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2023.02.15 00:27 Dry-Seesaw-2805 Unable to find update

Unable to find update
So I recently changed my phone and decided to install Hearthstone again. However I can't succeed to install it as it says : "Impossible to find update. Please check your internet settings" but my internet is really fine (every other app works perfectly) ! I use Android, have already installed/installed back a couple of times, and emptied Hearthstone and Google app store's cache twice without any success. Please help ! (Yes the screenshot is in french)
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2023.02.15 00:19 Delovodja Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit version

I absolutely love the AF1 flyknit version but can not find anything in stock nor info about new releases.
Is there any info about new release in 2023 or do you know any retailer where I could buy older models?
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2023.02.14 23:51 Makoroi the worst Valentine's day ever

I don't mean being dumped or getting no bitches. Let's get to the story Valentine's Day yay (I get no bitches) but I finally had courage to make a Valentine and send it to my crush So I did it wasn't beautiful but I was fine some hearts Some I love you and a poem which I made trought the day. So I give it to the valentine mail (this is so Valentines are actually anonymous) And every period they give them to people you wrote on it So my crush got it and these stupid "GiRlS" from my class to them that this looks like my writing (I tried really hard to make it not look like mine) That's it basically There were also other girls kissing in class Tell me about your Valentine's Day!
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2023.02.14 23:48 Throwra372948 [F29] [F31] my sister is a pushover

Ok so, here’s the thing, my sisters husband cheated. They were together since high school and when they were 25 he cheated on her with 2 18 year olds. At the time they had 2 kids and my sister was torn. She ended up forgiving him. That was about 4 years ago and they had another baby and she’s been talking about wanting one more.
Well, last night we were out at dinner and she was talking to a guy, and eventually I heard the words “no thanks, I’m married” and she walked back over to me. I asked what that was about and she said she noticed he had some Yeezys her husband has and asked where she got them or something and he asked to buy her a drink and that’s when she turned him down.
I said she was stupid for that. Did her husband say “no thanks, I’m married” when he stuck his dick in those girls while she was at home with their 2 infant children?
She got mad and said that’s not her buissness. I said that he fucked not one, but two girls and she has every right to TALK to another man.
She stormed off last night and this morning I saw a text saying that her marriage is not my buissness. I guess it’s not but it hurts to see her stay so loyal to someone who doesn’t love her.
Who knows? Last night while we were at dinner for all I know he could’ve sent the kids to bed and had more teenagers come over. As you can tell, I don’t fucking like him.
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2023.02.14 23:39 RevolutionaryMall669 Time to go demon time

I do know how to enter pic but I’m level 666
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2023.02.14 23:30 Gracey_ann [PC][late 2000s-early 2010s] kid webset game played for computer lab character creation (animal/ fantasy/ human)

Hello everyone, This is my first time posting here but I’ve been using this subreddit for a while now to find things I’ve lost. However, I thought of a new one. I came to this Reddit to look for my answer and found nothing. I asked my roommate who is about the same age as me (20) if she also remembered playing this and she said she does. We are both from the Midwest if this helps anything (Ohio and Illinois). We both remember the game but not the name and not much about the gameplay. I know for a fact I played this game in computer lab in 2012-2013 multiple times. It was a webset game that you had to sign up for (I believe). The whole concept of the game was character creation. You would create this character using attributes of different animals. For instance, you may have a lions tail but the wings of a bird of some kind. I also remember you could change the background and you could name your creature/ character. It would also give you a name based off of the creature components you used in your design. That is about all I know of the game. If anyone has any more information about this, I would love to hear any leads you may have! Thank you!
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2023.02.14 22:52 Mideku-Brandio Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in this sub! If you have a significant other, I hope you all had a great date, if you’re single (like me), im Here to fix that potential loneliness, let’s spread some love! You say something nice about me or a question and I’ll compliment you back! Or AMA! Anything!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in this sub! If you have a significant other, I hope you all had a great date, if you’re single (like me), im Here to fix that potential loneliness, let’s spread some love! You say something nice about me or a question and I’ll compliment you back! Or AMA! Anything! submitted by Mideku-Brandio to DeathBattleMatchups [link] [comments]

2023.02.14 22:32 bruh1001010 My [18M] girlfriend [18F] after trying to break up with me is saying she wants a break.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over 4 months. I moved away with my family 3 hours away about a month and a half ago and as expected, it has caused a few problems. This move has screwed my mental health and made me really anxious and borderline depressed. I've been short with my girlfriend recently and honestly haven't really been the best version of myself. I've gotten really anxious and paranoid about the future with her for honestly no good reason. I think I got her thinking about things she didn't really want to be thinking about regarding the future and it's been stressing her out. I have apologized to her and things were going good for a few days.
Her sister surprised her with tickets to Universal for 2 days ago, February 12th. At first I was a little disappointed because that was the day I was slated to come over. I talked with her about it and pushed my visit back to Monday. While she was at Universal things were going good. I was texting her she seemed good. That took a dramatic turn for the worse that night. She said she had been talking with her sister and her sister's boyfriend and honestly I'm not really sure what they talked about. She did mention she talked about us and that she had been stressed out and felt bad about things she shouldn't. She didn't outright say this but I think her sister might have convinced her to end things between us. I haven't asked her that and I don't plan on it because it doesn't really matter too much. Anyway, that night we sent numerous long texts back and forth about what had been going on between us. Everything between me moving away making things difficult and the fact that both of our mental heaths were not doing very well. Anyway, the last long text she sent was very troubling. She told me to cancel my trip and that she would call me Monday morning.
She did call me and we talked for a while. While fighting through tears she kept on saying she didn't know what to do and that she didn't know what she wanted. I had figured it out pretty quick and almost said it myself but eventually she said that she wanted space. At first I didn't really know what that meant. Honestly. I didn't know if it was a break or a break up. Eventually she clarified and said that she wanted space for a while so she thought we should break up. She said it was for her mental health and that she had lost herself. It hurt a lot but I didn't fight her or try to change her mind. Just said goodbye. I texted her later and asked what this meant going forward. She said she just wanted to be friends. I told her I couldn't do that. I know that might sound selfish but it would destroy me to be friends with the woman that I still loved. Anyway fast forward a few hours. I'm sitting on the couch staring at the wall and she calls me. Through tears she says that she made a mistake and doesn't want me out of her life right now. She said her depression took over. She said she still wants to take a break but still wants to talk with me. We both agree that we lost something when I moved away and we should take time to focus on that and rekindle our companionship/friendship. I think now we're trying to build something better. I can't tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing. The way she explained it to me and the way I understand it, it's a good thing. I can't help but think this "break" is going to drag out for a long time and things are going to get platonic. Right now, the way the break has been defined, it basically is a platonic relationship. I told her we should be crystal clear with each other and what we want. I asked her if she saw us getting back together romantically and she said she did. She said the break is to rekindle the friendship side of our relationship because we should be friends before anything. That makes sense but I'm really scared she's doing this because I told her it would be hard to "just be friends". What do I do?
TL;DR: I recently moved 3 hours away from my girlfriend and the move has made things hard and impacted my mental state. It's affected my girlfriend too and she said she wanted to break up for her mental health and to find herself. She went back on that and said that she wanted to take a break but not in the conventional sense. We are still talking to each other things have just supposedly gone platonic. She says getting back together romantically is the goal but I'm worried I might be getting strung along.
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2023.02.14 22:18 Bitter_Ad_4740 Needing squad for ranked

I main as seer, I was gold 3 before the new update. For some reason my mic won’t work in game chat so gotta use discord or Xbox party. Im on everyday 6pm CST IGN: YamahaDudeR1 Discord: Toxicbooty420#3757
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2023.02.14 21:44 ChxrlieTheBest When unpacking any game is comes up with an error.

When unpacking any game is comes up with an error.

This is what happens when I try to unpack any game (required) and I don't know how to fix it! Anyone that can help is a legend, thanks.
Edit: It doesn't happen on BOTW for some reason but I really want to play Paper Mario: Color Splash
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2023.02.14 21:00 autotldr Senator Dianne Feinstein announces she will not run for reelection in 2024

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot)
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California's longest-serving senator, will not run for reelection next year, marking the end to one of the state's most storied political careers.
"I am announcing today I will not run for reelection in 2024, but intend to accomplish as much for California as I can through the end of next year when my term ends," Feinstein said in her announcement.
Feinstein told The Times in December she did not expect to make a final decision on reelection until the spring.
The White House was alerted to Feinstein's plan earlier Tuesday, according to a Feinstein aide.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein deserves a graceful exit, and would be wise to step down after her current term ends.
First elected in 1992, the year after Anita Hill's sexual harassment testimony before an all-male Judiciary Committee shined a spotlight on the lack of female representation in Congress, Feinstein would go on to build a legacy on the panel as well as the Senate Intelligence Committee.
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2023.02.14 20:29 dg89_00101010 33 chub In TX iso older ltr w top

I'm the opposite of q Slut but I love sucking dick. Programmers and gamers to the front
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2023.02.14 19:58 OoohItsAMystery Tips for self-learning?

Does anyone have any not-so-typical advice for self learning?
Specifically for staying motivated or how to teach yourself more complex problems and whatnot?
For some context I'm 28 trying to do some at-home academic upgrading. I want to go to university for Nursing, and didn't figure this out until the age of 26. So I have the challenge of having to upgrade my courses (need 12 U level courses, I have 0). I'm trying to learn Biology and Chemistry, but as you can imagine, it's very difficult for someone who did not do any semblance of advanced classes past grade 9. Some of the fundamental building blocks for biology are therefore lost on me.
I've tried asking my fiance for help, who is a very intelligent man. But either my wording of the question or his understanding of what I'm asking is incorrect and he can't help me very much. I've tried to turn to the Khan Academy, but again haven't had luck finding the answer to the very specific question I have (and can't move on from lesson 1, literally) but need in order for the next lesson to make sense.
I don't have the time or ability to go backwards and go the grade 10 courses and onwards, I need 6 credits before December 31 2023. I can't afford a tutor either. I pride myself on being relatively smart (but admit I'm not the smartest by any means in any room I'm in). And I don't want to get stuck and demotivated again. So any tips or even any links to other homework help would be great (I'm in Canada if it matters).
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2023.02.14 19:45 Void-Tyrant Bunch of questions.

Hello. Time has come and I'm in need of replacement for mine old PC. I have lots of question (and tendency to make messy posts when I'm making new posts in unfamiliar corners of reddit... but here they are:
  1. Is i5-12600KF processor worth of pairing up with Ge-Force RTX 4080? I'm not planning to play 4K and Ill stick mostly to 1080P and QHD. I dont mind ray tracing but its not like there are so many important games to me which would use it or I have to use it each time its availiable. I'm not streaming or producing videos so those functionalities are meaningless to me. Also I'm not Nvidia fanatic as I respect AMD/ATI equally.
  2. Is DDR5 worth it with 5600MHZ CL36 (since if I remember correctly first DDR's of given generation are usually worse than best DDRS of previous one so its ovbvious to me that something like 4800MHZ CL40 DDR5 wouldnt be worth it). Or its extra cost (+ cost of special motherboard) is still worse investment than high end DDR4 with cheaper DDT4 motherboard? I'm asking for PC with i5-12600KF.
  3. In specifications of certain motherboards there is info that they can run DDR5 5600MHZ only in OC mode. SHould I be worried about it as such an mode has some drawbacks?
  4. Is there something specific I should look at when choosing motherboard asides from its socket, compatibility with RAM and producer (if I remember correctly good ones are Gigabyte, MSI, ASUS and few others). Or I should be making reasearch on each availiable model as compatibility and producer are important but each of them makes few bad boards?
  5. Mine budget is something around 2500$ +/- 300$. I live on old continent BTW.
  6. Is 850W power supply enough/too much?
  7. Thank you for help. I bet that I forgotten something important or made one or two silly mistakes here and there.
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2023.02.14 19:18 Exotic-Search-3177 What is considered a PSA “old label?

I’m thinking of buying a card but I was just curious, what constitutes an “old label” from PSA? Are old labels preferable to new ones? We’re they more strict then than they are now? The 8 digit number starts with 0501, is there a way to know a year range for the grade?
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2023.02.14 19:05 Batteredcode Audio interface audio clipping on M1

Hi, I've been using a Komplete 6 audio interface for some time now. I've recently switched to an M1 Mac and I've noticed clipping issues, this will happen doing stuff like watching a youtube video, listening to music, etc. I'm confident the issue is with the audio -> the interface, as I can see that the audio going into the interface is clipping, rather than any issue with the speakers etc.
I have no volume control from my machine, the only control I have is via the interface volume, or my speakers. I also do music production on this machine using Ableton, I don't think I have the issue here but it's slightly different as I can control audio via the channel mixer.
So am I doing something wrong? Obviously when I just go straight to the laptop speakers I can turn the volume down via software if the audio starts distorting. When I'm going through the interface my volume controls don't do anything and I have to turn down via the interface, but obviously this doesn't alter the input volume to the interface.
Any help really appreciated
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2023.02.14 18:58 Badgirlpepe what is going on with this collar and how would I go about fixing it?

hi there! I’m a home sewer trying to make a biker jacket for a pet based off of patterns I’ve come across online. Of course I don’t really know how to draft people patterns, let alone pet ones, so I’m kind of at a loss…
i don’t understand what’s happening with the notch under collar. I’ve followed other patterns for a (persons) notch collar and my front panel is doing some funky bending outwards while the collar bends inwards. maybe the pattern is wrong? maybe it’s supposed to do that until the actual collar is attached? i don’t know, but any insight would be appreciated! thanks for your help!
Images for reference
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2023.02.14 18:57 Substantial-Quiet64 29M Looking for long term contact.

Greetings! My Name's Christopher and I'm from germany. Though I probably have enough social contacts I kind of miss somebody that shares my... humor and sense of enjoyment.
While deeply moralic, firmly believing in Karma and trying my best to be a good person - im a troll. Not in the typical internet way, but I just love being random. I love strange music, that breaks the borders of what would have been considered "A possibility" - Think Little Big, Kontrust, Infected Mushroom etc. I love strange stories. Being a writer myself (Roleplay) interesting settings or moments in stories are something that just makes my heart beat a little bit faster.
My main interest is in knowledge though. I love mathematics, physics, astrophysics, all kind of science stuff I am BURNING for and constantly expand my knowledge horizon.
I love questioning myself, brutal honesty, and dislike stuff being said or done because somebody thinks somebody else would want that.
I'm taken.
I'm working in construction, though thats one of many stations.
I think that should be enough. Maybe somebody interesting shows up, looking forward to meet you! =)
PS: Although im a science person, im not unreligious. Im very interested in pretty much any religion, though myself I am an agnostic. Please be able to respect this.
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2023.02.14 18:55 ano_nym_art STDs when both trans

Hi! Maybe a bit of an awkward question, but I (nb, afab) recently got together with my partner (ftm, pre-transition) and we’ve had sex a couple of times by now. We don’t really use any form of protection since we’re both afab. However, we both feel like we aren’t really educated properly about STDs etc. regarding gay sexual activities, probably because of the lack of (gay/lesbian) sex ed we’ve had. Especially since we’re in a polyamorous relationship and I myself am a bit vulnerable for medical issues due to some medical problems I deal with, we do find it very important to educate ourselves and to minimise unnecessary risks.
Does anyone know the basics and look-outs regarding STDs when having (gay) sex as a trans person and would like to share them? Or does anyone know any sites with information about this? It would really help my out. Thanks!:)
SN: I’m aware this maybe isn’t the right subreddit for this, but you guys really helped me out in the past with questions regarding being trans en sexuality so I just decided to post it here 😅
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2023.02.14 18:40 esq6789998212 Metformin + Spironolactone Brought Back My Period?

Hey everyone, I was recently prescribed 500 mg of Metformin and 100mg of Spironolactone for my PCOS less than two weeks ago. After 10 months of seeing no period, I received my period after one week of taking both medications.
I wanted to know if anyone one else experienced this while taking Metformin and Spironolactone? If so, did your periods become regulated on these two medicines alone (along with healthier life choices)?
I ask this because I’ve been prescribed Yasmin 28 combined birth control by my OGBYN and in order to take this with Metformin, I have to stop taking Spironolactone.
I’ve also just increased my Metformin to 1,000 a day and Spironolactone to 125 mg a day (75 in the am, 75 in the pm).
My background: - 21 - 5’7 - I went from 190 to 270 in 3 years while exercising. - Pre-Diabetes - I have children - Period = no show for 10 months until Metformin
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2023.02.14 18:39 johnbr Commercial version of OPA: Styra Load

It looks like Styra is creating a proprietary update to OPA.


I think this is probably fine - the only people who will need these capabilities are people at large companies with lots of cash. And it doesn't stop the OPA committers from making similar advancements in the open-source version.
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2023.02.14 18:35 lost_soul_0423 question for K-Pop stans

So I have been a K-Pop stan for about 4 years now. Right now I stan MAMAMOO, BlackPink, TXT, BTS, StrayKids, Jessie, and Twice. I only have a few songs in my playlist related to them and sometimes I get bored of them. When my other friends who also like K-Pop, talk about their favorite groups I tend to feel bad because I tend to seem like I don't care. So my main question is what should I do when I'm in a situation like this? Also could y'all recommend me new songs , and any other groups that I should know about?
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