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"For all things related to Cillian Murphy." Cillian Murphy is an Irish actor and musician, born May 25th, 1976. He began his career performing as a rock musician. After turning down a record deal, he began his acting career in theatre, and in short and independent films in the late 1990s. -Wikipedia *Cillian Murphy does not have any official social media accounts.

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2023.03.22 07:48 Speedboy7777 [2002] Does Doug Know? Panel show based on the American show Street Smarts. This version only lasted one series. Episode 1, featuring Daisy Donovan, Martin Freeman, Rhys Thomas, Tony Law and Gavin Webster.

[2002] Does Doug Know? Panel show based on the American show Street Smarts. This version only lasted one series. Episode 1, featuring Daisy Donovan, Martin Freeman, Rhys Thomas, Tony Law and Gavin Webster. submitted by Speedboy7777 to oldbritishtelly [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 07:39 Chemical_Term4699 Shipping Poll 8

Yeah, no surprise Finny X Angela got a resounding NAY. I'm planning on taking a break from shipping polls (they are starting to get boring) and do a couple of theory polls.
For now, one of the more popular ships I think, Ciel x Alois. Poor Lizzy, Ciel straight up committed adultery in episode 4 (I think), when he thought Alois was a girl.
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2023.03.22 07:30 TheSajuukKhar Ten Forward Weekly 3/21/2023

  1. The environment team looking at the map and deciding if it looks good enough, or if its janky/needs some fixes. Spend several weeks doing that.
  2. Content would have to track down all associated bugs like critters warping in, fading out, then warping back in again. That's a big question mark since Cryptic doesn't know what causes it, and thus, how long it will take to fix.
  3. In regards to refreshing the content itself would require things like. Bringing in a voiced characteactor to be a liaison for the DSEs. Have the writer write up different text for each type of DSE. Couple days for writing, a couple days for recording, a couple days for the audio team to set audio levels and hook it all up. Character reaction has to sculpt their likeness, even if its a mini contact box and not a full dialogue screen. That's weeks of work. If its an STO original character thats still days of work. Content would then have to do things like make higher level DSEs. This would involve copying the DSEs and changing the encounter levels on them, set it all up, and make a new version of the map for all of this stuff. That's a couple days of work due to the number of DSEs. Adding new gameplay features like closing portals, rescuing ships etc, would take a few days to a week. Then it needs to be copied to all the other DSEs and edited for each kind of enemy to make sure it works. Then it goes to QA who has to test all of them, all variations, how it works with teams of people, if things like fighting one type of enemy breaks the new gameplay feature. This is a few weeks for QA to go through everything/send back to programmers to fix issues. Would also include adding DSEs to quadrants without them, critter groups not currently covered by DSEs, new accolades, trying them into the endeavor system, etc. Jesse says he would schedule around 1.5-2 months worth of time to bring DSEs up to 2023 levels of gameplay.
Bug reports/resolutions
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2023.03.22 07:27 steadygosling210 Custom Animal Villagers: how did LDShadowLady do it? (Empires SMP S2)

the great mystery of modern minecraft currently is How in the world has ldshadowlady created 3 different Animal Races of Villagers in her latest SMP Empires S2.
Now it took me some time but heres what ive gathered:
  1. There are 0 mods involved, and its most likely down to a texture pack / data pack
  2. Its more than likely a different Texture for each VILLAGER TYPE based on JOBS, not based on villager biomes, as Lizzie stated multiple times her villagers in each section are all the same job type.
  3. it may be an Addon to a pre-existing resource pack, as when she first introduced the Fox Villagers , she linked this mod which looks very similar to the rest of the animals aswell :
Im thinking she may have taken the We Dont Bite resource pack and created custom animal villagers for each job type as that mod only adds the Fox villagers. Do you guys have any ideas as to how?
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2023.03.22 07:23 Elab7 Potential horrible transfer?

According to ESPN Brasil, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea and PSG are monitoring Fulham attacking midfielder Andreas Pereira, who is enjoying a solid season back in the Premier League.
After ten years on the books at Manchester United, Pereira finally left the Red Devils permanently last summer, signing for Fulham on their comeback to the top flight.
And the Brazilian midfielder has fared well in his debut season for Marco Silva’s side, racking up three goals and six assists from 32 matches across all competitions. It has helped Fulham stay in the top half of the Premier League table and remain in the conversation for European football.
And Pereira’s performances have not gone unnoticed with heavyweights such as Atletico Madrid, PSG and Chelsea all taking note of his performances at Craven Cottage.
Atletico Madrid will need to reinforce their midfield next summer as Thomas Lemar and Saul Niguez could be shown the exit doors while Geoffrey Kondogbia’s future is also uncertain after the recent decline in his involvement.
It has given way to links to Celta Vigo starlet Gabri Veiga, who is also a target for Real Madrid. Now, it is being claimed that Andreas Pereira is also on the radars of Diego Simeone’s side.
However, they will have to compete with Chelsea, who could be viewing the former Manchester United star as a replacement for Mason Mount, who appears to be on his way out of Stamford Bridge.
At the same time, PSG are said to be interested in signing the 27-year-old midfielder as well.
Pereira’s contract with Fulham runs until 2026 with an option for an additional twelve months. So, signing him will likely require a signficant sum. Whether Atletico Madrid are in a position to stump up the cash given their financial problems remains to be seen.
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2023.03.22 07:07 Recent_Impress_3618 Time to get Serious

I can’t see how raising more cash in isolation is the answer. They’re spending like a drunken sailor while the fundamentals don’t stack. They need to get back to basics and cut costs to increase margins in light of revised sales forecasts. Even Musk reduced retail locations when things got tough. It’s time for nice guy Thomas to also close retail locations, cut staff, reduce advertising, focus on selling what they have in the PS2 & 3 and park new models up for a few years. All the noise re Limited Editions, Treehouses, Speedboats, Drones, Mountainbikes and Fashion is yielding zero.
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2023.03.22 06:33 Evening_Struggle7868 “Willful Kill-Family” is not a justified use of a title

What is up with the “Offense: 0902” title here? How is this even allowed to be put on a lab report without some sort of arrest or confession? Doesn’t this prove confirmation bias by the BPD from the very beginning?
CBI Serology Lab Report 12/30/1996 Investigator: Thomas Trujillo. OFFENSE: 0902-HOMICIDE - WILLFUL KILL - FAMILY
This reports shows that a Colorado Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit was used on JonBenet, and the BPD knew there was possible saliva in a suspicious spot in a matter of days.
Given this, wouldn’t it make sense that the lab examiners would suspect an oral assault had occurred on JonBenet? They must have also known there were damages inside her vagina that caused her to bleed. So, why did these CBI investigators not forward the vaginal swab for DNA testing?
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2023.03.22 06:23 Greensssss Principal Vandyck loves jokes too.
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2023.03.22 06:22 Jazzlike-Ad-1922 Naming

The council meeting has started and everyone is present. The Human engineer was also invited, odd, but it is only fair since HE was the one who found the burning comet circling around a very large moon. First time invited amongst the council, should he feel honoured? Lucky? Proud? FUCK THAT! He got to name the comet since he found it first.
"Soooooooooo? I was thinking-"
"Listen human, about that..."
"You won't get to decide the name of the comet"
"WHAT?!" Thomas shouted. Looking straight in the eyes of the feathered alien that is trying his best to look away from the human's gaze.
"Well, you see. We have made a vote already that you won't be naming the comet."
"BULLSH-" His screams was interrupted by the human ambassador Hania. Who puts her hand on his shoulder, sadly shaking her head.
"We can't anymore"
"What...why not? I FOUND IT FIRST!"
"No No NO You can't do this to me!"
"apparently, they can"
"Can you at least tell me why?"
"Well cause humans are shit at naming things" A feline like alien spoke.
"RITHOW!" The alien that looked like a jellyfish shouted at the feline that spoke her mind with such rudness.
"What the hell? Prove it!"
"No, I think it's best that we-"
"...spell Colonel" The feathered alien suddenly spoke. asking..him to spell a word?
"Spell Colonel?"
"k-e-r-n-e-l, what is this about-"
"the hell"
"actually, it's spell like this" Ambassador Hania proceeds to show the engineer the correct spelling in the dictionary that she brought with her for some reason.
"that..that doesn't-"
"doesn't make any since" The feline smirked, much to the displeasure of the jellyfish ambassador
"That's ONE thing. That still do-"
"What's your earth natural satellite called?"
"the satellite? You mean the moon?"
"So humans named their moon, the moon, but the other moons on Saturn has their own little names. But yours is THE MOON."
"How about the ship that carried you here?"
"say it."
"Spell the acronym."
"...UNSC Wait Where AM I"
"We have like....a 4 books about the names humans gave to things."
"YEA YEA I GET IT!" He shouted again, decided to get up from his seat and was about to leave the council chambers.
"Wait, where are you going?"
"I'm not staying here if you all aren't going to use the name i picked for it, so what's the point? I have more important stuff to do than to name some fucking rock floating in space..."
everyone watched as the human slowly walks away. Looking like he was just told his family was dead and- wait. IS HE CRYING!
"Are you crying?"
"....You're crying..."
"...(sighs in alien)....wait...ok look....what's the name you were thinking of?"
"You can't be serious?!" The feline interjected.
"Listen to it first, than you can search if it has some stupid reference or meaning of something "human". After that we vote. Ok? Ok!" The jellyfish replied back the her fellow ambassador.
"Soooooo, what's the name?" Hania asked Thomas while they left the council chamber together.
"I'm very lucky that kitty over there" He points at the feline glaring at him, knowing he faked his tears and got to name the newly discovered comet. "Can't find shit when it comes to great names!" He said proudly.
"....what's the name?"
"OOOOOOOHHHH You'll like it. I'll give you a hint, it's your favourite franchise!"
"Oh? A reference I see? Let me think..."
"YES WAY! Don't you think that comet looks a lot like that one from-"
"YOU NAMED IT THE ''Sozin's Comet''!!!"
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2023.03.22 06:16 aegeusss Personal Opinion on Notion's Recent Direction

As a three something years old Notion user I feel the need to share my thoughts on Notion's recent decisions and targets. The reason I am writing these down is to understand if there is someone else who shares my thoughts. The main idea of this topic, in short, is: I don't like Notion to turn into a B2B app rather than a B2C app as it was in the first place as a common user.
Let me explain; as a non-technical guy who uses these kind of apps for both personal and small business needs, I remember in the old days how Youtube content creators would promote Notion as a complex note taking app. They would compare it with other note taking apps like Google Keep, Roam, Obsidian, Apple Notes etc. It was always about unique users; how one person could use it as a note taking and productivity tool and as a simple database app etc.
But then something changed along the way and Notion management started pushing new features which are commonly used by big teams and corporations; like (Teamspace developments, Slack, Zapier integrations; Cron purchase etc. Even pricing schemes are based on user count) And while doing these, they have willingly ignored basic requests like Google Calendar integration, offline support or 2FA for everyday users like me.
Look, I did not come to Notion for this in the first place. Don't get me wrong; of course, it is Notion's decision where will this ship head to; if they want to make money on selling a product to companies, fine; I get it; there is more money there. But I got on this ship thinking it was going somewhere else. At some point if the captain of the ship would change the course without telling me and decided ignoring my requests for a better personal use, then I will have to abandon this ship in the near future, sorry.
(And this is not a danger only for me; I can see that well known Notion promoters like Marie Poulin, Thomas Frank, Red Gregory will have to leave this app in the near future because this app is converting something into a big, complex programming language where it will only be used in the future by professional coders like Phyton, Pearl, Ruby etc. It's not a toy of the man on the street any more. To iterate again, I am a non technical guy and started using this app due to it's simplicity yet complexity in a level I can understand and implement; that level gone up to far now; I can't even follow new features regularly let alone I learn and implement them for my personal needs.)
To end my thoughts, in my eyes, Notion is the new big devil company for me; as a simple and long term user guy, I am not their main goal anymore; they are not trying to satisfy my personal needs since I am not a big company to pay them well on an enterprise plan; so I understand my number one personal requests like Google Calendar integration, offline support or 2FA may never come to this platform. And I am not even talking about the general slowness of the app which is getting worse after the implementation of AI and charging AI separately other than user's paid plan :))))
I am relived now to have said this all; I will look for alternatives; these are my personal thoughts anyway.
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2023.03.22 06:14 LumpySpaceGunter If Stroud/Young are available at #3, would you be ok trading up for one of them?

I just saw Thomas Davis suggest on NFL total access that the Panthers moved up to 1 to draft a "very surprising pick." Obviousky he doesn't speak for the team but for arguments sake, anyone other than Stroud or Young at 1 would be a surprise. Assuming the Texans then take Young or Stroud at 2, one of them will be there at 3. I highly doubt the Cardinals are interested in a QB at 3 so I think he'd for sure be open to trading back.
Personally I wouldn't want to trade up for Bryce. He could be very good but his size is a huge concern. He's smaller that Wilson or Murray and way more slim too. I just don't see him being able to absorb those nfl hits for long.
Stroud I would be happy to trade up for. Obviously it depends on the price but I'd be ok with giving up a pretty big haul for him. I think he's the best qb prospect in this draft. He can make all the throws, he has good pocket presence, and he has good size. His biggest knock is that he's not as mobile as the other guys. I'm fine with that.
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2023.03.22 06:01 AutoModerator Casual Discussion Weekly Thread

Howdy Weirdos,
It's Wednesday once more, and if you don't know what the means, I'll let you in on a little secret: another thread of Casual Discussion!
This is our weekly thread dedicated to discussing whatever we want to outside the realm of Thomas Pynchon and tangentially-related subjects.
Every week, you're free to utilize this thread the way you might an "unpopular opinions" or "ask reddit"-type forum. Talk about whatever you like.
Feel free to share anything you want (within the ThomasPynchon rules and Reddit TOS) with us, every Wednesday.
Happy Reading and Chatting,
- ThomasPynchon Moderator Team
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2023.03.22 05:54 jwguitar2 Finally picked up the Duke Thomas Batman. Had no idea I’d like him this much and decided to spruce him up with some metallics.

Finally picked up the Duke Thomas Batman. Had no idea I’d like him this much and decided to spruce him up with some metallics. submitted by jwguitar2 to DCMultiverse [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 05:49 LaDev Car Break-in, surprisingly amazing outcome

This past Saturday I had been working on my soon to be new home, and after a long day of labor I got home and immediately collapsed and went to bed. I live right outside of Wilmington Delaware, in a condo complex with a C- in crime score. Not particularly bad, not too good either. A convenient location right off the highway to get to the majority of east coast cities.
Sunday morning I woke up, took a shower, and then gunned for the door to go back to work on the house. I gave my wife and daughter a kiss goodbye, grabbed my phone, keys and wallet, and leave. As I’m approaching my car in the parking area I notice my door is slightly open… not a great sign. I opened the door and noticed my glove box and center console have been completely ransacked. Paperwork I had just gotten two days prior now laid dormant on the floor of the driver and passenger seat. I had also forgotten my day bag in the back seat.
It happened, my car had been robbed. Typically I’m great about locking my car door, Saturday night though, I suppose I missed a critical step in ensuring the safety of the contents of my car.
This is an important time in my life right now, I’m in the middle of a house purchase, work is going crazy, and my second kid will be here in two months. I brushed it off, told my wife what happened, and drove to the house I’m working on. During my drive I gave the Non-Emergency line a call. The gentlemen who answered was very kind.
He collected important information and asked for my location. I let him know that I was on the road and that it would be a few hours before I returned home. He asked that I gave the non-emergency line a call back when I’m home so they could send an officer out. Ugh. Now, in my life I haven’t had the best experience with police. Nothing directly involving me, but lots of second hand interaction and stories from family, so I was naturally inclined to assume the local police wouldn’t be useful. Admittedly, I wrote the entire situation as a loss, I felt hopeless.
Over the next few hours I took mental inventory of what was missing. Originally I had only thought that change and a Bluetooth speaker were missing, some of which was in my center console and others in the bag that was in my back seat. I began to fully remember what I had lost: An Android cellphone, an Apple iPhone, Bluetooth Speaker, home purchase paperwork, $10 in cash, and a few other things.
At this point I was mostly nervous about the iPhone, as it was a backup iPhone 12 I got some time ago which had all my Apple Wallet cards on it. Once I realized I logged into Find my IPhone and activated lost mode on the iPhone. I figured the best case scenario would be to ensure my data was protected. The evening settles in, I’ve accepted defeat, and head to bed.
This morning I clock on for work, and as I’m sitting in a work meeting I get a pestering notification on my phone. Lost iPhone has been turned on. I immediately open Find My iPhone to see the device had checked in, but then immediately was turned off. I was frustrated… not only did this person steal my property, they rubbed it in by trying to further use the device they stole.
Only for a moment however I was frustrated. I further read the information on my phone screen and a smile went from ear to ear. That minute or two the phone was turned on was long enough for the iPhone to pick up an address.
I was motivated at this point. I didn’t know what would happen, but I figured hey, what the hell, let’s give the non-emergency line a ring again. I called in, gave them a recap. They collected my information and let me know I should hear back soon. At this point I half expected the officer to tell me too much time had passed for anything to be done… but boy was I totally wrong.
Officer Thomas gave me a call and let me know that he was outside of my condo. He asked for a recap of the situation, what was taken, and if I had any additional information. I shared the Find my IPhone information. Officer Thomas had another officer come along to swab for DNA and collect finger prints off of my car - I was stunlocked! He then let me know that he was filing a warrant for the address listed on my Find my iPhone. I’m not sure what I thought would happen, but given what I was always taught, and believed, I thought I would have eaten dust.
After about an hour or two Officer Thomas and the officer taking DNA and finger prints finished up with me. I made more assumptions… I’m sure nothing will come of it, this is probably the last I’ll hear of it. Officer Thomas then proceed to send me several texts over the next few hours, he wants pictures of the Bluetooth Speaker, Pictures of my Bag, Cell Phone Serial Number, and various credible bits of information.
I scour my iPhone photos going years back finding the best pictures I possibly could for the items stolen. I sent some blurry and dark photos that I had taken, and then also some screenshots from Walmart and Amazon listings for the original items.
Again, I made assumption. I assumed he was just doing his typical paper work for his reports. Mind you, hours earlier I had also filed with my insurance regarding the situation, so at the minimum I was happy to have a police report for my claim.
A few hours pass and I get a missed call from Officer Thomas… I was playing video games and had my headphones up pretty loud. He took the time to text me however and let me know that they had recovered a phone, but it was smashed, and asked if I could send over the devices IMEI.
I sent the information, this time assuming that if they did actually goto the persons house there would be no way they were silly enough to leave a stolen phone right there.
A few hours later go by again, I received a call, and a third officer lets me know that he’s outside and that he’d like me to come out. I step outside and he lets me know that he believe he has my property. Officer Thomas was working overtime to get everything settled today so this officer was stepping in to help get everything tied up so he could go home. I was shocked. Jaw on the ground floored.
The iPhone was taken for evidence. I’m guessing the thief immediately smashed the iPhone once they realized it was out in lost mode. I got everything else back besides the few dollars of cash I had in the glove box.
The entire time I made assumptions against the police. Assumed they wouldn’t help, or weren’t able to. I was wrong every step of the way. Not only did New Castle Police impress me, but Officer Thomas was a godsend.
I cannot say how immensely shocked I am even now. I’m not sure what happened with the person who stole my items and broke into my car. I’d assume it’s more then a ticket, but I’ll have to find out next time I speak with Officer Thomas.
I just wanted to share my story. It may be benign to some, but it was a truly eye opening experience for me. These guys showed me they care about their jobs and their community.
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2023.03.22 05:47 Prestigious-Buyer-41 Giant Rubber Duck (2014)

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2023.03.22 05:42 Tregster04 My Late Silver Age & Early Bronze Daredevil Books

My Late Silver Age & Early Bronze Daredevil Books

47 was my first Stan Lee written book in my collection and it is not a bad read. I've come to realize Silver and Bronze age Daredevil stories were mediocre at best and pretty terrible at worst lol But the art is usually good and I love that I have these old books in such nice condition. Most are in the VF range in my opinion. 58 was signed by Roy Thomas last weekend.

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2023.03.22 05:39 Square_Topic_2112 Don Gibson Singer Songwriter Symposium: Singer Songwriter competition

Don Gibson Singer Songwriter Symposium - April 1, 2023. Deadline for entries, March 27,2023. Go to for more information, or call 704-487-8114.
The Don Gibson Singer Songwriter Symposium…
encourages the development of singer-songwriters and honors the Shelby native who was a member of the Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame, the Grand Ole Opry, and the Country Music Hall of Fame.
The Don Gibson American Music Foundation and the City of Shelby are proud to present the Don Gibson Singer Songwriter Symposium on the 1st Weekend in April.
Three Finalists will be chosen: First Place – $1,000 Second Place – $400 Third Place – $200
If you are a songwriter, you won’t want to miss this chance to enter your song and be the next Don Gibson Singer Songwriter Award winner!
The deadline for entry is seven days before the competition!
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2023.03.22 05:32 therainbowglasses Happy Birthday, Lizzie! (pt.2)

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2023.03.22 05:31 Forward_Total_1690 Thomas Shelby

Thomas Shelby
Finally finished! (And by finished I mean I'm never touching it again lol)
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2023.03.22 05:25 therainbowglasses Happy Birthday, Lizzie!

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2023.03.22 05:14 beet_queen Where did Thomas go?

We've lost my toddlers big black train with magnetic interchangeable pieces. Not the little black train, it's right here and he calls it Gordon. No, not the blue brio train Thomas. No, not the bigger battery operated Thomas. Not the little tiny Thomas either. They're all here and safe but the Other Thomas hasn't been seen since Saturday. We're very sure it hasn't left the house, but we did just dump out the garbage and recycling bins to confirm. He's been crying for it for two days. We've told him Thomas is on a world-wide adventure, but how long can a worldwide adventure last - 3, maybe 4 days?!
Where in the hell is this train?! If you were my toddler (who once hid his dad's bike light in my boot), where would you put Thomas?
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2023.03.22 04:57 thebananaperson1 Apple Pie - Lizzy McAlpine cover!!! I played the guitar myself :))) and I added a little piano bit at the end using the virtual piano on bandlab

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