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2023.03.30 07:32 justslightlyeducated Cereal Milk Rosin

Cereal Milk Rosin
5g Cereal Milk Bubble Hash Pressed into 3.5g of rosin. Pretty happy with 15% bubble/70% rosin return from 6 month old trim that's been in the freezer.
Video of the press will be posted on my YouTube tomorrow more than likely. Always appreciate new subscribers. Link to my channel is on my profile. Should be doing some live streams of washing and pressing as well. Possibly some other events.
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2023.03.30 07:30 AutoModerator [Get] Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Google Performance Max Blueprint

[Get] Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Google Performance Max Blueprint
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/bretty-curry-smart-marketer-google-performance-max-blueprint/
Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Google Performance Max Blueprint

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Action Items for Executing Your Blueprint
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2023.03.30 07:28 RGCs_are_belong_tome Question: Bolt not locking reliably

Hi All. First off, this question is about a .308 build. Aero M5E1 upper, Anderson lower, Magpul PRS3 stock with carbine buffer. Great rifle, and works great, with one slight issue. I'll talk about the problem and go through a few things I've tried.
While the gun cycles great through mags, there are a couple quirks. For one, the bolt will not lock back on an empty mag. I've also noticed I really have to yank that charging handle or the bolt won't feed the first round in a mag. I can solve this by really putting some effort (and thought) into charging the rifle, but I've gotten a number of feeding issues. Note that the round will always get pushed up from the mag and is pushed into position, and extracting isn't an issue, but the bolt will stay at maybe 1/2 inch open (not in contact with the round, which seems to always slide home). Forward assist doesn't seem to help with this.
When I load an empty mag and charge the rifle, it will sometimes lock the bolt open when I really work the charging handle. But often times it won't catch, and slams shut (always all the way when there are no rounds).
I've looked at the bolt catch and it seems to be fine. It works properly when I manually engage it. I've cleaned it. Opened it up. Unfortunately, I think this upper doesn't have a opening on both sides of the roll pin which I overlooked when I was building; I can't try replacing the bolt catch without getting drastic. My next thought is something with the buffer system. But on the one hand, it seems like it could be too strong or too weak. Too strong because the bolt isn't catching; too weak due to the feeding issues
Sorry for the run on post and thanks in advance for any help. It's not a huge deal as the rifle is functional and a good learning experience; but I'd love to get everything running as it should. Also relevant is I built another AR15 in 5.56 the same weekend and it works properly. Cheers.
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2023.03.30 07:28 UrbanLegend13 M’s Fans, I need some sick lock screens

I AM HYPED FOR THIS SEASON! I wanna show off my love for the Mariners with a sick Lock Screen and I was curious what y’all have for yours? I can’t wait to make the World Series this year! Go M’s and SEA US RISE
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2023.03.30 07:28 MyNerdBias Preparing for Shooters

Someone made a post about how their admin did not inform them of a shooter drill and there were a lot of people saying that kids who "ran away" or "jumped out of the window" were "smart." When this is exactly the opposite of smart and will expose everyone in a classroom.
I typed this in another thread, but thought it would be useful as a post. Other teachers might also have received training and can chime in with information I have forgotten or give specific scenarios.
This is what I posted:
A lot depends on the layout of each classroom. Some have two doors, windows, etc - the training I did was 5 hours long, in-person, and went over multiple scenarios with maps and whatnot. I will try to give a general summary of what I've learned:
- Cover all windows with blackout curtains or posters and make it impossible, or at least difficult, to see inside. Even moving shadows are bad and will make your class the first target.
- If possible, have an empty cabinet to hide in. If there's a back room, make sure that's as empty as possible and that you can stealth the door so it does not immediately look like a door.
- Place your heaviest desk (usually the teacher's desk) near the door, such that it can easily and quickly be pushed in front of the door.
- Give all adults in the building access to the speakers/announcement system; when there is a shooter, admins and office workers with that access are usually the first to go.
- Keep door locked from the outside at all times. Make it a habit. Stop using the first-aid kit or other heavy objects as a door stopper. Any door stopper that wedges itself in is terrible, since every second counts and you will struggle to get it out under pressure/fear.
- Talk to the kids about the plan, and explain why, if there is an emergency, they need to work together, instead of trying to run away alone. Plan where each person will be in the room. Preface that this is a hard and possibly triggering conversation.
On the case of a shooter:
- Block the door with everything you and your students can carry. The heavy desk first, then other desks.
- Shooters usually shoot from the door at arms height at a 50 degree angle (google that for better visuals). They avoid going inside and instead try to get into as many classrooms as possible. The best place to crouch down is in the adjacent corners of the room in relation to the door. Preferably, opposite the field of vision when the door is partially open. If the barricade worked, they won't be able to see all the way in. You will have to test this out in your class layout, especially since many doors open to the outside and give an ample field of vision the opposite of what I just said. The worst classrooms are the ones with 2 doors on the same wall on opposite sides, in which case, the best place to crouch is in the middle between the 2 doors.
- Lock kids and yourself in the closets or backroom if possible. Like on an airplane, protect the adult, so if you survive, you might be able to save the injured. Don't bunch yourselves all in one location in the classroom.
- As admin is the first to go, if you are the first adult to notice, try to get the code to all staff as quickly as possible, then call the police. If you get the message, and your class is far from the entrance, call the police while you barricade.
- If your class is near the entrance, barricade and then be as quiet as possible.
- Don't pull the fire alarm! That will trigger people to attempt to leave the building, expose all classrooms with kids, delay barricading, and get significantly more people killed. Ideally, schools need to develop an alarm or code just for school shooters and violent events.
Unfortunately, a lot of what kept us safe from fires in the past, and which a lot of our schools were designed around, makes us substantially more vulnerable to active shooters.
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2023.03.30 07:26 Grand-Safe-4384 Is there a way to have a private session without the distance problem?

Google didn’t really help me with that much other than making my own but is there any way to make a private server for me and my friends without having the 100m distance lock?
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2023.03.30 07:26 toastymctoast10 New World Blues Ch 30: For all we know

?????, ???????, Griffion territory
March 23rd, 2291
The Slepnir trotted down the destroyed snow-covered highway slowly.
"So a guy throws a ball at a guy holding a bat and the guy with the bat's job is to hit the ball out of the stadium?"
"Yes, that's called a home run."
"And that lets everyone standing on the bases run to home for free?"
"Yep, how did you never hear about baseball?
"Locked in a test chamber remember."
"Well yeah but still, I figured the scientists would mention it."
"It sounds fun, you should take me to a game when we get back."
"That's a promise, as long as you root for the Boneyard bashers."
"Nevermind. Listen I say we rest here for the night pick up in the morning."
Frank nudged the horse slightly and soon began to slowly lead it off the highway to a broken-down home.
"Which room do you want?"
"I'll take a top-floor one. Hopefully, there's a bed, unlike the last one."
Wendy hopped off the horse as Frank lifted open a garage door.
"Got any potatoes left?"
"Yeah let me grab it."
Wendy took her backpack off and reached inside. As she did Frank took the horse inside and left it unhitched.
"Last one."
"Well...it's fine give it to Unica...I hate that name still."
"Well, it's what I picked."
Wendy took the potato from the pouch and fed the mutant horse. Frank looked at Wendy and smiled from the inside of his helmet. As the horse gobbled down the last of the potato Wendy turned to face Frank who was taking out the pot and stove to cook.
"So where are we?"
"Should be near Denver"
"Then why does that sign say Wyoming?"
Frank looked up and followed Wendy's hand out to a sign by the start of the street. A small makeshift sign said Wyoming followed by gibberish. Frank took out the map he had stored with him and looked around.
....it's winter we're good.
"Alright, fuck me.....I took us the wrong way."
"What now?"
"Nothing. We just rest and go back to where. I'll stay guard when you go to sleep."
"I can find out where exactly we are...."
"Okay get inside quickly."
5 minutes later
Frank grumbled and groaned as he set up the cooking set and began cooking. Wendy held the 5.56 revolver as she stood guard, Frank seemed extra nervous he had locked the doors and even had his new colt revolver next to him hammer cocked.
"So what exactly is out here?"
"Nothing nice, we shouldn't have to worry but still."
"Okay..don't you think I ought to know-
Frank clattered the spoon on the pot as he called to her. She holstered the revolver and walked over.
"So what's on the menu today?"
"Chef Kingly proudly presents 200-year-old instant mash."
She turned and sat down as he got her plate ready.
"Not my fault you wanted to take the shot on the radstag instead of letting me."
"I know but you couldn't have just made the mac and cheese?"
"I'm kidding it's Salisbury steak. Come on dig in."
Frank handed her a fork and the plate as she sighed.
"I believed you for a second."
"I know you did."
Frank cut a piece of meat off and shoved it into his mouth as he chuckled.
"Mmm (swallow) I remembered a joke..."
Frank cleared his throat as Wendy looked at him confused.
"Why was the mutant worried his friend was sick?"
"I......don't know why?"
"He was a little green."
Wendy groaned as she took a sip of water.
"That was awful."
"Oh please, you loved it."
Wendy smiled as she continued to eat.
"Get better material."
The two ate in silence before Wendy asked again.
"Do you know what FEV is?"
"Forced evolutionary virus, it's the thing that made all super mutants and gave you your abilities according to what I know about psykers...why do you ask?"
"Just curious."
"Yeah, we learned about the stuff in training, found out about it after Navarro...my mom was a trooper then."
"What was at Navarro?"
"Old Enclave research base forced people to evolve using the goop."
Wendy looked at her plate and then at Frank
"Frank, what's out there?" She said sternly
"Out where?"
Wendy pointed to the door behind her.
"You seemed nervous lately and even more now."
"Raptors...they're hybrid cat-bird things, according to our biologists back in California they're the same story as deathclaws. Some pre-war army bastards wanted expendable killing machines so turned to nature, mixed wild cats with old birds of prey, then they got a dose of FEV."
"Wait deathclaws were made with FEV?"
"Yeah...why do you think they're bullet resistant."
"I just thought they were tough-skinned....but you killed deathclaws with ease. Raptors can't be that big of an issue right?"
Frank ate a forkful before setting down the fork and plate.
"There were once a bunch of settlers and tribals up here in Wyoming. (Explains the wooden shacks we passed now.) Then someone had the bright idea of helping more of their kids survive."
"Why would they do that if they're so dangerous?"
"The eggs, raptor eggs usually don't all survive, those that do were the lucky ones. Arms dealers sell the young to the highest bidders. Raptors are vicious but can be tamed from birth if done right and used as living weapons, NCR polices them and makes sure no unauthorized folks get them."
Wendy looked at the window nervously.
"Our saving grace is its winter. It's too cold for most to leave their burrows so they hibernate, usually when the poachers go to find them. Most don't succeed."
"But they're animals...how are they so dangerous?"
"They're smart. Lead victims into ambushes. Their ears hear things better than ours. Even a low whisper can get you torn to shreds."
"What kind of ambushes?"
Frank chuckled as he took the pot off the stove and readied a new pot for coffee
"OK, try to imagine yourself as a person in power armor. You get your first look at this thing as you cross an abandoned street with say two other people. It looks like a small cat with wings and a bird face, feathers all up front then halfway looks like a small panther. It also moves like a cat, lightly moving back and forth its yellow soulless eyes on you. You stare at it, and it just stares right back as you level your weapon. And that's when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the sides..."
Frank stirred the coffee powder into the water as he continued
"..from the other six you didn't even know were there. Because they're pack hunters. They use coordinated attack patterns and they are bloodthirsty. And they slash at you with this."
Frank drew his knife and spun it around
"...3 six-inch claws, like knives on each foot. They don't bother to slice your armor like other animals, they slash at you here, or here..."
Frank pointed to spots across his body with the knife, spots undefended by the armor, before continuing.
"They know exactly where to hit, they learned it. Then once you're immobilized they take their time. Peeling off the armor plating one piece at a time as you hear your friends blood gurgling screams. The point is, you are alive when they start to eat you. Nasty fuckers, always kill them on sight."
"Why are they only in Wyoming then?"
"They aren't, they're Colorado natives but they migrate, they prefer Idaho actually, and other mountain states. Last time I was through Albuquerque a whole flock tore the place up for a few days."
"Really? So that's why you asked me to be quieter near Saratoga?"
"Yep, another job for us rangers back west is pest control anything too big to deal with by locals is assigned to us. I killed 35 alone in California last year, they're just more aggressive the more east you go for some reason."
Wendy finished her food and then set the plate down, as she looked around her nervously
"Shouldn't we leave now instead of waiting then?"
"No, the big and dangerous are out at night. Those are the ones I've been looking out for."
"There's bigger?"
"Small ones are taken down easily. They vary between 2 feet tall and 6 feet tall. The rare ones are ten-foot beasts. We call them griffons. They're usually by the mountains or the ruins of big cities. They can't be bred or nurtured, we don't even know why they're huge. They usually hunt alone, use their strength to brute force any enemy they have, strong enough to take out super mutant behemoths if lucky."
"They swoop down from above claw their skull in half in one swoop then fly away, and return for the corpse later. Saw it myself in a place in Dakota. They're different everywhere. Some in the Dakota rule as kinda chieftains perched up on those mountains with faces. The ones in Missouri kill everything that moves, even each other."
"They're slow at least right?"
"If you ever run into one alone you're gone, only a slepnier at full sprint can outrun it. They can take on everything directly except a deathclaw. If we ever wipe out the scaly bastards they're the next apex predator."
"How many have you killed."
Frank held up a single finger as he turned the pot. Wendy stared at the window, she heard a faint whooshing sound.
"Like I said we're fine. I've cut through here several times. They tend to stick to the same areas. Now get some rest I'll take watch."
1 hour later
Frank turned the pot of brew around as he looked at the map. He probably shared a little too much with Wendy but she needed the truth, it was his fault after all. How did he go the wrong way without knowing? He shouldn't have gotten them to the remnants of Laramie, it was a clear-cut road to Den-
Frank's ears twitched as he looked up from the map he turned the stove off and covered the pot. Something was out there, he slowly approached the window with his helmet light off careful not to attract attention. A large silhouette stood bathed in the moonlight street investigating the hoove prints made by Unica.
Frank watched as the beast slowly followed the prints to the garage door. He grabbed Wendy's rifle and slowly cocked the bolt back as he gently lifted it to fire at the creature in front of him. The beast scratched its claw along the garage door leaving a sharp metal sound in the air.
Just as the rifle was set to fire into the creature's eye Frank heard something else, a small whine coming from the garage. Almost instantaneous the beast tore through the flimsy garage door and rushed the defenseless horse inside with a loud screech only capable of an apex predator.
Oh shit!
Frank held the rifle in his hand as he stared at the door to the garage. The blood-curdling scream of the horse went silent and all that remained was the ragged tearing of flesh and the snapping of bones. Frank kept his eye on the door as he slowly made his way up the staircase, he tried his best to stay quiet, taking a few steps every minute, and after 4 minutes he was finally at the top.
Frank held his hand out shushing the frightened girl. He moved over to the room she was in and slowly entered with her behind him as he closed the door.
Frank stopped in his tracks as the sounds of eating stopped. A low bird cry broke the silence and then tapping, it heard them and was now investigating further. Frank signaled Wendy to grab the revolver in her holster and ready it as the beast sniffed around. Frank pushed the door open slightly more and in seconds the beast tore through the wooden door that led to the garage.
Wendy let out a small gasp muffled by her hand as the beast paraded around the downstairs portion of the house. We dy mouthed towards Frank.
Is that a
He nodded
White feathers covered the head and half of the torso of the beast, think black fur covered the rest. A sharp yellow beak prodded at the pots and pans. The 6 claws of the front legs tapped away at the floor. Frank took a small step out of the room and readied the rifle. He aimed for the eye as the beast examined the stove. The griffon opened the small pot full of hot coffee brew and stuck its beak in, it pulled back rapidly knocking the tin over and letting out a scream of pain. Frank took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger, the bullet soared out of the barrel and hit the creature...in the neck.
The creature ran up the stairs towards the two as fast as possible. Frank cycled another round and fired it into the creature to little effect. Wendy and Frank fired again and again till it was right on him. He dodged to the left as it pounced towards him, its hind legs knocking him to the side and down the stairs as it turned to face Wendy.
Wendy screamed as the beast stood in front of her. She threw the now empty revolver and stuck her hand out as she fired a large burst of electricity at the beast who quickly ducked into a side room. The griffon then stuck its head back out as Wendy panted. She watched it slowly come out of the room and just stare at her almost frightened.
A bolt slammed into the wall as Frank extended his robotic arm toward the griffon. He fired another shot hitting the animal in the neck again, the griffon flew down the stairs and pinned Frank to the ground by the neck as it screeched into his face. Its talons digging in but merely holding him. It turned back around and screeched up towards Wendy who looked down at the creature.
The creature loosened its grip on Frank and screeched back up at her. As she made her way down the stairs. Rifle in hand.
"Let go of him!"
The creature stepped off of Frank who took a deep breath of air.
"Stay right there!"
The griffon sat on its hind legs as Wendy helped Frank up.
"Are you talking to that thing?!"
The griffon snarled as Frank stood up.
"She's still pissed at you."
"I can tell."
Frank massaged his neck as he looked at the beast.
"How are you doing that?"
"I don't know we just....understand."
"Huh.....you're still full of surprises kid...Well, tell her to get lost..."
"I don't think she'd listen."
The griffon screeched at Frank, who in response took a step back.
"Well she can't stay here....and I don't want her to either, besides she killed Unica..."
"And you shot her like 8 times."
"Are you defending this thing?!"
"Look, I think if we help her out she'll help us out..."
"How do you suppose we help her out?!"
Wendy slung the rifle over her shoulder and slowly approached the creature.
"It's fine...I think the FEV is acting as a kinda bond thing...I think."
"That is the stupidest thing I've heard....it's going to kill you now back up now!"
Frank drew the revolver from his holster and aimed at the griffon, the beast stood and roared at him.
"I'm not letting this stupid thing be the death of us...now get back next to me before this thing gets hungry again."
"Frank! Put the gun down!"
Wendy moved closer to the griffon that simply stared at her, she reached towards its neck and grabbed the bolt lodged in it.
"This will hurt...Frank stimpak..."
"Stimpak...toss me one."
"Do you trust me?"
Frank holstered the revolver and reached into his satchel and pulled out a stim throwing it to Wendy. Wendy caught it and then turned to the beast.
"This will only hurt just a little."
She yanked the bolt out and the griffon screeched into the air, Wendy quickly injected the stim before backing up. The griffon flapped its wings knocking Frank over. It rose a few feet in the air before slamming back down onto the ground. It turned to Wendy and bowed toward her.
"You're welcome..."
Frank stood back up. And turned to Wendy taking his helmet off.
"So what did that do... besides waste a stim."
"She trusts us...well me more than you.."
"And how does that help us?"
Wendy turned to Frank and then back to the winged beast.
"Oooh no, oooh no I'm not getting on that thing! Are you crazy?!"
"Frank this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience...you said it yourself Griffons usually attack anything well this one is helping us."
"Only help this one is doing is helping itself to a free lunch when it drops us from 100 feet up."
"She wouldn't do that...right girl."
Wendy stroked the griffon's feathers.
"Okay don't do that, that thing just killed Unica....and probably has kill a lot of other people."
"You said it yourself she's an apex predator she hunts...Unica was prey...it's faster than walking...and safer."
"You're a cold child and I'll take my chances on the ground."
"Oh come on."

"No, end of the story."

The next morning
"How the hell did you talk me into this."
Frank muttered as he climbed aboard the feathery giant as it knelt.
"Relax she can tell you're scared."
"Of course I'm scared, I've seen what these things can do."
"Ya hear that girl, big bad ranger is scared of you."
Wendy rubbed the beak of the griffon as she talked cutesy to it.
"Stop doing that?!"
"Frank if she was gonna eat us she had all night."
"I was up all night keeping watch. And she spilled my coffee."
"Relax already. Diana won't kill you, she trusts us, now grab the reigns and try and ride her steady."
Frank grumbled as he grab the reigns and tapped Diana with the heel of his shoe. Instantly the beast turned its head around and stared at Frank.
Frank turned to the young girl at his side.
"Wendy how the hell am I supposed to do this?!"
"If you can't do it how can I?"
Frank sighed as he gently took the reigns once more.
"How did you even get this on her?"
"She let me."
"Oh she let you....that is such crap."
He looked down at the bird and sighed as he shook the reigns gently and leaned down to the beast's cat-like eye.
"Alright....we probably got off on the wrong foot let's just call it even and..."
Frank tapped the griffon gently on the side and it began to walk forward, he pulled the reigns slightly right and it turned accordingly.
"Holy shit!"
Frank smiled brightly as he looked at his accomplishment. He was on a fucking griffon and it wasn't trying to kill him.
"I'm doing it!"
"You look like a kid learning how to ride a bike."
"Shut it. Do you even know how to ride a bike?"
"Yeah, Sarah taught me."
Frank looked down at the beast and chuckled.
"Alright let's see about going a bit faster."
He whipped the reign gently.
Diana threw Frank off and extended her wings as she took off into the air and then down into the tree line.
"What the hell did you do?!"
"I just whipped the reign gently."
Frank got up and wiped the dirt off his duster as shots rang out in the air.
More gunshots rang out from the tree lime, Frank drew his revolver and ran towards the trees followed by Wendy. The two ran through bushes as they came across a small clearing where Diana stood ripping apart a small squad of men, some already dead one man about to die as she flung him into the air. Frank watched as the griffon tore through the remainder of them with ease. The last person wore a suit of power armor and was now pinned to the ground as the beast squeezed
Diana looked up to where the shout came from and saw Wendy. Walking towards her Frank followed close behind.
"She heard them."
"Yeah, no shit, who are they though?"
Wendy looked down at the last person and looked into their visor.
"Hey who are you?"
The person's eyes were still focused on the griffon.
"Please just let me...it's you, Dorkins is right....you're perfect."
Wendy looked up at Frank who looked at the person through his visor.
"Wendy let me talk to her. Go...go loot the dead."
Wendy stood up and walked away as Frank and Diana remained. Frank knelt and tore the helmet off the frightened attacker with his metal arm. A woman with tribal-like markings on her face lay there still frightened.
"I take it you're a part of the Putrescent Mother thing.....why are you guys after her?"
"She's the one.....she's the perfect form....."
"She has granted you immunity to our charms...she has tamed this beast....she's perfect..."
"English please?"
"You're not protecting her....you're holding her back...she's perfect...."
Frank stood up and turned to Diana.
"Drop her!"
Diana unfurled her wings and clenched the woman by her power armor tearing it apart and then taking off into the sky the cultist screaming as they ascended.
"What was that about?"
"She was....they were raiders. Followed us from Utah. They weren't expecting the ambush from-"
"-From her."
"Oh...well....now what?"
"I sat we let her snack a bit, she earned it...and then we practice a bit more..."
"Sounds good."
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2023.03.30 07:25 blink18missyou2 [TOMT] [BOOK] Ghost Girl named Rose (?) Died in a Locked Room

Hey there, I’m trying to help my friend with finding a book he read when he was younger. He says he read it at least 10 years ago, so that puts us pre-2013.
The cover has a photograph of marbles rolling down a staircase. It’s realistic, not cartoon-y.
The main character lives in a house where a few things go missing, such as an hourglass and a stuffed elephant toy. The house is haunted by a young ghost girl most likely named Rose (he isn’t entirely sure) and she was accidentally killed by the MC’s grandmother or mother when she was locked in a closet and left there. She is stealing things to try to spell out her name— she took the hourglass because the H is silent and so she thought it started with an O. The closets in the house no longer have doors, only curtains, due to that accident.
Thanks to anyone who can help!
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2023.03.30 07:24 AsheboroWoman Are They Going to Fail?

Look at all the comments here from the last 2 months. Everyone of them is about people being locked out of their accounts and not being able to withdraw their money. I'm in the same boat. They have $58,000 of my money that I'm trying to buy a mobile home in Vegas with. I spent about 3 hours on the phone with them today with no result.
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2023.03.30 07:24 Wendywen312 What are the principles and elements of Naked-eye 3D?

Naked-eye 3D
From the 3D wave screen of the SM Building in South Korea this year, which sparked discussions across the Internet, to the popularity of naked-eye 3D curved LED screens in Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other places, these realistic display effects have refreshed the public’s understanding of naked-eye 3D display technology.
Glasses-free 3D screens from all over the world have been added to tourists’ online celebrity check-in packages, becoming a classic case of outdoor advertising, and “glasses-free 3D” has quickly become a hot word in the industry. All the stunning display effects are inseparable from the support of technology, and the following will reveal the birth of the miracle for everyone.
How to achieve such a realistic 3D effect?
As we all know, our human brain is an extremely complicated nervous system. Everything that human eyes usually see is three-dimensional. Two pictures with subtle differences, this subtle difference allows the brain to convert the spatial coordinates of objects in the direction of disappearance of sight, and we can also use this feeling to distinguish the distance and size of objects, that is, Three-dimensional sense, that is, the sense of three-dimensional space.
Generally, the basic principle of 3D display utilization, such as 3D movies, is to separate the content for the left and right eyes of the viewer through glasses or other devices, so that the two glasses can obtain images for the left and right eyes respectively, and finally to What is presented in the mind is the feeling of 3D images.
How to make a flat animation produce a 3D effect?
Just make good use of references. We divide the ordinary picture into several layers through the white line, and then make the animation part “break through” the white line and cover other elements of the layer, so that the parallax of the eyes can be used to form the illusion of 3D.
The naked-eye 3D screen is controlled by professional playback software for naked-eye 3D video production. The naked-eye 3D production can be synchronized with the sound to realize the perfect harmony and unity of “sound, light and image”, bringing tourists super visual impact and shocking force, and more To a large extent, it attracts people to stop and watch!
It is used in sightseeing spots, large commercial plazas, shopping malls and exhibition halls and other places. Highlight individual culture, achieve city landmarks, and win unlimited business opportunities. At the same time, it also adds to the prosperity of the city, enhances the image and influence of the city, shapes the visual culture of the city, and enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of the city.
Three Values of Glasses-free 3D Cultural Advertising Screen
  1. New cultural front
Every creative naked-eye 3D project will form an exclusive customized plan, using avant-garde techniques and gorgeous video effects to visualize abstract thoughts and cultures, and visually display them through new media technology to fully demonstrate individual cultural characteristics. Help the government build a new cultural front.
  1. Urban digital art
Glasses-free 3D video production combines the basic elements and symbols of architecture on the basis of architecture or landscape to seek the best visual language. From the perspective of art and aesthetics, LED display elements are perfectly integrated with architecture and further beautified and improved to achieve value sublimation , the achievement of urban landmark digital art.
  1. Traditional advertising screen upgrade
The naked-eye LED display project of Fanzhuo Technology, combined with the unique building, is bound to attract more eyeballs, attract a large number of people here, bring unlimited business opportunities, and is an upgrade to traditional advertising screens.
Application scenarios of naked-eye 3D cultural advertising screen
Exhibition field (construction of large venues, exhibition activities, science and technology museums, museums, real estate)
Cultural tourism lighting field (outdoor projection, multimedia drama, themed water show, cliff projection, live performance)
Advertising media (airport, subway, high-speed rail, hotel, elevator entrance, store)
Film and television field (3D film, 3D animation)
The three-dimensional world can surpass our imagination, and the combination of art and technology leads us into a whole new world. In the future, Fanzhuo Technology will continue to explore more fashionable and diversified display application solutions on the road of audio-visual technology innovation.
If you have requirements please contact :[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.30 07:23 ph1035 Dog

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2023.03.30 07:21 ph1035 Dog

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2023.03.30 07:20 AdamCiwRix iPhone 6s. What can I do to contact the owner?

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2023.03.30 07:19 veritechfighter286 Vantage Q change with latest update

Anyone else notice that Vantage's Q has change? I've been playing a lot of vantage lately and Originally when you pressed and held your Q, Echo would fly out forward and allow you to "lock onto" echo and Rocket jump forward and you would get a little extra jump as you connected with Echo.
It seems you can no longer quickly and consistently throw Echo out in front of you while your running forward at full speed or sliding down a hill or launching yourself uphill
Now after this recent update When you Press and Hold Q Echo does not simply Shoot out in front of you anymore, he now spawns slightly above your head or far off to your side of you, and there is a noticeable lag or delay now as he spawns in and then "swoops" into your sight line.
This change totally throws you off your ability to properly predict your Rocket Jumps when trying to launch yourself forward or Straight up the side of a building or up from low ground positions. Echo is now somtimes spawning far out of my sightline on the OPPOSITE side of the cliff, building, terrain or whatever else I'm standing next to and looking directly at. I played around with this in firing range and SOMETIMES echo will still shoots straight out in front of you like he always did but it seems you cannot get that second jump forward as you connected with Echo anymore. Now there times where Echo spawns in from almost 40-50 meters away and then there is a huge delay as he lazily flies towards me but the delay causes him to land behind the terrain or be blocked a building or a object whatever and it just blocks him right out of my sight constantly.
I'm really hoping this is a bug or a glitch or something because I dont see why they would change something like this on purpose. Anyone else notice that vantage's Q is acting this wierd?
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2023.03.30 07:19 afnannm04 holy shit lock down defense, dude was 130 overall vs my 120 squad with 130k more trophies than me??

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2023.03.30 07:19 mercbluefonzie Diana Prince becomes Wonder Woman TF 1-Wonder Woman v1 #218

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2023.03.30 07:16 DailyHoroscopeIndia Todays Horoscope! (30th of March, 2023)✨

♈️ Aries: Today is a day to focus on your personal life. Show your partner some extra love and appreciation with compliments. If you are single, you may receive a text from an old crush. Professionally, it's important to make a budget and not splurge on unnecessary items. Health-wise, it's time to start working out and get into shape. Traveling is also encouraged, so get a passport and explore the world. Luck-wise, you will experience some moderate luck today, but it's not the best time to spend money. Emotionally, be aware of anxiety and confusion that may lead to irrational behaviour. Avoid arguments and stay calm.
♉️ Taurus: Today is a day of emotional instability, but your partner will be there to help you through it. If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask them for a sensual massage and do something that will make you feel comfortable. If your job involves any kind of creativity, the Sun will be sending you lots of inspiration and energy. You may be feeling anxious or depressed, so if you have a therapist, make sure to go see them today. Traveling is also a great way to get to know yourself better. You will have lots of luck when it comes to your career or job and you may even receive some money. Today is all about healing, learning and growing, so accept these new life lessons and make something good out of it.
♊️ Gemini: Today is a day to take on new challenges and show your boss and co-workers what you are made of. You may be feeling a bit jealous of your partner, so it's important to talk to them and make sure everything is alright. Health wise, it's best to avoid fizzy drinks and coffee with milk, and switch to water and tea instead. If you are planning a journey, it's best to bring someone along or postpone the trip. Jupiter is radiating positive energy which will bring you good luck, but be aware of your emotions as you can be quite selfish from time to time.
♋️ Cancer: Today is a day of mixed emotions for you, Cancer. In your personal life, you may find yourself in an argument with your partner due to something they did that annoyed you. Professionally, you will receive some sound advice from a colleague with more experience than you. Health-wise, you should take preventative measures to boost your immune system as you may be prone to catching a fever. When it comes to travel, try to minimize it and consider carpooling instead of driving. Luck-wise, your friends and people around you will have great conversations together and you may experience some moderate luck. Emotionally, it may be hard for you to socialize as you want to be the center of attention but don't feel confident enough.
♌️ Leo: Today is a great day for your love life, Leo. If you are in a relationship, your partner will know how to calm you down if you feel a little down. Single signs will have a chance to flirt with a Gemini. Professionally, it will be easy for you to focus and concentrate on the work that needs to be done. Health wise, make sure to eat food high in protein to make your muscles stronger. If you are travelling to a distant location, be prepared for some stress, especially if your flight is longer than six hours. Jupiter will send you good vibes today, but it's not the best day to invest or buy vehicles or properties. Emotionally, you may feel a bit gloomy today, but something wonderful will happen to you!
♍️ Virgo: Your personal life may be feeling a bit strained as your partner is slowly losing interest in you. This could be because you have stopped doing the things that they used to love. Single signs may not feel like flirting. Professionally, you are unstoppable and your co-workers adore you. You may receive an email, text or call about your job or a new job opportunity. Health wise, Virgo signs are prone to fevers and it usually starts in the throat, meaning your body and immune system need more nutrients. If possible, go on a short trip with some friends or colleagues for business or pleasure. Luck wise, it's best to not spend large sums of money today as you won't feel the vibes that Jupiter is sending. Emotionally, you may get frustrated easily so it's best to do something productive to keep your mind occupied.
♎️ Libra: Today is a day for you to focus on your relationships. If you are in a relationship, take your partner out for a romantic date. If you are single, you may receive an interesting text message. Professionally, you may receive some important information about your boss or co-worker, so be sure to stay focused on your goals and not talk behind anyone's back. Health wise, it's time to start taking better care of yourself. Start small by drinking more water and less carbonated drinks. Make sure to check the date of when you need to renew your passport for any upcoming travels. Finally, Jupiter is on your side today, making it easier for you to control your finances. You may not feel like socializing today, but don't worry, it's perfectly normal.
♏️ Scorpio: Today is a day of mixed emotions for you, Scorpio. In your personal life, Pluto in Capricorn is making it difficult to connect with your partner. If you are single, you may find yourself taken soon. Professionally, you are working hard but it may not feel like enough. Persevere and success will come. Health-wise, be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid overindulging in alcohol. Traveling is a great way to relax, so consider taking a vacation soon. Unfortunately, luck won't be on your side today, but tomorrow will be better. Emotionally, you may feel a lot of tension and stress. A good workout or cry session can help you release this energy.
♐️ Sagittarius: Today is a day of mixed emotions. In your personal life, you may find yourself in a period of instability and bickering. However, communication can help to resolve any issues that arise. Professionally, you are doing well and may receive some unexpected money. Health wise, it is important to take time to relax and center yourself. Traveling by car is not recommended today. You will have luck with numbers and money, so keep an eye out for any opportunities. Finally, your emotions may be all over the place, but things will get better soon.
♑️ Capricorn: Single signs will be irresistible to water signs, so today is a great day to try something new with your partner. Venus is sending you excellent energy, making it easy for you to make money and get ahead. Get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, as it will make you feel great. When it comes to investments, it's best to wait until another day. Lastly, follow your instinct and trust the power of your ruler planet to guide you in the right direction. You may find yourself reflecting on the past.
♒️ Aquarius: Today is a day of surprises and rekindling of love for single aquarius. Professionally, you may have to face some confrontation, but it is important to take care of any debts you owe. Health wise, you will be in the mood to make new friends while working out. Traveling isn’t really the thing that you want to do today, but if you are in a foreign country, try some authentic food. Luck is on your side today with the planet that governs luck sending you good vibes. Emotionally, you may feel a bit confused, but this is only temporary. It’s a good day to think about the future and future plans.
♓️ Pisces: Single signs will feel a little lonely, but things are getting better and your partner is feeling good today. Show them some appreciation and love. Financially, you will be doing okay, but you might have some car problems that require spending money. Your throat will be your weak spot today, so drink lots of tea and fix your sleeping schedule. Flying by plane is going to be a big adventure for you, but don't count on Jupiter for extra luck today. Make sure you're taking care of your mental health and stay away from sketchy Virgos.
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2023.03.30 07:16 ZCumpston Gerber Armbar w/ locking driver??

Does anyone know of something nearly identical to the Gerber Armbar but with a LOCKING screwdriver?! I seriously love everything about the Armbar….but that’s a deal (and knuckle) breaker for me. Ideas?
Or also any hacks on how to DIY this idea
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2023.03.30 07:16 booze_and_sadness I'm breaking

I have been diagnosed with so much shit but I don't want to be medicated again. I was diagnosed with ADHD, executive disfunction disorder, and bipolar 1 (Manic depression) all by time I was 13. My parents had me so medicated I never felt like myself. I don't want to live my life feeling like a zombie hut I'm so sock and tired of having panic attacks because my bed is to big!?
I've been in the U.S Army for 6 years and I love my job (in the combat arms can DM for more info), however it's been a detrement to my physical and mental health. My tenitius is so bad I can hardly sleep some nights.
I finally hot the breaking point tonight. I felt like I was drowning in my own bed. I told my wife I was going to sleep on the couch and she understood. I couldn't blink for 15 minutes at least. She had to give me eye drops twice to help me even close my eyes.
So many shitty memories blew through my head at once and I can feel my body lock up when they do.
Am I alone in these feelings? Does anyone else feel like a dying spider when they lay down and the lights go out?
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2023.03.30 07:15 KingWussy28 I need some help with finding good and proper equipment for a small off-grid solar setup.

I am planning on buying equipment for a very small, off-grid solar panel system. I will be getting a 12volt, 30 watt solar panel that comes with a PWM controller (unknown amperage rating) and wiring.(Getting it free from Temu, which is why I am planning) (1pc 12 Volt Solar Panel Solar Trickle Charger Portable Solar Battery Charger Maintainer With Lighter Plug Alligator Clip - Patio, Lawn & Garden - Temu) (Not a referral link. Only a link to the aforementioned product)
I know that I need a battery (to store power) (estimated 6 peak sun hours) and a power inverter (to convert to 120 volts) but I am still confused as to what exactly to buy. Due to budget constraints and safety concerns, I chose a 12volt, 15Ah lithium battery ( Amazon.com: OGRPHY 12V 15Ah LiFePO4 Battery, 192Wh Grade A Cells Lithium Battery with BMS, Up to 5000+ Deep Cycles Battery for Fish Finder, Kids Scooter, Security System : Automotive) and a 200 watt 12V to 120V power inverter (Amazon.com: 200W Car Power Inverter 12V DC to 110V AC Converter with 3.1 A Dual USB Quick Car Charger Adapter : Automotive). I am not sure if this battery or even the inverter is okay for solar panel operation, so please help me with this (kind of guessing at this point). Genuinely confused with all the amps, watts, and volt conversions, and also power loss calculations.
I don't plan on using high wattage equipment, mostly my laptop charger, and phone charger. Maybe my power banks (20,000mAh for portable phone charging) too. (No desktop computer, screen monitor, hair dryer, space heater, fridge, freezer, or microwave).
This is equipment planning. Solar panel placement isn't really one of my concerns right now, but help with the angles (solar panel tilt) and the wiring is much appreciated.
Please help, and thanks again!🥦🌴🌵
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2023.03.30 07:15 Ok-Dimension-8199 Activity and theme ideas for daughter's 21st birthday

What's your best birthday memory? Do you have any dream birthday ideas?
My daughter is turning 21 in June, and I'm fresh out of ideas. She doesn't have anything that she fixates on (like a band or a tv show). She generally likes everything and is always looking to try new experiences. I've put down what we've done in the past as reference.
2022: Arabian night party in a decked out venue with belly dancers.
2021: Backyard camping, dinner party and outdoor movie theater.
2020: Petting zoo and zip-lining + road trip to Yellowstone
Thank you so much in advance, any help is greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.30 07:13 skinnygreyhelo Replace mixer hose ?

Picture is a sheared plastic ITT 113016 connector from a mixer hose in master bath. It looks to be replaceable with a Moen duralock 114299.
I’m having a hard time getting the sheared plastic connector off the valve, I undid the white plastic latches but it’s stuck on the blue circled bit of the valve body.
Any pro tips to get this off without resulting to brute force / screw driver / pliers ? Install of dura lock looks straightforward
Thanks, trying to learn and avoid potentially costly errors
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