolds; Dorman, STP, etc. are all made in the same factory with the same low quality NPI design. So save yourself money and just get the cheapest one from RockAuto.
OEM: another brittle rim of a coolant passageway that broke off and is not easily repairable, this is under the crossover.
OEM: this was my original manifold from my 06 Town Car, cracked in the same place as the other picture. This was repaired correctly with high temp epoxy and split open and began leaking again after about 8 months.
OEM: this is how small and subtle the cracks usually are in the capped off sides of the coolant passageways. The seller visually inspected it and did not realize it was cracked. These can be temporarily fixed with plastic weld/high temp epoxy, but they will crack again within a year.
OEM: warped passageways will eventually become too brittle and completely break off around the rim, making it impossible to seal. This one is under the aluminum crossover.
OEM: the right side of the coolant passageway (rectangle) warped
DORMAN: warped around the rear passenger side coolant passageway
submitted by whodatbfromreddit to CrownVictoria [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 19:07 BjornTheBlacksmith Can I inject g-code while a print is running?

I recently switched to Prusaslicer, am 1.5 days into a 3 day print and I just realized the parts cooling fan isn't running. I think it's my own mistake (forgot to configure it), so I was wondering if I can inject the g-code to set the fan to max (Using the terminal in Octoprint) while my machine is printing or if the piece is scrap? It's a 3D lithopane of the moon, so I suspect the cooling will be more relevant near the end, where the overhangs are the most extreme, but it's not an issue yet.
Or have I misunderstood something? Does Prusaslicer automatically make g-code that ramps the fan up when printing overhangs or something like that? Auto cooling is turned on, but I am a bit unclear about how it works, exactly.
Edit: crisis averted, I think! I looked at the g-code in the viewer and it appears to be cooling when printing overhangs! I'd still like to know if this is possible, tho, for further reference :)
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2023.06.01 19:06 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NV Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Tridant Solutions, Inc Registered Nurse- Emergency Room- Per Diem Blue Diamond
Geoffrey Baughman-Farmers Insurance Agency Customer Service/Sales Representative Boulder City
Boot Barn Seasonal Sales Partner Carson City
Big Brand Tire & Service Tire and Lube Technician Carson City
U.S. Bank National Association Float Client Relationship Consultant 3 (Banker) - Capitol Carson City, NV (40 hrs) Carson City
Ascend Medical Obstetrics/Gynecology Elko
Riverton Elko Chevrolet Buick GMC Service Porter Elko
SunSource NV - Outside Sales: Account Manager - Industrial Supply (Mining, Hydraulics, Lubrication, MRO) Elko
Riverton Elko Chevrolet Buick GMC Lot Attendant/Porter Elko
ExamOne, A Quest Diagnostics Company Medically Trained Mobile Collector (PT) (NV) Ely
Bluetree Practice Services Dental Assistant for the Dentists' Office in Fallon Fallon
Industrial Transport Services Hiring CDL A Solo and Team Company Truck Drivers! Home Weekends! $115,000 Annual AVG! Fallon
H&H Recruiting Class A Truck Driver Fernley
Nevada Cement Co., LLC Truck Driver CDL-A Fernley
Encompass Health HIMS Coder Henderson
Goodwill Industries Of So Donation Attendant Henderson
Florida Canyon Mining Inc Accounts Payable Clerk Imlay
Summit Materials (West Region) Loader Operator - Swing Shift - Sierra Ready Mix Jean
Evergreen Pharmacy Pharmacist Las Vegas
Life Storage Associate Store Manager Las Vegas
Boys And Girls Clubs Of Southern Nevada Licensed Youth Mental Health Therapist Las Vegas
Symbia Of Colorado Llc Warehouse Associate Mccarran
Mesa View Regional Hospital Pharmacist - PART-TIME (16 hours per week) Mesquite
Baker Hughes Global Facilties Leader Minden
OAP Transportation, LLC d/b/a O'Reilly Auto Parts CDL A - Home Daily - Reno Mogul
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nv. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 18:28 packmanwiscy r/NFL Top 100 Players of the 2022 Season - HUB POST

Welcome to the Hub Post for the NFL Top 100 Players of the 2022 Season!


Several years ago we made a decision to focus on ranking just the previous season based on feedback. This year we continued that plan and only ranked players based on their performance during the 2022 regular season, since that is an equal baseline for all players. Post Season play was not considered in the rankings which is a continuation from last year per sub feedback. Additionally, we have increased the games played requirement from 10 games to 11, to be closer in proportion to the prior standard of 10 games in a 16 game season.
NOTE 1: There were no individual player threads submitted by users discussing the merits of players for or against their placement on the list. Users were also required to complete roughly 80% of these tiers prior to submitting their own lists for the overall average. There were breaks built into the process to allow everyone time to do the work and catch up (if necessary) but inactive users were removed periodically. Hence the difference in the total number of people from the start of the process and the total number of submitted sheets.
NOTE 2: No ranker was forced or encouraged to rank a certain numbelimited number of positions on their list based on some arbitrary formula or idea. For example, NO ONE was told they need to limit the number of QBs on their Top 100 list. No ranker was directed to ignore any positional value; users were encouraged to factor positional value as they saw it into their rankings since it is a largely subjective measure.
NOTE 1: Rankings are submitted via individual Google Sheets and auto-compiled into a master list. We reviewed each list for outliers with the help of former rankers to catch individual ranks that are far off the players calculated mean, whether intentionally or accidentally. We calculated a mean rank then the standard deviation for each player. After that, we automatically flagged all ranks outside 1 standard deviation to ensure I caught user submission errors using built-in Google Sheets conditional formatting functions. We also flagged ranks 2 standard deviations or more from the mean to ensure rankers intent with their own list. This was done to ensure flags were identified with as little bias as possible. Conditional Formatting formulas were used to highlight cells to verify automatically to remove subjectivity. Users then had the opportunity to correct any submission errors found prior to finishing the list. We used 1 standard deviation in addition* to 2 since some players had large standard deviations and I wanted to be certain I caught actual mistakes. Rankers were only required to justify ranks 2 standard deviations from the players mean; the keyword here being justify as they weren’t directed to correct them. The entire spirit of this list is to take several individual rankings and find an average.
NOTE 2: All rankings will be made public. That may obviously bring some unwanted heat. But we don’t believe in skirting transparency for convenience sake. This was made known in the Call for Rankers and during the ranking process. This sub will only see the ranks for each post during the reveal. The final post - The Post Mortem - after all reveals will have a data dump with all ranks, individual sheets, and outlier ranking data made available.
For the second straight season, myself and u/mattkud have been honored to run the ranking process. We cannot thank our predecessors, u/MikeTysonChicken , Mister_Jay_Peg , u/Staple_Overlord , and u/skepticismissurvival , enough for building a platform that allows us to run this list as thoroughly and efficiently as we did. I’d also like to thank all the rankers, both the ones that finished the list and even those that didn’t. Overall they did a great job (except for the ones that mixed up Quincy Williams and Quinnen Williams on their ranking sheet)
After three years of ranking myself, I can tell you this is a fun way of spending the offseason regardless of the praise or scorn you get for the list. You get to interact with people and fanbases that you might not otherwise pay attention to, and analyze and watch players who you might know only in passing. Sometimes I say the final ranking isn’t the most important part, it’s about the journey of rewatching all these great players and having a newfound appreciation for them. I know I’ve become a more knowledgeable football fan since I first signed up to join the list, and I’m sure most rankers would say the same.
The rankers had a number of strategies for how they ranked the players and each was allowed to follow their own personal guidelines within the given parameters and as long as they were not simply using derivatives of other outside rankings. Basically, have your own positions and beliefs. As the reveal progresses, the rankers will have the ability to volunteer their player lists for the revealed numbers and/or where they ranked the listed players as they wish and you are free to engage with them.
Lastly, players will be revealed on the teams they played/finished the 2022 season with.


The Honorable Mentions (125-101) will be released Tuesday. June 6th. The reveal will begin on Thursday, June 8th with spots 100-91. From there we will release a list every Tuesday and Thursday. The Post Mortem will follow the week after all reveal threads.
If you want to follow along with the schedule here it is:
Date Post Link Date Post Link
June 1 Hub Post THIS POST!
June 6 Honorable Mentions link June 8 100-91 link
June 13 90-81 link June 15 90-71 link
June 20 70-61 link June 22 60-51 link
June 27 50-41 link June 29 40-31 link
July 4 30-21 link July 6 20-11 link
July 11 10-6 link July 13 5-1 link
July 18 Post Mortem link
With all of this out of the way, I’m ready for some agreement and/or disagreeing, probably a dash of rage, with the rankings. Hopefully civil but heated discussions on why [insert player here] should/should not be ranked above/below [insert a different player] shall emerge and how it is an absolute travesty/surprise that [insert a totally different player here] is/isn’t included.
See ya Tuesday for the honorable mentions!
packmanwiscy & mattkud
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2023.06.01 18:22 G1zm08 I think Automod’s on to something, what do you think?

I think Automod’s on to something, what do you think? submitted by G1zm08 to oneshot [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 18:12 velodelia definitive technology mythos sts auto power on not working properly

definitive technology mythos sts auto power on not working properly
Hi Friends, I have a pair of mythos sts speakers, which are ok, but one of them doesn't turn on when I play some music. Those speakers have an amp in them for the bass speaker and it senses when signal is played trough my amp. I have connected the speakers trough the + / - speaker cables, since my amp doesn't have an LFE output. If I connect the power cable of the speaker it starts, but if nothing plays for some time or it isn't very lout it powers off and doesn't turn on again. The red light on the back doesn't light up too. The other speaker is better, but also stubborn sometimes on power on and I have to plug out/in the power cable. My knowledge is limited, but I would be happy if I manage to find the fault with your help. I opened one of the amps and having read many stories with problems about them, I made some upgrades to the known capacitors which tend fail. That had no affect on the auto power on feature, but now when the amp starts, I don't get a loud popping sound . I changed the caps for bigger ones, following an advice from video on YouTube, about a repair of an def tech amp.
I have encircled with yellow the place on the board where the two wires giving the auto on signal connect, coming from the wire connectors of speaker cables. They are red and white and one of them goes to the big green resistor and I still haven't found where the other one goes.
Here is schematic of the auto on part.
Here, as well as in the manual it states something I fail to grasp : 40-60min delay - is that turn of delay?
Your Mythos STSs contain a built-in, active powered subwoofer section as well as an electronic crossover and must be plugged into an electrical socket of the appropriate voltage (as indicated on the back of your unit) using the electrical cord which you have attached to the bottom of the speaker. The Mythos STS has a special circuit which automatically turns the powered subwoofer section on when a signal is fed to the loudspeaker and does not require an on-off switch. Please note that if you hear a pop from the speaker when the amp powers up, this is normal. The LED on the back panel will light up when a signal is sensed and the amplifier turns on. After the cessation of a signal, it may take up to an hour for the amplifier to actually turn off. In some instances, because of stray radio signals (RF) in your area, the LEDs may not turn off. However, this is nothing to be concerned about as the amplifiers draw almost no power when they are idling.
What components on the board should I check so that I repair this issue. Or any hints would be appreciated :)
Here is a gallery with more photos of the board :
>>> google drive folder <<<
Any help would be helpful. Thanks in advance! here is the whole pdf schematic s an pdf. It is for the BP models, but from what I see, they are basically the same.
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2023.06.01 18:10 Sufficient_Concept98 [WTS][ON]vfc hk416, kwa radian,SAI GBBR,HPA ronin,more parts

$450 VFC hk416 Like new with one brand new mag Stock internal Wire to mini tamiya
Reasonable offer only
VFC hk416: https://imgur.com/a/pBcPQeM
$600 kwa radian, full steel internal (steel bolt/hammer trigger) with upgraded hopup unit(not those trash wrenching stuff!) comes with 3 pts mag
$60 Aimpoint reddot
$70 3x magnifier
Kwa radian: https://imgur.com/a/7B3gG7G
Guns: https://imgur.com/a/R3OFmzY
$660 Kjw m4 gbbr v3
SAI with jailbreak gbbr
Upgraded ambi latch Angel custom 6.01 tightbore barrel Magpul grip, guard Also comes with 2 mags and a extra npas nozzle And a bag of spare parts
$860 p* Jack ronin pdw
Kwa ronin T6 base Polarstar Jack HPA system Amp line Ambient mag release PTS grip
Currently set semi-semi(no full auto allow in field)
Shoots like a laser
$190 APS smart shell with co2 charger
Parts1: https://imgur.com/a/omxjsnG
$65 perun mosfet with trigger unit
$35 mp7 sling swivel
$40 polarstar trigger board
$35 g&g mosfet
$36 battlebelt
Parts2: https://imgur.com/a/OV4IZPl
$35 shs long type motor
$19 magpul iron sight
$15 keymod foregrip
$15 shift foregrip
$5 keymod pad
$10 red mag release
$20 bad lever
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2023.06.01 18:08 dukki98 Dear T17... We need to talk!

First I will start with the good: After playing the new maps for over 10 matches EACH, as both a Commander, an SL, and as regular infantry, I have to say I LOVE both the new maps, they're beautiful, they play well and they play very differently from all the other maps in the game! El Alamein needs good MGs, Snipers, Tankers and AT gun crews to work, and the whole team needs to be coordinated and have a good grasp of map control to win! Driel I like just a bit less, as it feels a bit cheap to cross the water anywhere I want, but I guess that's better than Remagen... A system of pontoon bridges on one side and shallow water and island crossing on the other would be better I think, instead of being able to cross the river under the bridge where no one is looking! Also, some open houses with second-floor windows would be nice for Driel! Both maps do need some optimization, as they stutter a lot, and drop FPS in some locations and sight lines, but that will probably get fixed in a patch.
Now for the bad: Both the British and the Germans need at least 1 set of FREE desert uniforms! Anything else, you monetize, I don't care, so long as there's a single desert option like there's a winter one!
As for the gameplay itself, these are all possible options to balance the Brits (and Soviets) out and fix the other U14 issues (From a +1000h HLL Vet):
Ok, now for the MOVEMENT:
A soldier who passed basic training could easily run MUCH FASTER than the current in-game speed (or than the average speed of a top marathon runner at the time), even with essential combat gear (which was not that much, between 15-25lbs or 7-11kg), for 100-500m, or in other words: 1/420th (NICE!) to 1/84th of a marathon-length, which is 42km! ALL HLL maps are just 2x1km!
Could he ADS so fast coming out of that run? NO! Would his aim sway a lot before he would catch his breath? YES! Could he change direction or "zigzag" with ZERO loss of speed? NO! Could he start and stop a sprint instantly, on the spot? NO! Could he dolphin dive and get back up to start running again instantly? NO! Could he maintain that speed up an almost vertical hill? NO! (Example)
These are all problems that need addressing (even if the old run comes back!), but the speed at which we run in the game is neither unrealistic, nor a major problem for gameplay if all these other problems are solved! Maybe the tanks should get a 10% boost too, I'm not sure about that, I don't tank enough to have an educated opinion on it, so I would love a tankers input!
I like that we are finally able to run and dive to cover, it feels like my soldier ACTUALLY CARES FOR HIS LIFE NOW AND IS SCARED OF BEING SHOT (That's why I will defend both the new speed and the dive to prone to death!), but you shouldn't be able to chain these moves to glide across the ground! I wouldn't be opposed to lowering the speed just a bit, back to 110% of what it was (or the new speed could work just for the first 100-200m after which the old one kicks in, and you have to stop and wait or walk before your quick sprint recharges), but the old speed should definitely not come back!
P.S. Where's the Crusader tank at El Alamein?
submitted by dukki98 to HellLetLoose [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 17:52 Successful_Bat_8677 An insider has bad news about the new version of GTA Online for GTA 6 - the publisher decided to save money again

An insider has bad news about the new version of GTA Online for GTA 6 - the publisher decided to save money again

A well-known whistleblower in the GTA community claims that Take-Two Interactive refused to implement a solution in Grand Theft Auto 6 that could significantly improve multiplayer gameplay.
Disappointing and, unfortunately, quite plausible rumors regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 have appeared on the network. After all, this is really what you expect from this publisher.
The source is a Tez2 insider who has a good reputation among fans of the Rockstar studio. According to him, Take-Two abandoned the idea of ​​​​using dedicated servers in the online version of GTA 6.
Thus, the multiplayer mode in the next part of the series will use the same peer-to-peer connections as Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online. This means that there will not be one central server where everything will be calculated - the network structure will be distributed across all players' devices.
Cost was cited as the reason Take-Two abandoned the idea of ​​dedicated servers for GTA 6. Indeed, peer-to-peer is cheaper, although the question arises whether a series that earns such crazy money (sales of the "five" recently exceeded 180 million copies) requires such savings.
On GTAForums, the reaction to these posts has been quite negative, although there are voices claiming that things will not be so bad. Rockstar Games is constantly improving its online systems to minimize the problems that are common with games that do not use dedicated servers. In this regard, RDR Online was already clearly better than GTA Online, and you can expect GTA 6 to continue this evolution.
It is still unknown when Grand Theft Auto 6 will release. However, a recent Take-Two Interactive financial report suggests that GTA 6 will release between April 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025.
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2023.06.01 17:34 Mo-almohtasib 🚀 Only 20 hours left until Fair Launch! 🚀

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2023.06.01 17:33 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in ID Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Trust Financial, LLC Office Assistant/ Client Services Ammon
Idaho Asphalt Supply Truck Driver Blackfoot
Bingham Memorial Hospital Neurology Office Nurse/Medical Assistant (CNA, MA, CMA, LPN) Blackfoot
Bingham Memorial Hospital Registered Nurse, L&D - Grove Creek Blackfoot
Mountain View Hospital Llc Registered Nurse - Pain and Spine Specialists Blackfoot
Napa Auto Parts Counter Sales Associate Boise
Kimberly Frechette-Farmers Insurance Agency Billing Specialist/Front Desk Boise
VELOX Media Senior Sales Development Representative (Sr. SDR) Boise
Charles Schwab Financial Consultant Partner - Boise, ID Boise
Super 1 Foods Grocery - Cashier Bonners Ferry
Jacksons Food Stores, Inc. Retail Cashier Caldwell
Capitol Distributing Warehouse Loading Clerk Caldwell
Prestige Assisted Living at Autumn Wind Assistant Health Services Director - LPN - Licensed Practical Nurse Caldwell
Domino's Boise Pizza Delivery Driver Caldwell
Pathways of Idaho Medical Technician (EMT/LPN) Caldwell
C-A-L Ranch Stores Sporting Goods Associate Chubbuck
Shoe Show Inc Store Manager Chubbuck
Caldera Care LPN Floor Nurse Coeur Dalene
St. Joseph's Ear, Nose, Throat & Allergy Clinic Administrative Assistant Coeur Dalene
Advanced Input Systems Continuous Improvement Director Coeur Dalene
Slick Rock Tanning & Spa Salon Manager - Coeur d' Alene Coeur Dalene
Caldera Care Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Coeur Dalene
ExamOne, A Quest Diagnostics Company Mobile Phlebotomist / Medical Assistant (ID) Coeur Dalene
VICTRA (ABC Phones of North Carolina) Sales Consultant Part Time Verizon RetaileVictra (ID-Eagle) Eagle
Accelerate360 Merchandiser Part Time-Hailey, ID Hailey
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in id. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 17:33 Mo-almohtasib 🚀 Only 20 hours left until Fair Launch! 🚀

🐸 Billionaire Pepe is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in a truly decentralized meme project! 🐸
✅ No Team Tokens ✅ No Buy Tax ✅ No Sell Tax ✅ No Ability To Pause Trading ✅ No Ability To Blacklist ✅ Renounce On Launch ✅ Auto Launch On PCS After Fair Launch ✅ Fair Launch On PinkSale ✅ 100% Control Of Your Investment
But that's not all...
🚀 Brace yourself for an Epic Marketing Campaign! 🚀 Get ready for the Fair Launch Trending Campaign! 🚀 Exciting Post Launch Giveaways await!
Ask yourself this: Can you afford to miss out?
Will you be the one who regrets not taking part in Fair Launch?
Or will you make the costly mistake of jumping in at the All-Time High (ATH) due to FOMO?
Don't be that person!
Take action now, and secure your place in the future of meme projects. Join us at: https://www.pinksale.finance/launchpad/0xD3349510a9DA6E596Bd6DC5aE448e4aE96Aec8A2?chain=BSC
The clock is ticking, and time is running out! Don't miss this incredible opportunity. Fair Launch is just around the corner, and your investment is waiting for you. Let's make history in the meme world! 🌟
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