Carnival glass good luck bowl


2017.09.13 21:47 Bosmantics HAPGBCACBWOACHIBPRAYE

HoldingAPressurizedGlassBottleContainingACarbonatedBeverageWithOnlyACorkHoldingItBackPointedRightAtYourEye For gifs/videos which show someone holding a pressurized glass bottle containing a carbonated beverage with only a cork holding it back pointed right at their eye

2019.09.08 09:49 EzraCelestine Shitty Restriction Food

Restrictive eating can be rough, but at least it forces the ingenuity out of us. This sub is for laughing/commiserating about the experience of eating things that're low calorie, and uhhhhh... "creative."

2016.06.20 12:16 loyroy LesBowl - She'll fuck the tits off this one

RIP Lesbowl - fuck D&D

2023.03.30 07:35 lifejustadream Is this introverted guy interested in me or do I have rose-colored glasses on?

For context: We are classmates. We are in the same group for class work but he only recently asked me for my number.
Is replying a couple hours later or even next day a sign he isn't as interested..? I reply quickly if it's someone I'm interested in. We both have lives but I am apparently notorious for not noticing "red flags". He's also introverted. And I understand it taking energy to text and just wanting alone time.
Yet, some days he can reply three times when normally once or twice a day he'll reply back. Honestly, I am not sure what he is busy with other than maybe family and friends?
Like, how do I know if he just likes the attention I give him or he is legitimately busy. I find texting to be tedious and tiring so I want to get to know him better in person.
I don't know this guy all that well other than being my classmate so that's why im giving benefit of the doubt . .
Im not sure if it's because he's shy (he's introverted) so he's not as forward about it.
On Wednesday, we had a cohort outing event I planned.
There was a misunderstanding and I thought he was going to "escape" with me from the cohort event to grab sushi as he mentioned. We ended up not doing that and though he went in for hugs--twice--when we were saying goodbye, I initiated that I wanted to go somewhere/wanted to do something (with him). I also apparently made it awkward (he said). Then I got anxious and tried to play it off but he paused and asked me, so where would you like to go/want to do? And I said maybe go grab some late night snacks.. And he said he was stuffed but.. that on the weekend he would. He then hugged again and we said goodbye.
I went back home to check old text convo and it seems like I was too excited and glossed over the fact that he said "but the plan [cohort event I planned is] good, don't change it [to going to sushi with him]" and so that's where I was wrong where I thought initially maybe he isn't a man of his words. I misunderstood.
Anyways, I texted him that same night I was sorry for making it awkward but I meant that I wanted to get to know him better, and I thanked him for paying for the games too. I was hoping this would give him the hint that he can ask me out. Lol 😂
He texted me that it's okay, don't worry about it, he just had to wake up early next day for his sis and fam coming into town.
We keep texting, though he texts once or twice a day (takes a longer time to reply usually). At some point I ask him, so is your sis staying for the weekend? Since it seemed like it and yes, she did. So then, I knew that meant he wouldn't be free this weekend. He sent me pics of the food and flowers 💐 and all.
Anyhow, I compliment him... send him selfie.. get all giddy when I get his texts 🤣 but I'm still waiting for him to ask me out lol
We are flirty...reacting with hearts...complimenting each other...and he calls me a cute babe... We end up talking about drinks and I tell him I get red af when I drink and he then jokingly says, "not even Juan shot with [nickname]?" I laughed and said I'll take a shot if [nickname] really wants to see me red as a 🍓 "
And he jokingly says that next time we go out he might need to bring his drinking buddy [our classmate who is married/has good alcohol tolerance]. I then replied that "or you could bring yourself :) " lol
Now I am busying myself with other stuff as I wonder what he will say~
Like, it's totally okay that he just replies once in a day right? 😂 Over the weekend, he even replied at three separate times (woo! lol) so it seems to me he is in fact just really busy.. But not sure if that's just me with rose-colored glasses speaking~ Any advice? Am I being clear enough or need more~? 😂 thank you ~

--- Other info: He jokingly said to give it a week and that he'd be replaceable when I said I would miss him if he wasn't in our class anymore and I assured him that he wasn't.. and to not say that about himself...everyone has something unique to bring to the table. His reply was that he was joking but he loved that i said that and reacted with hearts and smiley. Is he trying to gauge where I am at about him? But I thought I am clear that I am interested ?? lol 😂
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2023.03.30 07:33 s0ulmates 19 [F4R] Looking to make connections near Austin

Hi this is me!
I'm Elizabeth and I just moved in with my boyfriend in Austin about a week ago. I love horror movies, true crime, cats, and would totally love to play an ouija board with someone in a freaky place with just flickering candles around us 👻
Also I'm looking for someone to tag along with us to a carnival at Pinballz sometime this weekend.
Anyways, I love cooking, scrubbing the life out of dishes like they've wronged my family, and watching movies until I fall asleep on the couch. One of the first things I did here in Austin is go to the pool and wear dorky heart-shaped glasses. Although I don't have an Instagram, I like posing in my bathroom like I do. Here are some of the things I've made.
I don't have a cat yet but I did take a picture of a cute cactus where I live and I become increasingly attached to him every time I pass so here is Prickle!!!
P.s. I am at least 1/4th Miss Piggy.
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2023.03.30 07:32 Ace-TheBoi No I didn’t spend 10 hours making this for a purely self indulgent project YES I have a life why DONT YOU GET A JOB HUH IM AN A D U L T

No I didn’t spend 10 hours making this for a purely self indulgent project YES I have a life why DONT YOU GET A JOB HUH IM AN A D U L T submitted by Ace-TheBoi to WelcomeHomeARG [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 07:30 EliteDangerz $50 H2H Cat Daily Fantrax League
CommissioneManager with 20 years of experience in Yahoo Fantasy baseball leagues trying Fantrax this year due to Yahoo paid league restrictions in certain states.
Redraft league with standard cats but open to adding/editing cats with majority league vote before draft.
So let's fill up the league asap and get this season started! Good Luck!
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2023.03.30 07:29 CrimsonCloverwriter Chapter Four : Day and night

Hey guys, click the link below to access other chapters and an introduction to what this is :
CrimsonCloverwriter (u/CrimsonCloverwriter) - Reddit
Past the rolling hills of Ibrahim, and the tents of the merchants, through the thickets of trees and the impoverished derelicts lies a place unlike any other in Alizia. A field of flowers stretching as far as the eye can see, roses and daisies, pansies and lavender all sprouting together in this one place. Osmu still loses his breath whenever he sees it, even dream recollections understate the pureness of such a place, the true divinity that hides beneath the soil.
It was through this field Osmu always entered Ibrahim, preferring the scenery to the slightly quicker road by horse. Osmu enjoyed these times, these brief moments of respite from his military duty, it had been gnawing away at him lately, the constant piles of work that always seemed to appear as another end. But now was a time for relaxation, a brief vacation before his assured promotion at the end of the year. Capturing the Shonaka thieves was a long and applauded task, and now thankfully Osmu could spend some time with himself, Aliza and Christoff.
Leaving behind the field of flowers Osmu continued into the derelicts, buildings that were long since abandoned after years of neglect. They were entombed to the past, however Osmu knew that the population problems may sprout some renovation work here eventually. Well over two hundred people currently lived in Ibrahim, with that number seeking to grow by the time of the next harvest, and there just wasn’t enough room in such a small place.
The broken derelicts were quickly replaced with the thickets, which still had Osmu’s old path cut into it. He and Christoff had cut through the thicket years ago, and it only requires infrequent pruning to remain a viable- Smoke. There’s the thick stench of smoke in the air, forcing its way down Osmund’s throat. The source of the smoke was evident as Osmund exited the thicket, the house at the top of the hill was burning.
Standing tall the house was alight in a violent flame, which was thankfully being contained by the lack of grass around the home. People ran out of the house into the arms of others, who in term began to scream. Osmund sprinted up the hill, desperate to help, when he saw more people approach, dark figures against the flames of the house. Moving closer Osmund could see their red armour, and the Vaunghe troops grinned from ear to ear.
Osmund awakes, slowly opening and closing his eyes. There’s something wrong, but it takes Osmund a moment to realise what it is. As Osmund opens and closes his eyes he can’t see anything, there’s nothing but an inky blackness. He can feel things around him, and the sensation that he’s standing on something but there’s nothing in sight. Osmund is terrified for a moment, still groggily attempting to remember who and where he is. When everything clicks Osmund feels his eyes widen.
The dark is everywhere, all around him, inside of him and there is no light because everything’s been swallowed up. Osmund scrambles, shaking when he attempts to move around. He doesn’t get very far, as his hands touch some kind of wall in front and behind him. Moving to the sides of this abnormal space, Osmund finds further walls on either side of him, knocking his fist on one and causing a loud metal clang.
Osmund spins, trying again to find an exit, running his hands upon each and every part of the wall. Looking for any kind of hole or crevice Osmund scours the wall to no avail. The smooth, unbroken walls are impeccable, with no room for a foot hold let alone an exit. Osmund bangs on the wall, feeling the pain echo in his knuckles. The darkness continues its slow creeping.
As Osmund continues to panic he begins to hear something, some sound from above. Ceasing for a moment, the sounds return in focus now, as the echoed sounds of Osmund’s hyperventilation. There’s a ceiling somewhere above, judging by the sound of the echo it was roughly twenty-five feet above, and likely lacked any reachable means of escape.
The rising storm of the dark filled Osmund, engaging him, penetrating him, starving him. Minutes pass, or maybe hours, it certainly wasn’t days but it sure felt like it. Time was losing all meaning, with no reference of location or passage Osmund was reeling, heart pumping until everything proved too much and Osmund fell back to the floor in defeat.
Osmund woke up an unknown time later, once again unsure of what time may have passed. This time however he’s slightly more rational, his mind pushing itself into overdrive struggling to comprehend what his actions should be. The first thing Osmund confidently verified were his surroundings. Once again touching the wall Osmund slowly and confidently verified the lack of any discernible gap or hole inside of the prison. From this act he confirmed two things. The first was that there were indeed no seams in the wall, and the second being the shape of the prison. It was in the general shape of a square, although one side had been replaced with a semicircle, creating a singular rounded edge.
How someone made such an object was beyond Osmund’s understanding, at least unless there was some form of escape above, an opening hatch used to dump the captives down from above. This smooth metallic prison asked a much more worrying question, and that was even supposing someone could construct such an inescapable prison, who and why would they do it. It stood to reason that this was the action of whoever tore away the sky, but Osmund doubted even the gods could perform such an act. There was nothing Osmund knew of that could perform such a feat, and thus Osmund forced himself to focus on the facts.
The prison was roughly twice Osmund’s arm span on all sides, reducing the chances of forcing himself up the wall. He didn’t recognise the clothing he woke up in, suggesting that it was the work of the entity that took him. The clothes themselves were well fitting and crafted from fine material, although his shirt leaked sleeves and his shoes appeared to be made of a material Osmund had never seen or felt before, feeling weaker than his normal steel capped shoes. Continuing to analyse his surroundings, Osmund is shocked by the sudden movement.
It began all at once, his prison began to move, it was shaking. Osmund struggled to keep himself upright, as the vigorous shaking forced him from side to side. As Osmund is thrown from one side to the other, he still continues his investigation, and that’s when he feels it. A rope. A thin rope with something sharp pointing out of it, but a rope nonetheless, just a little above his grounded reach. And yet this was almost perfect as he swung between the two points.
Reaching his hand out the shaking suddenly intensifies, throwing Osmund violently back to the floor, a breath short of his goal. The second attempt however is far more successful, as Osmund manages to grip the rope with both hands, now swaying from the moving force. The swaying and shaking continues to throw Osmund, however he fights back waves of nausea and dizziness as he plants his feet against the wall. It takes some time, but Osmund finally begins making progress, until he finds the point where the rope ends. It just melds with the wall, sliding inside through a thin hole that Osmund’s finger couldn’t touch.
Besides the rope however is a protrusion. A small one, reminiscent of a saddle on a horse protrudes from the wall, covered in a seemingly leather material. Osmund slowly places himself onto the object, and has a moment of rest, grasping the point to keep balance.
The swaying began to slow, no longer threatening Osmund; it subsided into nothingness, gone as quickly as it had come, and Osmund wondered what to do now. That was of course until he heard the clicks, the stretching of metal, and the fast pop of the protrusion. It fell, taking Osmund with it, back to the floor, before Osmund could even understand what was happening. Osmund lost consciousness soon after, not sobbing but almost in complete submission to the ones behind this cruel prison.
* * * *
Osmu runs down the hill, hands stained with the Vaunghe blood, and steel in his hand. Faster he runs, towards burning and flaming merchant tents and the burning buildings beyond them. The Vaunghe soldiers stood, slaughtering all in their path. And through the flames wanders the plumed knight, taller than Osmu at 8’9 ft and wielding a long axe coated in the reds of the Vaunghe and the people of the town.
Osmu forces his blade into a Vaunghe’s back, quickly removing it in time to parry another's swipe. These marauders were poorly trained, however even Osmu couldn’t face them all at once. He tried, slicing apart Vaunghe soldiers for as long as he could, but eventually it overcame him.
A slight cut here and a splash of blood there left Osmu blinded and reeling back, as four of the Vaunghe advanced to him. It was at this moment Osmu was sure his fate was certain, at least until she was there. Aliza stood, Osmu could sense her next to him, grasping his hand and filling him with something… energy.
Osmu shot back up, throwing the tip of his blade into a soldier's neck. It didn’t pierce but sent him back in time for Osmund to finish the job. Forcing the blade deeper Osmund guided the corpse into those of his comrades and sent them all sprawling, just waiting for the flurry of kicks that Osmund gave them. He squashed their brains into putty, hearing the sound of something behind him.
Osmu rolled, narrowly avoiding the point of the plume knight’s axe, and turned to face her. She stood tall, red armour shining off of the blazing houses, and she gazed down at Osmu from behind her helm. He raised his hands, the sword still lodged into the Vaunghe’s body, when he heard a laugh. From beneath the helmet this figure was laughing.
“My friend, why oppose us? We have the gods themselves on our side.” And with that she turned, observing one of the many burning houses, and began to wander closer to it. She wandered into the house, shutting the door behind her. Osmund could still hear her laughing, even as the building burnt down she still laughed and laughed until there was nothing left. Osmu was the only one to see the plume knight that day, and the only one who knew her armour was never found.
* * * *
More swaying awakens Osmund, after an untold amount of time. He swerved from side to side, although this time the swaying was far less pronounced, less noticeable. The swaying wasn’t pushing him into anything, only sliding him from side to side, back and forth. And then all at once it stopped again, leaving Osmund alone for another span of time. Osmund had given up, there was nothing he could do in this darkness, all he could do was wait for her. It was in these times of the dark that she came, since Osmund’s earliest thoughts, she would come.
Osmund called out her name, and it echoed through the room. It bounced back into him from above, echoing to him, becoming one with him. Osmund shrugged, knowing it wasn’t to be, nothing could save him now, this was a nightmare he would never escape, an eternal stumbling in the dark with no respite, and he sank to the ground.
And then there was light. It was as if it was always there, piercing the dark, flashing playfully on Osmund’s feet. It shone through, so bright despite being so small that Osmund could barely see anything, shielding his eyes. He moved his hands after a moment and moved closer, gazing down at the small, few millimetre tall hole that had opened to him. Divinity rested in this insignificant hole, this unknown space, it was the woman come to save him. There was a real force in this world, one for good, one that could help Osmund, and he began to laugh in joy. Then he noticed it. The light was growing, and not just a little either, it had begun as only one or two millimetres but now it was almost ten, and it was quickly increasing.
Adjusting to the light Osmund could now see his shoes in more detail. Bright reds and whites greeted him, alongside small white laces of an uncertain material, in fact everything here was of foreign material, the shoes bearing a symbol unknown to Osmund likely a symbol for the excellent cobbler who could make such an exquisite shoe. Besides the shoe, Osmund could now see the colour of the floor, bright silver’s the light bounced off of. Osmund could also see drops of blood on the floor, an unintended consequence of his climbing attempt, although where the injury came from was unknown.
The hole widened even further now, reaching about a tenth of Osmund’s total height. He tentatively pushed his foot through the gap when it hit something. There was something solid stopping him from advancing his foot. As the light grew Osmund realised what was happening. His old wall had been replaced with a new one, this time with a view. It was glass, and from the feeling of Osmund’s foot slamming into it, the glass was resistant.
Slowly and surely the light rose, revealing more of Osmund to himself. While waiting for enough light to rise he glanced down at his new clothing, which were both a startling white. White pants were crafted from another foreign material, although the shirt appeared to be an exquisite tunic made of common cotton. Small drops of dried blood stemming from an arm injury, which was by no means as bad as it should be.
As the light approached Osmund’s eyesight he prepared himself for the unknown he might find. The eldritch creators of such abnormalities would likely live in a world foreign to Osmund’s own understanding, and thus to survive he must be prepared for anything. The true oddities hide themselves, waiting in the dark gasping for air in the light, and now Osmund was going to fight it, fight the unknown, the separate, the alternate for they are not him. This was not to be a fear of the other for their abnormalities but a war of circumstance between Osmund and whatever could stand in his way.
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2023.03.30 07:29 yanghm Details and forming process of paper cup forming machine function

ZSZB-D Automatic middle-speed paper cup forming machine is a fully automatic paper cup forming machine. This equipment is a brand-new model developed by our company on the basis of many years of paper cup machinery manufacturing experience combined with foreign high-speed paper cup machinery. It is the first patented equipment in China. Through continuous processes such as multi-row automatic paper feeding, paper anti-retraction device (to ensure accurate positioning), ultrasonic welding, paper drum transfer by a robot, oil filling, bottom punching, bottom folding, preheating, knurling, and cup unloading, it can stably produce various Paper cups of different specifications are paper cup equipment independently developed by our company to improve the technology and improve the stability of the whole machine.

ZSZB-D Automatic middle-speed paper cup forming machine is a multi-station automatic machine, with automatic paper feeding, heat sealing into the tube, cup mouth lubrication, cup bottom punching and pressing, cup bottom heating, rolling, Continuous processes such as catchy edge curling and finished product blowing are used to produce single and double-sided coated cold and hot beverage paper cups and ice cream paper cups.

ZSZB-D Automatic middle-speed paper cup forming machine simplifies the original three-turntable model to two turntables by processing the bottom and mouth of the cup with different turntables, which effectively reduces the workpiece stroke of the machine and makes the workpiece Stable, good product quality, high efficiency, especially suitable for making tall cups, the automatic oil lubrication system of the whole machine without chain transmission is the model for making paper cups, and it is also an ideal upgrade product for the existing three-turntable models.

Details and forming process of paper cup forming machine function
Adopt step-less frequency conversion speed regulation (easy to adjust production speed).
Photoelectric monitoring: automatic fault alarm and counting.
Design and manufacture molds according to customer requirements, and can produce paper cups of various specifications and sizes by exchanging molds, realizing multiple products in one machine.
  1. Automatically process the printed fan-shaped paper (the expanded shape of the cup) into a paper bowl shape.
  2. Use an ultrasonic system to bond the bowel wall of the paper bowl.
  3. The bottom of the paper bowl uses roll paper, which is automatically fed and punched.
  4. Bonding of paper cup body and cup bottom: hot air blowing and bonding.
  5. Knurling: When the bottom of the paper bowl is glued, a layer of impression is rolled on it through mechanical movement.
  6. Curling: The curling of the mouth of the paper bowl is formed.
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2023.03.30 07:24 Dizzyliff Thoughts on Reverse Osmosis Water?

I used to suffer from TERRIBLE fatigue. I'm talking if i was in Wal Mart, I could happily pass out on the cold, dirty, tile floor. Wouldn't even think about it. Anywhere I went, I was always tired. In school (way past that age, now), I was always falling asleep everywhere, never wanted to go to gym class, never wanted to be active. So, yeah. Had no idea really what it was, but I was just tired ALL_THE_TIME...
Fast forward a few years and i got alopecia and i got health obsessed (just finding out general things about what's good/ pure, what's bad for you, etc. etc.). Got really into finding the purest water and I discovered reverse osmosis water. At first it kind of terrified me because it's literally stripped bare, but the thing that attracted me to it was the no fluoride factor. Now, after several years of drinking almost exclusively reverse osmosis water I have more energy than EVER. Too much sometimes. I can make it through a workday now no problem. Can play around, do whatever. My mind seems clearer (although, my short term memory is not the greatest). I mean, i can't ever see myself going back to the tap. I guess I would drink spring water if I could, but R.O. water is only 29 cents a gallon at the whole foods store. I Just squirt 4 or 5 drops of trace minerals in a glass and I'm good... And, reverse osmosis water is really the only major health changed I've made and stuck with -That and not using fluorinated toothpaste. Which, in a couple months I will have been approx 10 years fluoride toothpaste free. I go to the dentist at least once a year and he always tells me how great everything looks. Full disclosure: I have two VERY tiny cavities that have somehow not progressed over the course of ten years... Wonder why?
Any objections?? Genuinely curious...
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2023.03.30 07:24 Wendywen312 What are the principles and elements of Naked-eye 3D?

Naked-eye 3D
From the 3D wave screen of the SM Building in South Korea this year, which sparked discussions across the Internet, to the popularity of naked-eye 3D curved LED screens in Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other places, these realistic display effects have refreshed the public’s understanding of naked-eye 3D display technology.
Glasses-free 3D screens from all over the world have been added to tourists’ online celebrity check-in packages, becoming a classic case of outdoor advertising, and “glasses-free 3D” has quickly become a hot word in the industry. All the stunning display effects are inseparable from the support of technology, and the following will reveal the birth of the miracle for everyone.
How to achieve such a realistic 3D effect?
As we all know, our human brain is an extremely complicated nervous system. Everything that human eyes usually see is three-dimensional. Two pictures with subtle differences, this subtle difference allows the brain to convert the spatial coordinates of objects in the direction of disappearance of sight, and we can also use this feeling to distinguish the distance and size of objects, that is, Three-dimensional sense, that is, the sense of three-dimensional space.
Generally, the basic principle of 3D display utilization, such as 3D movies, is to separate the content for the left and right eyes of the viewer through glasses or other devices, so that the two glasses can obtain images for the left and right eyes respectively, and finally to What is presented in the mind is the feeling of 3D images.
How to make a flat animation produce a 3D effect?
Just make good use of references. We divide the ordinary picture into several layers through the white line, and then make the animation part “break through” the white line and cover other elements of the layer, so that the parallax of the eyes can be used to form the illusion of 3D.
The naked-eye 3D screen is controlled by professional playback software for naked-eye 3D video production. The naked-eye 3D production can be synchronized with the sound to realize the perfect harmony and unity of “sound, light and image”, bringing tourists super visual impact and shocking force, and more To a large extent, it attracts people to stop and watch!
It is used in sightseeing spots, large commercial plazas, shopping malls and exhibition halls and other places. Highlight individual culture, achieve city landmarks, and win unlimited business opportunities. At the same time, it also adds to the prosperity of the city, enhances the image and influence of the city, shapes the visual culture of the city, and enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of the city.
Three Values of Glasses-free 3D Cultural Advertising Screen
  1. New cultural front
Every creative naked-eye 3D project will form an exclusive customized plan, using avant-garde techniques and gorgeous video effects to visualize abstract thoughts and cultures, and visually display them through new media technology to fully demonstrate individual cultural characteristics. Help the government build a new cultural front.
  1. Urban digital art
Glasses-free 3D video production combines the basic elements and symbols of architecture on the basis of architecture or landscape to seek the best visual language. From the perspective of art and aesthetics, LED display elements are perfectly integrated with architecture and further beautified and improved to achieve value sublimation , the achievement of urban landmark digital art.
  1. Traditional advertising screen upgrade
The naked-eye LED display project of Fanzhuo Technology, combined with the unique building, is bound to attract more eyeballs, attract a large number of people here, bring unlimited business opportunities, and is an upgrade to traditional advertising screens.
Application scenarios of naked-eye 3D cultural advertising screen
Exhibition field (construction of large venues, exhibition activities, science and technology museums, museums, real estate)
Cultural tourism lighting field (outdoor projection, multimedia drama, themed water show, cliff projection, live performance)
Advertising media (airport, subway, high-speed rail, hotel, elevator entrance, store)
Film and television field (3D film, 3D animation)
The three-dimensional world can surpass our imagination, and the combination of art and technology leads us into a whole new world. In the future, Fanzhuo Technology will continue to explore more fashionable and diversified display application solutions on the road of audio-visual technology innovation.
If you have requirements please contact :[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.30 07:22 roseelerma Taking my RLA test on the 12th!

I took the ged ready test tonight and passed with a 179! I scheduled my official test for Wednesday the 12th so please send me all the good vibes and wish me luck. One step closer to get this whole thing over with.
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2023.03.30 07:19 AllStarPicker April MLB

I'm really, really going to keep a thread going throughout the season. Good Luck!

Cardinals (+107)
Guardians (+108)

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2023.03.30 07:18 bigSTOPsign parent let his child crawl on me during a flight

i was just reminded of this awful experience i had a bit over a year ago.
i was on a 5 hours flight, and was in a window seat. there was a gap between me and the man in the aisle seat, which was really good luck. everything was going great until halfway through the flight he goes to his wife who’s in another part of the plane, and brings his little snotty 2/3 year old next to me and puts her in the empty seat.
the little turdball started touching me and freaking out, doing every obnoxious thing it could. i was just trying to listen to music but this jackass had to bring this goblin and set it practically on top of me.
the father did nothing. he brought the kid over, let him touch and poke me, touch my stuff and rub it’s snot all over everything and he didn’t do jack shit.
sadly, of course, i’m incredibly shy and awkward so all i could manage was a glare. i still wish to this day that i’d said something, told his kid to fuck off, called over a flight attendant, scolded the dad, literally anything.
i hate parents, i hate children and i hate children with parents who let them do shit like that.
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2023.03.30 07:17 Emotional_Figure1575 AITA for posting a picture of my bathtub?

I (f31) am engaged to my fiance (m33) we have been together for 8 years, engaged less than one, living together for 2 months. I didn't grow up rich. Our childhood home was foreclosed, and we barely got by after that.
My parents worked hard. I always saw that. And I made sure I got a good job to pay as much of their bills as I could.
When my fiance and I moved in together, the master bath is my favorite place. It has a big jacuzzi tub! We both have well paying jobs (he gets paid more than me) (should mention I'm 6 foot tall female. I don't fit in normal tubs. It's usually half my body) I spent about a month cleaning this thing, running cycles, and bought everything from a tub tray to brushes, to bath salts just to enjoy a REAL BATH!
This is a luxury to me and one im proud of. Anyways, I set up everything! Music playing glass of wine. I posted a picture of the set up with the caption "guess I'm bougie now" and the only ones I have on IG are my friends (that know my humor and family) after me soaking in this monster of a tub I get dressed and go out. My fiance says "I need to talk to you" and he takes me to our computer room and on the screen he has a definition of "boast" he makes me read it. I ask "what's this for" and he says you should be more humble. That post you made bragging... I cut him off mid sentence. I told him to stop and I left. He came into the bedroom and gave me a lecture on being humble and not bragging. I felt like a child and told him to leave me alone.
I deleted the post to just keep him happy. But I don't understand why I can't be happy for what we worked for.
AITA for posting a picture of my bathtub? Was I overreacting?
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2023.03.30 07:16 DailyHoroscopeIndia Todays Horoscope! (30th of March, 2023)✨

♈️ Aries: Today is a day to focus on your personal life. Show your partner some extra love and appreciation with compliments. If you are single, you may receive a text from an old crush. Professionally, it's important to make a budget and not splurge on unnecessary items. Health-wise, it's time to start working out and get into shape. Traveling is also encouraged, so get a passport and explore the world. Luck-wise, you will experience some moderate luck today, but it's not the best time to spend money. Emotionally, be aware of anxiety and confusion that may lead to irrational behaviour. Avoid arguments and stay calm.
♉️ Taurus: Today is a day of emotional instability, but your partner will be there to help you through it. If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask them for a sensual massage and do something that will make you feel comfortable. If your job involves any kind of creativity, the Sun will be sending you lots of inspiration and energy. You may be feeling anxious or depressed, so if you have a therapist, make sure to go see them today. Traveling is also a great way to get to know yourself better. You will have lots of luck when it comes to your career or job and you may even receive some money. Today is all about healing, learning and growing, so accept these new life lessons and make something good out of it.
♊️ Gemini: Today is a day to take on new challenges and show your boss and co-workers what you are made of. You may be feeling a bit jealous of your partner, so it's important to talk to them and make sure everything is alright. Health wise, it's best to avoid fizzy drinks and coffee with milk, and switch to water and tea instead. If you are planning a journey, it's best to bring someone along or postpone the trip. Jupiter is radiating positive energy which will bring you good luck, but be aware of your emotions as you can be quite selfish from time to time.
♋️ Cancer: Today is a day of mixed emotions for you, Cancer. In your personal life, you may find yourself in an argument with your partner due to something they did that annoyed you. Professionally, you will receive some sound advice from a colleague with more experience than you. Health-wise, you should take preventative measures to boost your immune system as you may be prone to catching a fever. When it comes to travel, try to minimize it and consider carpooling instead of driving. Luck-wise, your friends and people around you will have great conversations together and you may experience some moderate luck. Emotionally, it may be hard for you to socialize as you want to be the center of attention but don't feel confident enough.
♌️ Leo: Today is a great day for your love life, Leo. If you are in a relationship, your partner will know how to calm you down if you feel a little down. Single signs will have a chance to flirt with a Gemini. Professionally, it will be easy for you to focus and concentrate on the work that needs to be done. Health wise, make sure to eat food high in protein to make your muscles stronger. If you are travelling to a distant location, be prepared for some stress, especially if your flight is longer than six hours. Jupiter will send you good vibes today, but it's not the best day to invest or buy vehicles or properties. Emotionally, you may feel a bit gloomy today, but something wonderful will happen to you!
♍️ Virgo: Your personal life may be feeling a bit strained as your partner is slowly losing interest in you. This could be because you have stopped doing the things that they used to love. Single signs may not feel like flirting. Professionally, you are unstoppable and your co-workers adore you. You may receive an email, text or call about your job or a new job opportunity. Health wise, Virgo signs are prone to fevers and it usually starts in the throat, meaning your body and immune system need more nutrients. If possible, go on a short trip with some friends or colleagues for business or pleasure. Luck wise, it's best to not spend large sums of money today as you won't feel the vibes that Jupiter is sending. Emotionally, you may get frustrated easily so it's best to do something productive to keep your mind occupied.
♎️ Libra: Today is a day for you to focus on your relationships. If you are in a relationship, take your partner out for a romantic date. If you are single, you may receive an interesting text message. Professionally, you may receive some important information about your boss or co-worker, so be sure to stay focused on your goals and not talk behind anyone's back. Health wise, it's time to start taking better care of yourself. Start small by drinking more water and less carbonated drinks. Make sure to check the date of when you need to renew your passport for any upcoming travels. Finally, Jupiter is on your side today, making it easier for you to control your finances. You may not feel like socializing today, but don't worry, it's perfectly normal.
♏️ Scorpio: Today is a day of mixed emotions for you, Scorpio. In your personal life, Pluto in Capricorn is making it difficult to connect with your partner. If you are single, you may find yourself taken soon. Professionally, you are working hard but it may not feel like enough. Persevere and success will come. Health-wise, be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid overindulging in alcohol. Traveling is a great way to relax, so consider taking a vacation soon. Unfortunately, luck won't be on your side today, but tomorrow will be better. Emotionally, you may feel a lot of tension and stress. A good workout or cry session can help you release this energy.
♐️ Sagittarius: Today is a day of mixed emotions. In your personal life, you may find yourself in a period of instability and bickering. However, communication can help to resolve any issues that arise. Professionally, you are doing well and may receive some unexpected money. Health wise, it is important to take time to relax and center yourself. Traveling by car is not recommended today. You will have luck with numbers and money, so keep an eye out for any opportunities. Finally, your emotions may be all over the place, but things will get better soon.
♑️ Capricorn: Single signs will be irresistible to water signs, so today is a great day to try something new with your partner. Venus is sending you excellent energy, making it easy for you to make money and get ahead. Get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, as it will make you feel great. When it comes to investments, it's best to wait until another day. Lastly, follow your instinct and trust the power of your ruler planet to guide you in the right direction. You may find yourself reflecting on the past.
♒️ Aquarius: Today is a day of surprises and rekindling of love for single aquarius. Professionally, you may have to face some confrontation, but it is important to take care of any debts you owe. Health wise, you will be in the mood to make new friends while working out. Traveling isn’t really the thing that you want to do today, but if you are in a foreign country, try some authentic food. Luck is on your side today with the planet that governs luck sending you good vibes. Emotionally, you may feel a bit confused, but this is only temporary. It’s a good day to think about the future and future plans.
♓️ Pisces: Single signs will feel a little lonely, but things are getting better and your partner is feeling good today. Show them some appreciation and love. Financially, you will be doing okay, but you might have some car problems that require spending money. Your throat will be your weak spot today, so drink lots of tea and fix your sleeping schedule. Flying by plane is going to be a big adventure for you, but don't count on Jupiter for extra luck today. Make sure you're taking care of your mental health and stay away from sketchy Virgos.
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2023.03.30 07:15 AmyOlsen2023 Creating a welcoming atmosphere at home

Creating a welcoming atmosphere at home
When it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere in the home, scented candles are often seen as a feminine indulgence. But as a man who appreciates the finer things in life, I can tell you that there's nothing wrong with enjoying a good scented candle. And let me tell you, I've found a candle that even the most discerning gentlemen will appreciate.
First off, let's talk about the scents. Unlike the cloyingly sweet or floral fragrances that many candles offer, [insert brand name] offers a range of scents that are masculine and sophisticated. From smoky leather to spicy amber, there's a scent to suit any mood or occasion. And despite being complex and layered, the fragrances are never overpowering - they create a subtle ambiance that's perfect for unwinding after a long day.
Another thing that sets these candles apart is the quality of the ingredients. The scents are created using natural, high-quality materials, and the candles are made using a blend of soy wax and other natural waxes that provide a clean burn. There's no chemical aftertaste or harsh smoke to worry about - just a smooth, even burn that fills the room with a warm glow.
But what really sets [insert brand name] candles apart is their design. The candles come in sleek, modern glass jars with simple, understated labels that won't clash with any decor. And the wooden wicks provide a unique crackling sound that adds an extra layer of relaxation to the candle experience. It's the perfect touch for a cozy night in with a good book or a romantic evening with a special someone.
As a man who appreciates quality, I also appreciate [insert brand name]'s commitment to sustainability. The brand uses ethically-sourced materials and eco-friendly packaging, so I can feel good about using their products in my home.
In conclusion, if you're a man who appreciates the finer things in life, don't be afraid to indulge in a scented candle. And when you do, make sure it's a [insert brand name] candle. The scents are masculine and sophisticated, the qua
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2023.03.30 07:11 camhart73 Aqueous deficient dry eye - Try a whole house humidifier

I suffer from both oil and aqueous deficient dry eyes (latter due to corrective eye surgery, though never had issues with oil prior to surgery either). I've found using a whole house humidifier makes a massive difference for me.
Here's the one I like:
Also, in case you see wild fluctuations in how your eyes feel, buying something to measure humidity levels is a good way to understand if the whole house humidifier would be worth it to you. You can get these for $20: Place them around the home in the places you use the most.
If you have a smart thermostat, it may tell you humidity levels. Just be aware that they fluctuate a lot depending on where you are in the home. I have 3 humidistat censors throughout the house now in all the key places I spend time (office, kitchen/family room, bed room). I have the humidifiers dialed in to keep humidity at ~55%.
This approach has made a bigger impact for me than anything else I've tried. Although it is limited to when I'm within the home.
Other things I've tried:
Hopefully some of this is helpful to someone.
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2023.03.30 07:09 muser_777 Letters from Donetsk Part 9 "I chose to reserve a small safe corner of suspicion about the news of the missile strike - trauma is easier to cope with if you just choose to believe it’s a lie. Just look at the death of Elvis, or the climate crisis, and all that other stuff we compulsively deny."

It’s funny how deeply you can miss what you no longer have—how Elysian fields become the more years you leave them fallow. I find myself propping up pictures of social events upon the easel of my mind—pictures I painted years ago—nightclubs like those I would burrow my way into underground, even the one I would mix in during my decade of abandonment to movement and sound. But mostly I would cast my mind back to Prague bars or cafes, where there would be people around to talk to, or strangers just milling, yes, milling around. I never appreciated how nice it is for people to mill in your vicinity. Nice. It’s just nice to be milled around. Perhaps that is why I find peace in supermarkets now—it is less that their aisles and orderliness feel a thousand miles from the war, but that the people are suspended in perfectly spherical bubbles of ‘I have no pressing need to be here but alas here I am’, and that to be around the drifting of those bubbles is almost as wonderful as companionship for someone as incompanionable as I currently am. Thank God for dreams, because I have whole cities full of companionship there—from new friends, to girlfriends, to complicated enemies and entertainingly questionable foes, and even occasionally a few days of hanging out with her, all in some neatly designed urban location or another where the truth is something everyone unquestionably knows.
I should say a little of the people whom I have met along the way.
First, there was Dasha, originally from Kharkiv but now a long time resident of Gwent, who had also been on aid shuttles to Izium after it was freed. Her manner was attentive and friendly—she would follow up with regular calls the messages she regularly sent, which was good because talking is what I need. She stood out for her ability to persuade a Chaplain to accept my help, even when my wartime skillset made me about as useful right now as Lent.
The chap-lain and his assistant Pavel kept me waiting in Lozova after my own efforts to get to Donbas began to wane. I had already struck off my month in Kharkiv as a humanitarian fail—I escorted boxes of dried food from Kyiv which would have managed well enough without me on a completely empty train, and did four hours of sandbag stacking around a monument to freedom which I was able to organise by not organising it at all, just seeing people working and offering to do the same—but mostly I felt useless or worse, and was eager to get away. Lozova was much the same, though there was a beautiful lake at the back of an unremarkable park which I walked around every day, and then forty hours after I left, the cultural centre I walked past was obliterated by a cruise missile a hundred metres from where I had stayed. I chose to reserve a small safe corner of suspicion about the news of the missile strike—trauma is easier to cope with if you just choose to believe it’s a lie. Just look at the death of Elvis, or the alive-and-kicking climate crisis, and all that other stuff we compulsively deny.
After I got tired of waiting in my pre-cruise missile apartment that was so cheap it was ‘aid for me’, I packed up and paid extra for the broken shower cable when I handed over the keys. I took a taxi to Barvinkove which was almost a day or so’s walk short of Sloviansk, and I hoped to bag a lift for the last leg of the journey in some or other military jeep. The driver was a former farmer from these parts who pointed at the sections of field he used to work. There was a lot of field in that forty-five minutes, field and military trucks. Not a single civilian do I remember seeing on that mostly arrow straight road, just a painfully potholed surface, checkpoints and greetings in Polish for some reason I don’t understand to this day, and a shrug of I have no idea who you are or what you are doing here but here’s your passport back, on your way.
Bear in mind this was south of occupied Izium last year in mid May, and just a few kilometres stood between these parts and the Russian lines. The taxi driver wouldn’t take me any further than Barvinkove, and it was pretty easy to see why. I thought I had seen destruction in Kharkiv, but the shattering that this all-but-entirely-abandoned town had taken was, in all the war so far, by far the most harrowing sight. You see destroyed cities on screens, and something of the destruction comes across, but when you stand alone on broken glass on what was once a busy junction with insides of buildings spilled out on every side, it isn’t so much a chill that visits you with the ghosts of what happened here but more an enormous swallowing by all the unfathomable loss.
And yet still some civilians clang proudly to their homes. A group gathered of four, stood in front of their town hall, with glass all around there too; curtains wafted behind them from the upper floors—of all the things we could have called them, it’s clearer when they are missing why we went with wind-ow.
“Do you need anything?” A smile. And curiosity. And consternation. But most of all a smile. From a lady almost half my height but every bit as stout. I was traipsing through their town alone with a giant pack upon my back, doing my best not to make it too obvious that I had never seen anything so terrible as her town in my entire life. How do you behave toward people you meet when on every side the guts of their homes are hanging out? I wish I could have just stopped and looked silently down into her eyes and offered her a hug.
“I turn left for Sloviansk, yes?” I said instead.
“Yes. Take a left down there.”
“Thanks,” and with the glance my gratitude warranted as I parted I offered a tiny portion of my sympathy, but I swear this lady neither needed nor wanted a single thing—this was her town, her home, and smashed to shit or not, she would hold her head up high, be the honourable host and offer directions to passers by, because she and her town still lived, and if anyone needed a hug, am I sure it wasn’t me?
If someone had told me she was the mayor of the town, I wouldn’t have been surprised.
They were the last people I saw for the next kilometre leading out, as I passed broken home after shop after kindergarten after abandoned business of now an entirely indiscernible kind. Pieces everywhere. Of glass and rocks and wires and concrete. One shop was missing its long shop window and two stray dogs watched me as I passed, the boss of the two was lying down on the inside upon a three-thick bed of shattered glass, as if filling in for the shop sign. I wanted to coax him off, but realised the worst thing I could do was spook him and just hoped his fur was thick enough for my conscience to leave him behind.
On the long road leading out east, the houses of Barvinkove turned to village types, with overgrowing flower gardens all flourishingly unkempt – all purples and pinks and yellows and whites with yellow centres and deep and velvet reds. The distant sounds of artillery feel more distant when coming through village air. One home stood out for grass having been mown, and the gardener at large, a lady in waiting to grow old, was out tending to her five metre wide share—alone in a kilometre row of single storey village houses with boarded up eyes and fast-growing gardens for beards, in her typical village floral dress and headscarf, she stood out for the peace with which she tended to tidiness, a sight to make a soldier stop, kneel and bow his head before the life still living there.
It was about three months ago that people stopped saying “Good Day”. But to this day, Barvinkove never fell.
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2023.03.30 07:08 LeonaQuadros B1G1: Chipotle Promo Code Reddit April (2023), Online Free Delivery

B1G1: Chipotle Promo Code Reddit April (2023), Online Free Delivery
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Chipotle Promo Code 2023
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2023.03.30 07:07 f1newsbot Russell expecting Aston Martin to be ‘really strong’ at Australian GP as he counters recent Hamilton set-up comments

George Russell has tipped Aston Martin to be an even stronger force at the Australian Grand Prix, pointing to the impressive cornering ability the AMR23 has displayed over the first two rounds of the season.
After an eye-catching test period, Aston Martin translated that form into back-to-back podium finishes behind the dominant Red Bulls in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia – both at the hands of new signing and two-time world champion Fernando Alonso.
Amid Aston Martin’s surge up the order, Mercedes have been battling issues with their 2023 challenger, so much so that a concept change is on the cards, while Ferrari are also struggling for performance and reliability.
Asked about his and Mercedes’s potential at this weekend’s event in Melbourne, Russell commented: “If we manage to get another P4, or fight for the podium, that will probably be exceeding the potential of the car.
“I think Aston are going to be really strong here. They seem to be the quickest car in the medium-speed corners, which obviously there’s plenty of them here in Melbourne, so if we can fight with Aston and Ferrari again, that’d be a good weekend.”
Later on in Thursday’s driver press conference, the topic turned to the intra-team dynamic at Mercedes, with Russell asked for his thoughts on comments Lewis Hamilton made after the last race at Jeddah.
“The strategy didn’t really work out for me,” Hamilton told Sky Sports F1 after following Russell home in Saudi Arabia. “The set-up was a bit off – I think if I had the set-up that George had, I would have been in a better position.
“There was like a 50:50 choice. I chose one way, he chose another. More often than not, the way he went was the wrong one, but it just happened to work, so I could only match his pace rather than be quicker.”
When asked about Hamilton’s comments in Melbourne, Russell was keen to note the work he put in ahead of and during the event, stressing that there was no luck in the outcome.
“I don’t think there’s any luck in it at all, I think it’s down to the preparation you put in before the event,” said Russell, who is contesting his second season with the Silver Arrows.
“The changes we made overnight [after practice], I knew that was going to be the right direction with the work we did with the team, and I believed it was going to be better than the set-up that Lewis opted for.
“I think everybody’s got different preferences. I was happy with the direction I took and the work I’m doing with the engineers.”
Mercedes sit third in the constructors’ standings heading into round three, level on points with Aston Martin – both teams 49 adrift of championship leaders Red Bull.
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2023.03.30 07:06 EqualDot A reflection after 12 years on Reddit…

I discovered Reddit in my last year of college in 2012. I’m now 34, married, with a house and a stable job, but still painfully addicted to the internet and to Reddit specifically.
While I’d describe myself as a relative “normie”, the internet has made me indulge in things that appealed to - and made worse- the more quirky parts of my personality.
Anyway, here’s some things I’ve learned about Reddit over the past decade, and the internet in general, that I hope you’ll find helpful in your journey to breaking free.
Lesson 1: Reddit information is equivalent to fast food - it’s quick, convenient, and probably not good for you.
I’ve scrolled thousands of posts since 2012 and have maybe retained a few random facts on maybe 5% of what I’ve consumed. Everything here is meant to be “here today and gone tomorrow”, which means it’s value in your life is shallow and immediate, but rarely ever lasting.
If anything, I’ve been exposed to things I shouldn’t have been exposed to (there’s a lot of weird subs….) and have had to face real life consequences from going to Reddit for health advice at the peak of my addiction.
Lesson 2: Redditor expertise is usually misinformed
Take everything you read in the main subs (news, politics, even sports) with a massive grain of salt. You will understand this when you see posts about topics you really know about - the best answer to the topic is usually not the top one, it’s actually several responses below or hidden in the replies.
If this is the case for topics you’re familiar with, just think of what you’re taking at face value from top comments as the truth for unfamiliar topics.
You don’t know who is on the other end really giving advice or speaking about a topic.
One of the most insecure, messy, and downright loser-y guys I’ve ever been around in my life was a huge Redditor - he used to talk about how much karma he had from his advice and posts. In reality, the guy barely had anything together in his life and would spend hours on Reddit while eating KD from a saucepan.
And lately, with the onslaught of young users, more often than not if you look up a persons profile after reading their “advice”, you’ll often find them posting on something like /teenagers.
Taking anonymous advice from literal children who have a very limited understanding of the world is not the best way to take in information.
Lesson: there is no FOMO in 2023
Reddit is now pretty mainstream and a lot of legit news outlets and YouTube channels use it to feed their own content.
If you want to stay up to date, just use 1-2 legit media apps to glance at key stories. Trust me, you’re not missing much by not reading a top comment here.
Good luck and AMA if you need.
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2023.03.30 07:04 Appropriate-Put3475 Day 5 and it feels good wish me luck boiis

Next target day 90
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2023.03.30 06:59 tempestuousDespot This is my first PC build, I'd love to hear what people think

This was the first time I built a pc from scratch and my goal was to create a new personal workstation for myself. After several years of using a msi gaming laptop with an intel i7-9750h, 16gb or ram and a mobile rtx 2060 with a few m2 ssd for storage (it has performed wonderfully over the years), I wanted to go for high end system that will hopefully serve me well for years to come (my initial impressions seem promising). I call it HAL 9000

Overall, it was a pretty great experience with only a handful of hiccups. And as a brief background, I am relatively aware of the fundamental concepts behind creating a modern pc so it wasn't too bad but I was still nervous and encountered some things I needed to work around .

*The following paragraph is just about specifics with the minor trouble I had getting these parts in the case*

With that said, I do want to mention an important caveat with how I lucked out selecting the components. This was after doing a fair amount of research trying to make sure the stuff I picked were all compatible. The issue would be relatively minor for people more experienced but for me it was all new territory. The 420 mm radiator in the AIO cpu cooler and the case caused some incredibly tight fitment between the various components. The cooler is a 420mm Artic liquid freezer II and the case is a Fractal meshify 2, if I got the XL version of the case I probably would've had a much easier experience. It took me a while to figure out how to topmount the radiator in the case and there was a small problem with the io shield on the motherboard because of all the extra thickness for the unnecessary integrated rgb. It caused a bit of a fitment issue in the rear part of the radiator with the top bracket but luckily there are many other mounting points. There is very little clearance with the ram on the motherboard (I was lucky that the ram I picked was low profile) and I had to rearrange some of the case fans. Luckily there was a video on youtube with this case and aio combo where they talked about encountering these same issues.

Okay, with problems out of the way onto the good stuff. It was genuinely enjoyable to build this thing. I spent a while picking out the main components and putting them all together was good fun. After dealing with the aio radiator in the case, everything around the motherboard fit together pretty well. With it all assembled everything posted just fine the first time :) , well after I forgot to switch on the psu in the back lol. The cpu and version of the motherboard bios it shipped with detected all 128 gb of ddr5 ram without issue. It was easy to update the bios to the latest version but it was missing some drivers on the OS level.

Because I'm a novice in much of this I am not too familiar with many of these specs but this msi z790 carbon motherboard has some default auto overclock type settings for the cpu and automatically had a preloaded xmp memory profile. I have a lot to learn about all theses bios settings. All the settings for me to take advantage of these parts are in the bios but I need to learn what they all mean.

The cpu, with the default profile for being watercooled in the bios, has an auto boost and unlocked power limit which lets the intel i9 13900k go all out under an all core load and reach a 300+ watt usage and bounce off 100C while blasting at a constant 5.5+ Ghz on all those P cores the entire time. I ran cinebench, blender and 3dmark a few times and under full load this cpu can get real power hungry and real hot real fast. It's really cool, just like having access to a high performance vehicle. Realistically, I'll probably turn off the auto boost and set a hard upper power limit in the bios to limit heat. I tested a 200 watt upper limit earlier and it ran much cooler under full load, around 70-80C tops with only a minimal loss in performance. I'll figure out some settings that work for me. Even under default auto oc style settings the system is actually very manageable when doing light work and even moderate gaming. Just browsing the web, running basic programs and light gaming will hardly tax the system (cpu power usage of around 20-140 watts with temps 35-65 C). Even under heavy gaming the temps only go up to around 70-80C.

This msi 4090 gpu is comically large and also incredibly powerful. Testing out some light rendering workloads in blender and unreal engine with some synthetic benchmarks from 3dmark thrown in for good measure have been super fun. The card chews through even 100% utilization workloads and I've only seen temps around 70C top. Most modern games, even on all max settings at 1440 x 3440, hardly stress this card. The card is so large it smushes some sata and usb 3.0 header cables underneath but it's not too bad.

This modular 1200 watt atx 3.0 corsair psu made cable management and installation pretty easy and this mobo is wild with the amount of options, I love it, now I need to go open some bay doors

Here's the entire part list:
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2023.03.30 06:58 soulfly21 Cast your vote for the April Spotlight Contest (ends in 2 days)

Visit the poll link to view the submissions and cast your votes for your favorites:
Good luck to all the participants and thank you to all the voters!
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