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Grief Support: Learning to Live Without.

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A place to share stories, ask questions or seek advice. Grief affects every person in a different way every time. Whether you are grieving the dead, a relationship, a job, a pet, a place or an era you are welcome here.

2020.12.02 14:34 the-earth-aint-flat Happy Birthday, Rach!!

Happy Birthday, Rach, this is for you I hope you don't find this before your birthday lmao oops hahahah

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2023.03.26 14:12 Croattt The state of FUT Champs and general frustration

Longer post ahead. I am a long time fifa player (since fifa 11) that enjoys this game, currently on PC. The gameplay this year, even with all its bullshit, is one of the best ones ever in my opinion, because every fifa has a meta, exploits, popular players etc. yet I get general satisfaction playing fifa 23, and I’m sure a lot of you do too. People sometimes forget how poorly balanced old fifas were where pace was way more important than this fifa, as crazy as it sounds, or where people abused a mechanic so much it identifies with the game to this day (skilling/finesse/longshots and fifa 11, crosses and fifa 14, etc.).
I started playing in December last year. I am happy with how everyone can make a competitive team easily and skill expression is much higher than back in the day, where you could do almost nothing against credit card fc. Yes EA fucked up with the power curve, but everyone can get a 90-95% team free to play in a month or two which allows you to compete with anyone.
My frustration comes with matchmaking and cheaters, and to an extent compatibility issues (PC mostly) which is especially noticeable in fut champs. This weekend is a prime example of it. I am currently a 16-4 player last 3 weekend leagues, (I was a 14-6 and 11-9 player before as I was learning) and this weekend I had a genuine shot at going for rank 1. But guess what prevented me from getting it? Cheaters. Cheaters are plaguing PC so much I have on average met 7-8 per weekend the past month. I already know once I do first 10 games it’s like “oh boy, here they come”.
I went 17-3 today. One loss was legitimate against a better player, fair and square. Two losses came against a forced disconnect cheat and an auto green timing/rating hack cheater. Both times there was nothing I could do. I can’t guarantee I would have gotten rank 1 but at least I would have had a fair chance at it. It honestly felt bittersweet. For those unaware, there are several forms of cheating. There is just ultimate AI, there is invisibility + ultimate AI, there is forced disconnects and there is cheating stats/green timed finishes/skill moves etc. I regularly encounter all of them, especially invisible AI.
It’s becoming so ridiculous I learned the patterns of playing against invisible AI and winning games (using the radar to play, going 1-0 up, alt-tabbing and they disconnect), but the fact that I have to meet cheaters in almost 50% of my fut champs games, for consecutive months without any sign of improvement, is a joke for a multi billionaire company. I can’t remember any other fifa in history with so many cheating issues. It’s sad and frustrating and puts a huge black stain on this game. Rant over.
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2023.03.26 14:11 Sidnature Is it bad to feel lonelier in the company of others than when I'm alone?

29-year old male, if that matters. I think the pandemic and social isolation paired with ny recovery during a pandemic breakup (from an 8-year relationship) elevated my reclusive or hermit tendencies. I was already a loner before the pandemic but now that everything is back to normal, I'm finding it harder and harder to socialize and connect.
But here's the kicker, I actually enjoy solitude. Because that 1 year when I isolated myself from the world thanks to the quarantine was the most peaceful and most content phase in my life. The solitude was intoxicating for me, as insensitive as it sounds. I felt freedom for the first time in a decade.
Fast forward to today, my college friends whom I see about once every three years started inviting me again and I just couldn't stand their company anymore. Couldn't relate to them. Didn't help that they tried introducing me to their socialite and extroverted circle.
Now, I'm with my new girlfriend who proposed to me (she's my fiancee now) and at times I feel guilty because I find myself celebrating whenever I get the house to myself in the rare moments where she's out with her family or in concerts. We live together and I see myself liking it for the rest of my life, and she even likes my introversion. It's just that there are times when I think this level of isolationist tendencies is unhealthy even though I don't really feel lonely when I'm alone (I feel happier, in fact). At least I think it's unhealthy for my relationship with loved ones and relatives (in-laws to-be included), especially since they're the rowdy and social bunch and I also keep turning down their invitations because I already know how the conversations will flow.
Is there something wrong with me? I know that's a question for psychiatrists, but I live in a country with shitty mental health care so I'd rather not rely on professionals where I live.
TL; DR: I feel lonely when with company and happy when alone. So I generally avoid social obligations and gatherings. Should I change?
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2023.03.26 14:11 NoContextVent We are trapped and I have been backed into a corner

Hey people of reddit, I hope everyone has had a wonderful day/night! So I(21) am not really good at getting my thoughts on paper while still making sense, so please bear with me!
I have known my SO (20) since she was born, we were great childhood friends and did everything together whenever we could. Skip a few school years due to our parents moving to different sides of the city, while we stayed in touch as best as we could. We started to stop talking im guessing because "out of sight out of mind " but eventually our parents had a little get together decided to share a house and then moved in with us. It was great apart from my rapist sibling who sexually assaulted my SO from the age of 6 until she was 12, and myself from 5-10, we never spoke about what he was doing to us, we didn't know that we were both being assaulted. While that was happening my MIL was using my mother to look after her while she went off being an escort and doing drugs, and not even using that money to look after her child and somehow always being behind or skipping a month's rent (using my mum to pay more than her share). After a while my mum gave up and told her to move out, then my MIL decided to distance herself from us because my mum "abandoned her in a time of need" (lived together for over 1.6 years)
And again we stopped talking until I went to the same school as her(I moved nearby).
So when we finally realised that we had very strong feelings for each other, and decided to start seeing each other when we were 18 and 19, we decided since we already knew pretty much everything about each other's life (or so we thought) I decided to stay at her house (closer to my work) and help with her relationship with her mother as they were arguing and fighting a lot. Over the last 2 years things have gone from AMAZING to depression.
In my mind it is mainly because of her mum, when we started dating (MIL had way too many pets, we constantly stressed how bad this living situation is but she said 'at least cats don't stab you in the back!?' Like what the fuck?!) So her house always smells of shit and piss because she barely cleaned up after them and was embarrassed about it.. saying that it's never like this and she's going to get on top of it and keep it clean, well that lasted about 2 months until she gave up on cleaning and herself. MIL started drinking more and going back into party drugs slowly leaving more and more responsibility on us, and just when we thought things were getting better she "sheltered" fucking 3 pregnant stray cats when she already had 5 cats and other pets, to help with her motherly urge to protect and nurture things. In the long run her motivation to clean, look after kittens, and work was just too much for her and found comfort in a partner. Since finding this amazing person she has slowly left that motherly urge to protect, love and care for her daughter and pets to revert back into her highschooler self leaving us with all the responsibility and stress, no money, no help and no sympathy or empathy for us at all. Because as she lives ten blocks away from her own house (us) with her new partner she pretends that everything is fine and still has the nerve to pretend that nothing happened and invite us to dinner at his house because we can no longer use our kitchen because of the animals over running it.
So I believe that it is wired into her brain that she can do whatever she wants and if you don't like it, it's your fault and you have no right being mad at her cause her life was a lot worse. (She's gone through her own past traumas).
What's even worse is because of all this my partner is too anxious and depressed to get a job so we are trapped here until she starts to feel better, and also that her mum is the only family my SO has so my partner is really wanting to keep her friendship with her mum..(and that is completely understandable) but she has mentioned to her mum multiple times that we are not happy and really need help, but it never arrives so that's why I had a bit of a snap and wrote quite an emotional message for her.. and here it is....
Sorry for all the backstory let's hope this makes sense now. This was a message that I was very close to pressing send I just thought it might add some insight on how our life is going!😁
Hey _____
This is going to be shocking, arrogant and just straight up rude but i have had it, i am sick of playing pretend about our life being all happy and shit. I really dont know how to say it apart from this....
Just first these are my thoughts and a little of my partners she defends you to the ends of the earth but the truth is in my eyes you really do not deserve it.
How can a 40yr old woman treat her kid and myself like we are house maids for a irresponsible pet owner that has abandoned ship to go live with a great person so her life doesn't feel as shitty..
I dont want to say this but what makes you think that you can just give up on your responsibilities as a parent and animal owner leave us day in and day out to clean after stray animals you brought into the house on top of YOUR original pets (5) which is too many to begin with..
Making your daughter and myself either clean a whole house daily to avoid the smell of shit and piss(WHICH WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY OR WILLPOWER TO DO EVERYDAY!) And when we do clean it takes 12hours to get back to how it was or sit in the matchbox of a room and try to not to go crazy while listening to constant animal noises and the house falling apart
Just how do you stay there 10 blocks away doing coke and drinking alcohol like you are 18.. with no responsibility
Instead of being a adult and fixing your problems you decided to shift them onto kids with no money and if this continues no fucking future
How do you expect us to be happy ____ please I really want to know what you have been telling yourself to help you sleep at night because if you thinks this is ok... YOU NEED FUCKING THERAPY AND A LOT OF IT
How can we live and learn to love life if we are trapped in this fucking hell hole of house
Which I can say is doing absolute wonders for your daughters and my relationship
I really dont know why I posted this maybe so she sees this, maybe because I really need advice on how to keep our relationships because as you can hopefully tell by the "message" I am about to go ballistic and need another view on this😅
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2023.03.26 14:11 Quizzical_Queen Vets in London/Surrounding area recommendations

Looking for cost effective vet recommendations aside from EVAH. I've come upon a nursing mom and pregnant kittens and would like them all checked over and to begin the process of getting them in the right path for rehoming. So, while I don't want a 'cheap vet', I do want one that won't over charge me for these little beans. What's the most cost effective way to go about getting them seen so they can start their deworming and such?
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2023.03.26 14:11 hungry-tbh 27 [M4F] Sydney - Looking for a friend to go on dates with

Hi there! I'm looking for a genuine connection to share quality time with. Let's chat and see where it leads us 😊
A little about me: I'm 27, born and raised in Sydney, 6'1" tall and slim, a non-smoker, and drug/disease free. I'm an INFP-T that loves a good night in as well as a social night out with good company. I'm an easygoing person that's confident and fun, yet respectful, attentive, and affectionate.
I'm career-oriented and now in a good position where I want to prioritise a better work-life balance (that's where you come in!). I love music, art, being out exploring food spots and doing social activities, travelling, and spoiling my pets 😄
Please send a message/chat if you're looking for something similar. I'm happy to verify and exchange pics once chatting.
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2023.03.26 14:10 Resident_Tour_3296 Progress quit minoxidil --> spearmint, inositol and L-lysine + iron

Progress quit minoxidil spearmint, inositol and L-lysine + iron
Minoxidil only caused me to shed for 3,5 months. I quit and shedding has returned to normal and tempels are filling in.
I had CTE, so already shedding a lot for years but minoxidil made it worse. I did shed small hairs for 3 weeks after quitting minoxidil.
I went from shedding 200 daily /500 wash day (during dread shed) to 50 daily / 150 wash day today. I still believe I can do better, but for now I am happy.
Quick back story: family history of AGA. CTE for last 7 years with a quick break during pregnancy. Went from lots of hair to thing ponytail. I still have a thing ponytail, but top is finally filling in now that I dont shed mote hairs than I regrow.
Other changes beiden quitting Minoxidil: drinking spearmint tea, inositol and taking l-lysine with my iron (been taking iron alone for 6 months).
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2023.03.26 14:10 hungry-tbh 27 [M4F] Looking for a friend to go on dates with

Hi there! I'm looking for a genuine connection to share quality time with. Let's chat and see where it leads us 😊
A little about me: I'm 27, born and raised in Sydney, 6'1" tall and slim, a non-smoker, and drug/disease free. I'm an INFP-T that loves a good night in as well as a social night out with good company. I'm an easygoing person that's confident and fun, yet respectful, attentive, and affectionate.
I'm career-oriented and now in a good position where I want to prioritise a better work-life balance (that's where you come in!). I love music, art, being out exploring food spots and doing social activities, travelling, and spoiling my pets 😄
Please send a message/chat if you're looking for something similar. I'm happy to verify and exchange pics once chatting.
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2023.03.26 14:10 Lost-Carrot5155 Shoutout to Celebrity

Just wanted to give props to the celebrity team for helping me out. I canceled a cruise back in January and I was owed $700 from my deposit as a future cruise credit. They said it would take 30 days to become available, well it didn’t. I called several times with no luck, in March I booked another cruise for April and due to the payment schedule had to pay it in full. End of March I finally get the cruise credit, and guess what? Because the cruise is paid in full I can’t use the credit anymore. I sent several emails trying to escalate to a manager and have the credit converted into on board credit but no one answered the email. Finally I tried one last thing and DMed celebrity on twitter, they answered within hours. And by the following day they approved a one time exception to convert my credit to on board credit.
It was a bit of a process but happy with the end result and looking forward to sailing with Celebrity (Edge) for the first time
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2023.03.26 14:10 ddiaconu21 Cool Loid figure I got for my birthday!

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2023.03.26 14:10 thepessimisticwidget Next Level Surprise …

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2023.03.26 14:10 bluplaydoh OP asks for help getting pizza for her husband’s birthday. Next picture shows someone offering to buy Little Caesars, but OP wants Pizza Hut instead 🤦🏾‍♀️

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2023.03.26 14:10 IHeartArtforLife Happy Birthday, Kaede! (Art by me💖)

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2023.03.26 14:10 vanny_hqqq I (13F) am terrified of my dad (46M)

I'm so scared of my dad. He's a very heavy drinker but never gets hungover, and he always remembers what happens the night he drinks. He's the type to get very angry when he drinks, and he overreacts at the slightest things. The other day I got in trouble for head-butting the microwave since my hands were full. It's silly, but I do it because I usually get a laugh out of my mum, and I'd do anything to make her happy. Hearing her laugh is such a good feeling since I know she's enjoying herself. My mum is the absolute sweetest to me and I love her so much. Anyway, when I head butted the microwave, Mt dad looked at me, and yelled. "Did you just headbut the fucking microwave?" He said, pausing the show he was watching. He put his beer down and sat up. I looked over at him and just said yes, laughing as my mum did. He yelled at me, and I hate yelling. I'm a very emotional person and I hate being yelled at. I nearly cried. He then finished, so I went back to playing a game with my boyfriend. He and I were on a call on snapchat, so I think he heard the whole argument. My dad then called me back out to him, and we argued as he kept spitting nonsense. He's the worst to argue with. If you did something he didn't like, he would always threaten you and never listen to you. He told me to grab my phone, and I didn't get to hang my phone up. He told me "do you want me to headbutt your phone? I'll hardly hit it". My dad is very strong, and when he says that, he always pretends to destroy my stuff to get a reaction out of me. He then stole my phone and said I can't go into my room, so I hid in my mums room. I cried. I can't stand being yelled at. I tried staying quiet, and my mum came to comfort me. I know I'm probably just being dramatic, but I hate yelling. Even if it's my friends who only yell at me when they're being playful, I still get scared. I hate it. I'm so scared of loud voices.
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2023.03.26 14:08 Punchy_Knight A very long post talking about King Knight

Tumblr link (It has extra colors!~) :P
There are no amount of words that can describe how much I love/hate King Knight
Both in KoC & SoH.
Because like, I love this bastard, but I also absolutely hate him.
This is going to be a long post, so kick back, relax, and get cozy. Because I'm going to talk about King Knight a lot here.
He's a narcissistic, egotistical, egocentric, selfish, greedy, douchebag. To the point that even the people he works with also hate him. He is such a bastard that even The Order of No Quarter hates him.
Specter? Hates his guts, to the core. Plaguey? Would rather laugh at his face than ever take him seriously. Mole? Probably thinks he's a lazybones slacker. Treasure? Thinks he's an idiot for wearing his gold. Everyone else? Probably thinks he's an idiot.
But he's just... such a well-written character, at least I think so.
He's not on Specter's level of angst, no one can even come close to Specter's tragedy. But King Knight's story isn't about him having the saddest backstory ever, it's more focused on "The Downfall we all saw coming."
Because right, throughout King of Cards, we're playing as King Knight. We're seeing how much this guy is such a charismatic & charming character, his rise to making an actual empire, actual friends who care about him... right? Right?
Pridemoor, Trouple Acolyte, and Birder with a voice, kept saying "We'll work together to take you down Enchantress!" but they... don't really help King Knight. In any way. At least during the fight against The Enchantress.
Sure Pridemoor gave him armor & Trouple King gave him Ichors, but besides that, they're just chilling back in the airship. King Knight has to do all the dirty work himself. It's... really hard to call them friends if they're more like co-workers to you.
But not impossible...
Because before the betrayal. King Knight pauses to really think about it. When everyone was begging for help, and while The Enchantress was bribing him to join her cause. King Knight hesitates and seriously thinks about it. Sure, they may seem just like co-workers, but maybe he starts to grow conscious. He starts thinking about if they're really just some "Lowly peasants who must bow down to the king" or... actual friends. I mean, without them & the heirlooms they gave him, he wouldn't make it this far right? Maybe King Knight-


Oooohhh.... yeah....
Soooo... I don't really know what else to say besiiiides, that being kind of a low blow? Or like, not really a smart mooooove.... Like, I get that Pridemoor tried to convince King Knight to save them, and he was actually considering it... But it doesn't really feel like the right move to bring up his mom in the life or death situatiooooon....
Hearing that, from King Pridemoor of all people, must've struck a nerve in him. So he chooses to let them fall.
Maybe he would've saved them if Pridemoor kept his mouth shut. Maybe he would've let them fall regardless. The Enchantress' benefits are really appealing to King Knight. After all, all he ever wanted was a kingdom to rule, right?
Well... Yeah.
But I feel like he wants something else as well, but he just doesn't realize it.
During Shovel Knight: Showdown, a... sorta(?) canon... spin-off? (Side game?) Side game. Each of the main cast is playable, even some common enemies, and they all have their own endings.
In King K.'s ending specifically, he wakes up to find out that nobody in TOoNQ came to his banquet after inviting them over.
Now, and maybe this is just me over-analyzing this side story's content, but it makes me think that King Knight wanted some "Cooler friends" to hang out with. I mean... After all, Showdown takes place after KoC/(everything except the ending of)SOT & definitely before SoH/PoS. So by this point The Order must've assembled. Which makes me believe that King Knight was finally a part of the "Cool Kids Club."
So... King Knight betrayed his old friends and got some new "friends" big deal, what does that have to do with anything?
Wellllll.... I don't really know. This is starting to get very headcanon-based, but goddamnit I can't get this golden jerk out of my head.
He is such... a deeper character than most people think he is. He's a case of "Missed potential". Imagine if King Knight wasn't such an egotistical dumbass, listened to King Pridemoor (and everyone else), and kept all their heirlooms. Bro would've been the strongest knight in the whole gaddamn land!
...Okay maybe that's a bit of an overexaggeration, but still! You get my point.
King Knight had so much potential, but he just... threw it all away for a false title. HIS KINGLY TITLE WAS BUILT ON LIES AND BETRAYAL!
Him getting his ass kicked in Shovel of Hope (and Plague of Shadows too ig) is just karma. Though, I don't think Shovel Knight came immediately after the "The End", perhaps some time has passed since then.
In both endings of SoH & PoS, King Knight's seen scrubbing the floor. Sure, a pretty satisfying ending. Seeing this regal asshole getting what he deserves, but I think he got off on the easy end. I mean think about it for a bit.
King Knight literally betrayed King Pridemoor at the end of KoC. Shouldn't he be... y'know, banished?
Like, if some dude I was sorta friends willingly chose to let me fall to my death, and when I live & get back home I see him on my couch thinking he own the place, and I ask someone with a Shovel to kick his ass, I wouldn't want to see him near me or my family ever again. Not make him my personal maid.
But King Pridemoor's a better man than me.
Maybe he still sees some good and/or potential in King Knight. Like, even after aaaaalll that's happened in King of Cards, he still wants to "forgive" King Knight. But, y'know, forgiveness can't be given all willy-nilly. Maybe that's why Pridemoor chose to make him scrub the floor instead of banishing him to never return.
I really think King Pridemoor still sees the King Knight during the majority of KoC.
This experience better humble this dickwad. I want to see him grow as a person.
Or who knows, maybe he really is a one-dimensional greedy jackass who only fits being a villain, and the beauty of him is his simplicity as an antagonist.
Oh yeah and before any of you guys think I forgot, no I didn't forget King Knight's mom. But I feel like I've said a lot so I'll try to keep this brief.
King Knight is a mama's boy, he loves him mom more than anything. Even more than being a king or ruling a kingdom. In his Showdown win dialog he keeps mentioning his mom, asking if she's impressed that her son won a match. But alas, his mom isn't around to hear or see King Knight.
Also she doesn't call him her Pumpkin Pauldroun Prince anymore in the ending, and calls him King Knight instead. So that's depressing if you've been paying attention to the smaller details in King of Cards.
Anyways, in conclusion... Uh.... King Knight is an asshole.
So... What do you guys think of King Knight? Is he actually a deep character or was this really not that deep and this whole post was pointless?
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2023.03.26 14:08 twinkmoon question regarding serms

I am currently 3.5 months on hrt and I was wondering if anyone here had experience with using serms like raloxifene for a few years and then later on in their transition, no longer taking it and instead committing to growing breasts ?
The reason i am asking is that i have a ridiculously large frame and very broad shoulders despite what everyone tells me. i have lost quite a lot of weight these past few months, however i simply wont be able to continue my job as a musican in order to pay for future (very very necessary) surgeries if my breast growth becomes more noticable.
Ideally I'd like to have breasts, they certainly wouldnt make me dysphoric, but due to my frame, shoulders, face and pretty much everything i am 100% sure that i don't want any more breast growth with me looking the way i do. I've had gynecomastia since early puberty, and while that caused me significant grief, it never made me feel dysphoric i was more focused on other aspects of my body that were changing in ways that troubled me. Bc of ny gynecomastia my breast growth with estrogen has been very rapid and i feel like i am running out of time to start serms before its too late.
I understand that making rash medical decisions out of fear is not advisable. The way i see it, if i don't do something about this now, then I am only getting in the way of ever getting the surgeries i desperately need and potentially being happy.
Honestly im very ok with short term use of serms inhibiting any future breast development. I never ever want large ones. I was just wondering if i did use raloxifene would it affect me detrimentally if i no longer used it when im body isnt in such a sorry state. thank you 😌
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2023.03.26 14:08 taking_bullet How do you guys describe post release state?

For me it's simply like having your soul sucked out of you. You are now a zombie-like shell of your former self. Music that used to move you will now do nothing. Friends who you used to have tons of fun with are now a burden. One of the worst moments of my life was looking at a beautiful beach sunset and just not being able to enjoy it. I just couldn’t take it in. Your brain is just broken. Happiness just doesn’t…happen. This might be hard to imagine, but all of the “color” is sucked out of life (obviously not literally)
What else can I say…You just feel dead. That’s not even mentioning the fatigue. The loss of energy. You will be exhausted all the time. It’s a loss of physical energy, mental energy, emotional energy, creative energy, social energy, sexual energy, everything. Just depleted. Devoid of any kind of energy. Your brain won’t work well and you’re just kind of slow.
Something people often don’t mention is the loss of mental function. It’s like a loss of processing power. If you’ve ever used an outdated computer with very little RAM/CPU, it’s like that, but in your brain. Very easily overloaded by mental input. Sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it freezes, and some processes it just can’t handle, and you just can’t run them. The difficulty will affect things ranging from basic math to higher, more complex decision making.
You know that feeling when you try to lift a weight, but it’s too heavy? Imagine that feeling, but in your mind. The thing to remember is, though, that in this situation, it’s not necessarily that the weight is particularly heavy, but that you are unable to lift it. It’s like mental muscle atrophy.
I don’t like having to use such abstract descriptors such as these, and I’m not subscribing to the corresponding belief systems by doing so, it’s just that sometimes they’re the best way to do it. I would describe it as a loss of “life force” or “vital energy”. What the Chinese mean when they talk about “qi”.
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2023.03.26 14:07 Bluaski345 Love you all

I just wanted to say there’s a lot of beautiful people in this subreddit both MTF and FTM I makes me happy that u all enjoy and feel happy about ur bodies now, I hope some day I can join u guys in your celebrations I can’t wait to be myself finally (a girl) but unfortunately I have many obstacles to overcome yet (both personal and non personal ones) seeing you lot grow into the people u want to be and always have been is really encouraging love u all 😊🏳️‍⚧️
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2023.03.26 14:07 Rp9009 [M4F] I didn’t think I’d find love at work especially in this industry

Fresh from university I thought working as a support care nurse would be a boring job but it had lots of perks and payed really well. I sighed up with an agency and got a job nearly right away.
That’s when I saw your papered and was first shocked by your age. Only early 20s. Hmm okay well I guess we will have some things in common.
We actually had very little in common. You were part of a rich family. You had an expensive private education and always had everything you wanted. Stubborn and demanding. Unfortunately without much contact with your parents you had also become extremely stubborn. Well things changed a little after a horrible car accident had left you in a wheelchair and pretty dependent on others particularly given you refused to help yourself.
I arrived at your huge family home for my first day and nocked unsure what to expect.
Shoot me a message and let me know what you think. Very few limits and happy to hear your ideas.
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2023.03.26 14:07 bursche5 Dumping someone you love is so excruciating..

For now a half a damn year i'm trying to dump my ex officially. The break up was mutual half a year ago but she reached out after a week crying amd begging and since then it has been on and off with many stupid hook ups and tears.
I still care A LOT about her and worry constantly but i do NOT love her... still i can't bear the guilt of letting her go when she wants me so much. How can i be happy when i know someone is crying about me...
She is 4 years older than me, she wants to build a family while i don't even know what kinda work i'll be doing in the future, i am not ready for such resbonsibility...
What should i do???
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2023.03.26 14:07 7asas Phone charger guy

This story happened about 2 hours ago, but I will give you a bit of a backstory.
I work at video game shop, we also have a computer class. There is a guy who have visited our shop just to charge his phone for about 6 times already, he is about 30 years old, seems like a kind of person who likes a drink. Well, the problem is he never buys anything from us, and never uses our services, and there is no service of phone charging, so we just kind of did it for free, because some times people need help you know.. But this time, again, he comes in already with his phone wire in hand and before he even opens his mouth I am pissed off at him. So I said:
Me: sir, you can't keep comming here just to charge your phone, we do not have such service, so I won't charge your phone anymore
He: but look, how selfish people are, I didn't even ask for it and you already say this to me! Maybe I didn't even need that.
Me: sir, you are already holding your charger.. But ok, I am sorry, what did you need?
He: you work at the shop, you shouldn't be this rude... How much does it cost to use a pc?
Me(with hopes he didn't want to charge his damn phone) : oh! It costs 1 euro for an hour, and 50cents for half an hour.. (happy voice)
He: when do you close?
Me: we close after 2 hours.
He: ok... Good bye.
And he just left! After that I face palm myself, he wanted to charge his phone for sure. I just hope he won't be back, because he is kind of rude to my co worker, who refuses to charge his phone, after that she just charges it. I will definetly tell her to stop charging it, so he won't be comming any more. One time he asked me to charge his phone, I was in a good mood so I said alright... He gives me a phone, I put it on charge, it says 100%, he gives me another one, I put it on charge and it says 100%. He gives me third one, I put it on charge and guess what? It says 100%.. Then I have a " what the fuck" look in my face and he says, ok thanks and leaves. Can someone tell me what the damn deal with this is?
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2023.03.26 14:07 Nix143 [WIP] Stink Eye pigeon has had it with your BS!

[WIP] Stink Eye pigeon has had it with your BS!
Had to share my progress so far with this WIP 😍 Pigeon Day, art by Daniel Joseph Durkin, charted by Contemporary Cross
The plan is to complete all the 310 outlining then dye the piece pale blue so i don't have to stitch the sky. This is on 32ct , the outline and the fill of the pigeons will be 21 tent and then I'll colour the buildings 11 tent which coupled with the unstitched sky should give this some interesting depth. It'll also save me a huge chunk of stitching 👍. That's the plan anyway.
Ahhhh stitching this makes me so happy
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2023.03.26 14:07 darkson233 Typical gifts for the first serious meeting of Chinese in laws

Just wanted some ideas on what gifts I should prep for. Been together for 6 years, have met her parents once before (pandemic and lockdowns had made it a bit difficult ever since), we live in Europe and are planning to get married some time next year. She is from a Tier 1/2 city in Zhejiang, her family could be seen as medium wealthy for Chinese standards, owning luxury cars, clothing, bags etc (I am not that wealthy, though not poor either). Not 100% sure how much I should be spending. She is telling me health products, expensive wine and cigarettes are the common thing but they do not smoke or drink. They'd be happy with luxury products, something like an LV bag but that sounds a bit much. I do want to make them happy because they have been putting constant pressure on my fiance and have been somewhat of a pain in our relationship. Anyways, would appreciate any suggestions.
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