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The Ottawa Real Estate Market: Week In Review

2023.05.29 16:44 ottawaagent The Ottawa Real Estate Market: Week In Review

Good morning ottawa. Happy Monday! All weekly updates can be seen here. You can also track all new housing starts here. Lastly, you can also find the Ottawa Real Estate April Market report here.
I will continue to post this weeks information every Monday, but if you would like to see further back, please refer to the link above for the archived stats.
Below are the stats for both freehold, condominium and rental properties over the past several days in Ottawa. The average/median list price is for the sold/rented properties and all of these numbers reflect stats within Ottawa proper and do not cover areas such as Perth, Arnprior, Smith Falls, Brockville etc.
What defines an active listing: Properties that have been uploaded to MLS within the last several days or were conditionally sold and are now back on market.
What defines a conditional sale? Properties that have accepted a conditional offer within the last several days. At this stage, the property will either move to sold or back to active. The conditionally accepted sold price is not yet known.
What defines a sold property? Properties that either accepted an unconditional offer or a conditional sale completed their due diligence period in the last several days. The sold price is now a matter of public record.
If you don't want to miss these updates as well as my AMAs, please subscribe to my page. Have a wonderful week!
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2023.05.29 16:20 humanboat Transportation advice for Puerto Rico Trip

I will be in PR for 10 days - the first half in Culebra and the second in Old San Juan. What is the best way to get around? If I rent a car at the airport, will I be able to ferry it to Culebra? Seems like that would be the easiest if possible but I've not been before. Thanks for your advice!
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2023.05.29 14:19 cosmo-illogical Exit Plan from US, Going to Central/South America

Hello all, long-time lurker, first time poster.
My (28M) girlfriend (27F) and I are planning on extended travel/possible relocation through Mexico and Central/South America.
For some background, we live in a HCOL area with high-paying, stable jobs. We are planning on quitting our jobs at the end of the year and traveling through Central and South America for approximately 2 years (possibly more). The goal is to get from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to the southern tip of South America mainly by bus, car, train, boat, etc. just not planes as we want to see the land and the people.
Here’s the details of our plan: - Rental: we have a condo with a mortgage+HOA payment of $2,500/month. The HCOL area looks like we could get $3,000/month for it furnished. We plan on renting it furnished to increase rent and keep some of our things there. We will manage the rental, but have a maintenance tech nearby. Overall, we think we could make $250/month after expenses are included. Would love to hear feedback on this part. - Cash: after selling our car, we should have around $90k in a HYSA. We plan on keeping $10k for re-settlement funds whether that’s back in the US or if we settle abroad. In total, we should have $80k to use for this trip. - Projected expenses: we live quite cheap and we plan on being very strict on a budget. Our plan is to mainly stay in hostels. We are both vegan, so our “at-home” cooking expenses should be low. Overall, we are planning for $75/day including: food, housings, health insurance, etc. - Past experience: we have already lived in a South American country for 5 months back in 2018, so we are familiar with Spanish and hostels.
I would love to hear any and all feedback on this plan!
Questions: - Can you find any holes in our plan? - Have you managed a rental from abroad, how was it? - Do you have any particular recommendations for places to visit in these regions?
EDIT: Thank you all for the feedback! A few key details I forgot to mention:
TL;DR - late 20’s couple going to quit jobs to travel and see the world.
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2023.05.29 13:34 WallStLT Special Committee on Decolonization Approves Resolution Calling upon United States to Promote Process for Puerto Rico’s Self-Determination, Eventual Independence UN Press(2022)

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2023.05.29 08:54 waikoloaproperties Waikoloa Real Estate & Property Management

Waikoloa Real Estate & Property Management
Find homes for sale in Waikoloa or list your property with help from the real estate experts at Waikoloa Properties. Our services also include Waikoloa vacation rental and property management. With over a decade of experience in Waikoloa Real Estate, we put our client’s best interests first while providing service with aloha.
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2023.05.29 08:29 ThaJackal1977 YEAR 2 WITH Mint Mobile! So far?

Well friends I've been with the company now for two years and so far I'm very happy with my switch over as Mint Mobile has provided exactly what I wanted, expected, and even with calls from over seas. My dad went to Puerto Rico and he's elderly and he called me on video using his Mint data, and mines also I wasn't around my house on Wi/Fi and the reception on video was excellent on both our ends.
I have no complaints and again the price is fantastic for those who are holding out! Check out their plans, and sign up. I sadly don't work for them even though I'd love too! LOL But the coverage has been excellent.
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2023.05.29 06:34 bunnybwun Should I rent out a condo I own so I can rent to live at a better condo?

I’m 26 and currently live alone at a Cityland condo which my parents bought when I moved to Manila for college. It's paid off already so my only expenses are association dues and utilities. I don't enjoy living in a condo with poor maintenance so I don't even use the few amenities available and it's in an area that I don't find convenient for my current lifestyle.
My monthly income from my remote day job is 20k but I'm expecting a pay rise after my 6 month probationary period at my current job and I get a 30k allowance from my extended family's business so I make 50k a month in total.
A friend of mine recently moved to a condo in Makati that I think I want to move into as well, mainly because of the amenities- pool, sauna, work lounge (this is super appealing to me), recreational areas and a decent gym and walking distance to a mall/decent supermarket. I'm a homebody and I work remote and after living abroad to study for a year in a walkable city with reliable and cheap public transpo I just can't handle sitting in Manila traffic very much, I feel like I waste time that I can spend being productive and creative whenever I have to go out just to do basic errands because of traffic and I'm already suffering from executive dysfunction from having ADHD so I need all the time I can get for the days it acts up. Also I live alone so it would be nice to be neighbors with my friend but unfortunately moving in with them and splitting rent is also not an option because they're currently sharing the condo with their sibling. I am also a fine artist in my spare time but I just got my start exhibiting at galleries so no sales yet, but this year I'm trying to use as much of my free time expanding my body of work but I don't feel like my current space really allows me to work on my day job and on art at the same time without feeling chaotic/overwhelming. I also try to keep expenses for basic necessities down, and my biggest expenses are on food and transportation at the moment. I use grab quite often because I’m bad at commuting (I want to get better, I just don’t know how and I have severe social anxiety).
1BR Units at my current condo currently go for about 15k on average. The same size condo at my friend's place is anywhere from 20k-25k including dues.
My questions:
1) Should I rent out my condo so I can live in a way better condo?
2) Should I rent a new place or just save my money so I can eventually buy in the future instead? I’m not sure if buying again is the right thing to do either since I don’t know where I plan to settle down. I am working towards living abroad within the next 5 years maybe but I don’t intend to settle down/retire abroad at the moment. My family owns property in the province and I want to eventually build a house there for my dad and also have it be my vacation home when I visit.
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2023.05.29 06:28 FeedyNeedy I feel so inadequate, confused and lonely, it sucks.

Rolling my Life Is Strange soundtrack in the background for this post. Don't judge me, that game's music is fucking gorgeous and it helps me reflect.
Hello fellow humans, I hope you people are having an awesome day, because I'm not.
I'm an 18 year old male from Puerto Rico. I'm working and studying a bachelor's in psychology, and like most students, I'm having a rough time dealing with my tasks (I literally owe like 12 tasks, I'm not kidding) and my place in the world.
And yes, I also feel deeply lonely.
I had friends when I was in school, but they were like borderline bullies, and I eventually left the group when I was in high. They were surprised, and so was I.
I ghosted them, just stopped talking to them out of nowhere. It was a mean decision, though they "joked" about how weird I was they were still my friends, and I just left them. Told three of the ones that worried about me enough to personally contact me that I had my reasons and I went my way.
It was a good decision leaving that friend group, but I failed to do it the proper way. They were getting engaged in typical teenage stuff (booze, weed, etc..), I did not agree with that sort of life style, but if they peer-pressured me (Which I can assure you, they would have) I probably would have done what they asked me to do just to fit in, and so I made the right choice.
Nowadays, I do have friends, sort of, but they're my cousin's friends and were not pretty close. Me, him and his friends be gaming and hanging out sometimes, but I've felt like the third wheel as they, most of the time, start conversations with him. My cousin is my only friend, but I still feel very lonely. I can't rely on him for emotional situations as he's never been good at giving feedback. My father is an older guy, he has anger management problems, very traditional beliefs, but he tries his best to be a good father, but I don't feel like I can rely on him either, though he has let me know that I can. My mother is kind of crazy, I do not have any contact with her, she has problems and she engaged in reckless activities when my father was married to her, which led to my father's divorce and full custody. I also have a step mother, she is very troubled too, but she does care about me and my sisters. My sisters are grown adults living in the city, they care very much about me, but I still feel lonely.
See, though most stories tell a tale about a person being completely alone, thus leading to a feeling of loneliness, mine doesn't start with the same scenario, yet it still concludes in the same way.
I've been feeling horrible for a long time. Though technology has helped silence the feeling, it still exits the closet sometimes.
Well, I feel like that's enough of a summary of my life, let's get into the reason of why I made this post.

College has left me feeling inadequate, most people can easily read a 20 page article, I can't. I suck at reading, one of the most important things in what I want to achieve, or at least what I wanted. I suck at time management, I suck at sitting down and doing what I have to do, but not really. Sure, I take my time doing tasks, but I've had my moments of complete productivity.
I'm just so confused, I know what I have to do to change, to stop my addiction of watching movies and shows and my excessive cellphone usage, but I find myself failing every time I try.
This confusion, indecision, insecurity has led to thinking the worst.
Now, on top of that, I am currently working. My father works minimum wage, he has his entire life, and so I had to get a job. Also, I'm currently driving in my very own car, and I absolutely hate it. I suck at driving and I hate driving, I always have.
I want to move to the big stinky city called New York some day, as it's chaotic and expensive nature appeals to my being and maybe eventually move a non car dependent country but I'm still very confused about this too
I don't really have anybody to talk to about this, I'm just hoping I can get through it.
I just feel so sad, I love myself but I hate myself at the same time. I'm so abnormal, not typical at all, I just wish I could be different, but not really.
________ The End

This post is kind of pointless, I know that, I just felt like rambling to somebody.
There's many things that I'd like to talk, but I don't feel like it.
If this post has left you feeling worried about me, don't. Thanks to my college counselor I got an appointment with a psychologist that is nearby the college, so I will seek therapy.
I just felt like letting my feelings out.
Have a good day people!
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2023.05.29 06:13 Ok-Psychology-7986 What are your thoughts of gringos moving to Puerto Rico?

Context: I am a 22 year old gringo planning a visit within the year. I live in Virginia currently. I know an intermediate amount of Spanish and I’ve been learning more. I have my CDL and drive semi trucks for a living. I place i high value on Jesus and family. I’ve been doing research on where I’d like to move in the future. From my research Puerto Rico seems to be mostly catholic/ Christian and family is valued there. I also am planning on starting my own business up here in sealcoating. I heard that Puerto Rico has a bad problem with potholes, I was thinking I could also start s business in PR to help with that. Questions: *what are your thoughts on gringos moving to Puerto Rico? *is my analysis of Puerto Rico incorrect? *any tips or information I should know?
I appreciate your input!
Contexto: Soy un gringo de 22 años planeando una visita dentro del año. Vivo en Virginia actualmente. Sé una cantidad intermedia de español y he estado aprendiendo más. Tengo mi CDL y conduzco semirremolques para ganarme la vida. Le doy un gran valor a Jesús ya la familia. He estado investigando adónde me gustaría mudarme en el futuro. Según mi investigación, Puerto Rico parece ser mayoritariamente católico/cristiano y la familia es valorada allí. También estoy planeando comenzar mi propio negocio aquí en sealcoating. Escuché que Puerto Rico tiene un gran problema con los baches, estaba pensando que también podría comenzar un negocio en PR para ayudar con eso. Preguntas: *¿Cuáles son sus pensamientos sobre los gringos que se mudan a Puerto Rico? *¿Mi análisis de Puerto Rico es incorrecto? *algún consejo o información que deba saber?
¡Aprecio tu entrada!
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2023.05.29 06:08 nowayjose919 [TOMT] [TV SHOW] [LATE 90S TO EARLY 2000S] Sometimes I would stay up later than I was supposed to just to watch this one particular show.

There was this one show that used to come on all the time late at night. It was like unsolved mysteries or cold case files but for latin america. They had the same formula and everything usually telling 3 real life stories with dramatizations and although there was no host the narrator voice would always ask if we had any information that we should contact the authorities. I grew up in puerto rico and my guardians at the time didn't have cable. The only channels we got were WAPA, Telemundo or Univision. I've tried looking up old tv guides for those 3 channels and nothing seems to ring a bell. The show used to come on some time after 10pm and sometimes have back to back episodes. I would really appreciate it if yall could help me out with this.
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2023.05.29 04:14 crybabysagittarius I usually bring my mini santisima statue with me whenever I go places, but this time she fell out and I don’t know where she is!

Like the title states. One time I was vacationing in Puerto Rico and she tried to stay behind! When I was at the beach she decided to stay and I had to go back and search for her. Today I came home and realized she wasn’t on me! I’m so upset but I don’t know if she’s trying to tell me she needs to be somewhere else right now? I don’t know what to do
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2023.05.29 04:12 Itsalrightwithme Juan Garrido: the first documented Black person in the USA and first to harvest wheat
Juan Garrido (c. 1480 – c. 1550) was an Afro-Portuguese conquistador known as the first documented Black person in what would become the United States. Born in West Africa, he went to Portugal as a young man. In converting to Catholicism, he chose the Spanish name Juan Garrido ("Handsome John").
Juan Garrido joined a Spanish expedition and arrived in Santo Domingo (Hispaniola) about 1502. He participated in the invasion of present-day Puerto Rico and Cuba in 1508. In 1513, as part of Juan Ponce de Leon entourage in search of gold, the expedition landed in Florida. He is the first known African to arrive in North America. By 1519, he had joined Cortes' forces and invaded present-day Mexico, participating in the siege of Tenochtitlan.
He married and settled in Mexico City, where he was the first known farmer to have sowed wheat in America. He continued to serve with Spanish forces for more than 30 years, including expeditions to western Mexico and to the Pacific.
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2023.05.29 01:36 NothingSpecial99 Buyer not showing up to closing?

Hello, FTHB here. I've been looking to buy a condo in the Greater Boston area since the beginning of this year. The market has been brutal where inventory of affordable condos is low and anything I offer on would be blown out of the water by a big cash offer. I was close to giving up and renewing my lease for another year to save for a larger down payment.
Along comes this 800+ sq. ft. condo from a good looking complex with nice amenities but with an ugly interior that hasn't been updated since the 60's listed for 275k. I didn't like this place that much and at that point had enough of this market mentally prepared to give up. I still put in an offer 10k above asking knowing that it still won't be the most competitive. Like the other places, the seller went with another big cash offer.
A couple of weeks later my realtor gets a call from the seller's agent. The sale seemed all ready to close and a date was set. However, the buyer did not show up to closing without any kind of communication and couldn't be reached either. Needless to say, that buyer lost the earnest money but the seller didn't want to bother relisting the unit and was willing to accept mine if I updated the now expired offer.
I'm ecstatic. Even if the interior itself was ugly, the complex was highly desired and near identical units in the same complex sold for well above 300k (with better looking interiors). The place had "good bones" and the only issues that came up during inspection were relatively minor. The appraisal tells me that I'm getting this place for below market value.
Which brings me to my question. While the cash buyer's loss is my gain I can't help but wonder: Why would a buyer not show up to a closing?
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2023.05.29 00:46 gs448 Buying a Condo in Calgary or Edmonton

Hi All!
im recently separated from an ex and now looking at housing for myself. We have no kids and he’s taking the dogs. It is basically just me… i’m seeing several apartments or condos with one bedroom one bath for sale in Calgary and Edmonton that are sub 200 K. They are a bit older and a little bit dated, but I’m ok with that.
I also have family that have the means to purchase something Sub 200 K in cash. The family able to do this is also within the next 10 years of retirement. I’m also working towards being a good A lender candidate. Is there any reason you can see why they couldn’t purchase it in cash and put the property in my name, with the plan that they eventually in the next few years, get me to purchase it from them?

On that note…what’s the difference in process from purchasing your first property to getting a bank loan for a property you already own? Do I still need a minimum percentage down?

Also, the funds for the purchase would come from family that are only US citizens if it makes a difference.
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2023.05.29 00:35 purged-butter Small freshwater fish native to Puerto Rico

Hi, I know this isnt really the best place to ask as this isnt really an aquarium subreddit but im going to be working on a 57 later(15 gallon) aquarium which is going to be based on Puerto Rico as thats where my family on my mothers end stems from. Unfortunately due to the situation there it isnt really an option to visit so the plan is to make a small aquarium replicating one of the freshwater beaches where my mother used to play with her cousins when she was a kid. materials and stuff isnt too big of a deal, but what sort of animals are native to that area and are an option for a 15 later aquarium? Preferably species that can live in peace with cherry shrimp or other small critters. Have a good day!
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2023.05.29 00:17 esputer [Want : Puerto Rico, USA] Snackbox Micro Footsie Left and Right + D-Break

Hello everyone,
I am seeking a quote for the 3D printing and shipping of specific items to Puerto Rico, USA. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide me with an estimate for the following items:
  1. Snackbox Micro Footsie: the left footsie in red and the right footsie in blue. The it can be found at this GitHub link:
  2. D-Brake: in White
I would prefer the items to be colored as specified, but if that is not possible, having all the items in the same color will suffice.
For shipping, please note that USPS works the same in Puerto Rico as it does in the mainland United States.
If you are able to provide this service, kindly share your quote including the costs for 3D printing and shipping to Puerto Rico. Any additional information or requirements I should be aware of would also be appreciated.
Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to receiving your quotes.
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2023.05.29 00:14 purged-butter small fresh water fish native to Puerto Rico

Hi, im going to be working on a 57 later(15 gallon) tank which is going to be based on Puerto Rico as thats where my family on my mothers end stems from. Unfortunately due to the situation there it isnt really an option to visit so the plan is to make a small aquarium replicating one of the freshwater beaches where my mother used to play with her cousins when she was a kid. materials and stuff isnt too big of a deal, but what sort of animals are native to that area and are an option for a 15 later aquarium? Preferably species that can live in peace with cherry shrimp or other small critters.
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2023.05.28 20:46 YordleLife Is this a reasonable maintenance cost? [Corolla LE]

Is this a reasonable maintenance cost? [Corolla LE]
2020 Corolla LE, current odometer 7700 miles.
I received estimated cost of 30K service or 36 months, whichever comes sooner, is $775. Dealer says this will take a full day to perform. I've attached the photo pulled from my corolla manual.
I can replace engine/cabin filters myself. But should I also get quotes from independent shops? Am I getting ripoff?
Gosh I didn't realize 30K service can get this expensive.
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2023.05.28 20:27 Low_Well Just found out we can’t sell the house for profit

Neighbors are on the HoA board and just informed us that we can’t sell the house for a profit. Neither the realtor or seller mentioned this. Has anyone had a similar situation? I kinda expected the home value to grow, that’s 1/3 of why we purchased the house. We also can’t rent the home.
Edit: I’m dumb and my SO has more info so she’ll update
Sorry everyone I didn’t know he was going to ask Reddit.
So basically I closed on the house recently. Yay! It’s a rough market out there. It’s a townhouse condo. It was sold to me by an investment company who flipped it. The sale fell through a few times resulting in the house being on the market for awhile and luckily my offer was accepted. So hoa documents were given to me. All paper work read through and everything. It was a bit of a struggle to get information on certain things pertaining to the house but I felt as though I asked the right questions. I was walking into the house today and I saw all my neighbors doing some gardening. Most of them were on the HOA board. They informed me that the unit is an MPDU (moderately priced dwelling unit). Part of the rules of my county is that when your house is a MPDU it cannot be sold for a profit and they cannot be rented out under any circumstances. There is also income restrictions which come with it. But if no one’s buys it that qualifies for the program it can be sold in open market like a regular home but it would still be under the restrictions. But, when I read the guidelines every person…realtor, appraiser, buyer, and seller has to be legally aware of it and each entity has to follow rules pertaining to the program. But I have all my documents for the house and the deed it has not one word of this at all and I never signed anything having to do with this program.
My neighbors did mention it being foreclosed on( I think it was owned by the county?). Then bought by the seller I bought it from. So I assumed I’m fine but yeah I am meeting with my agent tomorrow. She seems to think it doesn’t apply to me.
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2023.05.28 20:12 kiki_kaka_kuku Am I doing the right thing?

Bought a precon condo townhouse in early 2021. It's in the east side of Toronto. Was planning to move in myself. Got occupancy last month. Don't plan to move in anymore. Interest rate hikes have screwed my monthly numbers. Planning to rent it out for a negative cash flow of ~1.5k per month.
Maybe in 2-3 years I'll be in a better position. But until then, it'll suck and I'll have to ride it out.
Considered assignment sale too, but didn't get much luck. I could try and sell right after closing, but not sure if that's a good idea.
What else can I do?
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2023.05.28 18:36 CyrilRocero Buchanan, Winnipeg, MB - Realtor Services

Buchanan, Winnipeg, MB - Realtor Services

Find Your Top Real Estate Agent nearby Buchanan, Winnipeg, MB
Find Your Top Real Estate Agent nearby Buchanan, Winnipeg, MB
Building Lot Sales Buying Agent Services Condo buying & Sales Assistance Custom Home Builder Duplex and Triplex For Sale First-Time Home Buyer Services Foreclosed Property Sales Home Buying & Sales Home Evaluation Land buying & Sales Luxury Property Buying & Sales New Build Homes Newly Renovated Homes Property Investment Property Management Purchase Plus Improvements Real Estate Agent Real Estate Consultant Real Estate Investing Realtor Services Rent To Own Homes Rental Properties Sales Seller's Agent Services Townhouses For Sale
Cyril Rocero - Winnipeg Real Estate Your Best Realtor in Buchanan, Winnipeg, MB Your Best Realtor in Winnipeg, Manitoba Your Best Real Estate Agent Winnipeg, MB Buying Agent Winnipeg, Selling Agent Winnipeg
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2023.05.28 18:14 MrTwoKey If we already have a balanced chieftain why did wargaming not remove the t95/fv4201?

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